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Trump Day Wednesday

Nov 23, 2016|

Bob Rose Show for 11-23 6am hour

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning 607 on the club road show and I'm Bob Rose that's rose like a flower daft. And I immediately go hey Bob wrote nice being you. I didn't and I understand how flows together Bob Rhodes show Bob road show now Bob Rosie is is a so it's nice to go get another one. A will have to say glad to say it's Roh news you know along with deep. Rick Lee. Thorny pictures speakers when he don't thorns. And beaten. Next on average day. 800. Jordan glory I am so pumped for this Thanksgiving I don't know why am extra excited about this holiday that I am really looking for a few days off fop. Kids coming in town immigrant. Molly's amazing your attitude even when you have to a work like this job and do your other job and only other things and kittens that work. Home my guys that's all the suits here that site. A cut another 35% out of my basic economic and our rights policy. Trump foundation funds where they actually going instead as a major concern now. By the way it is 608 time Jack brought to you by prestige Hayes Jewelers when he answers always yes. And it's Wednesday happy you all third. Is trumped day right into Turkey day now. Oh yeah four years or years. At least I wanna be tortured everybody was happy trumped. And it should feel good. Pay must see TV yesterday. President Obama. Why he missed his calling that guy's an entertainer. He's so cool and so smooth. He didn't break into song but I thought he was gonna this Easter so cool. And guy he was given out did the honors the up presidential. Medal of freedom LS highest civilian honor the get. And and I'm not John not being facetious or joking sarcasm now seriously. It was highly entertaining. The president does he does have a gift he if there is a charisma to own. Mean I know if you can't stand amuse still it's it's hard to get past but if you being honest take a step back. He's got a lot of charisma he's smooth. He's got a good comedic timing. And he was surrounded by a superstars and all kinds of fields and it was interesting to hear the stories about the people. Guys like Bobby de Niro he was there. Raging bull Jake LaMont up. Ever seen a movie black and white. That and I have a tough I'd love to Maryland movies. You don't like you when he gets so mouth you know liberal and political. He's don't doubt that he's toned it down. Bobby. Yes hang out with all those dogs and cats out Hollywood knows fleas are jumping around and hang around. I mean it's just see you can get it okay. I do Niro Tom Hanks or Robert Redford. Again Robert Redford there's another one in now. Love what they guy's done on screen but here. Over the top Springsteen. I used to be such a huge fan it is. He'd just nannies room I rhubarb a little too much. Now. Plus he's liked his music has so depressing insulate really. I paid to see this when he especially when you to win it without the Oz likes Norton Zoloft and everything else just to try to get through the set it is hard to Lucas it's on early and then CE animal later. Yeah I saw my. Born in the USA tour twice as some beginning in the end. Here's greats. Some in Tallahassee shifted toward the end of the tour and now listed in mid December date. And I needed Santa Claus is coming to town so that was also knows awesome and its some on the river tour. Wherever yes some of the Hollywood sported torrent but. And half and I just get some nerves now I'm sorry I just mean. Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan was there. And Michael George it was funny because George they were kind of whispering some up to the podium. I could've sworn I heard Jordan to say something like. He thanks for the tip pal I lost a hundred grand betting on Hillary. I guess I'm pretty sure up. It was something that I now I do have to give Obama credit the lines that he had about Michael Jordan and about. Superlatives. You know like. Anytime your the Michael Jordan of surgeons are the Michael Jordan of this or that him. Yeah that was that was a good yeah was I mean you think about you if you win you've reached that. That part where he had PU viewer you are the comparison. I'm Ellen DeGeneres. Was an area of playing nice things to say about her Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Heated is funny he he didn't say anything about. Radical Islam. He was up there he didn't. He kept he kept him hit him in the ribs and calling them Lou. Was so blue. Easy and you wanna reference Andy's saying it could even be. Slightly Mosul a member result and opposes old name. Who sued. Out there again course you know that would be best. Today we celebrate extraordinary Americans have lifted our spirits strengthen our union pushes toward progress. Obama said no I was still live there really was it at our am series it was entertaining it was positive it was uplifting. It was really you know. Gosh I wish that you know President Obama just would if you would've stuck to things like that. It you know. I'm do you believe they have a lot more fans although I. I guess you could say is approval ratings are very