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Phantoms & Monsters - what creatures may be lurking in the woods behind your house?

Mar 21, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guest Lon Strickler, Author of the Phantoms & Monsters series of books. Topics include Bigfoot, Dogmen, aliens, and more. Lon's research and investigations shed some light on these sightings, and more. 03/21/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Our. All I'll bring you Jason was Stevie Johnson nothing like Katie Monday night's clash Tuesday morning show to get things gone in the week grant. Yes hello to everybody whether your Monday on the last Tuesday and the Easter lost somewhere between wanna welcome you to be on a daily radio. And I'm Jason dollars and Michael Stevie Johnson and so yeah we agree Shelley moon got a great week shows this week. We do we've got some really cool stuff coming out on tonight we're going to be talking about phantoms and monsters that's a book series on by Juan stricker and today he's done a lot of really interesting investigations from like scripted stuff for big foot whatever dog men. Also some alien things. Some ghosts things and he's done a lot and he's written about a lot and I'm anxious to hear about some of more recent investigations. Milan seems to have himself humbled and everything right down to it it's funny a few months ago would achieve you and I were talking in my of these small lake in his claims of likens that people were seeing on Pennsylvania well lawn is also works with. Pennsylvania lake and investigations. Now there's I mean he gets around his knees and all different things so. Yeah I know he's talked a lot about where walls domino has talked a lot about like I said the dog men thing we've had some people on talking about dogma in the Sunni becoming more and more on the sightings are more and more common than they were awhile ago so. A maybe scotsman so of course. And so and then tomorrow night we're going to be talk they'll pull Conley. About what if the extinct shark Merkel and arm wasn't really extent sorry and that would be a terrifying. Well the thing is gigantic. Or words to hear it was gigantic. And it eats everything so you know one more reason not to go swimming in the ocean or exactly how can I can. Her name off our many many others Wednesday we've got Kelly coffee. And -- a year and you're super Psycho this well we've been talking about Killy coffee seems like for months now we had a scheduled a few weeks you'll remember exactly when it was we had to switch things around on due to a scheduling change in conflict but she's gonna YouTube channel calls telling the raw. And you Rex writes about being psychic. And she talks about being a parent of the paranormal topics which also brings in health and cooking nutrition. Clothes make up Harris Payer supplements a whole bunch of the things and brings it all around to say. You know these are things he need do to support you in becoming your ultimate best in just really anxious to see how the psychic part in the paranormal part fits into that equation. Now and then Thursday we've got Gavin Kelly and Paul Purcell Gavin Kelly is a country singer turned pheromones vesey and Aaron leads and has mixed. Ghost hunters a three year old group and they're actually doing a show that's coming out or has tomorrow already on Amazon prime. So why did check it out we hear the country music guy of the duo here you know doing doing doing what I knowing of his stuff for them share again and actually send Nissan his music I I haven't listened to yet just as I was on the road over the weekend for for work put a plan to listen to it. And check you know bottom nick his parish area from a from ghost hunters are different Sherry lynch she was telling me about Somalia again Evans music as well sorted and it's checked out. Okay we'll be interesting Meebo can play a piece of two known during the interview become interesting here yet and it's everybody out there it sits and is the first day of spring practice. Well you would know it immunity in parts of the northeast it was but in Cooperstown still cold and there's four feet of snow still sitting on the ground everywhere channeling it looked almost sixty today will be a little pressure. Tomorrow so. On yeah czar Lisa snow's melting for Assad tomorrow by UB you're going to be stuck in match I don't think it's gonna melt until July unfortunately. Our telephone numbers 8446877669. If you wanna call in insurer story you're moon we have our guest on you can asked the guest questioner join in conversation we also have a great FaceBook page check out. Yes FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. So ratio like text or counseling popping up a new channels across the country I know next week we're gonna be a showing up and Oklahoma City channel and some other channels. I'll get more details but I. We costly updated at at the FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio in the and we also loaded onto beyond reality radio dot com. You welcome to join the chat just go to be on reality renewed dot com click the the listen life. And chat button on the right side of the screen and attrition to a chat room a bunch of Greek people there's a big family very welcoming. And we knew we'd love chat with the LG neon arrow is in the. You know we're there we're trying to keep up with a bit moves kind of fast witches and witches is exciting news is sometimes hard to catch it all. On and the other thing you need to know about the website is if you read precedent something our guests are talking about that you can go to the guests tab on the web site. And we've got information about the guests their plus so links to some of their books or whatever and happened be talking about on the show. Gas a lot of great things the sites counseling Ming updated sew so make sure you check it out how would you and to do today. Well I did a lot of driving. Mom I did a lot of shoveling and then they did a little bit in napping the wouldn't talk about that part. Melanoma and haven't it's an accident and it's a schools at Torrey was inducted into the honor society seriously congratulations she is she's phenomenal and sauces also gaining and winning some awards I guess over the next few days for for her artwork she's just incredible she's a great girl and for those you know known as the Tories one of Jason starters and in one of my 42 to be one of the 42 I've only met about 38 of the 42 strain so so I. A success. All right what are we take a break when we come back we'll bring along strict Lauren he's our guest tonight he's an author and a forty researcher and we're going to be talking about monsters in San comes. And much much more it's beyond real ingredients Jason Hawes. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 through the the fourth in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. Error RL radio Jason causing Gene Johnson so good to have everybody along with a us tonight. Another great night we've got a lot of great stuff coming up tonight or were going to be talking with monster their lawn is a forty in researcher and author and an intuitive who writes. And mentors on a variety of subjects and 1981 he experienced a bigfoot encounter near 60 Maryland mall fiction fishing on the south French of their attempt scope river. And as a result of that incident. 