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Bigfoot, vampires, and more! Where is the line between fact and legend?

Aug 15, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome guest cryptozoologist Ronald Murphy to discuss various legends and phenomenon. Where does the lines between fact and folklore exist and what can we learn from it? 8/15/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's OL West Coast and the East Coast many are stuck in between welcome to be on really revealing myself adjacent mosque in the always awesome. Javy Johnson we have a lot to talk about tonight. I mean you and I were just gonna go into the tick list things that we need to go over an incentive we've got a full program tonight and not in addition to the guests and and we got a lot of the chat about. Yeah we do it's been. Spend an -- takes a bit of testing we certainly and the first thing is wanna bring up because I think everybody's kind of a bit on edge here about this North Korea situation and the Wall Street Journal for anybody who's paying attention and we don't talk about the stuff normally but this you know we've come pretty close to some pretty scary stuff here. And remains scary but the Wall Street Journal is reporting that North Korean leader. Kim Jong-un has decided not to launch a threatened missile strike against Guam. You know ought to be honest with you I. Had very little concern it's it's funny when this whole things breaking now and then they give us back a prisoner but they've been holding annually and hang out if he's considered to attack is writing a story here giving us prisoners. You know it's his presidency even holding. Yes well if anybody has been concern I think you're right I mean. Clearly bankers aren't sure if wall well below and rightfully so you've got to madman that's ruled that has a nation is running a nation come in it would turley and took Terri to Terrell or Terry in fashion it did say it. Bob when the bigger question is labeled and numerous countries are. I'm always a finger on the nuclear weapon and nieces absolutely and nut job and down you know so you just don't get all the gay all the for the of the politics and the diplomacy. That were used to Eunice Kennedy goes out the window there's so anyway I just I thought it was important bring that up. I don't know if it means anything people may want to just keep an on news what's happening there but it seems. To be moving in a more calm and rational direction and was last few days while seek Marion could help break. Now that's it's only can do so but we do have a great show tonight we're going to be talking Ronald Murphy about. While moss man the mall and festival and also his new book entitled. On vampire. Owners yet Ronald Scott quite a our Reza mayor of researching and exploring in none delving into the paranormal he will be a featured speaker tomorrow's men's festival which. And down and his newest book called on vampires as more of a look at the archetype of vampires and how it got formed Andean work come from what's the origin of those stories. Is there any legitimacy to the stories is an all legends you know all that stuff kind of poke holes. But your feeling and emperors always then sort of silly. Silly thing and me and my allies I know many people are very intrigued by it. But it's always just been one of the silly things some I think I think vampires when Hollywood's greatest creations and know they didn't start there but I'm just saying that I think the reason we even talk about an anymore is because Hollywood it's such a good job. With portraying them initially maintenance. Mark well what cements the big changed your right it's true. But prior to that I think that it really just became a bigger part of American culture then maybe some of the cultures of where these stories come from but. The bottom line is that I mean I think it's all legend it's all full floor it's all. Superstition. I don't think there's really any. Any real truth in any of this you know any NB a dead. Part of an anyway I say the only vampire movies that really sort of threw me for Luke and scared me was. Oh my gosh I just have the name of its two. She's not a talker. Hope. Sales lock he goes good on sixties films Lankan military and yet that had me that one still bothers me to this day yeah. And wholesale talent to back in the eighties it was account from Sesame Street. Audio Waldman talked often often often called a but no one that. The they ended up. Getting the guy who was supposedly the TV guy who kills vampires. Come on home closet. It brought him in all the stars and movie or TV it was a it was a movie movie I don't know. Now whatever that left and right right now and are into yes that if Graham makes a credit to him because it did a bad remake of not too long ago. On the East Coast. Yeah that mean there are some of the result much in the months during the you know that though universal horror days items out there and kind of romantic for those movies cornice it was scary although I was a kid I was petrified of about there. Such a week ago. Everything was fine. A mob and I've been anxious to get back here get back behind the microphone this week is we've had such we've got some great stuff to talk about. In addition to love Ron Murphy coming on tonight tomorrow going to be talking with Steve Jones. Who has been practicing hip know therapy since the eighties and he's off he's an author of 22 books and you know therapy and will be music. Talking about hypnosis in the power of the subconscious mind. And once or me talking and Donald Schmitt a former co director of the and where he served as director of special investigations for ten years C a lot of great stuff now you had a pretty weird to. Incident a year at your lake house. Couple days ago that's just really weird stuff right with tells what happened. Judge well okay so I guess at 11 o'clock tonight literally right from a late house. There are three people on the pond to invoke. And lady fell off and him and I guess alcohol and other things were to blame but only fell off. Two guys on the water daughter back on the vote. They never made it back and ago. They both drowned. And Stallone o'clock and nine nobody could find them come and the crazy part news literally doesn't play ten to the lord. Did you did they get hit by the bodice and now that in a huge will make you look around and it's well I guess FCC expect to be the alcohol and things of that nature dot com news. Yes so passionate people people try to find there was no way to find amendment it was literally about a 10250. Feet off. Also my doc Murray different from a house. And and I'd go there in the morning and actually look under my talks and make sure that hurt nobody's there and and attitudes and so and so from. Bottom line is they did find them Penn. No variables we can both now. 22 people they lost their lives and then. Diet it's sad earliest I mean look if they go on fifty feet. If they just went fifty feet over they would literally bet on sure you know. In early in eight to ten feet walks cruising. Crossing and that's just that's what happened yet when you are you wrote your post and some pictures of the search going on and think yeah a lot of you know of course you're sitting there hoping. At that time that. Are maybe these guys got to shore and there are wasted days and they went to pastels somewhere ruin whatever total turnaround and to be okay but. Of course it didn't and it's Chambliss you know and and as a guy a big motor. Yeah you know me I'm always some boats and jet skis and all that. It's just a shame to see see that happen especially knowing that they were home Wi fi from being able to standout. Out of the water. I just it's still hard for me to understand how two guys he drunk or not two guys on the water pulled get a woman out in the end neither one want to make it out and you'd also think I mean we didn't hit by the voters and of course it's never easy when you're you're there you're seeing them in movies body's bottom. But he's and you sit there at the colonel maybe if they're fully dressed in good spirit there that way so don't waste them to but they weren't there and swim trunks again. There's so their lives or is apparently exactly and especially in Miami wanna take your kids are and they're always and it is now and it's a safety first come. And that's never it's never pleasant thing and number I mean I'm sure you remember a couple of years ago when I was fishing and it's a new corporate to my buddy John. And I'm a girl Jon Stewart and jumped to her death. That was again and who didn't happen far from us it was very apparent he's it's just it's it's a tough scenario really is it's one of those. If you're you're yes and of finding yourself sitting back and thinking. Mean you know I mean I've literally tell us well and there's always one or two accidents during the course of the summer in of people just doing silly or stupid things not thinking