good anyway so. Now I think some people are giving him high marks as like he Dahlia I give give whatever Grady wants just. Don't yeah no there. Really does yeah. Which by the way I have to say. We we are all still here. We're we're all still here and it. Also got a guns right at your guns. Gum I'm athletic so. We may have hit we just true. Now. Even when some of the Republicans are kind of spineless. But I'll tell you where he did some damage. We got debt they get their obamacare through. And that while I mean and affects 18% of the economy overall health care and if it's just a bad program and I think is what we knew the fix was in we knew that it wasn't gonna work we knew was set up not to work. So that that is the one like glaring thing they'll always stand out to me that will be his legacy. As he began to destroy health care as we knew it. Any web and I hope we can turn that around it's it's a big project. I hope we can. And so President Obama I'd be you know going out on a high note and he's not done yet but. And by the way he did not just have stars like daddy had to some physicist and some NASA people in you know a guy it was an immigrant became you know. The president of Miami Dade college. A long time. And Nam. So we had a collection of folks that he did tend to like you know. He likes the big names who likes the stars. Both onscreen and in sports and you know look at says prerogative gives these awards out. And they are people of definitely had an influence. Me you know you can't say they haven't. When I also saw something interesting yesterday and he was on CBS news it was. All of a sudden this big story on the homeless. I'm like are you kidding me here we go again. The homeless. Issue that we have and America is a real. And it should concern us all and we should look for some workable solutions although I don't think there's any easy way. But the bottom line is they're just wasn't a whole lot of chatter about it for the last seven years there really wasn't. And I'll look a Republican president is about to take office and here they go and they know hey this kid dead homeless. Story gotta get down on there. And it was actually used as an example in a book by Bernard Goldberg that he wrote about fifteen years ago called bias. Which really. Lead out that as far as the media buys an area when I thought effective way. One of the ways that he measured it was just do the number of front page stories like in the New York Times. And when Reagan and bush senior. We're president the it was it made Def front page I don't know hundreds sometimes. About the homeless plight. Slick Willie gets in office and it's like their problem never even existed like homeless what. Almost. Those homeless people would stop and Matt. Death. I mean I can't help themselves. So eight you're gonna see a shift. Where the mainstream media is actually. Do their job. You're supposed to be critical. Of of our government and the president. But it disappears. When there's somebody leftist senator O'Meara they like and that's the sad part. But it doesn't matter even with all that going on their -- agenda the brainwashing. Donald. 45 president's January 20. 618 Alibaba rose show again for. 779759825. Oh Wayne state police officer shot details on that coming out. Okay. Okay. Okay. Six money for a above roadshow. Big game for Jay get money and happy Wednesday to both third but David for Turkey buried. If your time Jack brought to you by prestige Hayes Steelers where the answer. He's always yes. Controversy trump foundation funds where they're actually going what's going on easy file the proper paperwork and all that. The media so all wanted to avoid the Clinton foundation story did an IV and that's where there's wow. I mean there was a lot going on there. I mean you're talking about things. Impacting. Our political present and future geo politically around the globe. When asked Donald Trump of why he do it sounded pop rap crap as a we'll get to that. Wayne State University familiar with the because I grew up in the Detroit area a Wayne State University police officer was released from surgery. And is fighting for his life after being shot in the head while on patrol near campus Tuesday night. And the suspect was arrested the officer was identifies 29 year old Kong rose five year veteran of the department works in the canine unit. And so will hook you know say a prayer for this guy say a prayer for this guy. And that the sand wanna Nassau County you early yesterday morning right about now. Officer. 