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11/23/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - Dogman, Goatman, and Bigfoot sightings

Nov 23, 2016|

11/23/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Joedy Cook discusses his research and investigations into the many cyptids sightings known as Dogman, and Goatman. Also, his extensive work in the hunt for Bigfoot is explored. Plus, listener calls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This episode of beyond reality radio was recorded nor were 23 2016. I. Current. Chase change anyhow we've got a great show planned tonight we're going to be talking with Jody cook. And Jody is. He's a crypto readers cryptic researchers covering everything from dog man to. Dole man to big foot and I'm excited about this one Jim because I remember seeing him back in 909495. On sightings which was a show I worked on it helped I don't know much of episodes as well. Well one thing this really cool about tonight's discussion will be that we've had a lot of other scripted researchers and phone callers listeners who've called and talking about dog man sightings in gold man sightings in these more fringe cryptic creatures om and we've never gotten any real answers or any real definitions. And I think I'd Joseph he's going to be able to fill in some of those blanks for us you know he's he's obviously spent a lot of time researching bigfoot as well but it's these dog man sightings that. It's me and a few marriage we had a couple callers talking about how menacing now threatened they fail. Vital goal terrified yeah negative feelings are coming off at a big happy Thanksgiving to in on the part of the country that has now fallen into Thursday and that. You know we wish also the rest of you have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow enjoy safe travels there and enjoy the family time. Place I've seen some of the footage of traffic jams and people trying to travel and of course there's just it was insane he had there's heightened security at airports and train stations and all that for good reason. But you know take your time don't get angry you know bitter -- get their safe even if you're a little bit late then you know have initial on the way. Well that's that's the funny and not even funny the weird thing is okay heightened security at airports are ridiculous because it's it's a holiday it's a national holiday. And have you ever sat back and really looked at stupidity becomes like these terrorists. You know they can attack you on holiday but if you attack them on holiday or anything like cable if you do that it's a religious holiday when to attack us on this day. It's just it's of the stupidity that comes. Well there's such a double standard I mean you know we've seen what this particularly crisis is done in the Middle East whose children in Genesee. And and you know and they do this and and yet they still are given the benefit of the doubt in and being forgiven by some people are not nationally forgiven in the in the religious sense but being excused I guess is the better word by some people and and you know we need to understand their grievances about you know what the heck would that if they're barbarians in my book and you know we we don't do anything near that mean just the idea of waterboarding being something as terrible as as it is does seem an approach to things that they do. So I'll have solely because you know what he think waterboarding sped managed to put me in charge are put a missile their assets. I have no problem with the caller today that is told the Hawes doctrine that's at the progress I think he is going to be a new method overly well anyways moving on to welcome. Everybody in the chat room great to see everybody and thank you so much you know this is a busy time of year for a lot of people at home I'm sure that most of you folks have family visiting. And you've got stuff going on you know getting ready for tomorrow. And we really appreciate you staying with us we're gonna be live tomorrow night to. We're gonna try to you know make it a special Thanksgiving. Evening show for you I don't know what that means but we're gonna I don't laugh a lot anyway promise yeah because the only things and keep him keeping us awake at treating all he hit it it it's raised a little bit of energy in some fashion. In the form of laughter but we're happy with that but we have a great show tomorrow night to you know there was some some confusion in the chat room earlier about what night was which guest but tomorrow night's or slender man guest. If we're going to be talking about. This what started out to be somewhat of an urban legend that's really grown in this is not intended to be upon. Some legs and is now there sightings and there's. There's discussion that this more true this thing than just talk. The other is there's oh hole pass story and a lot of information that was talked about which had been forgotten for many many years and then sort of brought back up. But it'll be inching they were going to be talked to wish Eric chest tomorrow she's an assistant professor of entertainment media studies at the University of Georgia. And she's co authored a a book full core horror stories and the slender man so no immunity. No immunity right now we have a whole bunch of taps parent magazine switchers hooded sweatshirts. Marca ask you one way. My address. Who skipped let's give when we had you wanna do this. And when you want it for Thanksgiving he didn't give me enough I know I doubt I don't know yeah you have to come up there oh okay aren't Muslims must think about that for a second I'll come up with a mechanism to give away but we're gonna give one away shortly here so an entry of the phone number race. It's an older that aren't so woody go for storage to well you know one of the things are calm my eyes that it wanted to talk about and this so whenever this happens you can scratch your head but there uses satellite that was launched in 1965. That actually only was in operation for two years and in 1967 it just stopped seems a waste of money he had to stop communicating and just basically. Became on an operative well that satellite. Just came back on line. And there's a whole bunch of theories as to why one of those theories is that in that somehow the solar panels that power it. Got in the right positions of the sun is giving him a little bit of energy that wasn't before. That's possible but you know we keep hearing these weird things we've talked about other stories about these these these. Deep space explorers that would that have seemed to been hacked. On you know stuff going on out there that isn't adding up and down you know it makes you scratch your head saying maybe this something else going on there that we're not paying attention to. Long though when you're talking about the end something got in and changed the binary code yeah I mean that's more than just hoops and it's only just anybody Jewish and all can do it from his mom's basement I mean you need you need power to be able to shoot this signal up there. And and unity definitely think there's there's going to be more to that. And of course that's one century change you change some minor chord changes everything so. And if there's one way to let us know that you you found our satellite boom days ago. Yes we're gonna keep an eye and that but I find that interesting that that this satellite is kind of popped back on I don't know if it's transmitting data again or if there's anything more. Then just as a communication. Stream coming back but Tom when it makes it makes it. Yeah hey you know I was Stan I told you earlier in stock and two that. Celebrity's friend of mine. And I can't get into any names but they are Bryant's this and it's well known on the report. But he was bringing up a bunch of things with government conspiracies and he's just going back and forth. He brought up one and I had heard of this in the past but I always thought that this thing wasn't who that it wasn't real. But it turns out it was he sent me the information for its it was called. Operation north woods. Apparently it's Hurley has no connection to two conspiracy laws but I guess a bunch of information has now has been released on and come to find out it's true. But the government now this is just hasn't recently god knows what they're doing recently. But march. In 1962 big government was planning to stage terrorist attacks on itself. Yes you heard Derek. That's I mean just just hearing those words is is. Scary scene with him military officials suggested staging phony terrorist attack to justify a war with Cuba. Is no joke in the early 1960 the Joint Chiefs of Staff proposed the impossible in American attack on America. The plan suggested fake terrorist attacks on US cities and bases. That goal some blame Cuban drum up support for war. I'm officials called a proposal looks and probably turn my phone. Opportunities in my care aren't they just are wondering. So going back to. Yeah and so the officials called the proposal operation north woods. The original memo suggested that we could even develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area. In the Florida cities and even in Washington. North woods suggested. The US personnel could disguise themselves as Cuban agents. He's in Covert undercover agents could burn in munitions and sink ships in the harbor at Guantanamo day. And when they could blow up US ships and blame Cuba. While this is if it go and not make it's really scary you know there's. There there are people that has had theories. Like that about me more contemporary terrorist attacks in domestic terrorism and when you hear that you think about it they're not they're crazy we hear something. Figure saying. Is is in. Official government documents that it was proposed back in the sixties and