2005 he's gonna number of books. By the same title let's bring him in its months of extra clear on beyond reiterating what Michelin. Ed thanks for having an extra come on I'm with the look forward to talk to you for quite awhile now so it's exciting to have you here. While I appreciate. So let's get right to the beginning I know he had a big footing count or 1981 month it. Educate and precedent in any of this was that the incident or did you have an interest before that. I actually hear from the paranormal investigator. Actually read it at high school. On. That was in the late seventies. When many many people out during paranormal investigations. But I had arm. I'm actually in tune and I Edwards started discovering. My ability and I was around eight years old so. I do live again and were Pennsylvania which is very close to Gettysburg. So wobbles on the battlefield allies. And because of that. I started to experience a lot of different phenomenon. And be in at the words I eventually. Discovered that I was not able to law see here. She met all content different types of book anomalies and I don't. I wanna from the air and you know that I was you know I didn't several investigation in my own bed time when I got older and and that's that act practically all I did was just paranormal investigations. Spores spirits and Goosen sought by. In 1981. When I had it not been. I got a student. The other. The other Portuguese supernatural so that's what I've been working when they're Russians. No one any any kind of talks with somebody specialists and sensitive who've gone to Gettysburg they a lot of them say it's just soul powering. That they they can't control their emotions or can't as they can't block out things that that they're experiencing and seeing. You didn't find that hard being being young and on the on the fields open. Yeah I did I mean I didn't really know what are we going on our you know I've always opens interest did in local history and innocence that was so close and I was Thomas early civil war both. It yeah I was confusing it was scary at some point sport. You know I kept at a point browser actually sneaking out to battle through midnight camping out and and I are kind of learn. To do is expected anything. And where you're camping out in the battle Cinemark has been to this job particularly they're now I try to add as a certain area. Imports about well I used to sneak in Ontario. And you know back then they didn't rural late. You know they won't do and Roy push. Keep keep people all night on us like it is now it's you became on there now. Yes or did. So I'm as you had these early. Oh you putrid this awareness that you you said I think he's used the word you could smell taste here's cents. Anomalies. What types of so is sensitivities did you really have a no viewers using those things anymore figures believe they obviously you you you realize that you could. Sense things but what type of its senses are or were becoming obvious to you. Well I can actually sees several operations. Arm. There were certain areas and battlefield that were that were. Add much more activity. And particularly the Death Valley which between doubles Yemen around top. All the other side a little round top which in the backside and word of beyond any main. Monument is the area where that. Part of the battle on the second date to employees. There is the strongest areas army in particular. Our I would I would CIA operations. I have word smelled gunpowder. I would hear shots drums. Screaming yelling smell blood. The whole nine yards on me all the senses were. Were. Were active. When Abby on there and it still happens I'm Matt I lived in Hannah were at that time which is like thirteen now as. East of Gettysburg and I it was nothing Reid teed up quite right there but I knew damn Marlins for forty years Rodgers drew back up EA. Last summer song that I did backcourt battle through troubled times and it's still could sing. I still get the same type of reaction Ryder. So your look a couple of there residual type on and all that cells that that are going on their besides intelligence. Actual energy it. I'm at a I don't believe it's much a residual is in his act and. And so. If you still have that sensitivity in you mean you have investigated if you ever been able to catch any photographs tanker audio evidence on the battlefield or anywhere near. I have never Roy being interested in doing that coming out why. Broad as far as asleep on EVPs are aiming like that done a lot of investigators. Try to get I just member Roy have been in pursuit and doing it's always been. I've had people Whitman. And you know they've done you know that but I'd. You know it's just one of those things were I dismember Roy. Felt like doing an act act how to get to your delegates I'm invading nurse based by doing and I just never Roy did it. So let's fast for the story a little bit more you've you've developed an interest in paranormal bomb bass and those experiences but. It didn't stop with the ghosts and spirits obviously. Bigfoot caught your attention tells about that incident. Well this was all. This is a major nine to 1981. I was about 10 morning I was flocked fishing for small mouth bass himself ranch. Don't attach your river which is approximately one mile downstream. Ramallah route 32 years to near sisal Merrill. Nice bear. And yards an area where arrived in many times. And I was LaSalle bank and while I was I was had waiters ourselves in the war itself. So I noticed a first sides mixed breed dog. The other side nor side. Went through the weeds in tickets. And I'd seen it about maybe forty maybe took York's for me and human weaving in and out of brush. You don't wasn't bothered by a dog so I just got mine back to mission. But after a few minutes I had heard a dog barking and growling. And after your maybe stirred up an animal or something but as I'll look there. I noticed a dark hairy creature bobbing up and down in the weeds. Not stopped fishing and out of my attention to blow it on. And ended I notice a dog stopped working. And suddenly heard are so loud Yelp from adult as this creature stood up. And the best I could tell was that it was. About seven to eight foot tall. Ed dark editing error. All over the body except for the face. Are. Actually receive the body from the chest up calls are rest of the body. Was most obscure by the weeds and dust stood to what you stole. I heard a ticking sound which I I Rory didn't know what that was. But it was definitely coming from this creature. And. Was it was hers as if it was doing it towards the dog. Now. I don't know why I was doing act gaffe. I had talked other investigators. Baptists. And arm some say it may have been gnashing its teeth callers tell me that they have had experiences. With. It pops possibly making a clicking sound rude it's balanced. Own and why they do that I don't know but I doubt heard back. So law. I tried to whom we moved into the river get a little bit closer you get better looked. This thing off actually started moving to. My left. And it's stepped down the bush issues. And I got to fool viewers definitely male exe genitalia on this thing. And it can't looked at me for second and then. I'm only diamond started moving up back in wards. And it was running but it was moving at a pretty good clip. So. I didn't know what do you couldn't follow certain. Act out in rule one wallets. And off sauce I headed back toward Barack or would you just above me on the road. And dom and got into the vehicle. And headed back towards sisal. Which you don't like that read woman drops tomorrow where. I stopped at. A war which is right there on the reverend. And off. Shannon assure us today you probably need to drink and that is actually what a lot of hang on his earned his reorganized to take a quick break here and I didn't wanna touch offering when you're getting into. So more intense thing explode. If it's for everybody out there were talking with the launcher clear so. We're gonna take a quick break and we come back more you listen Jason into the NBA and I. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. On our energies on Gmail accounts. This and we're just talking with long mystery killer internal investigator. Chris goes all of you know crypto hunter you name it. And a long red for a winter break long was telling us about his experience with with big foot that sort of let him down that path good drinking issues he cut if it's tough line music and it will just the stories he used to stop in a bar we're gonna lead to one of the many times that a sense the big tradition you stopped an embargo on the. I I didn't actually in Bora but at a I used to pay for an outside the bar called the local police. And now this is before 911. Army in the had a had a call and wreck. It probably court and he bribed but I've I want it all. And dark. Now. I could tell they didn't believe what I was saying they Saddam. Whereas somebody raiders boom problem back and some will meet junior solemn. I started back or grab back toward. The river and why are there was amazed. That number I'll state police cruiser is already bear now. To state police officer told me to back them or leave from the lead because they didn't know how dangerous situation. And I tried to explain to him that I immediate initial work but he refused. You know let all and Gary immediately. So locked up back and cork and dark turn around and went back I'm actually lived and slice elect our motto on before he continues that it wanted to says the question about that. Bomb the report you made to the police when you called them you you basically described at the same way you described it to us. Yeah more or less I I told them what I singing so and out I was concerned about what. What I did see and want to make them aware yes so I'm just curious 'cause at least ten did not respond thinking they're looking at equip the situation or bigfoot situation you know I mean do you think they thought there was some type of dangerous person. In the woods prepare birdie or something like that mean I'm just paid for them to tell you they're not sure how dangerous the situation isn't curious what was going through their minds. Well it's it was here. Actually Springfield state hospitals nearby. It was a large amount facility. Run by steamer or on that was nearby sought that may have been with banking isn't. So all but anyway I when I when I got there state 2% anyways I went back home. I want backup and I went back later about an hour later and and place which crawl people. I mean I had actually or quarter mile down the rude and walked back up there. And you know I neighbors Lotta people stand there there was a our county police officer. Neared the tape that would be had a cross the road. And they had a lot the other area around. Bear in Woodson. In our river Errol taped all there were adults going through there with. Our handlers and how other people going out and they were also several black vehicles there and at that time. They were station wagons and I knew then a third round ball with us. So all I had talked to one man stand by the Rooney told me that did not yours temples. And I was cut I didn't know how he you know how he knew that it then I asked did the arc on it Lisa Albert. What is going Morrissey start Larry's there was some Beisel bigfoot. So how black holes. So this whole thing spiraled out of control from Europe Paul. Yeah op but you know after after several years and I. Out and get into that later but I went home. And I called the local football on TV stations which were in Baltimore were real. And the son of interest didn't want to know what was going on so they said they get back in May well couple days went by an Iranian thing. And hold one of them back go up and they just fly out of the green at all. So. I've. Peaked my interest on what was going on. So all. He died at that time I start making inquiries about. Are. Public people had seen this thing and what had been born in one passed and I had a bit flat. Sightings and encounters. About. Seven years previous to that. What people can called dislikes so monster in their words alone. Are opened on the river many people are adding in adding calendars and actually got into somebody's kitchen one. Are sought to the palm us all you'd just start interviewing people. If you are hating calendars and I actually had. Had eight or interviews on actual law witnesses. More so big and you know what the original witnesses war had given out to be up the press so arm. But I later found out that there had been a sighting of there's supposed to do the same creature. Are about one miles down river beds seem warning earlier that morning. And you know since living close to know when I live we rooted in the type four and DC. I just assumed that. They were. Following this thing Amin and fitted for a yeah I heard helicopters. Didn't see any better help operators there were many medical or is there. Lots of people even had a tent set up. So I don't know what was boring I personally do believe. That they've found so that day. So the line you think that sound I mean we've talked to a lot of people who've had big. It puts sightings and who reported them its I don't know of any other situation when there's been that kind of response or at least an immediate response. We've got to police combing the area and then you've got a black vehicles which are clearly federal agent type vehicles. In the area roped off tense you know that's a pretty significant response so. So you're saying that do you think that. They found something which which is why there was such a great response could trigger area such a huge response. Yeah I've I do believe that I believe that at all I don't know that response. Was initiated because they can respond to initiate calls earlier citing. But I do believe something had happened. Actor X explained that don't own this area there are a lot of different government facilities. That. Lot of people knowing about now was this thing something that was escape from somewhere but they're out looking for. Our I don't know I mean I I I still haven't been able figure that out got my. Varies on what point on there were her at the original time in the slight monster black 1 morning in 73. And there were a lot of speculation. That this may have been some creature data escaped from the government's more. Our facility that they were just doing them tell their young arm mutation types things. NR I have actually. Talked to a lot of witnesses or forty years that work and various facilities in this area in that area that are. That talked about this type Obama. Humanoid type in experimentation. And escapes sought so you know right. It is no real evidence it's all anecdotal but. I don't know they were really concerned about what was going on and they made every attempt ship shut it down. And god I did receive a letter. Rom a local police saw machinery was involved in that search. It Grammy report. Two UB. BF borrow. Several years later and dark. It got back to me and told me he remembers her room. But it's it's interesting that there's no records. Anywhere in the police. Arm. In the police. Files. In the state I mean nothing. That was going to be minus next question if there is an official please report and what it said you're saying one didn't exist. Now and wait it out Portland television program back in 2000. Our fourteen about sexual monster and a woman who was checking this out workman's. The Dallas ice flows she went through all the records. She should did nothing. I don't it's almost as if it was wash clean. Yeah act. We're talking with a one stricker he's an author of forty and researcher his website. For his books his phantoms and monsters dot com. The books are of the same series fanned phantoms and monsters is a whole bunch of Morgan into those as we move along our telephone numbers 844687766. And it's beyond reality radio don't go away. You could be talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 through the four. Force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there. I don't really really mysterious sounds Jimmie Johnson we've got to. Great show underway against Islam strictly he's an author of forty and researcher. His books include phantoms and monsters and there's several of them under that title on explaining counters mysterious encounters bizarre encounters strange encounters. Encrypted encounters and the website is phantoms and monsters dot com Jen. Yeah welcome back to the show on the training and all of us tonight. I so yeah you earned so we were talking and just prior. About how this really turned into this huge blown out thing where you feel that phase they might have found something. But that the possibility is also that he could have then mixed keeps. Whatever from some league the government facilities and around the area also that you were able to connect to the bunch people that weren't. That weren't able to connect with so with the media sources and that's our common a lot of these people altered his don't want. To be. Be on the news or anything talking about these experiences are. Yeah this is island unique situation because all. The witnesses. At this wasteful monster they were all African Americans and the actual media report. Back in 73. Was dissolved. Was reported by the Baltimore Afro American newspaper. 