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01/10/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio - NASA conspiracies relating to the moon, mars, and more.

Jan 10, 2017|

01/10/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Mike Bara discusses his research regarding possible conspiracies involving NASA. Is evidence of alien life on the moon, on mars, and other places being concealed? Plus listener calls, and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Our. The Minnesota beyond reality Rio was or January 10 2017. Below check 123 test is the son Ari how does it work and how does he spends so long I feel like I've got a real education he self Jefferies and this is in anywhere way into the new year now. Yeah went our way into this stuff for our first live show host when he seventeen cents that's correct America rushed and why I'm happy we both made its American Idol I don't I know it and we appreciate everybody hanging on with this through a bunch of best of shows are great interviews but of course. We always like to analyze stuff and I think people appreciate that to what's funny new and hello. Everybody else they're welcome beyond reality radio if you know if you're tuning in online or whether you're turning him on many degrees stations welcome aboard. But he had engine you and I were talking about that just recently where. It we felt like we are missing some of the late. We are cheating the day we were so weird because we are supposed to be on there and instead we are in Vegas in trying to. Figure out when Monica yeah. Which no sadly for neither Vista to work to hold its original at the one I did when it actually gave it to give the rate back if I fell back I think I know it's just a few times when and why you weren't taken an out of their hood and mountains and now an Athens that's how Vegas was billed wasn't built on winners of tell you that. So it was built on blues and urged him you know certainly. Contributed to those beautiful buildings that are out there but we had a great time in the Consumer Electronics Show we did then there was 250000. People at this voice and it'll it was truly in the same I've never. I've never been anything like and I've been asked for last five years ago so this was the first time I get out there and I'll say it it was amazing to me wrong there are a lot of plate engine you can. Understand saying there are a lot of people that just. Were really to root today that were there for I don't know how things I think you negate quarter million people in anyone's place and run into the but I mean I am or walking walked up to this one guy was asking him box TV I think he's like you're gonna start somebody or so ago. Somebody else here you know right and you're you are you busy now with the you're just gonna have to target somebody else knows we're using it and neither are some pretty cool technology will say one thing and I've seen media reports about it sense. You know this whole. Virtual reality hype that was a little overdone. I will say they'll flir. Flir had a Lyles virtual real that was cool. Out of there. And and of course I was there at at the CES fourth winner. Talking about their cameras and news Mueller's Jason Cameron from a DIY. As the mad men demand caves and all that and a great guy and a bunch or people from around the world wildlife foundation didn't. But it's clear heads the senate. That night I tried the first night we got there they wanna meet to to test it out. And you put on the populace which is that whole virtual reality and you you hold the two handles. They have this where you your in this war. Clinton cabin I guess he's telling them they starchy and attributed to the search you kind of looking you know top down at this cabin in the woods yet and then take you inside the cabin and Dan and you can you can walk he can do everything you can grab things and maybe things were you to pick up laptops in its crazy and two you've got to thermal and one handwritten. And then during this the power goes out if flickers or else. And with the firmly to see footprints on the floor. There's a foot then you follow it is something Q and you around it and all of a sudden there's a ghost apology doughnuts at the sitting off to decide the UN of finding but they did a really phenomenal job with the program because it. Where I've done virtual reality before and you know your in virtual reality it's. Whatever and you really limited I mean they have a set up we you can do anything you can move all around and it really looked professional now like that. And for some phenomenal people therefrom Fuller. As well yes there was a great group well we you know I had dinner with him a couple times during the course of being there great people very accommodating very appreciative. And agree products. Absolutely so are. It was just neat and now they're checking out everything Bada. We are definitely happy to be back we are we are we have bomb been looking forward in sectoral little disappointed last night we were going to have John teeter on. And and we couldn't because some I came down with the post Vegas but whatever happened to be who was not pleasant and promised. But we had sent away for prostitutes. Of course but. What ever I never was it wasn't fun and we've rescheduled John on to I think it's next Monday have to check with slick on that so we'll have. Him on be able to talk about his experiences as time travel stress or travel to that time the deal laser to today would have to wait because it on the last night in and actually do on the show. You know that would've that would've worked out great but tonight we've got Mike Barr and Barre and he's had many books out and honestly he's he's been on just and what shows are married ancient aliens and much of other things in the history channel's. Bada and he's written a much of books are dark missions the secret history of NASA the choice. Hidden agenda NASA in the secret space program each and aliens are the moon ancient aliens are mars' ancient aliens are martial arts soup. And ancient aliens in secret societies. He's that he's the self described. Born again conspiracy. Theorist and he. As it was morning again monsters as are gonna find out but I know that he started to see things in later in his life that he didn't recognize before any certain to become very curious. Very inquisitive and he's doing a lot of research. On some of these topics so you know unite. Great conversation tonight I'm getting in to some especially the bait then NASA related ones are there at the moon Mars those types of things. Pennant to the merging of two topics we like. Talk about if and then tomorrow we're going to be talking with Scott Alter. Forensic geologist. You might know him from the History Channel says show America and Hearst. Which followed him on a quest to uncover that your despite controversial historical artifacts and sites found throughout North America and we're going to be talking to him. Mainly on via hole kissing the Kensington. Room a room storm. Its own. Yeah that habits can be great conversation I'm also very excited about death Thursday show I'm lost can attest it's twelve mr. Lobo is a well known. Horror host writer actor and producer in the poorer communities very dedicated to a low budget cinema. He's been in a bunch of films in fact there was a remake recently of love plan nine from outer space the Ed Wood film and knew the remake which is called plan nine and he played the Chris well part. And if you've seen that movie. You know exactly what I'm talking about and his motto is they're not bad movies they're just misunderstood. So we talked to a bad movies will be talking about or cheap or you know B movies that kind of thing would mr. Lobo. Very well known for host and critic of B movies C the only time I really. Like watching those really bad movies was with us mr. sites here all my gun years since the very guys sat there with the robots they poke fun Larry EU we just laugh and laugh about the dominance of the movie yeah. Yeah it is it's funny you mention that. 36 hours since I have not been feeling well I I was in my bed with my iPad watching mystery science theater. Products I totally makes time go but it really does it's great in any right it makes those movies hilarious. It really makes them amazing hat so. But so the mansion and due DSD kill those snow up there in New York. No Cooperstown ash actually escaped it there's a little bit coming down here and there but really not bad. We get about fifteen inches or island object groups isn't that it is sound that that it was doable you know the poor wife had to handle herself as we're in various. And and but there's that other storms that they've been talking about that's been coming across as well I don't think it's gonna have asserted and put. It was dropping up to almost ten feet of snow in the Sierra Nevada us. There's some really wild weather going on around that's for saying yes and a California gaining a bunch rain which was much needed much needed for California you know. And solar house is all false hopes of language militarism that is enough so I got this article Jimmy's. Terry. So yeah here fan Star Wars and yet your parent well. You have any idea home many calories you'd need to be able to shoot forced lightning and things referring to that you mean like the the emperor guy Denis yeah yes it's an out of lightning and his fingers you know Liu he had what was. Are insidious contemporaneous or it was released. Karen duke who are and I and and anyway I don't watch some movies. With my sons open up their early followed much of but our eyes so. There's this new report first off just to run the death star for a day what move would you think it would cost and electricity where you know the money wisely you know those commercials where they you know they say you're nag yourself could you hungry make him a Snickers bar in the make normal. My guess is going to be a lot more than a snicker burn a hole. The hits and off. And as they would they couldn't even figure that amount in what you know the united ftp and the unity claim now this is a bunch of researchers who've. Crunch the numbers on the last. They say it would cost 7 point 8 o'clock trillion. Dollars tonne on the death star how much seven point eight our trillion holocaust trillions are trillion. So that you an idea yet millions billions true existed trillions zillions. Minus it Brazilian nice and so I am making this up because I don't know if you are telling him I mean when you start talking octave and that's that's beat. So so you attacks or Jews. That lets Zoloft an and that's seven putting act trillion dollars per per what per per day per day per day. Yeah any statement yet so he's trying to take this and we're content type the numbers knows. So are but in order for you parents in order for you to be able to fire awakening from your fingertips. You'd need one you need one trillion calories. 