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ACSO's Brandon Kutner talks safety at Gatornationals

Mar 17, 2017|

Bob Rose - Mar 16 - 9AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This. Good morning. Sits on the club pro showtime check brought to you by prestige case Jewelers were the answer is always yes election what county sheriff's office spokesperson. Brandon Cutler joins us. Randy and thanks for coming in this morning hi you don't always a pleasure to bring her we know your on the mend itself would appreciate him and make him to trip over to be with a slide. And we got Gator nationals this weekend so imagine everyone in the sheriff's office going to be do lie extra duty. Are revved up today today's going to be the first day that we're out of the track so everyone's gonna start seeing the normal traffic issues around I'll Waldo road 53 avenue northeast into third avenue. I that's usually our biggest intersection. And throughout the weekend you'll find where Karen Ritchie 25 to go and pass a racetrack will be open to two lanes even north and south depending on the traffic flow direction so. I too great event we've got a lot of stuff out there are few you're tending in need something just grab one of neither NASCAR security one of the deputies are out there. We've got deputies that are patrolling. The camping areas as well as the off site camping at the lunch with Tony fairgrounds. I'll play near resources out there were hope to have a really really good fun weekend weather's going to be great so we're looking forward to. People come out they camp they stay for their you know who have dull weekend and really enjoy themselves and I've been in the community for fifteen years and got turned on to the Gator nationals you know when I first got here and became a fan ever sense. I can't remember any time where you've ever had any. Issues are real issues in other words law enforcement. It just. You're the appearance so much law enforcement personnel there and available. I am I care memory problems have had anything you or call. Just a couple of years ago we had Estes mission with some minor break ins at some of the campers around the complex but nothing major whatsoever we've got a good contingency of off duty deputies that are there. Op members of our command staff are out there overseeing operations. Our mobile command post is out there sort dispatchers are are are really into goats are our operations out there we've got a good relationship with the racetrack and the tow companies and all the other bits and pieces that come together to make this event work. But which you know should be great we also have deputies that we have a good relationship with the NASCAR and NH RA. Said the security director for NH RA actually has a relationship with I used to be a former answered deputy. Not so we have deputies that work directly for NH RA in addition she or uniformed deputies there's so. You know no reason to to think that it's not I think event where we're really looking forward to we just one of 100. Absolutely I'm definitely looking forward to it. This thing about mental illness comes up all the time becomes a law enforcement. Com count if you're but officer of the approaching somebody. You have no idea what their mental state is other than what you can very quickly observe. And then of course there's issues related to the jail incarceration and all that Wasilla to a county sheriff's office doing in terms of addressing mental illness issues. Or over the last couple years the sheriff has made it a priority to get every employee at the sheriff's office trained in what we call crisis intervention training. And that's a forty hour course that teaches us how to. And maybe getting an individual into you the mental health care facility rather than to jail. Now we've expanded our training not just toward deputies on the street but our our detention officers in the jail themselves. Our our communications. Employees and on one senator we've expanded. Our program we're actually going to be the first. Agency nationally to implement what's called the 911 emergency mental dispatching service. As well as life produce which gives a direct connection between the the person that's in crisis calling 911 thing that they need some help because of mental health issues. And the service providers at meridian room where Vista because often times. The deputies will get there and the individuals is Lama K now I don't need any help I was suicidal woman called 911. Or homicide of an element K. And that if bridges that gap that way that they care providers at meridian or are Vista how that information. Bomb but we're also trying to you now without stepping up program on the stepping up initiative was launched. A few years back and last year a lot to accounting was one of the fifty. Organizations of fifty counties nationally that were selected to participate in in that program. What we're trying to do is develop protocol here launch were counting that helps us keep those with mental health on this. Out of the jail diversion programs because realistically to jail is not a treatment facility. All we can do is stabilizing individuals that are in our jails with mental health issues. And about a third of our population is taking some kind of medication that's considered a Psycho tropic soon. You know roughly 30% of our general population. Has those issues now it may not be severe enough where on the need to be housed separately we do you have a separate housing unit for severely mentally ill patients. But we're not a treatment facility were not made for that the medical staff that we have on board doesn't do that so we're trying to work with the Tony. With our partners that I'm ready with our partners in the army without our partners at I county court services to trying to come up with a way locally. That law enforcement officers have an option of taking those that it may have committed low level non violent misdemeanor crimes. And instead of incarceration arresting them get into a treatment facility so we can cure that underlying cause of their behavior rather than have them locked up and or detention facility. And I just wanna I wanna get too deep into a but I wonder. On how accountable a person. Would be made if they break the law and they have mental illness and they just are having up a terrible day and some sort of breakdown. Verse is somebody who. Specifically doesn't like taking their medication goes off that on purpose is that that do you have to consider that somehow on the process. Absolutely and we have a facility here in Gainesville and FE ETC north quarter evaluation and treatment center and that. Is a jail facility that houses severely mentally ill individuals who have been either deemed. Incompetent for trial or there there have severe mental health issues but. I'm committed serious crimes. We need to be able to protect the