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A soul's journey after suicide.

Nov 21, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guest Dr Joe Gallenberger about his research into what happens to the soul after a suicide. The suicide of his brother made him invetigate and research the topic and make communication with the other side. 11/21/2017 -

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Yeah West Coast and the East Coast man stuck in between welcomed me on really review as soldiers and laws we always awesome. She shows boy did we take the a verbal and an email and it chat lashing after Thursday's show last week hearing is Friday morning show last week. Because it never did the psyche it's apparent now that we can definitely ran an all time he's you know it kind of got stock in whole conversation while I was very Obama as a great conversation so we're having a great time with that topics like you know we just got distracted but are identical to those sometime tonight to do in May go pick a new car what he thinks we go with the saudis that we got to stick its dealer since people have eliminated 48 of the 52 cards this Daryn just seal it could be unfair freeze on solid as well as he has ITT spirit and animal I'm -- I'd still feel I mean people have been trying. I feel bad enough that hasn't been given away via a welcome to the show everybody it's beyond reality radio Jason JV were really happy to be here as we kick off another week affect its Thanksgiving week. I know Thanksgiving you can I should we we've got a cigarette out of the blocks you and I decided to would take a few days off this week so have some. Repeats airing on sorting actually tomorrow night food for the rest of the week. Well I got thirty some people go in my house you don't notice. She's an outside little single parents and I actually got some of the wife was starting stuff today literally because how many people are coming. These aren't quite a crowd it's going to be insane they owed. Just a red if you haven't yet make she had a FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page and had to be on reality radio dot com. