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New information about the JFK assassination & dream interpretation

May 19, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to film producer Barry Katz during the first hour about his documentary - I Killed JFK - which will be screened in theaters across the country for one night - May 31- what would have been JFK's 100th birthday. The film features the only confession from a man who claims to have been the shooter of the fatal bullet. IN the second hour, Cindy McGill returns and offers listener dream interpretations. 5/19/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. Our our West Coast Friday and the East Coast big shout out thanks for tuning in beyond reality radio so Jason arsenic co host TV Johnson doing all right you sound a little stuff fees a little bit stuffy and I got a fever and it's been our office for a couple days she is meant agendas nothing worse than a spring cold there were any kind of spring when he gets hot outside just can't get comfortable with so should get a fever and assistance. Clan it's just and it's one of those things and and you know me I'm one of those people who it's later refused to go to a doctor at some point in my death bed and Dario spun. Some changes gonna go get a book. You know right now Tim or Jason the pretty interesting here beak. Is this always mixed freaks me out a little bit you know you watch the clock in him some people of certain numbers and 1111 is always wanted to always shows are always a spike just looked over my clock which also has a thermometer on it and the temperature here in the studio. 66 point six degrees. 666. Go to I don't have to leave now home. Yet at how. It's kind of creepy man says that welcomed the show everybody it's beyond reality radio Jason and javy so happy to have everybody along welcome to all the radio stations that are during the show across the country including the news stations I mean we just added a key DT on taxes and other stations and other station in Texas and a great to have them along and everybody in that market listening welcome to the program that he better write this down you're gonna need it the telephone numbers 8446877669. And we've got. A pretty interesting show tonight because we're gonna do and split thing your retirement from march yet we had we had Cindy. Miguel on a couple nights ago we had that that data failure and we lost contact and and about fifteen minutes the show kind of just disappeared. On and so we decided to give sending up and there were so many caller so many people were looking for dream interpretations that we're gonna bring Iran again for the second half the Tonight Show. So we're going to be talking to start off with a Barry Katz producer Oren. Documentary I killed JFK which features interviews the only person to have effort confessed. To killing president Kennedy. Hum in the main thing is honestly mark on May 31 this movie opens up in 250. Movie theaters across the country. And that also coincides would John F Kennedy's 100 burst. Yes and it's a pretty cool time for this to come out and the interesting thing is that it's sound you know this is a story in a mystery that has been plaguing people for the better part of why -- years we talking now. 405050. Plus years. And down. You know it's something that that there are so many theories there are some so much speculation there are some questions really and we just. Quote you know the official report the Warren commission's report which has been deemed to be inaccurate at best. Arm and then subsequent congressional investigations they they try to answer questions and every time they convene and talk about the stuff what they end up doing is creating more questions. All. And I mean you what do you what's your thought do you think that the government had something to do with with John F. Kennedy. The being assassinated. I think there were concurrent. Conspiracies going on that may not have necessarily been directly tied to the assassination of JFK but we're subversive to JFK and then there was us and assassination. As well. But you know what everytime I hear a new story or hear someone else talking in our guests sites can present a whole bunch of new ideas. You know I I start to rethink it and that's the problem with this mystery there's no definitive answer. And we can't get enough evidence to sport any one theory so therefore the mystery continues. Yeah why in the summer it's a seems to go on the government is truly never ruling now so you don't I don't you just don't need every day we learn things about. The government's hand in certain projects are certain researcher this this biological weaponry that. Mistake over here and you know they deny deny deny and then also know yeah yeah that's true in many have to say one how many of these other things of people are saying and actually trumps absolutely sucks and agree that yes there's so much to talk about I'm really excited the bring Barry Katz on and talk about this film I killed JFK. Which features a number of interviews for particularly one with the only person. Who's ever confessed to being a gunman in the JFK assassination and killing the killing president Kennedy. All of me into seemed also talk with them and just look at what that. How that guy has actually tied into this whole thing can you know that there's going to be people Alter who admitted to who would gladly admit to doing it just for the same office. Yeah and now where's the evidence to support for this guy is actually these guys and that's what I'm really looking forward Eric. Yes and that's what will be talking about is very when we bring him on time and then in like we said and our second hour we're going to have seeming Gil come back on. So if you've got dreams you couldn't get in before he wanted to get some interpretation on those those calls you can start toward the second as we approach second or. Even more important remember that I can ask about Jimmy's dream as he's going to he's coming off. So there's somebody out there's gonna have to pollen and ask budget restraint I think we've all had plenty of explanations about the address. I think dead that that dream has been explained to death with a but he just when he heard again I just like put me on the spot they do you care about this teenager bridges built the world's smallest. And long white satellite. In NASA's actually gonna launch an. Mean Harry but is now senator different NASA notices the actual the real mess a real Massa and you know eye opener about the dead and Indian teenager has won an international competition and build a functioning satellite. Not only has he produced what is reportedly the world's latest satellite device NASA is also agreed to launch it next month. The tiny satellite weighs just 64. Grams. That's point 14 pounds if you're going to arm and it'll embarked on for our sub orbital mission. Launch from NASA's wallop flight facility in Virginia and June 21. Was positioned in microgravity. Its main objective will be to test center ability of its extremely late 3-D printed case. There's so. And they see his. We as DC eaten person says we just designed it completely from scratch. Eighteen year old rusty short ruled told business standard. They'll have a new kind of on board computer and he built in sensors to met measure acceleration rotation. And the magnetic. Magnetics. Of the earth. So this is why I mean the printing and three printed satellites now. Well it's I don't I can you begin to understand the whole lot of potential of the 3-D printing revolution but as you know we've talked about on the program the term of 3-D printing organs and replacement limbs and and homes are gonna building homes with 3-D printers anymore. Just a material that they can use and I think that that's a big thing is when they first started three