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Congressman Ted Yoho talks ACA, tax reform & more.

Jan 17, 2017|

Bob Rose Show - Jan 17 2017

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hotline I'll ring in right now and you will go to him will find out I've from the horse's mouth. He's dealt with some horses mouse button. Congressman Ted yellow light on sir. Fantastic it's agree to connect review we know you're busy so let's get to. Had a story about this so called border adjustment when it comes to corporate taxes import export. And apparently. President elect trump and congress kind of butting heads on how to put this thing together he says what you have so far kinda complicated. Could you explain. Yeah. You're out in the press. All line then outcrop worker relationship. Work give it a bit so. Mean it would make him out of that Boehner and there will be. Looking at you don't care coming in and obviously. And it's an early trade. And don't you know don't let the young or. Okay. And and I appreciate I appreciate that and at one about Obama care alliance on a lot of people's mind we keep hearing repeal and replace. Some people are afraid they they might get lost in the shuffle. What do you tell people about how you've how things are advancing because nobody really knows. What it's gonna look like when you're done. Yeah again that took some bad and get skewed media. There are replacement the goal is to remove the mandates or Omniture BR so he'll be part of that Arctic. Albeit smooth transition. From a government control. Mandate that all year. Eight private industry that cover. Pretty much everybody OB preexisting condition coverage. On. Joseph your kid to build them also beat through age 26 they do not talk about that or. Doby in reforms to the insurance company LP tort reforms else save your account will go up. And so there will be a smooth transition and it I gotta be repeal it and everybody desserts current. As the media and that Democrat critic but watched the B span or eight. Also an edit but he insurance premiums. I'm like excuse me up but it RD on up on an average about 8% across country. Or extremely these Astor and her opponent is like an. Ire on 160%. This year. And sold over 65%. This year and the Democrat Otto very hypocritical. Of them saying that the Republicans do this your pre cargo. Though. Just rest a certain people need to understand that it will be a smooth transition. No doubt about your unit spot. Bill will be read. A motive. Excellent Dow. Are there going to be fines. Are attached to it or is when you say repeal the mandate does that mean. There won't be fines if you do not have insurance for whatever reason. On that should be of living and out constitutional. Republic. Is you have belt. The termination. You make choices are so the government shouldn't dictate what you do and don't. Erica I'm certain bank and that's one of the underlying. Light. That we. You know whose responsibility of the app insurer you know. Yet the government does have a role. The government does whatever role of people that are you know they can't take care of themselves all worked. The old earlier people let just current financial situation where yeah. But. This is something that's gonna change it and that mandate will go away oh on the order side. In on the individual side so there won't be fine with that. Now what about retro. What about retroactively. Giving people their fines back because it was instituted through the IRS and it's just a question came up the people are asking. Would they be able to retroactively get any of those fines back. Now okay. Because that was the law at the time and people loaded and they wanted to and you know. Reason I ran and that was one of the year and Republicans are in the majority now because we said we were gonna do that that data's com or ogle and our promise and and so. Until that law's repeal the mandate that are going to be in fact. But that the relief coming monies that are a bit and I do not expect to go ahead you know our lawsuit but. Our current. Got you pay another thing from the rumor mill is there any chance of President Obama either through executive action or through the EPA or DEP. Somebody asked about. They heard deep he's gonna try to eliminate ethanol free gas in other words marine gas and small engine gas and stuff like death. In other words all gasoline with half to have ethanol and it. Maybe dreaming about that. You're saying at all after app and a and alana black. Immediately that it'll be repealed. Big movement and a different government mandate. And at that home from production or crop production is our out all alternative. If these beat remark in urban. And then it'll drive down also Korman you know other commodity. And meant it he'd put that mandate very. It. Okay. Are you concerned at all you know about safety the inauguration obviously is going to be a lot of tension. There's been a lot of strife so you know as of late. And if do you have any personal concerns about safety at the inauguration. Army crawl he looked in cotton and out no not really enemy. Democratic Party a party or no though conduct themselves well. Ed do you. There is the I don't hurt. No that's okay. And you know we've always heard. Present electoral on the campaign trail talk about wall he's gonna make Mexico pay for it. Weird we stand on the building of the wall. You know. I can't tell you yet I know he's still you still talking about building all of my personal opinion you know I don't think we need to all of our readers are certain areas