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Jul 8, 2017|


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American banks mortgage and MLS 408099. Mike Jones is an MLS numbers 315233. American banks mortgage is a member FDIC an equal housing lender applicants are subject to qualification requirements on all applicants will qualify breaks in terms are subject to change at any time discussions are for informational and not a commitment to learn from the triggered by companies certain laws require mortgage insurance discuss all options to America bank mortgage loan originators. I. Yeah. The studios are not seven point three this guy this is the real estate show. With Mike Jones from a Marist bank mortgage if you can email might get Mike Dodd Joseph said America spank dot com. The number calling in is 877. W sky talk that's 8779759825. And now here's your host Mike the mortgage man. A good afternoon everyone misses the real host late show with your host Mike the mortgage thing with a marriage bank mortgage. Todd Lewis mighty counterpart is on vacation today each week we come on the air we talk all things real estate without buying a home selling building. Or of course my favorite which is financing remember you can call to the show at any time the numbers 877. W Scott talked it's 877. 9759825. You can reach me each and every day. Come by mine are really nice so website which is a mere respect Aldrich dot com forward slash banker forward slash Mike Jones. You can email me Mike doc Jones in a matter spank dot com and that's AM ER I asked Bangkok com. You can call me at the office 35233975. Community. Reconcile bites him in person each and every day almost. You know including weekends a lot of times a 2772. North west 43 street suite that's. For salmon Gainesville. As we do it's beginning you're every show we talk about the interest rates just a little bit today than national average for the thirty year loan. In the Wall Street Journal on July 8 four point zero or 8% so a little bit over 4%. Now arm upbeat basis points from where we were a week ago. And then the national average for fifteen your loan in today's Wall Street Journal flies a 3.2 7%. Up six basis points from the week before. And just some important things you should know about me and embarrassed bank we're gonna tell you the truth each and every time so if you're gonna call him and asked for quote. War you know your chances they're getting although we're gonna tell you whether there gooder batter in between. But we're gonna give me the true threat of front let you know and do what we hear from a lot of folks is they go online and they. Apply with some folks that they don't know. And a just trying captured just maybe. Sometimes a slightly lower interest rates. And then they get through the process and then at the last moment they get deny it and they can understand why that is. But so if you call us and in pre qualify were thus we're gonna tell you what's your chances are giving alone. The second when you call a stream knowledge we're gonna call you back organ you milieu back you're not gonna get the run around and you're not gonna to talk to more than just Myanmar processor Vicky. So just know that as well and then finally. Like I said before. We're gonna tell you right up front that you're doing well and everything's good through the process but we're not at all that you downloaded before closing so just three important things you should know about me in matters bank and how we operate. And so as we do we treat we have really great local our guest list today we're gonna go through. Some really good information about a new subdivision in town. And that's with amber development group and we have project Lola here and a printer power unit that. Doing good thanks so much for coming on. So Bridget wanted to. Askew. What what is happening outlook on where you guys located. I Phillip Dinah is located right after 90% margarine basically right where margarine and saying you first meet her right on the corner. OK so that's just kinda like on the edge of maybe help politician appears you know that is the marriage right adjacency okay. And then you've been out there for a little bit of Tom I know it's been in the progress for many years and it's just started to come out of the ground now and you've got. A number of homes that we're gonna talk about today and different price points but you also who. You're having it's a big complex right it's going to be a number of homes and. It's pretty much totaled 460 home twice and the completion. Okay all right. So. So what do we do about what's your website in your contact information of people wanna call you and talked view. So I can be reached at 35237449. When Sierra health. And we also have a very nice website that has all of our inventory homes plus our. Mom that year had your beef prices. On there as well as if he won a bill we are looking at a four to six months built right now. And that you can find color information at www. Immigrants dot com. And that's and merry EN and ERR. Okay all right so when things are talking about before we went on the air was a you have a number of homes that are. Ready to move in right now right because inventories so low a lot of people are looking for homes and which wanna highlight the fact you have a lot of homes that are or diamond people can move and you know within the next couple weeks. Absolutely. I have a total nine inventory homes right now and