and is now using common sense or that hasn't exactly annoyed at this so I ended up going and seeing an adult creation and what you think and we just. Them while the FF I know I thought the. Well let's just say in the Harrison here's the problem and actually poses some cellphone line about it because the fact is. There's just no truth to to this and it luckily they've I think they knew that they did called out on and so they didn't post you know based on. Sure events or auditoriums movie but they're trying to put a back story. Took just tell they're trying to tell you how this dull supposedly get became possessed by a demon. And it's just. Be honest with you the movie's release still news and in my view from some people out there might like it but. I mean that all the uses porcelain doll. Which has nothing that is nothing like this so called in the elbow which is really a raggedy and tight so the porcelain doll of course used because it adds more. I guess more source 3-D effect is not spooky to mr. Schroeder and it it doesn't do it definitely looks creepy but of course there's no. There's there's no characters that you recognize from any of the other movies and on but then when you serve breaking it down eighteen it's. Because it's supposed to be the prequel to the in adult movies and play right. And but none of that stuff is true from the in a dull movie the husband did not. Ever really give his pregnant wife of the dolls present. I think that's important people need to understand and no older adults former owners were Nazi. Attack by members in this of the satanic cult and that settlement activity comes in the play. Com. No they never tried to really throw that LA. And these are these are all factors that the whole the whole movie. You were you in the animal movie is based off of things that our our our faith so how we spoke to believe that anything. In this prequel. Is is legit. Yeah. So when you go if you're gonna go see it goes in knowing that it's just a movie illegal foreign to entertain them hundreds just yeah he had he had taken a lot of it's based on true events and be its nose based on what somebody says is true. And that doesn't it true. So I don't know my feelings issued a CJ yeah I'm my legislature currently Hormuz anyway in my parents and Goodman want timed as on this but this morning and tell who wouldn't give oracle a mistake go to war and I probably wouldn't. And here it is sort of the weirdest part cement his. Again I don't spoil it for anybody but a gentleman dies. Sort of horrible death he's lying on the floor and they have to have him removed and then obviously turns around to a bunch of the girls and says. Go upstairs and get some rest. What I can't help prevent a guy just died a horrible death figure telling these little girls to go stairs and it's a his second are really happened I think the people the right horror movies for the most part nowadays have no idea what they're taught what to do I think it's been a big disconnect yeah I absolutely think that's true where in the past eased below watch a movie and it was a year has seen anticipation it's that we relatable yeah it's it's you know something's gonna happen but it's and it's not always a jump in your face can scare right. Something else and two. And too many of them that more new horror movies simple take a break after this and dirty Brenner guess mature in the new ones use music they use music to scare you instead of any story and it's all and the reason is that job. John it's it's all these things jumping into your face in. I aegis you didn't have that with the only we're talking Salem sly and things of that nature. You had the scare factor but it wasn't so much and jumping in your face up. Well just jump scares aren't so let's take a break and we come back will be joined with our guest you'll the synergies and javy and beyond reality rebuild red. Okay game to date is approaching and it's time to make your plans to attend scare content October. Good date for October 6 through the gate the places turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place and this is. A great match if you like to hang out of your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars could secure content is pleased to it. They're all fair and orderly hanging out enjoying their fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection of Sanders. Panel discussions and film premieres you can't find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit. Dotcom desk Erica time. Today scary time. I'd come visit. The website today use promo code DER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. And admission of troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scare kinda. The real radio telephone numbers. 8446877669. If you like to join us in any point of our discussion we'd be happy to have yet. And thank you everybody for joining us on radio stations across the country or online in the chat room almost things thank you welcome New York. And you haven't yet had ordered FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality really on me Sheila FaceBook page that had to be on reality radio dot com week final stations we are on across the country and download the free iPhone and android separate there which a Los Angeles in the show live as well catch past episodes join me online chat more. Told you we had a lot to talk about no here we we're really we've got like four minutes left in the segment with that to bring the guests did so let's do it now let's bring in our guest tonight we're going to be talking with Ronald Murphy's a researcher a lecturer a crypto zoologist. Many other things his most recent book is called on vampires is website as Ronald Moore fee dot org. Ron welcome to beyond reality radio it is great to have him show tonight. They'd jump like you very much for how many drug looking forward to it. So we're good start we've got about three minutes here in the segment and I think that's about perfect amount of time for you to kind of give us the background of how you got interest and and all the stuff and you know how you get where your today. California student what my model out of very key and of course and everything that won Bob Pittman might so well over I was a kid that we would gavel while. People into the gavel from forty result we gatherer problem. The radio and we would listen to these comparable talk shows a lot of expert. Which they would outlaw about once a bond. And outlook or shortly will be on the talking about bigfoot sightings that you oppose sightings and then my mother would take my power by album next play in the car. Going to the spot they had talked about on the radio so my mother really instilled by the ministers want God's sense of wonder that. That the market things out there that you know it was more than meets Shia. You know its interest in these saving your mom was kind of the inspiration here. Because one of the things that got me involved in this is is basically the same thing my parents used to what to go ghost hunting on weekends and not the kind of goes on in there were used to today. This was cop in a car he is driver on a look at you know pick out the window is cemeteries and see Cassini thank. And death but it is that parental influence that kind of develops a curiosity early on resonant. There it is and I am I am very pleased wanna avoid go to these caucuses saw the last one I did was opt in opt out of Rhode Island. With. The job. So popular global folks popular. And dot Google wallet chipped up there was a very felt when fondly of that. I'm glad to see that because you don't that we were going to be able to carries as on this disk washed into the term global. And yet explained it by bringing art chipped up to really liked this ball and glee wanna be out there. Not so much of this is indoctrinated out of a child by the time they get to school because it was on science and this is make believe but he urged the suit or parents out there are. Doubled by the books for the kids and really open up all the world. You know to their children. Well I just wish I knew you were in Rhode Island that's my hometown and this horrendous whereas I lived. Of course that's what you this were my show ghost hunters you know mainly worked out of so on and two there were a lot to me and meet up with Ian talked. I wouldn't all of those what do I get it up which are bought or how what Russians also someday yes that's up to our. I try to try to try to I've been out there nobody had a great time and I'm sure you've been to that venue before haven't yet. I having ten in them over there there's just phenomenal individuals and yeah I'm mad I wanted to get to this this time but it I'm just I've been dealing with sick father and and so forth but I'll definitely get their next time so and new world. Our next cover has also been district about about these fossils in Bobby's car which is a few folks will be doubt bought metal might be speaking there as well so so are possible fortune wasn't multiple. Yeah that sounds good so talking a lot about that and during the show absolutely so we're gonna take a break when we come back we'll skate into a lot of these topics you're right on is there highly highly interesting are you listen to Jason NGB on the. Young really to review and take a quick break. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short fly help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find that you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. RR RRK okay I can upon receipt for 46677669. Or guest tonight. Is Ronald Murphy. He has written a book most recently it's called on vampires is website is Ronald Murphy dot org he's a researcher electorate and equipped it was a while just among many many other things and again I rob thanks for joining us tonight we appreciate you being here. Taylor looked importers 'cause thank you. And run you've written a bunch different marks on vampires on remains on dog man on wild man and ghost and so forth correct. You know try to I've written about a lump in Baltimore all the term global. Bit in my at all I'm sure you boss or I'd do top fives and I have to regional books federal apparently wanting to go on. In the wash from Pennsylvania West Virginia area. Yeah and as we get talking about those things rule get into each specific. He subject if you will as we go through this but don't go back to the start. The story you're telling before winter break about how you. Became interested in this in usage a mother would take you to you know while when there were sightings of and accused bigfoot as a specific example was it truly big but the catcher started this or is that just something. They just you don't just use as an example. Well what I haven't Alter ego on the terrible war that would be bigfoot because she's just. There's under domesticated part of you know of who we your humanity in this big hairy guy but doesn't live by any rules. And as a kid I was mesmerized by that it was something out there wondering about towards. At war I was looking out the window once school daydreaming about him he made people looking to optimize school. Like what actually played at the base of the upshot a word which is as great. Perry got that extends from ma am what's working opted for a lot. The well through what you apple flop console lane so and that this is a great episode or for all lot of strange things black cap fighting. Girl's big foot tall and at what have you bombed out there actually is actually a book coming out cold or hot book coming out COLT. I invasion of the child but we're up by small Kolb mom wants to be premiere pretty soon here so yeah I mean it. It is so well known fact that. This is the Twilight Zone was from Pennsylvania and I was lucky enough to won't walk in the shadow but what it's so so it was bigfoot that really got started on doors. And it's asked breedlove a friend of ours has been on the show couple different times so. Because prewar couple global comport this movie. So as you as you kind of cut your teeth on the big foot story went out looking. Hey did you ever have an encounter of your own and be. How did that expand it to other paranormal topics. Great question and I never had an experience wherever I was child out war human you know in trouble up and cover how to experience were the big what. But there was enough things Albert pew my imagination well repeat letter he went on and smoke shop war in unsolved mysteries. The option club or the book what we're popular I would still beating Marty. My imagination and mice scientific outlook on these kind of things so even though I was experiencing these things firsthand. I was reading enough firsthand information from people would get witnesses stopped could make you think there is something out there that just you know on your legend. But. But you know. Whenever I investigate these things webpart quite a problem. I looked out public very market typical point of view armed agricultural bubble world 'cause it's coat sorts. While man or you know it is today I'm sure creatures. And I'm trying to into the bottom about why that is you know where does this whole stumpel what are Genesys. A piece types all of all's quiet word evil characters were all these cold robbed the world can recognize quite easily. And and as a researcher goes in and other than in the past and world. I can look at this week was strictly from an anthropological point of view as well was going out there you know and taking first epic health of people actually. Witten assumptions. Well I think that's important because as you said all these nationalities all these countries they'll have their stories about these these big foot seas yet he's the and these type creatures in the salad they were communicating back and forth telling each other about them they all they all have these this history of seeing these things in dealing with these things and how do they interconnect has to be some truth behind all of that when there's so many different. Places around the world having the same same sort of stories. I absolutely am one of the most intriguing. Upwards of this sort really needs to be connected on the bought into the connector on this. Is that in Australia. Weed out and out regional representation of the Alley. On buried all walk Parker goes back maybe 20000 years. Well I'll I mean harried by people pica creature. In the same cycle ballpark. I can be found on in the Pacific was lost not that stage at a later time period. But still I mean this is separated by. A massive distance and you know public and the communication. These same cold that these two very different cultures have to experience a very same type of creature who were Kamal what got kind of figure an an an an no it went quite well on wall man I was very you know very skeptical about the whole idea. That this could cross and transplantable kinds of hotlines and culture I as I got in to a very deeply I thought the outlook know it quite the opposite. These wild man creatures behave exactly the same or nearly exactly the same. Wasn't there in Asia or Africa or South America. Or even a medical pain in the NYE. You know they are now is to you know the other type of small cubicle it's. That perceived Kamal what Obama will like Google or hawk. Or not and the elements or so it's very intriguing to walk. Overall mouse you know all about my apartment space. And see that what was reported. You know on walk Hardwicke won't walk work it out 40000 years ago but is still. Possibly won't in the Pacific Port Washington summit areas even maybe it. What shall counseling and people were still seeing these things even that I whatever the case these creatures that we talked about what the whirlpool rebel arms or bigfoot. They are border in the DNA it's who we are humans you know what we need them as much as eighty dots. And that's really as a researcher that I really kind of hang my cattle on this what I'm going to work this is my focal point. Why I remember talking to a scientist I'm going back probably about ten years ago. And he was trying to explain that all these bigfoot sightings yet he's saying whatever they're called all these different areas. That they believed that they were. Pretty much stories that parents told their children back in the east Thai names to keep them away from the woods that night to keep them and send that would explain that have parents all over the world are telling their children about these. These creatures that Andy's human type creatures that are covered in hair. And that's how they could all interconnect but it just didn't seem to really add up because these stories seem to. Tell match from from my continent continent. Thus far. Face it we're talking about you know the first instance of the leukemia and that's what you know what. It I could be used as well so. You know bigfoot keeps people away from the woods the same weight or made to keep people away from the water. There is something other worldly that exists these little areas of you know or Cuba wiped it out disputed demarcation between the civilized. In the uncivilized there's work wild things are animal person badgers and these areas you know that cuts doesn't bode well. Op but as I go deep for these legends not all of them are terrifying ExxonMobil are quite the find some most worries. Do you look very you know or what boring. Palm palm and targets in order a huge sums were wiped what I'll. You do how certain instances workers and animosity or attack upon humanity. But the that you brought her ought in the world of bigfoot or crossing ages. One on mostly is that these are creatures don't want to stay off our bottom sold at old oak hills. It has only one ever Cuban's comment just don't world. But there's any kind of trouble early and a roster because we talked about. These workstation nowadays of blogging and you know what we're doing to environment. You read the