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Dreams - what do they mean, and how can they guide us in our lives?

May 17, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guest author Cindy McGill about her book - What Your Dreams are Telling You. Our dreams are vehicles by which our sub-conscience deals with our fears, our anxieties, our grief, and in some case our connection to our spirituality. McGill also takes listener calls and offers her interpretation of listeners' dreams. 5/17/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Our. Alice coastal winds and the East Coast when he stuck in between welcomed beyond reality radio with myself Jason allens and the always awesome Jeannie Johnson mostly keep to that fine introduction Jim who don't know so also throw in its Thursday in Australia but I was in blustery. I was wondering where's that dateline and and you could release a three different days when you open the show Danica. It's yeah it's just publicity is down again Tuesday in California on Wednesday in New England. Thursday in Australia and com at sets or people listen all the world's of the project where they tentacles test strips of should be which we consider them we can thank. Hello everybody out there are tuning in tonight we've got a great show we're going to be talking about dreams and their interpretations. This is one of the most fascinating topics that we ever talk about on this program because it's there at the Everett as everybody knows dreams. Everybody has him at some point they're so mysterious we all wonder what they mean why we're dreaming some of the weirdest things and you know sometimes they make sense and sometimes they're just so bizarre you can't figure out what that's going on in your mind and there are people like our guest tonight. Who actually. Have made a bit of a science of being able to interpret these things forests so it's just it opens up a whole new discussion. Always talked about in the past I know you brought up yet all we've we've talked a little billiard and I I've had weird dreams at times you can sometimes Stephen iron grand I will get up on stage in front of 345000. People and I've had dreams. Where each year on stage. And you realize that you knew he had no clothes that's attendant and the funny thing is turn those dreams if I realize and dislike. Right or whatever and I just keep on growing within that actually happened in New York I think we were in York he's an advantage from yeah that questions I mean or whatever but now I think so insensitive though but he all in all seriousness I've had a dream and it's funny because it's one of those things where you. Like women amnesties for 5000 people and make it. Now whatever arms general music people become so I had a chance so it's weird you gotta find out whether what all those dreams mean you when your volcanoes and you know Gaza from the news and I'm sure that the tunnel listeners out there who. Have some dreams that they were they wanna talk to revolts or make she'd take on this number. Toll free 8446877669. Again as 844687. 76696. Twice because a snowing winter storm which if. Yes and it went to bring our guests and by the way your name is Cindy Miguel and she's the author of a book called what your dreams are telling you unlocking solutions while you sleep. Once we bring her on the program sir taking calls for people's they've got dreams that they'd like to have interpreted and I know that everybody's got one or two but they just always been either they're recurring dreams that you have over and ovaries can figure what they mean. Or Adam once and they just stuck with you forever because it was sold is so striking are so unusual. If you haven't yet may she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and like the FaceBook page and also go to beyond reality radio. Dot com and you can download the free android or iPhone app fair. Which allows you to listen the show lie if and chat lists in the past episodes and a lot more that's all 100% free. If you're listening online greatly you're also welcome to go to be on reality really got com just click the listen. Via station list. And a fine stations in your area this street every week reading news stations so a lot this week we added TD ET. Center out in Texas part of the Shreveport a market out that way welcome to be on reality radio family. Yet we always appreciate new stations coming onboard and every time they do. You know we're thankful to have them along as part of the group it's not an easy thing. For radio station to actually make a major programming shift and bring the program on but a lot of them are doing it we're very very pleased and very thankful. Yeah hey in other stories told me last night about it Indonesians he monster yes the woman wants to on the beach in the configure what it was moments ago what is. It's a bullying well. It's it was just a little. Consistently well annoyed me not to march stood by him. And I had a fifty foot long marine creature that was lying in the peach. Yeah they it it's clearly a lean well said Alexander works well biologist at Hampden-Sydney college in Virginia. And there's a lot of stuff in the ocean that we don't know about which is part of their that terrifies me and Benjamin button. But there's nothing that big there remains unknown now I don't know if I totally agree with a month. And there are some weird weird thing. See if we have county yet evident this that's the thing there's some deep water creatures that Tom I mean you've seen some there's some of the videos and some of the programs that show some of these things are just the most bizarre. Creatures that live where in no life should be able to live because the water pressure so high ended and the conditions are so inclement. But found out we find this stuff all the time so why can't their beer and a a very large creature that's kind of float around and along the bottom of the deepest oceans. Expressly cents a southern giant squid was just a war from the longest time. I mean it wasn't only like twenty years ago the team they really started finding out these things were real. Yeah that's that's why that's why exactly what you said is true for refer anybody to make that kind of statement I think is a bit naive now. Maybe we think we know there that we've seen everything that's that's you know remains to be seen itself of that kind of size but we don't know for sure we just don't know and they claimed. Two dead giveaways that revealed the crew with the crew and creature was. That it was a well. Where was the grooves or throat pleats. In the upper jaw where they are two racks of bullying played tees for filtering out food in the whale's mouth what do men so. Well you which you know anything that any any organic. Matter that you know if it's an animal that dies it especially in the ocean things are you