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The treasure map to success in your life.

Nov 15, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guest entrepreneur and author Rizwan Virk about his books, including: Treasure Hunt: Follow Your Inner Clues to True Success. According to Virk, by following clues our lives present every day, we can be guided to success in every part of our lives. 11/15/2017 - Beyond reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Al West Coast Wednesday on the East Coast many you're stuck somewhere between welcome to be honor really revealed myself just cause they always awesome GB Johnson. So IE not only did we UN I stare at this playing card. Well last night during the show and concentrate and focus on it really really hard but I had dreams about this car beat spent so much time looking at it. Do you think tonight we're gonna get somebody who can actually tap into our minds through ESP remote viewing and tell us what this planning her party is sort just of elimination I dart culmination I mean it. Her over to their two days are pretty much chose forty car the ocean me now to the bare minimum yet for those of you don't I haven't followed the show the last couple might still be in try this test it's a test to see if any of our listeners. Feel they have some type of psychic abilities or remote viewing capabilities and if they can. Enter our minds as we focus on this playing card we drew one card from regular 52 card deck we've got it sitting here we've been thinking about it now for two nights. Granted we haven't done an almighty each of those nights but we take a bunch of calls and so far no one's Condit and if anybody's keeping track like you said less how to think about 42 of the 52 cards have been tried a new selector and left a Oscars welcomed this year are what it's beyond reality radio and that we are really interesting moment tonight actually Rios. However will be joining us he's a spiritual entrepreneur origin. The media or in retirement dreams and have synchronicity isn't just about a wild stuff he's a very very successful businessman. He's. Done very well in tech. Valley in software in gains in bunch of stuff has a relates to technology and he's taking some of his secrets he's put them into a couple of blocks. And that's a we're gonna talk about tonight he says that so many of the things that happen to us during the course of our day whether it's in a dream or whether to deja Vu. Or this just a gut feeling he said these are clues to you should be doing to help you make the right choices to be successful. Sell widgets can be agreed to show on the call in number tonight is it 446877669. Until freed 844. 6877669. If you haven't yet may Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality it elect FaceBook page for us. That had to be on reality radio dot com where you can click on the station tad bit which shall shall agree stations we err on ordered me having a bunch more. Within the next so many days so actually we're going to be popping up in a Las Vegas and and Renault. Analysts areas as well also we look forward to. I'm joining ounce beyond reality family you know also download the free iPhone and android apparatus from the website that allows you to listen life catch past shows join me online chat. On ago. And or Youkilis are brought such quick to stay the lesson lifetime in connection to a chat room javy myself and disagree community people we have now we talk we talk about. Things were discussing on the show and the budget crazy things in popular jet engines also. Always some crazy stuff for sure and if you're keeping track we've got some great shows coming up tomorrow night. Doctor Rajiv party will be joining a cease to heartbreak doctor is the author of a doctor. Shares at three things you learn from as near death experience and that we saved his marriage and thirsty we've got a great interview with the TD Mick Roy and he saved paranormal investigator who is develop some technology. That. With a New Zealand some pretty interesting results in you an idea actually checked out his website Jane is that do some work on the tap. Stuff yeah he's taken a blitz that taps footage from eastern state and a other locations. And run them through his his system I have to be honest I was rather impressed by the things that showed up that we didn't see. What when we're analyzing footage first yet and needs some of the most well known cases and goes under so anybody who's watched the program know what these cases are end when we talk about them with TD two on Thursday night. I'm it's a pretty cool stuff so you don't meet any extra sleep eastern state one where he had you know Brian. Early try to Brian recreate weak car that night come in there appears to be three things at the end of all I ask your mind blowing and it's it's pretty wild. Yeah it is pretty cool so that'll be thirst in its discussion of course Friday night is a best of as always I'm on our radio stations and you can always download the show at any point to we've got. Our archive is on the beyond reality radio website plush you know don't want my iTunes all that stuff either way it's all available to you and we love you being part of the show. As silly and if you downloaded just two assists Abrams these rated four or signals post show Ford makes it easier for people five they you know what you and I just missed out. Conference I think that would have been obliged I was so I was doing or aren't collar consort in each of the last week and Melissa had they had the flat earth search convention. They actually have a convention for flatteners they do Lynn I am I'm rather surprised by and I guess I was told it was is pretty professional I mean hundreds of hunt hundreds and hundreds of people from around the world. Showed up at this place it's in Kerry was in Cary, North Carolina mean nothing if people flew in from all London you name it everywhere. And and it was really put on was put somebody cryptic crip does media and creation cousin cosmology institute. But I was watching some of the footage from a and a lot of people were making it. Ha ha ha laugh it off. But I have to be honest I mean they were really trying to make their points and doing a phenomenal job wanted to watch some footage and it was pretty wild and yet you're gonna get to. We do that would be really interesting to attend I know we've had at least one flat earth her on the program and I have to say you know me despite where you fall on the discussion. It's interesting enough that it's that's it it's good good to listen to and it makes you gonna scratch and it will be say okay. There's some things there that make you wonder a little bit anyway. There was a couple flatter cursor is on the program by and we also had a couple hollers there's our program well. And and they're they're really intriguing stories in the really intriguing theories they should say in fonts and and how they may come up with Sarah. Their beliefs and I today I think everybody before they mean they make a silly judgment and arid just you know laughed them off. The thing is the show's all about respect to talk about respecting other people's beliefs whether I believed in it or not. I'm not I don't believe the earth is flat but there's many people out of the two and if if if you're listening to the show and you believe your squad please give us a call and and death Phyllis and aren't on your lease system and so forth but this show is all about respecting those people's beliefs whether we agree with them or not respecting their police are letting them. Ahmad tell their story and then their beliefs in this series. And it has it's just it's inched if something I wanna get to a wanna sit down I wanna listen to the people talk about this and just just go from there I think we really should do that. Yeah I agree yeah I think that's a great idea and I'm just one echo what you just said about respecting people you know there are a lot of things that are trochmann on the program that I'd question or don't believe for whatever happens to be do the same Jake people in the chat room do the same but. It's itself it's worth the exercise if nothing else to keep your mind open and listen to what people have to say because sometimes your mind gets changed and I think that's happened it was a few times on this program. Or have silly and I know bunch people again charm and everything were asking invited. If I post in the stores and also if you go to my FaceBook page which is FaceBook dot com slash Jason Hawes dot taps. You can check out I did post I did post something there and that takes you back to beyond reality Com. And yet so there's a story there Eaton goalie to check Allen talking about Barbara. Allie has set we we I think we got to go we sit down javy you and I. And just listen to their series and just give morbid grasp arm where they're coming up with them with their ideas and their beliefs. Yeah this is slick it will work and America's the pity check announced when the Nixon's going to be supreme get there that's that's definitely a trip worth taking. You have so. Art so let's take a break when we come back we will bring our guest and again we're talking with real is for tonight he is a spiritual entrepreneur oral we discussing synchronicity dreams success. And a couple of his books including at treasure hunt follow your inner clues to find true success and is an entrepreneurship. Walking the path of the career warriors talk coming up. Are you listen and Jason NG beyond beyond really. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see reasons beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Aren't Iraqis on Tank Johnson thanks much. Joining us don't forget. Later in the program we're gonna continue our experiment with how -- our audiences again would have us let's be our center is so it hasn't been very successful it's been report but we are excited to see if someone's going to be able to do this so keep that in mind the phone number is 8446877669. You'll be able to use that if you wanna join our discussion with our guest. Or if you wanna call when leader when we open the phone lines for the psyche experiment but right now. Let's talk with our guest tonight we've got rid is at risk for joining us he's a spiritual onto the norm norm going to be discussing synchronicity dreams success and his book. Treasure hunt following your inner clues to find true success rays welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on tonight. Thanks for having guns to be here. So the first thing we need to do was find a little to write you this your first time with us tonight error on the program and tell us what good about yourself. Sure so you know I've been an entrepreneur of the past twenty years so in the tech industry. I started my first company just out of college at MIT and Boston. And has since the relocated to electors are a little bit more emphasis the Bay Area. Ott and a long way and adapt. You know Poland could use to become me investors and lots of other people startups. And also have stick around. Indie film producer so that's helped. A number of guys bring their their films out to market you may have seen some of the films and deride what it would take. Linda hoster gamble and can valuable. I was one of the sound I was involved with another one as serious which was about sort of adjusting gray hair. And I made humidity so. Over the years as well. At a game called catfish which has over thirty million downloads and mitigating based on TV shows penny dreadful and grin at celebrate startups. Two a lot of the themes that I've had in my career. I have been and you know whine about bridging the gap between the last sprain in the right Greg both in terms since create a project that. Homes in big games. But also in terms of bringing his spiritual practices and ideas. From the east and into real practice and that's what we'll talk about that tonight. And in fact it. You know team has banned. That even though I don't a lot of rattled start out as a lot and helping other people get their projects off the ground and to. I found that in some ways a more effective at helping other people achieve their greens. That's been kind of ticket deem by the McLaughlin a bit more about this contest that I have called a real treasure hunt for a minute left. 20000 dollars and somebody's. Virtual business idea. We can talk about that later on. Yeah we've got a bunch of things to cover as we continue our discussion tonight but again men in the vein of learning a little bit more by you won the films and I noticed that you. Were producer on I believe was called nights of bad Aston. And that's my Netflix queue until live to watch at some point and I get I noticed the description it's a cult classic just looked appealing to me is that must have been fun to make. Yeah that was some project. You know it's there had to repeatedly what did you learn from my game their own it you may know her and share my glove from our life. And it was film about a group of large purse. Governor here there would like an action role playing. And you've been to the dragon didn't realize. And they accidentally saw that real demon from hell in the course of the elbow and then they have there really. If that sounds a bit 300. Sounds about a lot of fun and on the ski a little bit today as we could continue this first segment we've got a few minutes left here about the video game world in the fact that you worked he started companies and were publishing video games in another you know Tex stuff I mean that's our. Highly competitive and rapidly changing. World you must had to be pretty adept and had any success let alone as much as you fat. Yeah absolutely right and then he came so fast changing world. I'm here in Silicon Valley where you know there's always a new technology and everyone is rushing to. Adaptive and built for and so I was involved in the mobile games in particular back with the iron on the Israel took a year. And you know that market has exploded there's now hundreds of thousands came out there. And the strategy change over time whenever new technology. The church like that it's an out multibillion dollar market what I did it was relatively new and it with a look forward to it to jump and that's what I've done a lot of my prayers. Jumping into the new technology trend pot and then learn about it really quickly and hopefully increase some interest in products or companies. Our investments in and that base. And yet making gains this is it's fun because you're in the tech world. Often people are working on at a price stopped that most people can't relate Cuba we've gains you can just picture of somebody in the game and followed. And it was you know I remember one time we get into a random restaurant and there were people playing at a high note and. What specially with how quickly those phones are changing the sizes are changing I've I've owned a couple different apt companies as well and created numerous apps for iPhone and android. As cycle if you are constantly trying to readjust for all with the updates and everything else and to to keep the gap the gap going into. It could become month a real full time full time thing. It definitely get them you know what happened with the mobile games and kicker independent games in the old world. Kind of console world youth and 23 years building game put it on. But when I was younger who played are you court chiller on the CD love. And that's you know and immediately work on an excellent but because of the way that some change so quickly between Hamburg and I own. It will be that have been thinking that Serb so we are actively. You know trying to update the game adding virtual goods and content big game. So it just becomes more of an ongoing effort and yeah you're right it's pretty difficult we did it. Some homes changing and Amazon came out uncle. Ahmed Kindle fire it was a pretty good gaming platform. And deftly and fat ass to jinx. We get about a less than a minute here in this segment but I have to ask you is again as a relates to games and we can move on. You know there's something some what's the secret something like Angry Birds comes out and just blows the world out there's movies there's merchandise. You know not every game. Can penetrate a market like that what was the secret in about thirty seconds I know it's not a lot of time. Well I don't better than he went seated but timing is definitely hardest hitters and learning. To try and win a game in Dallas where the market is ready. You know that you are doing you urged today. It would be very innovative and probably would do very well and so part of it is. Understanding the market are a good understanding yourself I mean. They made fifteen games Rovio did the clinic in large public safety first game but it hit at the right time. In the iPhone market to that was right around in time that let's get started making gains. So remember quite well you know when they they really grew up so but yet the personalities of founders of the team and they're already there and tuition at the right time. The release of the that the market or that kind of magic you look at the world and but a lot of attack and that is what do you all of vote your situation and your traditional market. Absolutely are so we're gonna take