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02/07/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - one man's near death experience and how it changed his life and the lives of the people around him.

Feb 8, 2017|

02/07/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Rev. Howard Storm shares the near death experience that changed his life. That day in 1985 became the point in which his whole life changed and his encounter with Jesus made him decide to pursue a completely different path for his remaining days.

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Her. Staying up all night or Wednesday morning depending on where yards JB Johnson Jason Hawes and it is pure reality radio. And we are ready to go Jason still in California men in the Ford out here in the East Coast what's it like out there and sunny or as you said earlier rainy California. You know. It's funny can still hear the jealousy voice that he says that you know movement that not deny it a I'm just a well today today started offering any but. Again. I was home last week animals and never had any excuses. Then okay enters. Right we're having a permanent connection problem man it was fine just a minute ago so. As we remind you every night don't forget to stop by the FaceBook page given alike it's beyond reality radio on FaceBook also stop by the web site that's for the chat room as. Just go to beyond reality radio dot com. Look for the listen lies linked in then come only if the news click on that you don't have to listen there purity listening on the radio station but you can join the chat room lot of stuff going on there I don't even tell you what's being discussed. In the chatter right now you have to go there and look for yourself. Also don't forget that to our telephone number is 844. 687766. And nine and we that we invite you to call and join us on the program that's something that we always look forward to having you join the conversation. And we're going to be talking with Howard storm now Howard was a guest that we had scheduled. A couple weeks ago. And I do to an illness actually he had two on the end of not making it and had a postponed so we've rescheduled him for tonight. And debt how in and resting guy because he was a professor for our of art for twenty years living. For a high pressure kind of life been as he describes that he was not really concerned with the people around him really only concerned with himself. And he. Had a near death experience in 1985. He became ill while he was in Paris. And he basically it died. Briefly. On came back was revived and it changed his life completely and we're going to be talking to him about that experience. And what it's done to him what it's how it's changed the way he looks at life and looks at how it looks at the people around him. Perry and I'm sure having an experience like it is is life changing it it opened you up to things that you that you never experienced before before you thought possible well in and Jay you and I've talked to a lot of people who've had out of body experiences are near death experiences and not one of them. Comes from that experience and says it didn't change them profoundly it's a very very. Significant. Experience and it changes people in very very significant ways. Yeah I agree on 2%. Went and what I was saying before I get so rudely disconnected Jim was my poor wife since via text to bury just showing me that I guess they're calling for anywhere from twelve to sixteen inches of snow on Thursday. And every time I'm on the stage she seems to get hit with these big snowstorms when I'm there and nothing happens while you know I don't know and I and I almost think you look at the weather forecast and plan that's enough to deal with a well yes. That's part and so now we got a great show tonight Ed thanks everybody for tuning in and tuning in to be unreal you know whether you're listening online or any secret stations. I am out in California which seems to have the worst worst connection in the entire US which is amazing to me. You know I don't know but you know what hotel you're under what's going on there but term we have struggled the last of 48 hours and we have repetitive we've had difficulty with some that connection but hopefully it stays. Solid enough that that we can make it through the night. Absolutely so on and we'll see how it goes so. Moving into some of these stories that have been we are actually talking to him earlier on oddities weird stories have shown up recently in the news. And have you heard the story about life after death. Well. We've talked about life after death several times but time and and with the new stories would've gotten. Plus one track kind of traumatized because. They're talking and it's so life after that our region the article on the won't discuss scientists claim dying is not like turning awfully ball. There is life after death according to a team of scientists who say dying is again now turning off white ball. A new study claims life remains in the body even 48 hours after the person has been scientifically declared dead. While so. Right there that opens up a terrifying scenario that is if you think about it and it's very frightening actually done. What are The Beatles and that when olds aren't well the open biology report said genetic activity actually increases after death and a bit of a bizarre discovery of course. Senior author Pete nobles said not all souls are dead. And when and organs and organism when says normal cells are dead when organism dies. Different cell types have different life spans generations times and resilience to extreme stress. It's like. If it is likely that some cells remain alive and are attempting to repair themselves specifically stem cells or effort to. Life is not simply extinguished after Catholic claim more or label but instead life lives on in stages like a computer so slowly shutting off. So where it's it's powering down it takes a little while when you flew a couple of people boom it's off the connections on. But when you turn off a computer it's slowly is going through it's it's things words it's a purging a hard drive it's doing whatever else it needs to. Before it fully turns off. So are. Arnie trochmann trolls and of the Max plank institute for evolutionary biology said in. In spirit death has probably morally turning off the computer and much less like turning off light bulb. Mr. nobles of the University of Washington Alabama State University agreed with this interpretation. I'm not really fond of what favorite and they kind of likened it to but he said. He likened it to to the Twin Towers collapsing floor by floor during September 11 terror attacks that you answer really strange analogy but yes exactly he said late to Twin Towers on 9/11 we can get a lot of information on how the system collapsed by studying the sequence of events as they unfolded through time. In the case of the Twin Towers we saw a systematic collapse of 14 at a time that affected the force beneath it. This gives us an idea of the structural foundation supporting the building. And we see similar pattern in the shut down of animals and also meeting on weeding out people. So it really makes you wonder I mean a lot of times when people are dead especially certain religions believe they need to be. Buried in the ground within a certain amount of time. I mean if they're still talking about. Parts you your body being a life after death and he just opens a whole new world of a scary it was chaotic fought to think about. Well yeah you don't have to think too much about it too to be. Kind of concerned about that now like I'm gonna have to assume that the consciousness is gone at that point therefore you're not aware of any of those activities still happening in your body it's basically just. Biological functions that may continue for a brief period. But the brain. It and while there will be brain activity there is no consciousness so I'm assuming and I am hoping hint that there is no awareness of what's going up. Well let's let's all hope that there is accurate. Because otherwise I guess everything's really changed. Well yes and no actually I can imagine that it just it's it's terrifying even Banco. You know armed but I'm unable may be happier note. The age of the bionic body. Is upon us. Member a member of the Philly show with the with. What's his name Lee Majors since has steep losses in the six million