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The spiritual warrior vs evil in the world - are we about to see major change?

May 23, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Bill Bean - The Spiritual Warrior - about the current state of the world around us, and what it means in terms of the "end of times." Bill discusses recent tragedies and how they fit into the overall plan for the world. 5/23/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Are now West Coast Tuesday in the East Coast many you're stuck in between welcome to be on reality radio myself Jason Collins in that Jeannie Johnston would you still a little little cool thing going on there I'm still dealing with it embarrasses Slaton and the longest one I think I've ever had head cold chest cold mountain harmless to monkeys don't fund its assumption now flown. Time to relate Sox a big. You know our heart goes out to the craziness that this going on right now. With everybody over in the UK come. Geno you all haven't heard it and it appears to be a suicide bomber detonated a device just after 10 PM. UK time. I as an Ariane grundy concert and Manchester England. And as a write down nineteen people are confirmed dead 59 people have been taken to hospital with shrapnel type warns. And it appears those numbers are probably going to get higher com. Arianna grounding has suspended her her world tour for right now and. But it's just it's a scary sick world the fact that these people would go after. Or just preteens. And teenagers. It's just it's primarily not a. Well I mean they define the word terror and when you when you're trying to terrorize people do you go after their weakest team go after their most vulnerable. And that's exactly what has happened here and until we get very very serious about combating this this stuff is gonna continue to happen. It's gonna continue to hit home. And there's going to be a lot more bloodshed and more more tears. Down. More and it's just latest set our heart goes out says it's everyone out there were praying for you and allies just how do you how do you find an enemy that you and they you don't know which one know which one is your enemy and he gets the toughest thing right there. Yeah it is definitely the most difficult time battle that I think come we've ever had to face because of exactly what you just said at the unity of battling to millions of blend in with a civilian population you don't know who's who and it's very very difficult rooted out but we have to be aggressive and until we're gonna stop itself. You know and again I agree with you although some or all those people who are suffering and tragedy right now because of the hands of splinter mad men you know our heart is with few. So there they're just insane individuals and and him and definitely a big thank you all the the taxi drivers and the people in Manchester England to have opened up their their doors and Lara now allowing strangers and the and the taxi drivers are driving in. And giving people free rights out of there. It's just that speaks world so of of the hearts are a lot of these people. And I've I've spent a lot of time over in England and such and such a wonderful place and just incredible people and a you know it's just it's petition areas. It is maybe won't get some solace on of our discussion tonight we're going to be talking with bill being bill has been on the show before he's been on since we've since we have been syndicated thing was pre syndication. When bill was signed on he's known as the spiritual warrior. He also has an amazing story of his life as a child his family moved into a home that ahead. Already had a demonic presence when they moved in and once they got in there the activity and the the harm this entity paused just increased dramatically in. He put it altogether and a book called dark force and now he's gonna tell us that story and how it changed his life. We as some other great shows throughout the week tomorrow night we're going to be talking with Scott Smith and Sandra wells. Sandra will be discussing her experiences with ritual magic in the Scott uses journalistic skills. Occur investigating the paranormal and in his own mystical experiences to answer some of the greatest mysteries Al there. And then once or retarded when Jim byers. And Jim cannon she interesting story he is a self proclaimed medium psychic. And we're going to be talking hallowed. His abilities how he found out he had lemon and what he mainly uses them for. Yeah he uses a word called site to cycle metric on the says the cycle metric experienced inspired him to finish. From his grandfather's incomplete World War II journal here and covered his grandfather's journal and he knew he was city was guided by. His grandfather's spirit to finish the journal and put it in get a published. On the it has been a release sent so it's surgeons pretty interesting guy and look at forty talking to him. And then Thursday were talking with doctor Scott called Bala. We're going to be discussing his book kid and his book physicians untold stories. And he's got some incredible stories that other doctors and and individuals have told them he's connected with the patients whether it via. And just how people in and near death experiences. Aspirations. And dreams for telling future events. Divine intervention in the list goes on and on so. Gimme a great week of shows and makes you tune in if you haven't yet had a head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and click the FaceBook page and had to be on reality radio dot com if you click the listen lie you can join a story. And jet. Javy and I are always in their dereliction Dolan you listen the show from there or just download the free android and iPhone app or at their from the web site. And it's you can listen the past shows from campaign can listen to alive Shelly can connect and chat room and more and it's all free so Misch you do that. Yes well worth it Tommy makes everything much more convenient and very very easy to access and we of course are trying to make it easy for the listen to the program and call in Chad and all those things that's that's a whole point. So you see the news out today that a they believe that they've Noah's Ark has been discovered now know him seemed to have so researchers have now we getting into the story. But 99.9. Percent certain. That this is males are. As a pretty high. And that level of uncertainty that point 1% from ocean effect scientists may have discovered the remains of Noah's Ark in what could be the biggest biblical. Discovery at all times from millennia scientists and Christians alike have been searching for evidence was the story. Was in fact gospel. A team of evangelical Christian explorers found what they claim is 99.9. Percent certain certainly evidence of Noah's Ark beneath snow and volcanic debris. I'm mark on mount Arafat Turkey. Well of course my own Herat was terror yet it was the place that that the arc was supposed to have landed. Knew when the water started subside that I saw this in dressing for a couple reasons differ stalled. Anytime you're talking refining the major religious artifact it's it's unbelievable what did that satellite images that they thought were in a years ago to there I remember hearing that story but I don't know whatever happened with those particular images of favoring them that maybe this is the effort. Took two of follow up on that. But I it just reminds me of the conversation we had him by the way we are past that may twentieth date but my cameraman and overcast. Earlier if contracts are I'm not sure but he was talking about that the dark star passing earth everywhere at 3200 years. And it it was responsible for major cataclysm is on earth including the slide. That was the story behind Noah's Ark so on its interest in that they. Say they found the saarc. From now when this whole may twentieth deed is you know Reagan then net Stillman neighborhood here. The guest had said there was a 25% probability vote of a major catastrophic event. Between may second may twentieth