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Paranormal Investigating - the nitty gritty about ghost hunting and the search for answers

Apr 19, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guests Jeff Adkins & Jenny Tremonti about their role in the paranormal group - Detroit Paranormal Expeditions. The team has investigated many reportedly haunted locations and is expanding their geographic footprint to include many other areas. The discussions examines techniques, equipment, locations, personnel, evidence and conclusions. 4/19/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Her. All are welcome everyone it is beyond reality radio Jason Hawes GB Johnson so good to have everybody along we are excited for tonight. Yes we are it's Tuesday on the West Coast Wednesday in the East Coast to many who stuck in between what can be unrelated radio myself Jason cosmic cohost Jeannie Johnson yeah we're gonna have a great night tonight we're going to be talking with you this is something that's obviously very very dear. To your heart to my heart but to just straight old plane up. Paranormal investigating with a group by the Detroit I love it especially Detroit's got some phenomenal locations yet really does. Yeah this is on Detroit parable expeditions come to be talking with that Jeff adkins and Jenny from Monty. Two of the key people in that group well I think Jeff is one of the founders actually. But they are a team that says hasn't been together very long but individually they've got a ton of experience and they've already done some really cool investigating so we'll have a great time talking about where they've banned what they've done and how they go about their investigations. The world so going to have somebody from Salem comic tell mom and hang out with us a bit tonight and talk to us about well what's going to be going on Salem colleague of mark our Villa. Coming on to discuss. Salem com it's happening this week in the G he's going to be yeah I'm really excited to go to this effort to really good visual and at some HI CQ should Nadal pulled animal tattoo at the wounded and you've been content to a little at least seen that before I know you may get into Perry's Agee he's making a joke because I signed an autograph one time. And Melissa like six months later that you know what content you were at a convention actually. And Jamie's with me and this girl showed up and she had taken my autograph that was on the picture. And this is strong ties inform him but he Euro gonna laugh. And have it tattooed on her inner thigh. It was the weirdest thing in the world. There was even if not as what is that type to revoke my face some one way again and gray grasses and other oil though it now. And it becomes a little little terrifying yeah I mean do you royalties and influence of Weirton. United's one of the century expect to come home one day trying to community tad Boyle and you know MDM your kids new mom it's. And it's it's one of those things go boldly it was a. Fatal attraction with the militarism. Desert. You that's creepy so it doubly when they go to take it off when they finally say you know enough is enough having Jason grant in my in my legs and wanted to get up do you have to pay to have their room after they call you and say you wish I didn't get out of because pay a maverick that's taken off. See as well. Anyways but and. I know many of you probably heard some you might not there last night we talked about. And this FaceBook killer students Stephens. This low life in general or whatever arm while he ended up. I'm taking his own life today in when the police the police have found him. Well he and somebody called in the that he was spotted in McDonald's parking lot and Erie county just after eleven I. And by a number of public works in the context of the Pennsylvania state police after about two mile. Chase troopers attempted a pit maneuver to disable Stevens vehicle. But as the vehicle spinning out of control. Stevens pulled a sore shot himself from the head so Juan. The good thing is he's dead following linemen that unites said he did it by himself but talent he's dead but still a fact of matter is it's a Norris from our map. Yeah and I just you know we just have to worry about copycats. That those decision brutal thing to do and and you know so over the top and then we've got. You know news of the of a possible terrorist shooting in. On performance to Alter much is Fresno California where three white men are dead today but it is possible terrorist attack in mainly it was from a nudge a moment to moment a moment gentlemen. His name's Corey Ali Mohamed and when police. Took him down and he was yelling out Ali Al Barr. And I referred to him so he refers to himself as the black Jesus and told please that he hates white people zero. They're looking into seeing if this has anything to do terrorism or he's just in our panel. What are you really can't say much about it it's just you know 33 people lost their lives for no reason. Yeah and whatsoever in this again is that is the is probably the scariest type of attack it's so unpredictable. Its lone lone wolf type attacks on whether it's terrorism or not it still has the same tragic value to it. And you know it's just miss anything like this is just so hard to handle. I do wanna say 3:30. PM eastern time march. 3:30 PM adjustment of sentiment. Get into spring allergies are you content to add a hum but no I should say actually today for awesome East Coast. Com a huge asteroid is set to colonel past earth. Saw that he can initially is the one that are the that I guess less than I was talking about the dark no owners or the tyrannosaurus. And may second we're dead grant. So we do we get. This street is so big they nicknamed rocket after Dwayne Johnson. And I don't Sirius and it's yes it's our industry passing year hasn't Wednesday April 19. And no need to panic experts say the asteroid will pass us at a close the safe distance which means telescopes around the planet will be keeping and I haven't been able to see it. As a whizzes by at put off there they say although there's no possibility yeah for the Astrid to collide with our planet. This will be a very close approach turn asteroid this size. And that's actually Cedras from NASA the Astrid officially known as. 2014. JO 25 has been nicknamed the rock because of its hefty sized for the first first discovered in 2014. Researchers estimate. That it's around 2000. Feet in line it's now that is a big asterisk that's a big rock Communists and although its previously been label potentially hazardous is should safely passes and about this is for one point one million miles that's less than five times the distance to the moon. Sponsor its course skimmed past. At that distance now a few times a week. But it is the first time since 2004 and Astrid so sizable comes close on the glass and disasters and neighborhood was 400 years ago gem. And is not expected to pass her again until 2600 so I don't think we're going to be around so we might wanna take a look at it tomorrow no. Good news people wanted to get a glimpse of it as zooms by as it should be visible small optical telescope. Even and even even if citizen is 330 in the afternoon 330 minutes can be hard to see and in and in the light but her hand so a veteran guys on its instant text voice is reflective as the Mona. Maybe so. So I don't know but you guys if we can also watch it online ad virtual telescope that EU. So again 330. PM eastern time. Very cool. We have some great shows coming up we should mention tomorrow night will be talking with parlor venture for Renault formula. Is a returning guest she's Renault hold onto really cool books about really cool creatures and the most recent book is fairies. Caucus and change wings a complete guide to the wick wild and wicked enchanted realm on but she's also written books about just strange facts so weird. Stories. More tomorrow. Me everything you know vampires. Dollars. You name atlas goes on and on Barlow has some great gas and we love talking to her retirement. Awesome ever on was long before syndication so the subpoena staffer on and everybody's able to hear. Where stars but he she had sort of a weird upward. He she and her family who live down in California but they lived off the grid and he'd like no power nothing Mirai generator. Periodically now but. They live with nothing. Can really that's the way today you wanna talk