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02/16/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - a look into the Small Town Monsters film series and the stories that inspired them.

Feb 17, 2017|

02/16/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Film Maker Seth Breedlove discusses his film series, "Small Town Monsters" and the stories behind each of the films. His latest film, The Mothman of Point Pleasant, is set to be released in spring 2017 and takes am in-depth look at the Mothman legend and its many facets.

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. I. I went beyond reality radio today and it Sheehy in what was then. I think all of the show everybody that JC GB of beyond reality radio and some spooky and weird music to shown improvement yeah that's a little odd way it's it's great to it's there's a night slash Friday morning in here we go for our the end of the week of broadcast is gonna be good tonight. Yes and I mean at home you did which I was a little concerned about. Have on a plane was a running late I was texting yes I'm still stuck in Washington DC man is it my plea is not here because it's in Los it's the wonderment yet the spooks and which uses an awkward flying and it gives an advantage by recovering crossed the clintons. Now amid it all resulted era film and some stuff today with. A good front minus congressman out there and get along well so. Newt and Anthony's anymore I want to know that that's the terms and offers you know zone nearly the US capitol even. And filming and porpoises it's important for film for filming porpoises since is this film some stuff and they were it was there was definitely good time in analysts think a lot of good things are coming about it. And if you're just tuning in tonight's the first nine or I'm media Internet and awhile. Of the stations we air on right now to surround a com. Are going to explode in the next 334. Weeks com we've also agreed to use a syndication with Westwood One. And it's gonna put us on and most channels out there so for non channeling your area right now chances are we are going to be. And a really really soon so. Make sure that you like to FaceBook dot com slash B unreality radio page to will be updating all the new to the news stations and where we're going to be airing on. Yeah and it's really great to see some new people in chat tonight welcome to the folks who found the chat room. If you're looking to participate in that part of the show we welcome you to then encourage you actually to do that does really a lot of fun lot of great people in the chat room just go to the website. Click on the I'll listen life button again you can listen on your local radio station if you prefer to do it that way. But he'll be it'll take you into the chat room and allow you to to participate in the conversation going on there sometimes it's about the topics. We're talking about Jane sometimes this has nothing to do with a T think we're talking about. And and that's a big it's a big old man of the show it to be honest with you because we love to interact and we can just be voices on the radio that you all listen to an end and you know and that's small enough I guess but I. Not for us honestly we like to communicate with everybody talk with. With all that all the people are tuning in and MV a lot of become friends and my family Jim and I mean you know talk we talk with it with all these people all the time so it was really built a great arm like community. Let alone Penn everybody tunes in every week I'm on the radio stations as well. Yet you know laden as as you know Jay earlier today acts I spoke with our good friend Dana lingered when Gerd. Some common Knology and the snow events and did an interview with her we're gonna play that after. There are first break before we bring Seth breedlove and and now she's a talk a little bit about her event coming up in the Gettysburg area coming up in March actually it's one that I've gone to a bunch of times Jeno you song by. It's it's just a really cool that we don't normally promote people's events like this but a Dane is a really good friend of ours and a great friend of the paranormal community. And tries to really Foster a lot of unity in the community when sometimes there just isn't unity. Yes she is she's doing great her husband's grave and yes I agree Tom and Shirley instinct thing to people stuff we checked out. But before we good heads that way. You said you were in DC and an offices hasn't he knew why you were in DC if you have if if it's a political building me a government building and haunting going on or something action I know the answer that question but I won't say what it is. But in Spain there's a may here. Urging that town board to call and an exorcist because he believes their town hall is haunted. Really 10 IC believing well he says that he was working late. One night in this town hall detectives on February 3 so wasn't that long politician fortunately yes sanctions and I don't know are ready he said the air suddenly turned Colby said it was unusually cold in the office so we put on his coat and then got up go to the bathroom. And when he did that he heard a strange rustling sound in the hallway like someone was dragging files across the floor. So fearful that he thought he had disturb some burglars are not wanting to turn on the light he took out his phone to call. Initially with the intention of calling the police company decided to take a photo of the hallway to see if there was someone out there. And when you look at the photo. He saw what he thinks was a ghost and a portion rail line that you needed next recess from well in Spain maybe it's all different I don't know but he immediately went to the town hall and and and told others about his. Experience he was a basically in a state of panic. And he's demanding that the team town on border. Bring an ex assistant to get rid of the ghost in the building because he doesn't wanna work in there if there's going to be a ghost. Obama Puerto. I mean. And what you're saying with I mean the paranormal activity and so Arafat in DC. See there is a lot of strange things are going on in DC but I don't think it has anything to do the coast and I think Europe's lyric there that's it I think it's a New Orleans now that's that's definitely above the normal what most people used to live panel the I don't think has to do with the paranormal. Yeah I think you're right there so. What do we when we head into break here when we come back we'll have that interview that I did with Dana wing Gerd. And then after that will bring in south breedlove talked but most Smith currently osu and Jason in GDP gonorrhea rate. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. I'm Iran rampant songs Jim Johnson Jason will be joining us and a little bit but right now I've got a special guest on the phone a good friend of mine. Promoter of the events known as phenomena allergy and also paranormal investigator this is Dana winter Dana welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have you on the show. So I eat. As you know I know you know of course you've side held an event in the Gettysburg area. Called Saddam analogy for many many years it's probably one of the most. Stanley. Oriented when I say Sam blaming paranormal family oriented events it's it's I've gone you know I've attended me almost all of them. One of my favorite events. EE stop doing it for awhile. I know that these things are very very hard to do but before we talk about the good news of what's coming up. What was your motivation and inspiration for putting together an event like phenomenal OG. Honestly I just wanted to bring people together that were like mine didn't compile like minded that is very general because they're so many people to meet different opinions and the terror Arnold. I'm just make killing each of the Stanley atmosphere where we split relaxed mean to order now to talk about different opinions and a non threatening environments. Election it was pretty album to bring people together about what. Yet an absolutely was and down you know there was a great component of (%expletive) camaraderie and and to socializing. The unique evenings were as fun as the days in the days were it is exciting as the overnight investigation team and every part of it was just it was really magical. And it was really cool that he people with very different opinions sitting down into crushing American and and it can't come matter where they could do it. Themselves and it it was just amazing to see these different opinion section of capital match up warrant. And out of Maine every minute so we have to meet different kind of people we have people that it didn't and that's people that have lived in a hundred houses. People that were abducted by aliens to stemming different things going on an in with such a great match. It really was and then everybody would come together at night around the karaoke microphone. At this time I was known to do that a few times myself. Product and you know and insane all of that is it while it's very very true the Gettysburg area itself just lends itself so well. Two not just anything paranormal but just is so quaint in beautiful. That you can't help but enjoy yourself while you're there. Oh it. There are so much ado about healing thing about only being linked prayer Courtney Paris so much