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02/28/2017 - Beyond reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - A look into the Kennedy assassination and an in-depth examination of alien visitations to Earth.

Feb 28, 2017|

02/28/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Jim Marrs discusses his research into the JFK assassination and the resulting evidence that the "official" reports are not the truth. Also, aliens and UFOs - are they here, and if they are, why?

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. I hour chase Austin Johnson and hands too easy night slash Wednesday morning as we broadcasts live from our individual respect bunkers so the round the East Coast which. Apparently jade East Coast have a little bit of an issue with the Internet and over the last twelve hours so. Yes other reports and everything and I know there were some problems earlier 'cause I was watching Netflix they were in China has some Lisa just watch cop shows and I with the kids but that I handed apparently Netflix is having a problem so I signed on to Amazon are Amazon prime account. And that kept on by offering and having a problem like most are aware of it to you brought it up but I guess what the whole whole whole East Coast is running into issues. What was I think it may have resolved itself now on the not in exactly sure what was the what the cause was but. These types of things seem to pop up now and then but seemingly little more frequency. Recently you know every every few months he gets some kind of Internet outage or slow down or something or hacking it wasn't it was what a couple of years ago somebody from China actually attacked the Internet and in and he knows possible. I attacked the Internet slowed the whole thing I'm like 40% the and I don't know if that was the same same situation I know that. A year ago Christmas. When my son and I got our PlayStation fours for Christmas. We went to use guns are two separate on three at two separate please go to our pupils such big Pittsburgh. Hit through. But anyway you had to use them of course just to log into the PlayStation network to give get activated and also if any nobody can get in because it was a major hack going on in. So for like three days always people who these new PS force couldn't do anything with the made sure there's people listening to. Who had kids or themselves experience that that was no fun. We've thrown a temper tantrums for a front premium there are slamming stuff on the floor I was throwing things I was stop getting China and Australia to grow up connect that was an operative Erica pretty on I mentioned one of the thing you know in in our opening theme when we have that clip you can't handle the truth yeah Nicholson talk ball I good manner it yeah I've spent the last two days on and off watching the shining with Jack Nicholson. OK and I think that is a fabulous movie and of course among horror movie fan anyway escalates in the last few days I mean it's only an hour and forty minutes and it's couple hours I think but either way I've I just turned it on a couple that's on Netflix right now sort of turned and on a couple times and I heard that clip in our. Theme tonight and I thank you want is to bring up the shining this would agree film that's all. When you stay at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park in heaven that that one channel it plays the shine watched plays the the shining. And the new shining bright and then the episode ago centers it's this could keep we will keep repeating it and if there's any place that you wanna watch the movie the shining except that the Stanley hotel and Estes Park Stephen king day in Cairo yesterday based on based on an expert shorts or experiences he had there are getting a little intoxicated and trying to find is for couldn't finally September yet couldn't find his room and they discuss really creeped out by the long hallways in these seeming oh lead in the scored ores and emptiness. Yeah planet can be creepy but they welcomed the show everybody's tuning in to be on reality radio thanks for listening tonight and Jason and javy and we we've got a great show tonight are slim I'm really excited about this for me talking with Jim Mars. Now a gem. He's the author behind numerous books I mean who's the list goes on and on with them. He's the author behind mainly crossfire of a plot that killed Kennedy which was the basis for the Oliver Stone movie JFK. I'll let alone I mean Jimmy Scott and misspoke she talks are population control loss secrets as secrets of the gods the terror conspiracy. Our colts history above top secret and one of his books was. Strangely it was in getting ready to go to press. And got shut down by the the publisher. And it was it was covering the government's history behind it in getting into his mind control. A remote viewing I'm sorry to write him a remote viewing subjects. And then strangely right after that the CIA came out and release all this information a ball. They're they're psychic studies with their own spin which and it would appear that his thing was shot down and moved. So they can solider and information. And that's always scary when the long arm or fingers of the intelligence community get into private part projects like that. You know once it's pretty interesting man Jim Morris is as we've announced him as be being a guest coming up on the show to chat rooms done little. Excited about it so a lot of people in the chat are more aware of his work probably heard among other readership is doing interviews. And he is so. A broad in his knowledge and his expertise. That were certainly not gonna have time to cover everything tonight I mean we just don't have time to talk touch and all topics that he now in our annual charity covers an area so we're gonna I you know we're to talk about his book crossfire the JFK assassination a little bit now really wanna get into the alien stuff and I know. That town he's got a lot of information as it relates to that and a lot of ideas and you and I talked at length about. What would happen if some of these efforts that we've made to find alien life for contact -- life in other solar systems if they are actually. We're successful. What would that mean would these aliens in turn. You know wave hello back or would they hop into military vehicles that they have traveled here and conquer and colonize an exploit earth I mean I think it's a 5050 tossup frankly. Yeah and it's settling its parents are concerned you've got to worry about arm. Especially when you see in some some places and in some individuals and other countries. They tend to take it and the weaker of them whether it be mentally physically and so forth and force them into. The hard labor there in the crappy work the the jobs that sort of slavery if if you break it down. And how would they do that tell us I mean well he really he gets a decadent and think about that. Yet you're looking for case studies that kind of behavior mean they're all over some mean humans have been doing that to other humans since the beginning of humankind so I'm we don't have to look far to see that behavior and in the living creature 'cause it's there. On some great to would do we talk about coming up guests coming up in the front of the we've got three Edmonton. Knowledge we have a well tomorrow or and we talked we David Weatherly is a returning guests he spent his life exploring the world with a stranger rescuing supernatural in paranormal around the world he'll be back on the unreal unreal we're going to be discussing. Again I'm black eyed children and strange intruders but he's also going to be joined with Ross Allison. A co author of haunted toys. And then or Thursday were depth. Kelly coffee I've been talking about Kelly coffees video Chan or YouTube channel called Kelly in the raw. She talks about being psychic and the paranormal but she had a lot of things about health cooking nutrition close other lifestyle things including relationships. All in an effort to support you to become your best and I'm really anxious to see how she ties the paranormal into an effort for you to become your best and in another connections and a Texas here she puts together. Sounds cute tuning into an adult. YouTube's. I would Joey and I brought I just I don't. He did you capital watched the presidential address tonight Omnia I want to most of that I meaning I think it caught I came in late cyclone to elect the second half person doing that well and I watched I watched a little bit of it and a of course you know it's a year some people clapping so people sitting known to the way it is immoral but dom. One thing it in the longest applause. I think he has ever have been him ever happened via was for the widow of Clinton navy seal Ryan Owens who was killed and buried in Yemen. And man she. Sorry that moment mean when he first introduced her. And geese are keep on looking up and saying things and saying I love you baby and then I love usually lost I'm Tanya eyes sitting on the couch watching that. Ice I started to area near the speaker is generally concede in the London in which the and her husband gave at all and her fame her family gave hall. And and a Nicosia how important was to her as well. But how you can tell all so weird she she really seemed late she understood that it was his forward for them the best of the country and everything else but. My gosh my my heart goes out earn our entire family it was such such touching moment or. It was it was and what little bit of analysis I heard after the