88 didn't really get into the mainstream media. Perceive their worst. A blows a blur here in Maryland newspaper but it but it wasn't really. Looked into it there were there were fewer investigators are looking at that time. I was lucky enough to know many of the people. Dad had these in cat owners and dog knew their friendly so I was able to get tortured them. And saw that's how I got access to some new information. And you say do you believe that it was intentional that the police department seem to lose all the reports are anything that that had to do with this experience. Thought yeah I'd add up confirmation from. A couple of sources as text that. In my life and they say that happen now what do they say that to the police department sort of swept this under the road. They just roared and wanna be bothered with it I mean that's been the thing you are right. Bank but of course since the federal government was involved with this upping the locals were told. To kind of push it up. Game because you think that it would be the finding a of a lifetime if if they were able to actually document and and catch something or. Were somehow document that this thing did exist. Yet it was a big thing you know I didn't live that down there at the time don't leave 1973. Sightings of I was living in Pennsylvania dead time but you know apparently was a big thing at that time but it you know. The hype kind die at all and dom. You know I really don't know what had been going on there between that in the time I had seen. So law. What everything. All the information. Babble is gathered. Oman isolating. Was nowhere to be found and Don. If not that's just. I had to kind of take it all myself to try to find out what I've all I saw I didn't know what I assault be quite honest with your. I knew about big four. And I just assumed expletives wars. And I do believe that's what I was you know I mean you know. There are a lot of different things out there are people silly and quite frankly I I do question it sometimes but I'd depth results on. We're gonna get into the talking about some more some of the additional investigations and things he you've been researched and wrote about company and run a stand this for another monitor to. We often hear about these black vehicles that show openly in associate them directly with the federal government but who'll win the federal government is driving these black feels. Vehicles that show up to things like the citing that you're talking about right now we know. Well I. I believe now you for talking about the Menem black phenomenon known and I'm just talking about what you described he says there black vehicles he did I wagons do we know who they are. I had were I really don't know I'd. NRA's foreign reserves investigators go I had no idea. Our I don't know what. Government agents should be all would have. I'm pretty sure federal. These were federal law officers on it. And do you believe that the federal government and though has a certain crew that is their main job is to look into war to grow with what. The reports are based on. I think there is owed a branch of the government that's in pursuit in his top Phnom column. How deep they are are into it I can't really say that but. There has been evidence or over the years at a point that way. It so you know we have we've got about a four minutes or before if go to break again from the top of the hour. I don't wanna. Leave bigfoot in its entirety but. You have talked about the big foot paradox may be in this time before the break you can tells with the big foot. Paradoxes. Well. In other is that there's there are several theories on what bigfoot really years. IA arm. I believe debt. The most port debt these are. These are creatures horror or whatever debt or part of parallel universe. And has somehow. Find their ways. In Tora plane now. I have no adopted there are big foot type creatures in particular in a Pacific northwest said her flesh and blood beans. But I do believe the activists dead bigfoot Manama. And a lot of other types of Christians. May actually come from. An alternate universe I mean it does sound crazy. But. Yeah invest there are a lot of investigators. Now. Are starting to accept the possibility. Ten years ago I brought that up and I had brought that up ten years or so. People all crazy but. There have been two mini. Too many countered with different. Creatures and despite in particular Europe frozen bigfoot sightings at the same time this has happened before and tutoring in Pennsylvania. And stand Gordon who urged an investigator. In Pennsylvania for many many years he he started. Bringing this theory to light. And I think he was on the soft and I still believe that this may beat a possible explanation now it. Or bigfoot. Actually alien beings are tied UFO's that I don't know but I do believe. That they are not indigenous. To more. Our dimension I think it kind of come in and out in how they do I don't know. There's got to be an explanation. Simply did no evidence is found no bodies have been down. Something to go. While an inland and there's these smooth and sure you're familiar with that I syndrome what is Amber's syndrome where people tend to grow. Excess amounts Terrell over the body. I know that there are colonies that tend to. Move well into the outskirts were and were there around nobody in MB in those areas let when they have these syndrome to avoid. Dealing with. The general population just because somehow sometimes the way they're treated the way that they're looked at. Do you think that there's any possibility that some of these bigfoot sightings could could be just. Misinterpreted and really be a people with the with the amber syndrome. I believe it may be possible. There there are eight a lot of different type from Bob tales and folklore about. People live in the woods I just didn't look like her. Rather like. Went to the big foot looked like arguments with a lot Errol I mean it you simply that I believe that may be possible. But the fact that there are so many saudis now in particular the United States and Canada. And move bodies have been found in our. And a and no DNA no real tight O blah. Explainable. Evidence. Or tangible evidence. Army there's something else behind some. Aaron well I've been so where are we we have to hear the top of the hour break but I live there's a lot more to talk about on the subject. There were talking on lawns strict learn about lome bigfoot never in other words thing that's out there but you'll synergies. JPM got real live. TV Johnson so I could have everybody along with her joining us on one of the great local radio stations during the show or you listening to a some line or you're in chatter you're on her face before BR. Welcome. Yeah or the Monday on the last Tuesday on the east are still lost somewhere between welcome to be on rail later radio. So we had a great week shows coming up really do mom tonight we're going to be talking with long stretch where. We're forty and researcher about him or him tumble big foot and pretty much any other creepy things we can come up with. And then tomorrow in talking with poll Conley. Who about what if maglev Dahmer that brutal monstrous shark. Didn't he is isn't