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Sep 16, 2017|

It's discount day! How did your fare during the storm? Listen for discounts on home services!

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American banks mortgage and MLS 408099. Mike Jones is an MLS numbers 315233. American banks mortgage is a member FDIC and equal housing lender applicants are subject to qualification requirements. It's not all applicants will qualified rates and terms are subject to change anytime discussions are for information only and not a commitment to Linux vendors like company certain laws require mortgage insurance discuss all options through embarrassment mortgage loan originators. I. The studios are not seven point three this guy this is still real estate show. With Mike Jones from a Marist bank mortgage. You can email might get Mike dot Jones said Ameristar dot com. The number calling in is 877. W sky talk night's 8779759825. And now here's your host Mike we'll mortgage man. Tire one mrs. Wilson show was your host Michael Moore trim with a marriage thank mortgage and Bob Lewis with Tommy Roy M songs. Gaines those greens over okay each week we come on the air we talk golf things really say whether that's buying selling building. And Todd server which of course who I'm sorry I got that backwards I'm the financing guy you're the goalie guy that's right okay cars. Good thing that we of those you know there's a storm missed the set you off paradigm just out of work for short. Rumor refueling is my favorite time in my kind of you know. Okay yeah that mr. started at her and rebuilding now I guess in certain cases right hopefully not right for you talk about that today Tom. You nominee Tom and Mike Dunn Jones and Marist bank dot com that's AMP your eye has spank dot com. Visit me on our newly refresh web site immerse bank mortgage dot com forward slash banker forward slash Mike Jones you call me at the office. Just about each and every day 35233975. It before you can Cummins senior person 2772. North west 43 streets we douse for superstars and we'll talk about that too little bit later you're new superstar. Brief hearing you install. This we just want to thank Dan are close or she does a great job and everyone gives me compliments on. How she interacts with the closing departments with. All the different title companies and attorneys in town and dumped throughout the state of Florida just Greek town person have on our team Dana with our closing department. She must be great because I'm a restaurateur yes she is right there that's a good sign yes absolutely and as we do would talk about interest rates is a little bit at the beginning of the show the last information we have available from the Wall Street Journal on September 14 2017. For the thirty year loan three point 1% really hasn't changed. So three point 81%. Yes very low should be very low. In the Wall Street Journal I mouse yes please and then in the in the national average again. Four on the fifteen year loan in the Wall Street Journal com. September 14 2017. Three point 05% to almost 3% so very very low. On that so our login information there. And a fifteen year loan is of course. This threat be good for everybody yes but have been especially good if you're thinking of buying your last home perhaps under master type those those kind of folks. Or you can do its annual those shorter term but does try to shore alone and you can live archer. Golden years not paying making mortgage just who does good advice don't go and we should do the arithmetic to match your people let's do this didn't just stick it's certainly so. How did you do during the storm this week. You know we were we were very very fortunate to itself but it really puts things in perspective you know we've we've. A lost power for very short time I am I live in Turkey creek here in game you know north do you and so I'm tertiary and an eyelash or about them. Here we had some very significant flooding in Turkey creek just and this whose sadly some our neighbors. Word homes you know completely underwater right you know like. You know to the of the doorknob that there was there was in only a couple out of a whole neighborhood but but still very sad very sad. For them but. Other than you know the bridges you know the creeks you know flowed over the bridges is a some of the roads were closed for short term. It was scary good scary deceive both them but not too bad all things considered them and they recessed quickly. Move we have power back on relatively quickly also Russia I think I have power back on your Monday. You know Monday morning so well yet. So you know the wind when. Of course you know nobody slept really much Monday night bright just seminars and it's united so well when I finally you know. We did get up and realized I had to you know stay out there and and to do things are you really you know desperately needed coffee though you know how mom back guy Ernestine so. But we had no power. Well I have bought. Some some calls from brewed coffee some cold brew coffee just I have actually a friend of mine recommended and was an excellent suggestions. But so I had to cold brew coffee but I really need it's just he had he had he had asked not coffee in the morning so I have Barth candles. And so I pour the coffee into a soft toss pot well lord and I and I held it. Over the candle at which point my fourteen year old son who woke up would be now slept a little storm of course as you know being the teenager he. Personality as. So he comes tumbling out you know in his room and he's what he's doing hasn't turned trying desperately trying to heat thick stuff like coffee cups of course. The you know the candle that