epic duel of match. But things don't release are getting Tom parry if you will pardon hundred. I essential humanity. Trust Casas in the world Opel while men apt W out this conflict. So it seemed like what was going on you know and 3500. PC pop bottle water in the same thing was happening. And you know Pacific blog wasn't 1950s whatever the first big hooks up four punts were seen along not humble those don't work during the web off. Run we I wanna former question about the big foot research that you've done before we take a break and then we're gonna look at some of the things you've looked into as well. As you study other cultures and you look at the stories of bigfoot type preachers across those cultures. You must have also looked at evidence on whether it was anecdotal evidence or actually hard evidence of those creatures as well is there any. One culture or one. Location geography that seems to have the better collection of evidence supporting the existence of the creature. Well she's just another good question I am I think whenever you book indigenous cultures got to be applied. This creature structure as the in Tibet. That starts seeing that there is a belief system built around this does apple so. Whenever you think about the I'm Boucher and and that possible our score you know impossible goal capped the Eddie. Basically are very intriguing to me and the stories go back quite a distance some. I actually act grew up in Indiana county and the county seat was in the N opinion not support place and Jimmy sort. And your Jimmy Stewart as great Hollywood actor also happened interest. In arm and the Eddie and then people work. And you know it was sad that he might have been one of the people I was actually able to get a piece of this kind Boucher. Have outlook bought about. And bring it back United States not white. Wherever people go to examine the owls play all Heidi government because possibly Jimmy Stewart was one of the people I was able periodontal there. But I think to Tibet. When there's a managed cultural understanding this is 8888. An animal that is separate from Los. We like us and has some sort of magical properties so what. I picked up what are we look at COLT like that sort of really take this creature. And made it so point all almost god like status that you think will or something going on here. Then just having. What essential go eat out. And if I had to act as I'm sure people ask you all the time and I'm an basket beak and two part question here a given our modern technology given the fact that everybody's walking around with a new high risk hand camera on her cellphone it's so easy your video it's so easy to take pictures now. Jason I have always been frustrated by the lack of physical evidence is something like that so that's the eight car why can't we get something better beat when people say eighty point blank do you believe this creature exists which are answer. I'm what I do believe this creature exist we have a piece first because you know I'd never seen this creature. I have alternates I think you probably understand what I'm talking about and probably all laudable will certainly do well so. Bob I know that I was close to something. That was quite foreign to me. From our external from our an intellectual perspective but I also knew that it was quite natural to be there as well too but makes cents. And that's what I research expedition budget which just published. And I felt I was very close I don't wanna refer to also be in for asylum. And the use of caramel saw you know we might be able to him about what it is also. I actually couldn't fill that my body that was something close that was the very analysts and then live out there. Not the idea of physical evidence. God is. That is understandable if you were dealing with and have a bowl like eight year war bearer but if it's a big foot. Creature is actually helpful poor. And it's intelligent but kind of changes the planes so that. We know is this a complete animal all week doing something that is you know full human. War that may or may be just slightly which Bordal albeit social scale. That a human being that is the case. Then it's very possible. That help or have a what can sway things like in for asylum and purple for purple reality. Can stay hidden so people think they see some thing. Are they might actually deep feelings something before they actually see some thing. And that's why you don't have any picture because people just don't stay around were they quote important enough to see what's making that until it's. But even in the days and age where people going in right and Al mound by king they've Argo pro strapped to their elements some. Now people are using aerial drones that have ever in rotunda thermal imaging and and high definition go pro shooting at work today. I mean why wouldn't we be able to catch something and wit with some of that stuff or everybody everybody had these all these people having dash cams these days. Mean you'd expect to suss it seem they seem more things showing. But as things crucial part to what we're talking about these are things are being shelled all like YouTube. As not on the BC. Nightly news I know exactly which were talking about. There's not a definitive evidence. Now little wall of misinformation that's going come up short into the picture book and does. 41. Portland to dismiss it and gossip you know what a pout or shouldn't get one click of things work until bought into that as one of the major problems that we that we haven't. In invasion of social media and pictures of people deliberately faking these things are photo tropic these. Us. It does an absolutely hurt a field. Now you know to go walk off a slight tangent here so there's also the possibility that all we're dealing with peer in regards to the bigfoot type of creature. Is brought me. Structural elk that Mike inner dimensional on an. Awful lot of people. Bought it seems to me that's trouble these cases work you know people were not skating track where is it just suddenly disappear. Or you know these creatures are sometimes seen what what what guys are seen vanish. These kind of things. Dole. Whistle all bark. All being flushed and bought out at dotted initial what are we looking at they're not all what people don't like talked about in about you know the because I have such site. Well let's you know let's talk about that when we come back around we gotta take this break you were up against is the time frontier boom boom it was. This picture walker take us through it are you are way too far brick of the edge. I'll go back to be a reality area reducing DGV we've got Ronald Murphy with us tonight he's a researcher lecture with his wallet just. His most recent book is called on vampires is website is Ronald Murphy dot org. And it run we've got another short segment here but some before we went to break you were talking about the the dirty M word which is multi dimensional. What kind of when it relates to the bigfoot creature I mean it's a very controversial here. Say that everybody rolls errors. And tonight and then it's that's tough it is and I mean that went with all due respect I mean with the many EU EU throw that out there most of the people that you you talk with a just rolled their eyes and I cameo. The troika trucks and someplace warm water department subject suit up the other thing so. Is look you're looking to make any kind of you know Monica most successful social. You kind of want to stay on one side or the other because of your talking to people but how does firm belief that your operable pupils watch from what animal. They don't want have anything to do was somewhat of the talks about. The idea or possibility of that are dimensional multiple multiple mature adult Tom. The same thing goes with restructuring I don't walk researchers but simply throw up I think probably work. That houses any parent what wants spectral because it doesn't that hasn't fitted to their Herbalife. Which is very sad because a lot of research is going down to implement got stopped. But I'm you know I've I've spoken what people how to bigfoot sighting in one location. And they go back to the hole and that's saying creature is seen in their backyard and it it was able all the more to help or what have you. I think this is some high strangeness what's going on Google and a lot of weight to describe it. Tom what are the first account slide had. About somebody's talking about a big for the cape or transcendent type space. Was or columnist back in the 1980s. And he was out fishing. One of the creeps right here and oral problems all the shops are origin was from Pennsylvania. And you hurt something a cross the river missile pretty sizable broker. And he or something and it knuckles were police all this creature. Now issue described as a bigfoot. But in Islam as a talk about a war that seemed to be like a luxury type of creature will just want to is irrelevant bought it. Maybe it was old baby