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Going ga-ga all night for new Healthcare?

Mar 9, 2017|

Jay Anderson for Bob on the 3-9-17 Bob Rose Show, 6am hour

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's. Welcome to the Thursday edition of the program good morning my friend today as the Bob Rhodes drove from Maine here man. He's but the bike week. Had not played told him. He'd be back on Monday. John Anderson here for bureau listening pleasure or listening aggravation. Try to bomb what side of the issue are what comes to have a capital made all bank. 877 W sky talk 8779759825. C a opening up of the skyline run away a lie. I got nothing any gut it's all boring and dull moment. Really to Craig put up sell to show us that. Yet I get Tallahassee at the legislative session underway. L Scott given the state to state on on Tuesday only gets he had some things there. You got till Clinton. Republican obamacare. Right may have passed ruled all of the ways and means to Mayo Ways and Means Committee or whatever laws stayed up all night last night finally passed a Lou wont to dill. Apparently it's even worse and obamacare. Now what OK you're still keeping kids ought to look what he sex. Do you you don't too bad that right you'll you're aware that that's not a good thing. One not 36. Pat make it 46 I get all apparent not disturb both holed up there on like. Medicare right now. What does he did that. What does he kept eating keep your kids to their 56. On your health care plan and that way would you like retired and went on Medicare will then be kids could just get on the Medicare plan as well they'd never leave home you know. Yeah there there's a solution right there. The look of the Medicare it's a bad idea. Get the kids all freely his buddy get kids Diop. Roller ghost college ever got keep sick there's hippies all over the University of Florida campus where in Red Shirts and I'm wearing goofy looking hats. There's me visually Gilligan did get to class of the three jobs and end and then they're evil white male corporate employers recover their health care. Not mommy and daddy and Dillard 46 years all. But I digress. Preexisting conditions yeah a look I think you have to keep that in some way shape or form I think you need to narrowly define pre existing conditions. Again let's pretend there never was obamacare. Those of marketplace you buy health and try to get through your employer you'd tell your employer an adult wanna help draw a moderate as he wanted to. And I'm not my biggest perfectly healthy. I'm 42 years old I've never seen a doctor my entire life of their old dumb anyway. Except for the doctors is this program reports and sure your Berry company jobs. Anyway long story short I have a thing in my throat I've confident it bothers me for live finally breakdown after a month and a half decide associate doctor. And it turns out I have like a stage for tumor in my Furl. Then I get on the phone I called the insurance company by one health charts. I don't think that should be necessarily that that should be pre existing dish it that is not Covert. Because if you willfully refused to get health insurance. And a wait till they catastrophic thing happens. Head to little bit weak to say L help idea a hundred bucks a month from my insurance. And a newcomer but 90% of lieu of the cost. But. They have high blood pressure on medication for B will regulated to take carrier high blood pressure issues. You lose your job. You're out of work for free months. Japanese savings again I keep things gallon. Then all of a sudden you find a new job. And the interest of the now Sar man you got to sell high blood pressure that Nana Nana Nana Nana and what does your moral serve palsy or Soledad would have a bigger it's all kinds are there all has a preexisting conditions and it should be copper. Though the 46 thing definitely needs to go. Or should be phased out. In some sort of McGill methodology were okay old go to 46 and ended by twenty eighteen. It's 45 but 4090 the other moved little down the line. We just have to ordered 57 billion jobs created in the first bulletins from presidency. Well let's get crack a lacking on getting these kids jobs. And our own health insurance. Would talk about Doggett and on the line all right and what's a good healthcare good lord at what's going on. And try to start. I believe they ought to look at what Republicans are brainstorming in your parents turn dude because they don't give to go back on their kids insurance banks. That's not a bad I had them. But only if you were a kid there had to stay on their health than Tiago again if if you get out you know college runaway and you look up to good job but you're you're 2122 years old. The your own health and at oak that's one fact. Severe drain a mommy and daddy's pockets for what warriors air to get out of school we should be like you know get a job not the fluid removed its roof. If you find yourself on a job. And a gap. It's not bad. You still led jurist earlier 46 file what your parents third 55 her select items that can they get a goal and your insurance boom. Many enable both I alike and now. I'll Ottawa before predicts a supposed to do this frequently it says here NH RA Gator nationals one week from today they get underway. That's right you wanna go core Cilic now what are Communist. Only come easily goes to the NH all right. It here get it okay to get a key court do to solve all those past we were to Whittle it to next week as well. Go to the sky's website vol sky 973 dot com Basil link you click on in the neck. For it to go to the page you got a man right I've got to go because it's like can't win I don't care how the part of the process works right up front. Click on the link and it's gonna ask you name a bubbly get to key awarding your keywords for today is real WH EEL. We'll all. Guys look bad and and what 930 you'll do fine