know pick and added aren't you straining its becomes unrecognizable. And virtually you know within hours of of a dying. So for for people to see this giant. Masks out wash up on cherry can understand when they wouldn't been able to recognize it without the scientific knowledge to be able to really figure out what was. Yes so I'll I didn't mean to tickle the didn't do Gloria do you story call the fun out of Eric there talent and yeah I guess attend religious camp finally. We should mention that we get some ratios of the wrist the week to. And Wednesday were bringing Jerry and and in he is it's a blast literally and I don't Murdoch just quickest slick Eddie too lazy to actually ripped apart I think is as if his last name's actually nickel. Because who later in the description of what we're talking about says. Nichols tells his own real life story a finding out that he's the great grandson of the Sundance kid so his book is bringing Sundance home. It's about Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid the real story. And the fact that Jerry researched his his family tree and is Sundance is his great grand. Father and we're gonna learn about it. Now they disappeared and all that stuff there aren't this topic has some that we haven't really talked about ever so it's been an interesting to change. And Thursday were going to be talking with Barry Katz and morals and I'm an overdose of well but he's the producer of the forthcoming. Documentary. I killed JFK which features interviews with only eaten with the only person to have ever confessed to killing president can. Yeah I know you and I talked about this because we've done a lot of JFK stuff in the last couple months and you know we don't want over kill any particular topic but this is pretty timely because there was. A gentleman who has confessed to killing being part of it assassination team in killing the Kennedy. President Kennedy. And this gen when Barry Katz has produced a documentary which tells this whole story and it errors on the 31 of may which is. Would've been John F Kennedy's 100 birthday so we decided that. You know that it was so timely that we really had to had to continue ahead with that now moving down the road warrior and it's in 250. Movie theaters yet stuck there on the 31 documentary will show for one night only in 250 movie theaters across the country so. Again we we were little hesitant to bring another JFK guest on but this is you know the timeliness of it was important Hitler coincides with G I and John F Kennedy's. 100 birthday yeah he would have been a hundred years old not crazy that is amazing some campuses in his incredible. But were we talking about dreams tonight and that's pretty exciting and remember your word to stream and then not provoking material. I'm enemies are about the only improving but I don't think that was a turning now I don't think there was a dream hauler after a fantasy coming your friend I think those kind of now. You know that's me it's. No I you know it's it's weird because. I fed her frequent dreams about flying I've had frequent dreams about slid flying late to do is literally flying able to fly you know being able to New York slap my arms and go up in the arm towards her well more like swimming like breaststroke flies okay. Then I title and dreams about about you know being him trapped in water too that's Monday that recovers but. Those early this been awhile since I've had any kind of dream like that are frequently in this is and this is an income I think this is just stressed but I'll frequently. Had dreams about being pursued like in the lake by the a murderer something like that and and kind of wake up in my heart racing but in. Yes we're dreamlike at two when I was younger I had a dream and it was the worst thing oral but it. In the incredible hole which chasing arteries that have been incredible Hulk maybe that's okay XP yeah. Well he's it was it was a little for it now. As a XP was the it was an exit blooms of Dennis was he had been bruised and David general ray did and and I am running. But I'm not going anywhere I'm running I think that's right. It's reduced to one of the Scooby Doo things when he gets all scared to Dresser on results will be Lieberman's feeder just spinning out. But I don't or the weird dream where I fed in this got to be structurally Nevada. Where I'm in a room and there's no doors. So I can't get now. So I'm stuck in a room with no doors four walls and I just I can't go so. And you know what that kind of returning. I don't know I don't know boy we're gonna get all those answers with Cindy Miguel and just a few moments by the way the website if you're interested. Go to the website and click on the guest at you'll see a bio Cindy. Plus you'll be able to click on a link to check out her book. And her book is called what you're dreams are telling you and down here these are these are these are pretty fascinating. Those things to to investigate and to learn about. There SLR its so Lola will take quick break and only comeback who'll have our gas fuels and Jason NG feet. I'm Leon really really back just. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there. It's a reality linkage. Jean Pierre telephone numbers 8446877669. When we get into they're doing some real down and dirty dream. Analysis. Feel free to call and I know we are to have some people online get to hold a little bit because we're not quite ready to do that but we will your first in line so we'll get John. When we can but Tom yeah tennis become a long lines. It does it does again the numbers 8446877669. That are our guest tonight is Cindy Miguel. Cindy is the author of a book that is called what your dreams are telling you Cindy welcome to beyond reality radio is great to have you on the show tonight. Thanks coming on. This a great topic and there we always kid. A lot of lot of people asking questions when it comes down to dreams and just what they mean so this and I think and a lot of fun tonight. I. I don't can't be any direction people are having really impacting green so it's been a great journey per. Learning about it trying to put her daughter I monitoring it EO what it could be telling someone. Maybe that they haven't you know that what it really clear that they are training. No I was so many questions I've shown you do so many questions before even get to the dream part of this. I'm tell us about yourself Cindy an and I guess in some specific things about some of the things you've got your hands in so. Did you get started this when you get interested in and tell us. And probably the dreamer. I started during second or were a little girl. You know I could swam really longest stint under water ever. Year anti Italian treat me make me wonder what are looking forward having kind of victory. And it kind of all of the term outline. I'm. And I think women not. Been