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Ghost Hunting with Steve Gonzalves

Jun 1, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson chat with friend & Ghost Hunters co-star Steve Gonzalves about his experiences, and beliefs when it comes to the paranormal. Steve shares personal stories from behind the scenes as well. Also, the Gettysburg Ghost Gals join the discussion. 6/1/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. On the West Coast Thursday on the East Coast many are stuck in between welcome to beyond really review with myself Jason bonds in the always awesome Jeannie Johnson. I imam optically pumped tonight you know unite. Go back a long way and right after unite became friends inserted hanging out of time I became friends with your good friend Steve consult Sedaris. And of course you know everybody knows Steve is the guy I would with a 5 o'clock shadow looks more like a three day old beards as he grows and like instantly. Well it's like right after shale assets like this after sharing his character it's unbelievable. And the guy that wears a baseball cap and was a tech manager for a test for a long time the bikini right police officer in Iraq he's done it all he's he's he's afraid to fly he's a freedom some bugs but other than that he's a pretty super eight. And it's also certified and certified in the Jewell jewelry industry as well as serious a minute during he can now Walters is his family's owned you're a Jewish stores and they also Steve used to. A praise and are parent and all that stuff so the kid the kid has done a lot of things. That's pretty cool I didn't know that about him but time he's a great guy obviously people most of the known from coast Connors who's also Lagos and his academy and yet he never did international 'cause you can when travel that way but. Rick and a makes a stem on the program we hit a mile long time ago pre syndication chatted with the the people always asking. To have Steve on as a guess it's night tonight. Yeah Kristi is just he's just a wonderful guys. The GCs like a brother to me and you know it's funny we go to our local cute pictures here at home and he he was earlier last week with me hanging out. But com we'll go through pictures and I've got pictures of there he was so young but he's got like Haley says Obama's lap. And stuff he's like off fireworks on the back porch of my house and with her on and slant and he's accommodate boys title AM fireworks are illegal and massive and violent so make shorter. But that now but in all seriousness. Now he's just I've got I've got pictures of items so far back and and so I think that's why salmon pale and everybody they have these slums so much disease always and the yeah he sees just one of the family he really is. That's an important relationship and anybody who might have a questioner wanted to chat with us and Steve on the telephone numbers 8446877669. Multi. Article in Esquire is fear of spiders is what it is why can't you know and the funny thing has into the event and gives you give a call and ask Steve about his play this year is quite a fear that his fear of flight. Because Steve is also the only one of us will have actually fallen acclaimed but Steve has actually flown a plane really he's for a claim but now he's deathly terrified of them. Really that's that's another interest in fact there was an aware of yet so we get a get a question just give is give us call will be taking calls a little bit later again the number 8446877669. No should messed mentioned we've got on some pesto is coming up tomorrow night it'll be a best of program Friday always is or Friday and Saturday but tomorrow night you know I head out. To scare con were Steve will be as well. For a long week and vote good fun. Yes yes it should be a long weekend will probably need at least a week to heal. All month shows money known Susan B little rough budgetary forecasts that he would. So but yes sort of dubious Tara come up in Springfield mass this weekend so if you're definitely if you're on the area makes you come on up and check it out. The B a bunch of celebrity guests there as well so are. And it's just a great time early as everybody hangs around America. This is farm every ounce it's just it's a fun time. Everything about it is fun if you're looking for more information about it figure how you can go whenever everybody's welcome all ages discuss Garrick conduct comments it's just like it sounds scary con dot com. On the day and now we got to a couple of good shows coming up next week in fact now on the C Monday night we've been ninety. Barbie. Breath it in our own artists that started December Renault while that that's that's lingering after and that's after the show on the Barbie breath that is it an experienced teacher a published author a prophetic voice a dream interpreter and a human minister she has released God's love through her work. On and she works mostly in prisons hospitals and on the streets and Morgan a talk with her Monday night. He should conversation works or street I know that's who that was and I was different art and Margaret so and Tuesday actually we've got Jane Anderson which is a dream analyst. Dream affair dressed greater and mentor living in Brisbane Australia. So I'm gonna be like to exclude to disarm Rambis or loans the Australian accent he. Party are sort of betar care about that hey it's you watched. You watch sixty minutes I'm I haven't watched it in your stock on yeah want to send him but there was just a guy down there and they just Astoria billionaire. That's helping develop NASA's spacecraft's. Center rebuts loses there'll boats now the Robert Bigelow Bada. He says that aliens are here but it's it's all covered up. Really. Yes Robert Bennett and excuse me Robert Bigelow. He 73 years old he's the CEO of Bigelow aerospace. Appeared in the latest edition of CBS's sixty minutes during the program. Which looked at his work in developing and expanding spacecraft's. Which also he even did some self. Which inflated these things that inflate spacing could one day change are humans live and work in zero gravity. He made a sincere and it's just sensational. Admission he described you at home countered that his grandparents head on an undisclosed date. What driving and canyon road arsenal Australia's. He said it literally really sped up they came right into their face and then just took off. And I took off on a right angle shot off into the distance. He told the reporter Laura Logan it began that this whole thing is they tend to let him down a half they really want to know what goes on with the aliens I'm. And then he had his own experience but he's really wanna go into details but this whole thing is really white bit the Bigelow aerospace. They have an alien logo. Come but he and the Paris in the sky reveal that US government others across the globe know that aliens are here on earth. An even interact with them but it's all kept top secret from the public due to fears over the impact it would have on religion and the rule of law. Was interesting enough yeah I mean that's a that's a common. Justification we have guests on the program who. Suggest that this is the case that they that that the government's aliens are here say the same thing it's it's governor for those reasons yes and missile that was interviewing him described it is not carry conversation you that you weren't it ordinarily have with the cops the CEO she asked him if he believes in aliens he said I'm absolutely convinced that that they're out there and that's all there is to it. And that there's a Ben. An existing presence of of the tees on the planet. He also says I've spent millions and millions. In millions are probably spend more as an individual that anybody else the United States have spent on the subject. She asked him is a risky for you say that public that you believe in you ovals and aliens. You don't worry that people will say did you hear that guy sounds crazy. Replied I am however has got him because