public from those individuals but at the same time. If you have low level offenders who have mental health issues that need treatment jails not necessarily the right place for them to be so we need to find a way that we can mitigate that. Divert them away from the criminal justice system before they get into our jails. But the biggest obstacle we have responding not just here a lot for county but statewide the funding for mental health services is really minimal. Our resources are flush. We have a lot of programs a lot of groups are on to a candidate do you positions but the funding is just not there so we're trying to work on that. Hopefully through this collaborative effort we can make steps to progress. In this his the stepping up program is actually a federal program it's a national initiative it's sponsored by the council state government. On the national association of counties in the American Psychiatric Association and that's on the national level so between their resources and collaborating with local authorities were trying to get. I'm more programs in place where we can get those with mental health illness help that they need rather than place and our jails. If you're a law enforcement officer on the street and you're approaching a situation. And you're trying to evaluate the person through some of this advanced treatment this crisis intervention which. All the officers go through many electric and a sheriff's office. How would you be able to tell somebody who's you know. Having some sort of a mental breakdown what you may treat one way. Verses I don't know a sociopath is going to be an actor a fake her you know they're very manipulative. Gosh if I mean I guess their safety mechanisms in place and there right. Yeah there's no magic pill there's there's no program out there that's gonna capture a 100% of what you want it to view on its not gonna be 100% successful a 100% of the time. I'm but the fact is is that right now we have no other auction for individuals that may be. Showing signs of mental Health Minister individuals that are crises that have committed a crime we have no other avenue but to take into the county jail. If an individual doesn't commit the crime then we have the options of possibly baker act in them and taking them. I to a receiving facility like meridian or Vista aware north Florida are portions hospital. But short of that if and individuals involving criminality there's no other option than jail and that's not necessarily the best place for them to be. I got to ask you if you're comfortable answering it just McCadam sue us. I think at one time may be your counterpart when you're with a PBA when you're paneling that union. He was the union had for the FOP. He was cot that it stealing a 56000 dollars. From that Gainesville chapter and he just got sentenced yesterday to. Two or three years imprisoned filed by ten years of probation I have to wonder. Look you're in a similar. A position in terms of the union you're also law enforcement officer. Is that taken into consideration when you. Know you're subjecting a former law enforcement officer to prison time because as an act kind of a bad thing you know probe into being in the population. Yet there are procedures in place I know appeal actually Karen in jail and and I believe that the state level as well with regard to you law enforcement officers that are incarcerated. To make sure that they I have some other protections because obviously as you know once you get inside the jail especially if you're in Maine reform law enforcement officer. You can be subjected to use them some attacks and safety issues that are not there for the normal individual. I'm so there are safeguards that we have in the jail without ever occurs I'm sure the state has the same types of protocol. Did you get any year you talked I guess you talk to other law enforcement officers and stuff like that I I would imagine that you know we have to separated those who. Thought Jeff was a decent guy and never had any negative interaction with a vs when you find out what he did in a position of power like that. Then do you think it's again a kind of puts a bad mark on law enforcement or the union representation are. Well this ominous speak from a personal point of view on this not not representative of the agency that I that I represented our sheriff are now but from a personal aspect. When you have a law enforcement officer that commits a crime. How might this morn it's it's it's a violation of the public trust in this case when you have a union head that was elected to. It's protect the the officers. You have a more. An elevated level of trust and to betray the other men and women that you stood shoulder to shoulder with on a daily basis to me. Arm is is despicable arm and that's just of my personal insight on. Is there are supposed to be a system of checks and balances in place so that once say you were they had a fury union. Now if you write checks for expenses and doing different things seminars or whatever you knew you could expensive out but you're also held to account I would imagine hey we wanna see the books kind of thing. Yeah I can only speak for the police don't know association the union that I was the president of way that when I'm but we did have an expense account and we had to run all of our transactions through the main office. In Tallahassee shall we had to justify each expenditure we had a providers he we had to provide justification for the expense. In if it wasn't approved by the the board office in Tallahassee. Then I as the president would be personally responsible out of my own personal funds to reimburse them for the. Did you ever have to reimburse anybody where they said they gave in and its name on it really okay. Eight let's holds over another segment on because up your brilliance and picking on. No winners in the NCAA basketball thing you know we gotta talk about that 917. News talk 97.3 disguise. Although white men there. Earnings thanks to shine so I'm burning the American flag sticks when not. Angry news talk 97.3. The sky. I'm Tony trail about rose showtime Jack brought to you by prestige taste Jewelers were the answer is always yes. And we're talking into branding could marry is a spokesperson for the allied to a county. The sheriff's office and Brandon I understand it you folks got together and did some training counterterrorism workshop tell me about that. The city Jacksonville along with the national counterterrorism center of the Department of Homeland Security. And the FBI got together and they held a joint terrorism and terrorists a joint counterterrorism workshop over the last couple days in Jacksonville. And the purpose of that is TU. Put forward a table top exercise of multiple terrorist war on what we call critical incidents throughout the Jacksonville metropolitan region. And take a look at your response take a look out the resources