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The Maitreya is coming. Who is he and what will he say to us when he arrives?

Sep 7, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guest Dick Larson about the coming of the Maitreya. Who is he and what will he tell us? What is his relationship to Jesus, Budda, Mohammad, and other figures associated with major religions? How will it all affect us? 4/7/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's Wednesday the West Coast Thursday on the East Coast many years. Stuck in between welcome to be on reality radio myself Jason was the only solace and G each I think I figured this out I think I've seen finally figured out away you know everybody in the chat rooms saying we really need a three hour show really should be three hours and not getting enough in two hours and I think it figured out this can happen. We've we've we've we've the show was available for download after after the airing in the next morning if you download the show. Play it and then play the first hour over again it's a three hour show. You are truly genius takes care of all those problems everybody and everybody's happy. Now a source speaking of geniuses. We might hear machine and if he put out we may hear from one of our friends who moved some may consider me genius and I'm sure but has. The founder of credit goes it's going to be calling in the next car yet it assuming at the time we're gonna bring these power. In the second hour gonna bring him in and to get a little inside the left behind the scenes discussion about the crap go company and at what they're up to those crazy products those guys make all of it's really cool stuff but we've got a great one tonight. We do we do book before we get. And to that I just wanna throw up their first off our our wishes and still to everybody untaxed that nobody was affected by him by American Harvey and also with what's coming up when. Hurricane Irma I've I've got family in Florida soon. You know I know there that are sand they're getting sandbags aren't they already and wheels got taps family down there as well. And they are definitely consult them. And just please be careful and she can get L com the one thing I do wanna bring is our Houston based taps Stanley team. Its lone star spirits are collecting funds from the Houston food bank. And as food resources of course become a growing critical needs in the aftermath of hurricane Harvey will star spirit founder Peter Havel and who is just a creek I. She's an opportunity to directly impact those in need by collecting these funds he set up a donation page to FaceBook donations. And Peter's been a member of taps since 2005. So a long time actually right after the show started. He's done a lot to assist taps and also taps him clients and since that time. As suicide it's really it's our turn to try to help the mountain and well hope there are audio. So to donate you can actually I posted something earlier on my FaceBook page and you can also go to taps family dot com and there's a link right there. But definitely chip and check it out and assist if you can't it would mean a lot. We always encourage people to help when they can. Tonight as I said great show we've got Dick Larson coming up he's a counselor with a background in education he addresses the issues of angels wisdom teachings. Meditation and practical spirituality and everyday life will be discussing the emergence of my trachea and the masters of wisdom in how humanity has it lying has lying before a golden age of love brotherhood injustice we're gonna learn a lot tonight. With Dickerson. Well I mean ages it is wit wisdom you can get especially if it is coming up with everybody get three hours Mary snow shall give an example how that works and you know as a means. Is that if you're having him she over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like the FaceBook page and had to be on it reviewed comedy to find stations we are on all across the country. It also download free iPhone and an air. Where you just click the listen life Lazarus from the website join us and online chat and it's a good time it's always great individuals out there and and it's just wonderful place to be. No denying and so I went actually to log into Chad lesson had little trouble mushrooms don't know but tonight and went into law again and I noticed that in the bud in the listen listen live chat button is down the page to a further let's move them now has moved off to Italy confidence boost as he does keep people guessing I'm I mean if he didn't know Hayward is very they don't focus on me. OK so now -- move things such as a make invisible so that's a trick he's got to keep clicking on the page hoping to find it so. Of course this week and glee tomorrow it comes. Are you from East Coast could be today and company US com. You can see us. I probably will not go see it but I will probably see it when it comes on you know whatever my Netflix or movement but whatever happens to come on first I'll probably watch it on the for the comfort of my home on a big screen incidences theater but I don't maybe go most a lawsuit the first round reviews are my daughter my daughter passed initial Ausprey ticket that's right she is dead it's Stephen King said. It's the most terrifying movie he's ever seen sit tore at that Stephen king's not gonna sit there and say. And it was our answer or you know at least I make my candidacy at exactly I said he he has every reason this authors say this movie is posters who oversee it and of course but. With that Pennsylvania police officers are preparing for more sound issues. Well woes of the year ago we had this so these evil clown sightings in attendance has disappeared noted needed to do it and go low and behold it's about come out and here they are again. So authorities in Pennsylvania suspect that another wave of creepy clown sightings may soon handfuls and are warning residents to be ready. And it testament and that's how serious they're taking the crown honest. The Pennsylvania state police actually issued a bulletin while the problem. So are two recapping last year's sixteen state spree of incidence of in Austin says falls 2017. Upon us. It is anticipated similar creepy clown settings could be reported starting as soon as September. News that kind of thing about a song on the movie stars but. State officials suggest this may coincide with the release of the new film it's. Next week and are urging citizens remain vigilant. Should they encounter any club. I just. You know I go back to blow to the clowns doing of them looking creepy immunity or doing something you'd that we should be concerned reveal just standing there looking creepy okay I see a lot of people during the course of my day who wouldn't have a problem if you're just. He'll walk in Austria denying. And somebody. On off all painted up was just walking on the street to be creepy movie set and the people we have to. The -- the movie Stephen King which is decency king's novel is also being blamed for a backlash against don't think it's really his all. Just mountains but it. I'm they're saying that many of them can't find any work because people are now frightened of testing out different yeah I mean obviously this movie hasn't come out yet so therefore it can't be affecting anything and was an American horror story was a last season they did a Bruno had a clown was a major characters that. Then you know so this is been going on for a long time said never watched American nor are but I will say. And I'm sorry I don't care who who enjoyed it out there I will never watch again I watched it for the first time the other night with my daughter Eden let me just say. Can't believe they can do things they didn't on TV on a really. Moment at a man drop and aft bombs don't you name on and on and on TV and fans shouldn't be on FX via while it was you think you can do that I guess he's in its cable you can. I don't know laws must change the rules must be different must mean. Because I think they can't do that I have to push this silly but no barriers and we notices that Bart but again if we're subtle that's right. Because he has to pay so much of the SEC doesn't doesn't regularly so it broadcasts between the regular Airways are considered public airwaves and directly. I don't know but either way it's I mean I've it was just things on the mean it would be an. This off to watch it. That now you are and all you wanna watch because now I do. The numbers 8446877669. If