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Russkies hacking US elections?

Dec 13, 2016|

Bob Rose Show 12-13-16 7am hour

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

707 on about her so our children get together good morning and welcome time Jack brought to you by prestige Hayes Jewelers where the answer. He's always guest Dick filler for. All right here's the deal Rex Tillerson easy guy be accept mobile CEO. These guys get to be secretary of state of course pending senate confirmation might be glad to fight. He's successful businessman and he deals that. Evil all ion and he's ear and a you know according to last so what will see how it goes. Also. This whole thing about the Russians. Impacted our election Russians packed. The election NASA terminology that the left likes to use the Russians hacked the election big hat the election. They hacked that DNC. Wage before the election and put out documents that showed what they were really like. Yes. How two faced AR and I just use voters. How to pull the rug out from Bernie Sanders even though he was getting much bigger popular support. The order and everything they could. To throw roadblock in for him the list goes on and on. It was information from the DNC they might have impacted the election but the election itself wasn't hacked. If they would have made all those stupid and in most cases very unnecessary statements. In all of those emails. Maybe things would have turned out differently. Maybe there are consequences. To the stupid things that you say even when there via email and you think it's secure. Hey maybe it's a good another lesson for Hillary Clinton when it comes to securing emails top. Plot. Maybe now she finally has a learning. Mean I hate they hacked in you mean like what do hatchet. And a getting used to Hachette. Yeah. Honey I am holding gather used to hatchet just like Jack Nicholson in the shining right. And ears she pretty. They can't do love that path to an act that ship yet Hillary that's how they did it you mean they they. Meaning they cleaned like with a cloth. Yes Hillary did yeah and you wonder why you lost really. Gas I'd tell him orbit now and I get paid a consulting fee in Albion. Owen. Away and for those who already made up their minds and I know that now my listeners but for everybody else when you get to the water cooler things. Before he punched the stupid person in the face throw some facts Adam's first. The overseers of the US intelligence community. Have not embrace a CIA assessment. That the Russian cyber attacks were aimed at helping Donald Trump. Up. Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Oh. They were formed after September 11 to make shore. That you have good communications. I'm kind of an overseer across to many of these Intel gathering organizations like the FBI in the CIA. Now they don't dispute the CIA analysis of Russian hacking operations. It has not endorsed their assessment because of a lack of conclusive evidence that Moscow intended to boost trump over Hillary Clinton. The position of odious guy which oversees thus seventeen agency strong US intelligence community did you know that. Seventeenth. Different intelligence communities. Could give trump fresh ammunition to. Dispute the CIA assessment he rejected it as ridiculous and weaken remarks the trump Trump's rejection of the CIA's judgment. Marks the latest string of disputes over Russia's international conduct. ODMI is not arguing that the agency. CIA is wrong. Only that they can't prove intent. Of course they can't apps and Asians in on the decision making in Moscow so. They have kind of jumped to conclusions shall we say and the lefty Democrats are often running would that information and so is the media. As their lap dogs. Know our our their little mouth pieces. Right there little hand puppets to media. Jeb you're on the air. Good morning Bob you know my dad who was a World War II better talker taught me get anywhere from the enemy's point of view. So that says if you work China or Russia. Would you want a US president in place that would follow in the footsteps of the previous US president who believes that Americans are too will the attitude privileged. Who believed that the United States should that be a world economic and military superpower. Wouldn't that just makes sense. I mean I'm trying to bet that Russia wanted. Donald Trump an offense that's like saying that they are not seen it wanted to Winston Churchill. I'll see you later. All right look odd point well taken and here's the only caveat I have to throw in there. Went Gooden went into. Crimea. And try to claim that dad you know that's a Russian sovereign land or whatever right that was a dirty deal a dirty dirty dirty deal. Nobody doing the stuff that somebody did get sanctions imposed. And it was at a time when in fact Rex Tillerson was involved in huge oil deal with potent. And put the kibosh on that because the American business can do business with Russia under the constraints of those sanctions. So. It could almost be sort of a