clearly weren't weren't you may twenty and there are so. Terry Terrell or tell crossed 03. Dot com and it's right and down then he said but it's a reviewer twenty east team that probability goes up significantly. On so I don't know budget is did think that's a that's incidental they found Asarco room in the star turn supposed. Asks a centrist and Noah's Ark ministries international Hong Kong based. Documentary team. Claims to have found wooden piece from structure which carbon dates back 4800. Years but I was found around thirteen thousand feet above sea level. Young wing Cheung is filmmaker who helped discover the remains said it's not a 100% as I was are. But we think it's 99 point 9%. It's pretty darn literally out onto the leaves a so wooden structure. We entered is the same structure record in the historical accounts another team and a member. And allay. Said I saw a structure built with plank like timbers each plank was about eight inches wide. I can Seton tendons proof of inching construction pre dating the use of metal nails. We walked about a hundred meters the other side cited Agassi broken wood fragments embedded in a glacier. And some twenty meters long. Well not this is something we've got to follow budget does is say what they're gonna be doing a millionaire excavated the going has yet colts' league this are the fire these different Ireland on the now on the team sit in the structure had several compartments including wooden beams. Additionally discover which used to be wooden walls doors. Even a staircase and a they right now they're not saying too much more on and they're just giving us that but it'll be interesting to see what comes office pictures. I didn't I Jerry via text articles here and so now now I'm sure any pictures are going to be pretty much drawn pictures you know who have I mean it would think they'd be team they're probably knew does to associate and TV deal done to review I think you go to be on reality radio dot com scroll down to the bottom of the main page you'll find him there in the news section as well so. I don't know interest saying it's. And what could that means him and he does that mean then Nolan or that's really Noah's Ark and he just didn't put any you know corns and nimble. I'm an hour could be it would happen in Plymouth dragons dragons unit girls these things and fasten. Well we'll have to keep an eye and that story does it anytime we believe we get some movement that it's I'm a fan of her fascinating summit to know what the resolution is do you stress how. Our rent check out the story and let us and you saw. Says the numbers 8446877669. Units tool free 8844. 68776. 69. All right let's reverse take a break and come back we'll bring our guests bill bean and it's beyond Rio reality radio Jason TV don't go away. Here it's Gary Conn. Were impossible. Terrific convention June 2 through fourth at the mass mutual center in Springfield come meet in England this Liberty City. I mean car chase in caught Steve Gonzales it was a little changed a ball and so many. House it's all part of your mission and Friday night's exclusive celebrity VIP party Saturday night it's the monster party with costume contest it's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found it scary conduct. On that scare con dot com. Canceling in June yes what did Phillips talked about. Yeah 01 and one other thing I just one embryo real quick as they forgot how our extra effort and we just enough time bomb one or more of our closest friends javy christened Perkins who runs all the tabs immigrants around the world and and Ira Starr here yesterday and somebody literally shot. Her little dog they gonna. House is back in Oklahoma and the reason I'm bringing this up is another Oklahoma police department is. Is working on that we Airpwn Oklahoma as one of the many states we are cross country. And you know and I did I took her post and I posted an element and pitches yesterday. And I know the news filters on all the stories with a live contacted her but if anybody has any any information on him dogs being shot Al terror in Oklahoma. Com him please just contact a local police department and no she lives over near the deal treat. Oak Creek drive area and nine outward more and I just I can't understand. Somebody I don't have a problem hunters are promised any of that. But somebody taking a life of us domesticated dog. Just for the form of doing it is some of the lowest life form. Arms you know I'd I can't imagine some liked me why anybody would do some do in this tiny tiny little I mean that in this dog wouldn't hurt anybody so. Fact of the matter is and I know the news is and has been doing stories arm at the police department now there. Anybody has any information on anything of somebody's shooting an animal are causing. Cat or dog anything arm out please contact them and so content local police are not there just a disgusting individual. You know since it is. I'm OK well let's let's go to our guests want to bring our guest for the evening in this is bill be bill is known as the spiritual warrior he's the author of the book. Called dark forest gonna talk about daddy's got a couple of other books to his credit. Bill I'll welcome back to beyond reality radio always great to have you on the show. So rushed and maybe it's always great PR would consider you stand out release are eager about Jason about your clips are happy that it just makes me sick it also outrageous breach. And it did just do his part to all. As to what is going on in the world these days people are just. Don't think they're buying a plan. But I think that's a great way to put it and you know we we've got a lot to talk about tonight but I think. Since this is kind of a short segment might be productive for us bill if you would take a minute and offer some. Some type of something comforting and we just heard this this massacre basically in Manchester England and a cup at a kid's concert basically teenage concert. Where some crazy man and took over what seems to be a nail bomb into a concert and how many digits. When he won 1992. Confirmed dead right now there's a bunch of people still missing 59 have been taken to a hospital for shrapnel type wounds and they expect they expect that list arise so hot putter we look at the world and and and find any comfort when we hear of. Who attacks like that well. Or Eric Anderson plays and out yeah. Truth is stranger than fiction and at what is currently taking place in our world and he's just lie. And ridicule and rookie mistakes here and people didn't believe it or not. But I can assure you that there isn't external force a cure. That is creating as much an Arabic. As possible currently don't world. But and we will definitely get into we've got more time but it does make you sit back bill as as our religious individual that you are it does make you sit back and and then look at things really be differently and makes everybody down or sit back and think if there is a god and he's. He's out there he's over overlooking all of us. Then one little why allow now I know I know people tell yachts that make you stronger to me give this make you do that. But if there's so much negativity in the world there why isn't. It's something in some external force pushing back and says intently at a key can't keep everybody safe. I agree with what you're saying however. God gave us free will. We have tree will. And he also created and pat circular map push you know gross greed and don't look that was we. Haven't been to fight to people who use a beautiful creature potential to outwit and biopic inched you know this goes outside of the traditional Christian teaching so. You are way outside of that so churches looked out period I do notice of its way to bring a spark to the army in particular to seek deter resort and true it's like it's the terms like each triple like fruit soups. The Cambodian. And it is not being taught in group to pay structure is so good about mr. Clinton and in my opinion. It's openly. And I had done scholarly studies we use. A particular political that. Political will look to. I believe that. Are our god created the postal. And when he created to melt as a deck. Which I recently there are also as you are you also known as Jesus Christ. That's what we're prelude took place in. I'd really believed. It in this gotten it. That was awesome I was gonna rebel because he couldn't do an adversary Cabrera. Our older older right there hold it right there and get we get to take a hard break from Campbell but. We come back below old sit finishes and get into more so you listen Jason je Giambi unreal. Review will be back after. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now he's made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Are you tasting and change pain don't forget the telephone number because we do invite your phone calls throughout the program 8446877669. That's a toll free number. I'm always love to hear with the audience is thinking. And let's let's sleepless especially with what's going on in the world today and then that's a big thing we're going to be talking with. With our good friend and build lean about because it's such a crazy world I mean. Jim it just since we've been syndicated how many times have we come on and on and had to you know send our our personnel and so forth for whether it be. Somebody using a truck as a as a weapon and driving in and the crowd Zoran. Porsche has shooting well and it's just it's just it's ridiculous though. This is a crazy world so again the numbers 8446877669. Give us a call and tell us your thoughts on what's going on in the world today but. Building training and all of us tonight. It. Right so it will where you left off with what we're talking about a little while ago mom. Just about Howell there's just so much going on the world and you were saying there's free will that and all this stuff. But doesn't seem that. Doesn't seem a lot of times more late the negative aspects are getting. A good push ahead and not enough the positives pushing back on that. For now. For the short time now but I can assure you this of this I'm not our. And I can't think Kirstie perk up until now. I feel that sort strongly in mice Dirk bass pro I've seen all of the only basis. There is going to be an answer to this soon. God is going to have an answer and it's going to be slipped. And people are just gonna are they gonna. They're in these parts are going to pilgrim things that are coming to remember that movie. They live. I. Yeah for sure and a long long. Exactly. There are reckoned that this. In the US and on September 4 1980. I occasionally think how quickly your differences all advantage they are killing from the outside world. And yet I askew is not an alien force already among our. I believe their ears. I believe they are demonic hierarchy and Margaret Jane. I believe that they are heightened their. I believe that our long holes. And the way we live. And being in it are being all Turks. As crazy is that right now during their share some things for you guys. That a couple of your run if you don't know already. It will blow you're buying and it's absolutely true. Our world is changing market were baseless and there are four and work there are behind that and there are urgent and there's going to be great purging. Ice here in visions and I feel it in my spirit I'm not saying their air anybody. But the double its and his way right now a short chart pattern capture from garbage is going to occur. Do you could equate any thing and this is relieved I mean I I actually really enjoy this because we didn't intend to come on talk about this but just current events kind of force us to. Do you equate. What we're seeing in the world today in the evil that were seen in the world today and what you've just described as the coming answer to that evil as. Can you. Tie that or was due juice you're looking back in history do you see a similar scenario with what we faced with with the fascists of World War II. And their evil and was God's answer the United States and the other countries it came together to defeat them is that the type of thing you're talking about. Well Octavia ticket could be more momentum than I believe we got here self always himself. And his sudden Actuate Jews are Christ are coming back and I believe their current tax sooner than later in our people are coming back with a force that it org. Perch as curt or. All who are doing wicked as collective. All the work causing all this garbage on a daily basis and all who are promoting their sucking our young people yen. And being on the follow them in all this craziness and cartridge. And this might sound like great talk worms sank but I'm telling you right now. People missed the point where the Bible actually. They have this cookie cutter Persian that is being talked in churches they can't go outside of that sort try to. He stayed there outside of that and recorder or ticker your worker for a double wherever may be. I assure you pick out his first admire lights and I bet I can do art I'm jerk try to be desperate can be each and every day for. Many people around the world. But if you re altered yet seventeen and it says that chariot Serb guard. There are certain scriptures in the cold than I call them or from a well flying tabernacle. And all these different during their in there. People who are. So bill I know now you and I we can we deal on this field IE in anxiously queue line I've dealt with and analysts cases of possession and so forth now I'm not a very religious person for the mere fact I believe and higher power I deal. But on the not a relive very religious person just because I deal directly with. With high high up individuals in and numerous religious religious organizations. And the fact of the matter is I would but I will openly said he. That the world was a much better place when when the thought of gun was involved in a lot of different things now. The fat or warrant when the weather it be in school whether it be. Part of pledged no matter what it was him and but there's been such a push. To get anything that involves god how society and with that we've seen people. Jews these crazy things whether it's a kid walk into school opened fire weather but no matter what it is it it seems that. Since there's been this push to to remove god from so many different areas whether it be from anything anything in the schools or anything. You know around wherever. These things have really sprouted up and a lot of times you Lee can attributed that to that the whole idea that. It's come to the point where back then people used to fear. The new war immune give fear god I mean if you do something stupid mean and you end up. You you're you're terrified what you're going to encounter on on that other side and I feel like. A lot of this world has lost that fear of she. I guess having to answer for for their actions. I totally agree brother and there's you know there's an order call they might and it starts with our electrical the fact he noted that. Al hole and are the desperate guys that would be a disciplinarian and are fuel. Are feared repercussions if you did something wrong you know what were coming up. Here art that's because we do boy if you'd get some bad there were going to be consequential or a punishment then probably yeah. You're beating as well you know I mean. Now you know on your soul. Who were kids that was something that made it here earlier swear to god if you tell if you tell the truth. A series Baltic. And now. There is no respect there is no respect. No. I fear of god. I I got other shows and people go here. They're crazy. Or can't talk about that why you're here. The one who created me and created her body also the world are all I'd hear what part are all that. That is so so people they don't cut state tall tree here. Are the and what is happening here now watching go to our that there are look at ordered. And what about that there are a lot of people and ultimately get ought however. There are you agendas. That are truck served our country right now. And I'm not. This is not to demean anyone earning they also