had mental how you are but he knew he had to get out of this terrorism which a lot publicly and whatever he'd come back creature was standing right behind this war. So somehow was able to dole ball hundred yards. Dipped in white bias Clark but the other fascinating thing was the creatures you'd be trying to communicate with sub this'll the first and I don't know how about. But the problem will decide and also is that it's. Right smack between a very busy thoroughfare. The root authority goes right through Juan both sides. Because usually watch so the purple ones like between these quotes. Ron Ron sorry get a touch just as we had a hard Rick picked this story up when we come back it's beyond reality rating would Jason GP. Okay game to date is approaching and it's time to make your plans to attend skirt on an October. It dates are October 6 through DH the places turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place in this. A greater fast if you like to hang out with your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars didn't scare Khan is that please do it. They're all there and ornament hanging out enjoying their. Fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection of vendors panel discussions and film premieres. You can't find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit. Dotcom desk Eric Kahn. Day scary time dot com. Visit the web site. Day use promo code G our armed with your ticket purchase to save 25%. An admission of troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scare. Her skirts and between local IRL radio so Jason Wallace in the always talks JV Jones I told fuel earlier we had a lot to talk about tonight and it's just foreign Buffy. Yes yeah there has been on and I just had one of those converter cups now I can't. My public saw you in the engine have a cup milk with it now I needed that welcome to show everybody is great everybody long we've got. Agree Winfrey tonight Ron Murphy is has joined us will be talking about his appearance at the moth man festival. Jason and I will be there as well also his newest book on vampires we've been talking about big foot with them up until this point tomorrow night. Doctor Steve Jones who is a practicing hip no therapist he's been doing it since 1980 east. Easy also the author of over 22 books on it no therapy he'll join just talking about hypnosis in the power of the subconscious mind. And Wednesday Donald Schmitt former co director of the the UFO studies where he served as director of special investigations for a ten years will be joining us. So we got a lot of great shows you haven't yet. Over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio makes you like FaceBook page. And then head to lump. Beyond reality radio dot com where you can download free iPhone and android operator illogical listen shall live catch past shows. Come join me online chat or just click on the while the station tab which lists all the priciest we are on a cross country to reduce a favorite she down bullish on I know a lot of you do download at showed its download tens of thousands of times a day. Just do us favor read it for us because that helps push it forward and makes it easier for people find and then we greatly appreciate it. Yet we obsolete would as we are you beckoned her conversations run here I do wanna remind everyone that we Jason Knight are going to be a mosque me and festival Jimmy up in Iran around a tight body suit with seven innings I think you were gonna Wear the win also hopefully each. That's gonna it's gonna beat it wanna dornin. Mr. bring Ron back into the session run before we get into talking about the mosque meant to us why do wanna move there quickly here is we're gonna run on time before we know it. I'd a way to finish the story you're telling us about an encounter with a good bigfoot creature that happened to. Near you. A gentleman's fishing. Saw this creature in the distance. In a split second the creature was basically right next to him how to be moving that move that distance in that period of time if he wasn't multi dimensional in pick up the story from there. That try to aid that it actually been lost aid pretty quickly moving over stroke. Whatever happened there was quite unnatural helpless creature was able to cover such a great difference in the matter second spot. This man out armed you know it's that he was in the seventies key outspent two plus the white trying to prove all the naysayers. But these creatures are actually out there somebody who got these elaborate kind of drops open mic as some sort of DNA evidence from these things. But I remember I was on one particular. Expedition what tempo up on the charts but we're looking for the bigfoot creature. And he told me that he is his time in covered. Bombed two from bigfoot creatures one of them want the the big lumbering giant that people think about what everything about bigfoot. And Harry and how a person type creature but he also hoping that he had experienced another type of big. What was the box smaller. Type of creature that I have any model almost like a balk and a confident pacts. Now the doctors found remarkably like a dog man makes it handled nationally and slight new idea about blog and even being in counseling I thought they work. And the little place. A cult Torre quote a popular you know Wisconsin Michigan area. But I guess he so so it's C workers were here. Then adjust the idea of one particular creature won't kind of a creature it seemed like he can't bend the rules of physics of certain arms as well. Bob you talked to any kind of move on guys. Brutal walk on the cover with bigfoot. Andy what all of the trouble and certainly as well. Or yeah this also following. There have been reports of ghostly in columns as well on the big foot and commerce and the and the same location as well. So there's all kind of you know raise the question you know all these things that we call our normal common one particular. Area. I think that is a possibility that the bill is thinnest between our world and the other world if you will. At at different times a year at different places along different geological. Why is you know people want Europe have been talking about weight lions or you know push countries is possible. That these creatures all legions opened up the world that we just talked contact with every element. And could just be the reason why it's. These creatures are not showing up on film like you know they should so you know it should drop. Like adjacent. Had suggested. If that's the case. That we are coming week as recently apple look at this Holbrooke. OK let's we've got some people waiting on hold and turn it get to some of these if we can mrs. Berry from North Carolina. A very welcome to beyond reality radio Iran with Ron mercy. How large an objective being out there were planning on in Warwick, Rhode Island. Good how's everything going this year especially since that time in the hospital. Gosh I don't know about that as a matter of that is guests I'm not gonna happen to have surgery. My collar bone in my showroom. And both pure hero rather got ominous to lying. And now. You know we have mobile. Good job. Done auditors have not brought down there. Yeah so that might have your cheek against the phone there to keep her in the Columbia and got a that's OK so did you have a question for Ron very. Yeah ten I doubt gone XY. And the world cannot sweep I'd. How much can now turn our some bad loans. And so on rumor saying these are so over these next three to oust I hope won't give both laying. In the content and end and behold drank concept. But darn it looks like we can you can read all broad. Crude. Yeah it's a great question a lot of people asked the same one what do you think Ron. Well if it is or ugly talk about abuse or assault or animals possibility that they would. Barrier that I mean not brought them be overlooked but the possibility and police. Could be also they capitalized. Debt that's another. Opt possibility especially with the resources being limited for a creature as far as. What if they are bought a cultural level or at least bought completely structural. Ought or or particular dimension. Is apostles are simply a tumble four K. But these are all very interesting questions. No no one theory dogs are lies but I've been doing some research and so. Is the idea back in the in the middle eighteen under popular in nineteen hundreds. About these armed continuation of plot to the end of work which were call the tunes giants giants Grey's. And they were all over the United States you know Minnesota up through even partial console as well so. Where people would opt former it would go away and they would dig up pop particular land area. And it will come across in the end zone or an Indian mildly an inside that bubble would be entombed. In war shelter at 810 feet tall sometimes even you know twelve people. And the reports in the newspaper a local newspaper about the Smithsonian