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Oct 14, 2017|

It's a seller's market and inventory is low. What does this mean to you? Using Facebook to sell Real Estate can be beneficial! Get the scoop on U.S.D.A. mortgages! How UF Mover Guys can help you.

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America's strength mortgage and MLS 408099. Mike Jones is an MLS numbers 315233. American banks mortgage is a member FDIC and equal housing lender applicants are subject to qualification requirements on all applicants will qualify breaks in terms are subject to change anytime discussions are for informational and not a commitment to learn from the triggered by company certain laws require mortgage insurance discuss all options Romero spent mortgage loan originators. The studios have not seven point three this guy this is the real estate show. With Mike Jones from a Marist bank mortgage. You can email might get Mike Dodd Jones and Ameristar dot com. The number calling in is 877. W sky talk nights at 8779759825. And now here's your host Mike so mortgage man. Hi everyone this is a real they show with your host Mike the mortgage northerners bank mortgage. Todd Lewis and Tommy Lee Jones is on vacations. Come on the air each week we talk about all things were a realistic whether it's buying and selling. Building which of course is pods favorite and financing which is mind and remember you can email me anytime at Mike. Doug Jones and Maris bank dot com that's AM you or I don't spank dot com. You visit us on her really nice website which is a mayor's bank dot com forward slash banker Ford's watch Mike Jones. You can call me at the office 3523397588. Or you can stop buying persons who meet. Just about each and every day at 2772. In north west 43 street sweep us in Gainesville for superstars we have one in the office or in the studio today. Com as we do with the beginning ever show we talk about interest rates a little bit so panache Wall Street Journal on for the thirty year loan was some. Three point 91% that was on October 12 the last inspiration available. And then the fifteen year loan three point 19% in the Wall Street Journal on October 12 2017 that took. Average of 4200. Online lenders at the Wall Street Journal those each and every day who to give you the national average. So arm we have found some really great folks in the steer to our economy introduce them and they kind of go through what they're gonna talk about a little bit today he has some great information. Com we have on site Watson had his act aria did Mike thanks for having on today really appreciate it sure is act works in prophecies. Really cute young hello we used to working really hard in 200 great job and he has some good information forcible bit in the we have our newest power couple former Central Florida. I have Brooke woolly. And she's with Keller Williams and we have Brad stumped with US mover guys how are you guys and tuna well yeah really hearing okay good all right well I'm so. Brooke when you're right into it you brought some information discovered just what's happening with our market a little bit and a. I did we are still currently in a seller's market and for you guys out there they don't know what a seller's market is that means now's the time to sell your home we have more buyers than we have listings. The average sale price berries. Between zip codes. But typically it's around you know the 1799. Seen a lot now let's average 300000 dollar listings and hail. A lot of 400000 dollar listings. In the surrounding parts of Mel hopper so prices are just they're staying steady they're being dead. And and we do not have enough inventory I can believe that for sure. Contact there Brooke I wanted to just touch on something real quick you had a previous life before real estate right I didn't think they were what did you do. I was a radio co host our morning show and I traveled all over. The nation and doing that and eventually gotten to marketing with it because. I don't know if you know that speed don't make great living Andrei human cost up. Being on air sell I supplement my income by doing marketing and advertising to you. Okay in them so that's kind of your new tribute with real estate is you're great marketer I yak I kind of pride myself online. Dean the number one person in the market we it's the know how on FaceBook marketing 99% in my businesses for via FaceBook. A 100% in my closings have been faced the people. Not people I know no spear and slip and flanked or anything like that and we generated almost. Three million dollars with then and sales within six months of being in real estate so that's kind of unheard of in this market because. We have 15100 real actors endings while I was on them and learn 15100 the other fit a brown 15100 give or take Aaron. You know within the first year 80% of them fall off right so and then within your C keynote. Checking here even more of those fallen race so to be able day compete live people. And that have been in the business so I'm hanging sun is just truly a blessing because and that I have to go to all the face that because. I mean that's where I've been doing everything you. Our schools so what is your contact info give FaceBook page so people conceal your listings and ripping on. I do we are currently in her re branding phase because sat. You know the loss of change about teams and groups so I'm. We can't real estate are really. Really it's her or anything and it team name. So we're currently re branding for the FaceBook page is down for two or three days right now while they re branding gets populated