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ACSO's Art Forgey talks public safety

Mar 6, 2017|

Bob Rose - March 2 - 8AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News talk. The stocks. Yeah. Good morning welcome nice. Strides in progress it is 906 a time Jack brought to you by prestige pays Jewelers were the answer is always. Yes. Art for years here from led to a county sheriff's office and art how you do in the morning. Hey thanks for ebony Bob appreciate being here little shout out the sheriff was not available to come today. Why is she avoiding us lieutenant governor had some emergency surgery so let's let him get well quick and and come back shout out a lot about their share of weary issue why is she hiding from us that she's not hiding bad. I can tell you one thing harsher appeared the last two academies these busier than any one person. Anywhere she two losses in fell off road show. Surely woods may end up here. Yeah dad yeah I'm sure she's listening I. And that's. She had a prior commitment today and was unable to make it that she has a debt to send her best of both you Ngo. Now I think you owe us at least one more of those get out of jail free cards and we'll call it even. Our unity attendance you know 2000 dollars you raced tip top that you had not to Longo that was at the steak house the attacks thrown out. Yes absolutely we have a wonderful wonderful community here that. Shows up when when that we ask for help. They show weapon have open their wallets up and they're willing to help then that is probably the best part about working in this community is the people. And it wasn't me and a police weren't like asking for money because they don't think they're getting paid enough they might think that that the money actually went to Special Olympics. Yet all went to Special Olympics all a 100% of it to. Not only Special Olympics but the Special Olympics athletes from here in a latch cam now that's awesome all right good work. Let's see. There's going to be a a big fire. Yes they a very big fire we're concerned about it. We're definitely monitoring this being well managed but we will definitely. Monitoring it do to. What happened a few years back believe it was 2011 and we had a big crash there on the interstate talking about a. But this is a controlled burn. The takes place on part of paints prairie which actually is a big safety issue up a controlled burn is a good thing. But you can't always control everything that's gonna happen from from wind perspective and that's very low area and. Exactly exactly they they anticipate. It's starting it at hand tomorrow. Based on the forecast that they have yesterday when when I spoke to them. Tomorrow during the day they expect the smoke to impact the walker who your road in 121 area. Tomorrow night. Though luckily it erodes already only like six feet wide yadier battle smoke in there. Bats and becomes a deal even more dangerous fluoride and exactly exactly. And there have predicted shift tomorrow evening so there are a little concerned about I 75 they'll have the billboards up and going. Both us and Florida Highway Patrol will be monitoring it. And it's going to be quite a site. Pay attention because in some of these areas not too far from here but also been doing some road construction and Elaine page thing. So we're you know people are gonna go oh yeah that's like the lane paving thing that regularly travel there might not be really. Pay attention right. Yeah exactly and I have a feeling that that. That the way they're gonna start this fire is gonna cause some on looking and all it's going to be kind of unique due to. You know all the water that's on the grain just don't what are its regulatory jab that that it's it's basically a point or they're gonna use out of the helicopter collide its like gods don't lie. Right yeah and. Yet another probably you know professional do over the Hewlett torched two actually start to fires because Al austere and get to it there's other methodology they used in the past but. They're still a lot of thought I guess it blotter in its dampened what having the lecture help this time exactly a lot of water on the ground underneath the vegetation. All right which makes it grow faster which then it dies in manages and you have a fire when you know mountain while wind and it's worse etc. how exactly. All right so that's a great safety thing. Telling about dubbed. The car burglaries. I know that's that's is hitting everywhere it seems like and I believe it was a caller earlier says something about they're there in his neighborhood. And the break like on a regular basis and they're not just like going to open car doors if they're not as they are not unlocked a break in windows are doing damage to steal and stuff. Andy says so their answer to was somebody put out signs about locking your doors. Yet you know. It's kind of unusual for them to break windows typically they don't do that. You know typically if the window gets broken it was because something of value was laying in plain sight. Usually they're the call car hopping and they just walked from court according car Lipton up on the handle to see if it's unlocked. There are some of values in the window get broken. The night before last week caught two people that were actively doing that in the brought more area. That also tied back into several GP deep burglaries that they were working to. Also and you just don't busted those Tuesday night you got them yes Tuesday night someone in a statement to the same ones that word maybe that's what he was referring to this is that's considered a northwest area yes yes it would be okay. And and to go right along when that last night. Are patrol deputies caught a gentlemen back in the same neighborhood where he was caught. Over a year ago was sentenced to prison Ford at that time for a stealing a vehicle and breaking and vehicles. And lo and behold last night he broke into a and Gainesville police patrol core. And when deputy rolled up they found him standing next to his truck with the door opened and property from that patrol car. Meaning so he missed his three square meals and Agassi wants to go back to the big house I guess bizarre lodging there was a lot better than he could find. Elsewhere and he was breaking