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01/16/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio - Time traveler John Titor II from the year 2036 discusses his experiences.

Jan 16, 2017|

01/16/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Time traveler John Titor II discusses his travels, and the status of Earth when he left the year 2036. John offers comment on the things to come, and our relationship with extraterrestrial races.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Hello hello and went and I gets beyond reality radio Jason Hawes TV Johnson and. Tuning in beyond reality radio you listening online or on any of the great stations we air on and we do we we've got some really adjusting shows tonight we're going to be talking way. John teacher now John T leader John Tudor the second I'm really not a 100% sure yet today. So it will be figuring that out but on the other story is very very strange to begin with because there's apparently two people with the same name one. Showed up. Early 2000 years doesn't want around 2000 he's on to fax something to Art Bell initially the so. The Johns from the year 22036. Yet and they John that we've got on tonight the John teeter tighter depending how you pronounce his name it's coming on tonight is known as the second or number two. And you know he is claims through the legitimate John teetered so that like the code name for the people this side I'm. Specialist from laws why no one person of the same name as the other guys that's what makes is so bizarre so he's gonna have to explain that to us because I don't know the answer that and I've heard the heard him talk several times and I don't know that he these ever really had that question posed to himself. Well also tonight again we're going to be talking and John tighter about time travel is it possible and if so. YC here what's he what's he done and so forth. On tomorrow we're going to be talking with Howard storm is a professor of art for twenty years at Northern Kentucky University. He had a near death experience in Paris and his wife was transformed. And he's he's gone on to become a pastor and a then Wednesday we're going to be talking now this is interesting especially. It all let's just first off say it has Martin Luther King Jr. day and hit a what a great man who lost his life and in a tragic way. And once they were we talking with the William Francis pepper and attorney based in New York who is most noted for his efforts to prove the government. But the government and really conspiracy behind. Behind setting up James Earl Ray in the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. So. He's got a lot of it really. Incredible information Jim. Yeah he's author of a few books on the topic and he he was actually good friends with Martin Luther King Jr. right up to his death. And a CKM what he he says is that is Steve you've we don't when James Earl Ray was arrested and ended up confessing going to prison and a plea bargain. He believes this story until years later started looking into it in the east realized hey this is an adding up there are things happening near their witnesses that weren't. Morn to there's testimony wasn't taken into account any. And yes you know if you read his book he's got a very very compelling argument for for what he presents and I'm anxious to have that discussion with a once a night. Well let alone. I know he's got signed depositions and from people who who were there who claim the Martin Luther King Jr. Survived the gunshot and was killed lead Iran. So there's a lot of really inching things will be getting into in talking with them on. Yet it's going to be good when Panthers and we've got a gentleman from the UK. Whose family lives through quite a paranormal ordeal he's a I think a history a law teacher in England. And he's gonna start to also we were bring him on he's gonna tell a story and it works at any time somebody has really intense paranormal activity we like to hear about it. Everybody has a story that's true that's true why be on router deals out there so would you into doing this weekend. I just laid low you know I still I still I was recovering from that that illness earlier in the week so he's constantly. Have this thing I'm sorry I mean you're some stake in months that this this has taken weeks and it's. The end up fragile you have if you catch the flu I think you're going to be done for at least a year didn't even survive it. Yeah you don't have an idea Wii's Saturday we my idea twin boys had their wrestling match now every Saturday they have the rest wrestling match OK well we didn't know that this one was some huge thing Weatherly ten schools they showed up the last we showed up to us wrestling match expecting him to two and a half hours. Twelve hours later hello boy yes Glenn Austin him one of my rule Logan had made into the finals Austin admitted into the have a convertible top three behind and then. It's for some weird reason I guess one person. Four Purdue left without. Getting into in the other person didn't wanna match so I don't know Politico so. But socially two and a half thirteen hours before we even left there became moment was the longest wrestling match well my freedom life. That is a long time to sit sit Montana Saddam bleachers I boost don't try I truly I got on the next day I go to sit down Crispin but feels like its roots for. He spent that much time on bleachers sucked on by the way everyone our telephone numbers seat 446877669. We do invite you to call in and be part of the show and if you haven't yet we need to check out the chat room. He can fight it read on the web page beyond reality reader dot com there's little listen live button you click on that. It allow you to get into the chat room you can listen there or you can continue to listen on your local radio station if you want and speaking radio stations. Who was in mourning on offense and until Libya were going to be airing a bunch more as senator there we are getting a Little League and I figure you really I don't. It's no in the we've finalized all the all the stuff solo will be popping up on a bunch more stations across the country and well I guess really zone com. Syria and as you can also download all the past shows at beyond reality radio dot com he had to do was click on click on the past shows and it opens up analyst Pamela shows it's all free to download. So make sure you tuning in Yuma catch some of the the shows weren't on the assuming great. On hey you know this there's been this whole weird thing with him and talking about a team of scientists have revealed. This is this is need to that this. We've been getting communication from. Possibly what appears to be intelligent aliens beyond planet earth Hussein this. A bunch of scientists. Merits so I'm. Team of scientists are revealed new research that seems to indicate intelligent aliens be on planet earth. And that they exist in the trying to communicate with others a paper titled the discovery of peculiar periodic spectral modulation in a small fraction of solar type stars. But it I don't know who wants to could ask you to see it again would disagree on a Q. Yet Obama government contract. It doesn't necessarily solid stunning discovery to most people but the research paper published in the journal publications of the astronomical society of Pacific. May turn out to be the first step in the quest to establish a presence in and totally intelligence life beyond our solar system. On an analysis of 2.5 million stars. The researchers have been watching has revealed 234. Stars only 234 out of 2.5 million. Giving off strange module nations that suggests that origins are likely cause by alien species rather than natural causes while. I mean that's you know we're getting closer and closer and we search hearing things like thank you gotta start sitting up and taking notice. Well and you know why this is really neat is the fact that breakthrough listened which is a project backed by Stephen Hawkins in Mark Zuckerberg of FaceBook. Will begin investigating the 234 star signals as well as to