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The most anticipated horror movie in year - Death House & a unique look at the state of the paranormal community

May 24, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Rick Finkelstein - Producer of the highly anticipated horror film - Death House. The movie will receive a special Exclusive Sneak-peek Preview screening at SCARE-A-CON New England ( Then, SCott Smith and Sandra Wells join the program to talk about a multitude of paranormal topics. 5/24/17 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. On the West Coast Wednesday and the East Coast many are stuck in between welcome beyond reality radio with myself decent honest and deal is awesome. Jimmie Johnson welcome to everybody it's great everybody long when you listen no one of the fine radio stations carrying the program or you're listening online we now welcome you'll. I just had one of the most terrifying acts. Situations. My life I saw that whole thing unfold in my video money that was terrified that. If you're a tendency you'd jumper now like then whatever I teach us how close they are so of course it's tough to describe over radio. But aren't so you'll know when you're doing radio you have these over the ear headphones so legal over your ears are hooked. I pick up mine I go to put it on. And a a big old spider comes crawling out of my headphones out of the ear piece. Sore of course some are jumping around trying to fight for my life. If I put those aren't the only openings were within my ear. That is terrified that I'm going I'm never going to sleep again what's a Twilight Zone episode of like I don't know but the hard way gates is feeling like things are crawling over a year now and there's nothing there that's just wrong is just why in my ear for me in my hip full yet that's really really really strange in this thing nightmares are made yet is and I've got to tell you this because just between never seen me jump like that I've you know you don't you jumped more than ever receive new move ever in my life but just twenty minutes ago I'm sitting. Here in getting things ready in the studio. And I'm looking at one of my computer monitors and I see something. Dropping right. It's some centimeter away from my right unable. And it turned and looked and it's a gigantic spider. Coming down descending so apparently. Predictor ridiculous and welcome it's there's a serious or Clinton's it's another late night colonel talk show this is trying to kill deaths. Released the same virus thing I was by that as that was just one of the most terrifying scenario is I think ever in my heart my hardest terrorists again not a lot scares. No no laws just creepy the way around. Yet with a great show lined up in it this is actually turning to be really interesting night we've got Scott Smith and center wells joining us some little bit Sanders gonna talk about her experience with which were ritual manager. That ritual magic eight to get it out of spite of things took a test yeah and the end Scott is gonna guess before he's got a book that's called god reconsidered rumored to be talking about his years of investigating the paranormal. And he's got is things that he says here evidence that were looking at the whole god concept wrong and we need to reexamine what we're doing. And and just a few moments are gonna bring on our were Rick Finkelstein who is in the producer of the most anticipated horror film and at least 25 years maybe more cold death house. I have seen a lot of things popping up about its own there's a lot of people out there that are really psyched about about the. Yeah there's a couple things it's interesting about it first ball it was written by garner Hanson who. Very recently. And he'd just completed the screenplay before his death. And in addition to that the whole horror community came together everybody who's anybody. In or acting on its decision is is in this movie basically and they all wanted to be part of it it's a set. Fabulous story about how the community came together in Rick's gonna tell us all about that. So on the we've got some great shows coming up throughout the week on tomorrow night we're going to be talking with Jim Myers. Print if he's he's a psychic sense of heat torts I can't I was Cilic and 900 numbers attached to it but and he's going to be telling us about how all. How he got into the seal how he realized he was psychic is goals and and and helping people and just the group in a lot of great things are things that are gonna come from the. Yeah he's got an interesting story about how he came to rip recognizes abilities and is sensitivity is on. A lot of question book characters in that field and you got to look out for them and neither do I know who you're talking to before you believe it bleep what percent. And then Thursday were re talking with doctor Scott Obama. He'll be discussing physicians untold stories on explained miraculous experiences including your death experiences operations. Dreams for telling teacher events divine intervention. Successful prayers and fasting. And it and if you haven't Amaechi head over to be on really radio dot com. To download the in Droid in the iPhone apps are free to listen shall life there if you choose instead of listening and any rescissions we Aaron across the country can also listen the past shows. And it allows you to join the chat room and also in order FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. In May she'll like the FaceBook page. Two things a scare me Jim spider snub nose but it and the immediately territories in his early years is totally terrified of that but clowns and phones are another thing you know. And if clones or not just freaking creepy in the a man and a clown make up with bleed it gloves. Is accused of killing a man like the Freddy Krueger and Slovakia. Clients and I guess in Denver. Suspects tell cops are cops. Yeah suspect tells. Cops dead man may have fallen on wanna despite bracelets who was wearing though that's not what Pia many people saw solid carpenter. Said Dem replace onerous and Meehan was wearing clown make up. When he allegedly stabbed and slashed at 29 year old man to death with a glove the had bleeds attached the to the end of each finger. I don't know why you'd be running around with a glove with leads attached to each year we had that in Sony seems to be met Barbara in Denver we're endeavor they're sent embers its own kind of place. So but I. Christian that Lee goals low 36. Allegedly attacked the victim at 12:49. AM Tuesday following an argument. Near a torch he's tacos on west eleventh avenue and Broadway. According to the arrest warrant to Denver coroner's office identified the victim as Brian Cerro. Age 29 the cause of death was stab wounds according to the coroner's release. Witnesses told police suspect wearing only clown make up. Came pretty much out of darkness with a black streaks and history suddenly began threatening the victim with a glow with blades that were two to three inches long. Then again I don't know why you'd be wearing those unless you run to do harm to somebody and after this crazy clown attack the clown also know again as Christian gulls slow. Fled on a scooter. There are finally able to. At least you listen when those in the tiny cars culturally and it'll look out for the tell you aren't hurt I feel bad presents began now. United had an concert creepy enough the night putting. You don't bleeds and fingers makes no sense. Yeah and Owen media that you get. Spiders and had fun what's this world coming too. Spiders dropping into my eye in mean it's as bad it's bad with that let's bring in Rick Finkelstein he is the producer of the film called death house which will be. Actually were very very honored to have that scary con at the exclusive private sneak