dollar million dollar man first full X million dollar and yes first coastal areas because six million dollars wouldn't buy you have anything in terms of what he had. Today you'd be look more like the six billion dollar man but. Yes Steve Austin was and a terrible. I it was a test pilot or something and he was in a terrible wreck and they could rebuild them and they made him a basically a superhero by putting bionic components into his body remember that. Yes screw we can make him stronger reach him yet and better yes that well now. There are six medical marvels. That are. But ranged from robotic hands that are controlled by your mind to electronic eyeballs. That are turning on. Situations where people have lost. Limbs or sight or hearing or other functions. Into that bionic. Six Million Dollar Man type of or arrangement and it seems as though. That we're on the cusp of being able to replace many if not fault of the bodies parts wins either a synthetic weed grown. Replacement organ. Or eight completely robotics or in other words a bionic. Type apparatus in fact just last week it was reported that former policewoman Mickey Donnelly. Who was 33 years old and she was paralyzed from the waist down after a driver smashed into a police car is now able to walk. Thanks to a robotics X so skeleton that actually does the walking for her. Yeah so that's amendment. It's got a lot of positive and it does and they're looking at other things two they've they've now. Developed what would be considered by Monica highs and it's obviously designed for people would cite lost. They had a patient and actually had ten blind patients. That were had vision partially restored by having a bionic eye implanted which is effectively mini video camera that's mounted on a pair of glasses. And it sends images. Wirelessly. To a computer chip that's attached to the patient's retina which is the light sensitive area of the back of the guy. And then the patients were able actually to seat. And even though it's only a black and white at this time they can see shapes obstacles they can detect light and darkness and over time they can actually learned too is. Pick out movement ended to to do figure out outlines of objects determine what objects are different from other objects so. That is a brand new technology that is providing a lot of hope for people that have fun our sight impaired. So if I say get down to mobile in the oval actually need to. Ran her and then he can keep on going on forever yeah yeah well that's a thing. And now they're talking about brain implants they're actually doing things that are. Designed to help. People's. Control of their body does some parts of when we have parts of your brain are. I'd damaged do you lose some functionality of your body as and sometimes in those perilous fertilization or. Other. None ailments but in 91998. In Emory University. They implanted electrodes into a brain and that was allowed a patient to use the power of his thoughts to move a cursor on the screen and pick out letters. That was in 1998. The technology has has done. Improved immensely. And now they're able to use the same type of technology to control wheelchairs. And down eventually they think they'll be able to use him to control like connects a skeleton so that a person who was completely paralyzed. We'll have an ability using their own brain. To look communicate with this X a skeleton is bionic up body if you will and not be able to move being mobile. And live a somewhat normal functioning life. Well that's wild that's that's just incredible to hear that type of an advancement. And it's it's very it's a positive thing of course Nia and they've done the same thing with a robotic hands are doing the same thing with the years to create artificial on sensory audio sensory organs for people to hear and of course. We did mention legs of the lot going on technology and we'd say it almost every night. And one of the biggest things that term is being discussed is the artificial pancreas and anybody who suffers or know somebody who suffers from diabetes knows how. This has been a long time coming and done there's a lot of promise for these artificial pay increases. They can be put into a body. And and based on a certain type of programming. Inject insulin into the body and eliminate the need for periodic shots and and that kind of thing so as a lot of promise on the medical front. He had sold while going on the similar well what your tartan marine. Wouldn't it fielded this new study that shows that the average person's brain drink shrinks by 20%. While sleeping. Every night. Yet yours yours probably more like forty to fifty but it's okay during day and I can understand why am I have to shrink the Mormon and it's that swelling swelling in his stomach different big. But they they claim that your hinge expect to when he percent. Well we sleep so we can keep up its strength to continue to learn new things and sleeps the activity we spent we spend 13 of our allies doing of course. And it's been found provide a time when the brains and his bosses rest and can prepare for the next day so vacant so it can be strong enough to receive new input. On this reset of the brain. Is known as sin and Synaptics almost basis and this is needed so brains tune up become reloaded and are now. So what does it mean for somebody like me who I've dealt with insomnia for you know it you for like 25 years and we sleep so when. How does that mean my brings burnt out or he's. Restaurants I I'm not gonna comment on this gonna let you finish the sentence that you could tell us what's going without ambassador to dig a little myself but a it's the study study coauthor doctor Sharon it's a rally. On the University of Wisconsin manic and Madison center for sleeping consciousness said. Sleep is the perfect time to allow the Synaptics. To occur because when we're away we are sleeves are here and now. Always attending some stimuli and took and learning something but during sleep we are much less pre I he I'd be by the external world and the brain. Can assess. All of our although all of that time and and it allows to it in the Smart wage and really just choose to heal itself from from all the things that that happened throughout the day. But so let's interest rates are your brain literally shrinks 20% when you're sleeping to heal itself from. From all the stuff that that it took in Baghdad. Well you know. We often talk about the importance of sleep in and around me on the radio show but it's been in general in the medical community talks about how important sleep is it. Obviously you're talking about how it repairs and then makes the brain stronger we also know repairs and heals the body. And it's it's can't be overstated. You know that's why. A lot of times is people get older and they can't sleep as well hum they have all much. Many more complications due to lack of sleep than they do maybe other ailments that might be affecting. Well and you'll see get a single when it when a child as he's young adults lead me to sleep 101214. Hours and you gotta think that to a child everything they learn its brand new team they're taking this in. So of course there brain is going to take that much more time choose to rest because it's taken so much new information that at its its learning ideally. In so it's tees so that takes that much longer to two going to rest mode. So yeah and and it also makes you wonder if we could figure out a way to allow adults to sleep again for that ten to twelve hours. Or whatever. How much would that benefit us and how long would it. Would it surely allow justice to keep on going. And you know item I've been it's been a long tons of time who many believe in sleep eight hours but I often. Often Sana says about that and getting a good eight hours. Asleep consecutive eight hours without being interrupted and you know we'll open up for any reason would be nice and it does feel great when you get it. I wish I knew that Killington. So on you know we we've been talking up a bottle a lot of different things and we try to follow these stories. As we continue odds but you know during from the show after show humble one thing that that got caught my eye today is day. In the let's see this is in and Michigan over Lake Michigan. About a 185 people. Reported. A mysterious green flash of light that appeared in the sky. And can't get an official explanation for what was it was a bright light