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Can science or the scientific method prove or disprove a haunting?

Aug 18, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome guest Dr. Peter Sacco to talk about his web series - The Paranormal Profilers. We discuss investigative techniques, and equipment along with some of the more interesting haunted locations in the Niagra, Canada region. 8/18/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. There's I am a West Coast Friday on the East Coast many start commit. We welcome to be unreal uranium so Jason laws railways or some JV Johnson. I I'm not really sure how to start this or what to say at this point but. You know I'm just reading about this terrorist attack a person my our hearts go out to everybody in Barcelona in Britain are dealing with this again and I don't know to say anymore I mean how many times did he view and I know mr. opener microphones. Only you know death to say something like this in the last year's just way too many times. And yeah quiet and it is it's just it's tough there's a lot of people out there who wanted to do other people arm and and I think the hardest part is how do you decipher the ones they do once a well that's the problem in this particular. Who have situation they're not wearing uniforms are trying to blend in. Well and they're taken advantage of our freedoms and and an end and the bad things are happening. I don't it has to be how SP something done or. I don't know it it's a tough situation because you sit there and you say well. You know if you are not one of them then tell us who is send a self analyze just becomes a really bad situation because eventually. The whole world's going to turn on. On them and it's a lot of them haven't and had nothing to do with admin. And that's exactly what I think they're hoping they're hoping for Detroit put it's getting to do major conflict and and indeed in doesn't matter Cisco knew once I against the other but anyway welcome everybody do the show it's beyond reality radio he to start things out that way but we're glad to have you along with great. Show lineup tonight we're gonna kind of go back to our roots are going to be talking about paranormal investigating with. Peter Psycho doctor Peter Psycho he is the host of the paranormal profile worst he's authored a bunch of books on the paranormal. And we're gonna talk about science and how it can or may not be able to approve or disapprove haunting. And I'm really excited about that because this is of course this is my. Sort of my area this you know it's my IRS on money you're only ecstatic about this on Yeltsin made great show and if you haven't all in if you. Tune in tomorrow every Friday is the best best of show you haven't yet make Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. I like to FaceBook page over there and then had to be on reality radio dot com where you can. Either find agree station where Ronald cross country download free iPhone and android that parade there which watch and listen live sketch pad shows joins talent Chad. Melissa are from the oil touched by clicking the listen lifetime. You can join and agree community of people that are in a chat room and listen to show life. Yeah it's a great place to do it real easy way to do it and there's a lot of very interesting stuff going on in the chat room now and if you haven't visited chat before when you go in there. Be careful what you click on you he sees them that they don't punish the well I yeah I mean you know a lot of TVs modeling pictures you know I don't know where it was and how they got sir how they surface they were socially buried along time ago with gnome pastor I pastor residents he'd and you get on your computer and things of that nature nothing's safe so I got a question for the early talk and amount ultimately that Niger you're always hungry tired of getting food and stuff Medusa. Would you eat burgers made. In sex. Absolutely. Knocked. C'mon you know would not and I have to be who doesn't matter insect. Any insect. I would have to be like on an island for thirty days with no food for nausea and time well I SMUD thirty days I'll start shooting at some point you get hungry enough you're about ready to eat anything I suppose I have fortunately never had to experience that put I'll tell you just and run normal course of my day that's not a minority now. Well meal worm based food line is set to its aggression source in Switzerland next week. I've heard more and more about meal worms. Becoming. A source of consistent food for humans but animal torture but I remembered hearing back like fifteen years ago or whatever they were talking about how old make Donald supposedly use summoning and iPad. I don't know if any events which just one of those things are Neal like holy spirit. Moves are some time there is somebody one of those companies was using kangaroo meat in there too and I don't know how things are but I and and all that a subway did have that chemical in the Brad that's since the season classic if. Jessica talk and no plastic pliable but aren't so yeah and some real warm based food line essentially crushes stores Switzerland next week. Insect based foods will go on sale in Swiss supermarkets. Chain coop on August 21 the products made by Santo. Will not include insect birders based on me all arms Switzerland is the first European country to authorize insect based foods. In sex are good source of protein and more environmentally friendly to raise. I guess you know like take over while little is there all you folks that are concerned about that kind of into the affect our food supply has on the environment go for the insects have and it minister with my beef burgers. My state my pizza that's all my stuff doesn't have the insects. Switzerland's first considered base insect based food aimed at human consumers. It's just it's a whole revision of the country's. And they they are able to do this as a revision of the country's food safety laws. So. I just I don't think I can do. Is saying these insects. And will be asked to be specially grown and and all these things when you don't want just any in section one of the few months from now hand fed boo boo button or gamble we were residents had become again a different set up so I mean. You go to the go to the store you buy a Turkey use Turkey whatever. But if you shoot it's a wild Turkey it's two totally different completely get city centers say this is why all of his expertise and this is at its cyber this and it's you know farm grown insect is so why does is simply a these are free range and sex. Remember I'm a member as a kid actually my grandfather eating chocolate covered crickets or something answer something like that in this Autoruns I'm recovering in yet internal and thanks rampant known as lawyers joke joke for Steve and there are and there are just pop on back at him and left to right. Well I was also out come on trial for my kids used to get twos. Lollipops my boys it was turner has the Werman with or with the or despite of scorpion Orleans area. Really what the heck he's a big meticulous loops. Yeah well that's that's that's a that's a total different dedicated for us this case and while. Boy now I wouldn't I wouldn't touch it have that is the folks in Switzerland enjoy it right but it's not you when you think about and a few months but now just keep out here. I don't know I yeah I I couldn't do it well. I can't say couldn't because I'm sure that I mean you have to summer as we look at this five million dollars or beat dad wore a meal when Berger might do it but now. And I would see something or think daddy away and when I go on those those. Hiking trips up through the mountains south to New Hampshire. I mean not a the grocer gross anybody out but I've I've. On everything Macon chipmunk chili she says it Q&A limited limited resources. So by just I haven't gotten the point where it's started the you know insects. OK so as everybody in Chad is grabbing for the nearest container. To make sure they don't. A meal or the editors and or could grab Joyce had a double dip in my bacon on that action taken Nixon and it is better but I take a break when we come back we're gonna bring in our guest doctor Peter Sacco we're going to be talking about. Science. And the paranormal the two go hand in hand and how they work together to get results. I you listened Jason NG via the unreality of it right back. OK game the deepest and approaching and it's time to make your plans to attends Gary Condit in October. It dates are October 6 through the eighth place turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place in this. Agree it's best if you like to hang out of your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars could secure content is pleased to it. They're all fair and orderly hanging out enjoying their fans it's truly. The best weekend of the year and with a great collection centers panel discussions and film premieres you can't find a better. Way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's scary time dotcom desk Eric Kahn. It today scary time. I've come visit. The website today use promo code ER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. An admission of troubled companies these are all. It's beyond reality radio and scary kind. Grady was Jason GPU welcome to everybody keeps. 