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Eerie Florida - what mysteries inhabit the sunshine state?

Oct 12, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome guest author Mark Muncy to discuss the many oddities and mysteries that you can find in Florida. From Coral Castle to the Skunk Ape, Florida is home to many strange stories, myths & legends - which are true and which are not? 10/12/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's Wednesday on the West Coast they're seeing on the East Coast many are stuck in between well. And we don't really ridiculous myself Jason Ellison is always arson JV Jones paid straight to be here and I just had a funny thought so. You know those you've got those devices in your house like the I don't know the difference between them but Google has a bunch of them out yet I grabbed him from far. And Google home yet and they have the home mini. And apparently these home Munis had a software flaw in them that had them recording in sending everything you say regardless of whether their active or not to Google. And I don't think it's hard core flaw. It's as they say it was software glitch and this sense catch them but here's the pre here's my problem with that thing for small and of that that has been a fear of mine from the beginning told you that there there was that criminal case that happens. Just a six months ago. Where's they were actually sending information out of the police were requesting. Amazon to send them all the information of everything that was said in this house. During that time. Which is why I don't have one but. You know if if if there's a software glitch or or or bomblets will use the word glitch but let's just say it's a software. Routine that allows this device to record and send constantly ends and then Google all it has dues can reach out through the web. And put in different software patch in place to stop it. What's to prevent it or hackers. From coming in and reactivating it and and recording their new say and do in your home. Absolutely nothing. That's the problem and had it is a scary world there expressly technology I mean you're open you're so vulnerable Lisa look at the whole thing it just happened with. With that company as a movie. 101 of the ones that those credits. Oh Equifax ran a good idea yeah I mean now 215. Million people there aren't any. Information is out there and one of them being mine I had to go when fire and samples or the status it's insane. While you know that's the problem was living in this digital age the offers a lot of conveniences but man you're really vulnerable to a lot of things and it's a lot of things it the happened behind the scenes I mean. If we knew. If we knew how many things are Smartphones were monitoring and sending information on or computers are monitoring and sending information on or. Things like FaceBook monitoring and sending him. Probably would not be surfing a sentence that that. I'm well I'm not give him this type pilots and I didn't do this broadcast here than it was it then that's an innocent and well they welcomed the show everybody tuning in and if you haven't had over a FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page. Then head to beyond reality radio dot com. We can final agree stations we air on you can also lot. Click the listen live listen right from the website or download the free iPhone and android operate their from the website allows you to listen the show alive. Catch past shows join me online chat anymore. And the necessary atmosphere and I don't laugh that was driving crazy energy we know wasn't as minds onto. But only years mind that you mr. nuclear isn't so. But I guess he makes she had over and do that we've got great showed up by the way of four and didn't how did scare Congo. It went really really well actually. We had a lot of great people there and it's our biggest this biggest celebrities that there were invited were Matthew Miller of course from scream and he shaggy and Scooby Doo movies and skeet or have you seen that new. That new on. Riverdale TV show have you seen again. And I happened to who won among the more my daughter is on Michigan and should watch it sort of started download a couple episodes. And then had to do my flight Fargo tomorrow. That's an object ago. Yeah well it's I hadn't seen it and skill riches one of the actors who was in this and supposed to be really really good effect. Zach war they that we had him on the show while last week the exact words the guy. That Tom meant to said he or the guy that played Scott Fargas. In the Christmas story I was chatting with him and me and he is he's asked me if I'd seen this Riverdale program and I hadn't any said. I said why is it good he said no it's not good it's awesome. So that was enough and of an endorsement and when I got back from scare con through my bleary eyes I started watching this thing and it's if anybody hasn't seen it I think it's on and keep our regular I think network television itself again yet and ended the first season is on Netflix and that's what I've been watching but it's some. It's it's about the Archie comics characters you know we're jug head in Archie in Canadian Veronica but it's a very dark. Version of that in his murder mystery going on in. There's a lot of subplots I'm I'm I'm I'm not convinced this is awesome Zach had said. But I I think it's good enough it's in a minute continue watching and anyway but Tim anyways so they might might weaken its spirit con com and talking to see you all know that will hold things down tentative Stuart river Duncan were worked out to being out and I'm still trying to catch up from a sleep casino. On the dealing with that this weekend yep you're off where you don't know we're going too far ago true Adam seventh annual Eric Perrin. It's going our casino. And I'll be Steve grant. My daughter Samantha will be either hang and now this and Josh gates will be there an amount. So there's Jeremy Thomas and are sort anybody's around Fargo I mean like all the people who live out that way that they feel free to a stop on into the casino and a will be there now is it snowing out in that part of the country he has no idea it was actually don't jinx it's gotta be close or anything it's going to be in the fifties and sixties I would not too bad and sent to the sound bum money that's a great disagree lineup so. Enemy at all last time I was there I was there about 45 year over four years ago illustrate time I mean we've really it was a wonderful time. And I look forward to getting back to the first chance actually had to get back they've asked me to come on down so. I'm looking forward to. They still. I don't know if you saw one of the stories posted and a about. This these extremely in New Jersey with these bees did you Hamilton's Nolan did not your mountainous rain over 30000. Bees found in the walls this house. How do. Just can imagine embarrassment so much buzzing noise coming from his own arm yeah community that's not some 30000 bees makes a lot of noise it's a constant constant buzz. But a homeowner and hillside New Jersey near Newark told CBS news New York. It was really noisy with with honey bees humming and huddled up together in this Walt he had no idea just how many peas have been working behind the wall. In fact they were over 30000. Of them end. Well forty pounds of honey. According to a beekeeper Valderrama while there and the and the crazy part is. Beekeeper so these are africanized bees they are the most aggressive b.s and that I've ever cut out of hi if I am guy's name was huge huge to us. Isn't. Known in New York commuters he has Mickey to be beekeeper he told the Washington Post it appeared the bee's have been getting into the house through. And outside opening meant for an electrical wiring. Because these bees are so aggressive they're better forage is a clock more honey and build more homes and other bees are also more defensive he said. All those factors along with the warm spring contributed to the highs large size where he was called in to remove them. You know on many many states it's illegal to destroy our highs and kill off the d.s. Well I know there's a lot of concern about disappearing. Behind us and they're so very very important to agriculture and pollination of of vegetation that. There's a real fear that if we lose