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Writing for horror and the haunts of Kansas City

Sep 1, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome horror author James Brown III who talks about his recent books - The Gladds, and The Gladds Part 2. Later in the show, Apex Paranormal members Elijah Buchholz & Ed Lowder join the program and talk about their investigations and the haunted places in Kansas City, MO. 9/1/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. On the West Coast Friday and the skills many are stuck in between welcome to be on really you review of my self Jason Hawes meal is awesome GB Johnson. So it appears that the worst is over at least so what's falling from the sky and now. In Texas but man it's gonna take a long time for those folks to see any sense of normalcy. Other twelve clean up and and just the floodwaters receding it's gonna take a long time. Even beyond Matt. Has he seen the new storm yeah I know and category three storm on motto that says gaining even more and more strain sits heading right now towards. The Leeward Islands and Puerto Rico. And this thing is it's going to be devastating and you just gotta. Keep your fingers crossed just prayed that it doesn't follow that that passive at the end up hitting Texas or or Louisiana again. Yeah I mean these things are so fickle it's really hard to tell my good a whole bunch different model also prudent predicting different things some we can only hope. That they get spared anybody gets spared if it's you know of another major storm. Our hearts do Alter everybody else there dealing with this in Texas Louisiana and and I know a lot of people amendment and then doing out a lot of things try to help out. And it's just just wonderful to see everybody coming together like that. And it just means everything in the people out there are so resilient as well and in there that they're just doing everything they can about each other and I think that means everything. I think it does to a hate hate that it takes us as a disaster or tragedy of such proportions to make people come together but I think you know. We've been divided in this country are quite a time and at least but this is making people realize what's important. But with that and I don't wanna get political by any means but like we said before you know it's all the people in Texas they don't care if somebody has a different belief system more. Aura and different political party as they're helping out each other but then you get these news companies that are sitting there trying to create. Chaos again with on the president didn't do this he didn't do that didn't. And it's just ridiculous it's like come on in let's just worry about the people out there yeah and not you know if somebody made enough of a point while there while they're doing an interview just ridiculous and worry about the people don't try to turn around to. Two more of a political. Three more political drama. And it's absolutely right and that's what they do and that's what to you know that's what this is kind of shameful but anyway welcome to the show everybody it is great to have you got kind of a split showed a net gonna have a couple of a different gas in different hours could become a cool. Yet we're gonna talk with James brown and the suffered a blow everything from hormone these town has books and everything else yeah he's written some books that of getting meeting a lot of great reviews. Called the glad it's part one impart to. We're gonna talk about his influences he's a very big horror movie in a paranormal fan and he wants to talk about the whore running process and what it takes to be an author in today's day and age is completely different just like everything's completely different and kind of year it's completely different than it was ten years ago. I'll im just ridiculous and second hour in me talking with the guys over at apex turn normal an organization out of Kansas City the specializes in caramel investigations. And it's a made up of licensed mental health professionals that permit work skills and experiences into the world paranormal investigation so I think it's highly important they make the ghosts lie and a couch and then ask them questions is that how this works well only Hannah Leah said over 80% of all claims can be disproved so you actually wanna have the client where America. Another country or things are really care tomorrow what's surely going to thanks a lot more incidents actually it still aren't the story you brought up last week about the mystery object in right and the other thing the thing was in the you know in the wanted to him it's been removed only candidate out there yeah Andrea and I took out. Ton of people and it was ridiculous but I. The puzzling medal starfish in bed in the stands Rhode Island beach has been unearth that but it's removals actually done little to solve the mystery surrounding an odd because they still. They can't figure out what it what it's from and why it's there in the first place. In in the breaking some pieces. When their removed of the they're able to get the whole thing out a hundred people around watching as a as it happens Obama 45 minutes remove some heavy machinery. What has said that still trying to figure out what the singers and why it would just appeared. Now if I remember correctly when we are talking about it last week gave him like he. Radio arms that penny came off Phillies Lennar. Like a tripod or all of similar to like a tripod if you think about it beautiful legs extended mountain and so for a photo and arguably an analyst. Bill Clinton big metal surface Shia. You know albeit a sincere that you figure word came from in those things don't float around it's not like you just floated in from somewhere on the ocean and it's exactly but then again for some way to put it there you thought that what a truck drawn some serious attention as well. No announcements ultra zone runner raccoons got a lot of mysteries are actually. Rhode Island senate sells us policy in the country but it's actually you know one of the straight now I don't know I a good friend of mine actually who helps work on skirt con on this names. Preston he had contacted me the other day he's got a pacemaker in his young guy and he had some cardiac issues in the pacemaker. History without foreign. But he was having some problems and I don't know when to ask him but it did the there's a story that's running today that the officials at the FDA are concerned. That. About 450000. Actually 465000. Pacemakers that have been installed in people are. Vulnerable to hacking. I was just because they take the is fair able to get updates. Over why fire at the devices are in an increasingly interconnected. Could get caught fire on the Internet yeah. And they do that so that they can update in the can monitor didn't get real time data if they needed. Other apparently. As we all know cyber security is becoming more and more of a challenge in these devices are now. It's feared anyway that they are of vulnerable to be hacked can you imagine. If somebody. Or somebody who wanted to cause a lot of Havoc in a lot of pain in people's lives got a hold of a code and with the press of a button could basically make 465000. Pacemaker stopped working. Didn't somebody get it and bust centers for something like that mean early early two thousands early 1990s where they did that and they hacked into. I've dialysis machine. Now lean very mean it was a long time ago but I saw somebody hacked into one dialysis machines and New York City and somebody in a passing away but. Well it's very possible and it seems more and more. Likely or these Packers are more more capable. I guess what's going to happen here and if you have a pacemaker you're gonna wanna talk to your health professional find out if you're one of the people that needs to have this done but. I guess you can if you go to your health care provider. They can actually do in a firmware update takes about three minutes and reconfigure the security of the device without taking it out yeah I think it's done all wirelessly. I'll