467. 7669. Is our telephone number and we'll talk about science wouldn't talk about. Haunting similar talk about some of the paranormal hotspots in the Niagara area as well. Lola love filming. I was born not too far so are on your concern me balloon basket for an nag Reynolds locations so it's a wonderful experience so this for their guest in doctor Peter Sacco he's an author. He's psychology professor. He's host of the paranormal profile worse coupled his books include paranormal Niagara Niagara is most haunted their many others took his credit Peter welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on tonight. You know what's coming deviates and outlook perjury you know what I have a look and you guys are wanna have it I won't want a little. You'll you know it's a philosophy that's well boy William. Tell you don't know. How much guys to also feels going down or coming back got Peter I don't know what you're listening to because nothing about that sounded appealing to me. You don't want cellblock because it's biblical really cute turtle adventure that I can accrue try to joke and we communal and let's go back. That would definitely be something to write about it we welcome to the program great to have you on. And death before we get too much into the pit nuts and bolts of what we're to talk about what it is limiting your background hundred interest in the kernel to begin with. And when did you start there really paid attention to it. Are you know water I don't have any relief funky historically good psychosis in the kids. Toppling hopefully do good used to sneak up and watch. In a chart and they start Ers during darker and we govern it really got kind of exposed outweigh. Grew up reading Stephen King then it became one of the probably biggest X-Files fans on the face of the earth. They'll resume PH cheeks which specialty actually used in criminal psychology aria studied. Profiling. Studied was some retired FB RA agents from the past one in the field work in policing and stuff as well as oh parlor from you know sex offenders all the way up and even terrorist profiling. And so we're all one of those teaching her decided it would put this foreign court together understanding the paranormal. In explaining biz are phenomenal from a scientific perspective. As well and even the spiritual religious aspect of it and mantle ran its course a popular are at a weightless and direction it's student Craig Heatley couldn't get and he couldn't get on the way it was Seoul with that -- learn more and more enjoyed it. And soul having done not working with police. I don't know if you guys heard the famous 1970s poultry raised keys up N'sync opera torture which like ten minutes from me. I spoke with the cops that were part of it for when he these involving our crown attorney which is equivalent to the district attorney in the states. Where you know re adults were sitting on a coach that loose harboring. To feed optical own. Of the car holds all the security on a kid result of that. You know 1718 inches up to groom were reaping the flying off the wall cup Tikrit suspects so. Wrecked trying to really piqued my interest in terms of maybe about seven years ago I hooked up with a couple buddies and we just waited too. Just create a foreign show called Niagara small hearted. Decked out really really popular the only problem was static could only be cured with then there are a catch basin of sorts we would get invited to comic con of people couldn't judicial also. Cutler still. Of well somebody's that was close to me and other struck and so that you should bring a sore and to our room. YouTube did YouTube channel going over and so indebted and nearly crippled and others reckon for coming up this critic yet because we are just sort. Yet so. As you became more and more interest today and and familiar with the paranormal. You must info. Mean that's the first time he started to consider actually investigating or looking to this yourself did you do it from a from a we're to talk about how science can help us do this but did you do it from a scientific standpoint it was a more from an entertainment let's go see if there's something goes bump in the night standpoint. Arm you know one Haluska is. For sure it was a historical context we won her first one of the reasons I wanted to bring this show role armed YouTube. Room. And how it repeatedly asserted on television as you. You'd you mentioned the fort down and also this group or Egypt or Egypt apology don't expect with this particles per Canada and so we have the most bloodiest battles here you know similar to Gettysburg and so if you wanted to own historical places are. Just to hold down here I wanted kids come insert chart and you know tourist become chart and so while there isn't seen in the fall go to a wonderful power and going to the casino going teaching teaching so I thought they are mortal. Most people are coming in my neck of the woods central and Rula cool things so in order to get them into these historical places. And I started you know get UD OK there's a lot of these haunted stories ghost or sick with so that's. You have to add a little that part to it to and then man it really people wanted to comment duties until what was really create a what's really create a vote our show. Is we don't go to personal homes which you get these a lot of these Rahm. It'll go to agree chose that are out there but we bring home to public places where anybody in their brother and sister can go there intractable on their own correct so whip Eric said. We like that history's first. The debt we definitely we want to Ehrlich told stories but it will all clinical data. So don't ask don't stories or not a really able to ghost predictable the people that actually used to live in the in the legacies that they left. Yeah mature honestly it it's the story of the family just you know what everything the interns they went through and the paranormal grade grade but I love getting into that history as well. It's in that the ghosts and highly and that's when they're looking for but I wanna get into the history trying to understand the Stanley what they went through. The hard times the good times and everything else. Absolutely and I think that's what sometimes gets lost in one of the mandates that we have with our show. Is we're going to a lot of places that cover a tremendous history that are very sensitive. And we just you know we are Canadian boat we go long into the U arts are more on. Gradually wrenching more and more room on our new one or new executive producers or are we to predictor. Is we don't want to eventually pulling its overseas as well. So with that said we want to protect the history in the sanctity of the polling that we go into doubt lean on the force for both them or jokes were born. In the only sort of really untrue things that we do a reenactment is to try to give visuals for people to see what the little pickle story. Maria I'm we're talking with doctor Peter Sacco and I. We only about a minute here twist a jump in to break but how many people on your team. On my key Marino are dark earth moved up. We game. Seven ain't Susan Carter agree click extend most agree it's like national rushing. Who's an amazing medium and her normal investigator Wayne bellows kindergartners are great and vascular about openness or camera going. And then we bring people in an at and we've got really good folks. Are showing you you say you bring people and I used so you have rotating investigators that every so often replaces. Him too big you bring them in as a part of that. Yet guys we bring the middle we give we try to get some younger folks in two that are interested in the curriculum would it be especially those that are in college or university. Debtor and broadcasting and told their pay I want to try to keep gradually that's mine yet we also get a lot of old cures we got cancer survivors are troubled pop vote. Because the police will facilitate our clinic or a touch of the other rights so to speak and not shall. Dude weight but I came on all of this in a more positive sent an album pedicure spoke spiritual world. Not intersect. Are sort gonna take a break and we're gonna and we get a lot more questions for facility if you got any questions feel free to give the school before four. 6877669. Dental freed 844. 