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11/15/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - the Luciferian Agenda and the new world order.

Nov 15, 2016|

11/15/2016- Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Robert Stanley discusses the Luciferian Agenda and how it controls the world we live in. Are we prisoners, or do we have the ability of self-determination? Also, listener calls, and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This episode of beyond reality radio was recorded November 15 2016. I. It's Tuesday night on real review Jason Hawes Jeannie Johnson would call to Tuesday as it was she says well maybe if we're gonna go by Larry was marked man Monday tick when Walter anywhere wolf Wednesday. And Thursday a little thrown off double figures on the table when Doug what ticks tonight W didn't put it in picture on your FaceBook horrifying. Horrifying picture and its then current causing some serious they're out there hello everybody welcome beyond reality there ideology is in the JV. And we have a great show tonight we're going to be talking with Robert Stanley about the loss affair Ian agenda. He claims to have met Lucifer face to face. Yeah and you know the funny thing about this and heard him talk about the loose affair and ferry an agenda and it's it kind of changed my whole understanding of why it. Lucifer is who Lucifer is what's satanism say in his. That's it and it'll turn things upside down did it change your understanding or just give you a different possibility. Possible outlook on well let's sir I mean you know that's that's probably more accurate in it's it's it's another view it's another. Possibility so I don't know a mobile let people hear it. And and come to their own conclusions on it but it's certainly different than what I grew up understanding and believing and knowing at least I thought I knew so. I'm anxious to really get into that conversation with him he's also gonna chat about secret UFO bases he's got a couple of books that we're gonna talk about you see the titles are. Close encounters on Capitol Hill. And Covert encounters in Washington DC talking about how the government is. Aware of extra pressure on UFO activity in how old long they've been aware of it. Well I'm a firm believer of them firm believer that the government has endless information on the they just haven't told us and on but he's also the web master for unit to us magazine dot com lets you and I see US. And is also the host communicates radio or am I pronouncing. Raised him I think it was a yes or unity unnatural to have him clarified but I I've been saying uniqueness and done it's the magazine for. Nick extraterrestrials. Are living your an arts. Mean so we're we've interviewed a we have we've had a couple on the shot and as. They're the rest of the week we had a ratio. Was they would get Ken Gerhard he is record world recognized crypto zoologist he's traveled all over the world. In search of mysterious animals and legendary beast and bigfoot Loch Ness Monster to put Cabrera. Winged creatures where rules you name it. And a Thursday judge. Yeah I was just gonna say Thursday we've got to a Megan Gibson and Alex Howard Megan is an award winning journalist storyteller television producer. She's the director of conscious of the conscious to TV series how I created a coal to talk about. Colts and now she learned during the making of that and much more with her. Tony the big shout out and Hart told two close friend Dave trader does darkness radio how much are some information that his mom passed on tonight. And just know that Europe Thursday if and we wish you the best if there's anything we can do for you please just reach out. You're blossom. Yet days ago is a great friend of the paranormal community and none you know obviously. That's it's a real shame and we don't know the circumstances of it but. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dave and his family. And dazed and increase its well in his radio should start an artist radio I'd I did the very first show different he ever did did you yeah I was I was aghast and the very first show ever denials so lot. Then came on and did the ten year anniversary as well welcomes. I'm cool now you know he's been around for a long time during that need fills in for the coast coast Iran sponsors doing really well. But anyway our thoughts emperors but few days. Don't forget our I telephone numbers 84468776699. You may have comments and questions about all the stuff. That Robert Stanley's going to talk about feel free calling and make those comments and asked those questions we do really really enjoy having non listener participation in that. I'm joined the chat room did you mention that Jimmy may have I was. Do you get it over to beyond reality radio dot com click the listen line. And you can listen there on your on your phone your tablet computer you can also not listen and just beginning connectedness and Jarron GB and I are always in their as well. Yep we have a great time in there the folks in their awesome too great place to hang out and learn more about the topics that were talking about. Also wanted to mention of our FaceBook page may trees down by their light get we've we like to use FaceBook as a way to also supplement our communication. Let people know what's going on with the show who are guests are we hope we throw photographs of there was about things were talking about oil we're talking about them. And if you're listening a local radio station feel free to do any of those things and join the chat room by going to the web page beyond reality radio dot com. So you know we've been talking about now like brought up last night gym where they're actually able to grow human heart and so forth yeah. So that it's it's even getting a little little stranger because. Now that actually somebody sent me the story today and a big thank you but. Blood from human teens rejuvenate body and brains of old mice. And that's very interesting that is blood plasma from young people has been found to rejuvenate old mice improving their memory. Physical activity cognition. The method has has the potential to be developed to treatments for people. And sand key to use appears to be in the blood plasma. That's the liquid liquid part of blood and several studies have found that injecting plasma from young mice and all monies. Hopes rejuvenate their brain and other organs including their liver heart and muscle while. So now think if that testing of me they're able to figure that I'll. I mean then to start injecting all people with us you know I know you haven't soccer games against the usually. And there will bring your books. I see movies I'd seen. B movies you know from horror movies from the fifties kind of the same cloth it has exactly the same applies it's it's quite striking they were visionaries back then making those films well and it's it's it's wild because they're talking about they found human plasma has the power to rejuvenate trees. Treated mice in the Iran around open spaces like young mice and they goes on Tarawa. A malls that's twelve months old is equivalent to around fifty year old person. Which I am and what definitely election when they breed like wildfire are working on limited time now but. And it without the treatment the ones the ones are adults treat dream without treatment would be moving slower and and so forth come. And they seem to have problems with memorizing things and and so forth but. But injecting them with with a plasma. A and they've had a lot more energy days they retain memories. They're able to figure out problems easier and so it's it's amazing when you think about it so now we can. Grow our own our own hearts and you know at a few body parts we with a three printer. And you know giver and make ourselves feel young again to saying it's something in the in the plasma the blood that. Somehow it just keeps keeps you young. While well you know and it brings that ethical question that we've talked about. In relation to a lot of these stories that is I'm not sending in my bludgeon them. This Tuesday so we don't it's no growth at all you know possessing or no it's a different questions different. There's the question now his you know if if we if they develop ways to keep people younger longer or become home virtually immortal you know what does that do it for. Ethically in what is a two more soul. Ia. But also I think it I think he'd be on that C is your souls with India until you finally call today but I'm. I think beyond that it becomes a situation where. We start really overpopulated. And if nonetheless pass on but we keep on. Having children and and so if I'm if he you know you're giving me a new heart you're giving me new liver. Knew other body parts on a minute kits until on 300 crew there and stick somewhere around there. And pin which probably dangerous in my hands you know coming from me but the fact of the matter is you're going to keep on. Re popular dating. And less and less people are going to be passing near its gonna have to be something tragic happens instantaneous that they can't resolve. Right or whether the car accident or being hit by something. Something like that but. Now it becomes really scary well and I think this whole the discussion that we had about the Voyager missions and in the exploration and space in Munich fortunate we're gonna need more room and he's fun of the planet colonize a popularly or to start on building more more public space stations and reasonable and around up there something it would take turns coming down to earth. You've you've got yet it's going to be like visitation rights and your kids you get Saturday and Sunday news. And it's. And I don't get Monday and Tuesday isn't. Now guys you mentioned. I can't now. I didn't wanna mention one thing that that came across my desk that I thought it was pretty interesting you know obviously New Zealand said those terrific. Earthquakes