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12/15/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - The JFK assassination. New information presented in the book Target: JFK is discussed with the book's author.

Dec 15, 2016|

12/15/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Robert Wilcox ( discusses his book Target: JFK and the new information presented regarding who may have killed JFK and why. Also, listener calls, and much more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This episode of beyond reality radio is recorded December 15 2016. Well I mean it is Wednesday night beyond reality radio Jason Hawes and TV Johnson Jim this is tonight that we've been waiting for a 410 topic that we wanted to talk about a long time yeah obviously G. John F. Kennedy of course there's so much so many different. Series behind his death you whether it be the CIA. Cuba Russians. The mob. Just and Melissa homeless people out there supporting who though a lot of people believe them and that these people had some sort of Erica connection to. To him being murdered and then of course it became just one moaned on me and by the but who knows. There's so many angles to this story and you know I don't know the history of conspiracy theories in general when people really started to. Pay attention and dig into things but it seems to make it pretty much like five minutes after that happened I think acted I think yes but I'm certainly in general you know people weren't thinking conspiracy so much back in the fifties or whatever but. When the JFK assassination went down and when the investigations seem to have so many leave so many questions instead of bring so many answers I think that was probably the start of the modern conspiracy theory each. Well I well I agree of course there had been some some for them they really really took off at that point because I know. In two 2000. Fourteen. On ABC did a poll and it was 70%. Of Americans believed that there was some sort of a conspiracy to Japan JFK's assassination. And so you can imagine a 70%. And. Erica well I think a couple things happen to an hour or guessed by the way for this conversation would be a Robert Wilcox who just released a book called target JFK but I think. What really happened. The JFK assassination. Set in a series of events in motion to one of those was the following up RFK assassination in the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination. And then the whole Vietnam War and everybody. Started to look at the government differently they all started distinct painted. Previously thought of the government lied to us but after all these events is people sort of think wait a minute. The government is definitely a line to us. And it changed everything is so everything that happens now that has any government connection there's automatically skepticism that never existed prior to that JFK assassination Lisa didn't exist. At the same level. Well because you know that it had anything that's associated with the government has some sort of me you know dishonesty too great and it's it's a shame to see it that well there's so it'll just it's it's really it's it's a shame to have to say that but it's the truth. It is and there's so many you know CYA moments anymore win within the government people covering their behind and trying to protect their jobs are themselves are. Their family or whatever happens to be. And they you know they they hide information they shuffle and just look at this last presidential election and we talk about dishonesty and and hidden and and secret black room dealings it was I mean partners it's still on our current well and without these WikiLeaks think we saw how bad it was this and and I think it's only the sad part about it I think it's. Almost become accepted. Nine SO light but accepted and expected in the hands. A scare that's the scariest part of the whole thing is it's becoming the new norm. And that's I mean. It's bad enough that. People altered don't pay enough attention to what goes on most people are getting their information off FaceBook yeah which of course is endless endless fake fake news things Amin when I thought throws on the Internet it was true I'm sorry yes there but but then again now EU EU are also getting them manipulating that things are trying to turn the tides on people like. And that's enough Arabic samba Alex Jones and he covers a lot of conspiracy things and and now they're too they're trying to label artists industry news well but if you really look closely. Alex Jones and a lot of what he says comes out as accurate ultimately it's it's it's proven not accurate and he's he's indicated exactly so I mean have you got only people they're trying to label these people's fake news or. Truly having some sort of involvement in fake news. And too many people are getting their information from that and it's becoming the norm and it's becoming terrifying when it when you you sit back in and you look at. And it out again I'll go back to that that day in November in Dallas Texas when. JFK. Are present at the time was assassinated. And the other thing that really turned the tables on the way people think and and and how people react to this type of thing anymore is the fact that dad. JFK was the first television. President he was the first president to really use television and media and also his assassination was caught on film. And this of Ruder film when it was finally released in the public finally got a chance to look at it it raised so many questions because. So many things that when they were holed we're not supported by the video footage the film footage that was later released debt. The government really didn't count and anybody ever seen that footage. Nolan had so much so much that was confiscated many cameras mineral taken away but yeah it was Sarah. How worried just you think about that it would it would November 22 1963. And hard to 35 press the United States was in was shot and killed and it was just a. In Perry in a very brutal and graphic manner have you have been down that way John I've actually been to the book depository event in dealer closets in the whole thing in its prettiest pretty straight looks exactly the way. It did then. And general that's intentional that's considered a historic landmark I don't know. While I'm there I'm sure it must have some sort of to honestly I didn't even know it was there at one point. Grant and I were were driving through red sesame driving arrests and a the night and told us where rumor he heard gunfire and no it wasn't that far back but if it bud it was one of those things really. We can he stopped the cart as you just want to get dial in and check helpless and look at the button. I don't know. Yeah well that covered the conversation to be great with a rubber Wilcox who just released the book target JFK and he's got completely new information in new. Series about how this was conducted and I'll tell you right now it does not. Involve a lone gunmen there is a conspiracy there's a plot there's a lot of people involved and macular Robert tell assault about that but let's remind you that coming up next week. I said Wednesday it's Thursday isn't it. It's thirst I opened the show saying Wednesday concern him behind it's Thursday because this is the last the program for the week but next week we've got a lot of great testament. Rosemary Ellen Kiley on Monday night she is just a prolific writer in the paranormal community she's of an amazing researcher. Very very knowledgeable well spoken in and it's gonna be great to have on the program Monday night. Tuesday we've got tons king and very respected medium and spiritual teacher and throughout the world Wednesday with other good friend Joseph apple injured will be coming on and talking about. Legends of folklore is we have Jeff Jeff on last December and we're talk smoke campus and and a lot of history behind that mean it was really neat. Yeah and one of the things this struck me about that conversation and I'm anxious to get into it again with Jeff especially with our expanded audience some true we'll get some great calls from listeners with questions but. So many of the stories that were told and here's a spoiler alert by the way disk you know if put here's the stimulus Santa. But even down to Santa Claus a hitch it's what he did decadent the legend and myth of Santa Claus comes you know somebody these things are rooted in some very. Sinister stories and scary scary stories and things that were actually meant to do it if they were designed originally this scare children into submission. Not be you know treat them and and make them feel happy about something it was really meant to scare them. I mean to dude you can't escape from news you can even come down your chimney is smarter he can very there's something here you are entering our way he no matter what you do SanDisk common for you know what happened. And he liked that I'll throw in there have been no and ice in technology that's excesses that sound does not only it wasn't that you know it does not so I'm really excited had Jeff Beck on the program Geoff is also of course involved in a lot of different but aspects of the paranormal has a lot of experience and shall talk about some of that as well. So basically you know last night I was Tanya after various shows like me and it's freezing down here cause studio Hemmer who. Well common sense probably sick I thought. I realized yes this is going to make you laugh Jim I still had my air conditioner in the window Tommy wasn't running. Hold on to at least I was running a that would be beyond just the stupidity factor but I literally still had my air conditioner in the window. And I came down I came down to the studio this morning. And and I look I'm quite county and conditions it has its eight degrees here right now what I saw go over and it's. Everything