6877669. This Jason GBM beyond military due respect. They beyond reality radio friends as you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Great radio stations. Beyond reality radio. Family or your listening to a song mind thank you for joining us regardless of how it is it's senators launcher here that's only care about and we also now on a bunch of stations up your candidate that's right now which computers and so on yeah. If Russia to station where. We need to do there are a bunch of sentencing all of us are happy about it and our guest tonight is doctor Peter Sacco we're talking about. His show the paranormal profiler plus some of the work he's done he is an author. A psychology professor some of the books and he's written include paranormal Niagara and Niagara is most honored and again Peter thank you so much for being here. I'll ask you would have been by pitcher investigative techniques you know win what what. Do you like to look for I mean we all know I'm most of us know. Many of our listeners are fans of the TV show ghost owners obviously Jason the star of that show. On sort barrier filming a familiar with that technique tell us where your technique is. Well we'll weed you guys and in fact we know what a new psychic medium. Our own. It comes from actually Western New York went white and so generally what we do is we will go and interviewed the owner. Or. Manager of the establishment of minimum government buildings corporal and public. Seoul trying to get the anecdotal information all on the history of the building. And in the ghost stories and then once we have got two degree we know we're gonna go into specific area will also do your research won't goal you know Google it so easy to find it and then we'll also talk to people who were historians. On the specific locations. So once we get docked on. Then we then. Go and we interviewed the person on film the person that's the historian of the person and knows the building or. The legends or the ghost stories very well. So without we use them and I don't tell. The psychics like mediums. What the ghost stories or or who is particularly in there so. At that point there we have three very talented psychics mediums Susan Carter stand mellow England warnings from. The United States. Each of them will go and do their own individual readings separately. Once they heard on daily. On indexing that we do is we have our team psychic investigators are which is usually. Kendra darker on Britain to Rocha. And then as the so that we wrote songs and just ones and vigils are command in Seoul or high profile people that are Archie slippers like Mitch work with comment he's an arc and director and Iraq recruit who's won the most popular. Own Canadian historical GB shall call the veterans. Sobel bring them in. The trying to get their take on it as well Angel used equipment GQ meters all the losses. On ghost reader are critical stuff. Big goal in what they come up with and once again Bernard sharing and anybody. And then finally we are shelter rushing and windows in as a mention Michelle shuttle like to be called the medium. She's more about her normal. Investigator. And they have a trust what are gold sparks and then will be deception. Or vote 18245. Minutes and see what they come up with and then I'm waiting transcribed that as Michelle's communicating with whatever spear to command group. And then leader or an old. Go dark when you put the headset on and see what he comes up with little hole in order to ready and he's come up with Merkel then went all said and done. It then comes back to the studio and we basically have shoestring budget. And yours truly was talking to close to the editing with some help in the and we put it altogether so a lot of times nobody. Altogether an old war the true story isn't herbal we come up with until we are actually put our show together. And then finally comes and so with that said we from. Everything is authentic nothing has acted nothing is rehearsed and advances definitely not scripted it's just like what is the Europeans basically. You know somebody comes in slick he means to incur warts and she know what she'll do eventually and that's a we'd like to operate. Well do you know do you think K and you're saying you go you get to history Euro these things do you say to them makes you. As sort of rule that contaminates you ahead of time knowing and knowing the history of the location before you go and. Arguably one they get to know the history I don't know anybody else. The old dark don't go to Wendell seeker and I just sit there and it is kind of peek watch our home. Bring news this make sure everybody knows what they are to do. And so then I just you don't like doing intro when extra rules when it offers in between meet the people that are responsible. For these establishments but the folks all have no idea Eckhart who are walking into it and park we've heard you know it could say we have one not so good experience at a place. That we have we decided not to earth because it just was not due to lead albeit on a salute for tomorrow's reverse frightened. At an investigation. Will keep being shown all be brutally honest and very cynical and very skeptical a lot of partly need to see it to believe it. Well wanna saw the shuttle triggered jingle all the wall. In actually the speech and listing did not come true legal sparked a tussle Barca came promotes fight. In everybody particular room frozen kuril instantly transformed into Arctic icicle like gold card creature are in the moments later one of the individual that was involved used to publishing and stored at too poor to do so we'll click the find almost like a mild heart attack coming on where. One of the psychics is a -- Boyd Gaines and they tended to that individual to make sure thing was okay. It and oh we want our replacement every year. Intersect but I am I'm sure you've seen that there are bunch of shows felt and they tend to go and get all the information on these locations prior to investigate and to each their own but. Do you do you think that that. For them doing that to that sort of contaminates them as investigators heading into they've already gotten knowledge of what. They're going to be if if they hear a boy Timmy died in the back room. They're going to spend a lot of time on that Bagram looking for a boy named Timmy instead of trying to cover the whole place. And not be bias. I agree on every cent price in fact on one of these mandates with having children Russian air show and she also news that runs. Canada's most wanted and mission also saw one you know. One reason and to partake on the commercial you know we have no budget at this. Or would it becomes that ratio is doing as well militarily including myself. So one of those things Michelle absolutely no she has integrity. That you want to BO special that brought integrity. She's been on many shows on an initial lease he dental vision and ball the current normal and then she said Peter or you don't. You're like a brother about Trenton. And everything in between and one of the reason bulky coming out her throat because you know you guys are a lot of front. She likes you know before infection that we have teasing each other achieve so as one of the things it's important to me is that nobody knows what. They have going on before we don't go in so everybody's going and multiply and onyx nobody's going in the error declaring them national. Use something to turn over certainly or start calling it means because of the Enola name unless OK in the floor all quiet we rent Laura Secord. School in Queens and an excellent or named after the famous or Secord. As you know problem war between twelve so they called it or same with general Isaak blocks a right to parked toll will actually told a legal sparks to reputable historical figures that a bit they're trying period but don't try to rut if you know. The religion editor in a building from a hundred years ago or wherever we don't know like I mean we don't wanna know the names of the jokes so they will just pick up whatever they get. On the all the list or on the on the gold sparks. I are we gonna jump to our phone lines here we've got to Preston from Alabama calling in Preston welcome to be on Rihanna real great to have him. They can't you see how you do it terrific thank you. Ready. Charlotte sort that out situation they're are truly Maya what's