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Ask the Doctor from 04-22-17

Apr 23, 2017|

The benefits of eating organic food and amazing new studies and beneficial contact lens treatments. Hear guests, Contact Lens Specialist Dr. Scott Drexler and The Organic Chef Al Rosas pass on valuable information the could add to your well being!

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Genesis communications presents the show that's helping people see better and feel better all over. Contestant doctor flip board certified Affymetrix position at a high nutritional specialist can popular radio host. Doctor Michael lineup last night here & Associates. Good morning. And welcome to ask the doctor I'm your host as usual doctor Michael Lang the line I institute fortified vitamins each and every Saturday morning I'm here live. To answer any and all questions you may have regarding your vision. I care earning nature shortly related topics of take advantage of this our. Consultation is free don't be shy 1866977482. When he. A board certified up to match your physician I'm also a certified nutritional specialist I hail from the lying I institute in the villages Florida. Like I instituted post at 30000 square feet we take care just about every eye care problem. From major surgery to nutritional Ike hear in contact lenses all under one roof. I can learn more at doctor Michael Lang. Dot com Lang I care dot com. Or fortify. Dot com you gotta write fortified and that's my vitamin company. And we've got a lot of good information a lot of good studies on the supplement supplements I've created on that website. And you can order the supplements right on that website it's fortified. Dot com FO RT. I F. EYE. Let me give you the phone number for fortify vitamins they're based out of Ocala Florida you can actually go there are a lot of our listeners are in Central Florida. I didn't go there and trial of the stuff before you buy it will actually make you're free smoothie a free breakfast or lunch. From the smooth these and the greens in the protein and you try to see if you like it says the phone number for more fortified vitamins is 866. 503. 9746. Once again 8665039746. Certainly can do is Google fortified. Vitamins. Com and go to fortify dot com. Our rights we talk about a lot of different things on this per Herman is alive Colin showed us a participation is encouraged. I do one letter ready know that. Tomorrow morning I had to ponder it speedway for the advanced pro class. Racing formula race cars and viper EC are extremes. So that's an exciting I'll let everybody know how I do in that events. The following week so I'm not gonna miss the great. If shall be lied again next week and this is sometime I think Jennifer march April. 2017. At a get to welcome guest. In the studios with me doctor Scott Drexler is on the left hand side of me if you're watching us on news talk Florida dot com. That's the death that Pakistan had Jack's Lara wave and the camera there. And then no newbie to the talk radio is that Al harris'. The organic chef also standing behind the microphone. So anybody with any questions regarding I care nutrition. And also organic chef material. You can pick up and that give us a call 18669774820. Doctor Drexler first tell everybody a little bit about yourself your background. Where your practice seem and then we'll go to the first call. Love to I'm actually coming to you from Pittsburg Pennsylvania. I and the director of the specialty content excellent service there at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. I spend my days fitting specialty lens is on people who have eyes at our. And its programs in the option from things like maybe. Host for graft disease. A drive problem and he but he has a relatively significant. Vision problem or significant core problem a health and out. Absolutely and. When his big areas of expertise I can't say he's one of the leading authorities in the country on school Errol. Contact lens that in and that is something that we are doing now at the Lang I institute so geared doctors say your candidate for the square lens you can certainly. I go to Pittsburgh and see doctor Drexler come ceemea delaying eye institute. And of course. Our sources say hello to our our audience. Good morning everybody how's everybody do penalty handed. Brett system there to start of what a beautiful day out there. It's a fantastic catch we're at this morning out on the day out walk in the two government ventures and with my daughter it's got and get all. They and a leader in better. Yeah they love did not Ocala and and seeing a big body water they were having that they were having a blast and I just found this in the first collar is of the morning I know who we know who that is the city. Bob good morning and welcome to the program. Where are literally go to toilet Turkey so much much I are. Question that's what I really RM. Written jokes are also are also. All of the combination of our new. And apple started their particular. Jim and there are bell scored at or caviar crack Berry. Our artistry. Where no party unity where new artist. And that's it that's a great question and death. I am men Duca honey is one of the top Tonys out there and do today it's really medicinal purposes men nuclear honey. Helps alkaline the body or write us studies actually indicate that 45 minutes after eating raw honey. Whether it's local raw honey we're talk about that Orman nuke a honey 45 mr. after re eating raw honey. Blood test shows more alkaline AT and remember. As a whole idea trying to localize your body get a little bit more alkaline. Also diabetics have lower blood sugar 45 minutes after eating raw honey remember honey sugar. You think diabetics is not going to be good for CN a little sentiment of that boom that's a great concoction for diabetics so. Apple cider vinegar is really get this apple cider vinegar as a whole host of nutrients that are good forest and has. In these times live ins on live pro buy out its you have to get the apple cider vinegar with a mother and that's that cloudy staff and it. Makes it look like it's can turn updated sat. It Egypt is not clear so. Apple cider vinegar with the mother a good raw local honey Orman nuke a honey. And you mix in Saudi gather in a little water and drink it down first thing in the morning. And it really prepares. They got the micro buy him a year's comic. Are for the day so people with aero bowel syndrome people of loss rate colitis Crohn's Disease. People that are overweight you know and they have this putrid