we are working on remaining far a few more. While holy cow looks a lot so tell us like what what to look like where they go from like them. Maybe the least expensive to the most expensive. So our base price is they're starting and then in 200 C you're looking right at 240 I'm flat. Okay and and so in that that's what it through veteran to about them. So we have three bedroom two bath up to four vengeance as well on the complex beast and we do you have. That flexibility if someone comes and really doesn't and an hour for our clients seeking an XP and keep them up to the mountains. Okay all right so they can come over and see what they look like finished yet. Which is coos most builders maybe have one model two at the most but you guys have your model plus all these other house has that are OK you can pick him on a torrid. And all okay. We actually have someone in the opposite case that the violence go over them in a month of okay what are the office hours that's a good point there are hours Iron Man made their Saturday it's ten to 530 and then sending into 530. Okay all right so. So a lot availability of their for people with amounts Ian at all times of the day or whatnot records broken during the day he says. Exactly where a ban on seven days a week and we do you have flexibility so if someone. At that time frame doesn't really work for them we can meet them. I they have to do is caller in months. Okay are great so from. So this community is the number of phases right we're in phase one. There's Enders 4050 houses right in phase one yes 42 houses and it's OK and you're gonna have a vote I'm sure big pool. Think community. Towards the end of base to we will have a community center is so you have a on Billy's around with it probably at eighteen pond people pull people. Masa have. A full kitchen and have a pool two tennis courts basketball courts flash pat playground and adopt park. So while that's a lot OK Tom and wanted to mention today to you have I think we have a couple gift cards of people are gonna clemency today that just mentioned they've. Heard about Luke Donald on the air of the intermountain get a gift card that we have for the first 45 people recommend that I brought some. Some really nice and and we get the cups to you can have one of those but but if you go by NC low with today I think at the salesman model I'm. Bridget Lola over the sales monitor you can go and get one of those if cartwright at Philly fans mark today and tomorrow okay argued. So what's the most popular floor play in the you have you think. So whenever most popular is probably our Palin some model. It's re a little over 17100 square feet cool it's a three bedroom two bath with a flex space. And that we have quite a few of those Avila bomb. And batters back and my liking that bright and like. To set and be okay carnage in eighties okay all right really get it. Really great price plain and you have. I Tynan speed and flexibility as far as. And space inside of the home. Okay and which is perfect as you can use that seventy runners at 1716 square feet colt's okay that's pretty big in the have a. Porch on the back to work some of what we do we have they actually have a nice little front porch and then we have a large back porch as well that are covered. Okay great it. You guys are looking to Wear again bright up and 90% accurate. The focus of the they go out there on Sunday five to archer go out west just passed tower road just past Harry. Yes he has on the right hand side the next site OK all right in the U turn and and then to think through the first left right B I effort picked him at this we have a huge nice beautiful sign up and could be a very good. And then Tom what school zones because that's important for young families were the kids are gonna go to school it is an. And very proud of our schools and we are as. As done for awhile elementary cap on metal school and you hold high school. Okay and and so the two bit elementary in the middle school are pretty close Byron the act OK so that's months. In the pupils as one of the best on high schools in town and actually as they all have them really get programs going on them as. Okay good so Tom. So we talked about the fact to your face when you have a lot of inventory which is really nice shoes and inventory is hard to come by these days and and maybe people don't know that we goes out there so but done Al archer road just past tower road on the right hand side you're gonna see it. So more about the currency we have from. Some. Gift cards for people that are gonna stop over today do you have any other college. Talk to Bonnie financing incentives for people you know because that's obviously very important important for us to but it important for people wanna buy a house right let's are gonna pay cash. Laps early media's that we do have a passions and M but however we have a nice and send it back if they do come and meet with you might come on how to marry think it is 1% off the purchase price of the home towards closing assistants if they EC. OK very good so that's some that's important he says and you know a lot of people do me amounts thank goodness so keeps us in business and but it's you know that's a nice financial senate because on a unit 270000 dollar house is won 700 dollars. Absolutely yeah it's a really nice. The benefit of using whenever our preferred lenders such as yourself and buying homes there and there. Okay and and just so if people don't know Hemmer