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Carl Zalak & Kevin Sheilley talk about business in Marion County

Feb 13, 2017|

Bob Rose - Feb 9 - 8AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

973 dot com. NATO says some about Rochelle live and local time tech brought to you by Christine is Hayes Jewelers what the answer is always yes. Art I guess some special guest a studio Carl's Alex and Americana commission and Carl's a regular. Yes here but somebody who's up a little bit new to the show Kevin Shealy president CO CEP. The chamber that takes in Ocala and Marion County welcome to you both. Morning thank you. The morning about our anybody I'm doing great in less how we talked you wanna talk about economic development and incentives and in some of the things that are going our state and also in our community. So are brought along the expert just to give us some feedback. No and I appreciate that because even at the state level. You know there's a little bit of a fight in Tallahassee about how much money they wanna spend in terms of bringing business. Until Florida and how effective those kinds of incentives are. And I try to explain to people like to look their cities communities counties and states competing for manufactures and businesses all the time every day in fact. In a one of the great battles is always been between governor Rick Scott and governor Rick Perry Texas and Florida battle Florida and Louis. And so Kevin you you handle all this stuff from the local level Marion County in Ocala correct the third. And tell me why explain to people how incentives. Are very valuable to bring businesses here and why we need businesses here. Instead of serve two purposes and not have done this job in in three different states and it doesn't change at the Roland says is exactly the thing. Eat either helps a community or state overcome a deficit at a tax issues a a clause in Cyprus some some deficit. And they're competitive nature for a project. Or it allows them to push their site to get them a competitive it. How about jobs would that be considered under the deficit side hey we lack jobs in the community sermon that that's why comedian wants to do that we we want to attract businesses because we need jobs and so to do that we're gonna look at a site and say okay. We either one authorities insist to make us more competitive because. Every community in you mentioned some companies every community want to FedEx so how are we going to use. Position ourselves to be competitive. To get their project every community wants pay AutoZone does should be consider how we gonna situated our media be competitive. And and how do you. How do you answer the critics who say hey look this is nothing more than corporate welfare handouts you're given these people freebies you know. I tell them to think about it from a business standpoint. And in particular here in the state of Florida. All of our incentives are performance makes a company have to perform to receive the incentive and it is. In all honesty if you compare what happens implored on both the state and local level to all of our competitors and we talked about governor pairing Texas does well the southeast. Our incidents are quite frankly peanuts compared to what happens in those states. But you know they have to earn it and I think about. A FedEx and we'll see they will start paying and warm property taxes. In this next year bill Vogel on the rolls. Next year. And it's gonna be exciting because we will probably see from the sitting Kenny standpoint it probably going to be about a two year payback. Further incentives or invest. So hard so sitting caddie what's gotten their investment back which they're still paying out over years but over to earn that back. In in the first two years but they're still gonna getting the level or property taxes every single year on the business side we call that are really good deal. Well it did to put in simple terms he would if he is seed money you make an investment of any type. And you get all your money back in a two year period and everything else is cake on top of that I mean how could you not to. Exactly and so we think about local governments who need. The money they need revenue to pay for first responders they needed to pay for wrote that needed to pay for things that we expect from media however they do that well. We have to generate more revenue Heidi generate more revenue well you either raise tax rates or you have more people tie. And if you can have industry price to pay a whole lot more taxes one FedEx faced a lot more practice and then entire subdivisions of home. That benefits effort. Well and they don't demand services in return when. A family moves and when you build residential house as you need police fire and and most importantly schools. The expense of those things is tremendous business is just don't demand them much in terms of of the services demanded. Vs money paid out in taxes correct. Astle and yielding big they want police they want fire but again it's 41 facility. It for one location they're gonna be a fully sprinkle facility verses you're my pals which isn't an all those pieces so. Now it's it's huge and you know those are that's talking about investing now for the long term benefit. So why isn't why isn't it you know where's the resistance exactly come from when your track record. AutoZone FedEx. Chewing incorporated I mean you guys have been killing it in fact my understanding issued a five year goal is met it before. And so now you have to reach your goal right we've we've got new aggressive goes and I will say. From a local standpoint I think people see the return on investment. Mean you know we try to be very clear. Here's investment and here's a return period mean in in our local government partners in particular him and marrying Cali but also the city of Ocala for most of these deals. You know they say when that we're gonna make this investment help or go long term benefit if we didn't do this we would not get this. The outlet because you also have to consider if somebody is bringing in jobs not only you're gonna get the tax is from them eventually like you said two year return on FedEx. But you're getting people spending money in the local economy right. Not only that. But every one of these are gonna have spent after all and there were very careful we we were integrated promises so we don't do these