you want to join any of the discussions will be having tonight we always loved it listener calls religious American horror story can call what's your thoughts on him because. And I don't I just honestly I it because I remember last year when everybody was throwing a fit even island am on the Walking Dead how final but it was when. They killed off they killed off a couple characters and I need to see what I saw last night on American horror story as like nine captioning the Walking Dead look very. In late. Like it does him on film mama I'm surprised I didn't see the first season of American horror story there really wasn't anything. Violent tour gory remittances it was creepy but then and actually enjoyed and I just can catch on after that but. A faster than it is definitely changed and an annulment. You know we've got to we've got some friends who are self proclaimed psychics are. Well they make a lot of money if they wanted to prove that they have so bill. And you're not talking about the Randy challenge which we've talked about you know that's a totally different thing right now Australian skeptics are offering a 100000. Dollar prize. Pistol and 37 years ago. 100000 dollars which 37 years ago is probably a lot. Mom was a lot more money than it would be today but either way it's still of a sizable sum and what do they have to do due to claim price they have to prove that they have the ability to heal or read my lines we shouldn't be hard and I would I would surmise from your psychic and disposed through doing against at least in part I mean and I brought this up to a couple friends and Al Gore's psychic and and their comments have been things like well. And I don't have anything I need to well okay but you're charging a hundred dollars an hour for reading. I mean 800000 dollar tree Horford and on our timed proof. So I don't know but that's out there tense moments and we have a psychic John I'd love to ask that question you know this is prize money sending out there just gonna prove that you used say you're doing is for real. And even be a 100000 dollars in your pocket is that something that you know does as a as a profession do you frown on the animate what's wise and nobody claimed it. Hats it's weird and left to CO goes that offer is still out there and you can actually look it up online. But our it's we're gonna take a quick break and we combat morial listen Jason. Okay game to date is approaching and it's time to make your plans to attend scared content October. It dates are October 6 through the gate the places turning stone casino in Rome anymore. It's a great place in this. A great match if you like to hang out of your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars didn't scare con is pleased to it. They're all fair and orderly hanging out enjoying their. Fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection centers. Panel discussions and film premieres you can find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit. Dot com desk Eric Carr. Today scary time. I'd come visit. The website today use promo code DER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. And admission. The troubled companies these are our. It's beyond reality radio and scary time. After the show it's beyond Ryo he read. Yeah Jason Hawes Stevie Johnson remind you the phone numbers are 8446877669. Outlook Teddy called during our discussion at any point during the show we'll take phone calls soon as we can and there's a groom an example one of the great products and craft guys yes they have and illustrate products are what what's your favorite. I don't think I can give you one favored depends on the day depends on my problem is for that day in the nine there's a there's a product it'll address amendment that's my favorite for the death Alec Holland surgery there. Well when you're always operating on yourself and the so just for clarity and just sit around whether it's an accident that happened it is on tonight going to be talking with Dick Larson he's a counselor with a background and education who addresses the issues of ageless wisdom teachings meditation and practical spirituality and everyday life. We're going to be talking about the emergence. Of my tree area. And the masters of wisdom and how humanity has lying before it a golden age of love brotherhood and justice and much welcomed. Our guest Dick Larson the program to quell the program good heavy on. Thanks guys good to be here. We've we've got about flags about four minutes into a less in this segment and that's a perfect amount of time for you to tell us who you war and what exactly. We're going to be talking about tonight. Okay well I'm. Just anybody I'm I'm I'm nobody came lesser nobody important. Our line I heard a man named Benjamin creme spelt CR EE army. Come to a Los Angeles that's trying to Southern California. And he came here and do the talking every year give a lecture from London knew that he lived in London. And from the mine suggested that I check about some white man I want a lot of his lectures. And I didn't understand everything you say though you've been close to it but let right. Could wrap my brain around a little bit made a whole lot of sense to me so I ball out of his books my standard routing map. And I decided I was interested. So I contacted the as a group are. Volunteers. And and he started an organization called share international which is a nonprofit. Educational organization. Its worldwide. And I decided to become a shared national volunteer. And trying to help Benjamin Graham get the word out about the hope. For the future the fact that there is good news in this horrible looking world we live it right now in many ways. And that there's really good prisoners hope for the future and I decided to try and help ought so that's how I got in Atlanta and at. That's why I'm on seven years where I live in Los Angeles separate do it best. For about 25 years without doing interviews and live here on television across the country I am actually around the world. To try and get the word out that. People shouldn't give up that that this is actually. A great time to be alive. And my source. Is Benjamin crowd it was the London street dealer or something called the ageless wisdom teachings. PG a list them as an agent agent philosophy is not a religion took our absentee. That is murder then no world that. Dar re human lovely angels with the teachings before Benjamin creme. Well the woman named Ashley Daly who has about twenty bucks got some of them are very difficult to read betterment cram as much easier to understand. That her work. And eagle listing here and the primary point she's trying to get to people is that we are lucky enough to beat us good bad. About very special teachers. Who have. That there had to a man called the world future and that they're going to be open ruling. Talking to less around the world very very soon as I live in the next year true. What and in just a quick question because we get about a minute left but isn't the isn't the outlook of what you just said. Sort of an issue when it comes down to where you say this you know very bad. And bad world that we're living in right now and it doesn't doesn't it shouldn't you also be looking at the positive in this world as well. Sharp but. The good bad and have to come to the surface in order to get home. You remember that turnaround there the Catholic Church read a big thing going out about all the priests guru who were molesting children and and so I want. And that had dependable surfaced in order for the church to clean it out there that that's somewhat of what's going on right now agreed to. And the prejudiced. End this discrimination. And the lack of housing and food and somewhat health care all of that has got to come to the surface so looks terrible at the moment but it's got to come to the circus that we can deal with meditation had on. And that's what evidence. While when you use said so much in that three and a half Foreman instead Lou was gonna take the rest of the show for us to get it all sorted out because is a lot of information there and on and has generated a lot of questions can't wait to get on the other side of this break our rights are we're gonna take a quick break when we come back well Walton will definitely a lot of questions for you listen and chase. JPM down relatively. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in and to order street from there it could. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. John Rhodes on the program John as a crypto puncher. And he's an award winning UFO phenomenon investigator also a pioneer of reptilian humanoid studies it and realized there was a reptilian. He annoys humanoid studies category able we're more about that he can he do and I do now yeah I do McKinley to finance want to because some of those men showing there's been reports of people. Having these experiences with these senators I remember that during the eclipse of was of the state of South Carolina or North Carolina it was a lesser companion bill there are there warning people to keep an hour from lizard men do appearances in an opening occurred during their system's been weird things go through a lot of stuff going on ads and talking about ageless wisdom teachings meditation. Spirituality and everyday life and some good news in the world lease that's were hoping to hear from our guest Nicklaus and Dick again thanks for joining with us joining us tonight we appreciate you being on. The website by the way with a lot of information about what you're talking about his share dash international dash or excuse me dot org share. Dash international dot org and it's got a lot of what whereabouts talk about tonight listed there people can reference and anytime so. Before I went to break you were talking about the difference between this. When you call a philosophy and religion I just wanna make sure that's a clear distinction what is the difference between religion and philosophy. Well. A philosophy. Is a group of ideas. And that's. Postulate. Usually. Populated. Through information mind something that we see. I'm in this case it would be the information behind every day life why we're here what we're doing or what our purpose in being here however all this. How has always got to move along. And so on are more as a religion. Is Mora setup BlueLinx. A good thing that we do as a human race is only get a great teacher and we can't learn about. Every 2000 years or so all the great teacher is that would the next revelation. For you madly. Resent our religion can't allow them and political thoughts a lot of it's called that not man whose idea is rather than just go with the basic teachings that teacher. And says what we have backward as a religion in our religion. Typically. Has to relationships and they'll religion has a relationship while the and then the relationship that the people and that religion to a higher power usually god or some other name for god. So it's it's when you are structured data philosophy. In key in this and I'm not sure if this is the time to bring this into this conversation if it is in direct me in a different direction but who or what. It is not or who or what is my trail. I try it out front right trap. Yeah man has personally my trial like I personally in the deck. Just personally and it might try out my trial means I'm happy we won the one who brings joy she. Well our troops from Lebanon into our society. Allowance. Let's play education. There at all levels of people are educated that them that have better coping skills hopefully that. The lesser educated as fraud. We have the same thing is true in the kingdom have probably human genome which is the spiritual kingdom. Every kingdom being the kingdom of rabbit and then this spiritual kingdom there are different levels I'll awareness. Well consciousness. Our development. Evolution whatever you wanna call it the different levels in the spiritual kingdom too. So. There are. 63. Great innings and went through human evolution. Must we call them ascended masters or the masters of the wisdom. Because they know and hole the ageless wisdom. And there are 63 of them that have gone through human evolution and a lust and thank goodness that stuck around planet earth. After they learned all the lessons that plan ever tested cage and we need to take a body anymore. Majestic consciousness. 63 of those great beings who I think inspiration behind humanity behind the scenes over the years haven't expired at eleven guided humanity. At least 63 late beings as I said are often referred to who has the ascendant masters or the master of wisdom. And sales at different levels as well as their leader the one who's at the highest level actually there are to the brutal and might try out their Brothers. They draw their. Out of work together. Just kept my trial in Jesus work very very closely together. They had you know my trial was the leader of this group. And it's time for them to take physical bodies and a walk among humanity again spend 90000 years since they took that and the last time they did that they give us a great science that we worked it will actually end to end. Emotionally mature enough to handle but we open ourselves up until we're that in order to free well. Then there are essentially how things are gonna turn out but they don't have a tight end. Because humanity entry it's sacred then number going to infringe our free will really choose like probably running well but using the grant them pitching correctly every time the grass is stolen from every choice we can learn from The White Stripes we can learn from a pro choice. And that's what we're supposed to be doing. Without putting well is choosing and then learning lessons. But now you said that said that they came to before but we weren't we weren't ready we are in the right place for them. Well but we're that they can assess our science. That we weren't ready for a big breasts science before were intellectually and emotionally. Prepared to handle let. Without using a tough fight each other. Well but if they ask if there then being higher power wouldn't they. Wouldn't they have known that that it wasn't the right time for the time. What now because we have free well there's no evidence which perhaps. They knew that there was a chance it could speed up the evolution on this planet. And of course that's what other girls. Is to help his plan evolve and grow. Spiritually and in every other way our mantra that Canada has a good chance that they didn't know. It wasn't like Od percent or even 90%. I'm not sure what the what the odds were on that. But we chose otherwise. And says they thought well OK that didn't work. We didn't retreat back into the mountains and deserts of the world. Until it's time to approach again and that time is now. And how many years ago would you say that. The technology was given to us when and they had they came to us last. The last time they will. They were out walking amongst us was 98000 years ago. So and that was that a catastrophic event were by the way everything was it was annihilated and they we started her. The incredibly flawed. Flood threat that was all about that's a story about that you've heard them I had a rhinoceros settling into the scene that's exactly what happened. That we definitely blew apart slightly continents. Illiteracy. Will this technology that we weren't ready to handle yet we've made weapons out of that. And down. And and so it was like huge worldwide. Cataclysmic construct catastrophe. And you mentioned. My true area and 63. Masters of wisdom. And you mentioned Jesus and you mentioned Buddha are all of these beings there individuals. Co existing. Yes there are all. They're all part of the 63 masters that wisdom and great teachers get a ground report great individuals that go on the pork conclusions. Are faster creation and Buddha Mohammed. Jesus Joan of Arc saint Germain. John Paul when I don't know about lingo. Yeah. I don't know that whenever I hope I'll ask an evolution. I'm that look great teachers they're now the masters. So just so I understand you Jesus who. It is all I'm most familiar with an of that list. Is one of those 63 masters. Actually really that I grew up to questions well I'm most familiar with him do. Okay and it almost sounds slate this is. Walton saying 63. Are all there and just man no disrespect is more just for the fact of trying to pull all religions into one. Well. That's ultimately going to happen is my understanding over the next 2000 years. We know that we have that she there's tremendous separation now. It's one of the major problems. One of the major spiritual crises on the planet. Is that. Neverland. Religion has cornered the market as spirituality. You know being good at southern the other day so we can do whatever value are. Out there playing. What they don't falls under blizzard. What ever religion news year mainly speaking I'm there there's really I've shelter there's religions shelters