he's he is replied I don't give a damn I just don't care. I guess when your billionaire and you can say that but. It was a really interesting now the federal aviation. The FAA confirms that it confirmed to CBS. That's for several years it's referred reports of UFOs and other unexplained phenomenon. To a company that big loans. So he literally owns the company that investigates. For the government. These claims. Camille in Illinois UFO's and all that's Marleau kind of held justify your rent rationalize how he would know an information exactly so you can really make you sit back and think well the sky sang this may be that they're really adds a lot of credibility to the fact that. And we these things are here and we get him on the program. Options won't just slipped to reach out to be honest for the heat he just don't give a damn somebody who might suffer I think that if he doesn't care what beetle thing so with that but now but that's just great to see somebody of such high I mean the skies working with NASA chief. He's where he's working on spaceships with them. So for him to Somalis say these things besides I just think its mind. Yes no and obviously obviously is more. On impact and and more weight given to it then nine just some random person making those claims a guy seems to have his fingers involve bringing in on their heart evolve. So I absolutely am I'm gonna have that article posted on to be on reality radio the job. On the FaceBook page in just a little while if you having Amaechi had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And like that page for us are trying to get those numbers out. And also head over to be armed reality radio dot com you can click they listen live button join us in an online check javy and iron and it with a just a wonderful community of people. We hang around their during the show taking your questions talking back and forth. But also right on the web site you can download the free. While lessons of the past shows join envision these chat during the line show. And so much more so if you also if you download the show from iTunes is to us a favor and rate it helps push it forward. And helps make it easier for but he defiant. And a cigarette break when we come back we'll bring as Steve Gonzales and of course you know who. Yeah we you know from ghost and jettison known that it nobody else knows him from coast senators don't have a great time and everything for six cents. England's best weekend of the year it's scary talk. Horror and pop culture convention June 2 through fourth at the mass mutual center in Springfield come meet in New England this Liberty City. I mean car chase in caught Steve Gonzales it was a little changed to fall and so many. House it's all part of your mission and Friday night's exclusive celebrity VIP party Saturday night it's the monster party with costume contest it's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found it scary conduct. On that scare contact. Restaurant car on the travel because. Client that's for sure had a they're coming out oh we're we're having some would sort of but you know what it's real honor and a privilege to bring our next guest into the program mr. Steve Gonzales Steve of course you recognize him from ghost hunters ghost hunters academy. Probably any paranormal convention nerve comic con or Porsche convention you've been to you've seen in their Steve. It's such an honor to have you on welcome to the program I know you've been on before but it's always great to have you back tell you that. Thank tea and do well thank you are you get that. Gathered Jesus with Alex and forever since we talked. Yeah. Oh. That's so Steve there's a million questions coming through our chat room we're gonna take phone calls a little bit later but I always love to starter conversations with you by you telling us the story of how you when Jason. First met way way before ghosts understates the online dating yet you know my dating you know where you got kicked off for those pictures you know all that stuff. Gods aren't date dot com these. Indians only. Expect. You know. Generally have on its errors you know it it pages are sort of bitter ricks drew little bit. Well not a traveler realize he putting a lot of a lot of people are realizing you and I were friends even long before grant was even involved. Yes that's true I remember at first. Reached out you rumors Rhode Island paranormal. On our victory was the name of the group. And you know it Che had had very politely told CNET. You know it's just a little too too far away because only two hours at the time the group. Out there. There are hypocrites that keep in touch and it was maybe about you know. You retreat later and or three years later I got a message. From Jerry literacy in a year in Europe and sort of it seemed you've been ruined and in Chicago working together in times collection can you know murder YouTube but get off like. Adversary get lost. And it. But the difference this way back then Steve I mean it was can be Internet was just sort of like a newer thing and you know so. And it was just one of those things where when we re connected. I was putting together. The taps family because at that point down the taps website was getting on an average of 30000 has today. We are getting more cases than than the group can handle so we're putting together. The tap Stanley which is just a group and you know it you've worked to me setting it up for years on. But it's just so it's a group at a unanimous groups all around the world that work and pretty much hand in hand with one another too big family and were able to pass cases back and forth to get people to those areas. As quickly as possible and you were taking over the the northern message to all the western Massachusetts now. And and so forth and it was just yet from there aren't you and I just went geez weekend became inseparable we're always hang and now we're always doing stuff and a which is just just grade and we became family. We did it and yeah we did in absolutely and you know. A Malick were news much ado. Or just hanging out and your out. Or we go to launch a arch at some laps and changes to. You know it's good to have that venture because we spent a lot of long or. Dark if we like each other treat you know. That's for sure. Knowing when you guys first started you know yet you had your independent group sure bolsa investigating and Jay you mentioned that the Internet was kind of in its infancy but. You know if you went in search paranormal groups just in general you'd get millions of hits there are so many current Roma groups now the back. When you guys were first starting to do this for certain connect if you searched paranormal group should be lucky to find one running. Let's there about five in the country and there are. It may be by agriculture. Colonel group's entire country that you could. And followed and it did in the back on the books you know in the back there. Other people's books or what are art or art or you know. What are the to put out that sort of books and the back and have some sort of restaurants and get it may be tender or groups listed. When you reached out did you hear that maybe you wondered you are actually active but even back then you know apps we're in the fortunate position this will be one of the it won. By people around the country as sort of a leaker in the world and it's always been critical of part of that. But you're right back then I mean there are not leaning groups around like they're our children and there're not many. Yeah well that seemed before the warning signal on site at that point. So it was pretty there were their moral and I think those of you all you guys are so and and good doctor Dave guy whose whose pass from international ghost hunters. He had a site to lend him there weren't there were anatomical must share. Now it wasn't so they heard third they are not many sides at all even a warrant it true you know. I reach out then term elements of being correspondent