payback. If you will. It it Z Hillary Clinton. To the Obama administration sort of payback on no union Democrat friends are done. The guy that would be part of the thing and the other thing is as it would help they get to sanctions lifted. So that they can do business again because this man dies in a hundred billion dollars to Russia. Year on the air. Democrat reaction to it. Transplant has become more and more irrational that the recount was China allowed to step but this Russian packing saying in. Because not a not a one of the weirdest thing I heard was that the women democratic progressive women. Cool are blonde. Are dying there Eric dark colors because they don't wanna look like Donald Trump now that's that's bizarre but I can trying to understand that because. Kerry won our addition about my mustache. Thanks Bob. Well Lanier who. Oh wait who the opposite I'll delegate I got. The equipment. I had to say about it. Good stuff. 714 on the Bob Rochelle sky lines open by hang on 877. 9759825. They're open because. Time to air now getting off your chest whenever he retaining new whatever is bugging you. Because what's bugging you. Is coming up next brought to us Florida pastor in Chile only about taking control our litter box of calling now 8779759825. What's bugging you. 722 on the Bob Rose show a lot of local time now for what's bugging you only chance for error out there enough you're just feel better. And it's free. Free therapy down there's Roger about Florida pest control really bugs they can't control our litter bugs here ready calling now 877. 9759825. JW what's bugging you. And it looked Obama thanks to call appreciate your brother. Now tell you what I cannot believe how many were pretty armed seeing this morning we're that far right away no lights on. And I guess that's gonna get a white puppetry earlier. That the Darwin effect compelling it. Yeah I don't get it I mean it's flawed the foggiest thickest pea soup. Filthy. I don't you wish you could just kind of zap put put some eight slash is like up on their dashboard. Turn on your life you're an idiot you're an idiot. So why you know you get FaceBook likes we need to find a way to do that to Wear light and and maybe now. I don't know maybe while you're driving or whatever but you do you like hit your little Facebook's senior car and it and you got like a hundred idiot. Thumbs up you're an idiot because you know your lights on we are used technology somehow to make it safer and help stupid people. Knucklehead what's bugging you. And I'll play a lot markets commercial last week that you know. Point three days since you are actually fourteen date broke crackers. They have cap publisher have big dance girl and banged up. Sample our callers kick and scream and why can't let happy he's my aid money. Yeah Obama you'll Carlos should profit from may not actually playing. Organized labor pension plan is cash DM arm went to the bank. Maybe they made the lecture upward hoping change very brow lift clean. Even a teller Friedel every wouldn't get credit for Donna good day. I want ate the whole world Delta Burke and you'll want no part. He had any mood and yet they yet. Look at that. That is a gentleman burp and fart. Asks. Don't go add another winner of pride. Less chance again and what's bugging you 8779759825. The biggest 1 this morning all has to be people who are driving in these conditions without their headlights on. They need to get there had examined I don't understand is it that difficult of a concept. I give to turn signal thing is very complex is that lever that sticks out of the the steering column me not really sure what it is maybe it's the windshield wipers should get confused sometimes so you don't wanna every you should turn signal. I can buy valid but to headlines. Mean. You know in most cases now of the last twenty years I and he put it the auto position no c'mon Korea yeah up. Basic dad turn on headlights. Wise. Because it's conditions that warned headlights being on I can see fine. As for other people to see you dad. Yeah but generally we stop well I'll forget Limon. And a battery will be dead member Antonio arousal kid. As well maybe well get in Iraq in the battery won't be dead. As in. You know I mean solid natural conclusion that he. Any stop the car and let you out and you walked home golfers teed backhanded me and said. It. My dad when my dad Bobby you're on the air. Yeah and I look at this situation resurrection and let them narrow election at. You know Obama won only set the bar it every surgery went over to Israel and my huge collection I'm. And spent on the taxpayer money trying to limit her election and Melanie come true story here. You know like they don't you know as they'd like to make room and then I don't like. You're absolutely right sir after an extensive investigation senate subcommittee issued a report. In July. Stated that nonprofit. Organization one voice which received hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars from the State Department through the Obama administration. Actively campaigned