1000000000001. Trillion calories of it it's not that bad when you break it down just think about it that's one point eight. A million big Macs. I can think in Big Ten ones pointing the jobs that million backpacks they could if if you could do that he can do just a little bit you can just too little bit. Then you know think of an in my calorie she could burn out week to lose you have to be honest I could do it just I'd take off this in this fleece jacket in my and really quicken. I give yet hell does that. Well that's true that's yet been burning many calories as. Well now I'm telling but the and they also claim that. And they broke it all down moved through because they didn't wanna make it confusing for non egg heads is what they said. But live with this whole graft but they claim that. Honestly for you to be able to do this you wouldn't locally canyons of the Sith lords out there you do appear morally good job of Hud and noticed today at one point eight million big Macs I mean he'd have to have that can energy stored W buddhism which means he has now. While the united Namibia have people that how many calories and Sidon just if you look at what yeah. Runway model well speaking of Star Wars if you've heard about this air force. Space plane the X 37 B. I have heard I have heard about an assortment breaks the atmosphere and it had to press it again it's it's been orbiting the earth it's been orbiting the earth now for 600 days but it doesn't go hand too far up it just breaks through the atmosphere current DL I don't I AM I don't think it's actually you know or reading in in an outside of the atmosphere but it's in the upper atmosphere. And it took off there was launched on on a rocket I guess it's kind of considered. A something to be the replacement for the space shuttle even though doesn't quite have the same range. But this particular. Them won the prick this one that's an orbiting earth for 600 days took off from on Cape Canaveral. On our atlas five rocket. I may twentieth when he fifteens been orbiting the earth for 600 days. Its payload is in me she is a secret its mission is a secret. And they're saying that it's about come back to earth. So it's not a good thing well I guess I mean. I could not falling rhetoric or it has no it's not falling it's intentionally cutting back to earth but they're saying that that that once and win this safe clean its unmanned at this point. But once they landed safely it will of sexually. Created new way for space for NASA anyway to deliver. Satellites that type thing to space on that will hopefully. Be more efficient and ultimately lead to some Thai people's passenger type of commercial. Operations. Or they have been also. Talking about and plains where you're you're typical ploy you might get thirty some odd thousand feet up in the air. But when you hit higher than if you're able to break the atmosphere you can travel at much greater speed to get to your destination. Where there were some estimates that you could make it from the US to move the US to Australia is usually about 2325. Hour flight. Man what if you're able to break the atmosphere you could easily make it there in four or four to six hours which is amazing thing about it is very amazing. Made changes everything and just just is just is now we can get across the country in about six hours five or six dollars. Maurice two months of people you know those such things as treasurer yeah you know. Reduced to a these rate now their reusable dislike the space shuttle was and they are pretty optimistic this going to be. A and and new step forward in our ability to use space story advantage. While I wonder if it's gonna get in the way of Amazon's new patent here Obama. No what do the quality Amazon and their main religious lot maternal lockdown the patent for warehouse blimps. With packages delivered by drones so does that mean like it's it's a blimps. It's a floating warehouse that is exactly what it is think about it Matt and lake and it's hard for hovering store above view but it's a story that nobody ever visits. And it's really only visited your wallets only summoned by the press robot and and a signal sent to be there in the merchandise is. Dropped down to you gently drone by drone brought to you by dry area I'm being serious Amazon has some style sort of patent on this. And the whole idea behind it is to have robots robots. And yes. Heading up bringing new goods to this plan put in taking off other ones. And having everything brought down by drone and another thing and Amazon's been working on what you think is a really cool concept but I'm not sure how little work because three printers really need to. Come a lot further men are. There was this whole idea of this whole concept if you order something Tom. Say an iPhone case or whatever three Amazon you have a three printer in your house. And what they would do is send the plans to three printer at your house and it would print itself really for you right there. So which you which is a neat concept if you think about it it's sort of like what was I think it's our trek great just. Have things made ready and a note it was called it and you know the rebel dinner whatever wanna come and so think about that you order something and just via the Internet. He would print itself out and be done anywhere you're three printer is. Well this all complete lends itself to the conversation we've been having no longer an artificial intelligence in just a completely changing and as economy if people don't have to travel to a store which they kind of don't anymore but. Just this if it's completely done it right daddy you're home it's gonna change everything I mean we'll. People the problem with that is people are gonna become their gonna become total house permits and it's already a problem to this point where there's. There's not a lot of social socializing Alter anymore. You know the NBC and its says he was kids on video games and we all used to play outside restate. He get in trouble in the mud he get home I'm mocked up and just filthy but. Your LT UMass her out of the germs are playing in the woods you're you're dealing with it with all that stuff. And now it's more they come home wanna sit in front of video game and sit there for for hours at a time and that's how they had a salary socialize or socialist to students at at their headset. FaceBook video games what do rams abuse very good much less face to face interaction yet. So you hope you know Elon Musk is dissident now. Elon Musk says that we need to embrace the old adage if you can't beat them join them. And he's talking about artificial intelligence and what he's saying there is the only way we're going do be able to prevent an eventual an eventual robot uprising. Is if we put the artificial intelligence indoor cells and use it that way. But doesn't that open you up to the possibility if you should do something like that I know mom. What was the show outer limits to the show. Years back on it where. People that aren't artificial intelligence in them but there was a virus that went. Went around and end up taking out an all these people really people that survived were. Mentally challenged individuals who work on able to have these devices put into them. And as and it is so I don't know that that's a scary to think about. Well in a recent interview. Keys explained that the best outcome between humankind in machines would be a collective lifestyle where we are the artificial intelligence he says. Such a scenario would stamp out the possibility of an evil evil dictator AI. He said anyone who wants to become part of this would effectively becoming AI human some bio. But I also think it opens the door for an evil emperor. At AI individual if if there are all interconnected. I mean there and just don't see ability of somebody being able acts as a program manipulate programs. There seems like who just change the vehicle banana so to change the change the outcome so I don't know but that was in an article that he that was written by Cheyenne McDonald for the Daily Mail and I mean of people talking about this more and more which makes it even more more frightening. When those who don't know Elon Musk he's the and I don't think Tesla Tesla Motors and all that stuff is also created this wild thing Minnesota. Roof tiles that are actually solar panels which is awesome but which I think it is incredible on this whole Tesla battery pack for the house I don't know a lot of incredible things coming up at travelers are in movie iron boo to really equipment was saying about that whole Amazon one thing is think of the soccer ever got a leak. They committed herself. That was the whole war he warehouse where products drop on your house so parents hey we're gonna take a real quick break him beyond or Hillary before we go to break sir I just wanna do once again go over who we've got coming up here and who are guests this tonight it's Mike Barrett tonight he's an author and TV personality. He's been on TV each and aliens in uncovering aliens weren't we talking about a lot of different conspiracy topics within. And then tomorrow night Scott Walter he's a forensic geologist best known as the host of history channel's hit show America on Earth's. And then mr. global on Thursday except if it doesn't want secretions and south