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The mysteries of the Reptoids living among us, below us and around us

Sep 8, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome guest John Rhodes, the "Crypto-hunter" to the program to talk about his research into the beings known as "Reptoids" that inhabit undergrounds cities around the Earth. John offers historical proof and eye-witness accounts of interaction with these creatures. John also reveals some of his findings from his work looking into mysterious cattle mutilations. 9/8/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's Thursday on the West Coast Friday and the spokesman Ian Duncan between welcome to be on really to review myself Jason halls in the always awesome GE Johnson. Talk about scary things and we took a lot of scary things on the ships them some of them are more real than others. Some of them the jury's out on but I tell you what this storm that's set heading toward Florida announced crossing all the Caribbean islands. That is a scary stormed. It is it is enough to get Stanley in Florida and they are they're sandbagging. All around their house and everything else arm. Accorsi got taps family as well decides immediate family and and our good friends joined ameron Georgian all the storms and be heading right up to them as well. Well the interesting thing is you know Unita last we're talking about paper going up the coast hitting Rhode Island at some point. Clearly you know the storms subside a bit as they go up the coast like that but some of the models showing a go it going like right up the middle of the country. It into New York which is. Very very rare here and to this this is a big one in the top it all off there's more right behind it. And that's a scary as well and this is. O'Leary said this is the most destructive the highest costing storm in the in the history. This is the most severe hurricane ever recorded which is just pretty amazing Thomas actually read on the heels of heart beat. Doing all that damage in Houston but anyway welcome everybody to the show if you've got family or friends in Florida and their on the fence of whether or not they should evacuate. By all media interest means encourage them to do what's the authorities are encouraging them to do which is most likely. Move move Norris to get north says is leadership. To a shelter or sheltered and because right now honestly everybody's trying to get out of there and it's creating gridlock. And which is it is serious major issue leasing wanna do is stark and intermodal traffic. In a car or something during the storm. But at least seek shelter in the shelters where these buildings are built out of out of brick and cinder block and everything else you're going to be that much more secure and safe. Yeah hum ho on getting our our hearts and prayers are go to everybody. BA CC you can possibly be I know that supplies are limited gas is running out of places water is running out of places and horse courtesy. Even some of the airlines IE I saw I was watching the news earlier in some of the airlines have been great. You know where they've lowered tickets major derelict 99 dollars to get out there. But some some airlines we're literally up to 5000. Dollars for one way trips me. And there they're claiming well it's based on you know demand that's become. It did doesn't take much to change that and he yeah you're gouging people lament how you do it just so they can get sick that's ridiculous you know and it seems like they could do you know diverts an extra aircraft there to help people get out in Pomona manipulative it really upset somebody posted a picture of everything streak in one of these grocery stores and in one story the only thing that was still there were like four cans cans and knowing Pancho the path that at what does that even mean it a 02. It's not nice I had imported just as they're extremely New England clam chowder isn't tonight the beginning of the NFL season. Don't don't years say in this because Sony deficit that you get angry five minutes ago and the patriots were winning they are taken by. And they dropped the ball and whatever. About say what you know as it as a giants fan I have to say to you that the patriots are always tough and the community regardless of what violated any. Particular point any game or in the season they are an incredibly well coached team. And you can never never count them out. I mean we came back 2525. Points after consumer poll question went yeah yeah I'm pretty incredible start there was the most incredible so we've got a great children nine and be talking with John Rhodes she's the crypt on her. Obama also an award winning UFO phenomenon investigator group as are all just and a pioneer a reptilian humanoid studies. Yeah we're talk about is reptilian thing and we hear more more about this says. You know are talking about last night even is things as strange as as South Carolina or what maybe was North Carolina. A warning people to be on the look out and I think it was a bit tongue in cheek did either well either way just the fact they use it in official correspondents saying look at Libya on the look out for lizard men. Only during the eclipse even beyond that they're talking about underground species now. Of these certain reptilian humanoid creatures living underground for two that's just creepy thinking that these things to be walking under your feet. Yeah and that's part of what journal talk about tonight I should also mention that dollar tomorrow night will be a best of program. We've got some great shows coming up next week Monday at. Experiencing the reality that lies beyond the physical senses. It's not known to us when we're born it's not just limited to people with a special guest gift we can all see it I'll be talking about how that works. And when a try can you know Clinton I admit ordered me talking to you sang I'm Tuesday. It's been a majority of his life exploring the depths of the paranormal and when you go ahead so there's less than saying doing best. I don't understand is that's might lose somebody make a note of that thing doing to us and we'll see for quite well no disrespect to loosening end no disrespect whatsoever there's a lot of letters and a name and he can and can't wait to talk to you but there is a lot religiously seventeen latter isn't. If you have an image she had to reduce FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page. Then head over to be on really radioed up top and reach a final agree stations we err on across the country and you can also download the Treo iPhone and handwritten operate there. Too logical listen Michelle liable on the go catch past episodes and join them and Chet. The story from the legislature's quick listen live button you join me online community in the chat room and listen right from the Aaron. Great bunch of people all hang out we talk TV and I are in their during the show. Yeah so Aaron in the last I have to tell you about this you know leave the police officers in Pennsylvania. And talking about these clowns settings. But I cannot forget that yes while it gets even better as a red balloons are popping up on storm hits ahead of the hit movie. Want to end. Red balloons are now popping up on storm greets. Head of the hit movie now anybody who's seen here at the the clown appears in the storm great. Prayed at least one time zone uses rebel and slate to learn and learn on exit music Nevada caucus and again this is in Pennsylvania. As so Pennsylvania police department is asking local pranksters to stop tying red helium filled balloons twos to storm grades. With the eerie sight seeing is easily drumming up comparisons via upcoming horror movie hit on the listed its bureau Borough police department located about forty miles southeast of Harrisburg. They posted photos four it's creepy photos on FaceBook Ernie Els. Suggesting that it was a work of sun some amateurs promoting the film's remake but in this. In the course. Movie of course you know I killer clown named anyone's worst children's storm drains which floating red balloons before attacking them. Then there's the police officers saying we get points for creativity. However we want to local priced and know that we are completely terrified as we run. As are you move these balloons from the greats. I respectfully. Request them not to do this again. No the silly love that about it and think about that and had some details that you can you go walking into the store angry you're waiting for something. You're expecting right geragos is just the beginning of this scare miss Brian Gregory in some jumper out of clowns face to appear in the greed itself for something like that yes it's a good. The sues for officers to and that's not the kind of people you wanna have terrified the longer we do something because they're and they're probably already have their hands at at their pistols. Yeah you don't wanna missile them home and chaos itself. Levers put in these red helium balloons on grates kudos to you are getting give you credit on the power but yet you're in on him and him getting shot by police office terrorism point. The other day anytime that one of those you pull print click that and please involved you can run the risk of getting yourself into either in more trouble for her dangerous game. That's a very dangerous game they're games chicken you know our let's stick to break when we come back we'll bring our guest John Rhodes and we'll begin this discussion is on anxious to find about find out about the suck the reptilian humanoid studies and his pioneering tiny dream work in the field. Aaron loyalists and Jason Giambi general later your phone number is 8446877669. Dental free at 844. 