a spiritual I hurt and I am I would Ali looking or. Answers are true they're real identity or are there you know what we're here course so armed. All of keeping it light in. Beginning. Interpret my own green. Print green and then we started taken it out. Like in the marketplace and the street and the burning man. In Q different tactical and give Kirk why should it started realizing. We were the only one street. And am I did. Really happy that we caught my ear shall seeker on someone you. I'm more in and it got hard I mean so I do have that aspect in and it cannot wanted to find out. You know what is that went at aptly put your lately are a lot on that are in and what it art direction. And so in dream in being able to interpret. During it and not only helped me but it helped other people. I'm net in the your journey well. Elena comes down to interpreting dreams how do you mean little more at how do you know that what you're telling people is accurate on what their dream means. Well you know I kind of lip and I dealer and then I've talked about figuring and then they actually. The dreamer is the one who now. Shall come out. Approach it from a perspective and I feel knowing that I. Lipman you what I call the one you make them and an Ottawa and the matter and where they are inner life journey. And they aren't I begin you kind of unpack the during kind of like putting a couple together and win it begin to come together. At the picture warm. They are that one guy that is right on so I don't really held them at this writer Ron I let him get. It that you're you know it is it helping memory is right now. So we have about a minute before we have to jump into a break here and it's that's not enough time to get into anything too deep. But you mention the burning man now that's a pretty unique in an interesting event and what's your involvement with burning. And now right yeah well armed our house. I'm a mother and grandmother so I'm not get chicken out there. But we did it we haven't seen. At burning man that that particular that. May have a community. They call it lack. Are we not you know they're all out at burning man there are eager are people that are looking for answer in every your action is about a and day. Earring and a free expression mark Kyle and I thought. We have had been out here. Until we get we created a public street and one count and we perjury interpretation. We upper spiritual reading we hopper. You know true reflection all kind of acting to help people so. And I am now that. It was. Real popular. Thing to do even at people were meeting happened during interpreted we could literally have line of people waiting. In the heat trying get in our era where they get them information or clarity. On them that their. We're gonna get in all of this in a lot more than telephone number again C 446877669. The calls are lining up our guests to Sydney Miguel and their dreams. There will be back after. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality radio have books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Aren't our radio and ancient world and can assassinate the programs Jason on Stevie Johnson thanks for listening and all the great radio stations around the country and online. And we're always confuse those sentiments but it's par for the course but thanks for tuning in and everybody yes. Odds and we're talking about dreams we've got Cindy Miguel as a guest and she's the author of the book called what your dreams are telling you unlocking solutions while you sleep. We're going to be talking about dream interpretation of phone lines are busy already but. If you have something you might they have explained had a dream that you remember from awhile ago or you get something recurring her head to the last night in just one explanation. Give us equality for 46877669. Now a Cindy. Reading your bio and everything I also sees that you also have booths at porn conventions. Around the country I know now that has to be some crazy dreams you'd hear at those. You know you actually think it would be tree. Because of the environment we find about. That talent PR people that are involved in the industry are actually dreaming that. Pertain to their art work. Our partner ad environment so. Are really great. Discovered acting or out of a locker around the table is I'm Mon. Now. A lot. More acting and break a lot more and around. I can't really wanna be able to help them recover and part now that. Possibly I haven't seen it and I am so it worked well. Is it a more contention at. Really any kind of skeptical that we got a cute. You know we can't find very impacting gearing people have pat that they can't shake off they can't. Forget it or they had more than 10. It's just I mainly trying to help out there what do you tan and just me me. Up and let everybody know a year there for them. Right yeah are basically. Sound and drink I'll get up there you know because we. Were depicted excited secret agreement bear talent. And then we wanna be able to play here we think it could mean for you or your leg and direction that could be good for you on him out. We have full full mines and we'll get to those as soon but I wanna know is still a science behind the interpretation of dreams. Version an art form worry is there something else to play. You know army. Acting. Well I think it depends on. Basically telling a dream and I listened to very intently at the number one. Optical. Would have been a pretty much up outlook on. And then I listened intently to what you're saying. So that I can kind of entering the dreamlike. And what I do it a picture army in Winnipeg and here I can describe what I see. And then it begins you unpack our all sport. And many time have to do with your. Either there are obstacle in their lives or their direction their lives or something that in her all about. That would actually. They're desk in the order her. Oh I'm. Sorry I didn't mean I'd. I learned more from bottom. You know and spiritual protected you because you know we are one or beer so it may now that we did that begin Q. Look at it from. You know more your upper back and make you Wear and a little different than some of the other dream interpreter out here. Is some kind of standard markers when it comes to interpreting dreams for example. Does the dream of flying mean always means something or. There's a dream of getting in an accident always mean something neither are their standards or is everything completely different just depending on the circumstances. And different depending on certain that when I'm interpreting. A dream about line Ali are. The act and I think eight and given again. They're they're gifted in a way that vacant seat of my higher level or from another respect and they were. They had our guys. Out there how many people have line injury and they're able you overcome optical there