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An astrologer talks about the "27 Club", the eclipse, and much more...

Aug 23, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome guest Jacy Nova to discuss her work as an astrologer. She examines the "27 Club" - the long list of rock & roll muscians who died at the age of 27 years old, as well, as takes listener calls for readings. 8/23/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. She's now West Coast once they are all paying west elections. I don't want to have to stay on the West Coast Wednesday on the east division you know and many years. Stuck somewhere between what the heck is going notre you know it's really funny I was actually doing some editing of an old show about an hour ago. And you do it was the same days and he did the exact same thing Tyrell exactly I mean I think that I think I know how many times that Don and Aaron caught a think you generally pretty good about it but it's just funny that the show that I it was editing it was exactly same thing Tuesday slash Wednesday and he did the exact same thing it was because we had a couple days off and we are a little confused about the calendar at least that's what her explanation that was sir excuse Mike Hsu assist you got no excuse I was advocates football game -- there has been a long ago it was Monday Paris or it's Tuesday on the West Coast Wednesday on the East Coast many are stuck in between welcome to be on reality radio myself Jason honestly always awesome chief each you know what we failed to do last night -- have a good show no hitter rich audio Saul Bellow it was possible. On the no we lost another icon in entertainment. Jerry Lewis. Charlie died is 91 and. He's 91 years old and of course most people. Of you know contemporary gays know him from the muscular dystrophy telethon he used to do every year. But he was he was of a movie star comedian. Jokingly the French our our stereotypical lovers of Jerry Lewis for some reason and I'm not sure why but it time he was quite an entertainer and down in history is crazy all thanks Chris aren't yet. Yet kind of a wacky madcapped. Comedian. But I'm very successful and he dedicated a great portion of the leader part of his life to the muscular dystrophy association he had personal reasons for doing that which he never at least I'm not and I'm aware never root reveal what those reasons were he said he wouldn't. Until there were some kind of cure earnest. You remember those Labor Day telethon he would be there for 24 hours on you know asking for pledges in in it was quite quite a man quite a guy 91 years old and down you know we lost another entertainment legend. Panel recipes and he he just he got everybody gathered during that stuff tonight Aaron originally set their. Which set their over the course of the weekend and watch it wants the whole thing. And the guests he would have gone and he he'd have an answer phones three you can call and donate money and celebrity dance. Yeah he used to bring in you know all manner of celebrities like you said and everybody who watched the whole country to be riveted watching them trying to reach the goal to be to beat the previous year's total. And great energy entertainment and it was quite an event it was really really something a lot of people looked forward to. Yeah sounds. Well again rest in peace and he definitely needed to agree things he truly good man he did. Tonight we're going to be talking with JC nova JC is an intuitive astrologers and then doing it for about twenty years she is a popular pop pop culture blog called Astro chicks dot com. She's also featured astrologer on AOL entertainment and answers dot com she's also a paranormal expert. Specializing in the fields premonition dreams astrology and psychic predictions overalls going to be talking about some pretty unique things with her and talking about the clips of course. Also the 27 club. Which for those we don't know what the 27 club that is just the mysterious grouping of rock and roll musicians. Who died Eddie mysteriously or tragically at age 27 that list despite long Judi Hendrick is Janice Joplin Joplin and Kurt Cobain. Mr. there's a whole bunch of them arm also he she's going to be talking about Chris Cornell of course the recently deceased lead singer of sound garden that name always screw me up is my wife's name Chris Cornell a certain items are an example as it. And Chester Bennington who are recently deceased singer of Lincoln Park so we've we've got a whole bunch are really cool things have talked. With JC. Ultimately some weird things that manned lead singer in the Lincoln Park. His his wife was. Just did this big thing was she was saying that it wasn't suicide it was murdered she had proof. A lot of weird things and I really haven't paid too much attention to a book. Yeah and I think that's a jays is gonna talk about in addition to that you know entrepreneur to open up Kurt Cobain because of similarities there with people saying that Courtney Love was responsible for his death wasn't suicide there's a whole bunch of chatter about that. So we've got some really interesting things to chat about tonight all speaking a weird things like that RS remember about. Problems in about a month ago maybe a little more were right I had a story on that missing medical researcher Brazil even younger and I do remember that ordered. Well strangely he just they're reappeared. Just out of the blue media and the say and the sad part about this whole thing. Is it looks like it was a publicity stock. It mom push him his first book has being an often aren't so torrid five year old Brazilian student vanished bat back in now march. Spark somewhat of us while just. Such a sensation. Because of the cryptic books in the left behind his bedroom and all that stuff. He's he's reappeared. The police indicated that a org it's an import is disappearance had been orchestrated as publicity stunt launches careers and author. Based on the latest twist in the case assessment of authorities may have been correct as the young and finally reappeared a little over a week ago at the doorstep of home. Captured via a security camera the property of barefoot and gone Borges seemingly emerge from the shadows early in the morning. On August left and then was reunited with his relieved him. Sort of television every interview a few days leader he attempted to explain his disappearance by claiming that he had gone into isolation in order to seek something truth with in me that I needed to find peace. Although he wouldn't reveal where you'd and the whole time. He can he said he had no access to outside information presumably meaning that he was unaware of the craziness surrounding his disappearance in the first place. So down. Yeah. I don't believe much of that. I don't feel loved here and tell the story firsthand. At least he's not saying that he was abducted or we're trying to trying to make it that kind of story. I mean and out of NAFTA really bring out too much past but. If you remember JV who week had. I am an old mutual friend who. Strangely disappeared just they all claim you haven't taken alive and strangely disappeared even if and when they fly in and after doing a cryptic message on FaceBook analysts are the stuff and it created showed up everywhere on the news Fox News and I didn't news agencies calling me all the placed in one thing I said to a guy on the road who's a reporter. Well as I said hey guys that are. I'm commodity and get in to discuss arm to tell you right now this publicity stunt he's gonna just randomly turn up because I've known for that long. And sure enough like three or four days later they found him in a Condo playing video games. With some guy that he met my and that's where he had been firm like three days. Trying to deliberately used and take I am I gonna name any names who is pretty easy to find out there by the garage people listen to this program probably know who you're talking so it's just it sucks it sucks. Because they they're really trying to draw attention and we've seen so much of that over the years. Whether it be. Somebody claiming cancer and they did and they don't know him for whatever reasons and also trying to get out of owing money. Whether it be people claiming that can take their life and it's not it's not really that they have any attention to god and god forbid that he did. But and then things like tennis and it's it's just a shame here it where do you where you sit there and draw that line. Well that's why when you hear news reports like that you can't take them at face value you've got to uses skewed a bit of skepticism take things with a grain of salt until you get real information. And you get follow up stories and then you know what really happened and and in this case our think our hunch was right. Yen if you have anything to add to this our phone numbers 844. 