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Nov 18, 2017|

Thanksgiving! Tommy Williams Homes Alachua County's green builder!

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America's strength mortgage and MLS 408099. Mike Jones is an MLS numbers 315233. American banking mortgage is a member FDIC and equal housing lender applicants are subject to qualification requirements on all applicants will qualify breaks in terms are subject to change anytime discussions are for information only and not a commitment electronic record by companies certain loans require mortgage insurance discuss all options through marriage bank mortgage loan originators. The studios have not seven point three this guy this is no real estate show. With Mike Jones from a Marist bank mortgage if you could email might get Mike Dodd Jones and Ameristar dot com. The number calling in is 877. W sky talk nights at 8779759825. And now here's your host Mike we'll mortgage man. Hi everyone this is a real estate show with your host Mike the mortgage there was merit bank mortgage ends. Top Lewis with Tommy Williams always. Dean's those green builder each week we come on the air we talk everything. All of our rules say whether it's buying homes selling home. Building a home which is your favorite Todd that's right Mike and of course mine which is financing. Remember you can email me any comment Mike Dunn Jones that a marriage bank dot com that's a MB ER I asked bank dot com. You can visit us on a really really nice website Amir respect mortgage dot com Forsythe spank her for so much Mike Jones. You can call me at the office 3523397588. Or you can stop by and see me in person almost each and every day 2772. North west 43 street suite that's being game Tivo. The top which are contact info. Best way to find out about Tommy Williams home Cisco to our website which is Tommy Williams homes dot com pretty easy Tom doing some dot com or you can that he call us. And get a hold of on our sales people at our model homes 3523354140. M 3354140. And you can choose Oakmont or from the woods doesn't matter you can all the somebody and that's the way to to make an appointment comes cius. Affect prick as we do at the beginning of every show we talk about interest rates just a little victims and that really forced. Thought a lot the interest rates don't bore me. Just for the record okay. Everything else does okay our system okay well today's rate in the Wall Street Journal was actually yesterday November rom for a couple days ago rather the sixteenth to November. Three point 89%. I was in the Wall Street Journal on November 16 2017. And then the thirty year loan. Bomb in the Wall Street Journal November 16 2073. Point 2% so slightly higher than they were the week before but. Still incredibly low as we talk about every week on the show. So but but they were so that's kind of where we are right now with the interest rates. About the senators and a ten year treasury know they sued to write your my brain have looked at as I walked out the door. And that's where we're remained just teased and 2.3 5% over to Asia so. Up a little bit from work spent in the past but still extremely low at a lot. That's one of them that probably one of the most exciting series it's ridiculous effort this week that thank you you have to Jordan Leo OS edit each and every day I don't plan and my wife is completely bored by I don't remember the fifth. So I was thinking about this you know why we're preparing for the show a little bit and all the people are grateful for and I'm sure you are as well Europe manager how people work for you but I have such incredible staff and and people who work. And our office and my family of course so wanted to kind of go through those you wanna say something about that. Well I just think we should maybe address the you know you know the elephant in the room where the elephant you know on the radio and that is that something you just said and he said while we were preparing for the show and I think people immediately and probably just couldn't get her didn't hear anything you said after that because there were likely. These guys prepare to hit. Clearly they don't prepare. So I think we should just address when we say prepare it sort of in quotes you know yes you know and I know it's stunning to people to think that we actually it would take preparation to. To put this you know train wreck racial but. The you'd be surprised yes I would NM NM I think we should do probably every week I don't know their names but we should apologize once again for two listeners. We if you weren't of them listen last week we discovered that parade of homes that we have to listeners. So it's adding twice as many as we suspected yet it we have apologized to them for for finding themselves. Spending time with us once again on this lovely Saturday okay yeah I try to recruit people one by one to listen to the British Open it's still don't give. Bird part yet. You know what at a you know people have taste well I guess that's I guess that's the gateway I I can't remember what their names were art are both are two listeners but maybe. If they're listening this week if again their life has not taken any turn for the better. And I still have half a abused a hundred. This to us once again this week. Don't email email Mike and and and let him know who you are via I think I think. I think anybody who really. Whose life is is just that sad. That that finds a show enjoyable should should. Deserve recognition and and sympathy and NB named talkative so please do that's oh my god Jones in an airstrike dot com the most. Do Christmas card they re trying to cheer your ball