really expect. A winning shark week. Remember the knows big isn't his fault I actually I never tune into it because I'm always out of salt water most mentally she thing I wanted to say don't want to see that's not and I mean I've this things I've seen go under the boat just on the sonar via its slate don't wanna marry Donny on. Well it is very very popular I think these days a shark week so we're gonna do we're gonna talk about mentally done in honor of shark week and then wins and we've got Kelly coffee coming on. Kelly's been scheduled on the program in the past we had to move her around but she's gonna YouTube channel called Kelly in the raw no it's not that kind of YouTube channel she talks about Paris is turning and he too talked about being psychic. Stocks with the paranormal possible to bunch other lifestyle things anything she can do to help support people becoming their ultimate best. There's there's there's guy gathering Kelly I'm Paula Purcell Gavin Kelly is a country singer turned colonel investigator and leads and test make ghost hunters. And we're going to be talking to him about a much different things little and they also have this new show coming on and Amazon prime. Which I'm looking forward to checking account so and will listen so it was music to the public that. Yeah and the going gets us in country music if I need some more exposure to country music and not that he needs a little more exposure or music it's now. Later than 1970 now I don't that's great music. So it's I would ask this question though did you mention of this turn on a show on Amazon prime was felt with our guest Gavin Kelly is beyond theirs and it. Think about all the shows coming out on my page streaming services vs the traditional weighs in coming on on on regular you know cable television or or even each beyond stuff like that. I like it I really do because first off you watch it on your own and your own. Time but. Especially Netflix and so I never thought I'd like Netflix and I love that Netflix because. You wanna sit in one season comes out and literally the whole season comes out bright and like two kids and I started watching on interest tonight. And in the marvel marvel superhero show. And we are able to watch three episodes of you know and instead of having to wait each week for it and then you know cut through the commercials aren't. In all that stuff so I I really do like and today Amazon prime I have Amazon prime it. I've gotten to the new Ron Perlman show hand of god he knew witches are really really good show as well. Yeah well I'm I'm actually quite fascinated in the sense in the normally talk about on the program but I'm I'm really quite fascinated how good some of these programs are that are coming out on things like Amazon prime and Netflix it just seems so. Those companies. Wouldn't have the same kind of resources the networks do but it is just some feel it's a visionary thing it's our name. Amazon prime last year it bought five point two billion dollars in profit the I'll listen they've got more than them wanted to make him make some gracious and they have a mean man and I castle and some just incredible stuff I don't know if you ever seen or heard of that show. I've heard of it I don't bet that's him what if what if Germany won yet in straight I don't have Amazon prime I do have Netflix and watched stranger things in some of the other sales and a Netflix and his season over coming out and and I'm just yet and not just the that the quote unquote TV shows but some of the movies that do are pretty good too so it's it's fun to watch it's gonna watch the evolution of cover entertainment options. Yeah they do great work from there in a story for you witches. Kind of interesting team of the universe thirteen from the University of Kansas. Makes particles quantum jumps from one spot to another. Yes that sounds like. That's and so I Star Trek that sounds like Star Trek. Scientists have made a tilt rotation preacher after watching electrons disappear in one spot and reappear and another. Experts have seen electrons quantum leap between materials leaving no Trace of where they had been. The action has been described as strange type of quantum movement where the electrons travels from the first layer of immaterial. To the third layer without appearing in the second. Wow he'll lead researcher hollow Zell from the University of Kansas and electrons can show up on the first floor. And then on the third floor without ever having been on the second floor. Phenomenon is known as Vander walls force which is a quantum mechanical attraction between two forces some wonder how a magnet works com. Also Vander walls forces one allows get coastal exit to the walls spiders walk upside down. All right so but this is like the first breakthrough in May do you know we can be transporting things back and forth this is a sense. Like we could be like you do and if we do monitor the radio show you know were different studios are number we wanted to do it together just hit a button and a pop near studio and as well as on this say they have and also are accusing him mine and our luck we still face failure armor become an on your hedge your foot wooden stick on your body you know we're sort of somebody's well amendment and it's a it's I think that's the biggest problem I know that they of them talked a motel station is. It is percent sending is one thing by it. Having something. Blob just I don't know to call. That would be good by the way the telephone numbers 8446877669. If you like to call be part of our discussion tonight would love to hear your stories were also be talking with one stricter about. Lot of different things he's investigated bigfoot he's investigated. Aliens he's investigated. And ghosts. Is that a lot of work normally talk to him about that moment come back from break. It's beyond. Casey yeah Johnson and telephone numbers 8446877669. Us time to bring our guest in one strict there is an author of forty and researcher his books. Our under the phantoms and monsters series on explaining counters mysterious encounter his bizarre encounters strange encounters. Tripp did encounter some web sites phantoms and monsters. Dot com law and welcome so much to me. Unreal you re a great championship. Stratton. Thanks for coming on line and you write pretty much about everything like Jimmy was encrypted a stranger towners bizarre encounters mysterious encounters and explain encounters. Com and so you cover pretty much gambit. Yeah I. I've never seen a phenomenon in line. Against the do the books have any particular. Categorization. In each of them murderers as everyone talking about everything. Well the first book which has crept into our is that strictly scripted sightings and encounters. Brought to that I started including about it replaying him in Dutch town like com. Like a review of the year be world reports that received. Are put a book out every your Nelson's 2012. So ball. That's what it is it's it's the year before an overview and they collections of New York. Investigations are experiences or do you collect them from other folks as well. All thought that I due to include some mine investigations. Previous investigations for that year our current investigations updates. But the majority of it includes. Reports that are sent to me there are on the blog. As well as. All the reports. In mostly historical reports. That are. Had been in news old newspaper should I try to do I try to. Make over a hundred years old news or exact news. Something interest being that not many people Perot. Yemen a lot of these reports have been present and on television shows like ancient aliens in the History Channel scifi is parable witness factor fate. Caramel files and destination America's monsters and mysteries in America so he showed up pretty much everywhere. The guy a lot in the shoes. I've used many in my reports. Over the years and our argues in fortune that it's gonna be more showing interest. Let's some let's go to