Harry Nielsen Jason JVB honor really hear you right back. Game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details go to scary times dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome to. Visit the website scary time dot com dad's spirit con dot com and. Beyond reality radio chasing and change paying a little bit of both Peter Gabriel. She got the model from Jacques similar Shia market is pretending that loss and ski industry background. US grade grade are you of course reaching new Genesis and went on and zone in its new cool stuff. It Salisbury hill etc. it's one of my favorite songs ever actually. It won't don't give up I think was mine was alright here's what some great stuff there anyway welcome back to beyond reality radio great receiver redeem the chat room I know that there's some audio issues in the chat room in the life stream. We think that's related to the the radio station that serves are so our live stream zona. Hmmm so you can head to actually be on reality radio dot com's web page if you go to the very bottom it's there's streams for all the stations that we error on. I'm there so you can click find whichever ones working best for you and a lot of times it's just beauty model listeners certainly we Irma Thomas stations blood. There's a lot of listeners online so and it creates a man with a issues sometimes are. And of course if you if you if you haven't known usury now you didn't hear any of that so maybe somebody can post then stat for purposes better and I think that. Anyway let's get our guests lined bring our first guests at her only guest tonight Mike Pereira and Mike is an author he's also a born again conspiracy theorist might welcome to beyond reality re a great to have you on the show. Hi guys thanks to thanks for having me it's great to be here. I'm looking forward to this summer I'm a fan and you work a senior Annan History Channel many times and so I really think tonight's Demetris. Some help so I mean how prominent interest. Have you back after a fight what does it mean Hanna. Have to be don't have a choice in what so the pressure's on cigarettes prove to us what to work better under pressure and what does Mike Russell to hook it what does it mean to be a born again conspiracy theorist. Ager says is thinking about that today what I mean by that is that you know all I became a conspiracy theorist. Com. When paying. Actually got involved with following this story of TWA 80747. That was shot down by a missile stuff Long Island in 1996. And you know it was at that point when I ate. Was really. Listening to what the things were that the government was saying in the FBI representatives and all the stuff that come up that I knew was garbage because I was an air space structural engineer and I just knew that relies. House. On a regular basis and in hell wants I realize that they were lying I was like holy. Crash and I say. He's that is the Internet and you know we don't know how candidate I like chats anyway and yet I went holy you know holy crap. These guys are hiding. This this is a conspiracy. Hi this information and of course the Internet was just on at that time and you know I kind of let not only are conspiracies real they really do happen IE. Now half to get out and help people baptists and what a born again Christians today proselytize sets everything they got to get out once they discovered Jesus they have to cannot tell everybody about Jesus and it was the same thing to me I have to get out. I have to wake people up and tell everybody. That reality is not what we think it is and that there are conspiracies and many many not behind the scenes you have to be aware of at least I felt. So that's what got me into the whole board and that's why cult is awful party. It's yours yours eyes. It's not enough just for me to know. Terror conspiracies I have to convince other people. And you've written on extensively on a number of these conspiracies and talked on many others the some of the books you've written of course the choice. Dark mission the secret history of NASA ancient aliens on the moon Mars and Marin need had a column into New Orleans and Morris to. Ancient aliens in secret societies hidden agenda NASA and the secret space program let's talk a little bit about NASA. Because you've written a lot about that Romney's. Yet you. As you. You say there is there is mystery and conspiracy around their founding. More than you know just have to start off with tell us about that. Well I mean it's pretty interest in it as you dig into this mean NASA there's different. Divisions of NASA and aspects and he got the jet. Propulsion laboratory out Pasadena cash which started out with thumb a bunch of guys that were actually a freak show was a guy named Jack Parsons who most people never heard of but there is a crater on the moon named after him develop solid rocket boosters solid rocket engines. The first reliable ones that were ever used and he was one of the founders of JP Allen was also a committed Satan as he hung around with L. Ron Hubbard who had just gotten out of the navy and basically made a beeline. Jack Parsons mansion in Pasadena and they were doing all kinds of rocketry. Experiments and they did all sorts of satanic cult it is worshipped being niche weird things these cities ceremonies in and a now before their rocket launches that were very. Up Hagan and a cult. Com. Parsons wasn't ball woman named Marjorie Cameron. Who I still am convinced some how related James Cameron film director Ehrlich camp privy at work on match and she showed up at his mansion she was actually a secretary for the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. She quit that job to go hang out with this guy Parsons. And then. She and Parsons. And Hubbard. All went through this ceremony it's called the battle on working which basically involved you know Parsons having sex with Cameron each and a at Robert writing down everything that happened with us grime that's basically what happened. It down pat and the whole purpose was to create a child who would become sure. Who Parsons would then intern and pregnant when she was old enough to give birth antique car each and destroyed a western world that. That was the sole purpose of this is the on all days guess what Halloween. 1936. And that's just one story at the fountain will now. Harbors Hubbard is. The founder of sign psychology correct. Yeah exactly and and the guy the inventor the founder. Of Scientology's is interesting just watching on the other day a eight documentary on. On Scientology's by Al Lira meaning you got out of a church just all kind of stuff that goes on parallel I was invited down after dark wished I was invited down at road about the stuff to. Got down there and visit down and they are gonna. Straighten me out on who Robert Wise and it's pretty convincing job they were very very nice to meet each and that's all I gotta say about it my experience that the church was not anything so aka. Attracts too much but yeah Hubbard was the founders. And when is. How how does Warner from browns and obviously noted. Not seats. The only big work yet he basically created the did they not see you know rocketry program and in a. Well you know as I said it by the weight quickly before we go kind of a shout out my girlfriend she's really sick down a California I feel terrible I'm not able that. To beat Aris ordering council. Studio B get sent to us that's honestly I trust anyway and I'm Brian in hell had these steep SS ties his best friends was. Heinrich Himmler in fact the photo the only photograph of him it is SS induction ceremony where he became a major in the SS. Which was about you know aliens in the Third Reich was one of the great episodes earlier I said you know look we didn't have an American rocket program we had a German. Because I'm Ron brought over all sorts of other. German scientists and engineers people Kurt to Lewis who were in charge of all of the major NASA facilities during the Apollo era and and in charge of the program to to build these amazing rockets that took Yasser us them. Aren't well and yet and they end that's what a lot of good Laura realizes is most of that mall almost all that technology is also of German technology from the scientist and bringing them all over that are was a relief that things at her. There were invented by him by the US. Yeah I mean I am basically all of the atom. Early American rockets Jupiter series. Were all based on the VT which on Ron brought some in terribly captures examples neat you know they've rebuilt them to the swastika is in the Aaron crosses off our men and down up. Put a checkerboard pattern on it suffer lots and out of launch pad 33 out there in the New Mexico desert the only launched at a time and remembered 33 which of course is a big masonic. Number so there's all the secret society involvement and almost up and down and then they later further developments of rockets were all kind of based off that BT technology titans. The atlases and all the elements Saturn were all developed by on bronze to Liam. Primarily as as chief engineer to take Americans to them and that was. You know so really without the Germans we wouldn't have had an American. Do you think in retrospect. That there's justification in bringing a war criminal Nazi war criminal from Germany to the United States. Two to secure and develop that technology. Well I mean I guess if the Cold War was a real thing. You now. I can understand. Some people making a decision like that we've got to get the high ground in this coming war it's communism we'd. You know got app technology amor gonna have to deal with some. Bad actors in order to get that done so I I eight. I think morally. No it's not justifiable but. I can see why people would would do and went they would put their morals aside back during that period and Bob Bryan of course was probably the smartest guy. Out of all of the Russian expert Cora left for us was quite ingenious self rocketry expert is was a genius he was not chairman but I mean in L. I don't know what to say about that I think is fairly well established if you look at. Look at Linda hunt's book. Which is called secret agenda not hidden agenda which is the title of my new book. Secret agenda she talks about paper clip that talks about all the things on Bryant knew about it the very least he can say that he clearly knew. Mom knew that slave labor was being used and prisoners are being executed in and that makes them complicit diamond because we needed him. Ended up doing. You know setting a set of being tried at the Nuremburg trials he ended up now on American television. Working for Walt Disney men and in the front so. We're talking with Mike Vera Mike is an author and a conspiracy researcher gonna take a break point comeback will be a little bit more into some of the programs and NASA. Has introduced over the years and some of the things they might be hiding. It's beyond reality radio Jason. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization that's right. Dressed in the parent. When you need to subscribe to taps her majesty. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps apparel magazine has been completely redesigned. Every launch to serve you better. That's right go to the website caps Karabakh dot com that's capture or match dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond at check out and save even more on your subscription. It's catchy term acting where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV. What's your radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it's. Arab magazine again go to the website tab paramedic dot com that's happens paramedics got there can't use promo code beyond. Her. Science is Mike Barrow author and a conspiracy theorist researcher before you bring Mike Beck you know to get to go quickly -- of our listener line and bring up Bobby from Pennsylvania and Bobby welcome your on beyond reality radio. Hi guys I enjoy and should. Pleasure pleasure or listen you guys aren't actually it took fantastic show I was listening last night. Net to change this subject dubbed gentleman caller blood. But so are being happened to me in that I just have one short comment I was wondering you you would like it here this. Well over two years ago my wife absolutely got Super Bowl. And I was pretty devastated I still am but anyway but. Clinton after her passing I decided negotiate spiritual. Messenger. And OP ever murdered and heard your name and Mary and Michael. About the country different seminars you also do Dutch. The whole big ghetto. Anyway. Morning before I went to the seminar. I needed a contact in new ways of my old at all. And open up the ball like that the current pact. And then all the evidence in scroll to rule and there was you know you good luck you're following a court struck. Anyway. I'd look I get to that green and and yep put it looked toward digit hole. And then bold riddle others it is like it like you use them all. And money or need to actually I called the my knees and schedule has grown up a good column might white. Aren't for our rock RE HRK. Eight. And troops from ungodly reason. The example army put phone wouldn't rot right. Now the top right now the bat that six. You know the beauty who are cool letters vs reward to put in the quote there. And I found that really strange so when I that and that center later that afternoon. And I talked about that experience Turk street on the it would definitely a trying calmer. Well Ike what it. See I don't. Now I have to base it on on what she's telling you to speak as there's and there's nothing as as the guy who did the shoot those honors for twelve years we we go on looking for explanations trying to figure out truly what's going on. And it's tough to China really put any truth or. Disprove any of that when he when it came down to that I have to be in the situation but very possibly it was a sign and it's this that sensitive is legit. She's picking up on something wall and I think that means the world. Oh yeah and I think apple might minded because of fort digit code but they're giving me an example. Stick. Yeah yesterday the weird part about that so. I took it as a sideline tomorrow but anyway you are. Yeah account and I want to make god are you guys are all familiar with playwright Jason Miller from scratch and cancellation. What's that. You. Okay well in years ago. He only lived about he had you can call web marks. Yet imagine out there in about two and thirteen years ago my brother on the court. Cleaning terrorist court cleaning service. There and we got injured that we were not there and I got to be here and it was amazing. My guess it marble all over it it would be beautiful and a good thing because the existence. Blow my mind I would never normal and go to a movie that didn't like 74. Would just be there. And either a good guy who wrote the world got to go out at me like a Butler whatever reason yourself you wanna beer whatever you want to. And it was just an amazing experience and I just want to picture that we got some monster bill. And not give up the allies and could I know you have a collar that. Wouldn't get tonight color if you could go and thank you carving out a creature of your time. Well thank you thanks to an anchor in great stories yes thanks for sharing them by Lewis go back to our guests line Mike Ferris our guest author and a born again conspiracy theorists might you're talking about NASA. Before you into the break on more things you bring up as some of the things that NASA is hiding about the moon tell us something about that. Well I mean what I see is it's really seem to because it. In Dicey get into this subject what it used to be able to do is order. Actual authentic eight by ten glossy photographs out of the NASA archives in their word. She's half a dozen archives all over the country errors one YE Ohio oh. Com Maryland taxes Saint Louis and you were able to order. You know live. Not live but you know you're able to order regional images and although they had Ben. You know there are now six or seven generation because tree in 1968 in the mid nineties. There was a lot of a lot of different versions of these things put out. You. You could see that there was a major difference between what is printed on the regional first generation. NASA issued photographs and what's online today what seems to be missing. Is pretty much every image that showed was something that looks like an artificial structure on. On the lip. And there are lots and lots of images that have that EC images that the pyramids are odds build means roads bridges equipment that's been abandoned their damage I mean it's kind of everywhere on the lunar surface. And you've seen this stuff all over the place but yet in the current NASA web archives most of it is actually. I guess I would say airbrushed out ol' fashioned kind of airbrushed doesn't exist on the air anymore so. You know it's to meet that is a problem because you know no longer have a reliable consistent database that. Fortunately a lot of people who work at NASA did take these images and and actually put them in now under this stairwell. You know in a photo album and now that they're they're some of the most valuable. Information thinking get in doing my kind of investigation because you're looking at the original status and there's a question than than. Official NASA archive data set has been altered. And win just IE I know yet about a minute and a half before break but why do you think that they would do that why do you think that they would hide that and that information. Well because at the Donald NASA at the dawn of the space say they commission reports. By the Brookings institute which was the number one most important think tank in the world time and they asked them. What do we do a lot exploring solar system and what they got packed and that report was. Basically you're not going to be EDT but you have a really good chance at finding artifacts. Of another civilization that is spend through these parts for cash and if in fact you find that you should be very very seriously consider. Not telling anybody. And the reason why is he is if you tell people. That there were aliens and they were more advance and fascinate and through here for four. They will freaked out it will literally driving him crazy and it actually use the word disintegrated actually said. Our culture our society could disintegrate is our experience. Is that went up superior culture encounters an inferior culture the inferior culture is and evidently. Wiped out its cease to exist and so that was the reason why I got one other reason lots. Okay and only come back from break cool visit that other reason because you'd think that also would be a reason for us to. All come together and be like really let's figure out what's what's out there but. We're gonna take a real quick break and we come back more with our guest might barks he'll listen Jason did in the honor and I. We should wishes come true when now they can we do wish you each. I was in the ER and had my eye on this hot Anderson's ground when I had my wishy HD along for the ride. They blamed the campers back and now I'm getting ground they kiwi seen HD content. Which city to use the latest in new technology to harness the power of that in the real points and grant your wish not just do normal to be put in the latest high quality each gene. I needed money and fast. I just use my wish today's. Seven chase thanks in Africa thank you wish they state. They're crap go which HD guaranteed to grant your wish in stunning HD. The Greco we should HD is not guaranteed grant any wish. RC 446877669. We've. You can't be part of our program don't forget tomorrow night sky on Walter will be joining us Scott is a forensic geologist best known as host of history channel's hit show. America on earth. Recovering things like the Kensington rune stone and then Thursday we've got mr. Lobo. Who. Jerry you know more about than I do because your fan yeah he's just a TV host for horror movies mostly a B movies are going to be done in about a bunch of low budget cinema and stuff it's kind of a day it's a bit of a departure from what we usually talk about the I'm excited because I love that stuff. And tonight we're