speech. I mean people were talking about being one if not the most. Most the memorable moments in a speech like this. Whether it's state of the union speech or some sort of addressed to congressional congress. By the president this at this moment go down as. If not the most one of the most memorable moments and it was it was really really touching I've seen a lot of those things to worry colleague talked about some in the audience and you know it's OK let's move on but this one stroke truly poignant and down quite. I don't know that was definitely an amazing moment and really just meant everything. So you know if if you didn't get to see it maybe I should definitely check it out if you did and you probably know exactly what we're talking about him you know I'm pretty interesting so remember late to all but Erica Christmas when intelligent wife got me the Amazon echo mark's art stuff. And I told you that he did have some privacy concerns with the sang well one on L somebody at some meaning now. With a lengthened and you need to check now on when I did and you know that that thing has been recording. So much it's spending and it's audio recordings and you can hear if you see something. Come in even one you're speaking to echo a whatsoever. It starts its recording us recording all the things in the background as well so it's it's truly recording your voice jam. And you know I went to this website and found that image according holy back to December when I got this thing. Well below what do you went to woods' web site it shows you everything is rooms it was an Amazon web site. Where you can go and you can see all the things around and of course I won and I deleted at all com. But the fact of the matter is. That does go to show like you and I were talking about. Where these things are costly and listening for you to see their name and also not just that they're also recruit there. Recording all the audio when you sale what's being said. I'm for for different reasons but it's terrifying because at some point on I'm saying something to Alexa. And my children talking in the background and they're saying things Hussein's Eddie don't notice again what long I bought a house in the what's important here in Accra and I told of course you treat your children with a really bad that was just joke yeah my kids that are phenomenal they're incredible kids and an honest argument twin boys to take me analyze who don't know yet at Nevada Tennessee and it too but I was estimates to see that it's just like I said deal I was I had my concerns about privacy and it goes to show. EU should if you have those things you really you need to go check out that website remove. Interest owner and delete the history because it becomes it becomes scary I mean the information it has religion is just while. Yahoo! comes and it I'd I don't have either of those devices I don't think I have anything that's constantly monitoring monitoring me but when you have things like genome ipads iphones laptop computers always on you never know for sure we'll series does former up to two years. I guess. Particularly good old days Reynolds figured that your request things you said from dizziness and admit Syria have to activate it's not always listening right now doesn't come on yeah exactly get tired it was. Right I mean that was just it was one of those things while. Released scary when you when you're so. You know we were quick to the segments going pretty quickly we do have a phone call to get to and just a minute but there's something I wanted to bring up because they'll this is it the whole Russian situation has been talked about a lot lately with its connection to the US government to trump all this stuff idea you know whether it's real or not. Somebody's actually keeping story and in though his score and in the last sixty days. There have been six Russian diplomats and have died under mysterious circumstances. Early yeah. One was very recently it was Russia's ambassador ambassador to Turkey was assassinated by a police officer at a photo exhibit on December 19. On that same day another diplomat was shot dead in his Moscow apartment the gun was found under the bathroom sink. But the circumstances of the death were under investigation he was a scene senior figure in the Foreign Ministry. The third one Russian Russia's ambassador to the United Nations died in New York just last week actually he was rushed to the hospital from his office. Our initial reports are that he had a heart attack but there are investigating that. 4 one is Russia's ambassador to India died after of quote unquote brief illness in January. The fifth one is a Russian cut the Russian consul in Athens Greece was found dead in his apartment in January 9. Greek police said that there's no evidence of break in but he did live and heavily guarded street and the cause of death needs further investigation. And then now the 61 is an ex KGB. Chief he was found dead in the back of his car on December 26. And he was eight and need to be a former deputy prime ministers so. When you have that many to squeeze Housley quickly now. It's an X if you go back even further if you. An Election Day are you know November 8 our Election Day a Russian diplomat was found. Unconscious. At the Russian consulate in new York and unit dying on the scene. And there is actually couple others won in September 2016 and then if you go back even further in November 2015 and an all seem to start. All of these. Pretty high ranking Russian officials are dying mysteriously. Well even scarier. One time I went to DC about a week and a half ago accent I was doing film slowing most corpus is that we talked about him. Come bowlers there I'd I was unaware until I got on a plane that there was a Russian ship there was. Thirty miles off the coast of Connecticut and Rhode Island. And I'm sure he saw that. Which I guess as long as your fourteenth day after fourteen miles becomes an international waters. So but it was and then it went from there which is scary of course when they're near new Rhode Island just we've got quonset point naval base moment where they make the submarines. But that it went down towards Virginia as well again another place where you know doing the sobs and and it was a Russian spy ship. Yeah I'm there around their probing and testing in in trying to determine you know when at what point we're gonna as an age terrorism governments say OK enough is enough stopped. You know it's just a tricky thank you let's quickly go to the phones we have so Vonn from Kansas City different of the program wants to chat with a some on welcome to be on reality Rea good to have Michelle. Luke. Am so. Other crazy and you're gone. Eric Eric you were just talking about being able to. The recordings on eight specific web site is only erases it on the web site is that an Erisa that Amazon Slough and a complete any site. Let's actually on the and then it's on Amazon you have to go to a halt try to sign that computer and saw they don't race and it. Well and I also would only produce is what is Berlin saw still. Not really result A because they also sent me a thing for Google. And I went night I clicked in the there and come to find out late my Google stuff that was going back Sarah and ninth 2008. Or whatever it was there. And I went in I deleted the entire history of that as well Tom. I'd I'd double checked and it is showed it wasn't there anymore so it's not there it's it's still stored. In New York files oracle files you're checking that and there storage. It's just like FaceBook and Google. And if you installed on a laptop or phone or whatever you ticket are there it's still on the air. And even when you're not using that are tracking. So funny he said junior year in the business so to speak. Tell me do when you get one of those devices is there somewhere along the way you know how we all click yeah I agreed this turn that team of these you know ever read them. Is there somewhere in those terms were at that tells you that they're actually going to be recording in keeping this information. Oh yeah Annie get it if you you know an opt out supposedly. But I mean. You actually believe that they're gonna bid that is legally. Anything you do what any of these companies is only as good as much money you skepticism in court and how much money could these guys. That's an excellent comedian grabs it first trillion dollar out. And they have the have they have the endless lawyers endless endless funds to tie you up and caught. And it's in great church well you know the artificial intelligence or they're building terminator robots from government crime now out. Jumping him. It's a scary time we're living in Netherlands technology is wonderful times I don't know and I remember. You know as did Steve even crazier than a friend of mine who is in the computer computer and a security area. Showed me how easy it is to hack a Oden and those TVs and actually come with built in camera champ. How easy it is for them to actually activate the camera on somebody's TV set. And see what's going on in the living room somebody's house than. What he's saying Zuckerberg put stricter steps over the its web camera and over his marker I mean he's he's been taught in Munich and one of the guys and our team has an essay security clearance. And believe me. There are so much except on on after the people if they even knew you would think it would cripple put down the Americans are too complacent is that. Mallet and a that's a good point I agree with that a 100% people Ella and a lot of people just don't