and yeah the web blows it and it's good to catch in center and we were all sort of the group that. You know we're able to jump on ignorance about. Steve we remain and hats for it to jump into a break here and I don't know if it's long enough but did you know everybody who does this everybody used the pokes from the dark looking for answers has some kind of story that led them their do you have one. Well early next I remembered terrible. Pros really young and a friend to. I mean this so younger buyer membership is playing like bright. And be light bright Greg. Saw one I didn't quite know that. Story polite price tag which flies out to afford sort of you know but all I remember. It's their parents or Europe and target was OK and then telling me in extra time collar parents picked up should do it in until it Buick. A few years later she only what was happening. I sort of consider that rate my first. Experience. In terms of the terribly burdened quote it would one's. Sort of extraordinary. What we're gonna take a break but when we come back I mean you know because I know there was also the whole story with your mom and you you watch a movie and everything else which your mom I love she's so sweet. So it'll will get its oil will get into that we've come back. Are it's so yeah and enhanced. Jason and javy we're talking with Steve consultant granted quick break. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality radio web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tap in the menus and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. It's beyond reality radio Jason and Jamie you know little disappointing urgent because of your. I'd break commercial that I like is among the winning Adelaide Brighton making things would eight and that was and I just. Found quickly and turn it was it won both primaries and he's sort of this whole topic of conversation went through chat and online their opinion people are talking about how he you know that van and a wounds of slinky jinx or whatever is listen. Made a mess that one okay Americans own regard it now Steve you were telling everybody before going to break about this whole Lloyd Wright. This scenario include them as some little some notable one that you still play with but and beyond that. I let us now I know that you had also. Your wonderful mother you and you sat down you are watching a movie and Ali do you tell from the. Yeah convince them. So the story here. It is sort of what started buying interest. In maternal and verse order. Error normal. You know experience and added experience. There's Earl. I guess vision but. Islands on the couch from my mum and I was sick in and to. I had been pretending to be asleep. She was watching a movie company and chip. If you haven't seen kind of brought to you guys sure yeah but. Particularly haven't seen it. It's it's a pretty drastic. And and scary the you know sort of depiction of what could happen in the very extreme situation. With some you know. Incredibly over the top dramatized. You know and his movies scenarios that clear they are just out of you know birds are. I was my mother. You know piracy. I started to start. Watching it. To you know and I got really scared and Irish are covered and I. It probably aback it's sleek and protect and obviously again and which start to watch burger fingers. And then whatever it's it should started to of course it does make believe in and all that happened and it. A little better to cut at the end of the movie I saw it peaked on on true parents are just bombed a period of which are both well. I honestly. That sort they'd be. Think well this this could actually happen or parts of this could happen in this I need to figure that out and you know investigate. And so that was what I was maybe heater and and that sort of really kick me on my capsule. To figure this stuff out and you're part of. You know a lot of people after the show ghost runners to I'm really took off and became kind of a household. Discussion. Fee if you well. You know me became easy for people to start going out and forming groups ended investigating paranormal claims whenever it happens to be. But prior to that. You know it was kind of not taboo necessarily but it was certainly not something you talked about around the dinner table and in those many who did talk about it were kind of maybe look at permit a sideways glance or something. How did you navigate your way through all of that to actually start looking into these things in and trying to finance yourself. That to the question. Entailed and it has to. Win it or art show. You'd be really mean you'd do it because you loved and new coat. 70% of the time if you told somebody do it you're meant it's just use it very weird books clips or you'd believe that step to. In the bigger better people didn't even know. It existed or or short terse camera. What they're here over over it was I didn't even know people actually it is sort of thing you know this is incredible. But then you really can't get those. Look and it worked in you know. Please you know blunt force and that sort during an at and get some groups of them I had been in the station or herbal you know for awhile. In the great. And that sort of thing and dispatcher ignored in and so and you would. You know ninety Turkish I'd just say yesterday that it was the first area apparel investigator. It would just kind of chuckle so it makes our review there. It was literally all the sudden our show you know and into our show. These sort of came the cool kids room until then closed earlier one's groups are right around dark and believe in ghosts. Well in the and that's the thing we weep turned down and I know that. We all used to meet up consider and so well first off we it was like a best Seton coffee shop in the we moved it over to Starbucks shop. We meet up every every weekend. And legal cases that we hadn't you know who's going to want and we discussed things and we had been offered shows numerous times and and we turned turned down doing TVX. Four different times because. It wasn't something that we ever thought would be a viable thing or something that would show us in a positive light. And and finally it was after meeting with Craig and him saying he wasn't gonna change anything he's wanna sing cameras. There we decided to do it and it was definitely knew something that we we figured and I remember talking used to you were like well we'll do. And all of a one season and ten and ten episodes and and the we'll just get on with our allies at least are it'll help get the name of the group model more. We never expected to take off like a dead. No not at all or was literally at one time Leo we adequate Mi Yoon and pride in summit also. Mohegan. Bully which could conceivably its own right and. Are you as Jeremy little you won't Brian Jill. Okay yeah. Every producers are well you know we started charming yet but we knew it was gonna happen in the pipeline that are well. You know edit in twenty years and they'll have something cool short great or we thought it would be. A cool way to chronicle you know Katrina are traits that sort of thing. It never thought you know board seniors later that we would be. You know embryos that big of a British were talking about torture is entered you know it's sort of a pretty crazy round. Yes definitely has its a must cook you bring a coloring here. Who's been waiting patiently this is Nina a friend of the shows in California need your welcome to show you don't Steve Gonzales. I got on it I. See how are. And Korea. Yeah. OK I did I can't tell you really fast speed oh my gosh great entertainment between you and gave when he comes Google like. Antics that equal time during investigations so I mean yeah yeah they found that. Yeah I think I think as it takes it I think those antics are Dave bought his first house racing. They've basically made a lot of money they have respect art we did you ever play. It's like what. He died Steve good. What that ever popular expired