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The most amazing facts you'll ever hear with special guest Dr. Knowledge

Apr 12, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson feature guest Charles Reichblum a/k/a "Dr. Knowledge" as they discuss some of the strangest coincidences, happenings, information, and events. These are not the things you learned in school but are every bit as interesting. 4/12/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. I. It's. Yeah you're Shula PP. And then we are meaningless soon were really appreciate a lot of reasons we. As though one of these icons today Giles and actually very you marry in Massachusetts seasonal far from a man. It appears that G aisles or he was found dead his Massachusetts home today and it appears when natural causes. Com Shane just an hour in just a great. And urged greater artist. Yeah great artists a lot of very very recognizable songs of course the singer and all those I was Peter walls he was the singer for the band his voice is very recognize you council Qatar yet now and so you know we keep losing these people that berg kind of stuff icons as soon we're all grown up so you get a stop in tip our hat to him a little bit and I think that means we're all done I didn't wanna say that. I don't want him to when he admitted anyway. Yes SA logo and beyond reality radio in new offended I saw Jason Allison Jimmie Johnson nor whether it's or Suzanne the West Coast Wednesday on the East Coast and if you're stuck somewhere between welcome to the show. Yet been good to see everybody around chat rooms humming by the way if you haven't found the chat room Phyllis in one of the great radio stations that. Carry the program you're welcome to join Chad you just go to the beyond reality radio dot com website. And click on the listen mind slash chat Lincoln you can nine join the chat rooms are fun and there we just added a new to. And all too well I would like to walk him KSK a four columns Connor Colorado to the dealer on beyond reality radio. Stanley like can I cannot talk tonight I don't know but I but I love thumb I love. I love the Colorado so that's awesome. I think we're we're like three or four different stations I'll turn Colorado so. Phenomenal example and I definitely a big shout outs of that if you haven't handling gently Jim USA and com. Well first off I head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality real mean she'll like the FaceBook page we're constantly updating that posting. Interesting news articles news stories and things of that nature and if you listening in any degree stations feel for it also head over to be on reality radio dot com click the listen lines. He can join us online during the show. Word javy and higher costly in their as well it's it's a big challenge too great community people very welcoming and I think you'll you'll really enjoy it yet no no doubt about it Tom couldn't really interesting conversation tonight that way. This honestly this is neat because it's not in Walton knowledge in a nutshell series and some of the crazies fax. And the scan while. There's nothing that's not fun about. There's nothing that's not fun about crazy facts and these are some oddball information these coincidence coincidence that quickens coincidences I can't say it's likely to our goodness he's just wanna have some oxygen treatment should step aside and on but all these things that you know you do you don't hear about regularly -- to look at him come in Indian owned in total and it's really interesting stuff. Yeah and I wanna save him during the show tonight. If you if you've come across an interesting fact. That and most people don't know. Give us a call give us a call 844687766. Against all free at 844. 6877669. As we wanna hear we wanna hear the interest in facts are you have that. It's just most people don't don't know or realize give it. He's not like he wondered two things that they always you know throw out at a trivia game our current party in talking concern talking about things like that nobody owns a couple of them and we need to share them. Yeah yeah blatantly do you having six stokes. All that's on one foot the other. They that's the thing the minister I really on your pathetic. We've got a lot of great shows coming up to tomorrow night Paige MacKenzie we didn't talk about the C Eric. No we didn't Paige MacKenzie joins us she's a YouTube star in New York Times best selling author behind the enormously successful sunshine girl series. And so we chat chatting with her about a per experiences and all the things she's does no relation to spuds MacKenzie I'm pretty sure but that's tomorrow night program on. She also teamed up with our mom Mercedes or roses an actress and and nick Kagan. And it created a series apparent almost seemed videos to attract and about a Thursday with guys Douglas Preston. And pretty much written talking about the lost city. Of the monkey god yes you know miss Honduras now Honduran rainforest sound in this runs distance Demi really really curious com and I haven't done any. Research and get him to do a little bit but I really wanna hear the story before I really good digging into it. He had missed Friday's every Friday as a best of show so make sure you tune and and check it out I think I think you'll enjoy. Definitely injured by the way if anybody's a little curious as to what happened audio there there was a all of a drop. It's terrible connection and does he made her a few seconds of last night's program but we're back we should be a good now. Adolescence programs at the month and wanna Mubarak's I learn and I'm Natalie camper parked the Internet such Terry that's right there are some change in my remind your own personality to NI a year cuddyer. Her cancer and yet. And but now on camera. Now so we're not compatible anymore no no halting snow there has to find different house this show will not work anymore mounts are infused it works so well for awhile to my oracle deal with that I'm you have to. That's those of right so policy what else we have going on we will will remind you do do that to the FaceBook pages grip please stop by say hello there and me tree like it to your friends like it all those things. And when we rated. Movie and the. Or get to first on I wanted to bring a quick story you know how on you and I are always talking about arm. These AI machines and just going to death and destruction we think they've been in my car was coming nom like gangbusters and say most of world you know it's it's not just us Britain. In Britain and a but the brits are more wary of AI machines pretty much than anybody else out there. Really. There and they believe that a guy machines are going to rise up and Russell that's straight Arafat. An actual tests it was gone out there but majority of brits are fearful of their future when it comes artificial intelligence with many believing that robots could malfunction in turn on humans. Tooth over two thirds of brits believe it and I machines have the potential will wipe out humanity. This is according to a new study. Whoever concern rises from 62%. To 72%. When it comes to tech savvy brits. So in other words people who are familiar with the technology or even more war. This is going to happen. And of course Hollywood's portrayal of artificial intelligence movies like iRobot X machine a terminator and and so forth or machines turn against human kind really if you think luggage and TVs haven't helped the situation on should have aggravated the law and it's also home. Has given people an understanding of what. Possibly you'll eventually could happen if you think about it. But the fears not limited to humanoid machines with sixty per 6% of the population. Not trusting self driving cars we believe it'll crash which we've had some situations where they have crashed here they've also pedestrians and in killed people on. All majority believes that having an area iRobot at home to do chores