is free you know it's just like home gosh so. I removed it's not nice toasty warm under today agent that helps and how slow and I'm having the same same trouble. And it's middle of December I forgot to be air conditioner. But really the crazy guy AJ another busy Jenna and her condition or have enough ice to screw people and out of a window. Well I'll I'll I'll give you pass on and although it is I answered no wonder. Yeah I think I got the beard so I think keep me or same thing here it's like six degrees here in Cooperstown and and I found another little electric heaters and get elect heaters and both side of me besides me blowing on media critic keep this ignorant and take on awaits them yet if you lose any glitches it's because metres skate done. So a couple things one or telephone numbers 8446877669. We really hope you'll join our conversation about the JFK assassination in the new information presented by Robert Wilcox. We also wanted to stop by the FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and of course visit the website and jump into the chat room where it all goes down. T do that it be on reality radio dot com just click the listen life you can listen right online or. From a tablet computer cellphone or whatever and you can also enjoying the chat with javy and I. So we're in and out there Olson all throughout the night. You know we try and we try to take questions from their but if you do have questions and we do for free you call via the listener line with the questions just a little easier 'cause we don't always see them as they scroll through. The chat room present and it's growing pretty quickly with a number of people that are there. So Obama moving on you know the fountain of youth appears to to be real gem. Is an in your backyard where we you know we're with the way our society at the to Mars and a a military adventure you'll but it is cellular reprogramming. As being used to reverse teaching in living animals for the first time. Really generated and you are a better idea for the first time scientists have used cellular reprogramming to reverse the aging process in living animals enabling mice. With a form of premature aging to live 30% longer. Think control animals while. He had a technique in new balls the use of induced plural potent stem sales. IP SC's. Which like scientists reprogram skin cells to a piece embryonic like stage for a from there in the right IP SC's. Can develop into other types of cells in the body. And but it just it it's it's amazing they're able to pretty much turn back time like sheer would say. Has thrown enough to precisely perk up Red Hat that. Well you know Judy if I could turn back time. That's exciting but residential and and now researchers have shown their program reprogramming. Cells can now rejuvenate living creatures in addition to winding back cells. And the IPS cells. You can reset the aging clock and go back to pretty much zero only don't know what's beyond nobody wants to go back to an embryonic an idol to slide but you pretty much can go back to where you want to. Went when this gets totally set. I think of that again I mean we talked and so many times on. What in their printing body parts now 3-D printing and they're growing their body parts. So it's amazing and Alan justice being able to do something like this you know it's mind blowing Bada. And they think that clinical trials on humans will be possible with in the next ten years. So oil rooms and of course it won't be available tomorrow sorry but it doesn't seem like it's FRO. But they do say that. They think the chemicals will be administered in creams or injections to root rejuvenate skin muscles and bones and possibly thumbs to. My coach thank goodness because. That's where I was when I was really worried about that. Unsolicited ten years so we beat you know will be worked UB US when he three the room 24 I mean I was foreigner right auditory. That's great news Spence I'm going to be interesting again it does ask the question or beg the question you know what happens when. The human population Stewart's living 30% longer and where he has been. You know population issues and then you know it changes all two. Well it some some countries about what in Chinese got 11 point 93 billion or something I mean in America Peoria just over 300 million yeah. But. Yeah of course that's getting more and more blunt com. Yeah as a as a we saw that room here but I mean if we if we're living 30% 40% 50% longer you know that it's going to come to a situation at some point just due to food and an admirable any resources. That there's gonna have to be a population control is gonna have to be a situation where. You're being to told apparently can have two kids right and of course nobody wants to lose that right by. Can only have to well we have we can also hope that our girls we expand the space which can also hoped that herald butts is a probe dear Arenas being approved a re hearing a son does they think they're that you that planet could stain human life that may be that we can colonize and it's from the population Berlin Wall and I know your big you're definitely one of those guys who who who want to check out Uranus. So I mean and you probably spent a lot of primary so. I'm served if sometime Heatley yeah that would work well now I'm just one understood enough for the human race that's parizeau and so. On the submit there a bunch of love reports about a mystery object. About a mystery object that was being escorted by police through. California town in the dead of night. There but she YouTube users that videotaped this truck carrying a very big object that they couldn't identify. Tom with a couple of other support trucks going with a escorted by police this was all done late on Tuesday night. And it the middle truck had a huge metal box. And done was basically taking up the whole road and conspiracy theorists are thinking this may have been something to do with the either aliens or. Nuclear. Related materials or something very very odd given the timing and the way it was being transport. Her and we're we're access for us this was in California. It's attended town and Californians that they don't identify and I'm not sure why they don't identify but they do say that officials have offered no explanation. There has been some talk that some of the people who watch the video say it's probably an electrical substation transformer which then maybe it is I don't know. But there's no official word is seems like if that's what it was officials would be easily able to say that's what atlas. Well there always seems to be something weird going and they are moving us throughout the late hours than 90% overnight him when nobody was supposed to be launching. Mean and I had a handle on it's it's weird but a lot of times they say that. When they're doing things right dead they do it in Plainview gives him via the most obvious is the most overlooked. Right so in May be driving on highway one of these structure or are you away with something like to honor new disease whereas when you least expect in Hollywood when he was new and think twice on him. We have one more problem that we have to watch out for. There's a super moon coming up I think I don't think it's passed yet have had this story a few days and it we inning using yet but term. Where we have so permanently to marks the end and there's another one coming up and there's a psychic that claims this upcoming super moan supremes gonna tip people over the edge and make Christmas a potential battleground. Super room it's gonna affect people that much. Her name is rose Smith and she said she said visions of shopper in shoppers fighting over high heels following a third super moon in three months she's the head of the network of psychic readers so largest network of psychic or is readers in the Southern Hemisphere it's called absolute soul secrets. It she said she's been having. Visions. Then after three slightly larger moons in a row that it could turn things crazy as it heightens people's emotions. So it would be kindly going back to the cabbage patch days. When people were mailed did you regularly and just have Jerry terrorist acts like my father my father got into a somebody at Toys 'R' Us or cabbage patch tell me and my sister they're really. And it is the same people are crazy my desk or injuries were all works. Well she has visions of people fighting and she says the super moon is obviously a term when in full moon is actually closest to the earth in the submit the third one in three months. And what the effect is the moon feel it appears 30% brighter and 14% bigger than. A normal full moon would be and there are myths and legends that say these super moans push people over the edge into insanity in fact as we all know. The there there's a soup from union and that's exactly and talking about just how serious suburban. The words lunacy is is obviously derivative of the same moon that the Latin word for the moon Luna. So death we'll have to keep an eye nets one more thing that we have to watch now boy tighter. Our panel again might give back to the whole population control for my partner and that's left us this might do it. Right so we've got. Bunch a stuff coming up next week as we talked about before tonight we're going to be talking about the JFK assassination with the author Robert Wilcox has booked his target JFK and then Monday we've got our close friend Rosemary Allen and Ilie a leading expert metaphysical and colonel fields. More than sixty books published in a wide range colonel spiritual mystical topics she demand Elvis. Yeah it's going to be great show Monday Tuesday's Hahn's king he has had an out of body experience he's. Encountered spirit guides and he's going to be talking about all of his experiences on Tuesday night with us engines and Jeff pointer comes on Wednesday to discuss legends of folklore