a quick break him more to come Millicent Jason and Jeter Giambi and really radio will be back after. Treasure hunt followed in her cruise. Find true success but the guests for the hosts keep asking about video can't say it's that. Is that against the rules because I have with our guest tonight raised berg is that a highly successful a software programmer he's written a number of games are mostly from mobile platforms he's also written some books which are gonna talk about tonight I promise you. Including the one I just mentioned and this and entrepreneurship. While walking the path of the career warrior. His website is an entrepreneur or dot com and Rizzo have been thanks for indulging me on these video game questions I'm a bit of a gamer myself in fact the new call of duty just came on my son and I've been playing it and a little little bit too much probably I'm getting. Burger frustrated by it but one more question regarding regarding this video game thing in this is more from the business angle that just baffles me. I think it was even during the Super Bowl. But it. If you couldn't not limited just to Super Bowl I see these EU these ads for these games that you can download for your phone my clash of clans and all these other things and then the names don't all come to me and I'm think to myself how. These free games and in other some inept purchases maybe that's all in all it is but how at least free games. And why do these free games advertise in places like the Super Bowl is or something here that were missing. Well first real happy to talk about James you know her spent grandma figured admitted. That topic. Yeah so you know what happened with the people looking at industry as a it is after all of them are small cottage industry and we've had these little meat to prepared Silicon Valley and elsewhere he pretty much knew everybody. You know within the industry and then it started to get bigger and bigger than number. I own it and its own. Our shot out from a few million to tens of millions and eventually hundreds of millions to happen and it became big is it. And they do you know that numbers at the top grossing games. Grew. A number of them you know we're talking now ballot. You know many millions of dollars per mutt but it helped it. And what actually happened it has been that kind of segregation. The gains at the top the puppet theater making huge amounts of money. And most of the 100000 mobile apps out there are not making much money easily got it just court you know what developer. Are so it's an interesting statement how it's evolved. But the winds at the top you know there they started advertise on TV it was a. We're big game of war I think one of the first line one of the Russia crabs. Started creating you know where trailers that it's just like. We're getting the call of duty. We win games like that the triple games started out. Commercials and trailers that we're actually you know pretty pretty interesting legally they were like an animated film. It's more than a game until you've seen the convergence of entertainment and gaming in general. And that definitely has been you know with mobile but I games as well idea that you make their money off of it app purchases. Are we have three games but then within the game that you but I know purchasers are different weapons. Different. They think it helped you in your game basically that's generally how the secret so. And I will not confirm nor deny how much money I spend it. Those people that read that and just the ads the ads that pop pop pop up ads and stuff there and make it McAllen and I know some of these says some of these mobile apps can be making. Oh hundreds of thousands of dollars down millions per day office stuff like that so it's just insane. Yeah it deftly into Mercer for the top ginger are actually. Very I did not just in the US. Turned out in China and Japan you know he's got game that are making. Millions of dollars per day just in Japan urging China. Until he added up it's a big bid which means it's a little bit harder. You know us small guys break and that that industry now compared it outlines you know back in 2010 to double. The dark and yet the dark ages of technology or 20107. Well it's pretty amazing how far we've got to. Our sticks a tough topic but I'd know better and want to Yost yeah. SA now you know virtual reality it's already there are kind of the next big thing quick vote came stand. You know other technologies. Debt and Ricci the summer and we had a startup accelerator. We have thirteen different companies admitted that we're doing virtual reality for example you could. You know we have a dog you can actually pick up the stick and go to the dog would go. I guess for you where you'd actually be an emotional day. Sterling just it didn't qualify that constantly call XP so just an extra. What's funny that you bring that up because I was actually working with a company and the company ended up shutting down we are creating. And and app off of the TV show ghost hunters that I did for thirteen years and it was one of those things are you be walking around your house at your iPhone using your camera and ghost would actually appear in your house in these areas and yet to yet display and and do certain things. But they were just appear in your house for a like among augmented reality setup and that we we're gonna we're haven't funneled. Yeah and back then they reviewed liquid network of state. We're calling augmented reality but there's a lot you can do so and it. And the station's environment drag sub that state has become one of the hottest state is simply that can condition that topic. But the reality. Right with the Internet I think of that poke c'mon go game which my kids drove we know about nuts about anyway let's change the subject let's let's move into what we actually had John to the program to talk about. Your books and some of the things that are in them but first thing I wanna know is does this is kind of the theme throughout your website in the books in the descriptions. Is this whole concept of spiritual want nor tell us what that is that's how you you describe yourself what is the spiritual on the north. Well you know you can you can define that in in different ways and I like to think that. Now we are all year four of those and we have you know maybe things that we were meant to deal. And they do for me spiritual partnership. You know what it's not just about. Making crystals are doing things that are in there and belly it's really about tapping into our own spirituality. Our own strength. Our own mission what we're here duke and using our situation better purpose. To guide ourselves out to our career. High incidents in a lot of ways. When I read about it has come about because. I have these experiences. You know while I was starting company while those you know it is business potentially outstripped the company where I have a hunch about. And then later you know that it would turn into something Ringo and I start to wonder about our notion that time. And to. You know it seems like the future seat or it goes but also things like our future realities. Our our kind of booting into our current reality into the what happened again and again that it is simple as. Coming onto the building into your later. Having office space in that building. They could say that recently we got off to say that building was today they went about building you could definitely that I have that much was because one of future results. Well that was gonna cut that something was going off and that I didn't expect to happen in my greens as well. And so you know part of my message is that our ownership is not just a bit. The power of personal. You know careers. And it tied up very much into the person that we are meant to be he would think that we're at duke is they're. So but little things like that would you refer to as somehow seem future events being able to foretell the future of what what may have. Happen or what's going to happen in within your life. Yet as I started to look more into it you know I I have an engineer entry and so I know how things work and you know the more I investigated. To requirements and they. And I realized that it in quantum physics full time is not. The way we think it is it in a common sense. Like and do you know I call each of these things at times Fred and these spectacle that some people may. I would say that glitches in the quantum matrix so it's like we're at this Eli looked like this is that we're all in some kind of accumulation and a giant BA. How any if you think of it as this matrix like entity. Well then there would be probable reality that we