just turn off our automatic updates that fixed rate you do it Erica time zones that are on a windows you're okay. Odds are yet so I think it's pretty easy to fix this thing right now but if you if you have a pacemaker you know wanna check it out because you don't wanna run and I mean even something as simple as just. You know being too close to the wrong Wi-Fi signals they're vulnerable they can they can pick up straight. Signals be affected by that twos so. And nothing's nothing's. Impenetrable these days I mean if somebody can walk up next you wanna barring clone your phone. In get all the information so it's terrifying is that things that they can deal wit with with these things I mean jeez who would have thought that somebody could hack into a pacemaker. Yeah and and and another note here because this movie it which is a remake of Stephen king's novel it the first move to a was the first one out and readers or in the eighty's and ninety's and I think the early 1990s people are saying this thing is unbelievably scary. Wrote it looks it does look creepy you have watched from previous and so forth and it it. Looks in stat I wanna see even though I hate clowns but I will say that one. The original one was more it was a made for TV setting then it was like six hours long equated over course a few days on NBC. And it was great in the guy who put who played in penny wise was it was just anomalous well. This one I don't it's like I Watson previews and import irritates me anything good from some reviews tend to leave me sit there on holy crap. Well. Law enforcement officials are now saying that says as the film release approaches which I guess is gonna be on September 8. They're starting to see and they're anticipating more creepy clown sightings. If you remember. It was about a year ago that there was just this rash of creepy clown sightings all around the world right before Halloween and we can agree to that point again yup and law enforcement are saying. That tell you need to be careful. You know obviously. Don't overreact we were always worried about somebody being you know born a prank reasonably good clown coming out of the woods being shot. And happened to happen to if you we did a story on that last year or somebody shot. Somebody shot a clump. So be aware that might be happening again it was last year tennis feet away below this movie coming out. And looks like it might start happening and who knows I mean this could be part of a publicity stunt to Armenian Evernote that. I think one way to protect yourself is if you see a clown just just plummet just. Beat that only have gotten an a and protect yourself for your family and everybody else I'll definitely a smile on your face you've gotten issue or. Only goodness aren't known I don't I don't regret don't tell the joke that was a joke around and one more thing I wanna bring up just as it was a weird news today in the near daily news is reporting that a man was arrested. In Bryant Park. In New York he was biting off the heads of pigeons in drinking their bloody claims to be a vampire. Well I don't care what he claims to be that's just disgusting even his name is Daniel van treaties facing and we animal quote cruelty charges for killing. Pigeons near midtown Manhattan's Brian park about 230 in the afternoon yesterday. He's a homeless man. Witnesses saw him ripping the head off pigeons standing in in their in the fountain in the middle of the park in drinking the birds blood. He related thousand. And I don't know what his many chances and that's often Batasuna solo was so witness called on 911. And when the police arrive this guy he's 32 years old and left the park but they caught up tumor short time later. And arrested him and now he's Ngo. Well I think you and he hit his interest to be there probably deserves to be and in some sort of institutions. Yeah I think that's probably where he's found that's crazy. Are right so let's take a quick break if you haven't Emmy should head over to FaceBook dot com slash B on reality radio went to FaceBook page. And had to be on reality radio dot com we can find great stations we are on all across the country right there on the site. Can also download the free iPhone and android app. To Los Angeles and line catch past shows and so also enjoying the online chat. Or lesser from the website just by clicking the listen live tab and connected to in the online chat or javy myself and it just a great unity people dying out and. I'd say something about the Chad minister Ganassi apex or internal guys have invaded the Chad and they are causing quite a stir in their so if you've ever wanted to get in he was going on the Chad now's a good night to do it. Because he's anti tax cutter guys Iraq in an open. Now can marry so we're gonna take quick break more coming elicited Jason. Okay game to date is approaching and it's time to make your plans to attends Gary Condit in October. It dates are October 6 through the aced the places turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place and this is. A great match if you like to hang out of your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars could secure content is pleased to it. They're all fair and orderly hanging out enjoying their fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection of Sanders panel discussions and film premieres. You can't find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit. Dot com that spirit kind. Today scary time. I'd come visit. The website today use promo code DER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. An admission of troubled companies DRR. It's beyond reality radio and scared. Nissan employs some and I think the boys of summer all inland. It's so. Who'll appear in the northeast and her best but we immediately hit 82 Tuesday in Rhode Island yen it was it was sunny a little bit warmer today but it's been really chilly it's gonna get him down in the thirty's the next couple nights uh oh you like 38 paragraphs I mean it's it's an artist while it's sexist September 1 now but still mean being born and even you should we should have another month of decent weather but. And having you listen we've got James Brown coming up on it after I and Chris yet not that what is this is the author James Brown we're going to be talking about. His books. How why he writes about or why he loves a good horror story white people I should read his books wipe creep people enjoy reading more and so a lot more ribeiro but that stuff. And then not later in the program we've got the apex kernel guys coming on. Yeah and just make sure you remember out tomorrow every Friday is a best of beyond reality radio so he can make sheet tune and it's always so one of the shows from during the week. And the next week we've got a great bunch of shows as well also it just makes admission to an end and don't forget the. Telephone number will be taking calls later in the program for our guests 446877669. I next week in the schedules a little weird because we've got Labor Day on Monday we'll have a best stuff program on Labor Day Tuesday night. It'll be Tuesday slash Wednesday morning will be bringing Spencer Lee and he is a BBC radio host he's been doing their very popular. Music program on the BBC radio since 1985 he's interviewed some of the most amazing musicians. He's got some great stories tell we originally bringing him on to talk about the fortieth anniversary of elvis' death Javed. We kind of guide there's push back a little bit so we took the opportunity to talk about a lot more Nestle bring a Marmol talk about Elvis talk about The Beatles want to really cool stuff as a relates to pop culture. So we're talking about about a month ago where the warrants are warm brokers were being sued for us during 900 million and I guess I judged just okay that this lawsuit is to go for a while. So I guess according to information as this gentleman who's who sewing them all. Claims that he was given in in writing and everything else. He was given the rights all these older and their stories that especially the ones with the conjuring everything else I know we had a injury apparently good friend of ours and and our families the one that the in the movie country was based on. And I know she is she's actually commented on this and but it's going to be interest to see with a single it's meant because it's it's opening up huge can't warms. I did in so many different ways are absolutely right and it will be generous in CO goes and that's a huge dollar amounts so you think that at some point the probably end up settling for probably a lot less than that but is still be painful. And also got to rewrite the rules that. On the weird thing is with that also a lot of things are coming out saying all their drama there there's stating this is real there's no no evidence and it's not real this is made up so a lot of weird things coming out skimming extinct seat. All the things that come out on this. But and Harris we're gonna take a quick break when we come back will be joined with our guest James Brown the third usage is an NGV and Dioner military build America. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality radio web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. I'll know Ariel and radio phone numbers speak for 46877669. That's the listener line if you like to be a part of our discussion at some point did you get really good news actually I was talking with slick Eddie a little bit earlier. And you know you know how the president and CEO of Kraft coast trying to come on the program yet that they've got a few dates are trying to work out what went it's gonna happen but it sounds like we're gonna get a Mon and he's gonna talk a little bit about the company. The projects they're working on the products they didn't make it in some good ideas and imagine what Jones didn't mania right now I mean. The craft goes like cutting edged Terry Arctic air force they are on the forefront of these ideas here for Sharon Holman bombing can mean what I thought yeah I mean in the home business for the per year for your wife when I mean it's a great idea I know. Yes thoughts on the other ones they had guys in ala. Learn to putt really cool program that one he had asked the it was flawed but I whatever faith you know then all these apply this through these great ones via their hands. In the the thumper umbrella to umbrella sombrero and that's right umbrella you could. You know the home surgery kit home surgery K yeah I was a little bit on him then that has been somewhat on some great stuff. All right let's say it's time to bring our first guest of the evening by the way the apex paranormal group will be joining us in the second hour of the program but tonight right now we're talking with James Brown James is a friend. Actually met James at a horror convention James welcome to be unreal he radius great to have you on the show tonight. Craig I think everybody has going thanks Emma. So the one thing I do know about two games other than you've written some books here that we're gonna talk about is that you have a real love for horror. Tell us how you develop that fascination and love for horror and how it affects the things do. How about probably five or six house really known or wherever or all. And that one just sold me ever since then hours are just been hooked. In truth a lot of the older ones nightmare on street trees are right at their team in Korea issued Leo we met JB at the curb our mail should reunion. Yeah I have to ask you when you say the older ones like a nightmare on elm street that to me that's that's 300 older one but. When you sit Halloween you talking about the 19781. Here at the American civic yet. OK so I'm. Re so I actually had in the right here. At the for the about the about these books and it was the last stands of the first primary she and I had a before in the past series harms which different story. This what stuck out. You know I heard most of these rights are what you can put them paper and that's what happened. This your first book trick yes their first to market and tolerant and one of the title site Illinois senator earlier but it. Did the glass part Warren and that's part you can't tell us little bit about what these stories are about. So be served recently due to altered. Morality tale release its it feels a lot with corruption. And eat food to judge corruption in the crook of money it for corruption but what is the close knit and we. Very what do you feel weak they get torn apart by treachery. In the tragedy and that is it's marred in controversy. Come to find out. The parents are killed in the car accident by a drunk driver gets off easy in court. Well and to kids that are remaining in the tribal or the way the court didn't work out there are stuck with is OK we lost our parents our parents were lives what do we do now we tried to try to do the right weight it didn't work. We just sit on this lead ago or to reduce them and. As you were writing these stories. You said actually the last part of that came unit dream as a creditor list out correctly. Yeah you do is just dreaming. Become an important part of the writing process and does a lot of this come to you while you sleep. Problem you know gifts. Through these books it's only debt one portion that it. And Democrats are writing it I didn't have any of the dreamed about. But I would have I would know not analysts who don't have to eat greens are slick but as far as the actual. Like a nightmare that was only when it had went in regards these books. Anybody style that you might compare your work to. Are real like Stephen King I really like the way he sets up his books in the way he structures everything I try to pattern. And I mean obviously he's right it's in front I don't know if he's the most successful author of all time or he certainly the most successful world offer multi languages that I believe the personal holds the highest amount of books oversold is actually good from our start. As a whole year olds healed the record by. It when it comes down to hoard things of course adult or Stephen King is you can't touch him. Yeah that's right it's pretty amazing I would imagine that some of those books that you've probably read all of them which of Stephen king's works on your favorites. My favorite was pet cemetery are really elect our Lola I like to shiny. The need to warns that it really didn't lose the movies are ones are real artistic Sri EP three months ago. I never really got to talking about earlier in the in the show about new. But so what are you as excited for that. Home yet I am it's sort of mixed feelings and I think it remains. I remember the original one which was of course made for TV so but it's like when I see the trailers in the previous four some of the some of the trailer some of the previews have me in at really the piqued my interest. Some of the other ones just annoying Meehan Bob event and the hell out of Seoul CO goes. Yeah I feel exactly where and I went out and postal worker. Yeah I'll tell you James I'm always open for good hormones in a two I have to be honest I haven't seen many good ones recently so every time something like this comes on people. In a report it's scary and not everybody says that that some of the earlier reports in this film I get excited because I like it works. Your movie but you're right there as early than many good or Miami we've had horrible things Beijing and started but some delight to an adult creation or. Like three mile an army either in particular mommy which is a horrible movie is it's just it's and a horrible mama movies. And I think the reason for the instance these stories behind it are just they're flat now. Did they don't really have anything to them. And all remakes are rushed through what did you see ya. So arguably my idea but these books are cute and blue priests because it's excellent historical harmony in the they turn into the slash around -- slash or are there are pretty comical or all the best warned that jokes about Halloween tree at thirteen that. So. But don't the mood to put on now artists so Hollywood and just forced. Why and I think you you actually. Hit the nail on the head the ideas are lacking of it's