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What do physicians hear from their patients who experience miraculous things?

May 26, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Dr. Scott Kolbaba about his book - Physician's Untold Stories. The book shares stories from doctors who, in one way or another, have had encounters with unexplainable or miraculous forces. Among the stories are near-death experiences, unexplained encounters, mysterious guiding forces, and much more. 5/26/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning dining room and online inning and news features and yeah me. It's. Lying and yeah treadmill thingy and land line game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. It's Thursday on the West Coast Friday in the East Coast many if you're stuck in between. Well beyond reality radio with myself just us and the always awesome and javy Johnson got a great show tonight -- we've got doctor Scott told Bob but coming on and -- talked about his book called positions untold stories explain unexplained Brecht was experiences the doctors have had with their patients pretty cool stuff and this is not new for us we talked to many physicians lately with with similar stories so this can be great show yet it seems like these doctors are now realizing that it's it's not crazy talk it's actually something very very. Real going on here in the willing to come forward and talk about it and for them to come ons are talking about this I think adds serious credibility to this yet there's no doubt so when we take a break and Dell will bring in doctor come Obama also talked about this tonight. Are you listen Jason TV on. Best weekend of the year it's scary talk. We're in pop culture convention June 2 through fourth that the mass mutual center in Springfield come meet in its Liberty City. I mean god Jason Hart Steve Gonzales it was a little changed a ball and so when. House it's all part of your mission and Friday night's exclusive celebrity VIP party Saturday night it's the monster party with costume contest it's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found it scary conduct. On that scare con dot com. I Aaron Carter and Jason Hawes GP Johnson thanks everybody for joining us whether you're listening on one of the great radio stations across the country or you're listening online we welcome you all or. The app as well you have BS now you can go to be on reality radio dot com and download the free android and iPhone and operate there. Which allow us to listen the show lives. Also allows you to jump into the charm connect with everybody GB and iron their during the live shows. And dolce elicits the past show us missile free so. Just head over to beyond reality renewed dot com and just click on the apps and download whichever one. You use Eric. Are right so as we said we're going to be talking winds doctor Scott Scott called Bob I he's the author of the new book called. Physicians untold stories she's a medical doctor in Illinois and let's bring him into the program. I'm doctor Obama thanks for joining us great to have you on the show tonight. It. So we don't we we talked about a lot of strange things on this program and although many of them are. Mean unusual in darkened and in the Clooney in a way or urges plain mysterious. This is kind of the story that with things are going to be talking Matt Snyder kind of uplifting and actually really really. Encouraging for anybody who may or may not have a loved one who whose. In the near death or. It is just it is just a lot of positive that he in in what you discussed in the books of before we get into that. Tell us little about yourself let's figure out who you are and than musket into this this stories in your book. Well I'm a general internist some kind of an ordinary doc I take care vote and since. Fascinating case is likely due on TV like cast sore throats and diary has some things like that. And I love what I do has been doing it for 35 years my private practice is Wheaton Illinois. And I have. Large group of pace in particular and it's been fun to see them to do illnesses and various things and I AM my friends accuse me of of being. Two big. We have seven kids. Which is a big settlement came from a family of a lot of and we've adopted some I'm not sure what the rest came from that. I think that's something you don't ever have got the same problem in my hand within weeks until the sixties here so it's and which talking about. Yeah and and help fend for themselves after a while as you probably know in just two term lows in the Benedict Avago. Until the strongest survive figure and yeah. I'm forced to televise. Are still fighting over survival also. By the big dog got a great season Newfoundland she's a 142 pounds and a loving lap dog. Because championship pumpkins have grown. Coupled. The championship pumpkins for particular pumpkin contest which is a local. Contest we've won two years in the well. And now my goal in life is to fly a kite board I'd like to do some kite boarding. And that my life so far has refused to let me take lessons you can from the main myself and death. But I've got some kites are allowed to fly kites and that's when Michael's life. The net book that I wrote. Is a compilation of stories. And that I I I got into it. Because doctors hadn't talked with it but not amazing stories and I think you mention hope and light and and have. And those kind of of additives. I think that's the policemen to doctors really came to me with these stories because they do bring hope and light to what. Yeah yeah these are these are these types of stories or are very very. Uplifting and provide a lot of a lot of the reassurance to people before we get into that I like to ask this question of anybody who. Cool dons the white coat and end it as a doctor or physician. What made you decide to get into the medical field because that is not a path that's easy. You know. I think most doctors. And in the book I call them sappy do gooders. They want to help someone every day of their life they wanna do some good in the world they want a cure cancer or help someone in trouble. I think that's no reason most doctors get into this business that's the reason I did too I just love. To do you know things that that may help someone and I think you know life is. This so precious and social work at its regularly have a certain amount of time. And that was a plaque in my parents house and it's had something like he only passed this way wants to make good therefore that you can do an economist Richard himself. But that lets you do it now because of my past the swing again. I think that's Yugoslav city and I can't have that philosophy and I think I tried to adapted to it that's. Kind of lie when the medicine and I think but but most doctors we think they're concerned about too is really doing good in the world. Well and I'm just amazed yeah you first off you're recognized as one of the top doctors in the Chicago land area a year and you do all these other things you say six plus kids and let's seven kiss. And the list goes on and on what we do you find the time to do anything else and I've got friends that are doctors and they don't have time to do anything. You know I have always been the Duracell bunny I can always I can get get four hours of sleep and operate just perfectly. That. And I and and most of the book writing I think was done and in my leisure time somewhere between midnight and 2 AM. There. Which is when we're on the air so that that's perfect perfect perfect. So you know you you made kind of touched