it appeared in the sky suddenly before appearing to fall toward the ground. It was seen over Lake Michigan in the early hours of Monday morning where there were several sightings reported between 130 and 3 AM. There's also video of this particular green light on and there is no explanation from any official sources. Pays some people think it may have been a meteor but others are saying that it seems to have been more intelligent than any need years so on. You know people watching the skies. More intelligent soul. Making in. All right we're at where were these these connections are not working in our favor tonight. On a couple things are gonna chat about is that we've got some great stuff coming up later in the week we've got. Let's see we've done. Tomorrow night we're going to be bringing Sam Sharon on the program Sam is known as mr. Sam he's a British Liverpool Boyne born dark artist specializing in or. And science fiction Sam's work often includes elements inspired by vintage tales of monsters. And mad men dark futures post a couple a couple apocalyptic John risk. And classic literature is artwork can be found on a variety of books and comic covers including illustrations for the angels series. Thirty days of ninety X-Files Mars attacks judge dredd and much much more. He's also done work for people that we've had on the program might go a lot L Blackburn and the director for small town monsters we had both of those guys on the show also David whether to Weatherly. And many many more so we're gonna have him. On the program tomorrow night to talk about his work. And then on Thursday I think were gonna actually end up rescheduling Paul Conley Paul is the author of medley Don it's not extinct you're gonna talk about that Thursday but I think schedules are gonna change a little bit. I'm gonna be rescheduling him and then the movement kind of plain and beer by ear at this point we'll know tomorrow. Yeah see. Yeah leftists we'll have to see what we're gonna do there I'm not really sure. All right let's go to break when we come back we'll bring our guest in our guess is Howard storm tonight will be talking about his near death experience it's. Young reality radio. GC TP. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality radio web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Or Alan branches. Austin Johnson and Moore really really struggling here with this disconnection from California. I know that you're frustrated over their two and I know folks in the chat room or are being very very patient who we appreciate that anybody listening anywhere really trying to make this. This remote connection work it's just not cooperating as wells it should be. We're doing the best weekend right now but at least currents are able to. Take home for me. You know keep in goings there. All right let's let's bring in our guest. Tonight's guest is Howard storm reverend Howard storm we're going to be talking about his book. My descent into deaths. And also a new bit book release called lessons learned Howard thanks so much for joining us from beyond reality radio it's really great to have you on the program. Thank you my Croatian Serbs to. You talk what. We and I apologize in advance for having a little bit difficult to we've got Jason on a remote connection that doesn't wanna cooperate but we're gonna we're gonna plod through this now. I want to start. Bite. Talking about your life before you had that experience in 1985 Telus who you were at that point in your life. I was so it's an honest hard ground should be I'm sure atrocious shortage teacher for undergraduate and your ultimate perk which we're graduate work and was. Put pressure heart. I've actually universally true Turkey I wish I don't if you wish I was very. Obsessed with trying to make an ocean tarnish. Very I'm. A type personality. I was struck. And has scored the run shot putter and just destroy our church and for all short chump. Tragically very strong armed wish pretty aggression torched people accountable. And I tell us a really good guy because John. I was shown. During the American. Deal you know population talk argued dog deuce you're in the which clinched. This. Yeah and you kind of just you know we're roar walking through your life that way and didn't didn't see it any differently and didn't give any thought to changing or becoming anybody different right. No I was so I'm. Tired convention and I was subject doing the right Clinton and and culture messages said he couldn't shown on the cultural militia was on the electric only challenge a recycle the lower Rocky Balboa. A little. Schwarzenegger. Should mr. Stallone you know and. And then and then you had quite an experience in 1985 tell us what happened. Well problem. Is that children neutral court for ever shot just funeral traditional options I'm. Are insured person and clarify. I was taking a group or strange what your score in last Terry. They're extremely trip and I had come corporation. Would do want them. I'm a certain initial look to try and I think part of the reason why I'm okay. Another old Mario. Post published bluish launched on route one probably population monotone and shame that I try to. For repair and support. And emotional boost. In 21. Armed. I'm not. It took direct on the ground Truman tick loneliness and launched acute pain and had never experienced and I'm. Church in the hotel strung along across the morning in a colder. Burden should cherish Arctic change and new chuck what was wrong she called and function only Dutch try to encourage circuitry. I'm immediately I would die. So are sent to the true cost little and parish. I have known each country and are engineered and much more doctors and medical history tradition in the head coach searching right away or and I I'm. Later on play guitar dark which unit surged troubling that life. Actual life expectancy which kind of dollars out of surgery. Churlish and not true on the surgical. Arm told a hospital. I didn't put me in Rome and then. I don't think they knew it and I didn't know that there wasn't actually action. Because it was just shuttered. Armed student shouldn't go to questions attached personal surgeon to build or restore I was Parker wrong. Harm I was never given any medication. Or drug which records or comps. And and eventually drug machine never received anything. Personal look at private doctor nobody trip when a blood pressure should return it changed our general our structure or arms. Twelve hours. I'm. The total undertake community Tuesday. Brown kicking and screaming. Got worse and worse and worse because most popular singer and that Russian computers in each other tasks which were migrating from my abdominal area. And what what. I didn't encroach on trust your interest to adjusting myself. Who try. How powered there was there was no nothing leading to this no signs prior to this day. Old you have a problem just in some case at all Tokyo wants. Looking back now you know around there were cardinals. Two potential ahead in nutrition shall try to sort of you know. Retreat at attention astronaut crucial worst possible thing you could do a bit of rest for not. The Turkish origin to put students in some. Are there how to problem. And at. It series that night and her chin into the room. And should they were unable to find a darker and they're trying to win an extra. Well I hate you guru for many hours and I was dying alone. It was really really hard Cha. English wrote this story conscious kind. So wind shear restaurant virtual life trying to trigger dying on. We've made are good guys can. Close my wish and hope to Dante and I walk through that. No more pain I felt great and I realized immediately that melody is so great to tell where additional. And heightened state of awareness all of motion which senses were much greater than ever then. It is very confusing because I also. To speak and aware that there was a body in the delta had been lying and but I refuse to believe that the quality. Which meeting although it looked like me. Because I was hurting the best time in my life right now. Standing their looking act up. Shrub a mutant bet. You very confusing. Register ring on a trade situation it was my wife and cheat on. And I do realize that it shouldn't senior commissioner Paul choose which means that should do and I heard people outside the room calling me by name Howard. Karim com. You gonna come home tournament over the rom