I have was late pumpkin spice doughnut though couldn't attend you know very so he said you know your coffee is gonna taste like that as I don't care I just need to mark coffee Neeson and you know he's he's Smart he said do you you know how long that's gonna take. Do you literally a play 31 inch flat in just his that this could take a long time that's OK well then here you hold that you're not doing anything. So he's so why aren't you just sense something over the candle I select couldn't think of anything and so you win the majority got our you know a trip you must have some account just. And he set the trim and on top of the candle. Okay right there and and set upon on top of it true that. And no air worked there worked perfectly so with him you know. Within an hour yeah the thought I had a bureau dues though I had. Hot but I have lukewarm coffee that that tasted like candle OK but I didn't care focused and and I and I drank tea and I set off this is the best cause ever had because you know by now it's you know 10 o'clock in the morning and I haven't had my coffee Adam. And I need to do things so I can't emphasize that this is the best coffee I ever had you know you learn to appreciate things sure well about about ten minutes later the. Power and Iran and like I. This golf is so well I guess entire choke off the united dumped it out did I do see some people on FaceBook where they Tom had a generator going mad the coffee in my. Mugger coffee pot plugged into there generator so they can get some fresh ricotta put those pretty fun. Yeah you know I and my kids were like why quiet what do you know you've got all this all of these things to do then and you know were hungry and if and all you're doing is making coffee and so I had to explain to them the theory of you when you're on an airplane and they go through the what to do more emergency in the oxygen masks you know when they do the demonstration where they always say. Put the oxygen mask and you first correct and then you can assist other people try to explain to them that I had to get coffee. First and then I can helping your your movies are about so that was most important job. But obviously you know when we're laughing and joking about but not having coffee for an hour you know we're in pretty good shape our ups look at how much you know us pretty good Tom you know my wife's side totally freaked out around 2:30 in the morning and she decided that we weren't safe enough through one room we had to move to another room so we had. People from out of town McCain do it hunkered down with us now and they had their dogs and their kids and everything else and then does so we move them in the middle of the night what their dogs and their kids to another room and and whatever so they went back to sleep and and we were authorised limits are like oh goodness are seriously but you know was who was very off putting obviously was very well indeed. And obviously not as bad for us. Thank goodness did you lose power we did not never lost Merrill lost power color if you just arm fund certainly being in a pilot before now but. Yeah and rightly so generally so you are brought to the outside and I guess some people still don't have power earlier one of our wonderful salespeople who's been with us for you know. 89 years ago the issue she's wonderful she's an Ocala she'll just have power back this morning that's good. As insulin and so it's a long time yes no I certainly feel for all the people out there that haven't had power and it still continue to fight to get powering generators so. Hopefully it'll come back soon. We did reach out to some of our our friends and in the and the industry have tried to beg you give you some help with things he might need fixed in your world and so. As far as like you know trees and and and landscaping and things like that so and we got a couple of discounts maybe I'll that's not much but that you know every little bit helps so. It will give up the numbers a couple of times but found. If you have if you need any tree service like I do I have about a 8090 foot pine tree that came down in my backyard and luckily it fell away from. And away from the house that's good but anyways so I it's it's precariously perched a guy wedged between laurel oak branch and neutrons can and so. You know. The seventy feet of it is still up in the air and as a snap off at about twenty feet there's no way that I can I can deal with that I'm my own nor should I try to break knowing my limitations. So anyway CNW professional tree service. Well and his family are wonderful people there all insured and and how all that and he's offered a discount of any tree service that you need. Forty dollars off. Anything over 500 dollars so. Almost 10% off which is which which is a very generous right now because obviously Jews into the business he does need the business so it's really nice offer then his phone number is 352. 665. 3001. And repeat that later in the show but if you need tree service you will cause 352665. 3001. Dimension and turn on the radio. Well yes men yet dimension that you heard it on the roof realistic shows Mike and Todd brand and to get that discount that's right and and he will run that this week so he called Kong today but there have been no run on through. Through through the week OK anyone in my friend's site cragey with these electric company. Immunities pendant in the Gainesville area for a long long time. And Hugh Scott and a number of calls from people who say Jerry's been in my house than they say they can't restore power because. There's some electrical work and used to be six or less why you were called Larry Craig's gonna give a very nice discount if you call and say you heard him on the radio. And Craig's number 3522224943352. 