on it when you're talking about yourself and how you got to where you are but at some point something triggered the idea and the desire to write the book what was that. You know there were a number of strange circumstances and happen to me that I just couldn't explain. And then I think the tipping point you know is seemed to have a two completely between your take on something that's that's as has monumental is that some. And by the way I thought this could be a very quick six month project you know letting the book I just get these stories like the book and not be done. The turnout but it's it to be about three and a half to four years that that that's that took. But the tipping point was when got a local group of orthopedic surgeon mapped to me enough and the one of the floors in the hospital and grabbed me by the absence got I've got this incredible story. I need to tell deal. As to that's fine tell me and it's like can't talk to you here but why not since someone might do that. That's OK let's go to a patient's room and we went to them to patient's room and closed he closed the door they haven't got this. This amazing thing that happened was mutual patient Mary and Mary. Had an ankle issue that was going to surgery and ended in surgery she arrested. Totally flat lined. No pulse still aspirations. No response to pain she was basically dead. And it turned out eventually we learned that there was a reaction to the and I bet that you just give them but when she arrested on the in the OR. Who hold a group of people came from other allies steps to help out mob of people that came as a I orderly that had to bright orange carrot and it is operating room cap. And he says it is sepia and he was doing an adequate enough to generate a policy that local who's in charge of the code. Fed stepped aside I'd like to start doing some sepia myself and he wouldn't step aside. About a local lenders didn't push. You know the cult or not polite affair is that what that situation. And he was in charge and he wanted to make sure that she indeed you know was getting the proper the CPR. Please that is CPR they give us some drugs and eventually she came around to where she was. Awake and alive but but not consciousness so they've moved into the icu and the next day had a cardiologist had taken over and everything that turned out that. It was just this and as an antibiotic that can cause or rest. But the interesting thing is when she was leaving the hospital after local came to give us some final instructions. And Lisa endured. Now this looks like to do over the next couple days she interrupted and said doctor local thank you for setting my life. And he said what was just a team effort to know is very humble guy and that she says no no I saw you. Percent orderly with the red hair aside advanced I don't CPR. By that point second locals trying to figure out in his mind how this is scientifically insect explain the body he couldn't come up with a anything. Get weak knees and sat down insists that I saw everything that was happening and sell you push him aside I saw you look at historic. And so you page tactical Bob and she mentioned multiple little details of the of the arrest. And the and the code. And he's so how did how that happened and she says well when I rested. I had my something my spirit or whatever it has rolled up to the top of the Roma could observe everything that was happening in great detail. Just so while I was there my grandmother came to me who had been dead for about twenty years and told me I'd have to go back it was my time to leave. And that if I was a kind and gentle person that I would have a special place happen that you Rebecca. A place for me and happen that would be very special place. And then after she. But after dark Specter local took off which is to come back in history but back nobody. That promote the just could explain this and has said Dave did you tell anyone this story beside me and he said now they think I was crazy. And that's pretty much that that the tenor of the whole book that is these historic and doctors don't. Don't tell me what about because there's so unusual so estranged. And it's interesting that you know marry this kind of a curmudgeon beforehand she was not a very pleasant person. After the code and after she was told by a grandmother to be kind and gentle choose the most amazing person she was helped her widowed father a lot she. The time we saw the opposite was very kind and considerate and it was just. Transformational like called the story merits Christmas Carol. Because it was like a Christmas Carol type of of a story. And so that might when I heard that story. I got me thinking you know that doctors don't talk about this stuff. And I decided then to start asking their doctors if they had any similar experiences and a few doctors spontaneously came to me it was like that's. That's almost like something would lead lifting me. Down the path to do this a couple of doctors contribute other stories and started interviewing more doctors and I was just remains at the number of stories like an acute to adopt. And the stories have gotten I'd just and do respond these stories and the inclusion criteria for the book was that they gave me goosebumps are made me cry it's not because of sadness because of the motion. Those distort or wanted to include. Well doctor and now it are you familiar with. A doctor men him alarm bells. You know I think she was on your show. I don't Charlotte. And that's why I wanted to bring her out because what you just told us about the claim that person seeing el rising up out of their body. And she had filled us in amen I'm an experience that had happened similar and it was on the surgery that was going on on. And people had had seen this and it's so incredible to hear we we got to definitely connect you with her because. I mean the books you guys and you'll put together to together or just be a mind blowing but the fact of the matter is. You guys are in locations a lot of times hospitals and so forth which. Have so much going on and that they tend to be the place with the most supernatural paranormal tight activity because people are dealing with. Dramatic situations people are losing their lives. And and all these factors let alone near death experiences. So it's just Wear out most of this activity tends to occur in the things that you you all as doctor C. Dealing with people in the scenarios it's just it's mind boggling in it's incredible as well. But you know and that and the doctors don't like talk about this you know they ordinary routine doctors that have a good practice for a successful. Don't want. Upset to practice and don't wanna make people think it's a strange so they really don't talk about this and I. And spent a lot of time wondering why doctors would actually come to me. And give me these stories. And I think they're a couple reasons one is I've been indoctrinated they all know me for the last 35 years and they got curiously Milliken that a person I am I I wouldn't exaggerate or. Or you know. Make them out to be in a stranger or our usual. But I think the real reason is getting back to that that recent doctors become doctors again they wanna do some good in the world. I think these ducks that gave me the stories. Rector who recognize that there are people out there that are suffering and they need hope they need. From the hold onto that they need to believe that this someone or something that looks out for us that love us unconditionally. These stories gives people that hope I think they they overcame their