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Marion County School Superintendent Dr. Heidi Maier talks about new developments in county schools

Mar 14, 2017|

Bob Rose March 14 - 7AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News talk 97.3. The sky. Buffalo. Have a local time Jack occupied prestige case Steelers were the answer is always yes. Superintendent of Marion County schools in the house witnessed. Heidi Mary joins us Heidi I don't and I'm good I'm silly to think yeah well it is getting cold now has called us up north though their deal with snowstorms and they get snow days. Don't have snow days in Florida doing. No we do perky and days as number and they are that trade off and are we on track we're good we're gonna graduate on time this year. Yes absolutely okay good there's plenty of things we wanna talk. One is these are the only about the year I gifted this gifted program and how it differs from big typical schools or the way it has been on the past. Think you well at this upcoming fall we will be happening eight choice program for all of our students. Who aren't gifted now we will have this housed at evergreen elementary. And it. At evergreen elementary they are and will be I'm calling them clusters hubs of gifted students these students will. Have the choice to come to us it's not a magnet school it's a choice option so parents can choose if their child has been. I would say staffed gifted if they have their EP that shows this child is gifted. They may come to this it was a pretty stand for education. And that is a legal document to that has eyes shown that this child is gifted solar tested for they are tested and then they have this education plan exactly. So these students will be at evergreen elementary they will have their own classroom it's an inclusive classrooms. But they also will be an eight hub wind. He regularly able children so there might be two classes of up fourth Greg gifted sharing. A pod with two classes of fourth grade. So are gifted students will have our. I'll cut around the clock gifted services unlike our traditional method of plea students outs for gifted people you know one day a week or an hour a day. This will be totally inclusive. But be students will also be networking and I'm having luncheon and PE and recess of with. These students who aren't typically go to that school what's great about this program though. Is that at evergreen elementary every student next year we will be on a 121 with devices to every student will have their own chrome book. Every student but a book. Chrome book. The laptop okay every student not just a gifted students every student every teacher at evergreen will be having in depth. Professional developments. And every student will be able to participate in what we are calling on. They would have choice academies that they will be able to choose let's say if students like agriculture. They will be able to take part in agriculture. Like in services for the students they'll be able to do robotics and that's what the majority of the students want so every student is going to benefit from this and that is what the best part of this initiative. Now how often is a a student tester how to zip procedure work a teacher probably what. Nominates. Indicator tells a couple of kids parents tea your son or daughter seemed to be you know quite bright and which liked him tester for gifted is that is that how dose. It can't go that way out but a lot of times we. The testing won't occur until third or fourth grade because of a maturation level that that we want to wait to see if the student actually. He is gifted. Or a parent may choose to do it on their own. So we are looking at hopping. That is a gifted choice auction or kindergarten students which would require that the pair will have already gone through that process. We also have great psychologists in our district who can do the testing but that won't take a little bit a time. So this starts in kindergarten at evergreen with the with a gifted program. And that's you know not the entire class day. Is spent you know the gifted kids are together. Annika is that similar to high school when he gets in the gifted program your kind of with the same folks in Muster classes and. True true exactly I'm so again this is a choice option if a parent would like to investigate this. On and have this for their child they certainly can. As well as we will continue our regular gifted programs in the element of our elementary schools so that a prepare for first back to. That's fine too again it goes back to parents' choice and what they believe is best for their child. So parents it would be up to them to go through the testing program on their own. And lest they made an appointment and that it would be a time consideration with when the county could get to them correct that's correct that's correct me. All right so and then howdy do it like first come first serve as far as the Downey psychologists going Thurman administering the test and in working through that process. It's not just attest it's there actually that it is there an interview process with the student. Or to be like yeah is it did I'd guess it's a multi it's a multi step process yes I mean I just wondered if you could just and Massey you know anybody in arrested a gifted program. Be here at this time and will pay hand out to testimony to detestable C native. As outs. That is not how this will happen because of what is already on our