687766. I again that's tall freed 844687766. Banks feel free to give us a call list are your thoughts on this. On this this whole. Brutal Borges or I'm sure many of you know exactly who was talking about. In in my statements before about some acclaim here and take a lie for somebody claiming they've they've cancer and as just all these police know these things I don't know if she she should have a new Amaechi head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like the FaceBook page. Then I'll head over to be on reality radio dot com. Where you can finally agree stations we air on spike clicked in the station unless you can listen right on the website and click in listen live to having that connection to a chat room. With a JV and myself and a great community people. We can download the free iPhone an injury to operate their from the website as well to logical listen the show live test catch Pashos. Again join me online chat more to download the show from iTunes or anywhere else is to us a favor please read it helped push it forward for a supposed to Tora. Yeah it does we appreciate you doing that aren't gonna take a break and when we come back we'll bring our guests and again we're talking with JC nova tonight we've got a great conversation out of us it's beyond reality really juicy to. OK again the deepest. Approaching and it's time to make your plans to attend skirt on an October 15 to October 6 through DH the places turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place in this. Greedy bets if you like to hang out with your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars didn't scare con is pleased to it. They're all there and or me hanging out enjoying their. Fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection centers. Panel discussions and film premieres. You can't find a better way to spend a weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit dot com. Com that scary car. Today scary time. I'd come visit. The website today use promo code ER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. An admission of troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scary time. Different continents move gently incidentally. That's. Back to be done reais and nasty storms computer or yeah we did I was actually little bit concerned that they might hit around showtime and you just never know it and there was tornado warnings moments stuff I was afraid we're gonna lose power or data connection or whatever was fortunately they came through several hours ahead of when I thought so and everything was fine to lose aren't except looked out there. Yeah you do it. Because I know we've had their problems in the past doesn't happen often but every once in awhile we you know one of us and we both need to have power to make this work as both lose power and there were kind of stuff. And the funny thing is likely that we've got back up generators but they've taken it to kitchen and everything's got to reset message idea to reconnect to the radio stations to us it's a it's a nightmare. It is a nightmare aren't what's must go to our guest line and bring in our guest JC nova JC is an intuitive astrologers been doing it for about twenty years has a popular pop culture blog called Astro chicks. Dot com GC welcome to beyond reality radio it's great to have you on tonight. So you know hello guys Harry's doing. Good good thanks for coming on. So yeah I'm excited yeah we're excited to have you I just one of Guam start by penny getting in a sense of how you developed an interest in all of this and now and how you decided to make it part of your life path. I'm actually a third generation psychic I was on introduced see my psychic ability as a small child my mom was a psychic and I learned how to cute hair around in astrology. And it was very encouraged as young girl CU is my intuition. To make decisions. And then probably right around junior high I guess the best way to describe me I was like. Wednesday from the Addams Family so I was very in CU everything that is astrology near Terrell in high school. And when I graduated IE started doing astrology professionally. And really develop a strong interest and looking at. Not only celebrities profiles but looking at my friends astrology profiles and trying to figure out what made intact and on what aspects they had that I could find in common which would create a same factor. Or for some people that if they tragically lost their life was or somewhere I find out something within their chart which. Yet we're gonna talk about all that but before we do I wanna go back to the fact that your third generation psychic because we find frequently talked a psychics on this program there is some type of I don't know whether it's a genetic transfer. Ports and environmental transfer because you grow up when in a more open environment because of you know apparent having the same abilities are welcoming the same sensitivities what do you think it is. Well I think for me I think part of it's genetic and part native American and and I think personally that all children have psychic ability and if parents encourage search their children. Sometimes parents will be like oh no you didn't see that are what are you talking about and I think com. The first experience I had I was probably about four or five years old when I was on a church retreat and they had taken us seat the beach and worry again and I was playing in his little holes. And I had slipped in shallow and I was actually drowning. And I could feel like could see this young boy he was like teenage way and I was like Wheeling him like everybody was talking a running around and willing hands helix seeming each and keyed. Sobbing and saved me. And I am when I had gone home my mom was like oh my gosh you know she wanted to encourage me use my aunts which markets was always a little bit nervous about. I neighbors like be careful who you tell about your ability 'cause some people might not accept it and don't always show anyone the books and I'm sharing with Hugo but from my mom it was very common after school people would come over and help my mom do readings for nom I always had a strong sense of intuition about certain people that column. I would like instantly your dislike instantly. And I think part of it is just growing up an environment where it's accepted in it's just you know part of your everyday life whether you're great dancer urge a really good at sports and I'll case she's she's greeted intuition. And we bring that up a lot on the show where we talk about. Children children arm just. Prone to see and hear things that adults are not there wide open to a child anything's possible. I can't I can't say that enough where big fat Beckham's on the chimney over Christmas a big money breaks in the basket and so forth and and so there are more prone to see and hear things. Then we as adults are and it's not until. Their parents are in their loved ones start telling them what is real what's not that starts closing them off. And shutting them down so to be in your your predicament where your parents are more. Just trying to teach you how to to utilize it and and how to embrace it. I think that really helps helps in wall you'll just move you move on in the future with or without ability. Yes been incredibly beneficial on my life had been able to use this tool on a daily basis. SA got older I had to be careful that for example I would go into a growth trees store and and having psychic ability can almost be like a radio frequency seek standing in line and picking up all kinds of information on people that may be you you don't really wanna now and I'm so really trying to find the balance of and when you won T use your psychic ability and when you need to turn it down to bouncy energy is very easy to pick up on other people's energy that's not own and you have to learn how to protect yourself and so for parents