see what else can be determined about Bernie and me get Stephen Hawkins and Mark Zuckerberg that are actually teaming up to really look into office and so that's gonna have some merit. Now that that's interesting in. You know as our equipment becomes more sensitive and were able to look and hear further out into the gun into the galaxies in the universe. I'm in a war or bound to catch something at some point it's just gonna happen certainly asked John teeter and if they found anything. When I suppose I mean you know he's at 2036 entries from there now should be Julia Smith mentioned you brought up Mark Zuckerberg the rank and I just say he's an all around us today if you give you heard this the can while it's a bit of a conspiracy discussion about FaceBook and and their building heat in what they're researching in building eight on the FaceBook campus Noah owner of this. Well they've just posted to job. An advertiser is looking for brain computer interface engineer any neural imaging engineer. And they suggest that this building eight might be working on monitoring how brain activity changes while you're looking at pictures or videos so that they can learn. Your deepest darkest thought he thought it was bad enough. When you went on FaceBook or on a web site also these ads start popping up of something you just looked at you know ten minutes ago and I differ on a total different totally your age or Korea but they're monitoring what you're doing their tracking it may use that information to keep putting that stuff in front of you what if they can do it despite. Reading your mind. That would that looks after probably get. Arsenal out of trouble yeah I think that's probably true but that seems to be what FaceBook is working on in this building eight. According to FaceBook building aid is focused on building new hardware products to advance our mission of connecting the world. But these particular jobs make it seem as though they're looking on ways to to read the mind are getting sound. These are morally give them connecting themselves to the world of him pulling whatever information they want from whoever. Yes so and who knows I mean FaceBook and Google seems you know one of the things have often thought the recently sought anyway. Is you know the old and antitrust suits he used to do come up against snowball AT&T was probably one of the most recent big ones anyway is back and what the 70s80s. When was it AT&T was broken up AT&T was the only fire company. For for years yeah and the government broke them up until these regional companies and now you know the phone the phone. Industries just changed significantly because of cellphones and everything else but. On a look at Google when I look at FaceBook and I say how can you know look at those companies and think while there's a monopoly there that's actually becoming you know. Very very powerful because it's the conduit for almost all the information we get anymore. Well yeah I and I know they even had situations going backwards ten years ago with. With Microsoft where they were making programs. What they're making their new windows programs and were making and so is a non non compatible with with other programs out there. In hopes that it would jeopardize it would hurt stock of those company's. And that they were able to comment by the company. And it leaked at a cheap price and throw on a patch for a from their windows whom and to put the company and so there it was manipulating the whole the whole set up so. And so yeah it's out there it happens I mean you they need to be paying close attention to. Yeah I just have to wonder if that's going to be an issue down the road to the seems like. It should be when you've gut. You know let's say we you know whatever that the the issue of the day is new Google that in Google really is responsible for being the conduit of all the information. And that's that's like having. One only one media outlet in in the country I mean it's that powerful and you're not given a choice yet is because they filter what you're gonna see now. I think up until this point they've been pretty fair about it but they don't have to be. Does it say spokesman pretty fair about spontaneous gruel and no search engine Jeff anarchist and Facebook's loss there commissioner missiles beyond do you. And he's been able post something on FaceBook and on and any of your friends or followers could see it and now post something on one of the pages one of the pages alone I've got three million people blood. Only 101000 people see it. And then I'll get an alert that tells me for 3003000. Dollars gets its face Collette a 100000 people say wait a minute there's three million people on the page already I don't know why you guys locking and Al from noon all the people who were already following that hate each. And impotence and and that something's always driven me crazy it's I mean FaceBook has just become. It's sad but it's become all about you know what you can bury them. Beat up on another thing that those pretty interesting comment apparently there's a video circulating. Energies really yes it's not the one of view in Vegas here I know you're an extra day that was going. I was gonna say the Pentagon. And others there is mystery lights. They were flashing lights speeding past the International Space Station and they show up on a video. And then all of a sudden has faced coming to view the the astronaut. Whoever was that was holding the camera puts his hand in front of the camera as if he was trying to block. What was being seen. Yeah I hate ice so we have we have this posted on the unreality yep I think we're definitely shared it over the weekend but you have to. Let me just warn everybody looks like sexual toys. But it fusion if you go to third FaceBook is slash B unreal radio and you'll have an initial image. It does not look like we're talking about it. And don't take it when you you think I'm joking typical when you're done talking gym annual dealer. Look the hell is that an assistant guilty to 2.2 percent of you thought we knew or decide that yeah I even had a post because. They were at posted it. And I and I had to respond I'm like oh this looks like sex toys and look what is that that's so. It's funny like who you fall fanatics they were not alone and these images prove it. And they say that it was intentionally blocked the view image was intentionally blocked by the astronaut when he saw the mysterious moving glowing lights appear. On the says they put the best and puts his hand in front of the camera and then pans a way to cover up the lights there was another video where a similar thing happened when an eerie. Cart Wheeling light was seen and zooming across the earth and then once again a white suited hand can be seen covering. The view are moving the camera so this has the UFO and alien conspiracy so and arms rightfully so I mean we should be able to see the stuff that's out there. Well especially seeing that the and they were talking a starting to cut the life feed from and putting it up after it's been added or whatever and why. I mean there's there's got to be some serious reasons why they're they're even thinking about doing that. You know they always seem to Condit when something strained right is also the distance just when something cool is happening that's when they decide it's our tax dollars and whoever British taxed our sort of paying for these things to do to be up there so I think we we have a right to be able to see. I I agree and I have one more really strange story that I wanted to mention here tonight just because it's so it's it's bizarre. And I think we've talked about this little bit we've talked about mermaids a little bit on the show. On here nearly half we've had people call and ask about remains on the show well apparently Seattle. For everything that's going on there has a mermaid club it's actually called more full 'cause it's men or women. Patton MacArthur and this just Aaron and or skirt and put it well what it is is suites a place where men and women who identify as part human part fish. Can columns