ado we can never get everything that I wanted to be I would look at a attention not to the town. We take. Get deduct not at night and investigate a location but we run into the interment saint and there are so many elections coming colored and acumen of speech. And it took party away from on the hunt which we would have a weaker QB do vehement. Now I think everybody who attended was it was a weaker too long and sort of most people care that much time off but. Different I know the answer this question what are you tell me some of the people that you had a ten do you know celebrity wise or notable paranormal personality wise. Yeah and the task not talk about what's coming up. Extend pat we hadn't. People late John Baptist in check Kopp teach parents Tina oh. And judge gave the planet one year we had to content you know. I'm accurate result we have cried slamming B straighter. All would try all the big names you can think. Technical I'm gonna turner and we had them crypto literally had aimed Bernie Parent has turned it. Arm for her attack that had that you've been there of course since beginning. So. No really great people I'm Chris Curran you know from and the amount. And land forgetting here. Trackerless Lauren Travis Walton was there I met him there and you. You know he would bear arms. Which so many many great people. Pretty much mountain iron which showed that you can think about that or how are and that trained. I am tired and we had people Italy's somebody from and it showed come out early morning and it's not war. Seven in the sheltered from liquids I mean much from that she mentioned being in on those dissenters. Essentially had he we had them and not. Two optional whether. He should. Patrick Byrne Riley get yeah in there. The mountains it is in court have been there. Assigned to sit around thinking about its. Why yes they're wrong way it's a long list and I tell you you know couple personal anecdotes some. Chris quarantine a lots and I met him there and we've sense become very good friends he's had him on the show. A number of times we were hanging out with a Las Vegas in January. A good friend. And in Josh gates one of my favorite stories about Josh gates is one of the things that was really really exciting and fun about the phenomenal OG advances. Frequently about 2 in the morning guitars would start appearing and nowhere. And everybody be sitting in a big circle in the lobby of the hotel and singing and playing guitar it's. And Josh gates came in he said does anybody know oh here comes the sun by The Beatles and of course I duke a huge Beatles fans so I started playing and he started singing it. And downed power I've never seen Josh gates gates saying before that or sense that but for those ten minutes you're seeing here comes the sun with me was really awesome. And that will appear that we asked. Did the Harlem shake remember our. That's right oh yes they do remember that. How's mom and hit it sets there are so you know you had to wind it down I mean these things are just daunting I know that from personal experience some but you've decided. That you can revisit it so tell us now what's going on in and in the amounts not too far from now actually. Now it will begin in March and April. What do you want more on the reunion only because. Action you know it does take a lot of alioto and struck terming it to you know make insurance you know we each need articles. Over lute will partly. And especially the last year and we have not much to resign they aren't a match. I mean you can't take it sooner than interaction with the worry about whites lunch tonic and a stopper and I am event where everyone who want to be there is going to be there and you know we're not have any case let me commend the church never want to comment more than welcome. And lowered its gonna do it kind of relaxed and we're happy where there are people. Speak. A manicure and I have had some experience your sense. But phenomenon do you that we wanna talk about now egyptians and on top. Term we have got to act as come out there to speak about Turkey and talent. Q live on that. Extreme paranormal which with a horrible show but who pocketbooks. This is terrible experiences there. We have to have collider firms. On. Chandler Allegheny lunatic asylum don't worry we'll have a lot against. I mean he can talk about paranormal experience is I'm Nina disputed that and common she's gonna talk about internal investigation. From her side she takes it from a little bit different aspects so. Won't start and how people commander and top. We're happy that I'm turning go beyond to the hotly mansion which isn't being breached from turning at about twenty minute and I come into the talent and that. So that's still going to be gone on which I think this year Crittenton is going to be or DJ am and I'm Chamberlain. Who are people. And he's gonna be gonna live in battle on Saturday in turn have people out there were kicking your secretary at that time you know mechanism to deal reached now. It does seem to the other guys there. That'll be fun aren't. It OK keep going when outlooks I know the you've got to you know you've got the evening parties you've got the ghosts aren't you gonna have conversations you have senders to. Yet we're gonna have manners now a lot of grit and recombinant. Paranormal stuff I'm not paranormal. And I just can't have him. If you could be a not again a lot of friendly atmosphere where people can come in and share your opinion I'm. I think McCain meeting will find in the store equipment that they won't sign on minor and source. I know of that. Two. Working extra security in the Korean and they've now made a lack catcher object so we're looking for casinos. They are treated there doctors that are keen mean. Outcome can be Khmer hurt or kill those I don't attempt they're very excited about. Yeah we always love seeing new equipment. Coming online in and getting people's opinion of it that's it was a lot of fun. We don't have you know the people that that due to crest Dellucci. In the Arab that's. I'm going to be than in the mountains it's either going to be that means we jury and I have gotten under the patent is playing for America cannot tap into the hearing that they don't. Oh great that's very very exciting time yeah. They're tough up and announced that they felt like we weren't reaching our full potential hurricane can't think to be don't let me know earlier get to. Isn't. Yeah that's terrific yen down but we know what hotels are being held that. At the Wyndham garden inn in York Pennsylvania and throughout wrote that tell you peeking out. It's in New York not new York and a lot people think near the senior Pennsylvania which is actually rape their happened in the middle between each Lancaster and Gettysburg. Yes so it's about what about twenty miles in each direction twenty to Gettysburg when he was doing casters it's a beautiful area it's actually nice. The New York is a pretty cool town and itself York bar bills there bunch of stuff I just actually drove from Baltimore went through your work to see other night I was I was like. And finance. You'd and it comes in the early to raise between box marked what are your. But I tell you what I idea and I I society you know I get home like 5 in the morning it was not a pretty sight but that. The house getting things yet to do to get home but anyway on so it's it's. The dates we didn't talk about dates. City our march 31 through April 2 we actually are having a pre party on Turkey march 30. Enamored NB running lecture from the underdog anxious to about 10 o'clock at night when we turn either party in our having the public at times. And then am lot of people get tickets or information nerve you know kind of follow what's going on. I haven't faced a page that it took to not family reunion. That's what we're done this year I out of her at eight where. Store it's square up like mother like partner. In hand that's where you can. Actually via ID meant actors and also by opening take a look at each. And assume everybody is clear Phnom has cut is short for phenomena allergy which is PAE. And owe them phenom. That events it's Saddam reunion. You can find it on FaceBook so what are you doing paralyze these days of doing any investigations. Are usage of doing here learning how to be healer working with the mountain Gypsies. Yes well we outburst of an investigation to the department investigation back into focus cop a plea to that we haven't. Read an enjoin the wrote that article long drive and out on a great picture frame in calendar model lockyer pot marks to do so comport aria and to try at least now. I think a lot of that this year. And we penal than parents speaking and it killed him about what would happen to me. In the paranormal soul you know that Canadians changed. And confronted with Chilean Tyler and the healing and it's been amazing an accident pretty amazing crowd. That's great okay the event again is the Phnom reunion it's march 31 or April 2 there's a pre party on Thursday march 30. It's at the Wyndham in new York and you gave the address he says his arm locks driver locks road. Yet slapped broad in Europe concerning your entrance into the gaps in your. And kick it pretty met early cannot or repeats. And Latin include everything separate ghosts of the go to an expert in our apartment and that's for four hours at the hopman