about getting in touch with nature of Arrigo. Take Wales ladies tonics I needed the electronics seem to really disconnect this from. When you take all that mental illness pilots going camping because in eternal so far off and just hanging out maybe you're really able to connect with the with nature. Yeah it's sound it's it's definitely different and I think it is led her to a curiosity and not just a curiosity in general but you spent a lot of time running around in the woods. And you know that's where a lot of these particular types are creatures there were talking about our fable two being so there has mental notes. Yes it'd be great conversation parlux. And then now of course we've got a Thursday night because you and I are going to be while being scared is selling con underneath you might stop up but. The that'll be a prerecorded program up pass show and then on Friday will be a best of from this week and then Monday we'll get back into tar like programs in guru saying Smith so if you haven't. MA she had over and like the FaceBook page it's FaceBook dot com slash beyond the reality radio. And we do a lot of posts over there we also constantly updated with with new information with the stations that. Sign on week two weeks this week to week and again went to welcome tea tea a a in Denver Colorado and WC CEO. Minneapolis Minnesota who welcomed the beyond reality real family it's great to have you on board with all the other great decisions that are out there. Yeah we love seeing that list grow and if you've got a station in your area that you Sankoh would be appropriate to carry the program. Let him know we're out here and you know they can reach us some tried to us who would work out we've got an affiliate manager that would jump right on that and lead the android app is available. For me unreality radio these mutant find veteran on the the android App Store. But the iPhone app hopefully will be available so we're just waiting for final approval on the so are. And in his links or non beyond reality radio dot com for that. Also feel listening on the stations in and you get a chance at some point jump in to chat and to hang out with us it's a great community people in there. Just go to be unrelated radio dot com click the listen lions and he's connected. Yes and what we can we come back from the break we're gonna bring in a market Villa where to talk about Salem come but I also want to mention that. You know I have to ask Erica Hahn coming up that's not too far away either. Scare card is so yes it's. It's a pretty much big party it's a giant party three days it's a three day party firm several thousand people with some great tune great celebrity news from worried about a two weeks to recoup at least two weeks. This this Garrick on this coming up June 2 third and fourth is in Springfield Massachusetts need to find out. All the information you need and scare conduct comes each check that it check it out. And we it with a blast up there it's just it's agreed much people he did to meet its past different celebrity's autograph solid stuff saw. As a good time summation check that out at scare con dot com are sort of take quick. Break point comeback morial listen to. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and deployment is guaranteed. The next Eric Kahn is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see a ban. Asteroid passing assets current fire it's a big ball of fire and never say asteroid. When you're talking Miranda far. Doesn't go together and now I know which are going to be embarrassed about it just like we were gonna bring mark in after the break but we're kind of we went long on the last break and we don't wanna cut him short so we're gonna hold. Our conversation when market villain who's the promoter in the organizer of Salem Khan until after our bottom of the hour break and it's also kind of cool because I wanted to talk about. You know we've talked a robot robotic technology now it's changing the way we live. And anybody who's. Had a home built or seen a home built knows that traditionally. You know you see a whole bunch of men and women showing up on the job site putting up walls studs in home rooms and and in the house it's built over the course of several months and you watch it go up and it's done in the minutes solar. That happened happens and later you get your guys who come in and day there Russia that they do all the starting. And then and people like me we don't want and we from a plumbing before he all the old clips of the walls before anybody else comes answers in an opening of the drywall in the insulation apparently in. So this series have evidence that need to be done in the right order. Or you're gonna open up all again turns around points. Yeah exactly what all of and is about change it seems just like everything else. From auto manufacturing to just about anything else is being made these days. A robotic technology is having an impact and it seems that the future of US home building. Is going to be in companies like blueprint robotics in Baltimore Baltimore which is a giant factory. It's got a whole bunch of robots that fired nails and a studs they never miss they're always perfect. And they manufacture basically an entire house. Piece by piece throat on a flatbed truck and then deliberate or road wherever needs to go and then you've got some workers a skeleton crew basically who throws it up in a matter of a couple days. And it's done. So it's just priests. Add to studying and all that stuff so the whole. I am a civil although all that's done it and you just have what your electricians and your plumber come in and do what they gotta do and so yeah I actually I think actually think some of that is already pre down like those walls can be pre wired. My don't know about pre plums but certainly can handle the heroic export and tubing that's a threat. So it's really changing things on their many aerials like in rural Pennsylvania where a labor calls costs are cheaper than maybe in more metropolitan areas. And they aren't as this as affected. But these factories are going up everywhere houses are being built in factories and then shipped in and set up in people's movement in it's happening pretty quickly. And it is once again on changing how our economy works. Well and that's that's a big thing there what's it going to do the economy because that takes a whole. Construction crew. And sort of gets gets rid of them and don't be wrong though the whole idea of the robotics doing this. Is great just the mere fact that. When a construction guy comes he'll cut things that are sometimes they're not an imperfect in and lengthen. Ernie Els he if you get a robot doing the tolerances are going to be that much better. Tom because it's just it's fine tuning it. What does that what does that mean for for all those people as is that it opened up huge unemployment. Well one of the things one of the things they're proponents of this are saying is that there's been a labor shortage in the construction trades for a long time on that's one of the things that you know a lot of political legal and when the immigrants come here. People are are. Arguing that we need them because those construction jobs are not being sold otherwise. So a lot of folks are saying this'll help solve a labor shortage which are actually write one of the keys leading indicators for the US economy's always been construction because of how many people. It employs and then it's gonna change some things. Yeah and the whole thing about the illegal immigration it is one thing to tell you a lot of people are are bringing them on jobs and paying them. Half of what they're paying other individuals so that that really doesn't. Doesn't offend that arm and it actually hurts it hurts everybody I think that's there com. When it comes on that technology's great extra sleep with more killer wrote a rotor like have. I can tell you that I I. We used to be a situation where if there was a line broke him in the ground I never accruals in 0456. Guys there because we didn't have tobacco's would be digging up a line laying a new pipe. All that stuff now Roto-Rooter as a system where I can literally. Connect something to the plate in the house and whole new pipe through the crowned with this big machine it's a big big armed machine that pulls a breakthrough so on have to dig up anybody's crowned or anything. And their yards State's perfect everything