movement yes because he's Christmas slash sympathy cards and there you go why it's wanted to umps say thank you kind of zero I show right before a Thanksgiving and take a couple days off here and we're thankful for my family my wife of course Mario and of of more than thirty years the King of Pop that is. IMac Mac clapping for your longevity of your marriage are clapping for her stamina and does his speech he threw only put up little up until Dolly that if you doesn't assure you and every are gonna come on she can tell you what a rotten person I really am thread and she came to explain all the things why. I don't know issue must just have low self esteem or something like that is just my kicked me out and and move on to get somebody else why anybody would stick it you know aria I had no idea and I. Wonderfully should be thankful ya I am very thankful and grateful for hosting you know I don't come home every day and find myself outside so and then my children of course that are grown women now that are really sound wonderful in themselves. Chris I'd get real thing Caitlin induced just one of wonderful people and then my unit to settle laws robbing Kevin. Of course my grandson of baby and he's really cute that's awesome yeah there is a really cute little guy very nice on I'm grateful for those people foremost first in my life who great for opening up for with me. Well that's so nice and and I victim also give thanks to it to some of the you know some of the things and people on my list. Miles is a little bit longer cope with the coach and so first Ross I wrote on my list as we were preparing. That I like to thank both of our listeners yeah this is this fine British thank you. I don't know how to thank you enough we don't know who they are when whoever you are where you could recognize and maybe again if you saw the golf course anyway yeah that's not hard to remember two faces Erica. Are out my kids of course you know my wonderful sounds known Ingraham who bring meet with just joy that I can't even contained with there. Good stuff and their shenanigans is that again it I wouldn't thankful for the east side I. Progress reports. And my youngest son was work and we worked really hard to bring his grade up to natives were in the past in India and it was important then he came home Arnold's ever happen to you right now and I've never heard of this and at all my years he came home with a thank you card. I opened it up and it's said Graham thank you so much for your level of excellence in pre idea algebra armor and so appreciative of the insight you bring to our class especially in your approach to problem solving. It's no wonder you earned an a for quarter warm congratulations. All the best. Miss Capps wow that's a debts that math series teach future sending a thank you know home for a kid in his effort and I was blown away and I thought it deserved. It deserved to be aired yeah absolutely yeah that's that's going boom PO from beyond for your students. I'm thankful for my chance my chiropractor. Chancellor practice as well as Carlos. My act to address at autism balance okay keep showing up every day. For Aron Huntington a wonderful speech pathologist that works reform act when my kids and I'm. And unfortunately I have to Sam thank gopher for tennis that Catalan coalition but. You. Code that I'm thankful for for poppy. Are great grab my kids great grandfather who is 99 years young and while celebrating Thanksgiving with this this would Suzanne. Oh week the but the kids we've just always called him poppy poppy poppy that's another column 99 years old and I'm thankful for of course for Tommy Williams is justice for some reason put up with me now for thirteen years. And I'm sure that that and will come soon because our ability to put up with me for an hour. I'm thankful for Mickey singer I'm thankful for all of our homeowners who of course who who who. Who just you know keep me employed and and keep me on my toes. I'm thankful for our sales people and our employees and Charlie of course Jeanne. Who became a grandmother. For the first time. Oh six days ago that success so welcomed a baby Hatcher and of course actually. I don't know how I got so lucky to have such great people are superintendent robber armed. Crossed the yes. A global. Bobby our customer service guy who everybody loves. Rocky and George you do all the grunt work and did note thanks. Even down to India the electrician. And Jimmy the trim carpenter who just go above and beyond every day to make sure there homeowners are happy. And of course I'm thankful for Mike. Dot Jones. Adam Harris bank dot com thank you so much you and your email address thank you so much. Why didn't go into all the folks that are work with but third there's a number of folks who work there and odds are highlight a few but the mortgage bankers in our office are just outstanding and you can call them anytime at our armed better preacher gives hope and expect you passenger she's outstanding valor case and Zach Watson and crystal pageant Monica martian that we erupts in a holy city market proxy and matching should does a great job. Achille our minutes administrative assistant she's outstanding. And does a great job but factually the greater the Oval Office with in the Christmas tree and everything ousted a great job so really appreciate her Amare processor Vicky. And she does a wonderful job and then her boss brain who's our ops manager for. While Florida and Alabama she does an outstanding job along with a all the real prosecutions that we have and our local market. Armored credible. Great outstanding I can't say enough throughout in our closer she goes all the closing