are you know some really powerful stuff fortunately although there were casualties there weren't there weren't many given this the that the magnitude of those quakes but. One of the things that they found when these quakes were occurring people were able to actually film this guy. And the skies above the New Zealand breeder area you would be squeaks were taking place were. In Gholston bright colors. And while the seven point eight magnitude earthquake struck near Christ Christ church is the name of the of the town with the epicenter was. The clips of video show flashes of green white and blue in the sky over a span of a few seconds they said they filmed the video. Of the during the peak of the shaking noting that the skies begin to light up with colors over the seat and another video posted and instead Graham showed clear bright flashes of light during the earthquake. And of course those earthquakes not only killed two people what led to some tsunamis. And there are other counts of similar lights that appeared in the sky above another earthquake in Christ church in 2011. They don't know what causes this that is scientists haven't determined. What they what it could be but it's certainly interesting. And that makes you wonder you know what else is going on there. Or makes you also wonder with the whole shifting and and music creating a geo magnetic. Situation where. And that's what's giving off these lights what's creating these colors in the sky. And for those you out there who might be having a prom listening to me online feed I've got our guys chased human working on it right now. He says he's resolving it I guess there's such a huge amount of people. Actually tuning in online suite right now we here in about twenty different stations and come January that should really really jump up and currently. But you know there's a there's a big demand for via online feed as well and got people listening all over the world. So Iowa but it should be resolved momentarily so why and big banks to Jed Stillman for doing that force. Again conservative for hanging in there we we get frustrated too when their audio issues and there have been out of our control what we do everything to try to correct them when we can Boris sanction is. Where it with that with the earthquakes everything and it makes you wonder if there's like a geo magnetic situation that may be. That's what's giving off these lights over rated. Saying what they might contribute to. No scientists are really puzzled by it on there is some discussion that might have something to do tectonic plates shifting creating some senate kind of energy. Com which as you know like filming next yeah exactly which is a plausible explanation but there's no there's no consensus on that yet there's still looking into and it happened so infrequently you know. These earthquakes fortunately don't happen very often so it's hard catcher. When you got to think when you it is sometimes when you throw a rock at the ground and so forth you get sparks. So it's giving off light source that voice on sugars as many different ways that it can be doing and there's got to be creating some sort of energy with all that pressure building and and things moving and shifting problem. Yet are able stick break. When we come back we'll bring in now our guest it's Robert Stanley were gonna talk about a couple of things was Robert the loosen faring in agenda I think to find it very very interesting. And also a secret UFO basis. And some of the things with Roberts and whom to back. You listen Jason did you write activists. Gang scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details to notice Gary Condit dot com. That's scary time. Dot com to sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome. Visit the website scary times dot com dad's spirit con dot com. Better hurry overrated chasing cars GB Johnson Horry got a great night lined up again if you're struggling with a stream we apologize. Apparently there is this. An issue with the one of the stations which monitors well so. We've got people working on it they're gonna get it fixed and you shouldn't have any problem but I know they're a bunch of options that you can listen in as the moment to stations so you can go to pretty much any of their web sites and there and jails are able. Have that fixed asked beyond reality radios and dot com sorry I momentary release. Products are just refreshing syrup you cope arrows or just slandering her guest for the evening it's Robert Stanley author researcher. Books include close encounters on Capitol Hill. In Covert encounters in Washington DC is also the web master vinik this magazine dot com what. Robert welcome to be on reality radio agreed to have him show. Hi guys thanks ahead and hey thanks for coming on now first question we have to ask the with the website unit this magazine we pronouncing that correctly Izzy uniqueness. Yeah desolate America's announce it to the Romans pronounce it uniqueness. Nobody does anymore Latin as a dead language so that's how we just wanted to make sure your pronouncing it correctly so. Anyway we've got we've got a lot of things to talk to you about it we wanted to start with this loose affair in agenda discussion. Before we get into the nitty gritty because our audience is very very unfamiliar what with what any of this is so why don't we start. By EU telling us who is Lucifer is I think some of the misconceptions are that Lucifer Satan the double. You know overall the same in. Being their individual yeah however you wanna put a but I think that's that's not how you define her how how you've learned to be. Yes and look guys it's just taken me over thirty years to figure this out when I'm telling you and Corsican it's open to revision of somebody wants to correct me. They have. Cut contradictory information is always welcome what can not here to dictate to anybody. Arm blood it here's a thing from the Christian perspective. This assert the light bear. Is a fallen Angel and that when he came to earth there was bound here that's when he was called Satan. As though some most people thing right exactly I see him as a market suggests this is that this the context separate. Is so. Heat sets in my understanding based on many is research and drawing on many multiple sources here at this is not just my opinion. He is eight god this is what our ancestors looked at him as eight god. He's not the guardian of other universities. GE he is definitely. Very talented individual who has gone insane. In my opinion arm that happen before he came in here. It wasn't just his ego that went. Off the charts it was he literally went mad and is suffering from multiple personality disorders and mental parasites. Which again our ancestors specially from a Christian perspective were called demons. Diagnostics called them our Kong's DD. Muslims call them Gian. They have many different names but these particular parasitic entities are real I have seen on and that's ultimately what led me to have that close encounter with looser. I didn't know that's who have was at the time all he said was I'm a father. He was it incredibly radiant being I was having an out of body experience. And that was so September 21 1985 and in in the mountains of Malibu. So. As you've just defined looser for forests. And you'd do we are we are we still. We still talking about a a structure whereby there is a guide. That is all powerful. And Lucifer is subject to that god. The gut us they created lose the first the same one that created us and his mother's the queen of Orion. She was born into a royal family she is royalty but he's insane eat his birthright is he was going to ascend to the throne. And he would be the king of all Ryan. Beat that's a massive galactic empire that we are part of our earth were originally part of until Lucifer went man and he was denied his birthright. He was not permitted to ascend to the king ship. Of the Iran empire. He said okay I'll Christian my own empire that's where we're living now is in his. Rebel empire. And and you know he goes by in many different names now one of the things I should clarify is he does have. Not only was he born to a royal family but he does have family here that he is created his own family once he came here is living and excel. So one of his sons is named Satan. He's also known as mark up in Egypt he was known as a raw. But he's the one it's been in charge here. Four I'm not sure exam along but he's he has been. In charge here's since his father Lucifer. Has been a offs attending to other parts of his empire. Doctor. Not your your first encounter with kemba your same back in 1985. And if I'm getting this right you initially thought that yeah use you were encountering god correct. I wasn't sure what it was let's be really clear cut as please I was praying for help I was being attacked by these. What I is intuitively saw them as parasites that they were attacking a Stanley a young boy. In his grandparents were under assault by these things I didn't even know what was going on at the time in retrospect I would have to say that. From a religious perspective it is you would have to say the boy was possessed and that these parasites were preying on the trauma caused by. Com. Their manipulation of the boy. And that and obviously it's trauma that would ensue should not mean they can see instant that he could slide. He ran across the living room of a second story. Home and will broke the yet and he was he was gonna bleed to death obviously is grandparents were badly traumatized I ran over there I was working security at the time. At a beach in Malibu and I ran over there and I called paramedics. Fortunately got there in time and they were able to stitch him up he would have over 300 stitches in his face and head. He lost a lot of blood but he did survive it bomb but in the Indian term when I was over there on talking his grandmother I ate. Chris. I accidentally or inadvertently saw these parasitic