else of the technology expert aspect of that that weight is great she's seeing these huge advancements which are really. And Ben and beneficial to tell everybody thought and it's the series a ton of money first for everyone as well but normally they cancel scary. Yet it does is as workers can replace rope by robot some we watch that stuff on this program a lot of will continue to do that and keep the keep an eye in the trans. Just have to clear up any confusion here we've got a couple things going on armament come back from break we're gonna bring market village and he is the promoter and organizer of Salem con which is going on this week in and Salem Massachusetts. And then after that we'll bring our scheduled guests in that so the folks from Detroit paranormal expeditions Jeff and Jenny you'll be joining us will be talking about their group. They're techniques there investigations. There evidence it's going to be you know roll the sleeves and talk about hardcore paramour investigating tonight. I know they've been investigating for quite awhile and the phils and on some decent locations that are all fell way haunted locations and a threw me a nice touch. All right so we're gonna take quick break when we come back Maurice. You listen to Jason into the. They beyond reality radio friends as you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tap in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Beyond our own radio chase JP thanks for being an officer telephone numbers 8446877669. And I think Jay is weak. I get into our conversation a little bit later would Detroit paranormal expeditions we are talking about paranormal investigating really hardcore stuff. You know and folks have some experiences of their own done some investigating of their own or have questions about becoming an investigator. Going out on their first ghost on whatever colonel and yeah I should be should do definitely jumped the number down and give us call. A little bit later 8446877669. Right now we're gonna bring into the program the promoter and the organizer of an event coming up this weekend called Salem Khan. I believe this is the third year the promoters market Villa mark welcome to be on reality radio so great to have your tonight. He'd he'd thank you so much for having me on. K appreciate it great dot idiot and I. Secretary RKS a this is that your number three for sound come right. It is it is generous three. It's hard to believe it's already. It's cracked up on a preset went missing last year after number two in Chile yesterday when I signed the paper that so. Diploma. The. Now mark I get a chance to hang out with you were doing the test him later union how apparent now. In Salem merit correct and and it was green is great time a lot of wild locations expert and Salem mass I mean you can't or wrong. I mean I was just talking to somebody yesterday but this is greatly exceed it looming Gettysburg that actually. It's just and we do you go you're gonna get paranormal activity of some kind you know if you look and orient and we will look at replacement Salem. Ghost Democratic Convention and the like it's like Disneyland Kirk credible domestic. So tell us what your your inspiration for the event was when you started just three years ago. Com my biggest guns inspirational that would work deluded group in new York at the time called the glory. Conduct open running be the man. They needed a bit culture history can't. And it was the first big event like epic on two and I I just saw all the under the Saturn. In other people learning to get to go see some of the people that you know I you know I lookup two's. John Baptist. You can see these people in an apartment where there. Chemical stuff they've done in the investigations. That the techniques. And I City Council could. I don't him during that you hear me in my life but you know see homes to count the leap from me why are we doing. John political or hard grounder past. Chris permission to kind of you know pick up his and is more so our values do what it exactly people who pregnant and apply it. An area three years later when counter R&R. It and it's it's going strong pitch and it's been a lot of fun. Anderson and incredible things in the last time I was out there and met up growth of my good friend Rory raven who does a phenomenal ghost or a fairway I'm sure you know Rory. And you know and it's just everything and Powell being held there has something to do with it whether it's a witchcraft. The occult or. Right down to ghosts and wanting exits it's it's phenomenal plays the minute you get there it's just in the errors totally different in Salem. It's really it's a solemn. It's it's funny isn't that we have or those weekends to coming up at drizzle and rain and in this league east date. But yeah the mystique of Salem and assuming you'd get into the downtown area. He start to see somebody or buildings start to see you know some of the group the marker on the way to remind you. What happened there why this is an historic area. They need it completely or BearingPoint and the charter street cemetery. And you have. All old. Bowl settlers to Salem in this spot. I mean my did not just a witchcraft as our screen goes. Black or higher frequent curtailment well as reported. So there's a fast. And tight and it can happen there or anybody. When he shares and share some mystery assailant to soar all the listeners shelter in those somebody who might not actually know. That much barrels Salem mass. I wish I could speak eloquently on a number of Arab and to monitor article industry. But they reviewed over it to 1692. What is the content back then. Where much different I guess I don't win much different from now. But Eric was focused on religion. In everything you did on a daily basis about your religion. And this which hysteria reasonable people are necessary. And NATO or EB that would which it is. This was more about people. Laying blame on other people's war. Com may be something that happened to their neighbors are able unease so they're gonna point the finger this person. And yeah. They really had no concrete evidence or anything that would be none of the cues or your typical which it sink in they were. They were just hear your neighbor and this hysteria came about because all the religious police and people were different. So once you get that bad. Hole late mob mentality of the town in this hysteria break. He got out of hand fast. And back and really if you read that you've had completely eclipses it may you were. Or orchard innocence in the cable and then. So fast say they would torture you. To the point where you finally admitted that you were which and then they would they would just really equipped. Exactly is a hole so increasingly. Dire daddy you know it wouldn't ritual is there. If news it was just a wild card and you know through that hole. The hole which hysteria has built to speak up on sale. Until deeper and act. In the shall it is there's also you know on maritime center floor for a New England it was almost capital of Massachusetts onetime. Except Britain and in short are not at Boston and deeper artwork. But park and became a focal point code messages and equality between harbor attack. So Salem almost what the Mecca. The maps and the other comfortably top level up we'll look at because of the what is so. And like Rhode Island has Newport but Newport was pretty much built by the pirates it was okay and that's pretty that's what built the whole area is the if the money that came into there. Exactly very similar very somewhat in others they're all network tunnel under. That used for smuggling groups. Com when they want to they're asking a bypassed where the Arabs it would come in that can hit the tunnels. Smuggled goods. Sleeves whatever was wrote this city and trying to bypass attacked so. You know again it just the history there when people come and Salem. You start looking at all witchcraft stopped while mortar Salem and just. Witchcraft and it's it's a fascinating city that. We let them wanting a little known Connors. We do a lot of Scott Cutler to paranormal but we also encourage people aren't. And learn about that area because. If you really get into in the open it up. A lot more reason to keep coming back Salem and just which. There wasn't one of the richest people in Massachusetts. And living in Salem and made as wolf off of pepper. Doesn't pepper. It was and you cannot be accused person