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Mar 25, 2017|

The Watson Realty advantage can benefit you! Call Dave Ferro Office: 352-377-8899 Cell: 352- 222-5924. Commercial real estate is his specialty, but he will be overseeing office operations. Meet Zack Watson a new Ameris Bank loan officer from Sparr who discusses why it's important to pick out a property in good shape. Call 352-817-2440 to find out about getting a loan for that special property you want to buy. University of Florida's strategic plans for downtown Gainesville, Florida is one of the many topics discussed.

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American banks mortgage and MLS 408099. Mike Jones is an MLS numbers 315233. American banking mortgage is a member FDIC and equal housing lender applicants are subject to qualification requirements on all applicants were qualified breaks in terms are subject to change anytime discussions are for informational and not a commitment to. Products may vary by company certain laws require mortgage insurance discuss all options Romero spent mortgage loan originators. The studios are not seven point three this guy this is no real estate show. With Mike Jones from a Marist bank mortgage. You can email might get might dodge Jones and Ameristar dot com. The number calling in is 877. W.'s guide talk night's 8779759825. And now here's your host Mike we'll mortgage man. By. Ruin this is a realistic show with your host Mike the mortgage ran with a merit bank mortgage Todd Lewis my cohorts is actually off today singer vacation. So well we'll see him again next week we come on the air each week we talk about all things real stay whether it's buying selling odds river which of course is building. And then mime of course which is financing. Remember you can call me anytime at 3523397588. That's 35233975. It'd. You email me at Mike dot Jones and a marriage bank dot com that's a MB ER class bank dot com. You visit me are really nice website which is a marriage bank mortgage. Dot com forward slash banker for slash Mike Jones. You stop by assuming the office for a few more weeks until we move a 277 the north west 43 street suite L oddly enough wrote for loaning Janesville. Like to thank all those folks that. Close with a since we call it a number of closings and a lot of new complications getting very busy. I'm still. And then as we do at the beginning of every show talk about the Vietnam the average. Loan rates you can find in the Wall Street Journal so in the last information available on March 23. The thirty year loan was four point 14% down thirteen basis points from the previous week in the Wall Street Journal. And then the fifteen year average loan rate in the Wall Street Journal march 23 2017 was 3.3 3%. Down eleven basis points from the week before so our rates are kind of moved down a little bit this week and that's because stock markets moved down. Three important things are really want everyone to know this listening to the show. I'm visit you when you call me for a loan requests are just wanna talk about you know what my chances are getting along and tell you the truth each time and every time. So Mecca of sugar coat it tell you something that's not gonna work out so what should know that upfront and whether your your chances are good or moral unforgiving alone. And then. During the process and keep in touch review so if you gonna call me and and call you back you Mellman and you money back and they and he milieu and tell you what's going on with your fault. And then finally we're not gonna let you get to the day before closing leave behind drives okay word we're not going to be able to do this long for it. That those of the of the realtors call us and say hey we had to steal get turned down right before closing can you help us so. We're usually the folks. You know coming to the rescue classmen to loses three important things or to know about our company and me in particular. So each week we have a really great just end this week we're honored to have Dave Ferrell with Watson rookie Dave how aria. In my mind doing great thanks I've I am just wanna tell Roy and David is look so sharpen in the studio today's gotta tie on he's got a really nice. Jacket on these is so over just for this but Dave thank you so much for coming in today and electric car to by the way when Cameron. Oh thank you very much you know you told I have face for radio address on the is that okay all right no I think Hugh Hewitt you make that of the room much. Much higher threshold here and you look so nice so nice so Tom. So no action to come over to make you are there and so volatile local real estate in the north central marked the Florida area for for quite a few years. And you you're chop familiar with lots of. Yeah just managing Romario surprise me as much as everybody else went nowhere announced that tremendous opportunity. Wasn't corporate approached me over thirty years ago. Yeah I conversation. The more I learned more life it wasn't probably one of the best kept secret is how there's so much does not know about it this should be. So more. An opportunity that now