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Marion Co Comm. Carl Zalak and Marion Co Fire-Rescue Deputy Chief James Banta on new hiring program

Mar 9, 2017|

Jay Anderson for Bob on the Bob Rose Show 8am 3-9-17

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Don't six oldest guy that is above brochure above Sid played told verb like two over fast. Yeah I refuse to call the right thing and a I thought it was an October ended fight over fast. Good morning you were going backwards Barbara Phillips after the morning half. It's good spring like weaker whatever this everybody we into the Daytona 500 they have that one yet. No. Big action below trailer I don't February. Makes you get that's done picket mile track right now don't know that Darren Gator now possible. Not let that they don't need to feel as though there. Oh I don't know tiger is a restaurant in studio joining me a Karl's out of the Carl's Alec Mary kind of pressured wanna Carl Moore and very Heidi good mister Carles Al travelling band a news debate and live with Bill Murray title with. Me out today in the studio we've got a deputy chief bands and he is gonna talk to us you know. Bob and I and you veteran having a dialogue about our fire and you know some of the things having going on and so we will share some some good news that's up that whining complaining likeable to liberals. Our firefighters and our team has gone out there and gotten it done fantastic all right thousand does good things going on and first of all married caddie does not look a day over 170. No but you're telling me. Oh yeah and march were in return a 173. Years old formed. Mary Kelly was formed an 1844. Pretty cold very cold I have become viral local museum in the McPherson complex would have some things going on in. A couple events during the month and so you really enjoy that. Awesome always good to look you know look look I appreciate the history for a and in one of the its abilities as you always look. What are Israel's politics or history more of a national level down when and so much it June. Over your history it's what to what happens to your life and lawn impact troop is on a local level Lydia L all of those euros B board of another the president has had time anymore let alone. You know whose county commissioner who do you look great things happen and history. Right here in Marion County so long 173 years old girl. Three years old march 25 so don't forget to celebrate and sing happy birthday to Marion county and we don't agree communities so it's awesome onto another great event we got coming up this week and of course is that the master gardener spring festival it's always an incredible deal. Com we've got the kids' gardening zones the food truck rally the education opportunities and one of my favorite. Of course all Saturday guys don't miss this on Saturday 1130. We've got good bad eggs and bad bugs good bugs and bad bugs. You can learn about the good bugs in bed bugs that either rate your guarded. Or make you fruitful. So now interesting event I we would have would have almost master gardeners are the good thing about that is people always wonder I guess they think about having a small guarded perhaps. But I prefer of grown vegetables or flowers or whatever. This is always kind of a scary time a year because yeah July plant now all plan run the risk of a big frost come by analysts say that you know April 3 or whatever killer. Talked to some mast regardless people would know exactly what they're doing they can give you the best advice. Obviously they can't predict a freeze is gonna happen for weeks from now but they can tell you how to protect that the plants how to get you know the plants look beautiful Ella grow the best veggies. They won't want to one of the goggles master garter Lester gave me some great advice about. You know using a five gallon bucket that's how we does all of bell peppers you know how to set it up you know where to put it. You know being able to take that and really be able to move around when this way especially when it's young kids who end up with a one of those freeze would be able to get a sheet over it. You know so great advice from these guys these guys know how to do it and it's especially if you know we've got a lot of new people Marion County me if you're new and you don't know you know what's the play any region has a work I mean it's great advice. Always be able to gain your fresh strawberries. A new plants and in you know grow and herb garden it's wonderful to have those fresh -- wonder co tenant. A wife loves it and so. We we have a retirement the master gardeners' spring festival and OP come on join us to speak at NASA's weekend that there yet so mark we open up at 8 o'clock. So five and then on Sunday 94. Awesome now if you wanna be able true. Off the port it to get plants and things like a little more free call before. You're little Ford of planting the seeds in the and the black talent whatever else you need to do you mean one of the great things you need it is a job and into outlook again about the good old as you look you have that there yet but what truly dot com reopened and I'll tell you it did talk about the what's the latest on all. I'll bet exits in the ground and move it out all kinds of incredible truckloads of of the goods all over the state of Florida distributing nineteen million people. Arm her AutoZone is breaking ground right now. And chewy dot com is getting ready and so we continue to focus on that and we also have down south. Excuse me ruffle 44. We're planning the eyes of the five commerce park which is going to be another 900 acre industrial facility where we'll be would have manufacturers distributors logistics. We're continuing to work to put them at the back end all logistics you know we got some great companies in town doing the IT hum figuring out how this is move. University that that discuss started poly in Paul county there to have a whole logistics program and our kids get trained from a technical side there. Also our school board. Has put together at two high schools including lake we're high. Would just fix programs for high school kids so that they can get trained and know how to do because he's listen you can't just run a forklift anymore B logistics and that's the whole