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Gainesville City Commissioner Todd Chase talks about the future of Gainesville, GREC & more.

Feb 8, 2017|

Bob Rose - Feb 8 - 8AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News talk 97.3. This guy. The Bob Rotella we 807 time Jack brought to you by prestige he's Jewish when he answer is always yes. Gainesville city commissioner Todd Jason is studio. Time you do Mario Nicosia Zune a little while your backs will better. Yeah I mean I heard I hope we can tell your bag and my gal. All yeah they're Heather you no my dad used to suffer from it though he couldn't put a sheet over a stow. It's it's. Got better right O'Neill he didn't pick commend them Mitchell is an hour. Medication announced and there's some good reminds us I've got arthritis in the big toe from all the years of Wear my flight routes and walking in them and and I never really got get our products and and the boots sort friends that were doing that happens is that knucklehead you junior pilot and answer seller of religious torn all the corrosion in accordance removed the city do knuckle trans implants now. Tell knuckle molester wanna go that route in times. Yeah anything possible. All I know is that you know donate it they help me out when my back well it's an old that turn fifties is the last thing you. All he can out. I get AARP stuff. Actually nick and I joined you did a gallon at the it was kind of a less safe sort of a lefty organization. Under center for the discount. I don't know what it. Via yes they've got a flight that the very similar books and avoid figures on point camped down haven't you let's talk about some things facing a city of Gainesville as you. You're done after this year out and now I'm sure you're really gonna miss it. Tom and hardly miss six years and how it really has gone by very quickly yes. What do we do about the homeless plate and I guess in particular the grace marketplace. What's the future like for from you know that place an and the almost popular. You we have a we have commissioned me tomorrow afternoon. It's it's an unofficial so we have. Meetings now on other every other Thursday were restored talk a little more casually. Calmly stills form on its official it and it's on record arrangement. But one of topics more disorders the future of their. The contract with. The coalition and managers degrees marketplace but really it's that who knows somebody named dignity village. That's the that the woods in the area around it and you know that's. It's it's one of those things I'm I think coming a lot of stuff and that the government tries to doesn't good intentions. And then were slow to react when things are are are working well and I'd say. That that's an example the place is probably not working go the way we needed to be. If it can even work doing having having you know large number of people. Sort of on the woods. Intense and then living on their own and and and trying to live under. A set of rules than and an order is just it's it's a challenge and so. You know India we need to be. You know we need to be I think the candidate against apple I'm off fraud in the case which these three brave enough to there maybe make some some some hard decisions and police get the data and information is just a people have been out there arming they're doing great work of that at the center. There in their help and and you know feel a lot of people and trying to get people on their feet and there's a good stories but it sits it's an area outside of where. You know the people you know many of the people not all of them but just a bit of what they want whether they don't want to seek the help they don't wanna get. Namibia maybe employed an in house and stuff and so it's just. In and what's law enforcement's role in this win now. You know they have to deal with some of these folks and some of them have drug alcohol mental illness issues and you know the police have a job to do. There is it working out OK because my understanding is there's so tension. The other some neither so we're listen no thing as sick as commissioner we have tried it in a somewhat stay in my lane as they say arena we've got a city manager when guys you know city staff that are. That are tasked with daily management says chief please Tony Jones in or respect to in that city manager want. Had put two police officers out there so we have its officers and 2:0 o'clock and Almon and they're there they're there to just make sure there are things that we'll try to keep it in charge equal to half meters there's been incidents like you said there are. Mean there are you know sadly there's there's a mile under a large population is. Has mental illness that says that he's retreated some wanna get treated some some don't some don't even the dollar that's that's a tough. Mean I know a fair amount learned a lot about office I mean so that's effort which is continue to push. You know the addictions out their hard and so you've seen violence out there you've seen. You know you've seen some some pretty bad events out there we've we've Serwer here allegations and others so but the police are sort of there. Eisner's feel the ground and home we all ultimately that's I mean all you know broader please issue put me man you know the in the day police are there to protect. When they're there they're there to protect. And and and look over you know that the greater good of all people. Yes there's a few behaving in a violent or threatening manner you have to deal with them for the safety of the rest of the people there right. Absolutely there's and so we were referred some reverse some concerns complacent some people about some of the so police officers but you know I just a long for the commissioner but but even some of the pressure on learned the you have to step back and try to you know get the story. Don't don't react just on pure emotion and and actually hold people accountable so dinner the day in my view if there's a significant problems. News with the police some in it's totally responsible and police chief city manager. And situation with their oversight so I'm on call for now with what we've got going out there. For oversight but it's like says it's it's a difficult. So there's an ongoing issue dealing day in and day out with a part of the population and has difficulty with following the rules and laws then maybe. Those officers that are treating and responding that area may be body cams but be good for everybody involved that way there's. A little bit of help in terms of you know hey who's telling the truth in these scenarios and I think it would benefit everybody that and and then what to lead you to provide the services that are needed like you said that if people aren't treated for mental illness EE can't force them into treatment canyon. Now me I played and opening up to the outcome to pick up our last six years is that you know that in government so local county state