crazy go to seven pounds spin off that doesn't exist for anything. You know worries are good numbers instilled that it doesn't take long and I think you know it commissioner delicate speak to this but they can see pretty quickly when minute. We see the benefit of this already starting ripple through our economy we can look at the data that and we can already see the changes in wages we can already see all the other things that are happening. That allows me successful that allows to find the things we want to allow our community move forward. Now when you talk about the you know giving us tax incentives to business to move here. What about including the cost of the infrastructure changes that are made because around that Tom. FedEx deal boy off the streets all got paved in Wyden. And I was impressed at the pace in which that was done he did a tremendous job who paid for all that. You know that was actually agree partnership amend that to me it is what main candidates so well it's look for partnerships whether that means in our government all the city in the county working together. Whether that means they can't hear the sitter both of them working with the private developer which is what happened the large part in a California nine. Looking to maximize resources they there's a lot of grant money to good combinations the things that happen there. But if you look at the total investment let's take the three companies that are that are in the process of locating there FedEx AutoZone to. You're now looking at and capital investment somewhere around 300 million dollars. In new development from just those three companies. I'm an excess of 300 million dollars. It's huge pay the money that was spent that the couple million dollars those been our road and infrastructure and take won't get paid back when you have 300 million dollars. You know looking at the FedEx 612100. 15100 jobs there. Burke's face with the opportunity grow substantially beyond that just with those three companies. When you do performance based incentives meaning they're gonna hire X amount of people on the first of all is any of that. Demanding a locals being hired first and or disasters and a part of it that we can't do that and the Supreme Court has said the Dow violates the interstate commerce clause until we can't require that they hire local people. We ask that they make best effort. And generally it was were looking at our in the coming in for the companies that are located in that particular part. They're harm most of their employees are going to be wearing any residents but they're gonna hire a lot of folks from citrus county and Levy canning in a fair number from a life to its ability to commute. Well NN also makes it important that your your job training in those kinds of senators the central Florida College. The dare kind of all on the same page that you are in terms of development to make sure that the of those people ready to be employed correct actually one of the things I'm most excited about we unveiled yesterday become part of our new five year plan he is our involvement reeling gauge in the business community on skills development building up pipelines. And we've developed a great partnership with the new school superintendent. They announced. Yesterday they're starting the first of two new. I'm career academies are going to be it would districts based. They're gonna feed directly into if students want to follow that the news logistics program at the college of Central Florida so they can go ahead and be earning a learning that associates and bachelors degree. And were working together all and it did smoker enemies and he fears that really building this pipeline for people look to not only have a job but he'll have a career. Carl but my next question is going to be for you want them to take a break first so I want you think about this. Look you you live on -- care this nice kind of rule lifestyle you love it all that. How do you address it when maybe Samir constituents come to you and say hey you know appreciate the good things to do from hearing time and now. Where we're like this nice quiet horse and rule community and and you know we don't want it to turn into Orlando junior. A DV a chance after the break to address that how to keep you know how to try to keep everybody happy. They sixteen on the Bob Rochelle we're talking to Carl's Alec and Kevin Shealy we'll continue this next on news talk 97.3 this guy. Thanks. Alex it's. Not seven. 821 I'm Bob Rhodes show got Kevin Shealy here president sealed the CET that. Chamber that takes in both Ocala Abdullah and all of Mary Cali. An Americana to mister Carles Alec is a regular guest. They joined us this morning we're talk about economic incentives to bring businesses here. And what a great track record they have been we're talking to Kevin and they're five your goals were met in four years so now they have to reassess and make even additional goals because they brought in employers like auto zone FedEx and chewing and we're talk about in a major distribution manufacturing points you know we're not talking about small retail outlets so. These are things are really have an impact in the community and Manto. Karl wanna ask you. What other people live and community say hey look I made me either retired or are wanna raise my Stanley nearing kinda chose this because. There's a lot of horse farms it's very laid packets of very you know it's a rule added an attitude in many ways. Yet it still has some of the good things that a city provides two. Well they're community further from the truth you know the reality is is that you know we've taken time and looked at our zoning looked at opportunities looked at where. You know the people are and have decided to live and over the last six years. But I had the privilege of serving the people marrying counting. You know every every once a month we have a zoning meeting where you know we do get some of that you know where. You know. Some division has been plotted somebody comes and it changes they have a subdivision extort and don't want those people book the little subdivision because they don't want them to ruin. You know the five acre ten acre viewed as a front of them that you know is in the same area that should result in the same way. And you know that -- property or wants to build something on it you know and so you always get that conflict no matter what you do