peek preview of the film Rick welcome to beyond reality radio it's a great to have you on here tonight. Thank track enemy. So it and he guys. Thought you were talking about fighters yeah twice in my life I didn't get it round. And then not hot metal pole time. Allergies and those are the ones that they claim that flesh eating viruses is actually cause from. Hole. And she's I thought well. Well that didn't like and who he did and oh yeah you know no one almost sold in my ear so here and on goes. It. So cringing now. Rick tell us the story of the Genesis of the film death house because it's it's a fascinating story. Work the ball and I got that they're. Squirming right now. Your original. Screenplay. And story was written by the honor and it would help me on the loan that he does yeah right. He couldn't yet. And we added another hurt in a run at it. Did it being the only non right. Along and who might lie in. His knee and and we met on another thing out tell the story and any error being in the war years ago and error and and I. And error wrote the debt out there is now yet. Just at that was your original or you might not. Out that it happened. I would filming a movie out we needed you don't it. And it was a second or third night. Night shoot in Toronto. And anybody who's been around those no you don't leak much about it I. Like it out. As part it is real leave your little leery. And I met Joseph has opposed manager. And I was just so leniently on it. And hear your view or reining in the zone. And everybody was looking at me like doing. You know talking. And I. And I get my act in respect in my town so much that he I got a horror movie. And only Nick Carter work with partner. And you know everybody. I might get seven. Or your week everybody have the gory picture. When I get back or. That it outlook. I act error. Three days later I the call him being garner. Conveyed that that a pact and more in that picture honor in his there are. And it says it may movie Goer. I think you saw today. And got her and I never ever met me. In all the year we guy. Off big time you don't need help track is hot on May be out of line but we never ever match. And we working got here you know you recall on the open is that you know I needed to a neighbor or friend of mine. Who happens actor and you know him that and I would be sure I caught him and it was pretty and they and the biker broke excuse me. But I remember it had surgery and I look at. Huge and I got to call my god and that writing I. Around 1030 at night what you racer you know it's rare that any return to call it. Unlike Mike is our problem. Yeah. Well there's an opportunity there are I immediately thought the idea. Shall. Oral law in law right. Your. He did note daughter. And the only that you reached the last live and why are you ready yet. The man that you write. In anything or honor. I got well and Carter wanted me swear that I would do whatever it slow the world uses music group Indy. That. We're people who would start arguing that people ought to Alter. Here he could not here yet surely angry. You know it is. It was my dream. And that's why they're like when you are or. War. Predominantly par actor you know like college guy or actor and like ninety. You know that are. And the dog pick honor you know we've never gotten the real good ones right there. And he did all right Rick I right on Monday and be let me hour later I got a call that. Yeah you know that was a set 12015 wasn't that Rick it was a 2015. Yeah 'cause he was gonna was scheduled to appear at scare con in September of that year. And he was contract did you know we met several times and it was about two weeks prior to scare con that that he passed away it was a it was a very sad death. It's that it. Nobody knew. In my I've. Been up at you and it eat you wanted. And I got to wait we are argue with that odd. But you know what they were enemy that doubles but are. There any. You know a lot of it burger o'clock. Outlook on. I think that they're not only he knew about you know we don't look now here we don't have all the money to me and quite frankly. In light so many times that anything happen or. What you know what I'm seeing now he's an app but we weren't ready and we let. I got it ready guided a ball. Well let's do this Rick Rick hold on before you go and let's take a quick break we come back we're gonna have about our four minutes left so listing to break welcome back to tell that story it's beyond reality. It's new England's best weekend of the year it's scary car. We're in pop culture convention June 2 to the fourth at the mass mutual center in Springfield come meet in its Liberty City. I mean Carter Jason Hawes Steve Gonzales it was a little changed a ball and so many. House it's all part of your mission and Friday night's exclusive celebrity VIP party Saturday night it's the monster party with costume contest it's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found it scary conduct. On that scare contact. Karaoke songs Jimmie Johnson or telephone numbers 8446877669. Inning just a little bit we're going to be bringing in Scott Smith and Sandra wells. To chat about things including ritual magic and and Scott's book called god rediscovered her right now we're talking with Rick Finkelstein easily. Producer of a film that's been highly anticipated. There's going to be a special pride that. Sneak peek preview at scare con New England coming up on June 3 and of films called death house. And Rick we've got to about three minutes here a little less actually. Tell us the story about how the community to horror anybody who's in a pork. Any actor who's a horror actor almost is in this film. Partnered happen. Even trees might as well. I did we all these other right now. Cody Longo Courtney pol. RO. Michael Mary Ann Arbor and dignity garnering. Laying the art you know I. Mean. Can you see our. Law remotely. Built over. It grows. Rick. Your own I eat while. And war Bergen well again it. I sir that's the who's who. Of horror acting right there and and and so. And I had it like Eric and you know. Even I quit yet in his room. And I got it yeah king and B he thought it was good that aren't yet ever done. Deep it would look at the back in England he's he's been any ball. Tony not that he hated her daughter so it is that I and I'd. Be a our crack at this intimate. Dining movies. Bit in the movie old school yet in the new art jittery it recently. Ringing all. All our guys back but not pole roll. Gaining new are viewed. Are an intention to go to prevent it a year otherwise. In air. Get out of the part of ran we won. There. The date movie franchise went under there to greet all we're gonna play and not roller wrote Iraq. Bringing people in bringing old people back Owen unit at by. Army unit that well but you know what we. Not that virtually identical. That we believe 10. Yeah. We've been able look you're not in the realms of the concrete. Are. Money generated yeah you indeed are. The ball. Sounds sounds like you've done a fantastic job or just simply at a time right now but we're so anxious to have this sneak peek preview. And it's scary con new England and Rick thanks so much we got to run it was great talking to you and thanks for all the great work so if you're gonna take quick critical back after this suggestions. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the and things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Not hard spun ones hectic and fast pace and a lot of stuff happening tonight. Yeah it's definitely one of those starts. And just a few moments are gonna bring in Scott Smith and Sandra wells and talk to them but before we do that I just wanted to remind 'cause we had to cut Rick off pretty abruptly there. That is an amazing cast by the way they've assembled for the movie death house scare con New England is going to the first place. This film will ever be screened for the public which is just amazing it's part of the admission of any scared con ticket and I'm sure it's going to be standing room only their jet. It's pretty exciting that's gonna happen but. If you wanna find out more information about the film there's a web site it's called that the Fed that FE GM which stands for factory entertainment group. Dot com that's the group that produced the film. And they also lose a death house FaceBook page and a death house Twitter SC no that so you can keep by tractors there will be a theatrical release of the film at some point as well. And just make sure if you're around the area from down hang out Steve and I are gonna be there amongst the people Tony I'm Tony Todd Tom. Yeah McCain otter who Jason from Friday thirteen Sid Haig. And said Sid Cristiano as he sits at the nicest guy and very Corey is dead today. You give up. And he's just so great the fans but the thing is everybody all the celebrities that are going to be there are fabulous for the fans. That's the thing is when we when we select celebrities for scary time we want people that'll calm. And appreciate the fans hang out with the fans talk with the fans and not this cattle line of you know NYNEX necks autograph necks and you know went. There's some conduit that. That's why I stopped or if you because I am I remembered what you've spent some of those with me and we and where I've had that grant niners Steve and I we've headlines thousand people long desolate. It looks pretty much enhanced sanitation slight delay and an endless and then got people working resume their weapons of konduz and pushing people through receding get a chance talked to exactly you know yesterday and then by the wind things down to some of the concert movie. Played both pictures at a time so they won't let. Do you talk with somebody and take a picture with the fans and him that's him. It's it's it's become quite a lot of money a business and as many are but this when used to be about fans and one times now it's about money scare come is not like that. But it's time to change the subject we've been talking about bringing our next guests in for awhile now it's time to do that Scott Smith. And Sandra wells welcome to the program guys great to have you on the show tonight. Hi guys side Jason. JP. Slick caddie and all the rest. The past they welcome this joke. So is Santa there with the as well we do have everybody out all right however saying hello. You know Kenya sank hey you Sandra we're gonna start a conversation with use soon now that your on. On you horror experienced with ritual magic your do you consider yourself. A yeah pagan which tell us what that means. Well I'll tell you what it means you look calm look into my background. I ain't really accurately accused of that Lena broke friends just book burner rebellion looks boot a lot a lot. Her book became lightning and luckily an eighteen extra night. Became a talent to Chile to China into new York and New York City and like still not great. And then by accident I had real out of body experience and I got this terrible fluke and it went into very high temperature can I count. And I can't keep a light at that moment presumably. Promote fantastic thing happened at the time and then I became serious skin. Don't. Spiritual world and at that time then I have version myself to. You know the golden dawn media reports and paramedic and we can. And never gone every hundred million years and the real thing that I had many many years ago record anymore. I'm Luke LA and joining going to be crazy foundation and the new age. Was in full flower in the movement very during during dig. And lock the phony psychics can gurus can change and that just. Letterman could do dampening truthfully the panel had visions of the great thing that they were. And they I did at that point I took quite a bit of a sentence Palestine even with Timothy Leary not in the term. And then I'm kinda looked a lot of group the group to be very professional a lot of people much happening. And one of them like Arlington man in the group had all my books. And he shared that he practiced and he agreed to work. And he did we made appointment they learn. 94. And I feel very very sure he should do it either pass complete a blanket thing allow repeat you know. To ensure not particular case. And kind of like a different color and. And that's me you know very currently. Watching you do. Is not Celine. And her. Scrutiny can dish the magic circle and I didn't have you got talent and government of course read about it. And I hit another big one and he started his intend to. Account. And all the sun truthfully this room filled with energy. And terrible I don't think it can make it. Reminded me. Rosemary baby exceptions used to not in. And an actual that the entire entered through count. Down to which we do color. I'm sitting in the magic circle it you know would like Biden did a really good picture of the deal. And I had done a terrible thing what happened. And I missed her pipe beyond belief. And all the seem to kind of relaxed a little bit and I kind of it's. A much commitment thinking oh my god really work. Really works so terrified could agree practically. Can't I don't know exactly analog in on energy in the room. Strong so powerful and that he finished politicking Cantonese Antony he's been gone. These windows. I too went and opened up and the door opened up. And I wished her side and I didn't even actually there. And I kind of averaging very very very. You know and I concur and Chia. And I collect Turk and it went again and connect. Well insecure meant a lot of this. Excuse be caught in the room but not to be believed it would. Not to be believed she will be one of living true but opening completely totally different experience and drop dead. In saint maroon on stage and I really was terrified I really don't have an attempt to. Very very very terrible. And I know I crept up to date and I had originally Napster to help me with this kind of had a project he was unhappy usual and I particular. Situations are working out and I help me with any agreed to do. Is a very modest man he didn't seem like she'll long. Motorcycle. Period and potential. To not about him and it was horrible I'm happy about it flashing Cutler. And I'm never going to eat eat eat to actually went out. The. Burden of the relationship that suffering for a couple months. Lighter much like I still battling it again. Like to do. League plan calling it time and now. On her side truly terrified. Actually odd experience. Finally after months of feeling better better better better. Maybe I'll change my mind. Maybe I can do maybe a team can. And this country after six months. I tried to get together. With the beginning of her nine year relationship. And the nine years. I'd say that at least nine and ten called operation and I consider it. True it's not change. The mind. So which is working as a team it's something you can elbow is out there and the availability to want to work with me to do it. Tickets are better. And to be your best treatment quickly opened what's going on and we can't. Open. Well it was the most remarkable nine years off and on some issues. He couldn't work very tough substantial. It is very difficult to do what you crest. At 34 year. Waiting for. I need to do anything like no time ago and I found it extremely hard work I do like Coolidge to keep opportunity. Are you tough I have to interrupt you because you've just from a lot of guests here. EC he put you to work he put should work practicing witchcraft. Yes well practicing what you know about. Doing during the exercise is put to work do you don't which is it's a lot of work to greet deal not true greet deal of. And crush. Great