federal. A nurse funds that go to this or that there's but we wind up almost like competing against each other and sometimes there's. There's always there's always so much there's just enough funding to really screw stuff up. Now if you know what I mean but just but just enough to not really do that much good but make it feel like you are and and so we'd in the as the city government doesn't have enough money. Two to all of sudden chip in and provide you know human health care for for the the population that needs it in our city. But but if we could somehow you know join me at all the funds that they're towards that stuff. Like I guess just this trend as well assists as crazy as this makes people. You know those are the aspects of government that I think that you could run like a business efficiencies economies of scale. While looking at the funding and and and it may ultimately be the same total pot of money bundle all. It works stronger together and. A sense of accountability SA we gave you this money. Tillis what you did well look we treated 57 people and we've got them on medication and etc. right I mean that that. Yes and so results are important to and we tried that but. But about say that it's it's it's our community it's I have. Mandela respect now six years later for for some some some things are difficult but. But the of the hardest part sometimes not so this early sometimes the hardest bargain is to say no to something. And then you we can't do this or we or can't do because you can't say yes to every family weekend delegates and if you do you just end up sort of this sort of water bearing down in and then doing a lot of stuff not really well well there's an affordability issue to living in the city of Gainesville. You know that taxes property taxes or how I you appeal the power. Is is a very high. And so we have an affordability issue if you continued to. Levy morn more taxes to even if the programs that you say are worthwhile and worthy. On there's only so much you know affair and we can afford counsel before you really circuit and ended there you know quality of life as well you know and and let's get to that I mean we talk about the cost of a power electricity and this biomass plant has. I mean would you say that it has been absolutely the one of the worst moves ever by vice city government. But what is the violence part of her about that moment I. You know without Allen is really for me is the story is it's really that. What do long strange trip it's been kind of stories you know six years ago out in knowing about it and and then just think about renewed went through. Yeah I know it's a mean guys since it is you know don't remember I wrote a thing after a guy like to call Greg and onyx and I guess I learned about. But to Greg contract and plant was gonna do to our utility or city ominous spew some thoughts out one night and got pretty much ridiculed and shot by the commission at the time possess a white joined. Bomb and 7UP on those two dollars and it wasn't hard to predict when it. It's hard. It is it is people need to understand something that that we pay seventy million dollars. A year. To two back to a contract trip planned whether we use it. So even if you don't use one bit of power it still cost per the contract this seven million dollars a year which. Leads me back to the contract and I still for the life to make has not gotten a straight answer from anybody. How they signed off on a contract to did not have an out clause. I just don't I don't understand. Yeah well Malia coming up fingers there's probably we a lot of theories and speculation and I think ultimately. That in today you know my in my belief is that knowing how things work. The general former general manager now as you know. The general managers that that was here in the Carter assigns no longer with us and and I think that. Here enormous pressures to take its contract completed. In general Ed Villard ski season pretty good job for what he has to deal considering when he asks deal you have to get Boris is a fantastic job people gain is only done and and and their customers and Jerry you. Need to understand that that that it mr. Arce has followed the direction of the commission today. Now a commission to hire us Larsson has changed a little bit. That's gonna change a little more we election coming up ECT yeah some bumping I just don't know what it me or guard that's there whether if you if you want your utility. To two run like a utility and to provide safe reliable and affordable services to our customers. Then today you wanna mr. Barr she's two directions at. I did not think they utility. Note that has a monopoly over some of life's most essentials should should be managed to two to push somebody says you know social political agendas. It's should not and we saw the results of that anyone else who argue that that is why we got where we are. When we come back I want askew a biomass purchases at in the best interest of of the city of Gainesville and ask about Dan what you most proud of as you've served your six years and Gainesville city commission will continue this dialogue. We've Gainesville city commissioner Todd chase phoned Bob Rochelle news talk 97.3 this guy. One beat Frist may grant me an accurate read on the looming with Sean Hannity and a radical Islamic terror. Yeah well on news talk nice zero point three this guy. It's 1:8 o'clock wrote I still haven't. Gainesville city commissioner Todd Jason a studio and let's continue our talking about biomass plant. Obviously that has been. Huge expense seven million dollars a year. Whether produces power whether we use power not that's what the contract calls for would be in the best interest of the people that live in the city of Gainesville. For the city to attempt to purchase the biomass plant. Me in my eyes as a kick it could be. And so it has been there's been a little bit in the paper lately and and and I'm not I don't know anything on the pushers or any because that the way this process works for the time being. Is is that the general manager. Is represented the city and you're you and and some talks. But that they always have these talks at least have been trying and so there. There's some kind of talks going on right now that that may be a negotiation. That may have something comport commission and will be. Fully vetted and been discussed and analyzed and it's that they go on shore. But that's where we are on that and you know we're we're in the couple. Our frustrations with there were some some smaller she's that are so on the millions of dollars. But I can pretty baseless they don't understand how bad the situation is and why this might make sense is. Is that. There has been know who. Competent legal opinion that I've seen or anyone seen that could save theirs they. Valid viable reason that we are getting out of his contract right no one's. No one's. There's just there's just that isn't everybody's looked added I look