joined by Mike can borrow author and TV personality. The star of T an ancient aliens and uncovering aliens with some great shows they might before we went to break we're talking and you were saying. Howell and NASA and all the whole belief that there covering it up for a reason because of course they think if it's. A life form of some way more advanced than arsenal and always over what was the other other reason. You left. Well yeah I mean. Part of the thinking narron didn't remember the study was that people like Margaret Mead were involved in the study meet some of the most brilliant apps logical minds of the period were shot and at that was one thing basically it said the scientists and engineers will be the least able. To deal with this because there. Com a whole self esteem is built into the idea that they have mastery over nature so basically what it's saying is the bill Nye the science guys in the Neil bluegrass Tyson's and and the am. Who's the agent. Here not meet you cock but one of the eyes man mimic nature cockroach they're gonna have the hardest time dealing with. It's so there core and it's Anderson as you watch them because there's so. Dismissive of the evidence I think Mary. Credible not overwhelming the other reason is this if fuel how old the press conference and say. Okay. We kind of suspected. That there will or is the remnants of an ancient alien civilization on the that's why we really went to the medal we saw Apollo there. And they prospect approved the prospect of technology where now work in reverse engineering. The first question you're gonna get at that press conferences all cases there is a super highly advanced. Civilization. On the moon. A long time ago answers yes case the next question is what happened. And in the answer is that they were destroyed. In some sort of either war which is one possibility of some sort of at march natural cataclysm. Extra extra and you are a lot asteroid striker there's other actually. Other ways there's at least three different theories papers out there ways that. Planets can just explode. As themselves so you know what's gonna happen at that point is people are gonna go away. The earth is a planet and couldn't that happened to the earth and then they're gonna stop maybe Terry is much about. Going to work into and a good job at being productive. And moving this society in the culture forwards so be extremely damaging to our way of life. And I thought processes are psychological. We go into a depression in essence and we are questioning things of that. I think is that really the secret beat reason. Why they're never admit it publicly like I don't even disclosures stuff monopoly disclosures that early and don't I'm not. President coming out saying it because it would just you know it's it to stabilizing element introduced that into the body politic if you're at the top of the food chain like. Obama are proper somebody like that the only direction you're gonna go is down there's no way to become more. Powerful or you know on it and sell it just doesn't make any sense to me that they would make. A decision like that reveal that information. On the so confusing for me because I'm the kind of individual where if you told me this as a beep hey aren't able let me know what you do if you if you need need you know throw in some more money into tax dollars or whatever just so we can advance this technology aimed at delta and figure out you know what happened or where there where these things have gone to and I'm I'm in. But so I don't I guess I don't look at it late men lol I guess how the government would feel a lot of the rest of society would look at it. I'd be more looking towards an excellent ourselves to try to to trigger an island and see them. But then why you have to have so many. Other governments not come forward I know there have been some governments that have come forward and and admitted more or even said that. The US really needs to start telling their people more of what what they know when it comes down to alien life and and the existence. But always why haven't more really trial. Right or practicing so you have to remember that got you in meat that's not everybody all over the world to me that does say specifically in the study that. By the way to study the procedure work study is the basis for the film 2001 that's what corporate. Was trying to tell everybody was pay attention this thing. If they're not its way to treat. Make a lot export space. But. You know where of one mindset and it wouldn't bother us so much but again scientists the engineers that. Neil the grass Tyson's think you know everything. Would likely be shattered by it and it are also mentions that did you the fundamentalist religious. Organizations would be quote electrified. By and you know right now we have a big problem. All over the world with that would ices them another terrorist organizations that are fundamentally religious and it it it would just make things. They thought dramatically worse others that is one of the reasons why and and in terms of other countries revealing information. I think there is a eight behind the scenes agreement that you could go to was certain point but not go beyond that. In terms of revealing information and some countries are more. Willie now I think today to break from match than they used to be it to me it's still lock on the amount to much because you're not gonna get any sort of official announcement from government. On its English speaking. That helped the Canadians cannot tell us that there's aliens out to diss some small segment. Some guy might come out and former government official might say about it much. I think there's a sort of an agreement at because it also says that. You should consider not telling them. But you might also. Consider that if you decide to tell them gonna have to do it with a period of preparation first basically saying you have to get them ready and that involves obviously. Film and television like like star track and lost in space and all these shows that came out. In the sixties are I think are part of that process so it could just be that the judgment is is that we're not ready yet. To know it and it can also be a thing where they just sort of nudge nudge wink wink the fact though admit. That aliens are out there everybody knows aliens are out there but were not ever officially say. Anything. That you know to me that that's I think what I'm seeing. It also believes that no and there are they're concerned of the backlash that they've hidden this information from society or they light they've lied about it to. To societies. Or sort long. Yeah of course I mean you know it I think that it you have to that the key thing is always you get a blame for this. Right you know who's getting blamed for us ninety N and saying that were we lied to you for your own good for the last 73 years are in the first extra terrestrial spacecraft crash in the United States in 1942. Com. And you know you're it's not gonna be easy to admit that every government has. Like the every congress every each president has lied do you over the years that's not going to be I think it's gonna make a lot of people are happy it's gonna shatter our illusions. About who our leaders are what they were what they were willing to do their honesty. Mom and that's a problem and also people don't wanna be prosecuted so. You know I think that's why you have little things that happen like John Lannan who passed away recently went on the Frazier. TV show in 2003. And in this weird scene. Where Frazier at Ras lead the control room we takes over the Mike of this ready extinction and starts spilling out the truth about the things that he and the other astronauts on space out terrifying and it worked but it's all under the context doubled this is a fictional comedy show even though there was nothing funny about it. Any even now. It now. I I can't imagine. John Glenn. When he was handed this script saying oh yeah you want needed to basically call everybody at NASA buyers that people made me an American hero sure albeit that anything for a laugh you know means it's there's all the stuff if you add it all up easy to speak pattern which is that some on the astronauts buzz altar and as the recent one. Have tried to talk about that stuff. And it tried to give us hints but they are all restricted by these. I think probably secrecy aisles and into nobody has looked at those cell you know it's a situation where. We're all kind of cot. You brought up the Cooper contenders there are many many discussions about the messages Kubrick was there or they've tried to send to people through his films. In the of the shining is one word there are people that talk about the number of hints. That point to the fact that crew work actually was responsible for some if not all of the a moon landing footage were you what are your thoughts on those discussions. I think that's one of the dumbest things I've ever seen on YouTube team and dumber are flat earth arm. Stanley Kubrick took mess citizens cells. In my opinion his films all have the same theme and that theme is. That power structures. Are abuses. They will abuse their power. Hey if you look at past glory if you look at Spartacus. If you look at 2001 and the Brookings context if you look at period when an inch if you look at her or arranged should if you look at guys like Shaq even. Maybe it is shining is not quite the same context that you at all lows and what you see is that is overriding theme is that power structures governments. Abuse their power and they are doing stuff that would make you. Cringe if you knew what was really going on now having said that it now I just have the kubrick's Odyssey saying you know it's. Com have a hard time with a lot of that I don't think he understands how photography works on the moon each fact this is leaders brought this up 'cause I'm gonna do a new book this next year about conspiracy theories and one of the ones I'm gonna focus on is to be really go to the littered not where's all fake that we Syria and it really go after this and point things out Alec inner sense