easy for Hollywood say hey let's make a remake this movie zero to really write anything new they don't have to grow up with a new idea they just takes on the man has some. Recognition to it already and death throw some CGI in and they think they've done their job and sadly that's not the kind of entertainment that we like this stuff actually go to. Even beyond that it's more of just the is that shock factor that's that's all movies aren't the these east as you're always waiting for something to jump out. And scare you. Instead of there are really being more important. Just nice story line that leads up to something it's always that right somebody's gonna jump bounced Jeremy and you know what's gonna happen. Right. So James as you go to the processor operating these two books you must have. It's learned pretty quickly how to deal with the new realities of being an author and are you self publish stirred ha. Does that get us so public silk. That was it was a challenge socialite ended up when I finished the first I wanted to go to to the publishing route right sluggish and he pew results from magazines and looking out again to get published and should I just was hitting dated her dating and I found a whips are argued YouTube video comparing. Self publishing persist in publishing and the video was saying that. Self publishing her source integral changer and she toured it could cancel or -- the city in the same thing with self publishing it's just that there's more that worked on. But it's you know cheaper to do it you get a little bit more than money yourself so. WR Gordon tries last hurdle him do different sites don't create space in arts the first book came out. Two years ago wrestle with thousand copies are for sheer and that was just through. No word Melton walking into every bookstore could around here. Just all the footwork and the American do but it's a challenge but it's its current it was it's more rewarding to me. Because it's something that I put all my effort into as opposed to an it and that's the way that I wrote that was an. Change door you know. Watered down by an editor anyway. Nice so. Kind of via look at advice do you have for young authors that are looking to do something similar how would you recommend they get started. You know. It's gonna sound very simple but it's just to get started just get just put it down like what I did was our mail order or trying jobs I would give up either early. Before work or after work and I were righter that I have my downstairs is cause a term or that went in for an hour. Every day no matter what and in my phone and don't trash about the X and I wrote in Sunday's August or computer happened. Or for literally two words of the days it is slow but it was just getting in the habit of doing it every single day and I think a lot of people especially nowadays look at a produced product will book and say OK that's a lot to write bush. If you break it down to the letter in the word in the sentence paragraph it's not that much. It's just snubbed when you know day by day word byword Nixon you know yellow book written. And there are good friend of mine Joseph difficult actually said that no matter what you are puts time aside to actually write are soaring to take a quick break him more to come to listen to Jason JV guiana island. That it's beyond reality radio astronomers say four forward 6877669. Our guest this hour is has been James Brown he's got a couple books out. James X I gonna ask you are both books out currently. Yes they are okay so it's the clouds part one and the Glenz part two when they're both available now and now we're at about five minutes left here and wanted to get your take on. The state of the horror. Entertainment industry whether it's books or whether it's films or whether it's TV and it is a lot more or TV than their every used to be ready think wearing me in golden age of horror or which what are your thoughts on the. I think that. There's been a lot of good stuff out and starting all seen exactly see you know it's it's it's. The ideas are slightly that are lacking a little bit jumps there are still somewhat. The two which tomorrow last year are on. The conjuring James wasn't in the good job and aura that. For the most part it always is copycats. On original. No story. I don't know real meat materials through it and it's just a bunch of quick stuff for money for jump scares sounds. Eternal TG. That it that it doesn't try to throw that out there had been emotional and one of the first reception been like a thousand balanced on the same things so. Now you've gotta I gotta look at this is success of like American horror story and even the Walking Dead which I don't consider horror really but yet to look at that we have to say while I we haven't seen a time when. So much television was occupied by what we might consider to be horror type programming. An issue I do believe that horror TV is doing. Or movies are kind of up and down or TV at its deadly work based hotel. Was really good job of Buehrle was it Walking Dead doing it which are published or Russell either put it it's got the poorest of the zombie has taken so. But and they're brought back their broad access to TV now thinks screamed is on MTV. In season two there's a few things out because it's Kim big yet he comes to. No one we are talking one when it when we met you'd mentioned that you were going down the path of becoming an inspirational speakers that's still on track. Yes actually it is open my own company. Other Motley have to call a retrospective. In its motivational speaking at right coach and the reason why when it is that way because we're our program. I. That I think everywhere should find out what their gift next to discuss the weeks of life to never find any way to do that is by attempting some. The ones who attempts and finished something and say OK I did that that was not the bed what else can I do now. And then find out which really love what do you just on the show because our dorm which which look I enjoy doing. But most people are doing jobs and things they don't fully enjoy. Which to me that owner stand. They should definitely connect with Boston and a party from Michaud ghost hunters ghost as international currencies. He's a speaker as well and he gets are kind of motivational speaker and he's he's costly doing so it definitely some needed just talking on the and also episode James. Does work and people get a hold of the books. OK I loved it included the glad dot com. THE GO eight DG NS dot com. And it goes right to Amazon went to click the link also would trailer we've put together trailer for the second book. So. We have what he had in the works. So I'm actually working and I animal operational. In next mark where you're actually that's a barrel on the title is still. In the year but I've got the ball pretty much written it's just foreign to me a bit and then I'll go back to. Park part three of the glad series were to wrap up the series. Terrific Kate we really appreciate you joining us chatting about two the state of the horror business pusher books all that stuff and great avenue on. Are you currently have a great night. So I putted very thanks to incest and a very interesting that this is really unknown to me that the name of his company is apex perspectives. I notice about three or one and only fifty shots and that is really mount an Ono its total different talk about synchronicity is because only come back to the break here rule bringing her guests for the next hour in which is apex paranormal to Kansas City. It is funny I think that's really really funny. We talk among some paranormal investigation and also in getting into the psyche of the client. I think that's the most important thing and that's what a lot of people don't realize is. Really won't win taps only go on and we investigate it's more trying to understand the people that were talking with connecting with. And see what's going through their mind what's happening in their house. How extremely interact together because a lot of times you console 90% of you paranormal issues and then it