or be population we're gonna starve so I understand whether or might do those kind of loss I don't know where those exist but aren't the africanized once there they're known as the killer bees right yeah. Yeah be yeah there three of them by so after he can from that they were africanized honeybees he told small hole in the wall put a little camera. To see the swarm behind didn't a couple of d.s and flew well and got to scare into the stadium but. After you open up a wall they were forum any of us you get a seat you can check it out to be on reality and used outcome. But he gets over thirty times in the says he's covered in a suit. Doing us. Tom and they ended up seeing her on the wrist where his gloves actually met his suit all the stuff. He and abusing special vacuum. Attached to the bee hive box to gently sucked in peace and and give them on their yeah about 95 some out of but nobody would take them because how aggressive they were Syria take them our lease on an isolated area in a mountain in mountainside New Jersey. Can you imagine that come it always remembered an island support and releasing them good for 30000. Piece. That's insane. I've seen swarms of bees you know sometimes the swarm around leave leave one Ivan swarm him it's a cloud I mean I don't know how many. Beast that is really can't imagine this 30000 so I remember incredible about. Ten years ago I grant not a day I was over grant's house and this exhibit it will he ended up having having this paper lost nest. In this thing was huge I mean it had to be the size of two basketballs and put it together. And we we had that we had to kill off I mean they were and they were literally rent also is storing and Amsterdam and how it informed about him going. But it was the most brutal. Two hours of our alliance because we're running out there with everything from hair spray and a lighter. So anything we can get our hands on two to give tennis and my gosh so and to win we win against I'm pretty good as well but I can't imagine thirties Allison. Yeah that's that's not such a lot of these but we're not if for those viewer and getting he'd be GB space and I was being talked we're not gonna talk about beast tonight or harassed fighters were held tickets so we are we might we are gonna talk about weird things in Florida mark Muncie is our guest tonight. He'll be coming on a little later he's an author and a folklorist and he's written a book called Erie Florida. And it's the monsters myths and legends of this sunshine state in the history behind them. And there's been a lot of weird things to do and a lot of stuff so we're going to be tons annually starting Erykah its delegate Robert doll. And I remember there was a report of impact only the forties or fifties of some giant pink. So penguins sort of giant penguin a floor trying to ahead and Jenna. You think that's our but I guess I mean did you start dates so orderly here infants true. Yes a run of mark will be coming on to be taught him and Alyssa and I'm excited too because we've touched on things like oral castle and I know he's written about that. I know we've talked and talked to Robert de Dell fuels a few times actually showed student news the owner brought him up to the taps. Taps comment when I'm about ten years ago altar and in Clearwater yet so we're gonna have a lot to talk about with so mark Muncie when he comes on the program excited about it. Debt should be good show and are so let's do this let's take a break she and we'll get our guests into it and we'll go from there you listen to Jason GBM beyond real. You radio will be right back. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality radio web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see reasons beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find that you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. I'll bring you James and JB thanks gentlemen for joining us sir Bono writedowns for later 8446877669. 544687766. I know that these stories got me Michael creepy crawling over here. Real you are you going to come back b.s in the buzzer and you. An expert story and a great start abusers Acosta has texting you earlier post text me earlier and I was literally made just walked out of that. The the bathroom and from Stan and taxing you and all the sudden I felt something hit me in the head and the snow in joked it was him spider. Came down the web and landed in my head seed and I've talked to people who say that spiders and fly at you but I don't think that's that's a myth that's one dive bombing this would just die bunny came down from above obviously and I haven't installation of W it's a pretty much is like a perfect landing pad at least don't. That's code for creepy to hear. So it is the it is the month of the spiders and creepy crawl leads and were in October now we know we are in that season. And down hands. And a he'd you'll suffer only you know what you weren this year you're doing that that we'll many strategic and boy you've you've already shown all the pictures of all Michael. From the past so. You know if anybody wants to see you as just let me now and I'll gladly from a in the chat room okay let's bring mark Muncie if this changes subjects and bring mark into the program mark is an author and a folklorist. On his book is called Erie Florida hey mark welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on tonight. It. You'll emotional mark so we have a pretty quick segment here. So in this time the we've got to be for a bottom of the hour break tell us a little bit about yourself. Com well Heidi ran it's dirty hot at house for about twenty years old Soviet cemetery here in the saint Petersburg Florida. And all the while we ran it for forty years we collected local legends and war to try to base stories on it. And then the over the last couple years we've decided to let them all down and make an indoor books. Thus your record that. Yeah and we'll get into get into those stories some on the other side of the break but before we do want and a little bit more about this held view cemetery haunted house that she did. And I understand got banned by the city of Saint Petersburg summit what happened. What we rented for a long time he was made money for charity for many many years. And then what are we were kind of the victim of our own success we were super popular we were. You know got bigger and bigger him. We had one neighbor on the street finally had a stroke couldn't putt that the double was coming tormented while our house on the street so he complained and the city came and shut us down so were open that. A new administration might come into effect we might get back but it does right now we're we're dark. Miles and how many years had you done. Years while these wanted to houses and Jane you know I've talked about the slaughter are becoming more and more popular. Are you seeing that too. Oh yeah I'm and we were we we over the years we started GO just a few hundred people from Mexico we had. Yeah a thousand people mark and to my backyard every week. By mean bereavement eastern state words when we first before we filmed the show goes on there's at least in state. Another they would get now a 1002000. People there haunted house but. After the show bill senators and damn thing exploded there they're giving him you know. Nearly a 100000 before going through their arms and I was a reader it was insane in the lions were the a 34 hours long. Yeah I'd say it's not on an out and strings of many things are netherworld ultimately won and a how many they do but I. I understand Ehrlich one of the largest in the country. I know that you really really huge crowds every day. Okay what we're gonna take our break and we come back we're gonna get into your book series Florida find out a little bit more how about how you collect the stories. What stories you collected which ones made the cut which ones didn't make the cut what's going down in that creepy state we know. As Florida yeah because I wanna hear about some of these scripted and so crew and asked some questions and all the ones and see if you've heard about those but. Right so the phone numbers 8446877669. Dennis tore free date for four. 6877669. Retief quick break more to come you listen Jason GB yeah. Welcome back to the show it's beyond reality radio if you. Found art