are older or have no part in the annual however. That your are. So. It is and ordered it got here that god. Finally that's order. Anders. A structure. But under double A ball there's chaos there it is here there's confusion. So all this nick activity is associated you know what they ordered minions are that. And what we have now. Is the sole work got removing all work but when you're on the other subsidies and are they in error. That double tries to track as for where does or to move forward because she mimics god. Denny twisted want to do everything reversed and Barack were so. Family structure back in our day. You know is that dad and the mom and kids. Ours so it was orderly you have the structured in that and now go app that are all I'm beating or apart and an error gender. Risks you know there are homosexual agenda and the transgender. Or gender so where now I recently read a story that. Some. Are transgender. And some homosexual as well they want to get. Mother's Day punished and all they answered tape because of offensive development bank I mean. So it is part of the disorder. And again I a sexual people would help reverend transgender ready you also look very court order saying here. That now the order is being taken away and chaos so that there is no respect. Fort Lowell. There is no respect for anyone who is trying to do good and force the ball and bring quickness back in order structure. It is just absolutely it's like. Some of these people under or some did and that the best way you can equate this would be back to the Lou we gave him again. To Wear that big power. They had that thing up or Europe or to order that that was popping out that signal. That was making people are asleep they couldn't see it was really cool on. And our case where it short seeing brick that they are going on right now shall Wear. This signal is being called that it is human beings we operate record corporation anyway so well law on high frequency vibration. We are positive things are good you're looking forward. Part of our life is perfect we all have a certain issues in problem in light but generally liked is good that we you're productive removing all. A moral low frequency though migration. Lex saw nothing goes right it's like the black power or somebody's. There's always drama problem situation anger level. So that is where the double want this to be because what will that will record low corporation. You keep creator or like your problems or. Well and is the main thing. I I have never cared to whoever that somebody finds love I don't that's never men any question or issue for me I I want people to be able that be life and that's that's all about. And who they who they find love in god bless them. But but I but I think there's there's bad apples in an ad everywhere and you you get people. Clearly you're saying Chinese media room a Mother's Day and everything else I think that people using others as an and using it and using other's names in to try to push their own agendas forward. But. This is in play and it's just Seattle it's it's a crazy world and only needs to equip raging hero. So we'll do that dole will take quick break when we come back we've got a lot more questions you listen Jason GBM be on our own area. England's best weekend of the year it's scary con. We're in pop culture and convention June 2 through fourth at the mass mutual center in Springfield come meet in England this Liberty City. I mean car chase in caught Steve Gonzales it was a little changed evolved and so many. House it's all part of your mission and Friday night's exclusive celebrity VIP party Saturday night it's the monster party with costume contest it's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found it scary conduct. On that scare con dot com. I heard. 877669. Is. Paying toll free listener line if you'd like to join our conversation and join our programmer guest tonight is bill being he's known as the spiritual warrior. He's got several books out one is called dark force going to be talking about what that's. All about and a little bit we can get sidetracked based on current events of course were all very saddened to hear the news. Of what happened and what's still going on in the aftermath sign Manchester England. And we certainly pray and hope the best for any. Any of those who are now in the injured column in her in the hospital and recovering and manages it's just tragedy all the way around. I know we've got a lot of listeners over in the UK is well into the showed us and Jeremy stations over there yet but there's big plans on them but a lot of people do tune in online. And our hearts do go out to all of you over there and he had to resist we wish you all the best really do. Yet until we're gonna go jump quickly here to the phone lines are going to keep people on hold too long this is Della from the jury wants to join the conversation Della. Welcome to beyond reality radio. Thank you educate and carry it done. Could walk from the show on. Thank you I have not met yet but I plan on going up to Boston and Rhode Island I got friends up that way. And hey Bill Perry is doing. Your. I am doing fine I actually stay at to listen Pete you know. Pray that all let her two dead it. These guys are corrupt state in game either right give it our all along where to look at them. I have to grade. With what you are saying I came in I'd be honest and I'm bad I came in the middle of the show and I apologize because I and three. Regret and yards today hit I'm tired. And might not actually. It then don't as my friends he actually that. We you guys are talking about Chauncey came in front of entrapment like Utah can now get ready militant now he likes skate iMac that I. And every as well in Europe finishing thought on that Ella iris. The reason that that came up. Of course because we're talking about than the per cent stake in place and our Herbert want. There's been a factor Kyra but that report tragedy there LB posts that are hurt so much FaceBook pages as well that's real end game their. And it was not trying to insult the gay community or transgender community all but I think it's social engineering. We're tapping her social engineering. And the game on this. Is the way I believe it will get people to take the mark of the beast which are believed they are you chip. The way that don't get to undertake yet. Is to say now we are going to my. Urged demand which Sheen. And it will be nudity where it ought to go cures that are all the rage right now. So people will line up for this because Kirby col Bert is they take this trip they will become a bullet hole they will ever die. It will ever get sick again. And able lineup that a million detect. Internet. Yes its. Should tell us of the Bellamy on that just let me bring a more quick point bell wasn't two in the religious communities. The initial mark of the beast who is supposedly when people were giving a Social Security. So now now the technology has made at this point like I hear what you say and I've talked with other have talked to ministers and other individuals on the but pastors and so forth but. The initial thing was they said well if we're all gonna be a source cured in a missed the mark of the beast but now all out. But now I see other individuals saying well if people are gonna start getting RFID chip they're gonna start doing this and that this is the new countries I mean we're aware. If that if that doesn't become markedly toward it just makes you wonder what the next supposedly mark of the beast will be. Well let's flick about a clerk Erin lets stick Bowden stepped outside of it and think about where we are right now the more technologically. Advanced we probably were assault we're really of people and so. You know. And hopefully you're connected more connected we become a chronically worse disconnected we become socially. No question of that I mean. I travel every week all around the country and airport served every week can be worked as an under thrown under. No communication. Bigger beef up the currency people lurk just. Sitting here