really had nothing do paranormal just by getting involved in that. And watching how they connect and relate. Phone numbers 8446877669. In total free at 8446877669. If you haven't yet machine head over to FaceBook dot com. Slash beyond reality radio. With the FaceBook page then head over beyond reality radio dot com you can download the free iPhone and android app right there was listen live catch past shows. And also during the online chat ridiculous or from one such is quick to listen live or find any secrecy swearing across the country. Rates are on the website sensationalist. I'm if you do download the show do us a favor and just read it for us it's being ten downloaded tens of thousands of time today and we greatly appreciate that. But if you read it force it helps push it forward makes it easier for more more people find so do assess favor are sort of take a quick break more common listening jeetz. JD beyond really. It's Thursday on the West Coast Friday on the East Coast many are stuck in between welcomed the honor really revealed myself Jason Hosni always awesome GV Johnson so I'm still reeling from the fact that her first guest. James Brown author of the lads and the clintons part two has an inspirational speaking company called apex perspectives. And our next guests. Have a paranormal group called apex paranormal and we are not playing better maintenance and basically gave me this weekend has little something honestly I would highly delta sleep can actually put that in Tareq and I was able to get worked tirelessly don't you were wrong but I don't think he put that together. I'm excited you know I figured it was right what was that other it's time we. We're interviewing somebody bug JFK or whatever and it was like on the universe we even now I know it's hereditary was on the anniversary of silence thing it wasn't the desperation of sues her birthday that's exactly right yep yep that's one of the odds we have slick is late at night. You click it or congratulations. To those toys or an idea that isn't it. Even a broken clock is right twice today so that's credit for is good for slate so any well welcome to the program but it's pretty ever ready along like we said we'll bring apex kernel and just a few moments. If you wanna get in on the discussion with us it's 8446877669. Tomorrow night is a best of Monday's night slash Tuesday morning as a best because it's Labor Day and Tuesday we have Spencer leak coming in to talk about pop culture music specifically. To me a great show great week so emaciated and and yes I know everybody. You know is winding down the Labor Day and be gated little bit of time to him to enjoy you book is traditionally considered the end of summer even though I Felix summer ended two weeks ago has been so cold but I. So ready to move south South Carolina Erica time within and we would talk about this for years Soviet acerbic planet and we can put put a nice studio down there have the beyond reality radio compound it's going to be really funny if we don't take her wife's. So well. All right so let's see modest let's bring me a springer guests in apex caramel we're talking tonight wins. Well legible colts and Ed louder guys welcome to the program is great to have you on beyond reality radio. Guys were excited to be here. Comics are coming out employment should be mixing our yet and thanks for stern chat by the way you guys that are gonna really also fired up in there. Absolutely. We're Evernote blacklisting. Them I agree conversation going on. BS and before we get into the discussion I'll remind everyone the website free picks kernel is the apex paranormal online dot com I think it got that right guys rate. Yeah absolutely OK so I don't know who you who should answer this question first but what is in somebody tell us how the group got started. If you wanna take that on well OK yeah com. Well I hear that we all worked kind of in the same hospital that one time. In Kansas City we're all out in city. Ironically. Jason I watched your show a lot. And yes and no we saw it saw the belt law. An episode. There were like what sixteen minutes away from us so much grams recorder and go down there walked her around and what we can do. And it was just this first are going have a live in doing that and so a little ridiculous grow. In the hearing asking questions and I think that's you know arm didn't catch meaty piece where. That it has some good wind you're tired split. Second. Actually the third time we wouldn't. Caught an eighty piece of the first time. And I was like what is this I can't explain what that is I know what can I mean you know what are my French aren't. And so we started. Thinking about. Go and other places. And just assassination that started. And we go like Asia you get a burger period management background next thing you know. We're like let's form a real group. End up by the way next term normal about the idea that name. Came from shark week. But the ball laces are resilient little dark week it has but it so that's that came about state. So you any interstate after Discovery Channel weekend about the pay extra so I had no matter and I will say though bolt of above or wineries the great people there I was actually when my good friends Mickey mantra he's country singer and he was. He was out there about three weeks ago he sends me this random Texas like him at this bar. Own Kansas. Because you know him a bunch of the country singers are saying that is are playing a gig the next day he goes. And I'm sitting down the cast your words from I told him Rhode Island and he said oh my god you know Jason causes of his from the mind. And Mickey have known for years and so me mixing in a Mickey's calling me because he's over there is like now the guys on the places haunted I don't know if I can stay here. So he ended up staying there at a great time but it just wonderful people over there really are. Yeah they are. There's Jason that we we also got art after another place and there are eight entry yes Howard's just aren't. Yet just concluded he had yeah that was the First Act and it goes out ever did and we met and our partner street girls and the car. Out here in town near Beirut person being more formal group courses. Around you know just kind of fart around on elite unit at wandering. Well but a lot of times that's what it starts off as you're going out. As a bunch of friends hanging now. Investigating things just on your own for a good time and it turns into something if if it's done right turns into something annexing you know when taps a started I mean we we started off we Rhode Island paranormal society which is our reps Tom. That's fine but on it was and it was just a bunch of us are we going hang Allen and we created a website and little do we know that for whatever reason we created that web site. Things started going I just crazy we did a little show for independent television in Tokyo and everything exploded. To the point where mixing and all the website were receiving 30000 hit today on an average. And things are just really taking off to the way we did we never expected it to be com what it became but now. It and it taps and we've got to test handling we cover. And it's certain. Wait too soon I don't Thirtysomething countries and and there's just endless group Celtic that network with under the umbrella of the test him and it's just. It's a great organization great bunch of people and and we we all enjoy we love overdoing. That's absolutely right you know right or or definitely not catch Ernie were closed by any means that. You know if you'd asked a couple of years ago would we be talking to Jason NGB on big radio show your lack catch. I am collusion not we want to do you just somebody in it together and and you know adventures and then. Enjoying spending time together and it kind of evolved and who we are today. It's funny because we bought brunch on the program to Laffey view so it actually works out pretty well in the discussion. It's in the one of the things I find interesting in America and trying to get the how this. Adds to your investigations in your analysis