they're trying to do and the only reason they didn't. Was because president Kennedy rejected the purples. While I mean they're talking about. It sinking in at one point north which include a plan to sink a boatload of Cubans. In route to four. Anyone talking about cigars now and then now now and they and at that time it was real or simulated either way they didn't care. And so the loss of life was curve we find them. Yeah and suggest an incident in which will demonstrate that a Cuban aircraft. Has attacked and shot down a charter civilian. Airline. So literally talking about shooting one of our planes with people on the air killing our own people to make it look like to keep instead it. Now that will tell you and now when our 2016 we're talking on 1960s. And so now they just perfected this crap. Yep and back in the sixties. I think we had a press that was more willing to actually tell the truth about what was going on in the government and I think. You know as opposed to now I think we can and more took an accomplice press. That's willing to hide and cover up and so only god knows what to do anyway it was now. He evident if anybody LT gets chance lookup operation north woods its operation north woods and it he'll be you be mine blogs I guess a bunch of the information is Al analyses it's public knowledge now structures on a spanking a private. But just to see the what the government was talking about doing to its own people. Just to drum up support for war I mean killing its own people. Does to drop support for for a war in which is just insane and it just draws so many conclusions do things that happened percents. And I wanted to get into those it's just it's it's scary scary world when the government is that powerful that its going to kill you as long as it benefits and sent and some strange fashion moans of forwards its agenda and to either really disposed of our best interest. At heart and they're supposed to work for us well I hadn't yet but if they were for us I really don't want them to kill us so it's. You know. Not scary stuff from the people you trust the most she can't trust. I think this is what we're gonna do us what you were able to take the fifth caller. At 800 or excuse me 446877669. And we'll give away that ten attempts per magazine would wake it. Nice and easy so it's 8446877669. We'll take the fifth caller and I will give weight attached from equity now is that we are happy Thanksgiving and. Kind of happy Thanksgiving thing yeah that's exactly what it is you know doesn't have a happy Thanksgiving in the stack who. Not just a Turkey but it probably via American Indians. So he always I've got a depressed and I know guys wanted to bring up mr. appellate OK okay so on this there's something else that if those pretty interesting the Catholic Church. As just debuted her or or announced an app. That they are. Going to offer an enemy be available now and it's called cinder SI NDR and it's an app for people who need to confess urgently cinder yet SI NDR. That's really close isn't there that that tender where people go on any you can look for people hook up with it I exaggerate I mean sender and tender. How close is that nets. Very very close. This particular wrong thing you end up with a priest yet this. This particular app. Is for people have a burning need to unburdened themselves according to. One Roman Catholic archdiocese they've launched what is thought to be the world's first interactive. GPS can powered confession finder. And basically what it does is it uses GPS technology and it's similar technology to the dating hook up apt Tinder. They acknowledge this. On any guides people from their current location to the closest spot. Where they can confess their sense does this is that cost money because I mean all all. Any time you do you wanna Garrity sentence. Let's move affects our debt and hazard. Return it. It this one I don't see the price here. So many may remain a Republican go right on our phones and find out that this has been no well 99 and you want you know marriage. In mind soldier rosary is. It was officially launched on Tuesday. In Rome and day it was done so amid the fanfare of Scottish bag pipes. And they expect it to be of use of new technology that'll help people who are Catholic and who feel the need to confess. To feel the mercy of god and join the gospel that's what percent and Celso ray when you're done using tender you can use sender and that's not exactly justice heaven next to each other that that is yes harmonica sly guess they're trying to get with the management and the app. It is and Adam arm soreness and the F. So I'm anyway when we get the winner of the but he won't you gotta go on air united again it's so you don't have a choice there he can't be anonymous get a read on here. One more story wanted to bring up before we figure who got the committee tonight. Somewhere in Florida I'm not exactly sure. There was a super bright meteor that hurtled through the sky I think it was last night around 11 o'clock. And it was so startling to people that police departments in the area got hundreds. A phone calls. On of people that were afraid thinking this was an alien invasion. Really I didn't hear about the milk this thing was super bright. And not only was a brave and had a kind of a fireworks affect to it because of the wade entered the Earth's atmosphere. And there were terrified locals who called police department saying they've they think they spotted in alien craft. Landing in Florida news about 11 o'clock it was seen. All the way through Florida from Key West rid of the panhandle. And it was captured on a lot of cameras were there was cellphone cameras police. Dashboard cameras and more in fact one of the meteorologists in the area and TV channel. I said he sought out his window and universe has seen anything like it before it looked as bright as the sun and actually heard rumbling has defeated a way it turns out. This particular meteor was about the size of baseball little ones but the size of a baseball and it caused that kind of a display. All I and even heard about it so. That stated creating huge stream across skylight. Now and it's just sort of in an reminds me of the viewers from all broadcasts of we've talked about. War of the worlds are people sorted panicked thinking there was an alien invasion of took easily in the sky and in India hundreds of people and for the lives and he's. I don't sometimes we seem to just fall back in our knowledge you know aren't let's sum let's go right to the phone lines now we've got I jedi from Kentucky calling in jedi welcome to be on reality radio. It's dead beat. The world than somebody put jedi and my notes here. Hi Debbie Kentucky welcome to sell. They won't welcome to the show so we're in Kentucky column from. Aren't. You know it's a town. We're a little Elizabeth town and now I can understand what they Rhode jedi it's a little bit of its new museum of art no it's okay it's okay. Of polling even listen to the show. Not out there are playing a little bit now on that hopefully you know doing it what you don't tattered like or ever but yeah. Well thank you very much do you listen online or do you listen on radio station nearby. Salute you lump. Colorado well awesome great okay did did Alex are selecting your information. Like your mailing address and stuff. There everybody email address Milledge OK then what they'll probably do that and his email you for your mailing address students and had a hoodie and you can talk size and all that with them in the email all right. All right that's great thanks so much for listening never racing's giving. Yeah and here. Okay Debbie thank you so much. Says jedi on my screen and you know. It's sticky it's excellent so I'm little a little less like well we we cut slick off guard with that flurry of phone lines are still lost some medical center and tender thing I cannot believe it's church would well you know it's you know it's funny you said that and then it turns out they did that intentionally they were trying to make it similar so that it was gonna catchy Vegas I don't know. I don't dives I've never used under minutes are actually cited in my in my way of costly watches Russia shameless. Showtime. And I guess that it's a big finger picked guitar master man used to make. Yep okay so let's see who they think server for calling in we gave way the video already maybe we'll do another one later let's see how how the show goes but I know the phones ringing off the hook there's a thanks so much for participating. Let's see let's take one more look Jay at who we've got coming up and animal take a break and be ready to bring our guest and. Parents of tomorrow night we've got Scheyer chess and assistant professor of French team in media studies at university Georgia. She is the coauthor of a book on folklore horror stories in the splendor him so we're going to be talking earn about. Pretty much horror stories and slander then Monday we've got at least some mold in a graduate of the University of Maryland a world traveler reiki master and a ghost magnet. So what is a ghost madness at some who tracks goes to locker. I would think. Yeah that front filming apart my. But you know magnet for confidence get it at that and then Tuesday we get chasing quit and we talked to Jason a long time ago. So it's good to have him back on on me yeah he talks about out of body experience and there also who he traveled to different dimensions I believe correct. He did in he's also putting his claims amount saying yes and claimed Kelly he claims he's dating he's also. Very close Wii is the person by The Who goes by the name of John teeter. Who is claiming timed it is a time traveler that's right he's from the future and he's living in our time and them I'm not sure I this as slick but I thought we might have might be getting John teeter to join us in this conversation but if not we're definitely going to be talking about that because it's. I mean this guys claim for quite some time that he's from the year I think 2036 or something like that means he's traveled back in time to live in our. Time frame. So slick cassis and many now hope he comes back in time to redeem a new era let's that he had a mini mill now. And he trails for the future to get distilled consider mr. mean it's really get as long as heating Garret a count should still be there in his in box is growing like six trillion spam. And spam emails back. Artistic break when we come back we'll bring our guest in. And we are going to be talking about dog man go man. We've Jody cook. And that's coming up on beyond reality radio JCJ. Hey gang scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Garrett Collins dot com that's Garrick content. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com and. I'll already Hardaway who. Is anybody in the world just got the name of jedi because that's what I would thought it was jedi. Had to act it it was Debbie Debbie for a Kentucky thankless identity is funny you said to speculate all I ask him next time dispel that I did. I do I think. DE. I look at America and I don't know. OK so coming up just two minutes lever guest Jody cook I did wanna give the phone number one to more one more time because as we get into this dog in discussion me wanna call and questions you've had experiences or does it have some sort of information and we know other people an audience that have had these encounters Sosa. They're good yet 844687. 766 I would love to have you once we get into our discussion with Jodie calling in. And share your experiences to and the market warn everybody to be careful and typing and goat man and search engine because there I'd still traumatized and all ever to beat I think the FBI should appear door because of it didn't they did they did on the nose and underage go. Yeah cause of the Jason and GBM beyond reality are you right back. Beyond reality radio Jason hunt JB Johnson again thanks everybody for joining us did you say before I went to break you didn't know it was an underage go. Well you know I've sort of soya that was our that was that I had limited material those legs are short on time so you did average that was very but I he's laughing through the entire outbreak at the phone lines for your guest in for us tonight it's Jody cook charities the founder of scripted seekers. Also an author. And been investigating creek did claims and creatures for very long time Judy welcome to be on reality radio it's so great to have you on the show. Wanna be here. Joseph did you it is great to have you on because I'll be honest I yeah I remember seeing you. Back in 19941995. On sightings. Where yes yeah. It helped out and a bunch of episodes on that show as well. And in also to talk to you now is is an honor because I remember I believe you were able you are George clap the sun and they also a doctor. Henry. And in fact. Germ locked yeah compile some yeah. Yet you know it it will record. I I actually comical clips of that Michael Mike out like so young eyes. Our turn to deuterium and got about understated chooses yeah it is you know. Yet character reback wrote on good days and. What would you know what's important on that is a ghost and if there's a lot of people who just got into the field and then some people who get into the field and instantly go home nursing and apparently showing up on TV. As and these you know experts in the field it's nice to be able to look back twenty something years ago. And sit there and see that you're involved in the field you're you're really involved in the field back then and it just goes to show where you eat your heart truly is that you. You've been doing this for so long. And is that it it's meant that much to you and I think that's important. You know I I guess that I've been doing this like year prior target on sightings and actually you know signing Cain. Came to us you know. About it we did show an immediate whopper and towners. But getting. To implement the topic of the show actually came on and you know it. I really loved ordinary you know my my whole thing is. I. I have been known for 25 years plus I I I spoke realize it or is it lottery issues and things like that you know I've never asked. One time. To be paid. You know tuned to speak in Seoul horror are or anything you know and and to me it is you know it. I felt that makes me an honorable person appear to be a lot of people on the in the field in the believe you know I've I I've met people on the field that. You literally it is you know old debts in it for fame and fortune. You know honestly I mean I'd I'd I'd seen icing after researchers lately go off because someone did recognize to work. I had some nice moves well and yeah and it it you know and it you know and it's it's it's one of these things mean Baum. I mean when you win you're at a certain I guess stature. You know in in the field. You know. You asking. For you know for. You money to do speakers up like a trap or like that Ike. At that kind of different situation. You know but you know I I enjoy what I do on the way I look at it is you know that search news. You know somebody in the field the other dedication and things you know. You'll made it it's more getting information out to people and give you the people. You know the knowledge and you bet that the biggest thing for me the council on why not do it. Boys wanted to give you a big kudos because you'd been out you've been on the field for so long and it goes to show. You are truly out they're just feel like I and I was in the field for a 1520 years before the show goes on ours. So because and we turn now five shows before we did goes honest we didn't wanna via TV wasn't about that but you know. So does show. And where you true your true intent lies and I think that's important and I definitely become goes kudos to you. I appreciate that appreciative. Security tell me how you got in interested in this subject matter and got involved as an investigator or researcher. The price attitude crickets. I did. You up so investigations. I was with a local team called asked what is associates art that knowledge in what we needed. This is back in the eighties when in you know public access TV like the biggest thing and we get a little RI TV show on the first Wednesday. And we are like I mean. No one and feel was doing this and we did this and we have you know guest on the show you could actually call in to the show I am. And while we are doing well is. Getting a lot of big book reports. You know and cricket report you know marked man eleven pro can't expect that in reduce diesel while what you today does the cricket stuff. The team when it was asking who would wanna look into this and see if there's anything to do myself and our percent actually looked into it and that's how we like felons to. When the crypt as been. We strictly did bigfoot for. For. Why do you know quite a few many years and you act at passive. You encrypted. You know investigator in any UFO investigator. Doing both problem. You home and my personal opinion yeah mrs. justice Gerri coached personal opinion I mean I don't speaker's connection between the two. As as far as. You'll pick would be in the alien war. You a prisoner from another planet passes and plopped all peer pandering to act and I just I just think it's coincidence that you know you have sightings act you know a couple of. Curious security have got to interrupt you because in curious about that because it seems to be more and more scripted investigators and researchers are kind of leaning in. And accuracy it's a majority in America receives a lot but more and more more and more of those folks are starting to consider that is a possible theory why you so convinced it's not. What you noted that I I guess Ike I think. They put it flash and like creature RK I don't think he's used an alien because there's there's too much. History or record of film you know being here. RK RB are you could say persist or record you know extra structural be eager to also but you know. Some witnesses say you know they species you hope they put wore out eighty. A cracked well they probably did see that it probably did happen but the way I look at it is. That Il humans are being adopted the animals are being abducted. You know you related things like that why certain date would be abducted also. And he was just being at least. I understand it just from you know my personal view I just don't think he's an alien. You know. Well India and in hearing hearing you say that to be honest with you I'm one of the impressions I was guff from a lot of people sang and now I'm not trying to attack anybody in the field. Oh darn annoyed I was that they were using they were using that in a big foot extraterrestrial are coming to introduce mansion was. They were using that as an explanation on why we haven't found debate for yet. And that aren't that always seem to be the same thing more because they're not really here when you when they're not really hear well what the hell does that to me it. So yes so that's always the way it came off to me is. They're saying well these things the date travel to dimensions are they do best almost is as a waitress and say explain to me why we have some people find. What is the reason why women found. Remained appointment as you know mother nature cleans up after yourself located at we were happy how shall place. You know if if if you're human and animal our eyes to you on the force. You know every single little critters is is taking a piece of the army or cue cards. You know. Pop sums this up a week that people you know so inept your body gets scattered. You know I am he's just don't. As horror. And be forced environment. Well