my knowledge there. The thing is they only around and I the only reason I even know about it was because Rory raven had told me I had to it and had the whole story and I. I'd would've never assumed that you can charge so much for pepper but it was. There was this huge app and I knew it was something like a 100% and Walton a hundred times profit. Awful what they're bringing him when he came to pepper I mean it's pepper forgot state. Police in out pepper but back then you know. They inhabit a. That's true. Mark mark let's let's let's turn this Rebecca to sell them Conyers tell us what happens. During the weekend for cell com what's what can people expect that they wanted to check it out. Sure so on Friday night we have a PR. Eight and midnight. And it's are so everything starts at Cox. Our that is sold out and fortunately. War. And we need energy. I don't share demanded that you'll be there. Jumper in these wells a lot of local leaders there. Com and on Saturday at 9 am to vendor wars. And that is when will kick I'll collect as well that'll be a popcorn now we're gonna have to sections of the war. Going to be in the ballroom one as an accurate across the ball over in. So why isn't so witches there. Yes secondary restaurant area. Com and we're gonna have that are open an error would be certain matters well in law that's going on the lectures will be going on downstairs library. The starter Aaron. The tender more closes at 3 PM. Com. Optical camcorders a wedding afterwards it. I don't wanna NASA anybody's wedding day so. Listen this now on don't you want to be considered. But today he never knows in Paris but. But what happened isn't one of them will close. We're going to recap and collectors. And people get there it'll last licks in a commander. And at least thirty hurting so weirdo. John that this is going to be displaying on elaborate some hot items. And he's going to be doing this or wrapup in the that every human element so long ago when. People wanna talk to be displaying items book has treated each arm in. Answer some questions and and you know brick for a couple hours and 8 o'clock we start goes on and we do. We'll locations. In OT org groups in the it is and and our location is C and investigate Clarice species location. It wrapped up in midday and then Sunday morning. Eric about it. So judiciary from ghost honors there and John on John's death is from article article on John on. In the fields for as long as it remembers like 400 yourself now. 450 and I. Think as I just started in this field John was the first person that I met up with a Macs aren't working and and that's going back a score America nearly chased 27 years twenty years. And the asset when you see John mark and ask him about. So McCain asking about the Vermont case in him and I worked on the Wii yeah roped into and a cult ish situation it'll it'll tell you about that were stuck in a blizzard ms. window Scarborough has as I was driving it was a very long right. So market a used to go hotels sold out but you there there's still tickets available for people that wanted to stop in for the day. There are so there will be ticket available door or be dearly comfort and Enders series. You can come and -- dollars it viewers in elementary and provider ID showing here Salem resident. But it Asarco discount that we condone it. Otherwise it is eighteen Dollar General admission Tom obviously children all children are charged to come and and you know that'll be during the day. And you know I mean we get John Baptist rank and old beaters global oil market collector. Com Tim Weisberg local local historians last says he'll personality. And he's so those ten. Tim will be there. Com Scott Greenwald. It war has ghost adventures and paparazzi and. Loves animals got the star crazy. He's crazy and I absolutely love myself in these. A cordon and down so we're m.s are good. I don't go to. Was gonna say Jesse said fifteen dollars I mean that's an enemy honest that's dirt cheap especially. As through when you see these conventions out there are these in these events and most people you. Spending a lot a lot of money to him to go to these events are fifteen dollars ounce that's awesome. Yes and and I and I appreciate that recently returned to keep. Cost down because we want people to come and walk people and their money with the vendors don't wanna. No money at that door and have people around scheming wanna see more. We want them to be able to come and maybe buy and Netflix may be my teacher in the Bible you know at least come in because he doesn't 120. You know come and enjoy today. But some of the lecture us. Have some fun you know and and that's what we wanted her account that April you know it's not October when Halloween happening the April. Come in the same room. Could this season started I have some common. It says if people wanted to check something out quickly on line between now on the event where they find. So they go to my website. And as in mark and G-8 paranormal dot com. Everything's great economy PH. And you colonel what dot com the posters are all the information mock election there all the vendors are there. Your time. In Mosul Kia countries Switzerland so FaceBook dot com slash Salem com one right. Correct yeah yeah I get the one in their because well when there was going to be two and. But this. Our market thanks so much for joining us in and helping us out with this I'm looking forward to being there and saying hello in in meeting people's well also it's going to be great weekend. That PepsiCo CU on Friday DB. Perfect perfect Gerri that's market Villa he is the promoter organizer of Salem content coming up. This weekend in Salem Massachusetts. Parents who were gonna take a break but remember the phone numbers 8446877669. And 8446877669. You listen Jason Giambi. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 through the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this is the website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there and. Joining us and giving us the the ins and outs of what's coming up Purcell and come this weekend looking forward to that can be great weekend which is it's a great place and it's. In the Mexican Salem is that it's not huge area right. And you have these little and it's it's a wild location earlier this week that's why we have the taps family reunion there last year. It was just. And everybody had such a blast. Yeah it's hard not to fund the talent that it's guts it's cool history and as he goes on you can go on the goes watching Gordon history Torre's you can go to. The witch museum. It's just it's endless it really gets. Yep and now I'm looking forward to that they you know we've we've looked at it and a long and every segment so far but let's go to our guests lined and bring in. Tonight's scheduled guests we've got members of the group Detroit paranormal expeditions. We've got Jeff adkins and Jenny each from Monty Jeffs and Jenny. Welcome to beyond reality radio so sorry for the for the delayed introduction. I. Thanks for coming. So yes here's the deal we've got about just a little over two minutes here before we have to go to our top video break so in that time introduce yourselves. Individually. And then gives a quick idea of what the groups about. And ask so Jack's here. Some part of the group mag it's an honor to search is she's. Checkbook or disappeared group arm. Overview of the group in order trade days we do have word press is around our area. India and a lot of them at last armed you know. Basically wanna get a better standing at the unknown and Jenny Neeon onboard a huge benefit for that so lying under them in their roots or shall we were terrorists or land. And yeah look and fortunately it or seventeen. And the group is relatively new right you've been investigating independently I assume I'm exe has some experience under your belt but the group itself is only Europe sold. Question here. We are denying that we'll have a outside your experience during her and we strategists are in this group toward the end of last year so. We can ahead you know we've brought in during Q and artwork you actually had experience other groups. And out and different vision pro war harder to be and we did it. Why and I think I think it's important what was your reason for getting into the field. Well he's always been a lifelong curiosity of mine I mean so my in my purse strings tailored back to in an outward. Much