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12/05/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - the case for UFOs

Dec 6, 2016|

12/05/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Stanton Friedman discusses his life-long work in nuclear physics and the quest for flying saucers. Stan offers evidence and logic to support what many have claimed for years - alien spacecraft have been visiting Earth for years.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This episode of beyond reality radio was recorded December 5 2016. I. It's only nineteen honoring LD radio kicks off another week of great broadcasting and we've got a great one wanted to for and I checked yet tonight is going to be just an awesome show on underweight for this for a long time honestly we're going to be talking with Stan Friedman. And if you've ever seen Sheldon balls have anything to do in Europe foes are aliens. You've probably seen stand he's he's been on ease all over the place he he's in his eighties and on Jim but the guys phenomenal he's. He's actually spoken affront congress. About different things and how he believes that this planet has been visited but it's he's not just a normal and normal investigator when it comes down this. I know he was one of the first people to actually check out Roswell. First part you know public person getting used for civilian to do again exactly but he's you know his. It's just his history of education is incredible he would use nuclear physicist and Lewis goes on and on. But he's been investigating. The UFOs and aliens it's like 1958. So he Andy's amazing honestly I've seen talk a few different times and any Tammy seasoning shall on the TV I'm always recording those episodes because I I'd love to hear him talk about. He's one of the guys that even the mainstream media will go to win they have questions about your foes are. Incidents they bring the money was on Larry King couple times other TV you know mainstream television shows. He's a guy in we're going to be talking your foes like we've never talked UFO's before on this program. While so accurate on a song with the SF so nobody had a great weekend. Everybody's fired up and chat room. You know I'll die alliger we can never at all. I had a pretty good weekend it'll traveling so you know that was good I got home safe and sound that's even better a little bit of snow on the ground that's not so great but you know winners here. We only had about an inch terror and violence so it worked it wasn't bad at all what you guys give up their disgusting and I'm sitting here tonight is that there's there's just few weeks agree guest Alex Teradata chips yes that's right now we have actually it was like sixty for a Sarah battle yet and that was all all melted away and then we get this little bit and you know it's when it's December we're getting used to the stuff men I mean the Christmas seasons here Christians only few weeks away. Continue on so fast it really hasn't I think that that feeling goes Thanksgiving yesterday as we know the funny thing I was walking in down. To the main businesses can district Cooperstown here the Dana walk by church and handle Manger set up album on a much except when you're this time you're moment when him and it's that time here I mean no 120 days it's crazy there so he. Days and nights it's amazing so yen dead big shot out everybody else they're listening to be on reality radio for tuning in tonight again like we're saying we have Stanton Friedman. Joining us tonight I'm again if you've ever watched initial UFO's or aliens you've probably seen and seen mr. Friedman. But tomorrow we're going to be talking with. Rodney and Clough. Now he's the author of the world's top secret our earth is hollow. And this is a really interesting subject in the gym you and I have talked numerous times about this because there are reports of government officials when they're digging two create underground facilities for the US government that come across he's open caverns and and some actually reports the you've seen other. Human type species underground that they've run into them. So the sum he believes that there's a lot of evidence to back up. What what he's talking about fact of the scientific evidence including satellite photos. And polar holes at analysis of observations of polar explorers. And Lewis goes on and so I'm I'm excited about Tottenham. Well there are several topics that you and I get to get talking about all affair and one of them is this is how lower series stuff we talk about that a lot so we tell you we've touched on it with some other guests as well. But Rodney Clough is going to a dive. Right into it and we're gonna get a lot of information stuff women had a chance chat about it on the program and it's always something that's that's intrigued me and it's not one of those things that so far fetched. Because there's all these talks about. Different civilizations going underground and he's underground cities that have been found that you can you know housed 3040000. People so. It's its interest so be talking about that than wins and Wednesday night we have Marc sergeant coming on he's the author. Of the or the creator guests of the flat earth clues series on YouTube so be talking about that and then series and we're gonna have a best of program did you not be traveling back. Yet that city interred here disarm regiment is in and Daren. Who you who you coup yet some like it Derrek Lee but how is like 40000 people they had underground. Stores houses places for animals. It was insane but it could house thirty to 40000. People underground and it just amazing and they did you know was there a guy was renovating his house into these single don't up yeah he'd move a wall. And realize that they're stairs that led down. To this this place it's been unbelievable. To say anything it just shows you how incredible there so many incredible things in the world that we have yet to discover and that's one of the great things about doing this programs we get to talk about those things as soul so I don't know we talk about a lot of different things but I've brought up. You know it's funny I've always talked about this top Pacman and it really has he had never been able to find much online about it. For for many years until it I brought it up on the show a few years back. And somebody just jittery listen had a report listed where eyewitness report written and he claims I remember the data terrifying ghost of the event. Hat man came to this. Chinese claims. Visits from this is serious hat man. Most of the time they've they've really shown up out of the blue but in this gentleman claims. At thirteen I gotten a huge fight of my parents or something stupid and having to do with how we. In there are few so let me go trick or treating I send my room and him fuming and furious during a ball ceiling catching him. Sure enough it came down once and I didn't catch it. He rolled towards a corner in my room when it flipped over there was what he calls them bat men standing in the corner of the room. Mostly he was facing the wall that you can I claims he shot shut up and backwards and put the man disappear. So years later Walter talking to a front on the phone he claims he Som again this time outside his window. So but yeah he do he wrote this whole report on many sightings are becoming more and more prone and more more common but a lot of people are claimed to have seen this individual and then when they were children. And the only time adults seemed to him CM is if something bad it's going to happen to that adult like for whatever reason they're going to be attacked door or hurt for one person someone got Burton got no reason I don't know. But and me it's mainly kids that are saying this but just another report when you came out. You've been you've been kind of keeping tabs on these reports and and study I have seen this for a long time. I find it very curious there's so many similarities between sleep paralysis. Experiences. Slender man experiences. And these topic man experience is very similar. The thing about the top ten man Oleg this one thing this gentleman was saying in a story was that he saw outside his window now. That's not a common top sorry here and they don't atop an they don't that's not commentary it'll tell you window and see him outside. Almost every report I can tell you. Has been in an area of the house doesn't always have to be the bedroom but. An area of the house or building where they CM and it always seems to be like a corner area and that's has no late net. And for whatever reason he's in that darkness and he'll step out occasionally in annual cius is Sanofi Bakken. That's always where they're seen so I don't know if he can really connect this hadn't seen him outside to the same same piece on the corner bar. But I Obama and so musher but I have and must report to me you've seen some models they don't Jim need to look like novels the ways how how thick there. And that's reports from all over the world from so many different people from different countries and and it's amazing has to be something to. And the only other thing today that they've won a reference and time into this discussion and I'm not really sure has any any direct connection or not but I thought it was interest and we had. Our guest on I think was last week. And we were talking