that we are they grow group. And even armed finance sat at gro group wine on FaceBook Coca also. And then on N'sync Gramm you can find me I'm Brooke so called life. That's my personal answer ramp and you can also find my personal FaceBook where Paris a lot that's on our pages on my personal face but it's just for woolly. Okay that's on you with your phone number of people call your shirt text you. Ali act text is the number one resource right now for any like millennia all our person in their forties even thirties. It's 3526829691. Okay it's better to text you probably limited calling you it is 90% of the time if you call idols sing you don't voicemail just because I might be with a customer at the time or an up close mean and I don't mean anything harsh Diane. And I get so many calls per day. That it chest if it's not in my text message I kind of forget. The call and you get pushed down the line so it's been verified amino I would say there needs to be for 2008. Coaches but usually when you hear both yeah that's good news hairy guy you have next here this is my better half and Brad stumps with US member banks. Consultant has Leo might in fact it might have been friends for a for years so yes those suit than you've boo you moved our office multiple times you've moved me person. Our stuff Purcell a lot of stuff and so yes we do appreciate it so tell us about your business over. Yes so we're in our tents here and we just keep getting better and trying to grow every year. On pace for 3000 moves this year so really really cranked and a referral relationships are doing really well and you know I think we have. Online marketing. Really doing a great job with Arafat was our marketing plan right now. How does that work is you have some type the interesting thing with your marketing and if somebody goes on to FaceBook or whatever put to review on. You do some type of thing yes so you know we have I believe that if you take care of your employees of take care of your company. And we do bonuses for all of our members of they will vote me on and get a five star review. Not only did they usually get hit by the customer but they get a tip from from us when they get back to office to easily we throw a little bit extra on the paycheck for every year's so. They do 33 lives and today. And they get three fives are views and they get paid. Extra for each one of those cult that's great whether it's really cool. Yes ago salute great Boston diesel like that we reported better than everyone else in town plus the bonuses and stuff so. At a few of my movers. My supervisors make more than my teacher friends last year so well well that's great you because are all a lot of more college guys write again to get it some college guys some failure to launch you know they. Have a spouse or girlfriend here in town Stowe and they'd run they don't want to get there were grown up John yet so they can work for me and make twenty bucks an hour and day out you know they do pretty well. I just the coolest thing too with his employees have to brag on them because there all stellar guy ism but they've all like the average employees been there for three years. That's a great testament to you guys are there we have a strong core group about forty gathering on the floor for a so yeah I was Wiren murmured just. Go back to one we moved toward not the office wearing now but are produced when you guys up has moved. And it was a lot of heavy furniture and had to go upstairs and I remember them maintenance guys for the bank became and they like. Yeah there's no way we're getting this stuff up posters who are really heavy heavy dust yet and it could go Miller editors are too big. So your guys showed up with these extra option they strapped district furniture to themselves I guess in the carried him up the stairs and and they've made is because root system is an early. Thank god you are these people. Yet media. One of the main places that are require workers from this from the gains so hard to switch is a local. Rugby team's coach and Lynette Roby players are perfect movers actually said that they always do average of forests are and tell us your web page in your mental error. Give us a call the office at 352. 4150886. We do free testaments. I personally come out for 90% of those and he can find us on the web at WWW that you have fever NASDAQ com. Phone numbers also on the buses UCL Overtown so you know just and that's my dog on the bus yes and cutouts on the bus. Haven't had a very good. All right well thank you so much Brad for coming in today talking about that I think we're gonna come after we take a break here and just a little bit we're gonna come back from Brooke's gonna give us some good information. About which are trying to do on FaceBook we can talk a little bit after the break a little bit down this is the real stage show with Mike the mortgage man. But the rules with the respect mortgage if you have a question for me you call me to office at 35233975. A day on but we also want to talk to Zach. You're a you work in our office in Europe mortgage bankers like me but does some of the law as you've been doing or what couples are you working on now. Mike what other new lot lately is USDA which is better for outlying areas mainly because it is eligible for the outlying areas so if you're in the city limits in Gainesville earlier not be eligible for UST at home. To be very good loan because he can get into very little money now. Basically closing costs and sometimes you get solar thankless. What that instead lake city you know to. Prospering the last two Micanopy. Knew very they're