concern about being criticized. To bring out the fact that there is hope in this world there's a lot of trouble there's a lot of bad things happening but there is hope and and I think that's why I think they gave him these stories. Okay we're gonna take a quick break and we come back we'll continue our discussion and Nash sharing stories from the side doctor Scott co Obama. And don't forget before you we go to break though us Caricom has coming up very very quickly if you haven't. Checked out the web page to see what's going on there there's so much happening. That you really need to it's scare a kind dot com. In Springfield Massachusetts June 2 and third and fourth it's worth every second he won't be disappointed there's something going on for everybody of all ages. And no matter what kind of up horror paranormal or size five or pop culture saying you mark. The promises to be something going on that you'll have a great time plus a ton of film screenings. I'm parties panel discussions. And so much more it's scary kind check it out it's. Eric Kahn dot com this is beyond reality radio would Jason in TV don't go away we've got a lot more coming up. The stock. 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Spirit kinda information and don't forget some of the web sites scare contact comes specially if you listen them WRKO. Your rate in the Boston area scare constant Springfield it's not far away. You owe it to yourself to check it out. And join everybody going to be a couple thousand people having a great time celebrating. Pop culture and entertainment horror films paranormal. Reality TV all that so it's going to be happening happening with a talking with doctor Scott Karl baba about his experiences and some of the stories that have been shared. With him by how many of the physicians. That he spoke to do when those those stories are amazing and we get them from many different sources you know we hear. We hear about callers call in Tulsa they had us an experience like that we have people that have authored books like you doctor that talk about these stories we've got other. A sources so you know it's happening and so many places it's not something they can be discounted. My question though and I think I know the answer based on what you said on when these physicians. Give these stories are passed these stories on to you particularly for inclusion in your book positions untold stories. Do they allow you to. To use their names. Yes and that was also an interesting I think till. Every doctor that I talk with about their views and his or her name except for one. And it was interesting he was that the doctor that had me these medical experience happened in the Castro. Needed wanna know who want people and nobody can't stroke. It was it was interesting as we had a book launch in September. And he was there ever in my but the doctors that had had experienced these stories where there. And he's whether reception that they were getting as they were almost like heroes for coming forward with these stories and and decide to make. I wanna be part of this you can tell you can smell. It I don't wanna be left out of this incredible movement here that's. That doctors are now talking about this spiritual experiences that they had. So include my name. And other doctors led to one of their names included two even though they risks they risk that the potential for criticism. But I again I think this desire to do good in the world again it features that you do gooders. They wanted people to know that they are there are special and incredible things that are happening out there. If you just believe that you just look at and then and realize that what happened around us. Well I think the the and the whole fact of dealing criticism is going to be so much less. Then the support there there's so many people out there who. If they heard this coming from doctors it's gonna mean a lot to them I mean it's it's really going to bring credibility to it. And and the of course you're going to get your people out there are you naysayers no matter what you do but as long as the good. Outweighs the bad that's all the matters. And that's true that and I think he I like to tell these stories to my patience and various times and in my office and I'm. Always seem to be late in king duplicate sites like to socialize probably do much to make sure that. But it's interesting and I tell these stories. Virtually every one. Has had a story either personally. Or in their friendly. Something unusual or strange coincidence. And the greatest the greatest compliment I had was that last night we went to my daughter's concert. At a high school and there was a girl there that was I think it junior high school and secure up to me and said. You know I'm. English classes reading books in the library and brought in the stack of books that they can read in years was one of them which has. When a compliment. I was never very good English person. And so she's written in the book and she had ever since since I've been reading the book. I noticed the coincidences in my life but I never saw this is coincidental but that hasn't been more than coincidence before. And the greatest compliment to me is that she's learning that there are strange things can happen to all of us. I think your listeners and a new guys to I'm sure have had. Incredible experiences. That you probably have many many people haven't talked about. That I think a book like this gives them permission. It took to bring that out and and to say yes indeed there's something else out there and I attendees to experience as much as some strange coincidences happen to me. But now I realize may not have been quick to download. Right we're talking with doctor Scott called Bob and his book is physicians untold stories by the way the website. Is the same physicians untold stories dot com we're gonna take a break we're. And continue this discussion. Yeah beyond reality radio Kaesviharn student Johnson thanks to everybody who has joined us tonight we're having a great conversation with doctor Scott called baba. He's a medical doctor in Illinois his book is called positions untold stories. Other web site is the same positions untold stories dot com and these are the stories that it Jason you know will we both suffered loss rather recently and we we looked for answers in these are the types of cancers that provide hope and up. In this all you really do and late tonight through the subject tonight is is so intriguing and just about a week ago little over a week ago we had. We had another doctor Laura and Bill Walsh who was talking about death in the icu stories from patients near near death and why we shouldn't listen why we should listen them. It's just so it's so wild because they are really on the front line dealing with. With sick people out some and some terminally ill people. Also in people that. Just start having severe problems when they're being near death experiences or whatever so there there are seeing these people at the most vulnerable and to hear these stories it's just it's incredible. It is and doctor told Bobby you said that as physicians came Q with their stories that are kind of came out of the shadows there're. Originally your initially concerned to to talk about this stuff there's kind of a whisper campaign going on. They sort of become a little bit more open when they saw the reception but where are they afraid or concerned that the criticism would come from from patients or the medical community. I think I think from patients not understanding what they talked