about she sees the celestial hats on people do remember that conversation how I could include America readers you can ask you at. But ahead did you have on you can't beat him. Power as director you directors general silent films are during Europe is. All three musketeers who what's the three minutes Europe with a big clue I'm not psychotherapist. I mean she he she hit that one of policy she was dead arm men okay that was a good it was a good moment to be our history right there. Or that they'll never tell the volcano. Well no and I don't know that we you know we should find that record that audio because we'd never be able to duplicate that a lot of people in the show probably haven't. I haven't heard bearish fund that's what I'm saying to begin our Jim had had a lot of dreams of mobile Kim's when he was younger hand. I'm sure yeah. Anybody while he's feeling good over it we had a a dream. Interpreter on the program that now look I die as she looked like I she's solid she is lost him what to tell you well she Q she made it pretty clear and put dreaming about volcanoes as an adolescence means that at. It was a little bear sing at the time because I had no idea and what it was an embarrassing at all for math for you know you just laughed a lot. That's funny about our town's front there was when it. There was just such a shot we'll have to find the recording of that though because I don't think you replicated can't really do this story just as who played some night just for giggles or it. Now I've soul and I've immigrant. There telephone numbers 8446877669. If you like to call will be part of our program on whether you wanna do it now or leader I will also me ask you to go by the FaceBook page. If that like it's just beyond reality radio on FaceBook. And you what you do and some some of the instrument and you'd asked me for the address of the day we we we get more money. Of those snaps that post match yet that's an ice in my daughter from my losses Tories on March and she cash every sign up for snapped chat now. Literally I've never use of force I don't know the first thing about it's you don't hit it even I really I am lost using the site so she sits beside me and how we do like one picture on how. Whatever avenues of cents. And then the other day Torre this Atari was in her play so we won out them. We're leaving and as relieving a couple of kids stop me though like Ohio and Foley was snapped Czech Republic. I did I OK but I don't I don't know that they'll they'll OK you posted that one picture. Yeah you'll never senior posts of other pitcher I have no idea how to get and use this site and soon I was so lost was snapped shed its I'm the same way open up the app and look at and Michael you know my explicit do I cannot figure this thing we -- as a costly scared him and hit something console like lie is achingly just go live to be sitting there saying something stupid like from how you were right or whatever it and just one of those things that's a legitimate fear because some things like that. At least I think they have. So it's that's one of those things where it wouldn't Jimmie and I started when they show they're one of the stations that were carrying us actually. Had a week now we it was like 11 o'clock at night we are trying to get ready we're testing audio but one of the stations actually have us live from Lagos there was station that was. And had a good idea in in major cities and something called a military. These days and you guys know your on air what it would be talking about now you're on air we've heard you for the last thirty minutes and we're just grew from around there's an election images and did we say anything that. We probably could've gotten a lot of trouble for her. That's what he's probably dead but we know it. Did we dig did get away with a let's see well I I wanted to bring up this one streak is we often talk about. Medical advances in we've talked about artificial organs being developed and and some pretty cool things in science and medical science and it seems is that we're getting very very close to being able to. Manufacture artificial blood for humans. Artificial blood really yeah. It's artificial blood stored as a powder could one day revolutionize. Emergency medicine provide trauma victims with a better chance of survival retook researchers have created an artificial red blood cell that effectively picks up oxygen in the months. And delivers it to tissues throughout the body. Artificial blood can be freeze dried making it easier. For a medics particularly in combat situation and paramedics to keep on hand for emergencies according to a senior researcher. Doctor Alan. He is a critical care specialists at Washington university school of medicine in Saint Louis he said it's a dried powder that looks like paprika. It can be stored in an ID plastic bag that the medic would carry. Either in the ambulance or in a backpack. For a two year Mormon they need to use it they spike the bag with sterile water mix it and it's ready to reject rate than in there. That's amazing and really years. While yeah I mean in idea obviously you know you hear the pleas all year round particularly around the holiday season the Red Cross is looking for blood donors because there's always a shortage of blood and doesn't meant yeah and if if they can actually. Produce and use an artificial blood at least you know for for temporary emergency situations. And that's gonna change things quicker. Even if he can give you you know couple days or half a day or two it's four transport right don't access the biggest factor the loss of blood that quickly. And you bleed well so that's just opens up all these new avenues to and to help an NC people in and will give you more time to be able to do it. And it would also testing I think I saw that military. And for open loans have pain they squeeze in and it works sort of late Lloyd closes right up it's so. Much in the exact name on it and tough. And about the I think I just saw on TV that's the fixes a light bulbs boom boom. Very similar could happen to her don't you Vizio are very busy I did see that but now believe that it's useless now we needed that 1015 years now and now won a ball goes up things still work and now I know those of funny I'm like I'm watching them for so I was amazed in my college does is guided short out the the things to have bypasses the one. You know might receptacle whatever is an open nobody else has seen at such acknowledge this. This is an actual two day if somebody gets gets shot or were stabbed or anything like that they injected in and it knew it treats a sealant. So line and it stops stops the bleeding come in front of the body chemistry is still dealing with internal bleeding but. Notes and it keeps stuff no matter what you think is the most important. Yeah absolutely I have one more thing I wanted to chat about two. 'cause we talk about this all the times well the Vatican has it continues to report this this is the story from December 1 fruits or just couple days ago. A surgeon axis isms worldwide the Catholic Church has reported a meteoric. Meteoric uptick in the number of demonic possessions it's priests are encountering. To tackle the surge that are current and is offering what they call a weeklong course. And how to perform X systems X pounding on the nature of angels and demons according to a news report. The course has attracted over a thousand students who claims to educate them on the difference between genuine demonic possession. And psychological disorders. And they say that the symptoms of possession according to the guidelines of the course include speaking in languages the person was never. Previously familiar with moving objects with a mind in dramatic mood shifts that cannot be attributed to psychological causes. So. Businesses legitimate and the Vatican is now offering a crash course for people who want to my involvement axis is into August. They want Diego writes but also yet to wonder. It just makes you wonders mortgaged to give people ample back into the church and evolved or is this really going on. Now I think it's probably that multiple. I think it's probably got multiple. You know I mean. That the nothing gets a churn out assured us that it can't help but. Want to talk about this because it will bring people to them I mean it just brings you know it'll bring younger crowd of individuals sentiment and it will because you you're always gonna get those people who think oh my gosh look there. They are doing battle against this in the demonic forces there battling demons and goals and and it's going to really get a bunch of younger people thinking all we check the solidly get involved and CC if and you'll help. And which is great and then in that fact by. Is that is that is there truth behind and if that's the tough part. Well I know I mean just anecdotally you and I get more and more. Guests who are talking about an axis isms we see more and more and pop culture whether it's cheesy more more people charging for a terrorist certify you as an actress and exactly that's exactly it's so I think there's something going on out there whether it's legitimate. Or misinterpret. Misinterpreted conditions is psychological or otherwise that are being kind of taken advantage of for whatever purpose. You know certainly being talked about a lot more. Well yeah but there are