that they pray every day multiple times today. And absolutely so christianity falls more on the. Not my wife familiarity christianity. Is just to give an example I'm just getting an example aren't so well but but spirituality. Are there. Has become divided. I had these different belief systems. And it's separating humanity but fight would each other they argue they chose long worshipped together a melodic. That's been going out and an innocent man. With the weather and paganism christianity or or. Islamic and so forth. Yes and then of the big reasons for that it was that we haven't had written communication. So we have got some of the show up in India to teach those sorts of somebody issue opt it and the veteran. I'm used to teach those folks and so on that's been the history of the teachers haven't been able to trust or world. Threats caused a lot of separation. Well at all. With world wide technology and communication. The teachers in my Treo the world approach to decry at the world future. I'll make sense for everybody is so popular camera that you have to look at foreign equity if you're not I comprehend true. And he can address all the Manuel addressed the whole world that one time mom cooked up by satellite on. Pinkney had a radio on what he. He calls his stay up declaration. And that's what he won't actually openly declare to that's double what Eddie's here and number two exactly two years. And a weakening this is gonna make suggestions for future he's not harbinger. He's not gonna live. Our magic wand and make everything better when amid the mess we have to clean it out so he's gonna give suggestions that we didn't follow that or not we have Krewell. Let me assist though Dick wouldn't it be wiser if all 63 of them came back together and to just. All together now and just said today. In all we're all working together you guys you'll you'll need to work together as well. As you can sit down instead of just just one person because again if one if one person goes back the world leader. Well then how were the people from christianity going to sit there and say well OK I get and I'll follow him. As a world leader over Jesus son and so for. Well I couldn't communicate clearly so let me let me restate what I thought I said earlier that obviously didn't. My trail lead this group you're exactly right that's what's gonna happen there are gonna be forty. Two of these masters. Walking among us. I'm doing that next 2000 years during the age of aquarius. They're going to be 2000 I mean that's going to be 42 of them there are already fourteen on the planet now on physical bodies. I'm including metro area but before at bat before. All over the next few other gamers there's going to be there aren't they are more until there's 42 of them. So there's going to be two thirds of them. Regrettably will remember us doing exactly what is sad and at 114. Laps on the planet right now my information is about fourteen that's on the planet right now as Jews. He's living outside of just on the outskirts of Rome. The Pope. And a couple of cardinals around the Pope know that he's here but that's not to say anything because that would infringe. There were questions. From the well. But the process he's Israel I don't believe it is approximate. And a lot of people would believe it because the pope's letter and that an opt out so well. He's been asked about assigning saying essentially. My travel will feature will introduce changes on television to the world and that may not go out and visit each country or the world that genius for the Christians that are listening. Choose this job will be. To head up the Christian church there will be no and the pope's. This event last Pope. After this chance this will take his light poles see it and it appears. Graham and will be having got the Christian church in this job. As I understand that gene's job is to get the Christian church back on track. To get rid of a lot of the separation. And to get rid of a lot of that dogma that kind of steered. IS in the wrong direction exclude Christians in the wrong direction and christianity is the largest religion in the world. By far. And so that's a very good PLO that would be genius that it reduces job and Christians don't even have to pay any attention to retro that they don't want to they just. You know great repute and sir did you plant well like us at W 42. All right so we're gonna take quick break on the phone numbers 8446877669. Until 3844. 6877669. If you have a question for. For our guest give us call you listen and Jason GBM yeah. The show beyond reality. Very very interesting discussion and their guests Dickerson Dick wanna get right back into only have a couple minutes for let's take our break its top the hour. You talked about a number of these masters of wisdom already being here in human form he said you believe. Jesus is one of them where's this information come from. This information comes as I said earlier from Benjamin creme is the latest revealer of the agents wisdom teachings. There have been regulars over the age news. And here's the latest stand and it's really important to listeners know that I don't want them to believe that's good. As I say well we don't believe anything I say I'm not here to convince your listeners that what I say is true I've gotten to cram my ideas down their trip and asked as they try to keep an open mind a little bit which can be challenging. Cause we all have our belief systems. And and a Arnold Antwon Burton percent of what I say it makes sense to them it took just rupturing your comments that you have that your your life experiences and I think that makes sense are these really really happy but please don't believe what I say that would be blind belief I can't recommend broad believe anyone. Well one of the things we love to do is get just get ideas discussed on this program we're certainly doing that tonight. Yes absolutely it's there we've and we respect everybody's beliefs and a and and so forth so the stories on the so Benjamin Graham we've discussed. He won the masters or. OK again I know you're gay and told me who we wasn't just to remember example we said. He actually passed away last fall. At the age of 94. But he selected by the masters I actually spoke to be five people. That Lou. And I'm so that they'll. And the other thing that's what you actually gets sent reluctantly. Attribute that repeat his hair he put several luckily they privacy and okay I'll do it I don't like I'm not crazy about them not a public speaker but I do it I'll try to tell people. That you are coming. And then a decade in the ten seconds we've got left here where was he getting his information from he's the one delivering the message where exactly was a coming from. Yeah well as interact telepathic contact with one of the masters of wisdom 24 hours a day. Find him to receive their platforms. And it it was a blast and have to be able to do that not everybody can do that aren't about the masters. Are soaring to take quick break and we are a lot more questions Mordechai and you'll see Jason GBM unknowingly. Okay game to date is approaching and it's time to make your plans to attend spirit on an October. It dates are October 6 two DH the places turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place in this. A great match if you like to hang out with your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars that scare con is pleased to it. They're all fair and orderly hanging out enjoying their. Fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection of panel discussions and film premieres you can find a better way to spend a weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's scary times. Dot com that spirit kind. Today scary time. I'd come visit. The website today use promo code ER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. An admission of troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and. Your time and expands and west coasters in the East Coast many years and between welcome and really renewed my soldiers and Hosni always some. TV Johnson so before we bring our guests back into the program Dick Larson were in the middle relief interesting discussion with Dick I need to you I'm concerned about something like. You know it's cooled off quite a bit. In the northeast is I don't know to get into the sixties today if it did was low sixties and Demi decided to Wear jeans for the first time and since summer started basically chasing. Not not not so caiso Fargo is only the