get a trouble are troubling circumstances. And they are looking and using Berman our level I'm in usually people they had wind during cracked down. Are 01. Can note before they happen. You know they'll they'll know something ran on the pumping out. A situation or from an error about not hard worker or are anything like it ain't no equal it happened. So. I would call it a prophetic yeah yeah yeah. You know being able under the future. Now does that matter though how they're flying I mean if there are doing a Superman flyer that during the breaststroke and admire. These are secret of yeah JV as the screen but he's doing breast strokes to be a fly. Is that I don't Iowa I mean this is is that something different then. Some some buddies having it in the two billion Superman and this. I think that would help me it adventure. And that's why would who would do the breaststroke isn't. It and I. Got. Up. But Emanuel totally different go to breaststroke in the air than reducing American. Parent. OK. When. Call phone lines are gonna turn to pepper some of these calls the broader discussion here's a let's go to the phones bring in not. Sean from North Carolina show on your on beyond reality radio thanks opponent. Around times Craig had band welcomes the show. Am I have a recurring dream that it absolutely. Horrible. Ernie. I'm Anna Annie had a counter him and I know it and expect our camera I'm not gonna lie. I've only been at Texas one time and never had a problem in excess on excess. I am an eminent or programme and I wake up and my whole recover animate them planes. And I'm coughing a nagging. Can't breathe I ran out I'm trying to help people get out and nobody can see me I am I rush out. And I'm trying to help people. I. Am this man pulled me aside. And help me. And nobody. Can see me because I'd die who. Now is this and this is something you have frequently. And I've probably had it. I don't know. I probably had every decade. And I've had bad news. I don't know probably when he. And maybe Cindy would think that I'll. A lot of time. Yeah Allen. And asking your you know hotel. And meet our short stay or don't really. Egypt. Our air. Very you know car are very short time and not be here and I'm actually armed. But I think that you are not at. Your heel are out of your control explain everywhere. Trying to help him in. You feel at her or her acting eager theory. And how old are you actually are there. Kind of hard on am. And I also think that your. You know because people that would make you because you get it doesn't mean you're at it means that. What you Carrey. Is not being recognized or or possibly use it. You know you're in and out. You know it should play where you feel like I'm I'm not being hurt or being. Seen or I'm trying to help I'm I'm really not. If not being note that you know or something. And I want to say that because it was accurate and not know where you are that your current torture Einar. Mean that I better not let them. Yeah I'm in and he at. One time. Didn't end. What YouTube in the dream is there anything in there it gives you a real tiger direct I don't aren't. I just never had access it's weird and yelling she couldn't. I have never even thought of going to Texas again really because I don't mean I have a different from I called and I know I'll bet live and exit you know. I've never even got a going Baird and pat I am going to Texas next year. And now I'm into my commitment to. No you know I can't you're wearing ribbons of prominence in the town. I'm worried about. The girl I don't think you're going to be an apple. And are breaking out. People are there. I think what idiot is. Something that your optical or some sort of an opt for a pat. You're making your whole lot. And I believe that you're probably getting some freedom from you're not going to be armed. Stuck in a situation where you feel like your under appreciated or un seen. Or in when you're trying to help. I actually like you got. You know you'd have a big heart. I see about. Acting that you're in gipper like all over the place and. And I don't think a literal or is something in your mindset or in your experience. That had trained you to being. I'm incapable. I'm not seen or they see neat because it matter what irks and actually gonna come into online people are gonna begin she. Pay attention to what you've done them all their lives or people that you haven't really even around the hell. Armed. I'm gonna go bad in league. In a hotel and a short guy something that you know man it's just you frequent you'd go in and out and it now that was Hal. In your house and it would be a different story. But because it you know place and won an and a you know an fire or out of your intro. I'm gonna say and it has did you recuperate after coming. Great thanks for the call Sean North Carolina appreciate that will take more calls we're gonna go to break it's beyond reality radio Jason NG here telefono receipts for four. 687766. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and apply and is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there. Just down the West Coast the East Coast many are stuck somewhere in between now welcomed me on really hearing you missiles Jason Hawes and in the hallways Orson. GB John I think worse stuck in the Twilight Zone we just got abducted ourselves there we were we go to the old too this is something that is very very strange just happened to us here and a lower back that's in there we were talking about aliens are black mean. Last time that happened was months ago or talk Eminem black remembered everything shut down yeah usually we certainly wasn't secret government program or something and then everything just just stone mysteriously or guest disappears or something like that happens. It's it's the SARS stuff we're really talking. With Cindy Miguel here again in just a few moments talking about dreams we got full phone lines will give the number out it's a 446877669. Hopefully you get rule. But tomorrow night we're going to be talking about the Sundance kid no. Anybody who knows anything about the wild west and all these outlaws he's thrown around Billy the Kid and whoever else was there. Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kazaa are legends in this guy Jerry nickel. It tells his own real life story about finding out he's the great grandson of the Sundance kid he tells all about the life of the Sundance kid. Disease it is illegal for crime. And Jerry nickel and a model. We're gonna have to ask him if he's following in his grand great grandfather's footsteps human part of the bush casting grabber whenever than they did out there. And then third we're gonna talk it was very taxing our producer. Of the forthcoming documentary I killed JFK. Which features interviews with the only person to have ever convey that I confessed. Two killing president Kennedy. An and I am the great thing is in my we're having him on we have talked about JFK in the past by. May 31. Minimum legal actually beat in 250. Movie theaters across the country. And data coincides would John F Kennedy's 100 birthday so it's kind of a time wise we knew we expect to have him. Again you know we were we that we had talked to a JFK very recently we thought maybe we should move this one but Tom it the timing is perfect it's we really need to do that I think we're gonna have us another guest on as well. Thursday nights we'll have kind of a split show but done this discussion by JFK and the only man to have ever confessed to being part of the assassination plot. On this part of the documentary so we talk about that such a critical. Have solar cell. Ariza will take a quick break him when we come back that we get that out the other way and when we come back we have Cindy McGill line and we'd take your calls are talking about your dreams are you listened Jason GDP generally pretty. Beyond reality radio Jason's on TV Johnson thanks everybody for listening with your listening one of the great radio stations that carry the show or online we welcome you all and thanks for being here. If you haven't Emmy she had over like face. Look dot com slash beyond reality radio. And had to be unreality reviewed Doug Tommy could download the free iPhone and android app rate there we can listen to show from the happy to listen to pass shows. Chat live during the show and so much more and it's all free or just find one of the great stations we are on a cross country the cigarette on the on reality radio dot com 100 stations list. Yeah we're under we had a great start to the program on talking with our guest Cindy McGill she's a dream interpreter book is what your dreams are telling you. We had a bunch of phone calls an awesome Teamsters we get abducted for a little while but we are back in the spring Cindy back in the program city. Thanks so I let bearing witness their you know sometimes these things you out of our control hall and armor at the mercy of whatever technologies we rely on and that's kind of the case but we're back in thank you so much for all the non. Oh yeah. And I think Tibet and the duties jump break back into the phones because we've had a lot of people waiting for a long time. So let's go to Mike in South Carolina Mike welcome beyond reality radio great to have you on tonight. I got there are sure. I. Had a couple not really questions but I was wondering. On the percentage of people that have police say dreaming. Blake was saying these spot on May be like. 75%. Of people have lucid dreaming NATO realizes. So I you know I changed its needs you know. Well you know drinking mineral content in we hear a lot. Have you are looking or they're connected with my should they. They can do dreamy I don't know. How many people here. I really like letting it during a play out well because that would you get it here message not really controlling. Imagery. I'm Oppenheim. We're weekend median survival mode. In line and I think with that training we Tryon. Redirected dreamers are trying to make it whatever. We want it to prior week you know can make our situation better. Shuttle arm I really don't know the percentage of people app that. I kind of like he'll let it play out accurate records. In a little bit because. Ultimately. We end up with Anemia. That we're not manipulating. Learn more Christian before you guys on the way to get out I mean I pretty much remember writer and every single night. And pat. I've. Have sleep paralysis. A lot of times and like old actor so whatever you know I feel I'm sitting on my chest while I'm pat and then out of actually a lot. And then I meet few people who trying to understand it but I did have a dream last week to where I. I've been during a lot about Nate. And I hadn't YE and yellows snake in my victory. And it was determined that and the McConnell and I was by myself the whole time which is strange usually in monitoring them surrounded by people. But I came to like a waiting hello Nate and it was at and in my dream. I was wondering is there any interpretation and activate. When I looked it up and grew I looked it up on a lot of things. Yeah I knew that you had it last week. He wrote a week with a white and yellow. Yeah out and you were in a tunnel. Usually when you have to Wear your and I tunnel and it hey something like. It you're isolated. You are wait Iran like. Around a lot of people are isolated in a white and yellow. I'll probably have to deal with. It something that would. Present a threat you. A caution yellow and usually hot or pay attention had that kind of like a yellow light at a stop light you know. And why it would be something like. Are all. Kind of look like all purity like something that you'd think well look like it could harm her or whatever. I it is that the end of it that the after the eight week and I think it hard at some sort of threat I would call him a warning jury. I would say that whatever would go aren't last week in your lie. Is something about bring them out of action the life bring something into a lie that you. Feel like you couldn't. That you could share you. You know come out of the end of the tunnel and out of eight. A place where you would be. They may be subject to. Something era coming after you it would be I that would take take caution. You know K copies can make there are usually lies there long he'll do a good appetite being election really I. Lightning and hearing different meaning. But I don't usually makes they're not our brand. They're not elect. Fear out there on animal like you bears. Now it can't quite a warning dream I think bring it struck out a life you know I don't feel like you don't have. People around you to support you and ask. Situation or something that you feel like her all alone are eager and a tunnel tunnel her. Passed through places Oppenheim with you know trained and that kind of thing but it also had darkly something where you don't have a lot of clarity have. You know it'd it'd dark spot. Thanks for the call Mike let's move on to marked. Who's also in South Carolina mark welcome to beyond reality radio great to have known. Eight game days send me. Little thing here by not father passed away. Error in view flashier. And we had a different relationship. He it was a controlling my hand. You know a bit about how her years. Never drain about. Actress patch thing. There's a lot of anger is coming up on the and we still haven't had because there. Probably the BA but he should order the murdering a lot and I don't really know what. Melanie how can hear my father. It's it's controller we had some issues. And under under a dollar and white shoulder wondering. And an all out Greg Greg Greg artery through their current generation Japanese. Erik same barriers there Lewis Lewis let her