deal visualization agreed to work to work very very detailed. And very strict and you're going to be there is still I put in 46 hours a day. For some time came very string was this was this to do Zola. Skill to develop what he. To develop what he's doing he wanted me to develop his public beautiful record would like to. And he had child first Catholic church and then stopped. He gave me instructions and destruction and all kinds of course work usually put a lot of effort into a lot of actually need to work. And I mean it is unbelievably difficult and I did. All the wag once while adults and Matt over the your commute to work. Not just I actually think it's serious work and eventually. Eventually. We get really heavy duty work my mother became very dependent on being. And hybrid variant happy that the early childhood and too thrilled about that still turn to help them he became very ill. And she became very very very upset that you buy him. And I called upon this teacher. To help people at this site and she can handle it leaving. And he'd do it and very heavy duty experience. Men are intensive care measure though when he couldn't survive this and he did and plot against caught coaching him. Meant to buy it hadn't counted. I explained saying I should be for just a few months parked. Car and move and cut it. So is this instant it's very very heavy duty to nine years. And averaged a relationship that need meat. I mean I can you that I think. In this day of course there's nothing in life. And I really feel that the experience. A journey beyond I don't expect it never an expectation. And I mean I feel corporate can't be him not him. But I did. Accomplish greet you right now is. And at this point now. I became very good did not they're contemporary artist I used by type of work how heavy duty creations gig kind meditations. All sorts of things Scott I travel a lot of duty to country and here. And decreased to magical experience a trip to Iraq. And that's why we're still together each year. It's been a very very fabulous journey and very expected in the beginning of the and near death experience for beginning on me and then have to grant. I just can't get older and of course still stinks stinks. You know like everybody but it's been that act unexpected journey. And I'm very grateful. It happened. And to give back to Cox. All right thank. You know let's this is what we're gonna do things send a thank you for sharing that with this we're gonna take a quick break when we come back we'll bring Scott animals will talk about to. His experiences in his book god reconsidered its beyond reality radio AJ we've got to rates have gone on the chat room people wanna join us there. Yet you know over to be on really renewed dot com click the listen alliant. In joining online chat also hear the show right from the website if we're not on in a station in your area but we do air on stations all across the country are constantly adding more and more so we're gonna take quick break we come back more. You've seen Kissinger. England's best weekend of the year it's scary car. War and pop culture and convention June 2 through the fourth at the mass mutual center in Springfield come meet in its Liberty City. I mean god Jason Hawes Steve Gonzales it was a little changed a ball and so when. House it's all part of your mission and Friday night's exclusive celebrity VIP party Saturday night it's the monster party with costume contest it's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found it scary conduct. On that scare con dot com. For 6877669. Minutes being loosened my. And if you like the call and and join in our conversation. It's Jason Hans JB Johnson the shows beyond reality radio thanks for joining us. And we're talking with Sandra wells about premature her involvement ritual magic and so much more what got her into anything just how she she discovered herself after so many years yet and now we're going to be joined by Scott Smith Scott incentive travel blog together but Scott Tom has a career of investigating the paranormal. Lot of mystical experiences to talk about it sediment passed on to write a book called god reconsidered and Scott. We welcomed you in the beginning of the discussion and welcome back. Hey yeah third time's the charm here guys appreciate the opportunity to talk about the greater reality. Let's begin by talking about your background for those who. Didn't hear our first discussions with you. Well just in case there one or two people out there who don't remember exactly what I said. Let me just give me kind of the big picture. I have an unusual upbringing in net I grew Oppenheim Warren's family and for those not familiar way with something beyond the stereotype Mormon as some hands today. Her radical. Form of crushed communities it teaches good human beings can become like god literally. And so this notion that good human. Has divinity income and has combined potential. Gave me you know a different outlook on the world from most people I grew up with the and had seventeen. I had my first virtual crisis because. You know I is very sheltered 1950s Los Angeles suburbs and somebody sent me some information about animals suffer. And I never even thought about it before I did note that mormons are easy to say about it. And that set me on any skirt shall quest eventually. I found national newspapers sold to vegetarian times became. Very involved in in wrote couple books on animals and religion. Became very active in my church went on a mission all that kind of stuff. And and then. In 1989. I have another major spiritual crisis happening correctly to do really with study UFO phenomenon. And IE a 1 morning I woke up. And I went into this mystical state for about two hours. And I was shown what I called direct knowledge. Why. All traditional. Philosophies. All traditional religions are wrong. About. The nature of why worst year. And it was a shock. Because here or grow more men thinking I had you know understanding of the world. Based on that. And bad set me off on course to find the truth that next year. I did an interview my son who accidentally helped edit. God reconsider yes in the Korean philosophy and he had been visiting for. Father's Day this year in 1990s and we went over Scott rove goes how's he refused the greatest her psychologist in history's first concern brought some really groundbreaking books. And I spent an hour wind and you'd ever really done in depth interview he wrote dirty books on everything imaginable he could. Castro project out of its audience fascinating guy. And decided to ride adopt trophy magazine in six weeks later before it even submitted that he was murdered. And I have to think that was why it was brought together with this guy. And so likes that about the next ten years writing about Buffalo's. Interviewed a lot of gains in test like famous psychics like Gellar and change and Prague. We traveled the world. You know I've talked to police about their murder case is using psychics and all that stuff they had actually I figured out what that. 1989. Experience words and now which is called dosage G and OSI. Yes it's a Greek word meaning in sight. And so bad let me eventually in 2005 to discuss for ostracism witches there radical form. Christianity and so my book is kind of about what I discovered a long way trampling world. Interviewing gurus trying all kinds of things announcing afterwards very. Helpful in that department. Our scout we're gonna have to. Deal we're gonna have to take a break here quickly and we'll come back we'll get into the nuts and bolts of all of this. Parent cellulose and Jason GV we're gonna take quick. Brick and mortar comes young Helen. It's Tuesday on the West Coast once in East Coast many were stuffed in between them often beyond reality arena with. Myself Jason