supposedly when it comes down to the martek that's teased it still the same number that there's always been great so Sallie Mae became more. Prevalent then there was alligators moral by the getting through better life and I know there's also more people on the planet but then again you never really see people who. Aren't religious or aren't overly religious getting possessed so it's such a rarity to have to find somebody who. Is claiming to be possessed or is actually possessed who has no ties to religion in the first place. So effective and which again opens up a can a can of worms because. Religion has lost more followers and has gained over the last you know 2030 years you know. So more people have walked away from. Then who have really joined in to resell them. You know it's it's just it's it's tough because I I I try to look at it with that with all the patent and piece it together which really wouldn't make sense that more people are being assessed. All right so once again coming up on tonight's program we have a fantastic guest and it's really going to be an honor to chat with them stand Friedman he is probably. The preeminent expert on UFO's and Italy in the search for alien life if it's visited if it hasn't he's the first civilian. Investigator of the Roswell crash scene and he wrote a book about it. An and we're to talk about that and so much more and I'd be number I'm really excited to have stand on tonight. Let's stand has such an extensive background nuclear physicist lecture he received his. And bachelor's and master's from the university Chicago in 195556. Is employed fourteen years is a nuclear physicist by eight and GE G and Westinghouse TRW. A systems Errol jet general and a new climax. And the list just goes on and on him but he's one of the only people really out there UFO experts to to talk in front of congress. The house congress and and tell them all about different different things when it comes down to UFO's and and how he believes that. These things are visiting and that. Very of their ships or visiting your not so much to bear resident but that their ships visiting here. They're crafty he coauthored the book crashing Kroner that's the definitive study of the Roswell incident also. Wrote top secret magic which is a controversial book about the majestic twelve group which was established in 1947 to deal with alien technology. That book was published in 1996 and has been through six innings. And others in new expanded edition published in 2005. He was that you presented with the lifetime UFO achievement award in Leeds England in nineteen Eric sees me 2002 by UFO magazine of the UK he's done so much more. And done this going to be a great conversation and I'm sure to be willing to take some your phone calls it 8446877669. And then tomorrow's. Topic also no slouch there it's going to be a great show to. You threw an ornament it was the red Rodney quell the he's the author of the world's top secret our earth is hollow. And he firmly believes are at this hollow but he claims it's backed up scientific evidence so that would be uninteresting topic in a lot given to. Yeah and one more thing to remind everybody of a we've been talking to for some talking about it for sometime but we're in the process of adding a whole bunch radio stations to our affiliate list. And it's supposed to be starting to come online in January and really really excited about it in you if you're an area that there's a talk radio station and you think that they need to be aware of the program being available we should contact them let him know that beyond reality radio is adding affiliates and this is an us. All my own word we're talking a hundred or more red channels being listed being connected and stern area beyond reality radio so. We look forward that we look forward showing up in your area. Our rates you'll see Jason and javy we're gonna take a break when we come backs are against him freed her back. 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Absolutely big online community everybody hangs out and yes the show's great and all the stations sell their but really it's attractive when you when you head into the when you had to be on reality radio dot com and and disclosed a listen libel and. Sorely honored to bring our guests tonight in our guest is Stan Friedman he's in nuclear physicist and author. Stand began and became interested in UFOs in 1958 and since 1967 has lectured about them at more than 600 colleges. A hundred professional groups in fifty states ten Canadian provinces and eighteen other countries in addition to various nuclear consulting efforts to. He's published more than ninety UFO papers and appeared on hundreds of radio. And television programs and now we can add beyond reality related to that list but he's been on Larry King. In 2007 and a couple times in 2008 and many many documentaries. He is to resonate is long his accomplishments are. Varied and wide and stand welcome so much to beyond reality radio it's great to have you on the program. Well I'm glad to be here despite the terrible. This sorry about that at the bulls is they do so. Pretty cut so that's what. We're used that would let's ignore it at least most. Ivan Frederick programs great Nancy assembly during miles east to beautiful downtown whole plane there in the Atlantic. Where our own time. Well. Well thanks so much for coming on it's I've always been a big Feeney your work can it's an honor to to have you on the show and be talking. I. Sister and I got here yet we've got so much to talk about with you tonight but it really wanted to kind of start with the nuts and bolts question here I eight. Introduced you as a developing an interest in UFOs and about 1950 but it's a little bit more of your background. They end up and some of the things you've done over the course of the years. Well tiger rep Linden new Jersey City which was my fault. That. This they wanna my listeners are too. Oh really. I spent two years at the university in new Brunswick new career victory at the universe -- Chicago. Worked my way through as a young waiter at a good restaurant in Chicago. Good training camp learned about food sourcing before it like lobster Ers. And I. Expected much work crews and company. Thirty years so it's out get a job leopard cub tree EE like retire out of these Sodom and her nuclear ambitions and several of them. That's like an ago. Well I was I. Spent three years at General Electric aircraft nuclear. Power in each. The air that it propulsion program sponsored by the atomic energy in the air force. Believe it's not 1958. And 100. Dollars. Or 3500. People 11100 engineers to. It program. Exciting worked great way to get status and they canceled blog got out before they canceled the program a year but. And I went to work in California. Worked on the military compact. Graham. Canceled and it has worked on a steady infusion proposal for crow. And I did a study. When an effort. Analysis and evaluation of fast and in to be re at. One word was left out. Soviet. We were trying to figure out night I was very pleased that I predicted that they'd be. Putting nuclear power plants in space. As it turns out they motive 33 of them and at this stage is only operated. Shall light my prediction was right time. That. A man where man fell through I went to work for General Motors and Indianapolis. From. Compact reactor program. It was exciting until last on was canceled. And then I went to work there for Westinghouse astronaut here and Pittsburgh. And that oil and at least we built and nuclear rocket engine successfully. Tested. It was some nice to work on some movement you know he could. Pestilence. To get results from savages write about think about. A course program it can't probably had a very successful tests and other programs cancel. And then I thought I was gonna have a greatest job could actually at McDonald Douglas has economics. Point of on. Account was supposed to figure out how things should work well. Now who could ask for anything more that they had some planning through the manned orbiting laboratory Pro Bowl. It was kind of competition with. Anyway I was across the country detect my exciting new job but I heard on the radio that double program. Oh so. Well but you bring up something really actually Mary your job was going to be to find out how flying saucers and work is so yeah is that sang pretty much that all they knew that there were flying saucers and. Well a person ever gonna work core of doctor Robert M bloated certainly was convinced that some view opposed to craft dia. It's. There is overwhelming evidence yet look. And we had a small group and Republican. Ideal is that. It's. Comes from doing things differently. Eight nuclear. Arm. Propulsion system would be very exciting. And one that use plasma physics stuff. And it was encrypting one thing that was able to do bake it for three months. I mean it's like a walk in the door with your offer later and they gals who is that you're really just laid off 5000 people again kind. Of expect that the country months but 110. It was eighty. Assert candidate literature search on using one McCain he worked make eagle here or am. 