finger. And I. L when he shocker in the Gary. It clear that communication between you or are you able. A little bit you know shaky on your relationship work. I feel like possibly. Usually. It not hands showing up the memory or a marked something that you remembered or hit his influence in your mind coming. And gotten. And possibly their act healing that could take place. With him coming in your dream like out what he couldn't do honor. Now you know the memory or what key hit and can't lies you know I think about. Urging people hurt people. And it not intentional usually people don't really mean to hurt each other at least I don't think they do. And I feel like when you got a situation like you to griped. When he began to show up in your dream they're firm order. Of them ending or. You know to something that he he want to communicate Qiyue. So that you don't carry the pain. Or Adobe. Uncertainty org you know or misunderstanding. Direct to rely on her well right up there I'm still here. I mean I what I mean they are saying because. Well in the last. Probably forty days to reply. He was certainly out of the hospital. And I don't follow us everywhere and it's pretty airmen and in and India where we caught trying to that it filed Thursday. Is that you know there and you know he. We're talking about certain is basically yeah it will no dispute that match there. Out every area were talking about me where there's something about why and how are. Why now. He's pretty good our our bodies that are well. We may not mean I'll separate you know we go item under our current wire and an anchor well though was murdered a much. Well in hand and then. A week only report. Bacterial. Infections. Or bacteria Horry it was an ammonia that while murders very column. Wearing while battered and the lesser yeah it's were relentless. In ramadi. Generate an injury as well she I mean she's she's just very embarrassed of what scored at all. Our current in the background or so uncertain what he's got them already you're prepared and is well. Or ignore that from school. So whenever trailers where we're not seeing him a week all the Sunday. And that's that's some talent and then the next it was a great weapons and we'll also argue that was he'd eight. And. Armor source of our actions urged yours here here and neither. Are our partners. Yeah I think healing and closure. Accusing the other. You know healing. You know healing and closure. I mean you know we're connected no matter what we see you right here. You know the people we grew up with her hair and Brandon they're all kind of people thinking Tom in green alarm. You know Q and the message you latch you know and acting and I feel like per unit. I'm healing and it closer it is Obama I. You know. Apple. You know I think he tried in in light that you could. Q a Permian and and I think that's probably why Adrian about. Yes thanks for the mark we were we appreciate your phone call we don't have time to take another call before we had to break but it we do have time for question I want to ask this one. So why are there certain red flags that you would warn people to watch out for in their dreams and might have something either sinister or. Harbinger of of something impending that they needed Dresser health scares are something in in in dreams that you see. That you would tell people hey if you have this you need to see you need to see somebody to get some help. Yeah I think there are the kind of warning your acting and you know I've got about four lifted. A category during punishable by that. Warning during her our government inning I mean have dreamed of being up front door. On Frontline. Arm anything Brian. How that kind of think it has a new future saying. Door to do acting. Armed if you're running two something or you're exploring new territory. I had to do your future that I did you think that you be drinking and you do you have. Our in my book they're actually a warning injury when a young man who ran out at our door a Crockett art. And shot. And time now lying on the ground I'd die by a gang related shooting and got. And the interpretation was you. Didn't awarding during. You know you're you're in a. Situation you're hanging out with your hand out company with people that don't have. Your best interest in fact that you take our and they're need to be a complete and total interest and direction that work. Armed. Begin do you do it connects from. You don't put people that you're hanging out with the gang members and mean he broke down. Realized it was exactly that what are the for telling during. That it don't stop now good is your future or very well be our future. And dom he was very thankful that he got that information. Thing we're getting very GO. That story actually and my vote. To those to the country our dreams come from a process in the brain whereby. Maybe I subconsciously you know you're involved in something that could be dangerous to viewers or something more spiritual. Or I mean something else at play. We've got about a minute. Out. Out I think you know we're complex. People I mean we're all that together that we are not going director and how do I mean that's where my. During interpretation comes around their front. Being able and I look got worn under. Armed and when they don't even know he warned them and so I'm. But the what I and my my wife does me well and we don't really have enough time to answer that but would that this question only come back over and think the answer. If god gives us directions through dreams then why aim most of the time can't we remember our dream. And it does well. But he had plenty of value arm and another where they become a real source of important information and the more you valued them or. Okay you'll be able to remote arm. Art so we're gonna take a quick break and we come back and more with Cindy McGill. You listening Jason NG. Yes so I also had always had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio make she'll like that page. And dad over to me on really radio dot com and download the IOS over the Internet. Are you listen to Jason. JB MB I'm really radio talk. And reality radio and Jason James. We're talking with singing McGill she's a dream interpreter and also an author her book is so what your dreams are telling you. The website is Cindy McGill dot com you can also find information about Cindy on the beyond reality read USA it's go to the guest tab. On the website and you can get information they're linked to the book and everything. Yes we try to make it nice and easy and everything rate therefore so are assaults you can look who's talking about dreams as we eventually we got to make sure we cover some of your dreams unity I don't know. Sucks but what are. Before we do what and number wonder. What the number wonder journal candles. I'll keep calling teeth falling out. And once these