and the of people in law. Gloomy gray hall ways calling it by an Irish had and certainly needed doctor Hern. Which got a church should be all about chipped. Have been waiting for your car or from bush and sore right question to that they were armed. Hospital people should treat meet cute pressure entry Charlotte wouldn't and certainly a very very long walking churning. On. And vanished. Taiwan side cut darker. And darker and people we can. Ruger and cruel and prompt. I wish conventions which one could just post whatever I don't know what it works but it wasn't gonna depend. Schumacher group which went further and make sure you're sure. And we should push ethnic. And stories started to defend myself like fighting back and and there were a lot of them now. I'm in the direction I'm on an important. Dozens hundreds whatever put your arm all over an inch and about the next shouted don't. Biden and cheerleading and and it started doing extinguish. Among in inpatient. Probably yes she changed. Much from I don't know. How long. Apparently it's. Eventually you are so. I wish physically so ripped apart a emotionally shall complete demonstrated what shall I vicious lying on the ground like commission wrote troll. And they were kicking me around trying to get me respond but I couldn't even respond anymore. To shoot little lounge. And I and I heard our polish. Not from them I think you can communicate but the bush should pretty got them out front where mr. tiger including armed. And to show employers should traded up next plot. I don't know how to pray I can I can or should pretty garden plot. Not secure location under school recruit what should we shape and I tried to remember. Chongqing minute learned thirty years earlier as a child. And I'm going to record which like everything I've memorized and it's. On the traditional it's electric literally changed from around. Which Shakespeare and young Pittsburgh repression. Trying to take you upon. Historical fiction traditions like Laura swisher credential and when I should let the people around him became Terry angry and showed community. I'm extremely. Functional language. But there wasn't a guard and now reconsidering. And they're gonna mix things much worst enemy and I had to stop shelling during which members such. There's. I was Dyson while you know this a good time for us to take a break before we continue with the story any further we're talking with the reverend Howard storm. About his near death experiences out of body experience he's an author of the book might descend into deaths we're gonna continue the conversation. We come back it's beyond reality radio to listen to. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the the fourth in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there and. Are acting beyond rail and raining and Jason on Stevie Johnson don't forget that our telephone number is 8446877669. And our guest tonight is reverend Howard storm and I wanna take Q. A step back in this story. It's pretty fascinating and everything you said so far I've got questions about. But I wanna go right back to the beginning when you are in the hospital Howard and you were told you had five hours to live without the surgery. And that five hours elapsed and the sound like another five hours elapsed. You it's falter blame births there or did you it was a weakness of the medical system in in France or what was going on there they couldn't find a doctored it to take care view. Yes I'm. I cannot later that on the Internet such fluctuation and obstruction. This hostile to certain searchers two weeks and when they met their clutter they were dunk Louis. I'm on social person and I'm desperate person to her sister and try to tell my doctor distinction group from hungry to make money. And the people that that was happening due to the way EU has lived your life up to that point. It. CC you feel like it was a negative type thing that. You were being what would be referred to in his hand over or going to go to hell or whatever you felt like. Because the way you live your life up to that point that was. Was going on. I'm unconvinced about yes. Are so let's let's resume the story you lumber. Of going through this ordeal you had you basically. Closed your eyes and your physical form. You woke up you didn't realize that maybe you weren't. From what kind minder standing of the story you weren't. Part of your body didn't just didn't make that connection. He thought you were being led down a hallway for surgery by people who you assume were part of the hospital staff turns out they are much more sinister than that. And they were forcibly trying to make you continue with Sammy knew were resisting. The extra period SharePoint and I'm I was sitting like I was in a body just not a one and the bad. So you're not you little real. You're actually in physical form you felt in physical form. Yes. More physical than I've ever felt before I could see hear taste touched little better that I can. Ever could you portion stunt. So let's continue this story you were fighting kicking and screaming and you started to site. And I was. It's beyond this reality and another reality. Yeah and you're and you were starting to recite any because you're an atheist you warn you didn't trade in go to church he didn't have that. That background to draw from you just had some scant memories. That you were calling to try to do some thing too would change what was happening. And try to get these people are tree and it work Tom Dick couldn't shake and I'm one I was trying not as out. Feeble wouldn't. I'm crude as it was late and they couldn't spiritual buried during retreated away from their left knee so for. And I hated. Very long computer continent are actually got to think about my situation. And since I've been having and religious shirt too logical back Rolex publishers not. Armed spike had gone down in the short hyped into such cooler being urged. And I social kangaroo questions people that had turned on me. Were people church like me. Who had come from the actual current team in Trenton where there were people who had. I didn't gotten on the shall typing outdone mr. were on the issues unchanged wasn't too rushed to. We scared I mean it was it was did you feel physical theater. I got. Scared scared person pregnant at an arm terps side. Out of my mind would cure can achieve. Undershirt bunched up. Well so now. Howard I've I've talked with with people who had near death experiences or who have died and and spent you know I've amended two minutes and dead in the hospital. And one thing that they've always a lot of them have always claimed his first off a hospital is one of the worst places to have a near death experience because. You get. So there's there's so many people who have passed on who who tend to be walking around that area whether it's a positive whether it's. Positive entities are negative type entities humanities whatever. And it's it looks terrifying place in general because they never truly know what they're coming across because there's so many of these things that it does seem to resign in in these hospitals. You know I'm I'm a young man. So. What happens next when we go from here. Also I you go over my life. Until you bomb my situation and I'm I don't wanna be an escalation. I wanna get out of their purpose and I mean I can move I can't go anywhere. And on this liberty noted there's only. Construct just restraint and true like total hopelessness and mr. And in that state. I recall being a little kids and some mutual rushing cheeses loss when he can I don't. First I'm I've given any consideration to Jesus and my adult life. And sort cultural like Tom I I don't know what rigorous real or what are you know. It's just a option Q which opened their wish I called up when and he came. And he took me out of their man. We. Went. Tom close to heaven but not entry heaven and he called a racial angels and they do not like review and then being invited me and asked that question each questioner reaching record to encrypt. Yeah. Did you say dismay trying to understand did you say Jesus was was with you asking you these things face to face. And and how pretty appear to you do it would we was in physical form was it like April oh what was the appearance. Turn it. Eight blinding white light. But key I'm during the whole experience she was I shall not human ears on its initial. Look quite into. Control. And if you