picture vacation of food fermenting in their stomach. It helps release all baton. Basically open in so. It is a very good little concoction. And I want you know Al's a pretty pretty in tune with this on and add a little bit of on to this. Now Bob you know with the honey yes out of the milk and honey is great for medicinal purposes but if you're using a honey. Com and one of the reasons for doing that is because you have allergies then you have to stick with the local hunters because. It's obviously gonna be from and from the local foliage and flowers so that's gonna help you with the Vista needs from anything that you might be allergic to have allergies for so under that I would stay for local honey. If that's one of the reasons that you're doing that and death and apple cider vinegar. Edits any thing like like I just said that's gonna help you with Genzyme to stomach and are decimated and it's definitely area. Our power to make sure you're diluting it don't drink apple cider vinegar straight and you know it's a good idea I do this first thing in the morning and then you brush your teeth. In after shortly after because apple cider better it can. I am from what I hear he can more work on the enamel of the teeth so that's a good idea to brush your teeth afterwards. But don't drink it you know to potent I'd like one tablespoon. Per eight ounce is a war in a tablespoon of raw local honey murderous gonna be rock. Or Iran a nuclear honey but you can't go wrong with the raw local honey. All right very good wrought is true and it just that. Our our daughter there are an art personally approach burnished. Our renewal compress our. Apple cider vinegar. Are are more. And our Easter show are true two weeks maybe. And or particular moral. Well yeah when you touch lighter skinned take right. Yeah yet yielded little time it doesn't work he just estimates that if you didn't do it you know some people will forget and cereals not really working you have to do it consistently. Yes her that a lot and a lot of people do that so that is definitely something hasn't but it's an added plus of apple senator. But remember don't do shots and yeah sort of there. I agree diluted and that it's right there. It's something we'll just who is out of a (%expletive) and think you know. I natural approach to removing lesions on the skin now remember given darkly pigment and lesion and it's a bloody lesion and it looks like he's getting worse dopey treatment yourself. You didn't see you know a dermatologist and ocular plastic specialist somebody like that. And have a biopsy we do a lot of biopsies that Lang I institute a lot of times things come back there carcinogenic that we never thought war. Right right well that's actually true that I you know there are. You know there are real at all that I don't know if it's that we are. Caused start or at all just all of Europe. It articles over what she called that. But right Bob's. Thank you sir are structured appreciate it I wrote on there and Butler and territorial. Now I well. Pedal to the metal but smooth. Smooth is safe okay. Are all right I don't go don't try to go win your first birdie. Bob take care about it. Avaya. Are you listening asked the doctor with my very look unwelcome guest. They were gave shout out addresses and doctors got. This morning I get tea and hold this up I had my breakfast was my early practice at 6 o'clock this morning before I had mag omelet. Was fortified blue green super food combined with the fortified. Super pro team. I which comes from grass fed. New Zealand derive 82 cows. And that the fruits and vegetables in the fortified blue green super fruit are all organic certified gluten free and five Matt free mortar talk more about that meant it. Let's go to the next column. See our I think our last neck. We were gonna go to nick but that nick come back in saint Pete Nicky give his car back and also. Alan Montgomery Alabama was on give us a car back we get tired because you get tired of listen to me chit chat 1866977. 482186697748. When he I'm. Let's talk about this you both have tried the fortify. Organic blue green super flu bug have you tried the taste about a lot of these greens sport is just do not taste well as they got a lot of speier lean and things that are very bitter I worked a long time and get in the pace profile what do ya think about the pasted this. Phenomenal. I'm I've. These before due to several times I mixed it just with water and it was like Trenton there was a tree and and so many of some sort and sweet it was awesome. It's not bad. No it's it's more than more than out Betemit and Arnold people actually understand what it takes to get seem pretty organic. Vegetables. That give you came when your key to your case these. Gives you all the substituted for. But imagine what's in there on a salad how beautiful beat because the strawberries are cranberries and blueberries exhale and then the or religiously it's just. It's an excellent excellent product no aftertaste. McKee said this week you can even put in Ontario ice cream put as a top in honor I mean it's a script. They go and and what are the reasons that develop this let's let's face it both that he realized when we quiz our patients gotten and when you talk to people. Breakfast that typical breakfast lunch and supper today is not filled with the organically grown fruits and vegetables you think about it most people have a piece of toast. Or is both cereal for breakfast and for lunch they go into the fast food restaurant and for supper you know pizza. Everything's put on standby you're right absolutely but I can't think of one. Person need not directly in our circles as walking how insane how many vessels you have for breakfast. Unless it's an onion and an omelet I must Manama they're really not gonna diagnosed mental people brought clear hail. That we did have our organic Calif organic onions and that Mino organic eggs for breakfast. After I had this earlier in the mornings now. And Brett Fischer and have a lot of proteins you know your blood sugar is very high first thing in the morning and you shouldn't be loading up with carbohydrates and sugar. You should have. A good protein to protein smoothie we don't egg omelet with kale spinach and it. Com and if you gonna have a lot of free a lot of carbohydrates have heard a luncheon up for supper either. Right that loaded up with a lot of people on hold your listening asked the doctor and doctor Michael Lang a Lang I institute learn more at doctor Michael Lang. Dot com. All right and follow me on any of the social