but we strategically put. In place a couple things one albums all the farmland preservation area which is kind of really northwest part of the northeast. Hum it doesn't prevent commercial because obviously there are a lot of reforms that are commercial dumb ventures and what it does. Is prevents some smaller sub divisions what we would of but called one lane subdivisions. Come from going in there from creating any new. Residential lawns smaller lots I mean typical zoning Marion County. Outside of the urban. Hum well ensemble we have is declares the urban area often Tom is you know it's is basically a ten acre track. Ounce that you had to get special permission of the buy that property that you have ten acres and wanna give five acres to your you know mother or somebody else is still up to come in for a change to do those things. And so we really do try to keep that thumb it experts who were the horse farms are we know that's a huge part of our of who we all our bombing you can't lose that and so yes if you go out live in a rural area. You know especially. You know in those parts it's gonna stay that way but if you live on what we call the 44200 triangle there's an oil development there because that's where the urban services are set up does. So this is crazy year you're telling him that if you moved to Marion County can decide what kind of lifestyle a lot like your version the American dream it could be yet. Cityscape the suburban skate or in a rule area. I mean as as it listen it is not a 100% bulletproof. You know there are certain. Circumstances that that you know. That we have made over time. But the overall. You know landscape is exactly how you say no no I mean really try to do that. It's not perfect Obama in because you don't know the reason I bring it up is because the bears this move meant to sustainability. Movement. Where the folks that are. You know the you know the brains it's say this is the way things are moving in this direction and and and some see this sort of a dark force and I ideal I see it that the dark force behind it. And that is his people wanting to tell you how to lift. And we separate dat that's all green space people should live in condensed environments that makes it easier for transportation infrastructure new shall live like this. Right that's New York City right that's all of mark and then everybody has towers around it. Well I mean it's go play in the park right when you talk about hey we're zoned for ten acres somebody buys ten acres and puts a house on that. They feel pretty comfortable it's going to be that way for a long time and it's a good thing yes but there is forces at work like being in this community Gainesville area where. They don't like that they call it sprawl and they think this batted and you can't provide services to those areas and they don't want you expand. No words they don't wanna give you much of a choice that's why I thought there was and kind of an interesting dynamic at work here terms of our list and ship you know Haslem and unless let me ask you this because you brought it up Carlson let me ask Kevin. How to farms. And the equine industry and all that I know it's important. To Marion County in Ocala. How how does what you do your job how does that. Get in sync with that. Actually you know two years ago we did a ticket we commissioned an economic impact analysis of the equine industry what were the court couple world what's that mean. You say it's important it means two point six billion dollars a year per local economy. I'm so he quite as varied 17% of our economy. We have a person on our staff who that's her job she interacts with the quite made to build that count our relationship. The most important thing with every one of those farms and and does matter to what type of of farm it is thoroughbred paso Fino Arabian it doesn't matter they're venting it does matter what they're doing. There are a business. Or an organization of business we wanna help them be successful because it's at those eat on businesses are successful. It benefits the restaurant to benefits the Ford dealer it benefits the doctor's offices that benefits everyone in our community because there than spending money. An intern may benefit by having it mean to pay we wanna be here we can find the things that we want and we call this place home. These guys are doing a what I consider a tremendous job and working hard and businesses are moving to Marion County in your expanding there and you're taking care of the infrastructure need so they tip of the hat and hope to have you on again soon Kevin. Flew up to and a great team I don't want Kevin to shared you know mom Bob as is also about. You know we do a lot of attraction FedEx AutoZone almost got things. But some of the great numbers don't look who share is about our existing businesses how they've expanded and some of the services is CUP provides to those business. Well that that's great because yet you're you're always attracting new businesses and you guys been for thirty years as they went about me bullet. So again this is we have staff who just goes out attract businesses I have to people my staff all they do is help existing businesses. On the manufacturing got a permit employers we help to businesses those companies at 640 jobs and over twenty million dollars in investment. Last year last year alone or just want now we've played a role in helping them. About aisles that someone who worked with three help distances than their narrowed gonna Paul conference than us but lots of what we do it is helping people realize here are the entry into the tax. The team take advantage appear workforce programs you can take your main figure marketing guy that can help her business and so. You know we we put just almost identical amount of investment and helping this thing distances as we do and attracting. Well and looked every tale money that people spend those are dollars being spent locally in the local community. Not going to look for those retail offering Jews you know ought. In other places exactly. All right not paying I appreciate it I wanna do this again soon Kevin Chile's president sealed the CP Karl's now like Mary county commissioner thank you gentlemen thank you. 829 on the Bob Rose show we still played a talk about including senator Jeff Sessions he finally was confirmed as the new attorney general. On that coming up news talk 97.3. This guy.