was being called then take a look at these remains and nothing ever was hopefully springs and got. So is it possible that you have someone on the cost. Bigfoot remains how that indeed been uncovered at recover. As simply not you know what I hoped to look for the media horde of people or maybe dismissal conduct of I capture these types of all remains and we just simply don't know. Right promising subject has reared in time were all aren't going to be meeting at the moth man festival in September I think September 14 and fifteenth in a Point Pleasant West Virginia. Tell us a little bit about the moth man's story mean we've talked about and on the program before most of her listeners have heard the story your bits and pieces of it anyway but it's a pretty interesting one. It is you know it out of nowhere does wake and entities. Appears. And that's you know as little out of the way places watcher and yet. And then panic ensues and then seeing the media omen of something disastrous outscored their cult cult. And it's seems to be that you know it's very popular signal of the yacht falling. All of the all the friction there. That this is the story about which you know a recent public polls. I know what a terrible disaster and lives were lost than it was it was a terrible budgetary disaster. Opportune time you know these kind of winged it he's been seen or I'll be like before the ball which went powers in places like Afghanistan. Before worms were being waged so much talk governor Kamal from Brussels going to be up winged entities of the fairy world. And I'm going to look at the idea of all waiting to our humanoid. That have been well you know all of the figures throughout climb and the rocks ought it matter who we're stretching back well beyond the Egyptian culture. So you know you don't couple won't just suck when twelve industry that this is something also about how as a historical track worker to a but these things what you know how certainly human shape. You know these flying entities make appearances they're very bad things fall. We'll send you looking into that even paying attention to the recent reports in Chicago people scene and these wings humanoid type creatures. I have and you know what to do another when you talk about older popular idea of misinformation and false information. What can capture destroy another people almost. Milch realistically against this kind of thing and are outraged that this is a terrible oaks. And all other people while they're both are saying that you know that does is gospel truth of what's going on. So I'm just you know I'm just sitting back your kind of watching to see what transpire from those. But does it seems that the the idea hoaxes is that before four right now. But I'll mark and make like is that of the decisions to do a little bit more researchers urged. But palm course or is willing you Boyd's got these kind of creatures are opera might Beckett was not very far actually from expert counseling yet. Is the the there's a place called Bob or count and there are has been lying gore oral has been seen there as well flight actually. Probably for the past two years as creatures that are occasionally seen an NC. You know it it looks like a human being. If it's dark in color. It has these great lottery winnings and I had that some people suggest. Looks like it's wearing a helmet. Body investigating that area like Albert so very wooded area. But it wasn't leaders laid off but the force a lot of this particular river and if not blocked all lot of strange cave formations and and places to hide so it's a very creepy area so I you know brief Turkey is still going off what tee the ball or more oil but dot. You know people believe apple look at you know all be on the back York. To hear stories Welker folk or genuine. About flying entities. Well this day and age to me is. The fact that you can see videos on YouTube and so forth that people modifying drones and creating things that look like Superman and and witches flying broom sticks. And all these these things is that something we need to concern ourselves with hoaxes that. Our religious people creating these geese flying. These little flying crass and modifying them like. Didier he had an element had actually got out flu cases the researchers from the that the want to be taken seriously. Just like the stop what's going on up or Chicago awkward job and it kind of bad blog at right now. And the same went with the ball or Garko because some people suggest that the books like you know very. Bomb. Definitely living creature it and you do you get Shoppach is eyewitness accounts work it states that a book would this creature might have some sort of culpa on. So immediately people sort thinking about sums were aliens social space creatures from country. But in some sort of breathing apparatus but nobody's taking in the month this might be some sort of way to suit. That's being employed because orb web application on the force five of the remote. While people could actually use the base by which to jump from. And out twice settled so don't resort before it makes an account of the said the conclusion about what might be going auditor. But I you know all the technology is going about their goal is kind of spun guys out there. And he's extreme sport Scott deterred or people's property is one of those flying one incidence has just taken a leap off a Klutz. Are one more question than a minute we're gonna go to break here but you had mentioned earlier in our discussion that. It's seen its common for. Multifaceted paranormal reports to be made some DC's big foot there's also an alien or UFO sighting. Nearby about the same time you know even ghost sightings weeks alien sightings in these things kind of go hand in hand very frequently. That's the same thing with the mark man's story the moth man story has an alien any UFO component and the men in black component there's a lot of different pieces to that story. Not try to throw some content rights. We have the idea of you know people call a crap to write it in the ball them to a lot of people are crooked just some people. As an actual structural problem people in agricultural. I'll bet she but how the government cover up what these madam black that are coming out. You know in little more hostile what's going one better. But if you will look to the Apple's all you know primal warm colors of a whole lot of different things and it does not be big but not to be the big guys but it would put loch ness Monster Park area of Voskuhl one. Is you know very calm cool walk. What you oppose sightings that are so it seems to me that view of these locations or out of suckers for Campbell more activity. And you know I I feel resource about what might be going although dot does spot then things are researching researching all the over a lot. Aren't so we're gonna take quick break and we come back more. Gillis an adjacent GP. Rated JC GB end our guest tonight is Ronald Moore CE. Is it characters who all just a lecturer researcher his most recent book is called on vampires in his website is Ronald Moore fee dot org. And Iran we have a very very short segment here again Lisa of these breaks just keep popping up but in the few seconds we have. Do you consider yourself more of a historian. Or paranormal researcher does that too. Intersect a lot but not always. That's right I'm actually does vote the booklet whoa wait before laundry umpires. Which is the Halm on his trip was formed Alex. I actually shut out toward an ugly history book. On the manufacturing aspect of this comic book on the fortunately it worked up to the industrial pollution. Thumb up so many in arresting. On the ghost stories of what a wall that I have to put out a ghost orchids subtle plot as sort of you know just is strictly historical blocked. And not you know I ate things like look at myself. Historian Bert I mean not the way I I told bulk dissecting problems and the way I look at different can problems around the world outlook out of from a historical. On tax I also look at look at it from a scientific point of view was Walter disease that makes sense. Logically see of any repeat of what they do indeed repeat certain things at certain times. But yeah I think first and foremost and I actually wonder rivals or want to the course of the court. And Indiana University apartment so I'm trained public module while one and historians I don't think actually lose not order. Awesome are so we're gonna take a break. If you have if you haven't Emmy she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. I like the FaceBook page and head over to beyond reality radio dot com can download the free iPhone and android app. Where you find any degree station where I'm right there or just click the listen lines and join us in on Chan listened the Sharif who website. Gillis and Jason GBM guiana. It's nice news Saturday night. And that I'm under the sea. I'm known as you be gentlemen we do that every