should be cool and of course but. 76%. Do not believe that these home robots are safe. So he was like even like the rumba as the little circular vacuum cleaners around him dipping their dangerous yet receive maximum overdrive at the Spaniard at ten just ten if you haven't seen maximum overdrive right I guess it might be re doing it which attack of the rumba Serbian rest on the greens that movie was and we sell soda machine didn't so machines and killed a guy just shooting cans of soda which was terrifying but on. Not that there's just terrified that these things you can eventually turn had have you seen the new movie in the new TV show us powerfully to season skull humans know. Notes on the same channel is the Walking Dead and who bear their robots but. They have an artificial intelligence says in their life and it's it's crazy. Because you can see where. Well located being treated like their lesser. Even though they're not. And and they're just trying to survive and but there are taken out humankind as they need to as well so uninteresting contribution check it out. Well we're watching this AI stuff pretty closely because seems like every day something new is being developed or honors in Britain wants an even closer. They're writing in the bunkers from a key to us now let's take a break when we come back we'll bring our guest Stan Charles Richard Blum and will be talking to him he is nicknamed duck in or knowledge we're gonna learn a whole bunch of stuff tonight you listen Jason did. Yeah. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there. Beyond really really chasing. Doesn't change. And so when everybody along we've got a great show for you tonight in our telephone number is 8446877669. JC said are we talking about. To really interesting and maybe unknown or strange sacks with our guest tonight Charles our rich bloom. And if later on you got a story human to share some information that you think is pretty interesting to him talk about we invite those phone calls. And so if you've come across any interesting facts just give us a call again toll free at 8446877669. Our let's go to the phone line and bring our guest in Charles Richard Blum he is also known as doctor knowledge. He's written many books all in the knowledge in a nutshell series. And including the all time book fascinating facts. I Charles welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on the show get a night. Where did you review of attrition and injury didn't look forward to it. So tell me how someone gets started. On a path that leads them to become known as doctor and knowledge. Well I've been collecting these cutters storage for about two years and there were two radio talk shows. One in Kansas City and wouldn't use in the I don't know about ten years ago. Enables our pursuit of books and knowledge and not show so they did today doctor no allegiance. In I am not a doctor brotherhood. Of all the names seemed to start. You have also. This article that shows we will adopted detonating. But do quote it is called Oprah book capacity facts. Which really says you know what I think is the best mind. A collection over the years sort of drew the restorers. We didn't solutions senators who voted. Well first thing wanna fight and is how you started becoming interest in an odd and fascinating and strange facts. Well it all happened when I was in high school so boat to Andersen auditors broke. But it threatens what to do it we would call an intern. At a reduced tension that you go look at those citizens stood. I helper Rogers. And how. And you know there's of course created the computers and the news came over what types. And my job was to clear do. Stores in particular would go against you hook her up the paper and they get nailed from the war. You could use stories on one NATO sports stores and another bill futures tourism and real solutions on another wouldn't so many hours working on the July 4 weekend. The Associated Press in those days used to spend featured stories overnight you. And there was some sort of came over. On. The morning of July 4. The said that Korea the first five US presidents all sides. On July export. All of them related causes. That it's incredible personable all the fact that trip the first by US president it would all time on the same date. Is amazing to begin with open related causes and of all the dates in the years. It was a live report yeah so. Did your concession instead of any of that story on Lou. Walter on NATO where it was supposed to expect such gory in my pocket. In it and you don't so that's stated by it and that really started mine. A career against her I'm interested in collecting stories like that. And when I got out of color coded so went to your university. I started a newspaper column. Called interest in actually a huge stories like that and general managers and coaches wanted to put it's open book. So Lou we restarted our computers. With those kinds of stories but getting back to that story. Jason JB. It's yeah I think you'll agree and I'm sure in relation towards us meditating and most people don't seem to Europe. No this is critical person by president all of side. On the same day at a all the attention meter it was short pull its second president John Adams. Died in Massachusetts on took a pork 1826. On the very same day July 4 19126. Thomas Jefferson third president died in Virginia. In this story is that Adams. As he was starting his last words. Record shouldn't have any instant communication boosters or Renault. Note talked to answer if you were to be years you've been telegraphed in those days but commuter between hundreds. Adams. There's less work supposedly were jumping right. Preparations still lives at noted Jefferson had just died a few. Moments before you did. Done in Virginia. So anyhow. Respect and their presidents don't died on July portrait and 26 and then look at president. Change Monroe. Died on July 4 1831. You know I had heard it but I never knew is that it was it was true so him it's from what are the odds. Great what are the odds of that and actually we almost hit poor. Of the purse by president starting onto our port because. The fourth president. Certain. Yet a fourth president change Madison's died on June 28. So you can encroachment I think our July 4 we almost Ted for the first five diamond to look for. While I have just mentioned a couple things speaking of interesting in coincidental facts. Tonight those teletype machines when I started radio we're still in use and for those who don't know these were giant rolls of paper there were thrown and basically it was an automated. I Prater. And it was connected connected to a news service and it just chug all along all day long 24 hours they spitting out news that was only a local radio stations could get it at the time. I spent a lot of time with those and and Charles I have to say I also I owned radio stations in Syracuse arm so I think this time there as well so kind of cool. On. Well I was on WA UR and you know student news station there. In fact. When it first went on here. Was abused or. That you're you're. You sound like give a radio voice I believe every second of it. But the president's story just immunity in almost feel like there's some type of divine or or feet. Intervention there are two to make something like that happen especially with those founding father president's. Now you know such all they struck or it so happened that does Jefferson and Adams has grown signed the declaration of independence. And it was still appears to today. While. The declaration of independence according to look what some consider these six. And they died on July 1826. Which was exactly fifty years later. It's a man's earliest. Look we have only a few seconds left here before we have to jump into break. But there are there other coincidences. Amongst the president's the United States that will probably end up talking about tonight on their. Absolutely over a disputed a lot of people love story about. Assassinations. General of the assassination because of the story the victim basic coincidence between the assassinations of it certainly can and Jon Kitna. Let's do hold the alleged that we're gonna hold that from we come back from her hit as the race went nuts agreements aren't so we're gonna take a quick break and we come back more you listen Jason's. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the the beyond reality read you win the get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in and to order street from there it couldn't. Be easy that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. And I can't I don't spend winning percentage here that we lost. Gentiles today and looks natural causes though I don't use found dead in his Massachusetts home today it appears it was a natural causes it and just kept for another phenomenal artists have lost now some great tunes they're gonna go welcome back to be on reality radio Jason Hawes Jimmie Johnson so good. To have everybody along our telephone numbers 8446877669. Love to have you calling join this conversation about strange interesting. Fascinating facts are guest tonight is Charles rich moment he's the author of a book called the all time book fascinating facts plus he's got a number of books in a series called knowledge in a nutshell. And I Charles once again thanks for joining us on the show tonight. It yet before we went to break he started to talk about the quince differences between the Kennedy presidency or maybe just the assassination and the Lincoln. Assassination Muskogee. It is to coincidences between the two of them. I hope I can remember all that. Let's stop and we have a couple procedures of Dubai port open book says it expects and how it. Start took a much greater here are some of the many coincidences. Between. Lincoln and Kennedy. Personal book were shot on a variety. Their wives we're sitting next to them when they were shot either way it was hurt. Kennedy and Lincoln book that's seven letters in their neighbors you succeeded by a man named Johnson. Lincoln by Hendrick poaching Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson same number of letters in their first enlistment. Do you assassin's bullet had three word name's John Wilkes group. Shut the Litton and Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy and they both have. At number blunders in their games. A city. Among the many other. Backs. Tenet the head. Brother's name Robert and Edward like it has son's name Robert and Edward. What I'm like very much Lincoln's secretary was named Kennedy Kennedy's secretary. Was named Lincoln. Activity. Which ought to promote warehouses and assess and went to a theater to hide. Lincoln was shot in the computer in your chest and went anywhere else to did. Both sides in very pleased with the initials PH. Leighton was taken across the street after he was assassinated. Two please call the connection house it was a boarding up your cross street Ford's theater where Lincoln was shot. Kennedy was taken to Parkland hospital. Where you were pronounced dead. Cookbook at the same initials PH. And I guess the panel picker on this first there are some others to put the final kicker is. The candidate it's. Committee which dot. While riding in. A late in the car in which you crack it sees what the length it would show. And miss a lot of a lot of weirdness and crazy. When you through these things in and see these types of coincidences whether it's been on the assassination coincidences are you look at other things in and they just they're they're so. Unbelievable. That you can scratch your head do you ever think that there's something greater played in just coincidence. Have and here's here's one. Political movement united. Which by the way is why users this coming Sunday after a lot of people wonder how the data ministers figured. Is that first Sunday of the first full moon and spreading. And it's voted victory Easter triggered it and we we have our first full moon. Since he has been this spring this year and the house speaking of the room. The crew of Apollo eleven which put the first men on the moon. Was composed of Neil Armstrong Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins there was a group Apollo eleven. Which put first man on the moon. And her last name initials were a a city strong Aldrin Collins. Maine time. The biblical first candle on earth. Were Adam table and Cain. Also with the initials any agency and as we say in our book. Is that a coincidence or is it that I made. A bit Buena. Both pitted city. Juan. Well you know it's a pity the book again the book is the old time book assassinating sacks and they're had. A lot of them on that you talked about in the book. One of the things that you look at in addition to assassinations of presidents we talked about Kennedy and Lincoln. There's some of the things I could like it but one of the things and I believe you spoke about is the right handed left handedness of some of our president's. Told. President trump five of the last seven presidents. Were looked at or within that. Not only about. Ten to 15% of food. And is looking at the apparently could 50% of the overall population of the United States is looked ended yet. Opening 70%. Of the presidents. Starting with. Gerald Ford up through Barack Obama. Five of this happen were left candidates about 70%. Just amazing that so many of them look candidate for a short period of Reagan was what ended George H. W. Bush was what candidate Clinton was looked ended. And Obama was looked at the way out of proportion tune the general population. And why do you think that is so. Or is just not that you have no idea why I. It's one of those smooth and another so many thing in his eyes we we just completed a report there really unexplainable. But there they are again in the and it's a troop protecting and there are. Its problems some people who feel that left handers. Train. They'd be better to elect its. Although I'm not sure we renew old grows its. But. They hit achievers like yes it is so that's where it looked theaters out of proportion. That's truly. That's debatable but certainly right handers were blurry. Organ and. Evident right handers far far outnumber them and likewise my father my father was a lefty and it is one of the C first obvious very artsy kind of guy and draw and draw saying that I'm playing guitar you name of the guy he could he could do anything he was an incredible boxer. But also he had the the ability and I. I hate to say it but he seemed late so much more dry if then most of the other people have ever seen I mean this man. No museum it was a security guard when I was a kid used to get into it the place where he was a security guard at. And he taught himself how to become a computer programmer. I mean both from a security guard being able teacher's office computer program is so it was just that he seemed to use so much more. I hate to say of his arraignment. Then you'd expect but it and you see that with a lot of left handed individuals some more more my sisters left handed to him just. And yes some. And our product vibe of the previous seven presidents took to. Prison truck. We're reluctant to do so or out of proportion. The other thing about that is especially in the old days parents and teachers tried to. Prevent kids from. Writing what ended. There you'll stay present and a lot of older people tell you this if they started. Being attended the detention was up among those. On the hand incision or the other hand it to try to make everybody right handed. The desks in its broadest most that know what ended. You know place. The blues cheers or use you have food you know riding buddies who rode it right so. And there are some professions were never seen it left hander Dennis or warm you look at all the Dennis. Equipment. Virtually all of us are writing into the the and violinist universe the left handed