or wait it they are right you're not we can make our work. I'd better and recreate our way to two legal. That that's that's definitely tango which by the attack goes like the name of a cat but I'm. Not going to kick up and you know he beat you guys fell in love with him in in in order brother Lee sense when you had him on the show as a guest. Right that's so worked just didn't fit in so perfectly. Typically with you Steve you guys did stated often you know kind of a partnership thing and I'm right away and in those antics. Added an element to the show that time you know was not not so serious but so much fun. But who who was cranking who'll or if you guys are breaking each other where you. Which lurk online and what church you actually get angry that this order not you know like. Splashing it would not choose you know an outbreak we Carla. Berry is sort of pickles about it that sort of thing and yeah I mean it to be were they it's big it just happened organically. Ever thought they were using it sure you know and also wondered. Aside episode in and I was betting him to go under a court should you know. Or McClintock while actually used that it's correct or not the losers are sort of been captured the moment. I think the initial. I think the initial connection between you untangle it started off funny because it was more you are just happy to get away from Bryant. And yet you have that I mean. Sobriety. I mean he certainly served as it purposely Mateen you know and in the field and that sort of thing. Yeah it was a nice change of pace during. Somebody that. And trust it and loved dearly and would take a boat or tomorrow you know so it's great to have that. Are you saying are you or anyone you you didn't trust in you wouldn't take a bullet for Bryant. Well. You know right in the and are required to. If he is here clear to defend themselves. Here I don't think he would article big likable orbit earlier. Children and radio hosts you know you really need him. Its interest in its interest Steven you're right about you know who they are not being able to defend and support whatever but you know there a lot of people that still approach me gentry get the same thing and dead despite. The difficulties maybe their prime presented on the show. People kind of like that drama at times did you guys ever get a sense of the drama added to the show at all. You who else Steve and I in grant talked about it a lot where we felt like it it's sort of took away. A lot of what we were trying to accomplish. We wish Brian in the best for the the book what was seen on TV and I think Stevie can agree in this. What what was seen on TV was very little of the actual chaos that we were dealing with on a daily basis. Yeah. It it was it was that particulars in news. Probably a lot of trouble you know Herbert. Certainly you know trying to analyze evidence about being social or Treo hours. And in telling me that he. It is an emergency but I'd been watching and Nordstrom trailers get out the pocket of big things like that where you're just couldn't really. Shots anything needs. Yeah and you know we Lee. Tried to all Lieberman is the release on the show we we let Brian go in program back command. Lem gullible we put him over to a ghost hunters international. And you know the the team over there had some problems with the man after awhile and they got to the point where they didn't wanna shell suit to investigate if he was there so. Of course we had to remove him from that but we we wish him the best don't get him don't me wrong. Is this is an Brian bat when he. And what a lot of people don't don't recognize him in they saw in what was edited into the show but they didn't see they'd struggles that you guys had to deal with just on a personality basis and end and don't teamed. You know. A team cents a Minnie was in Poland is waiter whatever whatever was going on. That's stuff wasn't portrayed in there and they show. And I think even seed in the Tennessee is it TV. TV can really create a different animal when it comes down to a different people like. Yeah I don't Steve that I I think we've always got along so well him and we're on the same mindset you when he came on TV we didn't care for cameras around sweeting care and Wheatley let everybody else to get camera time and I'd. For the camera not to be on fox and I we just lost Steve but. I'm we prefer the camera not to be on us so we do you know and let let everybody else get their camera time but a lot of times when it comes down to TV. People tend to get. Big heads limit the minutes they've they've had some airtime that they've gotten any attention. So but we'll get into that we come back Paris we're gonna take quick break when we come back more you listen Jason GP. New England's best weekend of the year it's scary talk. We're in pop culture convention June 2 through fourth at the mass mutual center in Springfield come meet in its Liberty City. I mean god Jason Hawes Steve Gonzales it was a little changed a ball and so when. House it's all part of your mission and Friday night's exclusive celebrity VIP party Saturday night it's the monster party with costume contest it's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found it scary conduct. On that scare con dot com. I'm already chasing champions are clear something up a little bit and we're talking about Brian colonel Juan has part of ghost owners be true and to break. We're still in the process getting Steve backed by the way we'll have him back on just a moment. But you know Brian up brought something to the show and that's we are talking about we weren't attacking him who weren't trying to you know impugn him in any way it was just more discussion of what he he was on the show whether it was a character what it was. So that's what was and don't have so I'm easily all right and Brian was that I honestly. Brian was a good friend for many years prior to show who's just I think after the show started. A lot of things changed and you know idol Julio set a lot of people's. Mind sets to speak comedy sort of end up in a different place when men and women on TV late and Jay and Jimmy and you've known me forever. I don't care from on TV not on the same person onto here as I am off to treat it T doesn't make people people make TV so arm. And so this is one of those things where but it it got old. With the drama being emphasized so much on the show I felt like he was taking away from what we really did break with the investigations. Right and that's a fair conversation so despondent. Omniture people understand what we are trying to talk about there. So Steve's notorious for you know getting on us on what it's like you're 20% charged and so we're just waiting because I even said in the text and that didn't go through which tells me that he's trying to find charger right now. To a plug back in his phone so so funny I you know if you have any questions or you wanna do was a called the numbers toll free 8844687766. Night and tall freed 844. 