with small kids I would encourage them to always trust. There and tuition. And really talked to the talents are telling a story your may be unique have a feeling about a certain person may be they don't like some lunch they really need to pay attention to about an encourage them to talk about it but also teach them ways to protect themselves emotionally. But I think it's important also aegis citizens sorely giving B can cause a lot of times. And here real sense it is and psychics are are. The only the best way to refer to them as sort of like a Lannan in the woods that attracts the moss they're giving off an energy that these things can see in a lot of times they and they sort of tried to to come around it and spend time around it whether it's living individuals. Or deceased ones. Yeah definitely and in that I think also does as more people accept psychic ability and accept the paranormal. I think the veil is getting thinner where you might see twenty years from now aux speaking to the dad I am connecting with the after life will be much more common and accepted that may be I think more people are open to an Allen fascinated by it but I think it will become much more common. Com as. As the years go by. We're talking with JC nova JC is an astrologer in fact an intuitive astrologer been doing it for about twenty years. She is a popular culture or pop culture blog called Astro chicks dot com ordered to argument a lot of things including the 27 club. Chris Cornell Chester Bennington. And much much more when we come back it's beyond reality radio would Jason. In TV don't go away Laporte. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read you win. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it could. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Beyond reality radio and Jason Swanson TV John. And our telephone numbers 8446877669. Will we will be taking a listener calls a little bit later in the program if you're on hold. I'll just be patient we'll get to those calls as soon as we can tonight we're talking to JC no vote and JC is an intuitive astrologers injuries you've got to just take you back. To that experience I think you see your five years old when you've started to realize the sensitivity that you had. And it was and had life and death situation that has me pretty poignant. I'm it is it's very scary and I've actually had more than one experience in my lifetime which makes me. Wonder. You know all that this is really my chosen path to help people on. Be more spiritual and understand. What it's like between life and death and having near death experiences. When I was sixteen years old I had it was. My grandfather bought me a brand new cars from my birthday. And my mom had owned a grocery store down at the speech since I was driving the car along a country road and there was this logging truck and lots of times you try to pass these tracks and Simon this little car and I am trying to pass a logging truck and he stopped unexpectedly. So my car I stop. And my car. Automatically went underneath the middle of the logging truck and it was going underneath it and snapping and when you're having a near death experience it's. True or at least in my experience your life does flash before your eyes. And the top of my car was getting cut off. And I said to god I said oh my god I height I'm too young. It's not my time my grandfather. Is just slick he would be beside himself. And then I almost solve my funeral flash before I mean. And I heard this voice. That said you know like get down lean downside leaned down in the driver's seat of my car all the way down sell. And as it was cutting off the top of my car. It it like it didn't hit me and then all of a sudden there was this snap and my car snapped out of it. And my car just went to a dead stop and the truck stop in the guy was walking up to my car was crying because he thought shatter. I I would be dead and I'd like touch myself and I was economic nodded my okay. And I was like I'm. Going to handle like screaming let me get me out I am car and they're like don't move don't move. And I didn't have a scratch on me. My car was completely totaled. The top of the roof of my car was cut off. And they couldn't believe that I was I was OK and then they took me home it's my mom and fainted and is this Ayers felt then and series is slick on my guide you know you have a greater purpose and nights you know you're you're here for a reason but then even that must have been five years later I had another car accident. And item. This time Matt a big Monte Carlo had hit me at a stop sign I was a little art can coach. And I was on my way to work with a girlfriend and it's smashed my car owners of the steering wheel. Wrapped around my child stinnett bruise my heart aired in the clutch was set at Mandalay and I went to the hospital. And its and I was an intensive care for like a week but I overcame not end you know. Can Disney help Chinese lives. I don't. And so I had a lot of experience is that when you countless tech experience is you become much more open. Q what's really going on in the world of what is the what does it mean to live what does it mean to die. On really being open CU talking with angels talking with god. And and being open to any type M psychic experiences or paranormal experiences that you might. Well a lot of times those experiences are what opens someone someone who's not sensitive who's not psychic. Ten day when they haven't near death experience a lot of times they plan that all the sudden they start being able to see and hear and feel things that they were unable. Your prior correct. Yes absolutely and and as a mentioned earlier it's like the veil gets thinner and you become more open in your opening up your third shocker in York you're ready to listen to information. That may do you. Really stop and listen to that inner voice of what it's saying you know. And and follow within an experiment with it and you publicly peace prize. On how accurate it actually. Let's talk from an about it about astrology and and I've asked this question before of other astrologers and I'm not so sure I understand the answer yet. But how does that work. Well strong tea for me I see it as as a science when we're born and there are certain planets in the sky and so when a person talks about their sons sign your sentence signed represents who you're trying to be in this lifetime but there are other. Planets involved that may accept that. The personality of who you are so the men signing your chart represents your emotions and Mercury wrapped presents how you ain't Venus is how you love Mars is your energy. Jupiter's slot and then you have your rising sign. And your rising sign is based on the time you were born in what city report and so for example. I'm a Brcko. But I have to leave her rising and I have men and Venus Mercury and lead press so most people when they meet me think I'm. A big bra then once again it's not me they see the Burgos Sidon and I'm here in a slice on to be of service to others and to be hard working and and give back and so it's it's your own personal story your astrological chart. And it's really interesting because it can't really comes down Hugh. To a science alert. Certain things happening in the world like it on our site on my side Astor ticks dot com we nick astrological predictions whether it's political celebrity. People are always surprised at Al. Most of them are quite accurate though like on budgeted match and the like you take a look at the chart. And I'm you make a prediction based on what you see what you're sensing and and how are you saying what the outcome might be of a particular situation. So yesterday we had quite an event with the solar eclipse called the great American eclipse. And Dem I you know when we're talking about astrology there has to be some type of connection in the past we some type of impact Howell that eclipse affect their lives moving forward. Well what I want this solar eclipse the work. For us. Every day people is that it's in Leo and Leo's about expansion and each and Leo is not about going Decker got home it should be dramatic it should be something you're passionate about what it we'll. I'm push people to TO is to take a look at our relationships say. I'm happy with this relationship how can I make it better or is this your relationship that I shouldn't be an inning march