6877669. Will be right back. Okay game to date is approaching and it's time to make your plans to attend skirt on an October. It dates are October 6 two DH the places turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place in this. A great match if you like to hang out with your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars that scare con is pleased to it. They're all fair and orderly hanging out enjoying their. Fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection of panel discussions and film premieres you can't find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's scary times. Dotcom desk Eric Kahn. Today scary time. I'd come visit. The website today use promo code ER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. An admission of troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scary. The show it's beyond reality radio with Jason and Jay-Z. 8446877669. I'm sure you're gonna have some questions as we get going into this conversation tired question so we haven't if you start to get some parents are guests of the program tonight we're talking to John Rhodes. He's known as the crypto honor. And at ease and award winning UFO phenomenon investigator crypto zoologist and a pioneer of reptilian humanoid studies John welcome to the programs great to have you on beyond reality radio. Well thank you very much for having me on guys it's it's a pleasure. Well and John as the topics you cover this such a wide range of them and there are things we talked about so often on the show it's we we've really we've been looking forward to the conversation. Well it's always a pleasure to be able to talk about it because you know I don't get the opportunity in my local environment talk too much about it too. Two individuals because you know how it is in real life you. People have a limited imagination and that and an appetite for this kind of amp information that. So it's it's a pleasure of mine to be able to have the opportunity talked to somebody that's knowledgeable. Subjects. Let's talk about you first before we get into the details here how do you get interest in this stuff fare in the you know what but wedge down this path. Well. Let's see I would say that I'm the first thing that got me interest in net and guess who just happened to their. Be bored and Las Vegas, Nevada and and not having much to do and evening and carrying about this some I think it was on from library board had seen some UFO group that is. Meeting and I actually went to a meeting of their sense just to see what the people were likely what they had to I am pretty open mind about not closed minded man. And done what I've found was some sort of a small community of people who felt that they have something that has absolutely. Eight. An effect on their lines some negative men and out a lot positive. And so. In meeting these individuals I'd start hearing also about one or two that pad. And cases have meaning and edit a creature that looked unusual and and it didn't record exactly like what everybody else was disgusting and when I started thinking about the possibilities about having contact with Dexter trust your life. I'm it was just a matter of thinking about comparing that what we know about Earth's ecosystem here we've only discovered about 15% of why on earth that means that 85%. Of the buying a home and the biological matter and and the stuff we called life on earth has not been seen and not even been photographed catalog and sometimes. This planet gives us some very unusual. Things to look at and prices. And it was really that kind of thing that. Opened it up at forest area of serious discussion vs you know when thinking that everything was from off planet. And I started pursuing that especially in the idea of looking at things from. A having originated from earth aboard the possibilities there and I thought a lot from a lot of scientific support that. Actually answers to the to a great degree some of the phenomenon of people experiencing out there but people keep. Rally going it saying it just crazy talk from so you know imagining sum up the planet or some even some other dimension. But when you start presenting it to romance part of the biology of life and how it's possible then it's right up in their face and I really like and appearing into that window. Or especially like you were saying we don't we don't know much of life on earth and they just they just have this whole thing where. This whole huge amount of new creatures were just discovering the Amazon just recently link with the last weekend. So you you're right. There's so much that we don't know well. Why and even the able to mountain gorillas have one timer ought to be Harry people living in the forests you know and of course they prove that to be true believer guerrillas and and until then people are in English society in action over here are thinking it through dispense both stories which are. Shouldn't be believed by any person was paint are considered a respectable part society. And then of course there we have it. I we have individuals even than our own lifetimes groups that is an interest in Egypt you have these individuals with these tiny people on their laps and and then all of you beat that beat Egypt I'll just keep saying well represents the gods are greater than a bigger than bad. But then it's not until a decade or so ago we found actual you know living. Or excuse me. Remains of individuals that were living in the Japanese island and they were only three feet tall but they were fully developed so. It's entirely possible that ancient man came in contact with some of these beings and that was what was recorded so. It tomorrow a matter shifting perspective. And there are so many things were finding now to be true. That were previously thought to be crazy. And will actually. Thanks to you guys and many others aren't any in your in your line of work. Bet that knowledge base and acceptance has grown twelve massive market across the world. So it and I didn't a lot of people and and there's a great appetite for. For science fiction and and if you make a move that you know UFO and ghost research studies and such like that it's all complied and it's. And most of that is based on real studies no different than life actor. Television program was actually obtaining information from government circles and exit him and Scripps. When you talk about. Only 15% of the species that exist on earth have actually been discovered in cataloged. And what are we you're trying to build the case for the fact that these. Reptilian erupt Brett toyed creatures. Could very likely exist under our noses and we just have not found them yet. Right on you know years ago I started. Researching this and then doing television shows on it like unsolved mysteries and thankful back in the early nineties and then. During talks across the united straight trying to draw together people to see you know what those that that was going on and you know what it was hard to cheerleading with a UFO community. I found resistance and in organizers of lectures and conferences that we're just not open for that they won't even know despite the fact that many people having contact and these were happening. They just resistant they didn't wanna entertain the idea they still seem to wanted. Separate themselves to certain degree from the subject matter as if that's gonna give them some sort of credit quality. And down. I hit it just took persistence and of course you know there were people that occurred on on radio shows and television shows about that and now we have whole generation of young individuals who are. Open minded to who incurred the seat of thought when they were kids. And coming out of the dinosaur toy agent exposure through the film and television media industry while disoriented in the entry. And there are rarely write for bringing them for this kind of information for work. Yes definitely bring inning bring in will open next generation. Our rights so worried we're gonna take a quick break him when we come back more on the phone numbers 844687766. Thank in this tall treated for four. 68776. X nine you'll listen and Jason NJ biamby. Yeah I'm really can remove. Right back after this. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see reasons beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find that you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. I was relying on a horse all works. Where's that looks like a wreck everything that that it's called torn by Natalie Imbruglia but welcome back to the program it's beyond reality radio Jason and javy tonight we're talking with John Rhodes and right now we're talking about. Reptilian script toy aids rip to mean humanoid so I'm not exactly sure. How it all comes together we John's gonna Telus and may the best place to start John is pure trash roll wrap toy hypothesis kind of set the stage for everything we're talking about here. I'll I OK. So. When I started hearing these reports of these individuals talking about different things that are going on that didn't fit the normal description they were. Describing things that we're reptilian and humanoid in physical parents. And down. What I started thinking about is the possibility that. You know what is there that's indicative arisen here on this planet that would answer this this physical in the description. And they're where this are tied to by the name of dale Russell who during the 1980s had done and scientific experiment. For her Anita paleontologist. For the museum of Ottawa Canada and eight we're asked to come up with a model of what an extraterrestrial or know what the dinosaurs would've looked like excuse me. Had they been allowed to evolved. And I'm heat what you did when he came up with a model that was strikingly humanoid and had been devoid of things that we wouldn't normally costs orient that. It did look like it was a humanoid reptilian. Beings it stood upright on two legs and arms like we did it although Heather and opposable thumb and three long fingers. Had no hair or anything have scales and no. The kind of large on shaped eyes and it slipped firmer now. And it. And I is that a win in this earlier form most of the eyes of the dinosaurs which the side of their head in this slowly they were coming forward allowing them. A by knocking provision that allowed him to be better picture color so when you had grasping claws. And he had these other features. Morphing into give make Cuba better predictor. He took that model of that dinosaur called truth Don and they advance to. And when they came up with this model. I citizen this uninteresting now it's possible that we could have something like it conversion evolution where may be a branch of the dinosaurs or earlier rep tiles broke away. And justice that bird somehow escaped the devastation 65 million years ago. To become a very. Widely varied life forms that we see now bit. Indeed it is not until recent. History that we realized yes in fact there would be descendants of dinosaurs. But could be another pocket have actually. Been placed away were secured for themselves or region underworld. And created at parallel evolution two wars and this would answer a lot of historical. Questions since Aniston at the imagery throughout history as well as may be the UFO descriptions. So if these if these creatures if that's. They took a different evolutionary path they survived the that the devastation wiped out most life on earth it's time. Worded they go where they hiding where they are living and although we had some encounters why aren't they more common. OK multi fault and I'm so you're gonna you're meet our AB and god. Where are they now. I'm they would be in pocketed partner groups and population areas that are remote and sometimes closer to some of our current civilization areas. It's I'm they're population groups are expected to not be very high. And let them. We don't know exactly. Where they might concentrate internationally although. Historically they keep referring a lot to that at the imagery over in India and in the inner area Kashmir. As well as. A lot of early in our offense back in the early nineteenth sentry like Lamotte ski. Who called America clipped Apollo which means slept like region of serpent. I'm not only did we have serpent worshipped throughout the Americans that it may have been influenced by some other being who could have had contact with earlier. Cultures even in the Americas. And I'm in the four region. Corner I know very well I'm in my area has been mostly the west of the United States. And I've been doing my research in the four corners area this tradition carries over even into. The Indians such as the hopi and zuni Indians who have all of this reptilian and imagery and specifically the hopi who couldn arsenic Brothers. And the OP say that these guys came up. On occasion during catalyst consent took some of the hopi underground and and that they've lived there a generation or two until what they say the at people who I can only. Maybe some think are of these rip are these little great creatures who are often seen. With the reptilian humanoid. We know the ms. Gray's. You concede format and you know permanent and ancient viewpoint that these would be called and people could see it live underground. Base hit that they have people are gave them most of their food and therefore became and a mission had been that limb and such because they're benevolent serpents or the tournament. This would kinda contradictory to what you're hearing and modern mythology era this fear out there Euro this aggression. You hear a lot of victimization. But we don't want you start looking at. How earlier cultures perceive these beings they were interacting where. And recognize there's good and evil and everything and and it just a matter you know you're certain circumstances and who and what you're dealing with that the time. You know that time they weren't looking at this from such a fear. And now there was another part B to C we we. Go we get to port being a second. Yeah I don't well I I wanna Tesco and and I believe it was our beat. Was where do we believe that these things have moved it to underground dwellings. Well I can't begin at the nature of the serpent or snake is to actually go it to go underground to go under a rock. You know humans came out of caves where put me square boxes made of what they can blow down at the response that's insane. You know cave man you know but we were pushed out into the open. You know so it when you haven't that the nature of us make itself to be underground. My my hypothesis is that Antarctica may have been the one of the ancient pre atlantis'. On earth. Because if you look at it from down below using Google Earth you'll see that the curvature of the land even apartment suites out like Dan. If you pull it back against the continent it starts to look like a circular blanch Atlanta Mac. And this is described at and the content. Atlanta description and the Atlanta is not one location. If various cultures who met their height and different look in different atlantis'. America is one form of Atlantis. And that's why the floodgates are open now they're allowing everybody and they want it told that this Atlantis. Slash Nazi experiment has contended that in the great execs that's all these years. And their may be getting ready for the next evolution and expect that I don't want it in politics this time. But when you start seeing these things take place. These are recognizing that come. Definitely aware that this plan is in under an influence of something that's here and the and these beings. You know been answered these descriptions are out there can't be denied. Well and there's reports out there of and us and using machinery digging tunnels or whatever and and hitting these pockets of other tunnels that are there in these these. Beings these type creatures. Being in the east now I've seen I've seen a lot of Jewish these reports out of Friendster and answer some of them Tom of course many of them. Many of them are -- bit silly but some of them to move seemed really like something is going on. And in there as then there's all these different things with things that have been covered up during during digging in and things have been found in an oral agreement. In and you guys at anybody can get a newspaper subscription online like newspapers dot com or something like that they can search do word search string. In through newspapers it word by word searches newspapers going a 10200 years. All you have to do is start using unusual word phrases that they may have used like. Scientists were amazed at this works straight as a string. And start looking through the newspaper reports you'll be absolutely I'm they eat at the mound of material that they were discovered in the Atlanta to 300 years. They were reported in newspapers and it just never been brought forward. You know we had them. We had. Earlier. Attempts to