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Matt Burke from 10-Can talks about helping veterans

Feb 7, 2017|

Bob Rose Show - Feb 3 - 9AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News talk 97.3. Now sits on the club road show. Progress suntech is brought to you by prestige Hayes Jewelers where the answer result suggests thanks so much for Chilean. We've got special guest in the studio Matthew Burke from ten K and Matthew are you doing a world mr. Barton gym rat and a microphone like it's big old chili dog or about a mile on and who will be our right. I so lie you get is set up camp in a new Berry tell the folks who don't no that aren't familiar retention and what you know about. Take care war or Christian invention network and our our design is to help military families children and youth. Two outdoor corporation. Education and rehabilitation. Night so for instance you've got a father daughter dance coming up what's that all about the father daughter dances. It is designed to. It. Reunite families. So hard and Uga Uga and chili dog I remember chili dog at is designed to reunite families truce it pretty simple. Bonding experiences in the father daughter dance as something that's been around for quite some time. Three years ago were brag Carmen and I would fitted the Newbury Park to wreck we we we saw that there was a need in this in this area. So we went with a new very jaws were chamber of commerce decide to launch this thing and and ever since we we launched it it's it's taken off there's been other organizations that popped up to do the same same thing. And so woo you know we have face paying a PD Hughes coming out to the gorilla forest to books on. Some kids find a kid friendly mills the man portion size. And I have DJ Wheaton players that they on the from the music game and this to some fun man sounds great and then you have a youth hunt coming up that's gonna be in Lakeland coming about that it has to weak team dealt with death that you see that you cup program Fordham. And I get certified as a hard master and so what we do was we just take good old country boys Christian folks out there to a two run these camps to. We evangelize through action and one of those things issues and outdoors when guides on manipulated. Creations and though we take a month or teach him out the worst deals. We bring out individuals like north border survival. And and teach them some survival skills about foraging. Starting fires built and built and trappings the fight back and make beanie bugs are and you will that's yet to wait for the short salary for that but I guess if you're hungry and out there. The dry and it David Gray yet the VA. Oh yes boy a transitional care is the chief of there he competed with some last year and they actually won ultimate survivor. They ate a they either bass deficient big worms they mix the 11. Mix that in what is MR read the wind just. Just how down on it was great Britain and rice noodles again. But I I see here has soldier's freedom outdoors so what Dan DiMarco and your buddies do absolutely yes of Dan Dan DiMarco and I restart relations but a year ago. And one to things that we look forge partnerships were all about the work with other individuals so. It and it and in that we've we've we've created stronger. Unified front in help these military families that are. Dan DiMarco has a place oversold Fremont goers there at their headquarters over in Melrose kept freedom. And so the majority of the retreats that we do. Four. Wounded warriors is over there again it's about hunting fishing waters survival. He also has equine therapy to offer and so. He has a lake in the back and I I think I'm one of the only who who only individuals who actually swim across the lake but it is this a mobile lake in their suspicion there and it's. Yeah decision and it might be other things. Very sown across that good for you aren't as crazy though way. That's that's a nice set up he has out there he's got a house in they'll do retreats and L but I think they can housing eight people. And held in the do that on the weekends and stuff like dad in. The fans always have for for help. And ensor you I mean this beast things you've got the funding is what keeps it going what's the easiest way for people to. In touch with the help you as far as funding goes. Or there's we have looked we have a couple of different so ways reach out to us or our website is tin can dot US will be donate button there. You can simply email me teeing can email or call me it's 3522191138. Cents to 191138. And if you wanna donate to sort of freedom outdoors will point you in that direction you want to donate to us we spend money yet sort of for not doors to help them stay if they effective. And keeping her the horse is dead in the co and then the corner up there for the deer in the hogs that we can get on. Out he's he's yet to really it's mostly Dan and he gets a little bit of help here in their from smother people but today inning also to wrestled on the job and do all that so yeah I feel formed by the but I Amanda here that I set and I don't have and so did and you only. Except tell me what else it ends at ten candy is involved with. Well the our signature event of the year is soldier freed him up a spews mean is this survival rates for heroes and that is. A pretty epic race. Its say yet to gay overnight. Extreme adventure race. It starts at the blue springs we created a partnership of blue springs park Tim Davis and her crew. And does she hosts is us every year is the third year that we get we've gone into this. And though did the the big competitors have three categories register for expert novice or recreation. We've learned a lot since our inaugural event in 2015. Yeah one that they differed with things is to break these categories down into. What is more manageable for the individual that's competing. And so the the folks who want to to to give something back they were they want a taste what embrace the suck is all about. They can come into the preparation category have a little fun and learn a little bit while guides out their forum. For the novice you yeah yeah yeah it's it's it's that the level. It's manageable it's doable. And dead in the experts experts are going to anywhere from. Total stream were actually bringing in live chickens and live rabbits this year forum to. To that behind. Or dispatched and to clean and cook something and that is. You'll have to do this in a sure about the situation this is in a mud run this is not what you're. Three hour a races week in war your stuff this is that this is if you think you can handle it. Bring it but T you don't have a category