much younger me where I was. And well and should an analyst can carry on what I experienced and knows. You know event at page and then afterward Q bottom so I got involved and Jenny. And while she can because that's further look the other group backed out well so I met group mostly women want our first. And sort Jordanians. And that kind of won that you learn more about it and arch or. Great OK listen that we're gonna take our break now we come back. More bring you back in in the second hour here and more rooted into the nitty gritty only learn more about your team members who what's skills you have. What you're techniques are from investigating. And maybe talk a little bit about some of the places you've investigated and some of the evidence you've gotten. My current cars are gonna take a break we come back morial listen Jason. Beyond reality radio I'm Jason watch some TV Johnson was so glad that everybody along reminder of the phone number. Or is 8446877669. It's Tuesday in the West Coast Wednesday on the East Coast and many of you are stuck somewhere in between what can be on reality radio myself Jason Gaza my cohost Jeannie Johnston now we're going to be talking to some folks were stuck somewhere between factor stuck on their stock but during Detroit their members of the group Detroit paranormal expeditions. Jeff adkins and Jenny from on two year bringing them in in the little bit on the program. But first we've got some great stuff coming up. She's written about mermaid she's written about strange facts weird legends gnomes trolls. What else ferries. Pretty much everything. So spends most of her time in DC yet exactly brands steps of the capitol in US must they just have a but now she's great we've we hatter on prior syndication she's just a wonderful person I talked to and a very informative a Thursday is going to be pretty much a repeat showed just because I NG TVs announced Salem Khan and this week my kids around schools and getting his revenge and I we are in Lebanon where enjoyment and a having a blast that happened next week we've got angry angry people coming up as well. I'm seeing on its hardest hit area that had happened Monday we've got Nicholas wood. The Savannah storyteller. And operations manager of the Sorrell we'd als in street in Georgia and now. If you if you've seen my show goes on ours that we actually filmed Sorrell Sorrell we'd else. What customer really strange things I'm sound like a woman actually being attacked by in the building and onto other. Crazy things. Just a really interesting locations so we're talking about. Different places down there in Savannah which Sudan that is one of the wildly liberal position you've been there I have been you know I've been having done any investigating there but it then. People to cities it's literally built on its debt right. And when it when they're building new buildings and so forth they need to literally do core samples to see if table opening Haniyeh. Bones before they do anything we also did via the blue moon emperor you know there aren't as well because some weird activities are just a one of the most wildest little cities there is. Yeah and also next week I know we're going to be talking to John tighter. John tighter if you remember he's been on the program before he's a self proclaimed time travels traveler. He says he's from the year 2036. And he came back in time. How much you remember exactly what year was maybe 2002 we came back to and he just decided to stay here because he fell in love with somebody. Had. Any dishonest though he still has his time machine and a bunch of other things are and we got into. I knew it was an interesting conversation. Lola is sort of back and forth but I do have to make sure you tune in because duty in god only knows what happens during an editor of. Yeah we'll talk about it we will asked the questions you guys make your own decisions it's pretty interesting conversation there for sure and I also know we have Eric Goldman coming on next week. And Eric is a I think he's president of the Pennsylvania bigfoot society or maybe one of the regional bigfoot societies in Pennsylvania but he's. He's got a lot of really cool cryptic stories to be talking about. His the scorching days it goes on the woods couple times every summer and camps looking for bigfoot and these folks pretty cool evidence actually. And TV camera in never they never have a camera there he knows that we've learned that. There was this footage it was online and Eric are you saying is the best footage ever of bigfoot those caught recently on the fuselage it was just recent. Yeah and owners and it was just just online the other day I am I watched that I wouldn't say the best footage ever but. But it supposed to disappoint doesn't it makes her cornea. And so we've got great shows coming up we're excited about that. Please stop by the web site there is a guest tab on the website beyond reality radio dot com you can see information about her guests if they have books or other things they're offering to our listeners. There are links there for that and you can join the chat room there as well. Yet just go to beyond reality radio dot com click a listen life you can join the Sharon meeting and listen online if if you were not airing in your area or she just wanna listen online or costly adding new stations to the next this from this week we want to welcome KF cage Denver Colorado and WC CO Minneapolis Minnesota. Two and to be on Ellen you radioed to the family it's always great to see more more stations pumping up sell. You know what are things I wanna mention in this is this is kind of bittersweet for me to say because as somebody who I've been and radios and so I was summoned high school and is just a business that I love. But there's a new report that the surgeon d.'s digital listen ownership is so significant meaning people are we will either listening on the Smartphones. Whether or listening on just do you know dialing into website on the computer whatever. It's so significant that it is creating a new golden age of radio. That some people are saying could spell the end of regular radio within five years. Really am but they've been saying that forever though literally they were talking about how serious was gonna kill terrestrial. And just didn't happen. Well they've BI and the did the death of radio's been predicted many many times over the thought TV was gonna do it they thought you know cassette tapes were gonna do it. They said CD players were gonna do it and now and then they directness of satellite radio was gonna open the difference between terrestrial radio and all these other options is that he didn't get some local information. But either way it's just interesting to see how. Technology is changing the media landscape so dramatically and it's it's you know just when you think he can't. Go change any faster it doubles is the you know the speed of change doubles. Well look at TV and mean honestly half the time and an eternity TV and actual any other network on anymore. I go either turn Netflix or Amazon or whatever insulin. Just watch their or if I do watch anything on TV I'm always recording a sort of fast toward through there. Through the camera there's no there's there's no question that I set for very long time again being someone who's been in radio in the business end of it that. You know the TVs actually no more precarious situation the radio is just because of exactly what you just said. Yeah sounds so anyway we'll keep an eye and that as well we do it dory here. No absolutely F a RAs so we're gonna take a break and we come back our will bring in our guest you listen Jason's. Jay hawks beat Johnson. My take on me you looked like it guy from Baja that that meant their videos are all slightly bigger guys I ball on that you really don't look anything like him there are just the smile like I'm not so. And that's sweet if you remember that video those like all pencil drawn the original video. Wasn't anything like if the original video was most horrible thing you've ever seen a related it was just them standing standing there singing and microphones and then. They'd send him you know whatever company was decided today we have put some money behind this is a great song the enemy something I don't have for the video while yet lit up the original videos horrible. Yeah I mean it's a good song but I think that video really really mated classic made