but to one of the things you talked about as a you've got mental health professionals on the team. What does that mean in terms of investigating in an analysis. Well so so who all of the members of our team our our licensed professional mental health. Counselors. We call then that'll help heal poor you know ten plus years. And it's really been kind of our units. Answer you guys know that you can spit into the windy my corn kernel group out there. And it's kind of hard you really certain sub par I think the mental health component. To it does art. Part of investigations. You know. We've done. Residential investigation. And Australia 99.9. Percent of the time were able to go in the air and ground debunk. Mostly actually happened and why it's related you mental health staff. That background having been training on how do you. Requests. And I am you know really assess the situation. As. Adam and an incredibly beneficial scorer. You know those types of cases. Well and that's what I was saying two GB each little while ago he is over 80% all click claims can be debug now it's not the people purposely. Trying to mislead you but a lot of times there comes situations where people are misunderstanding things or. There's problematic situations in the house hold whether it's mental health issues whether it's just that family having. Just connection issues and there there's most of the time you're able to figure it out and has nothing to do paranormal. And that's why I think having mental health back and backgrounds and experience is really important is you're able to sit down with a person talk with them watch. Watch how they interact how what Charlie connect with you what Charlie connect with the rest of the family and and how they handle situations in a lot of times that can really. Really help out your diagnosis of what's going on the. Yeah actually got a play are our last presidential aides were involved in. Ambling into the home we we got this week course or go to shrink or how's that. Amu and into the home you know we debunked most clean out Ian any action in that little while back and training and out to ask questions and ascertain that information. We're able to find out at about the time that you know cause that activity starting. The Stanley went through some really. Pops emotional times. So it wasn't that. Take it in they're trying to you know and Arab sign paranormal meaning to and that there are genuinely going through. You know very stressful very tops crying and Mercury have you would call or entity to their environments. East things happening. But they're just normal regular things and ending at an emotional stress it wouldn't be in. You know mute button that they were out at all. Our were talking with a lie Jim who colts and Ed louder from apex paranormal again the website is the apex paranormal online dot com gonna take a quick break. When we come back we'll continue the conversation don't forget you can join us at 8446877669. Also given to questions so feel free gives call. Get in on the conversations Jason GP beyond reality week. Reality radios Jason MTV phone number eight. 4468776699. Tonight we're talking with apex paranormal two of the founding members. Illegible colts an edge louder we're gonna bring them back in a minute before we do that it's gonna fall mines whose girlfriend of the programs is Barry from North Carolina very. How welcome to show we did Yahoo!. Well hello yes so you're right Utah junior yeah. I'm sure you remember it all Obama yeah a BM Laura are you get all broad I want you answered. Well thank you chose I'm worried you yelling your lower end all and already you're here you're here. We were janitors and years ago earlier Jolie that you're well wrote also auto. Are you by yeah sure I'm Wal-Mart. Who who you talk. And identity guy. Well you'll listen. I am I'm Jason yeah I am for more a little. Yeah well Augusta body bar of my daddy were more related it born in 1968. Our graduate Moscow Lackey started. And I'll. He wouldn't be a hundred or more years old this year. And now place your require collateral so far. Don't know. You have them I'm 45. Yes that's that's awesome man and then you're on North Carolina and aren't. You are you out there you will know more national anybody who doubt them tire burst no cure all I know would you you know it's about ball. That Wednesday. At a chapel of golf that I can look changed in 32 why don't imported it gives. End of Pinehurst number two look forward to the wall Imus well course. And how that's where daddy wore to good golf professional and he mannered my mother Alice now here you know they at all. And now he married mother and yeah we're back out. I don't I don't blame him when he gets North Carolina don't go back to Rhode Island EM EJ you know I've been talking about Carolina's for a long time from anywhere in the northeast it's sounds like a pretty attractive and brings every time I had the South Carolina and never wanna go back tomorrow how is Gerri thanks for the call a little bit of a deja Vu moment going on there but we appreciate Conant. Let's bring in our guests again Elijah and had guys we've only got about three minutes left in this segment here but I want to get a sense of who else makes up your team and what kind of skills they bring to the table. What we know low. Our our another. Kind of found render member which would be Shawn Holland. You also look there risk Sean does a lot of credit bureau workers who knows. Murders. Lot of Luxembourg text in your senator email and web site send. We do have. Web site says that see. Watches over trying to help social work PR or trapped art and then. And chairman what is your own worst week ever or bullish and last name the leisure. Allegedly there. Yet. Chair and it is fairly new member trust you surgeries work. So a lot of research Boris what historically based research. Helps as a whole lot because we. Definitely. Read that right in court questioning. You know Woodward junior BP works out very valuable. On the dark lyrical and even here. Now we also immune to. And next buried new for us to do and what a store like three times under investigation Al. So that ball almost make up eighteen and then there's also Mehdi which is a light installer. And cheers in on your best probably not an investigation goes so far so that's also excellent. Okay now when you when you bring a medium into the team because this is something that some groups don't like to do other groups get a lot of value from it. Tom what's your perspective on that and Ambien what type of role does the media play in your investigation. What you need your locks arms with you yet not interest like or we are not workers street. That is the key part that's very thoughtful. And when we're going and looking at. A new location and maybe what were the hotspots might be. We found out that our museum very much helps us. When and locating those and we encoder quickly. Maybe your first couple special group beauty year's B seven. And that's kind of been helpful. Alleged. So you're more using them as good as a Bloodhound LP out initially without. Really giving you any of the background of the information the history of the place. Yes. Has the Turks uninteresting. We're looking at a apparel Bloodhound but yes I am so you expect. Well and I have done the same it's just who I I don't use them on. TV because I can't expect people watching the show. So sir I have that faith and trust him and what that person's saying they see when they can't see it themselves spot. And we get into a little more that we're gonna we're gonna end up taking a quick break here. We come back also touched on that stuff but he'll listen adjacent GBM BI. Really really will be right back after this. Beyond reality rated Jason Hart's team Johnson opponent received 446877669. Tomorrow night is a best of program. Monday night's clash Tuesday morning is another best of because of the holiday. And then Tuesday we bring Spencer Lee in from the BBC you'll be talking about pop culture and musical influences from Iraq and rural area Ara. Then Dick Larson will join us and