the and Jason are you doing good area. I do incurring extra hour to expand thank you Caremark grandma they're. And Jerry Sloan talks are at a party. Stammer about the problem. Erica curry corporation. HT. Owe them one question is. Do you know much about the electromagnetic. Radiation detectors. On the EMS detectives. Yeah experience is there. A host of concurrent art radiation. Companies are main magnetic shields Malia. Well what about. Can you teach me a little bit about plan. He pressed a novelist let's do this ask your three questions and then pummeled bulls take all take a chance at answering here he assessed camera in a row there. Yes slaughter. Who can wouldn't question watched it can step leader. I'm still need to faxed this kind of mile. I don't know that keywords Gator. Or sheer pain you know. I'm not sure which deflation talking multiple third question was third question. A William Perry questioned Cher was. We need and they change it I would love this should you go and investigate. Or your brain generally legal parent apparently scaled the crow. And protect. EMS detector is and it does NASA and the angrily dual radio. But a year it's mainly looking for electromagnetic field because every is there's so many things at me kids that. A high magnetic fields can cause everything firm people it can cause. Hallucinations fatigue skin irritation paranoia all these factors so when we go on a were looking for high EMS who were looking for it's trying to. Take away that issue to see if that hopes the homeowner was anything going on in my house so obviously you're going and looking for a where you getting high readings from arm in. So hopefully that explains some of that and. And let's all get Ted Peters yeah take care in a second but I think a lot of that. Press and I think there is a lot of it's just trial and error in using it in income trying to corroborate those results with other results you're getting too. You know we'd get together almost like you know kind of weaving basket here it's you can put it together to have won support the other and you'll start to draw some conclusion to that. Special you referring to was a ghost meter there's so many different devices out of it for themselves goes metered dose arc and and all that stuff yeah what are your thoughts. Well we've we use our a couple of poem I know you'd do we do we used to go meter. But generally speaking you know in terms of looking. In what we shoot four whip to Princeton electro magnetic changes. We foreign you know you. Federal building so we how we Carrino. Well upon them because a lot of them that the wiring the new picking up on the wiring because a lot of these opens have been required to come to order. The order that he. You have been told throwing everything rock soul is much as we like communal use the K two metre and a on the amount but generally we like the all the looks more so you can actually start communicating and trying to get what are spirit you'd better. You can you know have a formidable conversation with that and then there's there's nothing that beats the ghost spark apple and open with the the portal one that crucial to Rocha uses it the but the ultimate trust will arcs that you can hear the voice plan Tuesday. I just think there's over the years I have refused to use any semen has the first name ghost. Ghost and it because there is just it just seems it's tough to. Well again you it's an earlier go straight arm but how does that go are you referring to the goes radar on the Smartphones. Yeah that's what some of we you know we just use that communal willingly because that's or whatever the name of the funeral and a creek mark its Cleo will use that. They're kind of as a guard sometimes. But we you know we enjoy it'll. Seeing the display the skirt parks actually seeing adopting from Deloitte and seen the communication nichols' work. We're what's really cool is that you're asking questions. And if you're asking questions. You can polity stuff. Bomb everybody you know people have cell phones there. And didn't similar conversations that Michelle and Wayne rolls up had with. The spirits are combing through the park which is clean and neat. Is that the old stuff they've brought up spot. That leader we dollar heated back with the owner of the building one of about four in the as the Niagara Falls armory museum. Susan Carter dropped into the big penal that was or inflate their and Michelle and wing wound up getting somebody that people leave. What does for a World War II. That was literally Communists cut from cup coming up partner until that won't want and we spoke to the historian or community in the current. That's apple is what normal because hardly anybody would ever know that yet back him up on the spear art. Interesting hour we're talking with doctor Peter said Peter sack don't we give back we're gonna talk on a more about his investigation some of the places he's Ben. And as some of the techniques he uses it's all coming up on beyond reality written Jayson yeah. It's gotten to. It's the checker and kind of star. Welcome back to repair picked a lot of that mass terror it's you have a Muslim we can't talk about on the air. A welcome back it's beyond reality radio would Jason and javy don't forget the phone number it's 8446877669. We're talking about good old fashioned paranormal investigating going into a location. That you think may be haunted or may not be haunted either way and trying to figure out which is the truth and our guest tonight is. Doctor Peter Sacco he is an author and a psychology professor. He's also host of the series the paranormal profiler is and again. A Peter thanks so much for joining us and wanted to bring up something that you mentioned earlier as forms part of your team because. A lot of things you said. As far as the people you're using in your investigations plus the equipment you're using in your investigations. Oh that's controversial lot of teams won't use psychics. Some do some swear by Mori and obviously use them. But out there among the impression you let these teams going independently not talk to each other and then you compare results after the fact. Correct absolutely and at least not only among both. I I would be wanted to. One of these individuals that is actually skeptical. All the law of like experts so to speak what place you don't believe what we're all right the wood that's. On having worked. With crops haven't worked out in the field. Our nose sore and pretty good psychics that would actually literally put your parents don't in who. Earlier caller hello yeah this investigation we talking about here it's Libya did not ready to. There. Good literally under an issue in terms of what they can tell you proud and I I nor our economy. Little warm in the work from some Hulu work with international news organizations are liberal or Revver. It'll when she kept going all you know holes I know that you really this peak early skeptic and political bullet purposely kept right up until. Arnold never forget the days when she's you know totaled gonna come and see you fourteen days plus or minus two years ago wall act let me get a true you're gonna see so and so she named a mining. Is she exactly said the question he would ops mean. And fourteen days later this going I had not seen in two years. From Ireland showed up on my front doorstep narc and asks but says the exact question sheet that he was announced me. I think I painted. You know reverend is calling her visit how'd you do that call you brought it told me that currently there's lower its uncanny. Did you decide it was acute Democrat and vocal kid. It freaked Marty adopted parents spoke a little park voted early show on that school. Soul aren't you know your researcher at north stuff. End are we sort of perk. Hundred seizure darts or do service starts Noland so we don't know we can open up or optics seizure. Or have a heart attack or public that they can read it. Older horses. Pick a stock from animals it's just that they're in tune where we block older you know how many people can put their bloody cellphone bill per hour which are masters are. And and yet we can't even sit next to a person listen to what are saying you know you walk into a copy shop and everybody looks richter playing battleship. Up. Not put it looks like and that's probably these. Repeat what you said. You know in seventy to 75% of all communication noncallable notes were becoming totally illiterate. When it comes to non verbal cues in communication. Shall I just think people what they're up psychic abilities covered shoring. Are able to turn into a frequency universal ether and they're really good at it. And I'm concerned will