about. Developed an ordinary guy give a great practice here you're specialist you're a plastic surgeon or a or a primary care doctor. You've you've got nice following patients think you're a scientist you you know you believed in the scientific method didn't and you try to practice. Scientific way. And I think the ducks were concerned and I'm Lester who that that a patient thought that you were. Listening to a dream or are had a vision of of person had been passed. Long ago. That you're a little strange little different and and may be. I would wanna come to a doctor with those kind of of experiences. And I think. I think because everyone has had some strange experiences. Of this book resonates with with a problem. And so I think that that fear has melted away especially after we've at a publication after the a lot of that these doctors have been getting. So I I think that was the reason that they were just afraid that that the patience would put. Would not come to them as doctors. Well one thing I will say though over the last 4050 years I've seen this transition from people being. Very spiritual to really really get is tending to get away from that now we've we've come back to a point where people are. Are getting back to battle spiritual side. The end yeah. Have you seen the same thing where he was just it's a weird transition where people just seem to revolt against at 403040. Years. And now they're they're opening themselves back up suited to the whole possibility of the stuff. Yeah I my concern is that we've really put becoming more and more secular society where people probably the nice thing. And and that that trend may be reversing but I don't think it's reversing fast enough I think people need to know that there's something else out there and that's. That doctors who are our scientists. Have experienced these these spiritual things and and you know we're not supposed to. The potential these were supposed to be scientists but immediately you have a experience that some of the doctors described you just can't ignore it. And so that's that's why one of the reasons I wrote the book committed to let people know there's something else out there. And pay attention to attend and it'll help this this thing which most the doctors called god. We'll help you through your life and and though little there's to god loves you that there's something. That. Scared of something some force that cares about you and participates your life and strange and wonderful place. You know again we've talked about these concepts a lot on this program and off this program Jason I have a lot of experience just being in events in talking about this stuff. And I don't think I've ever seen anybody in the audience now would equal I would equate the audience whether they're pro listened to the radio show or at an event with maybe your patient body. And I don't think I've ever seen any of them. The upset or offended or some way look at look at that those stories of these ideas in something that would make them cocked her eyebrow it seems as though it's very very. Well received by those folks and is it was that the case that the positions that you talked to us. Maybe had a false fear that they would be received poorly by that and the fact that it did the patients actually do you see a lot of value when those stories. Yeah I I think that was the case I think we were all afraid that patience would put like cut the Packers have had these strange experiences. And just the happened that this has happened now the patients are seeking these doctors because they do understand the things that happened to them. And again when I talk with people. Virtually everyone has had some experience that that borders. Not scientific. And so. I think it's coming out more and more the doctors are very pleased that they participated in this project and I am too. As you were collecting the stories did you see any patterns. Was there anything based on religious beliefs or ethnicity or anything. That you saw as a trend. You know that's an interesting question. Not at all. I had some doctors that that weren't religious at all had not had not been to church don't. It didn't blow broke organized religion it's about is that we're very spiritual very religious. And it didn't seem to matter everyone. Whether there. We've been whether their religious or not having experience as sort that they came from all. All different spiritual background. The thing that was interesting though is when they had won these experiences. Whether they were an organized religion or not. Base that I now believe that there is something else out there that has to got out there that looks so trust and this experience that led me. Get to that belief and and that was bypassed definitely it and very interesting. Yeah that was going to be my next question especially for those who didn't have any religious beliefs are avoided hitter or to shied away from it did they change their opinion and did did change the behavior at all. If unchecked change their behavior. It changed their their beliefs. And I think that you can't help would be a better person and and then more caring person. When you have when you know that this something else out there that there's something that's helped helping you. And an act could have potentially acting through heal them and I'll be these stories. That you know thank god or whatever that force you believe in is acting through these doctors and that's a humbling experience to realize that. I think many of these doctors did realize that and and they're changed changed people for that they're kinder gentler more optimistic. Most of the things that happened to me and I think I'm more optimistic for the future and I have a stronger faith. I believe that there's something else that that directs that helps too wrapped up our captain will be to do something good. Strange things happen and act that passed. To to allow us to do that. It is just a great example that the story in the book about a lady that had multiple sclerosis and this was totally cured. One day. And and I was a voter story I got the story from twelve months a number of doctors. And I was trying to locate her because she did have a a signature you know on an illegal for this what legal stuff the content writing a book I discovered. I couldn't find any question moved away from the area. And I sent letters out and made phone calls send and like I got search engines for her lost people it. Couldn't find her at all and about a couple days before I had a tremendous skipped into the publisher I get a phone call. And polluted with this lady I was looking gorgeous and I just have an idea I got a call from you about a past six months ago and I just thought I'd better call you back as six months later. And hand I had a feeling that he needed to atop with illicit act continents. And so I think when you start to do something really. Wonderful east and end and good in the world. Doors opened up to get things funny things happen and and they did to me and of the current basis the man in the book. And what you're saying just and the fact of knowing that there's something after this tends to make a lot of people out there. Work harder on just being good in general. And I and I and I you see that it's it's those who. And who pretty much just thank Aaron when I close my eyes it's done. What government may come and do everything I can in this life the way I wanna do it in because because they don't they don't they're not the least bit worried of well. You know having to to make amends or anything about it