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The most famous time traveler in the world. Learn about the mysteries of time travel from someone who has and continues to practice the craft using alien technology.

Apr 27, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with John Titor II - the most famous time traveler known to-date. The "John Titor" story is twisted and confusing, but we sort through it while learning more about the technology, the past and the future. 4/27/2017 Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Her. I'm my own radio chain salons Jimmie Johnson thanks so much for being with this review listening on a great radio station around the country or online welcome to all. Yes it's Wednesday on the West Coast Thursday on the East Coast many years stuck between welcomed beyond really to radio myself Jason cosmic co host Jeannie Johnston so what you think. North Korea gonna really be do with the it's under I think we're happy that everything's North Korea claims they have. Are just props the fact that likely cardboard cutouts and stood at slate those old traditional. Movies used to watch the puppets. Yeah yeah yeah you know. And they had that one that in a few years I'm back ever or analyst. Bottom yet so our show is that that really really. Veteran in the name of its like the terra cotta army or something it's that ovals although some soldiers that were made out of clay or whatever was in Newark and the if they were found buried. It's really fast and anything but it was a I think it was a Chinese emperor had them all need to make it appear like that much water larger army than they had. I think it's kind of was gone and I just think when they light the way Exxon a lot of errors so called missile. You can see carper barker and she's picked harbors Alberta and the ones that are real probable print on the launching pad but. In that area in all seriousness it's it's it's it's a very very stressful and dangerous time and when you've got mad men in the world like that it's it's scary or an icing his we're going to be talking with. Self proclaimed time traveler John teeter tonight. So warm well. If we get where we end a war against north career yet he he should know we should have some insight on that he's he's talked about some some pretty. Scary things. That are happening in our future and maybe this is one of them might just and it's Montserrat when he comes on the program later. Yeah senator from as you on the East Coast like me were probably getting killed Bahrain all yesterday and sectarian arm. Javy I had to spend today how in the rain totally drenched had a total Arnold latter trying to fix a gutter. Because they got Eric let loose and was training down into the corner OG in my house in coming into the basement you know that's not good either as that was such a horrible experience you know you need those letters to work especially when it's have a six route Irish and if that dark. The XNS 24 feet off the ground. It's and to have those those little Blake had been they have things that are exodus an umbrella you know missile had been I don't know if I'm very you know has got nothing not to sort of rolls right off Shawn similarities don't get out of a pennant tonight I come in the house after finally getting us in this darned. And my twelve year old sons have actually put their allowances together to buy a poker set with chips and all know we're talking and I get challenged to a game of Texas hold them to hold it up with Thomas do you take unfortunate and I. I had I lost everything and I. It's a twin twelve girls. And well you know they speak that language that you can understand soon well and they said they said that they know it looked at ways whether dad's got a good hander now by the way I move my eyebrows which then of course you try to focus on it and you would you more when you're trying to do and and incidentally. But and they communicate that is so literally they took it and they got a tall chips are now being they're told me eventually ran a play for money I think they're gonna beat me a particular cash. But they literally what Meachem while it was twelve girls Texas hold them. Yeah well you brought him up by chance or consent that's right and I'm Tony Clark certainly taught him he didn't curiosity justify another player on the right. Actually spent a bad day so we do have a great show tonight for you bring to bring bringing John teeter in John is a time travel from your 2036. Will be talking about everything he's experienced everything he saw on the future what he saw in the past why he's here and how he got here. And then tomorrow night we're me talking with Eric old men we're only talking to him about all big foot SaaS squads crypt dudes. Up pencil me in Pennsylvania bigfoot camping adventures and the list goes on and on and if and and of course every Friday is a best of show. Summation you tune in then Monday we're going to be talking with Lisa smarts. We try to became terminally ill with cancer lease begin truck and transcribing his conversations and noticed that. It his personality underwent and changes wants skeptical man with. Just secure word world view all. He developed to deeply spiritual outlook in his final days and we're going to be talking to her about Patton how it affected term what she which she pretty much picked up from. Yeah he he went from being a secular non religious man to somebody who has very spiritual and that transition. Baffled her and had to be interesting to hear what he has to say. And we've got some more great stuff coming up next week as well Amy Jacobson on Tuesday. She's a journalist bestselling author and she anthrax infections a 2016 Pulitzer Prize finalist for books. Area 51 operation paper clip and the Pentagon's brain more all New York Times best sellers on great stuff and we've talked about. Certainly areas of 21 in operation paper clip before. Aria Russo and definitely some instinct opposite cover. If you haven't yet had over in like the FaceBook page it's FaceBook dot com slash Peru slash beyond reality radio and also if you're listening any immigrant ceases we are on feel free to go to be unreal to review dot com. Click the listen Lyden join us and online chat. He can also download the iPhone the android. Phone apps right there off the often a front page and be on reality radio site. And it allows you to be able listen Pashos listens live show the connectors us in Chad and analyze more. Yet it's a great resource to have whether whether it is an iPhone or an android based phone. It's great to have on there because it makes it really easy to get everything we're doing. So this year do that and if you don't want the show on iTunes to this affair ornery a forest has cults Bush's foreign and allows people find them much easier and salute police Soviet Union to renewed talks in time travel. Sure and I I'm game what about you I am a marine we. All right let's take a break when we come back to bring her guest John teeter and most are talking about his experiences he's got a book. That we'll talk about two it's called disclosed the chronicles of John Tudor the second. And it's all coming up again maybe. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 through the four. Fourth in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. Really really chasing us and Jimmie Johnson. I don't forget our telephone numbers 8446877669. We will be taking some listener calls a little bit later in the show. And you know we're excited to to talk about time travel tonight whether whether guests are John teeter. That's always been normal subjects that intrigues me is you wonder of the possibilities ArvinMeritor arm the limitations of as well also. And it has some men the I don't know what it is variables and in just ways it can impact our lives and it's just. It's it's it's almost a brain twister anytime you try to think about. Oh we don't traveling through time and how can effect whichever time you're from or what time you're going to whether it's pastor futures just is is mind boggling. I'm I'm stripper there are just tremendous and I doing that's I couldn't think couldn't get towards apple cart is somebody who can help us straighten spell this out is Jon Jeter John. Is a time traveler and he has a book out. Called disclosed chronicles of Jon Jeter John. Welcome to beyond reality radio again it's great to have you back on the program. Well thanks for having me all. Ransom Marine Corps announced it. OK do we wanna start their new wanna chat about some of the yeah. Okay. Probably you're alive when he sixteen as you approached you write a book. Why Bob Mitchell and Jason quit barb Mitchell was agreed guy he passed away shortly after we'd spoken to him. To Larry. And one of the problems that I had learned. We had a contract. This weren't sure Julian the royalties or a book. And I would write it. And Bob would edit and JC Britain and blew it all together and submitted to. Reached base now Mosul. You know and we got the boot. Out in. August September of last year. And sometime around Al walker. Got. Accepted by Amazon and creates a while Obama told me hit a really answer. And he got two weeks later. Yeah it was fast it happened very quickly. I I don't know that people honestly I'm just. So they and on June. AC quit Jason quit we get the rookie gesture and a bizarre. Industry. And then that her game you should do well. Others only want platelet rooted royalties. And all ebersol owns. Well rookies or not or use an attorney the rookies went to a separate out this only he had access to. From. I just worse probably. So are over earth. And the Kindle sales are. Up the book's sales. And still. Jason Giambi and yours it was in in the look at him. And I cute. Amazon. Is basis no you can't Kendall and one of the and I said I've ever seen the Kindle account listed. Yeah yes and elsewhere. And I think that's fronts and yet he can't feasible. And then the check because it through raised may be and it the hurt her while she would go. It is slowly checks. Eager slow to come and Connecticut beer by the amounts. I didn't know what was going on to Kindle sales. And just recently. I confronted. Basically. You Mitchell's son Jason Mitchell. And Jason grit as it here's what's happened you'd also sold the book you German publisher. And I know there was an advance. And royalties there at all. Piracy in those who work. So well part of it means. Are there. There're so many discrepancies. I just finally sit what do you. So our lawyers. Were sent contract that's an isolated cal or. And Lisa were part of it yeah yeah super. What are you knew it. Percent slowing us Paula it's. Our scanners on Meester and then we certainly and product over receipts that were sent to. Yeah there is this year. And I what I was going to news in the midst of all this and yeah jeez. We had no. Previous. Journalism experience. The first thing on me well my guess wrote the book and then. He used were hurt you. At one point while he literally demanded that I send check yeah per 1000 dollars. Invite him and his mother. They sit now. Sit. You know we have a contract. A disease that people treat me William hero sure. And that what's happening. And so my attorney said. We'll hear this worry you when you need tune in to copy your armchair. Amazon. And Aston it book. And I asked about it but now yesterday. Are. The injured because. I don't know our own room you look anymore credit. Arthur can. All this is going on it and then he Mitchell and Jason Mitchell are negotiating overarching. I don't know who. Yeah. I'm not included in those numbers eight. Let me ask a question just you know and I don't mean a silly by any means but. As I've tying traveler in this. Wouldn't that be something that you could have fore seen in the future or at least traveled back in time to resolve prior to it becoming this issue. I I am. Basically. Saul result they already know me as the overall. Area code I was so so yes the book is no not available right now is that what you're saying it's not available but there but do you and you say there's a resolution will will people be able to get it began as it is is gonna work out in your favor here. Are. It it already is. I don't you Jason quick inning war and pretty you don't have to deal with Mitchell's. It's and then it figured out. In just a little did you and I suspect and almost beat will be it will buy. The book and there is going to your second book into. I will you know. Duties since I declared Bridget contrary. And so all this straw with Mitchell's. Jason quick and that's bill. But like Dell what what I was saying though Tom cannon like I said hey I dental Munich comical by any means but. As a as a time travelers and that's something you could go back in time in a result before it became this this issue where you're you're dealing with now in the present. Me you know here here's what happens. I. Do you have these general and will. That you. Wanted to calm down there you hangers or one here is why you don't darker than the other. It's got something else. The the FAA says. Can register. Can you guess what it is. All you told us. The last time he had us on him it's. A time machine correct and actual ship. This. Shouldn't. People Juba. Upgrade that. I can't find it I think you can dance. And eventually it. So you know I don't wanna get into this right now because Gretchen you run into the break pretty soon but we really need to back up the whole story because there are a lot of people that are listening that are new to the program. Since we can't we've expanded or syndication considerably since we had drawn last. We're gonna have to really start from the beginning of your story because it's a fascinating one but in the minute we've got before we go to break now. Boys who were you in the year 2036. Or what are. And you were a lieutenant colonel. This. In the US air force. Retired and you retired and you were part of a special unit ranked. Correct. Which was a time travel unit. You're okay. Yeah we're gonna need to get in some details because it's a fascinating story you you traveled back and timing you end up staying here instead of returning to to your own time. Let's prayer yep okay. Let's take a break when we come back we'll get into the details of all that because it is fascinating. It's beyond reality radio Jason and javy we've got some great stuff coming up tomorrow dear we're going to be talking when they're called and we talked encrypted it's. The government talking scripted or me talking L colonel important to Pennsylvania bigfoot camping adventures and so much mores and then Friday or Friday is a key focus in on the Pennsylvania can I do camping do I think you need an attack with big foot Ted speaker itself that's a dream come true thank you listen Jason did. That's. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners to now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menus and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Are crawl towards our TimeCrawler winning anymore and so when he showed up when your doorstep. From the future would that be pretty amazing offending your life wouldn't. If you are time traveler Tony if you if you run if you'll open your door and the person they showed up on your doorstep of the time travel from the future. You it's it's definitely one of those things that. Make you wonder because spent so many movies are pestering. There's sort of had to you know. And that's we're talking about tonight basically welcome back to be on reality really would Jason and javy. Tom we do appreciate you listening when you listening and a great radio station around the country or you're listening online you're all welcome you're welcome to. I join us in the chat room as well which refinery on the website ditch go to beyond reality radio dot com click the listen lie there and I'm just join me online chat. Great community and just wonderful people very welcoming. Bunch so our head on over and and join us in tonight we are talking about time travel with someone who's done it is so it is name's John teeter and there's a lot of confusion John because come back in the year 2001 I believe it was unknown and a different radio program. There was a gentleman calling in talking about his his his his experiences as a time traveler. And he said his name was John teeter but it was he knew right. How many men and one of the things an Arab rulers. In 2036. When I retired. It was the longest. Winning wrongly the and the news I want you to use is billion. You know and be where it alone that I know what I was in the military. I made a conscious decision. Not to use my name John tighter than it would make it easier for them. You give me a new entity it replaced Lou. We saw that worry. Is I'm also. Read information. That your 3 PM and T are six tell no one else. And loan those space vehicles. And basically. Here I am a retiree. And my big thing is listening the radio Art Bell yeah hearing more and I knew yes. On tiger aren't there in the sky is spinning all the stuff and does Gordon. Right taught you are right Marsha about it and she says well. Why should it up FaceBook page up now. People let your experiences. So we did in her face look for quite pages and Korea and 2000. Followers. John and a tighter. 7925. Basically. Some other pages you can get on Cuba yep ask cute membership. And so I restaurant talking to you wanna talk radio in Paris it we got to know our. Well well well. And I think I even aren't a lot of our bills other shows at midnight in the desert. You know that it didn't go well I got discouraged but even our community Betty and a and I did some shows. Or radio and I didn't and televisions. And you can do George nor last year. And I certainly get our goal we're talking to people. In the plane back matters. When I started in 1970. Ironical when it created it will mix. And he created tens of thousands. What are they do it. Yeah for example if you look at me. School graduates these days. Less than about. 30% are horror. Whole article with your service. 70% they don't. And they can't do anything or not. So. Basically that was what doce rose all of bella. May we. A Wiki news from. A very large loops like it is you have a picture of bush. And the next thing you know. Your gifted with memories into your hope that your new list he angered. Being trained or yeah. In your career just. Is more interest me because. Your. All. Weren't just being observed to be surety. New computer or crosses where they aren't. Then you go to Q loss Iran's. Nuclear orange suit. Wright Patterson. Don't ever. Are you let me do let me just I'm sorry John let me just general two seconds as one understand this he said you were actually cloned in 1978. Yes okay so and how long do they keep you I don't know what you call it and suspended animation dormant until they wake you are you an adult when they wake you. Yes so we use in the house. Sara Torre your oh okay so that put unit at about 2005. If they awake Q and that's when you began your service. So that was an old 2005 wasn't the most recent 2005 right because then you went to twenty. It's 1978. You wake up and about originally it's time to go Thomas. Continue. Your uniform are go to missile it is 1978. And you sit down in anger and four. And you don't really interact with younger. People whatever he's beams your. And here are asleep. Nationally tested physically tested. Super soldiers ha grown further faster. News world of 10% of their brain. It's pretty incredible what they they don't there. So they've had this ability to be able clone since nineteen Paul I just before and you 78 if you're if you're from 1970 correct. You're mr. And end all of it is based on what technology. And directs true true true and sign a written agreement where it. Hall lights. Degrees. American lands. Well. Yeah and our. Oh. Yeah we need to get into those conversations I want you to pick up where you left off he said you left right Patterson and what had happened after that. Well I we went through simulators. At Wright Patterson and we we've got the seat. While some things. Look ground while we saw. Recovered spacecraft. Recovered weapons. While we get she's the war. We had an EY. Extraterrestrials. Yet. An area. Then. There was one time when I rules. Introduced you're doing in Greece Italy dolce Hayes. Windows unit however song. Until oh. I went after right now Anderson area that you. Heard Paris and I spent I spent time Eric Patterson air force base now. How many times. And it won how many different clones and I know live it where you're saying there's thousands of view but how many other. Well we all like. I am a little unique. And in part of my personality is where they shall bear. And it varies tries miner is hurt tomorrow. It and what you don't do that later there were reports astute. Let one win went to area if you want him basically. We are being trained in speed. And Korean team. And one of them people we lose you males to females. One of the females. It is. Worship Shannon and that led movement. Now Ken you know so. Would this cloning process. Was is the US government for doing this familiar military purposes