dollars and my cohost TV Johnson great to be here great him everybody along with your listening no one of the great radio station carrying the show across the country or you're listening online welcomed everybody could see everybody in chat too good to see everybody there are a lot of familiar faces and a lot of new names to. Actually I get up into that senate and put some of those stations in the new new stations to sign on its tough to keep up what do you tell people it's a little crazy with counseling every week grading more stations and a so list grows and grows so you can see that list if you go to beyond reality radio dot com you can click on the station list it's it's almost on an updated. But there will be more stations in Libya and I'll be adding over the next few days. Also you can download the free injury and iPhone app rate from beyond reality radio dot com it allows you to listen to show alive. Let's in the past episodes connect with us in chat during a live show and it's all free of charge. So and then head over FaceBook dot com slash beyond Algeria you're constantly updating them as well. Tonight we're going to be talking with Scott Smith he's a journalist and he's written a book called god reconsidered he's got some other books as well extraordinary people and the soul of your pet we talked about. That in one of his visits on the show up previously. But we're talking about evidence of human afterlife. Kind of the reexamining the way we look at religion and god and also it's a really deep topics which. It's kind of interesting Jake is less than we've we touched on some of those topics were building the spiritual warrior. And that was as all that drama was unfolding in Manchester England. Yes and I do want and last thing actually after we signed off and when one. Took them. The web site this morning. And there are some people from England who would post and last night saying I everything else but they had signed on after the show so we can see it. But I do wanna give a shout out because we got a lot of listeners I'll in the UK as well. A lot of him to an online whether they use the app or whatever and and our hearts go out you'll. And at last reports it believed it had gone on to 22 were confirmed dead from the from this suicide bomber and well over sixty were in the hospital with serious injuries from shrapnel things. And our heart goes out I'm just the fact that they would. These low life's would attack. For a place that this group preteens and teenagers and then going after. Going after her children I think that sets new precedents on how things need to start being dealt. Yeah I agree with few you know you just may think you can't get any lower earth can't get any worse they've they prove us wrong and here we are looking at on the faces some very dear. Children on being killed in this horrendous attack. Yes our hearts go out to you please note your prayers send. Any and everything we can do for you while we're here sorrow so I have a question few when he unity you're real voice that. I don't know man I don't know what this this cold this manual I came coal coal I don't know. It has been beaten me out he has been it's been a week last week it was running fevers and everything else all week long overdue on the show. And yeah it's just it's my kids that daily leagues they just bring these nasty things home and I guess certainly it's gonna be. That's what's gonna. If that's at which it is it that John Travolta movie would ordinarily be eighties and the boy in the bubble in assets is images in the where is Jimmy Jay and the ball. Comes at the turn in my Jed ourselves it's just a toll blocks amount that's on way to handle it OK so listen let's take a break we'll come back we'll bring Scott Smith then we'll talk about his book god reconsidered and a whole bunch of other things. We do have people on hold Pete Pace you'll get to the calls as. We think it's beyond me. England's best weekend of the year it's scary car. We're in pop culture convention June 2 through fourth that the mass mutual center in Springfield come meet in England this Liberty City. I mean car chase in all honesty do themselves it was a little changed a ball and so when. House it's all part of your mission and Friday night's exclusive celebrity VIP party Saturday night it's the monster party with costume contest it's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found it scary conduct. On that scare con dot com. RE ROL calls you know every night goes like quickly put this into supplying a Muniz is so smooth so I'm moving right along and yet we've got some great shows coming up in the next couple nights to tomorrow night Jim byers who is a a psychic. Medium he believes he's received guidance from his grandfather to rights a book about his grandfather's experiences in World War II was based on the his grin for the journal. On the and then some non spiritual guidance as well. And then Thursday would get doctor Scott told baba we'll be discussing physicians untold stories on explained miraculous experiences including. Near death experiences operations dream for telling future events divine intervention successful prayers and fat fasting. So I'm definitely agree topic that night as well and then every Friday is a best beyond reality radio Cella species tune in then I. Are you so our guest tonight is Scott Smith he's a journalist. Has been chasing an investigating and writing about paranormal topics for many many years. His cell book is called god reconsidered and that's were going to be talking about tonight's got to go and welcome to be on reality radio great to have you back on the show. Yeah so what's on your mind what you want it now well. You know there are so many things that we can be talking about because your experiences are so varied on the particularly when we get talking about god reconsidered. Tell us why you wrote god reconsidered. I need to have had such an unusual life and they hand out beating up pushing entry incidentally. Is only the most recent manifestation. Of that. I mean I've been able to interview a lot of the most famous people in the world injury last. But I've also had a life filled with bizarre incidences mirror goals for two divine protection. I've been able to pass some of the most famous psychic who's in the world and stuff. And and I have a chance to follow the professional skeptics that the bunkers they guys who sabres things supernatural power alone. Religion or god. And I could see the weaknesses and their arguments but they're very sophisticated. And so I thought I would do an expose today. And show how close minded they aren't they or is close minded as any fundamentalist. They just are better educated. And so those in the first three chapters in the book is to show that the Smart and Alex that changers I think. Her normal really don't know what they're talking about and then. The the middle of the book kind of goes through the big issues that bother everybody. About religion you're. You know there's. And good trust god all powerful. A wide as he allows sufferings like go through bad and then I scheerer. Which readers my spiritual search why didn't find satisfaction. In an. East or west and I know a lot of people. Get infatuated with Hinduism and buddhism and so forth that I show why I. Rejected them then and I kind of take them through the booking a logical way to show. What I think is the truth is that now. Met a physics about kind of the nature of agreed to reality. And that people can kind of put together their own personal jigsaw puzzle and Rheinecker intrigued with about a wanted to Cheryl that and I felt. Kind of uniquely qualified not only because of all these encounters with these interest in people but. I've been trained as a journalist do investigative work and he likes things