mansion where only complicate against. Apartment pretty big it's actually cheaper now means. They have never. It's great and is there on the special raiders something at the hotel for folks. If you can't tell them that your with a nom reunion. And apparel reunion and they depend when he came UConn who talked to just among Olympic record that's there. They're rate is one connection her money. Terrific great revealed soon to tell people. And hit it can be very time if you cannot find apparent that the reunion page or took for me it's staying 98 and K. We merged WIN GE RT on FaceBook. And I need recognition. That's great Dana we really appreciate you coming on the program I didn't plan on being at the Saddam reunion and look forward to hang out. All right take care Dana. Or. OK so once again the event is so in this Phnom reunion. I too think it's just announced family reunion. And the FaceBook page is available there's more information there the dates are march 31 through April 2 there's actually a pre party. On Thursday march 30 if you wanna get there early an idea I recommend that pre party it's a lot of fun. And yeah check it out it's a great event we don't normally. Do that bring people who are Corning events under the program the Dana's great friend and a good friend of the paranormal paranormal community. So we are happy to bring around. It's beyond reality radio Jason and JV. Don't go away we've got a lot more coming up including our guest Seth read level gonna talk about small town monsters specifically. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 through the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see if there pan. The party started welcome back to being on reality radio. Jason Hawes Stevie Johnson don't forget our phone number 8446877669. We always invite phone calls to the program and no immunity can be on the show we can ask everyone. Absolutely and also ahead the FaceBook page avenue a FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio or had to be unreal you radioed a clock and start on the dot com got cloudiness that had to clone was talked enough about them. Dot abbey on the radio dot com and you can click the listen lie listen right online are front and listen on any of the great seasons we are around but you click the listen why don't connect into the chat room where we all tend to hang out during the show. Yeah we do in this lot of great stuff going on in there and before we bring our guests guest Seth Seth breedlove end. Who just want to remind you Monday night we've got very strong joining joining us he uses the gift of spirit communication by means of channeling board. To bring information concerning life after death reincarnation in humans and animals jet and then Tuesday we've got Tom Schroder he's been award winning journalist writer and editor for nearly forty years. Sole author of old souls. Compelling evidence from children remember past lives at a classic study of the border between science and mysticism. Yet it's going to be cool and Wednesday's rob good trove who considers himself an average guy. He just happens to be able to hear feel censored communicate with earth bound ghosts and spirits who have passed on. He's a meteorologist by trade and uses science to explain ghostly phenomenon and spirits and how they energized to communicate. And what the differences between zone you can list yourself as an average guy if you can law yeah I think that's kind of it's kind of an oxymoron there but. It's upon which to or whatever you know we'll get to stake our we will. Best known for his small town monster series at debt six. Seven all sorts of trouble talking and I go welcome to beyond reality radio great to have you on the show again. Yes and charming and yes. Now it's great to have you back. Now we had John a while ago. I don't remember which of the films had just been released at that time but before we get into the film specifically. Remind our audience which is greatly expanded from when your on before who we are and and what you do. I'm independent filmmaker based out of Ohio. Basically we'd be. Movies about small town kind of legendary. But in the past into alleged. To elect examined. The local lost her case and doubts attracted local cultures Kenneth thanks so Dirk creek did die. But they are told any. A very deterrent and manners and the type stuff she he. Television action at the so. I'm completely independent and we can travel around the country and do this with me with stuff Austrian law that's our forests and on back. Ian it was not warriors have feared. Com and that would have been prior to you body creek monster which is our third ruby so we actually are on turned at two per year schedule are now without peace or at all. And our secret monster that we succeed. Ended twin seventeen were on the Austrian it. In our streets movie which is titled in Asia chest so. We we put up quickly and we work extremely hard and what we're doing but we're we're trying to tell these stories of the way that you know. We. Would like to see ample. I wanna spend the bulk of our time talking about the mosque man film which is your newest but I don't wanna go there quite yet I wanted to get a little more background about how you got into film making to begin lists. Yet that well originally slot some circles was a book for so originally supposed to be this book proposal us around the publishers. And columns somehow I eventually. To the idea let's do. Short trying to YouTube are. Out deem her a monster recently tricked them are from Gloucester was close. To where we are in Ohio. And it was a case that really been investigated all most people aren't true milieu with that case so it was kind of unique for a sexually guitar is Iran aside from that are from monster we haven't all stories that people arc from your sort of eventually kind of like to return to that kind of covering the case for people that. Are yet they're basically I'd I'd always watch film. On the social thing I always wanted to do an arm so it was it was kind natural that that this has happened the crew I'm still in movies with. Which is anywhere from. Probably on the spend either there have been times are real and tell us just to split. Lester you weren't down we had six guys so anywhere from sixty the guys for crew and most of these dudes there are guys that I grew up with talking about movies Mickey shorts on S and we're just what you guys who enjoy you know making movies with each other crew couldn't. Paranormal electric as well apology I love movies and so this how how we're. Approaching mass as a you know Isiah. So making gig it's something we've always wanted to dues so mr. beyond kind of the ringleader. Coach Kurt did in the paranormal and then printed daily news spent what's from the beginning she's relieved substitute but a lot of the other guy's. Eyes open. When it comes to you. Cortez apology in general. As an interesting topic in that on this movie were kind of doping in the US. News and abandoned the weird paranormal stuff so there. The relate getting inducted into this subject. Yeah with a mosque man's story is complex and again what will really get into that and then just a little bit but. You know you had mentioned that says some of these stories. We're just not that well known there weren't very publicized not really known on a national level probably not covered in one of the TV shows are works in any other form before you do the documentary but what drew you to the small town monster stories. Well government or luster was was our first film that story I kinda it grew up where. A bomb and and you know I didn't even get in tune of the parent or all. Until probably early cute thousands and and shall thing I. Originally kind of researched was newspaper our old stripper purports. Johnny eight roaming mostly around us and that's kind of was my focus obviously when you're doing that you're gonna turn up new articles there surged. We're country and I started did notice similarities between all these cases. Arm things like armed policies going out on angered the creature. Arm which is right out of original 1940s. You don't Frankenstein. Shall. Our but I I started noticing all the similarities between the cases and and what really treat you now. The community. That that where where these you know things took place Howell was affected whether. You know whether it eventually became almost like a local my mascot for the community or whether eight it completely forgot about it which was the case you know the matter monster case in recent that's bizarre is the member from your case was eight national public store when it back in 1978. It was his mask that it was covered by news is smaller country so it's it's interesting that kids out in bitter Ohio were remade movies. Had no clue I had no idea. Speech in bigfoot story that a gun net and international relay for reserves from Germany Japan so big you know that's part of what. Which manager meets all this is that the cultural impact of these these stories and how big key in fact. The lives of the people that. You know interact with the yeah. Alleged. Or in the minera monster though that was so it was pretty much a big foot type creature that was seen but had. Glowing red eyes correct though that was kind of the only difference from the normal sightings of bigfoot to what they saw. Well I mean you don't