by the thousands by the millions how many of these clones are were being treated at the time you were treated. I actually got an opportunity you've seen a decline draws its. Later in my career. Was explained to me why agree alien. Supervised it. And I asked him a lot over the numbers. In he's dead. Ends and thousands. And that's what I basically. After were already being used for you sit. Call all avionics. Or you're destined for. And all this cloning is happening at Wright Patterson. And I. Will see New Mexico. I knew in New Mexico you said it's haven't. OK after he said Wright Patterson says and so. So don't pick up your story because you view you know you went in you trained in and and slight and learned how to fly. What I'm assuming is alien technology. Basically. Oh. What technology they need to get this technology. In return war. Unfettered access to airspace. That all whites. And huge. Base. The creek sheer force base in Nevada. Where the Russians and the Chinese. Nanny in the North Korea accuses. Having Mary. I hate or were close relationship with them all. And where is it. They want Obama to go public about it. Newton try to push you into a couple alliance. Canada nor read it says in the evening city. New US has a big salute and when you're. Nervous a large they biting you but we are. So does well there is no room to move. The Russians the Chinese Mercury and and our NATO Al. So NN and the aliens are buying our silence. Our government's silence. With technology. Exactly. And it's very seductive. I think this. One are restarted. You're about is seeing it happen. I thought. Okay. What are what are they want to listen. They they really. To some degree they don't like cute. And agree with this little scene. Barry all individuals. Where it. The Barack hosts a holes alive in this are. He's our M and hockey. The rock skulls are those warranties goals war. I can't do you know needed. Skull also met her here eat here. The issue is. Have all of EG Brody and anarchy Pollyanna or not you can't dispute these re colonize this entire water. And failed. While we're talking with John teeter at this second. He's a time traveler. He has a book the renounced not available get into more details when it's gonna come. Available again we're gonna take a break we come back jwoww talk about some of the things that John can tell us that we can expect in our future mean 2017 RE seems like a very very. A tumultuous year what can we expect John to have some insight mainly terribly 2018. Footer he had 2000. Deals through Jason didn't. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this is the website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. And really radio chasing us Jimmie Johnson in the middle. Great conversation with John cheater is a time traveler from the year 2036 and John I've got to bring your writing quickly here and ask you how do you pronounce your name because. I've heard Taylor tighter OK so long not yet has reported on both ways and a break and recognize we were saying teeter and you were seeing tighter so. It is John tighter. Now John. Let's go back to. The cloning process. That you're talking about basically how you and tens of thousands of other. Of I guess soldiers. Used in the US military for flight purposes we're created. You said that you were you were cloned but you don't have it's not it's not the process by which there are 101000 people like you running around. Exactly they're all there are. And that the word we're designed to be your career. I saw. Some bones were able. Were Eurasian somewhere Asian some more prurient you wanted it different. Ethnicity. Or leader able cute. Do you. Is part of the design. Handle. When you when you see it happening every. Initially it all takes place in the kiss you're there in the grow. Fetus. It's amazing process. Well now rubble why would the aliens give us this technology in the technology of time travel. For the purpose of them having the ability to fly dangerous guys I mean if they have that technology. Why would they have to give us anything and in return. There are some things on this planet that they are here in. It is if you should be. Well and I think about why. And one of the things that are easy leaking or is. That. There's some very unique things about our planet. But. What I big you can understand what it is there's a little bit of an exodus. Away from the planner. You know and what I. We learned in my. Time travel was that it didn't worry Yankee. Grill in the ocean well. You know all the liner or you don't grow. In its. Dial. We have about 33 years left is what it. The results of Fukushima. Into other things but the degree beer brewery. I mean. The population in Turkey. Is down by 85%. Innovator unity macular real answer and they are considerably to. But about 33 years I guess. That is. That's what we look don't. Wanna answer more. Of the flourish need. In and were dying and there were a lot of things that attracted extraterrestrials. To us. And most of that has been exchange and movie where you want it there. Eighty species. Extraterrestrials. And this is just one other thing is the Brooke you're I was told that grades. How it'll roll the die and that or send cute migrate through all of the Milky Way. In looking for similar riots there is where you're like war. Things that weren't all out oh. Related missions that I had. As part of the CC's program. Reese your read I don't know speaking. Sixteen it's never. Actually went and later they were early form. And had at least you all coral qualities. There'll be more as time goes on. Oh Elon Musk will to get only going on Morris. And I think it. Yet these are those well see news on Mars. They know. We'll will look at other closer exit of warrants. Collins. Let. You know of one great king and Margaret now costs 200 dollars. In on those flights wound or kill me. The other thing is that I rubella in the book I wrote about her being elected. We'll hang on hang on read their John 'cause we have to take a hard break that we can we can't move and I wanna get into all that we come back products are you elicited Jason GP we're talking with John. Tighter and time traveler. And a lot more time. A fraud in construction. And that's fraud it is something I started to speak in assembly. To put a frog and I don't know where around got their but it's gone now and welcome everybody to be on the police radio straight give everybody along the when you listen and a great radio station across the country or online. Welcome to the program. Yes it's Wednesday on the West Coast Thursday in the East Coast many are stuck in between what can be general later do myself Jason Allison my co host the on some our hearts remove JV Johnson thank you so easily awesome tonight. Thank you very much as very kind of you to do that we've got a great show lined up tonight we're going to be bringing in John tighter the second he is it time traveler. From the year 2036. Part of the US government a US military affect US air force special unit. A time travelers that was used from arm I