6877669. Yet we got a lot of great stuff coming up by the way and later in the program we're gonna bring the Gettysburg ghost gals in to the show talk a little bit about their experiences in the Gettysburg area plus some of the other investigations they do are always so high energy they are very high energy analysts say it's I don't think ever sleep. Probably not. They do they do a lot of stuff they're all over the place and then what our necks like program we Monday we got a couple best I was in there because we're headed to scare con but Monday night. We'll have doctor Barbie branded in and she's an experienced teacher a published author. A prophetic voice and a dream interpreter and whenever we have dream interpreter Zhan we get a lot of people calling on to get their dreams interpreted so we can expect that. Now you are we're doing that pretty much today tomorrow the next guy we've had chicken Henderson is a dream analyst on and dream therapist right there and mentor. Living in Brisbane Australia. So mr. Beatrice I think I think yeah I think this with hideous a secret thing about like dream interpreter is as soon. He's clustering and I think he's just sees Chinese and trying to get as many answers on your he has dreams that then that he can't. They have probably. On the so we have going on you know we we we've we've got a FaceBook page who want you to come by and say hello there make she'll like it I'm sure with your friends it's a great place. Not only learn about what's going on the show but also we talked to from current stuff Royce posting things up there gentlemen thanks. Elliott posted a story that those talking about earlier where. If so the by the billionaire helping them develop NASA spacecraft's. And how he says they're aliens are on the planet and then that is being covered up by the government but yet few every if you get a chance. Head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond the reality radio image Sheila the FaceBook page. Huge trying to get the numbers up on that and head over to beyond reality reviewed dot com. Where you can download the free iPhone in Andrea and android app or you scornful listen live button. And and listen right online and join us in check but the app actually allows you to listen is still alive and join us in the chat. Listen to pass episodes salt free of charge and yes so just enjoy. The who we gadgets governments are gonna go to break we're still working and getting Steve consults or guess specs so we haven't Pope will have backwards beginning next hour but. It's is Steve sees different bugs friend of a fly easier I think that that's the only piece to freedoms coast. Is he afraid of snakes IE doesn't appreciate. What if you scientists have recently discovered a new species of snakes that actually had wings to fly. Want him pitch in flying snakes yeah. A study published in the journal of her college she says the snake has been nicknamed. Is that when toe finesse. Which roughly transfer translates to the wings snake its it's named in part because of the features that they found the snake. Had an ability to put it it's vertebrae out through it's skin to create wings. And actually fly through the year. That's that's creepy I mean rule. I guess it's clear tree snake something jumped from jump contradictory injury and that's why it is morally applying scrolls are we got we get them here all the time they're all over the place. Usually see the hawks crowd as the temperatures turn it is. Yeah yes so if you're afraid of snakes and now they can fly it's. You need in America to really be a first yes I know I actually the people that are that tell me that spiders are flying at the malls and I know I've never seen this portal site. Oh spiders do as they said they send their their ticket so she laugh about but apparently she catches in the wind and that's what a lot of baby spiders to and they ride the wind to a different areas so they can. And you know that's where they start making there fairway admin and all that stuff. Are so we're gonna take quick break and a cease almost be back on because of scene techs from them and so we're gonna do it quick break when we come back more. You listen Jason and Gigi on the honor I would. Redeem myself. Jason allens and my awesome cohost Jamie Johnson. So and so you do we get we had Stevens Els on you know we are talking with them and then beat it he's gone. He just disappeared into the F a real plane I soldier or citizen it's always Steve it's like he he'll start doing things this phone's always ninety personally that. That's when he starts. And Gonzales once heartsick I mean it's at now are saying they like it just a quick reminder telephone numbers 8446877669. If you like to join the discussion and also tomorrow night's program will be a best of on beyond reality radio as well Friday Jason Knight and Steve actually. Albeit scare on for the week and have a great time spring film. We Aaron cheese underwear from California Washington State all the way across country but you will be up and Springfield mass so if you're around stop on into a scary comment. Say hello to be a great time now Steve. We you do you do convention is all over the country and when you go to these events and down to hang out for the weakened whatever what's your favorite part of them. A question. I mean. All the fans sure are that comes up and sure they have a positive. Experience with a us an example on and and you know we don't like to rush people throw line where we're happy to chat and and have a good conversation but. Aside from that. Meeting people that I admire. Is a lot of on end. RC after our RAZR are great and we like drinking that sort of thing should run. Now we did we usually have a great time with that but now as in Steve I agree it medial and you and I've always talked about how. We've done some of these dimensions we've outlines of a thousand plus people it's always quick shaken a hand hey Alan how are you move on. And and we've always hated that it's always the nice being able to actually. An actor and all the conversation and talk with talk with the fans but also. In the same regards I am I was at a convention with Hugh. And we. It was great time but we knew we are being called over by. Everybody from Eddie monster down to. Counties camp leaf and for him his name the walking and not going to die. Dawn of the dead George Romero he called he called us you and me over to his table because he was and it was like she's that was amazing to. Yeah I. Mean sort of experience or signal. Or are what's hiding. That Britney alone or we'll talk arts and gotten Judy Garland. Owns. It sort of things were earnings and you know sort of we're not worthy moments you know Arab. Just injures Alice Cooper and over the table you know and only solid gold stars in Moscow where where does winning a medal are. And that's that's amazing because I've done Allison show a couple times are now squeezed just seized disagree canyon huge scam goes honest. And when you when you're Tommy Aaron and I have to talk too much time or your tongue you're at the convention he came over to slate borrowing TU UND of the tables like it's just mind boggling that. The paranormal. It really Alec the next are so many different people like meatloaf who's a close personal friend of ours as well and and just to see the amount of people are really. Really intrigued by this this type field and what we do as his brilliance enemies. I have detect active shares story that's an impairment Stephen all but two on Stephen -- horror convention Worcester Massachusetts actually. I'm hanging out one night and down I was there and actually working with them my good friend Jeffrey Combs who. Is it meant in a much different films including the re animator films some people people probably see them in something. Bomb along the way me even if they didn't recognize the name however. Jeffrey Q I was talking with Steve Jeffrey came overnight snow Steve this is is this is Jeffrey died Jeffrey Steve they shook hands exchange pleasantries and Geoffrey walked away and I said Steve did you know. You know Jeffrey is a neat. Didn't say a word. Pulled up this Pam played inch quick showed me Jeffrey Combs his face. As a Herbert west in the movie re animator tattooed on his leg of its. What is moment I think Steve that I've ever ever experience and an idea that a horror convention. I now that was very you know and I I had. Herb meter on the S not a make sure cable's next summer when we shake you know are there and so hello. I've been didn't dare say any angle and you wanted to keep him a little nervous aren't quite a candidate and I mean I wasn't angry were you at all or not I don't like some of you knew. Now some nerves out. But after that moment of course but you know I got exchange. You know and he was quite gracious asking me what do you do to rent live. We're pretty intense for me to hear it. He's a super guy as yours Deaver let's go to the phone much quickly. This is a Barry from Charlotte very