things. Floating near the east the ceiling. And I realized that they were somehow connected to all this. From a mental health perspective this is called schizophrenia. And my opinion boasts. The church specifically Catholic church and the medical. Mental health profession all are doing. An inadequate job of dealing with tees. Mental parasites. And they're new this is not this is gonna look at I'm not faulting them. I know that we've been badly duped. And even at the time I I didn't even know what they were just into the Lysol as the only got those like six. You know because let's see Texas is you know that you mallet could and it's very very prevalent. If you go hiking you know or you bring your dogs it's either you somebody's gonna get bit by tick and there hideous. Bloodsuckers and our hands this kind of what they look like to be floating. Paris scene in I only some briefly got as a kid and and I actually thought it was a loosening. I wouldn't know until many years later than how real those things work and more importantly who created them. Was Lucifer. Aaron are on an anyway. Will we knew immediately what we need to take a break but when we come back there's there's so much more to get into because I do agree with what you're saying with the church and and a in the medical field and the way they're dealing with this and everything else so when you listen to Jason NG biamby are. Really you're he'll be right back. That's beyond beyond radio pacing and cheesy good you mean to everybody actually it's morning here on the East Coast but good to see all those new folks and Chad. Welcome to everybody who's joining us for the first time. Yeah definitely. Our guest tonight is Robert Stanley author researcher his books include close encounters on Capitol Hill in Covert encounters in Washington DC he's also the web master of Munich this magazine dot com and we're talking about the elusive during an agenda. And Robert you know you've kind of laid the ground work here in need did you do that because this whole concept and I've heard you talk about this before but I know a lot of folks in our audience haven't. And down you know it's so it's very very new very and it counted takes us out of the paradigms the overall use to understanding. So tell me about the relationship. Between Lucifer and the human race. OK if you read any of sector RS agents books. Which in my opinion are all fiction. Our public relations that she set up by Lucifer who is also known as Inky consumer area. He's also known as ERE. Eight in nick and Andrea. Others Middle Eastern cultures there's he has various names all over the world but he is considered out of father. Of mankind. Because he allegedly genetically. Engineered us. To be part of his empire. Originally as workers are obviously some of us are more than now where the overseers. You know the elite women not he would everyone called him. But he is the top of the pyramid he is the all seeing nine and. Unfortunately as I said before is he he suffers from multiple personality disorders he never know which personality eager dealing with. Arm I didn't even know for sure. I mean you know what I was up on the mountain train. Then nine I was asking for help I really needed help because I was being attacked by those mental parasites. The demons. This heat that he created a long time ago somewhere off this world inadvertently. Team that's what I found out eventually. Was that that's why he is insane honestly is insane and the people around him are the same why they. They were so badly traumatized. At some point it's somewhere in this universe. By venturing into it a place it was considered off limits. They were date date this is how they the trauma caused them do we know this is true and humans by the way. If you traumatize a human being they will eventually. Disassociate. It's like fragmenting their soul. But the dust the win at the accidentally created d.'s these little thought pharmacies mental parasites is really quite uninteresting and accidental. But it's been really bad I mean some people have likened it to a cancer of the consciousness. And which is critical it's critical because this is what caused this is what is causing psych cop at the or psychopathic behavior which is the polar opposite of empathy or impact the behavior. In other words they have no emotional connection to anyone else that's why they can do what they do and steal nothing. Okay answer this this this what this is helping set. Sure it helps people comprehend the into the insane behavior. The inhuman behavior that's coming from our so called leaders. Mom and indeed it would originally wasn't like depth understanding this world was. On part of an experiment that his mother and a half brother were doing here. That they brought DNA from all over the empire and they would get this worries us there's such a great degree diversity here. But infect our entire solar system was much more stable Mars was at obviously inhabited Oren habitable. And it was not the barren desert to TC now I mean we know there's oceans there but come one Lucifer and his crew. Found their way out of the forbidden zone. And in god Matt. They heads changed they were no longer builders of worlds they become destroyers of worlds and and when he created is rebel empire part of the thing is he change hairs missiles like a jewel in the crown of the empire. He came here took it over and and literally destroyed. Pretty much everything interpreted into news from me a paradise planet into a prison like. Then when do you when do you believe he. Is that happened when he when do you believe he came to this plan. I am assuming it was over a couple 100000 years ago and I think it I know that's really say I can't prove it but I'm not there and I'm not asking you approve and I'm just I'm enjoying hearing your take on the information you have. Thanks thank you well again this is just research. And decades of research because honestly I knew I was being. Played. I just couldn't figured out Communist and a fortunately I've had a little bit of help from office this world this well not just. Lucifer and his people who watch us all the time they know everything we think conceal unfortunately. I had that proven to Maine and it it was really a pleasant and talk about shocking it's it's just unpleasant and not that that is the chase it in the Bible their caller at least in the book of but it's. Hit the benevolent wants the divine beings who are not infected who haven't gone Matt. We're still healthy where they know were all family and they do care about us and they're doing what they can they have a lot of different contingency plans. De ice shield that they've been helpful in into me and all of us. In ways that we often don't recognize. Because they don't need recognition they don't advertise they're not it's not like they want to be worshipped like Lucifer who he. Pass to be worshipped. I mean that's just wants is. Defects in his personality. We'll do you feel that there's there a battle going on there that we don't see us between them. Oh no it's we see it we just don't understand. And the other thing is because this is. It's a civil war it's a it's a family feud. Arm. The first casualty war's true. This is why when. One of Lucifer sons is also noticed in Egypt too zealous cost. He has many different names as well he's known as a on Hermes. Our Mercury but he was considered a scribe of the guts and he hate you put together these huge library archives not just in need chip around the world. And they were all destroyed when his brother a Satan raw. Marta when everyone calm when he was placed in charge. She is dictate was. A destroyed or hide all bullet the archives. Did a I don't want these these are. Children. To detail have access to this information it just makes it harder for us to control them they know who we are what we're doing. And with his battle that you're talking about that we see how how to how to we see and how we perceive Vietnam. How do we note. Kate and sadistic a question. There are many different rumors are CFOs being shot down on this planet in the past sixty years. We're not capable of shooting these things down somebody else is doing and in my opinion this is. This is the work of Melissa Syrian state then there's a prohibition. A quarantined they do you know just like they don't want past had access to libraries. About our true ancient past. They also don't want us to have any contact. With some benevolent beings that were related CO. So they've been doing a really really good job at keeping them off. From from doing that and it's it is a battle I mean it's just. It's it's sad you know it's it's really sad that we have to live like this. So then what you what you believe then is that. There concern him these beings coming from other planet of some other world. Their concern is that if they do come here and we knew we're able to connect in and communicate back and forth. They might fill us in on some of this information and sort of blow the top office. Boy yet to access that the government is not going to disclose. Right they've already proven that thing they know stuff but they won't tell us are just not because you handle the truth is because they don't they know that people would rebel that resistance or knowledge is not a child. Yeah but I mean people would get really upset if they knew that we were subjects of of an evil empire. And that's our government is just an extension of that the world you know it's it's it's a really deep subject. And it would cause a lot of issues. But the other thing is that these deep the benevolent ones. Would you give us hope. That. That there's some life beyond the prison here. And that's what that's what really cause the issues people would definitely rebel. Against that. And I'm sure that the deadly strings no doubt. And more importantly they think we're their property. Like you said she thinks it is leaders mean he thinks we're his