guess still is being used to travel time to affect the outcome. Of major world catastrophes wars in and other such things. Send them I would guess and gracious to lined up tar going to be talking with Eric Altman not about wall bigfoot scripted. The paranormal. Even Pennsylvania big foot camping adventures. Which you TE. You know who leaked it to figure with the feds about now yes. Get on one of those and every Friday as the best of if you haven't yet made Sheila to FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and also feel listening and any of the grace changed we Aaron across a country which we added two more this week WM EL out of Melbourne Florida and WJ ML. Out of a Travers city Michigan. Feel free to also go to beyond really radio dot com just click the listen live to join us in the online chat. You know hang out with us there you can also download the iPhone and android apps right there often beyond reality radio website which allows you to listen to the show played past episodes and join us chat. Yeah and I should mention that there is of tab on the menu on the web page other allows you to see guest information. And day anytime we have a guest up there we've got information about the plus links to books or whatever they happen to have and I know John tigers is there. But I think cut them might be disabled for the short term comments he's sorting something out of his books we'll get to the bottom of that as well. One challenge is telling us about how the US has of secret moon base armed on the moon and there's a story out pro China and Europe are collaborating to build a moon village. Hear about the mountain. And or China and Europe. Aren't embarking on a joint venture to build a base for humans on the moon the European Space Agency and China's space exploration arm China's national space administration. Phil talks in regards to building a moon games. A spokesperson for the ESA confirmed. The Secretary General for China's space agency tie and you along the told the east Asian countries state media that talks are ongoing. And a spokesman spokesperson for the ESA confirmed it's true. Com the Chinese have a very ambitious moon program RD place space has changed since the space race in the sixties and they reckon we recognize that the back to explore space for peaceful purposes we do international we do need international cooperation. Well Europe Russia and the USA. Dominated space exploration particularly with the latter China's entrance has been strong recently China has sent a space slab. Tie on Dong two into Earth's orbit to rival the International Space Station. And in doing so became only the third nation to independently get people into space. So this is really looking adjusting and they said they wanna do this mainly because. The International Space Station. Is more like a restricted. Club of individuals and they've they wanna be able to to get up there as well and into their own thing. Well I just know that some there was a day when the United States dominated stiletto Vietnam led Manolo we didn't follow we let them and and we've we've. In many ways led this country dry we if we forsaken things like that and I think it's time to reexamine those things. Yes we definitely stuck our priorities and in the wrong areas over the last summer home many many buddy there's him bloody years for sure. So let's hope we lose these as these serve as a wake up call because as John on tighter wills Telus space travel isn't going to be an important part of our future. Eric special area you know of North Korea pollutes the planet yet so I don't know what that feels you can for new home row exactly right let me Deri be up on the united council should based national all right let's take a break when we come back we'll bring our guest in John tighter the second he is a time traveler. A part of special US military unit to that ended travels through time to solve problems Roman world beyond reality radio. Yeah. I had a sorrow once from the car when you know. Kids every morning test tubes and arm which is already having this these days it's a prophetic song their ziglar and Evans for bumper music in the year 2525 well. I don't think our guest traveled to the year 2525. But he is from here 2036. John tiger the second. Is our guest tonight we're talking about time traveling and John again welcome to beyond reality real great to have you on tonight. Are they threw me. So John first office here from the year 2036. Pretty much dead guarantees that we've made it that far current fix. Oh yeah we may hit that floor. Society. Doesn't really break down the infrastructure doesn't bring our load up one knee it key. It and you don't know. Basically. It counties. CA enroll. Ignorance is broken down Indiana a lot of games and warlords. Running gains. But what about 4100. Then aren't as we know. By 2100. Now you did some traveling. From 2036. Into the future how far in the future did you travel. I ticket team between fifty. And we certainly the entire trying to. One on green. Minister Sergey. Some team members NB PS yeah. Yeah. Had to be treated or. Now is the process. A hardship on on the human bodies. Beat is that it expenses. You know energy. Consuming processes and that. The almost seems like if if if what if it was that available to be a heck of a lot more time traveling going on meaning you would have been all over the case over time if it was easy to do. Well let me say this the CIA would blow. And they basically do an audit arm. You know and they sit. Him. It. Borrow some of The Who may have lost. John. I thought oh let's just it is connection to say no maybe caesar's everybody that Felicia Taylor from. Many birdies of the suit is CI eighties and he's gone serves talking about the CIA let's go to our phone lines here because we have a caller a band from New Orleans has been waiting very very patiently Ben welcome to beyond reality radio. Hey guys big fans of the show I think you guys have the best intro and all of radio ire optically electable operated courage. Being in a child and Chinese or wherever. I was just curious and question I don't know if you guys can answer that spurred on tiger I've been to a resurgent lately and I guess that you mentioned Kerry should do more and I was curious to know what the everything about lack. Bobbled bar story and that's all boots. Things were true as far as dealing disks that were and that's supposed root area esque or that was sort of separate from area 51 that was there. I guess our head above top secret clearance that was higher than the people that worked at area 51. How it is corner and it's it's what you was mentioning about the different species of aliens cannot think problems are alluded to that actor in 1980 aren't. As solid as China and make the connection there and see what he knew about that stuff are you guys know anything about. All thanks on the kudos on the opening meters aren't we and we really enjoy it to its software. It's is a good one but our JV we we got him back yet John John tighter should be back here so John