violence. Yeah and more in their church believes though that being left handed was sort of bleak the work of a double correct. How you know so I left handers hit to him. And we don't do that so much anymore obviously but I think what can understandably didn't try harder and it admitted or something with. The fact. Does the brain is a little bit differences that are reading from Lou left hand. One effect. Some parts of rain so you find a lot of not related to recent presidents have been reluctant but he can go down through history. A lot of the verdict famous people are this especially. Were left handed way out of proportion of the general population. You know we when we come back up on the next hour we're gonna talk about 9/11 Quinn since his cousin pretty cool stuff there to vote since we're kind of on the topic of presidents right now. Let's talk about the individual that was actually present at three presidential assassinations. At some really serious story. An amazing story and it. I don't remember ever being taught this in school it in yet it is so incredible and when I give speeches. Funded most people. Never knew this and it's just incredible. Of course got destroyed just want to say that anybody would like purple. They can go to our web site which is no accident until dot com. Or call our 800 number 1800 macho but if you go to college and intentional but convicting read about the book. Solution or report there neglected it'd it would cause it was 1995. Which includes shipping and handling. It's about programs which they use it. Okay now the one parent who was on the scene but not just amazing we can't support presidential assassinations spread over many years. One man was on the scene. When three different presidents were fascinated. Over again a period of long number of years. And now one man was. Robert Lincoln Abraham Lincoln's son. Robert accord. With his father right after Abraham Lincoln shot that was an 1865. And then sixteen years later in 1981. By that time Robert Lincoln had gotten into politics and so that responders depth and he was in the cabinet of president James Garfield. In the 1981. Garfield was leaving on a train trip to Washington DC record station the tender went down to say goodbye to him. And amend its optical appealed the man described as soon disappointed office seeker. He was a man who opted core duo did promise to withdraw but we didn't get the job. In any case he walked up and they did have Secret Service and Tuesday's he just walked up Garfield and sharpened. And kill them in the Robert Lichter which stated about two feet away from president scorpio when gore who was assassinated. And then in credibly. Twenty years after that in 1901. By that time Robert Lincoln. Had gone into the business which were successful you couldn't the Pullman company. Which the big view in those days. And because of that who's also president of the US chamber of commerce. There was a business exposition in Buffalo, New York. And president McKinley William McKinley. Invited reverently can come to the business six positions or who's the bigger picture harbors. And just as Robert I can walk in the exhibition hall the reserve receiving line. Reading president McKinley. And demanding in the receiving line to head. Has hit a bandage. And it had a revolver. Hidden in the bandage and of course in those states who didn't have. Metal detectors. And again we did have security like you're due to date this guy good in the line humans described as an anarchist. And he shot McKinley point blank assassinated McGinley. And rubber blanket worse. Just walked in the exhibition hall when that happens so. He was there when three different. President trichet hinted to lead in Garfield. In McKinley and grow and Robert can doubt that primaries and I never will get your present it's the end. Are booked. Probably nobody would've regretted it it's just. He never did it with the other according fighters that ribeiro certainly couldn't ripple 1925. People do Oklahoma and Vermont which is still there. There's a town called mid term loan which was big shopping area. And his mansion. Is that person traction you could actually go there and you were delivered until 1920. 226. And he never did go to Washington DC DeGeneres dislike. He never did get anywhere near present. But. When it stopped to think about it at me to hear her assassination spread over corroded and it is 65 to nineteen no Warren. And we had you know three assassinations. That period in the fact that one meant or parole real news is amazing notable people it was. The sun the moon man who was assassinated so. Now we're talking with the Charles rich bloom he is also known as doctor knowledge author of the book the all time book fascinating facts which by the way we'll let him give by the web address again in just a minute. But it's also available on dub on beyond reality radio dot com we've got to linked to two ways you can purchase that as well take a break and we come back we're gonna talk more with Charles. It's beyond me on the radio just continue to. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and -- and is guaranteed the next Eric Kahn is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's Gary Condit dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. IIG's. Cost Jimmy Johnson the so player web site beyond really really dot com by the way we've been guest. I'm in there you can find information about our guests trying to ways to get all the books dvds whenever they have offered. He and make sure you like the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash and beyond reality radio because were always updating that with new and interesting information and also onto the the stations there are things that we were popping up on with that and shot goes to KF KA in Fort Collins, Colorado lawn of the newest. Stations be carrying beyond reality radio would like to welcome you all I'll care Fort Collins, Colorado it's the beyond reality radio Fam yes. And tonight our guest is Charles Richard bloom he's also known as doctor knowledge author of the book the all time book of fascinating facts and it's been no disappointment so far have been talking about a lot of fascinating facts on Charles we don't have a very long segment here but. My question to you now is where you go to find this kind of information. Well it's been over many years but just. You know I told a story about through the first by president sign on July 4 when I was a teenager I saw and it just. Spent the rest of my wife against it looking for things like that it would you do. Look for the U you'd tend to find them. I read all the obituaries. The newspapers that. And you'll pays for that long habits were in Denver cooperative. And so would jump up and joked about you know there would be. Decimating. And I just a lot of Reading in an. Researching ever another story about Robert MacKinnon sooner we can do that little bit later cousins will be longer. But it's another incredible. Story good. About him. Aside from the fact that he was on the scene went through different provisions were ships and didn't choke we can do that little bit later. Actually that prevent. Yeah we'll definitely get the next hour we've got about two minutes here and of one of pick up on this question about where you get the information from because it seems like. When you started I'm assuming was kind of pre Internet and now with the Internet it seems like a lot of this information and misinformation. Is floating around. Outlook of the misinformation is what you have to watch out for. Because you know anybody can put anything on the Internet and they do but fortunately. So I've always. The journalist at heart I've always double triple check everything Bono on different sources. So you really have to be careful coaching. The story that may or may not be true. In Portugal and when I started collecting all of these things we did but that wasn't. Didn't seem