the foam ones actually we've got a caller from California this is Nina. Anita wants to ask you question line welcome to be unreal and radio Nina. I take. It on line yeah I was just wondering do you know of but had little tighter. Losing yeah. Jerry Colbert. Would some concern using a specific about it. Well aged I was wondering if you. I heard much about it lately because it has been making sort of moralists and come back now. There have been reports recently reciting news. In Australia and Tasmania. Are. About 45 years ago there were a few sightings. I don't know what the team of those but recently there had been sightings and there are so our researchers. Do believe that they're very well may be a population these animals still exist. You know what what she what's your exposure to this particular creature. Yet you get the any personal experience or did you read about it is curious what is. I read about it and I think documentary on it and it activated me well also because now it while it. Track smaller sort of animal and very dog I think it's like canine but it's a private Byron thing and it. And an open market feel terror but the now. It's very distinct because it's huge like it. It basically. Shaped like alligators aren't out. And it it. It's really weird. You can actually open its mouth almost a 180 degrees or add. Yeah I know Josh gates Justin an episode where he was. For the Travel Channel where he was a checking you know recent reports in there have been a lotteries report they believe what the last one died in captivity would in the seventies wasn't long. Nose and actually thirties abort. Well Castro. In the us and yet the one that died at the zoo Alter Tom that they thought was the last one but there have been lots of reports of these of these things. That are still out so. Thanks so much for the call me knew we appreciate then in the group and the great question. Outlined what some reward you a bunch of investigations are kind of ongoing. An imminent but. Learn a little bit about some of them like one of them that I think K I don't think it's wrapped up yet or maybe you've you have but you've talked about it is that David Eckert family. Alien ordeal. Yeah. That's an investigation I started. All what year was at two thousands eight. Are you don't bother me immobile David Carr. And his family that were reporting. That they had been adopted. Actually several times a week. That deductions actually took place in his in the bedroom and their match. And that they were being taken. To use certain location underground location or underwater locations. On this planet. And that the experience. Are. Brought him more or less they were give collect world given our access to a lot of ball. A lot of things that. May not married Diebler in all. In it it's a bearish or very interesting investigation. That kind of going to a broad he had been trying for years to get people in particular move on to investigate. The phenomenon and they refused to do it and I decided I'd do it in contact him and see what was going on. Honestly I had my doubts. From many months. Going into this sport after about a year or so. I was really convinced that something was actually going on there. And dog I I do believe that he was on. He and his family his wife and daughter and son were all add duck tees and the ordeal soft. Lasted over ten years. And dom. Occasionally. These on. These beings have come back to visit them. You rarely lose another location. So it's still going on to the study yeah. Yeah abductions have stopped. Why not actually calendars hadn't thought. Has he been able to document any in this videotape. Pictures annular. Yet he does a few good Jude Law you go to my web site and And on the right hand side Ivo. Several links there at UCB gramley a court gramley Elaine ordeal. And just collect and that and I've got several. So oral pictures that he is for Ryan Nece com. And quite frankly I that we just had not released veteran. You know there there was a lot of things that I was told about. That I just don't I just don't think he rating here. Courtesy it's. There are just many many things that. You explain to me REE. Sure. He had gotten an appearance on com. The paranormal files fly factor freak too. So readers are bureau. And our. Base tried to discount his story. But they want unable to do so and I talked to a host Ben Anson. After that and eat gesture came. What happened to David. So worse what's the status of your investigation of that family story if he concluded it. Yeah I guess that way I have concluded it all. One day I I'd like to write about it are I have written a chapter in one a mob books about it. But I really would like to law Rory little light to take time and write. A book about it. But then again it is much as I do I it's it's going to be a permit good. There's just so much there are 88 it would take me actually releasing a lot more information and I'm just aren't sure what one. Yeah we've got about a minute before we've been written and half may be calm and he said there's some things that you were told you learned that you feel like. The public or people aren't ready here and and and guess what don't wanna say what they are but can give us an idea of what kind of things you're talking about. Well. I guess boom but one area would be as warriors. Why some people were actually adopted. Out there they are used many are usually slave labor. Our he would just explained. One instance wordy resentment and deep cavern. Are. On this planet. Any saw many laborers. In this captain thousands. And among other alien type beings. Are humans are urged world. And another instance involved. Neat. Experimental. Laboratory you situation. I don't know exactly where this took place but he was given. You know he was given a chance she looked at it and they were actually. Conducting experiments on human beings. Oh Erica. And so in. We're gonna end I do more detail next issue you're you know. You aren't the only come back I wanna hear if serious people in in the east taverns and Aaron and they're doing work that they must be mining can be interest in the final they're trying to mine formal talk. But that again and our sorrow and also like to know him in his it and we've bureau of busy these abductions taking place in over the which sometimes seemed like seconds I know in the case Travis Walton who's gone for a week you know it. But it is using them for that period timer Zurich time suspension involved as well. Yes so are a whole lot more questions for you only come back on Jones and Jason JVB and really great. Don't really juicy our country and Johnson and telephone numbers 8446877669. Let's say it's beyond reality radio dot com don't forget there is a tab there it's called guests and you can go and see information about the people we've had on the show plus. A links to their books and other products that they've got they've been talking about when we interview them. And the so it's been updated recently so I get used to the new format and if year old on the bottom it's all cool paranormal and beautiful tighten news surged make sure you check that out. Osu head over to the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio makes you give us alike. Yeah it's all good stuff you can join the chat room you'll find out there's a lot going on there you can find that on the website as well disk. Click on their BRR. What listen live in chat icon on the unrest currency area. Big time in the chat room always. Our guest tonight is one stricker he's an author and a forty in researcher he's got a series of books under the titles. Phantoms and monsters and hold onto different ones under that title and the website is phantoms and monsters dot com. And again we thank mom for joining us on the program tonight line. What we were in the middle of talking about alien abductions and particularly and in relation to the David Eckert family story but you mentions. That these. That the David's story can. Defined the abductions