catch glimpses of them. That's like a glitch is the matrix. But I'll give you an example of that happened to me early in my career. And that really got me thinking because tick tick bite left. Brains kind of view the world confront engineers say and get something out. Of its whole story. I'd do what is the whole story. And so I I remember one day was terrific start and a couple of the screens and and I first looked in partnership. And I had a dream about a competitor hours. And I got up and that's odd I haven't thought about this competitor I've heard and then six Robin and certainly never added pain. But it Mark Eaton ran this company. Ever book tour and that's eat it in treasure hunt that the first real tragedy is is that you owe anyone. So that I went in the ought to call from a company called logo as our partner just now I am. And it was a product manager he said well I'll just god has got that big that this afternoon. And our product is probably gonna crush you just wanted to keep your head. Well that's an odd that they thought with a happy. Try to process. That was the big with the new product that that I thought well how come I've never heard that product or via the big company and certainly. Something about it. And you get older and it was built by a matter of hours. If you capture and there was the march team and they've been doing it you know quietly. Here a couple of odd sight at all during this morning. And the coffee after they are ooh look at. The future events that was seeping into my dreams. It was that the what the greens are related to call it and you know secret that he is defined as it. And they called connecting principal would acute danger connected that you can't single logical connection there. And so that's what got me to investigate you know more more potent took on until the world and spiritual world. And is that their stations are actually more similar than many of my colleagues and making you general public would admit. So you set a lot here already. And in many cases some of the things that you are talking about kind of other each each of their own category in fact we could do horse show on each of these things with a we're talking about quantum physics or were talking about. It's spiritual guides of some sort or we're talking about things like messages that come to us and dreams in this whole bunch of different things here. But what you're saying is that these things are happening to us maybe were not paying attention to them and if we were. These are things it would help guide us down on the pass to be more successful whether it's in a business sense or personal sense. I don't exactly ride and and I call each of these. Clinton is in our own personal track in an analogy. Use the analogy. And Indiana Jones film Raiders of the Lost Ark which you've probably seen her career list. You know in those those. Movies he's looking at Roger and you know when you get back to Egypt had an app widget so go to that location and you by the cabinet there dot. But it broke out usually get one. Apollo that could and what is the leader of the. And they wouldn't that lead into the net cruise and eventually leaked into the trash. For politics and much more interest story can overcome optical. Data mixture of hard maybe but I believe that analogy. Applies to our life and tore couriers. And each of these you know whether it did drain the synchronicity coincidence. A feeling of deja boo when he goes somewhere. This and explain them to do we have sometimes. Each of these physically and they're big crews in little clues as being crude are all personal treasure. And our personal treasure map is that a possibility or probability. In our lives that we were meant to do. We can't we all want even though she won that time. I don't think that's what makes it interesting and exciting and that's what makes it a treasure hunt is you know we will eventually get to our definition of you know I'd find excesses being in the right equation the right time doing work that's meaningful to us and being you know successful financially well. And and says that the treasure map and I think we'll which is this at a quantum possibilities and probabilities. Are you know some people. They don't they were in. There was there. There's a story about Churchill that it would use the kid he told his good buddy. Senator Ted what are being called upon to save the British empire. That it just being yeah book that I don't have that clear. Of an idea of the things that we're vegetable we get a. That couldn't keep coming back again and again as those things that our lives of their careers. Better part of magic I think Arnold personal pressure. Just about following a woman and going from there so. All right so good Judy we're gonna talk about some of the specifics of what how those messages come to us and during the course of our lives whether it is things like dreams or. Deja Vu or other things that we all experience every day. And you have any questions phone numbers. 8446877669. And 844. 687766. Or take a quick break more to come to Austin Jason Majid. Even beyond really reeled back. Maybe Jason GPS guest tonight is his first heat isn't spiritual challenge to. Harris got a couple books to his credit a whole bunch of companies to his credit. The books were talking about tonight our treasure hunt following your inner clues to true success and is an entrepreneurship. Walking the path of the career warrior and again wrist thanks for being with a summer you just quickly jumped to the phone lines here we have to score moments in the segment we've got. A us people who want to share some stuff with the sisters Linda from Pennsylvania hate Linda. Welcome to the show you around beyond reality radio. Look good evening gentlemen how are you rate. Today. I just want to talk about when you said during. My life since I was young and quite old now. I had a lot of experiences. Where are you know I'll drink something in MLB in the newspaper the next day or. I know who's behind the door Victoria open at six that are that are better. Never wondered if it was like coincident to order in always doubted it but they didn't have one dream that convinced me and I just kind of wanted to this year and it wouldn't. I. Fifteen years ago. And my dad had become estranged from his mother and sister. And let's fast forward now to 38. And I had not ever hurt for her at all now that he's been not in my mind. I have dreamed. That. I was walking down a hospital hallway. And my eight and asked me a stop in and see my grandmother she wanted to talk to make. I went into the room and she held my hand that you spent please ask your brother to forgive me I am so sorry. And I said okay and outside so we're. And in my dream. Two days later a star on the street across street and I said I would act because it that. She didn't die she just I made it sound like that you would bury that you couldn't do that are out. So. I woke up and I told my father and I what I dream after eighteen years and your mom. Well the next day in the paper. The day at the dream she passed away. Now to add to that two days later my girlfriend and I are sitting in a diner. I had not paid attention to where the funeral it at all but it review paper. Turned around looked out the window to the federal home across history. And they had my aunt coming out of this era on with the casket. Which confirms my dream has seen her two days later on the main street. Well. Other. Yeah we have it written that you. Yeah we've got about a minute left and wanna get raises reaction to that because that raises that the kind of synchronicity coming to us through dreams that you're talking about Mina. Yeah there exactly at the start talking about and I think you know he had a very genuine each grain there. And do the book about it was a treasure to the first question is less than usual you said after eighteen years Ukraine you know per. The second will treasure hunting he typically does that Ricky. And it did and it was in the vein and at least it repeated the next stage where he saw the newspaper and that repeated again you and cross strait. For the funeral homes sit through repetition is enough to say that you know that was that genuine clean. In your own journey so yeah I think it's too great example the types of things and talking about Obama and the more personal worry about alleged that. Right he Linda thanks for sharing the stirring thanks for the call we've we're gonna have to jump to break here. All right so we're gonna take a quick break on the phone numbers 844687766. I until freed 8446877669. Who listen Jason TV yeah. No West Coast once again these girls need to start