printing it was just mainly the the PVC type plastics they're using. But now they have some three printers and actually print in metal. Now he print and metal that's just amazing. I don't know. I don't know either unemployed you know I mean these these new technologies into their hard to beat your hands around when you still brick and mortar style you'll be an old style stuff at target hearted invasion and but Thomas certainly revolutionized. Counsel and our desire to bring that up because it's just it's wild and it's it's incredible also see that this. It's just a teenager in the they've built this stuff completely from scratch and that's amaze. Are able to take a break and when we come back we're gonna bring our guest in Derry cancer going to be talking about his film. I killed JFK we're gonna get some answers tonight. Aaron Tulsa too because he says it making it a fair and happens with seven before. Are you listen Jason did a. England's best weekend of the year it's scary talk. Horror and pop culture convention June 2 through fourth at the mass mutual center in Springfield come meet in England this Liberty City. I mean car chase in caught Steve Gonzales it was a little changed to fall and so many. House it's all part of your mission and Friday night's exclusive celebrity VIP party Saturday night it's the monster party with costume contest it's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found it scary conduct. On that scare con dot com. Its. Meaning there. Is this chilling G and. To fly a source Rex flying around here senator Sharon this gigantic it's one of those. Mikey look at you in the town sustained staying airborne it's gigantic and keeps flying around my head as they do every tomato to turn the microphone last number I went on merit so it hit 95 degrees today here or Ireland. I went on a jet ski for light. Half are far to go see my father and one among the jet ski. All walks. Literally I'm doing much 4550 inch Eskew and you know your shorts a flop around though law schools run by that I grabbed my -- election center and that was not a good experience now that's scary and do you would you jump up now just you know anyway he got me oh he's always you got me you know he's a choice PS thank items on the outer part of lightly but still it was such and such a horrible. Okay. That has nothing to do what we're about to talk about. On the assassination of John F. Kennedy as men bit of a sore spot in American history not only because it happened. But because the aftermath of it is still somewhat on resolved I mean there's an official version and then there's second official version and then there's a third official version and then their all the other versions which. In many cases seem more plausible many in any of the official versions there's like a hundred different. Yeah things are exposed what happened to Jones will be interest yet our guest tonight Barry cast Katz is a producer of a film that is going to air one night only. It's gonna be seen in theaters around the country. About 250. Theaters it's called I killed JFK let's bring very end. And welcome under the program very welcome to beyond reality radio were really anxious to have this conversation now with you tonight and learn what this film that is going to show on May 31. Is gonna tell us. But also longer to be here and really you're and so I'm really just. I was gonna show who's got access. While I don't I'm excited to open up. Some recent interest payments also interstate victory. Yet she actually is really fascinating and we had a lot of fun with her but right now we're going to be talking about JFK now. My first question is do you know what point in your life did this whole did the JFK assassination become. Something that fascinated unit that made you consider pursuing. A film about it. Great question you remember when I was young cute. In my kitchen island what we're saying conditions land you know when you're behind. The and they're crying your shoulders are surely opened Allen. And I noticed you crying and on the count or virtue like the and playing the funeral. Chair Terry is it struck me. And it always stayed with me because I just wanted to know. What happened I wanted to know the truth now I'm like you know I have a dog get started on ala. Conspiracy. Theorists and every day at my law. They're searching for the answer. If you know anything about me at the task all the standard it. In all different kinds of people from and what are you and me and I'm not like it's all about war mixture Earl. So fantastic. About great story and I wanted. In the old what what's happening through the eyes of people who have dedicated their lives to figuring out. True and the in this documentary not only out. Exclusive and each stick a rare footage I'm the only thing purse ever admitted killing. Democrats roll over twenty different other people who are well educated. Reputable. People do crisscross and tell similar stories about what happened. He national security by record that I've current. And tiger will war them in the jury. To Lee Harvey Oswald lover. And every cut it to the guy it was a newspaper reporter in 1960. Recovery story should be yep I actually each and the guy you. So there's all these stories. That would come together and I'm just fascinated by it. And I can we honestly. If you know me I'm able to think I'm already. I'm not a draw because I. I started as a standup comedian. But there's something about content in tragedy that go together that brought you know true yen. And the stories here were purchased. Their mind boggling and may your bowl. And when you watched this movie it will change your life. And your perception and what. Now did you go into this within the decision in your mind as to what happened weather was the official version or the the second official version northern Jim Garrison version or any other version. It's out there of that assassination of what the conspiracy was did you have one that you can arrested wins before you made this film. You know this is all that I hadn't I'm inside ball will tell. Again what happened and end up to. The intruder well. Is beaten and watched Phil. In the history in the world bigger than any spill ever on YouTube. And the same year that people it's hard to wrap around. But in 1963. There was no YouTube. There wasn't or Internet. So even though this intruder and this was a bit and the government had it in people and it. Short on national television would get are. Getting shot. So nobody had to act is that still work these dated fifth beatle football where the girl on the bar. You're girl yeah Isiah Thomas swear that the fan in the arena. Our game. But there was no evidence. That worldwide. Public. And so what make the Warren commission. Put together the seminary under aged document. The sand that the president was killed by a single bullet every year. All you have to do and what I oldest thought about while I was getting into this. Videotaped. Which clearly surely there before the president hit that sign that obstruction that's. Sorry. Melissa and he's grabbing it grow. Are we actually what happens when you grab your what are what are your child or you get back. Yeah and ensure it was but he was hitting the back viable. Achieve on the video I think when you three does the eight. You can see the president getting it in the top public. This Litsch second before he gets hit by the wrong so I mine when I went this documentary. All I I didn't think about who. I just all of the laws that there's. Yeah it's something from behind could go all. You get something from front to go backwards. That doesn't translate into one guy. The sixth floor of the Texas school book depository. Taking a shot. Didn't kill the president on the back and so as I wanted to Dokic and that's all. As you go through the document or no ability to everybody electric. One of those things that I learned that you when. I got this from really. From each leg it was. I didn't think it documentary. Not even. And so what I did was like around five of last name was being earth object at all or seven and eighty. And I interviewed the mall and sex and part that you need a little discussion. About what happened had today. And what are people I interviewed Gordon Kyle you and national security art I brought. Again this isn't a guy with a needle or beat a top expert. Actually guidance and in the trench. Things could be share it and how they happen in the that trajectory and went down that. You need a lot of similarities between trump. And Kennedy. There you can't bolted it when somebody would say Greeks. And control and you think there are similarities that these are some malaria. You'll. Trump isn't liked by many people within his government. CIA doesn't like him the FBI special. Gary we're gonna we're gonna just jump to break their hold that thought and yet we're gonna pick up right where you where were leaving off because we just take this quick break. Are you listen to Jason NG PM yeah. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality radio have books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the the beyond reality read you win the get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Our parents. On my own radio Jason Hawes and Jimmie Johnson and guest is Gary Katz is a producer of the film called I killed JFK it'll receive a one night screening in theaters across the country and may 31 which happens to be or would have been and John F Kennedy's 100 birthday end. Barry before we went to break your talking about I think it was Gordon ferry you said who was a a national security expert. In Denton county government intelligence for for oh many many years and with many many presidents was talking about. The similarities between Donald Trump and JFK we cut you off quickly here when he pick right up where you left off. So and so from analogue and then. You don't hear Reno about them because they're seventeen under channel well. Every where you can find that like every day every act and agree. Didn't understand that Tenet then you can understand that our order dated GO would be Kabul underworld but we know. As the robber and that you and didn't know that and didn't like because the but it could. And partly understandable application. The CIA one restructure the PI want Gilbert JLB. We didn't have a great relationship we're so in the signal we understand all around. But you do understand that there were missiles in Cuba will be a great panel. They're dismissal point and so in North Korea a lot of similarities. And down. The differences back and the media could be controlled more use we because. That's what that word the world things from Gordon that shell shock. What is just how you describe. What openings. The Jews. And you know I got in my car after work. But at what eight. Because except that I'll never forget what he. November 22 1960. Rainy. Like a poverty. It was like operate it was a social and and dealt. People and all over the world. See these sat in addition the entry air. Agents were warned you people didn't know. While where he. Hit it in your tuck game all that and then controlling the media and doing all that somebody but there's actually records that they were controlling the media back and operation mockingbird goes stood goes to prove that the government was actually controlling all the stuff the media was putting well correct. Yeah and again the thing I want to share what you are audience that we don't have much time. No matter what you don't you what do you believe are all on what you believe that you can do it or a mall or the CIA or LB. What ever you believe. It doesn't matter. What you believe when you watch this documentary. Deal the the evidence and you'll see the stories of these people who were are and where yields and they will lay at all or and I guarantee you you're gonna go into their. Do you gonna have a much much different opinion of what happened you're gonna be clearer and had some closure. On May thirty or guarantee you that. Other must be a pretty powerful thing to say or not. There must be you must have seen some pretty powerful things to be able to say that and near presenting these in the documentary and and the discussion after from the experts. Has this changed. Everything for you I mean does it change the way you look at the government does it change the way you look at the media did it change everything when you came through these revelations. You know why don't change anything be done. Everybody has an opinion of how things go lower each year on order. And you see him and there's a different story every day you're due out that document. Are in Spain and going and another person saying they'll bring him and saying oh. And X you questioned him on that. It it you know he had to answer everybody has an answer why. It. And so it's not shocking. To me about helping down. Back then it's only shocking because at the end result. Out. But when you look at the news today. Based. Reality ago because there's that different things that happened and any get on. And save their interpretation. And when you watched it again everybody's gonna have their interpretation but I know. Our. People know or that it was a one shot people know that there wasn't a single bullet shall our program will. You can eat what happened. So Ben after a bat put a together which beast one you experts do. And you get a lot of answers that you'll look. You had mentioned as a recruiter film which was kept under wraps intentionally or not I think it was intentional for a lot of years and not shown to the public and once it was released released as shocked everybody. Not only did he shock everybody send but it's actually had a new impact because with new digital restoration techniques and the ability to clean up the footage. You know it's just a simple super eight. The whole movie and it wasn't particularly clear. But with all this technology it's been able to clean it up in and make it much more discernible as to what happened that's changed a lot as well. Absolutely and that's what in the city. In the film trained my career. And it you're in the it's just. I almost sometimes talk about I feel like I'm better because I can't. Leaked it my excel and I been doing it for four year. And I still can't leave it every time I watched it yet. Being interviewed idea. Would be expired people. It was just. Will solo mode dribble because peace people spent her whole life. Trying to let people know what happened. And it's Harvard and then to get their story hole and I love story I loved. Stories of people tell these were stories that were viable. They're meaningful. It gives them closure and it'll give concrete and the world. Closure where a one C a lot of these stories. When equipped to bring in a listener call here this is Scott from Massachusetts he wanted to comment and the similarities between trump and JFK Scott welcome and to be on reality radio. Good evening gentlemen. I heard that two cavity could have been assassinated because he wanted to eliminate the Federal Reserve for he gets from conflict with the Federal Reserve. And tying that in to trump. IC. On the news everyday. Charles Schumer and Adam Schiff and Dianne Feinstein. And Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg and what I find most ominous is George Soros. Who's the ringleader in all of this stand up. In my in my opinion. This type in the cabinet that the Federal Reserve once it was a Kennedy was was wanted to get rid of basically had tremendous Jewish influence end regarding. To a small post. With with with president trump that there. Chocolate is an international Jewish banker and a and the Jewish Communists who wants to destroy America. In turn it into which it was Communist nation yeah trouble similarities between now. I think here's here's some of your your discussion points about maybe the Federal Reserve and major government changes has some validity what do you think very. Absolutely Wear it and dealt another faction or I. Space. When your present and you can't make all popular decisions. But you can bring chicken turned people against you and that's what we're seeing. Would trumpet is where Allen and another thing Gordon Barry says it has to say I do but ultimately claim the group. And I just wanna tell you this but this is something again that really. Really you know it just won't like and that brings me. You said Tom. And sixty in the sixties we are in danger we were in serious danger ban missile. And disliked they would try on. It's a critical time in our world and he may belong to. We could be facing thermonuclear war and what except that I like literally. Stopped three day and there was like 52 all looked into the camera that. And I know a lot about. And is just. Meet because of how the similarities were and what happened today it happened back then but mainly to documentaries. About that. It's about the closure and figuring out what happened and searching for the true. I think the American people on May 31 understand what was going on during that time what about that did a will involve why they were ball and how tapped. Thanks for the call Scott we appreciate that when you interviewed. The the gunman or their the individual who confessed to beating the gunman. Were you able to uncover any other evidence that would support. What he's claiming. One. He's anorexic at the course to calm it could be the killer on the grassy goal. He had a few little runner from the mall in Chicago. And attitude people. Charles Nickelodeon Johnny solely to boast and orders that bit. Even hair dryer than celebrate the first person that he drove it was to meet ruby and Julian Gamble. With the new. Limousine. And Broward. Deal leaked out. I was dispersed in the morning of the assassination. One of the guys and sure while exit where is the person sent the CIA call ball. To reject. Interval why you were here as well I don't there are gonna do you agree this is what I want I'm not all at all can be would you wanna be. So libido or to be back. And that's where the story all really take ought to be all about decision where you stand. Where he would be too many of the people I interviewed. Who were were forced laborers. And that's exactly. What will be on the ground a single word or. So. All like it is I wish architectural order orchard of what it is. All ties together in such an amusing. Way. There I feel like every Durbin probation right you'd you'll. Most political oral they won't last. Or compare or some. And Gordon actually present quote he goes trumps says it won't rain all. What he thinks of the bottom post war. The bodies. Are a well I talked about all the banks and are there history. It would Bobby Kennedy was running somebody asks that people tell. Extra power companies spend more time where I want. Broke when he got to figure out or. And the should something very telling extra. I can't figure out the troops into light jet could be the pros United States that's the only time all book title to figure out. And of course want to know a course what's happening here. Yen but also you know they they do keep a lot of the stuff from the president to there's different guys. Parts of the government that keeps secrets in her from them. Well I guess this is the best example. Yeah yeah it is our Richard Quick break when we come back we've got a few more questions with Barry Barry Katz is a film producer his film is called I killed JFK. It'll have a one night screening in theaters across the country on May 31 which would have been just his 100 birthday. Paris serenity quick particularly. And Jason JBM general. England's best weekend of the year it's scary car. We're in pop culture and convention June 2 through fourth at the mass mutual center in Springfield come meet in England this Liberty City. I mean Carter Jason thought Steve Gonzales it was a little changed evolved and so many. House it's all part of your mission and Friday night's exclusive celebrity VIP party Saturday night it's the monster party with costume contest it's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found it scary conduct. On that scare con dot com. I am the parent cats are experienced film producer his film I killed JFK. Rule be shown across the country over 250. Theaters. One night's screening may 31 which happens to coincide with the birthday of JFK would have been a hundred years old. Yeah and it's showing everywhere it's showing you right here or are current dollar from me Charlie Providence, Rhode Island showing over new union New York so. Jana and he's just too good I killed JFK dot com and I think the full list of theaters is there's Eric Berry can find all the theaters at the website. Try to I told. People read this letter. You know everything there and you click on. Click here you telling you. You will not because it at all Latin. Is it fair to say that. What you've uncovered in what you presented in this document Terry as is enough to essentially or finally close this case. Well I think that's an excellent question when you talk about closing. He talked about closing any case. All you alum is the evident. And that's what did Jim Morris people. Talked to interviewed. He said that passed away or things could get final cloture because this week that year. Of the JFK assassination actor not only. By this year. But it big government. Spokes to release over 35 and urged idol. I blocked it way. And president trumped the only one. Opera or delete. And so it is. Deal news is that you can things is similarly barrier that are brought her. Both sides what happened Sunday at that time we were. To look after all the evidence. You how. You know what some sort of I don't know what you'd call it out trial. Curious that actually can present all the evidence were logical people and will eagle experts. Can make good decisions. Ten written down and show people this one out. This is aware that fingerprints or on the go and 24 hours later in the bigger and more ago. The book due out there this is were reached down to showcase. Curious do it around or. That there were there. A B autopsy. This is what you guys written testimony except he was there. Oh what happened out there or doctor. You present all the evidence that video tape the separate or grow you see the shops where they come out. Have people experts and you could tell what happened how big bash. Only concession. Living person in the years. You have picked out some validity to that that worry that this like hell out. Earlier if there was any piece of reverence I will cure that election. The guy who. Allegedly killed the president regret deal yet. You. After kill people took to shell can sing and he'd get that would risk. And then ten condemned this piece. And shell case and scrapped under by the extend the grassy Knoll. The act happened to these fire from what piece marks. How would you know how would anybody you know. Every story that discuss details and possible but he wouldn't go to jail or injure you from tenure as a power. And Ike sculpture three hours and enjoy abuse. And there's no way anyone could make you couldn't tell one lie. You couldn't tell what their line. 1020. People may be listened to one person or this or in your. But one key people. Then you have to take this. You gotta get to listen to the idea Barry. Were were pretty much at a time here and I'm I'm hoping we're gonna get a chance to bring you back on after we've seen its reaction to the some we've had a chance to see it ourselves. But again it's being screened you know over two hundred fifties theaters