as a. Okay and what where were you located and which are office we're wasn't real you just west 43 street on sixteen and I assume you know the address is going back to you right there okay him with us what's the best way to go to the office operate him domain member. Do you call presents an 899. Or you can call myself 3522. Shoots him five times before. One of the things that literally on the leveraged outsmart its customers. Doesn't work very. I don't know exactly what changes in the view because leaving my own brand through the program going want to change or my customers. I just wanted to reassure them all yourself. Happily they're very happy. Expensive they're still working me rental and the same guys working under different brand Motorola's expanded so. And your charger and direct hand in short of their world. The real estates and property management is now under my purview president oh isn't going handles all that it's okay early in his moment brokers and sales as. Okay you have a number reconsider. Yeah we have close to forty agents. Maybe more commercial about their normal conditions this and we're working on that. We've got a whole team there really amazing group experienced agents yes it's very very excited every job there's some real talent there. He's got tremendous thing. Yes you are elude you leader in the area I think for training for new religions right. It's amazing what we can you tell us successful. And training program digest what this is one thing really attracted me Watson. You know wasn't over Jackson hill players that are here girl groups of people. Was want to always Canadians. Who were experiencing morning of terrorism and yes best. OK any immaturity you're bomb looking for new agents of anybody's interest loosening in the show and that is has some interest in real estate. You might wanna call differ early. So we won't talk to you end up being inexperienced and he's your experiences. Just are happier right now here in new York and missing. Nurses look bad because I guess that's their secret I don't think now Nelson Houston can you person. Notre that fact so so Dave. Tell us what you're seeing in the rose to market here locally now I mean is still very hot market. It's definitely very. You know I think most people would agree that price for moving a little bit in terms what people are buying because the less expensive homes. It's our homes and believe it bought out right and he's. Prepare well herself when I don't know work. Never crossed can really so we're seeing that there's things the magic now you're real human being wants to this market. It's California started 2004 you guys come investigation into the job. OK so I meant to America though I mean there's a competitor are yes and it doesn't meet new people being he's you've got to learn your trade. Silicon. Network yourself so there'll always get a business meetings and small town right very important that you get energy you're excited ordered. And you just have a tremendous web portal to Wright was all the features you have. We have everywhere outside and actually it was in the mirror. There's a very long term project going on now and we'll probably buy your way. Do you may sound money Watson quote best. Great website connections he's allotment and nothing for what's coming weeks. Okay all right well and so did what your contact info again so that's why did you myself from his 352222. 924. Or my you know as Dave Carroll and it wasn't real people. There was no. You are. Okay and it was some of the things we don't talk on the show about. Very often but this commercial and you're still. Information on marital Leslie I was so you are more what I'm seeing is investors are hungry they're looking and so. You know I mean selling some of my portfolio because time is right we're seeing people who is chasing good investment properties and it's partisan on this uniform brightness and those who talk you out okay most remarkable industry talking you won't. Okay and I've heard from other regions of the commercial agents that cancels got into such a size that there's a lot of our money flowing from outside the country if you heard that as. Absolutely the other people there and you're looking for all the world and so. I mean cautioning people be careful because you caught. For work. Of buying property rent and other merchandise or investor Brad Pitt probably broke even brighter thank you know appreciation Brit as though caution people before you jump on those. Release and down nature of the members of form make sure what would happen if rooster. Or if it numerous faults can happen so I think he's going to any commercial transaction that's important that should be anything and commercialism. Not just Anderson makings of oxygen. Eyes broken right sohu com are you still selling real estate Nelson jobs over commercial. OK I don't resident personally. Part of our marvel at what can you do to. No commercial division race and I'm more than happy that they can do my customers first and ask for instance unfortunate themselves. Mark Pryor or however as few hours ago as mission President Clinton. And and secondary action team and a couple. Okay hard creek so you have a lot of experience you've bought and sold a lot of commercial property yourself. So somebody out there's listening to the show and they wanted to find out more about maybe I should invest in commercial real estate. They were call you right. Yes so contact info or more time realized. 