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Are YOU a Leader??? Leadercast Gainesville

Feb 21, 2017|

Bob Rose - Feb 21 - 7AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You hear about it first token. News talk 97.3. Best sky. Bob Zeller 38 on about Rochelle live and local very special guests in the studio Jill Nash and the CEO of all of leader cast doing Cummings they both join us this morning good morning. Morning I go about doing fantastically we get to see you know the guy who's in charge of the whole shebang first of all what's easiest way to explain. What leader cast is all about. I say it's our mission is building leaders are following so most people know leader cast as the life of the old annually because some cast from the world. What any expectations. If you come and air no matter what your line of work is if you're not in management you're an employee. How would this how the information that you get through leader cast how that helped you. Well I say that everybody is a leader one way or another in their life though you leave your family here this dear Robert church ever so. You're gonna get actual takeaways and Golden Nugget from speakers you. Be a better leader and everything it would. Eric. Well that makes sense so whether you perceive yourself as a leader or not you actually may be a leader. So what you wanna do is try to make somebody who has a leader. Worth following. Me an example of what you would tell somebody or what what they would get from this that would help them be I don't know say a better parent. While he gets our speakers are parents and a draw upon those lessons like Molly lecture she'll be speaking manages three daughters and if at trials and tribulations like any other parents should be drawn up on our history inner experience and when you share those kind of lessons he can assimilate them. Figured out from there. Yes so you're utilizing examples of not necessarily average people most of them you would consider to be successful. On May be a good. A good point here would be Tyler Perry. Who of course writer producer. Actor Tyler Perry mean he's he's world famous is actually going to be on the leader cast made a fifth. When it's here in Gainesville. And you know I guess like that sometimes you wouldn't think like what would they have to offer their kind of rich and famous shall we say. So how can the average person relate to their experiences. Well and I don't want to blow his story and abuse or other but in a Tyler Perry with homeless at one time so. All of a sudden we look up and see this star and we think there on a pedestal but in reality we have a lot more come with most people. Now that scene that's a great example. That and I would do no matter and it wasn't a complete spoiler because I'm sure there's many other. Little details that he's gonna share with people it's not just that he was. Almost now he's a big star and very successful but it's what did he learn along the way and how can we. Learn and benefit. From that so this theme this year is powered by purpose and Joseph maybe you can speak to that a little bit till masters the person who locally make sure. That leader cast Gainesville goes off every year flawlessly. Ensued Joseph I'll ask you that powered by purpose what does that mean. I'm very excited because I think no matter what you're doing in life whether your teacher whether your business owner. Whether you're a student everything you do should be powered by purpose and that's one of the things I'm personally passionate about is I want to. Inspire our communities to action because life's too short. And we need to liver like intentionally. Doing let me ask you this. You wanna inspire people and I've been to. Two of the leader casts I believe now but I didn't get to spend the entire day there I was you know I had to work and and and and it went for a period of time but. I did get a lot out of even a short period of time. But in some ways it's sore like. I don't know if I should use this example but. If you you go to church and you feel really good and you've got some great ideas and you you know in this case you wanna go back to work and like implement things he may or may not be in management. And so it's a ask the staff doesn't buy into this and you're the once again a go go go eventually kind of wears off how can you. Keep the F sacked and keep it going to do things that you learn and it actually really touched by. Be you know in your brain and in your heart by some of the speakers. Sure yes so. One of the ways for us is we want leadership to be 365 days a year that he kinda keep that energy up and leader cast now. Is one of the ways we helped our attendees. It's a library or accurate ivory all the speakers. Plus another 150 speakers needed to get Foreman daily dose. You can also check by lessons that you're facing change management in your job or attic along with your police search it hit some ideas from some of these speakers and others. Help you address those challenges. And keep you motivated buyer. So you become part of a much larger grew a 100% yet leaders here cassis. A community and Jill has done here in Gainesville on it at it for seven years at a community of people supporting each other throughout the year one. Now today you're actually going to be at the rock school. Know what is the what's the idea behind this particular event to land. As it's kind of like what you mention it just means you're getting ready for me. There early bird pricing is getting ready and in this month and so this. And a shot in the arm like you say that people might have been waning with their energy after the new year it can kind of get reinvigorated. Now Joseph why would people attend this locally. I think the reason that they would attend today locally we have a few feet left as they would attend so that they can meet the CEO of leader cast them find a little bit about. What it means to be a leader were following and as far as leader cast their reason why they would attend is again because they wanna be intentional about their life and I think everybody. Wants to grow as a leader whether it's at home or whether it's in their place of business. OK so this is at the rock school and this is going on today this a much smaller smaller venue. Then what leader cast is about. On the big grand scale which is made a fifth but you can get tickets already for that get registered for that sponsorships are available. And here's what you want leader casting Gainsville dot com member that leader cast gains a dot com and if you'd like to go to today's event at the rock. Last minute then go to leader casting Gainesville. That And I would imagine sealed that would goading you that's your view would do okay. And then shall make sure that C doesn't upset Decatur too much and and she confined USC had to. At this wonderful event. Yes you know is there anything else that you wanted daddy's third chiller Dowayne. I've I've seen a program and it really is impressive in every story. That is told is a fantastic story as told by the people they actually lived it. At the landing I'd like to say is that when you come here it is truly an experience and it's a great way to connect our community I mean with people like I love New York pizza and you. Is sponsoring today the chamber of commerce who sponsor for many years Sonny's barbecue. This totally on board with this and the chamber of commerce. All of these people choose to be involved because they love our community they buy into the Asian. And it's also an incredible I'm going for us to build relationships and network as well. Not that's fantastic and we know you're gonna have successful time is you have in the past you know 400 people of attended a great sponsors sand this year in the may event Sonny's barbecue is the sponsor for lunch and I Gainsville chamber of commerce is coming through but their seventh here. Sponsorship. I.s so that is looking got a strong program here leader cast folks. You wanna check this out. And this is tapping this event is happening made a fifth but you wanna get the jump on early. For registration okay early registration actually ends. February 28 and there's VIP tickets available sponsorships available go to leader. Cast Gainsville dot com. And if you wanna send still an email leader cast Gainesville at And is there anything else that you wanted to add before we call and a. Morning early humbled to be year order I order and Gainesville when. What's great to meet a leader of leaders. CEO of clear cassettes the pressure is half. Thank you very much 747 on the Bob Rose show. We've got plenty more to talk about coming up including at the majority of parents apparently are locking up some of their pharmaceutical stuff and it's create a problem details on that a lot more. On the way news talk 97.3 disguise.