to be his problem. Is as it might be today. That is just a question of using reliable portions. Suddenly older encyclopedias site I have been a book pleaser but I'd be upsetting. Revel in the old world books such repeated competitors in terms were very reliable very accurate and double check the faction in there and it's. And then. Urgent readers help to somebody you'll serenity and vote. Will will give us the facts. Or or or correction in sort of been able to do veteran leaders to keep everything. Is accurate humanly possible. Yeah sure cross referencing Muster stickers did you ever have a certain circumstance three had some curious fact you route thirty seconds here and then you sign a leader wasn't accurate. Trying to think Villanova to think about that or revision. Over the break nothing. I like this city here introduced. We'll talk about never actually combat. Let's okay he's my lawyer bills me a little time to artists or organized a quick break and though we come back morial listen Jason G yeah. It's not so good to have everybody along and Sanjay we get a welcome news station to the BR family ES it's Tuesday on the West Coast Wednesday on the East Coast and if you stuck somewhere between welcome beyond reality redo it to myself Jason cosmic co host Judy Johnson and we would like to welcome KFK 84 Collins Colorado to the beyond reality radio family shelter listening. Welcome on board. Yeah I love Colorado but I always get confused and radio stations start with a Kay Henderson so not used to that being the East Coast where we are we aaron's three different areas are tuna. And so it's it's nice and there I mean we Arum bunch different heiress Carol formal crossing USO. And that's all agree stations Al that are carried beyond reality radio thanks to support. Her again. Asked tonight when we bring him in will be Charles rich blooming is also known as doctor knowledge his latest book is called the all time Boca fascinating facts he also has a series of books called knowledge in a nutshell. We're going to be talking about a lot of weird. Interesting curious coincidental strange facts things that he's assembled over years and years of research and there's a whole. A lot of his books are just phenomenal and throughout the week we've got some great shows coming up tomorrow and I would get Paige MacKenzie. YouTube star in New York Times best selling author. I'm in 2010. Then sixteen year old MacKenzie teamed up with producer nick Kagan and her mother actress proceed he rose to Korea to. Create a series of paranormal seemed videos. She averages or videos of had 250 million total views. Average seven point five million unique visitors per month to maintain more than 500000. Monthly subscribers. She'll be on tomorrow night Thursday. We've got Douglas Preston we're going to be focusing on the lost city of the monkey god yes you know under and four rainforest in javy is totally site and also liked. And then every Friday is our best out beyond reality ready assuming she tune in. Because it's Yahoo! playing some great shows if you haven't yet. Head over to FaceBook dot com slash B unreality radial like FaceBook page. More costly updating your information there. In fuel sitting on any agree stations crossing US feel free to go beyond reality radio dot com click the listen live. And just join us in Chad JP and I are always in their sir great welcoming community had just a bunch of wonderful people and you connect with people all across country probably summon your area. Yeah that's great stuff so well when we take a break when we come back. We'll bring our guest in Charles Richard Blum also knows doctor knowledge and will begin to dazzle you with some pretty interest in fact. Sounds good if you have any interest in fax machine give us equality for 46877669. Dental freed 844687. 7669. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed the next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 through the through. Force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there. It's beyond reality radio Jason's Jim Jones. So I can't everybody along with us so great to have everybody in Chandler and town welcomes everyone and so I'm solely welcomed the show no matter where you are. And hints thanks for tuning in we've got some great we agree shows coming up we just got a great guests for tonight. Yet tonight we're going to be talking with side Charles Richard Blum he is also known as doctor knowledge. His most recent book is the all time book of fascinating facts and we are not going to disappoint Charles welcome to show it's great to have you on. Evocative or penetration giving. So looks let's talk now about two 9/11 clearly a very tragic day. For a lot of people fact may maybe the whole world and down but there's a lot of weirdness and and wanna coincidental stuff that you've uncovered on that you talked about in your books. Mom when she walks down that path a little bit. OK to develop and we're there aboard the book like 3 o'clock o'clock AM but they're so much remember. A personal look Hurst playing. In bullpen in the attack on 9/11. Does the world trade center of the first plane to do so would slight. You eleven. There were 92 people on board that flight nine plus student news you'd love it. That happened in New York City. These words New York City you have exactly you know gotten letters and there day. The next plane that hit the panic on. The words the Pentagon and have exactly look letters and he. The third plane that crashed near the Pennsylvania town of Shanksville. The word Shanksville traders who principally in Shanksville has eleven letters in its name. The president at the time George W. Bush exactly eleven letters in George W. Bush. Do you Twin Towers standing side by side. Look exactly like the number eleven. There are exactly. 111. Days after September look. If you look at the calendars September 11. Count the days after September 11 there exactly 111 days. Left in the year after September. So there's so many elevens. In apple did. Just an amazing coincidence. You do about it we often talk about it all yeah. We had our emergency phone number happens to be 9/11. 911. You know we've had guests on the program before an intern Roma communities has been a lot of discussion about the significance of the number eleven and particularly you know 1111 on the clock and it just seems to us who's a pop up all over the place. You know mrs. senses again noticed that it Soviet tendon and put it back to rubber blanket if you don't mind. Because of these stories and news from listeners who might not have been purity you use the man who was on the scene. Went through different presidents were assassinated Robert Lincoln Abraham Lincoln's son. But there's another incredible story about Robert wicket when his father was president Robert Wood who was attending. College use of harbor. And he was coming back to Washington. On a date they've shown they finished college. And you're sticking your training back from Boston to Washington DC and of course those days. Most people travel by train there were no automobiles. No airplanes. What mistake in the train and prom. Boston back to Washington. He has that changed trains in Newark, New Jersey so. Gawk at Newark. And we're standing on the role platform waiting provision. Train used connecting through which would take him to Washington. And the platform was real crowded rock and people. There. And he was standing at the edge of the platform waiting anchors training. And either sell or got pushed off the platform and onto the tracks. It's a platform which took crowded. And it fell off the track dressed as a train was coming. And there's some question whether cook but not by himself in time also question whether the train would stop time. In any case of men standing nearby there so what happened. And he ran over and put his hand down and col Robert Lincoln off the tracks. Probably saved Robert Lincoln's life by doing