2224943. Call Craig. He's got tremendous experience in these don't work for me personally if many different places that we. So if you get from cause say Mike told me to call you have got some problems your you spend here clay electric spent here they say they can't restore power because there's something that. I have to do us a homeowner. Give Craig calling out c'mon picture before. Well that's great that's great. And then now of course you know we have. You know Tennessee football which is which is. Happy to have some and some normalcy today yes. But if you are not during the game and wanna go are in any need to replace some of your landscaping that's also a lot of it got got ruined and you want to freshen things company got the are clean and any needs replacement stuff whatever you need from a from a nursery. We also have a discount for you right here in Jones bill. At the greenhouse and nursery. Justin Green who does a wonderful job. Everybody loves Justin and he has offered. The very generous 15% off your entire purchase. So walk in India whatever. You know. This plants flowers and you know the shrubs trees the pine bark whatever you need and and and you'll get 15% off your entire purchase. And again that's that's the starting today so there are open today or on weekends he can go out there and see him just passed delighted Jones on Newberry road on the south side of the road greenhouse and nursery. Tell me heard on the real estate show. And he also run that all week. Through next weekend so remembered that that 50% off your entire purchase when you're figuring out just say I'm Tom mice are you 15% off and so we appreciate that and again will. We about that information numbers again later in the. He's got a tremendous come store there torched the nursery and he's got everything you can never want our enemies of big beautiful place and alive and but hopefully you didn't have any storm damage but it turned pretty good shape yeah pretty good shape the other beautiful stuff out there should definitely relentless they do everything from you know everything from. Annuals to trees there's a new fire pet the you know paver so well did big trees and everything in between so at anything million units and. Really nice adjustment to step up like that token right so we have some more folks we're gonna announce that on our after the break here this is our discount day on the real state show. We can try and help local communities get back to oh. Some normal. Sierra guests. After the storm but we're gonna take a break from will be right back after these messages. Tommy Williams Holmes is gains bills green builder in the market for a new home called Tommy Williams homes at 3523354140. Now building at Oakmont near Haile plantation and Finley woods near 34 street and Wilson road and now featuring Gainsville shortest new commute to US chance and the VA hospital charted below 200 every Tommy Williams home includes solar power standard called Tommy Williams homes today at 3523354140. Tommy Williams Holmes is Gainsville green builder. Welcome back everyone this is Michael Moore each man and cut loose from Tommy Williams homes and this is a realistic show we're talking about discount day. For the roast a show on our audience we Kim help people get back to our. Hopefully in normal way of life here pretty soon the next few weeks in general takes some time for some folks unfortunately. Conference and amateur were talking about the folks have we called and wearable little offered just don't have a few more we wanna talk about. Council make him a call these folks but dug your talks with DC pressure washing. You know he does and driveways and then Roos and everything else but saw actually climb up rigorous and get the debris author if you need him to and clean off the roof and clean your driveway so if you give drew call. At Dodd DC pressure washing their 352. 2754248352275424. You can and he said you were give 10% off. I mean he don't work that comes through the show seduced. Tell me her on the radio and simmering you know come out your place and has a great job there goes so he's like pressure washing every aired on yourself I did so it is some real feeling of power you know when you strip something off like that are you get an all clear make you feel it just gives you. Good good feeling of satisfaction. It does it business oddly yet it's oddly satisfying it is yeah I think it's an accomplishment like when you see. This is aren't this is clearly a guy thing you know clear in her life so empirical terror plots nobody you do you you you pressure watch like us. Three foot section of pavement and a looks and your life. You're likely I'm pixel problem myself like I did that the gym teacher came during Ali actually mature regions the same thing we're just is pleasant weather conditions and we if I didn't go to that's in front of us old guys they're like so I actually also is a good thing go to call drew I recommend calling drew because I ashes a true story. I actually was doing though foolhardy thing of pressure washing. In Blake. Flip flop saw quite. And and went took the pressure washer across my foot and literally cut my skin wide open with the pressure washer. Medal what are your creditors know so and so good at you know again we don't call somebody knows variations on the theme of being guys is satisfied next. Here if your foot over there you're wearing flip flops so don't do it if you are gonna call. Culture talk college rupiah where close to issues yes but but first Joyce's call literature who's doing a good job and he knows what he's doing new Google getter all cleaned up in