children. We're subjects of his empire. So if if it's the benevolence are to come in here and liberate us heat heat that's that's unacceptable that's it from his perspective that's. That's a that's a crime. Red reset a couple of things that I want to I want him. Ask a follow up questions on one is. You refer to you referred to I guess earth as a prison explain that'll begin our. Was not deserve this this entire solar system and beyond arm he created. When he created his empire. In order to secure it. She. Being very intelligent but also damage. No longer had the ability to create simply using his consciousness. Is defined. Nature we all which we all have is the ability to use his soul. Energy which we call consciousness. To manifest matter. They sit he was just a builder worlds he wasn't out there with a hammer in nails he was literally using. The energy projected by his soul. To manifest. Things and this is how it works and literally this actually came out recently in an article they're saying that consciousness is a form of matter in. OK so. What I have been telling people for years based on my understanding of would they called digital says X. Is that consciousness can be have at least three different face states just like drop water can be as solid a liquid or gas. Consciousness can be a pure consciousness. Energy or matter depending on us by repertory rate. But it's all generated all these wastewater generated by our soul. Okay which is divine inning it was we are crack in that regard world dots unfortunately when Lucifer and his crew went insane. They beat campus were talking about consciousness their consciousness is fractured. Fragmented damaged. They they no longer can create. All they can do was manipulate. So as he became the first met scientists and that I know of and he started to manipulate things and he's been doing it ever since. Let's take a break let's take a break here will come back what's more follow up questions with Robert Stanley it's beyond reality Brady would Jason G-8. Yang scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Gary Condit dot com. That's scary time. Dot com to sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome. Visit the website scary times dot com dad's spirit con dot com. Reality radio with a decent honest and TV Johnson or telephone number. Received 446877669. We've got coming up on tomorrow's program it's Ken. Gerhard and we're going to be talking about tech crypto zoology he's been a field investigator for many many years. And he's looked for of the Loch Ness Monster for Chu for Cabrera. For aware walls for big flats and and a medic Eddie and enigmatic. Winged creatures which I think most men fall amendments we talked about last night so yeah. Most news deathly fall and then as well as numerous other ones they'd posted a video earlier Jim and I think it's just a fake video. But and I wanted to get people's opinions and it was a real faith. So when you have a camera what phone camera had taken video of something client misguided and resembles terror that bill. Almost looks like it was phony because I don't when you block the video you really look at it the wings don't move properly. A 100% the way it's going to sell somebody's been taken self. Those generous take a look at those our guest tonight is Robert Stan Stanley he's an author researcher his books include close encounters on Capitol Hill. And Covert encounters in Washington DC he's also the web master of Munich this magazine dot com we're talking about the loosen faring in agenda. And Robert my second follow up question to what you're talking about before is you you referred to bin Neville what the benevolence. Verses Lou suffers its. Aside. Is this a good vs evil struggle. Yet that's a way we look at it. I think that from a secular perspective I define evil. As an infection. And I'm not alone in that. OK I mean. That. I used this analogy a lot of sorry but it actually fits pretty well people get it when I say this. Lot of people love their pets especially a dog. But if it's Europe global loving loyal dog. Contracts rabies. It no longer is loving or loyal it becomes lethal. If you can kill you sure right and it any wants to buy you this dog it is network had been parties and we love you coddling your bed Ellis up now wants a bite until. A case so. But do you wanna kill your dog now just as it sick. I mean was that pierce falls first impulse we're told of course not okay right but there's no cure shirt it as far as I know. Armed that is so this farce I know but I do think they're working on big the problem we're talking about I am sure the Panetta wants our our. Trying to find a cure for this. And implemented. As quickly as possible. So is it. Is it their desire. To cure Lucifer not defeat him. Correct he is the that's why religious charities considered the prodigal son. Can they wanted to come home they wanted to get well can he needs it here's the thing guys he's birthright is to be true mixing of the empire unfortunately because. All the stuff I've I'd laid up field. She forced the issue and here's Rick it's really Dicey decision he feels that he can use a contingent up us. To attack she is is there you know he Stanley in the royal court Orion she wants to upgrade us to the point where we become like cyber soldiers. A site or X. Atomic times whatever I mean a super soldiers like this is what they called. And so he tried this before during the period that we typically think of as Atlanta's. And that's why this world was O boosts the flood occurred that was deliberate. Who allegedly done by his his Stanley did to do fine once you is cosmic forces to just wiped out as it was such a mess and -- we were little legitimate target we were threat we are threatened with becoming that threat again unfortunately. Well and this is reason I mean is do the things he's doing to try to bring us to that thing of him making assist soldiers. And it doesn't fall under dis associating more and more people from the church or. And just disconnecting in general should that that's where I think that's that's scene where I end up a little loss because. Sure they did so much information there but OK so if if he's now pretty much the in the current news the guy in charge of everything we go to a church we. Frank really praying to him are we praying to Q what we used in god and so forth. He is a god or Nye and energy isn't saying which bogeys and not the yes I am still here Estonia and I know it's it's really convoluted I. Had you looked at the page I put up recently called techno side. I have got a chance to arms. Hopeful well I look I know people are busy but you know it's. It's not a test. It's it doesn't have an expiration date but I highly highly recommend you look through that. When you have time please its street. And it will blow your mind OK it blew my mind and I wrote depth page and I'm updating it all the time because that's our future this is what. This is a funny thing about them they're kind of right out you know it's like kings always trust signs at each other where callers and tagging. This is Derek like that these lists experience there I mean this is their territory date date this is there empire so why wouldn't date. Have some sort of pride ego in a way that they behave for on declared their their turf. And and more importantly the hierarchy it's a very real thing you know that date they have a structure. That's like a corporation. And like you said he's at the top of it but. They eighteen not respect us okay they do not have our best interest at heart so all the technology that we see coming our way we think is advance Lexmark is Smart that. It's to make us more easily. Manipulated controlled and ultimately to search his agenda it's not for our benefit. And knowing that yes I'm sorry a wasn't answering your question dread because some really really. People actually get eye and I understand is I know people get offended I say this but yes lose drizzle want it. Creed religion here on this planet the way we practice it it's all for him. For us to worship which means to work for him. And I'm not the ones saying this guys if you look at my paycheck aside I have two examples they set this. In the Vatican. Said this of the complication in the Vatican Lucifer is our father. I'm not making this up I know it's very controversial. I know it's hard for people to hear this I don't take pleasure in saying it but if that's the truth we win we should at least discuss it if not. Just become completely aware of it and then move on from there. Rubber we've got about a minute before we have to go to break again you should that he was using part of this population as soldiers as cyber hugs if you will. I I remember you saying something about this would be looser for coming back here to do that. He will be returning at some point and the UN and the Vatican know it they've been preparing for it and it will be under false pretense is where she comes at a time when we need it most and he will be. He thinks she's our savior. As well those are thought here I did I know that sounds very strange but that's what he believes and will he come back in human form. Yeah I mean he is he's a humanoid. Need to be technically he's an amphibious. Humanoid. He's not a reptilian per say. Not that that really matters I mean yes he's a humanoid. Odd but he is that international X interest Joshi action after a doughnuts and out of EES but that's what I've learned about him OK I mean I again. I know this sounds really far out. Especially for people here first time but. There's I feel it's valid or it wouldn't even be reporting yet. Or let alone discussing it publicly 'cause I'd you know I'd. That I considered a and a privilege. Two to speak publicly. I take it very seriously it's not this is no I don't do this to entertain people or to provoke them are trying to educate people. Because they were this sex everybody flushing is chewed this round holes in bone. For me right