somewhere between welcome Dioner obliterated with myself Jason laws mail is awesome GB Johnson. We are having a great time tonight by the way we're we've got some great shows coming up I just wanna quickly mention tomorrow night doctor Rajiv party will be joining us he's to heartbreak doctor he's also an author. And he shares three things he learned from his near death experience and actually saved his marriage and then third tonight's going to be very interesting with TD McElroy joining us. Tedious paranormal investigator. Who on the has developed a new method or technique with some new equipment that he says. Can actually point things out that we may miss with their other conventional methods for ghost hunting and he's actually really looked at some taps footage to accomplish some of us. Do you have any of you who've watched the show that a that I did for an F thirteen years some have over 260 episodes of go senators. And that we we had a ton of footage you have more a lot of the case were able to. And DD is actually taken a lot of that in gong through an in analyzed in and run it through software and so he's using. And it's really pulled out some interesting things. It hasn't javy and I have both taken time we've looked at it and. Sort of minor blow it really is interesting and his whole concept in the whole approach he uses to pulling this evidence out of fuzz standard video or photos. It's pretty interesting so we're going to be talking about that Thursday night. Friday of course is a best of program as it is every week tonight we're talking with real is Burke amber talking about says the things that mean you better be. In front of her eyes that we may not notice messages coming to us through dreams. Through deja Vu experiences. Through just gut feelings that could be guiding us. Toward a path of success if we choose to he dam and pay attention more being told. And you get a wonder what how how what's happening is it just says he's making great points experts I talked argument quantum physics and everything else but. Is aware in time somehow overlapping and it's creating a problem. And later on in the show we're going to be doing silent we're going to be going back to. Village last week JB and I started doing this whole remote viewing things we had some aliens aren't a remote viewing and we picked a cart. And it's still the same card we we let a bunch people gas last week. Com or received to be guessing speeds and 02000 interest net it was an interesting. But in to leave so nobody got it that way nobody got in Alaska and it will open up the phone lines again at some point. And I take your guests to win a who. Yet annual duty even help is even while we're talking -- guests who'll bring back and in just a minute here will stink of the cards to some people may in May take longer than the few seconds they have on the phone line with us to come up with it. So we'll think about it throughout the course of the show so that you can actually warmup in on the next and I'm whenever twenty minutes or so before we opened four months for that and that may help me help you get the get it. The one thing I Agassi knowing you and I policing I would wanna do assists and somehow. Connect to it oh and I mean I think it could cause permanent damage I think they'd. Natalie permanent damage but you know did to a lot of things reed never one open your eyes again I don't ever its brains cars yet especially as let's put our guests back into the program risen Burke is our guest he is an author spiritual spiritual entrepreneur war. His website is an entrepreneur or dot com. The books were talking about our treasure hunt following your inner clues to true success in San entrepreneurship walking the path. Of the career warrior again wrist thanks for joining us. What is a career warrior. Well so clear worry here is somebody who views his career. An inner battle through and we're used to be you know warriors someone goes out and tight external. Well but really being decree a warrior is about using the asks and the things that you have to do your job. As. Me oh what an exercise. In becoming better. And I appreciate your attention your concentration. Into who you know I started to pursue a bunch of different. Techniques are on medication background in my early twenties and had just graduated. Colleges and they are my first look at a crash it was about some of the experiences. It. You know I am currently doubt you know I know what happened that a creators is very much related. To what we're doing intra. And so there's this aspect of recognizing. We're constantly creating what's happening around us. And I like to use the analogy of a dragons and Patrick. And we all. How does this thing that it happened to us in our alliance and our careers and we all that no other people who maybe have gotten to the same types of relationships again and again. In their personal lives or end of speaking the same mistake again and again. In their careers. And those external patterns are very much related. To the internal matter so crew warriors and body convert to recognize these patterns. I'll give you an example that was her show a couple of years ago reduces political energy that you know I keep getting these business relationships. That it can't get out. I don't understand why it happened at least 3COM. Just say yeah OK you did it feel you're getting into the business relationships. You know what I'm really excited at the possibility of working with a that a person and then we speak lucrative contract and I'm that it is good pro and then after all realize exactly great at what they get out of it but I can't kid with a built in the country. But it will there's an external pattern best tight your internal. And so this this need to win certitude that about the idea of could use an ethnic. And sometimes you know we jump into things faster and anxious. Whereas other people may spend too much time doing analysis and not to have been brought that up so each of us. To have oral navigational system and wait to call it tuition and win not choose how to bring it right and I were together. I'd advocate that we talked about what it actually felt like that she was excited about that have been eventually get the senate is there you're anti clue. That the coup that you'll repeating the same pattern as opposed to a clue that the genuine intuition that come true view about something in the future. An analogy is an old Chinese saying about Dragic. I think that our patterns. Harley drag have been the Chinese like say that if you try to fight to dry it will if he is. If you try to beat that guy. It will EEE but if you get to ride the guy. Then you can take advantage of its might and power. And our internal pattern delicate and beat them recruit warriors recognizing patterns seeing clearly happening. I think that that would strike the person she could jump into new relationships and forced it quickly but she needed to slow down a little bit that she'd get a little more logical. Where's the people me did you get more quickly so talks are patterns air strikes but. We go through them unconsciously without really thinking about it would strategy for navigating that it can become weakness. I had as a follow up it was a big chain a couple of years ago and a typical Chinese temple in blue Dragonball had something under that clause in the record now. And different they were those are par every dragon has Perl and trying to guard and I think each of our patterns are like that where we have a strike. Our our pro and we need to learn how to use it or deride those guys to become more successful in allies not to repeat the same things over over. Before the break we had a caller. Linda I think her name was and she shared in a dream experience with its which I was a bit prophetic and it's kind of relates to what we're talking about here with some of these messages a contest. And you bring up eastern spirituality and group relate a lot of or talking about two of those ideas and those beliefs. But you if we could boil it down. Lakewood Linda's example or any of good examples that you abuse so far we urge them the message the energy coming from where are these. Hints and clues. Originating that are coming to us. Well so is different different theories on that and you know like I like to look at the spiritual explanation. And then have more scientific or. Explanation here and Kershaw explanations. The idea is it in a more religious traditional sense that there are guide or egos or other beings. That are guiding. Troubled war psychology perspectives. If you look at doctors who regressed. Patients. Back to afford Brett like for example