into a police car at the I'd imagine the policeman's residence yes yes. Oh OK now that's front back and leg away I don't know what you call it. Moxie courage Shia are rages behavior I mean now. You know if if if caught somebody like breaking into when your vehicles. And your citizen what he's supposed to do. You know if you come out and you know first of all I'm gonna throw in their don't leave anything of value insight Lockett. Leave the outside light on that make you less of a target because. People concede around that if you see somebody breaking into your vehicle. I know the knee jerk reaction is well. You know I'm gonna pull my gun out and it's live it's its property the best thing is to pull your cell phone out. If you can't take a picture that person. If you can't call 911. Let us come into the area we do a good job of catching people that's what we're in the business or. And you know if if there are doing your car they're probably doing others. Would a citizen be allowed to likes try attempt to subdue that person analysts say it is in my house say some fifteen year old kidneys to run around doing a you know trying to get in these cars. What can you try to hold on their walk on 91 monitor 'cause work. Yet you you can try to hold on there you know I I would caution you that. You don't wanna assault them in the process of doing that but that there is no reason why you can't hold them there or call it's a come and get these folks. One I'm holding him by his ear and he resists and strikes me that that's assault first tonight and tell area. Yeah I mean you can protect yourself against your heart I always you're asked to go back at me and do recorder now you can't you can't absolutely protect yourself right and you know it's frustrating and I don't want to I don't wanna citizen to get into big trouble. Because of something that is a pesky problem it's a real problem. But you still you don't wanna get yourself in trouble and yes there's little spots and you don't want it there's absolutely a lot of difference in somebody. Breaking into and coming into your home and human fear of that and that somebody breaking a window on your car to get the loose change in the in the drink holder. Well what was. The murder suicide took place in hidden oaks what's the story behind that. Very tragic. A tragic tragic all the way around. Couple had just been married a week ten days. And he apparently shot her and killed her said via a mobile home on fire to try to cover his tracks. I led the same. We had some witnesses that in there. We gained some evidence that also pointed him. We put issued a bolo be on the look out for me to law enforcement both our folks and our detectives actively honing. About 4:30 in the morning one of our detectives actually found hand at the Holden park boat ramp where he. Has succumbed to self inflicted gunshot wound to it. Mouth. Eight issues that have to do a teen drivers we can all relate to that postings of surveillance photos and videos. Let's get to all that next on a Bob wrote shows we consider. Continue our conversation. The last two county sheriff's office spokesman art for he next right here on news talk 97.3 this guy. Mean is not gonna secure our border if the government's not gonna keep blessing it is now boy. Point three this guy and. And then. Exactly wild about Rochelle live and local thanks to 2 AM time check brought to you by prestige Hayes Jewelers where the answer is always yes art for gay and house from lead to a county sheriff's office and we've got a lot to talk about what's good teen driver. You talk about the class. Yet that the class we hold it about once a month. Awesome awesome class it's out on the driving pad out Santa Fe. Community college out of the police institute so. These these teens are getting actual driving instructors. And they're getting do maneuvers that you know we train our folks to do so and teach in the New York. Don't teach him that but we do teach him how to recover and Internet on their you know how to when they ran off the road and and we take them out on the skid pad then they get a lot of experience that they wouldn't get a lot of experienced here a mom and dad's car. You don't give a cop car we area we don't let him chair of the cholera we keep control Bob. I just wanna give us both a chance to go live the movie super bad over that's all I try to. On so this team Java program has probably really expensive. Absolutely free. No cost it is usually Friday evening and all day Saturday the whole day Saturday is spent on that driving pat in that. I really wish that are dry it's. One thing today and I wish to fight to do it all over again I've I would force my kids to do it down to you know nice I give Mike a choice and I should've done it because. The EU can't there's no. Real world experience that they can get doing that it's not been going to be in a very dangerous scenario. Yet the experience they gain that that may save their life and my youngest son actually went through it and I actually ride with him he's the better driver he learned a lot. Well their little brains and no offense and trying to be. They unit dagger date them but did did their brains are wired a little differently and it never experienced. Mass and speed most of them. Mass and speed they don't understand that slamming on the breaks and how much distance you cover. And then if it's slick and how far you could slide on wet surfaces. And and they needed a couple times and eight manic panic get it like all because of the first time they feel that sensation in music doesn't go. Yet that's exactly right that that class is actually preventing teen tragedies in teen deaths by. Giving them real world experiences that they can use when they hit the road and is probably one of the best programs that we can offer the community. That's why leg at least my kids you know I Enron and dirt bikes and they were Lewis to play get so they at least had that. General idea of you know speed of and wait and all that and what happens and yes it hurts when you fall down yes that's. Tell me about the suspect you guys found in a tree that's pretty gets. Believe it was Sunday night. The Gainesville police department got a call of a kidnapping. One of the patrol officer saw all the vehicle the suspect