retire senate tax return you exit the crowd out to continue our conversation after the break our telephone number again is 446877669. Yet again 8446877669. Pretty quick break more to come to listen and Jason GDP on an island. Okay game to date is approaching and it's time to make your plans to attend spirit content October. It dates from October 6 through DH the places turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place in this. A great match if you like to hang out with your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars that scare con is pleased to it. They're all there and ordered me hanging out enjoying their fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection of vendors panel discussions and film premieres. You can't find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit dot com. Com desk Eric Kahn. Today scary time. I'd come visit. The website today use promo code ER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. And admission. The troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scare kind of. There's an address to strike. And East Coast near sterling between. Outer area solstice and Dallas in the always some TV Johnson we're gonna continue to have a great discussion about paranormal investigating its kind of the roots of the program the roots of what we do here. I don't mind you've got a couple briefings coming up as well of course tomorrow night will be a best of program has every Friday and ideas. And then Monday we've got Sloan bella coming in and she's a psychic medium. And not your average psychic medium she's also an expert astrologer who we talk about a whole bunch of things with her. She's worked with the dismissed the mysteries of the deaths of many celebrities like Anna Nicole Smith and David Carradine and others. So we'll have a great time chatting with her. Yeah and then we've got some great shows throughout the rest of the week if you have if you download the show from iTunes to us a favor and just rated hopes bush shall forward. Makes it easier for people to find a greatly appreciate the sport is mean downloaded. And she's tens of thousands of times and a near the show's only success because you only greatly we know that we greatly appreciate tested just do us a favor and please rate. It's so tonight we are talking with doctor Peter Sacco he's an author a psychology professor he's also the host of a show called. The paranormal profile orders he's written books including paranormal night and Brooke. Niagara is most haunted the website is the paranormal profiler stuck common again Peter thank you so much for joining us on beyond reality radio. They've certainly guys in here you can go into YouTube and check her show where yeah. A new tidbit we put up telling supposedly haunted coach it was more on that yet we error on YouTube in the parable profile Ers general. That's cool and I've got to ask you question that's kind of not necessarily paranormal related to more of marketing and media related. I'm kind of late to this whole. Trans sedition from going to TV watching your favorite came at cable channel two now going to YouTube and finding shows to watch. How are you finding that transition I mean it's it's it's got to be real implement relatively new for you to. You don't want guys it is very new arm and be all of hospital is only can look back here are just finally got a piece of play and only helpful in this. Two days ago like Koreans still trying to learn how to use the the hope. Yeah and it's actually the transitions pretty good because were getting a lot of view that are on the other side of the world that are saying that it becomes that Niagara Falls Hillary literally to a place that you guys they're describing total that's one of the more popular places because. That's worthy shore yet reputation as Stephen king's book the dead zone balconies were star Christopher Walken Marcin. Clear people saying like come from Europe UT need to that total. Particularly oh hole without going but I own it's. It's just people learn to grow wheat for ankle that being exploited you know. Literally at their fingertips they don't have to subscribe to on you know one of the TV channels were beaten historic YouTube. Yeah I think it's it's actually very very liberating and I think ultimately that's the way all viewing is going to go met some kind of a streaming. Or on demand service of one form or another but it's just interesting to see people make the transition. But let's let's get back to talking about on your team in the end some of the equipment in and before we had the break we are talking about the fact that. Some of the equipment might be considerable. Little bit controversial or using psychics might be a little bit controversial you seem to have developed a way to use this stuff wreaking kinda keep it somewhat isolated. And then make comparative. Comparisons after the fact. And look for stowaways to substantiate each other mean that that's probably the way to do it but. When when you use devices particularly Smartphone devices do you have news you more of the traditional. Devices to back those things up. We do I would I would say -- only two degree like you'll have to mall motors there're. Currently unit goal Leo. Long bombers were trying to cool but the kicker literally Adidas set up to try to get a base morning. No police are to be cheaper quarters are trying to stop if you really wanted to keep don't agree that. You know one thing I've got to say is that because we European. A lot of these places are government dot com there the owned by higher up organization. Where takes reverend need to get in. We don't have the opportunity to go to your own and boring applause for all the equipment and we try to make out was what we talked. A bomb. And and you compete hurdles where this read you know yup disliking team that you are beat. These spear our team and Europe deter war investigation deeply out reader. And you've got the actual history historian of the building our own. Sold the well look at it is. In an incredible way we're looking out or is or is there any correlations are there any overlaps. And you know I knew I could speak of this as a psychologist. So I told you is not an arc Koreans if you look at a criminal profiling it's not clerk frank well however what that's. If you were to Google John Douglas move rook. The public report myth of mine hunter rubble wrestler who broke you know created in pipe near profiling for the FB RE. On almost every police organization please service are the pro parlor be soaring achievement in the use with great success. Yet if you were to say okay break it down guys and show me all this talk of our relationship works. Thank you you know basically. Want to fight included in you'll laugh out miniatures obsolete nor an epic that's been the same crater of credence you have to pretty armed. A little spark to the psychic flash medium and be open market or are you don't want it it just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not they're cruise control we shall we would gravity is shall we shall to me like India like its electricity. But they don't have to go public figures in the market. But I also know look the law lip looks like McKenzie played a near but I can't see anything between the plane in the ground so just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there. Yeah absolutely let's jump chore of phone lines are springing Tracy from Florida Tracy welcome to be unreal you really great to have young. Glory general Barry you listen thank you. I've backed means ghost and spirits are all lights and Lou it but the other morning I actually. One on my belt I'd. I did you know quote videotape anymore that video shot. The spirit. And I was I'd like to send it to you there's a way acted it's about. Maybe 22. Benin are watching that net as well my one year old city yet started crawling that's what woke up. I looked up met office. And arms that matter watch a permanent that I am and what mark own favorite on the bed lord and cheer bigger picture so I've earned a video on. And video bit hurt maybe sixty seconds that put the phone down and got up more so rare art. If you put you back on the ballot to be at a cell phone number yet and the dude you. I would I will Willie talk with Alex or slick come back and a moment here but I want to hear more about this know what it looks like. Well actually it was fine right flat screen TV on the wall from the bedroom. And you can see in the video and TV is an arm there isn't any thing behind that and I've seen or war. You know in a certain areas seeing or herbs that fit the accused out of light as boiling water. That's what it looks like. And