what's the significance of that. Here on in danger. Of the hall you know anything you'd ego like when you don't have the Pentagon in Allen. And around but it did it and I'm wondering on all over the world. And you can't get away her dressed up calling it our. Let's go to the song mine again in the spring Joseph from Indiana into the program Joseph welcome to ground reality radio great debt beyond. Show. Go area. Our credit Bernard Law of credit here and everything yeah Arctic. There have bright look there really aren't good at it here. On. There you were totaled but eleven call on our current. About whenever you're baby Eric Felder the spirit can't ought. At. He. It would it would aren't. Or. In your book you would come down and look at all. It on around him that there are very prep or spoke to bare all and our. This happened on the part of it happened frequently. Carpet paper. Here at. Cola. In your car or Kurt. And typical mark or. And then art completely period are you a bit of ever. I never heard that current. Curt Hebert walker are here. I'm wondering your early November the career. Wandered yeah. There would be in there now that I do. There it up remarked that ever Arab. There. Why it out. You know first first clearly were very search for your loss. But what are there what you're saying is you've had this dream over and over prior to your son's death. Yeah ordered whenever you would elaborate oh. And and we always been you know there. The loot that during the him that he or thought about that. I don't know that was our bank. Art it's still a dream come on board vote in. Cart on my wife. You're broker dealer but they're cute but I would are well. I got going marked it there during. I'll vote record Mark Bell. Repeated but it. Arthur are like my belt but we got booted because my wired or we're art area of the current battle there. A war here. Aren't actually yelled out Kirchner. You know Mark Green and it been now or are you know. And they are not like my belt up and down because there is art and they'll partner and and what broke up the bill would be here you know you're it was both in what happens all the aren't really honored you're. He like he might go up and bulk. It's no amount and let me understand that agreement now again and sorry for your. And injuring it now what you're it. Come and run around here. Is that. They're here who come on mark as a trial. As a base as a child. As a part of our own and it's going around in the prepared. And and I would sell him a I called up forward there boat under. What would be asked Eric outlook. There I would tell him I was very up or Oprah. Oh and you collapse the Arctic Eric lap all aware. You'd better. Bryant. And an art that started when he got up and that during the year. Am. You know I I feel like around. I'll bet they're playing for their place. And that each arm and I feel like. You know. Year. Medicaid what that what is. OK for now and they're. I want every minute any guilt you know for him like he could have done something you'd make the situation to occur and I YouTube and. But I feel like bring our other car. And I feel like that you harm. You know you. You felt so deeply for your arm had such a partner heart compassion and a real good relationship with. Vietnam. And I think there. It was just it was all right. Securing that relationship together and because at eleven I don't think you could. Coming I don't think that it was anything net com you're you would have been responsible do you. I think that you have IKEA and possibly you know you you did know something or you had that in carnation. There was something more. And just him running around into the bad. You know that was in an act that may. In your time. And now. You know these these kind of during a very typical and very hard. You know. You know you always think we dealt with it before with other people who lost. Children may block there. At the Al. Situation. Maybe not. Parker running around in Tibet that they had other saying that they thought I'd if I had only our. Or. This situation in current and. I just think that you are such a father. A loving heart. I hear me out and I. This just. You know one of those things that you said that during her stop and. And it pat Ryan. It got a certain way I cover. Edit it very hard you know. And yeah. Whenever Woodward books are. Never Hannity and nope never heard why are. Our door during a vial. They're under heaven. Yeah I do yoga and order or are you I don't know it was ordered. There are I don't 10000 pampered know yet on their right. The words he heard in my mind though that your report that curt out. I don't understand. There. I heard the anchor it was like the anchor your relationship. You Wear the daddy and Hebert. Like a little that you are a little bit and it meant to him that he would Ali you know coming in and out. And it would indeterminate time when you're at a slight upper or C and you would be my arm band and he and you. Are getting you know how to you know bad boy you act and yet I think. Again it revealed to me something about our hearts arm and our. Rare. Even though you're on you know may not be on your anymore you don't have an. I feel like they're a top legal UB. You know giving you'll be able to really help. Them of these young kid and some people like get under the weight. That you were with your turn. I want to and that key because I really like. You know that that doesn't go away. And down. And so I'm I feel that because that green had. There was some closer. I believe that you don't have that. That father heart in the how many young. People now we definitely need some guidance and direction and the clay on the Irma mainland from a father. And I am now. Well thank yet thank you for the call Joseph and again there are around you know our our Sar reverse our. The deepest condolences for your loss Carol was it was a while ago but still that's that's a pain never goes away. Were gonna quickly grew move on here we do have a lot of people we're not gonna get to everyone but this is Angela from Ohio Angela. Welcome to beyond reality radio and a standing on. I'm entered carrying recently. And he can understand pain and take command and I took camera goes who actually November he eighteen incident took care. And I I think it was really I can't make heads or tell what it means. I wondered can actually told me. That. My brother looked a lot and it's. And ten euros in a heart dragging down. The street. But you'd see at a net when nearly killed the opposite direction it. And I slowed down. And look at my mom's house. Either do my mom count my mom can't wait four years ago. Interviewed live Internet and I just told us out a month cycle ago Carol. I looked at my mom and count. It's a tight race for all looked into a huge. Same window which my mom doesn't hand the gold closed indie hit scene during her current