and after a winner and already do ticket so all the rest of the weakened through. The vast majority of next week your keyword for today is we Ole. Pennington gets Gator nationals to its. Always a good time there Gator nationals. That that's one of those events like you know it's an incredible bad to begin with. Now granted I've never been there on a Sunday. It's also one of the way old bulls. Will run and regulated events and so far as as a fan getting gain in getting out of that thing yup. A big kudos let me let me you know suck up to be liked what county sheriff's office they do a heck of a job. Net net traffic and I do that's a whole mess of people. Did you notice that. Old less people showing up OC Gator nationals and really it's it's a great setup I have but again they're key word for today. Is we you'll. Coming up also look literal of the program we're gonna have but corals Alec aim at 8 o'clock. I made touched on this briefly today but I probably won't. Second Amendment bills in the state legislature look like they're dead again. Take a wild guess if you thought South Florida Republican you might be right on that. We might get an of that a little bit later on the program might do have a Chris Wagner scheduled Dubya the program tomorrow morning. Talking about that as well. All that a lot more skill to get to 615 all on and his. On Friday from portrait of sky Thursday morning Jane Anderson. And it's from off road show. 641 of those guys it is slow your Thursday morning Jerry Anderson here's Bob Rochelle Bob's doing mile bike week saying Nicki mentioned Fogg got no luck coming in this morning. Yeah pat coming on 26 from from Trenton. Actually once I got past Newberry at a travel at Newbury and people's lives and has drove. It worked about as well. I wouldn't recommend it okay. Oh there were a few thoughts I heard along the line. Sunscreens mine not too bad I don't really worry about X must close I'm not a little looked like. Be careful out there and done well still dark he shouldn't headlights on production of the explain that you now but. If you haven't look the house getting gonna believe and play an hour or so yet keeping headlight talk it's going to be. Three piece suit bearish anyway and parts of the sky listening area on your morning commute. I a couple of different things I have on the agenda for today Republicans again they they picky about what this beginning of a repeal of obamacare. Here's one of the problems what that you know there's there's a lot of problems what it and obamacare was not necessarily. At all what we need to deal. And and this might be still Obama's legacy. Because the only real direction you can go and from where we are right now obamacare. Is the single Payer system and what they wanted all along you put into a pretty hideous government plan. That annoys the heck out of everybody. And after appears OK you know what it's a let's just do what every other major industrialized a bubble bubble blah. Because the Republican Cleland what we talked about this the first like but you could still keep kids on to a 26 that's not a good thing. You have the biggest job creating tight mentality president of this country's ever had in the White House right now. Create them jobs get those kids on their own health care plan. All you've done which I kind of agree with the news. You've taken away. The penalty. Four solid net not I'm assuming that means foreign this come in this current calendar here. Silly if you haven't filed your taxes yet for April. By April 15 and you don't have health care coverage last year I think you might still be screwed because it's you'd yeah now yeah as psychic impact last year she is still gonna hold a government few thousand dollars for not haven't covered for your fairly Vanilla thought obamacare had everybody covered but again that's that's another one of them. You know several have insurance. They got rid of that which is a good thing because. Insurance is expensive enough. For some reason you ought to drop your insurance coverage really a little marketplaces or what a let. Good for a couple of months because he didn't have a job and you'd rather like you eat. Or make treat kids ads out like shoes are so like that. It's bad to get appellate money for Obama get it out Kevin not a couple thousand dollar fine on top of things not coal. You know I was talked to nick brought a breakfast the problem is you never get rid of a government program you you never get rid of a government program. So best case scenario for Republicans. And I'm just basing this on making things up popped up my head. Let's pretend obamacare cost two trillion dollars a year. The best thing is the Republican plan they come up with would cost one point 999998. Trillion. And it would act like it was a great savings measure they talk. And you still hear these horror stories of people who were left in the gap and couldn't get coverage and ended this that. There's there's constantly to be problems that led to the sad thing is really that there's two directions to go one we will never go. Which is. There's nothing. There is no health care not know health care but nothing involving the government when you turn 65 to get Medicare. If you were an he has served of the military at the VA out of that you know go scratch your own neural. Let the private sector handle the whole thing. And they looks that we're not gonna go that direction. In another direction to go until this direction most bluster bagel like single player. But the problem would that it is. How hard is it to see a doctor now. I've been at this they had noticed evident shorts and how we need to make sure ever will was in short. Yeah I guess it's a good idea because if you have to go get knee surgery what do they have seen people they they get a medical bill. Some outpatient surgical procedure. A 1151000. Dollars. Because you have insurance. It's 