that from what we didn't who wrote journey so fortunately it is a great political era Ryan White to organize investors. When they regret people back to before but they both say that there was a point in time just before the board where they're spreading out. Some of the events simple life and so of the people in this like. And we are meant to connect with talk Lanny. But then what happens and and that is actually fairly content within the ancient traditions it and the Chinese traditions. So there's big poke the goddess again. And she agrees that she forget about it which we drink. That sounds and Marshall and she serves all remember she's. She's serving that to me like every night thinking and I'm pretty sure they should I write this thousands servant and up to me over and it's. Well they got a and so you know that explanation is that many of these crews were set up for us in advance. The great to be ecological and actually a lot of the more traditional spiritual traditions their religions have these elements as well I was born in Pakistan. And grew up in an that the Islamic traditions have been in here I am writing about you predicted it quite a physics. And I realized that they were already terms this is in in the form of religion like our brother. Lou back to Pakistan and if you aren't a very this particular Pakistan Caroline. They had to go to this formal routine of asking her father and others said well I'm gonna do stick our. Everything he will just car and it looked up and turned out at the very formal terribly Arabs were guided. Signs from daughter Angel before you go to sleep and then you watch your greens over the next to enough and you look at during the day you look for signs are. And those that might help you to make a decision for whatever you acting. It was just kind of like this idea incubating a cream or the solution to a club so it got you know that that that was really interest. On the part of Cuba side the more I looked into our good myself that there's this model of Al parallel universe since. Where every time we make a decision we've branched out into two different. Universe deserve more than two. Encompassing every possibility that goes branch out into multiple. Sort of in at number parallel universe has. Which results in different probable futures and it luncheon at the idea that these probable futures are out there. And they're sending us information. So move out of the question is which of those. A global futures. Do we kill gorge and the answer is that. You know the practical we had a one instead Indy Lights we could send information coming into these creatures that you don't want we want. What's in that we have. And that is that the conscious mind so even in physics if you get a little corner particles being active observation. Object specific article or in this case information that kind of different futures at one mutual mentioned. Is that what that becomes more likely to the probability increases back to feature. And so. Clothing side in case could be coming from you know different versions of ourselves saying you know hey this is what I'm doing this is what I wanna pay attention to. This particular band manager of this particular person. I can't tell you an engineer or candle like that we're trying to beat expectations. But there's so get spiritual and. At solar. Are we got a lot more to get into your take a real quick break but more to come you listen Jason TV on Dioner. 677669. We haven't. Okay winds here for our psyche experiment but we do have the lines open if you wanted to comment or talk with our guest breeze for court talking about. Basically things in our lives that helped guide us down a path that could make this more successful and at least personally fulfilled. And we're talking about a couple books including treasure hunt following your inner clues to true success in San entrepreneurship. Walking the path. Of the career warrior and as we continue our discussion with the Rizzo nastier as we talked about dreams we've talked about. The gut feelings did you do what other reforms to these guides come to us during the course of our day that we may not even recognize what they are. Sure well it crews can come in many forms we would talk about dreams but what is called while we're away. And they can sometimes form of a little boy. You know there's. Great video of Steven Spielberg talking to hit in the heat when he talked he can't eat out then you know greens. Come in the form of whispers. And Jose del Pino decided that he didn't mean what we're getting all the information it loud noise from the rest of the World Cup excrete. Stay on that we have that kind of shut out. And about loud to hear that had little should the whispers are better and into the matter some times where our true situation. And you listening to that little relationship important now in total sensational. So I defy the clue and having broken external component and an intro compile it and do. It usually seizure of the of the outside world and it should view certain way and those sensations it different for each person. I give you example. From one of my country completely hysteria completed and it costs in two years ago we were struggling with what to name. I don't happen to beat Michigan visiting my parents for the holidays and drove by an obligation it's worth it rescission located. I drove by the building in the building that was the name of the company. And the Albanian was harbor attack and it just caught buyout. It gave me that funny feeling that can describe exactly what it is currently did you do that it would get it it was more like this is important. And I thought about it and the rest of the current moment and a lack of confidence that hey maybe. This clearly trying to tell recently about my current problem which is what to name a company. And so turned out these guys had been their typical child. A court order to accept friend Albert will not calling our company Cambridge document after our pound of cure which Massachusetts. And so that was kind of first step in excluding the school. I and then. Later I settled on about there's more to commit to state would be it would have been stated we view days or weeks or months or years later. There's something accord about it well and contacting the company turned out they work. In civil or stay to what we're doing our start up except they were a lot bigger they've been around a lot longer. Make a long story short in the becoming our biggest customer. They got a product into the company's only Toyota it is we would never. Ultimately had to offer to acquire started as well. So you know paying attention as well awake is equally as important as paying attention to agree. As we go through our days and as these messenger messages are trying to break through the clutter as as kind if you put it. How do we know how to interpret the meaning I mean you've offered some examples of how you did it personally but it are they always obvious or is this a case of fire community got to just take your best shot at what your being told. Yeah outpost on the obvious that I called those big clues to get it you know even in the case of our caller. Right in the dream it was the grandmother saying that you want it to make peace with herself Nicholas father to color it. So there wasn't a lot of interpretation quite right that it would already there. But oftentimes we don't know what it was trying to tell and so in in the sport credit I talk about the blue light cycle which is a series of stages. That people can go through it opens. And it is Siena Betemit followed strictly ordered but if they did start out that inflation stayed where you first. Think something that you hear that like equipped the second stage of the interpretation stage so you couldn't pick a shot at what you expect who might meet. And then you get the next stage which is confrontation. He wait to see if the clue repeat as. It and if they've done that your interpretation that I then you take a small action. In it in the collection of back Chris. Give an example provided airs actually when they choose going to cards you know you shall order rightly which is our kitchen Elizabeth. She says that that you noted that what does that mean that shellacking at a card you don't stop in Asia. Okay the district he says that you go on the issues they just got to get back it up or Asia or did you tell the future together and took the picture. You take a little action ensures it will look what could this mean what turned out she just CNET belt but for some reason he had noticed. He was the so called the wave with Martin Sheen that was about a. Who hold it hold it hold it right there or do we have to take a hard break but I wanna I wanna finish as soon as we come back chastened dvd. Psyche experiment that. The last night to know we did as we drew. Playing cards just regular old playing cards from a deck of 52 cards we've been focusing on that card when we're doing this. And we're having people call in to see if they can tap into our brain are wade playing terrorists what every 1 o'clock psyche whatever it is and tell us what card we're looking at and so far we've had a forty guesses and they haven't corrected wrecked yet so. So and the phone numbered. That is 8446877669. Dental freed 844687. 