order to do and flip flops I don't think so no news of professionally ms. resort type flip flops are very clean up after last such test the blood. They. Ari thumb also won oysters number him. Chu is 3522754. Q for not afford to 4835227542. Forays. And I he actually did our house in suburban that's when I lived in there can end posted before and after picture of our driver which was quite disgusting. You know when you see after they clean it after it's been dirty for your two or whatever was it was probably ten years. And if you look much better yeah so but in due to embrace a big difference he does thank goodness he left off my. House numbers of people didn't know was my house because it looked pretty. Pretty bad before in a much better afterwards there animation animation wonder why you Bender the last ten years you spent a slob. Thank you. So and then we have a new look new superstar in our office we have our Monica marsh is in new loan or mortgage banker that came the workforce in the last week or so Tom does a great job of Warsaw have been however whether she does construction loans. Come from primarily but does anything you need to help with you you were off 3526720755. That's 3526720755. And her animal lust numbers. 301030301. Bomb but she knows everything from SH a new view two UST 82. Conventional construction loan so we're very happy she's with us and just getting sort of legitimate questions giver ring and show because they'll be excellent well congratulations welcome on board yes thank you don't work so I could ever. We are open. At Oakmont this weekend by the way if you hopefully nobody out there actually needs it in the house because Marin because of the storm system that allows people are looking for your house is actually we've we've. Getting an uptick in calls from the coasts don't wish often happens is your time here people looking into. Finally make that move inland Brent I don't think that the coastline is getting bigger break our lifetimes which is probably true in the storms seem to be getting more and more dangerous. But and there we are open this weekend so if you if you are aren't about Oakmont has opened on Saturday and Sunday and that channel beyond duty this weekend. And you know we I'm doing songs does so solar on every home we build and we have some some calls this week of course because people wondering like refute because Oakmont was our power our neighbors who were about power play. And unfortunately you know they're still without power even before we even with the solar that we have on the roof because there there they're tied into the electric. I grids so we were on clay electric power very happy to be I'm quite electric right. I'm a bit be you know we've because your selling power back to clay electric which is what our homes do you know they over produce power in you get to sell it back to the power company. And so when you over to see sawed back and I'm on sun goes down you get that suffices sorely clay electric serves measure storage for your power that's that's why we have such tiny tiny electric bills to your producing most of them by the sun right. But what that means is that when a powers down you can't he can't have happened that solar power primarily because if you think about it as if you're. For over if you rove for producing and and you're literally sending electricity down the line sorry he can't have that. He can't have that happening when they're going to be working on the line this is really hurt or kill somebody draped. That is so that Lehman said we've mentioned this on the show before but it's it's it's it's a good time to talk about it we are working on a plan coming Williams homes to go a 100% solar. Him in the near future with them and expect. Two to three years. And and included in that we hope will be these things called solar walls and so I don't know how. And so basically you have your storage on site. Which could get our homes off the grid at some point in the near future slot. I'm glad you brought that up because. Fannie Mae Freddie Mac don't want to be off to grip so you would have to have a power connections. The total loans that we do most of the time to get the best interest rates so who I'm just know that if you're listening. You wanna be just a grid very commendable but usually you have to have a hook up my order get. Sure and our homes NR and these and Iran as I say there will always be on the grid tech degree will always be on the grid and you can use it though but it will have the option. Two in a situation like fist to switch over to solar and keep everybody's just. So really the best of all worlds just solid and and an even with what's coming airline for us which will be the the solar powered routes where your shingles will be solar power and and so forth so. It it's coming and it's you know obviously it's not your soon enough to help people this week or restore with you know him. Knock on wood we hope these new storms throughout their stay away but there's two more storm so one alone. Is an official tropical depression number fourteen but he's trying to steer that one is expected to. It's a turn out to the but there's another one in front amid that is on attractive take into and that's are very similar path right now it's now it's a long ways away shirt and a threat at this point it's on that's on a similar path their own mind that it's taking a far enough south. Tit PE a similar storm just kind of spin out to north well this one is saying south of the of the weather tracking so it's it's big you know month most of the models have it staying far enough south. You know right now I could. Just stay in and in the smooth Southern Hemisphere and never