is is being actually and operation of slaves to these billions are abducting people and and been using for forced labor. Yeah so all one of the scriptures say he had given me and he stood by that. That description. And he did told me that. One occasion when named when he. In particular he resorts separated from his family journeys column during these abductions but he was taken to this one area was huge eight. Our large cavern and they were at before actually digging. In this cavern and they were all tied to different types of beings. Small robberies. Other types of beings but there were definitely humans there and dom. They are digging I don't know were they were digging for. Our ID you know a year you've heard all these stories about. That they'd be digging for gold dead in some these alien species come to earth to do it for I don't know. I don't know what it was they were actually digging war. Let's bring Vince in a friend of the programs in its welcome to be on reality radio you have a question for our guest one. Yes. Yes there's a circular. You can attest on that. And it's out there religions in the past have been focused on gold has been. Primary you know focus. Now we're seeing tours rise and prize. Throw these. You know it appeared in the mood could live view walk in the industry to grow that it don't you you burned. Depend on your dogma. But. Good apostle of the gold or silver has some. Some that do it powering there're there're there are system reserve earlier. I'll have lifted our power source sources say. Yeah I agree question since pretty things on. Well yeah I've heard that from other at all. Researchers choose save that. For some reason and I don't Royce Miller the root reason why we're date they have come to her to mine for gold. Or are they should mine for gold. And user world. You know whatever some hours sports I'm Boy George monetary thing it's it's got to be some of our shores. You know gold is an excellent conductor and it it may very will be so but I I eat I had never been able to figure out what exactly were dating. Sue. One of the questions they ask for winter break kind of have hypothetically Namibia have an answer. Mean we've heard a lot of different. Versions of abduction story sometimes they there doesn't seem to be any time passing for the abduct these sometimes in the case of summit Lake Travis Walton is a significant period of time it goes by. What if if these people are being abducted in used as slaves is there a suspension of time going on. Or they using some of them for only seconds or minutes and they're just using bring so many people in and out that you know this console Wii has supply has a working effect. Well. From what I learned from David blues beings are those humans that are used are slaves. They disarm returned Nina. Lyrics but they're disposed don't eventual. Com. And Diaz explains some news this situation to me it. Skewed brought up. As far as experimentation. I don't know I mean you know you're over there have been stories about people that have been adopted bases they have been. Proved gear proved they're used world. Raw. Some type sexual or some type all well and that's one out there and NGV talks about his experience with that Austin about how he was sexually probed to him to you know I hit it's weird I don't know if I knew that was gonna go the spa so. I mean Steven did you do you have any loss of times did you wish you had lost time knowing I have a complete loss of memory of any of that. So I don't know what you're talking about cooking out there at a. It's always comes up a lot every time we talk about probing that comes up. You know we we've got a lot we don't have a lot of time here and you have so many things that you investigated in written about and are continuing to write about zoning changes have been just a little bit here and wanna know. What you're investigation of the Pennsylvania underground facilities is about. Has been X class act calm up after we started working on knees up breaking nine dull man and I creatures. Balm. There's been a flat in Pennsylvania last two years. Below. Encounters and sightings of a break canines. And dom. You know that did this phenomena has kind of led to worthy comment from in RI AA in and we have also received. Reports from people that have. Witnessed. Either Europe slows horror strange beings come in underground facilities. In the state of Pennsylvania and there are in this state and Jeff curler there Specter worked to end. Are. A little beyond that there were a lot of facilities and statements arena that are used were armed government research. And most of those are abandoned now and they're out sticks out the boon docks and but they're still there and it's just were hard. To. Not a Madge and that they may be used for something or that some creatures are using them were shelter are. So you know that's what we have been looking into its ordered the investigation. As foreign yup breaching announced. And I guess any other scripted citing that we are getting. It saw. You know it's my fault is it like I said earlier I do believe that many of these. It's like beans or comment from another dimension but. There's always a possibility that something may be hiding somewhere and you know there's a lot coal mines also in Belgium and so on so all of abandoned home or out. So those investigations aren't what you're looking at specific underground facilities what you're doing measures supposing that time because these things are coming and going in senator sightings of things coming out of the ground. You're actually looking for those facilities. Almost Oreo academics one a sense. What are you working on currently when what do what do you say your top two or three. Ongoing active investigations are. Well they operate canine is probably the biggest one right now though we are involved with a case in Lancaster County. There hasn't been. Adam UFO's have been seen but. There's a lot of strange stuff going on that we does you know does understand a dark. It's a location where a lot of strange anomalies taken place. And it is just search oh is it alien we just don't know on its glories. You know it's gonna take more research we that's what we've been working on lately still work. But like I said the last two years. It it's been mostly be up rate canine phenomenal. For some reason and in other researchers had been getting reports as well in this state debt that this phenomenon has increased. We at this present time we've got 21 sightings. Within the last two years. What definitely has increased I've heard more and more claims about a we've actually had callers call in and talk about the experiences a lot lately over the you know half over the last few years of their experiences that they've had as well also. SF plant there and any idea what you do what you think it might be I mean I then there's reports of dog man's reports of oh all these weird type creatures what what you were thought. That's a good question are we had no idea what it is I. There there are some reports say have a supernatural aspect to it. In other words people had seen and just. Manifest. Out of nowhere. Aura that indeed had that look to them like they were they were like do a column. What an apparition. But it have elect a Sheen and strange Sheen to home. But there have been others you have actually walked up on these creatures. And we don't have any actual facts yet but. They do you stay underground and we actually had people even had dabble armed. Or be out awning and Indy were on sharpton's and they just. It just felt like they couldn't take a shot at this thing. That actually want bigger Rory interest me most is people better. Have the access to some type weapon. That just. But what do you think about taking a shot that I don't know what something that the east is projecting. Forearm. It's just a reaction. Now fear it more through your then. Actually taken shop our edit. One thing that's been pretty common when we've had. Whether