'cause I had to come loses in that might be. Order. And I was astonished. And this is only government documents wasn't the whole world. And took public. And I got 900. Reference. And they ought to somebody's we're doing a lot of work at about 1970. And. 90% of them work on some. So she was legal and and and if you if you have been lionized here. As much called on the craft an atmosphere could be in Iraq electric and magnetic. You can control live pretty heating sonic and production radar other nice thing. But. You know I still haven't seen that vehicle work at it maybe. A Toronto dressed like an agency but. Well it in the 1970 though you left you left that field completely indebted to get. I got a family to support and I went I'd get a person lecture 1960 servant. In somebody's living. And it wasn't by design recently we have a little group in Pittsburgh co op O research institute. And I decided it wanted to go public site called frank Edwards had a successful books structures serious business. He was a journalist and Indianapolis. Inning knew everybody. And I finally it had read his book. In the applicants and decided it wanted to go public. So I called Franken said hey frank you know everybody. And I get started on public about. Shark to news here. And I agree that gave me some names one of them as a producer of ratio would be exciting name con. EDK a cheaper these sanctions. And I called the producer. And I've figured that being I think I was nuclear physicist. Can be contrary. Don't call us locally. So. Less than a month later they called me. At 630. Could I need to supplement park herald please. Somebody could cancel at the last minute I've always wondered how many probably called for the guts but he would say yeah out. I didn't live very far from stations like could be at 7 o'clock mayor corporate radio or ex officers. And I didn't do a bit. Eat better at handling the nasty uterus stuff but by the luck of the draw somebody at work at western. A woman technician. Kurt. And her book review club was reading a book entry wondered could write a lecture at her house. To their meetings. Sure why I'm not so first lecture us and somebody is the recruitment pitch there. And I get that radio program again several times and did under lectures. Communities are present it paid. And then I had a fateful trip and car downtown Pittsburgh out so large canceling. All. We're resting as as for nuclear. That was architectural and she uses supervisor. Or. Ph.D. from Carnegie. And essentially I'd really like to speak at card can now. It is going to be talked to the exit ought to talk to doctors and it was an interest did. And she should stay and that means my high as any church won a radio. Call. Illini this. I think called it. And that we saw that date. Less than a month eater but it was afternoon. And that concern edited are gonna take some time off for two and I explain the tree as it. We've been great to. Do you want. It's not good after the tech can't work. About a hundred dollars thinking did not and society. And he blocked that under because it and many told me screen the other people here. Fifteen under at the sixteen times there's. X. Well but it worked out well because the talk went extremely well people are sensible questions around testing as. And he wrote an extra added to the agent to one you'd pick the book p.'s expense of speakers. In any book mean the agent and engineering. Pittsburgh. And for three hours and expenses and and it turns out they were sold well. Two weeks ended its repelled many people for dinner and talk and were no negative questions. All hot ideas. That inspired me because as you can imagine you annoyed by Japanese car. I can appreciate the fact that Ian excited he is there reputable corporate group. Thanks Dan hold on hold onto that thought right there we have to do it too quick break when we come back we'll pick up with the story beyond reality rating GC TP. Hey gang at JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization that's right. Dressed in. When you need to subscribe taps her majesty. And now it's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps apparel magazine has been completely redesigned. And re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the website it's caps Tara Mac dot com netstat experiment dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond at checkout and save even more on your subscription. It's that's paramedic team where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV. Weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. There are magazines again go to the website tabs Tara Mac dot com. That's caps paramedic dot com use promo code beyond just say. Remove Jason Morris and Katie Johnson thanks so much for joining us. Night it is what are your foes tonight we're talking with us Stan Friedman. And Stanley so rudely interrupted each store and I'd be having to go to break but. Let's pick it up where you left off because you made the breakthrough yea yea you got an agent you started speaking in Detroit. Great place to speak. Take it from there. OK so nice giving more talks to tiger aside I was worried I didn't wanna do anything that would cause drop. You know crap all sort stuff more attention. Management has said being given it some guide here need to know what I can do so way to. Problems. An expectant couple days and they gave me three rules. One you can say what you please undercut. Who you can identify yourself as an announcement chooses. And three we'd like could start with a disclaimer the future about team here online at all of them not so quiet. Who could have an animal or was great. A but I did it which. More calls from Los Alamos or property actually part of the rockets count or sell shoes. And stand and I hear you're given lectures yeah. Well about speaking to a local section of the American nuclear society here. And our blog so I mean expense account. Oh on public execution should I go to management I'd say he. They wanna bring my hand in particular lecture. Theaters are real. And companies again. Think flew up from Pittsburgh to Mexico. To give a lecture on slash art real. We over 400 people I am a member of the American nuclear society and busting as a corporate member and you know. Repression but it could've. We don't hide it to say technical discussions. You know but they didn't they knew what I was doing over 400 people when they're big occur. Again no negative. Reaction. So these are all pre load. To. The program got canceled. And you know I'm gonna spend full time now. You get the job that I didn't get a ticket spent three months and now island full time. On lecturing him that was 1970 and I've been there are sent to. And what I have found is that. People are Korean Christian background I enjoy doing it now I am like guests. I have been a couple of please Playskool and was on the BB needing to step in what I've heard was that. Line and part time from people had eleven hecklers under 700 optional lecture you get back to splurge religion politics now. And add to an actor Richard Clarke. Spoke. But what I'm saying it had been all over the world like just added my in nineteen country. Up to ourselves Bulgaria. All too. And you know get to see the world becoming you colleges from Australia. And Israel and Turkey and Saudi Arabia. You know. Trying to. Korea Argentina. Stan what was the what was the UFO discussion in 1970 how did you presented and what was the general feeling of the public at that point. Well I you know you'd had the impression that notably the church but I strictly. Got a very different impression from the reaction to lectures and classroom visits to. Now you understand colleges. Hundreds of them. Brought me and it was Hewitt and student activities. To professors solution. Wedge and the department of physics and urged people should break. Great did sometimes. It took me to give a cloak William in the afternoon before my evening program find out sometimes that. That it could ever give me a hard time. So I gave little talk of which I knew they didn't know anything and took the mind ahead first. So to speak. I would at all. I still remember I guess. A couple questions what some numerical value one GB for seller. And I'm playing protecting. Iran squared. That strikes about communicable turner should. They look at me like talking to well once you used 21 miles per hour percent. So every car is accelerating at one he would the end of three sent it to succeed miles argued that a pretty not art. Then I'd say what's his speed of light and also it 300000 kilometers academics at well again in more useless and it's. That says 670. Million miles an hour retrieve its size and so urged. The real question it. Hard to take it once you get to the law and it's a mobile try to question unit via a target Detroit's. Does it take. A thousand years for a hundred years ten year share one year. I think it's a thousand men and 200 and to. Most. Very few thought it was one that's the right entered politics when bearded one tree. So that's kind of students no progress shoot a recurring. A lot of outcome of elections that I think that the Iraq. You know so this scene was set I talked about five large you know scientific studies and after each one yes I'm only. Have read this and you know I was lucky if it was 2%. On line so that could keep people from asking me questions I don't know a damn thank. Like and give them a public slower. Iron. And then I did something else at the end of lecturer at the people. The they have seen what I would consider to be sought