because that it took them they think that when they close their eyes they're done. I think these factors. These these stories help people realize that there's something else out there that people have gone to have before us do. I can't participate in our lives and in incredible ways. Doctor I think I know the answer this and forgive me for it's it's it's a little too personal but. Will you and are you a religious man. I I thought I was gonna church. I I don't believe in god. And this is also strengthened my faith. I'm Christian in my I I AM. I I have a stronger faith you know I've I've listened to all these stories is amazing stories and still getting stories from back to write him. Instead got these amazing stories to tell you. And do you Jew. Find I think he did say that you're spew your face was stronger after hearing the stories but before you even entered your research phase for writing the book. Did you kind of already expect to get these answers majority expect this was going on. You know I didn't know and I I would actually literally I was surprised at how much. You know you do you believe in god you believe that to have and so forth but. I've never realized how many unusual experiences. Are out there and again these this these these doctors scientists that are looking to to prove. This experience would say that as a scientific basis and in the and they just could not. And so. I I was I was very surprised at the number of stories I interviewed about to their doctors like I got a lot of stories. We want to include it with the ones with that they'll move made. You know very much. And but there are tons restore confidence and everyone I talked to read including patients has the story to tell. And it's it's amazing when you when you realize that. Yeah I mean I eyed and just recently went through oh loss of my mother and just from that experience was very recently have been several those stories to tell so I know I did I know that. Anybody who's who's experienced that probably has one on when you talked about criticism and the fear of the criticism. After writing the book releasing the book did you get any from any more. No no went. Not one person. Ever accused me of being. You know telling falsehoods or are criticized me for telling these stories in the the president had no patients believe me that I'm aware of and if anything patients say thank you for writing these stories because now we feel. More comfortable about sharing our experiences with few and other doctors. And that was my hope that this would happen and that it's intimate and like I received apps in the criticism at all. Well and I think that's that's awesome because because there's so many people out there who are interested. In these topics and things that the Euro weren't there you're working on the you're writing about him things I'm investigating just because it. In answer a lot of questions but it also opens up the door for a lot more questions but. People are really just intrigued by this this whole genre missile field. And I think it's because they've also had little experience with themselves with with this field. And there are also probably afraid to talk about it or our management and you and your show and in this book are open the door for those people to say yeah I've had some strange things happen and AM and thank goodness like I can talk about it now adopting being criticized without being without fearing criticism. Well that was one of the biggest things that I enjoyed hearing from a from the fans and all the people watching the show was. That they used to feel that they'd have to whisper about the use or whisper about these experiences to people or. I'm not tell anybody because they'd be laughed at beat Marquette. But that might show opened up the ability for them to talk openly about it be okay with a and that meant everything to me being able to. To help people with that and try to take a field that a lot of people did look at as a silly type. Sealed and it just opened up. And open it up to two more more people really getting involved and in talking about it just making it. So it was more of a professional looking thing and something being laughed at remarked about. And that's great and and that's that's what happened to be and what also happened to me that interestingly is. At number these stories you know I'm a busy guy don't have time to do much reading and researching and so forth let you know I can do the research in my book but like I I don't have time to do. No outside reading very much about some of these kinds of paranormal activities. But after write in the book and talking with other people. Many of these stories are very kind similar to the stories that other people have sort of makes you believe that there's a pattern to these kinds of experiences. That I didn't ever I didn't realize and that's very reassuring to know that's some of the same kinds of things have happened to my doctors I happened to the people. And almost identical ways like this to this out of body experience that I mentioned earlier. We're talking with doctor Scott called Bob he's a medical doctor in Illinois he's written a book called physicians untold stories the website is the same positions untold stories dot com. We're gonna take a break would come back in a little bit and we're gonna have doctor cobalt a share a few more of the stories that are included in his book but don't go away we've got a lot more coming up. Are you listen Jason's. It's best weekend of the year it's scary talk. We're in pop culture at convention June 2 through fourth at the mass mutual center in Springfield come meet in England this Liberty City. I mean god Jason Hawes Steve Gonzales it was a little changed a ball and so many. House it's all part of your mission and Friday night's exclusive celebrity VIP party Saturday night it's the monster party with costume contest it's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found it scary conduct. On that scare con dot com. Tell beyond Iowa grant Jackson can't be so glad that your along with us when you listening of one of the great radio stations around the country. That's carrying the show on the part of the beyond reality radio scrambling. Or you listening online welcomed everybody by the way if you slug then interest in the chat room not sure how to get there. To literally simply can do one of two AZ you just go online to look beyond reality radio dot com click on the listen lines slash chat button you can nine jump in the chat there. I'm also if you've got the app or receive got a Smartphone you can download the app to be on reality radio app. Makes you get the Momo the little alien head. And that is a way to join the chat rate their play she can make you can call the show. You can listen back episodes whole bunch of stuff the app is really really terrific. Tonight we're going to be talking with doctor Scott culled baba about his book physicians untold stories and it's really collection of experiences that various physicians have had. Lot of them they justice they wanted to keep to themselves until doctor call Bob asserted asking questions these are things like out of body experience is that their patients. Have side related or other miraculous events it's really an amazing collection of stories and if you read this book in you don't find one that does send shivers down your spine haven't read it closely enough it's pretty. Pretty amazing stuff so we're gonna take a break oh I should mention rumor time we've got spare time coming up please please please go to the scary con