misuse or gotten into bruised big strong. Right now you do you think that. The Jesus appears to everybody going through this or do you think there were something special about your situation the brought him deal. I think the special thing luscious that I called on him and he came and and you know I don't pick everybody on. On choose your district thinks she encouraged people cheat and shall shall. Whatever. We've we've got him about a minute before hard top of the hour break here and I wanna know in that minute as you were being guided by Jesus through this particular portion of your story. Did you didn't did you have a change of state of reminder of physical feeling and indeed it did it all change at that point. When you just can't yes. You know should try to change could she told me would pull out and and coaching that he did was shut on I realized that I do elaborate but he really liked me and try to. Or should children who a good guy and Tom took I was I was kind of a trade that can take my guts. You know. I mean if the scrimmage like you know alt. Actual break our lord to pick up the story we get back it's beyond reality radio or guest tonight is reverend Howard storm we're talking about his near death experience. And we've got a lot more to talk about it. Beyond reality radio to listen to. Challenge. We're here it's beyond reality radio Jason GPU. She'd chew he is he staying with a listening in on the chat room. Tomorrow night we have a Sam Shearer and scheduled he's known as mr. Sam he's born in Liverpool England. He's a dark artists the specializes in horror and science fiction. Many of his works parents started by advantage tales of monsters and mad men and he's done work for people like Lyle Blackburn for the film small town monsters. Palm also David Weatherly and many many others who looked forward to speaking with him Thursdays a bit up in the air we have Paul calmly scheduled he is the author of eight Bob book called medley Don it's not extinct we're gonna talk about. The possibility of that monster sharks still existing in our oceans. But we may have to shuffle the schedule around a little bit so bully you know tomorrow night what's going on there it's. Our guest tonight is reverend Howard storm we've been talking about his. Near death an out of body experience in Howard. And it's great to have you on the show I wanna go quickly to the phone lines here is we've had a caller waiting pretty patiently who had a question. Vince welcome to be unreal to read your great to have him show. I don't guys rate. Undermined its. I'm good question and good yeah. Right yes it's true simply was and how Marat Norman meant well but I'm not gonna go to our now you eat yeah. You know my guitar about these out of body is my question answered yes there's you know how long. When your dad are you dead because my mother. My first time you try to commit suicide. She was on the table per light point six minutes. She regarded blue. And they revive her. And she actually come back and you're glue maybe for another. All of say thirteen years of foresee filing. Shot ourself. I drove her. I took a 25 minute drive and about twelve minutes. The drama about a 120 mile an hour to get there. And I'm thinking you know if he sees me she sees me because I've seen her pupils dilated variant you know. I think their last breath and even a cop who were trying to grab my upper body couldn't get him away from that woman. I'm but I mean just like you know I understand that there are near death experiences. But we wanted to cut off point I mean they're a good after twenty minutes is that the point five minutes. Yellow that's dead is in such a great great question and Ohio and Howard do you have an answer for that I don't know that anybody does. He can come. Honestly I did not I I don't think anybody knows just just stirs people that have been like proclaimed dead and Henry Josh Reed you know restructured and their long claim for hours later and there's peoples to. So you know I'm. Have been drowned and ends in the water under the water security lunch so it's huge lot of variables. Occur yeah. Very little that's going to be part of the risk for a stolen car rate down and everything else. I'm not get get the water bearable but I mean above ground and you know you're just survive a point five minute you know. You know you're here deal away at the hospital and then you know. For me I got a call and emerge this ourselves and I drove that point five minute drive partner that about twelve minutes. And and actually see her leave and but they're tell me. That knows she was gone before I got there. When you don't know since when you're here today you're no and you have since when you say you saw her leave what do you mean. They're like area. I think there before. Broke the heart. A pupil dilation. Or. Work like they're. OK so I guess what I'm I'm moment asking you you saw something in her body. React where you thought that was the moment of death for her after saying. OK Harry now I understand. And it's a bit that is you know that is a really really tough question and certainly. You know Vince week you know our heart goes out to have a new list through that experience but. Howard I don't think there's any real way to know I think that's part of the mystery of all this so we're talking about isn't it. It. Yeah I wanna give I wanna go back to your story because we were really getting into very very interesting part of it in game when you said that Jesus came to you after you to begin praying. To god. And started to take you away and brought angels and in and and you gonna have to pick up the story from there. Well we went we went over. My life and greatly Cheryl and her and he invited me to ask questions and excellent customer Kinect. At that time that a particular vessel when it was on why extortion. All of my curiosity and also wanted to do was to determine control and so you certain owner Tom. I'm yet to go back the world and try and live to wait that some we've tried to assure you should look first partial. To big argument and I. Argued in its strong as sacred to me you go to heaven he would pump. Treated all my arguments with. Very calm. Rational explanation. I think he holds all the cards to if you. Brody and don't. Boat. China agreed to come back and when I deduct. I wish dislike. Damn tactic in the body in the chain in the hospital and shortly after that can or should did in the room half an hour. The truth ten. Chipped it to a doctor to choose 2 o'clock at night you know Clinton actually in the pocket and doctor Asha wrote a posh long run appears searcher in a church or 2 o'clock. So in between that point and when you were undergoing this whole ordeal will we you know when you started with a group of folks that turned out to be sinister and then you met with Jesus in the angels. When it any time during that point where you pronounced dead or where we did your wife believe that you were dead in the hospital you physically dead. I didn't see a darker from the time that I went and changed surgical hospital and shall I was tricked into the operating. So there was no doctor richer wife was there did she indicate to you later that you know if you look like you had appeared to expired you stop breathing. You didn't have a pulse any of that. Problems. We talked about it I've never been really clear what should. And then so then I guess the other question is. Roman he's had a romantic and actually Frenchman used product. And then I guess the other question is that how much tie game. It in the in the real world had transpired during that whole experience do you know. I'm. Of course we know works you know but I expect slick and I'm moment. I think what happened mom actually issues except. I'm I left and this. Reality just kind of existence. This by Berkshire restate that were in the we call Patricia Hearst and went into another. Should've exhibitions. And I was there for work. Problem what to Wear that we've been trying to publish it for years. And turn them arm I came back. Shortly after looked. Did you say that you felt like you were in that existence with the demons and the angels in just to solich rouge years. I. But on an end in real physical Hearst time it would it wasn't that long obviously was a years but it was it was how long. Just a moment to sort the split moment. Are so. After that happened you came back he had the surgery and thankfully it did save your