media is if you go to doctor Michael Lang dot com you can join all the social media as. I order account has been growing dramatically Minnelli checklist of 30000 followers on two quarters artist thing growing. Right let's go I think. Vince in Tampa. Vincent Tampa thanks for holding good morning. Hey guys feel like hey good today. Like I'm doing good. I have one quick question actually I just wanted to know if you what you panel of experts. I'm kind of addicted to cayenne pepper. And I'm just wander as did and I get the organic kind of real good time. But it is good into the right field I mean it's so burned since stuff it's not carcinogenic the amount or anything like I definitely had anywhere or is. Now I I think yeah I am pepper is probably pretty safe are right now don't overdo it remember everything in moderation. But it's amazing if you Google kind pepper. It came it. Years suppose that that I'm not saying cure but helps a variety of ailments from heartburn believe and not at people who have tremors out route toward arthritis. It improves blood flow. And you know there's a little trick of the trade if you think you have a heart attack you take a little kind peppering you Chua an aspirin really quick. And you know a lot of people say in how. I'm can help clear congestion it's anti fungal. Helps migraine headaches like this it helps with digestion. And helps produce and the lace which is that enzyme in your mouse or how cute. Start digestion and a very very early. Stage of the game I mean it in other words it's one of these anti aging. Herbs kind of that promotes longevity so I look kind pap from my excitement and everything a little Kirk human. Organic acumen and a little kind pap Ross out yet. Yeah ever drank a waterway like putting a war or drink it like it is the wanted to shake. Absolutely what I used to do I used to take that the new company are right or raw local honey I would take apple cider vinegar. Some good out collides Warner. And some kind pepper all right I get any care focus if you do overdo it it does. It probably here at age from about and you throw a little so you don't want it you don't want to overdo it. Right yeah I just wanted to make sure our good number like I say I'm addicted to a man like what it does seem metabolism like before you work out. They're really get chick go on. Hey guys I'm addicted it's estimated greatest thing and try to pick one full product that I take. That I never wanna give up but it would be debt. Well I spices up some of his dish easy check or are required a few times and it's got a little bit of kit can't it I can't say that somebody has got to. Was that who's that sheath that. What's he get that same. Am only evident the moment I kind of look like. It's I'll tell you one of the things of the people who don't really realize about the time tapper. And I'll tell you yes it it moves Mattel and patents Allison is great for energy. I always took some before I started my martial arts work out it gets you going to want people don't realize is that when you take. The kind pat rate you get that into your body. It actually helps the the mucus with in your body so it actually helps with all stars. And that's actually grace vial guzzlers so it's great to your eyes it is our. Liked Mike makes it's things in moderation Saddam beating a tablespoons full time cover but if you're addicted to a golfer I mean. You know everything in moderation you're knocking her to suffer especially you do any organic seed donuts worker worry about it processing. Every time you sit down and keep on your table like salt and pepper it's fun. Yeah I mean they say that even with cancer so you have any wild can't is so anybody a pot has this incredible arms out sausage it's not true that is that they have had experimentation. Like golf prostate. An eighth of pancreatic cancer itself. It's been pretty good list. Bright red and a lot of the berries that are in the summer when we are talking about this morning and enough some of these bars and icy flood your pocket. They have the same same effects so yes I'm not an ending that's nice. Anti carcinogen dudes you're. Right. Thank you take care events. Right that I try to pack the super fruit organic fortify organic blueberries super through with a lot of are carcinogenic foods so we've got to Carolina. We've got. Organic we grasp Barley grass kale spinach. The blueberries strawberries cranberries. You can all comes from. Hum what the heck is that it adamantly. Definitely absolutely approximately cinnamon bark. And cucumber parsley. Partially and that's awesome rate for helping people blood sugars is not a treatment for diabetics but many in my patients Pletcher is starting to improve. And one reason all of these things in here help their blood sugar SD via the use in Germany as a way to treat. Elevated Pletcher I we get another caller on hold. Are right down our rally I think dry out let's see who it is Helen and an Iraq speech good morning welcome to the program. Yes. The first sought to make quick comment. I had allergies really bad years ago and are heard about local honey. And I started eating a lot of that in my cholesterol went through the roof. So you have to be careful with that definitely like you say it is sugar. How much were you eating a lot out on Saturday. Put it on bread yeah I mean you know I don't know I'd. I don't know maybe two or three times today. When bread double carbohydrates. Bread. Dad Brad bad girl. Okay any out I have this is probably yes or no answer. I have glaucoma and I was told but if somebody had gone through and our doctor. That gluten. Can cause glaucoma. Or aggravated is that true. Well I've been doing this a long time and I a certified nutritional specialist and nice treat a lot of glaucoma I don't know everything. But I don't know the link between gluten and glaucoma I don't know point now that doesn't mean. We're not Scott. I do a lot of research that they that the university. And we review a lot of research on workflow or glaucoma specialist. And we've had seen and we did actually discuss this topic and we seem no correlation between gluten and glaucoma. Very okay. OK the other question. Is I. And a I have very dry eye and so I went to. Ophthalmologist. Can tell me that that I should get these this surgery you know where you per year where you don't have to worry about drive anywhere the tears come. And you know that you know what I'm talking about. Probably hope to look inclusion put the little plugs implants in your drainage ducks. Okay we'll my optometrists tell me