development you guys have been around in town for many many years after the lit up for sixty slowed just a few years until you're sixty years so you're really gonna build houses and bill to reorganize our homes out there are so on one more time. Our archer road just past tower road on the right inside is going to firstly guessed right here. Our income that you're going to be on the left inside we're gonna be and it left if you can and okay sounds good all right so what's the normal turn if somebody picks a home and it's not an inventory on what's a normal time to build something. And they seminar on time develop Francis Ford is six months. Okay are clicking app right at six weeks with a Connie prepare Manning but that's included in that time for. I'm very and then I'm how does the contract part work if they decide they can go into a lot reservation right Treadway mentioned. That's someone. It's looking there are homes they're not quite share what floor and they want they know they have a lot might. We can do a 500 dollar a lot reservation and they have fifteen days to you kind of compare price staying compare flip the hands move into contract. At that point and we'd have only been three days get pre qualified with the leaders such as yourself. And then they have fourteen days from not playing with a 5%. And our 5% down. Op that purchase price to move forward and that contract and they have fourteen days with and that continues CP it here get there many back and people if they don't. Got you okay all right so that's kind of the nuts and bolts of how to go out there and invited counselor Ghana and get started whether it's so. Are good well I think we're gonna take a break right now old units. I'm assuming these messages in America. Tommy Williams Holmes is gains bills green builder in the market for a new home called Tommy Williams homes at 3523354140. Fell building at Oakmont near Haile plantation and Finley woods near 34 street and Wilson road and now featuring Gainsville short this new commute to US chance and the VA hospital starting from the low two hundreds every Tommy Williams home includes solar power standard called Tommy Williams homes today at 3523354140. Tommy Williams Holmes is games bills green builder. Welcome back ever on the system realistic show with your host Mike the mortgage trail with the mayor's bank mortgage. And I wanted to highlight today just one good friend of mine whose name is just Jay's act with the Atlantic. Our fifth uncharted landmark proposals are reduce a deficit licensed appraiser here in town for many many years so if you're in the I'm in need of getting a piece of property. Appraise it would be good. Idea to give just a caller talked to him his office number 352375. 8070. Those 352. 3758070. And really why you would need somebody like Jeff would be if it's. You know of somebody in the fairway and fortunately has passed away you don't know what the lists are home for it's a divorce situation. You've got to split up the assets when you wanna find out what your house was worth so give Jeff for calling you can two in Bristol for your. We use him on he's on our appraisal panel here in town does a great job and he's been in the business for many many years. So we have our guests here today we have followed Bridget Lola with amber development group and she's highlighting. Luke Donald but we also wanted to mention sorrento to right. Yes and we are at the end of our belt was to rent out. It's very close to my heart been lacking there weren't that over three years. Where at our last three town homes. Okay it's been described I know we've talked about sorrento on the year before a couple of times but tell us more about it worse located with what the yum. Homes are there. Though it's. Three dislocated right off at 53 set you're coming on 34 just make it right I'm thinking they're just the right on the right hand side. Where building town homes at like it's ever in our last three email only have three left to cell which is great and but the iron. Large price fully. And fun. But they do you have to entry that and so there really great for anybody. On. That's looking our Halm that went to downsize our minds gloomy and that you take care all of the exterior maintenance on the home. And we IBA closed the US and. And Sheen and OK and that's a deck community's pretty big community to him just great mixture of younger people to starting out didn't and then some retired folks like you said may be or in the mists of gonna retire. And then this is right across from the community clubhouse are losing which is really really knows yet. OK and so perfect so if you wanna call Bridget you can give her call on sorrento is well what's your number again. Though forced her into Amazon have both it's both 3523744. And I am in Sierra health. And you can Ali's in mound meat fat cells at immigrant dot com. OK very good I wanted to highlight just a couple of things that came out this week which are really important for helping a lot of folks. Obtain a loan that maybe have an an issue in the past. A female is coming out with a new release that are do you ten point one is out the weekend of July 29. And that's connective. Borrowers the ability to go up to 50% of the ring come so that's a really important thing right after the should rules came out and all of the of the bill earlier payrolls came out. I'm most provincial loans were capped a 45. Even though on somebody may have had a lot of