22225924. And that's myself and I was awful lot of work for me you know this level. Okay sounds good so. We were talking earlier I just before we came on the show we're talking about dom. We have another person in the office or in the studio should say we have another it totally unrelated person have Zach Watson. Tech aren't until well much of myself good Zach isn't new loan officer would customers' bank and we were talking before him on the airs those exact your from the Ocala area right. Yes that's correct my come from Ocala actually kind of in between Ocala and Gainesville little town colts are you parolee had never been there unless you really want ago. Okay currency how many people live there and spark I can tell you but there's one wants stoplight okay. Very true true true true little America then I'm done so years concern you have put quite a few deals corner ready you're working on construction loan right depth got a few. Deals done once construction loan with Glendale builders and a talent did Richard college he needs some built for him Hamas a done deal trying to get done in North Carolina. Merck has been a daisy though we're getting there it welcome. Got a couple others here locally and a challenge Gainesville we're working on them and just trying to get my foot in the door and it started OK so give them I knew you. I'm really working hard and you're an office a lot of them Manama controlled phone calls and everything else and trying to learn everything you can learn and and and I think you're doing great. So and buddhism is quite challenging as you conceive when somebody picks out of property is not in good shape. As we're talking about earlier so that's one of the things we have to counsel people on its not only. If the property. You like it innocent you think is a good value but it may need some repairs that you know those things a seller may not be able to do right. Exactly and that's that's the thing it comes down to you mean you really got to pick out in your property this gonna praise and gonna have all the things you need to start out with. Once you get into properties that have some cosmetic issues are structural issues. That makes our trust finance and if you do get realtor football's really or somewhere like that then you know they're gonna look out for you and they're gonna help you out. Could you have no ties to run through the premier lest they reluctant no actually Dave's boss. Sound just didn't go so whoever I was yeah. Area couldn't sit. But sect which your contact to prove people wanna call you after the show plus cell phone numbers are thought to you. They want 7440. A year and that's best way to reach me if you don't get near Ottawa algae called Macs quick as a canyon office numbers three sought to you 3397595. In my email address is Zachary dot Watson at a mayors' nine dot com and as the AC Kennedy ERY. Dot WATS and an out of mayor's night dot com. OK correct. So from Dave let's talk about what's coming up for Vince what do you have any insight on what is coming up I mean and a celebration pointers during launch and building is continuing there and and we are you know I know and duct probably does suit to looks gone over to bass pro shop you know just about what's week. To spend some money over there but what help what else is happening in town. So in terms of retail and has a lot plus a lot of change I think we're doing whatever those who don't know then what changed there that's all it was to watch. I also know that the University of Florida has admitted strategic plan for the downtown area okay content and mow the city and making sure that. Way downtown grows and changes works well there's so I think. One advantage what's really happening again you guys got terrorism municipal meetings recently and he's. Some commission meetings. But the strategic plans promote the city. My committee that involves. Do these things Tennessee if you remember last year everybody at home pregnancy and when that was to help effect change with the city to make this more consumers and there's now an apartment doing differently when you tell us threat and really it's all here for making them citizen oriented user views. I think that's really the magic for me this new communities we. Together to put some wheels program get things done you know coming up with some ideas we. You read his movement changes and some longer term options. So. I I applaud the city. So the commission on your person or we're all involved in front of me as you can consumers. And make sure that cruise responsibly and with the consumer and. Okay great what's it gonna take a break right here and have a commercial and then when we come back you will talk some more with the Ferrell with what's real to me. And Zach Watson no relation. Customers very