that. This is not a good idea because. It'll give you so much tears future are the water all day and issue right. Well between doctor Drexler myself we've probably done tens of thousands of these over the years. I mean doctor drew actually is a dry eye expert. He ran a dry eye claim down the floor for many years and you work with me and I dry eye clinics. You know the way I look at the first way to treat dry I I approach naturally. We heat their lives we cleaned the lives we knew terrified the glands with fortified super Omega twice today. And that we lubricate the guys with a good lubricate denied drop I like a waste is tears plus I like blinked here's preserver free they both have highly ironic asset and them. So remember we heat would lubricate and we clean them and we knew each or five them. A good portion of the patients are gonna do quite well without any drugs or anything else just by doing this. Then let's say we have patience and still have dry eye and we can determine they each truly have a dry out. We put collagen implants are college and plugs in their drains college and plugs are eight asked to see if you're gonna get an overproduction of tears flowing over your cheeks a week test it first. All right we put the college implies an hoppers in the lowers and if you do great with that they dissolve in three to four days. And your symptoms went away that's a positive ciphers the but the permanent ones and they made of a soft medical silicone and literary takes is two seconds to put in you don't even have to have an anesthetic it's not surgery in my opinion okay. It's a quick little procedures covered by your insurance. And it really does help now let me tell you this. Alan if you do get what we call up differ and the tears start overflowing on your cheeks it's simple we take the plugs out as is easy as we put the men okay. I Scott. There's a lot of can tell you about that the other part you might be thinking it was was caught the conversation. Caught reservation when Ashley sealed or posted it here drink closed and that is it really is reversible. Both those things are non entry level thing it's not restart out. Absolutely real wanna start out and remember there's a couple different types of drive problems and one thing comes from the lipid layer the or earlier tears. One can come from the water later tears. Both are treated very differently so if you have a look at layered efficiency and your putting a powerful plugin is trying not to work. So you have to be careful know what your problem is. Always start simple always start with the basics a hot compress is the number one thing it does a wonderful thing for your eyes. Okay oil plants up the Omega threes are fantastic. I'm I've who liberal republic treated a 100000 drive patience. Medications surgery we've tried it all and I'll play we keep coming back for the Omega threes they're phenomenal. That's today how much of a three today. Michael well I am we've done a lot of research on this and if you log issuing less than 250 pounds. I take its recommend 16100. Milligrams a true. I've triglycerides. Or if this apple lasting union takes 4000. So triglycerides. Form and the problem is. You can't buy many triglycerides forms over the carriage almost unheard revenue you can find in their 45 to fifty dollars a bottle. Not to just just to promote my product now. But fortified. Super Omega you combine online at fortify dot com mania I'd actors throughout the world carry it. I'm you can always cost told free we have at the Illini institute also. You take to Dave that's fortify. Drives there pianist is rapidly becoming one of the number one recommended. Official rules for dry eye in our country right now. So court. Fortified super Omega. The price super may now also if you go to the fortified web sites fortify dot com remember that's a play on words is FO RT IF EY Isa seminar doctor so fortify dot com there's a whole lot of information I've written. On it natural approaches for dry. Okay. And start start their first that's about it you do. What thank you all that. It's so helpful. All right take care. And there's a lot about drugs on the market Reese cases there's a new Z juror is seeing a lot of people a lot of advertisements about zenger uses twice today and you know there's there may be a place for drugs and dry I certainly we use those as well. But like Scott doctor Drexler mentioned we always start with the natural approach first and we have a very high percentage a dramatic relief. Not cure the dramatic relief from the natural approach once again. Heat the lid so hot compress. You know two times a day or more for ten minutes of massage the lids at the same time. Or that Ruder mask you get put that the microwave for twenty seconds you can get better on our website. Murder clean the lead so we have a lot of debris that hangs out on the eyelashes bacteria. Might believe or not viruses that hang out and eyelashes so we clean and you can use baby shampoo or you can buy something off for the website ox is soft foam. On the different types of preparation Jiabao on the Internet or fortified dot com for cleaning the LED's. Remember future vacation very important. I like fortified super Omega two time today and for relief dries I like to add a product called fortified focus you've heard me talk about this for years. Focus has routines he is anti nice hammers and asked does anthem. Asked is if there's one of the most potent natural anti inflammatory is I remember. Tries care token jumped divide is sick yet that's inflammation. So when we combine that with the Omega three's kind of a double whammy of helping eliminate dry eyes. And then lubrication oasis tears plus. Blink tears preserve freed those are my two favorite there's a few others on the Burr on the market tried that before you have plugs before you have drugs. And then. For really dry eyes were actually doing stem cell enhanced and the attic membranes now. I don't contractual and I have both done this I like one called the pro Kara. And said these patients that had severe dry eyes on the point at. Mean really complaining when I asked patients on a scale of one to ten. How bad your dry eyes and they say it and I nine. Then we we do the natural approach would put the blogs and we may prescribe some medications but boom. They very well may be a candidate for the stem cell enhanced ME out of membranes and membrane like a contact lens we put on the guy. It's safe it's covered by insurance it doesn't it's not painful we take it out five days later and while locked. Many of