against Bibi Netanyahu during the 2015. Israeli election you're absolutely right. I let's see we got an. There Bobby on the air. I looked like immediately collapse of love building seven of the building itself on 9/11 at all 62. If you think that's what I would suspect popped. I will have to look at some documents that are gonna be released by WikiLeaks coming out very soon. They have finally broken the code to to Dick Cheney secret account an ominous find out if it was indeed him. Who was at repelling down building seven. Taping with good duct tape. Sticks of dynamite to the side of the building as he was repelling down. And so yeah I'm a minute we've got his email we've got. We busted the code. Can find out if Dick Cheney really was the one stuck to dynamited buildings seven. You're 9/11 conspiracy of the day and thank you sir. Well. 728 on above Rochelle what can you had a bad. 8779759825. Take coming up at 805. Friday's beard and a house to tell us what ended up Florida Gator basketball team and should we test three years of the three year olds. To find out whether they can be criminals or not I say heck yeah. 738 on the Bob Rochelle live below. Thanks for tuning in a given jail time checked brought to you by press these days Jewelers where the answer is always yes. Sexy Rex C is the secretariat. Of state Jill baby drill. Multimillionaire. Yup sexy -- see if it looked he was a lefty though the media go home sexier exe odd because he's an old oil bad guys. Yeah. Its let's put packs on racks. Oh by the way. We are they Yahoo!. A gift. Until we want to give you the opportunity of of getting and that is holiday relaxation. Enhance. Birdies let's meditate. All you want a real gift cloud nine spot in so line. Got the gift certificates for you go to those sky 973 dot com. Sign of dubious sky insider. And have a chance to win 930 will choose another winner good luck on that best thus guy 973 dot com click on sky insider. And bam just like dad. You're in the run. Yup Rex Tillerson. ExxonMobil CEO. About 240 million dollars over the last ten years in some big deals a lot of big play does. All around the globe. Zia foreign policy experience no but he has foreign business experience. Could be helpful. We'll say of course the lefties Iranians. Will. And they speed you don't ban. You can find out if a kid is headed for crime. At three year results. Up. All I if I spend five minutes with a three year old I tell you right away. You know I'll tell you write all their kid nice Smart yeah he's gonna do okay. I'll their kids evil is gonna grow to be Jerry Anderson nonsense that you RJ's not here to defend himself. Have makes it all about the odd man no kid is evil. Three months. Three years. Three months sure ride right there also waddling in mean need to deleting and they smells so good at the abate another perfect that. And they grow up and eat everything in your refrigerator steal from your bank account right drive your car yeah. Make you buy them insurance for ever. Other nets aren't. Our fifth listened to miss a fifth of the population. 15 of the population is responsible for four fifths. A crime. Got it two fifths of obesity. Three quarters of fatherless families. And for claiming two thirds of benefits. And here's the deal okay science can now identify. Who is going to be in these groups by eight. The age of three. A 45 minute test rating children on IQ. And self control. Combined with information. About deprivation. And Mal treatment. Allowed researchers to predict with considerable accuracy. Which would go on to be the greatest burden on the state. The 38. Year study. May be useful in designing ways to help such children. Before it's too late. Really. The research published in the journal nature human behavior. Used to New Zealand study that filed a thousand people from birth in the seventies to the age of 38. By the time the sample reached middle aged scientists found that most crime. For health and unemployment. Came from one section. It's a little easy thing to do when you're an island nation like New Zealand. It's a little bit easier to. You know I guess have less factors. That. I might mess up your study. They also found that this group could have been identified in early childhood among the strongest factors were deprivation and brain health. A measure that combine intelligence motor skills language abilities restlessness. Susceptibility of being frustrated. And lack of perseverance. That measure alone seemed to predict much of the success. Of the rest of their lives. June. And it sounds like they're describing me in it but but but but but but that. And I turned out. Well back to study the study investigated the car wreck tell. A rat tell principal. Under which many distributions obeyed 8020 rule for instance 80%. Of the wealth in a country may be owned by 20% of the population. The researchers were shocked by how strongly this applied to. To the burden a minority put on taxpayers. We were surprised by the enormous concentration. Of the use of public services in a small portion of