Wednesday night he's got a background and education union addresses issues of ageless wisdom teachings and meditation. And John Rhodes script on her John Rhodes actually coming in on Thursday to set everything needs talk because I. I don't just look pretty us smile expire for everybody aria if exactly if a fair interface very idea. And tonight we're talking with members of the group apex paranormal from Kansas City co founders Elijah and Ed and guys a I think you both they're now but thanks for joining us and we've got. And about 1520 minutes left to go and a bunch of things still the cover one of the first things I wanted to ask you about. Is sound some of Kansas city's pointed hotspots because on your website you list a whole bunch of them in some pretty cool. Yeah it art in real quick guys talk about I'm great bird. Why actual work to her manager's name. Elementary or the you don't. She's she's pretty scary subsist in Latin name on muted on. Rest impact on heat and forgot muted so holes. Yet and isn't working radio too late gotta be a muted to be heard in how can you forget how they know how did you forget the last Tim Johnson as well as one of the holes in this radio show that's named. You know I insult and about when you get a pattern you know when you're eighty. It's partly to name apparently. Eighties. TV and probably line. Under this remember burger sort of a lot of lack all of them though there are always talk about some Kansas City opponents hotspots. You know in the city is. Agree old store and own. Around and get some absolutely amazing places we've got three old civil war home or Ian being. Better phenomenal to double L all areas that we want our favorite. We actually. Aren't aren't murder will be actually spend the majority of art I'm to edit in the Indian town called Angel very. And we've got a new heiress product here called beating sooner sometimes call on Italy. And how does incredible sort of built the mid eighteen hundreds. Or anchor and HO. Eagles the only art I'm near the town Armstrong eighty. And it came down the most tactically whatever and in you know the entire we've been doing this. We will hear in their five minutes and it's all shadow you'll walk down a hallway and and I bowed and her eighteen million. I wanna go home. It was us. The amount of outwards. In your face activity that we experience of this place. And here's you know so little time and I do think that we do that's sort of traumatized thing that I hit. You know act fair enough and my goodness dusty I measure it nothing Obama. And help my solo. Notes. Overheard shocking first five minutes and root for street or ever ever investigate. Other places in St. Joe. To wire to mention. And also. Of course psychiatric. An and those are also very unique places and and we've been normal times. Rockets forward from Atchison Kansas also. Sell out. So me. Don't assume there was some places Guerrero. Well we I was lucky enough to spend some serious time down at the Helms and that was that was just an apple location down that way as well that would. Well all the activity that goes on to that whole hotel and or just about systems at downstairs at to have all the experiences and as well and it's it's an amazing location. I don't hotels beautiful you know one of the things that pick and speak our whole group. You know we're really love about it. It is not only did ghost girl stuff off by you know you you to be doing investigations. This could be mainly historical locations that are looked beautiful. In their history and beat some weird. I'm you know these stories took place. It is probably one. You know about arc arc. Well and I and that's sort of that's one of them my most favorite sayings that is the history of some of these locations it's like fort Mifflin. In Pennsylvania and to find out that you're standing in the same place that. That held off the British while George Washington made at the valley forge and a one point these guys are taking Camden every every six seconds. It's amazing because you're standing in this in this location so I get it I'm on the huge history buffs. Yeah under an underlying I think fascination I thought about that halfway through you've been doing the past. Almost three years now and I'm like I would have never gone to exploit what triggers. There's interest of course there's nowhere wouldn't check these places and so it's it's it's great I think it's a great part. Well Coste on in that a lot of people. You know pick for her editor. Our don't pay attention to that's one of the fascination. Go drink. You have an idea of the number of verb maybe a percentage of your cases that or just cases that you do because you're interest and to place. You want to investigate and learn about the place. Verses how many are out Klein calls that people looking for help. You know I would say that the majority of places that we and our best gaining. Armed more places that were assassinated by a you know have a great history and a great reputation being haunted. And and we wanna check them out there and hit it we get those whose personal calls. But most determined and in the investigation. Is it usually resolved well or tips to point needing an investigation. Okay just by woods sitting down interviewing them talking to them. And can't find it to be something else. Yeah yet despite sitting down. Talking to them assessing the situation in. And Alec exit earlier you know a lot of it we're able to figure out. Debunk what's going on or figure out some of that emotional distress or. On the know how I definitely come and play lookalike that earlier. Let's talk about or herbs. Lot of paranormal groups had taken differing opinions of Forbes. I'm pretty sure you know what to our opinion is what your opinion. Well and any of my dope on this one arming you know a year. Our program. And also which you in the same stance governor we let you do so. Well as. We worked it into or meanwhile are. Normal that. You have all the groups out there that will. Kick in and grab. You know techniques and things indeed you are not I'll. Be excited or blurry pictures were. Or or you know apps like there. And I goes radar I use that ones. Are being surrounded like craziest thing. I know I will go to one timer I don't clean and just approve most ridiculous. So. Are there are yeah I and then you know you get a mail in and are dispatched so to speak to help people that are that are really experiencing. Comic I think you can or you know how they're proceeding. In the past he so all that any you know worked in or orders. A thousand different explanations for what they can be and you know we were very take the approach. If any. Possible way of explaining you if there's any doubt throw it out. You know we do investigation we come up with thirty. Possibly EVPs we usually end up with may be two or three. All norms are tough anyways because it can be over everything from moisture in the air to Dustin in a Rome. Two in sex and always in there is a thing. Called the ball lightning all the list all the stuff that that. Yeah it is is an actual warm but it's such a rarity and and people go take a picture and where they might have an orbiter and they are they want all this information off the fact of the matter is a C one pictured has an award Bennett. It's tough because slate reading I'm one page out of a novel and on nothing that led up to it nothing that happened after it I'm just looking at this one thing so can be anything. I think what your experience. Watching a monitor and we have nine air at a and has you on yours you're you know the difference between a plug in dust particles and and things like that I I think a lot of or by year. Also see are you steered energy. And moving quickly maybe from room interim or spot spot true you know. And or like manifestation of energy maybe. We end up on. But we you know we're seeing something and maybe a light source or something like that are larger. A large kind of light we reject that and a great consideration all at one of one. Events like certainly. Are people upset you but. Yeah that's kind of our our chick on on. On