around the country and it's just for one or is it going to be available after the one main screening somewhere else. Well I don't know and nobody go to no embargo. Well. Here I will cheer our. Ticket. Here are the real life change. All right wolf thanks so much for joining us and sharing this with a some really anxious to see the work you've done and don't talk about it after the fact thanks so much. I. Agreement okay so again the film is I call I killed JFK the website is I killed JFK dot com there's more information there there's a trailer. Ponders. Synopsys and there is some information about the theaters will be playing in on on May 31. Yes nice is you can just click on locations and it'll pull off the Kindle by state and analyst all the areas it's airing on in every state so you'll deadly B will find one close to you if you have a new Amaechi had over like FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and head to beyond reality radio dot com. We can either click to listen live button and join us online. Listen to the shall find a station in your area right there or. Downloads beyond reality radio iPhone or android app rate their from the website it's all free so were to take a break more to come you listen GCG. It's Thursday on the West Coast Friday in East Coast and used to between welcome. Really you're. Myself Jason Hawes and chief each arm it's kind of our Friday night even though it's our Friday morning because some tonight's program. Friday night going into Saturday will be a best of as it is every we and then next week we've got some good stuff coming up I know there was some shuffling of the schedule but Monday and we've got Chad in Kim. Bracket. That's who we're going to be talking about to resist one of the ones that got shuffled I don't remember I don't remember but I do know that later in the week we've got Jim byers coming on when tonight he's the psychic. Yes you original beyond discussing lol how he learned that that he was he was sensitive and you know his pretty much his mission to help everybody in analogous rather. Yeah and Thursday night doctors Scott cold Bob will join us and he is that he's written a book homes a call that was called. Untold positions stories. Are secret that. You know which is really mean he's he's a doctor who's just dealt with a lot of these mixed mind blowing and a experiences of people at bat and he's also Dell awful lot of other doctors. Who have connected him to patients that they've had which everything from and near death experiences arm out of money you know again and it's just incredible because a lot of his stories really match up with. Lauren. Collection Belgium Belgium it's our. Who had on about two weeks ago who was and a doctor in the intensive care unit in she had written a book as well. Cell life which it it's just wild to have doctors coming on in talking about this because I think it holds during a lot of credibility. Tune to the subject. Yes and we'll be talking with Panthers and I'm really anxious for that discussion by the way if you missed an opportunity to have a dream interpreted. When we had seen me McGill on. Earlier in the week it's your phone ready yet here's your chance 8446877669. After the break we'll bring Cindy and and will liable take phone calls I mean now we got cut a little bit short because some technical problems earlier in the week you know get a chance to make up for if you haven't had a head over to face. Look dot com slash B on reality radio me she'll like the FaceBook page are constantly updating with the news stations around. And had to be on really radio dot com and grab the grab the free injury or iPhone app. And before we go to break here we have a listener call this is very from North Carolina he wanted to get in on the JFK conversation. We've let the guests go but very welcome to the show what's on your mind. Hey there guys good job period a year up an area where we're gonna talk to her. Listen I. Our coast to coast by George Noory Eric we're told Larry equal to a that the snipers that shot from the past signal. I think outlook I think the first thing what scholars. So then this guy. What is that pin sharp shooter in this tie another Vietnam War he actually made it there outside cute a hole from twenty miles away. And apple both are very public spirit was still there but if you're college's name. I have heard is that name I haven't really heard his story. But I know who you're talking about you know. The interesting thing is there is you know there are several different. Claim there are several different claims there are several different people. Core purported to have been on that grassy Knoll and I'm anxious to see Berry is film I killed JFK. So that I know you see exactly what we're talking about here because. Part of the mystery of of the JFK assassination is that we've got to use a lot of our. Own skills of deduction to determine which sentence quote unquote sacks. Arm make the most sense if you know when I mean. That's right belt and I saw there. You married her car and we appreciate that so art let's take a break today and don't come back to bring Cindy and anger in the phone number if you want your dream interpreted. Is 8446877669. Again toll free at 8446877669. You listen Jason and dvd on her own room. Beyond reality radio Jason hard TP Johnson and once again thank you very. Cats for joining us his film is I killed JFK to be showing in theaters across the country. On May 31 that's three now your only opportunity to see this document Terry. And he says groundbreaking he says is gonna change your life and everything you think about the JFK assassination. Well I'm definitely see about it announcer check in on the 31 so. Yeah and and as promised we're gonna bring Tom our guest it's actually returning guess we normally do this. Cindy Miguel was on the show just a couple of nights ago we had a little bit of a technical issue and a lot of people. Were on hold waiting to have dreams interpreted and we just couldn't get to everybody we lost a bunch of people during the technical look problems so we're gonna. Bring her back in the phone number again is 8446877669. Cindy thank you so much for agreeing to come back on the show so quickly. Oh yeah. It may. Be unity. Yeah we just we lost just so random moment last hunt and if you did just in the middle of a conversation the whole system all the systems went down and we're really sorry about. You know when you rely and technology dive by technology and an ensor had but your book is called what dreams are telling you and before we go to the phone calls. Tell us a little bit about I your background in you know remind our audience your background in how you came to the point where you were able to interpret dreams. You know I actually. Had kind of an injury. And at. Antigen. Lot. And gotten. So I begin to not only wonder why aren't men and Italy starting Q go out on the street and different. And you earnings and you know if they are impeccable. Or contention. And begin the candy yeah they. Are. Eager to challenge unlocking solution I eat it because I tell you. Bring some Hulk and and people seem like. Everywhere I turn. People work it wandering. Aimlessly not really knowing. What that meant to do what occurred there one and they're getting ready. Wired here you know and so I am having an opportunity Q. Not only discover what I'm wondering were telling me I started you you know begin you invest in in other peak and I unlocking. A little simple truth or something. Did you two reckoning on the side of the dreamer. Increased from home at it and bring them lie you can see it and are any actually. And Lee you know we we can't develop team actually on Al. Honestly we were practicing remember years where lately. Crack. Learning how to. Tell us what you're hearing there and and so as we discovered a little techniques that. Again you may yet come what. Apart who together were all looking at start to come together when they're telling about their dream. Either helped me a story about the art and art help me a story out there. You know direction. Or possibly it was a warning during her make you a virtual. So. That's kind of where it all started and why we're here. You don't. When it comes under dreams that there are certain things a certain symbolism as automatically means certain things. Polite but I've got this in this friends random friend who. As a lot of dreams of mobile units on the phone lines now itself so what what would that and what what would that mean. Is there it's it is random friend he has these trees are mobile candles wrote. Are popping out. Yeah usually have something in their lack you know it is exploding are taking or go to bat Ellie again comic con. And that's why are. Elements are important. And in the book I actually an arm instruction. On how to not a over interpret your you know that you can actually get here it warmup match. Every every little heart it is told mean. Have another piece of the apple well. Yeah it is volcano erupting tidal wave that tornadoes that have had something to do with armored. I shift or change in a person's life usually at the time patting her. Okay is we end it through an interpreter on them bow 67 months ago the said it was more lake sexual thing. So it's yeah. Okay all right now let's get right let's go to our phone lines let's bring in ED or might be Eddie I'm not sure from Wyoming welcome to beyond reality radio. Well that's Edie Edie welcomed Michelle welcome to show. Well I did during infested candidates had last night and I haven't gotten through it quite a while eating out walking in the fourth in the summer course. Luckily I will be forced upon upon the little gold ensemble signing. In to this spot on matters of golden. Poked the ball was not. So green purple bike room. Both public and colors the way with gold and brought those warm up while it would. Gamut start the car was it was like it was their program a part of the outcome of grant program. It had a canopy at the same except the pair except that was on Lucent and then like that report coming. And equipment and then Miami Boca. And that at about 11 o'clock at night. He just had this last night. My hotel waiting there is almost like a patient rather than green but. I know it would it would not what he thinks and he. Ed it it plate program. As bad or more accurately Eric played a rare and out. I don't let it eat or use our solid tee. In the middle of or in need adequate. That the gay or that or her hot. Why I'm. And shining through the the rampant out of character or without any of the tree. You. Yeah that's actually really great. Card arm. It gives you look at a plane you begin to create our issue you not be in the tree. Around the back and let her you know we aren't. The or or the tree and in this case. I think we're playing here aren't create any arms being presented or do you inner and now. In the middle of protected kind of regarded. And that I'm coming in the trees are there. Do it some real or bloodline. Coming to you and lie get out. Reveling in their. The ability to see we didn't seek war. So I think it literally break during. You've got it out or her eye ear and bit down. Port that's like a bunt to port like people either people are on them or. This I think there were people on them coming in and they were like over the rise there out of sight that I can. Here's the equipment Arnold worked and didn't report the yeah. It all I care error. No of the great it was a beautiful bed I was I was excited than but it does. Who pretended to like patent didn't stick around after the writer's work. Why of it kind of you know and creativity I think you're gonna really be in your experience and an opportunity to create they eat and number war. And I liked or I think their. Power to me or protection or. In their writers and it even greater well I can't. Free beer kind of thing you know. AC RS in the front of the order so it makes a big difference in my interpretation of the dream back a day. Thank you so much yet thank you so much for a calling in from Wyoming their must say I think we have time. For one more before the break let's bring in Anita from California Nina what Michelle. Great and keep them as soon. It I think B I got into aria. OK well. I normally never remember my greens but when I do it always like a recurring line and I it where I am. In the dark ocean. And it's deep and I'm like basically a mermaid and I'm swinging. And all of a sudden I hear sort of like. And rallying and only not opt to my left side. And I stopped and I and from like for like via bit sur or K or something like that gigantic. Shark that comes out and tried one yet it and then I wake. And that and that and it didn't like it takes like the whole night. In this you've had this many times. I. Didn't read only during. Remember. Nobody thinks. You know any time. You are under water. And your dream be underwater. And it may help me something here it head that you're able to explore. Things. And even at your it. Lowering your thing under the water that you murder. And here come shark and a predator is something that. You know it's definitely here in their hall. In the ocean sharks having. But I don't feel like I'm. Oppenheim amendment that is kind of like. When something straight and you are coming at you and in what could be very fearful thing could also be turned around took forced Inge to. What you're meant to do. Go to keep exploring murky he. Looking or. Big. You act you'll probably get really. Her and you probably really have a lot. You know ability to understand and honor. Them a lot of people. So where you know the normal well it sure gonna eat me or gonna end after. I'm a shark are honestly it. I. Yeah out like a big pitch or something that you for packer yeah. I would say. Turner and I. Have a dream again turn bury that thing. Let it out at hand and you know. It is rebelling and the man I'm on any. And on any boring I'm not gonna get. One arm and on equipped to do just because armed threat to buy something that tiger. And one each union and we're sorry. When you wake up from that dream Damien thanks so much for calling in we appreciate it we're just running out of time for the break here if you're waiting on hold please continue to wait we will take your calls as we can get to them after the break the telephone numbers 844. 6877669. And we certainly welcome to call in a minute interview had a dream yesterday -- twenty years ago if you if you've been curious about it then now's the time to call and Intel what's in the McGill yeah try to find out what. You mean if you haven't yet had over a lake FaceBook dot com slash B unreality radio. Costly updating that with the new stations were airing on across the country as well as if you had to be unrelated radio dot com. You can click on the the station illustrate there. Or just download the free iPhone and android app that allows you to listen to the show alive. Listen to pass episodes you know connect with the some chatter and during lunch on and so much more so big shout out again to. He DET. The news stations signed on this week every week writing news stations in this one is out and center Texas. So that's an important part of the trees sport marketed and assurances and so welcomed the beyond reality radio friendly area where to take a break and come back more side. England's best weekend of the year it's scary car. War and pop culture convention June 2 through the fourth of mass mutual center in Springfield come meet in painting with a celebrity CK. I mean Carter Jason Hart Steve Gonzales it was a little changed evolved and so many. House it's all part of your mission and Friday night's exclusive celebrity VIP party