it's against or a listener call in and tell us about an encounter with one of these creatures as it seems to be an unbelievable sense of evil or if there were fear or for boating. That accompanies these sightings is that what you found as well. Yeah out there there's a lot of that. There there is a fear factor involved would no doubt about that. You know I I guess the most any type creature or would be that. But in particularly so bright canines kind of projected type Obama. Or boating like you mentioned on. But it just seems to be judges seemed to be in the warm weather. But also the the whole fact of not taking a shot that people are. Are prone to to issue animals are on four legs Italy and deer bear things like that. Both the many EC something standing on two eggs I mean that that's a whole other. Fought concept that that has to go with you you're in your head at that moment. On slate in almost you wouldn't just randomly shoot a guerrilla that they saw in the woods or marketplace on the was. But there is on the same people are okay was shooting a deer so it's something about being on two legs that totally takes away that. That comfort zone as you you'd call it or whatever for for a hunter and it really makes you sit back and think. I think at that time should I can I. And you kissed the possibility. Walking into electoral you know can be a person assume that that's I guess that's got to go in your mind somewhere. Yeah I think Jeff has a lot to do with a I know why if it was a 12 legs and blossoms at alma got a shot that destroyed a back wing when he brought it. I think that may be rural and. My mom again instead of just a couple of minutes formula to go on and you did something on your website. Called 2017. Perceptions. I don't know if you if you normally make predictions as it is a normal course of the things you do but tell us what these perceptions are because you make some pretty interesting. Observations and claims regarding the paranormal world when he seventeen. Every year. I. And you made these. Are. I don't I'm I wonder bullies and probably sees it. You know I guess strong doing abouts. Some things that. You know that may happen that Iran. This past you know this past year. Amber Tigger with the on the election and everything up before. A lot of you know a lot of worry about things that happened. And I decided that I'd just sit down and see what I could sense were going to want you know a lot out of would be. Common sense I guess liked. Their there was four different. Things apple may have happened this year and you know I get a lot of people I asked about. Each type. What I predict for the following year I did that there were years I just decided. You know that I would duly did and you are opposed what are recede as vivid perceptions. Strongly into mission. We whacked in described it. And I mean the war who wanted to blame for high. I thought that this upon coming year there would be some major Europe though. Activity in your party. That would involve military intervention I'd. I can't explain it argued deeds. These sightings. Are on. Third I'd vote for visions but I didn't get that. Our social up he wore natural disasters. I named for areas bought up in his solo South Africa. France and Dominican Republic. Also says state and majored bridge disaster the United States and also an upsurge of any encounters. That's something I've been very interested in. A long time angels. My. My wife would receive players the way she was in angels and provide. All about though locked. You know he's a line under said the were just completely out of time here NAFTA heavy come back and talk about some of these other things you've been doing to give folks one more opportunity as to where they can find your books and and more information about you. Yeah I'd just about web site fans in Their links there in the books artist go to law. Go to Amazon and what fans of monsters or just simply put my name in the search in my book tomorrow. Terrific thanks so much for joining us on the program Blanc and mr. Butler and again one of the website to see phantoms and monsters dot com. Jason didn't get to break. For joining us smarter is the author of a bunch of books under the phantoms and monster series and she checked them body can do right on the you know beyond reality review website going to the guest had their tallest grit their foreign. Yeah sorry about that last segment on target of the probe thing today hitching a tender spot. They'll should do wonder do you think. That's it's certainly be really nervous I don't know Namibia and I just love watching muluzi is just he's just like shaking your head now I mean like how come I don't really he went there again the volcano is improving on call themselves as a -- those are real dreams it was the education proposals Decker yeah equipment has. He did have those problems as a mutant Mitt yeah I did definitely a big big thank you goes out to launch of course coming on hang analogous to sign you can check tomorrow if you go to the beyond reality radio dot com site. And just click the gas tab. And has information on the right there who blinks to his books and everything are doing a great great guy you know we only touch the surface in the number of things he's been investigating some really cool stuff they're off their back on talk about. And then tomorrow we can talk about what if meg looked down is not extinct which there's a terrifying thought you give you one more reason not to put your feet in the water when. I'm hash exactly sound but we're talking you'll Paul Connelly on that and that Wednesday Jimmy he got that. Yet Kellie Coffey. Through her YouTube channels called killing in the rush talks about a lot of things that are designed to help you live a more fulfilled. And ultimately your best life including paranormal topics and being psychic. Believe she psychic is a thing which is talking to double find out from unknown ones and I. Then Thursday we've got Gavin Kelly and Paul Purcell Garrett and Gavin Kelly is a country singer turned paranormal investigator and leads and has make ghost hunters a three year old group in an effort to document the unknown. Along with a teammate Paul Purcell the the Kentucky based dual investigated across the US and I know he's doing something with Amazon as well so that a final details on that check ago. Yeah a lot of great stuff coming up and has always been shortstop by the FaceBook page is just FaceBook dot com slash B on reality radio given alike share with your friends. Near. Remember and be loading much of new stations that are signing into signing a new stations pretty much weekly. So we police put the information up there and as soon to make she checked out there we also have elicit on beyond reality radio dot com yet if you haven't yet. Mean she had over to the FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and it if you download the show he can do right from the beyond reality you are reading a web site. Or in iTunes if you don't if my tunes just to us a favor and rate because it helps push it forward to what's there but he notes there and that's the main thing we're trying to do is get the word out to everybody gitmo. I'll let everybody know that we're here in Britain where do on this and hopefully they'll enjoy the show. But that's gonna do it for us tonight and beyond reality radio on again thanks everybody for tuning in machine tune in tomorrow's more great shows coming up all weeklong. It's Jason NGV beyond really really have a great night at. And you media is produced by sticking its importance but Alexandria Johnson and her Connolly yeah. I don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page just alike and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one hour. If you've got information you want us to follow up on or you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio emails to sleep getting that's slick Eddie EDD one and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.