fortunate to right back after Christmas which. Tommy Williams Holmes is gains bills green builder in the market for a new home called Tommy Williams homes at 3523354140. -- building at Oakmont near Haile plantation and Finley woods near 34 street and Wilson road and now featuring Gainesville shortest new commute to US share ends and the VA hospitals starting below 200 every Tommy Williams home includes solar power standard called Tommy Williams homes today at 3523354140. Tommy Williams Holmes is James bills green builder. Welcome back everyone to the real estate so look like to mortgage man and one would come back down he's coming back on the air we wanna talk about Tommy William Holmes. They do such a great job and Todd comes in. Each week and helps reality show and I tell you they really build a great house and reasonable price. Also view our interest in new construction for 2017. Or beyond or called chain Ashley or Charlie or even Todd. 35233181. In those 3523318180. Where you can visit them online at Tommy doing some stock comment all the floor plans and under folding at Oakmont which is a tremendous community and then also I'm truly what's. So just some really good strong company and build a solid home and as I've talked about on the show before my daughter actually Bolivar tones him down. Really really loved and fortunately had solid not a mineral dreams move but. A great competitor and to work with. So I Dave Cheryl is here with talk to realty in Dave's phone before the break we're talking about. You know what's been going on in your lives in your move and everything else. So Tom wanted to talk to you about what you think. Maybe couple predictions for 2017. For from both residential world stage and then also for commercial world stake as you are. Master both of those so what do you think about four residential you think we're gonna see you know greater appreciation this year again. Thanks who'll appreciate generally steady consumer what happened last year. Demanded only god knows what's pushing prices up on on this early starter homes and inventory is always been our issue. We still haven't inventory problem and I'll see him any time soon so. If you are someone who's been thinking about selling your home Friday and you know you kind of infatuation. I think your point now where it's time so your present army temperatures there below you're paying top of the and I've even seen in my neighborhood where you know. And watch prices dropped 4%. And now they're back up all in his last two years we're. Credit to your seller doesn't have a constantly do come. Like to recommend if you structure also it for commercial rose eight. What I'm seeing here I'll office and Momo office mercy office lease rates go. Which means that. Commercial pressure moments present. Investors having a little more and more based on us. Please raise an office depend on what. Receive oh. So okay continue also hope people negotiate. Commercial leases right awesome that's a big part of that job is done under partly. Oh OK Louise is also a lot of time. If I'm first entered into all these. And many more we'll give them these and I don't know any better and they may decide not really researching it. So puritans living it renewable exemption you can download software company commercial real work myself and having guys hammer him. Are very content and don't go into 40100. Rooms are looking through these in these values and we're no worse. From value Stanford and by. Okay and what's your number down 352222. 924. Okay sounds good and then we also have some. Jack squat toilets and whether this is one of our own members from mortgage bankers here in town and and separate talk him on the way over here to the radio did your sister was in a show recently your shadow animal on a show right. Yes she showed just a year every year in the southeastern. Southeastern fair and Ocala. It's great cause launches you out there I think there is close to ninety steers and Russia this year. Basically what it is I have a little show and they've had different classes are typically have ten different classes. Based on weight Fisher's animals get place in a different class and then. Once that's over the next day they do sales so its current way gal and the people com. Maybe help the kid now and you know if you give more college fund and fairways for the community. So what was the most expensive steer that was sold there would you most wanted not Carla highs won't let us all get a force like eight dollars and fifty cent a panel English. I mean you do the math on thousand pound animal this. Clothes and money here it is OK and then covered your sister haven't should do if she does for a quarter for fifty heavily into okay what happened there. You know. She's just trying to work gar looks a little bit IDS guts which is actually pretty you didn't you got to go through it okay are all right good so I thought that was kind of an interesting and there was a bit. Quite a few sit right like ninety's so there's not these years I believe in the show this year and they also have a hog shows oil collection. There's a little more animals and