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MCSO Billy Woods talks law enforcement recruitment efforts

Feb 22, 2017|

Bob Rose - Feb 22 - 8AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Connect connect on news talk 97.3. Good morning welcome it is 806. Time Jack brought to you by prestige Hayes Jewelers when he answers always EST June 2 Bob Rochelle. As special gas in the studio Marion County sheriff Billy woods joins us more and sheriff are you doing good morning Bob always a pleasure to be here reviewing today who look forward to this more than. Yes and now we appreciate your presence hate this up off the cuff we talk about this but we have a caller call in earlier. Who was basically in need in the Al forest area in marrying kind you know in in the force Eric campground. And I am left by a boyfriend or whatever indeed nowhere to turn and then she mentioned that she was a disabled veterans. Well yeah all kinds of calls and said you can reach out to any veterans' group and every you know that would go to the VA. You know now. Then we got a call from a guy who's a retired marine like thirty years service and he said it just be aware that there are people that will claim military service to get. Things services food whatever just be aware that he was insane that was the case but why is it usually somebody who is. Been declared as a disabled American veteran Nate. There in the system so to speak they kind of know. What to do and where to turn. For how they do actually come across that quite often in law enforcement. Individuals out there which is a disgrace you know for individuals to do this to take advantage. And to use the good name of individuals are veterans here in the United States that ultimately you know the willing to give their lives for us and then people that fraudulently used that to gain on their personal gain. Is absolutely wrong. It happens out there law enforcement we have to be cautious in business owners and citizens out here I encourage people to be cautious you know. Should always support your veteran stand behind them. And but they do exist unfortunately has just human nature. Well Andy you're in law enforcement so unfortunately the nature of your job is you're gonna come across to a lot of people who are liars and breaking the law. So you know you think you by the nature of your job it's like now I don't believe anything until the united egg and I believe it. Whereas the average person is much in many cases theory kind hearted and unfortunately MB taken advantage of two. They can and and that's what's said you know especially the news and our elderly population out here they're there. They're warning to help and and people are and just being good natured like you said Bob they want to help. And in the chief you have to be careful because you can be harmful that's why I always tell people. When when you can help. Groups that you know help Salvation Army you know here's the Saint Francis house all your. You know food collection senators that that gives to needy organizations say you know you've heard of you talk to your neighbors you know there doing the real deal the real work. Individuals unfortunately you may just be helping them with their alcohol or drug habit. Oh absolutely he probably will be and your idol the other night though I helped out an organization to feed the homeless the last Thursday night. Good organization to faith based organization. Aunt but when you go when you go through organizations like that that's a little more you can put your little more faith and for the people in which you're helping your knowing that your money. And you're providing food goods or whatever you know that it's going to the right right people and you're not being taken advantage of. Let's just sailors for the benefit of the Dallas say this woman is you know let him. Forget their veteran angle on it and just say okay here's a woman who was dumped by her boyfriend kind of left there. You know they were camping unit campground and he just took the you know the vehicle and repayment because she said they were in transition moving from one place to another. And he suggest they get in a fight and he just takes off so she's left there with no money resources. What would law enforcement do I mean should they call law enforcement and you guys have. The conduit in the way all. Absolutely yes they should they should give us a call. You know whatever jurisdiction or whether whether it be here and electoral count or Marion County call the law enforcement. Will stand day a deputy to them to see what their needs are and help them get into the right direction. Or if it's something as simple as us just make in the phone call form or providing transportation getting somebody there to get them their transportation if they needed. Yes definitely call because you rather be safe you rather be. Wrote rely on those organizations that you know your law enforcement because we're here to help. Then that's what we're here we're here to provide a service for our community. Well and and I know that and I would think that the most adults would know that and so the only reason you wouldn't. I'm call for help from on force and navy does here there's other issues at play there that aren't being spoken out in a possible in a drug issues or some. Drug issues and then there's also do you get. People that award say it in a moment off topic here a little you know because all of you been watching our FaceBook or Marion County we've got the O wanted by woods Wednesday. And which you you bring it up individuals. Done it twice the second person was the Charles individual. Which I was a foreign last night that he had turned himself in because he was tired of everybody looking for him because I had him all over FaceBook. And I ask that wanted and I would us Wednesday that's exactly right we call out one individual each Wednesday of who has a warrant and I am asking for. Basically asking Americana citizens help help me find the person that I call up that day and so far we gobble where we go one out to them. So just go to FaceBook into a search from Mary parish sheriff's office that's correct mixtures are right marrying down to the please duke there's one other north I think for some there's actually a