together. Is this threat is this is for real this pictures to go with this story. Coming out as Hillary posts and on the face prepared we will make sure it's posted on the FaceBook page but there's one woman in particular who gave up per full time job so she could form this group earnings Heatley Nielsen she dreamed of being a mermaid from a very young age. And she declared a kindergarten it was what you wanted to be when she grew up then in and in she'd be in 2015 she quit her job to focus full time on being a mermaid. Which Eric she's part of a growing community of people who identified as part human part fish they call themselves more full. I am sorry I'm laughing if Hillary folk and you're saying but I'm ex forum on laughter but I am I presume they go to the this but I don't know if it's one pool or any poor and Seattle. They say it's a way to way of life they go they put on their latex armor full this sense and they'd. Dive into the pool and they've. Flap around a little bit but that's not that your car camera follow and part human and it's sort of throwing our constant. I guess it's best they're gonna get an unborn if you're born with webbed feet and things like that maybe. You can you know see yourself a little more with a connection. Well she'd Caitlin says she's long dreamed of being a mermaid and after watching the movie The Little Mermaid she couldn't do anything but follow veteran. Okay so our you know I mean that it's a way of life in Seattle apparently Merkel. I I guess so calm her say she says you know people ask you know how does that tale feel this is set I feel like is part of me actually feel like it's a prosthetic limb sometimes a joke that I Wear prosthetic because those born with a with a terrible birth defect which is known as legs. The which you'd rather have the fans there are in Canada yeah Max. And see in this study I don't think anybody's take a rare athletes Steve I don't know. These these kind of things that you put on these latex whatever fans cost about 3500 dollars a year and make a whole year to make one. They got a 3500 dollars take years to make. You'll only takes no I don't I do share. I don't that would make a pretty good video though one of us and one of those things for us put it on to say it would be going to be horrible or that would not be pretty soon items consumers. I'm apparently there is a an event in Greensboro, North Carolina it's the largest camera mania convention and guess thousands of people spent hours and in Olympics it's cool. Flapping around in their mermaid armor Maingear. Okay mullets. You know after we have to go out get video of this I think that's something we've been put from a distance from it gets set to close and that's so. On this news this do you think it just came on I know we have taken ridiculous item product. Thanksgiving and 98 Thanksgiving eve 1971 Amanda border Portland to Seattle flight told stewardess he had a bomb a suitcase he demanded 200000 dollars and four parachutes. The FBI delivered them when the plane landed at sea tac airport when the plane was airborne again having self the man who became known as DB Cooper jumped off the back staircase and off the Boeing 727 into the frigid nights guy you know that history Jim Marshall Leo okay. So now of the FBI's allowed a band of amateur scientists selected by the Seattle FBI to look for clues in the world's most infamous guy jacking. Do they think they've they've found some new evidence this 45 year old case parent how. They're asking for the public's help because of the new potential leads could link DB Cooper to the Puget puede oh whatever sound aerospace industry in the early seventies. Scientific teams been analyzing particle removed from the clip on tie that was actually left behind by Cooper after he hijacked a northwest orient passenger jet. In November 1971. Powerful try microscopes looking located more than 100000. Particles of the on this old JC Penney time. The teams and identify the particles as Syria and strong to strong TM sulphide and pure titanium. Now the reason why that's. Really important is they're rare earth elements than there used in very narrow fields especially back then for the specific for certain specific banks. Hum elements identified rarely used in 71 during the time the Coopers daring leap. And one of the places that we're using this was Boeing. Really only high tech city were refusing in the high tech supersonic transport plane if they're working. Which was a developed by the government's funding in the sixties and seventies so now it's looking like Cooper. It was probably a Boeing employee or contractor who wore the tie to work which would mean then. He was probably more in the engineering or the manager patrols. While so now they wanna look a little closer and. Well. So pretty amazing it's pretty amazing and it's amazing about what what you know advances in science and technology is has done to the ability to catch people. You know but you 45 years later you know military leaves technologies tailored to find all the stuff so I it's just wild. All right let's take Susan time Canada we have we get a few seconds against left to give the phone number and stuff. Are able phone numbers 8446877669. Again. 8446877669. You'll listen Jason NG beyond beyond our already revealed right. And gang scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Carr and dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com to sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome to. Visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com and. Talking with the time travel. Yes John theater and and he's gonna have to explain to us through some not sure what's the difference there's. Apparently two let's just bring an analyst to start this because a little confused on honey introducing John welcome to be on reality radio it's really really great to have you on the show tonight. It polish are coming on a look at Florida's we have for a long time in before we get really in need in the nitty gritty explain to us what is going on within two different John teeters and the one that that showed up and was posting on the bulletin boards and and our bills the message boards and and showing up on our Dole's program that's not you right that somebody else and tell us the difference. You know one of those it is John diner and the other only just filling up air time. OK. So. You're. Okay we're. OK so so the one that will appeared in about the year 2000 was around for a few years I believe. On the final the story correctly that was just somebody filming a pair time. Yeah. If so how did they know then to the name John John tighter is. First officer is that your real name. It OK so then how old doubts on the deal with earth. The way. There in working through the government. I have a lot of identities. Can lived up to different places. And different countries it. Are so I think and then we just need to. Understand and how did somebody give ten. Or whatever beat beat you to the punch on getting your name and your information. Was at another time traveler that came back causes somebody who just. Had your information. Or was it accord. All right here and it's it's pretty easy to picture. In the years 2036. I've got over thirty years with the year where it'd. And I know we're all the bodies are buried. A right down to assassinations. JFK. Or decade Martin Luther King. William Colby and Malcolm X. I know the answer. On almost. And I editors still alive. In this timeframe. On this responsible. And so. I get up to 2036. I didn't know if they are gonna let me retire this year and Armenian shallow grave. And I put in my retirement papers. And they asked me where I was gonna go whether it was gonna do they really wanted. And I call this little favors. And I thought I could be very slick. Go back to the year 2000. And live under another name. Well. In. And I lived in Valencia California. And after about two years. There and market the front door. And it was prepared in the exit. We need you get back to work. So will they ever really. Stop. Using expertise certainly know. Art