after having declined. Leader. All on because you proposed model you're opposed. And just great and I would say and now does point count them and ask. And I've been little long talks and typically it's 10%. Much to their surprise him that has them each one think he's the only news. But and I guess that creek crucial question. If you reported which saw. 90% and most people think most other people don't believe in flying saucers should they act accordingly. And I know most people don't even brought. In one classroom situation. And a professor go out of one decisions to spoke with her life. So they openly important but he listens when I asked the question so I'll let the professor count votes. Permanently most people believe structures. And then went out and we counted but until two regional. In that maybe you do believe that some points to its. Screen to 80% to bow. So. I'm fearless I'm actual. The problem and I wonder how many other things or worse. Where people feel one blade but are afraid to express that view because it might be Riddick. Well you know what I honestly as I paranormal investigator and a guy who created the show ghost hunters I used to I've still got a lot but Tom. Mean in a lot of people saying that men don't not really wanted to talk about a morning talk about it in private but we got to take a break. But Pakistan is it's really interest me when we come back definitely wanna start getting the UFOs and aliens to remain. He listened Jason GBM beyond reality rated right back. Jason Hollister and Johnson tonight we're talking about your phones for their gas stand Freeman and we've been no mention from better part of an hour here and it's. We're just getting started. Stand now what about bringing your a book. Intuit tech crashes have grown on it's the count of Roswell you were the first. Civilian investigator to examine that crash site is that correct. What is not so much examining the crash site is opened this leader on and start and to the people. Trying to you know happen yes. On the original civilian investigators know I was not there and 1940s. And that. This is in 1978. And that was one dollar purse hooks. And no wonder he two months ago flak for treatment for certain but. I was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. To give a lecture to Louisiana City University associate nutrient or local total state. Kitchen you know she brought over and they did the first two in the third recorder was nowhere to be crowned. Not so that to him. And so position managers can make copies of command is watching knows I have things at duke beat out there but. He's tried for growling and get credit where it goes on it. And and the blue. He says something that change smiling Sid erratic night at a top two is Jesse Marcel. What yeah what about it. You know record your auto sponsored you're understood them it was in the military. Cadillac field and he wasn't joke and nobody. Was creating actual what do you know about. Ribbons and Almonte. Couldn't come and regulated our callable. At the urban centers siege that statement. Integrate Cairo ham radio qualities good call. And the reporter showed up we did the -- the day went extremely well lecture was some group well attended Greek question shall. So the next morning from the airport. Don't somewhere you know. From the airport and decided let's call from nations it would comply mister exports now. And so I did act and don't mean for the Internet there was scene for. Yeah I think part of exit polls numbers. Are real numbers and so. I talked to mom. And Stanford CR. Louisiana. Any two I told them on the night and talked to bill now on social action. At the security cooler action. Your background it's. The book is important because they grouped in Roswell as we only atomic bombing in the entire world. It's gonna hold onto Wednesday military group out of our. Hoped it would and it did. I'm you know makes and so. And so Jesse told his story goes 102 ought to use. I was not all I'm so I'd stop. Well I've come out later his name and was in newspapers all over the world. Specter was and many of them. On in July 1940s now and I come out later added it. But he told a story is on duty on Sunday. And I'm rancher came. From the sheriff. To the base and on and had wreckage whip them that he had found mrs. Bill Russell rancher. Heard an explosion night before. Went out. And Thomas crazy stuff. Britain might we materials. Flow like in the true so and so it didn't look like editing at all. That he'd ever seen before. And he brought some into the store and corona. You know like that took a wrong step at. Small town in Mexico which is where the crash happened. Closes to. And he was shot from the pieces stuff well he didn't have a newspaper did not electricity. But the people there who had seen articles about the siting in the previous two weeks. Kept citing was June 24 it is was on July effect of on and one of the guys said you know large companies offering a reward for peace is a record oil slicks. And make frustrated a lot of pieces of them as strange question type picture. It's so on Sunday July next he went to insurers offers. In Roswell which is the bigger town for some. And this year despite previous agreement called the base and talk to dressing worse now. He brought to the material talk to his boss colonel Blanchard. Who instructed. Jesse and the counterintelligence. Corps nature camp. To probably rancher on a weighted telling but he weird stuff ones on the middle of nowhere. On. And probable than their vehicle and they see it overnight in Asia there and sleeping bags of iron. And the next state takes an opt receded debris field see all the stuff they bring back two carloads oh almost still out there. And the colonels say those toaster SC. Take some of this stuff with the news to our headquarters. Air force headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. And they did. Arms Jesse did. And the agony they're Russian general Roger. And when guessing not prepared to write me said you don't see in the umps they are. Press was there because your big tournament outside to pretty. Much later not interest texture and check out please country. In what they're general did. We know he had a conversation. We have his loss. Account and how much later. Line. Who told him in game three orders. Really. Get depressed sub par back. Sent some of that wreckage appeared today and I don't want shared as saying at. A variety into your body rhetoric it is news colonel do vote some time. And I did manage to locate him and supports what. Do I need to put that in writing colonel browser. When a two star general told colonel what to do both west pointers you know each and go to the two widening protest. Trainer coming and this is 1940s salmon. You know it's not do your job but how ID already gotten. And some great things lower. So. Good headline. Press release or announcement about known. In a lot of papers. And that night. In general rain mean. Empty rivals faster than two headlines. That. And I abandonment and so I got involved twenty years later. So. Built organized and oh were a year we've found 62 people control. So. It wasn't wrong map and record. I'm now that are just about all that there's a good. Media out there recollection's Oslo restraint system Tories witnesses all of our pit. Not surprised. Seventieth anniversary as an extra. Rent or stand do you believe that they from there they actually had extraterrestrial life there. Do you believe that they find it. We had a question that we're body is on board that there be vehicle. And that is true in the plane to Savannah Augusta and it was true and Aztec New Mexico. And it was true. Elsewhere to. So no question about it and remember if there's any group it ought to be good at keeping secrets and ought to be the only atomic tiger the world options I can. Well consider this your. Well and a do you not do you think it Q as we I didn't episode of much of go senators that Wright Patterson air force base had called us and we had to get pentagon clearance. And all the stuff and I'm here yeah I am a great plays wonderful people and there. And we are who we are called invited by the government to investigate claims that location because we go and bleeding over 80% of all claims can be disproved we look for the scientific explanation. And so when we went in there and of course you know this talks around the base of all these from all these different people the some of the people there. Had said to us well you know there's these other buildings over here you can't really. You can't go anywhere near they have old musical on under the ground because they do some special testing down there and and one of the one of the people said Nancy and swear they brought some stuff from Roswell I don't know if that's true but there does seem to be a lot of belief that there's a connection. With things from area 51 Roswell that were brought her. We. Can't get to area 51. Well I mean. Roswell and area of low noise I understand that the some of the things were said to be taken to area 51 and in some of the things were said to be moved from there it over to Wright Patterson air force base as well. Well it first went to write. It 100. OK okay so yeah Paris and that's what it is and want to Wright Patterson remember moved there to focus obeyed so they're still talks there that they