we launch of their for a second we do have a caller on the line band from New Orleans and gut then go head master questions quickly for John. Yet you on fire a question about I guess every 61 you had mentioned. How problems are had mentioned that. Economic Canadian aren't solid corner and you know this story I guess makes sense if it was true it mentioned that facility yes or. Where he worked a one of the saw certain setup that they were trying to hangers. I was wondered if you could corroborate his story. And and being a basically just look at that would in fact true and had administered. I can't say it was sure. I was in an era began looking at this. Saucer that degree in audiences are character her Ramirez bubbles aren't any air yeah I just got his way. Basically. If he isn't your agreement you bring. And everything that follows our errors and it will record. Interest in. You know while I do here by bill Schneider for that matter are you New Mexico. Everything you said it pretty much where. They're runs. A little love chaos going on. Will miss in new recruits now in the bio labs. You know there are some issues. You know and there are casualties. Did you impart to your question. Relativity actually won a little bit further to that heard the same thing about that incident where there were casualties. And then not even with some security personnel and so I had to stay that. That's what I'll kind of look and Torino. I Minnesota's smoking gun but it definitely. Matches up and stir I'd have a degree in physics and that's. And I happened there watched problems are interviewed several content everything he says is accurate. About the science and physics and the chemistry and spoke by how little one trustees and and so. That's kind of what got me. Thomas pat you were researching different to that because it's like it makes sense to me. You know all of that science is solid the physics are solid and he basically the alluded to the fact that we have all the technologies. Now to travel to restore them beyond that it's black it's locked up and all the black book projects and you know it's it's. Kudos to deploy it would be delighted if the government normal. You know come out disclosure about iPhone believe at all and I believe all that true and so. John basically just verify all form and so. Great and liberal listeners. And for all listeners out Somalis are. Claimed to have worked on a reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology. At a site hold asks for just so everybody understands who bubbles RBS and then thank you so much for the calls very good call great great information great questions. John joining anything to that. What are the things is where it week. If you minded creature or grace and dolce Mexico. While there. Yeah at least eight sports. In extraterrestrials. Now those points is all the time also on the West Coast of California where these guys. Are both lord knows that there is under water space sports. We had a lot going aren't. Maria throw aren't on the the agreements from the Egyptian restaurant saying they would grouper. Not you know it in the Euro it. And they. What this is the human race is a little behind the year anyway it's. Receiver pilot. Where were not you won't you would it releases. Where the mayor John are going to deal when it. Extraterrestrials. Which is it is a very valid point if you think about it I mean there's. Their story in those racial tensions almost anywhere you don't throw the entire all the entire planet so. I can I can totally understand. Bob the every club John the time is this is taken down pretty quickly here and did something that we said we're gonna talk about we just really haven't had a chance to because we keep it. Going off intentions here. I'm tell us a little bit about what we can expect. British or. Only mean last through long. North Korea made this step or relying. Get their hands slapped. And the problem Mercury is ever so unreasonable. Missiles. Basically. Artists Corretja today you know how you bite him or her Korea. Basically yeah theirselves. You know and sync won't. European news in this circus neither can fire missiles. That the what are the airport's. Only competition and the problem with fifty. Nor us and North Korea has a systems I can actually yeah. Make their subs invisible when their when their underwater in the US has been dealing with those issues. So that's OK there are visible underwater here. Well anybody you know when you're talking a lot of times you're saying we may we may. Will we or won't we may think that's when it comes out special Sunday. We you'd time travel war. And we tried to do. Preserve finally. Time travel team we'll go back and try to you stop something will trigger a war. We're about 69. Travelers. Whopper of CIA operative. And there are all three go back in time we're going forward on is an area you prevent. And in June. Mankind is some kind of nuclear attic well and that's when it's all about. So so the timeline does change and it changes from groups like yours these time travelers back in and make in the societal boat differences in history to avoid certain outcomes. Exactly. That's the real thing he use tide triple or. Interesting can you give us any team and need. Examples of types of things that you changed when you were grew before he retired. Well yeah Obama. I didn't want. It to happen. When he eighteen. Or antiques and passenger Brad didn't hijack. Your and basically they they went. The system on them that. Can hold a news. Six cruise missiles. And then they beat me it is. Aaron craft that was passed here rapidly converted. Those are used in the wild and you passenger traffic. Winning easily check. Love New York. London and Paris. Albany. You know mr. world war three. Sewn. Into what we you it is. It's an exaggerated 9/11 that actually results in world were three and you did what. We sent. Use. In time. I love up you'd reminds people are never happened at least set out to close on. Ali you showed them aerial photographs. There you lived. Afterwards. And what it well. Need an agent call around look to. While Aaron yeah we have to chop their quickly switch to go to break chin. Paris or we're gonna be right back after the suicide. To facilities. Jason arms GB Johnson don't forget we got a great show coming up tomorrow night Jay would Eric Allman talked encrypted it's scripted we're talking and all crazy stuff well scripted the paranormal SaaS squash bigfoot. And I'll say it but Pennsylvania big foot camping and ventures. And so much more excuses do sound so funny and just to the summer and knew you put adventure. And actually think it's some. To do with the charity fundraisers so when no Americans on emotional tolls all about it Eric's a great guy of course a best of program for Friday night and then Monday Lisa Smart will join us. Should be talking about her father what will kind of what she studied with her dad who beat internally terminally ill with cancer. And she watched as his conversations and his personality when under underwent some really interesting