these patients improved dramatically it's got. Darren is a camera works at a hospital based clinic and the most the patients lest he drive patients that I see. Our basic our little bit of tried their very severe dry eye and one regular things we do frequently issued a lynch called whistler Lance schooler lens is a fantastic thing for drive problems because of basically takes that surfaced from the surface here are your cornea. That's giving a promise making I have pain and discomfort it covers it. And makes ashy much healthier and mr. Walesa recoverable from the I. Which Rasheed and we put that lands on your mind we can put drops are different things in the lens the protect that cornea all day long. So even if he ever really severe drive problem there are smaller great solutions out there. And that's absolutely doctor Drexler is an area of expertise is dry high and square lenses and need as more than anybody I know in the country. So. Really happy to have moss aghast. I'm square lenses once again is something we do you do with the Lang I institute and maybe one day we can convince package actually come back the fla. Battle the more weather like this you probably senior summit take him out to the date today we're gonna go have a nice that organic brunch after this and and maybe take him biking on the causeway a little styling and rowing and maybe take mode of the safety harbor spot. And let him meet some of that other people in the area and convince them it's time to move back the floor and they that is won't leave and I. I thought zero credit he got a question but that doesn't give us a call 18669774820. Wait for our first car from Atlanta Georgia or Montgomery Alabama. We always get a lot of calls and and Florida 1866977. Or 820. You can always watch is now anytime anywhere in the world you go to news top floor dot com write that down. Debbie Debbie W dot news talk Florida dot com. Anywhere in the world can go to that I go to live video and you can watch is 9 o'clock eastern time. And you can see whoever's on the show with me. So that's news talk. Florida dot com so if you're picking Capital Radio station for some reason I'm not on that radio station one day you can always pick me up until the end of time. And it news talk Florida. Dot com. Our rights and talk a little bit more about a little bar that I hear on hold this thing up it's called Helio simplify. Her right and you know everybody knows me I'm a fanatic about what's go because in my body that's why I started to fortify vitamin company and that's why I've revised the supplements fourteen times in eight years. So I'm always trying to find a bar that I can eat in has protein gives me energy you know I'm I'm going relief. Pretty fast during the day Natalie in the car but what I'm seeing patients OK so. You know I ate breakfast at 5:36 in the morning and Agassi patients that you know about 10 o'clock am start to feel a little weird. But I'm backed up and run in two hours behind I can't sit down and eat. So I gotta have. Protein bars up that I can eaten literally eight seconds in between patients to keep me gallant. And you know people out there know when your blood sugar drops she Theo really OK if it's like you can pass that. Cognitive inability. And so. Most of the bars out there quite frankly if fiddled with binders and Phyllis and synthetic garbage and soy and all sorts of stuff that's probably carcinogens. So I found this are not too long ago that's made by a company called Helio simplified. It's amazing. And Allen guarding note about I think Al actually going to try introduced me to it. But it Natalie taste good they come and pecan pie they come and what is it coconut chocolate. Menace and what's that other. The original one is the blisters. Part of pecan pie right and then and then chocolate. Yes so talk a little bit about these and tell me a lot wildlife and so much or why they're so good for people in other thing is it's all in the name material simplified it is simple thought we try to keep that video diet. And you know sometimes. You know it it's not easy to do it and he said you time is limited so widely loved the bars and force him right up to that is there's no Preston Burke. Located blessing me index on this is very low so you get it you get the energy you feel good it lasts a long time sentiment keeps it going Q some level. You don't worry about it crass but you get that list. Without having to worry about it no crass that doesn't happen with other ones as you just get that high sugary got the energy and all of a sudden you're looking. I need more help. Nine that but it's got sixteen go to bears and every single once was slowed with the anthrax been spiraling and spiraling debt that's in there so you're getting all that energy and good energy. And they're organic and mean it's just. There's not a day that you won't find two of those in my counselor from on the motorcycle and saddle bags. As I know that I didn't need at least one and when I pull one out some was gonna say what's right but it keeps with European Leo our lifestyle. So anybody to pay Leo diet and you know we've come to the conclusion pay Leo diets probably one of the best diets for longevity and anti aging available so. Think about that take go to local fresh market whole foods or better yet go to Helio simplified. Dot com there also so when on Amazon on Amazon theory met him. To check it out we'll talk more about that coming down the pike else ever really good food code paley a simplified. Carolina's sweet potato crunch in the gets up announcement granola and granola and. Assets on an you can play with a granola so many ways beat Kansas serial you can attitude things toppings. I mean so many things you can do with that and again keeping parts greats network. Right right we're gonna open up the phone lines 186697748. When you know we got a couple of people calling in right now. I you're listening to ask the doctor in doctor Michael Lang of the last nine institute and fortified items here it might welcome guest. A doctor Scott Drexler and Al vs the organic shaft. 