that likes to question whether. Robert Lincoln could have victories so if you climb back up consult. Off the tracks look back up the platform. Question also of the training would have seen him in and whether it would stop. And now the man who shaped rubber like it meant an important blocked the tracks. It is such a probe which it is like that man was a famous Shakespearean actor of the day whose name will cause in one. Boot. Do the wind blew brother John who will screw. Who would later be the man who would assassinate Robert's brother and Republican. There we know that the story is true US about the true stories. Because Robert Lincoln was so grateful. Two it would computers saving him. That. Few years later he wrote a letter to Edwin Booth. It took thank him and it wouldn't treasured that letter concede his book so upset. And his brother was apparent who assassinated currently in his brother John wooten was like a black sheep of the there which he was also an actor by the way. There was an acting family the blues. Lit by equipment but his brother had also been an actor John Wilkes who. Anyhow it would host of great pool. A miracle it was sort grateful it would boot it's appreciating him that. It would boot. You know really treasure that letter in that letter today is in existence. It that the Smithsonian Institution so you know we go to. This actually happened. And you know it is a bit easier all the people to sit properly employed who would be that would. It's incredible you know on an up that Stanley Edwin Booth was the more accomplished actor wasn't. Oh yeah it was set back peace and not call him the great Americans. As one of the leading actors. He was very famous in the you know the early eighteen hundreds of all spam is such a remark toward the Barrymore became later. Very protecting them which he was probably do. You know of the leading. Member of the pair. French reporters Shakespearean roles that he is. And that was in debated before other entertainment. You know. Stage shows in those cities remain under ten movies certainly in the reader can be things like that. Right let's talk let's move the conversation to superstitions. I think I've heard you say that the number thirteen which a lot of people have a fear of is actually kind of a lucky number for the United States. Yeah we just opposite the other the country was founded with thirteen colonies. We have. Thirteen stripes on the flag on during the original thirteen colonies. Believe. Man who wrote me. Designed to great seal of the United States which by the way it is a zillion thirteen on if you look at her on the back of a one dollar bill. There's a picture there of of agreed to the United States. And that there's an eagle holding. Yes thirteen arrows. There are some of these thirteen there. Does it frees you were beat you to his thirteen letters but it the man who designed that was William. Well to his home and got his name at thirteen. Letters. In his name. So they're seeing. You might say issues. You know in the united city because of a great country. Which which somebody is thirteen simple. What about some other superstitions. There's got to be some pretty interesting facts related to some of the things that. People feared. For years maybe we still do and very very. And illogical way. It looked Easter coming up this Sunday. There's a and I would call the Easter Island. It's. In the South Pacific. It's it's not there. Pretty much all by itself. Nothing near Easter Island. It's got its name because it had been discovered by British sailors on. Easter Sunday so they named it Easter that's what its name but the amazing thing about these are islanders. There are statues there. That are way many content. There about fourteen feet high it. They were carved out of zone. From a nearby mountain and they sit up here in this flat land right. But proceed. And there's a question it how ancient people ever could have moved dues at B. Statues if they did carved them on the boundary that they just a rock from the mountain. Brought them out of the plot Leon's how in the world did they ever. Meant to lose that issues. And the faces on the statues have been out of this world book about them. They don't look human. In there are people who shape. That. Perhaps aliens visited. Bigger and we're the ones who brought boot the stones out. From the mountain. And designed the patient because some places look very much like aliens might look there's certainly don't look like. Humans owner. And maybe that was a calling card U two's all kinds of theories on net and that is diminished or use of the Easter Island. It's definitely one of the places that I've always wanted to check now first heard that. There's actually more. Of the statue buried than there actually is exposed with many of these things is that true or is that one of those things we should be united snow saying or whatever. Well another event in the statues are better. I don't recall exactly haven't yet we have a story in our book on net but there are numbers statues so there there might be some were. No I think when I guess you know what I holidays actually there's so there's more to the body that's discovered up you see the faces you see the heads but there's actually a whole bunch underground that most people don't realize is there. Australia and decorated their birdie on worldly looking. You know why were they designed that way. And again how in the world did they ever get out there from the mountain we we certainly didn't have the equipment to do that in ancient days. Yeah I definitely one of the world's great mysteries we've got about a minute here maybe a little more before we have to go to break and I want you before we go to break I Charleston golf for your website information about where people can find out more about this. The only come back. We're gonna talk about some of the other books some of the things the Faxon and interest in nine tidbits of information we haven't talked about yet. We'll relive a lot of other stores and dark. The way it is about his book we have a web site called knowledge in a nutshell but calm not urgent but shall one word no into an inertial pot club. You can read about this book soon older news about it. As a biography of much open all standards in order for there would like the book it is 1995. That is total including shipping and handling. Editors discount if you want. Couple more looks to use this. Sort of always in a nutshell about him. You conceivable there also be your report or you can call us we have an 800 number it's 1800. Not show what 800 such oh. You either way you don't get the book. Either by going to the web site notion that Joba got. Or calling 100 metro. Well they're just interesting books and their fun sorry I definitely recommend people check amount you can also check it out if you go to beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tab. Our past guests and aren't their information solicit they're also links to books and console foresee can get it already there peerless and realist ams are don't. Forget tomorrow night we've got Paige MacKenzie coming up and then Thursday Douglas Preston will be joining us and of course Friday is a best of program as always so you listen Jason javy beyond reality radio. James can break the law on the telephone numbers for. 46877669. Our guest tonight Charles Richard Blum were talking about some non really interesting strange unique. We're here. Coincidental. That he has Charles the author of the incredible acknowledged in a nutshell book series. He's joining us tonight in a train in our office Charles. In outer and others are purely tactically interesting story about a baseball player named Richie Ashburn what's his story. There's other incredible coincidental achieved. At played a managers for quite a long time the ability to have a look at who is it a long career he uses an outfielder pretty muted earth. And he's had that one day. And it's a