is this a shot that I really like her love and and should I stay or should I go. It's about opportunities with new doors opening for you but for new doors open sometimes you have to close. Other doors as so. If you're oh and tell opportunities sometimes people. When I read for clients and like if you want change you have to be open to it. Like if you wanna find a new relationship what are you doing to make it happen are you engaging in conversation when you go to Starbucks you're talking to people that you don't know because I really believe that when we come into the sliced time. Parcells or likes whole clusters so we've come together and we all decided okay this is this is what we're gonna do together. So for you to do any radio show you you had to solo contract at K we're gonna do this radio show together and help people understand paranormal and supernatural. And and this is part and parcel contract and it's also the sub contract that you out of your personal relationships. Whether it's with your wife or children are whatever that might be so hard to the solar eclipses saying okay. It's time to open the George these new opportunities. Are there some people in your life that maybe are bringing you down. Might be negative as may be they should be a part of your life anymore maybe should be giving them so much airtime and what are you gonna do with that energy and it's about setting intention intentions and that canal that energy you'll be really strong between now and Christmas. A lot of people were concerned. And maybe rightfully so that the eclipse is gonna have. A sex on people that could be anything from the hysteria to. Crying to you know just all sorts of adverse effects. By the nature of the of this eclipse itself is there any connection there is that this you know foolish. Concern. IC more with lunar eclipses sinful man and bad I'm. They'll say you know they density and stats are more crime on Foreman is smarter people come to the hospital more during the boom and it I think it's really about. Are you set your intentions in year in your personal line I'm. So far we haven't seen any major hysteria even though the political climate is very challenging right now on an individual basis com. DL Phil's very much at home under under the sun sign and sell it's really a positive time that you can use that energy. Tear benefit now that we're in scorpio then that would be a completely different conversation because scorpio is about life stat you know sex drugs taxes so. That's about really getting getting dark and deep into things but Leo's much more expansive and much more happy and they wanna be center stage and a look at Google. Which makes great point there because honestly it's it's always and we talked about the GB its full moon is when you get there at the crazies. RR allow all this and more homes I mean some of those some people call in and so forth so. You really don't hear that when it comes down to things with the sun so looney yeah it definitely seems like directory on the and its it tends to be more. With the moon that you get all the via. Personality trait showing you yet. Although all the we weakness not not with some. Yes I would agree with that. So JC you brought it up and we are not a political shows we don't talk about politics very much but you have made some political predictions recently in fact he wrote about the president and Russia tell us what some of those predictions work. Well what we did is we tried to take a look at at Trump's astrological chart that we also look at. I'm all the people and the White House cabinet and what they're astrology signs works the first thing that we found is that trump has a lot of cap records around it which we got. That was kind of really interesting for example Jerry commissioners cap record and his son Eric trump at cap or Koran is other son Donald Capra corn Jeff Sessions as a cap aren't Scarlett she was a Capra corn and I'm for for government they're great they're hard working they bring structure. Tune. See the president and because the president's agenda and I was Leo rising. Seminars like communicate. They have no filter it they just wanna say what's on their mind you Scott Bennett sat so he's very impulsive. About what he thinks. And how he says it which can obviously rubbed some people the wrong way. So we we went hat in this was like in June we decided to go ahead and take a look. At this chart in the Russian investigation. And was interesting 'cause he's a gem tonight but Mike Pence is also a jump and I. Mike Pence has a lot more on earth and his charts so he brings once again. Helps ground on president trump and then his lies Gilani as she's a we're risks. Once again she helps ground him. On his daughter Yvonne. She's a scorpio. And she's a really Smart woman brilliant and she. Definitely. Is very protective of her father we predicted and I and I still believe strongly probably by Christmas. She will actually go back soon to New York where. I'm concerned is for her husband Jared Kushner it seems sixty ban and has his eyes on him and I think we're going to be hearing a lot more about. Could share. And what's going on with the Russian investigation. Because he didn't doubles some of the meetings that he had I think that he's gonna have some real serious legal issues coming in September. Steely Dan and his his secretary as we predicted that he would speak on by October and he's actually gone now. We think Billy Connolly and Stephen Miller probably next we also predicted Sean Spicer Brcko would leave at the end of July beginning of August he dead. And then Jeff Sessions we collect you'll probably be gone by Christmas. So we're gonna continue to see a lot of changes. In the White House over the next on several months but because he has general Kelley there is a tourists once again providing. On helping him be more grounded perhaps he's going to be able to save his. Out presidency as he listens to his advisors. But we do expect am Robert Mueller who's a Leo to read the heat sometime in September so you're gonna see a recipient as probably some indictments coming down. So it's definitely me Tom going to be very interesting over the next few months. All right we're gonna take a quick break here and when we come back we're gonna continue our conversation with GC no don't go away we've got a lot more it's beyond reality race. Beyond reality. Radio with Jason Allison JB Johnson appreciate everybody being along with us what you listening to us on one of the great radio stations it's carrying the show around the country or you're listening to us online. We appreciate you all. Being here let's springer guest Becky and JC this is a particularly short segment but I wanted to ask you know at what wish your work is an astrologer particularly. Do you find it is that you the clientele you work with. Is particularly dependent upon what you're telling them or is it something they just gonna help guide them through their day in their lives or how does that work. I would like to readings for someone I know he's omelet and now that they they have free well so what I like to do is I take a look at their astrological chart and I share with them what they're astrological aspects are what personality traits they have policy that are positive or negative and how they can use that to their advantage and then I take a look at what's happening Astra logically in the sky right now and so I might say for example. Having your Jupiter return in October so for example your scorpio two under is going to be in scorpio. In October and what that means is it's a very. Fortunate and lucky time for you when it's twelve month period it's you can use here advantage whether you're nineteen to. Start your own business or maybe you're getting married you try and answer your moving to a new city. On also for example Saturn. Everybody has to Saturn return twice in their lunch time usually but for Saturn return as on the age of twenty or 29. And the other one is around 57 or 68. And is Saturn return is about coming at age where you might buy your first house you get married you have a child but that's where you stop being kid and you really become an adult and if you aren't willing CU. Grow emotionally. And become more mature work. Then the universe and Astra logically will really start. Messing up your life. And so I really encourage people to look at their