dot. Come when some website and check it out there's so much going on and it's scary kind. He'd be silly if you within driving distance not to check it out scary time. Yeah I'm really ready indecency. Welcome back to show it's beyond reality radio. It's. Doctors got hurt Arkansas medical doctor in Illinois he's written a book called physicians untold stories. And it's it's inspirational. It's amazing it's awe inspiring it's hopeful it's optimistic it's all those things and much much more. And again and doctor called Bubba thanks for his joining us and staying with us for as long as you have. I don't I wanted to get into maybe if you sharing a few more of the stories for small about how many stories. Did you actually end up putting in the book and you talked to a 200 or so physicians coming into making the cut and getting into the book. You know I. 26 major stories but I tried to make the book interesting and I think it's telling stories is a great way to make. Some interest it. And so I included the bios in the ducks in the finals were stories themselves. And I am also included a section of times called what I learned about talks could stocks don't talk about these kind of things that would let learned about. Their lives have their desires and so forth I put those historic format to. So this probably maybe fifty stories and in the vote total but 26. Story basically seven stories that are that are really. Moving I think him and I get the goosebumps or make you tear up little bit just from a motion. Well and you're seeing some of some of the people talking bottom reviews and managers talked about how it's it's such a spectacular book and if you believe in a higher power even if you don't and you really need to read this book that'll open your eyes and that's just straight to see people writing such positive reviews about. If that happened out I was very reassuring also it's it's great to read does reduce. So you had said the stories needed to move you to make the cut that's the story you are shared where this originally that was really the one that pushed you into a bit of moving forward with this project. About the out of body experience I'm sure that's one of them that got in there and it yeah I had chills when you told you when you told it to us. Give us nothing one. Well the first one that I heard too that that was what the second when that that. Really made me say this is that got published these stories west distorts. Orthopedic surgeon Steve time. Students. And AM riskier for a long time he's a phenomenal athlete you can do a thousand pushups 1000 sit ups and age sixty which is amazing it's about thousand more than I can deal. Just stay with skid with his wife and his wife's sister in Colorado he's also a trauma surgeon interestingly. And they they got the top of them all made of them before they start the ski down the mountain. The blizzard hit and they could hardly see whether they're going to blend those. Blowing the snow upside down and sideways and and the temperatures got above forty degrees and they had a ski down this this unknown mountain. And they came to a Petra trees in the middle of the run they had to go to the right to the left in the girls went to the left and Steve went to the right that he didn't realize that he he was not with the girls until about. Five or ten seconds after he made that decision so he decided being an expert skiers ski to the five feet apart there's no through this grove of trees and get back to the other side where the girls were. Police gave him into this grove of trees all the certainties he felt really really strange you felt. Something inside that it was a feeling of dread. Like he is going to be called upon to do something that life and death implications. Everything became quiet despite the wind blowing in the trees howling and everything else that he was it was system which is still very quiet they can turn himself pretty picketed at. The snow underneath his skis and stops key. He had no idea why he steps skiing and it took up the skis and still diplomatic not knowing what to do what normally get walked toward debt. Other side with a gross awaiting what he picked the opposite direction climbing up the mountain. He felt compelled to something that's compelling him to climb up to modern in the opposite direction with the girls are and they were still waiting for him. And I just climbing and walking climbing walking out about a hundred feet up the mountain top of him popping instead there in front of a big big pine tree. Now there's a thing called the tree well which is public course likeable with a still comes down to the base of the tree. And when he looked down you knew why he was there. Andre to treat it was a body covered must now. He couldn't see it if you work five feet away the tree because it was in this bowl that was and discovered the smell. So doctor I'm being a trauma surgeon decided to brush the snow off his face specific I was alive and Andy looked like this steady at a great place. But big trauma surgeon who knew what to do we've reached out for is quite an artery in his neck and sure enough you know Freddie pulse which is barely. It's their particular policy was alive. So he's suddenly went to trauma more brushed all the snow off of them started yelling for help confident that this jackets. Went last skiers on the mountain heard his cries and can do aside to what can I do and Steve says go. To the nearest phone where you can find a phone call the ski patrol get a Marcus was possible cut almost dead. And so about twenty minutes later he isolates from most of ski patrol coming up with a snowmobile and a Gurney behind at. Look at the guy up on the on the Gurney but don't lie to a ambulances waiting to promote the hospital. Did buy this plane was shivering with with certain adrenaline and also what's called. He got a text spec. And then went back to the girls are still waiting forum. May speed down them on the mountain. And misty got his reward a couple hot chocolate. Then the next day he had called hospital to see how the guy was doing him and he was he evidently lived was awake alert. Had. It's been developed broken leg with a tree branch and some of those other close. The orthopedic surgeons and hospitals were very impressed with his splitting up the slack if there was a great job in the field. Spending a broken leg and down. So stiff tilt told me that he realized then. That there's definitely something he was he is a person that that has organized religion. And he realized that there was a doubt that it was something that directed him to that skier. And that directed his course and he he felt almost powerless. To do anything other than climb up that mountain and and sign that says unconscious support from exterior. Mom I mean there's you everybody's heard the phrase in on the record of being in the right place at the right time but this is way beyond that and talk about shivers up the spine when you hear that story. And you know the interesting thing about that too is. Steve said Natalie did they say the studio that day but he saved himself. Because Steve had an experience two years before this father the father of the whiskey in Michigan had different location. And his father arrested allowing this cross country ski him. Steve being a strong defeat. As he has loaded dad up on this kind of shoulders. And ran down to the first base station where there was a guy that Katrina northwestern doing CP and end up. Emergency medicine. They weren't in this step for an hour. And he died they didn't they'd say bomb. And