Saturday night it's the monster party with costume contest it's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found it scary conduct. On that scare con dot com. Our kids are Jimmie Johnson Tom couple things quickly and next we'll get some great shows coming up including. In the list of I guess next week is Jim byers psychic is gonna talk about. What it's like to be a psychic and how he became a psychic in what he does as a psychic did he know he was gonna become the second I don't recycle while from whatever remember and it and when what he talks about you know he had said something about time he talks about the fact that a psychic told them that he should become psychics of the first psychic knew you'd become a psychic but I don't think he was but a suicide dedication have been able sees it is certain that I endometriosis OK if you talk to him next week he'll explain it to us. And then we'll also be talking with doctor Scott called baba who has a book about basically about physicians experiences with the patients who. Have either had near death experiences out of body experiences were other things like divine guidance or. Or premonition that turned out to save people's lives some really really fascinating stories is that once. Or that I really wanna I wanna hear from him where at least he talks about very much like the doctor we have done about a week ago. Where an out of body experience with dispersants saw the surgery being performed on them yeah the end in he has he has a story in his book on somebody had the same experience as well that's just my emblem. Gamble right now we're talking with us any McGill she's a dream interpreter and an author of a book it's called what your dreams are telling you. Her website is Cindy McGill dot org and Cindy again thanks for being with us tonight. We have a budget calls to get to the before you do that I just wanted to ask a question about dreams in general. Is there a difference between this or difference tween dream. That tells us something about ourselves verses a dream that tells us or for tells something about somebody else. She thought area and I'm. You know accurate they're combo or combination. Because a dream that was something about. Each of our nation about yet. You might have an idea that you're having a dream about pork telling her now or in the future. And in bet that that kind of what. So I'm. Again you know there are people that are up there and usually win out. You're gonna have actor. Had to do with it helped revealing your victory that are. That situation aren't going to the current. It going to be pretty well and it you know you're gonna wake up and of course you know that. You are going out there are accurate thing you know we talked about that little bit arm collapsed shadow. But then you're having dreamed about. That you are at the end or something in the lot of grander more like. It helps keep you happy you're coming in I didn't use their working and you see what. And now it's so you know we're the only one down in in time there's no kind you know afterlife. Their time and are held at matter. They're an. Opportunity at sea and that her pick out what had happened. And I think as the interpreter. Content to your. Or the email and these people don't know chatter. And they're very similar hearing about your. Oh. Are actually like a dream. I am the champion I was tired and mothers not long ago I've had a dream now I'll get up on stage you know with him in my area cohosts Steve four or whoever in front of the 345000. People at a time. And I I've had dreams in the past where. You come up on stage in front of 345000. People and I realize that I'm enough them in my under war hand but one of those things where. I just like wallets too late now Marty here so I just keep on rolling and didn't do it who do or die in an ideal now what what does that mean. That's sort of the negative public. Out. Actually. The Albert lingering knee on the blacks who in a little too revealing decent. Yeah. A lot of people are prepared. To act that he means what you see each year. I cannot hide anything. That it ami and entree here and unreal. And it aren't like you know in a minute aren't people that matter it Ayers and the grammar I outward. Protester and a and the fact that I'm perfectly just like whatever you know I'm not party or not then this is how I am. In also I just keep my option to it's so there's an. Price is good to excellent. Let's go to the coal mines and bring in this is Sharon from Missouri Schoen welcome to beyond reality radio. Time. We out permanent ever count and that you had a dream person on there had been haven't. I dream and I kind of the current a look at irked some books on how to interpret it and I couldn't quite find eniac. I had the screen and it's not the same dream but it's the same situation. Where I'm out what my family and her I'm walking enough that I have a baby in my arms. And I'm only baby is there appeared to act like it my baby and the baby just wants to hold on tinian and coddled me and gives. Not like killed me. And then I was pregnant when I try to figure out who feel that could face for the baby and I almost get a good look at the baby like may Beckett recognize that. I wake up. Right are out. Action. Similar to Craig your. Out when I'm I'm I'm. I don't have been eager Iranian act like can't have any kid from. How. It. Is about you know. Having responsibility. Or something that young. Growing whether it be any job. A new patient. A function in a certain. Anxiety or whatever and whatever and give her. It in your arm. And you'll be responsible or helping. Or nurture. In our child. And a lot of people happy kind but they are either pregnant or are they feel like any or or something and get into the air. Usually. Indicate where you're holding something you know you do it or be it the job or. Some sort you know like. I don't know I'm company or something. That you didn't necessarily plan. Someone else land it now in our ability or your going to be taking care. And I don't think. About you that you are nurture. You're someone who really care about. You know little children are our people that are not able to do it and tell Castro. I'll round. Victory and it. Our it gives you something he would. You know be able to adapt. And tootsie grow. Why thank you very much. Sharon thank you for the call out. I'd Cindy doing different to join as something that. You get a good you're looking bird. Gets the book or your dreams are telling you. In on Amazon or on my web site in the legal awkward. And we axed it wrapped so kind of dream in the book. So. Again I think yeah again thanks for the call Sharon if if you're looking to call the numbers 8446877669. In before we get to another call another question for Cindy. As a way to control our dreams. Each yeah I mean you can't they're glued to during. I'm not. You know in the last. During what about the shark it turns. Out. You know what lipid screening people can't. You know. Control or they can take action in their during. And market at turner. I think I'm like predict that the like I wanna see. What. You know what the mat it's going to be. So arm. I and it would keep it got hurt their situation and the lady. That it I don't see that. She did not look as sharp a big fish are pumping after her arm and turn it. That in your daytime power. And whatever is coming whatever is. Is per inning in the tickle your destiny you concurred and I. And can realize. It kinda hindered me from moving forward. To oh arm yeah I mean. People in the during all the patent and now. I'd like. Maybe champion a little bit to kind of let it play out. Seeing what that you're meant to my end can we only. Try to take control. Over. And we try and I are an opera I'm. You know Indian so we caught our lives even more. You know they're a partner at and a accurately and