astrological chart in the reading that I'm getting them as here's information I'm providing you like you have the power tree will you can make changes that she'd like to you but it's it's like a no worker a weather report of hey it's cutting gonna be raining here you might wanna bring an umbrella and well you know tomorrow's going to be super sunny because you have that Jupiter aspect you really need to take advantage. Thousands more for just trying to better that are better their lives. Absolutely to better their lives if somebody wants to go a little bit deeper. Like for example I get a lot of people that come to me about relationship questions. I'm glad that hangs I am. Okay sorry. Now it's OK we just got to we have to go to our top of the hour break we didn't wanna get too deep into that answer but when we come back we're gonna pick it up there were also going to talk about the 27 club. I'm very very generous and hear what you have to say about this group of musicians. Who all died tragically at the age of 27 it's a very very. Unique and the mysterious thing so we'll do that when we come back it's beyond reality radio would Jason. TV don't go when we get. Okay gain the taste of the approaching and it's time to make your plans to attends Garrett Connor in October. It dates from October 6 through the aced the places turning stone casino in Verona New York. It's a great place in this. A greater fast if you like to hang out with your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars that obscure content is pleased to it. They're all there and organ meaning out enjoying their. Fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection centers. Panel discussions and film premieres you can find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit. Dotcom desk Eric Kahn. Day scary time. I'd come visit. The website today use promo code G our armed with your ticket purchase to save 25%. And admissions. The troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scary time. Her skirts and on the East Coast many historic and between welcome beyond really to reduce myself Jason holes in the always Olson GB Johnson sir. Remember when we were talking earlier about the storms and only came through early and were causing any problems for nearly two factor. It must've cern back because revenue little bit of a crisis here in the studios we're working feverishly to make everything. Work again. I think we have most of it going in a few things still are trying to work themselves out Bogut figured out but the good news is that we still never guess we'll bring JC beckoned and just a moment. I will or remind everybody that we've got some great shows coming up tomorrow night Matt swain will join us he currently works as a science and research editor or writer for Penn State. On he'll be talking about a whole bunch of things including his experience in journalism and the interest in the unknown. He. As it has done a lot of work and with ghost purses deals with the doubles and many other paranormal phenomena possibly talking about all that. And then Thursday. We actually are going to be talking about the gearing family. Murders you know about those and new to me it isn't pretty interesting. And the thing is he certain these are actually the sub topic that that's not that that there's not a lot known about. I knew when you think of ax murders and things of that nature of course you instantly feel Lizzie Orton. And and it makes you wonder why you point out one really took so much precedence over. Some of these these other gruesome ones that that happened and edit it's it's going to be a tough topic it's going to be an inching topic and how one that'll intrigue and and the nausea each you'll see income. Yeah absolutely G Jordan lions who is the author of a book come about this topic it's a fictional book but it's based on these true life murders. And they're grew some and its glory it's scary it's interesting and doubled to all that on Thursday night with him. Asik. Never Friday is a best of beyond our radio summation you tune in that night and catch the show and say it's usually a repeat of whatever was the best show of that week. Yup and it's always a good when it's always the best on the we have police ones we think is the best so people may have a different opinion but we like it and it it's always entertaining. Let's bring her gas back in and let's pick up our discussion because we've been talking about a bunch of things but. As I said before the break JC wanted to get into discussing this 27 club. And for those who aren't familiar with what we're talking about there are a number of musicians who tragically. Died. And so strikingly all at the age of 27 and DC there's a connection here on beyond just the fact it's tragic what's talk about it. Well I think what's most interesting about the 27 club is I mentioned earlier ouster logically that's right a point. And your Saturn return. And if you're coming into this world and universal contract. You agreed. In advance it's in my believe that this is. The time that your gonna choose to depart. Or if you've worked through several issues that were given tear you may decide to stay but when it comes Hughes celebrity's. You'll find that for example Janis Joplin Jim Morrison and Brian Jones Kurt Cobain. Amy Winehouse all died at the age of 27. And and studying their charts I sound a lot of interesting aspects that were common. And each chart. And as you looked at this and you compare these things I mean obviously we know most of these stories we know you know that drugs were involved a lot of these things. Is there more to these deaths then what was blue listed in the newspaper. Yeah actually I believe there is for example. Jimi Hendrix. Undeniably will be one of the greatest guitarists of several that. Or under the sun is such Terry said Terry seized on and loves adventure. But his chart reveals he had Manning can't search and then also. And Venus in secretariat said Morrison scorpions score goes isn't very dark it's about death and dying in flirting with danger. But he always had this. Underlying sense of not being lovable. And when he passed away he would actually choked on his own vomit. And when I look at either. And Venus. Rock stars that had passed away for example. Kurt Cobain. Who's born under the mystical sign of crises. He also had Manning cancer. And he had a lot of water in his chart nice sound with. Several of these com rock stars they either had men in high seas are Manning cancer which is emotionally sensitive. Drowning in your emotions not really feeling grounded. In what they were feeling. And unless they had someone around them to come to carry them through. It would be very easy for them see you on slip the other side the other aspect that I found in most. Charts whit whether it was the 27 club or is I'm looking at on someone's ass logical tried that may have died saint and a car accident or tried of the drug overdose. They had. Million opposed Venus. And what that means is it's a person who has it Corey need Trent -- out like a sponge they're just. Insatiable they can never get enough love additional worthy additional abandoned. Or it could be millions squared Venus where once again they had issues with intimacy. And I found this in all of the rock stars for 27 club and also I found that usually water many times was involved either water in their chart. Word how they passed for example. Jim Morrison drowned in a bathtub. Brian Jones drowned in a cool. And I think that not only with them passing this dispersal contract. But because their musicians and their rock stars they insects so many people on an emotional level on a global scale and I think anyone can look back of you know what song can you think of when you hurt you turn sixteen hour special moments in your life your first day your first this. When you met her husband our wife there's certain music that if it's played on the radio it instantly takes you back to that moment so they have this. Powerful spiritual contract not only on a personal level but on a global level and it's kind of I feel like they're teaching us lessons on how to deal with life and death at what that means last but also had a profound effect upon the relationships in their life whether it was handling your loved ones as many of them. After they passed on. I am for example Jim Morrison and his girlfriend