do this with them which has named a gentleman wrote all the books about the I'm out of place artifacts and such like that. Where they're talking about finding people encased in a cavernous concrete. We're there was no entrance but they're sitting around the fireplace and there's even a skeleton of the dog sitting there. And you have all these things that are discovered. And then they sadly just disappeared because scientists are so befuddled they'll have an answer they wanna just do feel our worst thing about nothing to see here move along. And we and we scene that we've seen winners different things have been found where science losing corrected and they've. Pretty much haven't gone back to haven't changed the history books haven't changed any any of these books because science doesn't wanna be sitting there with with a red face. Com so yeah I'm I'm a firm believer that science a lot of times. Will purposely cover up things so it doesn't look like they were wrong way with some of their some of their teachings. Right and we we've been to university in Yosemite engineering courses you know especially in vocational colleges. Don't get your student and there are no hey listen everything you've learned about laser technology is wrong. And we're just gonna tell you that straight up. That could needs to know. All these intricate facts about why it's wrong but we're gonna tell you how it's wrong we're gonna tell you why the rest it's kind of a lie by. It doesn't make a difference because we want you guys to understand what's really happening here is technologies. And that shows you right there that. You know I think they get. So they get so special is the so they're research become so specific that they work it into languages that only they can understand. And then they hold these secrets close to them. If you don't know the language a bit which she can challenge them according to their own you know guilt to answer your own professions you know word you say. So you know there's a lot of information out there and there's a lot of side to come forward information that they had their careers are Parker. So or certainly John Rhodes secret dove owner by the way the website is wrapped toys RE PT all IDS dot com if you wanna I wanna get more detail after the show here. On John let's talk specifically about these creatures of what did it look like if if you had to describe one and we you've done a little bit of that but in real detail as best she can what would they look like. Okay. Imagine. Waking up at night in the dark. He might have a pool of liked my Nightline along the edge of the floor or something like that but when you're walking the law. He looked down. At your feet to make sure you don't stumble but in that light is look forward EC and other another great setup feet. They create don't look more. If people like they have maybe creep. Codes and a fourth preakness claw out there ripping ankle and it looks like an animal. And as you look up we he start to realize you're looking at something standing there on two legs. With very defined strong lambs. It's got scale along the finer parts of skin as the prices up along the side. You'll see larger scales. And that you rise up you'll actually starts seeing its form comes into view which is so large. Seven to seven and a half perhaps eight foot tall being in May be crouching and from the BBC won just about that. And he's looking cute you start looking upward things start to realize you're looking. Something that well the ancients would call. Scary. Or a guy. Or in our times a reptilian humanoid it has human like features. That it had two arms two lately. It hasn't digits but the only three long printers and an opposable. Come with long got talent sometimes very sharp. And as you look up towards his chest. Sometimes you can see it has a chance played almost like the Romans looking like play that made of metallic. Devices and leathers. And if you look around it. Next you'll see upwards it's got a very squared off. In Scott large almond shaped eyes. No hair no ears. And it's got to see what we're nose. No lip. And very strong point shot to squared off. You realize this then how is looking down at you and ancient looking up he maybe we've seen that it hasn't caught a cool feature to it's an almost like. I'm mountain gorilla. This might even be related to what they talk about the long golf or the elongated sculpting we're not sure. If you look at this thing you realize that I have vertical slit pupils. That are looking through you and sometimes these stairs that they if you are against just like what we see in science class where the snake looks. At the rabbit or have miles from the rat mouse is just aren't they get in the hypnotized state. And that's exactly the way people feel that they are when they get there aren't locked with these pre. I think you've just created enough material for nightmares for death if telecasts and I felt like actually turns in my office lights could chunk of merlot in separate giant let's take a quick break when we come back we'll continue the conversation it's beyond reality radio Jason JD don't. On the radio former C 446877669. Or talking with John rose to crypto honoring John before I went to break you give us a very. Erie and a bit disturbing. Picture of what these rep told aides would look like and I'm curious as to why you chose the waking up at night in your bedroom with a little bit light scenario is that for a fact or is there something we should be concerned about when we're sleeping at night. Well I was giving that to you because some of my earliest. Accounts that I heard from individuals. Before you know even then in before now days since the I guess the information would all be contaminated because. Even though you might researcher we've seen so much on the TV and TV shows and so much on the Internet about it everybody's mind is just over saturated with this hard to find a real account that might have happened. But in the earlier days when nobody was talking about this and it was very disturbing to them. These accounts generally tended to happen. Our way and they were actually in their residence and especially at night. And a lot of it was written off because you think that these things are coming from some more calls. They're not that they they have the ability. To actually. Shift their atoms and molecules of their physical bodies in and out of phase we can and can't see them. And they can walk through walls it has been suspected because they have backs in the house with nothing moving yet their presence has actually gone. And when you see them and semi transparent form sometimes they'll appear to people like that at night when they're actually walking or were. Something disturbed in the bad relates to help to present. Watching them feeling like that in the opener right. At first they were really all have felt that they're seeing something from their imagination and they're still asleep. But as time world Don it's starts to bomb on them know I'm waking up this thing is really happening. They'll even passed what's happening for example like taking an object and throwing it towards. That's the lot of them being that it's looking in at its standing there looking at them. And it be optical pass through them and and they won't even flinch is that they never suspected that they would be harmed by an object a physical thing being thrown at them. In at the same time. The next morning when for example in one case there were that there gaffe of the person who had. Woken up and and it is an Irish an event like massacre in her room they had gas and living room the guest had said there was something. There that night they saw something walking towards the bedroom they were petrified people sleeping bags over their head. This individual was it has always kept the count private with me because she. The person and that being a person and end up. And a government departments like that psychology. You know with mental hell. You can imagine them well with this would do a pay cut out so then individuals like this put these very precarious. Position. Judge goes. Professional people. And they cannot they dare not talk about this because they doubt number one their own sanity level well. They know that it would be damaging to their career should that's ever come out because our. Bill John and John we had to take to quell heartbreak but we'll. We'll get back to secede. OK game it TDs and approaching and it's time to make your plans to attends Gary Condit in October. It dates are October 6 through the gate the places turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place in this. A greater next if you like to hang out with your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars that obscure content is pleased to it. They're all there and or me hanging out enjoying their. Fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection of panel discussions and film premieres you can find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's scary time. Dotcom desk Eric Kahn. Day scary time. I'd come visit. The website today use promo code G our armed with your ticket purchase to save 25%. An admission of troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scare Khan and. There's fast first Friday in the East Coast when he stuck in between law can be honor really redo myself juice and honestly always awesome GD Johnson. So do we would when we talked about creatures like rip toys or rip to unions and and all the stuff I can't help but but you know think about. Years and years of searching you know years and years of bigfoot hunting in years and years of of these sightings being reported whether there. You know could dip in the United States around the world and and it just. If it creates so much mystery and so much. Good curiosity. Given the fact as our guest is pointed out earlier that only 15%. Of all. Expected life forms on the earth have actually been discovered cataloged and recognized by science so why couldn't some of this stuff be just elusive. By a 100% agree with that come and like I said I'm I'm a firm believer it's there's a lot a lot we don't know and and I do believe in the possibility amassing or are. But the possibility of their being underground dwellers. And I don't know it may be units from when I was a kid I remember it's and one of the scariest scariest thing that remember seeing it and I was Star Trek when they were dealing with that. Balancing Warner Gordon Gordon or whatever wrestling creature you number that is I think still traumatized me to this day he gets a good why so just it just the idea of something like that it's it's creepy to me it really is. So I don't mind and if now talking about the easings beamed the phased in and out I mean soon literally they could just see is ups through my floor and fees spec. I'm guessing this is what we were gonna bring our guest back in here and get more detail on this because some before the break. John Rhodes or guest was talking about he was describing how you might encounter one of these and any mystery giving us a bedroom scenario where you might wake up maybe go to the bathroom is a little bit light in the room and you get to see that you don't have to go to the yeah you should get caught and you've got hundreds just did. Let's bring John back end but man I mean. The fact that these creatures may be able to pass through walls pass through floors be inter dimensional what how exactly does that work and if these are flesh and blood creatures is that just an evolutionary advancement that we don't understand. Well we're not sure if they're using some we believe that they may be using it technological device on them that allows them to do that. However. That's not to say that we don't get ripped alien life forms from something other than what we would consider coward dementia. Because there are accounts that I've occurred and where you're thinking that. What is another dimension and we all know this is about face fifth shifting and pension and having a frequency of your own to be able to call a domain in which atoms molecules could. Somewhat and supplier maybe not maybe they live in the plasma form because plasmas and what it's all about and plants and as the fourth state matter. So when you go beyond there then you go into space if you don't just disappear Yugoslav war. And again it's like we've we've become plasma beings after we give up the math and then we go somewhere. And so these beings are able to come in and out I there's actually the carburetor before it's a very touching account I'll say it quickly. Because it's meaningful. There's no right John John casinos know Russia would get an Islamic segment here. Okay actually I am. At a girlfriend she had some friends come in from Oregon Washington and when the mayor before they came back she says now you know McCain keeps coming that the boy prince got a early he came out of a trauma. But to what happened she goes well. You know she senses his daughter died in the car wreckage was only sixteen to this with the sensitivities. You know pre meeting them. Where. And so when I met them obviously it was very crush see you could tell that he was still not over it. And and this my interest of course never crossed the table. And because of course not audiences here have that appetite. And dumb. Then of course we met up with peace for an almost about a year later and when we saw him again he has transformed. And we didn't. Understand what had happened because he seemed to be so much of peace and and we were having dinner bank and pan we had to you know what. What happened you know you know law. How did you come to terms with it because obviously you're very at peace now with the whole thing. And then she goes where you can tell them and it goes well you know I'm a Gartner an it and in the church York. And I was tending to the roses and I was thinking about my daughter. And I was thinking about her. He does all of a sudden I felt like I was in another place this is like by location. He was out feeling like he had suddenly transport themselves to somewhere else. There was no understanding their stooped over the roses with that is pruning you know utensils. You know gloves and he was somewhere oh. He says he felt that he was sitting on the edge of one fountain and circular prompted. And is back to a next to him he said they're sent my daughter. And he said and the first words out of from out where. That I'm not supposed to do this but you know I'm sure it's okay because I know the suffering and it's time for you are suffering because. What lies beyond here's much better and I'm really happy here so I'm not suffering there's no reason for you to the any longer. This was that this was that this was the communication. And then he he was looking and he and he was looking kind of puzzled when he said this. Nice to what's wrong and he goes well there was something strange about an actual work that he's that. What I couldn't understand was when I was looking at her and it was looking into her eyes she had the verticals. Pupils like a snake. Who and my girlfriend was kicking me under the table is kicking me this is kicking Meehan kicking me because she knew this was right up my line of studies because I had. Had before. If the root of a human brain. Is reptilian and we know this because of an evolutionary. Evolution taught us and we note this also because. In the in the root of evil lives in all of us in this back there symbolically. And and this is inside so as this. Is it that feature inside their own mind. I'm obviously hit it tends to wanna come out and so I'm thinking to myself. Cocaine is is he tapping into his reptilian brain and piecing them. Or is he you know if he actually seeing something that's coming across because as we Dalai. And our. Frontal lobe start to collapse and everything seems to implode we get people just like a lightning of the light bulb it's about to go out it glows bright that it blinks out. I think are what happens in our neural connections have these last collapsing. Experiences and thoughts and memories and explosions taking place before they collapsed. And as they collapsed backwards they're going back to the root of the reptilian brain that controls respiration. Part. All of your and the atomic features. That are turned off right before. And so symbolically and psychologically. In our own brains were actually were returning back through the genetic heredity. Of all mammals who actually shared an ancient reptiles man ancestor with common rent time. Because all mammals and reptiles came from the common ancestor people forget that. The entire GMA guardian may have a bad historically code that and really really deep level going all the way back that way. And beyond. The fish and then to. Well as somebody who investigates claims of the paranormal and if I heard of somebody's. Childish some some passing on. And then they saw them and their eyes had like late the on the lizard advises state televised. Of course that would more and may mean assume that it was something negative trying to portray itself. As as that in two somehow create some sort of a connection. Right but that's the knee jerk reaction that we are preconditions psychologically to have because of our historic exposure to what art. Ancestors have been telling us about the imagery of the snake. In addition to that it's a normal psychological reaction because as and mammals. We also have an inherited natural fear of flight or fight response when we via reptiles because we are we're on their dinner plate for a lot of years. Before we became monkeys and finally up towards humanoid. Of course of course and disloyal you know evolution explained that would that's why we conceived in the net more