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State Senator Keith Perry gives us a legislative update

Mar 17, 2017|

Bob Rose - March 14 - 9AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And state senator Keith Perry calling you from Tallahassee how you do insert. I am doing well aren't certain problems were bureau liner didn't and so but it could could be read this morning. A great to have yet and we appreciate taken time out we know your busy in Tallahassee. One of the news pieces I saw today asked to do with stadium funding repeal. Can you who give me an idea what's going on there are no was so Tom Lee was the sponsor. Well that's we've been fighting that for you know and I've been up here right now the news did as taxpayers and say report fund all of the new. Rebar lean and additions to these stadiums and it's a I think it's you know it's a taxpayer rip off. They are big guys under the distracted or perhaps we have to do for economic development. But what are really uses just had a taxpayer money and they were gonna build you know of the new Miami Dolphins Stadium or upgrade the drive large stadium. And you see this in Atlanta right now with a paring down you know 25 year old. Georgia Dome to build up you know multi billion dollar what are our ever football thing. That operate for a taxpayer money. An end you know what if that's a local and or regional because there are the beneficiaries I would think of the of those things you know that might be okay if the voters are all right when it but. When he gets to the state level that swing you know folks here and you know gains on surrounding area like hey why we're building a stadium where with what. Right and it if we tried to defund. It is. It is hundreds of millions of dollars that were already committed to. And they keep coming back in morning more in the people commitment that were made before I got up an office and but we're. We have given him anything since I've been up here and in I'm hoping that we maintain that that's were applied for and in the speaker of the house and Tom waited on the senator or pushing up so. I don't think we're gonna see you be additional funding we were committed on some of the other ones there come a long term commitments that. Previous sludge pushed them but I don't think you're gonna see anymore. I you know I there was a piece I think in the Gainesville sun couple days ago Jacksonville's kind of picked up some similar but. It's about medical marijuana you know what bid became outlawed January 3. Here we don't know we don't really have a an infrastructure from the state perspective who can grow it who can sell it all of that stuff. Well where would you say we're at in and I just have to add that I would like more competition is better so lower prices for consumers. Well right well I'm Brooke you know that's a premarket. Mentality. This a little bit different than the amendment of the constitution which. You know we're told me different but most amendment shall constitution word people rule making authority do the department of health. And he gave the legislature or. Two point. Rule making if you will we've got to develop boxes that the department helped work and it's pretty complicated when you read about. How they have remember it was worded so. You know it it every everything is simple conceptually. But given the details and then how do you it's it's regulated substance. It's just like opening up a pharmacy. You know you wouldn't have yet to have certain licensing of certain requirements at a pharmacy would have. And certain. A cab abilities so. But but you write property competition is we are where we wanna do not think you'll see that the house and the senate. And that is there's competing versions in the senate now one bill Barbara and his which is really opens up and went so billboard Bradley which. Is that this is what we're limiting so I've. I'm looking at those things my goal was to make sure that we comply with these with the constitution. You know it's not for me to debate what the voters. Wanted they they were clearer and in their direction of that but now its stake in the words of the amendment. To the constitution and make sure it's applied legally. Data gets in a nightmare because. Technically I mean it's still schedule one narcotic according to federal law. It is it is an end and certainly what we're bigger we're wanna comply with the law or would the what the voters said but sensitive regulated substance. You know how how do you control what to make sure that it's not you know it's not a pre pearl because it can't be there was very. Not a regular disruptions that have other. You know we've we look at these things and and wanna talk to some people who believe there libertarian. You know they say well we ought to be able to do this it's there it's it's my body it's whatever way you know them when you have wanted to be consequences mental health issues or. Other health issues not not their body it's yours and my responsibility to take care about. And so we have a that this kind of we're really should people want. Libertarian views on the issues they want they want the government take care of the the under the consequences of those decisions they make if we could we had a pure libertarian society absolutely do wherever you wanna do but just don't call me. Will win when you have problems with that. Well I mean any everybody's rights and squared conflicts with another person's right I guess is an easy way to say it a third derby if you under the influence of drugs and or alcohol and you break the law mean you've broken the law so there's a you know there's a consequence there that as a society we all have to conform to -- -- I I I feel for you as far as the nuts and bolts of trying to put this thing together and and and make it work and make it effective and make it fair my concern is there's going to be a few companies that are gonna have you know carry a lot of weight and once they get a head start and everybody else then you know they're gonna have pretty much control. I think they're gonna control the market in. You know we've already seen with pharmaceutical companies do when they control you know something like a patent my god they'll push the prices. Through the roof. Well and can we even see now you're seeing companies that that have licenses I don't you know know that they ever wanna do anything except for to sell their license to another bigger company. And you're gonna see. It would open some good