that you have either in the city of Jacksonville or in our case and in the neighboring jurisdictions for mutual laid. And identify any gaps that you have in the system so that we can shore those up and make sure that we get those issues taken care of before we have to respond. I to a wide scale incident like that and you have to remember. That when it comes to these types of incidents done counter terrorism attacks. It's not going to be the military that's gonna respond it's going to be your local law enforcement we saw that in in 9/11 we saw that the Boston Marathon. We saw that at San Bernardino. And we can go on and on it's going to be your local resources that are initially going to have to respond and deal with this. So we took part in the exercise of the last couple days along with electric county fire rescue Gainesville fire rescue the University of Florida police department was there. A lot of contingency from Jacksonville Saint John's County Nassau County. I was an excellent workshop. We got to to really. Take a good look at at what resources we have we identified them some gaps in the system that we need to correct. I'll but it's all in order to make sure that we're providing. I'm the most efficient and effective up public safety resources to the communities that we serve we wanna make sure that they're safe and that we can respond to whatever comes our way. I'm assuming that. Issues related to Hazmat and equipment and all that was probably part of it absolutely absolutely. Not only in pretty good shape electric Downey's lawyers wheel are we are we have we are part of the regional domestic security task force which covers everywhere from Jacksonville down to Manning counting we share assets with those organizations our bomb team mark dive team. Our swat contingencies are aviation units. And we also have the officer or deputy here at the sheriff's office that is temporarily assigned to the federal bureau of investigation's joint terrorism task force. And so we give it information from the federal government on a daily basis with regard to you. Terrorist threats in and around a lot to account in the city of Gainesville so that where we're on top of the intelligence is coming through so that we can adjust our resources and prepares necessary. Just as a law enforcement officer in one who. You know has been exposed to this kind of training and and the thought process justified. It almost seems a little page say this but little to quiet lately. Pretty thoughts are meant. You know you you're always you're always wondering you know what's gonna happen in my because feared just personally is you know you have game weekends at the University of Florida Gator football. Stadium when you have 9000 people packed into the stadium on game day and everybody's having a good time. You know that ducks obviously a concern for us I can tell you that we do work very well with the University of Florida the Department of Homeland Security the FBI. I have Dili and all the other contingencies that are out there to make sure that we make that experience as safe as possible. You know Gator nationals same kind of thing we do work ups we have contingency plans. We never want anyone to be scared to go out and live your life but you have to know the behind the scenes organizations like the sheriff's office lunch county fire rescue Ashe county emergency management. They're making plans so that you can how that's neat experience so be confident in the young group of professionals that are serving this community because they are top notch. Medical marijuana became law in the state of Florida but things have not really been implemented from an infrastructure standpoint from law enforcement perspective have there been discussions and I unit deal with that people stepping across the line hurt. You know how that's gonna work in terms of I guess how relates to other prescriptions. What what are your thoughts on that. Locally here our to a carrier like and I said we have two thirds arms are 13 of all of the medical marijuana producers are right here a lot to account so we have to nurseries. I hear we've met with one of nurseries we've we've seen their operations we've taken toward facilities we've had dialogue between. Other sheriff and the owner of that nursery as far as procedures what he can expect from us what we can expect from him with regard to this. The way to Florida law as written is pretty straightforward if you have a prescription or I a recommendation for medical marijuana you have to keep. That prescribed product within the prescription bottle just like you would any normal prescription. Your your name is entered into a compassionate use registry throughout the states about law enforcement can look up and see if you legitimately. How they recommendation for medical marijuana so we can determine if you are illegally in possession when are we going possessions so it's just like any other drugs. It's gonna take time for us to work through the bugs in the system but I think we're out ahead of it. I think we're and poise in a really good position here a lot to account into effectively address the issues ethic among. Not as great to now and your. Going to school I currently have and as long we're doing your job and you're enrolled at Villanova correct that's the Nancy you've got picked to win the NY ten. I just want to you know I I can't say that it's a scientific. Core elation but ever since I've been a Villanova student they have. I've the national championship basketball teams I don't wanna say it's my responsibility and it is what it is a. Let's look at. And let's see what it would give the gators do on. I think I've got my my bracket go into the sweet sixteen and then getting bumped off by Villanova in the sweet sixteen but. It gave us have a strong team this year you know Villanova has a strong team as well it's maybe it would be interesting to see if that matchup comes a Villanova University gators what happened. Well Jason from Philadelphia so I'm sure he's got Villanova merit. Up to Lenovo low final four got them beaten Arizona. And and losing to Kansas in the championship game. So about a Villanova didn't win at last your apart from the way and I just think back to back sold. Bart and in a lot. I love the gators so much I want them to be the last team to went back to back championships. I'll see how he did that the size replica of the have a losing in the first for in this way later today to East Tennessee State now. Now it's the other bank while. He hates warriors and mavericks generally I don't Italian I mean there's every reason every bad illness. Hey thanks so much for your time high as usual branding cutter from the electric sheriff's office and continue he went up in a they'll Villanova get locked up for them. 930 and above rose show. We've got a lot more coming your way including things that make you smile playing on.