know actually they're they're big solid. Bottom had they did or counseling I shined couples are so it took the red eye as was constantly referenced there. Through a lot of weird things with the murder case. Aside from just a big foot arc film pretty much solely focused on stories. Arm if I had that story to go back into her and I probably don't much it is the stuff aren't. Around the area at the time or a lot of that's the weirdest thing about the murder cases tracked it whenever they saw her answer it typically was accompanied by two. Com black cats. Which is it sounds super bizarre and obviously is there were actually other reports seventies. And Laura called written about before but. There there were actually other reports these bigfoot creatures copy cats now what some people have interpreted as is that it was actually. Accompanied by two juvenile like week we spoke with a witness said it wasn't too black cats it was two younger ones who are kind. Hunched over almost under it and gay. Arm so so it's you know and that's about the weirdest thing. When it comes to beat creature itself that's connected to that story there were two US sightings. Poltergeist activity in the area are kind to. And that was all happening new simultaneous to this creature appearing. Yeah I in 1978. Calm in fact we we are you are the police. He wasn't achieved was achieved produced its share of that time he he actually was called out to investigating you so ending. Someone reported UFO landing in shield and this was at the neighbor's house. Of the people who midterm constantly call via the big slip. You know attacks are not taxpayer citing so so there's a lot of dirt steps to help out weird stuff. So this port chief Russell funnel hell's Britain's in this town. I think he was cute I think he still confused by eight told he's ever castigated. Q unusual incident reports of one reform them or Muster case the other US Olympic took place. Right across the street within a week of the original report in call. That's when you start thinking about moving. Yeah if okay so we're talking with Seth breedlove he's a filmmaker. His film series is small town monsters. There're four films in my mark man's been released already. Sets is that realm. It's coming up in the spring OK okay so it's about to be released so there's three released. At one to be released the release films are buggy creek monster man nerve a monster in beast of Whitehall. And network to take a break when we come back I wanna get into the buggy creek monster a little bit and the beast of Whitehall film before we. Start talking about moth man it's beyond reality radio Jason NJ. You don't go get along that. Why you do that today I unsuspecting new look at the video screens CU over their doing these dances. You're expected to turn the microphone on right after I decided there. Obviously took president's Supertramp a logical song I mean it's it was one of the best songs ever did great too and welcome back to beyond reality radio everyone good to see everybody in Chad good do have you a listening where you're listening from. Can't imagine if they could CS that allowed that would be a whole different show us that would be. Our guys that might be paper view there are probably after the our guest tonight is set the breedlove he is a filmmaker. In this particular specialty is encrypted films known as small town monsters. Films it's a series of four with the fourth being released in the spring. Seth welcome back to the show again and I want to it'd didn't give us a bit of a rundown on these other two films. You know to add the really like Cindy tell because a lot of the folks in the chat room anyway or saying. But particularly with the nerve monster they had never heard of this monster so let's look at body creek monster maybe beast why don't tell us the background in each of those and give us a sense what the stories are. Sure our our pop into beast way all first kiss that was like or follow. Monster that was eight. Cops on the documents the eight bear incident on tag lines and actually eager. Eager. It is a case that happened back in 1976. Its arsenal and it's. Documents not just speck case but also to date slips placed in Adirondack culture upstate New York arm. The that case involves. Three teenage kids seeing any creature. Rom walking operate with red eyes. About one night 1976. They left the scene drove into town and contacted local police and eight law. Enforcement officers and that following them back out. To the scene. And adept at eleven people actually had citing scripture and sealed. So from what we did is we documented kind of everything went on over the course of that week when Matt sighting happened back in 1976. And how it affected the community and the lives some people were there that. Com that that particular he's probably month I always refer to my baby because basically the crew that movie was excels. I'm my buddy Brandon and my dad drove us. Jobs are these your attention mavericks so it is essentially just a three of ups and dumb. Did the film has actually become our biggest job because that's a bit it's on Amazon crimes anyone's. Wanna watch it street preacher Amazon prime it's been viewed probably. Hundreds of thousands of times at this point on it was on TV in upstate New York. It's been really cool took on outlets and it's on so arm but that's a really proud of that just 'cause the fact that we works so it's a whole audit and it cost next and not. Dollars. And dots and it's but it's yet stick all that sounds so definitely. Arm I always recommend people. Use that as they're primer for what we do because it's much more clear cut you know to urge our new and I'm soon to be in The Beastie Boys what were those sightings wooten will was a time for an Obama. So that's in 1976. And August of 1976. It is the air accident. An entire week of offense that were taking place around a bear rent which is this. Beautiful road to right at the right at the base the outer actually can see the Adirondacks in office took a often the west when you're standing on neighbor or. Arm but of all the films remain that's the police were like I would as some sort hold lived their record. This setting so unbelievably to pull the river running circle around shield of Rhode. It's just it's it's very new week in Europe right wreck on the verge of Connecticut. And it's it is a fantastic place and are really cool story it's it and all's all all these different people seeing it over your two or church armed and there's some really cool little information. That we were able to. Dive all. Just that movie that hadn't been told elsewhere arm like 2%. I got laid off they are actually said he shot at the creature and our new first fact he would hit it. And it still seemed to just walk all what you. Deflected abort a Tom but the weird thing about that story you guys were talking about it too weird stuff that her case like like that are accused are also Bassett you're hosts. Taking place. In and around wait all at the same time he ends. Lake Champlain putts right up to you I mean what else its own shores which way. Arms so you're talking to champs the lake monster. US folks clapped and bigfoot and the members while we are down there spoke to. I'll launch torched an issue according to CNET terror act in the in the woods near there at some point during seniors so whatever was going on. In upstate New York yeah it was intriguing. Well did you did your research and looking into this and filming and your movie did it. Give you any thoughts on because there's been different claims of these things are supposedly. A big foot these other types of creatures being brought here by extraterrestrials and dropped off as. You know some them on the once slocum and then do their research and bring them back at whether it with evidence Saddam and did you find any connection to add to that where they seem to be somehow connected working together. No I haven't although I want as a witness as we spoke June so that's kind of where she's at now that's that's the his personal opinion on where. You know where they're coming from my I guess my own. My own personal opinion when it comes to that is there's there's a definite one at a weird story and and it slipped. Up in new York and upstate New York is if they exist teach it does seem like their following sort of hatter on their sightings taking place specific. Times in the year two that are almost bank. Gergen you know there's going to be sightings. Coming in here at this time a year but not this year arms so to me that that you know. That seems like some sort of its travel routers and like you know kept a migratory patterns or something like that. Arm which would college question why. You know what's what's an animal that skilling here and bring snacks. You know that kind of thing we left by aliens or are aliens. I. Edged I have too many questions. And I've talked adapt its witnesses. To kind of steal like that might be what they saw and when you talk about glowing red eyes those are. You know physical trait straight natural biological creature out. Com and you got to start to wonder about things like that my personal opinion is yeah it's sort of undiscovered date if they exist that's kind of where we gonna prime button. Yeah yeah honestly don't personal opinion but. You go we're about twenty seconds but. I was just gonna