still have some of the stuff there and under you so. Like what I. What though right now I know that bud is so there aren't so there is that whole connection where because I had never and I'd never really paid much attention to that supposedly the very crash site the things were initially taken Wright Patterson and they investigate the paranormal it's. UFOs have always intrigued me always very very much interest to me I am a firm believer in in them in alien life but. Of course I never invested. In my effort and resources into his as people like you who just you know every time I see that you're showing up on a show somewhere usually tune into watch it because. You've done all the research you really in their investigating that stuff. I believe have fax in hand before putting out in Europe and this is true prisoner to a and so he's got eyes and I spent a year working on this program for the year force. Project should hear. This figure out a Russian capability as our two. Putting nuclear reactors in two which breaks. And Ike would they be able to do that but to dig out Russian information at a go to Battelle memorial institute Columbus, Ohio. Which is under contract to people aren't technology division that right Paris and air force critics. And so I would go bitter maybe once a month to look at the leaders like decline done Russian technology for actors and grace. I would also stopped a project blue book. And look at whether it could find the files there are two major friend that picture shall. So I go ahead and not least a dozen visits to. And it should understand it's a big breaks that are Suton more than on occasion for more than twenty people work here. And I have clearance to go better. And two to go into a limited. Number of places but there were off on a place like couldn't get near. And actually things are just like washed out. So I'm in the air replacing the six employees. But certainly I couldn't couldn't replace sphere. A current slows. Doesn't try to view with the need to know that something has to certify that picture right to see what you are absolutely is different levels. Oh yeah and that that's a kicker people think it's. It keeps secrets I've had people tell me that with the Internet. You know and their YouTube you can't keep many things occur per cent of course can keeps to publish. Classified it for. People stumble. But. You know. In a notebook we talk about that. People make lowly. Coverup and government stop at the so classes you know legal effort every lecture chose it checked he paid me 8000 dollar for pool in all about the plight by someone entry twelve documents. He agreement billion and our guys. Are in Eddie claimed at all the documents were done in the large tight. He had tendered proved that he got a blackmail. Online they have 250 count PD's of National Security Council. Were mostly. From. Intent is not a good example to judge equipment to interpret it doesn't pay you were done on the same content type. But. And people don't understand. You need clearance you have to have a need to now. To get axed and having a top secret clearance does not get you to. Replace an extraction and. Well I know just heading heading there meets certain charities united you had turned to me cell phones or anything like that before you walk through doors some of those areas. Which you know I I totally I get because you're a college take pictures record people track you whatever whatever it may be. So they make you look what I would you have to have self. Start dating yourself stance updating its cult. Well it means a long history of investigation here which they do. But at what I bring to the subject that's a little different from each is one having worked in the security two years. To work and some areas that are directly related to the question. Rio in advance for potions. The bombs said he fusion proportion prediction is problematic and 62. It worked on nuclear rocket engines. Are plants use in potions and stuff. As I get I act. Many people don't seem to understand it. Yes there is research going on and academia. But as applicable law of advanced research and development. Outside of a packet being yen and never shelling out in bigger reviewed scientific term. It on many professors don't understand. And talk about huge amounts of money. You know and nuclear program what I would archipelago on million dollars in one year. A lot of dole in 1958. Wouldn't say. It. You know what I'm talk. Or professors and eight graduate students there to win the release are. So I. And I also. I've answered that once figured out a couple years ago at least 60000 question. About after she ended it clashed on rig programs. So I've had to think about most of the things that people are curious. I mean we can't say all give me an answer that question tomorrow. Durable tree got to give an answer now you know seat and it should be prepared and I had to think about the why questions. Which is what really gets beat the facts and data that I preached like talk about the big study were done to the air force looks special report fourteen. Or one sightings to the courage table scraps. Not all of data. Multiple observer I have it and certainly domestic noise being negative it's ever. But that could be bunkers you. That's like call mpeg two. It. In your book fan fact fiction foreign soft sausage you address some of these two bunkers knowing. All of course directly and I point out the proof because they Kathleen Martin and went to the Arco. Dugout to documents and we quote from the document's. And the legacy of these documents accessible only should gold that your camp signature computer jail I'll look into the papers. And so. They can. He got beat it would take the punishment critter from people see newspapers are outward and to discover to bite will go. Everybody else I'm hitting so dirty your associate with the nationals. Treats. That he was a world class script how it. Any. First name basis with Jack Kennedy and told him that when we are properly clear to each other like war. This is what system management electric presence bring to each other. So I'm saying has it. You have to go for Q you can't sit back and Peter is. I'd been twenty archives. So many times because he got a ribbon that don't Wear that date it's. And then there's getting. And but I tell people about what I discovered about mental for example. Again. Not for several people applaud them all we couldn't have been at the bunker I mean he wants to be bunker he couldn't have been on the inside on majestic well. It. Let me. But none of those people who have gone to our archives. So. The track and thank all the documents should be here. You know so I had some strong rules about how to get it true. And I got a big great basket. It must run implications. Cases where you have to say I just don't. Oh absolutely. It is you know and it's not cut and it is not Yeager Canadian. And so. Well on the one thing I do have to say when it comes down especially when it comes to UFO's I think or alien life. I think those people out there who say that it it doesn't exist or or this or the other thing are very nice U I mean. In their city who we exist here so how can we honor and we have no idea with with just the size of university and the doubts all that stuff out there. Yeah exactly we'd be naive to sit there and think that we're the only thing the only living life form. That exists out there and it says the possibilities are endless let alone with all these other galaxies all these stars. And you name it I mean that'd then and there are much older. Then we're and then. Well let's appoint the person on distant radio signal was 1901. Then it's fine it's four billion years soul universe at least thirteen years old and remote some extra. Exactly. Yeah so we just we'd be naive to sit there and and think that it's only us. But now and and Jim and I know we've we've got to take you really take a quick break and amend. But and one thing I do I'll let you think. He. No I I got you okay were illiterate just as I spray because I just want to think of one thing is. You know this whole traveling from. Other planets to hear. I know a lot of cereal there is that it. That a lot of times he would use machines and robotics instead of trying capital life form on their because the amount of time it would take. And I just like to talk about that really quick we come back in the role in the wrap it up with you but I. I root greatly appreciate our realist and Jason GB on the unreal unreal right back. Hey gang scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Carr and dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com and. That's an RL radio chasing JP welcomed everybody thanks for hanging out in extreme part of the program we appreciate you and chat we appreciate you listening on radio stations around the country and we appreciate you listening. Online. And we appreciate her guest tonight who's been real trooper hanging in I know it's late Stan thanks so much for sticking around with us. A a couple of minutes I understand one thing I wanted to really ask was. There's a lot of different theories out there especially when it comes to answer terrestrial visiting our planet or if we're going to send something altered to try to visit other planets. And a lot of people believe that they would take. Some more of artificial intelligence like sending sending more robotic thing out there just because the amount of time. Out of human life for a life in an. Lost pressure but there also and because of how long did you did somewhere it deepens and crashed ago. Obviously. And you could say how long it take to go around potter too well Magellan ship took three years. That's a good basis citizen and now the space station does that 95 minutes. Progress comes from dual link things differently in the unpredictable. Way every civilization is going to be concerned about. How that big ball livid circling it's star. Is producing its energy we didn't figure it out until 1938. We came in we know there were no entrants two to 32. I think 38 week figured out that it was nuclear fusion as Purdue's rhetoric. And it turns out that's true a zillion cars they're all unit. Our. And here here's the kicker that. Fusion is way behind. Chemicals production. Energy. And you consider progression let's start with Eddie. Bomb in 1944. Was an attempt on our culture to compete between nine here. Release the energy of ten tons of I made a big goal to. The next year 1945. Or person comic leads the energy. 