and I and I agree with that totally especially growing up thing is a kitten who originally grew up an upstate New York. We lived a black bear country I can tell you I saw bear all the time but I never saw a dead bear in the woods. Right and in that unit thing I mean. It is there proof I mean. They put up all the late money archaic and I I tell people insult our Ali money Sumpter in this army institute there remains of war. You know they the Smithsonian has so much doubt dictate their you know they get it on our. Apt stopped a cap because are still pick butane and stuff from paper put it into the computer. And they only put out specimens that they don't see how one. Are more than one rather and that they don't if it is cities and some crate somewhere under doubt. So do you think do you majority saying do you think this day in new pre essentially now it's you referring to the federal government it's as if that's if it's the Smithsonian. You they have won and they don't realize they've got it or they've got it and they're keeping it under wraps. Now I think they are expecting what it is is that it probably hammering means a one inches they don't know what it is. You because they don't have a second specimens take care too if they don't have anything else to compared to use so and and like it's that you know they they you know miss Salinas. Huge plate they view maker. You know levels and levels from the crowd of just. You know I specimens and they expect an artist who stroked an art heritage it is normally just wonder what their hair out you know you know. Did it does the government know they put exist yet government knows FBI's 2000 classified documents they. You know but the FBI does go looking for but they have 2000 classified documents. You know. So game and I know this because you know our our room under review information act. In your gut 22. Documents ever. Blacked out you know just nonsense stuff but it states on the people work there and you know others they're 2000 plus classified documents. You know that's not. You can't be at least because mr. consider classic. While like I contacted the FBI because it had it on number of things and where it. Items talked I talked a dot yep I'm in India I was really. You know really good at explaining what they had their like you know listen we don't go looking for market that's not what the FBI does. But he just let me explain to you missed it should. FBI agents are trained highly trained. In Monday writer reports they put. Everything makes report well they could have been doing an on going investigation on government property and exceed one equity report. They could have been doing this. And field. Seated included in the report. And the reason why a lot this cup is classified because either ongoing investigations. Or Turkey in the agent's identity. You know kept secret for their protection. You know or it's a government facility. That is considered classical art. That is why they have. Classified document topic but they're not looking for big. You know so. You Judy we're gonna we're gonna go to break here but before we do have a 101 word answer to this question have you seen a big foot. So when we get back we'll talk a bit more about that it's beyond reality radio would Jason NG BR guest is Jody cook were talking. Crickets bigfoot dog men go men and. Hey gang at JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization. That's right. Dressed in. When you need to subscribe to catch her majesty. Now it's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps apparel magazine has been completely redesigned. And re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the website is caps Karabakh dot com that's tap experiment dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond at check out and save even more on your subscription. It's catchy term acting where every issue is filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV. Weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Error magazine again go to the website tab CarMax dot com. That's caps paramedic dot com use promo code beyond just say I. The reality radio chasing causing Jimmie Johnson welcome everyone. Peter having a great start to your Thanksgiving holiday and we appreciate you starting an off with a us here tonight. Absolutely have received travels and joy of family time tonight we're talking with Jody cook. Well the most active big bigfoot researchers in the state of Ohio it's been investigating for a long pants on 1990 and table and before I went to break Jody heritage heritage Avian askew if you if you actually received a bigfoot you said yes. Well we're nowhere or how many times have you actually seen epic. I only seen one time. It was in Michigan. This is that time when Alice. You know in the army and we're an attorney an exercise in can't growing Michigan's hand there's been a lot of sightings you know. You know they. You walk out on net patient there. And and we're coming back commute back from a range and Adam. There orders deal for us we're. You won via old problem. I QBs. You know what the army had at that time. And we're we're going to have a rarity and I've David that he guesses are about 8:30 evening. It was still July. It was pretty light up there in. We decided goal off road to get to where we needed to go low bit quicker and Adam. We are going down be like the statement stopped and they used they were you know the tree line was pretty well open and we got burger down. To be. Other partner wrote one and get to treat I was getting sick. So we decided you know stop to go back up the hill and get back on rated just take on back down. While were back in new vehicle. Match when Newt and it was I mean just an estimate may be lol. At TP proper vehicle. I'm eat if he would not and do we had never seen them we've never noticed them because he went into the environment. It and like it EU moved seekers like if you're looking straight ahead keep it like on our last movie to war right I was in the passenger's seat. And you know he he kind of moved to calm like it collide as best way I can describe it. He was. Maybe about 77. At the extremely. Much power. A reddish. Reddish brown. Tone. Here now they'd be that fast. It is it is like upper on the contrast he did happening here it up like it shoulders. He'd bitten and on the part of his head and the best we've described the numbers seem like a dog or. A high you hear something with. Main age. Yeah that's what look like. You know I am I don't know people might have been an older. Bigfoot that's probably why. But he can be but it body. I mean it's just I mean. I mean I mean literally I mean. I mean it is I mean just muscled. It in. The eyes were almost like black issue read our no YE what's Webber very human race. Flat news. Massive cue ball. High brow at central crust on. Like that facial features are very human. Long arms long blades. And he just double aren't you lucky enough that we're looking at him and he just mute and you know he just it was electric glide away who's moving. In. You never ever I saw that this story got to a certain point then he'd be you know just looked ahead and use. I as I was looking and from behind. You know. I I mean be it reminded me. Like. You know linebacker you know you have that real. Be wide shoulders and they do doubt like can be India beauty title body and that's what it was like I mean you'd use all the possible. In this in this creature. You know. Didn't make any aggression tortuous battle we remember us Mel. Ernie Banks in. I mean that was shocking it was it was back quick. You know. He would we typical attack on the road and know what's at any thing. In. The old timer on getting back into the common area you know we signal. You know what are we gonna do our report this in this I know Mac reported. You know because. Past few days earlier. It in the army we haven't seen it called lanes and what it is yeah these officers watched me do. Maneuvers in the field and you can integrated on substitute to two captains. Actually were going back to their tent in the AC one either tent and they reported it I remember that they're they got. Lot of crap for deeper in or. Reportedly been what I mean eight at 20 wit and things like that so we decided not to say evenings so. I didn't see any thing for. Oh. A good ten years. You know. I never told anybody. That I had decided that my wrote the book traces of the greatest man. I I talk about it in that book and out like the first time I think Linda mull how big was the very first person I ever oh. Topic it you know my my yeah my society. But I mean that was it it was it was it was real quick I was able to get be a really good visual like you said he was he was back close to us. Well clearly had a lot of detail on your descriptions he must have done a good look now in your years of follow up research and investigating. And hunting I'm sure. Have you seen any convincing photographs or video. Debt that you've been able to walk away from saying yeah this is a 100% legit. It went when it comes could be put in and you know. I hate to say it like I mean you know I am not an expert mayor there are no expert in this field and national security by access personal time Israel. And you know it. It it. It's hard for me to sit earned judge something that's not real that's not a pitcher but what I can say it like a whole lot of pitchers that I see either. They're blurry or are behind. Woods or something like that now I got tickets here video. Actually out one was an actual film and the other what was that video. That I saw back turley believes were legitimate and in this film won his couple. They were. You know in the act at that time you've been hearing mirror. News late sixties. And they work. Driving down a road and they had a I think is likely sixteen millimeter camera. And the husband