students felt guilty the whole time. Took two years that that. Transpired in between when this event current. That he couldn't that he didn't think his death that he was supposed to he's he's he's used to sitting people and he felt guilty though it was his fault and could say the steps. After this experience to skier who thinks that god gave them a second chance and ten distances live look of learning. That. You know it's at that time ago and that's Steve got a second chance to stabilize the debt. Now is is this particular doctor one of the doctors that you put in the category of he said he wasn't member of organized religion but after that experience Steve and it changed his mind. Well I you know he's he Rea I. I don't think I'd optics to go to church two in spite of an organized religion I think he's very spiritual I think he believes and I I think this experience has has changed his life. It definitely takes him and just helps them believe and more of stock higher power whether it yes. Whether it be god let there be one averaged higher power ultra right. So when you're deciding to write the book community this back a few steps here and you kind of put on haul for these stories how did you position that I know that you were concerned. That point probably of some criticism as well. You know I I. You never know. What a books it looked like it until you actually write that. And I wasn't sure. What I did is like I just collected stories and I went up to as many doctors like could I cut probably interviewed maybe 200 doctors. And collected. I'm a numbers stories. And I wanted to have people. Be interested to read the book I wanted to move people. And I wanted to have people. Get goosebumps. Because. I think. You know. But when you when you get emotional about reading the story I think you are really getting closer to something about off. And so I just included the stories that I thought was the most moving stories in the book. And then let the dust settled and it and it turns out that the the bottom line is that there you know out of the of the book. Talks about hold talks but coincidences talks about two people coming back from the dead. To help out with some some of that and that the person's life. He the person that is there a special person. Or or that and the and give it. Thing that the team that there evolved was slow. Love transcends. Everything love is probably the most powerful force in the universe I think that was one of the teams that came out so. I really didn't try to position the book and any other way except. To include these stories that we're emotionally charged to me. And to the people also and and then I you know what what came out came out and that was fun to see this and it just seems in the from the bottom line. I'm sure you're probably still getting. More and more stories to this day correct. I am and I'm looking for more stories from my next book so that's a little secure has territories. Go to our web site and and give us just doing I'd love to hear. And that was going to be my next question I figure I figured you're gonna be right the second book specially if you only put 26 in the first book a you have a most analysts. Materials or with. When looking at nurses at this time also because nurses especially the icu and other places that had some phenomenal experience is still. Now the book is called physicians untold stories but did you include any stories from patients or did you follow up with some of the patients that are included in the physicians stories to get their sign of it. Publisher. These stories are all. I want to include doctors only. Because I wanted people to realize that these are scientists. And you think of doctors has been scientists and end. That a little more credible I think than some other people that that aren't in the scientific community. Because they are supposed to be trained. And and looking at science only in when they're moved by these spiritual stories that they can't explain scientifically. I think it's a little more powerful. Then then than anyone else so that's why include doctors but I heckled for sure like I went to the patients. And has the patience to side of the story to them and they plan that was up for paste in the in the story that was a lie if I went to that patient and got that story Tucson wanted to make sure that these were as credible as has like correct but it makes them. Did you find that the patience for is excited about the stories as maybe the doctors were even though the doctors you know were hesitant to bring come forward and in the beginning. That the patients were very excited about a two and their stories because I think they realize that they were touched by divine hand. And they were also do gooders and hoped to get these stories doubts that people would realize that something amazing happened to them. OK doctor hang on we get a America shelter as we have to go to break Tom we can come back and finish up that story because some I know I know it's a good that you're trying to tie together there. It's beyond Real Madrid would Jason JD couple things remind you of if you've got an interest in what's going on on the show guests and what they offer their books to dvds. There are movies whatever happens to be go to the website beyond reality radio dot com click on the guests tab. And you'll see information right there was links and everything it's a really easy convenient way for you to find out more about the guests we have on the show. Also I've insane and all mine a BC and all week and I think next week is what we've cut scary time. Coming up and you need to check it out is especially if you're anywhere in the northeast this is a great time. Movies. We had a ton of movie showing we've got a panel discussions we've got a ton of celebrities coming we've got great parties. It just it's it's a sent him a great Sanders is just really really incredible event Jason and I will be there. Accomplice Steven cells from ghost hunters is well. On and a whole bunch of other celebrities you can be can see the whole lineup by going to scare con dot com really really encouraged to do that it's worth every second. And you'll be disappointed if you miss it and then realize what what it was about because that's what people say it. Anyway we'll be back with more ever discussion with doctor Scott culled baba. A physician's untold stories is a name this book and we've got a lot more itself beyond reality radio Jason and GT don't go away. Your show. Fabulous fantastic discussion doctor stock car bomb author of the book. Positions untold stories this is a collection of stories that a lot of doctors has been hesitant to tell until now. It's about their patients and things are patients are related to them or it's also about just. Kind of miraculous situations and stories that turned into lifesaving moments that you just can't explain through and normal logic. I'm it's a terrific collection against physicians untold stories. And death our guest is doctor Scott kebab and doctor we were you're in the middle of kind of time some things together. Before we had to go to break their Sony take it from there. The person I talked with talking about before with the multiple sclerosis it was cured. When I talk with church was delighted to get people to read the story and to believe that there is something else that that may participate in insuring us. And you were achieved when she was cured cheat sheet promised. Herself that she would do. Put in the work the rest of the for a rest obliged to do good in the world. And she has she