play out and then applying regret that the. Right all right let's go back the phone lines this is Chris Chris welcome to be on reality radio. It is an agent you know you are doing and a little shell. Sect I think had a question. No I have I've realized within falling asleep within ten minutes before and be back in action go right into greens they. Either call rams. I'm I've been able to wake myself up from a lot of my dream. Are realizing a dream this was my softball and then. Other things like gum feeling heat feeling pain but it that's been sharks that they're anything like that that act to deal with than my dream. An and I just curious on what that means or something that I should be. Worried or. Are an off of what you know what are your thoughts on. I think it's great acting at you're really paying attention you and giving. A lot of freedom or figuring you happen because she can cocaine you're look connected with Al you'll connected with and you know I'd get I'd probably your screen are new. About being out being and paint something like that. To be able to put a real solid interpretation in place bringing them back I'm glad that you can't. Follow our lead go running underground and then begin to train that vividly where having. You know I connected to Olga. Political wanting your victory. I would say there. Write them down and pattern and you're being happy you're being sorry you feel trainer kind of thing though it usually. Coming round. You are right here. Again trying Q. You know make you want or late or hinder you play from it can't forward. So. But again you really impacts and a lot of people. You know we encounter say October or actor or I am. Acting acting is fair value. There you value. And their messages you comment that I when you're sleeping. I believe it you'll have. Even more and get more direction. And you'll get more arm. You know you'll begin it'll begin to revealed she view that you really are so. Ike. I like the fact that you can't be that actually where. Thanks for the call Chris we appreciate you assuring that way this. Cindy do you know of any case where somebody has dreamed something like our last caller talk rush being shot or stabbed. And without actually you know sleepwalking or doing some self harm physically to themselves have actually been harmed by the dream. You know I'm not really. I have an experience that except for I have known. People have told me people late news to work on sleeping man or anything. And down and we India or something like and time. They're what they're warning on the model like. You can. Actually walk Turkey can actually under open a car people and the now. You know walking her or driving or history or I hope not army backed. You know I have it. I had an experience that I'm sure and sure that people have gotten hurt. You know there because we're so complex. And people and their. DC your situation could have gone on so many people client all of there are way coping skills or things that we're trying to do eco. I haven't personally. Heard that you know people harming them. Typically in a dreamer like waking up and down meaning drinking and have you. Have one or any. They would Grant Hill I do remember that. And they would what happened it would be like really read or even possibly leading you know pertinent cracking a beer summit bet. It is well you know what kind of few and far between immediately. Tour bus and he once again we've we've burned time rather quickly here and inserted the rest of the folks and older as I can be able to get to those calls. Thank you for coming back on the show the book is what your dreams are telling you the website is Cindy McGill dot org and that we hope to have you back on the show again some time. What you are a lot to do and enjoyed it so. Keep treatment. I'm saying thank you will tunnel that would. And right thanks so much cinemedia elegant it's Cindy McGill dot org the book is what your dreams are telling you we're gonna take a break. If you listen Jason. He'd be on a really great. This show it's beyond reality reviewing Jason GP thanks to. Both of our guest tonight so Barry Katz. In cinema you seeming Iliad solar into. And it definitely vigorous dissent from America on media and it blows and the other night Judas and technical difficulties were out of our control we lost everything must union most news well every little thing just went down here it's some of the but but thanks senator for comeback concert I embarrassed that's a Catholic and check in movie men may 31. Yeah and I know you look to the list of theaters it's it's pretty much everywhere so in on parliament and imagine anyone has the ability to get to a theater and check it out and if it's as if it's as groundbreaking. And a transformational. As Barry says it is some I don't think he's going to be disappointed. Pat and I know JFK's a huge thank you read something you've always been early next yeah I went through period Greg just couldn't get enough of it or read all man all the books that everybody reads when they become a JFK enthusiasts that are necessities assassination enthusiasm normally. Know much about him other than the assassination part but Don yes so it's pretty interesting. Yes Billy gets some great shows coming up next week's summation you tune in to that one. But also if you haven't yet. And an oil always reminds head over to beyond reality radio dot com click the listen I mean. Beyond really renewed dot com download the and during the iPhone app they're free. You're able to tune into the line shows you're able to catch past shows and so also join the online chat during during light show were all in there. Com and also had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and make she'll like that page for us. We're constantly updating that with the news stations were airing on across the country. And if you if you download the show on iTunes or any of those areas are making huge to us serum please read it because that hopes push it forward. And gets an altar from more people to be able to find. Yet it's really helpful to do that to us and for other people looking for the show it to just cranks it up there and brings up toward the top of the list when it when people search so. It's very very helpful when appreciated. A couple great guests coming up next week we've got to Monday and Tuesday shuffle going on some not exactly for sure who the guests are going to be Monday and Tuesday. But Wednesday night we'll have Jim byers he's a psychic. He's got a pretty interesting story about how he developed his psychic abilities and how he uses them to help people and you know what he thinks of other people in the industry to. Psychic told him he was psychic he went to a psychic and that's psychic told him to become a psychic to psychic and yet from there it was not a mean. If you're gonna if you're gonna become psychic know what better way than have another psychic tell you the you've got those abilities. It's good way to start yet now if you tune in tomorrow remember every Friday is a best beyond reality radio so but make it's agree chose me she tune in check it out. You'll have a great weekend I'm I was his focus camera and you do that I was gonna just mentioned Thursday is well on next week if doctor Scott called baba talking about secrets. In the in the from physicians X things have experience with patience critical stuff. Perry until next week everybody of that green safely against Jason and JPM. You retain. And it's produced by its includes yeah Alexandria Johnson and read. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page or give us a line and say hello it's beyond reality read you all one word if you've got. Information you want us to follow upon where you liked being Gaston beyond reality radio email to sleep getting that's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.