strive and why it is you know it filming you you didn't just going down the road just deal. Beam you crazy it's. A pure tracks. And he's exactly like the car not starting and stopping all the stuff and you use keepers of the white or. Pointing you can't try to get her husband the look it you know bigoted but there's no sound to it and nurses creature gaining. You know what will you do see the activities like walking down the tracks. It's huge creature DO. And you know an Indy got it on they got in on sixteen million in it's it's black morning buddies but it's beautiful Il it's the best summer ever saint. They would it would release it he wouldn't give it to me her you know they wouldn't do anything. You know but that was like the best thing I mean this thing was bettered Paterson. I'm market. Her or talked you were talking we Judy Cooper talking about crypt digs when we come back from a break we're and it changes topic to dogma and go man river about some of these other creatures. It's beyond reality reading tastes. Welcome back to the show it is beyond reality radio would Jason Hawes and JB Johnson on this Wednesday night Thursday morning as we. Head into Thanksgiving hope everybody's got a great day planned. With friends and family tomorrow by the way tomorrow night we will have a lie issue like should joked. Definitely an instinct topic and assuming a span that. Crazed old Internet quite a few of stories zero for quite awhile now but tonight we're talking we Jody cook and Jody spent investigating big flood dog mango man perennials for forever and that's one thing we wanted to we wanted to start getting into. Gerri before we went to break Jim javy had brought up. And just started starting to talk about these claims that dog man because one thing we have found is a lake we've had people call and we've also talked to people about it. People seem to get this overwhelming. The sense of fear or dread when they when they've experienced this dog man commute can you tell our listeners what then what this dog man is or what it's plea. What what what army is. It's it's it's a canine species that is capable walking on two weeks it's Smart. Quite the same as like any loss. The best way to describe it is it is pretty typical burst out like demand housing style where. And that's still a description a lot of people. Statement Macy's missing Tuesday you know it it's it's where or something like Alley. You know tight you like creature underworld stuff. Yet the underworld stuff you dare bidders different characteristics. You know and the sightings. You know people have. We like you know we have disorganization. Competent or American armed men project. And you know on web site. We have like numerous amounts of our reports. We have documents as pars the newspaper articles sightings and things like actually ever really good web site that we you know that we put up. Just trying to get as much information now about this subject you know like we have a lot of pitchers and stuff that deal for people. That take him this creature things. So basically that that's what it is problem. It it is Patrick Kane in likened. You type creature. In it it it scary I mean you know all the citing reports that we get you know the people or just absolutely care fight we just got really good report. You from two police officers in India. That you see in line. And you know they're citing you know they they knew other officers armed their apartment has seen as saying they've gotten cold. War debate just they'd never seen it in hammered you know. Dottie and figure out what they've got it was you'd just ridiculous and and duke they had beer encounter and actually pull up on it. CNN they described it at first they thought it was large Payer as city and the pact was to be officers. And but Bayern you know they noticed detail. You know the other creatures stuck so they put the spotlight on it the creature that new bait the siren armed creature did to. I am need about twenty feet. Away from it and it finally hit it in the beginning now. You know Cheney now. In name out walking forward in going back now on all wars and went off but they describe it as a typical. Where was something CO movie. But they also use that height of this this creature was. If it was next tutor vehicle. The back wit behind them a polite twirl my car and perhaps way to describe it and in you that's what were give promote you know a lot beside usage just the mount the size of this creature. Well I mean I know there I mean I mood researching a little bit here and there I know some of the initial reports that you can date back to a whole American 1887. Wexler county Michigan. People claim exceeded seven foot tall blue light or amber died. Canine type creature so. Yeah I mean yeah because actually goes back earlier Matt I mean I am. I mean it I mean if you look at you know Greek mythology is it spoken agrees Nazi. You know Egyptian mythology. You know Rome and it apology and biking. I mean it goes back actor burger match you know I look at their youth summit topic that in. You know Europe. You know especially France I mean there are commercial model old. The old old old buildings that are you know. Thousands of years old Mexico stating that this guy you know armies bees where Watson there. Heel on them and so I mean is it a lot this stuff news back you know like Adam. He'll hunt your commute sometimes how's yours is dependent on on you know what to call cheer locate. Here in the United States. You know. You know you'd you'd have newspaper articles going back to about eighteen honors. But further Matt some books BOB they talked about it William beggar girl wrote a book on. And growing up in Ohio. Back in the eighteen forties and he talks about one in his. You know he also talks about it it does books and you know EDT described very you know Barry Zito what the deal with these creatures hour. So Lou you know that there are a lot of good information you know. Now the description of the creatures out or they go back now and in the United States and hold. You know what we are finding now. Is that there there's like pockets in this country were deciding to take place and the north east. The United States from. Kentucky going up to New York going up to Michigan's. Minnesota that she'd be like debate top pockets world side action taken place in the country. Jody once. Judy you kind of addressed that and I'm I'm looking for a little more information. Because you know any time someone reports a crypt deciding whether it's a big foot or some other creature to recover whatever I mean. There's often fear involved but there seems to be a real sense of foreboding in terror that. That accompanies these dog man's side exists or something unique going on there is there an energy that might not. The the same kind of energy that that is a big foot or one of these other cryptic creatures might possess. Well that that thing of it is. If this is apex predator. RK. Did you visited animal. That has an intelligence. Problem solving intelligence when you look at bigfoot they put that common sense. You know back creature he's a docile creature he's not going to go after you would hurt Q. I am a leg issue. Provoke them for. Okay this is a different creature bit screech or come after you first and in dissident you know we would. Give me give you one really good story there was. There was a guy. Going and deuces down in Tennessee. He's going now it has his wife let them yet to pick up truck. He's got you know trailer on the back and some that. It's back into the side trawlers or get out any deal looks at the department with the image as well. In the middle of the road there behind them it is a doorman Spain and there needs describing this thing as you know a couple holes where what's something you find out the movies. You know long arms long lake say they answer Mary human. Hi years he has now and so work but what he also noticed what all was right there went skating right this year. Kate load the and await key describing it felt like you know of the movie Jurassic Park when they are looking after raptor. The ones let him see. But the other ones for common ground to two would you go for the attack. And you know so we we you know you have situations like that this it is this I guess that is apex predator. You know. If you take if you look at Adam. Like the line between the light switches in Kentucky they're at least five stories that came out that pork. A dog meant a creature that actually taking human life I mean I talked to retire Kentucky's state troopers that beer by. That they have been on I'm. Cases down there where human I've been taken by this thing. If we if how did they write that report I mean do they write it up as a dogged a man or notre just unexplained. Unexplained bear attack and and that's how they're they're right and a you know bid their historic and audio PO back in the eighties and and to this retired. To tech ticker for. You know he was actually on. That investigation he told me things that. Do witness who knew her from the officers. Hoping that you know this guy that you know no one else what is known except that your right there in what is or was it these two officers on patrol O'Neal PO DC via mobile home. The door open. You know their blah all over the place securities all like bloody can't grant date campsite was in disarray. They go hand enemy going into the trailer and dateline audio. One in you know potter and the sign. That are completely. Ripped apart. And they were so stressed there should be viewed your little girl so it in the beauty mr. party out their probe little girl they're doing an arm. Investigation on you know be attacked the town canine style tracks. There is a hall. That was bound. Along with air and so forth. In the army and hello girl like it counted a tree. About forty yards