now we'll take a break we'll come back we'll continue the discussion it's beyond reality created tastes. And welcome back to the program is beyond reality radio Jason Hawes GP Johnson we are on a Tuesday night program we got a great program lined up for tomorrow and for Thursday we wanted to join us. For all those in fact tomorrow night to scan your hard we're talking prepare zoology and Thursday we're going to be talking colts with Megan Gibson. And of course your phone calls are always welcome and 8446877669. I know we've got some calls on hold thanks for being patient will be too soon as we can. From our guest tonight. Is that Robert Stanley he's an author researcher his books include close encounters on Capitol Hill. And Covert encounters in Washington DC we've been talking the last hour about the elusive ferrying agenda and done it's you know it's it's. Robert again thanks for being with us it's done it changes a lot of the way we think about. Lucifer who we is what he is they're really kind of turns a lot of what we've been taught at least most of us kind of site now. Well that's but it's okay. He is the great counterfeit attorneys known as the father of all lies I mean he did a is said he didn't. He is he lost his ability to be god like Sony's. News is crazy demonic. Personnel and our personality. Multiple personas. When he created his seat to his false universe is actually very it's embedded within the original university his mother created of which there are an incident number in my opinion. But she quit this false universe is. It's control it's a matrix it is on. Artificial. It's too dealt with technology is its root administrative by an artificial intelligence. Which he created a long time ago to serve him without question this is why artificial intelligence is is researching on this planet it's not new. And it's not hard design. Even the quantum computers that we have access unit other parallel on universe as he he is behind all of that. And I've I've heard I've heard that actually said in the past many times that this reality that we see isn't really a reality that. It's missed on light the whole matrix set up oh in the movie. Where it is there is something else controlling and somebody actually what was it about a month ago. At least somebody in the government at. Actually said something like that it was cause it was it was put Al their online and that it was instantly disappeared as quickly as it was put out there gonna. A cabinet secretaries and terrifying concept. Ed well I mean and it was really strange that executives from Bank of America and their IT group pursuing the same things and they want to get I was acting as your mosque actually that was one. Was saying this as well as Bank of America rescinded it looks as though we are in nine of virtual reality or artificial construct. And it it only comprises like four or 5% of the known universe. And that's the problem that though is that of fiber Torre rate here has been slow down so much. And we're sown control. It is a prison is not just as planet although that is a part of it on its like it it's a cube shaped. And you see this emulated a note of it is on Saturn. You see it also emulated in Saudi Arabia to Mecca. That building up like building that they circle around on this is this is this is oldest there emulating. The control mechanism. We. We all suffer to some degree from what is. Technically called this the Stockholm syndrome we identify with their captors so that we can survive we feel that that is the best way to survive. He seduced. Go along with them as much as possible we may not like it but. It's better than being chilled by them. Or so we think. Well and used you know I think for over sells the years that we would just eventually grow so numb to it it wouldn't even be something that would be on our. On our mind. That is part of it also. Well we've all we've been so badly traumatized. Dead oh most of us do suffer from multiple personality disorder to disc association. We've also been divided. And the by various means of economics religion I mean that's one of the greatest things that he reasons besides being worshipped or worked for. Religion divides minutes as the united us. In small groups jab a weak weak group to tell their illegal beat upper kill some other. Of our own kind he hits it it's you know it's all designed for that purpose so. He doesn't again he doesn't want us to get out. For any reason or rebel internally for any reason and this is this is why everybody's under surveillance. You wonder that we're not all terrorists so why has everybody under a global surveillance. North Shore animal let alone the division extend it or extend racially. Which is is a shame but it rated extends political wise especially now that the image. And I tell this country is in such a tough place where. There's so much racial tension there hasn't been in in 45 in 4050 years it and its altered by now signed this whole political. Situation where it's pretty even the people who were. I have always supposedly been. Then let them economist are now in the style writing picketing and in becoming most violent so yeah it's just terrifying is this huge division. It's called social engineering guys it's is done deliberately. And it's coming from you can identify certain US Jason George Soros what he say. Every individual and very unhappy with very evil yet he'd look at his eyes. And and there you go you're seeing Melissa faring and I mean and he has masters that he asked to serve but you know what's curious is he actually. Was a classmate of fuzz Accra such. The London school of economics. They were both. Under the influence. Of the rust cells. Who are straight up lists of trains in my opinion suit do you believe than the people who get. In two big government the political. Positions of power have more of this information or more of direct contact with the most of turns. Yeah it's not just religion all governments were created by Lucifer in is channel this year to work for him. A lot people here know it means but look at Seoul and ski. Hillary Clinton was was a good friend sullen ski and his dedication to his rules for radicals is directly to Lucifer. I mean a lot of the secrets is that not all secret societies are art. Working for him. Whether they know I don't think everybody knows it but the people that you know it they're OK with it because they're getting something out of it. It's called selling your soul it's a deal that with a double and an assist and an analogy. Once and so many in the chat actually earlier when we were on break it says something about. Well if this is the fact that then that would make it all evil and why don't we realize there were only evil and and my response was. Well first off do you think even an evil person. He knows that there evil or even associates themselves as being evil none of them it's just it's the way there and all life. It's that's right normal too then individuals so. Two you really can't sit there and say well I'm good I'm evil because Gary how do you know the difference if this is the way you've been through your entire life. But right depends how systemic. Some people actually clear but that there at affected by the people around them. Odd you can't get away from it like you know crisis right UG HT you can be the most peaceful person and then suddenly come your town and now. People again has chopped off or whatever it's its armed. It's a mess up I let my house asserted that we we are all in this together and when we have to do something. About it and waiting for. Government authorities or religious personalities whatever to save Russert do something is or is just sit that isn't gonna were irk is it's is not happening okay. That's I that's why I encourage people to do things for themselves. And Tehran by Bryant by you really quick collapse or. Three thinks and is this an utterly simplistic but please bear with me a case so stay calm. This initiative a clarify. Bay because they become parasitic. They need to feed off the energy this is again this is this is outlined in the movie the matrix we are their batteries. They do this by provoking us tormenting us traumatize us because when that happens our bodies are Dini literally and it's a certain frequency allege that they can seat up. I know that sick but that's the way I mean literally get sick a desolate. That's at. Enact so seeing com is really important because and they can't cheat off of us I I know it's easier said than done folks like I I know I I'll. I lose my temper too sometimes clearly saying no better now. Also. Be kind. It sounds simple it's not with somebody's been announced that are doing something to provoke you it took till the last senior gonna think of his should be what's what's the most. Kind is waking deal with this individual right. So be calm be content especially to strangers and yourself. And also be create. Anything you can deal. It expects his creative is is nurturing the divine part of your soul. Because we were created listen. We were created by a create or to be creed tips. If we don't do anything creative that part of a starts to atrophy. Only becomes less than who we were originally designed to be. So dusting things are really important. Well and you made you made some points earlier in the first hour you're talking about. The boy and it won't in your target schizophrenia and and the church and LV really don't don't help well now I've been involved in the paranormal feel for in 25 years and I work. I'm numerous so call possession cases and and demonic type entity cases and so forth so I I totally agree with you when it when it comes down to. The the psychology field and really you know people are they label people automatically schizophrenic way and some actually are not. And that is sometimes true art of church and all. But now when you're talking about these three different weight stayed calm and be kind of be creative those are also