all gray areas for. US to get loans and it's a great program for first time home buyers which is what Ian -- been working a lot with slightly. Yeah we we equaling like I said 15100 agents and James L week you know we kind of strategize and said. Ware don't they wanna work and we targeted those areas aren't so we're doing great with that. To exactly just so many people live wanna go after the 450600000. Or clients but then he's gonna go after the 150 to 200000 or clients. And that's where we're kinda right now. And they're just as just a busy in populated so. Especially with as many people are coming into each hands in north Florida for nursing and radiology and stuff like that. There's a lot of first time homebuyers are really the need great house and. Yeah and they don't wanna live in the city limits right there was a little bit more property and yet do a lot a lot of what I mean rain is they they want property. They don't want a paid so we're actually doing different counties that don't wanna pay county taxes and which. You know. NCA Iron Man that because there are a little high here and GR EPO so they want they want like clay electric or something like that. Just to keep their costs down. Understood okay is that what you give out your number I mean there are restrictions with. US TA one of the biggest ones is income right yeah you gotta make enough to qualify but you can't make too much. Exactly say it then come under for US GA person hurt two people in the 78002. Honored so if you make more and that. With overtime and everything like that you can't can't qualify for US yet. But don't have any questions about you make all 3528172440. And that's my personal cellphone number. So he's done you'll call me on that from the oval weekends everything like that so. She should get text or call and I'll be sure to get back he's the whatsoever again. 352 youths they won 7244. Year OK Ing give us your web you know again and my email Zachary ZACK. You are why. Dot Watson W a TS ON at the mayor's banged up. Column. All right great well this is a real stood shoulder to your break right now we'll be right back after these messages and we're gonna talk before fully. From Keller Williams about her play and your new marquee player in the we wanted to. Our. I. Tommy Williams Holmes is gains bills green builder in the market for a new home called Tommy Williams homes at 3523354140. Help building at Oakmont near Haile plantation and Finley woods near 34 street and Wilson road and now featuring Gainsville shortest new commute to US chance and the VA hospital starting from the low two hundreds every Tommy Williams home includes solar power standard. COLT Tommy Williams homes today at 3523354140. Tommy Williams Holmes is gains bills green builder. Welcome back everyone this is a realistic show with spiked to more extreme when rumors but this morning. Is Brooke Willie herewith Keller Williams and Brooke thanks so much for coming in against that I think my. So tell us about what is going on your new marching playing. Like I said a lot of things with the face that have been working for me sole face that is really. Target mean live videos right now on FaceBook or any video in particular. And said driving in my Carling day listening to our country music song it was on Wednesday I'm like oh my goodness called back and I said hey. Why don't we just start this what if Wednesday and he is like. What you mean broke her I feel like he always says what he means. And like what you come and see officer Rico in the Americas office and we go live for about two to three minutes on face but. And we answer questions like so to start well generate Christ questions that eventually will have and you know viewers submitting questions like. What if I don't qualify for an FHA loan is there another loan I could qualify for. And Jack will go and it's human it's about you know oddity that enamel. Ask for more questions for the next week in and you know the next week it'll be another question like what if I'm a first time home buyer and I'm terrified of looking house's. And I would answer that question and why hasn't special guest and stuff on TO so it's pretty exciting. It will be on the broad groups FaceBook page and that is our team name is crew group. We picked that name just because the first sentence and someone looking for a home there either growing up. Throwing out growing old are growing into you so. It just me ten. Very good very good so who's on your team can. I have a yet agent right now name Alex hey this. She's amazing she's the Keller Williams also I have Lindsay. Lizzy excuse me lazy and she's on our team she's also not really full time in real estate seals sea air here and there. I have a transaction coordinator Renny mace. It's funny story she was actually one of my customers turned friend turn transaction coordinator what is that transaction court that this sounds would've been two titles. Can sell. Like I said I wish there are five main and I can handle everything myself so when I get a buyer or a seller. There's about twenty hours of paperwork that goes into each of these contracts and then back again. Relaying emails back and forth talking T the escrow agent talking to Zach talking. You know to this selling eject and my best use of time is out in the field showing homes are talking the sellers in cell I. She I leveraged transaction coordinator that's what she handled she handles the back end of the contract so once we get at. Signed sealed delivered contract because your rainy. And then Germany she'll handle it the whole back in you'll lose contact with me I'll