first day but Mike Elvis I think I think my links cut shorter range surges with a longer than they used to be I don't know what's happening in your spines. According. That what I did lose some weight and I know that makes a delivery but I. And just weird it's like to listen it is to write so well it did effects with the jeans hang on your hips and stuff it's different there and it's the you know change the Lou I'm just. And I'm mentally or to lose since you're not poll them all the way up to in Apple's mark opened up that was comfortable though that's the thing that just felt good petrified walked the right way the belt would rub there and we do see museum better. Now aren't works. Unforgettable your phone to talk. To my heart tonight we've got John Rhodes joining the program he's he's a crypto honorees are also an award winning UFO phenomenon investigator. Any pioneer of reptilian humanoid studies will be discussing that work. And it's gradual rise in popularity as more more people are. Interest and reptilian humanoid studies who also talked about his work with sheriff's departments investing cattle mutilations around the country. Yes and every Friday as the best of the on reality radio a summation you tune in on that. Also had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page. And then head over beyond really radio dot com where you can download the free iPhone and android app logical let's listen lies catch Pashos and join me online chat during the shell armed. All seem to find a station was repaired just couldn't station listen you'll final decisions we Aaron across the country. Or just click the listen life tab you can join the online cello listening Marie from the website. Yeah and our telephone numbers don't join this conversation any point is 844687766. Nines with that let's bring their gas Specter and Dick. A Larson is our guest by the way the website if you wanna find a more information about what Dick is talking about tonight. Is shared dash international dot org. Others a lot of information on their fear if you are going to check it out I would budget a little bit of time slot a lot of septic and fight over Dick thanks for being with us. And I wanna jump right back into what we're talking about before the break. He said that the then you Benjamin cream was getting his information. Through a telepathic communication with the masters. And he was giving that information out in that in some form I think there was a magazine involved I think was used distributed and many different ways on. Since he's passed on to someone else now carry that mantle and have that direct communication with these masters. No. There are volunteers like me who are you are doing our best to inform the public outburst possibility. I'm certain it won't happen is that some idea what's happening. But now. You know they created the anticipation at this point is that my trial will come forward on television or radio worldwide. Within the next year. And when my tray comes forward. Does he do this any physical way in other words does he go to the television networks and say. I'm here deliver this message give me the air timers it is you just commandeer all of our mass communication and do it in a more. Demanding commanding way. There are definitely normal life. Yeah he has already communicated with most of the major networks are most of the major countries of the world. And and has received we have commissioned. To. And I am. We added that time comes. Like the dating scene for example that they had any contact at all I didn't even better than a B word and already. There are. Yeah but direction because they're afraid afraid what people also day. It out says appear plays a large part in this credit cards come forward probably true you know is that people can network to help. That was my next question yes that was my next question how we now learn. I don't I don't know what well the first what you can happen it'll show up on television and radio worldwide. And people. Even that don't have television and radio if their fourteen years a bigger over William. Words in their head in whenever there are native language is going to be a telepathic communication to everybody. I'm very similar to what happened on the tip at a cost in the Christian Bible. That. That's true you always let people listeners what no trouble I'll just light up and operate quickly double wide. You'll see us they seventeen people and his lips won't move you will be hearing his words telepathically in your had to be a very strange experience. Because you look like you are talking but should be hearing him call Roosevelt. I've just kind of seen that in almost come full movies and what should I don't know who the words so on the what's happened what's number two. Elaborate synchronization problem regrets that live at bat at number two. Well I'm speaking for a half hour fortified nobody does forty minutes. Speaking people will feel the love of god he carries the bodies were never got. Completely. Leveled got their heart like they've never felt. It before they'll probably do a lot of people crying are probably won't let them. It was fun getting antichrist can't put that in your heart goes to court can't do that. That's the second when people won't let them different ways that people know it's him is that after he's done speaking. You're gonna give us a glimpse of the past is gonna shot as you'll see it in the front row is gonna show us where we lost our away where we went wrong that he's gonna give us a glimpse of this brilliant future that I had a few bad weeks. If we did the right choices. I'll never looked back to inspire us to make right choices were obsessing or whomever for assessed so as soon and then speaking to a program. As a terrible crash reports from around the world don't let it was speaking hundreds of thousands of people were miraculously healed. And it didn't English don't know that this is a teacher and then you couldn't ask follow his suggestions or not. All right so than just a question doubles that can hear. What a study what is this doesn't happen next year. Well that doesn't happen next year and I happen the following year. Ha ha ha ha and yeah I am. Obviously I have been telling us about it absolutely convinced in my heart of hearts and in my mind that when I'm telling people is true because I'm not a waste anybody's time I mean that's that's not what I do I try not to waste people's time. Architecture professionally. And if I try to teach things that people will be interesting and useful. And. And in our thing is BQ where transitional across country our thing is to ask the questions that most people won't want to know. They want the end and that's why it's never any disrespect meant but it's one of those things are. Etc. that way guys are asking great questions. Thank you and is so Barack is there any certain time next year that this that this yeah. W that but there they are nobody has a clue and hoping. Then we are trying to ready decision is based upon it's based upon a lot of cosmic force or news it's based upon the balance of good and he broke it based upon landing in Manhattan gripping most receptive. Group says there will be receptive after a stock market collapsed. So you can expect to stop me if you think that this is there's a good possibility that we are aware that there could be a pretty serious stock market collapsed in the next year. You probably happen electronically. We actually have let them like in the thirties. There's probably I mean Red Bull they're doing transact stock transactions can grab my computer out by computer programs that let the other end is. Seconds. And says it. The capital to peanuts. So you sit when he came last time 98000 years ago. We were given technology that ended up destroying us what we get another technology when he appears again. My question. Yes. I'm and that it's called the science of light or the technology you know lights and what the masters they're going to give us as a technology level or propped provide endorse. Pollution free. Free of charge energy to run everything on the planet. But there's a proviso. There won't get put to rest until we end the wars. Because you know what we knew we had to figure out a way to make a weapon out of so they're not gonna give us that technology until we end wars and that's gonna come quicker than people think. So by how to what's the measure of ending wars I mean clearly that sounds like an easy to figure out where I mean there's