the population. And this according to Terry Moffett from duke university North Carolina about 20% of the population. Is using the lion's share of public services. The same people use most of NHS the criminal courts insurance claims for dis I disability injuries. Pharmaceutical prescriptions. And special welfare benefits. Wow. I mean and they can tell you all of that. With pretty good certainty by the age of three. Whether they're gonna fall and that group are now. Society should feel compassion. According that same professor. It might be fair to think the user a lazy bums who are freeloading off taxpayer and exploiting the public purse but we found that 20% begin their lives. With mild problems with the brain function and brain health. The study found a similar disparity in those providing support. There's about 13. Who've never shown company's records. They haven't been to the hospital. They haven't been before the criminal court Evan claimed any accident compensation for an injury so these are taxpayers who are paying into their country. But they're not really taking out. They make up the support. Ratio. The study's authors said that in Britain. It would be in the interest of those in the support ratio. To find ways to help children identified by the test except. That it is worthwhile giving them more help. Then their own children. Our paper identifies a small number of children who turn out to be hugely costly to the public purse. Improving children's development. Could bring big returns on investment. For government. So there you go. Hey can I make it a little. Simpler. If you're not. Prepared to start a family. Don't start a family. Has not meant to be colder cruel are sarcastic. Meant to be real. Meant to be real and if we keep rewarding bad behavior what are you gonna expect more of welcome nearly on the air. Well. I don't know who wrote it 38 years so it and study you may. Early accurate predictions. 13% of our particular. Part of our population commits a 2% of the first. Topic a second. Or perhaps it's tough. Well poverty has a lot to do that which of course you need. Complicated but it does play a does play a role in all of that. And now that we're gonna make America great again. Is going to be much poverty. Right. 746. On the Bob Rose show 8779759825. Coming up two officers shot in a Georgia traffic stop. We'll tell you other feelings. 752 and a vibrant show alive and mogul. Think every. I posted a story a few minutes ago about all what a short memory some Democrats have. They are all upset that the Russians. Packed into our election somehow which actually they hacked into the DNC. Had nothing do with people voting and but nonetheless. If it did impact the election well. Maybe they dims need to look at the Mir because it is a fact. That taxpayer money. Day through the Obama administration in the State Department was given in an effort to upset. Election in Israel to try to oust. Benjamin Netanyahu. That's a fact look for yourself that's right there FaceBook duck comes less is. Welcome I'm. Do police officers were shot during a traffic stop in Georgia this happened last night it's a third such incident in two weeks. Two officers from the Livonia police department conducted the stop off I 85. During this up a person in the vehicle fired until officers. Both suffered non life threatening injuries and are hospitalized. The Jordan Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Identified the shooter as Kerry Anthony. Just Shawn Gordon. 22 of Greeneville South Carolina. They see Gordon fired the shots that wounded both the officers. He was arrested charged with two counts of aggravated assault. On a police officer two counts of criminal attempt to commit murder one count of possession of a weapon during commission of a felony. Additional charges are pending. Now the officers are gonna be okay from my my understanding. Put their lives on the line. Think about that about down when a cop pulls you over. Guy. There's not at all happy giddy happy go lucky. Because. It's become an even more stressful job then it. Then it has been and it has been a stressful job for very long time. On a different note. Lane Kiffin. Offensive coordinator for Alabama. Former coach of what Tennessee last seen raiders been all over the place young he was the prodigy was systems of the boy wonder yeah they are doing all. He's I believe married to. Former quarterback of the gators John Reeves daughter. So there's there's Gator connection or Gator lineage. In there. But tell Lane Kiffin about to be a head coach again this time at SAU Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton. Rumors schools couldn't for the school good move for the school good move for him. Series learn some lessons so you know they would you skyrocket to the top. You know pride comes before the ball. But you learn those lessons and get back in series were adolescents even etc. And hopefully jump. Apparently five year deal so viewers can understand. And make it as much as he can. Brands appeared in the house coming up next.