while parents very interesting yeah let me. Teresa may put you back on hold here and we'll get your information most fun of the way our editor Alex we'll give you win the consent that is we take a peek at thanks for prominent. Okay what do you think about that Peter when he first saw them be brought up something to that we have talked about yet Forbes what are your thoughts on warms. Hunt cup I think it really cool problem. And I think over one useful or you view the enhanced prosper cold moisture perk humidity. What that's in one of the polls that sometimes comes 0:2 morning shall. In an astronomer. Views are. These talks reach darker the demand is just an absolute brilliant morning or could speak to him for a personal penalty and Parker vote. The product right if you turns will works armed you know somebody who's an extra and so we compute and Pacific. And he says bottom line unless you know. It's related to doctor Tulowitzki humidity. Or homes were reflection or somewhere that he goes. I have no explanation as he's been a couple worksheets key scenes from league or that we captured. The facts stand no. One or psychics will news having a communication. With his you know enough. On re next to headstone and Roman general cemetery which is one of the oldest cemeteries in North America where the war reaching 121 of the battles grown old fart he's up the competition I can't see anything. And I've just taken while okay this kind of on Kennedy. When you know that you use in his own little world there but his partner was taking photos snapping a photos using coral Park City. And another ticket camera. So I get home Stinson can check your email. On encroached over on his knees have in this conversation he's O one media room. Will reap the site you can add in between his head in the tombstone is and little defiant in his head. But trust me that that is noted dust park to call and let you know it's it's it's a dusk while that wiped up they're it is yeah. Playing his gait and a significant or kidnapped. And here are totally bite out one on just. It is most in his face is positioned re do the piece talking to the orbiting. But yet you know to the naked RE IQ if you descended into NATO and by the way. It's not their holes you wait orbit and the darkness yet and on the camera bowl ought to. So I would say obsolete or energy burst of some sort whether you spiritual energy or some sort of better you know we don't old dude you know just because. We are slowing and so we have physics and mathematics that just and explain everything. Yeah it's very true we're talking with doctor Peter sack don't we're gonna take a break here remember our phone numbers 844. 6877669. If you'd like to share an experience with us or ask a question about. Investigating maybe you were working with the paranormal group and you want some tips or you want offer us some tips we'll take it off it's beyond reality today. JC GB. When you're talking to doctor Peter Sacco. About you show the paranormal profiler plus the work he's done a lot of places he's investigated done as a team. And again Peter thank you so much for joining us we appreciate having you on tonight. Well picture of me and Greg absolutely awesome. Well yes I'm sorry right sort of disappear yeah colonel India. We know what no. Right now and we have about five minutes in this segment Peter is sound some of the places that you've investigated and and some stories that you filed a one really interest that is the poltergeist case of 1970. I know that she did some work on that tell us about some of these things. Yeah the best one that is obviously the doubts on that 1970 case and by the way I wasn't terror that's equitable to young print out one. But the late great fox guarding Crawford got residential use one of the plea talks under pressure from Scotland. And Mike Mooney and rush Copley revolts that are. And he had gotten called to you know. What they call it was a domestic in this apartment building. And plug it in only went terror and the neighbors were completely able to bang at night and the screaming analysts coast league or their. It's a proxy does stop it and so just that Bobby was in their. It'll work so it won't go get widget to stop that the kid was on the floor in the kitchen Kucera top. And the mother says you try to get the Charlton box that he won over use losing patience go to lift chair up and he's an in this got a chart and you'll good lord. You know he signature was magnetized for the floor which it was crept Ernie dirty couldn't get chirp from a long story. So finally they get the chair off. In the old school crops do the police report wreaked terror might waiting it out or needle ought to leave and start would displease report. Because without that immediately. He looks up when he sees the pleats like awful wall. On a show report this. In the literally looks like it it's an invisible force fuel and drops down and its feet and at that point there there was another corporate or you know like certain Bobby's dog look and radio and going to respect for the scrapped. But this went on for 28 days to the point where. The reviews moving. On the kid was on a chair in the kitchen float off to grow naturally Q on suitable. An old sort ride at Disney world in and you know the bedroom optical I don't. The and screamed and ran out there since two absolutely freak show. And so Aurora at some point there was people commute for a seat in ego gray step is nuns priests tried to get in the year. In this was real I ducked the seven find police reports the news or so and very reputable people. And one of the things we know Garnett is being in this field working with crops in the criminal psychologist. Police would never in a million years I entered into a report like at explaining our coach floating locker room or acute. Singleton corona overture which he's on Peter Pan writer's sort of point and so dark as one of the most incredible stories are eager. Heard and then you don't see group which works. Or has been pretty tar traumatize and for the family as well as an officer run it is pretty much runs on your house either leaving it hanging as the people they are hoping. To protect you can keep you safe and if they take off and that's a big thank who do you turn to. Exactly because you know you're you're asking somebody and I were arresting Mike moon one of them of the so the Irish cop that was sort or slightly. An initial public gives you about in the computer he goes it was late arriving in the winter trying. All along parts of black on east your curse spinning politically under control. You're trying to steer to these culture gold he's been you have no idea if you're gonna you're back into the wind up being OK we're gonna get launched off the street because you're you're at the mercy of the race because that's what it was like in their you're at the mercy of something that you cannot see. Are you cannot understand or Figaro and there's no police culture in any part of the world that are pointed at the curtain for. Interest yeah that's and that's something that they don't nationally can train for and death. There are several stories that are burned brought up on the show where police officers involved in usually. You know you have to look at a police officer and think if there's a credible witness this is going to be the credible witness. Absolutely and and I think that's you know that's that's what it boils down to. And in all and I've been SS opted trying to. I'm sure you go right zone witnessed this in you've been out since many times and you've got other people. How old. At what point does a person become a complete leap credible witness how many witnesses have to be either for that story to be archery. So I opted to lindros is the only one person has seen something. Can we really take a marked a 100% work personal other witnesses and can be really be considered credible. And then as a psychologist people us we won't even appear credible person. 