welcome to the program here on beyond reality radio. Elmo up relish or column here at the well yeah. Can't comment well out of article basically can't speak. You know the doctor or critical size over in southeast Turkey hero but. Got a much and it used to tell us. Opposite dot com or would it have to. Paula poop burger. The last summer take. Every man over there appears little lives cannot but darn it they didn't kit net income and kill him out. And dropped him mop it looked at my apple mob in my house simply black everywhere. Anixter his car there to answer shouldn't this. And that's when it column they were used in your credit card. And go under I can edit it and number and black cared about what am nobody can about it or. And I just hours just part broke and I mean it happened right here in my back. And it's horrible. And that's just sentence idea and dead and it's and how can access mean you're originally from up this way Barry you for more aware current. That's right Jack Hartman debt group order is there a little. It can't just pop it it wouldn't let anybody know the word but they Dugard not murdered just shot to make a few much. You know it didn't help would slam Graham and Abbott ardently they didn't have to kill him or something like that tie him up a little then. The ballpark about that but you know and it just. If you can't and that may have well gone tell world that you don't know who to trust and who not to trust in god when you drive and it. Cat likes situation you. You you're watching game and you pick it up strangers you know all was gonna happen and anyway is that so hard and sale app that pat a mile from ouster and like I stated it was irregular cops and detectives have ever paperwork and managed a sip and doll and down volatile lot in the world Google at all. Yeah yeah. Yeah so anyway just sand dale what do you wanna hear it start. Great debt paid. Sure we have we have this is if you can do a pretty quickly. I can do Iraq quick that bared down now to about fifty in thousands speech. And that claim that at all about 2.5 percent through and just gonna go down to. Another talking about thousand seat and they estimate that there that the site is approximately 40000. Years old. Wow oh we're schism wears a set there. It is Eric can't go back Corey kept the art in GOP EC KL locked. DPP. Extend the southeast corner vote. Out Turkey right now on the Mediterranean city. Well it's amazing that's amazing thanks for sharing it with a Sperry appreciate that. Wells I go to our interior. Good bright red robot is it definite that has to work or bed that night. So. What are he Steve you know let that brings a good point because you know you and I. Are big fans of horror movies and even the work that you do sometimes send shivers down people's spines but it's real life horrors that are the scariest isn't it. Yeah actually. It's until it. On but you know when it's motion pictures and dramatized and real deal Arctic in England and Oregon's is our all star. Steve one of the questions that came from mom. Some people on the chat room as they were asking about you end the EU being in a band and I know you've been in bans some. You're in a band that actually went kind of big at one point after all it was after you left as your don't Osama is correct. Oh well I mean a dancer than. You know become quite popular. When I was younger. A medal and it. You some genres that. Gain some traction and require our own and then. We're sort of goes what is your goes in the blue rock and we're. Fortunate to be shelling. That's on us. Arms. But it or changed and that is all. On what. Well I think in my tip my kids always love when you come over and you grab their instruments and go to town on the things especially Logan with you gravity has drum sticks and just beaten that holy hell I was drums down there. Well you know why it was funny as it is I played good under the nose but I drums and then as soon as they came upstairs. Your daughter is like I knew it was a Logan is playing drums and iron written up like you know. He's like yeah I had to. Us that's at Torrey she says she's grown up listening to Iron Maiden from Austin absolutely Steve one of the. On things about scare con that. That seems to happen more and more and down I want action trying to make it more formalized but we've seen the VIP party a lot of the celebrities. Actually have musical talent and get up and saying their pick up an instrument and a play. And there were asked to get a drum set as part of the the stage gear for that so that so you can join that little luck combo. Don't doubt. Jump on me might sit up songs in spurts. You're right you know and you know. You know just get on both. England and New York I'm embarrassed that. You have a lot of seniors that look karaoke or char wearer and rule and other gentleman Annan. And pretty soon and he loves the carrier here. That arm and that's a lot of fun to see those guys just go bonkers and all after artist last year word. Boatload Arlen Toto I've. Yet in your right about Sean well and he loves to sing and we had a Bobby Brady Michael look inland singing proud country roads take me home and we had to it's Alyssa rose was singing some and they all start to open up when they see one do they don't wanna get up on stage entered saying it. And it's just a blast there really is. But let's let's turn the conversation back to to your work and ghost owners. As you went through the years and you saw the popularity of the show increased to be changed the way you did your job at all did you change the way he looked at the paranormal field or did you just kind of go on go into what blinders and not let any of that affect the way did you work. And there were. I. Positively and slightly. To. Clear your show you things like. You know really short and are putting that around noon where our big since sign agreements that they were so. People that are coming home and order and eulogized. Him a little bit of a juggling acts you know accidents at the auction. Team got over the logo are following the vehicles around. And stuff. You know but. Also help it. You know positively. Gotten greater access to locations. In New York. Well you know a lot of eyes on from there you like you know military and a lot of people who. Wouldn't have paid attention yield otherwise but and that we all sort of you know when we we we did our job than we did we had to. It looks weird and are walking the man you are yelling my name Erin and ignore camera Wexler brought. The we we just aren't likely set our blinders on and our job and Jane brick in the beginning where. You know. Sought emails just recently and I was going through stuff and we can start work. You're just. You know cameras there you are sure we do we don't do anything to at all or their or. And so we kept you know they're they're comical what we do it doesn't change we did just to accommodate them. On and sometimes they didn't like in our cameras were running in the reverend set. Camera. Yeah because we're a team and we got to move and we went around these sorts of things and those are the only thing would stick around and ran and given that important and. Especially when we go to these locations where we're in that area were investigating a location for multiple days and a lot of times in that town for in two weeks it's tough to keep ourselves quiet by RST we're gonna take quick break we come back we got more questions for him but. You listen Jason did he kind of. It gets sixty consoles just to. The screens guys we've got the Gettysburg goes Dell's coming up a little while we've had kind of delay bringing them on the show because middle typical problem it's the defendant but he's back and we're talking about all sorts of stuff and Steve again thanks in doing the show this tonight. Your retirement. When you. You know Jason has told the story several times. Scifi and and and go senators had. A good relationship but you know rocky times and the ultimate decision was made to not renew