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Basketball Cop Bobby White on the Bob Rose Show

Feb 7, 2017|

Bob Rose - Feb 6 - 8AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News talk 97.3. Yeah. Size Shaquille O'Neal ozone generosity Bob the basketball topic is here it's 806 and above Rochelle did your time Jackie is brought to you by. Prestige Hayes Jewelers were the answer is always yes. Get even more famous you were just on nine ESP and they had a and I game day here at the swamp and talking and get ready for the Kentucky South Florida game and understand your apiece and aired during India during game day. Yeah that's that's right they are came into town last weekend would accrue and recorded this piece of the air Darren. College game day with really good job really really awesome they had me out at the O dome during it we got to be onset for the college game day and recognize us for what we're doing there is really cool. What you started out in the community has just continued to grow not just all on its own because you and assuming your fellow police officers continue to keep coming up with a bigger and better ideas. It's only about some of the things you're involved with like. The were mop Ronald McDonald house are now doing some stuff there. Yeah I've reached out to them a while ago actually around Christmas open to do some for the kids you know 'cause we had there's families from all over the the country I think even outside the US at the Ronald McDonald house while. The sick child's being treated at Shenzhen. Mama want to do some for Christmas but they had that covers us sort of thing about birthdays. Offer the siblings of the sick child you know they're kind of put on the side burner understandably in the year we're gonna have monthly. Birthday parties for all of the the guests at the Ronald McDonald house. Each month. You know there's something that you wouldn't ordinarily think about because it you know they're happy to have a place to stay while. You know their child's been taken care of you know in my of the area hospitals a chance children's hospital and you don't think about the other kids that you know they're left alone to to some extent and so your cover the bases with that. Now you've got a big basketball tournament coming up you did it last year telling about that. Yeah last year when this first start I had the idea of connect in some high school because you know out in the communities I I typically interact with the younger kids and but the high school kids are just is important relationship BG between them and the police is just is important so. Last year I came up the idea have an all star basketball game. It's a top twelve. High school all stars in the county matched up against police officers from. All the police agencies and a lot to a county last year we had just a couple weeks of planet it was a great event. So this year we're doing it again march 10 at 6:30 PM at the Gainesville high school. Should be. Really get event tickets are only five bucks in two dollars for kids at the door all the proceeds of course go to the foundation. To help fund doing some of the other initiatives that we're working on. You're now up 501 C three nonprofit organization so well folks can make any donations they want it's all tax deductible. And what's the best way for people to to be able to do that to get in touch into. On sent funding to keep. Keep going what you started here that's fantastic. Yes but at my web pages basketball Cobb died dead at the top there's a couple donation links and then on my FaceBook page which is app basketball crop. Others that donate button right there under the main pitcher and yeah like like you said it's all tax deductible. Every donation counts I think a lot of people think that there. You know attends forty dollar donation is gonna make a difference but that's how this thing is is been funded for the first year. And you know works. You were Ginn request from people who wanted to. Now basketball. Court set up and be sent him you know the basketball to have been the rams or whatever they needed to get going. And you did this way a different state Zemin this thing is going all over the place to me about some of that some of the different states. Yeah last year we you know the corps initiative is what we call the groups across America were we ship portable basketball hoops and a handful of basketball to police agencies. Across the country. And then they go out into their community. And figure out where where can I best connect a bunch of cops what a bunch of kids use in this basketball goal and then they leave it out there are so you last year we had 28 different states. Across the country actually won in the on the island of Bermuda. Was shipped to an. Yes so that's or doing across the country and and hearing gains though we've given away countless hoops and then we've built three outdoor basketball courts. Hearing Gainesville one that Tyree south than most people know about in the backyard of the incident location in the always complain that started it. And the other two were at churches and and the deal I made with the churches will build this beautiful outdoor court. But you need to promise that it's gonna be out open to the community in the kids and you can go by these courts any day of the week and their kids play an element it's just amazing. And they weren't there before you beat duke the foundation you guys actually but the funds up to make it happen. Bright both someone was at the church and he's gains all the opera ministries as a glut of grass slot and then the one that ignite like Sadr was. A gravel parking lot and now they are. Beautiful basketball courts. You