in their throat and nodded communicate sort mean this may be well here these are all in my talks are in order. But I truly believe. That the way to trick everybody in shoot taking a mark of the peacekeepers some security corporate Catholic school you step out. Elated that the couple could trick the masses. Intra accepting this by the around pretty well. Would Peter marketed as it is the greatest technological. Advancement in the history of mankind. To band mergers with these Kiewit computers. And the computer error take that live forever. And they'll never again and it's going to be there has there ever second guess any effect because when the iPhone can't now. Help people stood in line for those phone. Well we're gonna we're gonna have to get more into this tomorrow we come back to we aren't breaks top of the hour break but. It definitely interesting topics up and the numbers 8446877669. GM it's 8446877669. You listen. The Jason NG beyond beyond or really get radio. It's Monday on the West Coast Tuesday in the East Coast many are stuck in between welcomed Dioner reality revealed. Myself Jason dollars and my cohost javy jar it's another great week were really excited to be here and every week I I look at her guests listening to skid really really more Mort said in the last weeks and that we just have some really really cool people and I'm really excited about it. And does it starts with tonight with bill being an and we continue through all week organ and the week with the doctor Scott Kyle Obama who wrote a book called positions untold stories in new and I. Have talked about this at length today and we had a few guest recently. That talked about in death bed type experiences whether there in the hostile learn not in visitation and visions and things people say as they approach death they just Europe uncharacteristic. And this is another one of those kind of stories doctor Cole bomber whose book is about physicians. Whom to share their stories of what they seem patience goes broke. On and these are things that these doctors. More kind of hesitant to talk about because they're science. Minded people. And some of these things justify science. Really and he's he's connect to assuming other doctors around the world. That have put him in touch with patience with that with these experiences and it's just it's an amazing book it really is. Com need guys get a check and I do have to say that our hearts go out to and all the people in Alton the entire UK. For a what's gone on tonight if you haven't heard I'm sure most of you have. But a suicide marlin that appears a suicide bomber detonated device just after 10 PM UK time and now Arianna grundy concert in Manchester England. Has a right known nineteen people are confirmed dead 59 people have been taken to the hospital with shrapnel type horns. It appears that that number is probably going to get amid become higher com. Area area are grinding has suspended her world tour right now and and there's also a lot of people are still lost the trying to find them nobody knows what's going artists and a lot of young younger people as well just the fact there. Billion these these. Low place. We go after preteens and teenagers it's just it's it's just terrifying scenario. It is and and to be dealt with and anytime there's a tragedy of this magnitude the whole world weeps and but you know the bomb was part of it. Obviously that was a major part of it but then you've got the panic in the trampling in the and the chaos that ensues which more more people got hurt and that's. You know that's that's the weapon of terror and down. It's it's a shame I think we is a world need to react strongly harshly and and kind of go after this problem once and for all. As silk. I a 100% agree and I've got Mario of course he's our but I won't get into that that's because a lot of we will probably wouldn't wanna hear this on our petroleum probably on your page of that here you know there's a couple of really cool stories and I want him just mention one very quickly here before we go to a break and then bring bill being into the program. But scientists have found a way it you don't you know we talked about all these different things. You know the government tapping our phones and listening in our conversations. And all these different ways that our lives are being invaded in intruded by eight the government generally. Yeah well now the scientists have found a way to photographed people. Through walls. Using their Wi-Fi. Want. Wi-Fi passes through walls and on the that. And although we don't think about that Tom what has. Been figured out by a number of scientists is that this particular form of radiation answer it's a radio wave that comes. From phones laptops and routers. Also bounces off. Things sort sort or about some kind of like a sonar and so when it bounces off things believes there's software that's now been developed that will read these waves as they're bouncing around a house. And basically mapped images. Base and so it's not a full picture percent. But he gives whoever is using this technology to see what's going on somebody's house he gives them a representation of what. You're doing is sitting in a chair you know lying on the floor you're standing up eating a sandwich they can see this stuff based on how the Wi-Fi signals are bouncing around in the house. Now I used to military. Tight thermal imaging at times and you can see you see through walls. He sees through walls a house as you conceive heat signatures on the other side of the people walking around and those are things a lot of times so strap on military. Military weapons. For whatever purpose and who but that's us. That that becomes terrified as if that's just a program that can pretty much it dissect the the Wi-Fi. Mean look look what just happened with the other program the government our own government wrote had they gotten and the Packers. Inventing you know they started trading his ransom wars and all these computers. To somebody gets a hold of that type thing than anybody can see in your house and see what you're doing. Indexing and other multi anonymous on the little. Little DJ I drove straight Alia easily very easily and what it does it basically scans a room. Using someone's own Wi-Fi transmission and it maps the Rome based on how those signals are bouncing around and what they're bouncing off of and based on how they. How they who were bounce often object they can tell the density of the objects of the can tell whether it's flasher whether it's a wall or whether it's peace furniture. You know it's it's it's it's gonna scare. Privacy has really been been thrown out the window and they're scary good scariest part of that is that a lot of society. Doesn't think about it or doesn't pay any attention to it doesn't have the information about it and nobody's being held accountable for. In many ways people are almost. And just do abandoning their rights to privacy in in exchange for this technology that we all have become dependent upon. It's character really as. Yeah it's terrifying it is our let's take a break when we come back to bring our guest in bill bean we're going to be talking about his book dark force by the way his cell website is bill G-8 beam dot com. We're also gonna talk a little bit about world events was built is like going on so. It's beyond reality radio I'm Jason and JD don't. 7669. Is the telephone number and we have some fun. Folks on home let's bring our guest into the program whether it's Jason in JGB on reality radio building is our guest. Bill thanks for joining us on the show tonight you're known as the spiritual warrior you've got a book out called dark force which we haven't had a chance to talk about yet. But it chronicle. It chronicles an experience you had with your family early in your life. Kind of a horrifying. Terrorizing. Experienced. And you know when you give us when we start talking about the at this hour and down and see if we have some time to. To bring some of those other topics in his well. Or we really go there aren't. Passionate about