student who was that other John tighter. The vet who survived it and they wanted to discredit me you want me just. Canelo. Till everything that I do. Because I think it is no way of wind damage to government. So they want to make sure Aybar tried to you never knew it would take you seriously getting. And put it sure I what is. Moved to Palmdale California. And once a week I get on generous Airways. In flood area through Q and and consult. And I still live there. And I kept thinking all just write a book you know. Don't they don't really believe it when I was. Thank you and I were written these two guys you can eighty recruitment and molecular write a book about it. And blah gradual and GQ quit. They. What will you you know. You'd be protected you know when one cute cute cute couple conferences. Aren't some. All right we couldn't. So. We wrote a bullet. In one section of the good. I told them that Donald Trump was gonna win the presidential election. And I couldn't be sure you and your original miniskirt people who were as senate. And he ended but you can't. And that brilliant character future. You know they just to know on the editor the editor out I put down the name of the guy. That was responsible for JFK. IRS Acadia and LJ. And Malcolm actually and William Colby. Basically don't we did it. And get scared. Knows the same per hour. Did I did I understand was at the same person responsible for all those assassinations or do you mean you wrote down the name for each one of them individually. Or don't don't don't. There is recurring dream there all of Lou assassinations. And there was one man. That is still alive today. It orchestrated. But he's not a warrant. Dead. Basically pull the trigger so to speak. And I basically. Would tell you that you will have a position to gain substantially. Can you get. Mean. We had we we we had an opportunity to have Bob and Jason on the program together. I don't remember exactly data may have been toward the end of August. And the book of course we're talking about is the book its review wrote together called disclosed chronicles of John tighter the second. And down near tragically we have we've lost Bob's sense but we had Jason back on and I remember him telling us. That you had indicated who was going to win the election and they edited out. You know. You're what are brokered truck or your IQ you. Your entrance. Two jurors. Okay I'm so he will you first off he will have two terms and occasions entrepreneur but it's a real concerned so calm. I don't think it would happen. The United States is entering a time where there are. Members of the government within the Washington DC beltway. This. Billion. To graft and corruption. Were decades. And now. Donald Trump is threatening you dream small. And there are Republicans. Our senators and congressmen. In Washington DC. And I don't think that big guy that he has done weren't. Or the cover up. Laura. Some of the things that DNC did during the election. Or it is just come to light. I think Julian Assange is certain that Hillary Clinton. Eight. People are. Within CNN. To poker and also Republicans. Are senators congressmen. So they're all gonna get investigated. And some of it may be adjudicated. Konami and the attorney general. And it ends record in the lynch him. They may go down. Are there for their part. So I think when it comes down to. As looking at you as an individual from the future when you say something like they may go down. I mean if you were fraud if you are from the future you'd wouldn't you know if they do or if they don't. So. Closely I think it could only well is gone. And the attorney general. Should be garner should be investigated. That gives slap on the wrist. Bill Cullen papers and skated out. Okay. A pretty typical for the US government and if they say this. Trump it will be particularly the regime on the David inauguration. Almost. A civil war. We're got all these people that. George Soros is paid to go marching in Washington DC. While police motors now. It can't accept that Hillary laws. Even know that Hillary will it will be documented that she was. Or somewhere around thirteen people being you know. Her rise to power. So you know it. If it asks kinda crazy. And then can't Mike Pence. She'll get one term. After trump. As president you mean. Okay. And end the it'll be it Democrat. It'll. After that after them after round after parents Erica. So. I go to Jim and I just to see we have about thirty seconds for we have to jump into a break John but just a quick question before we get into too many more details about. What's going to happen. Tell us and again in thirty seconds or so. Why did you come back from 2036 to live in our time. I want to be with a woman. Fitted dark by eastern six. OK I want to learn that you and I get your honor and I did. I I can't guy to a time in the year 2000. Word. The last bit cleaner and only about a week it cast. Am. We got together. And got married. Well it's OK good let's take a break when we come back we'll get in more of the details with John tighter the second. It's beyond reality radio just. That's putting it lightly for our guest tonight John tighter the second welcome back to the show it's beyond reality radio with Jason and javy in our guest is John tighter and John. Before we went to break we've you know ask the simple question why would you come back from 2036 but. I guess maybe a more obvious question is is life better in 2036 vs now. While we're experiencing here in Twitter contain. I would tell you quite frankly. Were headed to an environment soul catastrophe. And global warming isn't sure. And I didn't meet Korea. Editors huge dial up close. Animal life. In the oceans. What happens is. These histories that Third World countries. Depend on. So live. They fail. And so this create. Sanity and or countries aren't civil unrest. And violent. Hand. So we're looking at all or violence in the world. So John and do other countries have the technology to. Go back and and and forth in time. Our as far as right now. Up until all wanted 36. The United States were the only ones. Doing it. And and we let it leak. To the Russians and Iranians. In Ireland there was a reason or. They suspected it for a long time that we can do it. And the technology actually was given to us by extraterrestrials. And the United States and our NATO L based. In the early sixties signed agreements with the anarchy. We grades. That whole likes. And ripped Chileans. And they have spaced ports located. All over the world. A couple of the new world most based course are East Coast of Florida. Aren't. Then there's so adult senior Mexico. Then there's creature forced me. In and out. Is murder. Facilities were. Spacecraft land all the time. Now earned 2036. Now. Angered every here. Extraterrestrial. Beings coming into this. I'll work. Hundreds of thousands of years. Well now I know final Einstein. Didn't believe that time travel is possible but now Kurt a girl who is. And his office partner. Who were world's top mathematician. Pegged at 49 believed that it was possible. His thought wasn't me universe rotates and if you were to be able to go around the universe in reverse you'd come back. Actually before he left mathematically speaking so what's the technology that you're supposedly. Using and on top of that are you still. And you still in control of that technology. Two to be able to and go back in time and is it just going back in time you'll also it would go forward in time. Yes. Are actually. I'm dying you know with an associate Rosen and neighbor of paper called the I Rosen bridge. And it was. Rewarded for. One important iron suit and other important. Am big being discussed how to do it. Well and I know and I know line sandals under. My exit. I want. He's no roof this year character is correct yes. She wrote oh why speaker. In the enemy. Here 2000. It was aren't stationary. Time machine. Aaron's. Bat Juan works. And the US government built it. And there's one error area secure. So. There's another way to do your time travel. Now if you Google TR three B workers here are 62 columns. Those