32 year old guy. He's. Coming up on a some Border Patrol agents without truckload of guys that they're talking to do now we haven't. I heard a lot more on that story other than you can kind of fill in the blanks but. So one of the guys jumps out of the truck can bolts and the officer did the deputy goes after him. And he gets hit by a car. All the whole world. Yeah not just terribly tragic. In effect a post event on the skies FaceBook could of a page yesterday as FaceBook dot com slash the sky. Check that out and we'll have more as soon as you know more is revealed to us but. Right now we'll go to the sky line stand. Shows Rocco Rocco right okay Rocco you're on the air. And Rocco good morning I'm up early in the end battling you today. I asked what's going on and urged well Robert De Niro in raging bull got a quick story we have. I usually like Israel I think that until it was until I wait until we started being political I think it these big celebrities would do themselves a lot better. Just stay neutral on the comes to politics anyway my story is I've looked at a Bronx amount on record revealing called an avenue. We had one of the very rare houses in the Bronx we got three building blocks besides the house a lot houses both aren't. The house floor project a lot of my grandparents border from trick mother when he walked into the front room that was his work out who was so glad it was is Jim. And then when you walked through door that was a big boy get an embedded in the world was a big hill. And I remember my ground while the ring is broken English turn around looked at my grandmother and said. We need to get rid of that though we need to put it he's dead. And my grandmother says we will Matt. And it should buy and actually get my maiden name is slept all left and that. L remained on the porch we come back and carry them back in the early fifties woman had what to shake so all told my day to grow enough of that house. BO remained in the book it was a beautiful home. Great you know would serve. Was it truly cared to look the kind of crummy that. What the model was but I enjoy this story and I enjoyed growing up in about some by the way you know after the vehicle that every shoving his my birthday comes on Thanksgiving Day. So much Jim comes on Thanksgiving Day you have to wish him happy birthday now which will be here on Friday until it. I'll tell stories that don't worry this get a call in later and end to end in collier a Turkey. So no worry Rocco you look at video get more attention. Happy birthday. I'm blessed ship down my dad I remember when a movie when they were just talking about. My dad saw Jake Lamotte in Sugar Ray Robinson fight real PL he had no he has to go to all the flights every eight. He was single member you might get a single through 43 years old Manny zebras look and allies but. Yeah I'd go see colony human punching bag take Ramada. 6180 above roadshow. 8779759825. Toilet trump foundation and coming up on news talk 97.3 this guy. In the end. And 6390. Above rose show and third modern every drove. Third. And Nixon for. 8779759825. Born dear old dad wants do you a favor and I help you Al little medical procedure you know one called a circumcision. Yeah. Look you might now want it happened you might tell dead know you might even run away from home. Boy you don't do is turn around. And knife you're dead mid chest okay. True story we figure out what state nickel give you five guesses or a bit yeah hey you very much thank you for. A South Florida man is accused of stabbing his father. I'm sorry not majestic in the neck. All standing in the neck. That's gotta hurt. Now. He was angry that his father wanted to circumcised him that. I was twenty years. Yes. Yeah. Little late in the game now not wow hey I mean that's a point where you go to a professional. Dad's a little of self test it has Louie and answer adds a little weirdo at all via. Alex folds twenty arrested charged with the attempted felony murder. Pulled his father was asleep on a couch in his bed when folds and and and stabbed him with a knife. So he's asleep is colleague is evident here the moment wears like drop and George son we're gonna do medical procedure. Police have faults dropped a knife and left after the stabbing. The victim was airlifted to Jackson south community hospital for treatment. Police and officers some faults whiz hands raised in me air walking towards down. Saying don't shoot don't shoot I'm the one who stabbed my dad. Balls told police that he was angry. At his father for wanting to slice the force skin of his penis. Because he was afraid it would hurt. Well yeah. That's your EU that your it's perfectly acceptable to you have some fear and concern about pain at. And your dad will be a knife on your private area. But you can't turn around stay began in the neck when he's asleep on the couch. There's probably a little bit of abuse that's been going on here for a period of time I'd think I'd find my acting. Fuld said his father didn't listen to him and didn't wanna take him to see a urologist. So we stabbed his father out of anger. Police have faults has been diagnosed as a schizophrenic bipolar and artistic. Of folds is being held without bond at turner. You'll Ford at night correctional senator mrs. it's so. Why now. Now they're at it you know and stabbings happen all the time now. Another stabbing incident a woman was accused of stabbing her husband with scissors. For drinking her beer. She was charged with aggravated assault simple assault reckless endangerment. And harassment. Yeah. You drink your bare. Establish a pair of scissors that's gotta hurt. I don't know what's wrong these people. Hi I'm a more or not that's not serious. And it just brings up that hole Ron Burgundy. Steve Corel. Gonna have to go away for awhile brick stabbed a man with a Triton. Why