and you know try to be as logical what's possible which in this realm clearly is rather than usual wanted to share that I've gotten great feedback from readers to. And it's definitely it's definitely tough but let me let me just take a step back for a second you were saying. This skeptics talking about I'm there is no such thing is the paranormal but it that's very close minded on their behalf just because the fact pattern as. Paranormal soldiers meaning above the normal of what we're used to objects moving on their own. Is it is falls under paranormal now there's proof scientific proof that it can go to show that. I magnetic fields can dense enough to move small objects on their own not meaning that there's a ghost there. But still good that fact that falls under the realm of terror norm so it doesn't the paranormal can exist without the ghosts are haunting. A ghost is falls with in the realm of the word parent. Yeah the Michael Crichton. Who of course was Harvard trained doctor. Got in and Stanford knew it got to a crisis in play for decided. Went through divorce traveled the world he wrote this great book called travels in the appendix seven. Is the speech he was going to give to the Skeptics Society. When he came back can only wanted to get this guy who'd written in trauma restrain and you know the latest on science and everything and then they found out what he wanted to talk about which is how he changed his mind about the nature reality. Encountered so many strange. Kind of paranormal things you know face dealings and an out of body experiences and so like that so. Bad little speech that they decided to dis invite him about giving. Shows that are rational person. Realizes. That. We only understand that very very small part of reality and most of the skeptics are simply about fifteen years behind the evidence on. ESP for example which even Sigmund Freud it was an eighth seed this weekend because he had so many experiences with that with this patients. Well and the governments spent in tens of millions of dollars working on. Working on that trip so yes yes he's a normal viewing and and all that stuff so. The the I think the main problem that comes down to. You've got some great skeptics out there but the great ones are willing willing to to look at things. The sort of a wall look at things from all directions and but then you get the site and the skeptics out there who their main thing is no matter what. No matter what they cannot they cannot be paranormal cannot be supranational. And that there are so close mindedness that they I think they hurt the rest of that field. Yeah they still argue against acupuncture. And chiropractic. And think yeah even magnetic healing which has been. Well proven himself eight Thomas Kuhn wrote a book. Where he talks about how. Academia the gatekeepers of scientific conventional ways are always one or two generations behind the pioneer. Research and evidence for ESP is so Ross and documented key rate the cartridge in the first. That the experimenters around the world have moved on from trying to prove that it exists to how can we apply this you know to practical. So Scott I'm gonna quickly jump to the phone lines are just because we've had people waiting for a long time we're gonna run at a time so this is in itself from Missouri Vince welcome to show. Or Garrett. We do agree which questions are against Arab shout out there about it Gerald. Credit repair list well. No we're not that we don't we have Scott Smith with his right Nelson's. But I can't I can't get her or hurt. I was like answer forward. US explorer are okay yeah our personnel are really rare occasions sit down my experiences I'm not a bit aberrant garrido are random. You believed. Yeah but Colin. And it really matter what are calling is as long as we are calling they're branded a matter and I gonna Walter he's got. Yeah I I would agree and she would agree that everybody's got to calling you gotta find that you got to pursue it isn't necessarily just gonna country so it does and some. Doesn't that you're out there you can tap into all those incredible powers we generally say if you wanna start on the panel. Your read this sacred literature talked to people have genuine talent. Meditation. Visualization. Things like that there's a lot of spiritual development can be done. And I lied gods are very. I like you that are here are your point about prognosis the word you know since. Primarily tough yes sorry. Every night at. Thank you called okay thanks and toasted one more call here before we have to do go to break this is. Mike in South Carolina Mike welcome to show. I get there. Williams show. Hey and I got a little what do you think about catholicism. May be that being on religion. Or maybe that tree near the water. Maybe the triple. All right thanks so. Yes so the short answer which are going to in my book is. That oddly enough we've that are not the Bible does not have the doctor of the trinity that was a very late development. I clearly there is a guy did and that is emphasized in the Bible now with regard to catholicism. Catholicism like mormonism is one of them very very few. Our groups within christianity that is a living religion and other words they have. These visions of Mary. Flocking law and other places which have been quit despite thousands and thousands of people. They have the saints that whose bodies don't decompose. Catholicism has a lot going forward in the kind of big. Supernatural manifestation. Department Mel I don't happen to be Catholic and non stick question. And our group was kind of persecuted to death in the middle age is by the Catholic Church but. I think anybody can follow any spiritual program whether it's Hinduism mormonism catholicism whatever. And get a lot out of it by focusing on. The good stuff but definitely catholicism has a lot of genuine things I think that the mask. He is spiritually transformative. And so I would encourage people to go to out for example. Thanks for Google yet thank you for the call Mike. So Scott you know we're gonna have to kind of move quickly here you and I'm talking your book one of the sub one the subject one of the chapters is actually evidence for human afterlife. What do you think the most persuasive argument is we get about three minutes for break you're. Yeah I'm the first of all if you listen to the skeptics will say oh all these things are or I'd just due to the biochemistry of death. And that's not the case at all it's actually the exact opposite if you look at the drugs that. Are involved the biochemistry and so forth it would not produce these kinds of experiences that people claim and secondly. Many of the people that have near death experiences they go to other places other parts of the hospital. They can come back and help things that happened in these other places. And and also little children who don't necessarily have religious preconceptions. Come back and report the same kinds of things about beating. You know would get family members and so forth from the other side good near death experience and has been extraordinarily well. Documented urgent new book out by Jeffrey longs in and he called god in the afterlife has a lot more on this guy. I think the near death experiences are the most important. Well explored. Body of evidence for after. We've had actually several guests on this program the last few weeks of physicians actually. That are of recently. Come out of the closet if you will because for very long time physicians or other people signs were free to talk about these experience in the eighth. Now realize that so many people are having the experience of so many doctors are having patients having these experiences that it's worth talking about. Yes can you share your insurance. Yet no idea guys that were offered thirties