rules in place your receipt consolidation taking place where the people that they are licensed. Sell those and in the want to revolt like you can match and want to have all the resources. In the capital and expertise. Will dominate. That that's not just in this market and any market that are regulated industry. So if you regulated to any degree. You gotta put in some safeguards to make sure that there's not monopolies created and then a few companies dominate the entire thing. Our approach of their people right now in the company's there they're looking just. As a package strategy and they haven't even gotten started. It's just too simple you awaited take. Secure one of licenses and themselves. For profit. And I help but you know that's not what the laws intended to do that's certainly not what the regulations are intended to do support in the nose shape core is important. Yeah I mean yeah you're leads to speculation or speculators that are you know can make a quick buck or whatever. On the ever see a timer a place where maybe. If you or pay if you have a doctor's okay. Would there ever be an okay our green light given to may be growing. Your own a certain limited amount for your own consumption that you have been prescribed to be able to smoke. Well that you know there's certainly may be and and then I think you you'll you'll see. Who will Republican you can be good the other constitutional limit certainly there's there's no chemistry or just meet with a chemistry over the weekend from the university of Puerto deal a lot of these kind of in areas and you know he's. In I was pretty. Blunt about mutant truthful about you we would never look at any other narcotic or a medicine. In the same way we're looking of this sort it's truly a medicine. You you would never have people grow when you know their own. OxyContin pills. You know or or are creating another penicillin or. You just wouldn't do with the way social that the question becomes really is that a medicine. Preferred. It just produces and help. Or is it more vote. People just wanna use it through to achieve to get I mean about it that's what people wanna do and have been no will the public is there we wanna do like Colorado. Than do that habit if it's going to be a medicine. Urban and he's been treated like a medicine. And so in that context I wouldn't think that people grow their own would be would be. But in a context but again. Culture change people changer if they decided some time they board which one recreational and then I would see why you wouldn't. Open it up and out. Regard him because even stuff it's totally legal that your prescribed mean there's so many controls limitations. Like thirty day supply it's like well there's 31 days in this month I'm tough too bad and a few. End up waiting a few days you know it's like dead time period starts over again I mean they have a lot of very strict rules with a lot of medications today and I guess I just in now. That seeing people jump through more and more moves it always negatively impacts the good people who follow the laws much like gun laws and they follow the law. They're the ones that are penalized for it. And then now. NL the the people who have you know probably drugs are making money off the drugs they seem to be able to get get by and now. Well and and that's when I just did trap bureaucracies involved. Look at sort of get things done legislatively and were out in the open and you know world a culture which you now you're not on on a torture was some bureaucrats from the department of health. And you're not going to be an American talked you about. Rule implementation and how they do things spin in that that's a perfect example you know my father passed with cancer. And it in toward the end he was on the supply is like you said in and you know so. It it put an Arab are huge strain on him a family and stuff just that minor thing that should have been what wasn't a major thing but he was a minor thing that was just a hindrance. And cause problems and we can't get bureaucracies to. You know they're not. They're not working and don't comets and space is sometimes it does have rules and change of rule loses pretty difficult which we just had a here in two weeks ago. Isn't that a joint hearing and we hand. Rule making we have the department of health terminal rule making on. A medical marijuana and one in the world. Or waiting and waiting waiting for the for your rules. The legislative process and is that deliberate process will move into that now. And maybe six or wherever that they is that lastly we have pebble or stopped Don by the end. Of the rule making on the no department help these other departments there's there's no set deadlines and so they can take. They can self imposed these deadlines but a lot of found that only meet those so that's why we had a hearing. Specifically asked that on the question them and put them you know have them testify as we're there moving forward on the stuff. Well two new how are you doing on time to an earlier busy this morning in Tallahassee can you do another segment. Sure all right state senator Keith Perry will put him on hold. Quick break we'll come right back find out what the other important things that are going on in Tallahassee because there's planning coming up next on news talk 97.3 the skies. Nothing to secure our border it's not good each blessings to tell. Nice so this guy. 923 out of five road show we're talking out state senator Steve Perry he is up coming to us from Tallahassee this morning and state senator thanks for paying an ominous pursue it. Yeah glad to do it. They want to ask you about Second Amendment issues there's several bills of debtor. I'm working their way in through committees and different things in Tallahassee you wanna go into detail on those like college campus carry. Yeah I mean I think. I'm not sure exactly what's gonna happen right now. It's it's hard to say at this stage. Technically the beautiful first week of session so we've done a Disco roller Mona I don't know that there's been some controversy over. You know on the sort of are more than the bill through going to be put on a calendar not but my guess is it's early. There's certainly a change they won't let there's also a chance that they willed its moral posturing. You know when it took when it's a priority. In one chamber. And sometimes priorities become the become not a priority in the other chamber just as posturing is as the two sides try to work out you know. And and it can