where do you at all. More importantly if you enforcer border security like nations should and enforcing immigration law like eight nations should. You won't have this problem. I have to give a shot out and Obama or repealing. Littler drop all the people that have been a magnet drawing up a refugee. I come over here for political asylum. But yet we normalize relationships Cuba over a year ago. And so that's right move back we have out this you do that letter that unveiled at that also. Our front transition team that the policy. At be changed immediately be cute that. Doubt the news here debating. Or mass exodus. Of giving a number of order. Now we've seen that you know central Americans all of what last summer coming across but. Is. Where so whether they have legal status or not. Yeah the whole purpose of what we're trying to do response immigration. At our security and law book. And then our. Agricultural. Program. And that people can come and soccer country and the opportunity to work be able to go back there. And come back and forth that I am sneak in order eager fired a good program. You know aunt and spank in the beginning but it a program that and order goes through a proper. Requirement. The employee owners. Approved by the government and that also gives cover the employee. Get is credentials. The way it is right now is it really is out there are so many producer there on the Perry. And agricultural sector in crops. You in construction and hotel built or entertainment. That program. The way it is right now not big eager it is broken. And it bumping that. We have where we have the knowledge and technology. It's just and the political back. It gonna see that change. President trump pushing. All. And I you know president Obama's been. Letting people out of Guantanamo on a regular basis you know he can I guess legally close it down but he's basically. You know letting everybody out he is there any way to address that. Yeah other than that something happened some people just you know follow it right here on. About two years ago there are currently 88. Out detainees. There. And they go through vetting process background check and you know they do all that 55. Had been cleared being moved to another country. Others aren't people should never. Let out there or just pet people and they go to countries that we give them range. And so the release of on. I don't have a problem. It's where President Obama has been releasing. We know. That patient on the South America. It was spare. Are searchable went there and some of the look at the return back the battlefield back 30% of the people. That have been released under President Obama. Or dependant on I'm 30% of those. I have gone back and been engaged enough activities against our military air. And so. That's a function of the country they go through that they don't campus save or protect and monitor these maps out the President Obama and don't. National crop predation knack. Add bill that we editor Tuesday repent at this president any president in future Republican or Democrat. From being able to transfer on I'm naval base the ability actor Cuba. Without the consent of congress are language. But in the on proper paper. Coming out. That the national security issue. You know or ninety miles stronger. Congressman not Jay's got a question for him back congressman. You don't thank you for bringing happen we are were named Sandy Springs right now. And Neal done congressman out of panhandle. At stake in over the web portion of the old district tree where job. I'm Gupta electro counties we have there and let out probably one of the larger district. That meant that. And you know are gonna go out of Canada or an introduction Cooper. Deal happened on all count. And we wanted to take this opportunity. That bank all our supporters have not just been supporters but it turned in great and the program and now. We just wanted to buy bank and spurring. And the Mayo. Gonna go to network and money. Only stop. And that we want to aren't well and find agreement on account that anybody at any question. Called. Which. Revive June. 05088. Well as they as as somebody who was losing you is my congressman and allies congressman Don. As my representative told to keep an eye on those folks in Gilchrist county don't forget about us because he's over he's got a huge district to deal last. Don't feel like you lost me yeah. You need another congressman. And not our heart out there that carried out work out there are five years and are. You know. The people and all of our constituents outlook constituent constituents are customers and current and Malia. No well being their or you know I've got a great working relationship. That deal done and not doctor Don and pots and I'll be sitting on the attic many let me. Along without lots owners or meridian dynamic that's going to be. The biggest bank and a M a RRL often. I think a lot of art art work this year. Congressman we really appreciate your time this morning we know you've gotta run keep in touch this like you always do and now we wish him best. Go gators congressman Ted yell oh represented. Shall we say and he's going to be doing a farewell tour we're now losing him. Irsay is a congressman represented in Washington because the change in districts US to make sure people get a chance to. Meet doctor Neil done so he'll be going for fanning springs to may go to Swanee to live well. Two day. While more information 3525050838. And no we appreciate you tuning in what that would talking about this further 731 on news talk 97.3 this guy.