photography. The symbolism he talks about. Like the pattern on the on on the rug in the over lake hotel matching the launch pad. Up from 39839. PM it's not even true doesn't it us that's not this. But there's other stuff like and that the whole thing with room number 237 or 239 effort as. That's those are all reaches but on the other hand you know Danny a little kid is where you missed. Apollo eleven. Sweater Apollo eleven sweater so that they saw in the question is it does it you know I do not think it means what. They widener thinks that means I suspect that he is trying to draw us back to aspects of the moon landing in the moon missions that were secret. But that is one of the things I would have to take on it. You know one of the things that came to mind and I'd been no basis for this other than hearing the information on when you mentioned that there are sanitized versions of photography from the moon NASA is now. Using. You lightened I immediately thought what would have been possible because there are some people who think they're cool Brooks you know role in that was to not that we didn't go to the moon but the version that we saw was staged. And coded event and that if they'd shown us the real footage we would have seen all these things on the moon instead they showed us this sound stage version which didn't have those states. Yes and Knoll is the answer your question I get a lot of extensive research on couple my books. On list. And did you know it revolts in the Apollo eleven right first step on the move your arms on its horrible. Grave lack and why eight. Terrible projection did JG know what they had a high resolution. Color camera. On the Apollo mission which they were ordered. To leave in the command module orbiting above the moon. And not take to serve were only allowed take the plaque camera and the reason is exactly what you said. Because they didn't know. What we would be able to see an anything goes in the background they didn't know if we'd be able to see any staff and they were extremely worried about it and then if you go to the second. Apollo twelve it's even more testing because we knew we now found out. The when they landed Apollo twelve it is something called a standout EPA the words and extracurricular activity which is where you step outside spacecraft cash now what that is. Is where the astronauts land a spacecraft still hooked up to their life supports they aren't their backpacks. They opened the top hatch and you stand on the assent staged and in case. And you could stick your head and shoulders up out of lunar module. And look around to left and right now they did this on Apollo twelve but they kept it a secret until 22006. One and somebody found in a document. That they admitted that they had done and it's and the the rule they claimed it was because there was a lot of us at the landing is the real reason why is they wanted to have a look. Our round. The actual landing site and see which you could see in the distance because Apollo twelve was definitely. You know right down there among them it was it was you know right in where the giants laps. And Apollo eleven was more symbolic it was kind of in the middle of nowhere and then the first thing they did win Al being calm. Gets out of the lunar module as he takes the camera which is strapped to the little. Tray. On the side of the spacecraft any takes in any does the absolute one thing he was trained. Not to effort to keep point sit right. In to the sign. And burns out the optics. So. Again the reason for that is because they had secretly. An assault documented in my and now in indigent. Secretly they had scanned the horizon they realize you're probably going to be able cedar stuff in the background it's at campgrounds others virtually. Little there's little to no footage at all of the Apollo twelfth Amu blocks and then later missions they did bring to color camera down but they lied. I found out they apply high pass filters will pass filters. And did other things to degrade the image in the interest of so called signal compression in reality what it does it takes a way to background subtle the tales. So you were not able to seize up that was in the background but fortunately a lot of it does show up and and helped talk because those once cameras. Were a lot better at and T each cell again I look at that and I'm like okay cats conspiracy that's definitely. I'm definitely was done on purpose so great question. So Mike you are firm believer though that there was alien life on the moon current. Well. Maybe not when we went there but. There I mean pass an alien life out in the past or. Or extraterrestrial life and away Allah distinct distinguish a tree nearly elect next terrestrial life is an alien life. Timmy is something it's not genetically related to pass extra terrestrial life. It's something that is genetically related at some somebody who could. Maybe passed for one of us that look very humanoid. Could probably even walk among us. But. But leave there and it just the past so I guess the answer she carries my my thought on the whole alien percent extra pressure would be. I'm alien would be an alien. Life form on a planet of not its own. Not a sonar or action and action terrestrial lawyers would would be anything on any plan. But this way I always Iowa's looked at it so what do you think. All. When you win do you think that that civilization or whatever was. Disappeared. Or. Just vanished off the moon and what do you think ever happened to them. Like don't have a clue I mean you can speculate all you want but until we actually get there maybe these tests. We're not ever relate and now mom who do you think it was more bases or do you think it was our planet up and stride yet we're faced an etiquette and the reason I tend to lean more towards my definition extraterrestrial rather than cash alien is because you'd look at the architecture of the stuff and it looks like stuff that we would build on a scale. That is almost unimaginable to us but it definitely looks like human engineering follows. The same principles and have us principles could be universal. But I tend to think that this is definitely stuff that was not built by humanoid it's. A long time ago as to when it happened. It's pure it would be pure speculation. On my part I really don't know mom. But I I think it was. At least hundreds of thousands of years ago if not millions of years ago I think you're looking at different app bucks I think you're looking stuff that was built. Way way way back maybe as far back it's 500 million years ago and you're looking at stuff that's what's more recent the only one or two million years ago because the level of degradation in the meteor impacts. Eight that tells you that this stuff is is pretty ancient it's not theory new war moderate. And do you would you Borchardt Syria also on the whole idea of the the dark said Ramon come they're being an alien life forms still. But on the on the up side of the moon and that's one of the main reasons that we never heard did to head back tomorrow. Well I always get that question and the truth is nobody really doesn't we've got good photographic coverage of the backside in the mood in there are some strange things are there's this. This very controversial. Perry middle structure called us era that I got into a big argument with some people about back 2012. But again it's a classic example shows up. Clears stay on the original Apollo prints but then on the of oh web stuff it's like completely white washed out. There's stuff there are bad I mean everything that I've seen on the moon is in ruins on the other hand. If there's an active base on the backside of the moon. Bigger. They're simply not gonna show you that they're not gonna allow those photographs out of it's really obvious so I don't look there's any truth. But there's any basis on the backs out of them and their certainly art. Stories about it that. You know I it's not like. It's not like one of the astronauts has come out it yen by the way and the backside there's active cases some of our aliens among Mars. That just hasn't happened so there's nothing that. The push that rumor. You know a little closer to credibility for it doesn't. As needing anything definitive. Mike we've got about a minute before we have to go to break again but I wanted to just extend the extend the alien discussion tomorrow is because you've also said that there's evidence of at least past. Civilizations on Mars. The and it certainly see objects like the face on Mars the structures that sit Tony Allen and my friends Keith Laney is done a great job. Working with new high resolution images of things like the NN Herman is a five cited. Can tag and a pyramid it's a magical about two different taxis which is cannot possibly occur naturally each there's small pyramids all over the place on Mars there's. Evidence of of a subterranean and civilization. In the area it's on him bars in the infrared touch so there's just overwhelming evidence that Mars is covered with this stuff and and Indian look at. At the images is bunch of people on FaceBook. Martina grainy among them Ronnie bar alien people to apps FaceBook groups. That study these images. All the time they study images from Mars and in undertaken by the rovers and it. Marshes at John Kerry there's literally. All kinds of stuff that I look at I can clearly say that's not our rock that's electrical box that's. You know circuit board that's up projector that's a lamp that's air conditioner. As an engineer mechanical engineer Agassi stuff everywhere so Mars if anything. Is even in a more intensely populated and see it at at the large scale for. Far away at the medium resolution for more close up and in down on the ground to ground truth rovers. Did you see archives thermal. Pick up that conversation when we get get back from break it's beyond reality radio would Jason TV don't go away. Fred it's funny finger discount to our prices should be illegal in fact it probably hour. Makes an offer we pretty much sold so many things abroad yeah. We haven't seen it. It's cheaper than anyone how. Our products are slightly used comedians lately abused bolt in working order. If you don't have something really before this day. She check out Friday's why introduce youngsters. Ariel and Randy would change Mangini being our telephone numbers 844687. 