problem all into the stands and unfortunately the ball hit a woman. In the box seats and really bitter. Did some damage or physical cut. And our intrusions and each to people ran down your seat there right there happened. In Lipton Europe on the seat and were taking her. Up the steps in. Into the Ohio. To be first date room which was a couple sections are way so actor has branded hit that well ball he stepped out of the batter's auction. You know we've due to a candidates were women and did produced at the police were probable. And Ritchie adopted as captains that decision up scenario there will be it so there there was a slight pause in the game. And in which means that bet tech in the batter's box look for the next pitch. Meantime new U ushers and security guy we're taking this woman. Along the Iowa made it walked about two or sections over. When the next pitch came in Ashburn who's the next pitch and Al do talk. And of all the thousands of people speak into that date. Worded that ball go it hit the same woman. That's right. Right I heard this story hitter in the leg didn't. And at an end enemies that ended a total obviously totally unintentional a I have been usage and tried he would like that you. You could hit some troubles. In you know two different ways like debt and huge problem with the same woman that. It focuses. You know one of those just incredible went forth and also haven't heard a book editor was an excellent choice. Popular person be born in Florida and Missouri this is who has been asked. That it. Those kids are pretty core part. Possible and actually there was a very famous person who was born. In both Florida and Missouri and I was a famous writer Mark Twain. And he was born in court of eternity spent his whole life colored people. I was born reported hours ordered misery and it so how's that possible in the history and it was in the little town in northeast Missouri. The name of the town. It is Florida it it and that's what point was born he was born and lower the loser. A Florida State are so we could hurt police say that he was born in both Florida. And mystery. Guitar. It's funny it's funny that you bring that up because I spent a lot of time at Mark Twain house opening and I. Hartford Connecticut and I've film that many times and there was something there about that as well so lots snitching story when it came down of that. By the way or one other little quick story we have our work. He. It was not the trinity were you know it's a great writer Kurt successful but you didn't have much money he made some really bad investments in his late. And you then you go out there consumers virtually broke toward the end of slight. You doubt that he would never invested anything it directors his people would come in. You know I asked him to invest it and to convention. Not have turned out well. So he vowed he would never again. Investment. And a man named Alexander Graham Bell emblems. Of developing this thing called the telephone. And went to know I've decided that it. So anti invested and so it would be done very well and owns another bad decision by twenty but he wasn't regret. Yet these these stories are great in on the clock keeps ticking here I wanted to go move via topic to another one of your books in the knowledge in a nutshell series the one about the movies and I'm curious about what the story is between Titanic in China syndrome. Those two guys thanks. Which are better at our new book as well. We just as the universe really. The Three Mile Island. You know explosion. Near Harrisburg Pennsylvania and right. And. That that happened twelve days after that happened. The movies that China syndrome. Came out. And everything in that movie is what happened at three mile and Jack Lemmon who was in the movie. And couldn't believe it should do it and they're pretty. Every damn thing we had in the movie. Turned out. You know and of course moon is made long before. Through loan happened and yet. It's a word just incredible. So. That's a story about. Destroy about the Titanic. Is another story. And everybody knows about Titanic most famous. Programs partnership is that true or not probably it is the most censorship is measurable. And yet we have this disaster in the United States with the ship. There's nobody is ever heard of and yet it was worst in Titanic they were to ship called the initial and a independent nation or it was bringing troops home from the south. Northern troops. Up the Mississippi River. And they tremendously crowded. The ship is all the guys wanted to get get home and they put more people on on the on the boat and they should have it was a Mississippi. Quote punched him and up the Mississippi. And people were sleeping on detected an edited and you know it was really. Crowded because the guy's been there is a new were just excuses it up the recipient get home. And a boy you're on assault and exploded. And virtually the hoops is tremendous fire and explosion on the ship as it was coming up it should be virtually everybody on the ship. We're not only killed but some people are even. Thrown into trees along side him is so terrible explosion. And good that coal from that. I don't know but you're probably do something like 16135. People were killed. And that's ship disaster which was more than were killed in the Titanic it's not we've all heard of the Kennedy and yet. Here's a US both partnership. Riverboat in the United States that was far worse and we knew we never heard of that so it kind of straight. Now it's funny that China syndrome story the U told I'd always assumed that the China send remind me and I never put the dates together but I know he's assumed that it was kind of based on the story of Three Mile Island but you're telling me. I actually yeah despite its principles and and and I used the word damned but. Back Lebanon but it wouldn't sit on the radio do you get a bit of work he was the best. Zurich. At that who know some sensibility there but it happened it'd news in the group yeah Rula. Now you see you set a little while ago that your wife recession next year NG about this whole. Why do they call hamburgers hamburgers and I have known him in the. Yes there's something about that we need him. I've always thought about it just like hot dogs and music itself. And yet well that's another group. That goes very Amber's. When you know next time you have one up and thank date remember Herbert Perry no candidate as a cold ever the reason it is. A lot of German immigrants in the United States in the late eighteen hundreds. And among them were people from the founder of the city of Hamburg Germany. We're very specialty was serving ground meat making ground beef and so they brought their custom would ground me to the United States and people here started calling Derrick Brown V. Hamburgers. After. The Soviet amber so hamburgers or name not because they've handed it. They don't but their net that diversity of origin Hamburg Germany and that's pretty much like right errors and winners got their name from. Towns. Front recorders. We're it's especially in the town of Frankfurt Germany. In Wiener so. The German paper Vienna in Austria. It is WB I am and that's. They also made in there and that's where we're readers Contra. One other question I've got about the movies. Stuff we've been talking about his. There's a mention of a screen star who actually married her son how the heck does that work. Yeah that happened. A movie. And there's one other stories are quickly there was a movie star who. Die that ends at the age of fourteen. And let the sun them. Beat it in movies store but it's and that leaves. Written content. Yeah. There was very popular and attitude toward Israel and of course a dog I. And you spoke popular movies that he was all built over humans. As movies. You would be the leading. It's contingent. And it he died at age fourteen contingent but it sun continued to make movies in and they were very popular 192019. But