be a chair won't commit to pursue the chairman of the committee and others and so. We'll see where you know we're we're gonna do those things moved forward and and I and I hope they do. I hope we get a chance to you know debate on those and vote on. My understanding is there's also one that has to do with I believe public school employees. Where us say a school superintendent with the school board's permission could appoint some staffers within that school district to buy carry concealed weapons as any of that been talked about her debated in a what are your feelings on it. Look all of these things are our call on and on base I believe I have great merit mean if you think about. And you know I've debated businesses you know it's certainly a hot topic was an affinity in the universe to order. If I've if you look at it from a common sense standpoint really what we've done the only thing that keeps. Anybody right now from carried a gun. Into a school war on campus is whether they wanna abide by the law. It they're certainly not been to prevent. You know people want to break the law firm from carrying guns in any of these serious. And as a matter of fact we talked about before work you've done now as you Creighton these gun free zones where you just told the criminal. In a criminal look at beauty if you wanna go someplace where you feel safe. Are we know the guy who shot up in the in Colorado and a theater was looking for a place that he was going to be say. Not it is so we did do we want it's and so there's there's no from comet since reappoint. The just gonna make any sense that we would restrict. Law abiding. Conceal what are people from from carrying their weapons in these areas you admire. But they did make it safer conceal what secures I think the stats it's crazy overwhelming. You know how many. Concealed weapons permit holders don't commit any car. So. You know but anyway it's a debate will see if it goes through hopefully hopefully will have an opportunity to have these out of Republican debate. No one of them was one I would not familiar would be honest with you was. School safety trust fund money from the sales on guns and ammunition would go into a fund at which would then be used to finance safety measures what ever that mean sounds kind of broad. Ed you're aiming about that. I know I haven't and so that may be another bill. You know right now others you know I've got bill for my own opt out of a committee hearing in at 10 o'clock that I've got to present a bill also. Right now it's keeping track of your own stuff and and dined in here and bill you know the ones that we focus on right now in my my staff and employees. Three of us so. We've we look at all the bills coming before committees that were gonna debate and vote on or the ones that were present and so. I haven't heard any of those are built in my committee and keep up some problem with but with 15100 build up their target. While I am I knew it was a lie knows having to tell me quickly about. What what is the building you're working on for the at 10 o'clock presentation. Oh it's it's a pretty simple build a problem that we had in this this is main. Will help companies like nationwide here in Gainesville. Back in after hurricane Andrew you read these you know pretty. Catastrophic losses from the insurance companies and what they did. Is it set up separate companies from nationwide as a nation wants more or. Allstate all of my of these companies that are that are Ford comes and have a national company. And what they didn't know what to insulate themselves in case the losses basic change so great that they would make their entire company insolvent they would only they're immortal branch could go out. And so now. You know things have gotten better for the insurance companies. It's a pretty good market for. And what were reduced to wildest for an insurance companies to transferred. In and have a policy now the can afford a policy into their national policy. Same coverage. Every everything Elton certainly there's notifications. That would take place. But I think it's good to have a company like nationwide. Not have a separate order company only. But tab of the Bakken resources of the entire company so that's what about a Brad. Minor pushed back some people but come. Mainly special interest groups trial stories and stuff. Everybody ought to have on board with that so notable built it protects consumers right. Oh absolutely yeah it's consumers a particular protect them and give them more. Sources an opportunity. Because these companies are doorway where their state. Only in dust over the wanna be picked up. The U wanna stay with nationwide and at some point in time we're gonna have to fix this. Know Jack well you we look forward to hearing how that's progressing and all the other things they your artwork on in Tallahassee and once again state senator Keith Perry we appreciate your time. Sure I've also got another bill we'll talk about it later we were talking over by the Supreme Court from the oval reach perhaps buy out two bills. Owned want to memorial border up to congress in what is the state. Law broke out constitutional amendment. That I filed. That would give some. Control mechanism that the assistance could decide on whether or not we want to have some control from its record right now you know of their. Think about it there's no checks we talk about 23 coequal branches of government. 11 of them the Supreme Court does not have any checks on it. Quite you know you wait until people retire org or die and that's that's not a constitutional checks. Or do have a bill out there it's it's causing quite a bit of controversy. Quite a bit of hate mail coming my way but but I think it's you know certainly be debated and talked about the and that maybe on future we talked specifically about. What I think is an over reach of the courts and how we can bring some checks and balances. I'd love to let's definitely set to an upstate senator keep Perry thank you bet they don't. He's just. A legislative branch of the ones are supposed to make laws and then the F. You know them quote court of their land Supreme Court or whatever supposed to just interpret dad weather follows the guidelines of the in this case the state constitution or not. Sounds like logic at work to me and the way they it was designed government was designed. Appreciate it once again state senator Keith very there on the or 931 on a Bob Rochelle I would. 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