2032. It ain't. Seen only in terms of I was importing far. In 1952. Or first few should excuse in the same processes back on the stars. Releasing energy up. And million. Tons of them. To see you at the Russian the Russians have few years later put down on that put up what was real at a college. They're releasing energy of 57. Billion. Tons of dynamite wind and bottom. So. You detect particles not the back end of a rocket using the proper fusion. Process. Ten million times as much energy per particles as they get it tumbled chemical rocket. And so you know you have to change how you do things and we've done. And in in my book what's happening Barton called science was wrongly have fourteen chapters each stimulative some guy saying something stupid. Like other great astronomer whose sent. But there was one thing and we wish her of men would never apply any distance and that vehicle that was two months before the right pros. Another great astronomer in 1956. Space travelers are billed as the British astronomer royal. What did too wood or going it is better equipment for astronomy now spot equipment 57. And appeal to science have benefited the most space program is probably. So we can learn from the past that you're the future is not an extrapolate. The past. There are new tricks of the trade to understand. On it and you know about possibly it is look at electronics more reasonable every year to. The number of transistors on interest goals and doesn't sound like much to easy way to reducing incidence of wind so it is quick to. That's a lot of double. I'm sitting in front of a device here what would it cost to do this a bigger Debbie would have been bid. So like being in touch with the three billion people who were on the Internet. In hell why not use an old time radio. Corporate radio but it sure don't like this but I. No. Didn't have to reach so. Fusion potion is a reality if you wanted to spend a billion dull. And it and that's the space program costs money quirks. You know is it. Didn't come from a few guys sitting around and run line. Developing it are beyond. Newsstand that leaves me to one last question only you go as the US. Abdicated its lead role in space. Technology and exploration. Well it seems to me that it has its own muck that we. Expected in the late sixties early seventies and we have based on the owned before nine before 2000. On. We expected that we wouldn't go on the market right now Oscar. We it was planned to launch a rocket that had nuclear upper stage which could cripple the pay urged. In 1970. It was scary is that programs camp and nineteen cents and so yeah I think we have abdicated it. You know I don't know old political goal and and I think president Kennedy is very Smart and advocating it's gonna demand on the you know back. By the end of the decade it was a very gutsy thing. Not for political reason to understand. We get beat directions because they've been beaten details. First satellite. First man on the moon. Around them. First manned space virtual wouldn't space. First animal and things. There will be there so world I cannot in six separate. Our. It would lead into the Malone but Utley parents and you know I'm disappointed. That we haven't had the courage. To go to. And that probably others will appear before it. Know when you sue courage is that is that really mean money. Is it really money. While money is part of it but all the money management sprint and the British. Space program and developing new electronics analyst. Has benefited society. Is how I can you dug a hole inspect he really great. I think you don't put him into it. This better return on investment look at this weather satellites. A bunch of communications. On news enormous number we haven't done a good enough job of letting people know any. This is no stop it costs money to develop but the real benefit for it and so it takes certain amount of courage. To set out in new directions you know Columbus took courage. Of all of the big edge of the world. But. Weeks ago lost some I'm disappointed. That some of the younger generation will bullets follower. No we thank you so much for spending all this time with us working people get a hold your book she got a bunch of them and other all fascinating Erica we will find him. The media web site is crippled W dot Stanton. Friedman dot com match FR RE ETM. At. Dot com now I eat autograph or everything has sent out sort of capital gain. On it go to web site. And you can't get an autograph from Amazon. But I don't make some books. We're doing well later but. People need to open up. There is data around and don't forget that. It's exciting. Aren't so excited that might ripple effect. Well. Thank you so much kimono spy on and on talking you stand and hope talky and some. Are I thank you Stan Friedman again the web site is Stanton Friedman dot com his books and there are also a lot more information about him and his accomplishments. Jay let's take a break when we come back will bite listener calls a 446877669. We'll talk about anything we'll talk about space exploration. Tug a ghost or whatever whatever you wanna talk about. Are you listening. Jason JB Dioner elderly or. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps her magazine is the official publication of the tax organization that's right. If you're interested. You need to subscribe to taps her majesty. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps parent magazine has been completely redesigned. And re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the web sites caps Karabakh dot com that's tap experiment dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond at check out and save even more on your subscription. It's capped a paramedic team where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV. Weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Arab magazine again go to the website tabs Tara Mac dot com. That's caps paramedic dot com use promo code beyond just say I. I'll I'll let you know Jason can you agree guess that was so much fun and so interest in so fascinating in many times we over my head I just have to admit that wobble. And I also sit there and stands just awesome I've been a big fan has for a long time and meet for an 82 year old guy and he's an hour had a solo where he is right now it's quarter of the reunion. And debt to speak hanging out he's it's so funny when your target because he's always. Is always liken this and then everybody yells to excited and if he's just awesome play he's been he's just he's phenomenal talk with and he's been around for ever Mueller thank you guys been around for wherever there. This rapper Disco or phone lines we have by Joseph from Kansas on morning Joseph welcome to beyond reality radio. And good equipment that could McCall a thank you thanks Kamal. A good question I'm sick so and so closure of the gross book. Why is who never got their care re nor review activities. You mentioned I mean surely they would would have kept that lightly I wouldn't have. I believe there was I believe a Geiger counters and so forth were used there and knows there was some sort of a radioactive. It's reading coming off for the area but I am not. I'm not a 100% sure enough but I thought that that was one of the tests things that we're done we're down on the area. Yeah I think so too Joseph have you looked into the two to any of the data that was presented from those investigations. No soldiers who have wintertime you know just what you like to cope but this didn't shoot the talks about raw or not. Yeah I know Ross obviously it's a pivotal point several points in the you know there's the quest for extra pressure life and certainly whether or not we're being visited and this talked about a lot. I also remember. Reading or hearing something about some. You know checking on radiation levels in the area have expressed but I don't know the details so today. I know there was are Roswell officer. His death bed and I just looked it up my equipment on line. Ras officers amazing death bed admission responsibility. Aliens did visit a Geiger Connor was used. In irradiation read readings were taken. So yeah I think consultant and have to look into because there there's a much aside to