life. What what happened to you as a person. Well. I knew that. Wondered what I did stretch what it's like a huge wakeup call and announced undercut Jude truce on their product and they know what to do actual arm. Sort of opt. Last 31 years since this happened I've been trying to arms to Europe how to live and had a pretty. To kind of person would code. Created almost a million troops let's which comes second situation clinched bureau alarming kind person. And that and why do working registered when he hears she was some sort of you know you have real lowering compression roamed. It's like credits reduce shackles and put. No. Movement which British bullet time where rich. Your mom who loved us and be kind and that's really at that you know. Yes I think all of us walk through our daily lives and if we took a look back and every day we probably find situations where we could have been a better person could have been kinder could've been now more generous in some fashion or another. So I don't think that's unique. I think we all do that now. You really made it though an about face in your life you changed your focus CU you changed your career. Basically changed everything from that experience right. Rushed. My wife divorced nutrition like to change solution from. And fortunately estimates. Wait so wait you you became kind and generous. And change your outlook on life and that was not the person that she wanted to wanted to stay with. There are other things I stopped drinking. You know like I sushi like she lecture crucial plot so there is a lifestyle. And and I'm. I went from having a career straight department head full professor and university shoot very low training lowly astronaut. Will die in church and you shouldn't shouldn't W or. You know. A bunch of decisions learned achieved what we're really stupid. Menu. To us what your career because you were really well entrenched as a didn't I think the chair of the art department rang in at the University of Kentucky is that right. That Turkey university student. And you know that was something that you had basically spent all of your adult professional life. Doing and you decided to change that. Floated bing and our professor is. Probably one of the best option will be crucial like if you love our. And just got to play with people look at shark part. I mean arch I can be serious country work it's also play and show strong issues from all the challenge of teaching art and what can be more fundamental. I'm an. You know I was woke they've had great and exceptional look. Was hurt secured my trumpet on I've felt like I want to arm. Gilbert people on a more church level and didn't capture armed dislike. It's pretty reached have reached up and they'll look a lot alike can go out and should mention. People's immune when we got you know people that she does a lot of suffering and Israel in the world but to be part of you know yeah that's a good. How long did this transition take communion you had the experience in 1985. You were he means attempts to have that experience to begin with is unbelievable but to have it when your traveling abroad makes it even more. Incredible in difficult I would imagine but that happens in 1985 and how long did this transition take when it. You know when you decided you're gonna change your life your horn to stop drinking you were going to change your career was just over the course of years or did it happen overnight. Com a little bit of both armed. With us through so we're. Jerusalem recuperated enough pressure going to church and I like a lot and I and god got very involved with the church and in 88. And as preconditions look I want to do the church. Consultation. Fulltime and pressured corn seminary and I had a good summer for three years to get Mario. Mastered it and Cilic the American culture. So I'm. So I guess I missed it. I think I did it. Yeah well it's something yes on the two made some decisions right away the that took Q&A path to make the bigger changes. Dowd wrote well usually what should quit smoking cigarettes which ruled out. That's what it slowed our trigger a good split. I understand it I understand that to be the case for a lot of people. Is fortunate I've never had to deal with that but. On the have you it during the course of your travels and in your new. Mission and goals in life if you let other people would have had it. Had the same type of near death experience where they actually talk about these sinister beings that we're trying to take you in one direction. And then being met by Jesus as the other side to take you away from that hey has anybody else shared that kind of experience with views well. You actually have cut and I have talked to hundreds of people but it hadn't just expressions. But that's not. A lot of people talk about negative experiences social darker and order Shuster she's number she's trying to shut each negative experience each and I'm. Issue which is difficult. Topic to get people apocalypse is most people. Would have had negative experience as well talk about them. To pump at Drexel consists in new you know what is the matter what you want to tell people what you tell. And I intruder Clinton why would tighten up this thing. Yeah I mean what it. It's an English it's it's an admission of of living no way that most people would frowned upon I guess. You know children's art I met a lot of people that have told him that they've never told anyone about their negative can get to experience and I'm first on unchecked or so. And then a lot of but to anybody else armed. So. I'm just a lot of them optimistic and darker Romer who couldn't shoot senator strange estimated that 50% of new picturing just aren't leaders. 15%. Is that such as that indicative of what may be part of the population might be headed to who again will cobol call it hell I don't know what it is but down. Is is is that what we think it is yours or something else at play. I'm I don't know it's part I mean I'm not trying to be pissed about it. I don't believe it's true ignited. Aren't I know that god. I don't want anybody go to cult took on lots of people took Gupta to some of their people go to Republicans and wanna go to. Com and god doesn't make anybody. Ever do anything. It's an extra solution only to chew on reached the consequences should the church is that. We may not have talked about this yet and I don't think we have but during this experience while you're having usage had visions of the future. Of natural disasters despair. Can you can you elaborate on that a little bit. Sure and I'm cute but we're not natural disaster what do you just showed me when he stopped. If we don't. Tom. Changed radically and implement a whole human race. Do you have. Foolish civilization and collapsed in the world it's gonna collapse it is an economy each. And what what it will look like we shouldn't that's an English restart together. Com people will be telling people. For a can. I'm at a clutch. People will be killing people for. You know a parent could actually. In another triple truly children over. Which left no I'm not just become. You know the men actually. Of course in Libby like you'll be right out on much worse. No it is all run totals about. Woods was jesus' message at that point that this was coming or no. What was he saying be careful of if you are not careful this will come. He route and turn democratically if people don't choose which. This is to future because some what you just want you want to a social development in Arabic happy and and I'll love each other and care for each other and and have a great life and not split what you want but I'm just. You know it's touch. And Monroe collection the world troops and tried to be very optimistic. I think you're absolutely right there. Under is also mentioned when I was reading through some of your information about a voice that told you to ignore the doctor's advice what was that. No I'd punch. It doesn't promised. Resonate with a mixing and I'm. Maybe I misread it on. You had an opportunity to take your story. Pick and urged Russia not cultural for a week. And and our employees to remedy the lower. Limited we can approach a child's all alone in the lumps and abroad should. You have to go home on Monday you're not gonna go well here's a little while. I mean I was really really strict it and Sunday afternoon. I left that hospital. When the patrolman world supply and limit what Washington o'clock