86697748286697748. When he. I so if your interest dead end you know trying the new fortified blue green super fruit remember it's all organic it's non GM OIDS. Friendly. I developed the first that I know a lot of that is five map free and people know what the next five met free. A lot of you have bloating in your stomach is related to the fruits and vegetables their year eating because they're causing fermentation. In your gut creating gas and bloating. And a lot of people have reactions to things like broccoli and cherries and cabbage and cauliflower. And those are typically in all of the greens formulas. Also a lot of fiber in this greens formulas that add to the problem there is no fiber in this that means if taxes are gonna go directly into your bloodstream. And there is only five map free fruits and vegetables so anybody with IDS that's weird about syndrome. Can take this and not have a problem has caught fortify organic blue green super fitted. All right let's go back to the fountain. Stephen Clearwater good morning. I you today and you guys because you guys some an ophthalmology are people who. Make it most possible for us. People to experience station which is the way we experience start create God's creation the most are a lot of things off. One thing. Do you know any actual ways that you can. Natural herbs or anything that is good for glaucoma I've not been diagnosed them homicide don't have access to medical care but I'm 90% not shared by other people I know added that I had to you know do you know any any natural. Herbs or anything which they. Absolutely I have a few things first of all obviously nothing replaces a comprehensive by graduation which they're. Optometrists or ophthalmologist is the best treatment. For glaucoma. Is medical treatment okay topical drops it's so easy some of these are very inexpensive. On all my patients with glaucoma number one if you're overweight or right you got to lose weight because when you're overweight. It increase your risk of glaucoma creates Porsche circulatory problem you pressure goes up so losing weight is crucial number two cardiovascular. Exercise. Getting out if you're homeless you can still exercise our you're doing a lot of walk and probably you're right. So cardiovascular exercise there's some studies out there that indicated thirty minutes of Carty or exercise kit five times and we can lower the pressure as high. I as 30%. Okay. High dosage of vitamin C. Now that's on the verge of diarrhea OK. So you know 5006007000. Milligrams of vitamin C a day can help. Also I like Omega three because it does improve circulation. There is some very new. New preliminary studies that are discussing Omega three and glaucoma and now discussing asked is it then and glaucoma. Asked to zip that is what is and wild Alaskan salmon sort power food for you would be to eat some wild Alaskan Sam it's high in Omega three and high and asked the samphan. Or you could take a fortified super mega and I for a fight focus. Those things are beneficial so make she gets edgy I'd be ideal body weight. You know lose that that the belly fat that you potentially have all of this have. Cardiovascular exercise Hyder is divided as the Omega three asked Zandt and eat wild Alaskan salmon. I'm. I their other things you can do naturally that are legal here just about now I mean yeah close I got a tea I mean. I'm not talent to smoke marijuana but it does a lower intra ocular pressure but you gotta smoke a lot of and you know need to be high all day long okay. Indeed go to Taco Bell too much so now he's. But I was it just it is what is the biochemical mechanism by which vitamin C makes a coma better I don't really understand what's going on there I. I can understand some of the other compounds and how they. The molecular mechanisms but I don't understand why and that's accident. What what why is vitamin C help how to lower the inner ocular pressure. We don't know. Com and listener you there and leads nowhere at the doctor yeah tell. Us your ego at. It's certainly don't know I did because I was gonna try to mix up in the center really do that are very well at all actually yeah. We don't we don't really fully know what cost is glaucoma right is so you have to think that and we we treat the symptoms of the clock clock coma. But we don't really know what problem were treating. Sounds that the fleet week we've kind of work backwards and we say hey look at this reduces the pressures we must be treating glaucoma even though we don't really know what club film it. It's right and there's a lot of at different types of glaucoma but the number one tight primary open angle glaucoma we don't know what causes there's other types of glaucoma that we did know like steroid induced glaucoma traumatic Indies glaucoma things like this. But them than the majority of glaucoma patients are co primary open angle glaucoma. And you know we think that lowering like I said we think lowering and incher car I ensure ocular pressure in the guy is the way to each recall drama. But I. I also believe and adding anti toxin is that combat against oxen data stressed especially anti oxidant that cross the blood rat no bear or get into the guy. Things. Molecules so we're more fat soluble cross that barrier better. Well I mean what are the best. Molecules to cross the blood brain barrier and the blood rat no barrier and remember. That's I mean that's the optic nerve his brain tissue it. Asked is if that okay. A lot of things do not cross that blood renal Barry about brain barrier. But asked to zip and dies and I think that's why I asked is anthem has become the number one nutrient. In the in the nutritional market right now. And so it's so big you gotta be careful when you buy asked does that the because now certain companies not to mention their name to the legal ramifications. But are making synthetic asked is dampened the problem is synthetic gases AF and even if they say it's chemically the same structure there is an. One single study. Long term study promoting the safety profile that's so I don't wanna recommend something in the we find out ten years from now is causing you know pancreatic cancer. Well thank you very much you give everybody you know some people have to go to Harvard paid 50000 dollars a year we get done this information for you from every week's south. We really appreciate it. Are you take care thanks of the top. And never we see a lot of patience o'clock Comas that I mean when you worked with me and he knows it's one of our number impatience at the Lang I institute is glaucoma patients. Way glaucoma does is damages that damages the nerve fiber later in the rest now. So a lot of the treatments we use Asher in their protection I think hasn't or protect the property to it or theoretically help slow the progression glaucoma. Omega threes. I'm feel that I'm vitamin C does that so do we know why it works snow but it does the right thing makes sense that it does work and does not treating underlying problem. It's preventing the damage from the