say that's and that's just where I'm Matt from from the evidence I've seen specially there. OK good what would take a break we're gonna come back and we're gonna talk more about this will pick up discussion about the body creek monster. And then we'll get into the mosque men a Point Pleasant it's beyond reality radio. When Jason JV telephone numbers 844687766. And of course FaceBook page jet. FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality real quick back. They beyond reality radio friends as you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tap in the menus and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. John is beyond reality radio giants lost Jim Johnson's pedigree when going tonight but we've got another great when lined up for Monday night they just keep coming jet. Yes how could. What does that take a shot of helium balloon what was that mother to hide the fact irate so yeah Monday were to compare his strong he is the gift of spirit communication by means of like channeling board to bring information concerning life after death reincarnation in humans and animals. Alien presence on earth and many other related subjects over and talk with him on that Tuesday we've got Tom Schroder Tom's been an award winning. I'd journalist writer and editor for nearly forty years and he's the sole author of old souls compelling evidence from children who remember past lives. A classic study of the border between science and mysticism. Yeah and Wednesday's what we're hub good troll that he considers himself an average guy but he happens to communicate would spirits and has scientific messy methods to determine. And explain the difference between ghosts and spirits of Brit talk with him Wednesday. And Thursday Douglas rush Koffel join us he's a writer a documentarian and a lecturer whose work. Focuses on human human autonomy in any digital age he's the author of fifteen bestselling books I hope one of those books is how to speak without being tongue hanging. I think I it feels like we've done shots every commercial as we come back with ten honorees thank god it's our last night of the week so we can recover over the weekend I got tight I can explain my desk I'm sorry I've been in I do the show last night didn't jump on a plane for saying this morning and then just got home but you know mind as you I have sympathy slur yet certain as Hollywood did his innocence but it is. Unless you're get a spec in sept. Breedlove he is a filmmaker. Most notably the small town monster film series and before we went to break set we're talking about. Some of the details of some of these films and we were specifically talking about the beast of Whitehall I think we're gonna move on. To the body creek monster and a lot of people and Chad have already been talking about that living in the area of the bug creek monster legends of totaled about that story. Yeah Walt doesn't say Coke project we put together while Blackburn you com. Authored the piece of body creek book and just recently released beyond. So he's kind of the preeminent researcher of deep felt monster truck monster the titular. Care her in the alleged nobody creek which is this famous. In 1973. The order boutique a lot of people are. Armed. And Lyle regionally kind of approached us about doing a film that would. Kind of look at the cases that inspired collection bought creek and then eat the history of sightings sol has a lot of people's income the legend or decree to think well you know of the sightings more than likely ended after that Rudy came out. Time and wraps it all neat package good. Tom actually decide he's continued. After that and still continue all the way to this day. Arm and and you know the the unique thing about the the balky creek creature at the bar decrease stories is Howell. The deep you know that for us visually it was the cedar it's being down in these dark. You know deck thanks swamps and you know having alligators and yet you don't kinda weird you know creatures ever worry look. So we we wanted to show the entire history starting with the stocks on. Arm history of were of this creature all the way up until today and show Lyle. Kind of interacting historian and putting zones spin on it. And down. A lot of people familiar with that that legend or treat and if they had her apartment where she just. Acting for a lot of people it's very eye opening in just how real stories are. And work. Well on the ball he treat monster monster or is. Also referred to as the southern SaaS watch current. Yet yes so. That typically people talk about the southern set SaaS is being you don't mean version of that being suckered version of the Pacific northwest big slip arm. I'm not sure how true that is it seems to me like your group citing reports are verse. She's here yet you're. East Coast but it I think I just think it's because this setting your done in the middle of this creepy. Could swamp or around any corner in a death might be lurking in that very few people go down in to us that that area that that all areas. Bottom lands and in other red river runs through there and a lot of it is just uninhabited in acres and acres of its own dark swamped. Willing you'd think. Also during like. From the civil war and all that that. People would have come across a lot of these things that specially media using using the woods is as means of travel and everything else. Have there been reports all the way back then. Yeah in fact we coach. We found some newspaper reports dom although those Hersh from a little further ignores a shock but we did hear a lot of us tales that were passed down you know. From generation to generation. Of people seeing creatures in. In bulk in that area going all the way back to the eighteen standards and some of those are counted in peace some actually favorites from. Ninety under I think 1911. Like that. A little girls saw this creature she was on the creek fishing and she left her parents or a little further down she came around spend theirs a creature in the. Middle of the the Dick cult creek try to meet up here. I would be river on this thing was right in the middle of the river. Kind of washing its feet what she said so. On Thursday throwing a lot of recourse in that area the correct this eighteen under and I'm sure further action you can you know Trace them. Problem or early whatever people are being you know told by their their generations before. Now and he's also things I'm sure that have been talked about through. The Indians and and and many people that correct. Yet definitely although the slugger was a little less. Yeah I reading here as many native American tales from area. Back and I think it really. You know when we did did all we cattle a lot. In America. Arm but with that with well what we were you're mostly was from sat worse. People that it just kind of moved into the area and down I mean even hear much about. A native American presence in that area probably because. The native Americans were Smart enough to stay out of its well. These service these were except there's who peak. Grew big into the middle of nowhere and that a lot of that has to do with fact that felt was originally establishes like your religion hate and arm away from from the bustling town Texarkana that's about twenty minutes south Tex irk you. And it's did the cool thing about that is its right kind of on the border of Texas Oklahoma. Arkansas and Louisiana so you're kind of in this four corners area. It though that this day storm actually touched there there's. It's within you know thirty minutes of Louisiana it's real close taxes. So. Bomb the bag I guess that was one of the reasons. Al was so popular with the outlaws were also got a really call history and it's such a cool place visually. So I don't know I'm afraid of we're gonna run out of time before we get to the meat of the matter here let's start talking about the mosque man now. Went to the moth man's story come on your screen was it what as it did for most people when the Richard Gere movie hit Earl did you but I had no about it before or what. No I had no clue that their Richard Gere movie is a big influence on me and as a kid a came out right now is. I don't film obsession. You know I was looking at on old school in New York work that was. With me in my buddies actually some guys that I'm making carry out. Now. We we have fond memories are going to see that movie dollars a year multiple times take girls there. You like. We were really into that group teachers in recent and that's kind of it's not only is that was that introduction a ball but I think that would give him introduction to. The bizarre paranormal world in general I don't know that I had. Any kind of awareness of that before that movie coming out. I'm so that's kind of where I became aware of it and it just it's always been on my radar it's always been story I want to say. An and I love the fact that it isn't just. Like our movie is just going to be solely about the law and sister going to recover it Emmitt every. Thirteen month. Us in a time from 1966. And 1960s who shall burst. You know that's one of the fast and many things about the whole Martha man's story in them and obviously the movie doesn't really touch on any of that it made me a hint to defuse this side stories but not really. Because it was more than just this creature that was spotted several times on this