three different ways. That you need to be when dealing with a demonic type antsy when you're in a house in dealing with a possession you need to stay com. No matter what's going on. Because of fear of feet fuels these things. You need to be can be kind because you're you're working with other individuals that. Weather's a family members or other people that you have there with you that you need to trust and they need to trust you. And being in the kind back and forth as is another empowering statement and then being creative of course because you need to be able to do whatever you need to do. In different ways to try to make sure you get your point across Utah you're able to read from whatever scriptures you're reading from and and so forth so all those factors cease seem to really come into play. Which is is funny because we're talking about the monetary upon things in your talking about her this whole thing with endless endless variations and they're very much interconnected. What an you know what I say this Austrians and including statements. It's just a different level Melissa trends are very much the top tier. Sickness would have to be below that somewhat but not much. In hand it's it's systemic. And earned. That the the chief answers this who's recently passed away for the Vatican's it was gay girl out more. She had said that Satan had penetrated the interstate torme but the Vatican beckoned sixties. Well off father Malcolm mark and Martin said the same thing and I'm sure that's what he had to be axed taken out. He was executed. In my opinion. On these guys are very dangerous. But armed they're not omnipotent. They want us to believe. It like to simply about. But again this is one reasons that watches all the time because they know that at some point at any time actually anyone of us for any number of us could wake up. And I think we will all or are ICI to RTC is happening to shows like this these these conversations are really important. Two to the collective consciousness. Rubber we've the listener call in listener questions we go to the phone lines this is Jay from portage des welcome to beyond reality radio the question for Robert. Well I I wanted to make some point. It's a much question of the confirmation that wanted to tell him now because it was into off. I hope this help. Connect the dot. Approves something that I've been telling you all a visit to people who did believe me and don't believe that it's true what. But up out basically I believe everything he's saying is true accurate or possible. Except for with the exception of to retreat back. To give back to going to that but now though he did say about the secret society that religion. Now would do you would agree that that also applies to music especially as he is known as. The Angel and god of music it was a beautiful. Block exempt and you agree with that it's systemic. Yes. Okay so they're going to the music's so on future shows I'm going to remote. If people willing to give it to be a call esoteric language of all of these and it kept bird. Bit actually have an evil meaning and what they mean and they're trying you're too huge so. Where is to lure you away. And two and two warships have and that's what is representing from the artist's point of view but they're talking about a man and woman and they're not they're talking about Hannah. It's all about luring you including an arm and a controlling human turning you away from them. They're great Hawaii. That we are god this is the whole thing that goes back to the garden of Eden. Where he told beat well then you'll acknowledge you'll be like god he wanted to be like god he has dug themselves. Turkey has grown above his god our creator. After Adam what created. And that is when he was cast doubt and those who Tom. Who followed him ever dealt with have. Now. One of them. I would start the religion goes idea believed all the bad about religion and it is the well I don't want to repeal for awhile. But it's such a touchy subject christianity. Specifically if there really. Lit and it has warned that are in the old testament and that's why it's fine it's only differences between the ultimate and the nick has met because no testament. Were taught about the peace festival tradition of that that bit. That days. That cut down and warned against the pagan gods and there ways. And doing sacrifices to them and idols and idolatry pick American Idol the show the fingers so. That religion and what we should all be doing at keeping this 613. Rules laws that keep commandments do and don't. Of the Tora they are the real accuse that tore attitude that tend not cute not be at stake is the IMF. That panic but it Berrian Jews. And depth look at the common head. And they want to kill all of us but no I'd love I want to people to look that up look up that you brought order to look at these states do that talked about it relation. A RJ generally Italy's CA about JJ. Allies today. We don't wanna go there. What it was we were there any points that you that the caller made Robert that'd be any comments on. You're playing right into his hands when you do that. To fighting conquer it works really well. You know like you wanna blame somebody. Blame yourself. For following. Into his influence. Her for not realizing that who's really in charge and that we're all being. We were all infected. To some degree and we're all we're definitely all after acted to some degree. So constantly trying to blame someone else. Or worse yet looking for a savior. To come and explain everything and do everything for you an idea in my estimation is just absolute dead end. Is there any connection between Tom how you described Lucifer coming back. Creating this army. As are connection between that and what we've come to know as the anti Christ story. Loosely I mean most of the here's the problem we know. That the the Victor always writes a rewrite history. Right you just know that is yes that's a fact right well Lucifer is the Victor. She has rewritten history. In to make himself look good. Com. I know you would. Steve Chris and say oh no he sees this restatement he talked about in you know. He's such a bad guy I'd disagree a lot age you gotta look a little cheaper. And you'll find out that a lot of people really do think that he is select Eric that he gave us our intelligence suite so we did no good and evil. But under. What. Control mechanism. We knew we don't. It that if if that it's not that what I had this conversation is about hate this is about us marine weenie weenie to have woke up what I was asking for all along here was clarity. That's I came to a lot of this stuff was when I ask for. Please clarify this this is so convoluted what is going on here. I was actually asking Lucifer. Not knowing that was him I thought he was if not god I thought he was a god that was in my life to help me. And so I don't know I don't know if it really was him or part of him that was trying to help. Let out one I asked for help. I received it. It could have been coming from his family I know they watch and they do whatever they can as well but. Here's the thing we wit it's not it's okay to be humble and re really admit that you don't know what's going on. At some point you we all have to take responsible ability for this. We have about two minutes before going to break in order bring one more tolerant here this is Phoenix from Chicago a Phoenix welcome to show. I had thank you are alone in this. Tactic that the cricket upload though I just wanted that. You're jet pack and are recognized for Robert. Robert and Robert thank you and I live in Chicago over and I check cab ride here who. It's very sacred music and tactical apartment it was an international star he. Only does. Fearful they're considered secret kind of a angelic music. My cab driver ripped from the Middle East and he was trying to bury. I think effects of a Middle Eastern look mom. Group. And he was telling me that bridge in that he he no longer allowed to listen to music and they're real interest that was that the gen. Brought. You know basically though the libertarian matrix. I'd attend them choose who can men and women in order to corrupt. Through music and that they had decided to eliminate all music so that they can try to escape that may trick that. I'm. And yeah. He literally and I had never Patrick heard all about the threw it out accords as part. But I had never heard that perspective and the fact that they were living today is reality what it really stepping it very profound that. They were capping not. All worldly thing in order to try to be picture possible and it seemed really extreme but at the same time. It made perfect sense and then he actually wouldn't even pick we have from the competent he apologized since he was a big in my ride he can he would very static. And he said he respected me but he he shouldn't pattern and it meandered Demi Moore are. Because I open the discussion up about it and I would adamant that the music and I was about to experience what. Changing people vibration until a higher rate of separatists are. I agree. At 1% Phoenix Phoenix to meet favored sending an email through my website I I'd look the talk to you more about this please. Sir our future. Are you an attack and can you put it in Maryland. What makes watching this young woman are you know I'll just tell it T right now it's editor at Munich is magazine dot com and I will respond to all emails and questions but but Phoenix specific that you bring up something really important and I'm actually involved in that my mother. Concert pianist. But I do you have a music page on my website where I'm putting out music like that is not only is an angelic. It's also demonic. Because I'm exposing them using their own method but it really. Desire okay we're gonna take a break we'll come back with more with Roberts standing town. Again scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details tourist Gary Condit dot com. That's scary time. Dot com to sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget everyone is welcome. Visit the website scary times dot com dad's spirit con dot com. I'm really really Jason Ellison Jimmy Johnson don't. Forget tomorrow night it's and your hard Thursday its Megan Gibson we've got more coming up with the Robert Stanley. 