of the plates or psychologist. They have some other testing to be doing. Okay I'm disdain of individual parents have to wait for an individual appointment if he could do it all together. At least you could weed out some of them because let's face it his parents who we think collar kids are super Smart in Brighton we went Amal tested in. So right and I imagine that's. Could create an issue right. No no it doesn't now. So I'll. I can't I look at the positive Bob. Plus no I'm not saying it's a negative I'm just you know living in the real world I fully now raised three kids in. You know one of them tested highly gift didn't one of them she didn't contest. And then Rihanna she'd tested in just missed it. And they said she could test again next year she never did but she was all the advanced class to see just got a masters and she's back in PA program so clearly I mean choose if should bright enough but I just wonder you know where the cut off isn't. The parents and must be pretty proactive to get involved in this to have a contested by a kindergarten started kindergarten that's early. Well we will have kindergarten op. Options as well but also we will be carrying this through fifth grade. So it can jump an NH RA could I'd absolutely and we're gonna have multi age group and as well. And again I think the best thing goes back to every child at the school is going to be is going to have the benefits of having. The chrome book they will also have teachers who are having extensive professional development all of them so it's gonna cut benefit all of our students. How does this socializing work I mean the kids. Mean even kids that aren't supposedly gifted aren't dummies they're like now we know that's that's the Smart kid class and these patted how does that socialization work at that young age. Well you took me by surprise using that term because that's that's not turn not. I don't like decided which he said that I said they're not dummies get what's true but. What we need to look at is that every child has a gap to every child has a captain you may eighth. You may score high on an IQ test. And that shows that you have. On leanings towards us particular subject or particular modalities. So we need to look at got to meet those needs of that student. But we're used to about Sosa socialization. That is what also is a great point of this initiative is that. These students will be networking together with these on. Choices that they can choose for the enrichment academies where you know the robotics and act or. Or whatever the Stew all students all this not just figure out is it an incident will be networking there Adobe networking line judge not to eat we arts and they're specials so. It will be that type of environments. Because we know too that children who worked gifted often do not have the socialization skills that they need so we need to help them and that area. Well that's certainly a consideration. And you got a first you've got you got a real first in the state of Florida and wanna ask you all about it. When we come back to we're talk and Heidi marriage is the superintendent of Marion County schools exciting new program choice option. The gifted program and an eighth first in the state very interesting stuff coming your way next on news talk that he seven point three. This guy. And hear about it first talk about it. 97.3. This guy. But the answer is always yes we're talking to superintendent of Marion County schools. Heidi Mirren she's got exciting stuff going on and give programs. And choice options and I'll let I'll tell me quickly what about what is esteemed school. Steam science technology engineering arts and math and we won't have a six of them six. Devoted sixteen schools. Or the upcoming school year. Now why is that different I mean then stammer I know you added the arts but. Is and are supposed to be a little more focus on the stem stuff. Well we. All of it comes to gather in a beautiful package and with the arts integrated you are touching children. Who may not have realized they had the potential to get into science or that it that they could be up physicists but you're gonna touch them with arts teach the arts. And it all comes together it uses that same process he's and that same mom. Part of the brain and it activates altogether. Okay oh I see united know that some yards are related to. They could get excited about science or math background and got Clinton don't present that to a child they'll never know that they even had that interest. S troops are right now. You're the first in the state to be able to choose an American school district choose your own textbooks wants how to do that. While we have started that process we presented it to the board tour school board last week. And we are beginning that instructional materials process. And we will as we continue at the end of this process we will be the first school district in the state. To choose are on textbooks will not be beholden to the state list. But you still have to take this state standardized type tests. Exactly. Exactly because ethically and morally week we have to we have to give that option to our students. But we do not have to be beholden. To the textbook companies that are holding our state cost. That's what happens if slot and I and by the way I totally support and I think it decision's been on the local level. Makes sense but what it out. Newt. God forbid now yeah. The you know the test scores start tick. Start to go