packages each and every day and that is a real challenge. And she does a wonderful wonderful job or outstanding. Underwriting staff look at the files clear ready to close. Very quickly well with very very few conditions Kim in in Ocala does a great job in Jackson. Our policy credit manager of open and when it does a wonderful job. Managers can't say enough things about the bank being so supportive especially to show. And and in all the other things we trying to accomplish funerals and different things we do for the community so really preach. Per should bury my boss and Robert wrote them via president of our mortgage division so thanks all those people. I said we have so much to be thankful for we do. And then we hope you do to other than having those who this year we hope you ought to be thankful for that's true. Lewis into the real estate show with Mike and Todd Mike Marge man had a talk with Tom Moore's home stains those green builder one more quick facts before we go to break char I got to say thanks to the people who voted for us for the best of the best business in the Gainesville sun. Which I have to admit I didn't even know what it was until somebody texted me a picture that's a congratulations. And in the category of green business and organization. We you we we are neutral is a company Aaron that is but graduation they won first place but then we were I guess an honorable mention. On the Williams gains those green builder says right there could along with certainly he'll go oh so great and I feel like I'm in great company so thanks to who. People who voted for I understand that you others may be. Some. You know seven. Getting people to vote for you in this contest in this best in the past a lot of people actually kinda. Had marketing campaigns and things Brett to to turn it should win this which is good for them I didn't even know existed and yet people voted for us. This means that may not be thankful for that student U we'll try to live up to athletes who have left trees. Well listen we take a break right now and we'll be right back after these. Tommy Williams Holmes is gains bills green builder in the market for a new home called Tommy Williams homes at 3523354140. Hell building at Oakmont near Haile plantation and Finley woods near 34 street and Wilson road and now featuring Gainsville short this new commute to US she ends and the VA hospital starting below 200 every Tommy Williams home includes solar power standard called Tommy Williams homes today at 3523354140. Tommy Williams Holmes is gains bills green builder. Welcome back everyone this is a realistic show with your host Mike the most man and talks Louis Vuitton renewing themselves. I talked you're gonna tell us a little bit about when your sub divisions right. Yes Mike so we have to sow divisions Oakmont and Finley was at our bottom every week but in Findlay woods we've been a little bit on hold as we've gone through some some of the hoops required to do it the new phase. Up and running and it's actually been a longer delay than any of us expected but I'm very. Excited to announce that we are ready to break ground. The second phase of Findlay woods. And so we we are to have a a bunch of contracts for an out there but we have more lots remaining in the phase and I think it's gonna go quickly. So in Philly woods' week and we actually have a new product that were having this phase that we didn't have in the first phase which would be a two bedroom home okay this was a very popular product as you know like you know and I Longley subdivisions. And so we decided to bring it back here so we'll actually have a two bedroom home available Finley woods is in its I think it's a perfect combination of product placement because. Finley was a super close to the hospitals. You know sodas resident physicians are people who elected two bedrooms are there. Or that you know double income professionals that they aren't kids he had two or even and the masters are you know retirees single retire things are back. So the location with this product I think it's going to be phenomenal and the price of course will be very reasonable so. And if you wanna find out more about that and also a lot so we do you have remaining. In Findlay woods for this next phase and we will be able to make its human home snack in 2018. A you can call 3523354140. And then pressed whatever but that's as it is for stimulus and Iran over its one for from the woods are too for from the woods that that's going back to the prep for the show I guess that's her answer yes we forgot do that our preparation excitement. So 83 for 3523354140. Homes starting like you know for those two bedrooms or somewhere in a very very low to read right 200000. And and again will will be able to move view sometime next year we're very excited that road that a 62 avenue between Willis statement and archer road is now. As many as five lanes in one hour with bike planes on both sides and curbs and landscape comedians which he checked about it sows so nice. And as such is going to be really excited and also believe. He started on pool and clubhouse for the for the subdivisions that the only woods is going to be back up and running in and cranking them out and we're very excited about location in the all the trees and you have a lot of fun Greenspan it's an election marred greens based. We actually did something. Where she did something with all of the retention areas were returned and and wildlife habitats. All of the you know and all the neighbor every single backyard accepted green space rent or the doesn't back up then neighbor apparently and you avoid walking trails and their children walking