problem. And you know we have started Arabs got realizes that but we started it early detection alzheimer's. Study at the Lang I institute were working with some. I really intelligent Ph.D.s that developed the program. And working with doctor John pot black ski upstairs at the Lang I institute to help treat it naturally. But we're finding through the night this three telltale signs of alzheimer's and that is glaucoma. Mac you that a generation so drew sin in the immaculate nerve fiber layer actress feet. And then a type a cataract caught a quarter Coke cataract. So those three things may predispose. You to developing alzheimer's if you have those three. In need to ask your doctor and then you talk to a doctor that is in two anti aging and nutritional natural approaches for alzheimer's because we don't have a good trucks Ford now. And I know that you know we're putting people occur Kim and Omega three. Coconut all things like that. And anecdotally anywhere seeing people out there that are improving right now there's no huge double blind placebo controlled study proving nest. And I get tea. I don't think I'm gonna wait because you we got could be dead and buried by then. You know you're absolutely right might keep you do not wanna wait. Here one of the first that I've seen. Wyss an I was talking to a friend of mine who for a living he doesn't know. But the each users compare today's press top we've talked about several times it's something that's very simple yet. People don't know if people don't do it you don't don't wait until you say well I wish I would have. Do something that you know is right now something that you can stand natural. And needs whose army using. You know I he brings up people wondering what he's talking about but when I was researching developing a pro team. Fortify I wanted to derive from eighteen counties the cows or come from New Zealand that whenever genetically mutated. Interesting I went shopping isn't new grocery store a whole foods title market that opened up in Ocala. And it's caught earth fare right. And I went there the day before yes they saw 26. Patients and there net. Everybody was and there's like a social frenzy a lot of fun but they're handling that eight to cow's milk. There publics and those eight to cow's milk to. So all of you go out check out the new market in Ocala Florida. It's called earth fare. And they got you sample just about everything. I could let's get a fence. Gene and Seminole good morning. In my name and a sickening that you people and I heard that they got apple cider vinegar and I didn't have a lot of mole on my back at that time. Is live back to Vietnam activity bullets out where to take it impaired him. No that was. Gene that was to put it on topical. So you'd you'd have to cotton swab paper taller every do you insist. Is Devin on their every day it's not something that takes a lot of commitment and and you know some people's told me it works it's great. You know I haven't personally done it but I heard that people doing a lot and it works of them and so yes don't don't do these sects of the apples that are bigger just have a little cotton's lover of paper towel and just carpet. All the time well I mean yeah he had to have what it. You know once today on good morning and that's fine if you're not hurt yourself but couldn't apps that have an era. Right is that energy dollar and what might pages and tell me that do it once again I'm not endorsing this treatment but. To remove mullah mob ball as you take a cotton ball is open apple cider better. And a mandate needs to soaked cotton ball and vinegar and you put it on the mall put the band aid over the top that. And you know people atomic takes about two weeks and these skin tags potential moles and warts and things like that depending on what it is. I tend to improves Eddie can try it's not gonna hurt chip and it might not work at all but it is not gonna hurt you. You know Yang Carl let us know. I thought bumper lot of heroes that. Take care. It was an ass that I come doctor Michael blank check me out on the web at doctor Michael Lang dot com that's DR don't spell it out doctor Michael Lang dot com. Join me on all the social media as I mean that's Porter FaceBook and her school plus Linkedin FaceBook. History M all of those you sign up and follow me on. Doctor Michael Lang dot com and it will benefit you financially believe it or not because. Two quarters an example. I'll and mr. Graham I'll just run a special for five hours per day. On the fortified items argued your code that you go through that might be as much as 50% off. So follow me on all of that is. I you can sign up at doctor Michael Lang. Dot com just gonna social media section and join others and my guess that it can save it. Some money right idiotic question regarding division I care are nutritionally related topic give us a car. I we have three experts and steer right now. Are you listening to ask the doctor we're broadcasting and Genesis communications here in Largo Florida. But we're broadcasting all over the world on the Internet and certainly hit in the south really hard Georgia Alabama Florida Mississippi. I'd give us a call 866977482866977. 4820. Let's give Georgia and Atlanta. Georgia Atlanta good morning. I don't like where. I'm doing fine but I like to ask you. Well I think you're spot. In my you know. It really bothers me back in the daytime and you know you really see it details what the went home at night. And now what I would have wanted to know why haven't been back note here what sentence. Immaculate. Lead generation. What what are the symptoms of bad and glaucoma what are the symptoms of debt. Okay George great first of all the spots that you have. Are probably but nine little entities caught vitriol floaters probably however. Any time somebody has a sudden onset of spots floaters flashing lights you need to get Terry optometrists. Ophthalmologist have your eyes dilated we got to make sure you don't have a potential wreck most air retinal detachment. Usually it's not. Okay as far as glaucoma day is it's what we call the sneak thief if your site. There ain't any symptoms until it's too late. By the timing you have glaucoma is too late it's advanced in your virtually getting ready to go blind because the signs are lost a peripheral vision. We can't see your fingers wiggling in the periphery that danger optic nerve is just about dead so we don't want to wait and once again. No symptoms you cannot tell you have glaucoma there's no pain and is no blurred vision. That's why an annual eye exam is