8446877669. Gimme 44687. 7669. When we come back I wanna get a little into that good good and evil that we're taught good and evil but. How do you how do you see how do you know good from evil if you'd because everybody's perception of its so so different champs and it depends on who's teaching you well could honestly it's and I like the part of Tennessee but we'll get into that we come back you listen to Jason GV. Beyond really real effect. Welcome back to beyond reality review Jason Marquis Johnson telephone. Read her her 6877669. If you wanna call and be part of the program always be respectful when you call please that's whatever criteria. And silly we're talking with the Robert Stanley and these are in a bunch of books close encounters a Capitol Hill Covert encounters of Washington DC. And or you know we're spending a lot of time here talking about. The loose affair in agenda at Robert. As serie a robber before I went to break. Yeah and at one point you'd brought up this whole thing about being taught good from evil and and but but when it comes down to it how stuff if you if you're only brought up with 11. Concept of something how can you ever tell. What's good and evil figure it this way in some people don't think that walking up and and kicking a cat. Is funny other people think the walk up and taking a cat is is on the wrong move. So I believe it falls under your perception of how well how you perceive Gooden are you perceived evil and right and wrong. So how do you know which route. To follow. Do you feel OK I told you before. People that are healthy are in path that they should they feel other people's pain as they inflict pain on someone a date they know what they feel it. It's obvious. A weekly you can call it morals or whatever but the truth is you you feel that you feel guilt you feel shame you feel paint. People that are psychopathic. It's calls a cop at the it's the opposite of empathy com date cannot feel pain because there of the infection. They're blocked out part of them is switched off. And in that regard their very machine. So there of those people were lost them mariners there is no fixing them essentially. No of course there's. This is like any other infection this is one I'm trying to act. I'm not trying. I have been this has been a very busy year for guys who are not only does let you know yet and so in other words it's just trying to figure out how to resolve that infection deaths of yes but here's the thing. Why would she trying to solve a problem you don't really have. This is why they're pushing so hard on doing shows like this in writing articles and stuff to show people hey look. We've got a prom we we're suffering from an a section here where basically imprisoned here quarantine what are you look at it. And oh we have to get well other ways anti suffering is pretty simple. There are let's go back to the phone lines we've got Vince from Missouri Vince welcome to show. We'll mention there. Yeah there. Is equal you're on. Well I got to learn very evident. Now that we're saying to learn here or. Social or you're their orders show Colo super. Lucifer rate as. You know. From new program raids on boxing guys out here to answer. And burn Slaton and Karen there inherit the Gruber that I don't quite understand it. There's a little here very you know we're gonna bound him through there and adjourn revelations are server and I'm fine and help out here. Arlen amount again. Yeah I think yesterday the black around you know you go back in the Gaza meter maker he just you know what this guy got to rewrite. Yep. There are now it's not a deal for us now that I hit jump in but yet we're getting the short end of the stick. Year and have been for a long time far too long in my opinion. And that Tyson when I finally figured out after 29 years who is being was that I thought was god is actually does for. I was pissed off I think any but he would rightfully so okay. But then I realized wait a second this is an opportunity here that I can actually I can do something here that's unique. And I told him look I know who you are now you can't you can't lie to me anymore you cannot use me as upon. You know and so does a really unique opportunity I gotta tell you end up I told him straight out I said offs. I'm willing to help you get well but on my terms you're you're insane you can I can't trust you tuned you know. Do we really have any any ability for self determination. Ultimately yes we do hassles at least free will not free will is upbeat I'm glad you brought this up. This is one of the reasons that he tricks us into agreeing to to usurp him. She has to do that because if we greeted doing what he wants. Thinking that it's what we want like again like at the metaphor is eating apple OK he tricked her into doing that we've been suffering ever since. From a religious perspective that's the original sin but I mean we agree to it our mother agreed to it so therefore we all have to suffer hundred. Now that the divine once respect tree well the this though lists hearings don't but. That the violence know that we will is is foundational it's it has to be honored. Okay so if we agreed to do this they can't just gonna say OK we know you need a bad choice but we're gonna force you to do something else that's not how they do it. It don't work that way okay that study is that is the prime active you don't violate another person's tree will ever. We are quickly running out of time Robert and I I didn't wanna shift gears just a little bit here because how I want to talk about secret UFO bases and also want you need to take a minute and talk about two books. Well half. I didn't expect to write either of those books that started in 2005. My friend Carole Simpson Texas he's a private investigator growing on. He's got the alien hunter yeah sure. A case that there'll sent me an email and in its said he was asking me. I do look start feasted do these pictures just. Taken at the capitol to like 162002. Did you look really you and I said well I'd. I don't know you know Photoshop in what it is it's what I was curious it does look he sent me that in on spring of 2005 and only managed that really happen. We should heard about it by now I mean. It happened in 2002 in your saying is in 2005 I mean at let's say any US curious so I contacted the photographer and he ended up reading an article. Because of the article with the photographs of them swarming over the capital July 16 2002 I ended looking visit to buy a black helicopter my house in Los sandals when I was living there from that so which got me he scared me. I admit I should definitely indeed it you know but. Unintended consequence there's like law hull hold on second. If nothing's going on why you guys doing that to me is these photographs aren't. I RD to I already knew the photographs real cause that was one of things Terrell. And I talked about is like hey. Yet distract us from a great military families he's worked for ABC news fourteen years try to take the pictures. But in their on 35 millimeter film so we gotta get these to you gotta get those negatives analyze manage day you know consist. It is they've been tampered with in you you got nothing. That's okay fine yeah I think you know personally I could care less as I wanna I was curious. So we get the things they analyze. And I published a story internationally on the Internet as well as in nexus magazine because his imprint in like I don't know Cedric countries. And so that's when I get visited by the like helicopter and I thought well. That really struck a nerve with somebody in Washington and on so I started to investigate further. And I found quickly act on over a hundred different. Eyewitness accounts of youthful activity from 1852005. I started a did I realize wait a second I can't disarmament in an article. As site sort of compiling it in the book first look close encounters a capitol kick came out in on December of 2006. And I headed about 200 eyewitness reports. Odds UFO activity there at the capital area. On and it didn't happen night that I broke that story and coasts 'cause money might website was hacked. And I know exactly who did it they took the pictures that's the UFO's on the at the capitol to get off the server yeah they're they're really nervous about this. Can you guess why. How would you what do you think they're hiding. This I didn't answer your question fully look. The its disclosure document ever come from our government. Because state they're not in charge of this deal is the extraterrestrials themselves and these negative action just deals were talking on its screens they're not gonna tell us what's going on casino we would get upset. It would really screw up why would they tell us the stuff right. You know we have a right now they don't want toasted on our free will or anything just. Their abusers. Psychopaths. Are right but here's the deal they're gay Jew. Control things in Washington DC. And in and also in the city of London. And Rome. All three of those cities are run as a fortresses of evil laughter military. Financial and religious services. This is what they deal. So. I guess that I didn't really expect to write their first book it just happened. But then after I wrote the first book. I cut song much more information came to me Amin is so. By 2011. You know a few years after that in 2011 I ended up writing a second book at that point I had over 900. Eyewitness reports that UFOs in Washington DC from eighteen to two to 2011. Plus we talk and what I also felt a lot more video. Movies. Photographs that corroborate the entire thing it's obvious it's going on but again I blame