spacecraft air brings and the power plants. Enable. Time trial. And they also enable. Something that's very important is called. Testers in life. Troop indisputable it. So are you in control still of a device that allows you to be able to move through time. It. There and that device is there. Is it a portable devices that some sort of vehicle device to a lawyer what are we looking better. It. So there. And there would it mean zoo leadership where car. The base scripted sit at a hangar. It's not looking at. I see you documentary year. This coming year and had people you down and look at it. And be done with it. And how often are you using it that. These days seminary you frequently ms. skipping through time. Not shoot much. A big part of it probably is under it'll. Panda. Even though you don't feel that you were all. I am very busy consulting it the year or in and doing editing. I'm just finishing up book. Is going to released in February. Next month. And I expect to be busy doing some things that I am thinking that might work that I reasons it fury that will. Be disclosure. I'm going to explain. Why there are. Human beings on this planet. And having worked a curious thing is and and you'll find yourself. That is that the joke around a wideout in. How Obama would never say get over extraterrestrials. The plain fact of the matter is we have agreement with the and and they have the ability to literally. Can't turn the earth in two cinder. Looking ever half. An editing that are very powerful. Species. And galactic troubled capable absolutely. And I talked about it but I have pictures. And they always just trying to do. Being an artery in the background sometimes they manipulate our species. Our. I would say that our big dividend on technology to the US government. On. It helped us we're. Our space program and other military projects. Okay John hold on right there we have to go to our top of the hour break it's a six break. Welcome back and you pick up the conversation where we left off it's beyond reality radio I'm Jason TP. TV and phone numbers 8446877669. Our guest is John tighter the second were talking about his experiences as a time traveler. John your from the year 2036 she came back here because of romantic interest that you you want to spend your life with someone who you fell in love with. And you said that it's not. Life isn't better in 2036 but can we be more specific about that I'm curious about medical advances in cancer and things like that. How things look on that front. This critical infrastructure is breaking down. The the the the infrastructure of these cities. Are breaking down Australians. Certainly be felt on others who shortages. The ability to group sued. And to produce crosses. Race animal. Has been. Really impacted. On the atmosphere. Right now in China. There are days where they still people in Beijing is just you know. This here is so bad and they have tremendous. Problems or what is. Actually. We don't. That they allowed suit. Basically. Become a real issue because they they didn't do any management. And so they have problems with the water. It. Is a little like getting Michigan. Everywhere. Nobody. Drinks or water. And look at Canada will follow. And that's in 2036. Total amount. So them why wouldn't we. Why wouldn't somebody from that time come back with some sort of solid evidence to video. Anything. Come back can sit there and show them this and tell them that it could be result they can be fixed we could stop this from happening. You just need to look look at what what becomes. By and by staying on this route why a lying not. Send people back with the that's their project you to make sure this never happens. Canada. Can do that very thing. And they don't let me do you. But I am going to do something along those lines. Looked at all news. We've we've already. Destroyed the environment on this climate. And aren't. The other thing that people don't know about his. There is a secret space program. And we have to all world colonies. None on Mars or in the room that we yes economies. Here under a talk about that in my book here. These colonies basically. Are going to be booed the light. Preserver for men gone. And any but I think I think the thing that confuses me the most is if we have if you have the technology in the future to save this planet. That I don't understand why there would be some soda. Reluctant to seek. To send people back. To save this planet. I mean it I it's great that we can. Make it to other planets in the future but why not save the way it improved the technology to go back in time what good does that do us. If we're not using it for something to do to benefit. This plan at the species on this planet everything about it. And I totally agree with you and I argued. This to the air. When Parker he got beat devoted and hear. I have argued this very thing. And you know I. I'm an environmentalist I'm against her acting. Against. A lot of different things that are still going on and it don't try it probably hasn't been awakened to you. And while normally date varies and I usually get smacked right between the IRAs which environmental issues. And he's not environmentalist. As we know. That he will. Try to play catchup. But the victory in those. And I've written about there's. Pretty Scientific American. Is that cruel in the oceans start to die it creates a chain reaction. In the oceans program and went back to you that you trees dying on. The end and the air. Be it greed. And there's some of those things that go on. And of course there's always worries you know. And we we just haven't been good Steward of the planet. By the year 2100. Like on this planet. We'll be over. 83 years from right now. 21020. That are. 83 years from right now 83 from pneumonia. On you weren't terrible. Boy that and that's that's I think that's where I'm having the hardest. Part understanding here I mean we've got the technology if if we have the technology to be able to move through time. You know forward and reverse arm. Don't why I just again I think that's form having the hardest. Ours probably because they're because they're so different things though there but there's so many different things OK if we have the technology in 2036. And it won't you why wouldn't we sit there and say well you know what. Also let's go back to World War II Sunni World War II with the beginning of of the whole thing. With pearl Pearl Harbor and it will bring a little technology back then be able to set at all so it's a much easy easier when it's dongle or were out. Com and also died in the planet the bit to planet if there's communal life on this planet by the year 2100 why why not results that now. Just so we there is still likes her so I think that's just way in danger knowledge ago but. It's just where I have such a hard time bug on Jim. Today and it artery missions to help change the environment around. I've argued emissions that would save lives. To prevent nine elevenths from ever. They're like yeah I know him yeah. Solos you are you aware that all the perpetrators. About a week before. So you have you have the you have the ability to change 9/11 but they wouldn't allow you to. If so then if and if that becomes. A stable plan I mean. You still have a do you still have the machine there so lol could you still just say Golding go back and and change. I have watched so carefully. You have no idea. Crude. I just conversation. That we're having. You're here you have listener. Yeah that you're not even believe. That's what the ratings are out tonight that's why the ratings are so good tonight. He John I have to ask you about when did we first developed the technology to for the time travel is does it exist now. And other than yours obviously which you brought. Yeah back from 22 so that adept technology already exists and it's in control what their the US government. And another using it now for whatever. Whatever. They don't tell me that. About. Some significant. Time travel issues that I went. I went to geared toward me victory. Candidate and have a good look see what. Have become one of the