Marion County probably in every state now I am an idea that's probably true. All right so do that he had the FaceBook thing going on. And hey you guys had a a good arrest here recently. Two people who want for crimes in Louisiana one various serious Charles Caffrey don't know 43. Wanted for Louisiana charge of first degree rape of a twelve year old girl and so Marion county sheriff's deputies Tom pulled over car. White Mercury Ford or Annette matches a description of the same car that apparently they left Louisiana and then. And so once they ran what they're supposed to do you know he run the tags and you run a driver's licenses and you do the seeded and you go well look at look at this we know we get some bad guy did the deputies did a fabulous job. You know a lot of people out here don't realize that traffic stops oh lead to the arrest of very infamous criminals out here. Here's a good example of an individual that which has been charged with the rape of the twelve year old or. Molestation. You know you got for our famous murders well let me take him enormously famous than you know into I don't know infamous there you go infamous. Emerge out here that because of a simple traffic stop traffic stops lead to their arrest they lead to the arrest of individual whether it be drugs murderers. It's a it's a conduit for us. To help and protect our citizens out here and in in this case right here led the rest of those two individuals. Has surprisingly. They weren't on and I 75 at least not not at the time to stop their Connie Rhodes did 25. Yeah they are that 125. In the that it's. Very. That it's out there are good ways is not Roy will help heavy traffic on the road. And obviously if they came across and did a good job. Yeah because you know a lot of times the out the bad guys like well traveled back roads. We might not come in contact law enforcement is easily and that may or may not be true but to in this case pay. Good guys. Good guys want. When we return. We had a citizen complaint. About the way some deputies are allegedly driving. And we're gonna find out with the sheriff thinks about dad on the flip side so stay tuned all right we've got married county sheriff Billy woods in the house is Dade fourteen. You're listening to news talk 97.3 disguise. East's will not remember when you say. Yeah yeah a scam. So he'll make the so. So. Us. In nineteen other Bob Rose show we're talking to sheriff of Marion County Billy woods his way to send and share if we get. Now we got to comply we asked for call C questions for the share offend Jon called and said look I've got a couple videos. The speeding law enforcement officers believe me Mary county sheriff's one for sure because he ran a marked car. And one could be unmarked undercover whatever when he called in to complain. To authorities and when he called and on the first car they they said while that that tag doesn't exist which. I don't know how that works but maybe you've truly undercover you don't wanna name to pop off the right here so that's one but let's let's focus on the other one. He said the guy was due any thought about nine 45. And no lights on. And he called to complain about that and he has it on video. And they they instructed him they said well listen a deputy can travel in now at any speed at any time for whatever reason lights on lights off. Doesn't sound. Like the kinds cancer I would think that the that you could be still proving out. So what's it. Generally what's the protocol and in what are we supposed to be operating under. Wealth out first let me thank the system for calling him making us aware and yes you're right Bob is not the answer that I would expect from my staff and hopefully that. There was miscommunication. In regards to that. You know we are held to the same standard is every citizen out here when it even comes with traffic laws we have to Obey them we are no better you know we're no better than anybody else with who we've got to abide by and that any you know to the citizens out here define him doing and yes call us let us know let supervisors know because that's the only way that we're gonna know that our people are doing our deputies were doing the right thing. But you know the only thing they have to offer to the citizens when you see a deputy. Or any law enforcement also that might be exceeded the speed limit you never know the circumstances yes the law does allow us to to do that without emergency equipment on. To a certain degree it depends on the type of call give you an example most a time when we get a call let's say if there's a burglary in progress. You know you wanna catch the person in the act. You know you came duo would those lights and sirens go line it because it did you know it's a big billboard sign coming down the road worn in the name fully. So a lot of times you know law enforcement will deactivate their emergency equipment so they can basically sneak up on the person now I don't know if this was a. I remember that from Adam 12 back back back back back. While you do shoot I get to eleven ensure our news there you know let me say you know code three or whatever country must have been you know having not run silent run quiet acquired a stealth mode that's was on radio show back in the day. Yet you know have to act now but the Reid Malloy with this. Mean and I'm impressed Obama. But no thank you. To the citizen yes Collison let us know about it you know. Here's the thing a lot of folks don't realize when it comes to traffic violations. Law enforcement even for our own personnel law enforcement officers have to witness the offense. If you tell me that a citizen and US AJ's doubters beatings and AJ was speeding or read a stop sign this morning. Parkinson Hannity can do fine. After app but I say thank you Bob Becky writing the ticket because of the statue requires us to witness the offense unless it's involved in a crash. So but however within the organization. You tell us about that we find it to be true. Because you know you've you have video you know person is Camby discipline can can be disciplinary action taken against the person so. Would you wanna take a look at the video this guy has in and what would you have to deed after corroborate the time it was filmed which. You know video might have a