disposable income with a 45. That tinker ratio the other pushing it up to 50% so that I hope and number of people qualify. But couldn't qualify in the past there are also explaining the rules for from. Self employed folks if you're. Self employed more than five years. There were gonna only you've won your personal returns a business tax returns which is great because self employed folks sometimes. Fluctuation in their income from your year. So this'll make it really a lot easier for them to qualify. And then also the credit bureaus are came out with a release of I'm some information that said this month I believe that they're going to. Changed the way that they do some credit scoring and they're gonna drop tax liens sensible judgments. On another credit reports if if our information is not complete so that's on that should help a lot of people qualify this that somewhere around. 6% of all the population twelve million people have some type boots significant. Tax lien or civil judgment on the car report that me and in fact be dropped. Because information is not accurate so that would doubt that would open number of people on the credit scores will come pure vocal about it. So widget so the school talk about Lucado once again. I'm out on archer road just past tower road on the left and saw on the right inside Brothers your poll on the 91 in the so you have a number four points there what time you talked about low maintenance at sorrento but you have a church against you liked this part of the meanest included up there as well. Yes I'm so different are mean and on the homes which is great so and you're gonna have a more uniform neighbor of lagging Mac and I have to worry about your needs areas. If they're not quite keeping up with it the way that you are on. And makes it really great overtime and it's low maintenance so it's really easy for someone come and that has a busy schedule I can't quite get to it. Okay I'm. That's great so they eat so the front yard look nice yes and then somebody decides they don't wanna cut their rector for awhile. I mentioned not to be a problem but but you guys will be it'll look nice from drug and it does look for and I snell. But we do have the option if someone doesn't really wanna cut. Keep up with the backyard we do have. Yes and I think Europe model has a great fire pit area right through the fifth so that's that's something you do you can do on any home environment and yes. Okay absolutely and we can rent for gas and what I mean it's okay for the for the you rip. Really poet in other. Our house is there aren't you Tom for and gas because we ran off I think let's water heaters okay and so it's really easy to plan for gas Friday exterior and interior of the homes of humanity cast though. Upgrade to that he can do at this oh really okay card with them utilities are you on clay electric there are actually and play electric and it's still GI you for your water and gas. But everything else. Okay all right so little bit more affordable that way as well absolutely okay. A OK so you know we talked about the fact that you can have what about 460 homes right. Yes. 463. At the end of completion masa have a little bit of commercial. I'm I'm not exactly sure how we're gonna have it set up yet those plans are still yet to come they are in the where expect and hoping for coffee each. I think. Are you so we know that you like coffee so they can. Are there as we mentioned today if people go out today in a preview look on of either today or tomorrow we have some match at a cups and we have some. Looking up copy we have since Starbucks gift card just out publix you have so please come by and. NC Bridget and preview those and imagine you have some into golf cart you drive people around and. Yes we get no we actually have a very large golf cart sipping your whole family come out of luck. Give you two are around we actually have someone on staff there today. My name is Eric has so it'd either be herself act her arm myself and give me a torn. But we do have that nice golf cart to get everyone and tore OK if we don't have to wary about locking. OK here are very good and if you need a quote from mortgage you can always call me at the office at 35233975. It'd. You can visit me online at the mayor's bank mortgage stock com forward slash banker forward slash Mike Jones. You can email me at Mike Dunn Jones and Marist buy dot com where you can come by its emea 2772. North west 43 street. Sweet now some believe or not I'm there'd just about almost every day but. Anytime you need to retrieve justly message on the course Mo general pitchman a cornerback. I'm so we that we wanted to highlight again you have a number of inventory homes because. There is not a lot of inventory out there and a lot of people love new construction. So and they start in the bid 200 you said right. The thing and that we'll get to somewhere in the 17100 dollar or 17100. Foot home. And then you have some much bigger homes to. Absolutely. Two. That over time. 19100 square feet you're looking at 1989 it went our largest. And like I said we do have the flexibility to come and customize the little that we can and go up in go out and says he needs something larger than what we have we can make it possible. Okay sounds good all right Tom when it took also ask about what would it what is the situation views out there now but the. Says they're ninety dollars a month I. But that does he care about our inner mean end gotcha and