planet. And I want to be here. To your security BC. Chewed. What is China. There back in time and forward to those those were the longest rounds I ever made. I don't why China did in 230 DC. I thought about it book. On it to predict. In that extraterrestrial invasion. Can that particular time. The extraterrestrials are looking for huge amount of goal. And the Chinese had them. And armed they had no technology. To speak and decide them the extra crystals are. And I gave them a way to do it. OK so. One a one thought one question maybe you can explain this to me is a so. We got the technology go back and forth on now the pass is already happened. K so that's find even so I'm I'm a believer that you would. Well do you lol what I'm saying if it passes already happened so being able to travel and and through time to get back to the past death claim and feasible. But what about the future the future hasn't happened yet. And how do we know that the future YouTube jumping into. Is actually a legit future or one that something has veered off. Let me explain helping Cuba time. And end a good this will probably go to Richard just starting right here OK to close. Like a river. OK I would say that and every once in awhile some little more open and title racial. OK. If I go. Indeed stepping. In time. There is aid had definite. Our ability to be a record session okay. And the military sir looking at. Having repercussions of that orbit of essential. So they started doing missions let it go out wooded. To save lives during wartime and the like button on the and yeah I argued for a joint chiefs. And could it be being nearly. Guilty for it just says. America. And then I had why. Mentor who is. Rooted in general basically to me. Don't go there again. Can't end. It wasn't long after that that I would have aren't an article 32 investigation. And got demoted. Well I didn't but now that they demoted Jews though. Your back on two year back in 2017. Now in you still have a time. Vehicle that you can time travel with. So it knew where I mean you you'd think that. If you were out your and so for the retired that they would take that ability away because. What if you just went out tomorrow and decided Teixeira. But then here comes a real kicker is that they can go back to yesterday and make sure you didn't. Well. Is. Speaker that wasn't. Built or designed. Arne. Does it and was given to me by an extraterrestrial. And they tell people. He just as on loan from. But. At one point I had a letter from eight. Which I shouldn't shredded it says that they wanted me to you the and give it licence. As an experimental. You know aircraft that. Registry editor. Listen to framed it. Judge did you personally. Sit down when many US government officials and and have conversations about any of this so many new involved with them currently. You're seeded team. Of Barack Obama. Unity and and also thanking him. On it and are so there's been some appreciation. That was sent to them certified. Return receipt requested. And I've never read in the return receipt. You know our I asked to speak you're really United Nations and thanking him. And it didn't you it is. You know on the way out there's another guy. Mr. view cheers. And I'd sit Hussein Leonard again and not. And it not too long considered a major Asian. I have a little bit yet beyond these Kentucky did in. OK we have just a listener question weren't go to the phone lines this is Steve from Florida Steve weaponry on reality radio. Hey thank you particular car its only school. May what is happening here and oh where good. Which includes. The question is. It seemed coming looks a little bit further on more and I had my first question bit. Seems like is out news the aliens are given from the escape. So the thing is they're aliens have been error or thousands of years. Told you why this planet lies the solar system. And like Q. Projected to your. Guess. Why charities. Problematic that we have an arrow on the part of Holm and 4100. Word I gonna exist no more why would bear aliens want that if there are becoming ever doubt that here. It's a great question Steve what do you think John. Op and I had. Communicated that. Issue to them and they say don't do it wrong. One and they say it frequently. Bigger attitude. Planetary systems that offer. Certain kinds of researches that need. And they and they stay there and did it resources be below the big move well. 01 species here and lucky. They murdered this little are great warrior race. In what they use we will go and the victimize. A planetary system and and interiors species. Yen bait pretty much. Dividing Parker and take slaves. Is not a pretty picture. But we you don't who nonaggression. Agreement with piano and hockey right now. So are you grow the are you still in contact with these extra terrestrial solar is is that something that you have regular. Meetings or discussions with these beings. I have one very close friend. That I have known former. Decades. And we get together. And we tell you that. Either agree alien and he'll start iron. There basically. Is it being bitter and being situation for him. And my wife making beaten down into the area it is. She doesn't lightly on the front door and. Lol. Lol. But what are. You. Jim what's the guns. What happens when you traveled from 2036. Back to what year did you come back to when you originally came back and stayed there. You get to 2000. I mean you're view it Wii or already had are even born right and so were their to review at that time. Now here is their world is somewhat that would will. Doing I think possibly their best to discredit. No I don't mean that I mean do you were born were Imus. And you were older than 36 when you came back from 26 yes so what was what happened to the other you that would have existed. In the year 2000 at that time you both we'd both be here at this time. It. Okay so what happened you did Bebo co existed. We book existed. Well we don't. I don't read Shirokiya you know him. If there is an emergency situation I would. But it is never. Happened. We are boat jury duty in our lives. Very structured like. Especially when I was an area that you want. More almost every minute of my game was. Accounted for and and I don't persecuted. But it diversity as you read or does. And probably important papers written I will say that and I thought about this in the book. If you're super soldier program. And Clark. It was a very successful design. Where there. Do you share these share the name is is does the other you but does that have a does the other you have the same name. Yes. In southern Missouri. Ten all right nurses so you're in Europe clone is in column parents how many of you how many of your other. Well this big big tens of thousands clones and dolce base in New Mexico. Starting Beckett and lower. Seventies. And you know Schneider talked about it but no one really ever believe it. And and you can look at my writings. I've been re writing for decades that. You can look at myself on. Published. A letter. Dot com. And just do a search on. John tighter. The Roman to. Can't bear if you go to our FaceBook I have the library. John later the F yeah for membership then. Our I have occasion you don't have to ask for membership. John got tighter da chip and I know that you slide. And I post. White papers scientific papers. Is already almost almost up. It is never refuted by the way papers. That there in the library at coasted all the important documents or. Did my environmental papers in the library. Sure you can reach her room in also Scientific American published my Kurt what the oceans stunning. Okay John hold on right now we've got one more segment which you were gonna take a quick break when we come back we'll pick it up from where we left off it's beyond me. Beyond reality great tasting champion telephone number is 8446877669. We've been talking a most of the evening winds John tighter. Number two who jumped out of the second. Talking about his experiences as a time traveler. And John EC came back for. A love interest and do any regrets time making them move and coming back