time indicator on it I don't know if that's always accurate. And then you have to go against all the calls that today and who's responding I mean I guess there's there's a whole lot of class. Is there you know even Parcells when it comes a speeding where scrutinized so much you know because the courts have standards you know we've got to have our our. Are but commerce asked for be calibrated the units to which we use the radar units have become or the person that's detecting the speed has to be certified. There's so many questions is not that you doubt the person is just being able to deduce something to say yes this is what. Was committed because as far as you would know beat you like you just cited there are circumstances where. Law enforcement responding to a possible crime scene that's you know active. And you don't want to tip them off so you can't run with sirens blaring I mean it would defeat the purpose of catching a mini act. Right absolutely and and here's the other thing I don't incurred you know if yes that people might be doing is wrong out here as in law enforcement but I don't encourage the person that's videotape and to do the ninety miles an hour themselves such illegal. He had no don't do that if in fact he kind of incriminated himself he says 45 miles and I he was doing what 6065. Himself and and the top blew past him it's like. You just drag it yourself at about a citizens are asked to equally guys have always in a happy ending and now I would I encouraged that he wouldn't object if it could put it at that but don't do that. Yeah and don't say do you know why doesn't he. On our what else did you wanna cover sheriff you know I think last I. We talk about our recruiting opportunities or the retention of our deputies and get them one of the things that we have started up man my staff has done an excellent job. Over there and it is the military veterans career track Peru and that we are beginning to implement in this is where detention deputy trainee. Program. Is being in where we are taken these young. Veterans that are leaving this sort of armed services and we're getting them on board providing them the opportunity and look here's the key you know individuals like that they are ready have. You know because north sort of up paramilitary ourselves. And leaving the organization like that where they have restriction rupture coming into law enforcement it's a smooth transition. For our veterans coming off there and it's a great program. Basically its is similar to our deputy program where we hire them. That see the salary is 101000 Lecce higher metal or think. They sign a contract for three year period and and we pay for their schooling their certification. And if they. Complete the school pass a state certification that we haren their their pay goes up the you know this starting pay a third. In the meantime they're getting school and so assault pay their base you know slowly and too but. That is a great program now who chooses whether they going to. Detention working in the jail verse is getting to be on the road patrol. Well there's two programs. This program here is specifically. Targeted for our detention. Facility and our detention deputies there's also the other one for our deputies as well too so they have the opportunity for each side. It's just this one program is to help us fill the vacancies in which we have we're the jail and to end which need is greater right now. They're both leak equal okay Austria Bob would both that we have a shortage on both sides of the table. And we're trying to fill them as best we can and here's the thing you know we have our vacancies a lot of folks don't there's a lot of training involved. When you come into law enforcement you have a a twelve week program what we called field training. And it's really when it weather be a deputy on the rotor deputy in detention. They do not get really get out on their own to about six months down the road that's if they pass than if they don't pass to that we start all over again. While and years and I'm of course before all that there's all the classroom time yes and the range time and all that yup that's that's all you want into the twelve week exactly okay. All right so good being well train and that's important. Everybody's heard of the sheriff's you've ranches in their located around the state but I don't know how many people ever actually visited one. Tell me about this tore that people can take of the facilities of the sheriff used ranches. Our thanks Bob for allow me to to the put that out here you know the use ranches is a fabulous organization. Taking on these young now not used to be just the boys ranch is now Gupta has young ladies is that it's part of and displaced young people. And putting in the homes providing job opportunities in teaching him. And assistance can go get a tour that if no one has ever gone there I really encourage you to do it it's over 3000 acre farm. A lot of homes there they provide. A lot of education for them even have their own school in the camps as well but. However they are offering a boy's ranch bush bus tour on March 16. From eight to 6 PM it's a Thursday. The use ranches they will pick you up here. Now if you go to. SRE. Four kids dot org you can get some more information again it's SRE four kids and that's the number four dot org you can get more information. Lunch will be provided that day they give you a full tour you'll meet some of the ranchers. You home go into a couple bought homes. And they won't show you and you would get an eye opening experience I know my wife and I sure enough did a week took the first tour. It will break your heart annual fall in love them and I urge you to take the tour. It's great to hear that they're doing excellent work in. Terms turn some lives around so that do well later on you don't have to deal with them and perhaps we as a citizens don't have to paid housed them another whole criminal justice system and and they can lead happy productive lives that's awesome. That's exactly right. Well we always appreciate your time sheriff thanks for coming in Marion County sheriff Billy woods. And we will have you back very soon my pleasure Bob thank you all right standards elements feeding 829 you sucked on seven point three this guy.