come up to Florida bad but obviously it bears watching so when I mean that hurricane season doesn't end of November 30 that's right it's so this. Good time but I think to ruins kind of pretty much start watching the weather channel at least I know him for a milk so afflicted his way to weaker to. Then you know you can't usually argue three days three days cycling U three days of you know grade beat him not a new thing about. You know for a football hopefully tomorrow with a win today yes but then we got a new thing here I don't know whether general can look at article to reflect on the office. Cards so thumb the one also mentioned that we have renovation loan so anybody had damage to their house. And it's significant damage then. They may not have the cash to go and spend Tony 405000000. Whatever the case may be. We have several renovation loans or we can actually. Juiced what's notice is subject to appraisal say okay here's what to general contractor said that I have to do to replace my. My game. Torture reminded you know addition to my house where my outside more my inside doors semi outside door because the room is destroyed. We can do a couple renovation loan so we give me call the office I can walk you through or tell you what's available what took but the costs are and how that whole process works its 352339. 75 aided and there are several different ones we have and so there really good and though give your period of time for the renovations to be done and so say it's a 20%. That transaction we have 12% equity in the house. Then dean of the rest of that the bank's gonna go and our role in total sort of be very affordable. Don't you know from the put all of my yourself even know insurance may pay for some of it or. Or you know it did or if you don't have adequate insurance and other would be another reason for us to consider doing that. That's a dozen or some fun I've I think I've talked to somebody today who had so that third third conduct any consumer perished under their house but the the deductible on the on their insurance plan was but it was quite Brent so things are good. Yeah with the 4000 dollar deductible which most of us don't have 4000 dollar she's playing around Grayson and where Americans have significant. Now you may Q does this speak do they have to have like that damage from the storm does this resistance. Renovation home one we do good dom good if they wanna do tomboy I think that back if they wanna do addition. You know now that they decided okay I'm gonna stay here I'm gonna. Yes that they wanted to do an addition you can do that twosome doesn't have to necessarily be storm related. That is just what we have right now but but if there's an excellent time to do that just rates are guests earlier interest rates to reload they can do. The Hindu holy do whatever they want to build a safe room. You can do you could go decision will marry Allen a new room just another room for they're going to panic yet that would be better then switching from rumor of a little and as fast as a designated patent system that was not slime him I'd like not to do that again because I should I used to call my job Jihad should help myself to get Guerrero there's two. To do a safe room for my lord what is that number emails sitting guard yourself okay it's 35233975. It'd. And the emails might dot Jones and emeritus bank dot com and it's AM ERIS. Bank dot com. And just throw quick let's run through if you just joining us we have some of our vendors that we work with him and trust are offering discounts to help with your storm clean up and replacement. CNW professional tree service fully insured. Will give forty dollars hostile fire and you can work over 500 dollars nearly 10% discount right now under and a storm we appreciate that will. And his family great people call 3526653001. Again that number 352665. 3001. Tell them. That you're gonna embryos to issue with my cantata on the Internet discount. Yup I'm not crazy with these electric company used to work for me personally. His phone number 3522224943. And he just raised his salary so I think a few weeks ago arm. In recent reviews is old raised so that probably bring in around 10% discount. Tim McCall and in this Jerry you shown up and said hey you need to have a electrician commander in fixes first before you turn your back on the and you need to call Craig 352. 2224943. And don't stop writing down our dear friend Justin Green on the greenhouse and nursery Aaron Jones so whatever landscaping you have to fix or replace. He's gonna give you 15% off your entire Nelson author failure shopping cart children restaurant tongue we heard around the real stage show. With my can top 15% off your entire Bill Perry and Todd I'm sorry drew talks with the DC pressure should definitely don't wanna call Todd for pressure no deal no. But drew come out 35227. Fives. Four Q4 feet. We'll come out and secure Loma tree limbs and debris on your roof and then your driveway and also I won't. We knew flip flop simply too big pressure wash your foot 50 good for free actually there you are what thank you so much everyone for listening be safe. And thanks again for listened to the real sure showed them this week negotiators computers. And American banks mortgage and MLS 408099. Mike Jones is an MLS numbers 315233. American banks mortgage as a member FDIC an equal housing lender applicants are subject qualification requirements on all applicants will qualify breaks in terms are subject to change anytime discussions are for information only and not a commitment to learn what triggered by companies certain laws require mortgage insurance discuss all options through American bank mortgage loan originators.