DX dress chills you know you think they could stop as many transit and you think Dick is sub wants to have a press conference. Right they could easily done that but they don't. So red flag. I mean huge red flag this is not right. And the books chronicle all of this. Yeah but you don't want it scares the crap out of people guys don't and I don't blame people it's like. They may say oh well you know you're just making up now I can't write history I don't I don't have the ability to create history. Mean I can chronically. I can record eight I can't make it up. On eight it is what it is you know and OK you can argue with my conclusion my analysis and that the second book which is a Covert counter to Washington DC. I was not expecting write that one either the the but the conclusion. Is a lot of what we're talking about now came out of the conclusion it's a hundred pages. Take it straight out of carries his historical reports that are in the public record out satanic Elisa ferrying things are going on specifically we all know the movie the actress' story. Sure yeah. That was pre Peter glad he he'd actually works for. The army psychological warfare department beat prior to reading books. Movies but. He took that straight out of the newspapers from the forties. The thing is sorted like 48 it was a thirteen year old boy in Washington DC area okay and I know people at the argues Nike you know it is or it isn't depending on your perspective but. What I got out of it reminded me of that young boy in Malibu and I thought oh god. Are these things obviously they can be anywhere and they they want just influencing the boy they were scaring the the parents. Were were. Being affected sitio Iran clearly was really. World roaming about half minute wait for here revenue let Jay go where can people get more information about two books and what you're doing. Everything's on the website at Munich is magazine dot com and I'd you know. You guys have a great show and I really appreciate you having me on. Well we'd like to have you back in and visit this idea of secret youthful bassist is who wanted to talk about that we just never got to it so we'll have to Rees Anderson. Which is understood to replace almost for coming on to spend the time with this and we look forward talking you again. Okay great thanks. Take care all right thank you it's Robert Stanley visit the website and we'll right now. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization that's right. Dressed in. When you need to subscribe to taps her majesty. 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A lot of information to see a lot of people in chat saying ma that was that was a lot to absorb and it was terrifying it's terrified to steroids and we didn't get to talk about the secret youthful bases but we will promise would bring them back on we'll have that conversation dedicated. A show to that as well and it does seem connected to loosen ferrying discussion as well with a phone callers was jump break to the phones this is Alice from Denver Alice. Hey welcome to beyond reality radio great to have you. Thank you particularly like. Call call them promote my show you what say you want that aren't. Latin pop I mean that what it got wart can bet. Op UFO. Situation databases. The US open web app world let's not look for calm it did because I want to know what about app or implied. Not are not all and asks are now. And you upload Iranian and actually there is a reporter. Though. It shipped I didn't. I'm really impressed but they're map. Well we definitely cover that Tom Arnold we cover that topic. As well so it'll be on. Some future shows. Yeah really you're gonna Barbara am. Oh yeah we're gonna bring him back in and had that conversation about the secret your code bases he's got a lot of information we just didn't get to it wouldn't have done it justice to talk about a from the five minutes so. You know we decided to continue would loosen ferrying discussion just because that was so complicated there was so much information there as well. But we will bring Robert Stanley back in mobile will have the conversation about UFO's in the secret basis. Or they look. Where are people who can talk about there's sort of you know being who I'm Aaron here are irked at. Absolutely and we we've had we've had others on the passing and checked some of these older shows that beyond reality radio dot com and we'll have the people on in the near future Obama gets an topic that we addressed quite often Alice we do. So thanks for the call a thank you thank you for calling thank you for listening. I'm a little bit afraid to pick this one up Jane this is Vince from Missouri and he says he's got a joke forests and doesn't matter puts it events. War and why it got me out you know I had you know got to make up some black and nobody got residents. No okay the new guy and they approach certain all. More and taken note and a jump ball coming OF. Nine. Yeah I'm trying to decide if this is a trick question of accounting defeat her and I talking out of his feet then nearly an eight team let's just say nine we got nine left events. Dan it and job it is certain ocean. We have to have a good guys don't give them all. Her eyes so that's OB a here all week ladies tournament only until Friday your message day on Sunday and sneeze. Hello men but not deathly it was it was an interesting topic tonight and it's it's weird when you do think about article maybe if the aliens that are coming are really trying to. Give us information that strained recap for months and I said you know. Interesting to take a look at this political season that election that just took place and the talk of you know this globalization version verses nationalism and the brags that vote and all the stuff and and you bring this whole alien control of the new world order into the conversation. And it really starts to make it sound. While I don't often necessarily explains things I was going to say that but it is certainly get him raises some very interesting questions. And there's a huge amount of divided going on on nine not even just in this country but around the world I don't know if you saw some of the rioters increase. Because Obama was heading out there friend it's just it's insane it's terrifying. You know lot of stuff going on all over the world many and of the loosen faring discussion in secret you a full bases and alien control of major governments and oh. It's just Jesus I'm not sure what to say at that point. So it Jim without a collection. No one's Clarita. Is so there I wanted to play this this sound that NASA recorded sounds and space. And these are the sounds Obama reveal emissions. That in being picked up but the eerie sounds of Saturn the on him Jerry answered it's scans were your insecurities. It's. It's. Just elude. To lose. Tonight. I have the. So yeah. Experience at. You wouldn't be all screwed up that is really really freight that's what happens when a spacecraft. Who have linens spacecraft that are used to record radio emissions from planetary environments while and that is the sound theory getting from saturn's rings. Really I mean that's that's like that I I would expect to hear that and cheesy sixties and scifi movie. Yeah and he actually it's the same then really I would notes hey do you think about that at first but yet that's. But no I was here I listened to it earlier in us a while that is. Think think of the one that transmission coming off. Especially when we talked to guess in the past that were saying that. And the planet earth gives off vibration and a frequency and and sound. That attracts some of these alien life forms to our plants like it piquant. And they're referring to it at that that's the sound is coming saturn's rings I mean imagine if we're able to figure out the exact science coming off this planet without all of the the you know whether or the zone isn't everything else where the sounds coming for from Uranus or Neptune. He's just wanted to see this you just want to sag could see it I can see it come as a little worker who were like right now one down. It was history. One that hell is going through your mind at two area that the sale. But my guys well deadly again a big shout out to Robert Stanley. For common non. Just hang in all of us and talking as of August Lucifer aryan agenda. And we definitely do you have to get back and cover some of these. He's UFO experiences that he had what that he writes about in his books close account right now encounters a Capitol Hill. Include Covert encounters in Washington DC. And like we said tomorrow night we got Ken Gerard coming on he obsessive in talking about tea Malik. He's been in the field investigating these things forever. In these were going to be talked about everything from bigfoot Loch Ness. To put opera. A winged creatures where holes so and if you noticed today Robert throughout the whole test thing tonight so yeah it is it's pretty amazed that it became its Tuesday and it really I mean imperfect are everywhere wolf Wednesday as the only he'd think he did that to make this race. And we just need to find as something some creature that goes with a tiara Theron. There's going to be something as a channel and up with some and habit exactly so. Well big shout out to all those new listeners and everybody tune in tonight on the radio station and joining us some chatter among non B on reality radio. Again check up FaceBook dot com. Slash beyond reality radio page like that and stay informed and a lot of the stuff coming up so you listen to Jason NG he will catch you'll mama. And it's to discuss its importance. Seems. Johnson I don't Connolly can't and don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page and give us alike and say hello there it's beyond reality radio all one word if you've got information you want us to follow what fun we're. You'd like to be Gaston beyond reality radio email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.