away and this is one of the stories that came out you know like these I I knew this are you heard about that in the eighties. Can't stop and you know like exodus this retired. I expected a trooper you know he was just telling me some space that this is this is not the first thing you know he's you know there are this is on only. Dad down here in the LPL. And there's and event a year are very different with the overheard two. Employees actually talk about latest killings and it's like a year ago. Where this guy you went out camping and told his parents she'd be back on you know Sunday night and did show up Monday morning shows up its fans look form. You know coal power Parker's down on this campsite. Is intentional ripped apart by blood line you know you know they do a search party B rom like three days later completely ripped apart a column are away from. Tent. So. Apparently what happened with this investigator. He's he's talking to these two employees and make time. Propelled you know a bit more about what's going on you know the per 1000 things at him when he found out what is that you know. The op topsy. Report was never given to the family. In hand to family members had a Adam had an individual apparently it was a doctor that went. Pico pocket recorder find out what's going on and he came back it will badly need to drop it you know so I mean this is kind of stopped at one on in the LPL. You know is he as of right now other us or are actors know. Actual. Physical evidence that any of these alleged attacks have actually took place other than. You know human testimony. Bought. In this field yet they have you know human cast money doesn't mean it's why. Okay and unity human testimonies on the good enough to put someone in prison or death you know play when it comes to say hey I told you Poconos you know. Bigfoot being aware of whatever you know you're not but I can sit there and say I saw you walk out it can be distort it Robbie that you did do it yeah that's not a witch in jail. Yeah you know so it had been inaccurate thing you know. You know there are people sleeping on death row yo. Who were put there for last circumstantial evidence that there is pretty citizens have big but get coached and you know Cuba closed. You know so it yet but that debt that Muir what you're dealing with and it feels so you know you have to stick these stories. For granted. You know there used some armor very credible stories as some number just really hard to believe. Well now when you were talking about dog and generally you made it sound as if there pac counters. Is is that is that your beliefs. What I've only heard of an all the investigations have been on and reports that we've got. That was their. It was back when and so on the other ones as a pack every society has been one. One creature. Now there was that guy guy is sixty years old he was a Turkey on her. Up at me Akron Ohio area. He's out in the woods he cares that Turkey's awesome Turkey's stop he felt that may be that you may hurt him so he's you know movies to be you know opening in Egypt. Five album. Came out on. Now at no time did he ever say where Walt dog man. Monster anything he always he kept saying was that. The spy talks. Came out on two legs and how can these talks rebuttal walk on two legs. Airing in the surrounded them in but he said only one level showed aggression. You port town the other one is basically like stood there but he described him. Two of the key. You know he said he looked like a German shepherd you know wolf you know. There are holes were cut from Paltrow kind of different they're more like human hands. He was able to see you genitalia on them mis anymore. Your typical dog genitalia. He said you know they're they're just you know. There about 67 feet you know high quantity years now he's you know police kept seemed at peace for all these were all but actors you know. You know he realized that they were called. But account like move him out the area they did attack the attic Gundy optically Buick on what is the point it out. Back but that's the only other story. Other than what was on. Paranormal witnessed the will pack. That's coming up short ever heard. Both of them and the pac. Will almost sounds from what you're saying it lol when they unpacked event they have. Similar to like wolves and so and so for they have this hierarchy. Where is some some are the sums main job is to. To attack here in a lot of times wit with animals like that. Sums job is to flank whatever it is into it a smaller area sold and then the other ones can take that animal down and and the the pack leader in common in and be a part of the meal and so forth so they seem to have there and there are positions set forth. Well you know what's so interesting about this this this this particular case and Akron was that. He said that the one shown aggression was looked smaller and he thought it was a penal because he was able to see the double. You know but he didn't see any type of now genitalia on I'm back. So he pup that was a it's ordered it to you that because normal you know the album is is a male. Not not at Keeneland in most will acts you know but in this particular case it was being now. You know out was the yup I'm now. Of this group. Earnings announcement yes I yeah I I. Strange. So Jodie how common are these sightings in the and the increasing in frequency are they about the same as they always work. And and how often are people reporting them. We're Arcsight were kidding literally. The work from Ford as exciting today. I mean people that's coming in I mean these are just citing among go back ten years some mute some of them go back you know three weeks. But from what worked on captor I mean there there's a lot of a lot more sightings happening. Now. If needed a year ago for two years or three years ago. And you know what we're trying to figure out we don't. Why. Is are summaries so you should be exciting and thanks Andy you have to look at the environment. Actors give an example. I'm and Akron also. There's a metro park up there where. Be they know that there's something at a park. They believe in emitted debt or something and park I've talked to. Now our preacher and actually seen it like it is description a bit I was here in 24 hours of deciding. Game. Yeah we found attraction of this sink in and and what what so what this thing was doing was it was coming out of metro park it was going in to. Economy needs across the street in caps were speedy. You know so it is him firemen. You know because of the home building you know homes and carried on the woods in and you know it is easily humans expanding. You know taken away Aerovironment. Probably got a lot to do with the mouse sightings that you know that's taken place. In the end maybe back to species is actually growing. And population. That's another reason why probably seen him. A lot more he'll be if he you know ten years ago. You know if you if you look at dog can't stop. You know yet once citing an Ohio that took place in 1972. Code defines aren't aware walked. Citing that was out worldwide siding. And you have the Michigan dog man and should be separate room and Wisconsin. In India had you know wanna puke sightings and you know pennsylvanians kidnapped that was it. You know but now it's like it's it's gained two point that you know I am working sightings. And places that we thought we never side. He'll give you a lot of stock Ayman Al you know taxes and we've seen. Senate majority what's the website where people can go and actually seat there and check out these reports. It's a North American dog can't. Can't project dot com. North American dog meant project. Journey we have we have about a minute before we have to take another quick break here but you know. How does it go man figure into all this do is have you done much research on the go man in this this isn't is it to miss identified creature or is it something unique. In my opinion I think it says mr. had a vacation creature I you know again 25 years. I I only heard of ago man. Like two times and Matt exit. And and 25 years I've only heard in the twice. So. You know the first time was ill back in the ninety's when I did an investigation down like he's someone mentioned. Do you think this week ago. And I. Ago Robert Bork you know in game wins mysteries monsters in America. It's showed him on destination America. Part of the show they contacted me say you know may exit you know ridiculous list you encrypted and tells what they are and you know and stuff and you know at. At Utica don't mean. In America artists sound kind of deeper to sanction America but there were you know but they weren't a whole lot of information you know deal out it. You know Erin just recently. There's a really good pitcher. As showed up in the Internet ago man. Of this thing you know walking in the woods. It's kind of hard to say it's real Bobby I did a really good clear. Photograph. Of this creature like to ultimately get an. Either this book is eighty you know. 200000 dollar cost in this someone put together for TV show or nuclear something like that you know I mean this day it was. Is good it's something you'd seen online you know. That Narnia you know ruined whatever whenever whenever that was you know it you know there's mystical creatures they're so I think it was that good. Okay hold on for us right now wolf we're we just take a break when we come back we'll continue our conversation with Joseph because it's beyond reality rehabilitation. 