it will include the community. Pool and all that but toward the end of face here when you see that communities and apparently they local but that all you apparently thinking and 100 OK coach OK Thelma I'm back he's just gonna get up front and me. Yes absolutely and that's that's a really nice for folks that are so busy these days and wanted to take care of along but the wanna live and really misplaced and that that would be really good. I'm OK so I want it to you just kind of talk a little bit about. With the sentiment expending guidelines that Fannie maes put out. And they will come out the end of this month so I think that'll really help a lot of folks of Jimmy questions on the active hearing. At the office 35233975. It'd I think we have a caller. We have bill from Gainesville though you're on the air. Question about a question about resigning or saying yeah that's the rule out nowadays staff how long. Probably almost a place. Our. To make refinancing. Work while I probably could say out. Ask. I interest rates. Okay a great question I think the answer is just to do little basic math which even I can do. Is figure out how much you're gonna savor every month in your roughly payment and then take the closing costs and divide that monthly savings into that and see. Which are breakeven point is sort of the take shoot ten months to repay the closing costs to. To do Cologne. Then every month after you've lived there ten months would make of wood which they view fewer dollars a remote. But if it takes you two years to repay the closing costs back if it is just a function how big your loan is. On that may not be worth it especially if you're only going to be there for a couple years so but I'll I'll give you the honest answer tell you whether or think it's worth it or not. If you give me a call and an hour after the show because due to do a four. Awesome thank you very much now things are going. So Bridget. Of one its view thank you again for coming today wanted to you know just make sure that everyone knew the you do have a lot of inventory because new construction now is. Knew just like everything ulcers. You know usually have to wait six months for happen to be built but you guys do you. A number of inventory homes available that if people want to come out there today they can probably move in within the next. Three or four week play it it's a debt fifteen day 'cause trash yes we can do a fifteen bit this is that closely. That we have to hustle on that yes definitely beckons it is pretty busy at least this time a year so. But I debt. And certainly certainly so our will look good what's your contact information again soon enough for folks out there and the call you or combines and you. Say if you gonna give me a comment 35237449. When zero again we're located right off archer road in nineteen firth. And you can always email me at cells that amor groups dot com our visit us at Debian Debian Debian. That in our group dot com and we do you have are flanked and and pray seeing as well as a lot of good other information on our website Korea. A PL your website is really good and that's nice you put all that on their is a lot of folks don't put them on the there's like call for pricing so they have to try and reach somebody but. They can certainly look at although an on line and he gets from reformation. Yep that they want SES basic basic we are and not obsessed seven days a week Monday through Saturday ten to I thirty and Sunday noon to 530. Okay great and people go out this weekend we have some gift cards form they said they heard this on the radio or. Or nice get a cool but cup. That they can get just by something by the CU and that's just Al archer road past tower road on 91 and it's on the left inside it's you can't miss it. Now I definitely. Okay all right sounds good. Well as we close to show today wanted to think everyone again for listening if you haven't you new for mortgage please call me at the office 352. 33975. It'd be can stop by its senior person 2770. Us 2772 north west 43 street suite yes we just moved from down the hall to a bigger space thanks everyone and all the business that they sent our way. Bomb or you can visit me on wanted to numbers bank mortgage. Dot com forward slash banker for its large Mike Jones or email me anytime. Mike Dunn Jones and mirrors buy dot com. So that's that's about it for us this week we've federally busy week we had a great June. We think we had a record month we had done just about everybody in our office did extremely well as far as a number of closings and a very. Elected to work there and and enjoyed working with everyone and we may have some new people coming our way so that's that's always exciting as well. And I think we'll be back to our next week to conduct. Talk about what's what's happening again you have a nice fourth of July. I did have it in south yes it was very very nice and really enjoy this so. I look thanks again everyone for listening and have a great week. America's strength mortgage and MLS 408099. Mike Jones is an analyst numbers 315233. American banks mortgage as a member FDIC and equal housing lender applicants are subject to qualification requirements on all applicants will qualify breaks in terms are subject to change anytime discussions are for information only and not a commitment to learn chronically very accompanied certain laws require mortgage insurance discuss all options through American based mortgage loan originators.