realize that the stuff going on they just don't pay enough attention and and it's scary that literally they got they got their Smartphone their demeanor and there are a FaceBook updates whatever it is all they really care about some on thanks for the call we get him warmer call here before we I had to break us press and welcome to be on reality radio. I think they've been here he's doing great thank you. And AJ can he do any good person are you. How did incur a starter. Camera and hard about the generation revolved. I hope we wanted to release or that. The teacher actually he should be very eighty tower. Okay are awesome race thanks just and hold forth on. And how are actually little chill later looted too that they sire. No thank you very much held I'll definitely all of a look forward as soon as soon as possible and actual days thanks for the call press and. Have to let you go because we do have to go to break it's beyond reality races from beyond reality radio with Jason JD don't go. They beyond reality radio friends as you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tap in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Welcome back to show and is beyond reality radio Jason Collins Jamie Johnson so let's have everybody along don't forget to this is the FaceBook page. Give it like if you haven't done their share with your friends if you haven't done that the more the merrier we like to let people know what's going on to that found that vehicle. It's FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio on also if you're listening on any of the great stations that we air on the it's going to be a lot more starting on next week. Tom and he can also had two beyond reality radio dot com click the listen life. Join the online chat JB and I spent a lot of our time during the show and you can listen there are still listen to the radio stations so whatever but come join the part of the community. Absolutely and were very very pleased to bring her guest in tonight we've been talking about having Jim on the show for awhile the chat rooms and talking about for awhile so. Let's bring our guest Jim Mars in gym is it journalist and author researcher. Many many books to his credit including crossfire the plot that killed Kennedy alien agenda loss secrets of the gods and the Illumina ID. The secret society that hijacked the world his website is Jim Mars that's with two ours dot com Jim welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have him much. I guess. Patient days saying it's my pleasure. Now it's it's our pleasure Jim obviously dessert here and there are benefit any work for a long time and just the imam or topics you cover. And and with your writing suits it's amazing and you do such a phenomenal job so thank you for coming on hang in all of us. Well. Just always been curious person in on just wanna know what's going on on main. And I Muller revolutionary year radical or anything else is if it turns out the mafia run in the country and their bodies are bad. And that's okay with them then you know I've ever gotten me squabble but actually know what's going on what's true and so. Kind of trying to churches led me down a credible. An engineer had several side. Tunnels and you're so many weird things and a lot of people and keep in Manhattan that is for fifty years. When I started off and tried to tell people about it was a plot to cook Kennedy and Watergate was also applaud. And that we work to do any good in Vietnam and you have are real. And that day it seems like the do ancient astronauts as such mr. I was just in in the you just and that. And now almost all of those topics are now is nothing else at least acceptable topics of conversation implied society. And many many people subscribe to. The ideas and some of these conspiracies. Well then but a lot of the conspiracy theories from the past have actually turned out suited to be fat. That accident had Pratt have had a lot of truth to them. Turned out big conspiracy. Facts and then that's right. Yeah and I which which is is amazing and and that's the thing that for whatever reason society the government. To have new. Journalist whatever they try to make conspiracy theorists. All look crazy like they're just they're looking for anything but to be honest with you when you when you follow a lot of when you for a whole lot of them you find out that there is about a true. Set it's actually trekked are you Gaza where is that the whole idea. See you go back all we're backing from conspiracy they're Arab and 1940s. Dictionary in Macon. Defense conspiracy theory is. Is a theory. You know. Subject. Well that's kind of neutralized. These are good about it you've got to Wear it and see the CI a backed safeties. That I mean this sixty slates XP they've released a memo and that all there quote exits and quote. Around the world and in this country. Saying that when people tried to questioned Kennedy's assessment mission in process and they're. Just say that's conspiracy theory and there either. You know trying to sell books or kinder grand as themselves. Or they are operating. No good information so the whole idea that went on for so long about conspiracy. You're being in a derogatory term was actually generated Garcia. And attract. And if you think about it I guess maybe one of the few good things to come out of them that leveled attacks. Where is that it cannot rehabilitated. The term conspiracy theory the coast there was no question that the conspiracy. Of course aggression is still hanging here as to whose conspiracy was in our actually. Have been bad nevertheless we all accept that. There was a conspiracy so. Now did well how about this test. At JC if you plan of surprise birthday party for Jason. Nortel the Nortel now you're saying you know we're just rise in the tell them. I well that's conspiracy. But the but not a bad conspiracy. Now and then that's true when you re just referring to. The CIA. Eight doing a suspect in the fifties were you referring to the operation mockingbird that they had where they were may there are manipulating. Information being sent out to. To the journalists it is to the media and Rand in the 50s70s. And and so are. Exactly. Exactly and in fact that here's how it's progressed as cheap back in those years in the refugees sixties. The CIA is pro scratch. By other charter from operating within the United States they can only operate outside the United States. So what they would do is. They would. Fabricate. News stories and then have been placed in farm publications. Now the problem was a difficult blow back because in US publications would get ahold of these foreign relations and they would repeat the story. So even early on river propaganda has the CI a but today it's just gotten much worse the coast today. We have found out that you know Google. The CIA paid billions of dollars in the bugle to. Plant stories. And the Washington imposed receive millions of dollars to. Plan actually I generated stories. So. If nothing else I think just past election showed us you cannot trust the mainstream. Allen and I agree and told listeners out there feel free to look up operation mockingbird and a lot of the CIA documents have been released. And I continue to really dig into it armed but not operation mockingbird was the US government and it had actually control the media. And it used it to to push facts whether to fax or not. To change his tune it to change the diocese of of the American population so feel free to check out on operation mockingbird is the actual. That the name of. And we're still operating under that in which you have to realize is that Shiite was created. It was in eastern establishment good ol' boy network okay. If general hospital and several other top leadership where members of secret societies like Scotland some. And others. And they work furthering the agenda. The global list. In the global lists are. Totally. Mixed him. Where's the remnants of the old Lehman not. You know I gonna try and and when I mean membership cards. But when I say that where I mean is is that the aluminum body came up with please. Distant goal okay among them that you do your wayward Robert properties you know way inheritance. In the yeah in the education or. Indoctrination. Children through free education system. Eccentric searcher goes down oldest city illuminati. Goals were you compare that to the goals of the Communist Party. As you remember Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky but you stranded there almost identical and then you go look at this the year British Irish. Plank platform. National socialist. In Germany the acronym which is not see. And you fact there are almost identical. This is a plan this then. In the works. For more than a hundred years. And who we have got to start becoming aware of this plan. Or otherwise we're just going to be taken over. Herat had. In and we have to. Be careful about it if regard ourselves against. False and forum. Indoctrination post. Of the Carlos there is no more than not. But there is a luminous. And it's an ism it's a philosophy it's. World views. Just just like communism capitalism. Socialism nazism. Feminism and name it it's it's belief system and it has been proven. As I mentioned you busy wondering what most backward districts. You know it's likely communism in Russia you Republican national socialism Germany it is initiatives that work. Jim I wanna take you back as we we kind of jumps headfirst into a whole bunch of topics here. I'm but how does a journalist because you've been a journalist for a