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So you know I think when hopefully we'll play that's on one of the remaining super groups that it hasn't done a reunion tour and then what they did one on you know back in the ninety's I think in a consensus and and welcome back to become a free thought radio would do another show we'll do. Mean that tunis and in some night and a half stroke I apps with comfort talking if Jody cook tonight about. Chris kids and erection in Europe to the phone lines because we've got a caller who's got. A story they want to share this is Christopher from all owns a Christopher welcome to beyond reality radio great to have you on the show. I don't sir great thanks from Joseph. And it solved so Robert Wood driver though struck at around me in woman's about it this time last year. Then I came out of a computer or to all the right or a river that culture up to. Concluded. That well lit. But I turned off I had a couple of McAuliffe who haven't Qatar talking chat each other up and I turned off for chop to it's along the river. And just after about a block headed in the industry. I can see this creature. Like walk into the assuring it was. Brazil right roach right or struck a cheap food they eat. Bob block so ahead of me. And I stopped the car that you guys you don't seem to do Burma are vital in the near liquid collapsed they're like yeah oh yeah. And I don't like what is that they're like I don't know who resist the black creature in the bucket called but he had like a sloping back. And it was really big really really big and it was looking like an adult recycling station. And it stopped in the crew ensuring the road like what is going lower didn't think we can overlooked Oakley is like really well it was pretty creepy. And then it just trotted on down the street if he kept on going this is not the ball is not the normal. At a more or shall we just Warren referred to me. Moving likely mission is just creepy enough that's. Yeah it was like it was the weirdest thing like. Root root like we are you actually include you know it was there was a lot of I'm assuming nobody guys hadn't had you know was built on the economics I had the result like that. Joseph what can I quit your pictures you know I think pictures like it's you who saw its sights. You don't like you do you know me. What's the thing that a lot of people don't understand deciding like that it takes you -- you don't think rationally if your camera you seconds you know you just kind of trying to figured on makes sure wasn't a dude who stumbled over from you know French Quarter. But this is not a human being sure you know after only a satellite which strikes like this possible. We beat site and that and you do it you're resolved to do is about two and a half blocks away from. And so you know going through think and what the possibility he wrote like. It could be reckoned Charlie you know it could be like a giant I think there's some. Power and looked at like YouTube viewer but I need this. And I tell you. It there have been the way they walk is critical votes missed his usual walking it's pretty close and I think that solid they would say that there was a high you know this from the new. So there isn't one I talked to you people are no that we don't have anything. So I mean that's kind of like overcrowded. Except it was definitely not decided I didn't leave that maybe twice the size. Has anybody else. Anywhere in the region and carried that you're aware of reported any similar signings. Like growing up we always have this thing we call a walk or. Like little creature that we talk about I think that there's some serious deficit in Louisiana like that I woke. I kept out you have will install it. Interest and let's thanks for sharing through this Crist for three wood wouldn't Corey. That's Julia are. Quote I I it's an interesting case because. We we needed idea arm new Orleans police officer. You go our report. You owner's site media talking to moment in. This is his body was pretty pretty incredible did the heat going down the road. CDC just large creature in the middle road so he throws on his dash cam. And this creature stance up any. You know he's frightened when he sees even when he sees what seed he described as you know it's where you know. At which he called the group. Which is their purse Chenault. You know dog man and so he. You know city to watch is seen pieces started to come form he throws the accord burst. Dipping came up on his area. And you tried it. You bust a windshield out and it it's on his car and his double time as its can't Ronnie. And usery you'll feel his report out Butte Kern an has been asking him. You know to his apartment. In. The following day he goes back ink you want to get a copy of the dash cam and there are deal. What report. 4040 talked about the plates scoop away. And you know he said this is what he's. Dealing with what is a used apartment because he says other officers are seen in this thing there's other day camps out of this league but they're just you know. They're either destroying the Palestinians ordered as Locke family somewhere and play and you know burger. The best way to do what you described it I mean dirt just destroying. Il official document which is a felony. Yeah yeah to do to stereo it. Well what it was well anyway you with what you're saying it it's strange because I was down Louisiana spent a lot of time and Nolan and and multiple areas down there. And I went on one of those swamp tours on those those fan votes where it went well alligator towards what you wanna call and I remember even talking with a guy it was grant me and one of my camera guys. And the guy said he and we're we're taking this in this little boat over. All through these areas. And and he Stella and we're talking about the end of the alligators and some of the monster snapping never ceased having turtles species they did. And the guys blatantly said he goes well he goes you know yet in the wanting you don't ever wanna do is be. Be sucked out here he goes there there's locals who who know how to live out here he goes but the problem is if the staffers of the gators don't get shipped. Something in the woods who will and I in ice and members handle my soul what do you mean you like what he's like there's a lot of things out there that no none of us talk about. And so are really made to sit back and think well how many of these people really know of these things put pages for whatever reason. Don't don't bring them up they don't talk about it they they try to keep it private in mission wonder why though. Yeah I mean it that that's a bank you know Buick with a lot excited it's like. You know that there's definitely dirty little secret typing. You know week we have here Ohio we have a town called Germantown and you know Victor. They have this thing called the town where. And it you know this is what this creature it is and prior to actively used recall but street monster. And I mean this thing is. You know taken like rocket hit it killed Cal's. Small animals and talks this upcoming week we got pitcher remains of Cal's. From witnessing is killed and large ball. You know we we got grants. I mean really. Beautiful print. Items of this creature. And I mean it look like appear. It and honestly guys does this work those and we we had the arc I'd look at it but cast and I have the cast next to if you want it to come black bearcats. And it to work. That cast. The end the Denard accident and the RT department natural resources. Sandy you know it you know that this was there you're looking at. Something inside that currently about eight pounds. And something like dat is just not gonna. Keep quiet you know people and Marcus you know dirt are gonna see something that big and Leo how does that happen predators. That's been up to take account. I mean we have blacker. You know but most of the blocker is long been estrogen border tours counties they're item. But there's just nothing in the state here you know to take account and we found two homes or into account Mets liquor and happy the like it now appears we got pictures of very large gulps. And you know we have all these tracks and him right in the middle where. All these societies have taken place the Jackson township. Police department just built this facility. Right and bill but it's. Literally right in the middle of the woods you know in that there's absolutely no reason for these police officers to happen facility right in the sightings were taken place but you know it in but the EU would you sit here are the people of Germantown. You know they you know tomorrow won't talk to you as a mom won't like you stated it becomes these small communities communities rather it's you know it's like if Sammy dirty little streaky. Nobody talks about it. And you know it's it's it's kept. Yet Joseph journey we it was just a couple minutes left with few and I have two quick questions one is. Did you see. Welcome him back up the caller that that we just had on the and they are talking about his citing any Q you mentioned this claim nation type of movement did that mean anything to you does that strike any courts. Yeah I've heard that before I've hurt I've hurt it. Now that's unusual. Now it it it's it's not and can you know when we we talked about I mean yeah I I. That description you know we've heard a lot yeah you know what when it comes when it comes to this creature. Are my second question is I think we talked about it last ninety and the on this program there was a Russian and video of a couple guys I think riding in a car along the snowy road and a creature runs across. The road they claim it was a yeah Eddie did you see that video by any chance. Yeah actually I I I I sort. I got I was pretty you know. Pretty credible DO video. But don't eat on the issue I kind of had with it was may be listed distance as a kind of through me off but it but it looked awfully small. You know. It is it even when it goes across to route its stumbles righted in middle bit and then it moves off but there again you know. You know you're you're dealing with a video that you you know that's coming out you know this Soviet media don't want him back Libyan someone's back yard. You know and thing but everybody is does stands in order to. Yeah it yet that that's a net that's American kind of bothers me you know how many people actually strike down a group with cameras. William and in Russia and Russia it's a it's a very common thing. Most of you yeah hey if you ask him. Yes and desk yeah they have a little procreate you know like programs you know type things in there but you know I. I thought it was kind of interesting because it is it was wiped him you know in it images you know. It was interesting you know. I I've done it again. Who was in the studio. Jody were being spent time working people get more information about your books in Europe and the groups you know the North American dodman project and scripted seekers. You could just because of the magazine that we put out they you can go on bowler dot com you can find it on mayor. North American Dartmouth project dot com that's our web site eking. You fill a report out there look at is some information we got this type mining men under and Amazon and books and my book you'd go out there. Listen on. Tribute we thank you so much for joining us is fascinating great conversation thanks for coming on directory appreciate it guys thank you. Right Joseph and I Jody cook we're gonna take a break your phone calls when we come back the telephone numbers 844687. 