that probably 250 fat yes. Elsevier rabbits chickens goats among humans Dell kind of stuff it's a whole week affair. OK and you were there for just one day or two days I was there for birthdays from steer Sharon sale soak in that was in Ocala yes or okay so in in Ocala this year you know. You've been living there your whole life right in this big community called spar dealt boasting calls for our American friends like saying. And suing your graduate from. Moved colors on their right yes or how I graduated from. That collagen McAllen and actually work on a masters series US at moments Brian pyramid usually busy yes yes. So what's your contact information that it is the race. Out to you how they want 7440. And that's must cellphone number my office numbers three shots to 3397595. And give me an email that Zachary doll Watson had a mayor's bank that's ZACJERY. Dot Watson. At a mayor's night dot com. Larry Craig and I know that come to new you watch through training not too long ago maybe couple months ago and there were tell me you know. That I've really got to going on he's doing really well on us you know we're lucky to have a amend these 200 job and I know you've got a few deals going and and our work just solid start fell for it. Well help sell anywhere from very people you can have great people turning your nurses Gary company calmly do your thing chance for customers and just try and exceed customers expectations. Yeah well I retired I appreciate them that's Richard so this history kept interest rates in the Wall Street Journal on now march 23 there was all the most recent information available 201730. Year. Covered asserted your lowest down. Thirteen basis points to four point 14% and then the fifteen year national average and a Wall Street Journal. On March 23 was down again 3.3. 3%. Number. Down eleven basis points from the previous week and that's because the stock market. Who's around me you know we see stocks are down we'll see interest rates could announce Sox have been up and up and up and now we're coming to the reality of save maybe you're saying madame mr. trump wants is not gonna get. Where at least not easy so arm that's pushing stock prices down and then pushing rates down to sort out the way into with the Federal Reserve doesn't turn next meeting but. Will likely not gonna raise interest rates again for a least a few months. And we'll figure out where we go. Go from there are so. Dave I wanna thank you again for coming on this weekend talking about your new roles you broke her breast. And I appreciate yeah go. I greatly appreciate you coming on in your nice car got Karzai and this season and why do you view that's sharp says suits our car is good convertible threatening her whatever happens out here and yeah I really must have been born. So we'll run home from Allred Alex because of little right was. Yes literally gone for us afterwards there was a Red Hat and a well I know you're busy guy and I am a new kind of squeeze this in between many so it really. Appreciate you coming on and one we director conflict to fruition more more time and though you said this is for people are out there that are. Maybe sales oriented and you know live in the community who are looking for changing career one what were really strong company has great training. We want to realty in different Davis. Is a super nice guy anybody comes in contact with them really loves them they just. A great person and so Dave gives such or contact information from thing once again. We thank my so I was quiet reserved 7899. That's the loss we'll go somewhere what's his team. And then myself is 3522225924. And that's probably the best way getting him you don't right now there's assigns someone tell me rodents guys. An area Marietta I thank you there. So I think got so it is true this week we wanna kind of wrapped up to show we're talking Iran should sure it's a little bit we talked about the fact that. Probably see your appreciation a little bit more this year. Maybe not as much as flasher to moving interest rates are rising just a little bit which we didn't have last year. But anything under 300000 probably need to call Dave wants royalties on the hill to change connector with a good strong rope or give you some good advice and and have your house sold probably mill town hall and then commercial royalties. A Davis got to talk to use negotiated. Probably hundreds and hundreds of leases here in town for our commercial property sold a bunch. And involved with the all the information in town as far as that the people who know about. So thanks so much again for listening this week to drill sections of the American morning. A marriage thank mortgage and MLS 408099. Mike Jones is an MLS numbers 315233. American banking mortgage is a member FDIC and equal housing lender applicants are subject to qualification requirements. It's all applicants will qualify breaks in terms are subject to change anytime discussions are for informational and not a commitment to. I'm actually very good company and certain laws require mortgage insurance discuss all options to a merit bank portrait mode originate.