7669. Or guest tonight is Mike Berra. Author and conspiracy theorist does a lot of research written a lot about many different conspiracy series who bring him right back just the second was put her phone lines first. This is our good friend Vince Vince welcome to beyond reality re a great to have him show. A couple man. Last mesh. Yeah. Ali we do we took a week off from the world fell apart confidence. Ally you should know my dad stop I've told you about. I'll pull that style piano we avoided their place. Yeah yeah whatever. And guys are aren't throw him if you I mean. This cold or a list view. That means and to Maine where we were law. Away without cute. Geez McNamee disorders. She's already a number that alone for a. Daughter Erica order stalinists areas. It's always known no come on he has put out Tia. I mean. Now. They the man talking I agree with lots of things he's saying. You know towards them. Boylan. Wouldn't go wild well why don't we go back to back him back well there's an old. I have curb my arsenal the name but he he wrote a message and he wrote a book and wrote and had several videos. The moon Mars missions and I think that's all distraction from the real bill because I've been eight air but I know that they German capital planets and there's another part of out of the norm and nervous. There Mansour has come out one. It's just total told conspiracy theory and ourselves are like. Let's throw this out there elected dolls too honest bone. Meanwhile. You know the me shelled character I don't think it means the pole are around bigamy is very you know that make it tumble. But I am meet them may give the poor people hey you don't pull people he's gonna error of their inherent error there and work on. And and they are they have their place remain near Mars in the mine there are better and you know. The move on his own and Eric how's that happen I don't know. Sounds like it's very crazy makes but in the meantime our Reuters Warner's you guys how much are mixed views. Power that means a lot to us Manning really doesn't. Senior guys and you know I was really really low point Marv and I am at right now you know I'm not that that point now. You guys you know being properly and I know you enjoy your vacation. Well as an indication I was working I was actually doing an appearance for fleer and that is why our government and made it pretty double. I actually did it for free believe in knots and just talk I don't know. Come on I actually out there. I don't know what I'm saying is that I not you know what all your listeners and all people in chat room. We all just struggled through the week. We'll try and will try to take you were vacated can you put out and they don't. Have a well we're just now. That was the best for her also gave me and his family and everything else you're saying you know guys army brutally you guys operate. You brought me out a very. A place for dark place. And I loved it here you guys ever night and you guys are an inspiration and made. Wolf thank you events I mean that means a lot and we're not going anywhere for awhile or more take another break here for Oreo or not yeah thanks so bring them Mike in on ask him his thoughts on convinces comment there whom he suspects that maybe. You know these missions whether it's Mars in the moon a religious distraction and uses and in habitable planet somewhere out there that released the focus. And it's the safe. Haven of the people in charge at some point what do you think about them Mike. Well I think it's a a distinct possibility although nobody knows what that is Sammy Morris may be more habitable that we think you mean you look and there's a lot of stuff in the pictures that looks like fossils. Looks like there was definitely liked there in the past doctor gill have been ran where the viking. Life test experiments swears up and down that Tom you know his tests came back positive for life that there is bacterial life on March now. And the truth is you know that it would be really pretty easy to terra form arsenic we can probable if we started sending genetically engineered. Up plant life like likens to ours we launched it there and just let this stuff spread all over the planet wheat we can have it. You know a pretty decent working ecosystem I think in about a hundred years the most and push to me that's a project we should be working on right now announcers of the other planets being. Habitable you know. Good luck with that it doesn't seem like that's the case Ray Allen solar system that there's no reason that there. Couldn't be something up their artist on a specifically. You know what it is weird is in which planet it might the year that something that's completely down. Com the guys you guys on this edit on his comment about how much you this guys you know it's really a public trust to this and it means a lot of people like. I came at the content site expo which is coming up in February ally at the Alex holds a couple years ago. Bomb had a guy come up to mean he says you know I'm I'm in a group of ten monks. And you know every Thursday night we get together and read from the choice. I was like. Only got concerts hitting each side ST well I mean. Take that guy them. You know it did take that and gentlemen because you are doing important work at it and I think we all our way and it's just really great that people care about what worry. What we talk about. Well Axl and I and and I agree with that a 100% that say I did the show goes punished for two for twelve years and yeah. There was such agree a great time in my life and you know and right now on a point where. I've talked to numerous production companies were now I'm deciding what to do but I also I love doing this because again but hey. I don't I have a great idea for an alien program when it's. Birds this clinically we get them and I know myself you know we beautifully docket but. Cell but it's all it's always been such a great feeling to it. To be able to that talk with everybody in and meet how many people who. Have either and been very interested or who. Who was in my work has has helped change their life for impacted their life in some way and it's always great to hear and you know as the the beyond reality radio it's just from growing and growing and growing right now or around. And numerous numerous stations and and then managed to couple weeks were going to be jumping up on non endless more stations so. And just being able alternate every on or you make it up again enough but I assure you just don't you still airing in like twenty some odd states are now so enjoy it and a it will handle we'll have you back by it but it is a great feeling just me able to get out there and communicate and talk with everybody and in congress on different topics. You know post Connors is an iconic reality show and you know my brother was addicted to it and it it's like it. Ultimately. You're doing your part everybody's doing their part to wake. People up to the fact take you now the world has really weird and it surely different. Men were trained to believe it is and somebody's got to act because you know we're the ones that are away we're not crazy still a lot of people are completely caught off. And it's dot com are the ones at that I think really kind of crazy is this like quiet. But reality deal live and because Alec around a nice stuff all over the place it's. What you were saying you were saying something and just a little while ago about how and these these civilizations on these other planets in what happened to under the aegis. I take off to where they destroyed. Some sort of talk. Tester for you that happened and thinking about it. The more and more you think about that he really becomes a terrifying situation if you think if if there were things on the solar planets. And they were civilizations that were destroyed whether beef from an asterisk straight whether it be just from. The on the planet to not be able support life and dying Alan I'm. Maybe it becomes a terrifying situation because of worse sitting here and following in the in the seems steps. And really we're we're nothing but a plague this planet I think him anybody altered and can agree to that week week to take all the resources we destroyed it. And and you just wonder how a lot of times in history and arteries. I don't agree UT if you're one of the worst people blustery best and muscular and cut another evidently did. We didn't lions I'll do it quietly not. So early that. One necessarily agree that that. But. You know that there is a reality that that. Planets can bomb lose their ability to sustain life stake in various ways through which second happened. You know I think Venus one of the things argument choices that Venus and Mars were both. Justice habitable as the earth there's an inner and outer in the middle earth that's this one this is only one last. And yes site I think talking. Knew when he was talking about when he names placed earth. And you know it looks like a huge huge common harasser rate basically hit Venus at a glance seeing angle. Toward this huge group B is this huge group torn out on the planet. Vaporize the oceans and turned into the elements how it is now so life and places that can sustain life for very fragile there's the other possibility which is pure speculation and not saying this is what happened the other possibility is war. Com the planets were destroyed in all in a war and I think that you know I've done some. Working in both dark mission and end the choice talking about out there are to. A couple of missing planets. In the solar system at least in the question is. How did it happen now my personal thing is I tend to think that these shows like terminator movies like terminator it shows like Battlestar Galactica. And blade runner are very pressing and it's almost like a racial memory I think what happened was is that we built our machines. Too Smart in the distant