very bizarre creature. It was more than just the claps of the silver bridge. There or is there were alien or UFO sightings they were men in black sightings there were is woody daring burger. I mean there's a whole bunch of side stories that can all clustered and I happening at the same time and you're going into all of that in the film. Yet the the plan is to tell a very chronological look at every. Her team span. Com in in as concise way as we can out there's already be. A job. Is in the movie were making is is gonna be a lot more personal it's going to be much more people. And they community and that kind of thing but but I am I. Always been drawn to that story because of how many weird things were in March and I haven't seen a movie that really expressed just how important John keel and merry higher or lower. To that story so I wanna do something that'll delve into their involvement in it as well know marrying me just to clarify Mary was the reporter right. Yet married it was just kind of hit his in his girl Friday there in in. That worked other stuff at sightings bureau together. Arm terrorists agreed to say that it it was are perfect storm of bizarre activity happening in that area. Of course a year and what we out. In in talking to witnesses and people were connected to that story we're remember what it like back in 6667. Is that there seem to be this. Escalation of acts everything seemed to be moving toward something and then when the bridge collapsed all kind of went away. I'm not saying I believe that every. You shall citing stop people stop seeing more and that's not true. But it definitely stopping on. Stopping reported this much action and it seemed like there was definitely yes oration of the amount of sightings ever happen. Now why do you think that the report stopped being all things are being reported. Deciding skewed nobody's really talking about them. Are we just interviewed. Guy who worked in the newsroom to herald dispatch in Charleston. And a last weekend actually Saturday and I asked that same question and basically he just said. It it was almost like the air was let out. The tires after the bridge collapse people looked at those you throw storage is fond side store you know like Sox and it. Take people's minds off the seriousness of the Cold War and things like that when the bridge collapsed it almost seemed like. It intent this is what he said it seemed like a slap in the face to memory it. Died on the bridge to suddenly go back to let's talk about Europe slows when most people were reporting on papers and people were reading just just silly on it's. So but I mean they're they're definitely worked as many reports coming in. Army and it does seem like you know even though there were still sightings going on it it actually died off. Erica so on. When you look at the moss man's story. And you look at the visit there there of the creature itself and the do very descriptions of the creature. Did you find any common I mean there are some common threads but I mean that there are so many different versions of there is moth mend itself wouldn't yeah where do you think. What do you think it actually lies where do you think that most common did just description is. I'm glad he said that as it does it it's so bizarre to me how many different merchants are the creature. You only knew when you read the early reports the early newspaper reports some people are struck arch bird. Summary describing a man like creature was weighing summer describing. Or. Or get a fortunately it next on but you know when I look at this I don't see it easy answer. I'm some of these reports it they really do some might have been a large Al. I spoke to. A couple of the original witnesses who said. All they knew for a fact after. They're citing that it was a large out it was just that the local. Newspaper turned it into all let you know they heard these guys Tina Allen and that definitely doesn't explain. You know sightings like starter Matt sightings at the year here which is the site and kick this thing all to begin or even the cited in. But they Kenneth don't get the the album this cemetery. You know which was like a week before. This Carter met sledding you saw a man like bird edit in a tree and watched for. So there's there's there's I don't have an opinion yet on what I think this thing QB. You know you can definitely draw conclusions of some of the some of the sightings. But there's. Lauren Coleman and John he'll say there were hundreds hundreds. And you know what what I've got document and so far worse now maybe thirty. So it end of those hundreds to keel talked about keel only. Only wrote about. The cream of the crop is how you cut it. So according to John Q he had hundreds of sighting reports now I talked to John you are. And he said those those files are no words sound access. So I don't know what happened to pick steele's original man files. As archives doesn't happen or not in John Q collection or it is home. You know when is up collection was being archetypes so unfortunately I don't know where. These hundreds of reports went. It keel definitely said he took a lot and I we spoke to witness who said they knew they were pupils had sightings he never spoke about. Well he knew you're talking. Balto and the ordinance a lot of the reports were saying the original sighting was a large owl I mean and it's a huge leap to go from a large alto what has been. Talked about noon to this day. About this this big creature. What are what I'm talking when I'm talking about the larger Al I'm talking about specific. Or this specific likes citing descriptions there were so many different sightings this. A few and the people came fort afterwards said this was misinterpreted. As being lost its. We saw or I spoke to a guy name name Paul Yoder. And that's what he told me was that despite the fact this story is all he's been connected with moss and you know I hate. 100% no the what I saw wasn't. How so I think some of the reports or at least and it's probably not a large percentage are definitely things were being ordered as sightings more than likely that was just a ambitious reporter wanted to have. You know their own stake in the moss in storage is it was huge. When it's not. Set did you come up with a any conclusions in your film are you coming down on any side. There are a lot of different series as to why these this creature was seen you know whether it was related to the former ammo depot that exists in the area or for was. Alien related or who was spiritual when natured do you have any conclusions. I mean I don't because we've spoken. Witness we spoke to witness who woke up in the middle and I saw it standing Maxtor respect. And what he described sounds very similar to what the starter is Allah saw two T cheer but at the same time. Got these fires. Pilots out ethical police airport who saw what what. They're description sounds like terror act forcefully that teeth can marched east and it looks like it was about the size of small plane. Arms so got slaughtered off some tees. Other witnesses were struck when you're talking about all the USO activity poltergeist activity at the men in black stuff that was going on the area. You you start to wonder. You know if if this might not have been something much bigger than. Than what you don't might typically skeptical. Brain wants to chalk it up 'cause I wanna say well at these cute or just gonna blow when you talk about. So many different people seeing so many different things. You gotta wonder you know what was going on John Q all he said it seemed like an. Possibly other dimensional thing. Arm director were you so there were more UFO reports. Around. West Virginia that year there were sightings of a boss man the paper wrist at a us a virtual setup church just to tick in USO calls. So there it. There were a lot of activity. Going on down their site from from that stuff from them at a black storage so fascinating to be because the sound. Area mutual it's I mean it could be something like a Cold War. Situation where where the Russian agents your mayor Ers like you know like you your mind starts to wonder. You know it's your investigating these stories like when we're driving down to point us. From I don't we we inevitably end up running through our own. You don't theories on what kind of thing going on and it is interesting. Third degree these military basis there's a National Guard deeper read a road for bear. Arm and then mirrors apparently a naval headquarters town or around the same time. And so this is energetic she placed the town sits right on the deep. The point where the Colorado and the higher rivers converge so it's it's right on the appoint a really key shipping lane at always barges there is so. It's it's definitely there's a lot of and aspects explorer should. Okay we're talking with Seth breedlove filmmaker maker of these small town monster film series we're gonna continue our conversation after the break it's. Beyond reality radio to listen to do. Back to beyond reality radio I'm Jason hard Stevie Johnson and his or Thursday night slash Friday morning show which means it's the last one for the week. Monday we've got a very strong coming in he talks to ghosts and spirits. And he actually uses uses. Channeling board to bring information concerning. Past those of past. And then Tuesday we're talking with Tom Schroder