Chapman. You're missing out on a lot of great conversation Lotta great people it's right on the website Disco look don't do beyond reality radio dot com scroll down a little bit. Click on the big button that says Chad and listened line you can neither listen there or you can continue to listen. On your favorite radio station but you can join the chat room must have gone on American and you can find. All the stations we are on the east just going by to be on reality radio dot com and click the station list. And L seasons are there weren a lot of great stations all across the US were constantly updating that in adding new stations on the issue check out the list and tonight we're talking. With mark Muncie he is an author a folklorist and he's he is the man behind the monsters myths and legends of the sunshine state. And the history behind them in a book called Erie Florida chilling stories from the panhandle to the keys again mark thanks for joining us on the program great to have you on tonight. Oh you're great Amir got a big honor. So so and so mark real quick though he yearned CP disparate. Right nick is we shall down there at the open no I believe Wallace's that's all I have it we do when you've been buried her order well yeah yeah I guess a bunch of baseball players professional baseball players and everything and had left there because the activity the is that they were experiencing. So and that's a beautiful place right there on the water and it was such a great time on the such a beautiful area of Florida and a lot of strange strange activity going on. Yeah I actually had back and today in the mid eighties when that was placed was just general items. They used to be the place should go you're you'd be dared to go spend the night. And it climb up people dead and Dirk didn't suffer ballots you know beautiful five star hotel again I'll still do to restore and. Still a lot of people having strange activity as well so it's neat. So mark on first wife to ask you Fortis taking quite a number of hits from this but unbelievable hurricane cycle that we've dealt with Tom how how did your area affair. We were without power and our hearts were just shy of the week about six and a half days. And in order he steps never pleasant thing yeah. But you know there's still debris on the side of the road that they have a green that your then. You know a lot of fire and so down a lot of places Lotta buildings stole about groups but. Could have been much much worse definitely. We get the beside the other side of the state of doorstep it would even though it was even hitting that side they discuss all the flooding. Yet so it's a long road to recovery for those folks and we've failure we've expressed a lot of sympathy for them on the program and of course continue to urge people to donate to us through the red cross and Salvation Army but let's talk about your book before we talk about specifically what senate. Tell us how you started paying attention to these stories how they sort of to come to your attention. And why he's decided to search chronicle them and eventually put them in this book. Well originally we were collecting stories like you said were the audit how else it was we had an old geocities web site so kinda dated a little bit further blows our Internet savvy. And that would put an email writer saw up there was placate you know that your ghost story. I was like hey you know we've got. We when we were first building our our haunted cemetery. We dug here grave outside and we found all of these. Shell and I'm like well you know forties mineral water soaked course or intentional and we dig a little further and some problems. We're like wait a minute we better call somebody sort all the cops stopped them out. And they look around and go oh notices. This is archaeological site so we're gonna hold US. So they come out and they sent an archaeologist out here LG looks around as well but it didn't like earlier on eight showman. Where the took a big Indians are one of the other indigenous tribes lost the stuff. And just like you know you you dig in just if you try any pottery or someone as well but otherwise. We're happy where the want to walk cemeteries of Tampa ban on my equipment optional material boot camp about it I didn't know about the and so churn out there were pioneers cemeteries that were out here. You know when the early settlers would come and they'd make a camera cemetery and then these creepy storm or hurricane to come by him. That move away. They've come back and go how little flat land let's let's but about how else would put up you know building and they are building on these old cemetery. And restore you permit and so we serve researching that back then back when he had to go to libraries. You know for those of you that don't know that's like the Internet but we're bookstore. And and that we've we've found you know that there were several on the bottom almost called still view. And I immediately the other tells the court and in the civil gonna help you and you don't became are saying we would look at these legends and it wouldn't melt sea stories. And then we would what we hope you'll mob we make them spook you're exterior we post motto web site. And then after awhile we sort of in this demands for all of what's the real legend what's the real story in the speech so that's where this kind of came about. So these. Early set alert cemeteries that are dotted all over the the landscape there I mean I would imagine that at that time period they want chronicled but you're saying that they actually had records were some of these work. Some problem they've found yet there's actually we found some migrate just stories from all of you saint Pete times. Found 1 right under central avenue. Downtown saint Pete matters a great article we've got ultra trauma in our book. Where they figured out which two still worse the cemetery under. Others a couple they've found sentence. But they're still court accused on this thing. Now if my knowledge of home building is anywhere near accurate you don't build basements in Florida right it's two too close to see well they actually becomes rankled yeah exactly right so. Exactly exactly yet there's. There's ways to do it but it real Turkey so you pretty much just don't yup that's why most people don't amount. Yeah and the northeast obviously basements are common so you can just put a slab down there could be you know anything could be three or four feet below that side you would Neiman. I. So as you were collecting these you said a lot of this stuff he had to do pre Internet idea actually had to go to library over an open books. You know what how quickly with the stories coming as there is a Boozer so much material that it just it's what did you or did you really have to work hard to seek it out. Well the early days we were getting a lot of you know the basic ghost stories we have the famous ones yellow paper on the minority downtown them. You know and you know there's a man in the white hat on the Dobson ardent. They'll work comment and the islanders a ton of books on deal did you go to any beach town and port which pretty much has also ordered. There's you know doses Saint Augustine Gerson CP coast of Key West. And they've got all those stories but there was the want to we're starting to excited were the ones that word to you. Than usual ones and of course encrypted stuff would always come about discounted. And stuff like that that we got. Oddball stuff and that was the stuff there was almost to talk to people. Learn about them that's you know we've we've got you know the book's cover the whole gamut so we've got the famous boat. But that we've got some stuff that I'm sure nobody heard. Well and I'm chair and we'll get into that overtime but I'm Sharon were to you're talking about everything down to. The river monsters of the sea serpents and all that stuff and talked about dominant Florida. Yeah of course you know except we give them the can keep the sea monster in other fronts stop them. The other there's definitely some great legend down here and then that was beyond that the thing is some of former news of information on and some problem. Man we had to work and that you know the story yet they came pretty quick. Early on then you know it would triple wait for years and and certainly we get another