and yet and we expect. We've got about a minute here before break we've had several physicians as guests three and recently who have written books recently about their patients having. What they would consider in the near death or other somewhat miraculous experiences. Yeah be it MD's in particular that I doubt I've got a bunch acting and stuff like you know worked. Closely with the SF again as in every case the problem with the skeptics is they're simply not informed. They come up with it's their own religion which is there can't be agog they're camped after Latin and they try to make the tax that would that and it's actually a lot of fun going through this skeptics literature because they're so your rational. About that are supposed to deterrents to record your rationality. Dead as I said there is fanatical and biased as any fundamentalist that they attack. I'm always amazed at how. Stupid and ignorant willfully ignorant really. Well educated people are sometimes a high Q can be a barrier to the troops. Well there's just so angry all the time too that's a want to get deathly pundits as a guy who investigates crimes the paranormal. They are and Gary angry individuals were really talking. Just yeah like restating how fundamentalists you know. Well let's sit I mean they're now willing to meet you in the middle or talk with now we need to take a break and and we'll definitely get into more this when we come back when you listen to Jason TV on yeah. Back to show it's beyond reality radio Jason MTV phone numbers 8446877669. We're talking with the Scott Smith about his book god reconsidered Scott has couple other books to extraordinary people and the soul of your pet. My beliefs scout who one in the last time Jauron we talked to. Quite a bit about the book the soul of your pet and and expect quite a tremendous response from the audience. Yeah it's got an after life of its own actually are published the original one and 1994. And it's going into its fourth printing. On Amazon on my web site got reconsidered dot com and that time when I first wrote it nobody was interest in animals I have a lot of publishers rejected claims that it. Do it myself but yeah I'll be what what what we basically have learned is that the higher animals at least were very similar to us and their personalities. And so not surprisingly. They appear to have souls that survived death. Well I'm a firm believer of that especially is somebody whom I've got three dogs and and two cats and so forth and yeah I'm I'm a firm believer of that I lost. I lost a dog some years back he was my closest friend in the world fourteen years. And I'll have been down 130 pound German shepherd named Jake can JV remember Jake. And it was just the dog we was like my best friend and who after he passed it was funny because. First for many nights after he passed it was seats still feel what it's all I can climbing up on the bed every night and it just seems these things. You really can't explain. And in this just so much more to animals especially when you look in the eyes she can tell. Yep the more we learn even a pop or analyst kind of scary for I guess we humans feel a little threatened that. Others are so similar but I mean they're good just all kinds of research on this and the funny thing I discovered is. Many of the witnesses to these animal goes and other manifestations. They weren't even the owners of the animals are wasn't like personal I was wishful thinking. They just so many weeks tiger dark runaround glad he's helped me and they say it all out now he died like a month ago and you know stuff like that so. It's really quite amazing how many of these things I really got all these stories because I wrote veterinarians and veterinary publications such. Any of you guys seen anything unusual like this and a whole bunch of feedback. Scott. Changing the subject just a little bit here because some you know we've got a little bit of time and so much to talk about. Now. Yeah I mean it we really do you did a lot of work with you foes as well he's studied Darren wrote about them on you actually present some arguments that again persuade skeptics that annual foes or not that's figment of people's imagination or miss and her she's stuck. What are what are the things you talk about when you address that argument. Yeah well the most revealing thing if you really want to get into the mentality. Of the that the so called skeptics would have bunkers who belong to the committee for skeptical inquiry the Skeptics Society in the east type the fake skeptics as site. Call them is. How did so honestly our so I have a chapter on this and pick out a few famous cases like the Hudson Valley. Sightings of nineteen shooting 86 when thousands of people. So are these strange huge craft over the valley. And so I went into the skeptical literature and I looked at Howell are they gonna explain this away were so many witnesses. And you read what they say and of course the skeptics don't actually go read the accounts. They just take the word it's like they're bishop all this guy said there's nothing to it so there isn't. You can't get them to go actually read the stuff that they really lie about. The details of these incidents like go through kind of point by point on a few. Famous cases to show the and the error horror. Quiet and number of cases where. The evidences from radar. High alerts to ground observers you know. They didn't believe as evidence in the ground you know scorched earth all kinds of different. Things and very very credible witnesses and so acted. A sign did you bond these things for the Air Force's project blue book in the sixties and seventies. Said he finally. I jump ship any form of the center for you host used to can be said they're just too many of these things we can't explain them away but you know this guide if you listen to the skeptics or some such thing as any kind of evidence out there. And again shifting gears because this is really contemporary news and we talked a little bit about last night with so our guest bill being spiritual warrior. Obviously it was a tragic. Terrorist attack in Manchester England last night. And a lot of lives lost a very horrific events come and you brought up. If you the question that a lot of people have if there is a all powerful god how does he allow such things to happen what is at play there. Yeah. Well ads and not stick I differ from traditional model figures in which says that god has benevolent. All powerful. And yet he put his your honor where there are a lot of innocent suffer. And you really can't square that to abide you know having grown up cushion myself I understand how people can. Try to not think that through somehow god created this but he's not responsible for what we do. That doesn't really work very well and nobody eastern religions don't either I mean basically if you make your car karma. Then what you're saying is that. The people who were killed in London that was their karma you know they needed to die at that time or the people who died from the Holocaust or the people who died from smallpox you know they had it coming. They did something terrible prior like none of those traditional religions. Answers worker were there not stick to dipper is that they say. That this world is the result of the cosmic accident too we are not placed here. By god there's a high god in impersonal god what you might call the god of the quantum physicists like Einstein. Property here and all the godfathers of the new physics and there is an impersonal force and then there are amputees closer to us in this. Dimension and and there's a dual list six struggle between the forces of good and evil and to those who say well. There can't be a double there can't be evil spirit Chenault that's that's silly stuff. An essay saying magic. And