works. The automation that the machines the maintenance that the cat programming all the things that go into that. It is not you know you do grandpa logistics anymore is not as little box coupled will all of a skid this is technical stuff and a lot of times people. FedEx comes in drops them a load of new materials. People are in touch and stuff it's already go all out the door within within sometimes minutes or hours wow yes incredible. Fantastic and again the with the advantage of these 'cause things is not. If but weigh in net the next recession hits if you have run more diversified business base girls Sudbury Canada to get bludgeoned the way they did last time out. It was only when we were we foolish enough to believe that construction. Agriculture and an orgasm can hold us we learn the hard work in real hard way. I don't they were removed we're learned that lesson again where were put positioning ourselves exactly doing these things that we don't. Fantastic Art Bell America they fire rescue a deputy chief banter. We bring you on the program. What are the issues of people always have his you know when it comes to public safety what are the police fire all those other services. It. They wanna make sure this quick response time of the guys who don't what you need to do you also need to make sure you have the people are trained and you can maintain the people that are training talk both of what's gone although with fire rescue. Cure or good morning and I perceived opportunities to talk about this one of the amazing programs that we have going on it's called the end non certified far out of her. But back in June 2016 we are faced with 91 openings are apartments that's nearly 25% or apartment. So we had to look at some ways that we're gonna try to solve this problem is not just about money you know we we had to look at all the other options wire people like you get in. So we looked at several things looked a recruiting elected. You know we we have to look at to look at all the different reasons why people on one of the things we wanted to focus on. Was hiring local people to stay local who grow up in Manning camp ground Manning counties surrounding counties. While a scrape to hire two point by people if they're all from Miami they're going to back you. So those are things that we focused on. So we looked at there. How to bring people into the organization. And what we figured was a lot of people out there and wannabe firefighters didn't necessarily have the opportunity to be our colors so we wanted to give them. So what this program did is it one now and it sought people who were interested. In and it paid for their their training and we pay them while they were being trained. Pay them a livable wage was and it wasn't a great wage but it was something that can get them through the training and then we supply the training. And this program because of mixed success of it. Garnered 400 applicants while 400 out while core holes so do so then we're faced with another challenge. How do we we'd 400 applicants down a 22. That's that was another challenge so. And the unit today through going through the different processes we put in place physical testing mental testing we had to make sure that they can get in the college all those different parameters. We've we ended up what 22 highly qualified. He started training. And they've just cents completed 28 weeks of training. And that we did lose a few of your always gonna lose a few when he gets through this process the we've graduated seventeen who will be out in the community next week. Providing service or community. That is awesome baton and edit to be to have like you said people from the community doing it that you're not at least less likely to lose them. Yeah yeah you can might make a few grand more if you go this player that let you know what you're from the area you know the area. And any elope Marion counties so be a great up. Tune of one of the examples so here's here's a guy that already works for rearing county and it really cool example. He's worked in our facilities department. He's worked there for who he was over ten years trying to work who were from ring kind of over ten years right. Making good money he took a significant pay cut. But he was like well finally because you're offering me to go through his pay I can't argue is former feeling at all if I go nothing got to go to college via fire college into all the stuff. He was already working from hearing county always dreamed of being a firefighter. Was able don't make minimal wage while going through school and now has a career path. That he loves and enjoys and is passionate about. In this program did it because cheap and it was in a bit of enough to bring that back and make sure that we can provide an opportunity for guy with a family that already works and loves hearing county awesome right. And again it would you talk about people that may be already have jobs would have always wanted to get into both firefighting and they can't just quit their job and and get the training needs to have disability where you know they are Ginn. It negated the training is being paid for and are actually go build upon some food allude to ably said no one's get rich to order to. But you don't know is getting rid being a firefighter to begin with so it's not like you know you make a top dollar. And and to have people to have that. Willingness to serve because. It was a firefight at a critical job people like. And chill out alarm goes off we don't know what you're going into you know then all of a sudden wind when the buildings burning it's not quite as cool victory. As a lot of people like to think it and it's more than just calendars yeah. You know it's it's it's it's a good job. You know and it whether it's the weather is that burning fire or that car accident are you are taught you talk to a lot of guys. And listen at the end of the day when you've got to show what to a car acts hidden and something's happened to a child or mother. Cars there's nothing. Psychologically the I don't know that there's a whole lot of greater trauma that we can put those guys in it for them to still be able to respond the way they do. That's why that's why they're here reps and they're not just you know public servants then