night. Britain was that the meteor shower is supposed to be most spectacular meteor shower. Seen by man in I think it was a hundred years or something like that or my one son Logan who is excellent space we went out last. And but it was quality and he really couldn't see every so often like you might call on him it was just to cloud literally see wait for the eclipse the only other clips coming up on the 21. This was the proceeded meteor shower which comes around every August. And and basically it's just that was it to detailed comment remnants from a comment that goes by. On earth moves through it that trail. And all these soon you know these suns shouldn't starts pretty cool stuff just sucks and so cloudy and saying yeah that was just hope that the eclipse it's been nice sunny day yeah I somewhere where at least we're gonna South Carolina for that we just couldn't pull together and everything that's going on here. Next one will go to the next one in what 15100 years whatever it is we'll get there. Something it literally see every late eighties or whatever you put into that supports a few with a ruffled Murphy tonight about a lot of the research and he's done. A we've touched on a few things we've were about to touch on his book on vampires by the way. The website is Ronald Murphy dot org. Is a lot of information about what he's up to his books and more. And not run again thanks for joining us who wanna jump to the foam ones here we've had people waiting on hold we're trying to get to everybody. But time is running short as you see. This is Matthew from Toronto. Hey man welcome to the program we Debbie I'm very well when the show. I had a question for the three of view. I've been associated enough for a couple weeks and assert syndicating. And it's sold very action always had kind of an interest in. And a lot of just general paranormal stuff and I wanna see I'm usually only like this January so you grew stuff over here. But it can't seem to find anything. And I I don't know all of which has got to look at the wrong places or maybe nothing happens in the greater crawl area at all into this some more concerned look at. Will messier honestly if you go to the the taps website the Atlantic parent almost cited Tom. I know we have taps the only groups in Canada as well all through Canada. See you probably find a group that somewhat close to you right there and see about getting involved position suit we had some great taps family people up there in Canada. Yeah and I would have to say Matthew I'm sure there out there they may not have a good strong web presence he may have to search through FaceBook. Maybe he maybe I don't know if you've got local radio programs talk about any of this stuff but you know contacts and there may be put a put a bug in over a note up on a bulletin board and a couple high profile places you'll find people that are into this. And you probably find if if it's this difficult to public fund a lot of people that are so looking like you are. And are looking into a get together with like minded folks in trying to make something happen. What channel are we airing up in Canada on you listening to. On the seat at 1010 which comes right or truck and before you guys these syndicate Art Bell. It optimal long term Google so. Now or were happy to be syndicated through Canada now as well also and thanks for calling it and get checked it. Right before relate guys wanted to see if Ron had an anything wanted to add to that. What a torrent of my favorite places I truly global place architecture into ghosts former us such a great history plots look at all the he works over in the area in Europe Niagara on the lake not very far away. Arms fossils were a world based around a lake area and that your crooked guy Lake Ontario lake cure all mental operable Oprah took off. Water beast he's so it was a bomb and a Puget drug and all of our outside of the city of Toronto you're the some pretty good on her you. Or Islam rather well as well. Bigfoot sightings of bombings so I think it's not all you have to do resign you know open operable can find out shortly areas. You know. Past history especially with Indian bowling the punch in the war in pop up until the what would it work well. And I'm not you know total what you thought you gotta tell you double click or not. Yeah I know for sure it makes the most pretend driving draw before so there and schools are torrent loot and criminal so well all the conclusive. Since. In an ever done distraught by Phillies go to the Shakespeare the Shakespeare festival there. But they don't know or rock Strasburg and now London and all that like that. Out other cities and in Europe every war should not area so I think that you look what you are up still regular operable and forced off. Access. Sure thank you have a great night thanks in person for the clearly get into this vampires yes we do. Parents so Ron Lewis are talking about vampires your book on vampires. Oh yeah. Big twelve up front I wish you guys like before I came on talking about. All those classic movies as you folks like. That was put the same thing for me because my mobile kilometers stay up late on sovereign rights and watch the hammer they have a movie and are 196. Police seventies police. I'll bet you know so Deb Patterson knows this is too great. Are bought strawberries out vampires were all generally help one without the other. I just went bobsled bulky ideal something creepy in your pals. Coming postal proposal stealing your wife forces to go so I write a book about that it dot. You know some really interesting things are going on without them cars around. We'll and I think twilight sort of bruised up the vampires and relate to get a little bit but you know that old twilight thing by the in my favor or it was like look like they're saying Salem slot man and fright night and things like that which really. But you know they were just phenomenal interest in about those two jays have both of them are like vampires living among us kind of story that you never enough not coming from the high castle it's like you're next door neighbor could of could be a vampire and that's what made those so frightening. This this is. I'd epic that's what lost or is so effective it was Tata. This shallow water holes coming like out. You know the brought the corporate submarine I was buying them all under a purple movie and you played a little bit of the song tomorrow as well through like that that got us. Not try I try to seek a I'll tell you can't know what should go. Adds up that you know it's the kind of movies really sparked by it was I was high school wherever these shows were also. It out somewhere in high school watching these things are kind of keep my interest and yet. Definitely lightweight how is uproot or aspect of their post or I end up the book on delta are talking about twilight. And it's almost as if there seems to be re dump of all that line to get up or are you could be one of these creatures of the night. Dimmed for all autonomy to play it on the living. But there could also be essential remorse too and you might be able to find some sort of so patient. If you look hard at popular true lol what ever happened so becomes almost any are all very tell. And actions but what are we look at the very true legends about Parse there will never happy elegant ball in the media stories. What deathly seems like Hollywood's trying to soft since softened it up to two. And yet puts this weird little loan of all love connection and so often soft and everything we've ever thought of empires out. And friend and who who knows why but what can we learn from from your book on vampires. All the people who don't want us you know we we we appreciate them. We have an overriding Peter album but there's also assume doctor all not a doctor Paul the go back to the very beginning as well. What we look at secure curled will all week the first. VM pure creature out there you know bomb bomb the ancient bubble arms you know she was believed to be the first wife of the album. But gosh it was cas policy because she refused to be subjugated by the bell and then she beat you in the park sort of straightened and some tell this story. And you know ocean she took a refund on humanity by I'm eating her children there and sucking the blood of the children. But there was always these sexual connotations emboldened pepper. Up from the very very beginning that's the other Dutch pixel bust but I. It's just the people don't wanna hang up I'll pose for a plot fought to Opel award and I were runner up. Were toppled wall actor's name has Qatar you know that's you know all it would take on everything. The idea that there are some things central operate out. Needing the biting of them back that's a very intimate act in dot so you know that's what those things are really. Get the blood boiling if you will and you know the victorians are still they would there's brown so grappled they would there's. And got so we are