he's an award winning journalist writer and editor for nearly forty years and also the author of old souls compelling evidence from children remember past lies. A classic study of the border between science and mysticism. Yeah and tonight our guest deceptive breedlove he is a filmmaker. He has made the film series known as small town monsters and we've been talking about all of the films. Including the one that's about to be released. Coming up soon right Seth in the spring sometime this year. Yet that direct current release states that were shooting forest cheek in its second week we ran into some really cool and it untold information over the weekend each that is going to probably expand that Selma little Brooke I'm still under where we're at you it's just. And that film is moth man of Point Pleasant and we do have Islam a couple phone calls and couple questions here it's so while we still have you Seth we're gonna bring on and that from mom Miami and that welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have you on the shelf. Yeah I have a question for education about good. OK okay this year. You had. He gave me I am writing today can go beyond the game could actually have a crime here in Miami. And nobody can solve this so we wanted to maybe god could stop before. Look and a crime. I'm so many bad camps outside an apartment. And nobody knows why did you bet that they brought player hate mail it bribe pat. And nobody cleared his dad okay. And it went completely cold. Language in the let me god didn't help and I about why they killed. Well we can always investigative location by the fact that matters you might wanna actually contact. A psychic or sensitive and see if they're able to. Somehow pull up any information. So you and you can go right to taps family dot net. Just look up taps Stanley Doug netter goats of taps website click Amitabh salmon part. And find a team also taps family team that's right in that area in the might be able sister. Thanks for the call and that we appreciate you calling him let's go to events in Missouri is different the show Vince welcome to show you have a question for Seth. Aren't. Actually three point question. First flawlessly your standards number one. Two at all. About the mob man. I brought up this. Black parents satellite which are quite certain players cocoon. Fly around you know pay my nose. Question. It is kind of a question about it looked like it couldn't walk players don't talk well. I don't know second set do you have any knowledge journey experience would this black knights satellite that's been talked about. No no but I like LA Cruz is going sounds all too edgy shall pass. So what was your other question dense. Among other quest to look very similar ash. I'm on the guys are spending and I mean time. Yeah he's our weather radio the radio show. My radio show and and very years showed and I'm just here certain that you're going to be. Have sent. From from what the radio channel. No I'm not solely none. So it's sad because it's how little you know it's been like brave brave and half months of Suffolk County. It's been a pleasure. Yeah I am and honestly all the the networks and everything I've I've talked with an adult within Jimmy can now. Tests of this I've made sure that I've worked out a thing where no matter what I'm doing the radio show and then that's roaming or doing whatever else on the days off from the RadioShack is a radio show on home I'm home I'm. They're tired. Are. Well I'm just tired and so I'm slug Lebanon a country and trying to trying to figure this then some pundits or. There are now that won't happen. Vincent trying to figure out how what the question must recessed though did you have 1% say. The black man settle our look at you know it's it's been holding her commitment they've known about it for awhile. And they'd say Puyallup characters that look like it'll art could put out radio signals. Ever throw often. And talk about my Altman and art world you know cocoon mall in connection may be I don't know. Well it's an interesting point separates. I don't know that the moth man did name is necessarily. Exactly what this creature looks like. Guys doesn't it doesn't seem like it is I actually heard of were tortured even connected sang to and like an actual moths unfortunately the statue and count on us. Yet that looks like a lot like a mosque but yeah that's family like any of the descriptions I've ever seen her do you know exactly out yeah. So they aren't yes thank you Vince thanks for the call on its Vince always has a lot of great questions for us we appreciate him calling in so Seth. That June 2 issues about the new release day you think for most men of Point Pleasant them what projects do you have coming up down the road. We're working on an invasion on chestnut ridge at all actually. For re. Release. Mosque in and that one's gonna delves into the expert due to a crash which kind of pushed the history of of extremely bizarre occurrences that have taken place on the chess or region Pennsylvania for the last. Hundred so years so we have a lot of thunderbird reports and strange lights in the sky and weird. Weird big foot accounts com. So work were kind of lurked in the battle we're trilogy. Arms subtitled high strange showed that kicked off with. Mott ran in that and in Asian and memory got to figure out what we're doing TT. We know we're putting out a book. In 2018. And you know we're just gonna continue to expand organ lives on the radio show electorate and choose a regret approach experts all our slate. We'll explain this invasion thing known to meet its the governor heard of this case. But the cap expert do you have folk cases is a case that happened back nine she's. In in Pennsylvania. Armed in a talent expert which is. It sits on a date Mountain Lion called their chests rich. And our movie walks will kind of use that as a jumping off point to go each deal the the long history of really unusual stuff and monitor I don't know this year should your with a skin Gordon. She wrote a book called strange invasion kind of catalogs a lot of these really weird cases speech and he works out of Pennsylvania and tells a lot. I mean he's been taking you for reports tonight. State for decades now so. We're gonna kind of jumping to some of the weirdest stories increased cash for each kind of looked into. Arm and used the expert you spoke crashes trying to bug eyed jumping off point sure that. Yet the text for cases actually it's been pretty well documented steps Lou result about it it's all so all mysteries. On the and it's one that I was always. Really drawn to because of the the connection took it to the Nazi bell and things like that there's a lot of really cool. Katie. History behind chase that stands Robert. So but again like Porsche so far in you want and that is. Just starting under percolate and it is as what exact were story now you hoping to try to get down to the mall mocked and fast full featured a phenomenal this year. Yeah I did that. Yet definitely to movie is going to have its fixed like large screen debut at the trust also even though comes out on dvd and streaming avenues in June it's not going to have any sort of public from your tool. September when the festival takes place this festival. In that the people that put on the festival the the wants XRR. One of the main reasons the movie easy happening and I Jeffs has been on. Finding giving was like his research stuff we've got he's given us access to that his archives and so on research that's been pretty unbelievable. So because of that you know we wanted to make sure we Q do you still order a mere shell festival. I'm so that's that's the current plan just showed. You know down there and that'll be the first time it's actually seen on the big screen. How sweet. Area can Stevie and I am the karma trying to get dominant this year for the fiscal and check announcer our broadcast live from our. Down debt that would be awesome it's crazy guys like I was there last year in the 121000 people or you could not walk across street. Mean it was it was wall to wall people and it gets a gets bigger every year. Arms so we're caddie I mean that's actually factor in our festival and it's it's gross and I mean work. We ran a kick starter were running a case ordered on. A production of the next few movies and when the key starter launched two weeks ago it launched on Thursday night actually at 7 o'clock. And by 8:51. PM. Eastern time it had reached a 110%. Of its goals there's like a huge. Following thanks for the loss subject to a lot of that was because. He. Arm you don't really helping to promote to kick starter in our movie so I think. I think I think this is gonna be a much bigger festival this year and last year and humbly. But I think when when the movie really surged ahead. Our home it's gonna help drive some attempts to down there and obviously they're all lies to us so. And again the really would not be complete without Jeffs and actually. Well I think it also JB I think you're gonna draw a lot of attention to the market to get your talking about just trapped in the wings on streets and through this knows we're talking about me streaking I said tights. That's right that's it that's right I thought you said it was bear whatever whether. Aren't sure that yet on the set we have via links on our web site to your films. Folks just