shades of the color green and and than anything else well. Just. Looking at right we absolutely have to Ed genetically coded manner so. Our natural tendencies to want to grab on to those psychological. Perception. Or those interpretations. Of it's something people. Is something that we have been in trying to think about because the people who come train of thought control on this planet. Love to label thing. But I remember they say yeah maybe it even the greatest work so it went back to the serpent a dragon and they think beautiful thing about it. And then later run at history come on you hear more negative things about it. And then it was kind of wiped out altogether replaced with what the dog warship and and while this other stuff and the serpent and the dragon was kind of crushed underfoot. So but in other words so these these reptilian type humanoid things that live underground. Are they more advanced than us as a species or are they suggest that they have different type different types of technology or what. Gosh that's that's a hard thing to. Kind of quantify because what is the advance we note that technology tend to want to double on itself every two or four years I think it was. And so therefore even if they had a five year head start you know of course would perceive him as being made deeper more. I advance however I would say more so advanced it to different types of technologies that haven't fall where they had. Different cranial perceptions there aren't concede frequencies and white birds can see perhaps that that led alliance and the Earth's magnetic field and it turned. To navigate may be reptilian humanoid some of them have these abilities apparently and the that they use for their skill set you know it is they work in such and so. I'm we have all of these. Kind of different things that are applied to. You know what their all of I think that if there's something we can learn from a lot that. And there's something that we can confront within ourselves especially when it comes to that interpretation to people because it's usually what we liked project on to other people is what we don't like comic about ourselves. And sometimes your demons are your own it monsters. Yeah people lot of people. I'm sorry go ahead. No that's okay we're gonna take quick break here John when we come back. We'll continue your discussion maybe get a few phone calls and John Rhodes or guest he's the crypto honor. His website is ripped toy it's dot com as soon stop by get more information about things are talking about tonight here. And the phone numbers 8446877669. Until treated for 46877669. You listen and Jason GB. Filled beyond me already. Jason can her receipt for 46877669. If you wanna call and join our discussion our guest tonight is John Rhodes she's the crypto hundrer we've been talking about the wrapped toys. Which is his website as well ripped toys dot com if you want more information and John let's a quickly jumped to the fall Muncie we need a caller to win here this is. Kind of a short segment here but this is James from Kansas City James welcome to the show. I carried a it's. You know one to ask your guest he had looked into which I'd have to assuming had to give these subject matter around the insurgency doctrine. Regarding the line of Cain being bothered by the serpent from the yacht the local. Yeah it's an interesting route back there I mean meat especially when you start looking back at even the direction of heat to see which he took reptilian humanoid form and Stewart serpent and I symbolism related to her as well. And her untold story of being dominated or not. What liking to be dominated by Adams and she was kind of thrust out. And it's and you know a lot of that. Ancient literature can actually be pointed back even into the areas in the release today that. Often east Indian Ocean where the serpent was cast in underneath the ocean floor. And caverns underground their living in grand palaces that have after being feeling stripping from. With salt and crystal and jewels and everything so when you start to recognize thing. How the ancient people started relating back to that somehow this serpent seen this. Reptilian lineage that came back in that direction. If there's a strong connection to it it's just a matter of where do you find it. And the strongest area that we believe that it may exist somewhere is and people with RH negative spotlight because they have seen to be. With an RH negative factor in Jamaica 5% global population and they seem to be it specifically targeted. Group. By a lot of am alien contacts so you know people suspect that you know are these people connected me start thinking about the fact that you know when. You relate back to that lead and they were called blue blood if you happen in compatibility. Blood types with an arts negative. And these children can and that anemic and that means they have lack of oxygen and Latin become. Literally blew it because they never go outside you know there pale white skinned with this blue tinge to it gives them this. And you know answerable description that has lasted throughout history. And of course because they were descendants of loyalty and such they are looked at as men of great Renault. Whereas there are also a lot of reptilian human right contacts. Who are associated with loyalty or people who were in government or powerful position. And like with the individual I was mentioning during early show to end up becoming. Doctor. Live with the state government department having to do with mental health solutions out there applying them than a mental help to people to help and heal. From whatever mental ones they might have so this doesn't always result in a negative things so. But your guest is right there is definitely it they're the seat of Cain in this lineage. Has to some degree then kind of traced back at least symbolically and through literature. Back to those times so there is that the senate to you know connect the dots straight there. Thanks for the call James from Kansas City we appreciate that is a great question. John we only about a minute and a half here before jumping to break again. You have mentioned I believe I read it on the web site actually that they're actually relationships between these rep toy aids and maybe the military. Well the personally I think that if there is another culture occupying the planet at the military circles. You know they are in contact I don't mean circus military mean like I'm heading black and government boycott government. That we have that occupies the underworld under America. It lives in the shadows I believe that there are military represented in this or probably in touch and working alongside these reptilian human rights if not I'm. But you know it. Vietnam under the assumption like some people out there so parents say that how well they'll be able the government are really. Reptilian humanoid incident and now I'm sorry did I just wanted to know. I don't I don't I am I don't buy into it got to remember when I came out with this work it was during the very early 1990s and of course that. During the lectures in the TV shows some of that broadcast now internationally in the you've got people coming from other countries and struck fear in their making a whole bunch of things are based on. I'm on fear mongering things in order to sell books in order to make themselves you know like about celebrities forms of celebrities and to make money. Where is in the real research has been definitively shown that. Really be associated. The associated. And sanctions or emotions that come out of rep two he's human contact. Actually about seventy to 75%. Benevolent at this point they were prop seven decrease deploying about 70% there about 75% now it shows that. The majority of them are healing positive kind of experience so when you show. Televisions and all of the books and all of the culture program all the propaganda you're hearing I believe this beat cotton. There may have been a time along time ago. When a group of reptilian humanize may have decided to explore space. They did they left a small group here and we can come back to. Are yet because we gonna take a break but are you listen the Jason GBM beyond reality. Today's show it is beyond reality radio and Jason Giambi for her guests back in just a moment I'll remind you that tomorrow night's program will be. A best dubs as it always is on Friday night's slash Saturday mornings Monday slash Tuesday morning will be. I load dominant now Dominguez junior he's. With a bunch of difficult names to pronouncement tweet to erect a practice over the weekend you who. Have no idea where authority and OF but Ivo is a visionary he's a practitioner of a variety of esoteric disciplines will be discussing experiencing the reality the lies beyond the physical senses and it's not limited to those who have a special guest and a gift