is campus and and many many more. Nina and assists Thursday we have Tom and drama Tom I'm actually contacted us awhile ago because he knew we were looking for. A Houdini. Expert and he is a Houdini expert and we promise we get in my because he he has a lot of great information about Harry Houdini sorghum another Houdini discussion that's Thursday. A the next week to week from tonight can be agree weeks ago makes you tune and yep we've got to our phone number is 8446877669. If you knew to the program you tuning in for the first time. I apologize to college that we really apologize that we want you to call in and share your stories in your questions with a said the phone lines are. Almost always open sometimes we have to wait to get your calls but we certainly invite you to call. And be part of the madness that we called beyond reality radio am by the way. If you're still looking for a radio station in your area to carry the show. EL than with in the month and we should be popping up on well and I believe at least a hundred more channels so arm that. Probably so for nine your area now very likely that we will be on some station and somewhere in your vicinity so. May she stay tuned in I keep on check him back on the site. Again like the FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio will be posting a lot of that information there. So Larry were to take a break whom we come back we'll have our guess Robert wolf talks on. You listened Jason GB IRL. Arsenal he's trying to dvds left without being real sound you always find your dvds halfway through your favorite movie is selling the dvd real leader is Korean arm. Our state of the art technology we'll take your dvd re going back to the beginning for cinematic masterpieces starts. The very beginning and we tie and reach out our car. May she get that dvd you wonder now how. Are. OK okay and our guests Terrero got to be coming up with us in just a moment we'll be talking about the JFK assassination is a really fascinating story and some real greats. New information new information this coming out. I know we have a few phone calls that we wanna get to just stay on hold we'll take your calls right after the break just before we bring the guest and it's beyond reality radio Jason and javy and Jason. We are watching those FaceBook numbers climb we wanted to visit to FaceBook page in and give it away. Immunized you know I did he get up there it keeps on growing faster and faster and I appreciate the sport so share with a friend and make sure they get all their like the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. We'll be right back to this. It's. Johnson it's beyond reality radio thank you to everybody for joining us on line on local radio stations in Chad. Even if you're downloading the show we do invite you to find us when Ron lies because that allows you to call and participate in real time. And just be more interactive we try to make the show very interactive and connected as many as we can and and I don't know for funny ever JW and I laugh a lot so what we really do believe boo me again we laugh for a stupid stuff so to speak to it could be funny and might not be an elitist mentality is out of like twelve year old and 1112 foreigners I get along so we'll my son's. Yeah that's and had a great relationship with your young people it's okay well all right let's I guess and we've been waiting to talk about this topic for a long time rapper Wilcox. Is an author and journalist in his most recent book target JFK and sheds some major light in revelations. On the long standing questions related to the JFK assassination Robert welcome to beyond reality radio it's fantastic to have you on the show. Eric are to be here comics are gone. So let's sort Q let's before we get into the nuts and bolts of drug target JFK and and what you've discovered and learned over the years told sort of about yourself. Leo I know you've got a number of books to your credit in youth this isn't the first conspiracy that you looked yet. No. Yet you know aren't an eighty and a journalist and writer march by trade and and I have written scripts and Hollywood and Britain for TV shows and I'm Rick this is my eleventh book. A couple of books that I wrote scream of Eagles is about the true story of our top gun gets started I loved military history. I am a military historian. Another book I wrote there is about the shroud of cure and I actually wrote. One of the first books ever in America about that sure sure and that few familiar with that during. It's very year a fascinating mystery and this book actually year I came from. A writing target. Patent which is about Patton and having been murdered which I do believe EEE was. And that was my first book. With target aren't had been in an errant. Yet it let me to some diaries that that that are a part of the basis of this book here so. You know arm I'm army historian I'm. I love military dialogue mysteries and naturally what I content. Now when you say is alleged to these diaries of these now these dot. Aired diaries that have been it really nobody knows a bowel that you got your hands on. Yeah. You know where 53 years since the assassination. There's been no load definitive some resolution yet. And these things are gonna happen and and that my book. Is it he is and never reported story nobody's ever heard this before the bigger the lie expire at Renee do socked. I assure you guys have not heard of him but he could be the key to solving the JFK assassination mystery. You lived under the radar. And and and the book is based partly on the secret diaries that I just spoke about. Which were written by a yard his good friend Douglas does not. Cool words I'm very credential Cold War spy and assassin. He was a good friend of Douglas Bose of Renee do socks and he. He he he writes that there's socked planned and led the shooting in Dallas. He uses. He's a major. You know person in the in the killing of JFK and let me say this is mr. reached or in the air it's really two parts. Do socked. That you you've seen the beer commercial you know the most interest in 10 yeah yeah bold. This is decide how to do it T take it if if if you first separated from this horrible killing that we're also talking about. But just about him alone and he was born in Argentina his father was Cuban diplomat. And that's key eat eat a Cuban really expect Wear his heart was and is father was also assume pre pre pre late that's. A model holy man kind of freed late and that. He talked it was shocked to really goes strong on my mind and body you know Marin to. To picture mare and to where you couldn't do anything you ward. And in your body. Do sock was a big guy. A boxer and Russia were not tight that. Very Smart guy as a child. Through through what is arbiter told he could walk as well on his hands as on his feet. I he actually did data nine stories Koppel on a ledge warned our which is part of the book. But doubt his father was posted this Switzerland end. Easy easy he's a very Smart guy and he learned to speak six languages do sock did. And that he became an Olympic happily as a young man. He he would they're Cuban tennis champions. He'd gotten all been in in revolutions there you know they billion. Goodell didn't lead the first revolution. Are they bad habit about every twenty years. For the last century and in the nineteen birdies this is the one he got involved there and then. He did some than that he had to flee real fast from any got out he came to Hollywood because his father had some connections. In in Hollywood any became a start Maine and he day he fought sharks underwater. And and that leapt from leaped from. It pirate ships and turn it stuff and that. Soon he was seen by a sort of the Jacques Cousteau of the day. Like dining John Craig which would really the guy who look for. You don't go on auto old Rex to find treasure and so warm and so do sock became his sort of right hand man and I think. In doing that throughout the thirties they were actually spies they're the navy is always involved and and do socket however not to get ahead of myself. Basically he worked for Cuba but he could have been a double triple agent but. When World War II Kaymer ran on the that the guy was fearless and he was recommended. To the OSS the OS yes was our first our intelligence. Spy spy group and specifically he was recommended to the chief Edberg labor the first special forces and what he's got a disputed. Is they'd jump into in India Europe and that it into occupied phrase to produce shock and and help the marquee fight the the the Nazis in the day he assassinated guy is and and and and and top the marquee out of blow up things and saw war and but Soledad Chad bird to the top whose whose diaries that I'm talking about but I got this story from. And and and dishonest and do sock away away back act of nineteen warnings. We end and do sock actually save dishonest life is. Beside this other really tough guy you have jet bird type. He had he was a young marine bid city Endesa Cindy Patrice de. Whom you may remember true. Yeah but that's what would Batiste it was a good guys and promised fighting to get to. Do what ansari known diseases greens you. Yeah yep and and he would say it and it would to assassinate Batiste and does not happen to be working on the peace decided that time. He he found he quickly found evidence that they don't do this were kill you week we know what's happened in saint dislike basically. And they became good friends because of that event. After the war. After they'd both been jet birch together where they bonded and so wants. Is shock return to cheap shoe but. And he was really appalled at what he saw. You you know. The mafia had taken over at. You know ever since the Spanish American war. American that couldn't be talking this is that this is the big history. America really thought was able to do whatever it wanted