trails and that I just met with. People from UF no wildlife ecology department we have these amazing signs all throughout the grounds throughout the neighborhood that tell you a little bit about. You know what we did with the wildlife habitats or tell you about the Florida form that you might see your animals I manage the water. So it's a and so it pretty were very proud and of course we remember we're doing so Iran all the homes we build America and I mentioned this last week. Industry leading industry and herta I never heard of this coming. Five year new home warranty no five year and yes that's wow that's exciting that's in it that that I said he has a ten year treasury note but it's. The little bit more self serving yeah. So yes or five so you know we are weather has pretty much our for a one year warranty on most of that workmanship monitors what we're doing is we're extending that to five years. On the stuff that may actually break like appliances and air conditioning and all that kind of stuff. For five years really truly unheard of I never dies forever so we're very proud of that I worked with a global warranty to put this together. And now every new home it's that including new ones from the woods so it's not a bumper to bumper like after the first year I mean how does that work. Well we don't have bumpers and home so let I guess you know wall to wall something like that yet so it's it's it's. It's a home protection plan and it's gonna cover things like your refrigerator. You know of and range microwave washer dryer air conditioning water heater. I mean you know everything you can think of that could break in the home. It will cover for for and in you know we'll cover the first year and then the globe home protection plan won't kick in for the following for years and we pay for it so it will be paid close EC when you move and you'll have five years of protection okay so here's occurred following ask is do you have a thankless hot water heater on every home. We have a tank that's how water heater on every home we build yes okay so the sensor really meet. I mean it just me really didn't even know much about them and then. The really cool the other the other phenomenal I mean anybody who's building should be doing a thankless water heater in my humble opinion you know instead of keeping forty or eighty arms of water hot 24 hours today which is when a huge waste of energy and money race. This does nothing until you turn the hot water. OK so it saves you ton of money it's it's way more energy efficient and the cool thing is this is not and energy savings but it's good if you have in laws. No cold showers it's endless hot water so once you turn on a large cranky mean I've never had a houseful of people you're with with four women and the house is a there's always and you bathroom break and so you probably running out of it. So either Iran or how arts and the salt water and and it has nothing to fear term yet technical how orders. Got to get you one of those things is unlike the last person to get in the shower when everyone's there and I'm like I was typical water there. Yellow light turn it off and we're at now I didn't do it. So that detect this is the way to go and also let me say this if you're gonna do it thankless anybody who's listening. Both of people who are listening yes I should say if either one of your negative but what the heck let's water heater. You get a gas tax. Okay it was a you they burn cleaner than they last longer they don't have or brick house stations and and there's the way that they. That they heat up. And burn. Makes them. Perform better and last longer it's my strongest and best recommendation natural gases is available where you are. Or you propane tank. You're gonna do tag let's do gaffes and as opposed electric. Okay and that's why you I'm sure your energy bills are so inexpensive. Which I know firsthand from my daughter's house who bought one of the two bedrooms lived there are only a short period of time. Fishermen mr. wonderful left town and I told her house but she was able to recoup for investment. And come ahead and you know it's just a little bit over span of a year which I thought it was amazing. So but come but it is so yep but it really does your electric poles are really really low right. They are they are fed we were talking about it of operator homes because he was ass hole and make sure what exactly makes our screen and so we started talking about it and and just you know in five minutes we came up with them over forty different things that we do that are not code that are not required that are not in your house. For over forty different before we even talked about solar. So an hour from probably more this was just kind of off Topper had that we company over forty things that we do that make the home more energy efficient. Make it use less energy to deter Iran and and save you money so. Yet we take it here's. Well optimistic this system realistic showing your listen Mike the mortgage and whether mayor's bank mortgage and Todd Lewis with Tom doing tomes. Feed to retrieve about a mortgage please call me at the office 352. 33975. Video greeting call Todd and his office of which are number 352335. 