married a minister or choose to produce stated in an organized religion to try to help people and so she was thrilled. When we were able to include or story that would also show people. What you believe is that is this something else out there. Does that definitely miracles can happen and a leading to do this belief. Well it's got to be a really important for them I mean that's it's so nice to have somebody actually. And I trust in what you're in the story you're telling them and be willing to listen and not scrutinize them and then just to see what. There experience actually be published and that's just such an incredible its parents. And and they know they allow their stories I. What I did is anyone that was involved with the story when I finally got the final copy I would send it to them and for the correctness make any changes and so forth and and that they left to stories and I had many people fail to me you know even knows my story I'd still cried and I read it. Which is due to an industry and I still do the same and likely some of these stories. Still took a little bit even though I've let them and I told them multiple times. Doctor what you will what should we or can we learn from these experiences. I think there are a number of things and again when you write a book you don't quite know what the bottom line is that the thing that I hope people realize his. That look at it at the coincidences in your life. Be aware that they're there are many coincidences that there are coincidental. Be aware that that if you take on a project and it's it's a worthwhile project and you put your heart into it. Strange and wonderful things what happened to you in many in many cases that won't move you along in the direction. Europe and here call. And that. People in the past who have come before us putting people like your mother and and and and my mother and and others. Really do have a connection with us they know what we're doing and and they can they can't participant and alliances and strange and credible ways and and watch for that believe that that can happen and you'll see evidence in the most of some of the things I'd like people to take away. Or just let alone and yet there's there's a lot of things with him we will take away from this book if you having MA she checked out the website you you can go to beyond reality radio dot com click the gas tab. And the sites are listed there on Olsen and go to physicians. Stories. Positions on middle sorry I was told us stories dot com. And check it out there as well. So. Doctor what have linked to the book on the beyond reality radio web page you obviously have physicians untold stories dot com. On and those are probably the best ways to get in touch or get all the book and any other thing anything that you want to share with the folks listening. I can I can tell one more storage your interest that the U. My favorites is a grandma and grandma have a little little old ladies that. To her life delivered dead babies is a midlife. And Graham what Allen came from Ireland blend Irish. We're fighting between themselves with Catholics and Protestants and her father. He used to have secret rooms in the house that. They put priests in the in the secret rooms to hide them. And so our fathers and in this country to grow up and she became a midlife and she was kind of the spiritual leader of the Foundation's very. Religious and tension would help anyone that you could. If a person couldn't pay for her midlife Korea have a job then she would do it for free and should stay with the mother for six weeks afterwards and help but with the baby. And I'm John heights where a doctor to doctor Hastert told this story is substitution effect to deliver to avert our kids. And John ice surface is way condoned delivering their fifth child. And in the delivery. Gravel Hamlin. Despite being there being two obstetricians in the room. Walked in and save Jones life. And and this is something. This is kind of how how the whole thing evolved. John lived with scramble analytical analytical Joan for quite awhile. And John would say it was too little girl she could make it to Graham what Hamlin slap she knew she would say if well when Jones delivered the baby she started to experience some pain after the delivery they were going to give birth to drug called tri valley which is administered by a mask and puts a person of that the patient has totally asleep. And when she is but we're gonna get to try leading to put to sleep. Crennel Allen walked into the room stood for the badge is dressed in the typical. Sweater vest and their polka dot dress some of her hair up an abundance. Later in the month she shook her head and she told young not to not to take to trial in such accomplished the way. And no one realized that Joan had beaten a large meal right before she went into labor and about one minute after Jones pushed the trial in relation Bob as a whole meal. And she had a mask and the unconscious she may have died from aspiration pneumonia. Bill John says I think I made it to gravel and slapped one last time. The transcending time and depend reality because of I love. And the interesting thing that is the Gramm black men had died 22 years before that. How long while I thought okay Americans that come hell I. Wa well. And that's what my PLO I can understand why and the book is filled with stories like that you said about 26 major stories of around the so. Well thank you so much for sharing. All of that. And everything you've learn from this process and in usage you working on it and a and a follow up any idea when that might be Tom Brady to go to impressed. You know it took me four years to missile and hopefully we can get this when the next one man and about two years. Oh now you're below are your purple drank who work here are pro now he should stick appetites. Make summation you you let us know when when you're getting ready do that other book as we'd love to have beyond talk about. Parents is as well. It's been great talking these guys thanks Jason JP appreciate it. Thank you thank you doctor Scott told Bob again the book is physicians untold stories the website is physicians untold stories dot com. Just amazing gorilla is so dire we're gonna take a break and more concentration. After the show that was great conversation with doctor car bomb but again the book this positions untold stories web sites the same. He can also get a link and be beyond reality radio website to check it out there to. On the gas tab. I'm we've got to you know some of some time here so why don't we play a couple of of the bill good old crap gross stuff you know our commercial sponsor here the craft a company but so. 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Blue backlight on Tuesday so you can count on that lot of stuff coming up in the coming weeks which you need to make sure you're aware of and part of particularly scary time. If you have not had been beating beating this drum over and over again you need to go to the web sites Garrick con dot com check it out see what it's about. And make your plans to a ten you will not be disappointed is so much fun great vendors great celebrities Greek parties. Great panel discussions and a lot of film screenings is just so much fun and. And media is produced by state JD Edwards include tunes by Alexandria Johnson for intercom yeah. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow what bond where you'd like to be Gaston beyond reality radio email to sleep getting that's slick Eddie ED DY and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.