in Cuba because of Platt amendment in this is. No better shown that in the godfather movie if you remember the big 28. Where they you tie it up yeah I mean they could do that they they just don't Cuba. And endorsed this really have made do soccer mad and they an indicator this sock it. He loves Cuba and he loved the Latin America and used to used to lecture. In the thirties. About you know get your hands off of black in America that let us work in partnership would use this was a big thing with you know. So. He actually do socket it in the book you read this that in the diaries which says that. Do Sox finally found Castro. Out of several guys and they felt that Castro would be good guide illegal aren't to change Cuba away from this it and Eisenhower. Early on I had yet done a lot of meddling in in Latin America and I think yeah or not I don't think guy eat he was actually involved in the deep throw me know the Guatemalan. Had guys there it. These soc will have actually talked with this odd about this about whether they should chill it. And. Ike but he's it just was just a beside a sanction re killing are not. Can't target a little ahead because those are really was an end all this heat which is a friend of his and and and wanted to help them but. This oxide no. I axed too much of a grandfather wouldn't it. And and in this box mare in NC you may call deranged a little bit but he felt that. If it was justified the American people would understand what they did and so went. When when Castro took over Cuba. And win win. JFK and he began to try to kill Castro you know back happened don't chew. I mean they're there or at least eight or nine Clark so I mean they've. But officials would walk out of our exchange office and say that is deranged he wants to kill this is after the bank of breaks. We and we are flawed that well we're gonna lay off no they were still trying to kill him well. Do Sox ahead. OK that's that's justification and I for a and as you probably know the the Cubans were the first suspects. And it's very interesting that that was suppressed from the start. Because. It just detainees after the murder and this is in the blew it in the in the book to there was an IRI's only report. Robert let's Serbia. Robert let's this whole lot of that was at and we edited quick break the most start that when we come back it's beyond reality radio would Jason NGV our guest is Robert Wilcox I'll author of the book target JFK. Will be right there. Game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Carr and dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com and. Are acting on real radio with Jason and chief dean our listener line is 8446877669. Were talking with Robert Wilcox author of the book target JFK the spy. Who killed. Kennedy and a robber before we jump back into it. I just wanna mention that we are definitely going to have to have you back on the program and talk about the shroud of Turin because that is a topic that do we get a lot of questions about a lot of people interested in and you having written one of the first. Books may be the first book in the United States about the shroud it would be great conversation and a great night so hope to agree to do that. I'd love to do that that there certainly is great mystery. Yeah it is OK so we were talking about. Renee do Sox relationship with Castro in Cuba and you were you were talking about a report. Yeah I. Well the point Warren is that the first suspects. After the killings where the Cubans. And that was suppressed and I'll tell you why I just days after them the murder and eyes only reports circulated in the White House and in this report it's said something. To the effect of the Cuban did it and here's the proof and we know it. And you can see you concede this in Alexander Haig book our inner circle CE one of those who sought said it convinced him Alexander Haig. Being Reagan's secretary of state but he was not that the end he was so lesser figure but he was I out. And and and the album the the reason they were suppressing it was Johnson the new president. Say I'd hate. We can't let the American people learn this stuff because they'll demand that we eat invade Cuba and that would mean world war three because of course Cuba was allied with the Russians so. They suppressed that and I and I think that's what the Warren compared commission was supposed to do was to suppress this kind of thing. And I I'd for instance do not believe that one man did it are. Although I was Walt is part in my book he was part of a plot and he was eight pap streak. According to these diaries so. Anyway eight and the Cubans were the first and you know. Castro. Just before the killing I'd say eat past several months before it he actually set. Stake you've got to stop trying to kill me or you're gonna you're gonna suffer for it. And of course that's what the diaries say that they why do sock did this and there's a lot of other things two point to the Cubans who were the first suspects and. Robert upstate rubber what's the it was almost all of this mean we know there are a lot of different series muttered tangles of points that current official position. Of the federal or the US government on the assassination casino that we had the Warren commission and we've had a couple of congressional. Commission cents what's the current official position. Well the only other official position is they did have the house committee on assassinations. They looked into it and they should know Warren commission it wrong it was a conspiracy. But after that they haven't said anything that's why we have no definitive resolution. Nobody really can say okay we know exactly what happened here everybody knows that that that Oswald was there. And some the Warren commission tried that. To say that it was one bullet did it hit and not many people believe that there are various reasons why. But the bigger reason to worry that the house passes the house a commission. Awn assassination what they'd found out was that they believe that there was a conspiracy. Well and I know in lawn yen 1964 leader yet the president's. Commission on the assassination but also in 78. Wasn't there another government to the committee that was talking about how they had habeas there was likely a. One of only about that I can bet the house. Then you know the outside of forget what it's formerly called but it's the house study on a kick out right after the the movie on JFK they were moved because of the movie to do this and back toward yet. Well and in javy and I were talking about it even before brought you on the show that I know in late 2003 BC did a report where 70%. Of Americans believe that. Kennedy's assassination was it was. Some sort of there was a plot. And that it was a big conspiracy Diller. Yes absolutely. And Anna and I am one of those I do not believe the war commission I don't believe that. With a Oswald acted alone and and in my book. It's very interesting war. Deuce what what and I remember I'm what my book is reporting that not only the story of this sock but how do sought. That talked to Douglas was not a and then he woke these diaries. With the whole story of how it all evolved shall. It is a sect and frighteningly ER it's not a shock talking because it's the Douglas was spot up. Who was his good friend and then and the person that he could buy eight idiot but. Do socked. Said that. That. They wanted him to use Oswald and I say hey there is an overall goal. Power above him. And we never learn what that is I assume it's it's either the Cubans or a combination. And I say Cuba Castro. Castro or a combination. Of perhaps Castro the Russians. Even popping up all of them come into these diaries as as playing a part in the list. So all the usual suspects come out here what. What the book does is give you an insight into how it all started. And how it mustard and how it got bigger and bigger and how do sock would come back to two beside and say. OK I need me and I need. Money. And but somehow it was waste after World War II he stayed in Europe. And became eighty I Sabbah tour and I 88 free layups Sabbah tourist traps and and you have a group that worked with him. It was his biggest thirteen guys and the CI AEA would higher than this this is our for fact. The CIA would hire them to go into a behind the iron curtain and going Chela guys. Till about bad guy org or or extract some one who had to be taken out and work were being held and he did all those kinds of things. And that do sock new how how in touch. With the plan the star in the biz Ottawa says he will as. And so they could move in that circle and get all they even practiced. What they were going to do it says in the diaries. They didn't know that her own but they knew how they were gonna do and beat. The in the book. It describes what happens in Dallas and how many shots were fired. Who was there all over that did that naming people isn't too good you get a couple you get to CIA rogues. And Renee do sock. And Oswald is there and beta as I began as they didn't want Oswald. Industry thought it was hot head. They thought he might mess things up but they whoever it was calling the final shot sick yet had to use a so I'd do sock. Be used in the used to interact in in a very interesting way in which goes along with being patsy. And calculate what that is if you wanna you know. Yeah we Juba let's do it right after this break we're gonna get into the deep tales of how this conspiracy was formed with were native sock and how Oswald was involved. It's beyond reality radio Jason NG BR guest tonight is Robert Wilcox the book is target JFK. And we'll get into it and get packets beyond. Time and GB Johnson. Behind this happy go lucky radio voice they may be hard to tell but I recently suffered catastrophic some injury they changed my life forever. It's often said that there's always a silver lining and I found mine at a