38000. Dollars. And then because he your insurance coverage you'll 6000 dollar X. Which I've never understood how is that it's cost 400 plus grand but because you have a piece of plastic card it's only 38 grant. New level of what's your share is six. Annika because the cost. But it doesn't matter how many people you have hovered in the sense of if you don't have access to healthcare. Have told a story on the year before I get I got I got the apnea. I get to that sleep apnea they had a little Darth Vader masks are gonna sleep less volatile had tickets to sleep study it's obnoxious right. I wasn't breeding about fifteen to forty minutes an hour. Yeah Alia. First that the leg and how your your ticket that I think Gaby the model I had in the sleep study ought to let your take us on now. The first couple nights a pro war thus the deceit that mask I thought was high when I woke up. And it doubly you know I'm driving into work and because I I had you know I'm if you say six hour for the sleek. I had two extra hours of oxygen I hadn't been getting for the last who knows how many years. Now it wears off quickly enough and I'll I hate everything again but for the first couple of nights you feel pretty good. Anyway hey you're exposed to get new masks and hoses and filters analyst Robert knobs that it sometimes I don't sometimes I don't I don't care. I'm not that disgusting. And a laugh finally admitted but six months ago LA final I'll go get an Automask. And the company that supplies the C cut supplies like oh yeah I know it's been so long since you've seen your sleep apnea doctor. You've got to go back to advance Emma for them to approve that we can send you will see pat Mac's. The mighty I got a call from this company every three months without fail to put don't answer the call at like seventeen calls a month problem. With a with a voice mail fairway it kind optic you're Robert Robert Robert rock. Slug a guy gotta go call my in my seat pat doctor. An airline and I blew off while wanna be your appointment with a because I don't. They've been scheduled for like 230 in the afternoon leave Gainesville at 103011 o'clock not coming out of high it has got for his sake intact. 2 o'clock. Some doctor to double fat I still need to have a seat pat mask. Anyway they're like yeah it's the turtles you've been here you gotta come back for a and by the way if you need you Deborah not gonna let you have remorse he perhaps stopped. Into you come insidious you can't come and see us into these go back to your primary. Who's your primary. I'll hold up primary so I either. It scheduled what would hand. And he laughed at me. They hassled about Laguna but it'd been like three years sightseeing. Under the same digger returns it does it do we have to do blood work but not now suddenly that. It looks at mile mile Nellie Bly economic and eat it I get a needle. When I have a massive heart attack it in my in my yard and they did did get an ambulance baited towed to north Florida or something like that. Aids particularly over you until any state line in my blood. I'm ordered to wanna try to clone people what they do it delivered to upload a new doctor. But anyway long story that took way longer than it should've short. From the time I decided to get more seep up masks off to the time I was actually able to see the pulmonary does seep up doctor. About 67 weeks. And I because I basically told to seep up people why don't have any secret machines Nobel's will buy die in my sleep I fallible so yeah. They managed to squeeze me unit some political watch a little bit like a hold over three months beyond that part of the scene. I have help ensure that I have. It's pretty decent amount of an idea. So it the matter how many people you put on insurance plans that they have no axis of the doctor in the first place and it based up a threatened to assume. There. Are having a Mike on your real quick Mike Ellis got good morning. And German born world hate. I doubt that. You don't lower your co champs. The shirt open your insurance company created all that child before our old. Sorry John Trammell also. Hospitals and it was only two hour lecture that. Servicers an exact poll by doctor. Child comes a lot of Detroit or other years later or box. You'll the child who are. Previous shirt company. It was so another dollar this year they go PR people. Earlier chart to the bowl 40000. And that just walk us what each of them. Pocketed. 80%. Premiums. Are holed that chip charged just another couple good looks or. Yet. They know which urged page or partially shirt company is going 40000 dollars. Insurance. Much to pay the hospital. Center. Nate field point. Or you know he does you you do likes to tell all five via kids. School we had at doctor made a doctor's adult video chops to get the insurance game. Catalogs the big analysis now. Mike thanks but I called 630 oldest guy. And me. And I manner. And 642 of us guide is Bob roadshow today Anderson here. Welcome back to the program. Paula number 877 at W sky talk 8779759825. Global literal this morning 805 car rolls out black. Marion County commissioner coming into the studio talked to him and I Gator baseball team. Hack. On skid. Right now to government row. Lost what Tuesday down fort Meyer is a Florida Gulf Coast you don't. 32. It was a loss last night. Speaking of gators in baseball. Room. Did you see Tim Tebow yesterday Tim Tebow I I had heard it. I guess over the weekend or before two it has led dogs lest we get a went down to go see. The Phillies got clear what possible split about a week ago that I heard that you know in general OK he's gonna be playing and Wednesday. And Friday's post play as well. And MLB network has got to have a game so I actually set the DVR to go record thank. Not a good day not a good day for Jimmy baseball. Struck outlook and ran into a double play runs scored but you don't get credit for RBIs