so important because the eye doctor will look for glaucoma macular degeneration on the other hand. It is a age related disease after the age of 55 usually there are sometimes that affect people much younger. But it as pictured near you central vision and your color vision. If things go first look crooked you're driving down interstate and the straight line looks a little cricket okay. And then you close one night that eyes a little distorted has distorted vision it's affecting your currencies if motorists chapters in your Ratner. So match it would generation comes in two flavors dry and wet dry is this lowest visually devastating wecht can visually devastate your vision overnight you never go totally blind from. Immaculate degeneration illusion central vision however the double whammy against blindness is immaculate degeneration a Glock comic yet both. You can go totally blind. Both I think arbitration leak. Not treatable but nutritionally. A commendable types of diseases I mean I think everybody responds to proper diet improper supplements. So eating a diet. Consistent with the Helio philosophy. A lot. Wild Alaskan salmon a lot of spinach and kale orange bell peppers Koji berries blueberries. Things like this will benefit both aspects and your entire health. I've got a vitamin called fortified complete. A right it's the middle of the road and potency out one card immaculate offense and once daily but fortify complete. Is something you can take. To ensure your body is getting all the fuel to fight against any type of disease in the body especially in the like. Immaculate a generation and or glaucoma. What would that first thing that you stick it Bertie virtue of the what was that the first thing that you say about trying to write it down there. Kept them. It's called the audit of the Trieste floater. Right victorious loaders yet there is in the desert for a victory is a V I ET. RE. OUS. Race yeah. There's older you get the prospect that that that this spot spit out bringing in are dancing you know they're mobile and they Matt is just Matt what do we. You know they're just mold in the uploading just like you say it like it hurt they would let me put it that way. George when is the last time you saw and optometrists are not apologists. OK don't don't drop don't yeah yeah. Are there on Jessica it's fun lot of great optometrists. In Atlanta Georgia in a just go find one it. Make sure your eyes are dilated you know tell them that you have these letters you heard me on the radio. And you wanna find out what's going on as a good time to find out now OK I would wait for. All right make it happen. Okay thank you very much. I'm glad you know first listen I love you show. I church daycare thank you bovine. Hallelujah we got a Atlantic car wreck and the sounds like he's going to be back. Right right so we're waiting for a Montgomery Alabama car you know I'm a gummery has some fond memories for me my grandparents my mom's Montgomery Alabama. At a Groupon I'd asked that avenue my grandmother was principal of Dell's raid a high school back in the day. And my mom is Betty respects Payton before she married my dad. So a lot of you listening might know the Max agents from Montgomery Alabama anyway were right for government army's I got a question. Regarding nutrition wants to talk to the world famous organic shaft for myself for doctor Drexler. 866977482866. 977. 4820. Pick up other phone and give us a call. Bottom line all three of us think the same way god made a pretty good body okay. And that body can work to its fullest potential if we do the right things in giving it the right fuel is so important. Let's talk briefly out about how critical it is especially with certain fruits and vegetables that dirty dozen. Say try and it's more expensive to eat organically grown vs traditional. It ridiculous things. Are so pleasant pos possibly can't if you had a race car. Would you put regular fuel and you wouldn't cause a wouldn't run properly. Your body injury scar. Are you get to gifts. Of this race car but if you don't put good fuel and it it's not gonna run properly. So dirty dozen anything and it's been scanned her every Saturday and it then the persistent pesticides and they spray and all these it's gonna be. More so your grapes here Apple's things like that if you wanna stay stuff it's clear. They are Ryan CR root vegetables and do it melons because they have a thicker skin. Potatoes and you wanna do it. Whose behalf of Earth Day. Clues that are closer to the source. So minimally processed. I don't fall for things that they call isolated that. You know they have to change the structure but the food is you wanna stay as close as you possibly cancer. Colors like you're describing now on this isn't ingredients are you super foods that are super greens. Love bright colors strawberry to cranberries. Red peppers green peppers bright hails its here if you look down and in EC is saudis don't while that's great color. High in antioxidants. Or you're gonna that's what you wanna do. Posted a source bright colors good clean foods all right acts like we got a call from I think another car from Georgia let's see. I think it's met in Dallas Georgia good morning welcome to the program. Hey how's it going today it's going to. Outstanding outstanding doctor Michael. Nutrition questioned forty. I'm 48. In Akron health. And I was actually growing up but we're not declining fitness trying to battle this back forward quit. You know a little bit of belly fat and my immediate Orman saying it just might extradition question is what can ID to fighting it. That began in the market he I hear about routine. A different diet drinking water exercise obviously. At some recommendations that can help me try to stay as it is I can't help the little. Matt I might talk really quickly doesn't get less than a minute. You go to four I dot com go to my website fortify dot com or doctor Michael Lang dot com. And look for the Lang diet on the Air Canada or Google Lang diet are right. And you're gonna see it as a diet I developed that is going to help everything you talk that's gonna help you lose Battie belly that's been helped testosterone go out to help digestion. And it has my new fortified super protein in the super foods in there ask one meal a day. But followed that Lang diet and follow for a month that I want you to call me back and you're going to be amazed that the energy. That you had you're gonna feel like here 25 years so again I guarantee it gap runs ever. A guys thanks a guest on asked the doctor I appreciate it.