group called safety. SA FT. Support they've forgotten from international. Yes the folks at safety Bentley came to my aid could offer support to me. And mine the other nine fingers that's why I decided to become a spokesperson for safety and to help further their mission. To make sure that every song earns the respect it deserves. The folks at safety leave Glenn one moment. Safety first. That's right SA ST. Remember. A son this is terrible thing to test. It's. A great win tonight we're talking to Robert will. Talks author of the book target JFK this fight who killed Kennedy and this is the segment we love Robert because we have nice long honor for under uninterrupted time we can really get in the deet tails of this. So why aren't you really stir setting the stage is how does not a and Renee do sock started. Planning and envisioning. What ultimately happened in dealey plaza. Robert. Remember we've lost drummer we marvel Austin or did he you know. As he stood there numb. But did he is slick on that so. You know who who obviously we're talking about a lot of new information here that is related to the JFK assassination that it takes a lot of background to understand what's going on. We and I wanna make everybody also aware when robber was talking earlier he was he was talking about how lot. Do sock was a part of the OSS and what it is in case you don't know if he'll assess was. The OSS was the precursor. Of the CIA. Says pretty much what became the CIA. And just think that somebody was involved in in special operations like that. In the US government also worked into. Into this whole scenario. For you know assassinated president it's it's the same. Sarah fine if you think about it. Yeah it's it's it's an unbelievable. The situation and done you know when it comes into the JFK assassination and as it. And I can't wait to talk to Robert about this we get him back on. But Fidel Castro just dying very recently have is gonna open up the doors to a lot more information and down you do you think you'll. I mean it because its slate he is the guy who's in charge now his relative has been in charge for almost a decade now and nothing's changed. Well I and you may not with his brother right roll by down there's reports that the next generation of leaders in in Cuba are desperate for change in desperate to buy a group that once a year around here so and in role is is is pretty old as well so I don't think that's too far down the road you know. But that information is gonna is gonna is gonna change things too. You know and and a leader in to leave their disapproval on this or talking about now or it's going to proof and support a lot of this. When you think it is that if there was somebody like Castro you think that he'd want to pretty much. Hey you know what the word out that value is part of OK we got Robert that sorry about that robber we are talking about. Target JFK and I wanted you to set the stage of how. The designer and to sock started to put together the pieces including Oswald that ultimately led to what happened in dealey plaza. Yeah well. I mean it it's a long process from the 1950s. And so on but Oswald comes in late. And that's right after they've decided error this sock has decided to to do this when he called this operation. Hydra KE. I don't know what it meant you know the harder as the many headed monster in Cape May be for Kennedy I don't know but that's what they call that hiker K Ian. When they it it's quite an elaborate operations. Prior to two going to dollar us they had some run Peru's Ian Europe I don't think Oswalt was there at that time. But I they got together. Five shooters five triggers they called government. Com. They were. Two CIA rogues. Not named. Oswald has been put into it they had to take him we NATO Saku almost a religious thing that he was going to. To you to do to Europe to do it took shoot to kill shot. And I guy named yet of course key which I think is a great name. Who was calm. In this spot is. The terminology the greatest hit man in the world either KGB guy or eight. Brit. It's it's not clear but those five guys are of the shooters there and behind them they have. What what what are called the diary CEO's these are guys who are two watch the situation behind the shooters. And it has situation awareness and when it's time to shoot they won't just touched their their neck. Don't say a word just tortured neck it's okay you could shoot now. And if one of these shooters are backed out or didn't do the right thing they'd kill right there are on the spot. And as they ride out a bit but we're very happy that it finally it was Dallas because Dallas was the easiest place to get to. Are from Mexico oil which was notorious place they go in and out of there all the time. And they. When they arrived. They. They all had disguises and they had actually done some. Some preliminary work like putting both. A jag and knocking submit out of areas around there that looked like bullet holes are exposed. Not I suppose the reason was to make it seem like there were more shots than were fired. Now finally there are four shots fired in three of them are real and and I'll I'll set it up forty. Do sock is in part the the limousine. Which is. Unusual and I think it's in the grassy Knoll although this is not specifically said. But there are indications it was in the grassy Knoll but it could've been in the overhang as well. And and four Oswald. As I said. These sock didn't want Oswald bigger. So he decided to use him as quote patsy and what he was gonna do was. They put a a bullet into Oswald's rifle. It was not a real bullet what it it was explorer rolled about fifteen feet this is from the diary if he 120 feet. From after it's you know from the up from there they have the the tip of the rightful. And what that was for was to get every Warren in the airy yet to turn and look at the depository. So that the real shooter and worked. Do sock could take the shot and there's another shot fired now how that goes is. Deuce and and it's very interesting something happens that was unexpected. Oswald fires that the the the out fake Bolick. He realizes something happened there he diverted. His CLB earning that and stock or real bullet at bear. And fired a real shock so he shot twice according to the diaries now. Meanwhile. Wind that diversion where what does she was set up. Do sock in front of the car shoots and hits. Kennedy right to afford it and let me say that. When you look at the zap quarterfinals which is the only film we have of this. There are some pictures but the only failed this goes perfectly lit bit because the first thing that happens that in the end it in the crucial ranged. He is that something makes. JFK. And and Connolly in the front seat turned up their right and look toward the depository. Well. If you're looking at the diary that's a fake but that's a fake shot. And then he turns around JFK does and he gets it right in the broke eat you could see him grab his stroke. And that of course goes with the autopsy. That was that was immediate Indian Dallas. Subsequently. When they take it to Washington I think a lot of chicanery goes on and make big change that date. At and and it also even in Dallas stay open that hole which was a tiny URL and entry oral sync the doctors who saw. It is big but it debate which means they sticker tube down his throat. So. The diaries. Tell you something. That has never before been told course will bull story is never been told the battle loan. Is very uninteresting because it goes along with that. Both of them turning looking up. And then turning in the flat an idiot grabbing his throat that's what the popular films show. Now I'll I'll I'll ended by said he wanted to bring it did you see that this week. The enquirer. A ball but it newspapers if you wanna call the newspaper but they ran a story that on his deathbed. Castro. Confessed. That he had been involved in the shooting. I don't know how much credit availability you wanna get to the inquirer but it doesn't only the athletes. Well well you know they've done some big things ever wants to out of there in the last election not what was his name the guy a that is the affair with. With a girl anyway. And let me say I've worked for both the inquirer and the New York Times you know I work for the terms when they were really really good it. And the inquirer. Will check your facts of world war from the from the New York Times did it the difference between the two worst heat are strange you out. To tell story and if you don't tell that story they won't work whereas the New York turns at least before work used to. Run whatever you you came back with because they already approved the view as a reporter so. Anyway those bitterness just some of the things that are good that are in the diary. Robert that brings up an interesting question and Jason I've talked about a little bit come 10 we were trying to get you back on the air with us. What does the death of Fidel Castro due to this story do you think there's information in Cuba that may get released alternately maybe after roll roll is gone or. That'll be that'll and substantiate some of these things were talking about or at least shed more light on the was just so far. The right question but I don't think it's gonna come from Cuba. I think there's already you know these Brothers in charge and I think there there are some young. Pot gets there there. Probably already just take over immediately and keep the clamps on Cuba however. Very important. I have seen them there are. Thousands of documents. That I fake from the very beginning as I said it was covered up. From the very beginning all of these documents are our many of them are in the National Archives there in a safe. There are although there's not a big. Change around it. And we are now told that beginning in the U next year that we might be able to beat begin this get some