start to get feedback from people who are saying it is helped with Tom relations between the youth and now police officers and their communities. Yet you know I follow up with some of the police departments and just to see what kind of impact it's made and and it's huge in and I can tell you hearing Gainesville. It is it's make an unbelievable difference not only with the kids you know those that original crew kids and and a handful others I have. You know almost daily relationships with Tyree. Who doubts the it was his house that the noise complaint was called in at. He you know I talked to him at least weekly he you know little things like this last week I found out he had his learners permit. When he got in October and he's like he reached out to mean he's like Bobbie I got might learners permit but I don't know how to drive. The you've never driven a car and he's like no never Mike why not he's like I don't have anybody to. Each miso Wednesday afterschool fiery and are gonna go try not to crash my car. And you know get him you know so thought somebody could turn into a scene from super bat to hit a let's hope not but just little things like that these kids reach out to me they're they're like my second family and you know the and it not only the kids but the adults than yesterday it worked a medieval fair over time and I must -- had ten or fifteen people. Come up to me and you know your basketball Koppen thank you for what you're doing in your making a difference though. I know what we're doing is making it a huge difference. It it wow look how it's going to look how its expanding and I think it's fantastic and of the next really big event is a basketball tournament that is coming up it's the second annual. March the tenth at 6:30 PM at Gainesville high school. Five bucks for adults two dollars for kids all the proceeds benefit the the basketball foundation. And last year last time you guys did this. Maybe you didn't have all your best law enforcement officers of the best ones that were pretty strong at basketball on the court is that true. Dedicated some. Of the kids have their way with the cops and you know the coach of the cops team she's a detective that. At GPD. Detective brown. She right after the game stitched she said yeah we're we're gonna get. Some of our better players next year they were they were at and embarrassed then it'll be a better game this year. Some good but you know teenage basketball players in this community we really do so. If they're getting now you know if he's coach is sending two of their best players. Yet you're gonna have your hands full don't care who you put on their course so it should be a fun and exciting game for everybody and it all goes to a great cause basketball cops foundation. And you go to basketball cup foundation dot net or on FaceBook. And you can donate their way you can go to the event hope supported that way and you've got the Ronald McDonald house stuff that you're doing here in our community locally but you're also talking about expanding net as well. Yeah organize everything I do rom I'm trying to piloted hearing Gainsville slightly kinda have my finger on it and see what's involved and then. I'm hoping to expand everything I do here in Gainsville nationally. I'm looking at putting together a mentor and program to kind of like. I have with some of the kids in the community you know by and officers across the country that are willing to invest their time. In the foundation would sponsor financially sponsor our relationship may be in a monthly. You know. The amount of money to the officer edits are building one on one relationships with the kids in their communities. You know we've talked about the benefit to the kids in the community and how their relationship with police officers changes and gets so much better than there's a trust it's created there. But what about the dynamic of law enforcement officers you guys are so busy anyway but you're very stressed. When you need to do something like this is an also. You know good for the police officers that are involved you know because he they are doing something tangible. Yeah I think side I can speak for myself. That is you know that that's the best part of my job is. You know between those calls or. You know on the calls where we get to positively in impact the kid and and yet those are at a time as the ones between the calls were nuns going armor you can basically. Just go I'll play. And then you know kids are therapy for me and I know they are for a lot of people so that that's a great point and definitely. I feel like the lucky one in this everybody talks about these kids and how lucky day are they have me in their life for what the foundations doing for the kids but. I look at it the other way I look at it that you know on the lucky one that I get to have be in a job that puts me out there with these kids every day. Sowing his seeds in the community it comes back tee and so many different ways keep up the awesome work. I'm I'm proud of this community and had you started here and that were you know that's one of the things now gains holes known for. And that some to be proud of basketball cop foundation dot net for more information check it out contribute what you can. And there expanding their efforts and touching a lot of lives and allow young people. That needs some help direction and and placed greater trust in law enforcement so we can maker communities better and safer thank you for the great work you do about it thanks for a meal ball. 8:16 am above Rosh showed Jane Anderson and house as well and global warming it more data. Found to be exaggerated. Oh details on that coming up on news talk 97 point threes this guy.