actually looking at the umpires to Google land is all the Victorian prospective that the great rocket or ball. Upload you know if you don't backed you know father in the Middle Ages and you know even even in the region bulk construction. You know we're doing something that's very negative very ghastly. But there's surely even you know even with those kind of ghastly figure. There's the idea of this sexual connotations open is what the calm the U. At night and courier your bed chamber how much weight would you eventually. Well now as so. Went with all this is the stuff file there on vampires and and I know some people. And we've we've actually deviant I've talked with some that have this their teeth surgically altered and so forth but do you believe. In in vampires whether it be psychic vampires whether it be blood sucking vampires do you believe that vampires are real. I sure a couple of social logical perspective if you like got to fly as a vampire like you folks out there are people out there that all programs. Certainly decent souls that are so. That indeed makes them umpires you know there's people there identified what well model greatly they identify as moderates but. The idea of psychic vampires are sighing when vampire. You know I take the dog is very erupts in the Wilkinson. The idea of EU uttering a place all the sudden you feel that your energy is being taken for it I have culprits almost inexplicable YouTube was negative by the if you wonder what's going ought. And are also these notions oldies elemental that part but we're still. But powerful thunderstorms and such a good that they are shouldn't they ought to creatures that they are the holes made eight they need to host a watch defeat on. A week also gives something back from relatives that things that debt that you pure the most well kind of Dolan in the way of calling young and the idea that Shiloh but it was shot voters are mirrored which you're reflection about your and that's basically what. The umpire as to what what are the personification of the disease or sexually transmitted. Flag or what have you up the idea that it is warm up ought. Has you know. Taken all that different aspect and not praise upon itself that's really the biggest fear it's opera you know the idea of capitalism. 'cause a bit of shelter in our closet or soups and complacency. And you know to think that human beings were doomed that was something a little bit. Not too hard. For the human rights and takes so it would be. Better supporting mascot out of coal belt powers. What Google met to Cubans were capable doing structural remedies against follow humor that aegis sea missile plot. In depth are what this could imagine. But a person was doing this kind of foxy put the faced. All of the peace shall type of character on to them. In order that was welcomed a lot flat type of climbing you know a lot in eight. All but the whole idea of vampires. The technical when you really break it down is. The ability of somebody to take something away from you know him you won't even with you being unwilling or unknowingly. It's just so I mean the so it opens up such a wide range I mean. Where a boxer standing in front of another boxer. Can bring fear intimidation. By him by staring off. So there there's all these white areas that vampires. Or however you want to look at it it it could honestly fall within that well. All ops actually adding congress any kind of weathered all. It is something how but how were already you to a list of some sort. Oh emotionally and Clara and so forth. Exactly exactly. And you know people talk about the accounts (%expletive) up people like upper or X-Files. Recover. Export front about the kind of suck it up he was structured cover people up the energy government probe the idea disliking Bill Parcells and feeds applaud other people. And while not awful Obama but I'm not something. That you know I do what books forever in the ideas are supposed stopper they construct the energy right out of the world. But also my book by I did interviews I would vampires as well so that people believe that they needed the good nourishment of human block. I also reports sound about also interviewed hopes. So what were willing to welcomes all the way down. And Peter Bennett who were cut with the doorway and possibly other what you bought. And it adjusted by somebody it identified as the bell park. Well and I know that there's also a medical. Situation where isn't people have a deficiency of iron and they time to. Ten to. Suck on blood or or drink blood to try to make over it's it's one of those where things whether it happens it's stroke. That happens and that's very awful it was you know it if you would think of a place like it will mania or Eastern Europe. Edna what happened to the assembly but the particular genetic strain or pull period though that these jerks talking about. I in this one on for a generation a couple generations. You know people saw abortion dispelled as Robert strange they are there physical aspect was different. They would have a tendency to stay away from the somewhat because of the sensitivity. So I mean the idea of the trip could be people out there that are exhibit they'll probably all these as simply have a genetic. Element. Is another possibly walk won't walk these folk or played well but creatures of calm problems well. So Ron where oh where can people actually do your books. What you can go to our web site well mostly dot org. Or you can go to Bob were on their parties of any books work. I was actually lucky enough to have a published by this summer for boarding and you'll do that job and Donald company. Out of plot out of England he by the honorable sort of goes into probably the easiest place just simply to go to Apple's ought. And outlook a portal LOP shooter it is other global shopper who org makes. But I guess told what books dropper reachable cup on the umpire albeit late to. But other books are as well so. And if people go to beyond reality radio dot com if you click on the guests have. You can find Ron and his books listen right there as well Reynolds well the web series against beyond reality radio dot com just click on the gas Teva there's direct links right to. Two wrongs and and his books. I appreciate that very much the show flew by Joseph I'll tell you what. I would look at the clock like inaudible believe that thought we roll late and already this thing. Yeah I mean I really appreciate you guys out of milk missiles great. We have no thank you so much for joining us and I wish we had more time because you only kind of scratched the surface but we will see you. At the moth man festival in about a month and look forward to shake your hand and talk to a more about the JVB walking around in the tights with Pia. In the wings are American journalist Mohammed he's flying around her sides with the wings. No but I don't think anyway so on what time what to expect delta can we expect to have you remember before. It. All I want away from the right number so glad I know through virgin sitting in here. I did get it going to suck quite. Let your book at her lambs to the slaughter has this could be strengthened its run he slipped. Big quicker and let's get it. Yet another would be a bevy of had that run next so much for coming out of we had a we are definitely have you on again but and we'll we'll look forward to seeing the next month and again we're gonna have you on again at some point. Hey guys thank you thank all the was true why I appreciate it. All right great have a great night I take a break or to come back to wrap things up in a moment we didn't get to everybody's calls for Ron but next time we have among make sure we do that's beyond reality where JJ. Joining us tonight great guest writer but it just goes that was that's a that's a foreigner song called star rider men must follow Obama actually it's really well. I mean you can spend your perspective particularly Britain too is definitely definitely a bit of fiction out of Iran. Grandma Murphy for going on hey you know it is really liked our enemy to get into the nuts and bolts and that's not good you know I'm I'm also. I thought that exists and you say a survivor well no foreigner form called star rider on the ground it's gonna record center and. That's because they were estimated in heavenly deals going on. But I haze so again we got some great shows coming up this week tomorrow and I were talking with doctor Steve Jones. Practicing hit a therapy he's since 1980s are we talking to him on a therapy. When they were re talking when Donald Schmitt. Former co director of the UFO studies. Where he served as director of special investigations for ten years. 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If you've got information you want us to follow up on or you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio emails to sleep getting a that's slick Eddie ED DY and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.