that case because that Victor a quick look at Victor. Myself it was destroyed by demonic forces are nearly or as well so. This really hit. Oh and Whitney or something you know when she people victimized then. I've dictum no more and you know like. All that sent that are currently worm right now had a had not been there so we all have a journey actually I think it was necessary part of the journey. Out secret to a level suffering. And understanding. These demonic forces and how they work in order for me to be where I am not working to weed out people. The words nor your enemy. Exactly right itself. You know access in our forces to work again in 1970. Remark probably not rooted to doctor pepper ranch style are located in lumber in Maryland. Community called Eric they'll but it actually are much further back burner or written a book or found out real. That there's a lot of what mother suck it up in many many many years ago. Probably the portion or. At in folks. And invited. These demonic forces to come in and it came on the family. And it's state. With the family creating or ride your average. And it carried her through my mother guards found out that my mother. At any probable supernatural experiences were a child. And all associate the net very area as a teenager. Out. Prior exposure to the area which. I believe it's people to the core so there were you factor in all of this first being remember whom ever they work. That invoke this and invited this equal force and secondly. I feel that my mother and in my. Were lit to howl. Where evil was already present and manifest in the hole. And in the area. So we were part in this. Troop pronged attack in this perfect storm if you will. And this is why it was stoop so devastating to black family. And cause such great structure mean that's. Justice story of my parents alone. Is just really heartbreaking Niedermayer and see the age of fifty. My dad. What is a master our burger last Wear it every physical attributes necessary height he's successful at life it also. Was was blessed with a great charisma great personality a ball. And his story was just so sad and tragic in the waited and that he is shocked that there were 48 my mother got a report urged the agent for four. And so I integral burger quickly I was younger my mother passed but that it left. All that was not an action and I had to work well are they adequate school knew a great not a lot of my age or what to work for construction company it. Com. Prior to that. Such as a child in the call. Being so frightened. That if you were just my mom and I and I am embarrassed to say this because OPEC's strong right now you're in order saying however. I was a scared little kid back then. Who was were littered on a regular basis and to be attacked by the shaking so bad that my mom at the battle for. I would wait outside that door and she came out and that's how batter walk. And to live in part of your permanent. And treat gay. It just takes a whole lot here and it just you know we got to point to where were so worn down. I feel that we all came under political pressure and at various. Stages and times of linger in now. And we became very little body very zombie very much something like. Because you get worn down you start to take shrinks strike because we expect them to happen. And it just 'cause we can't storm. Oh well piece social engineering. Mind conditioning that is taking place is currently in all world it would very prominent that are well. Turkey's tactics that the double when using. So literally. Just we are now to the point. That we could be taken over. And that's how we've been there that we did that and you know when it comes suffering. My mother suffer more than any other person ever seen in my at all like. She was physically attacked by these things are regular basis but it intensified after my debit laptop. And it MI. Very very quick and are great there however. I very much hated my cat. Longer. Cart because this great air. That was such a hard working traveling mayor. Could knock. Do you roll with this situation and the reality of the situation like that are from parent you know humorous. Used to being in control every situation. Suddenly found himself in the situation and it couldn't control. And it's let you have a much Kurt for all the social drinker. Or does let them. To. Becoming a raging alcoholic. Ku. Physically abused my mother or a regular basis to 973. In 97 are. Several patients. I was witness to answer our call eight years old Derrick are out there are. Called by that is killer mother. Horrific memories I have no I stole what eyewitness. That these demonic forces. Work is able to fuel his rage. Towards Mark Mulder while he was not the about all this commercial back to actually earlier. A few. About frequent in by expiration so again well our frequent our corporation. They are pretty positive but it will all too well. Look I'll peek at the double is right terror so we under the influence. Are trying you know or rocks. Is lower our frequency and by expiration and demonic forces and probably aren't. And create a variety of damage how often. Do we hear people say and look I used to it I look on the street I used to drink huge truck and or else back there. I don't color great particular. From me but I didn't area understand and there were time. That he didn't remember what I did that night aren't you wake up the next day and ice are directed and it is it's sort. Okay bill I just wanted to before we go to break Gehrig's wanna Drew Gooden of the listener call in here I don't I don't when he wrote a story today I I'd like to be a lot of people on hold so wanted to peppermint here. This is Steve Florida Steve welcome to the discussion be on reality radio. Oh yeah this is Steve steel in the shale that acute particular call. First cup mr. game. Look into your life story. Prior thought you'd. Or are you that you did Amin now have been tremendous and I'm sure but. What we were stopped by it was about Social Security Carter made a comment that particular. Mine have been and they. Antichrist system and then we'll miss. All my so security card could never be habitat cries. Got such Judy curry apparent sign the card not use you were born you'd sign mapping. Are you are such dirty Eric you'll come back a magnifying glass rural small. Sort number honor. And then actually it upon number to the rock solid bank and England. Ever person born in America. A pond to the Rothschild bank. You have putted it tightly that are running about Barack. Know what road I was born we what was being said was so there were some pastors and ministers in the past. There were saying one initially. When we heard people were being told they were and they were brand new Social Security number that. Yeah this was going to be the mark of the beast now that was something that was brought up. This now bill is saying is now what I was sank. When that rule and I'm referring to is things in the past you to look it up online or whatever that. It was said that this was this was going to be the mark of the beast that was pushed up on the people. And now the new thing is. People are talking about RFID chip ping an and others things says is this new and supposedly the mark of the beast again and so. And none of us were were agreeing with that we are just saying that that's what has that some of the things course of the past. Actors. Not that's where chip that's going to be out biometric track to its authority and our work relative remark. And I told the hill tomorrow electric duplicate chip. The chips are already there and people are already taking chips. Certain sort by that big needle that goes into the right hand in in between the and the index finger and Wal-Mart. Has machines under Serb operated ago. Landing ships are install. People just get their hands harder to recover and OB of paperwork that. While I and that's that's actually true I know we had to take quick dribble one thing is they were talking about implanting them into. Initially and veterans. For a medical purposes to be able appalled