long time and I'm assuming you reported on in the same things that most journalists report on when they start. Reporting. How does a journalist in that respect turn his attention to things like the Kennedy assess the assassination would such. Passion and fervor that you end up. Writing about it im reading a book about it. And investigating her for most your life. Well because it's it's unsolved mystery. And oh in addition check out some fringe of ransom murder mystery lovers okay. They read Agatha Christie and they theory you know all these different. Mystery novels and murder novel murder mysteries. It's a big murder mystery and we still don't know they actually true that. Although today we have general Hal. Or scroll ball. Machines like in. Take care of Cheney's mission you're pretty. We got a minute kinda have to go to break so to see them. It didn't make it a minute ago. In Italy cargo hold it all by himself as the government's deficit which courses and as Rubin Oro or lesion or. Or their company involved. Today which there was. Or shots then. Repeated fire which was. That means there was a conspiracy. And yet here it is late date we don't really know. Conspiracy was and reason for that is because there were criminal actions taken level I level. Johnson has actually or bury Brno but he jagr who are running. It yet to tell them. Indies and suppressed evidence destroyed evidence. Fabricated evidence suppressed mentioned in the days witnesses these are all crimes that makes him a century after the fact. Legal term data and shoot anybody that they participate in after the fact. And they are currently system. Guilty and this is what transformed. In merely another Texas I sat in two national crude. It dressing were talking with Jim Morris we come back we're going to going to continue talking about the Kennedy assassination in his book crossfire the plot that killed Kennedy. It's beyond me. Bucks that was a close call your recovering nicely but good thing we got here for that emergency surgery when did it. I feel great now though and here's the bill for insurance didn't cover woods. Well there goes another one. Listeners got lunch in ten minutes. Does this ever happen do you go to the hospital for a little surgery only to be stricken by huge delay this will not anymore with the crap go home surgery can't tell us have. You must sign that doctor 1200 dollars a look at me. A couple of minutes later on the Internet I was pretty sure in my. Appendix polite grab it grab and go home surgery can we got for Christmas in twenty minutes later we are on our way to dinner at the Gartner including this this man. 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The fourth of balloons and on and they decorative crap go cats that are -- look at it all for 1995. Graco and certificate is not recommended for surgeries in some cases indicate your life insurance for your life read your policy for details on side effects include removing organs start. And not live to order yours today. All come back to me Ariel and radio Jason pausing TV Johnson and murder again happy to have everybody along with just Snyder guest is Jim Mars we are talking about his book crossfire of the plot that killed Kennedy. And the idea that this was more than a lone gunman which was the official account for a long time I believe. That may have changed a little bit with a one of the congressional investigations Jim. Did is that is that true did did congress or one point done say there is there was a conspiracy of some sort. Yes Leah house assassinations. Committees house committee on solutions. They concluded that there was at least one shot fired from the infamous Chris oh. But answering an outpatient that we monitor network is probably biggest. So it was delete cargo or portrait shot shall post or book we encourage the Justice Department. Do continued investigation and the Justice Department did no such thing. And faculty in news com pain and there and scientist to try to cull and questioned at two separate. Reports from the accused scientist that said the only question. Four shot. And blow. No you know every car or yeah market for. And your book served as. A source Booker one of the one of the inspirations for Oliver stone's movie JFK which is probably what many of our listeners I have as reference to what may or may not have happened in the assassination of John F. Kennedy Kennedy how much of what we saw on that film. On came from your book and B is you know if you would say is likely or fact. Okay well actually were two books used to support strong region one or Robert. Crossfire of the plot you're Kennedy and my bird deals with what happened with trees desolation and the other brokers on the trial of sessions which are urgent cares and the district attorney in New Orleans actually brought the only court case. In this. Murder. And and that was basically this little story of Jim Garrison and his experiences here which is prosecution in. In New Orleans. Okay I'll take your listeners are and I'm Margaret Trout telling anybody. Egypt today op approach Ers where anybody's book. Is ground troops that actually it is males we got it nailed it in our thing else is wrong I am order I would never should. But I will say this the Oliver Stone movie they've proved that they could not only went up book which person's would say. Had a whole industry needed medical research team and they looked in their contract downstream grossly yeah. They backtracked may they went special look to the same documents public debt in the interview. People I interviewed and that he. Didn't just parrot or about wrote up that day came to their own conclusion in this and act. The tribute to record company matched its. And it's pretty profound and there a lot of really really odd characters so I guess we consider that in retrospect odd characters that were involved. In and that conspiracy is you know through friendly ball were being cold and I mean it was at. The CIA is not known for hiring apprised. Great then that's great solutions and. So the next question is if you know if if most of what we're talking about here in the is is what really occurred in there in the lead up and two in the assassination of JFK. How could people keep this secret for so long if that many people were involved. Well number one they didn't. And I bet there's people that have talked all over the place the problem is that never goes anywhere. That's why I ended up running cross our because I was working on Tuesday full time in the in the belt sort area. And I was coming in contact so many people were given so many leads. In this story and they were just researchers just jamming protections like Ian Jones your show. Bearish Earl. And at at a dozen others and they come and a welcome step but to hear or read then your newspaper now you're here on the national news note. Because there's such tight control over corporate major media in this country. Well and then and then you've got to you know characters like Jack Ruby and do you know what happens to Oswald after the fact was that. Bill. An act by him alone or was he involved missile things well. Oh you know he's actually I have raised snippet of L in failed to interview each. Yeah people have so much to lose your are a true. Come above board the American people never are subject to talk about people and government positions and he said yes. He tried to tell the true. Or carry Margarito called mother love Lee's mother of a sudden is operating on behalf in states government. And this is being supported by. John Newman never respected military historian here cherished. That your use of internal CIA message traffic was able to establish that Lee Harvey Oswald was being. Manipulated used either knowingly or unknowingly about the CIA prior to assess urged. So as you were doing your investigation. I hope for saw how long did it take you to research the book. And death how many how moments did you have probably a lot. Yeah but it is target site because I was on that from the very day it happened in fact I was a porch television. And I know a bit watched television it's things like maybe it in twenty minutes and cleaned it before they finally demand should be stated in masters oh after one. And central and accorsi shot about 1230. Central. And so I was I was probably on that this case we in Kim objecting and it's actually. And yes there were some ma ha moments but it is really took a while the two and two together you have to understand it. United States in 1960 street was just hold the place. That your belt where they still. Why restrooms and colored restrooms you know why dragging them go work. That's are back at us and we roll very shelf a satisfied. And states we. God's gift to world. Crows were just coming out or were true we treated the battled Nazis we do in the battle Japanese imperialists. And so you know we just felt like everything. Oh and keep or. And it was a really earlier COLT slept Trace. Where in John that can scale and it took along trap for people come out of shock and trauma. But I do know that that very weak yen when I was listening to interviewing and when that people locked street. On the ballot stations. And all of sit bidders would be three shots and should force sponsors expect the consensus seemed to be maybe three shots. And almost two and he. To a man or woman in fact I'm watching her future grad former house speaker right now are I am this service. Back and charge NASCAR their hand in these car. And he's added that he heard three shots in a pretty old mind and out he should be shot. And out palos in the into shots power Powell went on top of each other. Well he admit that time yes I was young and and not been hunting. Bolt action Apple's. I mean I was brought up and actions are okay. And you know get a pap palatable election you have start the ball objective Dujail. And then you know chamber a new round and then regain your side picture and so you know the best you get the ball actually grappled this. Each such. High and it and so I'm they're somewhat right. They're dungy and pull on right there we gotta we got a ticker tup audio break we'll pick it up when we come back it's beyond reality radio right effectively. Jim Morris. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary done but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the climate is guaranteed. The next Eric Kahn is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest info visit the website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there and. No Leo radio can't songs Jimmie Johnson we've got a great guests and great conversation going on tonight is Jim Morris we'll get back images the second. I'm coming up tomorrow Nigeria we've got to deal would Weatherly depend on the program before precast yet Davids are returning guess he spent his life exploring the world of the strange investigating the supernatural and colonel mole com hit he'll be back on the unreality reviewed to continue this discussion that we started about a year ago Jim talk Campbell black eyed children in strange intruders he's also going to be joined by Ross Olsen who's a co authored a book with them on haunted hole ladies. So definitely going to be an adjusting to that's got a creepy written all can. Two through their children's strange entered Iranian haunted toys yeah that's that's just terrifying subject that's right. And Thursday night we've got Kelly coffee coming on she's gonna YouTube channel called tell me in the raw to be talking about. Being psychic and paranormal and a whole bunch of other lifestyle things that total help you improve your life. On the fundamentals of media nanometers in its conference so if you haven't yet make sure you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page. As of next week where to start popping up on other stations all across the country so makes feel like that page so we can keep you informed before popping up on different stations coming up in your area or. You're listening online not on one yet we should be in the near the near future so it makes you like to FaceBook page we keep informed dinner telephone numbers 844687766. And if you'd like to get in and talk with us in a chat about whatever we happen be talking about whether guest Jim Mars it's time. I know we do have a couple of calls will get to those when we Kendall let's bring Jim back in Jim we're talking about. Obviously the Kennedy assassination and your book crossfire the plot to kill Kennedy. On questions I have is in this is going to be an obvious statement but it is torture comment on it. This or does approve her film which. The government and the officials and those who might have been responsible for this certainly didn't count on how did that change things. Well another candidate on it but it jewelry number across. A Kennedy you all of these. Information about even the super has been doctored. In their you'll find an eleven Hollywood. Video and currency GI experts examined certain frames expert elements that's very. Very crude. Shake OK they painted steps in there and it's still slow work. So you can't even trust the super. You know I wanna mention about a year's show LT. Beyond reality. A place some Opsound. And map fifty some odd years as a journalist. There is no such thing as a reality okay maybe we need change dictionaries and we need change from a singular reality. To coral realities. Okay. The coast country out to use is not real key for me trio keeper he's now LT for. Somebody else and I got all of this actually many many years ago working for the bench Alton. Paper okay. In the morning to be huge say in. Office building talking to the president. While biggest bank in the city Ian and his opulent office. And that afternoon on behalf of the projects that interview and welfare mother and became very clear to me that those two. Two individuals did not live in the same reality you know and and I think particularly true for everyone. That's why I of course. And a way to script because this would give your. Beyond reality programs so much it is the coast everybody's just shot an air but it goes story here but got 2% perspective. That's that's really good Betsy. We're dealing with different realities. And we need to do you get away from yet the images should all be just more reality Brcko after all it's. So if I could just bring you packed and has approved a film different justice. I'm trying to get away from that but I can't. I just I've got two more quick questions in them gonna change we're gonna talk about alien agenda bid but. What is what was the history of the as a Porter film was a C was the camera sees right away from Abrahams of Kruger and how long was it before the public sought. Okay well the public and it's gotten four. About shifting or sixteen years. That's the thing to do if they have the public dementia as a burger trio at that time there would be sheer people. In to process and here. Because it's quite obvious that he has knocked it left career. Of the car which obviously means you shop rite for a madam but to answer your question. Yeah yeah and they know about his superiors and that we can and they try to try to play action Alice. That period them. And developed and process the A no later. Failed with that anybody that they can try and could do that and so. Nation well okay we're gonna on Monday will. Goal at seven and he'll sit and there's three copies or Alice. We now know that Hamburg surreptitiously. Sent to upper state New York. Took place column or cap plan and ask where they develop it and that's where a lot of people suspected it states. Manipulated. Are to some degree or another. And in fact inmates store reports. And none of this known until recently again it's all detailed up across our. But for example at the airport overhead shot. There's in all of the people sentiment partly answered yeah huge gaping. Poland right rear portion of this here in yet in his production and there's just too big black blob. Blob there and they some factors. Exit is not okay and that's where that's where these experts it let's were expended over. The defects in the skull. And so see they've been around her rot away in they missed it right. Now here's what changed in only China and never was seen by the public but on Monday they had some copies in Dallas and one news. Dan rather. Managed to get in and watcher writing of this troopers. And go back in ray and and this is broadcast. He didn't on radio and legacy thing anyway but he was describing where he's on spurred. And it does a pretty good job and pretty accurate job up to support of the fatal hit shots. Initiatives. And his head is driven for which considerable. Which of course anybody's in as Bertram knows that it was these temperature options. He was grown we're rear. Tremendous. Slow. That was kind of where it was left until about 1970. In there was some actual TV show in a reason that reason we got to see it is for them. Is because. Jim Garrison distribute New Orleans so candidate from China life that all of Europe to right student. And then set on it. Seniors and back in the late sixties when he was prosecuting a businessman earned. A New Orleans place shop. As being in any immunity claim she should play shot shot anybody be claimed he was part of the plot. And date subpoenaed this would curtail. And time last fought at all where industry and orange recourse in nope sorry that's legitimate span you're ash true. So it turned over this kind of bad third generation copy. To Jen Gerson and of course what he got it in here but it meant a copy starts oh and about nineteen mesh and fab. And they actually hear it on late match two. On a talk show. That television and that Chavis perfume Gupta even piecing bring. Mount final question about the JFK assassination number gonna move on talk about aliens but when you're doing your research and following this trailed did you ever. Encounter any resistance or feel like you were threatened in anyway. Katyusha count them. I don't realize I don't recall ever being in directly or Friday our it's interviewed him cola. Mobster want them we had dinner in and it's weird because if you know regard journalism if you're gonna Spiegel record need to get that agreement up for a right. And at least be agreement and and you say it you know your source psych book every occasion step but it soft record you can quote me and if you agreed that. The unique statement urging receive this can never show any. Yeah me. Just started all this stuff. And ended in the British did you bring man named in this market and she's proud and it broke we were. But anyway and then let them out there and I have some people out of big app our lawyer. But no me on the street and Adams say. You know maybe you ought not be right name but it can use escalation option wanna be where now you're making some people upset that the petroleum. That the that the and I'm technology in net to. I don't consider that. Great values group should actually try and give me some of the guys that play. I had the newspaper cramming in let them out on the trail. Huge story still use or and so I'd