anybody can do that. Us will be doing that we get a lot of great shows all weeklong don't forget the phone number 8446877669. And this year and over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page then had to be on reality radio dot com where you can find all agree stations where across the country. It also download the free iPhone and Andrew that operate there which allows listens to show life catch past shows join me online chat or just listen right from the website just by clicking the listen Lional connect channel and online chat room. When a bunch of great people and there are Nicholas in the show lawyer it's. Yeah owner bring our guest back in John Rhodes is the crypto Horner and his website is Rhett toy it's dot com and John. I would ask at least one more question here Madonna wanna change a topic to cattle mutilations of who wanted to talk about as well tonight we're running out of time. But as great as we talk about these repertory creatures. Why you think so elusive why haven't they. Come out from the shadows tried to develop relationships with humans more directly. And you know make it more obvious of their their presence. I think what we're talking about it symbolically is like to a maybe revelation of sorts so the global map to where you we realize that. You know we're not alone and we do actually share the planet are there are other beings and in our sphere of influence or at least maybe even our solar system were close by. But. They're they're going to him. I'm I'm so I'm Clinton sideways here meant when on this question. Can you restate it another way. Sure I'm just I'm just curious why they haven't become a more obvious to us why are they being so elusive hiding from us other than you know random end Sudanese or elsewhere and sporadic encounter or. Why don't they why aren't they up there yeah well if there's some if they're a small group. And they recognize that our culture appears is afraid of alligators and snakes and dinosaurs and everything and they lobby a who's out there that would grab a shotgun round is sound and go on the down. I don't think they've got a vested interest to release him if they're Spock have population group were never showing themselves. But if they have a terror but if we have the technology that allows them to pass through walls and I mean there are they seem to be advanced enough that that. It seems that they might there might be able to defend themselves probably better than than we could. You know handle. Well yeah but I think that they have been revealing themselves slowly over time and if you look at it where if it's with government cooperation you certainly see a huge amount of that media industry last. 25 years maybe twenty years. They concentrated more more and reptilian imagery and also drawing the reps on humanoid forefront in science fiction. And and literature it just is overwhelmed. And I believe that this is part of the desensitization. Program because they probably recognized with their own military and other government individual who have first had first contact and exposure that. This is something where it takes some sort of appropriate preparation contact. I would suggest since such a situation like that before a one. Group comes in contact with the other that perhaps we do this through pre issue. Means a virtual reality where we can Wear headsets and virtually experience what it's like to have. One or interact with them aperture and virtual hallways and and contact that way because have opened contact physically just may not be possible. I remember there's a lot of stink even cynics have Salmonella and there's there's been in the skin that may not be helping experts to be exposed to and the guy that most people are in common society here. You know if it would be very difficult to introduce a small group like that so maybe they feel it's in their own best interest they just. Stayed back until. Some future event where we're being prepared for say hey you know we're not allow me to put it may be the culminating global event the world looking for. You know the happy brings together. Two quick questions and we're talking by academy knows what mutilations have there been any pictures of these loser reptilian creatures. And has anybody wins the world who who has oak a credibility. Offered any. They visit as any human visited there underground cities. That has credibility now yeah comes back has credibility that you know has something like that happen that's all easily destroy a ball back. I believe that they have had contact with them. There was that share that list entry is still in Mexico South Carolina when he abdicate the lizard man. Having kind and haven't been seen by multiple eyewitnesses including adults and other officials there are high standing one. But actually lieutenant who was lieutenant colonel colonel about promoted to general. And then in the Pentagon. Reporting this to him I would say these are pretty credible people but again. At this at odds are stacked against them that they're gonna try and get anything beneficial out of this because if the media have been told this time to announce it than the media make us all look like stupid idiot. Tech nerds so let's do real we have about I don't know ten minutes or so left on the program with you and I wanna turn the topic to them kind of mutilations you've done a lot of work. And actually with law enforcement on this subject tell us about your work. Well it's just kind of intricate started when I was up in Montana. And I happen to hear that again mutilated countless open earlier Montana. Up north and I took a trip up there and I I had a look at that. The carcass and everything I expected that and talks there's share and also the farmer. And through my research doing I actually started realizing that. You know we're what we're really looking at here is that that the count but I came across they showed me. Have been dead already by a couple of months but not anything was torn open on really think you could see it was in and done through predation or treat animals and these are farmers and ranchers and they've seen at all they know what pierce look like they know what. Animal predation looked like. This carcass was an almost fully complete condition. They should on the carcass that died only about a week before I got there had been skimmed the ball there was nothing left of it's obviously something was preserving the house. Body and an unnatural way. And I believe it's because if somebody was out they're doing this and it was government related they would dump truck these bodies and then generator in the mountains that there would eat it but why leave it on display almost at preserving its nothing can. Terror apart. And I what I started discovering is that it might be a bit what is happening here is somebody is doing long term and inspection. But I veterinary inspection on the animal to see the what the effects of different types of parasites and things like that are. You know that are in could be in the wind and falling onto the ground in the crops in the water. Near ground animal feed lot operation. And an animal feed lot operations sometimes he's pig here and and chicken here and and put it inside their. Water in order to fertilize the fields. I'm strong wind these days these can be carried downwind and dropped into lakes and water supplies and of course that can be very dangerous. And Tom I started realizing that when. They were. Putting the bodies I would there's a lot of missile silos around Montana and Terry why would normally draw. A line from the missile silo to put dead cal with the carcass was. And they expand the line outwards indefinitely. And I then I would do this as a matter of research and what I started realizing as I patrolled the share about a year later they would have another. Incidents occur and down. Actually took a year to the date later they had another incident occurred weren't sure who's a friend of mine had that c'mon John what's going on here because you were too accurate you know. I have to ask the question being you know being on fortunate because that suspicion that you're able to say exactly what can happen. And down I told him it's because that when they do. When a scientist does an opera a yearly. Analysis they'd like to do it almost a year to the day. And I was able to share demonstrate to him on the date that occurred was the strongest they need to win through the strongest at a whole year so far on that very day that that occurred. So there's a correlation here between what something might be doing the following year another legalization occurred in it was two cab. One of them was dropped on the same line that I had drawn out from between the missile silo in the dead cattle from the year previously extend that line out that. Perhaps the next year was struck right on that line a number of miles away. When I went