information now a Levy on that we're gonna take a quick break when we come back more you listen Jason came. Here it's scary con. Horror and pop culture and convention June 2 through fourth at the mass mutual center in Springfield come meet in its Liberty City. I mean Carter Jason Hawes Steve Gonzales it was a little changed a ball and so many. Years including a world exclusive premiere of the house it's all part of your mission and Friday night's exclusive celebrity VIP party Saturday night it's the monster party with costume contest it's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found it scary conduct. On that scare con dot com. It's reality review Jason and TV persona receipts for. 46877669. Or guest tonight is bill below or thank you Steve from Florida for his call and his. His comments always could be here in a different perspectives on these cut these are topics that we're bringing up tonight. Absolutely and if you haven't yet. An admission had over like FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond their reality Rio. Constantly updating that page with the news stations that we had every week. And head over beyond reality radio dot com into the free android or iPhone app greater regional civil shall live. On he can listen the past episodes and and chat and everything else. Yeah and bill again thanks for being with us as quickly go to the phones here again we've got ten from buffalo who wants to chime in. They can welcome to be on reality radio. And thank you I appreciate big picnic all you'll from the show. I'd like self first called bill being listed beamer being EEE. OK I appreciate you take Michael to because god bless ya it pixel occurred fortitude to do which you bill. There's a player or do we are now you cannot do what you're doing on the ballot he can a lot of flags and I'm sure gonna get a lot of crap from people. There. What are what are the public. You have to take voluntarily. The peace. Number you cannot take it voluntarily. It's not gonna be good numbers in the episode security hundred emails at all. That works. That is why beat chuck bit different like marketed right the right biggest technological breakthrough. History dramatic art and you eat and how many tricks up their. Right illegal. Again wanna give you credit should build the Bible America homosexuality and brotherly love. You take the tour that. What is probably the law and sister we love you love thy neighbor you love the person it is human well as homosexuality you wanna do something to that human. That'd perversion of humanity. Yeah yeah I'd I'd I wanna avoid that though because I'll be honest he your religious leaves I respect them and that's fine but I desire to I wanna avoid that kind of and talked specially on this on the showed just for the fact that. I like I have a nephew have read I have a nephew who's who's gay I love him dearly I don't I don't Kara I don't care about his choices in that. I don't care is if he can find love in five find happiness and that's what makes him happy. Find this that's not for me to question so I'm like I said in and let's talk but losers as wanna avoid that kind of there's a kind of going. There's a place for that particular conversation it's not here and it's not now so humble move on but thank you so much Ken for the call we appreciate your your comments on bill. You know. This this seems to have struck a nerve with people whether it's CR a fighter X or this social security and whatever it is just the fact that there's something looming on the horizon. That is going to be a major turning point in our relationship with the you know whatever that being his daughter or whatever we're talking about. So it's coming to an editor that and let me say this is well they urge our upper body I have. So many homosexual people all over country I would never turn anybody away. Are people you know I held my police and I don't cushion they ought anybody. You know our voice opinion. But. I'm not here demeaning to anybody here like. You know art call gunfire governor (%expletive) so they actual and that it's really just to give probation old wanna meet and was because of the end game scenario. Social engineering to where you get people. In their minds. Considering the possibility would it would be like to be my first with the machine. And that you know auto. Never I IQ. These immortal and you know poppy. Like super power and very quick because. Connected. Computer so that's all it and that's the game in my opening a hole. Well and then especially when you get people like Stephen Hawkins and Ilan mosque and every everyone out there's saying that in order to for mankind to survive. We are going to have to merge with technology. And that does become. An interesting thing but a scary thing is well it's in a JV and I've talked about that and so many shows. I yeah I totally agree and you know all. I don't wanna give you all because and he got orbiter talk about the book and everything and experience that took place there. Awful regret visitor if you look I would like to share something if you guys I don't know I don't know if you just called to talk about all reading. If you haven't. It's going to blow your mind. Do announced a new bill do. OK. We're about to say to you. Again you may already know. But people. This is this is Kirk chatter this should be major news everywhere. But nobody's talking about it. I know. This scripture very very well it's been years since scholarly studies quote the Bible. I know this scripture. Well. A little city your bureau. I was sent. A passage from. A latent deterrent right now in Scotland that I had there are I do international Skype sessions were people and I. Help Turk are worker read helper. That she sent a message. Saying are you aware of this. And and so there was a video attached with this. And her daughter was preposterous so I thought our current this outlook dirty man. I would get ready to delete the message and I felt in my spirit ago was stopping leaks saying take a look at that. So I watched a video. And I said OK I'm going to disprove this right now I have working gamespot. One is not certain that these seven years old and it's in the top of my club in my office. The second quarter nearly forty years old that travels with me everywhere control over the country. And then two or generic mall well. And later about. And I compared. The scriptures to work this video sanction certain video saying. That piece scripture. In the king James Bible. Are now being super surely. Altered and changed and I thought you know again this is particular so our characters greatness. And so I got our bibles well. I compared to where they would this scripture they were listing that have been altered true disparate cheers that were in my Bible. In my call. In my personal compassion. And Alan garnished. Tripoli I nearly fell off of my chair where I saw all the scriptures in my Bible. Changed. Palace is possible. I'm not telling you as surely as French speaking right now I'm telling you deterrence. We now have worked in ginger and now it is startled the king James but now all the bibles are being altered. Super actually Alford worked like make church. Bank bottles Butler you have or naughty gorgeous stuff cal has their states sharks. You are so hard waste tires work published Reagan and first he walks. Even phonics. We'd be of the tribe both Abraham. I'll be in pomegranate. Or call. Trying and pot trying to hurt the able take medicine and other work like disk network now there. And they are so important culturally magically tell. Don't take my workload. I want you guys. To Brighton how you departure king James Bible on line or Bible gateway. Art com. Exceed yourself but I create web site for those who were. A seat there and not look like and bought because again. Walking warrior mode which is great strike deep. Outrage here were used to lose because burger shot where I got square mean for a bit secure and it gets out or everybody. That. Well I am saying here we are now airtime like gold other. And he is super important for