that's the difference right payment that it's. Eight AT and I was gonna take a short break here when we come back. Almost deputy chief Fred good measures Alex you'll look for the ball bro showed today Andersen here all the skies. Played more minutes after 8 o'clock news talk 97 for the greatest guys Jake Anderson here it is about road show Bob resolved photo but back on Monday. Married got a fire rescue a deputy chief Battelle in studio along with commissioners Dallek. Regular contributor to the program. Chief badly as a deputy chief pat I don't get into trouble with the little things keep us busy and don't come it's hatred let me. I think and it ended the great program they had with that was getting new people on board you also don't talk about the opposed look at the career academy yeah. Curious so one of the things that I mentioned as we were looking not just on certain different ways we can track them always to me in mind. I know that know the program that we have is called Americana career academy with a Kurt Henry does that focuses on high school students. So what you have to do to become part of a career academies be high school senior. And then you joining me joining academy go through some testing make sure that you can meet the minimum all of cases of doing and what happens it is. If you're treated in your junior years your senior year you're dual enrolled in this is accommodation program. Including the college of Central Florida man techno college account fire rescue and marrying type virus. Well we do as we bring these students and we dual enrolled them they spend their first part of the training and emergency medical technician firmament the college Central Florida. Wondered none of that that we start working with them on the fire the fire training program and that's in conjunction off with the Florida State our thoughts. When these students graduate. High school year. With a diploma. The state certified emergency medical technicians. And their certified as was caught fire fire want. To be a career firefighter. So what Marion County fire rescue is doing. When they graduate high school they have a diploma we offer them and job and we pay for their firefighter to training while we're paying them a livable wage. And then with by the end of the year the calendar year when they graduate high school. They'll be firefighters EMTs making roughly 33000. This year while. In ten and then will provide everything else is they goes through their career we've offered college tuition reimbursement so they don't want to finish their degrees. A lot of a lot of parents a little skeptical because they want their child to go to college for a back well that's not always the best career path. We can offer. Training education while you're still in high school college credits when you're still in high school in still be able to go to college while you're working. Iran no offense but there's only so many art history or TV radio majors that you need to society that's. Analysts say it under the TV radio I'm martyrdom philosophy I'd like the most useless degree I could come outweigh the college professor. Are available to better educate about some of the training that that goes on look I imagine. If your goon you can set BO structures on fire though an area in groups that teach a kid how to put the fire of soap like that. But he Karl pointed out what he does shall do a lot of medical studies show open action scenes things like that. How can you. Checked the book loot the mental toughness I mean you could do physical toughness and and how quickly they can. You do push ups or sit ups or polo shirt or put a fire up but how how what what kind of tests on a fraud the mental toughness it takes to show up at a scene where. You see some bad stuff if we read about the paper allowed six people died in a car accident on bubble. You're the ones are showing up on the scene. Earth well. We have a system and it it's not our system that's in the national testing network and it's an aptitude test and basically what it says it looks at all of your ability to. That are to read to write intimate critical thinking decisions. So we add that component and two are hiring process. It's into the day though until somebody's actually out there. Doing it and seeing it in being involved and it is the only true tests as. They feature we have a tap from her and we haven't had a great program that any time something major happens that. That we immediately start focusing on those employees and looking at the mental health and which is extremely important is you can see one thing bad. But what happens with our employees and firefighters across the nation is the continuous stress over career of twenty are thirty years. That have seen those those things in dealing with this tough challenge. Not enough so we focus on it constantly not just. And I knew about and also over person's different their Blair like the individual records where you could see. You know a grown man to that and Matt OK that's one thing BCA kid who's about your rage that you see. Ill woman is about the age your mom recently that might have a much bigger impact to like you said until. Until you're actually in that you can build what trading as possible to get them prepared for it but not think and totally prepare you for so and we also are wanted to say you're too bad that helped us go from almost 91 positions open seat where we are narrow. As. As of yesterday we have seventeen openings. So it is all the programs have been successful and I'll have to focus on retention if someone is kicking around the idea want to serve the community a bit and and fire rescue how exactly will they get in touch to do that while with a career academy if your junior high school in Marion County high school. Contact your your school counselor got contact or FaceBook page. Go to our website and call our main headquarters at number three 22918000. And you can ask about that program. If you already have the education they just watch her website as we open positions up will be hiring. Or network looking for paramedics looking for and he's looking for firefighters. Fantastic. Deputy chief back to. The pressure is Alex thank you so much for your time we got to more so probably 849 right now to Bob Rochelle.