down a little minute and but to turn out great students but you've got to deal with the state and doesn't money also follow the so called school grades to some extent. So why bother mr. gloom and Jim are you anticipating that the scores are going to go down. When we have the most fabulous teachers who now will be free thank you Jack I. I don't know what this idea ride a motorcycle every day what does a guy pulls out for enemy I have to have plan B in my mind every day right I'd be dead by now. We're gonna help us all up in a B five so when we are going to now what what the state calls yes sir when the state calls pathway wine I don't rally that. Well thank you of where have sting is calling it pathway wanton because again this plan has been in place it's just no district has taken advantage of Leah. So with pathway one that we will be following the same guidelines as a state does when we send out for bid for procurement for. I textbook companies to bid at two or asked to buy their textbooks. But to go back to what she said that. Our teachers won't now be free to use the materials they know. Our best for their students so we will not me into what the state says his best this goes back to local control. And allowing our school board the ultimate choice and curriculum which in statute. It is the school board's decision on what curriculum was used in any district each school board is responsible for that. But our school board was buried deposit of about this process and especially going back to our gifted students we may need to choose alternate curricula for that. We may need to choose alternate curricula for our our school and spark compared to a school in Bellevue because every school. Has its own culture and community and again it goes back to local control. Allowing her teachers to meet each child's needs. I'm not adverse to this I just have to ask you questions otherwise I don't press release I've got they sang the defensive now I'm not defense of angels we have the best teachers in the state of Florida and they're gonna do right by our students and so this will allow you flexibility like you said we don't get the appropriate textbooks and you can -- that from school to school even class to class I'd like now that we can't know that's don't have we still have to spend 50% on digital electronics that state and statutes that we have passed what you choose a state pathway or the district asked why didn't know that's good and evergreen school's going to be have everybody's gonna have some digital tools are right on that will be our first one to one. Fantastic all right now when it comes to choosing a textbook yes in appearance. And are interested in that kind of saying. And teachers of course they're going to be teaching it. You know how will the decision actually be made I know in the end it will be up to the school where it will elevate what they take this consideration it's. Well part of this plan will be a curriculum Ayers is what I'm collier right now so this'll be part of the bid process where the publisher will note that that we will be having these open curriculum bears where. They will have their odd textbooks immaterial set up and we're gonna invite the public to command and review. So they can get a look at all in advance of some besides a final committee that will put together and we'll ask this each school board members choose somebody for this committee. So will be a very transparent process. And I think it will it will add to the credibility. I'll. The textbooks themselves once they are adopted here any parents would find some flaws in textbooks and bring it to your attention. Out. Gases well as I've features oh yeah how's that Dell. It. We address the concerns individually. We had an issue with one of our history textbooks and it was neared and Palm Beach and Palm Beach actually had Pearson reprint my entire textbook. I'm in this district it was before I took office there was that. I guess a little addendum handout given to our teachers but these textbook companies know that that we the consumers and it's. We can ask them for specifics it's not difficult you just have to go through the process. And in a district our size the size of Rhode Island 43. Well right now 42000. Little over 42000 students. We are a great consumer we have a lot of power with what these textbook companies will do for us. So in other school districts that are not choosing to take on this new. Local prerogatives that you've discovered near utilizing and I cut I think it's great but for the rest of the counties they end up using whatever the state mandates as far as Texas they're all the same. What the state does the bidding process and then. There's a lit ST you can choose on this list and then each district would choose textbooks often out as to. And what we have found at his so what is on the list does not best for Marion County students. So you get to go beyond the list other school districts have the live half of what happened in Dayton is because this pathway to your doing happily blind we're weak and who are well. But I think it's great. And thanks for coming on the show again today thanks for eight avenue. Eighth will do well older what's bugging you'll move to behind the break and we appreciate. Everybody tuning in your patience on that 728 on the Bob Rose shelled out a superintendent of Mary county public schools Heidi American but the good work thank you calling now for what's bugging you 8779759825.