of these documents that have been held. Sense for fifteen years since decent since the the assassination. So that's where you're gonna get. A lot of new information. That is going do. City. Whether or not you know what world saying it's true or not and separate that the wheat from the chaff. But it also makes you wonder how much of it if if that actually does happen how much of it will be blacked out to make sure that. We really can't people got together. Exactly exactly you to. You know they always say that and then it they they still. Blacked out you know nine tenths of it and so so your right but I listened. It's time and most of the people are dead don't we would break in the diaries. In about 1977. Bazaar says I can tell you that everyone that was involved it's still a lot. That being the shooters all the shooters were a lot but you know that so many people died who work. Involved in this in in in in. Peripheral wage and one of the things that happened to Dallas. Was they had people in the crowd and it says in the diaries. That would do a screen look at that and and things like that there were all diversions all too too too cheap. What was really going on in hiker case. Quiet. Robert I read one of the first books I read on the assassination was Jim Garrison spoke on the trail of the assassins. And there's and that's the the the story that to Oliver stone's movie was based on. Are any other than mark Oswald or any of those characters those people that David series of the world involves. Where they involved according to the diaries. No they are not it at all mentioned there but but the thing to keep in mind is at. I didn't become yeah I've read every book but I I didn't have to become pretty familiar with everything going on and because there are shall mean any under. Are now related. Mysterious. Areas in in the diaries. You know that could be very clear that they could be bear without being stated so. There are many names named except for. Various. And and they were not those not not fairy and and and that and the other was not. Tell us what was going on in Mexico Mexico seems to have been. Who are very important part of this whole side. Yes Mexico is is has always been. Former Serbian ought not centuries but for a decade ever since world war two and during World War II was always a hotbed of I'll vote spy activity and all that kind of thing. You know Castro came there after he was us stupidly let out of gentle bite petite step. To begin knee is all commit taking over of Cuba so Castro was in the air and then. Prior just prior to the at accorsi left. You know I think it was what 56 when he eats he made his trek across. The seat to back to Cuba and then was pretty much wiped out but he did get to the mountains and that was the beginning. But after that just a month there to be for the assassination a whole bunch of stuff happened. And one of the things that happened was that Oswald went to. The Cuban embassy in Mexico. Caused a big spate we don't know exactly what happened there are. There are debates whether or not he was in the air and and and as a CIA guy trying to. Did to elicit something out of Luhrmann and at their word doubles for Oswald or whether it was really Oswald the whole time. But he did go into the embassy with at least once or twice and did direct costs are rock just wanted to kill kit and security wanted to go and it's supposedly he was taken. To Cuba and possibly back to Russia he'd been there once before. All of this just prior to the assassination. So. She Mexico's real hot bed and Mexico plays a big part. In the story of Brittany do sock. Early in the fifties do socked works for the FB RI. And he's a double digit. But they don't know what and they are sending him into. Into Mexico and he's gone for long periods. This I think is the current but he went and met with Castro bazaar says he will it would do sock. It in the diaries to meet Castro Castro. They just perhaps small much change it wasn't a big deal already think. So our Mexico is very key recourse if they is the way to get into and out of balance. Reverend the question about Oswald obviously we know what happened to him after Jack Ruby. Maybe you know he didn't last very long after you was arrested and he was subsequently murdered her assassinated. Was that part of the plot to or is that just something that was coincidental cleaning up loose. I'm not in the diaries ya it's not in the diaries. And and I could be wrong on that I'm sorry I it's a it's a small part if it is. But the the mafia. Our Internet and there are only ended at the end in and it's strange story. Do sock wanted to tell. America first lay off a Castro. Stop trying to tell lame. Or you're gonna have a problem you're gonna lose your president and the way he was going to do that was he wanted desire not to go and tell. The the CIA. So most of of the some of the size buddies in the CIA who happened to be eight. The top ones that were there Kolby and William Colby who would they edited the director of the CIA and some others. That this is gonna happen so besotted did that he actually gotten contact with Iraq five different CIE eight people. Told them that that there was a a plot. To kill the president if they didn't lay off will be stone walled. So. This product after the after the assassination. The dots scattered and said hey they're gonna blame this on TV. So he went at it and and talk to eight another famous. Spot in this guy's name was Luc company. Luke could mean. A months before JFK was assassinated loop could be was head of the operation in which we. Were overseers. Of DM the head of Vietnam. Being assassinated which he was. So loopy Nina Barrett jet bird like do sock and liked. Doug was the bottom so. The final where it could mean and he said you've got to cover meet. Because you know I came do you and they had they had had meetings prior. To the assassination so cone means. Well good document and it's in my book any says you came to me three times before this happened. And said that there was this heidrick Kate and that your friend that he didn't use the name. Grenada sake use an anonymous they. Which was heading to stand up and that they were gonna do it. And got back some very very a strong our evidence that it that the what but saw it what the plot is writing which I believe anyway because of global auto Wallace. Being very very credible because. Of being best friends with William Colby and and and also some other things which like it'd juke you want to. What are rubber you'll see you brought numerous times involve the mafia because there was they don't want them and don't know but there's been a lot of profile there that the CIA actually. Had meetings with the mafia. And not so much to assassinate Kennedy but it but initially they were talking. To them about assassinating. Castro. And yet iPods are you ask me that was the original reason for that. Yes they did and one several of the attempts to kill Castro the things that. That that motivated. Do socked. According to the diaries are what is who was with the use of mafia. Hit the end and the they they never could pull it off they were kind of kinda very very bad. And had my point with the other ponying story was that after. After this happened and and do sock wanted. He eventually wanted the story to come now and he did it never would come out if I had forgotten to. To dishonor and he'd had a stroke he never would have talked to eat but since he did. He didn't have the stroke he gave me goes. Those a diary. And I'm sorry I'm trying to think about what what what your question is who. We were talking about it mob but before we get yet of how much we did and that is gonna take a break here and a second. I just wanted to ask the courts won't what did you say what year you will you got a hold those diaries. When that last. I mean in not about nine the about ninety. 698. RRR a thinks something around wrecked did you when I was writing target app too which is an and that's the reason I got the diaries was. Was. 22 to take that story the beside Ed written about what he knew about patents GAAP. Which was quite a lot and quite convincing. To read anything about did you have any doubt or any concern about Fallujah does legitimacy of the information that was included. Absolutely you view wanna check it out yet and the reason that I think it was so are true are those that I already stated that there. That this product is so I mean first of all they were in the in Coke and I had to be code them not they would these were. You know I'm decipher. Coach Wright was trying to get into that as soon as we get back Bremer asserted do that T do we have to take the break and we'll come back we'll finish that's that part of the story up it's beyond reality rating in 1970. A game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Garrett Collins dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com and. Only half and so the studios because. What were one of these thugs goes on Jason breaks out into your brand my breakfast club via breakfast club the lip sing dancing in here are a studio chair it's probably the best thing I've seen all day. Our c'mon that's where music is good it's true that's true is good stuff. We're talking with Robert Wilcox about the JFK assassination his book is target JFK the spy who killed. At Kennedy. His website is Robert K will Cox dot com and to Robert re in pretty close to the end of our discussion tonight but on thirst so many pieces to this puzzle. And it it doesn't seem to ever get simpler it just seems to get more and more complex. Cutesy kid doesn't get more complex but. You know we do have parts of it we have we we all know that Oswald was clear and I I mistake you you ask me what did I think that. You know which is true we're not that. You know I don't know I've written this so that the reader can look at all facts about it too great