its size five. On the bridge fall and all that without without you know point any fingers or feel like you're saying something you shouldn't talk about. Ball. A little less and as is everybody on the machine you know. They were clearly. You know. The Arnold yield rose the great. Society by taking a chance. On our show and and really. Delivering a quality program that opened yeah isn't a million people really want him. I think towards the end they they've lost their focus will regard showed it made it frustrating. Or us in the auction company. Something I could have been handled look a little bit differently but I I think decision is the right decision at the right time. And I think that what is next or. The com. What goes under senate is going to be. Oh Soriano and a better platform. And give us sort of an audience. Early delivered to our audience what. Should neatly written a sort of something that you know it's a bit like you know let Iran. And I and I agree with young universe on this even you know we wish the best aside I don't we just. We just felt that it was it was best that we did we part ways with them at that time I mean. We're aware of top rated show on their network and it was like pulling teeth and we knew Canada tired of them you know airing four episodes then you know having us off for three months aren't for a senator just candidate that ridiculous. You know from a from an observer standpoint I think scifi kind of lost their identity for a while they were really sure what they want it to be and I were loudly either on the probably haven't yet done you know. And no sued we've got just a few seconds of Brit to jump in to break again. Steve on hang on for a few minutes after the break. Yeah sure I'm I'm Nidal and. They're asleep at like three or 4 on the morning at the are we do to get the Gettysburg goes gals on by double will bring Steve back after of this break here don't forget the telephone number. 8446877669. IRA and had over FaceBook dot com slash B unreality resuming Shealy to FaceBook page and head over to be on reality radio dot com and you can download the free Andrew nice phone app. That'll let's listen to show live. Ketchup past episodes and join the online chat are you listen Jason GP. Yeah conversely hurt her 6877669. This night has flown by a were talking with Steve consults of course the ghost hunters ghost hunters academy. And various related shenanigans. Lot of history but that's a lot of shenanigans. Steve we're talking before we went to break about you know the relationship of scifi and how it changed obviously and and you guys is it team decided to not renew. And not continue to Aaron ghost hunters but apart from paranormal shows and what the in the future holds for ghost hunters itself. What are the types of things do you personally wanted to do well you know professionally what are you looking to deal. I mean. And I wanna continue. Furthering the steel apparel researched. And do her bidding. Jane just sort of got into the creative world a little bit of television recently in Ireland that has been a lot of them. Oh and they're continuing that endeavor. And let you know that we all are still in the halls and world is quite fascinating. Thing here. I'm sticking pedal feel and really owning those skills. At all in order on unfocused. What do you think we're about all of these shields out now Steve talks. Our show's third term paranormal listen. Hard. Syria has I don't really watch him on. Your own. I think that we all have our thanks to you there are some techniques and procedures that are at her news. Just for television sake that's. I have learned there were a little. Off putting. Sarah rooms. And you know who was reached out spot. I think that. Like to see a return to the. Senator so arsenal's side of it and I'd like to see you return to the actual. Racing so consumed would tell an oral wanting to you literally. Research to parable on TV don't wanna just do it and I'd like to see your return. The actual deal to warns away from the immediate. And. And ups. And I think that's a frustration a lot of people employed are Bakken some of these other guys have been doing it for a while and get the get the fifth frustrated by did those who really are and for the celebrity more than they are. Actually trying to get some answers. Steve. We're gonna see you would scare con we we really we've got a mile to go here now because we getting to Gettysburg go scales on the promise and we have come on the show and they're waiting patiently but we wanna have you back really soon. Or. And since we know your night now all the shouldn't be a problem. Or I told me. Parity told me come hang on my studio and a cohost with me when I noticed that went to Steve thanks so thanks a lot me and it's always great talking in all I'm looking forward hang analogy over the next few days. And it's requests are example out of. And I'm fortunate. Our us more tell your family this and I and a little so I assume. Right thank you Steve Gonzales of course and ghost hunters we we appreciate him coming on those kind of a last minute thing to other we put together and Steve was very. Very gracious about coming on and I and all cited just wholeheartedly that Steve I've known him so long and you were talking. Friendship that's gone on for twenty plus years and he is truly one of the one of the best people you'll you'll ever mile Renault its chest. He's exactly. Who he who view C east that's just who he is he's just wonderful person our will were moving right along now that everything sees you working again let's go right back to the gas line and bring in our friends in case Els Lee he's so nice to have you on so sorry we're late. Getting view but you know those technical glitches you know what happens you know goes. I think. That I errant. You're welcome back to the show. All right so slow first and we need to get out of the ways you also ladies are also going to be it's Carrick on having a whole bunch of fun without strength. You bet yeah yeah we're going to be causing a lot of panic. We apologize in advance that at a it's again sadly we don't have a ton of time here but give us a little bit about what you've been up to one at a time I don't care who goes first I just tell us we've been up to since we've talked last. And I wanted to upper edit out. On basically where we are and you know it being with we are book signing. Our earth but you know. Served. It out here on outcome on a year or street I'm aware. We're trying to work we couple reproduction. Right now and act out our. You know go around the country lecturing you know you all are now. People get are in the battle and and you know and your car working on the out of field and they sat in. Kilogram doing doing art but I thank. If you're good I am. Yeah it surely does it surely does now when you say you're trying to educate people about you know the battle of Gettysburg reckon it's in what. What took two things you talk about because I always share my paranormal stories about Gettysburg when I start talking about. Peter Gettysburg or paranormal topics because so many people had their first experience. For some reason and Gettysburg. Forget it because. A lot of good times. And I think I speak up and re why. We believe that the popular on it. Because. So many app and at her. Apart and I need an animal. Like our app are well ridiculous out. And aren't they were very dramatic increase in that seat. Trees and so you know we we feel that we're marching. Urged. Elect people aware you're now beyond. Well there's there's there there's like a perfect storm of paranormal energies there you have so much tragedy so much emotions so much John strife. You know over the course of a very concentrated time it was three days in you know an 1863. And all that energy left an imprint on the landscape. Absolutely absolutely I mean you know in and and you know Jenny prepares work our work now. You know getting educating people through her or she doing the artwork or else you