floated. And pretty much every Halloween can border web site and oh yeah and my uncle Tom about the children volatile about the Serb I have this experience. Then yes so you know that we collected on a long time then. We decided to do the book after it ought to pretty much been shut down we were like OK well let's. We've got all these. Pages of stories let's use them. The book is called Erie Florida chilling stories from the panhandle to the keys are guest is. The author mark Muncie he's also folklorist and we're gonna take quick break for. Florida's always had a great amount of crickets and all that weird stuff so. Ari again phone numbers 8446877669203446877669. Elicited Jason GB will be right back after. This show it's beyond reality radio pharmacy for 4687766. I think there aren't listening with your listening and one of the great stations around the country carrying the program around line we welcome you all. And her guest tonight is mark Muncie we're talking about his book eerie Florida by the way the website is eerie Florida dot com the book is called Erie Florida chilling stories from the panhandle to the keys. And Mark Mulder jumped right under the phones here because we do have some people weeding and hold already in. But when a kind of peppered them in throughout the course of the program this is Steve from Missouri's Steve welcome to show. It. You want to share something with a Steve. Yeah I live in order a little. What color. And look over the spray called cobra there. They've got to worry is that likely to land. And HUS territory that you're. Yeah you cut by the by where the movie creature from the black lagoon well. Let them do it the big Hollywood walk they're right there. And if you look in this very rarely because Britney week that look but it ordered look for a player but Obi is. And you see all that life glaring need is yet but they're they're fairly thin air there have been really good. And I agree with that. It is remark. Well yeah I mean they're. Original black lagoon that you are classic. Tale on toward his own monster basically throw for a power our edition of the universe whole universe there. And it was so in the marine land. Upton. Bob near warrior what to whispering in the in the yeah they do about that circling the same embarrassed. Job playing here of creatures and stuff that are out there that. We're still you know we shall find new species on the Everglades every day so. Thanks to the calls and oh yes Christine thanks for the call. Let's get to some of these says specifics here and you know first we'll tell us how many stories that you ended up concluding in this book. Well we. Yeah we wound up with a story he's around forty to 25 story under the weather struck me to read stories are trying to that we didn't quite get 25 to wanted to expand a couple so we had a limited board can help that we did due to the culture. So you know we did it more like a top Tony in manicure extra bonus one. Let's let's talk about the skunk kid because we have. Had mention of it on this program from within a simple a top known creature yen from Florida via. Tell us what you know what discounted the notion real fear for allies and we're down there. Well it depends on where you're at that so don't beauty of this show legend as we've discovered that Dutch researching editors story Europe's four different types. Looks country. One down in the Everglades so for herself tend to be the Maurer. Committed more placid. The more common ones that day everybody knows we're closer to than your regular bigfoot. And then the old ones. And Bob mid state your Lake Okeechobee on the the Ocala national forest. The one they year. Are supposed to be a bit more aggressive and they're more or. You know violent and actually have some interactions where they grabbed people out of their trucks. Rather camping and sleeping in the back of their truck can. So another topic that he's been up in the panhandle. We have. But new breed of Scotland gave it seems to be a bit more elect a new drug dog man legend it's going to be more. Like an appearance instead of very light. The big storm that's same terrible smoltz and slipped in on the swaps that give him that wonderful nickname this country. So there's multiple in multiple different kinds that there are experiencing outside I had only known a long that you guys and dealt with dealt. What did that we don't we have the most common is the one bit down in the Everglades in the the basic skunk shape and that's the one about the need to have discounted headquarters down in the Everglades City which has quarry place to visit. And they did tour member campground mayor Mel built to do that place where they've seen it all that the deal cal ones. The ones shouldn't be held mid seventies took late eighties that seemed to be a bit more aggressive and attacking people and stories of them like that the new panhandle one dollar resent. And don't like within the last five to ten years. Those are. We're just starting the war and about. Now has anybody ever caught me good footage of one of these things are good picture or video anything. And dusk on gave headquarters they've got a couple great. Let us photos they've got a. We want Egypt to just ask don't stop it court for their own seat opened up. Did you just say stone gate skunk eat headquarters. Understand JPEG quarters didn't say category like senator campground and a museum. And the kind of a conflict of visited on the old alligator our east the middle of nowhere and meant one of the photos are both do that great dubbed all the did you drive by when he hit. Why did we not know about the street I don't know but it sounds like someplace we have to go and do what we got sort of all the time and I know and it's it's not far from there so I know and I have to ask you this mark you mentioned in your description of the different geographic variations of the skirt cape in Florida. You mentioned stories of people being abducted out of the back of there are trucks are from inside the trucks are there really documented cases of. Yeah there's actually a strain that's one from yes seventies and Alltel were a bunch of probably scalps. Or growls from their sleep by what it was a better originally. And then when they got out they saw that it wasn't a barrels of hang on to treat them that was much more like a gorilla and they were. You know scream and a run for the lives and so we have the Parker just can't acknowledge just you know budget kids don't care by bear something. But then. They saw the evidence and there was some crazy stuff so that's one of the first documented big foot hunch in the state is actually in Ocala national sports. OK but where they dragged out of the truck. They weren't the one to drag a truck was from a guy who was out campaign. And he decided that he and as I guess he and his mentions had a bit of fighting to Turkey left the camps and stayed in the back to this pick up more asleep and something reached in and grabbed him and dragged him out of his truck. But it was a big hairy thing and he thought it might have been homeowners are restricted and started running and and then each so bad dude you're like oh man I'm I'd probably hurt somebody who were there are no reasons. And they and that's when he realized. Wait a minute this is. This just some but also as a little big Kerry beat student EST and the smell it on the nuts when. Yeah he knew what it was not that's another documented case. Now with these skunk apes how far in advanced as the older precede them because we've we've often heard stories in and of encounters that that older is there well before the creature actually shows up. Yeah that's exactly and that's not a prominent than yogi swamps they have a lot of church burnings and another stops so that's most pretty prevalent a lot of places. So you had you know it's one of those which came first chicken or the egg yeah older than that this swamp bird of dust on it. Yeah and and these things. How common the sightings immunity. These things being reported weekly monthly once a year and in all the hours. There were some reports recently. People who saw Darren during hurricane correct. Yeah that was that while there was. Usually when these hurricanes and so forth by the some of the old stories are backed up. I know that was of those famous on the circular