great spore just on to soccer lol but. I knew was shot and I. I checked him out for weeks and weeks at for the other book at everything he's ever told me has been true. And like I said he never would have given me these diary they would've died with them eat diet and about ten years ago and and nobody would have ever known them but he pat cash rope and and he was just right at the heart of a clam the Stein at the tournament that. Assassination. You know he's being used. He is these good brand is William Colby who will ring and the CIA in the coney. Document and finally were you may not know Ralph date told O'Donnell but. I think he was. Oh William Buckley's Powell when they started national review of ash sterling writer. Very credible historians. She believed this an actually got a hold of it as I told you part of a plot was eventually to tell every one and that's why. The patchy part it was. Which they wanted eventually to prove that that Oswald was Apache beauty didn't shoot anything that. The fake bullet that was gonna come back later. Well route Tola Donald found out about this. Sometime in the seven the east. And is a bit because of those Lotta went to him and said were which turned to tell I'd say it's seven B I have been the eighty I'm not certain. But he believed it. And you know that's just a terrific. Person to believe it I believe that I don't does not a I believe the diary. What cheap we you know did he get it right it's secondhand I don't know a final thing I'll tell you is that there's a guy in there. In the diaries mentioned he's neighbors Jose Antonio Khobar. Any named in the diaries that were the were written in 1977. These goals from. Actually from the late sixties to the late seventies. And of this guy cup Barca has only recently been ever identified. In JFK. Shoot secret documents as having had an a part in it and and what he does is. He was I heard. It and cap lions by the CIA. Or the FBI I'm not sure which. In which he says okay right after the assassination we did it and Robert Kennedy's next. And listen it was in these diaries in 1977. It has not it would be this was not released to the public. Until 1992. So besides I have back in the air plus he had called me tell him that. There are a good sign a document that that that that he had told and so. I feel you know what was I supposed to do it thrown in the trash now I've got to write a book about this to add to that. To the literature here it may very well will be the key to solving the assassination. And that both those aspects this great story of this sock. And could you possibly done this in. And in the assassination. Keys are Americans are our normal. So when we look at this the diaries and that this story you've been able to tell that that comes from the an information there. As time progresses since you've been able to read them and kind of problem chronicle this have you started to see anything emerge that other than you know. This is looking into decide I'm looking into a design of it has any third party of government information started to corroborate. This story. The biggest thing is that. Castro and the Cubans are the best suspects in my opinion. Not only had did this deathbed. Come out now that that that Castro said that he did it. And he explains it in the in the inquirer. But. All everything is in my at the B in my opinion of the best mode. Is you're trying to kill me I'm gonna try until you do that trumps. The mafia guys although there in this thing year. Saying oh well your your. The Europe you're beginning to put heat on us. After we helped you win the election that's that's a motive of the mafia. They don't like that Robert Kennedy was was putting heat on them. I still think if somebody trying to kill you know you can and Castro courses that type of guy would do back. He was a bloodthirsty guy eat he when he was vengeful. He too old and did a lot of bad things over there ask anybody who's left that country and they're in the what a hundred that a thousand now. Because of the bad situation he put up there so that's what's come out to me. Is that after seeing missed that that that that Castro is the most likely suspect. OK now I've viva another question a final question this says to do with any kind of conspiracy of this magnitude. How does that last for so long. How does the key this secret kept for so long when there are so many people involved and there's really so much money that could be made by tone on the story. Just two more guys were good these types were real good. And this category ski and so want. I've I've run into him before east the greatest hit me and they never talked they are I mean they just go to their great with this thing and they get picked. Patty. Back in 6300000. Dollars and he didn't do the things he just stood there. They make so much money. I don't know what should be paid for this you're right I mean that. These are good questions I I can't really answer the other than to say that these guys were very good and they pulled at all and they've kept it quiet and then again we didn't wanna go after the Cubans it met world war three so we shut it up. Well and it's also the factor. The fear factor of at all I mean. When woes of Benjamin Franklin who said three meant to keep the secret if two of them are dead so you're right there and it's sort of sets it sets in the Mota are absolutely the state. I'm a big bottle. Where it was not it was but it wouldn't go to collaborate with Tola Donald. What happened was he had he says in the diary I had lunch with two mafia is. And they let me know that it would not be a good idea that to tell this story. And so and by the way they had they had set up a deal with The National Enquirer were. Four I think it was. A 100000 dollars for the story remembered the shot it was supposed to do it he felt bound Jewish sprint. To tell this story but when he got back that. Fear factor there from the mafia he backed off which makes me think the mafia were somehow people yeah. She's so what's what's next for you Robert Ray you know we you've covered the patent. What we would say is a murder assassination. We're talking JFK what's next on your horizon. Where we should tell me this. But. It'll be just looking you to do the did you turn this yeah well thought yeah and I'll tell you what that the patent story is much more. Cotton dry. That he was murdered and read my book. Target does that give us you'll see give us a 92 teaser about what happened that. Patton who knew too much. And he was also he also wanted to fight the Russians who were our buddies. And at most two was saying he knew enough to keep Eisenhower from becoming president. And those stupid and and by the way you could buy him off and you couldn't scare. And our he was going all and they had to do something passed and that accident that he had was the typical way they kill people. That that that a big big time hits are always accidents because if you don't get him in the accident you can always stressed opposite doctor and get him in the in the hospital and that's what they did the scariest thing animals that. So it happens a lot more and that's something I've learned you know or just a regular guy like you and I never knew all this stuff but look what happened in the last election. We didn't know any of the stuff it came out are all these things that that they were keeping promise you not believable. They pick people up for. Yeah we were making that point in in one of the things we said before you brush on earlier is that it seems as though the JFK. Assassination. And then and the subsequent assassinations of rfk in Martin Luther King Jr. and then the Vietnam War people started to open their rise to the fact that the government. Wasn't always in fact frequently was not honest. And it really turned that. Yet another good and honest and say it really turns people's opinions from believing everything that came out of Washington or other government officials. I'm really and it's here. Without question and in target pat Neal Reid so much as it was so much going on that that has never gotten out yet. There's there's there's been a real cover up of all of our government to even in World War II. Or look for the scariest thing right now is it's becoming the norm and it's becoming accepted. And and I think that's the scariest thing is there's nobody there you know especially his younger generation nobody's in they're really trying to dig for the truth or just. Now they're getting their information for FaceBook and calling in today and accepting that Israel. So true so true and I I look at myself and I hated it when it it's it's been a failure of education we allow. Education to take away everything that really is great about our country all the constitution. And and all the of the the rest that would keep us. Aware of at least it to the degree we could nowadays. They don't know anything and it's it's really scary. Yes so terrorist or Robert Obama got about thirty seconds left with few working people get a hold of your books and keep track of what you're working on. Campus on will have it any any outlet will have it added if they don't have to ask BD. But it should be and all the bookstores right now and I you can get me at my at my web site Robert. And you know I'm always will confirm for a new book and I I like mystery like military and the they just anything though I've written one novel two but I. Are you ever out about doing the signings or anything making appearances. Oh yeah sure. You know in which they set up you know it can not but setup right now but it is. And actually get a read in the conspiracy to Pearl Harbor so there's holes they won't that so. Oscar bait ordinarily and others there well thanks for coming on our eye on it at that passes so low only written about that yet the but but there is a conspiracy theory column are solely so law possible thank you