vehicle initiated a pursuit that pursuit rained down 441 in the Micanopy. We assisted. GBD working together set up a perimeter that DS suspect actually fled from the vehicle. Let it didn't even bother with park and it can you imagine that. Let it letter rolled to a stop. But most of the cars in me now parked themselves to shed. Well he climbed a tree and actually. We had dogs tracking and all the helicopter arrived with their about. Or four minutes and saw him on the flir which is the forward looking infrared radar hot spot. Soft spot it coincided with a tree to the guys on the ground and lo and behold there he was in the tree so it was over with quick. So next time you think about kidnapping somebody wrap your body and tin foil and then put your jacket on over it and that'll defeat era. Heat seeking device absolutely and I am I defeated because that tin foil still gonna get hot. The only people that would try is people that are wearing tin foil hats you know we actually halfway there. We actually won an award are our pilot Brett wrote Niger and and I'm Richard Brey won an award from flir because back and best buy was broken into a few years ago. They actually use that fleer and located one of the suspects in a retention pond. Trying to hide any candidate you want as he was like got in their pretty low oh absolutely yeah sooner that you know that you can't hide from it. Major Charlie Lee is retiring. What a oh what a asset to the citizens in the sheriff's office. A man years and years of experience he's done everything the sheriff's office. Ray and the canine unit and patrol. He's done everything. The sure tasked him with taking over the jail and running it managing it. He retired. Once already used the best candidate for the job the sheriff talked him into coming back he came back and run it for a couple years and and finally said enough as an. And enjoy retirement but yeah you statue down Dublin and you know we we are losing a wealth of knowledge and and a man that has really done great things with that jail who's taken as soon. Possession and Jeff clue here has been named the new major out there captain clue here is. Not gonna miss a beat. He's the president I. A corrections. Group now so very lofty. Position. And you know we're not gonna miss to be with him. Yeah we know they're all exposure job out there accreditation and all those things have always gotten a very high marks so that's so that's excellent all all. Collison a run at a time this was a great I case of the guy streaming court proceedings yes I this happened locally and I talked about yesterday a little bit. And the judge sentenced him immediately to what he give them like a year and a half or something I believe this five months and 29 days okay just less than half a year yes I'll tell Ed quickly fill people it he's watching the proceedings right. But what. What could have been going on was that he could be using this as a way to intimidate possible witnesses on an attempted murder case right. Yet that's exactly what he was doing it for and trying to should boost niches and different things that were testifying that that was his goal. One of our detectives sought being strained he called our core security. Folks they just casually walked through the court and found him doing that and he was immediately sentenced by the judge right there on the spot that. It is okay John hesitation method. The judge also asked him you know what you're doing seven relied for toy making up. Ayman uses for like a music video or something I'm just recording audio when you find out there actually he was faced looking lies. That of course he irritated to judge because you're doing some wrong and you're lying about it which makes you think that yeah you're like tampering or possible other things. Kudos to that judge hammered him hard right there on the spot. Guess my full support. Yeah it you know that is something that we're very aware of and we're seeing that type of stuff went. You know gangs or involved and their initial read your retaliation intimidation absolutely. And you'll never get any wit decision never give people to come forward thirty scared to death. Absolutely judge did absolutely the right thing in my opinion. Yeah I could do us good deputies found it blistered due in relative everybody's paid attention a lot of it. What is posting of surveillance photos and videos and set about. We we're gonna make a concerted effort to get a lot more of those up on our FaceBook site so we're looking for a detectives out there in the public to help us. So ten and and become a friend of our Facebook's site follow us and asked if you can help us identify some folks. Don't tell program where people who have. Cameras on their property can kind of law again and say hey I'm not participating citizen or whatever and for crimes committed near their property. When you guys Mike over there and say hey let's look and see what you have. You might have caught this guy driving by running by right we knew we do it's called the sheriff's like tonic guy and they can register their cameras with us. Go to the electric county. Sheriff's office web site is that right exactly there's a little like on you can click on right they're registering. Those I cameras are so inexpensive now a lot of people are using them I think is a great crime fighting tool it's crying catching you know solving crime. Kind of a tool as well so yap you wanna get involved in that absolutely pictures worth a thousand words. Anything else you want to add before we close up no just thanks for having me and enjoy coming and visiting UJ. I'll end you pass the audit these guys set a professional audit done fifteen years and marvelous years no findings and yet the county commission still wants to poke in our finances. Mean. Big Brother you know. Yeah and they'll we we know the that we know what the weather's like around here we don't climates like. My aunts and has not always gotten. You know fair treatment from those in power here very unfortunate very unfortunate yeah and that's good for the citizens either. All right thank you art for a spokesperson for the LA to a Kenny. Sheriff's office it is 930 on news talk 97 point through this guy coming up plus fifteen minutes things that make you smiling on.