just have to keep after. Lest changes subject to aliens in your book yelling and agenda talked to us about. X to trust rules I am and I think you talk about the fact that not only do they visit but they're actually living among us. Yes I suspect gesture although let me start almost thing as far as I'm now. I have reversing a year ago or today seeing some berries strange crazy lights. But I wouldn't dare to try to take it. Caribbean as satellite could be some kind of aspire well. And as far as I'm Alan nursing and as well there are certainly some people and I have answers questions. But yet the reason I'm no. This is real and that they're probably here. It is not because of any map personally cherish that because she's two years news this talked to many people. Air traffic controllers. Military pilots. Commercial pilots scientists. Military people. Police officers. And after awhile they tape these outrageous stories and you begin to roll as you know all these people keep the nets they can all be crazy. So yeah it's an insult her and tried you know we had some very powerful people. Tell us and try to tell us that LG throws president Jimmy Carter beat him in front of Reagan talks about. You know trip from space you get poll had earlier news that Defense Secretary candidate for years you should other real. He got the the astronaut. Orchard Mitchell. Was the sixth man welcome and he should we got technology for met aliens. I have spoken to people met in May be commanders and he went on space mission. It took him to do in both places at Britney is out upper coast. Of being this source beyond ever. And yes disk that was very serious and hit it. Grouping strong credentials. And you know. How can you know warmer say well he's just arteries. Crazier. By Stefan I don't there's too many people talent Jimmy stories. And I guess on train his workers smoked fish are. So yes I believe there or amnesty. And it bit here's the good news record again news is I don't think we have to worry about space invasion. Cadillac can succeed depicted in the eighties like. Independence Day really you know. Huge. Armada is news saucers countdown abort hooker thing killer but he. I don't agree afterward that that reason I must say that is because. What you really studied the issues you're gonna try and that there have been reports. Things planned to scratch and we're looking at humanoid creatures being seen and sometimes human talked to. That go all the way back through recorded human history. I mean you can go back to the flying shoe deals reported by the Romans you can go back to the flying coach reported the agent egyptians. You go back to the Bible. We're Ezekiel says safari where you're came in that scheme out Kerry did city in rounds. Two or Jamal ran out. And then you go all the way back to the world's first great civilization which predates. Bobble by about 4000 years. And you've got deuce these American culture. That was there in Mesopotamia. In the Bible college cal Dele. It is still it's its wreckage where it is and that should interest in that made America correct you as one of the few places on the world that. We really can't just freely travel to and he. And yet tests were owe began and in the this Marion culture than a year. We which you know more about them their moral ever know about future actions of Romans because there are now paper app is work. And got you know it deteriorated over time our got burned up and more fires and everything else. But that you should Americans. Wrote down their language acute form. In clay tablets and and by argument stone. Anders. Probably have from the get. Still around some more and they're buried in the basement some museums around the world and only about 20% of them have been trashed it. And that they were only discovered only began translating them back in the mid eighteen hundreds so I didn't even been met on Barack. But what if stranded is I don't several occasions several places in there. Writings they say that 300 and try trapped thousand years ago the NN Iraqi chain. Well anarchy translates as those who came from the heavens landed on earth so all of sudden we got. You know. Really good evidence. That this whole thing about ancient astronauts each aliens may be and maybe a reality. Oh but what do you think when it comes down to people like Stephen Hawkins whose recommending we not send out signals and let everybody know we're here because. We need to be worried that they even if something does come here and it would it might come here first often hostile. Means or might come here looking in us as a lower type of life form. And I'm leading into things arrived from slavery on down. Well I think that's a prudent. Position. However again I thank you is Stephen Hawking is normally yeah. The perception that nobody's been here before then as legislator and public evidence proves that there's been somebody here. As far back is that very origins of human kind. So world I don't know archer reached. We wanna do that rent which can bring this to your dad's attention. Old orchard to your brother Greg Borchardt one Borchardt two. Were shot displaced back in nineteen should be shot. And Boca Merck map outside of our sources so we are or that we already have achieved essentially yes in Hirsch Diller travel. And I think both are still operating although orchard to has to shoot a really interesting things about it number one. And baby are it's still sending signals back to Europe. But somehow the code has gotten. He faced. Some lines have been substitute for heroes. And they're getting all of this information back written nobody can translate. The banner code they can't translated systems are Rivet then some people involved in this. And that issue say you know no way it is just gonna happen and is almost is that somebody's best. Barack Obama has changed. Also on orchard true which is mapped out be on the super well. They have this golden disk. Which is like big big beard golden record. And it's cut they depiction. But he her. Male or female. And it's got diagram chart showing that were in the group of third planet from Mars. And I think there's a Stephen Hawking start Bradley on morning maybe we shouldn't be given Ahmard drifts in level I don't know exactly where we are. It retrenching is also on this record or styles that they recorded from the earth there's some animals like out. And a music of course in nationally they have. Beethoven and Brahms Chopin success matches and their music but also on board is Chuck Berry at. Plain and Johnny be good at it. And I just can't help but wonder we're in advance civilization out there's a bank and they. Mass detector are little space probe and they're able translated it could play ending here. Check buried and down arms maybe you and I don't know if they're gonna wonder about a served up again it of people are true. One of the things we've talked about again in this effort to reach out to other civilizations throughout the U the universe. If one were to find this. Or hear us and decide to visit us and they come here and and they come near earth peacefully. You know one and hasn't been here before assuming there are others are hurting here. You know we could be susceptible to bacteria or virus or disease or something just does you know based on humans do we humans throughout the course of human history. Yeah just like we're. Well we saw happen image you world war world and it reversed you know rather our caller military. And armaments couldn't stop them but the common cold. The common germs. Yeah and and of course a lot of people been telling him about this and amply. A threat slaves don't necessarily have to be. You say vicious attack. You know. They have a brand new addition of battlefield earth Al. Read that back in its first came out and it was they worldwide bestseller. And it's all about her premium taken over by unions split in in this case in battlefield earth. It's not like they come and just blow up or hit it it's. The inner lactic. Bankers and loan money to be inner Galactica. Mining corporation. To comment strip land and resources of the earth. But are under contract and there are times frank. And they're at central lead there I am because of these pesky humans okay so they had to go to another planet. Cycle at which it slowed the protest is one letter away from Shaq who's. And they brought these huge daily and so eager to try out. He shaped a human population and when battle Schiller takes places like the year 2000. They've been here like a thousand years. And it's just. Holder thing in and where it is that it is just debate is just the OK then got a contract so you know and if they don't Specter then land in the media ownership and here is gonna Robert Rector and collected bankers and they sell at auction. Do has bitter so. They're really kind of under the dances but he. So it was root required for looking. Book and tractors just in their liking and they'll radios. And archives they were very futuristic. And looking forward. And they have a nude 2016. Addition. Outfielder fab in fact they also have an audio book. And yeah I like almost every other record got some actor read the book to. This and they actually have 68 characters. Actors just playing 150000. Sound effects and a musical score written specifically for. This audio book and contracted Wendy yeah. And the award for best audio book group 2016 from. Audio file mine using. And I was impressed it across. When I was a kid I had to date so you're young period there was no television. And I don't mean my approach to our