I as below so above and I as above so below if we can have market worsens gallons and LT crohn's. Why should it be entities in the other world be any different or are evil spirits any shaman. Will will tell you that so wires are suffering in the world. It's not guns well it's the result of this accidental embodiment at work. While going through it's not karma I'm not a believer in reincarnation. But if you try to say. It's our fault to weather from harm or. You know god is making a scope reduced to a lessons or something. You really it's not a coherent philosophy so. Can understand that one would have to I've been posting a blog on this subject. Shortly on god reconsider dot com I have some of this. In the book but it is a complicated disturbing. Subject no debt so bad. There is an afterlife. No question about it and everybody survives there's no hill that's the good news. But but you make a good point there with injury you know lie you lie have this chaos in the world and from the positive the gods sight of at all there's there's a lot more positive in this world than there is negative. And have you get those do you give those negative type entities which also have a say in things and and they can take out there and they're selected few and increase the chaos that. That they deal but as long as the good. That's. Called dual as some of their attention between the forces of good people which every trauma and will say an eight. Some of these spirits are neutral some local more hostile. It's. There was a story. By the guy who wrote the exorcist in Vanity Fair about a modern X or sister it was a fascinating thing just a few months ago and in Vanity Fair yeah it's never try to do a few of those entities and they are our benevolent angelic entities in career. Does help quiet like at a million circles in my life including having my life preserver. When I was in my car lowest total light should have been killed. And the only reason IE. Was not charged with running a red light as the other driver. Is because right at the moment of impact there was a pastors standing on the quarter looking at that point in he became. Might witness and why can't current commitments have been never had a more credible witness and the other they're our circles. Yeah well and as long as the good always the bad does that yes you know that's what made matters I guess in this world you're always gonna have good you got euros gonna have bad weren't aware this could just yet about a long as a positive always have negative. Let's even squeeze another call here this is Nina from California need your welcome to the show. Great good on the show. Okay well. I actually wanted to shirt something. I would skeptical about. Animals having gold you know. And it wasn't until actually diet had my own little rabbit Betty and he passed away just before Christmas. And and he was he he was. Paralyzed and I was kicking her best exit. And it and this one guy I had gone to bed and I hit it too green and buried it and I was standing around. Backyard and treat and I've thought about a guy. Upon cloud. And he loses floating away into the sky and he'd say good bye mommy all. We preview. And then I did what was really going on and then when I look at it passed. And and ever present I have always believed strongly and firmly that animals do hassles. So just so I understand the story you sit in the end of the the rabbit had not died you went to sleep had a dream noon you'll. Since high heat and he it happened more. Actually actually I was standing in the rain I was standing that. Where he is a little. And where did great and now actually. And we never. And then either it catalytic app but where where the rapper wrote and poppy. A huge bush of poppies have grown up from him great. Mom and yeah. So I think what do you think that's thank you for sharing and you know what you think about that's got. Yeah there's an amazing number of stories some in the soul of your pet about people who. You know has saw there were dog or cat a purity and and they didn't understand why and then the next day they found that was exactly the time one side. Meant to it's it's hard to imagine that especially. You know when you hear about is a story like that where there's actually communication speech because you know these animals don't speak. You know when they're here on earth but I guess is just more vote probably I told telepathic communication or something. Yeah sure I mean Ellison animals are a lot smarter than people realize even little bugs and sit there have been a lot of text her match done recently that. You know. Even. Animals we would vertically think image intelligence team to beat. Smarter than we are I mean human beings are the most urgent answers on the play. I'm sure the whales think that were completely out to watch the action. So true. Before we has to let you go here you've got more than just god reconsider we talked about the sole of your pebble tuchman extraordinary people all those books available on your website Amazon no regular places. Yeah I got reconsider dot com I have some Amazon handsome. There's yeah. Version of god reconsidered and and also I have a FaceBook or my my web site of people have questions like post and and a rotating interviews in contents freestyle free chapter up there right now on Hinduism for example so you know I welcome the questions I've learned a lot from the readers type of ball like thinking on. Many issues and you know being on shows like this helps stimulate the dialogue so we all were a little more in the process. Absolutely and thanks so much for coming on anything new in the works gotta we work in anything we should be aware of. Hacked well I have Huffington Post after years of resisting an odd meters start a blog. On now and ostracism. So if anybody wants to find me at Scott and Smith Huffington Post a whole bunch of articles will post up I'm also putting them on got cancer dot com am about to write one about. Kind of the latest thinking in evidence sought after life. Why am I skeptic about reincarnation and things like that out so yeah it's evolving and Anaheim warning with that produce something on Jesus after bad. But I am I'm just soaking up stuff from the readers. And it's great and we use what you promised can be available to us now on the ends who can answer more of these great discussions yet soul. Any any time somebody drops out give me your calls. Sounds good thanks so much for coming on me and I'll turn they penetrated. Scott Smith again the web citi's got reconsider dot com on great book roll worth checking now there's also link on the beyond reality radio web page shown to the book as well just go to be on reality radio dot com click the gas tab and it's already there so we're gonna take quick break when we come back morial listen Jason GP. Beyond reality radio Jason NJ team don't forget tomorrow night Jim byers psychic medium will be on the show on Thursday we've got a pretty cool show with. Doctor ho boy old bottle Bubba. Yeah similarly talking about and told Bob. So I told us and yes you know. Will be discussing physicians untold stories are on explain miracles experience or experiences including near death experience and so much more. You know we have been in a lot of request people and ask him where sponsors with. Only mean you mean now a crypto yes craft coast. You know the crypto is always innovating always inventing political opponents and new devices together they're always test marking products from the use are our show was Guinea pigs at times to see if you know things offline so for the been hurting reveals he's a lot of people's getting extra fresh and there their product I think it turns people that glow in the dark from some of their prospects. 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