Pamela who found him. Mom died a few years later of a heroin overdose. The other seems to be a lot of follow up tragedy if you will to these stories too and dumb I don't know if there's any astrological. Connection if for that are were explanation for that by Tom. That doesn't seem to be uncommon. Now it's not uncommon at all in even when I look at say astrological charts at. Example Chris Cornell who got lesson. And died in May of this year and then his good friend Chester Bennington. Who died two months later I was taking a look at their chart and it was really fascinating how much they had a comment. Dribble water signs Chris Cornell list cancer rhetoric which means Stanley was everything to hand. But he didn't really have a really solid foundation of family growing up which really affected emotionally. And Sasser. Had sun and high seas once again. Family's really important really sensitive IE. On how a lot of family issues growing up in and history of abuse. And then I went down looking at retired with Christmas men and statues scary out spoke and and a lot of water restrict what was prominent was that teen and scorpio. And when net tenant is in scorpio it's slight. It's a daily Q can't see things for what they really are. And because of his issues with with drug addiction and and in interviews he would say playing you know he started using drugs I believe that the age of twelve or thirteen. He didn't have a good family home life he had to leave high school. To help pay for bills with his family actually what I found really interesting about Chris is his mother is actually a psychic. And that's what she's she's still a psychic in Seattle. And he had this really challenging. Emotional relationship with her and he was always flirting with death you talk about any energy use Hollywood look conceal window open inhibiting I'll look at it like to tighten up that window what would that feel like Sony is always had one foot in the to work for lies and the other slick. In deaths and so he just kind of rode a that train all the way and win the day he died in decided to kill himself and trade. Kidd posted on Twitter no more. And so it's almost play. He emotionally gave up like it was just too much for him emotionally anymore at CU to carry on in the life that he had even now. IE I'm positive he really loved his wife and his children but it was just too emotionally overwhelming for him. Especially when you mix drugs and other things and then it could be any any little thing that could trigger. That situation. At Tesla especially living that lifestyle. And that I yeah I've just I've seen a lot of people you know get fame. Over the years and just have some serious issues with with satin and other issues and it's it's sad how quickly can it can happen. What is so really interesting about Chester Bennington. Just looking at him telling himself and actually. Decided sued to do it on on. Chris kernels birthday. What was interesting as the day before he had been on a family vacation with his gambling in Arizona. And he had decided to come back and a day early affords them on which was on the nineteenth. But the next day he would had a photo shoots scheduled so we had a driver picking him up and I'll Lincoln Park was getting ready to go out on tour just a few days later. So he would come home to his house. I was thinking like okay what was going on that day to cushion over the edge and for me when I'm picking up psyche leaks. He had just closed escrow on the house that he had lived dense that they had to literally. Moved into the house and only been living there for 2 weeks. And I am. It's really important that when you move into a new home to clean up the energy of people are reliving there in the past. And I think also because. Chris cardinal's birthday his death coming up and it was later revealed that. They had found alcohol bottle so it sounds like me be he had come lapsed in his sobriety. That to mean it was a spur of the moment idea it was something that was really planned out. But it it happened that way. And I silicon how this really strong connection with Chris and almost made. Made it okay for him to do the same thing because he said in interviews several times. How much Haney was in but yet. Those sit on com. Twitter. Hugh Chris entry pass seat that posted on your voice was Julien pain anger and forgiveness. Love and heartache all wrapped in one and I suppose that's what we all are. So he was a census deep spiritual guy and he was here. On to Greenspan's. And his family to really get in touch with your feelings look at his lyrics what do they mean what does it mean TU. And really embraced life. It also at the same time not to be afraid of death. JC that's on let's go to the phone lines we've had some people waiting on a trip pepper some of these calls into broader discussion here this is Donna from Kentucky Donna thanks so much for a waiting on hold for such long time. You're on with JC nova. It an act law. Sure. If you're wondering it and eating at me or. Maybe someone and Ari had. I actually don't. Connect with spirit but I would be happy to take a look at your chart really quickly you army. Your birthday went to you were born and what year your report. At that debate would be less and when he won it. 112166. So would you consider yourself. Do you wanna consider yourself a scorpio or is such areas. I score out. So no one had mentioned earlier what's coming up is Jupiter's going to be scorpio starting in October. Says appear very fortunate your use of you've had ideas and plans may be starting contact. Is thinking about news being. Relationships. It's a really great time for you to see you on launched new opportunities for yourself between October 2017. And October. 2018. So what I'm looking at your chart. November 20 future it's just a moment. IC helmet and crises. And then in high seas is very intuitive and very sensitive than you feel other people's emotions and feelings. And do you ever feel like you're really psychic intuitive and you can pick up on on people's energy when you when the Cummins of the grammar you're interacting with others. You. Yeah. So I would encourage us to continue to see you on in cancer psychic abilities and it's really super important to emotionally protect yourself that means say heating your house. If you if you sometimes feel like your situation whether it's network or maybe just Scott apps from. Say the movies and you feel a weird energy like gosh why am I feeling this way your public picking up on other people's energy and you have to learn to protect. Yourself because it's almost like you're a beacon of light and anyone that meets healing is naturally going to be attracted CU and it's different if you're inviting them into your life but if it's unwanted energy you have to protect yourself. Item you do have Venus and sad it's. And so I would say romantically. Not things will deftly picked up for you over the next year on its visitor really fun to be US. And you need you get bored easily relationships. But you're also at the same time really down to earth and practical. And realistic about what you're trying to achieve. I would say Adam are you artistic also. I think our. OK and doesn't really I would encourage you over the next year to really work on you create a utility at you can get a lot of emotional. Adam. Satisfaction from it. I would say watch out IDC the F Saturn and income shouts back that make you sometimes prone to depression. That your little bit hard on yourself. And so. Okay yes so when you're feeling that way I would really encourage you to either read something inspirational. I'm gonna take a lot. And and realize it's it's it's just like a what a wave as if you're standing in front of an ocean and it's just to tie that's coming hand but it's nickel back out again and every day is a new day so today was a great day in new day and every day you wake up it's a chance. To make it. Make it matter. They Donna thanks for the call I JC we got to jump to a break your way overdue it's beyond reality radio we Jason GV don't go away your calls and more juicy. They show it's beyond reality reading your guesstimate is Jason noble we're going to bring her back in after the next break we when long and now last segment we've got some great stuff coming up the OJ. On tomorrow night we're going to be talking to Matt swinging and he currently works