7669. It's beyond me. Hey gang scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Garrett Collins dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com and. Yeah we need to. King Jonas early Thanksgiving morning. So we just I got done talking with Jody cook. Yeah definitely some interesting stuff I get to be honest with you which you know the stood their claims of dog ran high and I've heard in the past literally thought much of them. And at one where another hurdle bunch people say that if gave often negative impression whatever. He. Sort of brings like a terrifying aspect to it. These things are hunting impacts there he Terry people apart tailing him into trees and these are things I hadn't heard and if he's if he's truly. Correct with that these police officers and and others are are hiding. This proof they've had these creatures it makes you wonder why. Yeah well I mean you know you have to. That's quiet when he brought up does these please reports I asked the question of what they classifying them as in the saying bear attacks. Or there saying you know I would think it would just get him a search party going with a bunch or RE five people are being mauled and killed by these things. You think that a bunch of especially down you know lose Louisiana or places like that in. These people they know how to defend themselves and you know said they would hadn't that he swamps or are these woods and try to try to find these things. Yeah I mean it's it's it's puzzling that there isn't more discussion about and more awareness for T even if it is bear attacked and whatever I mean if you've got people being mauled them in and killed from vicious animal attacks whatever it is assumes that there'd be more. Talk about it or sits. Wish in lake he was saying where. These things came now at this guy realized he had a gun so they didn't attack right because just affect click OK I've I've been in the woods in New Hampshire and and op I carry a side arm when I'm in the was or rifle depending on weren't going and I've been analysts and the UC bear naral. Now RE EC is small they receive big or whatever but you tend to the U got a gun so you think Terry Wellesley draw that its first thing you do. And sometimes you'll fire warning shot in the air just get these things to really take off. But so you think somebody with a gun would possibly hit shoot. One of these things stood to make a point if they've circled. Or at least. It's it's tough it really is well. And I knew I was a little unsure about some whether he felt whether Jody felt that in the reports he was getting a dog in settings had the same kind of menacing for voting that we have heard from the people that have called. Saying may. Has to experience this phenomena particular one the one late in remember her name who called in I think from the Buffalo, New York area. Who said its sponsor to this day she's afraid to who'll walk outside because of how. Evil this thing appeared to her in the field when she god and I didn't get the sense that he had the same. Types of reports going to him they were they were frightening but they weren't didn't have the quite the same effect. But also in the same and almost that their claims a woman who called in from buffalo and also when you're when you're sitting there talking to Jody. Did they almost sound different with him with their looks. A if you think about it and you know laid the elitist argument this could include animal and the way it was standing and let's face normal and share feature for the face Kennelly course like. And course like something like that there was there was some differences in the way she described reverses what we've come you know as Joseph he's referring to things like you'd see you watching underworld movie underworld him and he's like in tight Christian moral more what are wolf then. The dogma Megan's. PM. It's pretty interesting stuff and Jodi was a great spokesman for his is science does he's been doing a long time. He seen a lot of stuff while I'm looking at his website its North American dog man project which is long game. North American dog man project dot com and you can pull a recent sightings and and locations and how active they aren't. Lot of neat things that lets the phones we've got mad and they're calling in mad cow well. And a program on beyond really agreed to. Yeah. Actually the dog. The dog near the OK yeah I'm glad the I got the phone number I didn't know you can dilute those laws. Yeah it was kind of popped. You know as Ronald whale they don't characters and you know country William market territory back in yards and keep you the dog yeah. I got to keep go analyze that yet let me ask you this dug many do you prefer Purina dog show now or is the chocolate instance that are in your in your estimation. OR are order it online. There you go we'll part of Connecticut Ian. Go heard quoted port legal violent death and one meter barks oh well. There you go what do you would you what do you think you know their people think this either the government doesn't exist or is just miss identified what do you think. Recently for. Com. Well I definitely says that. It's one well I mean. I'm not sure about all inner dimensional stuff. I'm more in Q I can't wait for the plundered and tomorrow. Yeah route we're looking forward as well but you know in our Illinois when I go to its North American dog man project dot com site number looking. Hey you know this whole area for Alabama and Arkansas. All the way up through Rhode Island and Connecticut Rhode Island Massachusetts Vermont and New Hampshire. Senator supposedly dog man hotspots. So there yet Connecticut and Rhode Island really not that big and a kinetic he has definitely bigger Basra when 47 miles by thirty miles. But and we just think in Rhode Island we would have seen one by now line. He's especially with size of the state. Yeah it's not all the go pro Cameron astrology. On. It's silly people flying drones everywhere I plan might you have got nine there's 2008 as the woods behind my house. And I slamming her own doing at all time catch everything from. Dear dear dead turkeys coyotes unique and and again we catch one. We offered me. Over the. Did. Hey I'm Matt thanks for calling in mr. dug me and we appreciate you chatting everybody's given yet have a great Thanksgiving Matt thanks so much for the call we're about ready to go but let's just. Take a look at who we've got coming up on the program as Matt mentioned tomorrow night we're going to be talking a slender man. You know Sharon chess. Assistant professor of which came in media studies at the University of Georgia. She's a coauthored a book on folklore horse stories in the slander me. So and then well Monday we're going to be talking with Lisa Malden. A graduate University of Maryland now old Trout yeah yeah I was gonna say leases somebody that we actually tried to get around election time because she does. Talks about presidential ghosts. Our yes sir. Went over a white house on teams in and ghosts stories related to the presidents is also reiki master which been interesting topic and you can he do reiki on the radio I don't know if that's plus other support close you get your hands close and to somebody and and a ghost magnets so and then Tuesday we've got a jet Jason quit. And spent a lot of time on bodies and also bullies that he's able to. In two dimensional travel rates and that's right in dimensional travel when Andy's. Got a time. Traveler connection with. John teeter and talk about that as well and so and then Wednesday we've got LA. Mars and Lee. In and author lecturer in filmmaker. Working on numerous projects and an affluent trilogy new and yes or can be re great week. Our annual pay a deadly big shout out again to Jody cook and I wanna say. Hello and thanks everybody who tuned in tonight on lion error on the on the radio stations in please have a seat if in enjoyable Thanksgiving and just to enjoy the time as you can we had a great show tomorrow night's to make she too and it's going to be life and will be here. Piracy elicited Jason NG VP on reality radio catching all the maronite. It's. Just a sticking yeah. Johnson and her colleague and I don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page was a lie and say hello it's beyond reality read you all one word if you've got information you want us to follow upon where you like to be guests on beyond reality radio. You can email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.