got to be a length of time may need to be ended how Leno. Blitzer ended for ever what is the measure that they will use. Yeah basically. Country against country or people within their country. Having a major war where thousands of people are dying and there's all kinds of casualties. Dana probably twelve long time they're probably always has didn't dictators little pop up here and there and try to cause or better yet and and and what happened is that the masters kind of work through the United Nations United Nations were brilliant representing many countries don't go man. In joint cooperation. Had put down those little dictators as they pop up that's not considered a war. So severe that make I am but the major wars are going to be government by just like the Mets are now at a do over. When does the appearance of my trail on television. Delivering his message in giving us proof. That he's legitimate does that change everything I mean we think at that point if one of them the messages he delivers is no more wars and you'll get this amazing technology. It seems as though. The world would listen to something like that again if he can prove who years. Yeah he doesn't. The work that way you can believe it is what I just sent. But that's still that's a start his troops that he's gonna actually travel physically there every country in the world and Gibbs talks. I was gonna make suggestions and they do ultimate proof will be if we probably suggestions by the people that we probably suggestions that it's not like he's got that would work out. He's made several prophecies that have come true that Berlin where it was a lot of them. The end of apartheid in South Africa was another one I'm. There resignation are. Great Britain what was her name. Rick talked woman. Leader there. Down. Recent nights. Power bat out of you what you would resign and ultimately she does so now I'm. That same institution that you know I was that people will still have to choose you know there's a lot of separation had a lot of people like us saying there are a lot of people are gonna say yes yes advance. In separate the critical vaccine is there's one billion. To start turning the war distracted in the world back on track. That there are 11. Point in. Brilliant people who respond when I make the call. And they have to make some kind of pledged to him. But for now to help them I'm okay. Can definitely going to be shocking doesn't want followers expressed our priorities are real basics Japanese haven't got the start of alleged. Through forever panic shopping for everybody. I had kept for everybody and education for everybody. He says before we can take any steps we need to get transport things and I'm gonna give me some tips on how to get that accomplished when you have to do work. That's probably you know we've had the mask back after. The accident so it's not that we're gonna have to go to work. That. We're gonna have hope. Because he's gonna give us this vision of the future. I don't. All the major world religions of the world right now about this time expecting their their main leader to return. And this goes back to how the religions unite. We also expected Imam Mahdi statement is expecting Krishna to return the Jews are expecting the messiah. The buddhas are looking for the Buddha by the way they would got that right they're looking for my trip and a and the question Christians are looking for a crisis to return but the questions like what's gonna happen at the end of the wrong it's not gonna happen at the end of the world it's gonna happen now while I was quite common we understand over a desolate world that expels shots he's coming back passing a teacher he's coming to help us get back on track. So. Am I expecting their great teacher of the common and he comes through worldwide communication. To fulfill the world prophecies in the one person. Very we're gonna take a break here in a second but I wanna get one listener call in this is since. From Missouri fans what Michelle. They are. Not that clear most of it miniature. I wonder why Christians Jews and it will keep fighting each other was saying god. And it's actors alive and I'll be here. It has to be here at Chrysler and argue they're in your room in before it can speak. Great questions that's what do you think. Well we Emma cries for our time has come and grunt and Cameron thinks about that bell Villa Juarez. Never can get everything that the new testament says that the article it would do to try to convince people nobody had ever it was gonna create a perfect world to see Vietnam he tortured and killed them as a people and improved people for decades. Then it was going to be this great great number ten was defeated by the RI RS they accept him most rule of the couple Japanese generals were keeping your batting allied powers that. Do you that they antichrist and told good day for at the masters to come forward. Great OK let's take a quick break we'll come back we'll continue with Dick Parsons beyond reiterating just didn't. After the show is Jason GDP we're glad you beat your opponent received 446877669. Tournament over really interesting discussion with a guest Eric Larsen and Dick we're gonna quote quickly run out of time here we've got two minutes before we have to go to our heart break. You said that you expecting you've learned that my tray is going to appear to us. Either this year or next year. And he'll make it or he'll make his presence known and he's going to offer his guidance to us I guess is the best we distribute ex commandos he's gonna guide us. It. And that guidance is is supposed to be away for us to live. A better life peace harmony brotherhood all those things. Exactly. King. We have forgotten who we are. Distancing answer this question why do religions fighting each other well have forgotten who we are we have forgotten that we're not humans having spiritual experience this was spirits having human experience where I come from the same source that we've forgotten that comes to remind ourselves that and this has affected every aspect of life personal actual fighting actual political religious. Health care business education. Every aspect of life has been messed up because we forget that every aspect of life is sacred every aspect of blight is spiritual. Good job can be spiritual you're all over the world. Heard the spiritual growth is prayer or meditation. Bartlett and impart training so pressed several starters in serving others we sort of god or whatever your our power is so we need to remember who we are inspect taking care of each other that's the bottom line he's gonna help us remember that. And teach us how to better do that. We can but in the same regard every species help there battles among among themselves whether it's hands where it's whether or whether it's Iowa and squirrels in the woods it doesn't matter every one halt their battles amongst themselves so it's it's. It's tough to live to see it that way. But we'll have a special one you know there's a mineral kingdom the plant kingdom the animal kingdom then there's that you're mentioning that the human kingdom is unique because we are physical bodies to the animal kingdom. That's part of us is an animal but we have our mind. They're incurring late are blank canvas can create a beautiful painting out of a blank campus. And we have a whole. An individual's soul. But can communicate what their mind and give us any help us know what God's littlest animals don't have that. All right Dick we're gonna take a quick break when we come back more you listen Jason GBM beyond really revealed that. I know I feel like it's time on this mystery guy. Yeah it's just one of those topics you can talk about all night. Yeah and we didn't get to I don't think Casper questions dictate it thanks so much for dealing with us in the questions and we have so many more we're just not gonna get a chance to get to them tonight restaurant have to be back on the program. Politician agility you just got really great talking with YouTube that I really appreciate. The opportunity to come on and Intel folks that it's not all lost there as well. And before you go I know I've given out the website but where can people find out more information about two although all of what we talked about tonight. Well I'd want to give people an idea that they can do to help. Out that you don't mind and sure I I just want to tell your listeners that I am absolutely convinced it's no accident that you're here on the planet at this