as a science and research writer for Penn State but I don't want to stuff with him. And then Thursday we're going to be talking about it's going to be pretty gruesome talked interestingly christened as well so. Where are we talking about long and murdered family that was in the Philadelphia actually right near fort Mifflin. Yet the gearing family murders there was eight people murdered with the next one actually seven with the next one of them with a hammer this is one of those so Lizzie Borden type murders but we haven't heard too much about this sense when you don't know much about and it's probably one of the most gruesome. And GT AG Jordan. Lyons wrote a book about the about the events he's an expert on it and we'll go learn all about that. Are so we're gonna take quick break and we come back more which is you know the elicited just yeah. The show it's beyond reality rated Jason GB again the phone number 8446877669. If you waiting on hold people may be patient we'll get your calls assumes weekend. We're talking with JC nova tonight GC is an astrologer her website at least one of them is Astra chicks dot com. And you can visit that in any point in JC give us a sense of what the website is because it's when I went there I realized it was something completely given the morning thought it was going to be. I think that's surprising lot to say ostrich X com it's where the stars collide so it's entertainment news with a cosmic twist. We do astrology predictions psychic predictions. So it can be anywhere from reality star's tunes music stars team politics. And also we do horoscope predictions based on your sales ex. Great let's sum let's continue to go to the phone lines here we have a lot to talk about we have a lot of callers as well this is Chris from South Carolina. He Chris welcome to be unreal you rate of return on. Are out wrecked her sorry that. Dessert a snow. Day what are sure. She's. Or Paris well yeah she. 121068. Paint. It's just a moment sentence Harry yes. Well one wrist unsanitary yes so the last two years Saturn wasn't such as curious which. And Margaret restrict its time on a lot of lessons learned. At least things happening on a personal level with Stanley work. The good news is is that com that energy use is moving out and I see that you have moon and the downs so that tells me that your. You you can't have a great smile big smile on your face your son to be around you can be upbeat have a great personality. Had a great sense of humor you like it summons having a party. You're the guy they're inviting to get everybody got it does it really Superfund deer out. And I'm in relationships. You're practical guy and yet Venus and capped a corner and you're down to earth you can people's sides of the situation and you don't like to be controlled. YouTube kind of like to take charge that the situation but I would say eight at your hair. I'm. Mars and the bird tells me you're also very thick. Is it true. Don't forget things nearly lifeless and a little correction there she doughnuts and we shouldn't be talking about Greg. Hatred thanks so much for the call we appreciate you calling him let's go to mark in Kansas up Markey Iran beyond reality radio. Good morning to all of being and thank you so very much for taking my ball and go. Moreover. What do listening to get a bit. As this kind of get Shane. It is. Now it would not not call it but tonight I spoke with your screen granderson did it because it. Cuts and changes my. First status. Of December. Nineteen European time on your first impressions. She gets trapped at eight and two. What lines I'm. And you sit it was December 19 is that right. Okay. Fifteenth sorry. Sears secretaries also in the stairs in the house. So I'm as I mentioned earlier with the caller. You're just went to Saturn and secretariat which can be. To India difficult period but at the same time it's a liberating. Time. You get to kind of figure out what's important here what's not important Q. Yeah man in some nice in the communication. Is really important. And being sold. Shall. And I think from an emotional perspective have you had some family relationship issues that have been a little bit difficult for you lately. There. Okay hearing here. Okay well the good news is is because your happiness and scorpio Jupiter. Is in scorpio starting in October so you'll start to feel that intense energy. Start to list. And things are gonna start getting a lot lighter for you because in general said Terry says are very free spirited third truth seekers. Yeah yeah have a sense of adventure you're very honest and straightforward. And sell looks like October for things to start getting a lot lighter in your family relationships. Yeah. All right thanks mark for calling in from Kansas cl let's go to Jodi in Colorado Jody you're on his JC. I've been on the boat I want. Everybody the good will not your on the and it's what's undermines. I art and Aaron and tied it. For her but she's one a basic blue book reading of your astrology after that. OK number include. Okay so what's your birthday your birthday in the year that you're born. Court and one. OK so April 21 nineteen day just a moment. So. President say with previous caller the last couple of years have been challenging. For quite a few people and the energy starting to let's stop you also have men and yemenite like a lot last color. So communication. Is really important CEO. And you have seen as some high seas so you're very loving and giving with family and friends. And maybe sometimes you might feel like you give too much. Or that you're not appreciated. But actually you really are and sometimes the people around you aren't able to express. How important you are to them in their lives and how they couldn't. Couldn't do without champ. Two parent is gonna. Is it true. Well not a student I haven't Betancourt. And okay. Sent the good news is to present scorpion coming in October that's gonna try your Dina so what that means is from a relationship perspectives from creativity it's really gonna open doors Ryo is an idea very positive time where you select everything's coming together Oreo you feel like your license on the right path you have good family good friends. And I would really encourage you to take advantage of opportunities. Also IC. I really. Special vacation coming up for you next year. Jodi thanks so much for the call let's continue with the callers here this is Lindy. From North Carolina Linda you're on the JC. Hey. Andy. I don't really know anything about that I had to explain everything when he. Can you give me your birthday and the year you report. At LAPD lab at. Okay 12126070. Years such serious. Lots of sex is tonight Mary serious sin. And one and sent to learn more and expand. Expand your horizons. I am as I mentioned earlier in the call the last two years saturns in and sat and sat just like free spirited. Happy go lucky and I'm bending saturn's. Definitely put may be a little bit of a damper on on how you like to live your life at the good news is is that. That's passed yet men in an area so that tells me that you're very outspoken and you're not afraid to speak your mind. Gone are very that in oriented. Is that true. Right are. Yeah laughs so you happiness and scorpio coming up and that's. How innocence. Or at what you'll. So dean using your astrological chart is how you love it's your relationships it's how you might yet I love relationship with gambling and you have Venus scorpio so that tells me very passionate. You're in tents is a little bit of mystery. You can be a little bit jealous and possessive with those that you love you very protect. And Jupiter and scorpio is happening in October so will from a club perspective in a Sammy perspective. It's a very fortunate time for you so it's it's going to be a very very happy times a year so a lot. I thank god my I've been Adam. Adam amber. Sit tender. What's the they need not he's not man out well interest. I like hears people aren't you. Okay how fun. Because he's a Virgo. He's probably. Less passionate any ill but he's also very down to earth is someone you can count on. Someone it's always there for you when you need them he hasn't and scorpio so he has a zone emotional intensity you guys aren't getting along runnin' utes ago lost in his man cave and figure out how he's feeling before he comes back and and works things out with you I see they used to have a very strong love connection that's very emotional very deep and passionate. And I feel like you guys certainly Exel made so it's a really good relationship that you two have together. But there are OK and I. Wendy thank on thank you so much for your call we have to move on here we appreciate you calling from North Carolina this is Paul from Missouri Paul you're on with. Hum our guest tonight and back. We don't JC. I got hurt I Bissau watering our basic reading night. A bar in August 27. Now I want. Okay August 2791. So you are at Brcko as well. Send to Sweden. Boom and take a look so Turco this kind of bird on a burger COL. Com your role. In this world is to be of service to others she'd like to help others you're very hard working. Down to earth practical. You've got men and high seas. So it also gives you a very deep emotional sensitive side you're very caring very supportive of your family and friends. I'm very intuitive have you ever felt like here people tell you I'll pass your psychic. 