the order it be they be different if there was something amending its own law then it's totally different total different aspects in total different outlook comments on. But 99%. Aren't that. It definitely is that there at the Derrick in. It's tough Q. To really make a judgment call on weathered or the needing it on my work is a three collections or you know what exactly is going on. We were seeing in bloom the first Arjun excludes the ball commanding and it looks like getting on I really it's just how. Reflection that over time would come in new better. Those things. So without them there are a lot of people that. Consider starting their own group for doing their own investigations for the first time can give advice to have folks like that. I would say first and foremost but some here insisted you know. Definitely do it. I would throw a little bit of a caution flag he'd be care are you put yourself out to earn market and then. Carrier skilled you don't want there an overreach expression were scarred however here Saturday and Sloan you don't. At the same Time Warner be advertise and Kurt tells people know your limitations. No your skills. Take your time doing it. And now make connections I think one of the biggest things for our axes. Just getting out and get what other groups who learned so much working. Other groups and having conversations at the other end. Were or an open book that we tried very experiment we come up with ideas and not only launch here in her body mind and wanna learn from them. And down. Liking other scientific field I think that's how you work on it thinking yeah I share your ideas and Jim out there in the open to listening to. Other ideas as well. While much is that you don't want somebody just randomly starting trying to start their own group than men never been involved in the field I usually recommend somebody. If you if you're new to it get involved with the local group that somewhere around you that has decent reputation. And learn and at that point in the future you feel good enough to move and move on to your own. Find you know find find some people similar interests who look at it very similar to you do. And did try to connect with them and then build something but at least. Get some sort of experience on him you know things he might be dealing with with. Groups that have been out Carlisle and have come across a lot of these things. Yeah absolutely and and that's greeted our studio. And guys. You have a long list of equipment that you use. What would you see your top three pieces of equipment are. And similarly if you or someone was going out to buy their first set of gear. I'm assuming you be those top three items that you recommend they get. You'll. All of that so everybody can name one. I would I would always ever paid actors were order. That's what's fascinating community. Aimed at protecting their purse BP's going. I cannot explain mass and you know that's what really got me going and got. Analytical are a part of my brain going or to dispute and what are contaminants are outside. Our notes on my friend boys and our boys and and down. While also I think that is theirs they beat cure their technology. To use. They might actually hurt when you check watcher. Yeah I'd I. Ink and down. Investing in agreed digital recorders is probably your number one priority. Number one the other thing. We actually use all the time at the our system doesn't have to be a bank breaker. You know you can piece one together for a couple hundred bucks have a decent system being able to put cameras out and I doubt there are gray area. The list. Invaluable. And probably decent Ian that your or some like a millimeter. That I am measures in that in temperatures start taking those. Bass playing reading and looking for anomalies are eating. Whole lot of lot of people don't realize if you get a decent nice shot cam corder admit this microphones on the morning can external microphone to connect office. Seek and give video end. How possibly record EVPs but. Any MF speeders may usually important because a lot of times you can solve cases that have nothing to do with paranormal just because you're able to find high magnetic fields that might be affecting the individual on the house. Being added there alarm clock being close at their header or something that could create everything from nausea fatigue hallucinations skin irritation. And things like that so those are definitely the key elements but the key pieces of equipment that you need in this field to at the start off investigating. I happily are you look you know mass detector and for those reasons to. You know. We we really like I am using devices that will measure. More than one thing you want. 11 of the equipment you're really in June and now. ED I. Adage you own measures migration has Ian mass detector on. Temperature gauge on my problem. You know miles doesn't give you read out. Like something else like a millimeter or try if you need your server and you like that. But still you're able Q. There are three pieces of data and more data you can get you know an activity occurs more ballot. The guys are basically at a time here I've given the website at a couple times. The apex paranormal online dot com is there anything else that you Micah folks are now or if they had some questions or maybe during your area and they might like some help on an investigation. How's the what's the best way for them to get old you. Absolutely I am you know on the web site there's contact that I am you're paired bare back and media. Mainly iron chased books FaceBook dot com slash the APEC are normal you find it on Twitter and ends agree on a external also on another quick. I'd plug is check out that eighty mentioned saint Joe's got. A chase the dot com slash eighty EE eight EP IE grant and or they're web site has meeting mansion dot deeply com. Awesome legs so much for good. So are ours and say where were we got some are calling attention at a Beatty mean here's our opportunity in New York. Madden and hang out there and I investigating. And available. Well they so much for come on on hand Allison and I look forward to talking you again at some point in this summer in your area get a meet up medical treatment. Yes thanks guys Elijah Ned from apex colonel let's quickly go to our phone mines here we've got just a few seconds to take this call this is Amanda from Kansas City welcome to the show. ER to actually talk to be helpful but I had a common form wondering if there ever investigated the independence still over there. You are not in that detectors and weep wanna marry an investigator that terrorists are much in left and Larry it was like actually making people's. Prospect when they have a lot to do at the turn are much in their lives despite. They did not say we're actually I think I'm right and let those guys there that contrary you're accurately ago. And I don't think it'd. JP can't Archie. Todd sheets as a coach said yeah director Gary I know. Our chart chart well coached and wait a minute you have Amanda thanks for the call where to decide it's time we get a tablet to break its. Eon reality rated very effective. Right Thanksgiving. That's very normal guys thanks James Brown great guests and appreciate them being non. Thank you know from listening yeah absolutely and if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and like the FaceBook page and then had to be on reality radio dot com. Reach final agree seasons we are on a cross country you can listen library from the website or download free iPhone and enter an upgrade their laws adolescent life catch Pashos. Join online chat more. But everybody have a great weekend it's Jason NG UK chills. It's produced by sticking ignorance includes amusement Alexandria Johnson for intercom media. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us alike and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one work. If you've got information you want us to follow upon or you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio email too slick Eddie as slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.