changes who's a very skeptical and secular man. But over time as you. Approached his final days he change became very spiritual and very different very different person and he she studied that she wrote about it we're going to be talking about. Basically it's the final words projects she studied the final words in final behavior of people. As they were dying and it's a very very fascinating look at help people become near death. And that and that touch is pretty close to home because I'm dealing with side arm Jim you know this my dad is and they just put among hospice now and now he's mean he's gone from being a big I have always known to very spiritual person because it's getting to it's getting to the end for an. So event at this happens sort of hinged interesting topic to talk. Yet very fast and innings tonight we're talking with John tighter the second. John is a a time traveler but he was part of the US military group peace retired from that group that specializes in time travel came back from near 2036 John we've been talking about. A whole bunch of things tonight and done just as well the first time we hedge on the program. Time is gonna run short for us so must we can't go back in time a little bit we won't have enough time to cover all the toxic stuff that machine if it don't cover all the topics that we are talking about but. Tell us a little bit about the TR three B the machine did the time machine. This is the spacecraft based on address her. Technology it clients ask your own words being why. And re trying to learn over time was. That. This piece. Here you'd look at new latitude longitude. And number is strikingly like. The number re used to designate. This the O line. Yeah. He's appeared in bill by the I don't know. Egyptians. But. They were a light speed. Species. Or are you but we got the not from an extra pressure. So this peered through beat. Within the solar system are now. Your amounted to what you interior but it. You get anywhere in this or is. It that here or six. That's her trying to carry the galaxy to galaxy. The easy thing is. Are you a Luka on Google Italy all the critics agree photos. Here are three beauty. And that here execs tell us these are all spacecraft Rory. Or you're out the year. The latest agrees. Rudy was flying that TR six. I happen to fly it over Phoenix. Rely on suspicion. That it by signing him was standing on the ground where did it. And you saw us go by air or it. And and there you see it the result. Of this is were. Now because those scraps that are you're using or were using too much travel through time and space. It it's alien technology but who built them did we get the craft from the aliens or are we able to construct these things are off. With technology. We can't construct ourselves. The tier three being rebuilt at the here six we don't let the design. And our clients. Bladder technology. Extraterrestrials. Dude do the people building these machines must take factories to do it or at least. The bus and instead they know what they're building. Absolutely. Yeah yeah you're you're Skype works. Even. Well they they have places. Where it issues Goodyear. And they won't talk about what they'd. So is it is it. It's possible it must speed to keep so many people so quiet about all of this. Year. I'm very good friend. Retired from today. You landed every place. We have a runway. The United States does and that's why passing area if you wanna try to be seen. Won't say it or were on Ole oh no really. Will bother me. This is awesome information. Will look at that didn't answer. The best investigation has investigated. JFK are okay. You're keying. Also over. William Colby. Cameron. Basically. Are eager realize. Who is behind those issues. And I've even more were on Uga in general the Pentagon and he did two weeks later. Mean. So we don't have a whole lot of time left here dramatic manner affect just a few minutes Tom but I want them better understand the politics between the aliens and who the world's governments how. Many of the world governments are in on this stuff and how friendly are there. All of the NATO allies. Suited jury agreements where it while the hall latest and greatest we're doing is Maria and anarchy. But again there are over eighty species. On extraterrestrials. We know. Are there now to me what actions are now mutilation but. The better the species that we have agreements with don't do it but there are species. That do. And they're just researching. This the biggest mystery of law. Thirteen thousand years on the color or what. Or the leader burner this. Never changed her one time when it was following Gordon Cooper this year crap. Knew you were at. All our astronauts. Reported seeing your clothes all the machines. Extraterrestrials. One Dahmer and better. It just makes you wonder though of extraterrestrials have as much technology why are they spending their time mutilating cattle I mean. They have the ability to do all this stuff wouldn't they have the ability to. We're chain. Was. Monitoring it here Jeanne. Good to a large degree. Mankind is that aren't. A bit nutty oh. But it doesn't dreamland that doesn't explain the cattle oh I mean bowl wouldn't page field the scam man more or something like that set up. Terry good tearing him apart like a wild creature. Yeah if they don't care or solve not on the precision bases. Those cats are not random cuts. Know you you have thought a personal relationship with the gray don't you have a friend. Yes. Tell us about this toss out the snow in. I am news nudity is Diane. Both senior Mexico. In Marla queries it moves seen each other again. Ericsson yeah you're all poor and then not what got curious if you want. You basically was 88 commander. What I would call these water. The extra sure that's true crap. And you out of his way to be trend. We've been friends for years. Aka. Do we have any did anything to fear from these no win races that are here. Parent here bother us we're we're more like. A science activity experience you know. We were created. Evolution. The anarchy credence. Yeah it's been recorder. In you you can look this up. Yeah. Colleges lawyer said it. They modified and current some 65. Our DNA is not like in years species. Oh. Looting or in his arm. John were were were just another sign here on your book. Is not currently available is that right. Sunday's future will be again. I have some things to iron out. And this is happening now let. Mean it's going to be while it is that period to guarantee there. I'm Brian you so I'm Robert Marat. You know and get a little medication from moniker. Well. And then you working on another book that it's going to be out soon. You know it it depends you know. My my partners. All. It is is that the Mitchell's body yeah yeah yeah it's. And it very well John we thank you so much for joining us to Destin luck best of luck with what you're doing when the next bill comes I would love to talk again about. Yeah. I'm pastry time. John tighter the second. Bring conversation very interesting winner take a break we've got