talk robberies and detection and that was Sarah that was checked at Roswell. Now on but Darren says sorry we just announced Amazon where were to a limited time with them and that's just it but he. Oh he's your secret Bogart. Share. About hybrid on the West Coast for sometime. In had a client. That was older retired and living life. In community worker there could do when and if so that would greatly Hulu great is O'Grady's. That was just the wayward. Go to work. We're in right it was merely. Real I believe it because you that was alive. Our parents and amazement as pretty fascinating is there any more to that story to keep you through the break if if there's more to it. I mean it would. It was just basically to be more personal stuff it was a Google has started well Julius Jones story I would bet that radiation guys. Hold on a minute have to keep the break as we have to go to break right now don't go away Joe's gonna stand line it's beyond reality radio Jason javy. We will be right back after this. We have Joseph on the line from Kansas Joseph we are in the middle talking about the radiation Siri you have for Ross what were we thinking. The commitment that resolution to a point where it's toxic it would have to come through radiation bill that won't likely wouldn't it be coming from the moon. Travel back toward. Well there are people that thinks well the there is no holds the the dark side of the moon and Apollo moon theory. With you know there's a whole scenario that the moon's an actual base that's used. And that's why we've never been back to the moon as Andrea. We've realized something last time we went up there and shows that. We wouldn't inventors so now there's a lot of weird theories when it comes on the so to. I was gonna ask you again about this this person that you met while he said you were a Barbary in Nam in California. And dispersant worked at area 51. Yes sir it was like career he's been out there alone can't release really spoke about this with you. No sir we go to the end of him told Leo work they did he was engineer. And that you know her. That you know core businesses to chip in yeah. Smoke people who are in working acute and that's me through similar portrait of who wins broken leg and sit here. Mounted that we have had somebody on the show about a month or so ago who who was telling us that there there was direct interaction with the quality and he he had worked Roz rules well. On but in had said that there was direct communication back and forth they knew they knew of these of these aliens and the government was working hand in hand with them on a different thing so. And I don't think of. Our I'm really really you know we're like forty years behind in technology you can click about it you know we could've made a lot of things that we have matter of factly. Greg Oden they've been brought out to the public to let us purchase and body and. Well and there was there's been far. Leaps in advancement that have happened just out of out of the blue. And disarm it and write down system a lot of German technology there was there was. Reports the two Germans actually found a UFO. And then all of a sudden you know sort of the decade later Germany is a major superpower attacking all these other countries throughout the world. So friendly with advanced technology far beyond the unit. It would Pratt Whitney any sense that they had a pill that would make gasoline years ago. We like in the thirties and now they have alcoholic and a powdered and look to keep it by. I'll let lol yeah W contract they're right down to even the automotive industry that back in the fifties head in two important action and to fuel injected new animated Corvette. They made a Corvette on its feet kibbutz that was supposedly we didn't have technology and content and the until we started using in the nineties. So yeah a lot of it didn't make any sense. You'd expect them another thing you know so you normally what you do in the table would do and that is why they were conducted in order to. Yeah I'm sure remain manipulated by. Outside sources. As well as elsewhere there which ago. Thanks for sharing all that Olympia thanks for Sharon on that was missed users are very very interesting you know I. Is stand said it tonight he says if you haven't if he had the dough you can go or something like that and talking about the fact that their propulsion technologies that exist that he worked on. That's actually no says. That actually. So that's our quick our website but. Jerusalem that you know he has did he removes involved in creation of the Paul propulsion technology that actually gives us the ability to travel. When ways that we don't right now and it's just a question of you know we're gonna spend the money to do it and down you know here's a guy stand as a guy that is obviously very very and normally well educated but incredibly intelligent and has had his hands in so many things. And he is on the front line. Of scientists saying that this stuff is there. Peace these. Kraft has been here these aliens are here. And to deny it is silly attendance that is goes a long way in in convincing people I think. We'll and in just what he had said earlier about that one guy who won in in my job he wanted him to figure out how UFO's. Action how they actually worked well. OK but now our hi how flying saucers actually worked. But no great there I mean you wouldn't be asking somebody if you'd be illustrated create a flying saucer let's try to. Do this not Bateman let's figure out how these flying saucers actually work I mean how do you already know that there's one point sauces Russia had some sort of inside information on the. Exactly so it's you know that's almost an admission in itself. You know it's. It's it's it's great to have a guy like stand on the program and and really. You know offering the sort of information because we can't get into many places. Want new also way you one thing we didn't really get into was a stand is one of the only people UFO research and so forth. What ever spoke in front of congress. I mean he he sat and sat down and spoken front congress on on how these things. And how these alien ships are are real and and it's it's just phenomenal I mean the list goes on with feminine and has experience and it's just mind boggling. That as 82 years old and he's just he's still that your purchased on or along and was able to walk out of the field in this in 1970. And do this is now and really get into itself. Peter it's done it's it's amazing stuff and again I feel honored that he was on the program. We do and remind you tomorrow night we've got Rodney cloth coming up going to be talking about two his book. World top secret power birth is hollow. And there's a lot of information that that honestly don't support no matter how silly it might sound some people. There's a lot of information there's you know you can go back to the stories. Low light like we're talking about that underground city in Turkey. But also there's all these reports of and the Jewish people can be heading into underground bunkers and in taking refuge and then starting to colonize under underground. That and you can look back in the reports and there's there's so and so there's a lot of weird we're reports on that and there's also claims that some of our. Are people mall digging underground. Bunkers and stuff for the US military have hit caverns and come across other living beings that were under there and so supposedly our government knows about it. Are we have about a minute we're gonna bring Matt in I'm from Connecticut. Try anyone of these calls and email local programming got about a minute. Big has gone on and throw quick everybody Chet concrete yet they wanna hear or to. Some again. Oh the code to the Huntsman. Her healthy enough I don't know we might be able to just squeeze it in an. Upcoming break I meant thanks for. Thanks for calling and asking for that I guess we can do that G veteran media guide guide you do the out throw here and well we'll catch yelled the Mon night we're going to be talking hollow or if you listen Jason and javy and here's owed to the thumb. It's owed to the on finger just so we're clear whatever it. Our panel it's not coming up I don't to reveal played to ninety days. Aren't well. Again movie tomorrow and tomorrow we'll be talking a Rodney club Jameel have that ready for tomorrow replace our 9000 Larry's. As supposedly backed up a lot of evidence and as Camille really interest and show so when Syria Marc sergeant. Creator of the flat earth clues series on YouTube. And they got a big shout out to stand Friedman for coming on he's an hour ahead of us are right now it's three and his time he too you're an 82 years old hangout with us and talking to all hours of the night. Big shout outs everybody else their online and chat room. And if you haven't joined and may she get over and like our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. He listened Jason JV OK till tomorrow night. It's. Christmas it's. But I seem to meet John. Aren't aren't now I don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a line and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word if you've got information you want us to follow what bond or you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio email to sleep Getty. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.