out FaceBook recently there's. When that was actually from 2006. But. Yeah he's you know after computers 2002017. Mega. But but yeah I know there were certain that our tigers virtue web site dedicated to just chronicling every recorded sigh you know anytime somebody he's not supposed to aside and try to. Again those are though. You know who knows what they heard studio some of her being investigated and I'm sure that not all of them that would give jacked. Have you ever been out in search of yourselves. We took a couple the tour is we never went on any of the deep swamp investigations we didn't have much time draft before the deadline with the most that we did of course we went everywhere we could civil yeah we went to a couple possible Scott keeps sightings in the messed locations not in the swamp. Then. That was kind of interesting a message nothing or else she get to see some beautiful quarterback would that would. Our guests in and take your life in her hands were gators and snakes tubes toys that our guest is mark Muncie he's the author of Erie Florida. Chilling stories from the panhandle to the keys the website is eerie sort of dot com after our break we're gonna talk about things like Robert thought haunted Dowell. The ancient monster that roams the rivers in the northeast of Florida coral castle but other stuff we yet. Some great things phone numbers 844687766. Knowing if you have a question from his us or against. Guinea 44687766. Are you listen Jason GP. Wednesday on the West Coast. Stuck somewhere between. Our current honorary. Myself just cause they always some JB Johnson didn't mention and it may be it's just because we're getting really really wearied of a mention of the old OK I'm Morgan and then two but maybe we're just couldn't very well you re of having to talk about tragedy but you know that those were the wildfires that are consuming and good chunk of California and killing people and destroying homes and property. And are completely out of control. Yeah I've never seen anything like it it is it's talk about devastation. Some good friends of mine and I have actually had to leave their homes Jim brown and a bunch of the people out there and my heart goes out home Bada it has to get out. And interest I think I mean the amount homes have been destroyed model lives have been lost who was the last hole forty somethings are almost fifty. Yeah it's it's getting out there. And there's they're talking about many people missing 3504. Homes have been destroyed 170000. Acres of Denver. It's just it's insane I mean that's bigger than than some states it seems every year every year fires treasury Gmail. Our our. I know that that the longtime drought had a lot to do with the you know I don't know I don't know the status of some of those things now but only do know is that. These fires are as similar to something that that the state in probably the country has not seen. An end with the winds blowing about forty miles an hour it's just spreading them like crazy and you know I don't know until the winds died down and then then they can get a handle on this just can continue to be causes. Havoc and devastation initially. A year of just won't tragedy and and devastation and our again our hearts go out to everybody everybody who's been affected somehow my office craziness has been going on this year. And Florida is one of the states that's been hit pretty hard this year with the hurricanes of course we're not talking about those but we are talking about Erie Florida with mark Muncie is the author of a book. The same title it's called Erie Florida chilling stories from the panhandle to the keys to the website is eerie Florida dot com. We've got a lot to talk about mark we've just scratched the surface we talked about skunk ape to kicked things off. I wanna move on to a Robert the doll because. Jason met Robert. In person. I didn't a did it the owner actually brought Robert out to taps event we're having helped turn him Clearwater Florida. And one to the event name interest and bug to me it's it's just one of those things adult so. And actually you know where I met him too because I came to that event. I don't want that and that event was insane it was like what 3000 people there's on the. Yeah I was then there was an they'd rather small hole over junior little them terribly bad optic they do what they have. You know common. Now we have Linda earlier there from the actual system assumes Camara and made a good time. Tell us the. But where he what fascinates me about Robert's not the other all the stories about him being alive and they all heard you know all the great history of that than they have that that's well trodden territory but my favorite part about Roberts is curse. That if you're not respectful to them. That you Lola cause some problems so and that (%expletive) in the wall behind him the museum museum that sort of smaller or medium this total all these letters. Of people writing to say. I'm so sorry Robert Reid didn't mean to disrespect to him. You can spend a day just reading those and they are the most hysterical and I think I've ever read my favorite was one that says that I. Dear sir Robert I'm sorry amid auditor leather face. While others are actually very nice first place. And I'm sorry we took photos without your permission we've deleted them. We get the message please remove your clerk's. Districts might I. Might Xbox. And my marriage. When my my Xbox and the Xbox was before marriage. I thought that was the best order ever about those pretty funny well. Just try to play Xbox and he's got to the exports of the merited it worked out that the merited the third place I think you'd get headed in the right order. Yeah and so it. And so tell our listeners out in the actual history of Robert Wood. Well Robert the ball. Is implement starting Q less key was sparked. He was being dug it out. Two and a half feet tall. Of the same sizes there. Boy that had him his name was Robert Eugene. And Robert want to almost immediately after getting Robert weird stuff started happening in the house tours and break and all of a sudden. They were yelled the parents were scold the kitten he'd say no no Robert did it may oh. No you're Robert May goes no I'm gonna go brave my middle name Yu G. Robert yeah of the doll's gonna be Robert because that's what's his name. And so immediately. He'll implement some are having trouble keeping helped. But he yelled the tram when having multi issues. And you know their stories for generations evolved. Even after the he's forced to leave the house and Robert locked up in the attic of this house. When the house is empty keep the Q Robert in the windows and Robert walking around in different rooms and stuff like that so he would be inspiration for Chucky. Great. Extremists such a monster. And sort he's been around for a long time and now he's in a museum downton. Key western you can go visit you did survive the storm. And where does the curse come from. The curse is just something that sort of sporting up that was one of the fun parts were researching about it legends like where did this come down. Apparently you have to ask is permission to take his photo that you don't bad things happen it's just. Something that Kasparov poverty around the mid forties. And the you know the late (%expletive) and amid shifting when he started the home. Basically making appearances were 21 of the newer owners before you actually got back with. You you know Robert EG you can get back up towards you because. So if you have to ask permission to take his photograph how do you know if he grants that permission it's assuming that I. He's just suppose you're just supposed to and though some people say even noticed any kind of knob a little bit when you wouldn't ask. Trust we were very gracious in dissipate. Robert you were gonna use your photo and about is that okay him. And bodies said well what pick yourself after the yes and we took a picture. And so some are no cars that you're aware as well and you know we've had a hurricane and know our first seven days and we had a few other. But you are you don't have your eye is still Goodyear expects to lower. My Xbox sort Smart so good Adams so engaged so all pretty good so far well. And do we have any hard evidence or real documentation of the severity or the intensity of the