more on the other side of the break ten. Yes yes and we get a call coming in from Harold but he's trying to call and so are you listening Jason JVB and really derail it. Rio radio. The Iowa Tom our good friend from NASA of course. Not being passive but the new age space so see additional herald herald robots is on the songs. Told slick he's got some newest update us on and we always appeared from Harold is Harold aria. I do agree. Sure articulate at all. Yes yes no problem we always enjoy hearing from you learning more about to you projects and what's going on wasn't with your NASA. Yeah absolutely so what's new in the world of your your NASCAR. A children turned out idiot. We failure. Shouldn't our. Sleepy to really be a blue. Yeah well first of course that those get those who those who it didn't hear. Harold call in before the Dutch oven was a project that. Heralds the organization and the new XP association partnered with the it was a Holland. Yasser. And it was the average of I think was the observation vehicle exploring Neptune. You are so sold to Dutch and what are completion earlier we ended up. Losing a lot of issues to address issues. So it's very tragic clearly you get a lot of hopes for that project and I'm sure your of your partners in Hollander equally upset USA you you actually lost lives. Would be correct tradition. We can understand how typical to repeat it's sort of a place. Where it wouldn't rush chin and expression get outs. Oh password from one part people. Ford lost archer. And that sounds horrible that sounds absolutely horrible yet especially not the way you want ago. Arm okay so anything new and harassing. You know squeezed distort a black all proximity of urine tests. And were looking to go deep into the coal. So a black hole and are we actually able to go and a black holes. Well that's something we need champ car. We're going to release stiffen up or the troubled. Children can go to eternal cold and anyone could imagine cost. Now of course again what Harold is referring to is one of what I think that was there initial project it was a Lander who is an automated nuclear Lander. That was a probing near Arenas and biggest admission was quite successful book Carol what you're saying is you're gonna re purpose that and and now was steered towards the splat coal. Or just keep you understand. We were really try to keep that meter next we didn't some areas start nobody saw. Because actually get into. Yeah I know I remember you telling us and doing during the what your last call how successful mission the mission was soon you you probed very very deeply. A lot of guys are cracks and carries as the giver large crevices and and and and some cavernous spaces in the encountered some pretty interesting things and you were able to. Bypass lot of obstacles and gain immediate pretty deep there. He is correct on this black hole sit up in the proximity of curious. We truly know GO what will our watch we maturity. We're pretty sure it'll be dark and scary. But this idea which result of simple. First aren't as always churns. And once we aren't worst article one it's really stimulated Michael Strauss. Well I can imagine you know news of that time in the you've got an opportunity here to. You know explore some image that no man has ever explored before in the form of a black Colin Powell at least. And nobody fictional friend. That is correct Nolan right now it's pretty. It's OK panel probe into a black hole so we look forward to being first. Well we share your excitement. You know news of this kind were where there are people taking anything yet taking the initiative to go out and ended. Basically leads the way. In in an effort to it's uncharted territory and it's it's pretty exciting stuff to really thrust forward into an area of the unknown blindly almost. Yeah sort staff where goals we are and you. Pushed forward extremely large and are just blustery GR initial OK really genders deepest returning. She far reaching no. We're out egregious error. Well again it sounds really really exciting one of the things I wanted to ask you know we've got you on the phone here is what ever happened with so I think was the basic or boring orbiting possibly hitting battle system that the move system that there was that you had worked on the last time we talked about. Yes the boot system are pretty much you enjoyed. It. It was a complete boxed. But it's a shame that's a shame you put a lot of effort into that I know that you you're now that he understands you had your hands right on it and done do you Grammy next do you grab that and that firmly in just try to run well I'm Harold you know we wish you luck probing the black hole we are clearly very saddened by the news of the you know the Dutch oven and it's sillier. You know I don't know what else we can do for you. Well cultures Peter would not we make these enhancements. Will put out these holes in a tree where nobody. Wore. And creatures look forward to keeping you all all of DDR. Old people you get into black hole. Absolutely you have our word yes it's great yeah densely just our call in any time we'll apparent from. That was Gerald butts in the new age space association. There heading into areas so a lot of people just don't want that in two well I mean yeah I mean those are the they're dangerous there well you never truly know what you're going to encounter this it is a great unknown that's for sure and done there's nothing nothing it's not scary about that. All deathly keep line open and well CO goes far yet and we've got some great stuff coming up and tomorrow night. Yes and then Friday of course is always a best of some each year tuna and if you haven't yet download deep beyond reality radio app you can do that rate from beyond reality radio dot. Com we have the android in the Iowa separate terror which allows you to listen to the show live play past episodes. Join me online chat and so much more. And also ahead over to FaceBook dot com slash B on reality radio may Sheila to FaceBook page to were constantly updating it with the news stations were we're adding pretty much weekly rich and. Yeah we're we've got room on couple stations or more every week coming into the beyond reality radio family spreading across the country like. On a nice wildfire later like the floor much like this when the flu can help in just a fluke thing ago but big shot Augusta on how to John tighter. Four coming on tonight hang out with us talking. Amen thanks for all the support civil listeners out there year old the reason why this show has become a success and and we know we oh that'll TO. So we appreciate everything he hasn't conference. But that'll be it for tonight you listen to Jason GDP on reality radio catcher tomorrow. It's. It's. Just not playing at least PH he was lying and saying hello it's beyond really read you need to worry me. If you're not information you want us to follow along or you liked reading Gaston Leon really really email to swing getting. No business league and ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.