7669. And tonight. Talking with three is Burke who's the author of the book called treasure hunt following your inner clues to true success the website is zen. Entrepreneur or dot com and that ruse again thanks for being here win this you're in the middle of telling us. A story when we had to jump in to break we got to visit and sit three sea shells in the desert to hand you have to pick and so sorry to touch off that. Yeah Doherty. So we were talking about how sometimes you have to interpret the quickest. And other times the message is very clear and that she had this to think about it and big what does this mean to me it is the third look at the event. Like any clues in the world are very personal. And so as I was saying Britney and they actually did know that these shelves. It felt she saw that I for a which is this so called the way which is about making a pilgrimage to end in Europe. And Italy and he shall we still want to her and says she achieved underdog after the danger realized that you know. She was seeking to take some kind of a pilgrimage stretch. Some are and what it meant to hurt now I saw the sea shells and in the desert is that completely different to me and I need to be completed here. And that's why did we have deal that this interpretation of state confirmation in the looking or he cruised to Ricky because they are important to us they will. In the hunt how do you size and decipher how do you drown while the other noise Saddam and decipher what is. Is really a sign for you. Well you know about where. Being clear. And having an experience that helps them more that you learn to pay attention. Typically see that the more you recognize what a crude crude. And what is it and what just noise sometimes speaking of things. You know from the people around them so that's the first move a treasure hunting is is that you. That could give you a funny feeling. Pokey viewed as another example why else. In the ninety's I was thinking that it bought it was that you're coming to California. And trying to live on both coasts now in the kind I had nobody. You know the state to do with. And I was wondering whether I should really try to get it or not. And as it's going around you I'm excited to know that all these larvae. And that's not actual murder statute that made the pictures of bird. And I thought that's odd and I lived in Boston infer that Clinton years and I never really all the statues of what they are. So it was a used. And kept looking excellent life being brought to the Colby biblical end cleaning out of the truck and you learn. And so you have it and say well if you torture seeing that from the government is somebody who lives in two world. I both the ocean in the world achieve. Until I can get at the positive side interpreted that size might enter the limit the substance they decided to move forward in that direction. And somebody who's putting got a direction but unfortunately I'm about equity I would not direction. And so you know we have to be a little bit flexible with the cruise because they've been repealed larger after. Over a law appeared at times says the case. But you got living and it goes in the lactose but also it became a personal symbol from me about bringing eastern ideas into western side. And engineering the technology into the world. I live an opportunity to debate. About why you like symbols greens crews are out that would say caller is Michael Goldberg her. More than one need at different levels. And two lead and obviously stay open. Sometimes we will get the larger pattern until the crews repeat itself sometimes that happens over the years children that might happen on the same day. And we have to stay open to. To find a person. As you. Present these ideas through the book in through programs like ours and discuss this stuff folks reaction be getting from people are heard people saying Ali had. Ice I I seen that and it just never paid attention to it or is this a completely. New concept most folks. Also depending on you know which group of people are talking to the so within people that are here are reminded him appear normal. They immediately say you know this happened to me many times that it could never really. Ought to put together into a system and figure out you know how it works just cut out of time. And when I talk about it in the business world. You know most successful people. Has followed what they called a gut feeling to their consciousness that talk about their credit they're coincidence or cream. I know there's been quite a few. People that have been unsuccessful because the situation from their creeps. I think he got it like a lot of movies so a quick story about a young man who is. Working on being movies. And music are Italy really thinks they can go to what day you woke up wedding and he had to create robots emerging from a fire. Until you particularly given that you get out of my ninety to a picture. Of the robot emerging from a fire that the concrete action you can take from it. And then Asia inside jail instead you know this is like an object of interest you want to write a script. About these robots emerging from the fire what's the story and that he did. Especially that became the movie terminator aliens man James Cameron who knows how to host Amos sugar after the war. I and then to eat it. All the clues is very personalized. But even the business world all the people don't necessarily use that language they recognized. And intuition that looked to meet that goal a different direction from what everybody else. So who is if I heard you correctly what you just told us was that if you if you run if you drug pictured your dreams you can become the most instructor in the world does that how works. Watch your. We're running at a time a pretty quickly here raised but I wanted to find out you know and yeah you're doing some follow up with this to me what what's next for you. Well also you know right now are really hoping a lot of cutters get there their business is off the ground. I am running a bit contest called the real life treasure. Where going to bet 20000 dollars into somebody's. Spiritual but that idea but spiritually it could be a conscious spiritual business could be an app related to those. Could be any any project that they feel that they are all of that they're old blues and that there be guided to create to view the movie. To be different type of business said and it looks different than that a lot of these these. A lot of body your budget topless but. That a lot of is that they wanted that it's only going to step. Is to part of the reason is take if you put out that seem to find a way to help get this project off the ground. And that the details of that are upon web site an entrepreneur dot com so that's one of the things that. There are working on right now. OK if you we've got limited time if you wanna explain how that's going to work done. Did you give a few more details before sending folks George. Too early to give you an example. Somebody who had an idea that it elegant Christine and I ended up back Unionists who believed a verdict and actually. And it. Gone through healing process and western medicine can really help her but she found that there were all these killers would be energetically clear body as that helped her quite a bit. And you know she felt she had to go to different color and it's definitely a sense of tiger and it seemed extremely called it to build something that would be. Central place where people could go to find these energetic Q that you there's at all audio that evident one quite how to like you do the iTunes music library. Op and that she wanted to build it out they have to admit that investing in or out and helped her get off the ground. And that epochal pure light audio at its without their ballot iPhone apps store and now they're working and had great person but that's a perfect example of the credit project. That if somebody is feel compelled to do emulated on how to get started they don't have. The capital they don't have the