spectrum my Brothers hit in mind that Christians here. And that's when I woke up. But he would still check. You to get you there. A lot. Yeah and cash out. And you were driving a car in different directions would normally. Got AM eastern. Right. And what that the car you have now. What that your daughter knew it would molecular. Yeah. Yeah I you know I I feel like windows arm get back in time. They give us something to look through something that is all. And out. And it would it has to do you again. You know being able to see because she came you came at a house from a different direction. So that helped me at. You've got. Some new direction. For you to go in and you know net. And your family. Your your brother and your mother arms. Are okay. And that's why you had the window to see them sitting in the chair and labor it ran and. And to me things are Newhart right there actually are gonna begin to open up for. And so think maybe you haven't done or seen or make you live C four shuttle arm. I just feel like and it was it's kind of almost a good during that you're doing to help me here. You are moving our you know your. Year and at the present wagering because it's your car. It would give her car or are. They earned in the during. Yeah. No thanks for the call Angela we appreciate you listening appreciate you calling in. Sunni were to try to squeeze one more in and then we're just going to be at a time it's gone by quickly we had a little technically true but at. Let's go to around Carroll in Arizona Carol welcome to beyond reality radio greater beyond. I think you. OK so I dreamed I was walking up to a newspaper box. I reached inside a newspaper there were only a few that reform and I thought when I thought with the newspaper but it went in the newspaper was the comic. The comics section and I completely backward thankful that it. Are on the upside down maybe chew I didn't vote on anything I knew that it would like that. Acute pain H colorful spread. On Gelman. It was in the newspaper box I was looking inside a metal box. And in place of the newspaper box with this mailbox to the blue. They retreat packages in try brown paper wrapping like you know mailing raping. And so. The retreat packages and the pop which kind of like inside the book may be the one that release may be a bit bigger but flatter than the bottom more and looked like the biggest in class. So. Epic victory. Actually. You know you're looking for news. You're looking forward on an advantage. And I think that you have three messages telling you and three different. End. Get why she got. Because it it turned into a mailbox it would burst newspaper box and it would comic. Oh you were expecting act which helped yet on the lighter side it okay color all and it wasn't. To grab and it crept in color and that turned and you. You at a mailbox which will pull it which is typically the collar. And then there were three packages. And I believe that you're getting ready she's out. Three different messages are three different or cry or work something good and other we're them. Some good information some good. Proprietary or or something you haven't seen the port number four are coming your way and there are going to be deliberate G. Carol Carol thanks yet Carol thank you further call were to simply out of time to send the we we we're gonna click to go here but. Thank you so much for her so much time with us and again the book on what are your dreams are telling you. It's available. On the beyond reality radio website but it where else can people find information about the book and you. Yeah I can just under a black vote and you haven't gone. Is on Amazon. And it aren't in the oval and you cannot forget it on the wet side and it it re. Easy to understand they're entering journal and the act. There's a cot Campbell opened in the back. And and there are some good guidance on how lucky not over interpret the leader. Oh it is a thrilling try to make. An invention dream and different things and there. To help people a lot. Speaker and things that they haven't our possibilities. And really at war now. Well thank you so much for Annan and and we look forward to talking you again. They haven't. Thank you so much Cindy Miguel. Her website is singing the deal done and the book is what your dreams are telling you we're gonna take a quick break we've got more when I'm. Lot of time talking about. Hi dodged them certain a funny thing was I know that's what you put the put the last caller. Think that's what or a that's because you really can't put you yeah I just think he he returned to make a so I didn't have any room. No I would never do that yes. It. It's just in the McGill for joining us and apologize for the technical difficulties which cut it cut her discussion short ball back conjures great. Yeah absolutely and tomorrow night were talking with Jerry Nichols. Who pretty much found out that he was their relatives to the Sundance kid the famed and infamous Sundance kid which an annual a lot of Billy the Kid. But don't come Sundance and and nothing known anything but Kid Rock is in the same kid rock and oh yeah attitude surely you have to have. In my cute Kid Rock one thing it. People should be looking at their calendars and marking is a coming up on June 2 is says scare con Springfield Massachusetts and Jason and I will be their Steve will be there. Cain hotter camera under employed Jason and try to third and I actually have some amazing news and cigar I do have time to announce this and has been announced anywhere else I just talked to. The producer of a film called death house which was written by Gunner Hanson. Who played. A leather face in the you're is original Texas chainsaw Amanda massacre he finish this script. And down and sadly he cut pancreatic cancer and died three weeks after he finished it but his dream was to see this thing come true the horror community came together. They made this movie it's the most anticipated film in horror. On in the last twenty years and we we are going to premiere first time it's been screened ever. At scare con. The weakening June 2 third and fourth knights did it's it's pretty exciting. Carol thanks everybody for tuning in tonight get over lake FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And head over to beyond really radio dot com and download the free. IOS an injury that. I make sure you tune in tomorrow night we had a great show this Jason NGV everybody have a great night. It's to discuss its in its season Johnson. Colonel don't forget to stop playing our FaceBook page and give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality read you all one word. If you've got information you want. To follow what pond or anyone to beat Gaston beyond reality radio and email to sleep getting a that's this linking any ED DY and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.