to that character and I saw there was another cap. There had been mutilated on the same morning. I went the other cap and load and when I looked towards the nearest. Missile silo I drew a line now on Google earth and I could see that the line directly went out about two and a half miles. And it went over the roof of the missile asylum but the extent of Al Atlantic right on the water tower or pig feed lot operation. I had already suspected plot potentially that there were issues having to do with contamination of local water. And I have to removed out of Montana. Because I was I was kind of made to feel comfortable there doing research. Because you know me and and the beef industry in the third rail at the moment there sure have been honored you for everything and and so I wanna. Actually turns out here to later after it left there on the age they shoot the them. The department of environmental quality had cited those those operations per digging well putting well and without authority. And also there was an issue. Previous to the mutilation which had come back. Two or three years previous to when the militia secured what you paid that people pay plot. Operation actually paid an accidental spill pit maneuver into the lake that. Feet to the local population downstream. I so least that's necessity this is why on TV you're gonna hear a bunch of garbage. Because what catastrophe as huge industry. And the same gentleman that was with opal rent for talking about meet. And it was a big loss in all heard about it in the new year. I talked to him personally that John be careful. Could be scare people about that food. Going across the United States. They could consider that may be a terrorist backed out because George Bush made and made it illegal for people to be on think about eating food. So despite the loss to pass after this big block him because they. Big corporations Kaman had pain or not and we're not gonna have ten million people stop beating me to cut somebody that's not enough rating too easy. So if if you're not saying that. Cattle mutilations are alien base. Now on its feet so that I believe that you know we've got some sort of a group of beings and it might be that we have where representative group from underworld because we share water supply it with that. You know if they're coming from another planet why would they care about the water supply. Why would they care what happened. That we and we share water repellent and to. We share water supply bananas as apart by trade I know that. Also the ground is the best and the best alteration system helped sorry man what do what they get a lap I hit a lucrative if they're under us no matter what they did it's going to be a whole lot cleaner there were drinking appear. And but that bought that water system stream and stuff like that promotes cancer and you can't start seeing where you look if you look at what I did that I got Google Earth. I went down and found out there on the Internet the prevailing wind directions across this state of Montana an overlay data is an image overlay crosses state and start pinpointing 7080 different mutilation that occurred since 1975. You can start seeing that there are in line with the wind flow. And that they had of most of them that come up there always start pointing out and employment Aral point two pig feed lot operations. And so that's why when I work when I work with the law enforcement and in regards to these issues. We're very discreet we don't really amounts you know what's going on I don't get out there and talk about. What I'm normally doing because it usually works out to be an environmental issues that they got to take up with the local officials and try and and trying to cover up and try and currently leading to it as best as they can. And that's silly don't wanna get into it want to start pointing out these issues they'll start getting cramped up with their mouth they don't start talking about it. They're not getting any support from the state even at the state level you get state state. Programs especially federal programs that will not support shirt to work when they try to do research serious research and actions are they just say there's no. Money and that budget for. Again this is under way this since you know felony shirts over a thousand dollars that you know we just don't have that our budget start you know investing in this stuff they don't. Or not to jump back on Tuesday underground well as the somebody just brought up a good point in the chat they were talking about this poll tracking things. That's going to be creating one hold an issue if there are these things living in the grumble lows correct. I I would think so. You know but you know it is you know. I don't know this corporate America and the big oil industries to they had the last thing and everything I mean how much power they happened. Are there local population groups down there where their market. Fracking and thank you remember that bulky you know underground base and you heard about on TV and and beautiful cultural life. And and I was not there early route of trying to expose. Happening there they actually blew up between a couple of time nuclear bomb as a form of an experiment back in the sixties. About twenty miles away and what they did is they dropped it down the hole and this was to see if they can use it for fracking. Pretty natural gas. Can imagine a nuclear bomb for fracking they do their content into the earth. This thing didn't go off and actually got stuck down American overheated and got flooded in that and that tunnel. And they couldn't approach the bond for three weeks because they are afraid it would go law because it was it was boiling. But when it blew off and sent it out and when vented out they couldn't find anybody take expect gas because they were the pit in the industry. People it wouldn't wanna buy music for their cars because they were afraid of radiation that because event without it gave a perfect opportunity for the government to start. Looking at the local agriculture in the communities have the accurate. A guerrilla Indian Apache that there to see what long term effects are that blowout or this event out that occur from 28 new Q. When he can attend it can yield. And so it's all up wins in that direction. Now if you recognize that. And about 332 degrees and Los Alamos laboratories well the suspicion is that the law Hamels also wanted to bio engineering labs section of theirs that they didn't want your their main base. So they may have built along tunnel system and connected into words dolce. Where they actually do their experimentation. And the recently had the long tunnel system in case anything comes and it escapes respond by a large contamination starts leaking out. They can blow with tunnels all the way down there. So they can still look the entire facility. John we're out of time you've obviously done a tremendous amount of work here. We appreciate you bringing the coming on the program bringing these arguments to us in presenting this information upon yet no well it's if people want more information we've given the website at its rep towards dot commas or any other place they can go are you speaking anywhere Florida. It Gauthier didn't drop on my FaceBook and have a look no I'm kind of laying low right now I'm getting ready to publish couple books so I'm working hard on that. And so that for my future here so just stay tuned. All right terrific thanks so much for being on the program and we'll have you back for having me guys. And we'll definitely have him back in the future thanks. All right so we're gonna take a quick break can only come back wrap things up illicit images and NG beyond beyond really revealed. Thank you. To John Brooks joining us tonight great conversation a lot of information on this kind of creepy I mean these things coming up to force you. So they're creepy I can imagine seeing that image that he as he painted it. You know some night draining it of fundamentalism and as we move. Yeah so I mean choose our excel and emaciated and tomorrow tomorrow night's can be a best of like usual you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radial FaceBook page. Then head over to be unreal it reviewed Tom tell the Treo iPhone and android outbreak there was to listen. I've catch past shows join me online chat more but I am imports are great shows for next week is while some issue tune n.'s Jason NGV you'll catch also at. And the media is to discuss its intelligence and Alexandria Johnson and her. Current don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a lie and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one work. If you've got information you want us to follow upon or you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio and emails to sleep any that's slick Eddie EDD one bad beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.