99.9 9900%. Packer will generalized terms of being truthful living with dignity and integrity. They would never why do you then it comes into world was possible that being misinterpreted topic peace talks hoping to relieve their only wanna be subject. So I I think that it's agree question we're gonna report you bring up what really all parties hoping to be totally credible. Well and then and that says and we're gonna take a break but when we come back and I am gets him some questions and I'll actually tell you about a case that we had. That excess poll. Poll slot processes and you really need to decipher but we're gonna take quick break more timeless and Jason G beyond beyond really revealed her. It is kind of fizzle out or they gonna do the one thing in the never really given another shot. I don't they just they'd really did seem to just disappear and that first albums pretty good with one headlight and sixth avenue heartache in and that's on their three Marlene is it a bunch of hits on that and then I just think this and disappeared and any notes issued another muscle and just come home may make some big money off a couple hits and disappear again I've heard nothing from Jacob Dylan sense pretty interesting though what welcome back to beyond reality radio Jason and javy before we get back to doctor Peter Sacco. Remind you that tomorrow night is a best stuff program. And then Monday we'll have Sloan bella and she's psychic medium and it expert strong larger. Tuesday Sean JC Novo pool join us she is also an astrologer and then Wednesday mets' Maine and gets a strong now. He says. Sockets and researcher at her church and state but to also do you you've got to remember this that it's Monday right Mondays are solar eclipse now total eclipse of the heart please please if you intend to look up in the skies make sure you know what you're doing half the protective by where you need. Do not try to view it with your naked guy please know that would be very bad days and actually I just I ordered the kid some. Some glasses for the eclipse I got in my government about a week. Did you I think we're meaning you know it's an unbelievable low phenomenons prequel to check out so but there are so angry we make South Carolina and a kid tonight after a battle of cheerful it is my toes and that sort of you know next I'm next in hundred years we'll do it sells exact figure out. Our illustrator guy aspect in director Peter second. Peter. When you started to filming. As opposed to just investigating did it change anything you're doing. Are folding in the waning. Well I mean late firfer for the Perelman profiles I mean his sort of role in filmed for sort of roaming were rolling video. For the show. Did you change your approach to any editor did you just do your normally don't. I would sing. What changed lawyer who Roche. And it on the road you cautioned I would say. You know your little more cavalier ringers going in investigating you're doing it performed but. For me I Kiki extra ringing pride. Then my work in what I do because they think you know your workers a reflection of view. And the people what you're hearing room was definitely beyond Musharraf wouldn't be as a reflection of Jerker nearly sees you or who you associate with. So with that said. The people and I'm gonna be involved with put his crew were going to be you know smaller and it ought to sincere people do it hurts that means no the past. They wanna bring to the best out of each other and all who Budapest. Well what the or good out of their abilities. And so with that said. If I'm going to put this on film but we're gonna put it out there are and it sure what Kirby can stood in a better and European arm. A circus sideshow. Where you know our own. And it's one of the usual you you'll see universally to people running around screaming. Alone in terms of you know adding yes as sensational aspect to our own because it's just not cost. You know consensual that do it it works great because they think you know they are caught up in the moment or whatever. We stay within the parameters of the boundaries of who our characters or when we're secure not acting workers. But rather their personality types and so we have a great group are really great diversity. What are believed in all honesty integrity and dignity in putting something good out there because well representing. Each field. Of people that are release series booked us that walls that are came by it. But also organization that we get involved with in terms of work or other buildings so word art can make a spectacle or circus out of it. Now you want to be professional money and that and that's in Jamie's question it's definitely an important one because. Even when it when I was doing ghost runners on you know we're used to walking around having cameras but now they were never really focused on us. So all the sudden that first season we had cameras following us around. And very quickly though you realize that you'd you'd tend to forget that the cameras are even there as you're after just decent isn't it straight. You forget about it because I used to mountain do what you normally do live your life say we you're gonna say and you don't think twice about it in the cameras are rolling. And whatever. And I'm I'm telling you they've they've he'd been on the show they they have and most material that they couldn't use just because stupid stuff that we do because you forget the cameras are. And I actually lead to conduct sentenced up to where you realize you know camera rolling in a slate type guys that. I can't be saying that com. Or you can't be doing done. In yacht because you do it's great for us that we were to just do this as a hobby. Into our chronically discredit Al really started as a hobby. Bombed but since we're prevent this come on board as an enormous public argued. You know she's sort of Kate Peters so what is with us as a hobby for all of you darted for. There's just something that you wanna take on bigger scope. Console it's like well. We got such a big Cindy's Federer fault at all external. We're gonna via the the or or the current gold buffalo next weekend. On the broadest in his justice so with such then it's really hard and work. A row and that's the real deal. We don't route to do you know. Be reputable carriers also all the public art in and make sure that people understand we're really doing this for real. Now appear on me ask you this happened it was all these and these years even doing this in these investigations that you and on have you ever. Scene where you believed to be a ghost Anderson and you saw that black thing that. The scenery going up a wall a have you ever seen anything else that you you can honestly sit back Satan that was definitely a ghost. One of the coolest things other than establishment on the upper neck or records were awful. The building has set Euro inside Terrell like for many many many years prior to that it was a Russell. Home and I know. The place was haunted because a friend of mine doing Roderic short documentary and there are. Poll haunted Niagara. And they actually do this difference in their. And they actually did connect with something. The reason that I know is that one of the women that came out. Channel something. I was don't stare straight at helping of that arm but the setting up equipment and which equipment told me and stop. Incidents can you come on now we got a problem on home soil water apartment hypnotize a woman Torre his snapper a load of what she had just witnessed which was the key urged that crushed will be be in the early eighteen hundreds the widget channel that woman. Who lost to be so fast forward to a couple of years ago world they're the places deacon. The end goal in his poor they're they're taking tote pictures once again he's using curling to Park City. I get home stints as Peter and he's from New York city's up in New York actually goes to check your mailbox. You're gonna see some cool so our goal in the open it up flight of the building is all windows. Beyond a shuttle window there was not mistaken this big east. It was huge at one of the windows it will league jigsaw program and we saw. Triggered veto you know from what they figure what do ones who have the you know obviously the instructional and mediums in the psychics Hitler it was a trip from. I've brought to picture to public forums Kirk or in it and libraries were done Hart he shows and people see that some people were pretty good Greg the gross. Did you see it instantly and bigger on the back turner goes up and I was sitting out the window when he took a picture and he did he would Andy's taken a picture. But harsher attacks on character and it wasn't plowed roads or any reflection not window you can if you treat Wednesday. So you've seen a lot of other investigations whether it's been on TV or in other forums. What are some red flags in my signal to use than an investigation is a legit. Data knowledge that icing is where you are still hurting neutral people say they think. If you guys brought arena from the get go. If everybody's comparing notes before him and they don't want to go wander and look order which is the case don't want variable well. It's OK you know and that's where are you hoped he did goats are coming elaborate reflect really. We had. One of the most illegitimate chief federal gonna Pargo with a fuel bill O pork over material. Were I