Fontainebleau possession whatever it is. A Robert Saddam do we have anything like batters at all anecdotal. It's all pretty much anecdotal there's some great. One of the fun things that we won't we went to get his picture we went in. And got his photo early in the day. And then along came back which occurred ghost who were there it goes to great start donor can do what you don't win that night to the museum to meet Robert in the dark. And so we came back later that night and took another picture Robert storr got under and they've got a midnight and then we got out to be. Try out my ask the operator and said look we gotta that you were doing this for a book there's. Know a lot of other people in the pictures we'd like to go back in and take a quick picture of Robert. And so this you know yes sure sure were ahead toward that end and I basically had a few seconds alone Tom Robert and I want to take another picture. And I was really hoping that would be the wall Musawi you know got out in left and when we were checking the photos later that was all blurry. So we couldn't use that one. But churn out Robert had this little lie and but he keeps sure is cute little ball but he keeps them is we are in the lap. And within the five minutes from when we all left the museum and come back then it was and is different arm. In that struggle at or it's actually good news in the book but I've got up photo. Where it's not in the same apartment there was five minutes space so let the museum liked about what people which you know is quite possible. Seemed to really ought to mean. No matter and is risky and cases in an enclosed case. Date in a glass case so somebody would have to go on and changes the lions BO just met with people who might be coming in the next tour group in an hour. And just did it in the five minutes all I was outside. I mean if this thing so if these things happen wanna put like a webcam on or or something like that where people people online can you can keep an eye on it and let them know if something happens. Well he does have a Twitter and an email now also you don't have to send them letters but I don't know about a webcam at. Well when he started replying to it and human element out yoga really impressed but I mean pro webcam of some people can actually see. These little subtle blobs. And it just throwing me a mailing and and remind folks were Robert is housed in what city. Meeting Key West he's done in the key enemies in the four east tomorrow museum. And we checked and after the storm and it does seem to still be there and thought police seem to be just fine. No it's good to know our Richard Quick break remember the phone numbers 8446877669. I'd love to know if any Vera listeners of actually seeing Robert. Asked permission or not ask permission and had an consequences from me that those Austin's when he came to attack Savannah I mean he was he was out of it case and everything I was walking around and I'm sure you remember them mark. And yes oh here's he was doing the using electric slide was an audience you just. Definitely electrical people who were would've thought political allies look at her so well but Barry yet again following numbers 844687766. Now we're to take quick break more to come to listen Jason javy beyond reality radio back. We're talking about all things here in Florida. There's a lot of stuff that goes on down there in the sunshine state it's not just related to oranges. Yeah I think that Africa I don't know where you don't. And it just it. Right and our guest of mark Monty knows all about them we've been talking about the skunk shape we've been talking about Robert onto Dowell. And mark tell us about the and ancient monster that seems to be roaming around the rivers in the north east part of Florida what is that. And where has it been seen. No mart did we lose did we lose market again and she's you know. Hurricane it's not there are various areas aren't there are back Molinari did you talk to you Robert Bennett viewers I would procedures that curse now and on the curses and Italian. Just tell. No they this story go back. All the way to the early explorers even some of French explorers that did some of these. Oh original illustrations of the indigenous people done. The first stronger alligators and flamingos and soften back to Europe. Beef from their Indian guides would album oh yeah UCDs. The glitter but there are nothing compared to the beast that lives in the deep. And that matters. Stories of a giant serpent that they wouldn't dated a guy wouldn't take him into this one area just north. For the same job river is now. Because of are great serpent that lived in the swamp. And so distorted go way back lol. State bureau there's several monsters that's supposed to live up in that area once called bill. The late pastor creature. Another one my favorite creature from white blazers. Which as you know the authority on like that many of our stuff creatively. The but the most famous. It is pinky the sea monster. Who lived in another Saint John river was most famously spotted in the seventies. And that's forgot his name was because he's the order of oil for a and that he yup popped up we near our. Lichtman oral. On Saint John river which is a huge wage that it doesn't get out into the ocean at the dole out organic. And it's. Yet to create these spot there but beyond story goes that he is as you'll have about it head with a top twenty feet out of the water. With I stalks. All four states you know it's kind of our description but he was bright pink that had like a giant shell is back. Money broke the water he yelled bomb the boat that couple was on the men don't quickly under the water and this deal. Was still old you know twenty or thirty feet behind them. So some people say could have been likened albino seal or not by may have achieved by. Definitely he's become orders albino message. Albino Nancy I'm not so sure I want everyone run into that. We only have a a couple minutes of wish to jump into the break and since we're talking lizard type creatures. Have there been any reports of lizard men in in Florida is that something that is I mean with the swamped. Land that occupies a great part of the state is seems like that might be a place where you'd see some of these creatures. Well there's definitely a lot of legends of different alligator people are probably the big one is actually here in our area from Petersburg. It is we have a legend called many lights searching trying to make a movie about it. That's one of those urban legends quarter this yeah it all over the years. But what problem. Is that does this lady has been many lightning she'd been through aquinas Saint Petersburg. And you have an army of little lizard men that come out of sewers and future after dark if you're out too late. Who asked not to concurrent or are way better what are taught him straight face on that one. Parent little blizzard men coming out of the sewers. Yeah yeah that's and but it goes back. Two we've found the other historical significance which is pretty scary bit that was we were big the big alligator farming community. And sadly. But what they used to do to get the gators to come chased people for the two for the tourist get them out now about. Was that they would grab kids from the neighborhoods. Usually African American kids. And have them model sounds so that the alligators could change some and I think that's for the legend comes. Pretty dark. While. When we come back from the break we're getting in and get into coral castle which is another really interesting. Place she can visit in Florida and it's one of these that still will be defies explanation. But basically the man who built it should have been able to do what he did but he did it he claims he had some technology that we don't have alien technology is one of the series. But we'll get into that storming get back from break. He yell a lot more to calm you listen to Jason JVC haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio only to FaceBook page. All right we're gonna take quick break or come loosened Jason GDP on really hearing you back after this. Is their biggest hit was. So the next Beatles. And on and on and they only had one element and if they don't think quite productive to go to our name so it was a base city rollers actuators remember them