need to go to be on reality radio dot com. Click on the gas tab. Combo where else can people find out more information about to work in in the films. Sure small town lost or stuck on this club. But it's under construction so experts drastically and the times column small town monsters FaceBook dot com slash us and I'll tell monsters were on Twitter and inch -- knowledge stuff but FaceBook is kind of where were always updating review I've videos at last we can Wear weird unemployed. Church for a light years during the so. So people can kind of tall long everything in your histories but the movies are available on shopped small monsters and AM on beast of White Hall will be available on Google play. ITunes addition Amazon and bought or should be up. Pretty much everywhere movies are streaming in the next couple months I've got to get that going here and then. Like I said they kick starter to foreign Austrians still going on so that was on the in the long and done. We're all over the. Straight that's great will we appreciate you coming on the show is great conversation and no hope to have you back next time you get a film coming out agreements. Thanks guys. Back to show it's beyond reality radio chasing our student Johnson thanks everybody for joining us tonight were every listening to us from and of course thank you Seth breedlove. Who joined us for as our guest tonight on the use of filmmaker and it's really cool and things are like about this type of film making is that there's so many really cool stories. Floating around. That many of us don't ever hear about until somebody likes Seth hears about it and says you know when I wanna tell this story. And he goes out be visits the location he taught interviews to people who experienced it whether it was an alien UFO sighting Europe bigfoot sighting whatever happens to be. And he presents the story in it at least opens the discussion. And it lets people know that this happened and this is how it happened. Well I agree I thinks. Asked desert the desert a great jump ideas which has more weight talked internally last time we talked to a home it was nonstop hot button tonight and just trying to keep my head off microphone. So. Yet and you know his three films that are currently held by decree monster in the nerve a monster and dead beast of Whitehall. They're available to be seen and then the moth made a Point Pleasant said will be released sometime around. June 2 two and that a via a premier he said it actually do of real screen premiere. Mini rebuild on DD in the dvd and stuff around June 2 but real streaming premiere at the Muslim festival in September. There which in serious all seriousness you and I have talked about going down there and actually broadcasting from there. As we wanted to get down for years. And I think could be great opportunity get Tom and checking accounts about just broadcast the show from the. Yes they can be a great time that'd be very very appropriate. Place for us to not only broadcast but it's an interview stocks and people and you know do you have if I'd be on reality radio. Weekend. I grew some kind into a putt this. This new continent. Well on the com. Earth that they are talking among New Zealand India no I haven't heard about this and hop are able. Kids are frequently taught well you know let's just passed us how many comments or other changes in eighteen. Mark I'm. Another Vietnam I think there's seven continents spoken at all kids are frequently talked to their sewing continents exist Africa Asia and are to Australia Europe and North America and South America. But most geologists trading group in Europe and Asia into its own super continent. Colony Eurasia make for a total six continents. But according to a new study of Earth's crust. There is a 7 July it matters a seventh continent and its called Z land via. Yeah elect Narnia and challenges everything went well it's been hiding under under our nose the whole time they claim. Eleven researchers behind the study argue that New Zealand and New Caledonia. Our two merely an island chain late they've always been fun thought of him but instead. They're both part of a single one point eight million square miles Slavic continent. Continental crust that's distinct from Australia X originally sought to be a part of that. So and dissident they claim it's not a sudden discovery but it's meant a group a gradual one that they've had to talk him for ten years now. Interest in building the data on but. I guess that's it's looking more more like that. And they actually talked with Paris London London right. Physicist Alan the university California Santa Barbara. Who wasn't involved in the study. And his claim was that the these people are you list earth scientists and I think they have put together a solid collection of evidence that's really thorough. I don't see their there's going to be a lot of push back except maybe around the edges put. Their name calling in Zealand India and are they claim that you India's most certainly in new continent. Continues tacky ruby shoes retire and spin around sort of going in there and Steenland. Jumped on the degree to play six or does so let's just let's go to our phone lines this is a good friend of the show's host Jay from Florida welcome. To be on reality radio jaded heavy and show. Hey guys how much time I got. Yeah admitted it's. Amid media to me it's like it's. Little PSA. I don't visit for all cable satellite providers. But definitely for DirecTV free HBO. Showtime Cinemax starting to should be to. You really I never really promoting the fact that they're having free HBO and showtime. And harsh radiation. People should be aware of it because I think a lot of people don't know. Besides what Nintendo that these free trials are going on. So you do you're giving you offering a public service as well as information and all of a and they sound that are sort of two Ghiaciuc. Okay well I want to encourage everyone to listen to I guess it was last Wednesday's show. I think here whenever I called and whatever else was said the part where it messed up in the chat are apparently the result audio. Can I don't have time to repeat an upper level every time wolf. What listened to that I think it's very important. I down. I guess well I would maybe have time to get into it to name some of the sources to explain the musical little more. Both companies or series of videos. On and YouTube mainly he's so we have music is magic. There's part one to cover many. Bill which is eight passed a power. More GM's exposed that's with unplug gum and unplug and two he's got no. But a different video clip that you can't see writing music. The botanic music industry. Human bodies celebrities. And I can't find it right now but I believe it's something called music is steals are sold. Okay and and that's you you talking about how old music is pretty much. The work of a double crack was my. Singer. I would say OK outside of especially the old school and I would say in the way they're receptive as they're using these golf bands like lord. Ford is actually bail old. That is why Nancy says the lord's prayer and I'm Arnold street that's why it's an interesting and man what the Metallica. And why we have award admitted with. Most and prayers songs bibles and everything of the main ones except for some of the sacred name one. And Ford is bail or bail. Or they're now kind of poignant BE LI BE eight posture vis AL was. The original bird so outside had been deceiving people on what defaults up off that the white Jesus Christ could that out of names and he's not YE. Outside of that every other genre of music. In. I just and I just think the world would be a very boring place on music sort of borrow more government and to play and actually called him yes thanks Jane had to what you jokers were basically out of time remember Monday night's program we've got a very strong joining us. He uses the gift of spirit communication by means of a channel board to bring information concerning life after death reincarnation in humans and animals. Alien presence on earth and many other related subjects and talk about that Monday night and Tuesday it's. On Schroeder have an award winning journalist writer and editor for forty years and also the author of old souls compelling evidence from children her remember past lives. A classic study of the border between science and mysticism and again if you haven't heard the show where we are syndicated now but. You know we're going to be Majorly syndicated in about three weeks popping up on stations a lot more stations all around the country so if you have a light to FaceBook page yet. May she get over like FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio we posting you updates from all the new channels and everything on that south. But I wanna give you all big thank you hopefully you have a safe weekend. Javy in hand Ira I only it's time for us to gets aggressor everybody have a great night. And you know ingredients produced by its include tunes and Alexandria Johnson better. Current. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us alike and say hello it's beyond reality read it all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow what fund or you like to be Gaston beyond reality read your emails to swing getting that's slick Eddie ED DY. At beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.