for coming on has been a pleasure and I look forward to talking Ian and your future. And it really enjoyed it thank slot for haven't. I'm great thank you the book is target JFK. By Robert Wilcox check it out on Amazon or Robert T Wilcox dunk comments Jason TV. Have you ever been hanging out with friends and girls Nadal realized he had to push one hour. Over them plain Coleman's court with your boy if only to realize you had to drop ping US but there's no public restrooms site. Have you ever been driving to work coffee laxative that. No need to worry anymore and where you're gonna leave that hurt just let it go. With petrol you can be slamming the dogs and dropping the jokes all the same time. You could be hanging with the girls and dropping the pearls and no one will be any lawyers. He can be driving to work and not squeezing the chiefs. Play catch all do all we can do to catch your. Catcher were here computer crap off. Joseph was not supported when we're slightly when succeed with this program is that if you attempt to tilt on protein Penske most likely end up with a real mess. And Randy geez who's Jimmie Johnson's gonna see this one time. Don't ever after stating again but the chat room is meant for people to get together Chad about topics of the show be nice and friendly to each other and if he gets out of hand we're gonna have to. Banned people from it because amidst. It's not there to make people uncomfortable and it's not there to arrest people is about the pictures a century in the crowd yes I am disgusted and still upset by it. Actually not that discussed the button. I mean. OK well whatever purpose don't we just need to say that and we don't usually have Chris Perkins in their monitoring things and she's not there tonight unfortunately and it seems like it's that she's tired now expired totally nuts anymore anyway but she picks teaching it more important but a great big thank you tour guest tonight Robert Wilcox. It's a story and a subject that we can talk about for for many more hours than we had here and down I am really excited to bring them back on a talk about it from deterrent to. Lion to end but but it's actually its interest in his a lot of information because there's some reports you know a lot of people believe that the Soviets were involved. A lot of people believe that the mafia was involved because I guess I return. Only yelled it nearly killed Jesus to. So I'm David Merrill forever but so I don't know what I mean when it when it comes down to I guess or stay on topic. Or you shouldn't. But now when it comes down to the whole JFK thing you know a lot of you leave Soviets were involved. The mafia there is there's. Proof and you can read about it where the CIA actually had meetings with the mafia. About here then killing. Killing Castro and the fact of the matter is then won all this you know and all I am having started happening especially after the whole war pigs I messed up. You know that the mafia felt like there are gonna get screwed out of not being able to do the casinos and stuff over there. So mad that I probability was there and now of course are possible in Moscow it's just who did do you know. Yeah it's a fascinating story and I'm sure we'll have other programs and other people talking about it remember. Roberts website is Robert Kim Wilcox dot com we do a phone call or some and been waiting on hold for a while this is pressing from Alabama. Press and welcome to beyond reality radio great to have you on the show. They'll press and he's still there. Okay bump must restaurant modestly prosperous and just press and didn't stand all those loans and said he was going to anyway what a great couple shows coming up next week a whole week government Sachs in fact remembering Rosemary Ellen dialing on Monday night and that's going to be good when she never. Is boring and never disappoints. Now she's a blast and I've been good friends with her for many many years and she's just a wonderful person talked doing too anxious just got so much information. Also Tuesday we got hons king. I mean world renowned and respected medium and spiritual teacher so I and then once we get our good friend Jeff Blanchard is Timmy. On talking about legends and folklore. Everything running from we have among last December we had this big long discussion about crap innocent. And organized labor and get into that again. I can't wait because. That story is not only just disturbing. It's got roots and a lot of very strange legends and I know that people are more aware of Francis and those types of stories because the movie that was out a couple years ago I had to falls under the engine of a German. A lot of German heritage and so so it looks like we we have Preston back your songs back to line Preston now from Alabama you're on with. Be on reality radio. And yes or can do to show what's going on. Loop holes were exchanged and questions our fox it and sugar that is newsreader with. AJ and I do believe I'm gonna William. Under the and I saw war August general hospital two days ago are a bit and we've gotten any. Concern. Yet starter we've been pretty quiet. All these occasionally they'll take it watching Utah sort. Oh magician what excuse. Pocket where each character Arthur. Well yeah we're actually we're trying to figure I'll because of the barge to open asking recently we're trying to figure out a way to. To make it happen and and how to get them shipped down everything else so lie if you want to check back with us in about a week week and a half and we should have some answers for them. Yes thanks for the call press and we appreciate that and hope that helps you out. We do like two you know try to make those things available without a lot of people asking about autographs and pictures. Yes India has there was that you get shipped out and because we had a problem in the past where and you know about that Jim it was likely iris sending them and I don't on this just due to. The post office some people annoying annoying glam or whatever but. They never seem to make it to their destination. Now I've got one more question and I want you to address Jason and this is on something and it seems grown chat recently because we have a lot of new people joining us in champ people that haven't been listen into the program is that boxers are prescribed Angola and answered Scott. Campbell yeah we're talking winter or summer found that right now Hillary Clinton was true winter's going to be via the mark wanted to know tell anyways so but the question I was so much commando well. So the question I was gonna ask that scene in chat from some in the new folks that have been joining us is you know they wanna know what's coming up after the. Most owners. Well I actually am were in talks or we're still talks it's one of those centers were during this time of the year things really slowdown because. Holidays and stuff but we aren't talks with a couple couple big networks. And they'll be some information I think that would become now with then I'll probably within a month at FC champ. Pray and so maybe month month and a half so he just says stay tuned into as soon as this and as we can announce some information we will. Yep and it's gonna be good information to you know on you've been tell me what's going on I'm excited for it I think it's it's a great step forward and not just. Reality TV in the things we've been doing but certain things you've been doing Jeff. Well and the thing is that it. You know to do it to do ghost hunters again or show on the paranormal again. It's just gonna change because there's so many shows that just copycat shows. And where we started that we started this whole it is I can't say we started a format is it's just the way we always have investigated. But now all of a sudden you see all these you know other shows copying this same format and it gets old I think it. You know to to do it he has spice it up Vienna bring it back you get a sort reinvented its time for some to new enemies of the Monica and I mean only so many people can copy exactly what you deal. Who the worst part is didn't do priority doing it is so way we we've been doing this investigating for 20/20 five years. So a lot. And we love it and we still do it on or off the show. But yeah we just we've to do it to do showed to keep them another show going into it we just need to reinvent it and do something different. And I'm looking forward to that. Again this that's gonna be it's for the week were done we'll be back Monday night with Rosemary Ellen guy at least start getting your normal questions ready she knows everything about all things paranormal surely does. Absolutely cell and again a big shout out to Robert K Wilcox for coming on and talking to us about JFK and and these new in this new information and he's done and I look forward to Panama again I think if it does a lot of information talk to Oman and sent Melissa a bunch. Out of turn within and I'm remain inputs and cited time aside to talk about the patent book that he has target time not because that is something that's been talked about a lot in fact in the movie patent. Was George C. Scott there's an. There's an a reference to possible murder and a assassination in that film and that was my that was me in the seventies I believe so this has been talked about for awhile. Yes but. Big thank you everybody who tuning in if you haven't yet make she had over and like the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. You'll have a safe weekend and will catch on Monday christianson GG. And need distance it's. I'm sorry and I don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a line and say hello it's beyond reality reveal all one word if you've got information you want us to follow upon where you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio. An email to sleep Getty. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.