meant that one song SAT your DAY night Saturday night. That's on concern an example to our cars scored obscenities and they were also. Said to have been the next beatles' let him work out so let's let's talk like that that Robert curse if your if your band and you said to be the next Beatles emails or just hang it up. I just won't work if it's yes power and he. The minute some comparisons to somebody who was so huge I think there's going one way to go astray you're relegated disappoint that you're just at that point welcome back to the show it's beyond reality radio we Jason and javy. Our phone number is 8446877669. Tonight we're talking about things that are strange in the sunshine state. Our guest is mark Muncie he's the author of a book called Erie Florida the web sites the same name here in Florida dot com. And we've talked about the sky and gave we've talked about Robert the haunted down we've talked about ancient. River monsters the admiral in the northeast to Florida. This transfer curveball to mark see what he knows they have mark use used orchestra. Our parent. Giant penguin. Giant penguin that was seen clearly are. Oh yeah yeah Clearwater that was. In the slow crashing into the thirties or forties swords they dislike the united biggest salt water out of reach or some pictures of it. That you have somebody took with you know hold. So does that so. Obviously it looks like it you know somebody in a giant mass start custom but it that's where not saying no one ever really explained that there were numerous witnesses. That's trying to throw a curve ball nearly doubled the bird case. Would like a certain big bird case. The bitterly and oh yeah Alan Daytona Beach nothing Vietnam era. Our so I tell you that it isn't a nice talking about a change in artery that mark does not always talking about you know who retired the expert I have to go up that are now he's. He needs to start with in the followup to this book by Larry let's talk about coral castle because they do we don't have a whole lot of time left and I do have some questions that are not related duke directed it sings in the book. But I would tell us about coral castle that's a pretty interesting story in itself. Yeah Edward we've stolen. You data immigrants to America. He comes here after apparently. Failed to a lot. Trying goal overseeing and he comes to America to just try to wash away any site you gonna make some of insult so we starts to build. They casserole for himself out of school which as you know pretty common area but this guy has like five foot not a sudden weighs 200 pounds. And he built this thing bar Zobrist got stones that are. Thirty tons and worry on our. Thirty feet high and there are in the way economy bill basically America's Stonehenge. Or why it won't. And they still don't know a 100% he took the secrets delegated to his grave he's doped up to attend undone war. Dead term with just a simple push of it and even a child could do it and this is all built with the technology of the marvel team. And you know you. Both the hole in one of the he carved them to look like the planetary double hole in one of the post sort warmed up right where it. But horsepower. At midnight then there's just you know serious fascinated by astronomy it's estimated by aid geometry and no one knows there's all these legends that he would. Singing to the rocks and watch them float and then meal yeah. I won't point people move in a mirror so he decided to move the entire cast hold down to homestead Florida. Which are like twenty mile away need. And he did all that without helpful one friend with a truck moving these giants don't mean rebuilt the plates were still stand now and still waiting to see how bad it was damaged by the arm. Seems to be okay. Well now I know that they were is all these myths that it was and it created re using a reverse magnetism. And all this other stuff correct and also there were not a lot of claims altar of supposed leak. Alien information altering amount. More together all these stories in the there is there's a great book by our camera guy but as mr. camp doesn't dead. And it was one of Edwards for an through basically said. If he would have all these magic powers like magic ability it wouldn't take them years are built this would have taken him two days. So he did. Yeah think it was just good hard work them up real good knowledge of balance and architecture. But even that mr. I was you know no school no no no learning and you've built all this by himself and that's an amazing place to visit. And DO beautiful. Let's jump to the phones here we have Joseph from Indiana Joseph welcome to beyond reality radio. Does this bitter that you haven't. Unquote bubble are delighted I hate to dump order a matter. I'm trying to stay down our I've always wondered about the all of bird at all now all. You know much about. Mark my take stab at that you ever heard of that. Bipolar I is that one of the out thunderbirds but there are per some more college some on the job up there at the million. Is there indium bank met Betty. And on the block. And it's that you acquire umpire. And yeah. It does battle hardened and bought. It's not me out I area of expertise. You know I do what you what do you know of. Mythical creature that you acquire out maravent. Diplomatic note there aren't. Of great current market. Scorpion no. Down what eagle if Adam corolla ready. I. When he's. At a U wire around the block there armaments if he ever. It would. People but you know what occurred. Why don't you think sounds terrifying yet since. There at Butler got a dog or older brother of the I am mythical creature that we've got to go to certain but it really doubt it but I doubt it yeah. A bang on the block. Despite this we call now all. Alton Illinois great thank you put that on our radar Joseph that book to look into that. Market want to bring you back to a couple of things in Florida and you know obviously Florida and who makes one of the points of the three points. Other remitted triangle. Did you look at that at all. A little bit because we're kind of the north part of it did you are known really kind of knows exactly you know. There are plenty of stories about it we we talked a little bit about it we kind of hit on it a little bit with some of the Europe blows up we talk about in the book. But again most have been helping gulf breeze which is technically not a hundred tribal the other side of the state but. Yeah there's others there's definitely some odds doctors you know navigation terrorism. And the usual things out there about it. Yeah it's one of those that that then pretty much debunked for the most part just dusted there's no malfunctions. Are you saying that the Bermuda Triangle a series of themselves have been debunked. A lot of them have yeah sadly I know there peep. That still take the other side of that still say there there are too many claims of you know strange occurrences. For them to all be just in a magnetic storms or whatever happens to be in there's there's a few cases that still defy explanation so I think probably there is some. Belief by many. That there's still something strange going on there but I do you you do look into it too deeply percent. Yeah no no we were focused mostly on the land stuff. Stump the candidate some seat belt. I know it century in Saint Petersburg then I'm sure you're familiar with that what's underweighting correct. Oh yeah myriad sure that was one of our our best cases because we've got to go to do yes saint Pete. Museum of history. Got to go into their secret archive which is not a secret. But de boarded John York artists that are helped us fine. The actual FBI files. There were sport that case. Where this nice little old widow lady. Had had dinner where their side and then. Q left and then the next morning somebody came to deliver a letter to her. Tension and absurd door and so they went and got the landlord went aboard came out touched the door or pot to touch higher cycle props. Cops come Robin. When they get there they break down the door and they find. Smoke and they find some remains of fire. But the old patent. No Mary researcher all they find in this clobber grew on the ground where she was last seen. And a foot. And a shrunken head and a bunch of peace and and did you know one of the first cases that people sort of things