new ground to a double play a bases loaded on that one. Hit by a pitch. And got picked off first base. And struck out again and the games so love to update opportunity about. But you know. We got stronger in baseball and I did so I guess you know some but I don't know. Anyway yes both play on Friday I do not know if Friday's game anyway shape or form is going to be televised. And I don't know who's gonna do anything other than be a designated hitter. But out over row. Over Suri with a pair of strikeouts and a hit by pitch. What else we got here all real quick forgo a collect the folds. NH RA Gator nationals. Coming up next week weekend starting a truck one week from today the sixteenth is the first day Gator nationals. We got two tickets go to the sky's website -- guy 973 dot com. Put totaling Ted of the contest and put in the code word real WH EEL. A couple of actually pretty cool contests also on top of that to a special experience. Driver Terry McMillan who last year. Had got into his first finals. And he's been around for a while but he's a great guy you'll be able to actually meet Terry. And he'll give you a tour of the pits. Muse so you'll be out there with the driver and he's drive in the the top fuel Amelie. Dragster. You can win this special experience and have tickets up close this is for Saturday Gator nationals you can register for that online. It's the sensory overload experience sweet yeah. So we'll sign up now I'd tell the sky 973 dot com on a great things go on international gang get on a way one week from today to the full we go Rocco what's going on. I cannot target probably talking about the pledge to cut carding a pocket for a 1151000. Dollar building you work out Payne 6000 nets because. He since then misery in being. Public. The government is paying for these people the differences between them wouldn't go that when you go to the hospital. Into the emergency room if you think bishop is to make courtship 800 dollars at stake. Regular health care plan dead the health care well I got a bill. From the emergency room for 3000. Dollars so OK I was dead because of a pain in my back. If by the pain at the dog it would probably cost me 15100. And so they take advantage to the fullest extent that they can and one more or less vital vote. You know I Border Patrol but I supported trump. This slash and I quote with a stunt wouldn't called health care has really put me on the offense. He's broken every promise study will be made. And this plan is deployed OK and he needs to do something amazing. To dig himself. At the hole that if health care plan is gonna put the Republicans didn't come the mid term election needs to come up with something great. To overcome. That floored that he's perpetrated on the American birth people. In the name of health care. I have Baranov brought culinary go to type remarks go real quick mark jealous guy good morning. Regulatory guys. There isn't to say I fruit growers like trauma bed that was backed off on this somewhat. It's no way America is now we have so many theorists are Ole looser toward Americans and domestic American. And just kick it Roma goal anyways you perform you're never gonna make everybody happy. We had just go back to welfare for the or people. And then your reads a lot of money for the people who earn your money like much salt and I have regular insurance. Andrea. I met I was wondering secret so that's what they say about that I guess. I'm meg and our failure modes and a phone call. But controlled haters out there. Why do all the pro praying man. You know a big fan. Six authorities that the medals and this guy I. Jack Anderson and Bob road show more to come. 650 greatest guy welcome back Bob wrote showed today Anderson here in not a whole lot of time these people on the line that we want to get to sell off on number 877. W sky talk. The vols Greg Oden James good morning. Create a warning so. Saw a story on fox I. Said earlier court house arrest illegal immigrants can become the new normal and again it's long which it you know there are all ready to be educated on another matter. We pick him up on an urgent care. What's the problem why we act like it's such a big deal solid core houses are sacred ground or some demand not hearing side of the church critical court asylum. It looked as if to pull those issues that people are. Don't game especially on the left about it that you know and I think they've done. Folks left a masterful job. That tying immigration. And illegal immigration together. I was looking to stop this morning in and I forget what the article was. And it may have been about the women's day protests in Gainesville. But there was a video of footage they shot from last Saturday news. Rally that that Ted gill a lot of town hall thing to Ted gill hall had and it's all the people outside chanting and about any immigration Zoran scary. Welcome Ted yellowing got no hairy out on a military stupid slowed or was there were chatting but it it was something about immigrants. And it's. And again they've done a masterful. Job that time the concept of immigration and illegal immigration together. And it. No wonder how many times you say it's not about immigrants but illegal immigration. The people getting and his country illegally. It's also about having control over who doesn't who doesn't get into this country. I don't care if they're from England. If for whatever reason our immigration vote them out a want this one end there. Why. Does he still. What he won a minute his stuff but we play a stupid people aren't as cut through to get out one more. Yeah we should have that right to determine who doesn't doesn't getting in the. And it's an illegal immigrant and a if your populous sultan else you're gone. ABC news coming up our number two of the program as well Carlson Alex in at 8 o'clock you are listening to news talk that he seven point three. This guy.