4140. Or go to Tom doing tomes dot com yes us out all the floor plans that you can look at Finley woods. On there and control your word isn't very close to Sony five. And close proximity to chants and the VA medical center. Right if you like trees and you like nature. You and you like being you know close and everything about having a long commute you'll like Finley was thought. Okay cool all right. I think one of the things we wanted to kind of mention on on the show today it was Hawaii the wintertime may be the best time to sell your house a wide. I think the oracle that I was looking out in my preparation for the show was as more people solar homes in the wintertime. And there's a couple things in here I thought were pretty interest in Todd you can probably relate to this as a realtor. Very low entered inventory now we have low inventories typically this. Anyways but it's even lower during ornaments because most people wait until the spring put their house on the market right yet there's always a lag in. And inventory this time of the year in other words you have a regular. Growth and mentor is people are putting their homes on the market. But right now there's always a lag because people waiting until the court and quote you know spring selling season Brett I've yet and so I've you're right it is lower inventory so you're kind of you know. He. Eat your develop a ball OK yes so like the look on their and they sent him back or do I mean that you looked at me weird like not your not about the ball it was a home on the market now it's to build OK got it got okay. As thin they said inventory may be as much as 20% lower this time of year than it is during the peak of the season. Which is you know the summer months so. So people that are looking number two people looking now are probably cedars buyers are not just our kickers. Nosy neighbors there folks that are seriously muted house. That is absolutely true it really is an MM I don't know if it's if it's gains though it in and pick you're. But you know there are a lot of buyers out there during these months that there really aren't we don't have we don't like go and go dormant. You know I we just widgets or whether people. This past week and we've written three contracts in the last week. You know there are really serious buyers out there looking so if you're if you're holding off because you don't think anybody's buying there are there are good buyers looking now and I think it's a product of of some of the job. Markets to the universities and things of that when people are coming and learning about their employment. There's definite buyers out there and went. It's okay what you must be such because that's number three dropped relocation in the first quarter of 2008 team are having people look right now that's right so that's up. You must be looking over Marshall are here to receive this. And it says you're one of the things that I I don't really know if this is true but it's the thumb selling now you may have a higher sales ratio to your list price and you win over the summer. You don't have to discount it as much do you think pestered. I do I do if I do find that to be the case you know if you if there's if you have less competition that's good yes right and if you have. Pianist and serious buyers that's good so I think there're couple things employees that could allow you actually saw your home for a higher percentage. All right well that makes sense that it says that also like come because people are decorating their homes for the holidays. They would have a more home we your warmer feeling or festival feeling this Tom you're than they would. During the spring or summer. I I think I could definitely be true and I think it bed probably another it brings to mind something I was trying to educate people monitor talking about selling their home is to understand that even though it's a huge purchase price. No matter where it is the biggest purchase Pringle are purchased big ticket item for most of us right. It's still an emotional. Experience for a buyer. So don't forget that ditch create that emotional appeal I think that's what they're talking about when you talk about home decorated for the holidays that what why because it makes you feel like it reminds you of the holidays and hopefully holidays more horrific. You know if that's. And that brings good memories but that's and that and that's an emotional appeal also don't forget if you put your home on the market. You know I think keep that in mind you Heidi Heidi of people walking your house and instantly have a a strong. A positive emotional reaction to it and I think that's the point the articles that during the holidays that is you know that warm festive cocoa fireplace. In the conceal themselves living there as they were I wish I lived here in the right and they'll think if they've buy that house it'll be Christmas year round. There are yet it's a must always be Christmas here you remember this house of it also said that less traffic during the holiday season would make it look not a lesson convenient for people to solar counselor to governor perfect condition all the time. Which is hard when you're trying to sell your house. You that's true and answered yet and probably for every sale that happens in the winner months deep you know you might have two or three. Lookers as opposed to fiber and during that this summer months just as the volume. Fires so if you were inconvenienced by people traipsing through your house. Well there you go so thanks so much everyone again for listening to the rules that you this week we hope you have a great and a happy Thanksgiving and there. American banks mortgage and MLS 408099. Mike Jones is an MLS numbers 315233. American banks mortgage as a member FDIC an equal housing lender applicants are subject qualification requirements on all applicants will qualify breaks in terms are subject to change anytime discussions are for information only and not a commitment to learn what triggered by companies certain laws require mortgage insurance discuss all options to a marriage bank mortgage loan originators.