spontaneous human combustion. And so the FBI came and have them investigated and it's pretty interesting to see those files what. And and there and it should pretty graphic stuff to see what you boil down to one all the plots did what each each each. Bush is especially seeing that while I mean. Truth for that to happen in such and such an isolated area. And you're talking about temperatures at would have had to easily reached 4000 or 15100 degrees or higher. They had 2500 degrees for a period of two or three hours. Which you know the building national went up it was. So there is lot of series they had everything from whitening. Do you have chief forensic officer audit love some of the stuff you wrote about it. Was he's one of his quotes is that the strangest case ever worked I'm. And if he had lived in a different time he would've murmured something about dark magic. OK and I know the FBI did not labeled as what the winter effect. Yeah Campbell and they said that base station closely but the cigarette. And that but her body fat and the clothes act like. Away. Exactly and that she's just burnt up the minority but survived was because of loose. Not enough fat there to keep your burden and it just kind of small girl like prologue. And the job that seems to be the common theory they're still invest yellows don't have no real idea what happened. Such terror. Now what are the things that Florida is most noted for. There's certain certainly for every child in the country is Disney World and there are a lot of rumors and conspiracy. Theories and mysteries surrounding. Disney World did you look in any of those or Berber or weeds are pretty sure their oldest urban legend. We never actually you actually used to work for the mouse a long time ago. But it didn't so hard I know the titles and I know a lot of the stories are we can actually pretty event in the book expo may be saving that for future. But it yeah there's there's definitely plenty of store partners L odds stuff there's recent. Well video showed up about something that they are restarting the circulate on the net I don't altered and bond or stable build just one of those things where. Did the security cameras see your shadow. Moving across different areas of the hour well after nobody's around. And that's kind of odd because there's usually people around in the parks hours tonight to that's what did you know they do to keep it's a pretty all the actors Booker they're trying to force sudden. But. Yeah there's some odd tale they're being you know the special going and for it was built was again. Possibly Indian burial grounds all of that so. But that was most sustained. So yeah it's rather it's the others there's tornado to look into it. So we've covered a lot of those stories and the creatures that you've included in the book is there anything we haven't touched on that might rise to the top of as of one your favorites. Our favorite story in the book if it came from a letter we've got. A long long time ago and told one I was afraid I wasn't going to be of these in the book. And that was in the homes bought tower. Bok tower is saying. Famous landmark in toward its highest point toward a whole whopping 200. Feet above sea level of Iron Mountain it's in Lake Wales toward. The whole town has kind of spooky vibe to it they actually have a famous gravity all year olds to kill one of those places where you. Park your car and it rolls backwards uphill if you put it in neutral and Airbus until all of the tree right next to. And don't so that the town embraces reared their but the story we got came from the late forties or early fifties. Little old lady called us and you actually don't expect. That and I called her. But it does she told this story virtually lived on an orange groves that was inside the Bok tower. And on the orange grove. She. Her parents had we're missing troops. And so based set up traps thinking it was true wrath. But there wasn't any holes or anything not true and it was just missing and so it didn't really seem like that but they weren't sure what they're gonna catch. This setup some traps. What are they catch but I a little naked Harry guy. Is about six and just call screaming at a middle language they can understand. So the called the cops. The cops come out they don't know what to do with the sky to the Catholic and cut operating that you're six and just all of the this is you are after in order to become kind of a circus state. Or willingly gave winter so a lot of circus performer down here. Our reporting was building his museum were in the building you mentioned on the air. So it wasn't on you completely out of the question that this little weird guy and fierce so. Eventually they decide to let him go to pretty much all the data mom's trust passing. The firm's domestic. Should be sort of more traps. Which are not probably there to catch the game won't. And this time they're like you got to do so so the cops. Put him in an orange crate and take him to the jail system to try to get a translator here what this guy historians. All that ninety. There how just that little rocks and sticks. And all this craziness in the door outsiders dozens of people guys throw rocks at her. Shouldn't freak out called police again please come out and the standard of what the dilutes their outlook we we don't know what to do about that. I'll let him loose. All the runoff from the forest. We thought we'd never be able to run the story that we don't like network of one little lady Communists you know years ago when she's. Sadly passed on Michael never get there completion of the picture. But churn up thanks to FaceBook had posted at a group. You know you know you grew up in Lake Wales land and anticipated anybody have any idea when the story happened hurt that he didn't know anything about the story. And sure enough I got a guy who worked for the police department. To contact. And he said. There were weird things and he couldn't say much more about it but he thinks or file. And we tried to look for a man Lake Wales policed and been very helpful they're actually still trying to dig through their file on them but Steve interpretation was not to run it. Yeah mark thanks so much free time we we actually have to run a relief for break here as the book this eerie Florida and we appreciate you being on the show hope you come back again. Thank you Eric how much an honor it's beyond reality radio will be right back after the spent time back and showed beyond reality rated Jason JB thanks to so this works I. He thought he talks the sides and they get this over and over again and usually thanks to mark Muncie for coming on the program we appreciate him sharing all the stories. A lot of cool stuff out there I love doing these state by state things because every state has its share. Of these really interesting stories whether there folklore or legend bear real whatever happens to be it's pretty cool stuff. On the merry Reese your stories this in the early eighties it's creepy on us yeah look down upon line because. The FBI aging Hoover in the film on golden that are trying to figure out what happened. And just think about as the week effect means sat in her body and and the clothes. And that would just be such a painful I'll just can't imagine. I can imagine it's been them in hole theory for that to work is that you fall asleep with a cigarette. And you pretty much ignite here's doesn't it seems as though you do in the that would wake you up it's in the that would win you much you do had an event where he had a heart attack with a cigarette. Now when you wouldn't wake up so I don't know what to look into the I so thanks for tuning in tonight may she tune into Marley and another great show if you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page for us. From and again thanks to and everybody have a great night's Jason GPB unreal literate he'll catch old man. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one held Susan Johnson insisted. So can only be don't really reduced student then yeah. Yeah you know it's still going to face the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason host hello and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson following. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio de radio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.