here and living in our time verses 2036. At all Nadal is worked out very well. We're like slowly. Read Indonesian leader. Both the near forest. Is going very well forming. So John what. Can you tell us. That way it'll happen maybe maybe this week or next week. That would make us no or make this 100% believe without a shadow of adult that you are from the future. And. We're bringing out some rights abortion DC. The other that's that's totally expect and I mean especially during burning inauguration ala. But he's some sort of people indicted for. Our after. Donald becomes president when you start threatening the president. It it truly predict the future growth that you could be prosecuted. Terribly in order to celebrity's. That will feel the wrath of. It but I mean without a shadow of a doubt is there something you can tell me that it would happen within a week or two. And nicknames or whatever. That would pretty much guarantee. That. He used he used to you from the future that you and you know. You know exactly. And I let me play. You know there. Are. You know like that the big things will be like Korea and end and lynch being. Basically summarily fired and got negated. I think you'd. Something also doing with Hillary. I think that Hillary will get some kind of little indictments. Canada. Out of being godly. And so will Obama Obama. He'll be without executive privilege protection. You committed crimes. And she never loses and he's hoping that Donald. Won't do it is. Basically. Hillary and Obama. And general. Our aid at totally about. Going Gandhi. Okay I'm parents but there's nothing solid that I can't sit here and set a him you know and something down on solid that I can I can walk onto. The because what are well you're saying you I mean with the goal. This is that you think there's gonna happen you this Michael prediction instead of this is what's gonna happen Jason and javy and this is are you guys going to be able to. I'll tell you that the bikers are gonna go to our community see. And don't count on. And. You but that's our leader and I don't mean to cut you off I don't ever meet some disrespect focus eyesore and I'm not trying to. But I mean that that stuff that I can I can see I can watch on the news that's the stuff that I've already seen have already been told is going to happen. So I didn't know if there was something that I can be told that nobody knows yet that we just announced on beyond rally radio and this is what's going to happen. And Dayton and nobody would have known it. Except for a for Jon and tighter. I am I am rooted yeah you got me out here are trying to pick it up and that I know it could go down. Our. This is something you have to remember from 2036. That happened in 2017. Right after the trump inauguration like him is there is or natural disasters something that that we you. Should be bracing for. I. We continued to have out. Extreme weather. Do you bet that they it. It's. Nothing new. I mean I agree yeah okay. Let's go to one mosquito Salma and we've got to see this is aura from Michigan who's got a question about medical advances oral welcome to beyond reality radio. Aaron thank you. From the show. I'm Richard carrion about it answered that it can't secure org right ED. Kind of bang. Yeah let's say that's a great question is kind of what I touched on earlier John can you give us any more detail on that. I won't say muted. Diabetes. Titan Gordon. Is heredity. True can be cheered. And if it. But he needs it all comes down to onsite team. Diet. It will power. You just yet to forgo. Sugar. Alcohol or what was things in order and that. Because I am diabetic. And it it's all in my team. So so I mean when you think there's there's there are certain year that we Kamal with a cure for cancer is or certain year we come out with a cure for. For needs is there these are huge milestones that will eventually happen I mean these are things that. Attribute that seeing. OK that'll be it vaccine. Which one which one. Page OK okay and even if it'll be done with the with the problem with cancer. Even down the road they'll immediately hear more forms of cancer but there are some form of cancer. There. Are linked to heredity and environment. That. Will still stop us. Going gap on the road to opt. The one that I'm always scared of it is curious too busy so because this is what my partner Bob Mitchell died of patriotic. Cancer. He told me JC quit. And few weeks maybe. Three readings later you dare. Yet and Eliot smuggle people just found out about that illness I think it was the day. The day came on the show and ask and he is very optimistic at the time sadly it didn't work out. For him I guess on you know one of the things we have to keep in mind here's 2036 is what nineteen. Here's a way it's yeah. I mean it's. Nineteen years is not. That long of a time particularly in medical science sometimes we think. That sounding of these things get changed overnight but in fact if you look back nineteen years from today. We are still asking the same questions still looking with the same hope that cancer would be cured we're still basically in the same place. We were not only nineteen years ago the big fifty years ago when a lot of cases I mean it hasn't changed much hit it to it's it's like moving mountains. On John we only have a few minutes left with few and down. We see do we haven't Malin and oftentimes take that right now let's say I do want to ask you though are you in actively working. On any time traveling. Operations right now. I always am capable of doing something. And I always hit. The spacecraft is Merrill wrote. I don't invited you. Basically lead and become a citizen. And other society and other. And discussing went my wife Marcia. And that may have happened. If you were still alive in the environment. And the crime against. And there's just. Chaos. We will probably vehicular another. I was invited to U go to one of the current colonies. And beat administrator. There there is sworn in the arc or system and we wanted to wall system. And in the wheel system has asked to be an administrator on this island. And I would be just like and environmental. Administrator. Long term environmental planning. Yeah they're they're taking now that if you go to fresh planet. That they. Don't want to make a mistake to date me here you know the eight big government. Radioactive waste solutions. These it'll all submarines would be game reactors. In them off to California because. All this cracking and and then the campaign trail. The in the atmosphere. I don't believe in country. Part of can't treat older or is geo engineering it Hewitt or atmosphere is to you control. Hurricane. I've not seen them really duty. The digital. Yeah John one more thing you know when you listen a bunch of web sites. That you post on that you have and the folks in. In our chat room were saying that this list went by too quickly can you offer them again. Yes you can go to Q. Published a letter dot com. And basically. Do a search on mining giant tiger. Roman numeral two and you see everything that are published. And my endorsement of trump and things like. And then. Are a library of Jarden tighter on basically. You have to regret membership. Particularly probably. Or 500 people remember now look and you get access a library and read my white people. And there weren't reading go to provide real insight. If you buy the disclosed chronicles of John's center here I I actually got on photographs spacecraft. Extraterrestrials. I talked about space craft our plan. Lot of good information there. I don't believe that. Vienna and Aoki who we have. Agreements with as far as nonaggression. And a mutual friends to our. Date were responsible. For creating management. It just it just a fact. Okay. Jumble basic were Bora at a time Serena slick to go and I'm sure you're no stranger to controversy the we appreciate you taking the questions and and sharing your story with us. I think you gonna take a break when we come back it's more discussions beyond reality radio tends to. Good hour and a half or so was John tighter. Number two like this