for lake city slicker likes to shop but Paulo category that I would get into that would definitely be the recreational category you've come out there with a rusty Glock finished yeah that the judge so the wreck category you can do is much towards little if you want to you can do have to raise you can come out there and just. Paid at pita pita play. So you've got your you're gonna canoe and kayak part of and I guess right but it overall you're gonna cover fifty miles is that right that is correct so we go we set up camp at place folk can't great support Whitewater nasseria. It's not quite halfway mark and they do the commander's ball skills test there. The next morning is about 0500 we take off the chem lights. And we we we connect with the Swanee river and we go down too harsh brings Hart springs is another one of our partners. And they put itself in the a and allow us to come set up camp there. But you know you're close to Jane you just can't about a Jay's house if you wanted to do BJ would do a remote force out there now. A ten acres. Used to be like a mass house though you never know what I'm. If it if anyway I sold it I mean this this is. For the hardcore if you wanted to Elway but if you don't. Wanna do it that way there's no pressure on folks. If they just wanna really go out and have some some of their kids right. That is absolutely correct we have wind caught a quadriplegic that's coming there on north collided that's going to be competing group tried to build a team around him to sport. A marker one flats is bring an end that they're rush Alice vote that we will cover for support forum. And did that's cap capping cal skipper he's gonna become an end to help with that. There were looking at trying to build up a land based team because they're actually want to compete in the expert category which is ten. As Smith points they had these competent. They're going to be pulling him and us led around the swamp is going to be a lot more challenge in there and then that I think they can imagine. It that we need we just had Scott Jones come along with this he is Syria army veteran he's bringing in his thirteen year old son which is working towards eagle scout. And a is its canine companions that they'll be doing a year the novice category they're coming in on a Georgia. How much of this how many skills can you acquire why you're actually trying to participate in this is there a way to kind of learn as you go. Yeah absolutely I think we were a lot of us get the that the academic portion while watching YouTube ore to shore Bobble. Races. And on and on TV. But there's a lot that to be said about the tactile learning technique in that it's getting out there and actually do own a trial by error. I know a lot of folks they learn better by by by messing up you know last year we had a young lady. They come out there in Indy and the butters she she was showing folks how to drink water out of line fishy chop the line up and you're drinking water and you know some folks haven't trouble started a fire so we we assisted down menus in the market magnesium stick we had to bow and drill out there and you don't know what you try. That's why bring a liner everywhere I go absolutely yeah I know it's close things you do you have watched some of those shows and you say. You know I want clean water and I want fire and if you can get those two things I think you know your chances of survival are pretty good but without those two things. It diminishes rather quickly didn't. Yeah one of the major threats and it's about the situation is mortal. In what fire does is it helps ease that that boredom you know. One of the things that we use our forests of therapeutic measures like on fire therapy. And when we can work for veterans to it opens you won't be kind of that allowed you drop your wall of fire is is more than just. Used as a measurement but for rehabilitation. And there's also kind of a very Christian component to a fire as well isn't there like a fire in terms of cleansing and things like that yes. It I guess I never really thought about the connection I mean everybody's comfortable around a camp for everybody enjoys it and in so there's more to it in. In now what what you see what's on the surface I guess absolutely. I'm which are doing is fantastic and Matthew we hope people continue to support in enjoy. What you're doing this big deal is march 4 and fifth it's the ultimate adventure challenge so like defect he got. Different categories so really anybody wants to participate can. And you don't have to make necessarily a race out of it per say that's correct just involving yourself in and saying hey yeah you know I did decide accomplish this. It's quite a goal so a lot of folks you need to get more information on this in go to ten K and ink on FaceBook. You know website ten T and dot US. Or you can give Matthew a call specially if you can help in terms of sponsorships I know that they really could use the help 352219. 1138. And Matthew we appreciate your time on the show anything else that you want to pass along to the folks. Yeah what the wanna cut of one over say a couple things we have a great working relationship with the VA the VA's come a long ways in helping veterans. He is it's a coalition it you know we we can't do this on our own what Ifill like word kind of the knee is born because we focus on a mind body and spirit. Lot of government entities side note I knew our president tropic trying to fix that. About a lot of government entities is that is afraid to talk about the spiritual aspect of killing. We're not we're over count out there in the in the grind. And in a couple things I want to mr. militia operates is that. Beneficiaries. Who obtained Canas is received 50% of the of the proceeds and super heroes for hope if you guys don't know about superheroes from hope. There are new non profit to the area he he'd it's James coats phalanx. He started this nonprofit to look to make superhero a rule or a realization. And it does a body armor yes yes OK all right and that says superheroes. For hope or hope yesterday in your gonna help fund that right that is correct yes. Oh that's great what a great you've got no he's great partnership some people working together and all of them need help in funding and participation and and we will we wish the best Korea and the sounds they got to a great time survival race for heroes I love it. And if there's anything else we can do please let us now they deserve. All right Matthew Burke from ten K and check it out 919 out of Barbara showed. The bus and got things that make you smile coming up as well cystic around news talk 97.3 disguise.