people to understand border or along here. In mind. Studies. The only way that I can reconcile this because this is so far beyond my cup to something like this could actually be happening. But it. The only way. I can you can come at any kind of talks. About how could possibly be happening. I started out there with people through disarm device that it earned Switzerland under the ground little lower our locker. Working in conjunction with that do you Wear a quantum computer. It's crater that might sound and again right clergy got to do research into the stall pick. Or before before talk about the explanation and I just wanna make trying to understand what you're split your asserting here you're saying that. Then. Your bibles and other bibles are having. The printed words in those bibles are changing and they're changing from a supernatural source. Absolutely. Dead Zuckerberg. These are different edits of a vital overtime this this is happening to all bibles and they're all changing. And in the list of words to achieve throughout their just a moment ago are some of the words that are now being are appearing in the Bible that weren't there before. That's exactly route straight to your. And I will debate any pastor. Anywhere. Anytime. Anyplace on this subject it is true. What does the religious community saying about this. Or don't have more. Well. I've and that they may think they Jason. It should be front page news every revision to the big story on right now that nobody let it then I reached out to other doctor. And solemn. Accepted. And I you know and I accept book coach you're you're so Altec little. And then look repeated changes and it invited me to nurture you speak about are sure she faces. People in the church is what I call and that the Bible and they saw these changes they were. Oh pastors. It. Gil welcome further doubt that's a mind trick out. Your airport and there. I mean this shouldn't be a difficult thing to prove. Rick. I know we've got a couple minutes here soon you soon do that. Okay. Country Renault workers start there's so many of them they're harder to change. The law. Our report heaven help you name. Kingdom come will be on our workers and haven't you're us or edit records are trust that we forget there was trucks out against. Leader in the temptation virtually serenity jingle but our record forever more that you know that's. It'll work right sure. Doesn't pay that anymore. Now if you look. If you go online in the Bible that gate weight calmer. Changing. Bible well online. Look it up talking 61 nine through thirteen. They now say the problem which can happen. Be kind and correcting them com will be on. Stowed it changed air too which are having an outlook. And we have all been changed to. Entrust Entrust Africa has it changed dep better. That's just one example. Out in the Bible. Quit ever. Water and Weinrich mentioned. It was kept in gear and as you know wore a wind can correct order should yeah. Now anymore. This is our first 41 per fourteen and paper emerald cup earlier in the morning and for that. And a bowl oh. He gave it on to take or a bottled water. It should be peace again of water. Thank god I have apartment study Bible in English translation they're still out. A lot of the original works were changed in that so that's my reference. Anybody can look in the Bible on CD's is what you're saying. Absolutely so I think people right now. This spring and you are and what sang. Go to work king James Bible right now. Look Genesys 2114. Look. Couple more per year. We can go order order on all light long. But I injured some but there it is just. One that I came detail here it is pork graphic it is it now. It's in the week you'll 44 victory. And Lynn translation English translation by or have they are eager and changing. It and our respect and you get all your. I'll say this structure and you read it yourself like you know on air. Well this thing now. Okay we're gonna have. We're gonna have to go to break here when we come back ruling and have a like a minute left for you bill on this muscle mass and I know went quickly two hours Maria went quickly. So are we'll be right that it's Jason GB. You can talk with the team and it goes it's pretty amazing claims and bill a lot of people on our chat room checking out of finding. They're kind of confused about saying that there are seeing examples that you pointed out about the change in the Bible the sounds like it's actually. The topic that would be worthy of a whole show win it does happen we're really it's not. Do it again I'd stretch her look what they vote article Greg do you rich yeah. Be the next director and that's a pretty well and you got as well. If you wanna see these changes. Go to www. Being able changes dot com www. Possible changes. And Dick is and I am trying to beat recruit and there were wrap now. I remember. I'd say 116 worse physical liable late outlook but lamb. Yeah. You got it right you're a jerk. The statute. It more guys. I 116 now will. All laid out lamb and it doesn't even say more. The war chill also well what the lamb. Bill. Heard look it up yourself. And you'll hear it. An interesting. Yeah and just warmer time bill because we didn't have enough time to talk about your book dark for and I are available on your website which is bill GB dot com. We also have a link to it on the beyond reality radio website as well. Thank you my Brothers and look at you guys we can't. That bit outlook sent down certain. Oh actually true it sure. May know governor has become so we can finally share the stage play music. And it is a contagious thing. And after. Do you know him and I have been talking negative Ciba again the altar at some point so but. Great having you on the trickle and dying and now with a send we look forward to talk communion in the near future amid. Oh or. Thanks bill being again the website is bill GB dot com the book is dark force. And it's an account of on his family's ordeal house and moved into the had a didn't demonic and team. And if you're on the beyond reality radio say you can also click the guest tab and bill and the rest of our past guests their information is listed right there. Also directly so their website Easter bowl Sunday and all of start seeing their right from there if you're having yet. May Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. We're trying to get the numbers up on that didn't it's going strong like fifty some odd thousand mom yourself. Guess doing great but it gives us a really nice convenient way to communicate with people outside of the show let people know it's coming up share articles and and news and that kind of thing so what you don't miss that when we part of that. Then had to be on reality radio dot com and download the free android. Or IOS app. On the you're able to listen Michelle lives you don't wanna tune into any of the local stations that we are on your bullets in the show live their cash the past shows any of them. Also challenges lie during the show in a lot more so again it's free right from beyond reality radio dot com click or terror. Yeah tomorrow it would. So I also lot of great stuff popping up on the scare com website if you're anywhere near Springfield Massachusetts that includes our listeners from WRK on Boston. You wanna check out scare kinda come Jason I'll be there with Stevens alls and a whole bunch other people's going to be great week. Only time I cannot Ernie and Cain came from Friday the thirteenth genus and species tune in tomorrow we're going to be talking with Scott Smith and Sandra wells. Well ritual magic investigating the paranormal Nielsen Jason NG Giambi on or later he'll catch all tomorrow. And the media is to discuss its importance Nancy Drew Johnson and her. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page and give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality reading it all one word. If you've got it. Formation you want us to follow what font or you liked being Gaston beyond reality radio email to swing any nice slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.