time. And you're listening to this broadcast because everybody can make a difference but let them singing conjures up all the people making. If you think yes that would actually as your maybe 30%. But his talent at that level just handle this kind of in your own sense that might be a great teacher coming up as. Out of this match I hope it's true but I don't know what do you think that people because the war. Anchoring expectancy disorder he can come. And again we have freeware that we're trying to do a lot more that we think we are. Our veterans people can do. Flight to freedom fight for unity march in the streets to send tweets I'm going on FaceBook talk about healthcare for everybody talked about. About working together as a human race popular groups. Almost nothing that would. Can I get about ten seconds ticked. Okay well I just want to say thank you so much this has been just a wonderful wonderful time. And you guys do a great job. It makes we'll look forward to talking to you get right thanks so much Dick Larsson again the website is share dash international dot dot org we appreciate him being on the program. All right so we're gonna take a real quick break we come back more listen Jason javy actually when when we come back we're gonna bring in. Our good friends in the season you don't forget them. Parents people will be right back after this. Shelton ameliorated Jason too easy and Jim you can talk. About this for our own we've you know we us we have a great relationship with the folks crap go there have been sponsoring the program since the very early days yet and honestly there barely cutting edge with a little stuff out there and it's just it's great to be able to talk directly with them we've talked about bringing the president of crap though. Under the program talk a little bit about the things are working on what's the what's their models are you know what their beliefs are why they do what they do when it can get an inside look at what happens craft so I'm I'm excited about this to a spring in the president of crept over those of you don't know is name's Ted crept out skeet and Teddy welcome to the program reach out beyond beyond reality radio. Hey like I am days and in Davie Harriet but by the way. You could just call me it's all okay. So thank wrap me god spoke match. So he needs your name's not Ted. It's idle while technically. It's sad but perhaps all is what I go by the concern there but didn't refer to it let's. We did gonna show us all and obviously on we we we don't buy based on your name we we figure out where the name craft Coke comes from but you know get some idea how he came up with the with the idea to start this company to begin with. Well look it took a lot out of pocket armed fan but I thought the basic neither offered daily lives and off white bread dot. I needed agreed to product that could address of the earlier. And and you really have I mean that everything from. You've got home surgery Qaeda Coleman bombing kits you really talks about the wish it HD. Which managed the the things we brits that temperate sweeper and the DVD re rewind kinder missed his acting was phenomenal has some great products so far I mean you've got a long history already of being innovative and forward thinking. Banked on an emperor really appreciate that we threat which rivals home gets really put it on the map. Now we try to develop things that we think people can use every day alive maybe they don't you think but that we put him out there and you know. You know like it's its people get you know all. Betar over the everything though you know. Well Larry I'm an idea a murder it was just inform you guys are pretty much just finished up the in the home exorcism can't which I'm looking forward to us checking out as well. It's a little bit of a departure for a no pun intended if you will but yeah it's they'd be employed has been a demand and I couldn't believe it week and I didn't vote at group. With a couple you know people down the road and they're Edwards spending whenever dominance. An aunt and been vomiting green pea soup probably two million. There were a few I'm not gonna lie got massive point but then. You know it's don't work out of the end. Well again we can't thank you enough for being sponsored the program. I know that the people based on what they say in the chat room and in response we get from listeners are always excited to hear what's going on at Kraft know the new stuff feedback coming out wins. What are some of the other things he's got on the you know on the horizon that we might be able to look forward to kick start to pop up. Let me tell you something we are always big BRD department are always busy. I just the other day I got very protect their. Because we came up but what I think is a great idea it's called the two day. Yet to play. Hate only element. You know look we all know that that male pattern baldness Ron mock among farmers right. Let them back we've done the research it and they work. There were nor are right and they deserve really ahead of all of blowing air. But we came up but it therapy designed just for farmers. It's called to. Today it's EO UP. Hype and AJ Wright that's correct and it's only a ballot there beat but it. It's made about a 100% organically grown else Alpine. OK. Well sports or just keep it right and did a great market are down and so. Try to keep it even nicer. What are some of the teachers in the house have been received. Well it's been received very well so far. We have had a little problem when he gets wet I don't wanna go into that just yet. But let's celebrate and I iPod Touch upon the the really good point on it helps protect against the harmful effects of stock. No scale melanoma for the two day where it's sure. And and really right now all we've Wheeler avenue one colored that you called feet right hey it's pretty much blonde. To pay. Yeah well I mean that's not a bad color to go there if you're gonna get new Harry ms. Obama as we blonde. Yeah we do have a live version that the lie about felt numbers and you just at a low water every day and it grow like real hair crazy out old ball McDonald you'd do need to get a haircut just like the good old days. I'll eat a little water and grows like real there or religious men have a peg go and let him the nod your head. Yes and on down. Yeah I would get back I got to make your memory that they that's but a lot about bubble we try to and the dry out now up and it anybody any farmer knows. You put that into hot barn. I am open plus. Secondarily. There will come bust guess if you get hit a way it and you just let it smolder it will come bus that's true. And and gentlemen I don't want to leave a lady that they have. I'm so far that's who paid the guy who recovered the man just coming a market here in a few months. But we are working out stuff for that we don't know legal ladies out here there were working on not big wig. The big wind figure waved. So you know it's a burden added burden prod more for the women or people like hockey. Yeah uncle oh okay that makes them look at him. I guess there are between Terri would see him on the docket. Well in the NR pipeline that is going to be out truth hit so let me ask a question to me time that you spent the dog and immediately afterward the dog rode up. Guys have artillery. The budget does have all the time. Yet pretty coming right up but no longer you've got blood through go to waste you know you don't want the dog sometimes they like the reconstitute an arrow and know we got a pat. Patented process we call this product called a feature on. A piece to jump. Bobby just yet the pot tarts pop. Poppy chunks. It's a fit and every purpose that barely digest the food server two rover that so little later. And that's that reconstitution. That adds them donated vitamin and let me tie it up and the dog lover even more they hated the first. It's almost sounds like she's one you might incur the dog to throw it up and then you can reconstitute it would pump puppy chunks and that's even better for that says he's sorry Tony. It doesn't sound right I understand them at first -- but you know we had to make certain that it worked so yes we had to reduce vomiting and if you are poppies they weren't happy the first time but they you know after a few weeks to that they are now off like a big powerful pop account. Let me ask though with that few weeks I mean they weren't happy initially and few weeks did you feed them anything else during those those few weeks or were