Charles we've got time for one more good one you pick one out of sought your vast knowledge of the stories and interesting Faxon and and share one last one with the Sonoma gonna have to let you go. Okay but this one of the most embarrassing moment at the White House. Queen Elizabeth corrected the United States on the state visit when Gerald. Back in the early 1970s. And there to state dinner earlier leopard bitter in the huge room of the White House. President Ford was hosting queen who was a bit. And the US Marine Corps bit and which you control band to the president was playing music all dinner. And then after dinner present for got up and went over the peace and ask her for the first stands. So they were going out of the dance floor for the first pins in the US marine band. Played the song it just happened to be the next song on there has expanded just turn the page. And you know it at all Lou sheet music their pearl songs of all music there playing in the evening. And of all the songs in the world and to the next song on there are those that just came up as it turned the page. On their music since all the songs and Gerald Ford is present or misleading which was written this for songs they played was the lady is a trend. And this did not cause an international incident or. It probably took it very well we knew we did not go to war with England that it at first to grow it could very well. And I I put that story. Perk or a newspaper called back in the 1990s. And I have a friend who grew up in there and I was told him about the stories. I don't think it's true. You're asking about you're checking the treatment groups. Story you have. He's I don't think that was because usually I don't think the queen dances with commoners a page you dances with royalty. So I'll let you know the body. But that's stories somewhere in her word gotten it and it really bothered me that maybe it wasn't true you know such a bitch or maybe so but he made it up. What is now is just so happened. That my wife didn't work with the woman who. It was active politics and in. Was very friendly with abortions and the words and Gerald Ford is still living there. So it took about what you call her and didn't by any chance maybe she has Gerald Ford strong number. This is but you know twenty years after four present to your doctor present use living your paltry scope or near. Yes she did have his phone number. She gave it to my wife would give it to me so I call that number and guy answers the phone it wasn't present important witches. Male secretaries who described Cho tries not I'm an author I'd written this story in a so you know distraught and make sure it was true. These are whoa all as president I'll call him back of my phone number and sure enough about two minutes the phone rang. And it was not Portman was secretary. And he said. Yes he. Told that story did Gerald Ford and for that yes it did happen that really did happen so. We broke that story is true. And hit it that she's well I think about it. Metric that is don't ever. Put you open book says it expects. Well Charles we wanted to thank you so much for coming on spent time with the lesson in this is just great and I recommend anybody yeah. Everybody out there just go check out this book I grabbed the book and they're gonna be amazed by a lot of these facts that veteran. Yeah and one more quick time work and they find the book Charles. The best ways to go to the web site knowledge in the Dutch shell dot com vote should not sure what word urgent virtual art com or you can call 1800 nacho. The end of the book again is 1995. Minutes that includes shipping and handling that's. Great Orleans we're looking forward to having you back on the program does another whole bunch more stories we could be talking about it. Yeah we. Tried it takes so much Charles and can it. Clinton has an incipient thank you. Thank you Charles Richard bloom mobile right back it's beyond me. Tired of the costly charges and bombing a loved one doesn't pass the meeting with the mortician interfere with your play on the back nine and he oversaw. There's got to be a cheaper way. Save money and do it on your own time with the craft go home and bombings. She had crap go home and balmy day. Consistent all the key instruments needed to start bombing at home today to hide her respirator is less energetic. Chemical in chapter operating systems super dream to suture needles that and more. Tillman and Apple's passing Mickey. True to them all why political heat stroke interfere with your backstroke used to Prague Oklahoma bombing came to start small. What do you show that notre you can. And sentenced to happen and it's. Hard old crap goes to save you money. May not be right Mina theatrical hell. Not even be legal go to craft Golan bombings that you'll save on. The greens Franco helping out the living so you can afford to dock. Which. Welcome back who's jealous beyond reality radio and Jason Hawes and javy Johnson other. Corey product by crack nuts and also my idea and you know they just keep coming up with them I'm really really excited just from crest there are definitely. And it's there's just the best self the end that was a very very quick two hours ended Charles was a fantastic guest can we to bring him back. We do have we would do we've had a bunch of people on hold the whole time must see for and we stick one of these calls here. Let's go to Alicia on line one Lisa broken beyond reality radio. I am like comic I was sheep and a couch and it was a terrorist come out not based in I had scratches on my dole. And I don't know how to deal. Ghost came came up she is not you're hearing scratches on the door. Still you have now. I was street panic outs in the toaster an optional. Add extreme right I didn't know. Yeah yeah we're real. And Washington. Are license plate I'm originally from it. My caps on. Look at well if you go to the Atlantic paranormal society dot com you can actually just click on the court sport taps Stanley dot com. It's easier taps him dot com. And they'll pull up where you are and you can find the closest taps taps stripped Euro area doesn't cost anything though Kamal try to pharaoh to arm toward other than being scared to leash has this has anything harmful when done to you with a strong. Don't know I hit it around my brother passed away on how much coast are perhaps seeing. Listen it's so I don't know he's terror attacks in me. So Hendrick. I think maybe short term we're gonna have to let you go here displays are going to be at a time but short short term just you know I wouldn't be afraid and I would just I would just kind of calmed down and just. Do you know. Not let fear take control here and as Jason said contact group that has some experience with this kind of thing invite them over in and see if they can figure out what's happening. We attach groups all across the country all across the globe so head over to taps family dot com just. I ended local tap stripping your area because of cost anything and a ending tomorrow and help you out so PM base article thank you really should. And and weren't talking with current Thursday Douglas Preston we're going to be talking about the lost city of the monkey god this recent news Jimmy's favorite that's who we are really excited about that. It's going to be good once if you haven't yet we've had over lake FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. In join us beyond really renewed dot com quick to listen live to join us and wanted to show. Everybody out there wanna sit and have a great night's GC GG beyond around in a. And ingredients to discuss that Katie didn't include tunes when Alexandria Johnson intercom. Ha don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one hour. If you've got information you want us to follow upon or you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio in emails too slick Eddie and that's. Slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.