an iconic. I have a that was 8485 and the fact that thing came out but welcome back to show it's beyond reality radio just a reminder as we have our discussion with the folks from Detroit paranormal expeditions. If you've got a question about you know going on your first ghost on May be or you've already gone on we've had some pretty cool experience is a wanna chat about them. Feel free to call us at 8446877669. Insure those experiences. Absolutely against phone numbers toll free at 8446877669. Or so let's go back toward gas line to bring Jeff adkins engine each from onto backing and they are from Detroit paranormal expeditions. And again we appreciate you being with us tonight and I'm talk a little bit about what you say in your mission statement. You say you're trying to better understand the unknown exactly what are you hoping for I mean we all as paranormal investigators are hoping. For answers but it can be more specific about the types of things you guys really wanna find. Yeah act in nineteen. Let a lot of investigators are out there trying to cutters and the experiences that I think we have a huge bonus yeah. Advantage was having Jenny Alexis Herman Cain. Military background and recruit her masters that I'll counseling. We're trying to bat fine. Her (%expletive) you know this you know how cool the maximum earnings her abilities or talent in the industry study. You apply to this field and that a metal short man. She has helps with a lot of residential cases. Are the interviews go talk on it or it. We're trying to expand that figure out how best swim and yup apply what she knows this field and I take that further help us all honest and two of the better. Or Jenny that's got to that's a really important aspect of the investigation especially is I've been Nolan I'm investigating for 2526. Years now and I've I've worked with everything down to law enforcement detectives and so it and you learn to watch people's eye movements you'll you'll learn to look in and pay attention to where they're looking at when you're asking a question are they trying to think of think of something to say or they. Just trying to recall memory on the and so I think one of the most important aspects is interviewing the individual because then you're you're sort of trying to figure out of what's going on as is legit are they. Truly terrified our religious trying are they looking for attention because there's so many different aspects of they're coming to a correct. Yes and possibly another on the mental health element where. Precocious or medication. Induced hallucination. And or delusion. So that's kinda where I come in on looking at the herbal arable land and making a conclusion you can. I'm patrol that I employed are you familiar with the locus of control. I not under that name the go ahead and explain it to. So to look at the control is an instrument that she's the medical help and typically do it. Understand how people. Called it light heard it and others three week in which you can have a locus of control internal external on other other insulate the religious category where you're looking at a higher how. External or your peers co cork environmental route internally as your autonomy or need ability. Try to get diapers. What I found is that. I adapted his mental health assessment teams here at every word that some of the questions can make it more paranormal in. It asked similar questions in various waves and what happens is I read a cute little bit that year. Let re what's happening and than I do that assessment and high profile. So when I walked in I had an idea of what. You may or may not be Carolina. Because it hit someone that externally debt to people that are looking around her delegation and am I saying that's right MIA. Capturing what you're feeling and I MI furthering your story. The external ones the ones that are the other category typically are one hoping. Or something to be there are looking for their spiritual element war. You know. Ironically being in it seems like a lot of people that are girl. Bubble want a demonic. Presence in their house which is. Really desire QB. For the ones that really truly believe what's happening to them in there that relate to be back about Ayers. I found that it's really indicative of where it. So I agree that the person external I want you had to be eager. In the group Eric and that becomes most Paramount when you got keenly. Or sibling there working together order than what it sees the same things are experiencing in their home. Well and you did you did bring up a good point something that we talked about many times throughout our. Prescriptions and people mixing medications it and we we dealt with cases where people of mixed. A mixed medications. And has created a loose and engines and where. Then they've had these experiences which really are not happening. But they've had these experiences and they truly believe it because then of course they experienced him but. And so that's a that's a big factor now I know that when it comes down to it of course you you get. When it comes out of a demonic time people claiming demonic there's always two types of two types of people that are always seems to be the very religious individuals. Lynch which are usually when people whoever I end up so called assessed because you'll never hear somebody who's not religious claimed to be assessed at SuSE craziest thing Hampshire and assure you agree with that. But then you do you get a lot of the people who are seeking attention they're looking for attention Tom. And so that that's one of the claims but than you do get those people who truly have experiences. And most of the time they're the ones who who the first words out of their mouth or you're gonna think I'm crazy but. And yes and that leads down the path where. And again when you're sitting there and you're talking to them do you want in your invest in their house you wanna look at their book collection of video collection. This is the type of things are reading that they're in to try to chart engage in try to understand them just trying to give their mindset. Actually. Very indicative of what they're going to be experiencing their exposure here I'll. Absolutely. So let's get let's on let's took let's move the conversation because the knights can display in my here. Let's look at some relocations and you've gone to some experience that you experiences that you had. I don't know who wants to take this question but Tania tell us rebound. You know we've been just and are sure lectures are artists aren't you experiment covered a lot of ground now in Q some are you grew like them. Our ran up trying armory was really cool. Just this past weekend. Several group where you. Let mention out at Lewis on coming up here soon into the monster in the Beverly Hills. Arizona bucket list location you know. Yes. We're really looking forward to that. You know we've been a lot of truck midwest a lot of us. Are a couple months is really have been. Really to. And to understand which would have been done yet. So a lot of work in northern Michigan specifically what their arm or days and so we Europe and I can't historical. Society that can't emerged in order. Michigan and was catchy in the UP and an hour on our us. And it was. On its second gold mining town iron nine and a about it. Is they've got kind of like a museum that gap old cabins and buildings struck the area at our beliefs. You a lot of energy from different. Place is kind of brought in this one area in. A play in the five years more than ever met and doing Mets. This is easily one of the most complacent and and down. You know is it stings like that you know we we are aware of what these are all these. Are perched on a director Peter deal with them. And the type thing and now we're gonna allow members all the rookies in this museum or or. That they don't have arm or Greer were current status so I don't have those aren't coming in and 010. Them or their mission and just bring an item. And we we've done that a lot too we do a lot of these events took place like four Delaware and places like that in hopes of raising money for those locations so they can upkeep and and things of that nature have you guys are gonna chance to check out during your backyard the David Whitney house. Actually comes to the Whitney house. Has an exclusive agreement where the on it best that she. I'm group and super. They're rare and our. Environment