still be in Italy have been shall see see me on everything but it's almost like. Everything it's done for me. So somebody there to make sure everything is on track that everything's on track of that exact as to what he's supposed to be doing that the home inspections done that the surveys and ordered that the title orcas okay. Yep and she keeps the seller in the lip or that buyer in the lift the whole time seal never lose communication and I know I'm. That's a big factor Aaron Ellis state they feel like they're not communicated with and a friend of -- implement and rainy and every week she sends out what's going on what's happening. Okay cool and then some which you're contact info get people wanna reach you your phone number probably the best. Now my phone number is. 35268. TU 9691. You can visit our website at buying gains a dot com. Are you can reach me and birth at buying gains a dot com is my email address which is another good way to reach me. I couldn't but most people will text you do you write checks at 3526829691. Who can imagine you tax after five or maybe on the weekend when tomorrow I was up until 2:30 in the morning last night where while in. And I had I was texting customers and clients and whenever he goes to bed that's when I can get. The best work done I feel like OK so abductor and probably get your gift card myriad of Starbucks or some like that yeah. Yeah are just like a 24 pack of Coca-Cola and southern girl is out of diet I they're like black coffee this is you unusual my iced latte now they say they're like black coffee first thing in the morning are just an ice cold local custom okay are very good. So Tom the video blog writers know what they're called their work or is that a FaceBook live and it's gonna. Be faced backlash and eventually we might integrate into some scene you know more are. Like snapped chat and stuff like that to do little but for an hour starting with you know faced a glide videos it's kinda considered a video blog okay. But again we are not were our goal is to answer your questions so we are not trying to just. Page useless it it won't be me trying to apply makeup to back into the Amy Tucker well will be dug in about real estate answering your question. Gotcha and he didn't benefit so what do salute you want people to email questions to you were absolutely if you had. Any questions at all about any home by rain experience it doesn't matter what it is no no question stupid. Because this is the biggest and my guess financial decision you'll make in your life so you can email those to Bruck ad buying Gainesville dot com. Horry can text and Jimmy at 3526829691. Okay great then you have said before on the you have some radio background right so world were some of the stations are you working around the country. So before the key UNN Kalla was a pop station. I was on the morning show co hosts for the oldies station in his late 60s70s. And eightieth. I don't know any sixty's music and 37 and his music I do know eighties music so we you you must know it now I mountain yes idea I'm a huge eighties music girl but I just never got into the sixties or seventies music. So I trying to. For a whole year kind of just like push myself along and that and then act damage to Seattle. And worked up there to country music country music is like my car in my life so. I went up there and did countries in Seattle and then islands Baton Rouge ended country music in Seattle and then. Ultimately ended up and Nash hill. I am not the radio station and but behind the music scene on music gross I was actually a booking agent and road manager for a while first them pretty good bands. Actually Tyler. Covered with Florida Georgia line and Ryan and Wear them frame. Became his what I Conficker. They were one in my first groups out Coca that was kind of exciting weavers are struck with somebody you met there should know not there I was. Brad and I just started dating and I got a phone call I lived in the legacy hearing gains on and a phone call from the bad news station and they said. Hey do you wanna come and meet Garth trucks India behind the scenes like. Looking Garth Brooks and I said oh my gosh shall win and they're like well you need to be here Saturday it was Thursday. I like glitter really got my car and went about her age met carts for actually didn't tell me. Trisha Yearwood was going to be that slow down a scene concert so many times. And so I wasn't star Stratford Garth Brooks felt like Trish it's like. Can I have this can subpoena like oh my gosh like I mean tiger up as a little southern girl. Listening x.s and nose and many thing Trisha Yearwood put out was like life like to order home as a little girl said then when I met her I was I think I'm beautiful myself but this is it. Well something cool experience yet it was really cool out there autograph Scott had a fun time. I'm done that a couple times every now and then and hasn't happened so much in the past few years but every now and then I'll get a phone call hey can you come here hey you want tickets here. So it's it's been fun. OK very good very good well I'm so I want to get back to Zach real quick so talk about the US to you one more time forcing tell us a little bit. Or about communism there's there's an income cap frank there's an income cap 78002. Motor bike so. You know most first on home arsenal fall under that. But if you don't fall under that you know we can always attended different loan to fit your needs little better Tomlin also has some great programs 3% down to national three and a half percent down FHA. Which you know very very Mitt. Very minimal