would vote in the dark looking about it. And it was a storm that was rulings were read on the marina. In my crew is ready filming something ending looked really good at solving the rods some guys who. Who's got who's telling the story and are reviewing them and of course somebody in the area told you minister and don't bite shall optic and what it is cool story. In this story is just clunker that a skunk tellingly team of middle ruling the cameras that you talked. A bacon ghost that stays in his refrigerator on the boat ready to speak and walk from the bench. And I'm sitting there at the Carroll learned under the load the blurt sort of ever go to New Yorkers. And they cut the economist even pocket because we wanted to get a different camera angle in the top story yet. Opponents that you guys can do had to shake look at him can opt for the Corliss is like who had a handheld stand. They'll hope tingle up under here. And she's having according expulsion is holding the martini in the other public and it's totally give more illegitimate and not a thicker and toward god. This is this is an off peak at school but yet. From what you missed helping to put the Connecticut does better don't want open. Like him practical jokers are hoping record crucial because that sure taking going that are channel. Mild but you are you trying to tell me that adult beverages and investigating don't mix say Kansas loses. Jason you and I've been out on the reverend from the ceiling tam air if you are a fan I. You do it EU and I then at events and and sometimes people would go to the bar before they come up to the investigation and we don't tolerate that two well known now. It's gotten from. It's funny nicely one night Steve remember where Stanley Hotel when deciding who's gonna have a drinker tube and just chill. Calmed down a didn't realize is 8000 feet above sea levels low supply drinks is actually equal X six streaks at that point the court kit. And you got to seize it yet though that was a rough night for Steelers. Growth for him so if you're skeptic of this stuff so I mean we face this stuff all the time whether they call into the show are we see them at an inventor doesn't count them elsewhere. You know we always we have our answers. I doubt it addressed skeptics but how do you suggest people especially if there's proof that you can show them something that. How do you help them cope with the. You know that it's a great question and I think at the end of the day. Your not gonna convince somebody that doesn't wanna be convinced. Him. You know literally you can have Jesus Christ from one of the clothes. And stand before somebody at a site walk. And informative because really cool special park like man the CG I struggled really. And it and that's just what it is some people never believe no matter what they exceed. And you can out climber from ghostbusters floating around them and it could be a real player released a local leader. Where is the I gold slips I agree it's somebody that is sold wanting to believe that we will believe or believes. Alms. Poll I think you are just polarized. Dichotomy of one on one sort of of those. The ruler and the other one on the other side New York stick. Where either one of those you can can you continually convinced the person that always or possibly there's something there. In order to collect from the actual I want to believe the political always believe and and you get along the other are there also are all probably are just don't believe it coming needs you to believe it. But don't only do see it. The law always for a while okay that he did something with Photoshop. Well it's a lightning or it's something else at the camera so I I think at the end of the date it it becomes a matter of her daughter poll. You're gonna believe you really do believe to be the auto on the streets. Well and just you know why why try to force your belief on a skeptic I mean bottom line is. There's great skeptics out there but there's some who just no matter what and Mikey says ghost walk right past them. And then they're not gonna bleed so yeah I think skeptics and the investigators need just meet each other in the middle and and work with each other try to figure what's going on. Wouldn't I would never wanna force try to force my beliefs on one of them just like I would never want them try to force their beliefs on on to me. Oh absolutely. And I and I think that's kind of what it is you know and it's and it's a really great point Great Britain up because it's like forcing religion. Delve a different religion don't know the person through that book and sure that same faith or that seeing religiosity and I think that that's what it comes to don't of this. And being attacked and need it and have that. And I was just talking a book that details on. It's. A radio. Interview that cartoon apple with hate crimes and racism or current stuff it's the same in the United States you'll like it or it could be you're Democrat or to be Republican. Good luck trying to convert Democrats become Republicans quite sure so I kicked out the painting you boil down to when you're trying to. Yet he's Gupta checked or civic to Kabul or at least be a little more liberal and relief. I get and we were almost out of time here but one. Just quick question I seen a lot of the books you've written by the way you can go to. Peter Psycho I think it's just Peter sucker duck comes at a rate. That the court yet and in a whole bunch of books they're and how does somebody who's written books like rest and be right parent and a glass is well that's quite a leap. Well built but the Hilton is being dissident psyche that the good thing and dock. Actually I don't want it first started out the first teaching gig I got I was offered this Pete. Professor and all the Europeans do you give wanted to court she compared to Turkey statistics and research design. That's like Al Toledo ultra portable truck Coco cola they can deal that it took a kick. You're getting human sexual while the story was the professor of sexuality for a couple years and there was like 150 students in each cloud certain liberal order and the word struggle the women sort was up there. Do not the kind of you can ignorant decision on. Put in the play on the spot Rick from the get go sort worker credible sexual sort well written books. Right in the thirty seconds we have left with you tell people again where they can go and get more information about your books in the trip to. Yeah absolutely please go and check and so on YouTube the paranormal profiler setters or channel you can also find me on cease sport. Instead grim note that I haven't got a plan. You can poignant Twitter Peter. Doctor Peter and Zarko. Seem to integrate computer in recycle. Myself Peter cycle and FaceBook or couple ago when we're play Peter cycle Peter SE CEO dot com and also free books or you can download. Peter thanks so much for coming on learning and don't we look forward to having on the Gannon and stench animals more stuff. They tortured you guys are about to have an awesome night. Paris thanks very much are gonna take a quick break when we come back we'll wrap things up it's beyond reality radio Jason G. It's beyond reality radio thanks to Peter settle for joining us doctor Peter. We appreciate him and we would like to hear about different perspectives when it comes to investigating techniques and all that stuff it's odd socialism yeah nestled in a big thank you to crap Cohen one of our sponsors is just a phenomenal company he's always thinking you know always on the cutting edge Craig company ended don't forget tomorrow night will be a best of program. And then now Monday will be back without Sloan bella who has a psychic medium and in astrologers going to be good showman and. Some issues head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and don't like to FaceBook page then had to be on reality radio dot com final agrees stations we are on a cross country can download download the free iPhone and android apparatus from the website. That allows you to. Listen the show alive catch past episodes join me online chat more. Or just listen break from the website just click the listen live to a particular issue into the a great community of people on chat room were always in the hanging out during the show. Well until next time as Jason JV beyond really radial catcher also a. And the media is produced by sleeping ignorance include things like Alexandria Johnson and intercom media. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow what bond or you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio email too slick Eddie that's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.