power company there was no television or. And I would listen to radio and at this gangbusters in the shadow and you know all of these radio problems. And it was really cool because you can later. This you know you picture everything was going on in your area. And I am just I'm afraid that a lot of younger people day haven't had that experience because they've been a deep V and these. It to negotiate a monster you actually see the monster in port. Hold on there yeah hold on three Jim we got to take a break we'll pick up the left off it's beyond me. Beyond reality rated Jason James Dean who has denied is just flown by our guest is Jim Mars are we talking about JFK moment argument only against. Most recently we are talking about the book battlefield earth which has been re released and that's got some additional content I know. The website is battlefield Earth's dot com notes on Amazon infected some special and Jim on. That you were kind of pointing out that there's some. Perfect witness if that's a corporate to work out what's in that book and what we're seeing happening now. Well let's strip you know would be after all its corporate ruled. And Edwards finished about that is that. You know you're either term fascism and gravel lot. Well fascism by a dictionary definition is the combine and power state and incorporate. Corporate power. But Mussolini. The neat commercial in Italian dictator there were two. They credit him with the term fascism because that comes from his lectured it. But she used as a carrying yet ms. himself you know fascism is probably not correct term. He should not think the more correct term as corporate to corporate it is. And I just as you'd met pretty much where we see happening in this country. No interest in perspective on that when we come. Talk about. Alien. Sightings UFO sightings in and we move the conversation to crashes you put a particular emphasis on the or Texas UFO crash. That's true have been looking at that since 1973. And backhand laden network my tepid known. The thing that makes it really interest in news that it was actually covered. In the newspapers of the time Booth and the Palestine and Earl now mourning news and they'll restore. And it's. This over cigar shaped object can work. A roar early 1 morning and in that added with church structures when mail. And blew it and exploded and and due in 20. Thousands pieces. And and the ballots. Morning news which is don't vocation. Said the pilot. The body of the pilot is recovered that was badly disfigured but enough where is recovered show. That he was not and in Abbott of this world. And there at all was and of course actually that's true then means or something flying to this chasm or objections. Six years before Wright Brothers. So it too many this is the real smoking gun on them. UFO issue because you know everything's tension in everything from while all or cancellation as well solve this buying news. Again I go around when you're going there has brought it blah blah blah you can always argue that it was simply a misidentified aircraft for. Our satellite. Or maybe some in in the you know weapon did we were unaware of but see this happen before there's any thing manmade here so I think as early tells us that there's something very I'm currently going on here. And then shocked occupying you know an historian. In shouldn't be three there are still strict people laughed we've been alive in 1997. And the crash occurred. One woman. Getting a lot of press by her own story had no direct knowledge of it at all she lived where apps out of town. And she's just were called at some at a road battle rushed her father the story he laughs and says knowledge she's such a Joker have sushi all these years lead news just hoax joke. The pin there was no woman. At that time was only about eight years old and she says she heard the crash. And her family all rushed in detail on this it would happen. But she was too young they would let her ago so she says it actually happened although she also had no direct knowledge it. But also interviewed Charlie statement two hours. I young teenager. In 1897. In each city was out. Our early morning during the chores Wednesday at any action so thank auto. It was like sputtering and slowly lowering torching earth is if you lose at some. Problems. And any. The hurt explosion saw smoke and and a from the little camera or. And naturally enough he wanted Russia right out of there you go amount. And committee this is so. Makes a holster or should truthfully if you make and stuff. He was sitting at our branch cannot solve this hustle and bustle manned mostly up but no he shouldn't deadwood living go look at digits and we have to finish the chores. At which is. Very very Rio because in making many seven mineral taxes in viewed and changed George. Change argument to me okay Jews burger important that releases dead came in them and expect. And came back and told him that the missile this material. Lying all around. Also interviewed another Charlotte whose grandfather had been their limo about it. And he brought up something this country thing he said his grandfather. Sid within a few hours or law enforcement people from all over north Texas converging along. Or. Such as well what do you say you're gonna you know where they do to Asia program rather sit you know summer around and okay folks all over back home. He should rest and we're gathering up all this material and throwing in the end wagons. And hard hauling at all so product as a thinker and we're hearing about and maybe one of the early crash perjury and. As any of that material ever surfaced. Oh man up and chase and met since 1970 degree in fact just recently shot deal just sit though I have some of that. But everytime there is kind of like two men in black you know when you're really try to get them true to do it dissipates as of right. A blogger who weren't churches that are in or just down the road or. And on years ago. They were people that are members churches should I when Ashley key and I have some of those pieces. I've kept cigar box and I had some of this. But every time they don't try to find them. Went away. Portman can't just but being so old I mean he gave can be me in the bottom of a show series somewhat or can be anywhere. You viewed as think about it when you were 1012 years so you probably had. Or collection valuable sure cigar box Hershey boxing and I Escude you're still have a no. Maybe go to college your mom goes out. Yeah I've mine was actually I had a bunch of stuff from the old one of those bandied tends to the used to come and tan and very sin but to stuff from their that I treasured but. On you know. Exactly yup the metal and asked him. What are Roswell you brought up Roswell and you know obviously that is the you know that the buzz word for the UFO community how important is the Roswell incident. On this very very important okay. And played arousal. Object opera destroyed just kind of balls down to where you wanna play should trust. OK now you can place your trust in some government announcements and I report that they put out here few years back old. Epic final judgment or something like and it says nothing unusual happen gross. Of course is that there is a glaring lack. Evidence. And from anybody. They just say it didn't happen there's a government match. Actually wanna believe the government announcement you can probably could argue that nothing happened here. But then on the other hand is somewhere where there's probably five or 600 people. On the public record house same levels that are national bodies out picked up bodies epic to wreckage and trucks we ticket to you Roswell army air. Feel them you know taken in the foreword guarded. Anger and excellent they're rob Patterson air force base so you know and his search you won't believe governor for announcements back a little or nothing you can or you can't believe. These fires 600 individuals on the public records and something on earth yet. Paranormal in and the government has her own hidden agendas write him a tougher outs and our aunt and once again technology advances incredibly over the next so many years on it mall that. There's gonna literal explosion of technology since about 92. Thank pretty. And so. And I competitiveness. In them the government. Track record for arrests it is escalation it numbers here. Did you glad it is over and over and over again barb or trust the man. They keep doing it. Were. And they keep due to work pretty much on time here I wanted to give in Minnesota let folks know where they can get more information we do have a number of your books linked on the beyond reality radio website but you've got a web site he got stuff going on tell people where they can get more information about you. Your books where they combine moment stuff. Okay Kennedy assassination yeah close most of all real interest is good stuff but limitation on what college books it would build out years call. Population control. Our corporate owners are killing us. And that's the that's not a metaphor. And I would really encourage people read that because if you don't know which are due in two years through your water your tired actually changed. Then you're putting your owning your albums felt that Korea asked. And you need to find out now coming up pretty soon in the next order after two months is going to be a new book called the element Archie. And nine million like that because it's gonna show. Where I've known for a long time and Lotta people just now are beginning to grapple. Which is some of maladies