for animals and it's it's again it's a contract that was signed in and and and invented supposedly. And bottom line is that seven million dollars is that that's the fixed cost this country that we have the prior year in year out whether he's a power when we use the power just understand that it's. It's it's in them we it's in the money that if you will we've got other sources of power but when we use that power. Almost consider like a break even it's a it's a wash its its just its power says that fixed costs that's that's killing us. There there's maybe it's an area that that there's a purchase that plan then that we can purchase an operator and then that seventy million could become. Something well less not only forty million to 45 makes it a point thirty million dollars less a year. Over 27 years. Hands up and and that is an in if people understand the that can remove politics from this nonsense. They can understand how bad our rate structures and how bad this Kostis. Mark our businesses are commercial rates in this city or are well over a third higher than the rest state. And you know it's got to be a lot of winners business comes to relocate or expand they have to look at those costs are slowly and it's it's it's it's it's it's blowback when you talk devote time and it and it's it's an important metric and then it but just for and then the set aside the businesses and just. You for that the people mean of this stuff that I personable the question I have heard a commissioners say. That they were tired of hearing people complain about their power bills because the only people that complain up our roles of people that waste electricity. I've heard that those that purses on the commission anymore we better not do and won't get anywhere else like calculus in but they run and they're out there. Another person said they're tired of people complain about their their power bills and the winner turn heat down where more sweaters. Now these are outrageous things in those people are out there and their running for office and you better not collect them. Well and I was just gonna ask you about the enemy and Emeka by the commission has slowly starting to. To change. And people need to be aware of that because the decisions that are made I mean for instance you've got the eighth avenue I guess it's finally done a Dallas three lanes instead of four I've traffic. Moves I don't know if there was any better than it did but it seemed like there are a lot of time and expense and effort. You know to make one no it's that there is Sarah just been paved in done. That's done and it's an and and and again anybody wants anybody that goes east and west in the city knows the situation. It's also so if you love it great. But but yes there be the elections back again that ultimately came down to that before votes on the commission. That's what this stuff comes down to end and so for people that are caught up in national politics are for people that are caught up and anger whatever this stuff is. They need to understand locally at least we did we at least need to keep a diversity you know mix we need a mix of people. Who have different views in different backgrounds who challenge each other at least it's in the day if you get a 43 vote. You know those three people were fight hard whether it's your three or the other doesn't matter to me ultimately at least do you get. The decisions and that's. That's all that's a bike if I've mod my biggest accomplishment he says earlier California and I just picked up I think I've I think I think I I've I've rose raised the level of discussion and in debate in inequality decisions and in I'm on the winning side of everything. Bubba at least I feel you fight you tweaking you and improve things and I think that's important if we give back to commission that is that is so one sided. The that they that they look ready to think they know what they're all gonna do they know what they're gonna vote on and there's one or two people out there like I was like first joint. They just looked there left they'd let you talk and they just ignoring go on. That's how we gonna like situations that's a lot of governments in bad situations are you endorse anybody. Absolutely and endorse and Perry clause in his running and running for district two and there's there's no question that the that he is a candidate though maintain that they're bound that diversity amendment. Breath of of experience we have to have that. On the creek Carter's running for reelection and electric carters and a fantastic job and and Helen Warren is running for reelection in her race and held more fun to be. A lot of kind of sincere people I know and and she's right for election night I'd like to see her. Return it's a no term there's only two candidates their race and two in the other three in mind. And I hope people is that they read and they talked to the call on the email all canceled talked if you want. And what are you gonna do in the future. That there running for the hills. I'm and we do it quickly hired. PSE position isn't that lives here now has an idea and I got to give them but it was close out of exciting. A mile and now workmen are that the biggest challenge me this whole six years has been. They're still working all timing on that moment three kids get to writes well but it's everybody does this I have. A great respect for and and them from Jordan on but I'm not done yet and I'm I'm happy to come back keep up without this is important issues and is important issues there's issues that are important to me. That that if if if I see myself leaving and on the owners still kind of fighting form at least want to make people aware of them. And and I think that's important and so calm but I'm but I'm here I'm on the we Mary and I love Gainesville and and this group group we plan on being here and I'm sure that this replaced my kids. I'm back to them home. Willow will probably live in the fiftieth floor some parent counseling it's built downtown something. Me out on top come back and talk about that don't talk about the standard in the parking is not Sherry Rogers destroyed a skyline of games. I. Yeah so anyway so you want density and no parking in bad traffic. There's there's we need to get worse there's a man picking you know worst. Gainesville city Maicer Tutsi stat we'd love to have you back on it you know the did you want to I will grade well not off. By your feel better and and I'm volley for and better and whenever illustrator back it's ridiculous show and appreciate you guys are what you do is important for me I'd I'd I'd like yourself is is is national I think that's important always. He discussion going to voice. I can just tell you there's what we do City Hall. Is real important. Our own loneliness absolutely absolutely thank you sir or 831 on the Barbara show with Jay Anderson and what is going on Donald Trump is it gonna bring down prescription prices possibly details and I coming up.