know our. We we we all over the average. When you when you go to events like scare currents and you dual appearances all over the place some what do you like to do the most you know when you're when he chat with fans chat with people who I share a passion to the paranormal. What time when he liked him. Best. Again not a hot. A pocket how. I enjoy meeting new people. And and just letting him know about bridge myself truly are and what we do it's just. I think. Of it is. Joy. The hanging out with people who are like minded and meeting new people and of course people like you guys. Which is a lot of aren't. It also gets me out of the house which is the back. And you know. You know eat you know I don't get your change. I'm gone on the on the big. Now you definitely can happen at either. Or app and art me all right because. I. Again we're gonna eat that you are. Coming weekend are all. All right systems to sit back with Steve and entering in to watch the chaos take pictures. Yeah I would have like later high in the air. Tardy that later waves for everybody. You've both done a lot of investigating. Whether it's in the in the form of action guiding other investigations just doing them on your own what are some of the the most fascinating places that that you spend too. Who personally will always say are higher state of former Tory. Is one of my favorite incorporated. Ago there's just so much activity there tactic especially if you're a woman. I think you know it's bigger audience only ice there he's gonna get a little bit more channels and it. Every scene at a track. Have you seen that in practice the difference between when a man or woman might get to and reactions from I'm from you know whatever occupying those billions spirits. I personally haven't actually working at the sort it out into the occupied side. Mostly confederate soldiers. And I noticed the women were the ones who would steal hand. Or her or get you know their hair. A lot of them roped. I invisible hand if something happens to men usually get pushed. Or are or hope to really art but usually with the women can each. It might. Start targeting I would take my personal paper and what that means. Apps which should be where. I. Started at rattle. Your art. Actually I'm an hour or hour and you hand out one of the most. Apparently active. We ever and I see we caught. Shadow person in we have over four hours. Somebody go around work. Touching clutching a case going to work. And all the whole entire time. We laughed that aren't absolutely no are absolutely don't want it much and actor. Edward at a lot. I'm we are apparently. I need to earn more hours on the nobody doing it stopped now. And you know it. I can't wait and I'm back where it to pretty neat. Well there's so many so many locations down in Gettysburg that have some sort of paranormal activity have investigated a comma. And its job I had never been like town anytime I'm gonna let alone. Just the goes series you get from the people who aren't even in the buildings is walking around having experiences. During the day in and evening and night just walking around Gettysburg. It's a crazy they're buried it when it went luckily. When you Cochran like. Eric. We lot we had people come up to last. Everybody all shares story and do a lot arc aren't. And people out there eerie and Eddie are all or when all we. Every Cochran. Got. Art and art now at an apart we want. You know we do our lectures are stopping by talk that there are. What's your favorite kind of evidence obviously everybody wants to see you full body operation I mean that's that's the holy Grail of internal investigating but those are very rare. So you know what would you like to focus on and what gets you the most excited when you can say hey local we caught. Early. I accurately point out. Patty. Thank you like Eilat like he EP I like to hear the voices. And you know that that the basic at the end I'd like. Like putting something. To. Q what I think there. Why didn't do it's it's funny Steve Steve's Sam when he sees big on the audio on big in the video but nicely about a video as most of them video has audio with that as well so. He. Think it needs to be able to. Hey happy that you know regional on doctor say that that activity that you don't stick on that. You've got not we're worker are out on I'm very expect I am not. I I would I ever trust the shot I can't begin they can be altered in many ways. Google apps are now. And I. I'm on doctor. Different particular stat. I have an imagination and I like the creative. Thought adequate and it ate it. I we we've. Ladies and seven just have a couple minutes left here I don't want I want each take a moment and cut off for your bit of advice for people who are just starting out in the field people who are just you know. It taking their first you know dvd session or are going into their first location with the with the hopes of catching something what do you. What do you advise them and how do you recommend they start. I I can't let. Personally recommend maybe doing something like the part where it out they do go to there and it's a good way to get your feet wet. When I was working there naked behind you to look people there has never been on a ghost I'd be forced so quick way to learn about equipment. Repeated do a paid her. And I would say because I couldn't carry into our art and I act. Quit. Saying actually taken out. During an eight time. I wonder what it back and l.s long shot her. Light. It predict acts that normal environmental. Things can actually happen. Pete quickly while I. I mean aren't nearly. Artwork. Are over got a look at it. Like trial. Urban operate and how it. Shatters and I think in the end. Up being. Really really learn your quick and how it worked out her you know I don't know what you're doing or are you. Because oh good advice to him. Pay ladies I'm so excited to see you all you know it's Eric con this weekend I will be bringing guitar so we'll do that pat Bennett tarts on that you wanted to do we're going to be grades going to be battlefield if that's. And debt and against our division the them lateness and bringing on the program but we'll definitely have you back. Up it's not. Aren't talking at eighteen key patent at issue. Trying to shout it kept on dropping our. Company. There's some there's something goes access who seal has sort of area scenario might explain our old thank you very much ladies have a great night we'll talk do you get our we'll see it's Garrett Connor Riddick quick break we'll come back in just a moment wrap things up it's beyond reality rating would Jason came. Yeah like proper Stefan. To bring extra partition if you add ons that are always I asked him never really I've seen a doctor again except for well well she screw up. In the clean and you will see him once it's a good luck at the clintons have big shadow goes out to by the Geddes Gettysburg go scales and also. Steve consults for coming on and you know so I noticed they all of those folks. It was her comments here this weekend in Springfield mass so if you feed him if you haven't done taking you get a ticket come on down hang out. On May she had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality Rio like the FaceBook page we're trying to get those numbers out. We had over beyond reality reviewed dot com you can download the free in Droid and iPhone app. While Nationalists and the show alive catch past episodes join the chat and more. That's gonna do for tonight he'll listen Jason G I VE MB unrelated radial catcher also at. And you know you media history spiced with 88 minutes into iTunes and Alexandria Johnson and Tom Reidy. I don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page just a light and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one hour. If you've got information you want us to follow what punt or you like to be Gaston beyond reality read your emails to swing getting. That's slick Eddie EDD one bad beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.