problems. That we are facing today they didn't just happen okay. They are the results. Long term plan to. To wreck. The cohesiveness in the sovereignty use the United States of America. And force whole world into. What is euphemistically. Called the new world order. And if you wanna find out how that happened it came out and work last handle. Being featured map. Brokerage optical via gene called the body. You travel this album my web site GO Mars dot com that's for us to urgent hours or portion of my books and and here and there were showing at Amazon or any any bookstore. So I would really encourage people to. Or in certain things written it might it might be a real education here. Great thanks Jim we're gonna have you we're gonna have you back as you bring more books on the market and talk about more of these topics it's beyond reality radio I'm Jason GP. After the show what a night Jim Morrison fantastic guest by the way if you didn't catch the website for Jim it's Jim Mars MA RRS. Dot com and there's a lot of great information on their about his books dvds his appearances or whatever he's up to. And his future projects lot of stuff there it's great what's it. Check out you can also go to beyond reality radio dot com and disclosed on the gas tab and it'll pull up but Jim and I'm pretty much taller alas our previous tests that we've had on. And also list a list of his books and links directly to them so he's got some phenomenal stuff he writes on Jim. I mean we didn't get into some of the ratings and he goes on to them about the government doing the the remote viewing right. And just goes on and on and we are saying earlier. Where one of his books was all set to be published everything else and a cap can shut down by the publisher. And strangely amongst leader of the CIA releases all this documents with their own spin on it. About these remote viewing projects that they were working on almost as if they were trying to put the word out prior to letting his will come out and to take steam a lot of. Yeah and so check out his website check out beyond reality radio dot com go to the gets tabbed. You'll see links to his books they're two real easy way to get more information. Now we've talked will rebel when we had Douglas rushed off on a few nights ago a few shows ago and we talked about how technology is changing us as humans and in our society well one throwing Roxy Gould boss analysts yes exactly well there's bene a recent study. Or researchers are really putting that to test. And they come up wins. The medical people are starting to use these words five I think it's five. New brain disorders that are caused by a technology. Yeah well who first called normal phobia and that comes from a kind of an an amalgamation of the words no mobile phobia so not having your phone. It's the feeling of panic. That somebody gets once when they're separated from their phone or tablet in when they don't have the device with them. And there's a panic in and I've seen people do this in and they basically lose control and they did you know everything else is irrelevant to a confined. They're phoning. And then have been in their hands I've seen and I see that happen as well on I've seen people flip out almost as if flake their smokers looking for cigarette and its relation don't have any cigarettes on him. But it's it's actually what their folders and now their idea again Oklahoma getting too much for me to do this are its pen it's definitely and that's a great way to. To bow analogy to make it to it's just like someone who's a good addicted to nicotine trying to find a cigarette. There's another one called techno sirens. And with dad is is it's is the fact that the device itself in her ups their leisure time consulates in the never get constant or. Satisfying leisure time whether it's wins somebody or doing something on the roam the phone or the device is constantly in erupting into civil leisure time doesn't really occur. Yeah I'm sick or resent my mind these chips are just a and the third one is called. It's called the phantom marine. Or foe cell alarmed that all the time I do yet people think that their phone is either ringing or buzzing and it's not. And they're suggesting that. The the actual. If you haven't the phoning your pocket the actual. Rubbing of your phone against your skin stimulates the same nerves. If you're walking say -- city new movie simulates the same nerves as the buzzing would their forwards it's it's a false sense that your phone's on off and that's why the apple watchers on the strings farming because obviously now it's a pressing forward offers check watch but. How many times and literally look at the watch that you might fall off in an effort to. To deceive think the fourth once called cyber Condrey and we all know what a hyper Condrey act is Melissa's kind of the same thing all of though. What happens is people use the Internet to self diagnose and what happens is that you may have a say they have you know stomach ache in the ago. Under the Internet and they say okay stomach ache in the start reading these things and all of a sudden they start thinking they've got all the symptoms. That is are listed under particular condition and are convinced they have their condition when all they really had. Was a stomach ache to begin with is there finally to guy and the Kraft Coca Marshall who went on a researched and found this has had a pen tennis is a annually he's pretty sure it was as it is it pending Saratoga Soviet general because it's so that's one I think a lot of people I know somebody who is suffers from the they're convinced that everything they read on the Internet when it comes to Knowles is something they have and every beat symptom they've got. And the fifth one is called Truman show delusion and it's the false perception that their lives are being broadcast in this isn't really directly related toward devices but it is related to. A media and technical. Dominated world war were caught we've got liquid disturb my earlier it would go webcams on us we've got echoes slices is so strange because I feel like my oh my likes being broadcasted. We are ones for twelve years. I mean like. In between the hours of like twelve and two. Does that too via then the voice now and in fact the our voices on the radio were being sent out into space and you know how we're talking about contacting alien worlds they're gonna hear our voices first started and that's really gonna make him now I'm getting away these terrorists. Are we got a couple minutes left here we do have time for phone call let's go to the phones ring GA and from Florida. Hey guys OK so and response to that effort as modern. If he's related text offered that would be initiative he was and I'm elder. Both from Texas but. OK so that's just coming from. And Axl on the body members is that taking its cue shot. That's part of the Kennedy came from its embassy vehicle that our member. It doc carpenter's they live which state say it actually a documentary. Independence Day Mars attacks in the Twilight Zone episode of two Serb man. I don't know what more proof people need. The illuminati and the powers that be warning possible aliens true intentions are. And as far as we you know we get their technology from that we've had people admitting yes with special military or government. Black ops from what I've. You know they get their technology from the aliens with an agreement that there will never be an admission. There existence. Whether that be alien figure opposed so people keep calling for it they say they want disclosure. Well the economy to be worried about that because if we ever. Do you give disclosure and if we do is probably gonna be a little drip drip drip. That would tell us how close we are. Into and kind of what will. What will come after as what we need to be worried about. I cannot believe he said that there is no limit Adidas government has I can't believe someone of his stature. Which say that to people knowing how people whoever whatever believe have. The illuminati. Represented that pyramid on the back of the dollar bill and we get into the native on the art department because the illuminati is actually with the in the freaknik. Okay and visits from Jewish writers book. Aliens on the Internet for the illuminati big compromise of the Bolshevik accused of old Villa visits Jews of today. Who. Or don't has disparities in biblical times that I bet the Communist almost every government in the world and secret society. That takes out so elusive bird and participate in blood rituals weather's sacrifices. JR we get a we get a cut you off menorah out of time but thanks for the call it's always good to hear from. So again a big shadow goes out to Jim marsh for coming on the hang out with us tonight checked on his website at Jim Mars dot com this Mars with two ours. And tomorrow night we had David Weatherly returning can be talking to us again about black eyed children into strange intruders. Jimmy John Ross LC co author of haunted toys so thanks everybody tuning in today make she had over like the FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio page. We're going to be apparent a lot more stations coming up really soon is Jason JVB on reality radio catch you tomorrow night. It's. It. It's. Yeah he's the HQ wrestling and say hello it's me I'm really read you only learn. If you've got information you want. To follow along or he liked being Gaston beyond reality really email to swing any. Let's swing any EDD wine and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.