in the morning. We enter we were it shows you go all airport in Paris and took a plane home when I can't comment 1 o'clock local hospital here. And that doctors should I complete unit actually shirt I had to come true clutch lounge double pneumonia. Larry Bloomberg functions were army I was full time you're not deliberate basically shuts functioning arm. There are two really pressured our arms. You know. Like antitrust little bigger than a couple of strong. Two holes and after Richard Breeden that was stripped. Tom. I'm really reduce pretty evident in French and antitrust lawyer would have dark. I'm. Try that I came back I was in a no cost on the rest for a much. Birds or don't. Now you've got to share this week actually you know we've got about about a minute before we have to go to break again but you get to share this story I know Oprah talk about that they lived that. King or could tweak you know full daytime TV you you were on Oprah talking about this torture. I was commercial products and I'll and I want to say that huge Ahmad a lot of in those trends in Charlotte and Houston nicest. Person shooters so I wish you were contractually talks troop caps which not only the people took it she's very content that norm. Looks uncharted Russians Europe's external issues such as we look at. That's grow our let's take a break we come back we'll continue our conversation with Howard storm. Author. Still an artist still producing some more work in an accident some interest in our work will talk about we come back from the break if you wanna get in on the conversation the telephone numbers 844687. 7669. It's beyond reality radio and Jason student. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. It's. Jason James feels like Jason anyway. Ministry now we're just having a difficult time with technology but that's okay our guest is. Howard storm we've been talking about his near death experience. Happen in 1985 it's the subject of the book my descent into death. It's also got another book out called lessons learned gonna talk about those books in just a second wanna bring another caller into the program. This is Johnny from Florida Johnny welcome to beyond reality radio on the air. There is a needle in swore he'd thank you mind. And yes it is well known as you know that this mainstay. Don't let that that wasn't sure. It I'm 51 and I can 1982. It was a huge change and I was hit from the rare. Violent drunk driver and separate separate 5% third regardless of about it. In the hospital. Stroll. Those are quite a full week and tomorrow wake and from the Colo pop felt it was a rather remarkable all of pro there certainly are not best friend and I looked at him a total other beer when I'm back here. I don't want to go right to the world local Walters. And I'm very adamant about it wouldn't be here I want to be with local water and it. A lot has been bit about ten years and that freaked everybody out. I don't remember group. Being with them like I can remotely be terrible well where it could be that don't Brett I was very adamant about our regulatory world. While mom did it change your life did you feel different after that. And home is. Obviously. I assume no. But in what appears to be in the bar part that the I mean I had to ensure that suddenly. Marty that now probably like five or six. And over the years ahead in part about it and you draw up a whole lot. We were close. Of the bat to me when I was that age and Israel the car and pretty sure there are put on imported beer. So that the monkeys. And I knew I knew then at a young age and a little cigarette going there today but it. And the senate didn't think about Cambodians. And giving must and then follow certain. And kind of you know austerity words. Ultimately. Well John and Jenny thanks so much for sharing that story where this Howard. What in your experience you didn't see anybody other than when you've eventually met Jesus that you knew were recognized strength. We've lost Howard's so well that's a great night with the technology it seems. British take a break when we come back we're gonna continue our conversation. It's beyond Rios and good Jason you. You could be talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed the next Eric Kahn is scheduled for June 2 through the the fourth in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see if they're. Always have our guests back on the line that's reverent powered storm author of the book my descent into death and the book lessons learned. Howard were you able to hear that last caller to Alter or do we illusion the whole time. OK Ari he was talking about a near death experience that he had were heat. Ran into were were was reunited with his uncle who would pre deceased was deceased ten years prior to that. And got my question to you was on during your experience you didn't see anybody you knew until you eventually. Were confronted by Jesus is that right. It. So he wasn't to me frequently we hear of these near death experiences including Iran. A reunion with the relatives or loved ones several Los previously and that's just not what happened. No I didn't make a great setup ups. So but I'm up I'm assuming that and a lot of the conversations you've had with other people that have had those experiences the near death experiences that that is a pretty common. Scenario where a near death experience does include. Being reunited with the family members or friends or spouses or whatever happens to be ready for that before. Yeah let's come with some talk about that the point at which he decided to write your book my descent into death. It. We're we're worried in your life and in what made you decide to tell the story. Well. I had been actually. Arm dozens hundreds of times she troubling story parent. Tom people perhaps thankfully you know you really should practice social book should read it bookshelf. You didn't 1999. It's. Crash that took god. If you want me to write this book. Have a publisher and tortuous and and not a right to book. A week later publisher comment from England and asked if I would like a book about what stretched. Cures you okay sure I'm. Human short I just completed the book and publish. Ocean I'm sort which published in January 2000. And then it was picked up on. In the United States are random house and trees options. Meyer our penetration big news should help. Your mood your some big news. Hollywood producer. Over your logo and such scrutiny and I got to make a movie of mine sure. Oddly short. Resnick. And I'm just going to be probably and I'm really. Just slid. Not all that thrilled about such talent and enrich its exciting time moving marriage. Yeah that is pretty say any idea. Dates but you know when it's gonna start when it might be released. I think it'll be hardened your true which I'm which. Racial problem producer told him that it sometimes takes eight or more years to make movies so we're trying to get this done and I'm sure years. Well that's that's great. What's the that the second book club lessons learned what is that it is that a continuation of the story were present completely different type of book. I'm. In the first look I never talked about problem. Watch what one might like push likely put extra and so on there's several chapters on that and then Tom aren't. Just 21 trapped on the near don't extension and the Russian population on the change and I learned after the extradition and search Cutler. I'm capturing churches should mission work and Central America and thinks like that. Which your message to people who. May have had. A similar experience for just don't know honey handle to don't know how to deal whether don't know if they should talk to people about it. I would urge them to come. And touch wood irons which is shown international association near Dutch finished. And I and he and he passed and there they have local chapter Asian groups that. Our armed people launched a search your attention and support of an arm when a relaxed us. I'm other people who pregnant registrations will be there. To listen to Sean Berry interpreter for person that's had breast enlargement should talk about because at some in this. Gigantic like changing playing and it can be done. I'm really positive element and allies or beeper confusion when mr. We and has anybody come to you come after you wrote the book and and and and someone else had similar experiences. And said that sound you know they've