group and I'm actually on our lists we our schedule your air. So we're we're getting the dateline I'm response investigator out next month Q. OK so we we of course and country you know we filmed there we. We spent filer for five days straight over their son some phenomenal activity that went on to that locations. But also in in Detroit you you guys have Walton Michigan general. You guys have a Mac an island itself like pebble given to. More that we had to take quick break. Yet so very if you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality reveal make Sheila FaceBook page. And we're gonna take quick break will be back. Beyond reality radio or telephone numbers say four forward 6877669. That is a toll free number if you wanted to call in and join us sinners of discussion of we're gonna panel investigating you know kind of nuts and bolts of what we do. Yes we're sorry Jeff adkins and Jenny trauma on T. From Detroit paranormal expeditions. So. Yes so welcome back to the show guys on me as the show goes fast stunned but you guys are pretty pretty busy. Investigating it sounds to give a whole much new projects on the horizon to when he tell us a little bit awhile what's coming up. Yeah absolutely I'm get cheers again editor often. And talking about it all back on oh yeah. All yeah a lot of the same thing from years ago. You know what the big old machine while you admit you will get an earlier we gonna wanna figure out like it that way you can at why you're here to Asia or scaled Allen. To this field lacking in. Further it you know you learn from it. I was elected you a little bit more which are little more and doctors church and you can make it we can actually dated and core leash and what eighty. Personality types are at all or maybe bickered like I'll expect. Inexperienced and you know who is more like. Him. He goes to their person who are like on the bet Erica gonna radar. I'll get various locations and appears bloated that you're making it will Leo Arctic. Local local buddy bill mentioned. We're in the books right now we are investigating one iron and get. Your town in Michigan. Where. All the work where were clumsy so Andy and of course you'll ever. The preliminary stages of planning articulate they're really busy and start Q are light ever occur but we're excited about that torture and productive work. So I was gonna actually it was good listener line here we've got who is this is is lane from Detroit. Laine L welcome to be on reality really agree to have him show tonight. They original idea and it very. Well well I wanna ask well what. When you are to be better action as president but I've expressed to us out great middle and I want my look where GDP yet just so many web site so many are you know what you do. Not just article recommendation of Webb's record Q are. You guys can help me out that I don't like it ought. Elaine what are you looking for in this website what what type of information or service are you looking for. It EP dot you know or something architect. Duck. Oh silly MPs and equipment. Okay well honestly Moe won a medal won a mighty close friends and a one of the best sites out there for equipment. Would be ghosts stop so and that's Sean out there so future don't go stop. And I think I am going to warmer and on beyond her Warren on the the Atlantic paranormal society dot com. So on and that's Sean Sean has been in business for a long time. Tom is one of the most respected individuals. And a lot of the equipment PCS using a ghost hunters we actually got from Sean and so I've known for a long times ago stop to that point. One of my favorite from Jeffs do you have any other recommendations. Well and it becomes law. We're get hurt but then charm you know we got a couple ankle and our ballots are. By you're if you're looking or out and it really treat these. You want acting the most basic pay the most reliable. Low reliable. I don't need it reports record thirty bucks so used to capture a lot our audio and I what are you want. Yeah I don't think you have to get too fancy especially for just starting now lane some of the most so equipment the you'd find. Almost anywhere any places electronics is gonna is gonna serve your purpose in the beginning for sure or even you can use your Smartphone now you can get he would the external speakers that plug gradient here. Your iPhone or android phone that you can put out as well. To match that vocalist prop up the picked up you know don't like always thought well you are doesn't. The phones for these to their content it's really really good microphones for us for Smartphones these Sony Sony Sony actually make some as well so and I used them on numerous numerous investigations. Beyond sweetie it is those those are Runyan may be thirty bucks and 3040 dollars for for really good ones so. So that's Ariza a positive thing there today. It does Brooke local prep all you'd get when they commission could be backup QB record. And it took the FI I. Now it's. Well a I decided I'd just didn't wanna sign any more seasons with some analysts scifi. And we on the show so we decided to to remove from them. But there is a lot of things right now in the works I'm I've been having out LA we've been filming a lot of different things I can't say too much thought dom. We will we do post. Updated information stuff obviously only if you follow me online in the FaceBook pages or whatever I heard I also heard there was a really cool radio show that the the people to listen to. I was just listening in this. Something no and yeah I think so and I'll be I'll be announcing stuff here on the on reality radio and vineyard near future so our yes some things right now or are in the works with and with ghost hunters and a bunch of other stuff so. Yes stay tuned there's all there's one coming up. Elaine thanks for the phone call we appreciate you calling in and but that brings up another interesting question just. You know I think most of us to do any kind of internal investigating are familiar with the basics you know you've got to you know voice recorders you've got cameras and video recorders whatever. What are the tanks and equipment do you and your group like to use. Actually we'll look at well. Or split it out there. It. It's at the deal progressive. Or are paying the Arctic. You know what that we're getting there you know use our departure earned all the cars are there Yale art. I'm not very similar our guest. How you are eager look at their art but. They'll say about that it release speak there are a lot wider air here I don't know back. And look at you bad. The voice we heard from that are much louder much your outlook area are he went out. Debt debt and meet these equipment or are actually their their gas and evidence of Salem are actually building our right now or I will not apply and butlers oh you saw Andy. But our. Dalembert. And that's why we like the app mark. Do you get GA is happening use any thermal imaging or is that a lot of the press stranger. Yes now we're here now I did it to you know of course girl and that alt button are not great in but I. We do you have an age where camera we've got 1 o'clock. Not quite. Well all I. Kirk Cameron has capabilities you talk in the winner clearing on my. My either where law and I not exact it my all love you guys that have unaware. I Edward chin in hand with clear to. To actually create via. Flir system that connects to the iPhone and android phone we had field to dissident there. Are a few I don't have real and they're just a great company really just a wonderful company deal with tighter and I was just their guest speaker out and a the Ani us those CES pound in Vegas and what was it in November chimp that was January 1 which you didn't choose January so on has a guest speaker author for flair but there that are just. Top line some great company to deal with. That. That. We are really really made it you know they're cool that you lower. The driver immigration that we let them I think what that what. Then the camera that slug him in the act correcting that makes that technology more old people out or out art. And you know it's been one of my bear you look at the data or edit now about mark eager Cuba. By. It extremely sensitive I mean you know even actors sitting somewhere you'd get out. You know minutes later though he you'll still see your signature or you're sitting there. Or in this part of the thing that we worked on what time was