expertise. You know that's an area where where where it. Pop so that's that's you know. So good example of the types of projects related to be any technical project could be. Somebody trying to build a model for what you have so which has an anti gravity. That you know. So that's good insisting any decrease. So is that it isn't a contest percent or is it just basically call for ideas and in your gonna slack. The ones that you think you might wanna get behind. What little bit of both so you metallic shark tank but without the sharks in more spiritual sense public. Basically for people who who submit their ideas into. Yeah tech and the structure can't get you have to have read the book trader I've got to keep buying out publisher happy but also. I want people to think about what kinds of clues to what kind of situation they have to pursue this is a project. And then haul it back in at least one that there may be more. Big ones but there's certain times in the caucus on that and that's kind of explain double what. That's great and I know the books are available and a couple of different places and also on the web sites are one to give folks an idea where they can find books. Chores so crater that was actually since it's available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. On the website it links to different places that it'll be pretty just in LA a couple of places. I'll beat Seattle in December 9. What bookshop there. And generally you get them you know trauma from a Nevada or or from their local Barnes noble. Well thanks so much for coming handle this and we look forward to having you out again and talk to you at some point about and future things you worked out. Yeah that would be great thanks for having merely journal. OK once again the website is an entrepreneur or dot com the books are treasure hunt follow your inner clues to true success in is an entrepreneurship walking in the past a of the career warrior. Absolutely so are right so take on the number it's 844. 6877669. Yen 8446877669. Or to take a break but you know call us and think really hard 'cause we've still got the same card. And we wanna get your take on and we want to we want somebody to to try to guess and we given him cheating no thing I'm known to be should knowing that would kind of men. It's not very well it's a card about it that's who has won a 52 I promise enhances the same carted same cartilage had since last week so. And Derosa called man let's see if you're able to get a Sydney to win a hoodie Larry Ellison is Jason GB on Dioner alien radio. It's. Great conversation they're look forward to having him back on the program great song and pour some sugar on me that sounds awesome when you're singing about lately gauges and Chad I mean I say that the wife and she just looks at me like where your. That's the death I can understand why but this is a great side insisted is actually unbelievably a great song and I don't know I don't know let's say about that but I know what I play at an abandoned. People love it so a map to that part try this again we've got a playing card here. It's from a standard 52 card deck. And we've had the same card now this in the third night we've been doing business and at what it is it's an attempt to see if anybody who feels like Timmy has some psychic ability can call and Jason I'll focus and concentrate on the cart. And you can try to tap into our. Our brains I guess it through telepathically ensuing javy and I we've got connected we've ski who's ever Brent listen three quarters it would save 200 added up together you know I what time I know that you went you know yet you do have a piece of brain washing your head you're trying to get removed but to you know no. I don't know what that means that OK this threats are this or let's see here well let's go to. Let's go to Ralph's he Ralph recalled from. Ralph you would this. Area has an arrest. Yeah Ralph reed army front current. I don't interview blue recalling somewhere else. Gains. Playing games thrown Peter team formula. Oh awesome okay all right so we're we're looking at a card we've mean we're focusing on it. Knew what you what your guests. I. Now that's not at this site at Ralph but thanks for calling in these critical we appreciate it let's go to Deborah in Kansas City he Debra. Jason Carroll we're looking at the card we're focusing on the card to use your psychic abilities attempting door mind heart and tell. He had been interested in remote viewing for several years and kind challenging myself. With this car and colonel seeing a card that the suit is red. Andy card is in eight of hearts. Now sorry. Sorry I but I do have a question how long you've been studying remote viewing. Seven years. I eighty. It's it's kind of it's I don't like to talk about it very match but I I I feel that I am. They intended to win and things are going to happen. In 99% of the time and I'm lie and I started. Doing remote viewing been informed by years ago and I didn't get on the computer. And it would be like a black screen and I would look at the screen. And it. Draw what I got the picture plan. Was behind. That black. Where on the computer screen and like three out of seven times I would like almost exactly correct. Yeah that's those are pretty those are pretty good percentages there and I know it's a little bit difficult to call into a program and do it on the spotlight that. Usually takes a little more concentration but. Deborah thanks so much for the call let's move on here we've got Linda from Pennsylvania he Linda welcome to the show and we are focusing on the card what are UC. Well he'll in my mind and I'll probably pick just comes on us give us to a diamond. That's not that's not it I think it's out yet thanks for all have a great night. Escalate Katie in Georgia Katie Jason and I look at the card were focusing on the card what UC. I attended different fool and I need that from my deck of cards then. I was born. Now that's edit them and I'm interested in your technique you actually pulled out a deck of cards and and and drew a card from the deck to see if you if so would be the same card. I'm actually I put all the cards up in the last night. And then I went out occurred and I without all the ones that I wasn't feeling any income and then the last you know. I picked the one minute and getting the most energy happened. Well I'm just say that I'm just aren't happy that you eliminated the cards that have gone through because it shows that we're we're still on the same card so thanks so much for the call though yes thank you we've got to listen in time for one more hurt mourn morgue here this is. Kirk calling in from Boston. He Kirk welcome to the show Jason and I are looking at the cards thinking of the card it's your opportunity to tap in and tell us what it is. Okay my spiel Leo's. If you cut the duct. Get the card EG cut the debt. IE actually did a shuffling of the deck yes. Sure all I didn't play it nude Condit but they did shuffle them for a drew the cart. Even randomly old retired from the table our book. That parents all later on the table no no that. Both from the stacked the deck shuffle the deck I held the deck I just reached. Down pull the card from about the center of the deck and this is the cart. It. No no that's not it that's nodded but thanks so much Kurt we're gonna have to we're gonna have to hold this one over for hope that somebody may take come on very. So if you're eliminating cards and and then you know were weighed down I cars now colts are the only guys get the heck elect closers so are left to finish it up tomorrow night at sea org goes tomorrow you have got to be getting close here Jack tomorrow night we will have doctor Rajiv party on with a sees the heartbreak doctor we're gonna talk about his near death experience in the thinks he learned from a I summation you had over in light of FaceBook page of FaceBook dot com slash beyond the reality radio that had to be on morality radio dot com download the free iPhone and android app. And to the tune and on the go or listen or from any of the Gracie she's wearing a cross country to find that list just click on the station station tab on the web site didn't transition in your area. Thanks for tuning and everybody have a great night's Jason and javy location amount. And don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson introduced by Alexandra intransigence it's entirely you don't really read news. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face in the agency hello Hayden sent inspectors will Jason hello slow and chiefs host Don attempts to TV Johnson following act. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.