come down payments on myself right. And we're the masters we have a lot of people there and our office right there a lot of experience and a lot of help us. There's some optimism for the box we can try and find a way to make it work right that's what we always try to do so if we slip pass on the doesn't conform to what. It needs to fit into you then you'll make something fit so we can make it make it work for anybody's looking to buy right and you and you call people back on the weekend during if at all what I would call and also you start and yet I've but it does so with your number again 35 do they want 7440. Okay cool right well if you have a you have a need for a loan you can calls back at the office you call myself and and get together rescind your investment back we have really professional worksheets that we some back of them are really close to what you're gonna unspent for monthly payments and cache record into the transaction rights act. No doubt and I like to tell people they farmhouse that they're interested and then don't know exactly what's gonna cost them semi address a look at the taxes you know get insurance quote. And just kind of go from there just so they know exactly what they're gonna have any of that house before they even decide if an offer and or anything like that. Right and I think our numerous program that just came out in the last week or two which is when somebody good number one reason people's deals fall apart who's really because of income. And we have a new program we're gonna take balding conduct states and through right away. Turner knew right away whether they have a property or not. And get a fully underwritten and they're gonna go and get back a really fancy the certificate the scissor proved to shoplift so that. That a little bit more from the security knowing that the deal's gonna. Closed because we've had an underwriter look at during coach so that's something we just came out with him last week to two. Yeah not a bigger burger enforced as well on the other program that just came out as well was home to our nation where yup Centre right. You know if you had a moment he's a little bit or we can also finances renovations and do disloyal so talk us about move. Be happy to what you know some details on as well. Give them some renovation loan superior product because you some folks will say hey wanna buy this house but oracle. And then had to get you know they don't have enough money for down payment closing cost repairs all that and the money for the polls literally. Really good thing. So umbrella we talked fuel but one more time in there and tell us arm your usage coming up on how many moves under moves and 200 -- different country. Thousands of 2017. Yes office all right great and and in 2015. We did about 15100 and July and August we did. 16100 minutes so. Read more in two months and we didn't all of 2000 physically suit against seeded sixteen removes a one month. Yet into months due to my client artists during the turned season in the college students and and analyzed nearly famous 16100 people there. I had 4045. Guys working every day. Seven trucks ten trucks out and you know 3040 guys out on the stereo that's a lot of coordinating. BS we did I have a great team I'm actually during the busiest time of the busiest week of the year I went fishing in Alaska so. Yeah and my team. You know not only did Brooke and I move days before my vacation with no furniture in the house that I left them removed the standards and a 12100 kids and the standard in three days we we had plus the rest of the summer rush in the middle artist and my team not to part so I got my crew. You're lucky guys so. You leave your girlfriend hey man leave your job when you go into detention official Alaska he had brought fifty pounds of salmon helmet here if you're salmon and myself and always and towns since a moment I don't eat salmon so really taking his current album that is very good for your. Well that's cool that's really good I was gonna say you know I know that one time Communist move my daughter from long leaf and Kim abortions moving to. But I think actually give the wrong address in the still showed up so I thought those were local yet you so but they're really good guys and and what's the name of the company and how to Richard unless neutered as give us call at 352. 4150886. Or check us out on the web you have never guys Telecom. I thank you so much Brad and Debra thank you so much for coming in today told us all about that in. Going to investor contact info one more time. Sherri eating go to buying gains a dot com if you're looking for home searches. It's easier than military dot com learn zillow. So that's buying games on dot com you can reach me at Brooke at buying games on dot com Ari can text me at 3526829691. Okay great and this has been realistic show foreigners Central Florida if you have a questions for a mortgage and calls I cry at the office. But the numbers 35233975. It'd. Or you can you know media might not shown to members think dot com but they can ruin again for listening this week and you have a great week awards go gators. Okay. I. American banks mortgage and MLS 408099. Mike Jones is an MLS numbers 315233. America's banking mortgage is a member FDIC and equal housing lender applicants are subject to qualification requirements on all applicants will qualify breaks in terms are subject to change anytime discussions are for information only and not a commitment to Linux may vary by company certain laws require mortgage insurance discuss all options through America bank mortgage loan originators.