they've either come away from it with negative feelings as though you know maybe they. Yeah didn't wanna continue or you know there there were depressed I mean is that also a possibility from the staff of experience. Tom I've never heard about. Urban and that net which was in a lot. Options are like demolished wonderful thing that ever happened. Yeah and that seems to be pretty common bum we've had several people on the show it had near death experiences and as I said earlier they all seem to come away it seems to be. Really a life changing event in many many ways and it tends almost always to be positive. One of the other things that a lot of people report. When they. When they've had this type experiences that they they have other sensitivities another kind of skills or abilities whether their psychic or. Are something along those lines did you come away with the anything like that. Europe's arm after the experience I could arm. See angels in England. Like all the time. And the problem was nobody else could occur and we. When you see all the time he made just an all around you walking you know three daily day. That the does that frighten you mean what will what was your reaction than I mean I amid I'm assuming you didn't expect it. No pomp and I was way worried so much information and track up to com. Nobody else. Once you hear about cabinet ritual relished Sergey. Well coached Smart enough to assure you many people would treat people aren't sure where I'm. Well me you know struggle in London or check or. So armed. Castro well trigger provision alone should mr. anymore. You should treat that away and look at it is secretary thinks that we're gonna happen before it happened. Yeah that was social really big problems because nobody wondered about that it. You know and so you you prayed and and that was. This givers resulted it didn't occur anymore after that. Are very you know I I can only do it if we're really wanna. Essentially. Won our first or should mention which. Larry it's just weird but I'm in touch. Now I'm not gonna cultural tremendous shock but as a professional builder should people possible are typically know little McIntyre what are the gonna get urged the Luna. But I don't. I never try to but he then. Current or is trying to Toronto and during the funeral. And it was an open casket. You know what let me let me hold you and why he cut you off in the middle of the stories those were urging quick break going to back and finish that story up its. California in the connection had set up for him being on the show tonight was not working properly so we don't have him right now but we do have our guest Howard stormont. Howard again we're almost out of time and thanks so much for joining us but I want you finish the story you're about to tell us NTELOS. And pretty cool stories go ahead. So Castro has gotten more than a couple hundred funerals and a congressional. Immunity out. Pollution old woman and choose ocean open couch future intricate and announced during the eulogy which is superb approach funeral we your. All the nice things about when one person who were such. Looked over at her. And should be open socially. Partly in the open cuts to cheat a look at rhetoric children writes good in the strictly huge smile. It could. Not allowed to do and conducted similar. So those other administration would do next task at Robert look at the look and act and move on New York you can move. Pat did she indicate to you why I mean this sounds a courtesy not read at all his friends. There was sort also knows a little bit of to lose a roomful of people expecting me to perform a service that I was not. Yeah. I. Mile mile. So I'm your books I don't tell folks that dumb we do have a link on the beyond reality radio website you just go there and click on the guests tab and you'll a you'll see. Doctor reverend Howard Stern's books. There are a little bit of information about damage also the website it's Howard storm dot com what can people find there. From. There about striking Honduran armed. Agent and check up to turn our connector. OK so the I had to meant to ask you earlier in the for a little bit of time we have left what is look at our work you still do I know something special. I'm. I do a lot of lynch fiction relied too. And stuff that you would've shortened during the actual extreme of consciousness change where adult I don't have any player and I just looked out of whatever comes up and make her very Riordan on what she liked him too much and I likened to purchase program. Temperatures should lurching. Too forever Burke comes from the commission it to really nutritional ought to prompt me to conclude a analyst and I don't know what I'm gonna do next. Mount and you and you say that you pay when they got state of mind. I try and he's got a hard putt again and as ZoneAlarm I'm just a little world. What I like to do. That's gonna end and one more thing we should say about your book on my descent into death is that and rice had some kind words ranked. Yes who we developed a relationship. Child. The rigors gone now and don't. He came. Polish and she wanted to Ahmad Carroll horrible in the US should assure you I'm. Ensure public should publish it incredibly kind and just forward report. Breaks flattering. Well that's great and I dissident anything else you 10 on offer. Off for the folks you you speaking anywhere anything else you want him take a look at. Or dot com you know restrict and limit Armstrong. And we exchange between church and their. Close there such a solution on trucking. All geared up for extra interest such talk. What I did learn computer solutions aren't. Real low one another botched such a big secret you know how long now. Eddie Jordan on big secret that we should look when another. Well that's great. That's that's great and it's what a terrific message. Reverend storm thanks so much for spending so much time with us tonight we really appreciate you sharing that story it's obviously something that's very personal. And it was very life changing so thanks so much. OK so it is reverend Howard stormed the website is Howard stormed out come like I said. The blue links to the books are on our web say distorted beyond reality radio dot com. Slash. There go to the guests tab and you feel CIA information about reverend stormed their pluses books are there. You can take a look at those you combine right to the web site. And it's all good so thank you to him and I know Jason's out there in California and I know he's watching himself very well with those technical problems you're having earlier on. I'm gonna go to the phone lines are bring in Vince again Vince wants shared another experience with a safe dance welcome back to be on reality radio. Yeah they're mountain ranch. I lived up to par remark I went on mother's room I would back. Twelve years old. This is after a first step. And rafter about you know life and death and tell whenever the war. That we do not die. And then she describe things to me that it was a remarkable are black up. I they're guess where Greg I think he had is great artists like overall there's a part of long consciousness. And and note that clicks you know we artwork on the part of the same team and want to say terabyte appreciate them in the chat worms and and the chat rooms seem to be growing and growing exponentially. And the air by the news chat room please don't get frustrated because I did. For a long time and just bear weather and it looks down the news and all of well. Let's agree met message Vincent thanks so much for you are to you for being part of the chat room we appreciate you being in there. I just pretty much every night and you know ten with the folks in conference and rewards thank you so much. All right thanks so much. Vince from Missouri. We are basically out of time here I didn't want to. Offer a little bit of fund and the show was a pretty. Intense conversation throughout. But I appreciate everybody for joining us it's beyond reality radio Jason and javy will lead to a deaths in this and we'll see tomorrow night. Hall show. The only media is produced by its includes news and Alexandria Johnson's crew enter. RR don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a line and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow upon or you like to be Gaston beyond reality read your email to sleep Getty desks league Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.