all. SE good reference. I'm a little jealous that in to get a first half. Being a big Ron Burgundy fan and I am so I've done everything I can't emulate his life. I knew 2015 IRS filing calls into question just how charitable the Donald. Guide star and first discovered by the Washington Post revealed a foundation. Has admitted to violating the legal ban on self dealing Munich charity's funds were improperly used by an insider. You can't use the funds if you're an insider friends family members. At center. Which is kind of interesting because is that same kind of scrutiny as a Clinton foundation undergone that. My understanding is that was like slush fund of traveling on the the jets and everything else was in who amity and also paid. Out of slump. You know out of funds there. Like she had worked for the foundation but also. Was an assistant Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state. I mean a look if your not handling things properly when it comes to a foundation. By all means you know investigate the needs to be publicized. You know do which you've got to do but I'm not I mean the the Clinton foundation has a lot more money in it and she was in a really a position of authority. I mean has ceased completely different scenario yet you know there. They're looking into this. Representatives. For the foundation checked yes. On the section of the form asking whether assets had been transferred. To a disqualified person in 2015 and in previous years in the case of trump foundation disqualified person. Could include trump himself. People close to him more even his businesses. In you can't set up a foundation and then panic you'll be announced posted dipping into it yourself. But. As long as you can say well yeah I did this in it was foundation business. You know like travel expenses that have a cleanse my understanding is that's how they get around it. A spokeswoman from the law firm Morgan Lewis and bachus. Which uploaded the documents declined to comment. Trump campaign and Trump Organization did not return calls for comments unclear whether the same 990 forms were actually sent to the IRS. We can confirm that someone. With the email address matching Morgan Lewis is domain uploaded the 990. It is important to note that since this is a self uploaded document Amy may not be exact her final version. That they sent to the IRS. So. And let guys. It I guess this is what we're gonna get four years of all this guy a in this guy even beyond. White supremacy love this guy over here. Jeff Sessions said something bad thirty years ago. You know the foundation Trump's foundation did bad things trump university as we're gonna get four years up. Four years of it. And if NF just being home if Donald Trump has any level of success. And Republicans have any level success. You know fixing things working on the economy. Making life better is think they'll get any credit in the mainstream media at all. I sure. Not a chance. When. I only got one more to talk about. In game. Ohio. Teen charged for throwing. Glue sticks get explosives. At T share. Yup details on that coming up. News talk 97.3 this guy. I stabbed the man in the heart. 653 in the Bob Rochelle. I would just have we have sound of any sort sweetest. Randomly thrown randomly and it absolutely it's good. Yeah so it all in there bricks the man. Say check this out on FaceBook dot com slash this guy. I'm Bob Rhodes Nixon for Zhang and you can reach us by calling in on the skyline is 8779759825. And also. Dan mentioned FaceBook dot com's us this guy is so did a thanks to bill boast up by. Who seem bill longtime. Elbows benign active and in politics and stuff like that in no. And I I think it just dropped to sticker off earlier but. He says Bob and and the bumper sticker I guess at that time when I when I first guy when I didn't realize it was designed to distributed by. Bill bow. A real Floridians. But it is the sticker that says this year. Ball above votes oh wow yeah I've seen those are yeah so that's invest the origin of it and thanks. Job Panetta off. Bill very very nice very well done an end. Yeah. Yeah Bubba voted. And a whole lot of people had voted in recent elections a lot of people who were discouraged. He may came on voted and and folks that maybe. Nam had voted. Democrat for a while. They said dead now Leah. We need to go to different direction and it makes sense if you look at you know the polls that we're saying. A 70% of Americans think you're on the wrong track. So it it it when you look at that hole. It's easier to make a lot more sense. Of you know what happened in the election. And it also goes to show that you know when you look at how likely voters you might have a candidate who's gonna bring out unlikely voters. And that's gonna through your pulls off as well. Hey Leon. You hurt. It don't worry it's not do it did then I gonna be any threat to us at all. It's going right did coast Rica. The first landfall. Burres landfall. Since eighteen. Fifteen wine. Wow. Stop movies are made. This is a hurricane Otto. Line. And going to we have to admit it here on the show. Now who always right. Much more to come on news talk 97.3 this guy don't go anywhere.