'cause you know that pop. I'm. Not certain area I don't know I have. Yes he and. Yeah. You have the ability so I would encourage you to open up your intuition and really try to cents a situation now. On how you're feeling. On how Venus and Mars and turn out so that tells me when it's in junked you're very charismatic guy you can bring people together. And I really feel like. Are you thinking about have you thought about owning your own starting something on your own low. What. Have you have a hot about starting your own business have you been thinking about that something you might wanna deal Annan. Yes actually has not thought of mine in the packed you know mapping. Particular yes there would be nice to have mounted. Yeah I would really encourage you to really think about out on something that you would like to do that where you could be of service to others that could peak a running a restaurant that could be a construction business like could be any type of business that you feel passionate about and I think that if you start putting effort towards it in 2018 you'd actually be very successful audit and it's something that you could perhaps for the rest of your life and support yourself and your family much at. Thanks for calling Paul we appreciate the call I thought Paul turned into a well where an anti terror attack into we've had calls like that before let's try to squeeze one more and we just have a couple minutes here. This is an out from California and a welcome to the show. Tying Obama to another player on I look into shallow and armed I want it and they were. What can start for me in rural necks here and boom went commitments. Sir and a what's your birthday and what year reborn. I'm June 13 1980. June 13 1980. Okay so you're born under the sign the seven time. And seven eyes the sign it's under the sun at the crew. People that are created also good communicators. And usually. How are really good talent with writing. And looking at your new sign you have mentioned and I as well so once again that reinforces. Your desire to communicate with others. You'd be crazy and other social situation and your release funds to be around it the grace and humor. Also have Venus and Sam and I so that would tell me you probably get bored and relationships really easy c.'s meet someone in your life that six inch Singaporean. I won't. Okay. So how do you ever thought about doing something like end and broadcasting our lines via professional writer because you have when I'm looking at your charges looking at right now you you're very talented person. I have not. Something when I went to rule out the school but I never part of actually doing it I'm. In their lives I know my dad's an editor and he mentioned about me being anything like that never actually put any any kind of job. Well the good news is is because we have a solar eclipse yesterday com because it's in Leo it's about time the opportunity. And opening doors and I agree with your dad that you have a natural ability and the talent that and I would really encourage you to explore it over the next year and I think that she'd be really surprised. On how how quickly you would because be successful and it's so I would say take advantage of that top tier dads he went Dorsey can open for you and really go after that. Eighteen and a thank you so much for your call we appreciate the call from California we're not gonna get everybody's call senator I'm sorry if you're waiting on hold for a long time but we will. Have Jaycee back on the program at some point but before we let you go. Let people know where they can find out more about your work what you do and also just tell us give us a few seconds about the upcoming book that you've that you're working out. Okay well if you can find me at my website Astor checks that come where the stars collide. And if you want to reach out singing you can reach me at JC JC why ad Astra checks dot com and currently I'm writing a cult deaths deaths by misadventure. Which is basically I'm taking a look at the supernatural look at 33 rock stars and their death and paranormal mystery behind it. And it's gonna be really fascinating blah Chris Cornell the and that mainstay we 827. Club that there also be a lot of other rock stars in there that. Had some really amazing license some really interesting situations on. On and on how they tragically died in the typical becoming out in December. And not to put you on the spot but we just passed the fortieth anniversary of Elvis Presley's death is that one that you took a look at. Yes for Al this is going to be and that as well. You know those that's that is pretty an interest in two I realize it's been forty years and see past Goodman 82 this year that's kind of interesting to. But anyway DC thanks so much for being on we didn't get to everything we wanted to talk about we didn't get to all the phone calls from we're gonna have to have you back. Well I would love to come back thank you so much and remember Mercury's retrograde right now goes direct September threats that don't sign any contracts until after September 10. All right thank aegis you have agreement we'll talk T ensued. Or rightist beyond reality radio Jason and Jay-Z don't go away we're gonna come back and wrap things up just. Steve Moore moved to -- murder or whatever was wild and crazy guy DL are there any relief well and crazy and you release a whole comedy album back I think it was in the seventies or whatever in this part of the routine he does he talks about the CLU which are signed up you know on my minus feces in the you know you know that joke yeah that's a great joke I was gonna put it in Chad put. Jason says he's feces and I don't think they get you but it's yet. Remembered that Joseph and stuff especially if they just randomly throw that women aged guy that is taking place rock of Bebe. John Douglas suggests you know both for coming on hang out of this tonight and to a bunch or readings for everybody sorry didn't get to everybody skulls but never to me a psychics I don't know I mean the the phone line to ring off the results the phones yes so emaciated tune in tomorrow we're going to be talking with Matt swinging. And currently works as and science and research writer for Penn states are beginning to Abacha as supernatural stuff with them and then Thursday were talking with G Jordan lions about the during failing massacre. And Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which is one he'd definitely wanna you wanna hear. About so and sort traumatize envy you wanna hear about. It's very fascinating special fear of fear there's lot of people that are kind of fans are interested in. Victorian era crime in this is kind of rate rate in that category. Again if you haven't yet had over a FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page then had to be on really you radio dot com where you can download triage on an injury adapt or find and you decrease stations we air on across the country. Everybody have a great night's Jason GG beyond reality radio okay tomorrow. It's. Just. It's. To stop playing released HQ this is lying and saying hello it's me on really reading in me worrying. If you're not information you want to follow along or you like to be in Gaston beyond reality revealing emails to swing any. That's swinging any EDD one at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.