past and date turned honest and I think we had to fight him off I think that's. What happened that devastated sources of but I can't prove it's speculation but it's like my gut instinct is telling each that that's what happened and again like you said that's a warning. I passed. Be careful about repeating the same mistakes again this cycle. Yahoo! and we've talked about them many times on the show and just our technology and how quickly in advancing it is and with artificial intelligence and and the things are world we're where does have become a situation where they start realizing that we are worried destructive to bear ability to survive. And yeah so it and it turned his staff plant feasible thing can happen. All right so we're gonna take a quick break when we come back to Morgan elect Mike tell saluted about where you can we can find his books and where he's appearing when he's got going on. It's beyond reality radio when Jason in GB don't. We'll win them. Hey gang scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Garrett Collins dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com and. No the only only radio woods chasing and Gigi and just a quick note about Chad you know it's not a place for people trust argument debate necessarily. Discussions encourage but if you get to stiff respect and not going to be able to stay there very long just where works. That's where it taps Crist for us from a bug that exactly right. Our guest tonight has been Mike Berra might guy you've written a number of books. Many different topics conspiracy theories it's that are working people find the books. Well you can gets my adventures unlimited. Press books H aliens on the marriage aliens Arctic click on March steerage aliens in anxieties church and and it did jetty and get them firm adventures unlimited press which is senate David Hatcher Childress is. Lying or he can pick them up on Or you can usually frequently find them and Barnes & Noble bookstores actually physically get in the bookstores same thing applies to dark mission the original book guerilla Richard Oakland back in 2007. And also the choice is typically still available balm on Amazon and from new page books and occasionally I'd seen it still believe her and got in the op bookstore so we typical goes up but they all have different. Subjects. Matters that focuses. All and might can also just because I momma finish you're working a senior many times in the History Channel and Aaron when we will we do jump on a bunch of other stations like to have you back on kissing my a lot of different topics we can talk about. Sure there there actually aren't and suffered under a cup could talk about a couple of appearances come and easily enough case and for an eye. I'm going to be doing Colorado moved on in Denver Colorado this coming weekend on Saturday the what does it. Fourteenth means they got to travel on transit thirteen and I'm nervous fliers site that. And I'll be doing that that'll be up a lecturer at the agenda and then upcoming I've got consulate expo at the LAX Schultz and which is a really big deal if she'd never been to that wants a great show it's going to be to weekend at the tenth eleventh and twelfth of February. And then I have the new living expo in a parole which lookup you living excellence is Emma Taylor separate Cisco. And then the big one contact and desert which the early and that's if you wanna go to Liu a full conference that's the best one to go to by far its share alien stuff. And up. It's always a good time it's been really really hot the last couple years but they moved it upn schedule a couple of weeks and it should definitely be cooler more acceptable to people this time around see all the big stars there including. Help. Well I'm an. Maybe Jamie and I only do I don't there and religion mormonism to broadcast from there going to be nuclear shot out about his. You could get a lot of people to. To the show absolutely you know that's Brazil that's a maze. That's in May yet via. It's called contact in the desert arithmetic for both thanks so much for your time Mike has been great chatting with the in my Jason said we'll definitely have you back on the show soon. Sounds get a C a little little whining can get you a loss. Things while I appreciate it gentlemen. I want to. Mike Vera. We have great guy yet brigade Greek. Money knowledge there a lot of work behind the knowledge and will be anxious to have met countries and we really touched. Scratch a surface on the things that he talks about and things he's he's written about so on like you said. You know once we get the other stations on board bring them on and now have more conversation. And we disagreed gas coming up on him tomorrow and Thursday tomorrow we get Scott Walter of forensic geologist. Best known for in being the host in the history channel's hit show America on Hearst and so are we talking of the Kensington rune stone. Yeah and he also has done work on now pirate treasure and and then treasurer of the night Stempler. Including things about shipwrecks in the free masons and I anxious to see if he has any opinion on this so now in connection. I watched tonight. Cronyism Antonio don't tell me what happened I just couldn't believe that they found that peace and here we go at it it'll get open wheel and I'm sorry you love doing that in any way to mark you wait you think they found a piece say wearily what seventy episodes it. Piece of ammunition from a front Corning. So. Nada now and we lost to time my wife my wife. Who also loves the show he can see your face ones always five minutes left she's like forty readiness let me ask you what you think because they've done more searching in and use more technology. Than any of the previous searchers have done before and oak island. And they haven't found anything significant they found these old bits and pieces and trinkets T you think we're far cavern tonight. But given I just bid it do you think in a bigger scope that. What they what everybody is taught and it is there a sense sense is the initial discovery of the money pit tickets probably if his is mine Gordon found. Mean that's what's gonna mean honestly in the possibilities deathly there somebody found it and it's not like they ever want to admit to it because then they'd have to. That's what it whereas with a government or whatever com or whoever sold. I don't mean and I it just seems pretty elaborate to be able to see that the that and way back when they made double these tranche boxes ran Isa. These things aren't aware of course when you when you started dating an automatic place such a trigger where. Now you go water coming into the coast trips and while I mean why well if it's that important why would you wanna flooding and also stand a chance of damaging yet. Mother and the other thing that's so often and I hope from most of the folks listening no we're talking about when it comes to oak island but they talk about the pin of the the platforms every ten feet. On and then net stone that was set on an arm which ninety feeder whatever rove was says soon to two million pounds a bit of the blue below here forty feet below it and why would you announce it if you're trying to hide in a protective why would you put Estonia says keep going because treasury blow here. And it doesn't make sense. No but it's also the a lot of what the temple ours did and and other secret side he's. Did they were there are a lot of symbolism and reasons behind it. So I guess the possibilities there just took it to somebody you know trouble. Both of troubled hide everything you booby trap the heck out of it why would you put a sign post saying hey just keep on the treasury below here well because you'd want that the information time. Two student and answer only to people who knew how to access this thing properly wooden set off for booby trapped. Which. I I can understand that fact but. And nominates them. I want length show. I love the mystery Ayman I've I've really been and I've got to settle to tacked on one of the guys who gets out there I love again and I'll with the kids and mess around the metal detector. So I'd be excited I've been excited about peasants owes an element elementary school read an article I think it is the same article that they were talking mother was in reader's digest dumb in. It's a fabulous story it's fascinating. But I'm you have to wonder is you know losers is they're fun and some fiction in there in that town was built in over the years that just was so compelling that's gone on these peoples of people still looking. The only aegis also look at it like Paris so fifty years a hundred years or whatever ago. When there are digging in they were able to get that far down due to do all this but now home. The same age with modern technology were having this much of a nightmare. And he just had China build an island I just had China builds an island in it and put a runway and everything else on. Add a word and we we can we should be able to get right down. It's as deep as we need to go you know while they've been they've been getting a lot closer I think to comment they aren't you know they don't I don't know what resources are using to pay for this stuff so I know it's doubly expensive that they don't have the resources of a government behind them but it will be interesting makes a scene in a. Will definitely big shout out to my that are coming on tonight in talking with our species tune in tomorrow night for scout Walter and Thursday from mr. Lobo but a big shout out to everybody out dementieva like the FaceBook page yet check it out of FaceBook dot com slash. Beyond reality radio. And stay tuned we just gracious coming up thanks everybody for tuning in we'll catch all the mana. And it's produced by speaking yeah. Johnson aren't aren't and I don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page can also like to say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word if you've got information you want us to follow upon where you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio emails to sleep Getty. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.