it because we own a bunch clear cameras and they can range anywhere from 23000. How to you know 3040000. And the fact of the matter is when my room one we are talking with clearing JV were there as well armed. In the main thing was how do we make it. How do we bring down costs so anybody and Kidd is able to afford these and that was a big thing with that with a clear for their one and and so forth. Because honestly now for two you know well it's like 199 but if you get the pro version and so it's 21990. Anybody can become who walk and have a I have a thermal imaging camera now as long as you have a Smartphone and I think that that's huge. That absolutely huge debt that was all it. Especially at this a game where no where. Avenues open other a lot of or all of your. You know go. Just tell us about Tom some of the characteristics that you look for when you're putting your team together. Hum what type of personality traits and skills are you most interest to do in what do you think makes a good team. Well you know and Cadbury. I look at that and turn on a wild by. And it it it your. Oh. So he's somebody who. Knows. What are you looking forward goes out there. But you also open it back for all it's a bet there are really admire. And that's here. General as far as an attitude in that you're themselves are really got people who are. Are critical now not that there will be a negative sense but is Washington you know not taking the but it will be great value you'll. Of course with any repair our got a heck people. Or capture. Or. You are writing. Earned cash by you know and people that that question saying that it their take a straight guy that. What do you gives for advice to anybody who says you know hey I've never investigated before bread like to start how to white gets started. You know that is really good question I got in my. Your act bounded. Higher at RE. RR. But if I or are. I would start work better. I'm looking at do little bit or are you in the area now and then maybe you battle. Somebody wrecked car at. A natural fit there. Aren't any or our. And it. At the ticket at. And acting out there beneficial or water and that people all. I've been doing a lot all end perhaps have a better. At all. That hit the art. I want I think that's a huge starting plan to beat is Jimmy people altered just their first reaction is to start their own group. And honestly there's so much so many conflicts and everything else and happened within these Newton new groups. Then van and that a lot of them fall par entering next thing you know they've renamed themselves six different times because there. They're members. So it's always good to find a local group in your area and get involved in the field learn learn the ropes. Before you decide to branch off and try to start your own thing. At. So right so unless they would also object you've you've talked about we've got coming up he's taught us some places you investigated. If you had to pick like the top two or three places that you you know might not be convenient for you geographically but he really. You know there out there and you really wanna go invests in and investigate them what they be. No wonder how I live at the went out I. Some. And luckily it's amazing what it's like being in the mind of a schizophrenic and I've been there twice now and one time filming in one time America personal Bada. It's it's a really strange location. Hello this last year and it. By by. Acting it out Guerrero and all that they didn't know this. Yeah her. And yet they do they just on another room then who was yet invaded no more and that was there but there. There's also bin rooms are being closed off and walls have been bolts around even though there rooms still exists on the other side of the wall and so there's a lot of weird things staircases that lead to nowhere and just lead dual floor. Yeah and sent out interest. Now so that at that there are. A lot of our big bucks are at or at. The American civil war era so. I would blow. A kind of Obama aren't so we do well at 4 o'clock hour. It'll. Start out at perhaps at bat. Corked bat so. That we do you have a friend and earned a load us. Cindy. Harper. You know she got connection with some. There's surplus are they're looking at earlier this year. What the American island did you ever been up their sin it's your neck of the woods. He had had been a Mac and on captain I was younger. Or are there. We did pastor of that area or not he G. That is an area that the area. And that is a little luck you. You just have to do it during the winter like we did because the size that new place is packed and has so many people on an island there in the summertime but. It. Jeff we're out of time if people wanted to find out more about your group or maybe even contact you for an investigation there's they've got some issues in their home or whatever holiday do that. The best ways to visit our website at Detroit. Paranormal expeditions dot com. Are crossed the app in your social media link they are based. That are here that are out. There again not great paranormal. Back and the heat that's why. Great thanks so much for joining us and sharing your story with us we appreciate it. What are current. Scrutinize our where to take a break when we come back we'll wrap things up it's beyond reality radio I'm Jason. Beyond reality. It's. Tomorrow we've got Carla Venturi joining us she is an author she's written about a whole bunch of things including mermaids. Fairies and gnomes trolls. Cougars. You name it looks a little icons. In vampires are a girl's pants. Well that's a lot of stuff will be gentlemen all the way and then third in this Thursday is going to be a repeat just because javy is going to be as Salem content and finishing up the week of vacation and my kids have. And then Friday as the best of episode summation you tune in on that the next week get a bunch of great shows well. Hey do you remember when the amazing fox key joined us on the program and he was taking readings on the alive on the Sharia is the I'm Jim Williams a little out of his element could be do you remember when we got the call from. What we think or what it was he influence over the Stephen Hawkins. Here. You know what we're about well I know people talking about it in Chad talked rather amazing funky and we haven't heard listen a lot of thought might be kind of cool and slick and he pulled it up if we played you know it was something it was kind of interesting. Stephen Hawking called hockey if we at the time is still I assume is gonna play as this is a caught Jimmer what the date was on the cinema when that happened. It was at the out illustrator ago. Oh wondering if I can get re doing. Hey you certainly can't really Smart carrying only a check for a get into tournaments Stephen Hawkins. Stephen Hawkins yes yes he he's the Stephen Hawkins UEST. It. My cash while Kenny do you feel mr. Hawkins. Hockey traditionalist. Well it's. When he suspicion underworld. The un speaks speaks anxious parent power and other or else better. Can states where it's. We'll change here crashing Stephen there's planet's. Hilarious Mercury. Juniper. Rude you know your feet. And the moon. It's. Much pain MySpace I. Nice BC used to be from pace it. Do you have any other questions for me maybe Blake. Let your girlfriend or your pet. We feel we can't iron de Leon lie. Cash he's confessed to. A far tedious and take a break or something here. Well where holes. Did it to you relationship between Thai and stayed. Arm can and these key western. I'm TB Jason heating season matters attorney in my uncle and a scholar I feel a little weird about hang up on Stephen you know yeah well it's. You're well nineteen he's just amazing. Our key us bow our job to bow did. And that's remembered as a member of hockey was running for you used so that must that must have been right on Election Day agent then yeah check in protest started and it definitely a big shadow to all our guests that came on tonight machine tune in tomorrow for parliament turn you and it's a bunch of great shows. You listen adjacent javy beyond reality radio catch all my. It's just. You know. Just my reasoning Angel he was lying and saying it's beyond really read you mean burning. If you've got information you want us to follow along were you liked being Gaston we don't really really email to swing getting. Men's and slick Eddie GD DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.