there's several now I guess there's three on and super Linares tens of thousands. On the Moses cone on the employee and he's an attorney has yet but anyway we appreciate John Dean on an answering questions and there's so many other questions you know just. No Angel thing is I I don't wanna come off like a harness and I just wanna apologize if if that's the way that ordinary human to just distance. So whatever but the fact of the matter is on and Danks and thank you John for coming on. I couldn't get any definitive proof I mean I'm mad I'm asking for some sort of I tell me something that's. To me important it's gonna happen in the next few weeks. While I think this I think that will stop thinking away what is going to happen if you from the future you should be able to thome that. Mean should give you should be able to give me some well this is definitely play devil's advocate for set pandora and I just because I mean think about this though I mean if you if a phys that you what was stolen I think 1719. Years ago low in 1998 ranked. What happened the third week in January 1998 can you remember I can't remember that. I mean but if it's some sort of a very that was made to order right it was a major if we're talking yes you know some sort of a major. Situation I I think that would be. Pretty important. A presidential assassination Nam. A major earthquake or tsunami. Some some sort of natural is that you name was so I asked about natural disasters I figured if there was something in the you know 2017 at any point we know that would certainly would stick out I don't know. We just expect more answers to be well I think in and not to be I think you're gonna see Hillary Clinton now is she going to be into. Hey is this going to happen is that going to happen. I mean just there's a big difference between I think and this is what's gonna app now let's bring Doug from Kansas City into the conversation hey Doug welcome to be on reality radio. Does what it looked so I mean he's. Back like. Mike and bought a whole lot about the whole thing Edgar dead heat isn't the first round and come back from the future. The history like that into final group. You like it into the suburbs are tiger like everyone to be unemployed you're done. Epithet that's a great point and it's one of those paradoxes. On and what another one that I've often said as if it's time travel if people were coming back from the past at some point just like every other technology would be commonly used and we'd have. Hundreds of thousands of people showing up from the future into our past. I'm trying to change things all the time it seems like he wouldn't be able to prevent that at some point. So you know it's is kind of the same idea. And I mean he's he's still got this this spaceship. Two. He just take off go anywhere with why hasn't. Any proof of that ever been shown me he's getting sick from an FAA would say who's gonna good news looking at doing a documentary was gonna show everybody this ship so that would be helpful them go a long way in and heading to the credibility of the story but to write you know it's a great point Doug. So I think you're not a book that someone who believed that it was up to our user self. I've got I got many Adam what that was different Cooper he opened up to your right away that easily opt. I you're not okay so what white and that gets you to help. I would try to get in the vol. 200 dollars. A year ago and he could put that on the triple appalled at the Pittsburgh Steelers everything to be good for well. We're going to win the Super Bowl and the water with that unfortunately you can bet that hit the light. That it'll be in the habit also purple and play about the the F. Oh is that what you're saying it Davis it was this coming Super Bowl that he was talking about. Yes a year go out to protect it or don't that's their futures are all. But I'll bet you dollars for that particular on the Super Bowl. It never supposed to win and it's he just wanted to benefit from it. Well so then now that that opens up the question his future self told him to do that but and sadly he took his own life so there. Is no future self. The alternate time line the way what they ripped up pretty good dog cat a black. Ian about oral. Yeah well yeah we're headed if we start our parallel universe is then it would be can be something totally different words different teams are in the Super Bowls so. He it's hello is this the stakes the elderly and all together more confused now running political line we want to. Who want to bring. Jay in from Florida. Big guys -- it's a piano okay apple people would take note on the air for anyone who wants the help that they take you to get all that meets the even number email which you. I've got a bit of quick and I can't get as much of doubt it I can't. These are Brett what's spacing as has been developing since before. In peace solar flare. But whether that says the FB whether that thoughts are related to never root our planet text the budget for the East Coast. This is also some say and rest and I've local property. While Obama and polluters stolen off the meaning trump or not get and or Obama will stay at one of the other. The Internet will be out of downpour at least 24 hours. This may also pleasure in this state banking buyers they were triggered economic collapse here in the US and eventually globally. He JJ. Home or decide and I know you have a lot of stuff you wanna get through what's your source should learn what your source for all this. I have any source to Beverly. What awaits a lot of time a lot of something that I got into it much now comes from Sherri Ryder commissioner before. And at every nation that is true I would say stay away from lower down completely its people matter what she says I would say that but everything else. Whether what first sources or not I believe did she is accurate and see if things step that no one else will and that's why she's on the blacklist. Right okay so that they are so share and with the martial law. Project blue beam fake rapture also whether it does also come along with their with the album are hawking alien invasion meaning part of it could be. With. The around holograms and things and part of it not. They keep their key players and that will be but not days that they quite Jesus Christ. TE as the mother Mary and that will we have trader and I think you're. What's happening with Casey right now we have the reptilian faction of the new world order that president of the tall white also note the white at. Aaron white's Larry's very real except toughness as a senator and a run out of time there but space of the call always good to hear from. But again a big Bernanke goes out to John teeter the second coming on in and taking a lot of those hard questions and that we felt we needed to throw Adam kept coming up on tomorrow night's program powered storm. He was a professor for twenty years Northern Kentucky University. He had near death experience in Paris back in 1985 and sense became a star studded panel became pastor and are we talking on both at the we've got ones in him. Yeah Wednesday we've got a doctor William Francis pepper who was good friends have very close friend of Martin Luther King junior's and mrs. Martin Luther King Jr. week and give up being an attorney for James Earl Ray the man who was ultimately put imprisoned for his assassination. And then Thursday we've got Mike McKay he's got a story about a house him and his wife lived in for a couple years that seemed to be dealing with. Poltergeist activity. But if you haven't yet like the FaceBook page of FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and become part of the family. You listen and Jason in GG UK until tomorrow night. And media is to discuss its include music Alexandria chances yeah. Sorry I don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a line and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word if you've got information you want us to follow upon where you like to be a guest on beyond reality radio. Email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.