they just stopped eating that stuff. Well they worked out being that I appreciate that tape and they respect that because we wanted to have a true test group we don't want to introduce and needing help. Into the mix look this side effect is introducing these crucial vitamins are hair. A lot strip after two weeks unbelievable. That first round the cats are going well we're very excited about this product. Well and and just to be clear pump beat chalks is a completely different minding your adult line rent that's the. I'm working on another product I almost put the cat out of the bag though by no we're talking about. Upbeat jobs yet thank. A bumpy chuck is so quick reference that's a great product that I mean I do I heats see that food go to Lacey and the dog throws up this happens all the time so what else would nausea. Well OK so bill Carolina tomorrow we're verb that right on. I think we've all known bill wanna let me play about fan base state government that they they way you walk and or you where there's storage of their example to add. And blah blah blah. I mean a bigger problem right. Attorney to pretend to be tired of that I believe but that Obama do the trick. So what are we develop the product very excited it's called get asked. And it comes into righted one use of the powerful that a Mel. To force. How the issue and the other muted sound to me like Jack passed. Perfectly unwelcome or as we administered I'd call PU it's a product that you did these delicate that the well can make to get uncomfortable. So let me depleted depth to get dumped into pregnant is by way rotting flash and human flatulence or as we like caught but it's gonna. Real rotting flesh or human flights of its yeah I get a better. And not talk in the flatulence that you know after like you know a state dinner were talking about garlic knot. I test by test I am like that either either of those smells are probably make me wanna leave the room so yeah. Has wanna try to stuff out. While the plateau they do it if it you know make you uncomfortable for you thing they don't play in the dark. Especially after giving him the puppy chunks. I like and that we have the other product I guess that's that called go now which simulate the sound of public grumbling not hungry time by you know we're Miller time. Atlanta the run to the bathroom dad died. And it and worked over any Smartphone violet it's. We have I think we're developing app for that do. Great stuff as it NN I'm sure that's not all entries got more. It's one I think is. I'm gonna go on a limit they'll probably the best idea and we've ever come up live. And I'm pretty excited you sort of unveil. What we're working on right now. And you're young you're gonna do then I'm beyond reality radio. I I am the one that certainly international announcement of our our latest and greatest. Apart that would hit themselves sometimes sent and you got to turn the next funeral you have were have to plan into a honorable so. Guys that aren't noted that a lineup funeral beams and hat on that would create a social event the seat that I know that sounds great week. But I'm Tanya it's gonna act though not. So because funeral was spelled FUNERALC. You're saying it's honorable. Yeah but the fun in funeral. It albeit celebration alive I get a and not an exercise and bolt being talking though the bilateral pact come in many different themes so they. You're Gramm pat we want to Australia error there are always wanted to go to Australia well it's not too late with the six speed down under being. Our board kangaroo and its and a popular blogger to delicately played in the courses and or next clearing cases a cremation. A list of words you have like barbies spared in economic there is evolving name tag that also aid groups are Shia. That's the Australian TV just throw it. Paulson of the shrimp on the body somebody correct. You can get it were true and I'm tired they're gonna all the a pretty happy by the time that Pia are. On Earl is over. And I think people people be dying and just isn't just to have that time that's. That's right so what if Thelma and do well you're not quite sure which way they're gonna need you know what I mean Alpert down middle and pat. At the limbo packets not that. Art they were. Were being lover when they were alive and well look while packet perfect on the grass dirt including casket friendly bell Kos is certainly no Alia be you know the deceased without being part of the party. Do you tortured and I don't figurines. And a variety of umbrellas to place and cue tropical and or fruity drink of your choice. I've really excited to be worked out within the of these states that we have a CD of Donahoe is greater yet. You're include in this package at a program brought a case it would grandma. A pastime. To outdoor work and other pacs to in development right now like the October at the bowl. He. And that we have this that circus clown face paint to express that that their product that these face. And now we policy include this in the RO but. So to him about that sometimes just sent right. And the kindness. And a lot of clowns have that said face paint that's what they do you know that mr. thanks I get it and what does that what does that accomplish. Well well I has ballooned and it up that this where stolen development at that are trying to figure out. Probably in bed about ten people in the bank but it comes to the many clown car you know over the at that crazy routine I always brings a smile on people's capable if not all that. I know I hear it well. She's said the U you guys are really doing some some incredible stuff there's some scary stuff incredible stuff and weird stuff I think all mixed in one. Thank you know look I'm we're always open for ideas but we got a cracked that here it was always thinking. Sometime that week and a middle and I I pride myself boost up like come up with. Are you so were not discussed him. We're happy to. There be a part of your program and now little did they do sell and I hate thing we do make out like a little better for people were your forced. Developers won't forget about it. Well thanks a lot we look forward to keep on pushing your your products. I appreciate your time thank period gave that I thought he would. Thank cells have you back on soon thank you. Some are different it's different kind of susser organize a lot of different stuff that's for sure I'm anxiously cup brought to market in the commercials ago with a moral his great. Yeah should be good are sort of take a quick break and more atop Nielsen dysentery. Joining us thanks to deport her guest tonight. Yeah definitely big shout out thanks to a crap goes CEO Ted crept out skis sold an assault auto quote assault crypto scheme Yahoo!'s most chat with them in the united met with them new knee in his headquarters or global times to go over some of the stuff whose great -- them this -- yet and I'm really I'm looking forward of that coma axis kit that that's going to be some that the puppy chunks product or he's just it's on the about it just makes being cautious to pay. Hairpiece for farmers it's an NFL channel thought that's pretty cool fig weighed the stick with the so honor roll packs or any any funeral and a former oral while you can't spot funeral without fun that's got us. That's a very much chuckles that's a very much stroke at all right so let DiMAGE sheets in tomorrow night retarded would John Rhodes crypto hunter. An award winning you awful investigator it was all ages and pioneer of reptilian humanoid studies. So let's be interesting especially with all these humanoid. Reptilian humanoid cinnamon and talk to on the news recently sightings if you haven't yet. Head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page. And had to be on really reviewed dot com you can download the free iPhone and android app. You can also a finalist stations we air on returned station list and you can almost just join me online chat and ninth straight from the website just click the listen live. And hang Ali GB and I and the rest of the crew they should tune in and everybody have a great night will catch it a march Jason NG the roi. And you media is produced by spaghetti Edwards include things like Alexandria Johnson for intercom he. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality read it all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow upon or you'd like to be Gaston beyond reality radio email to sleep getting. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.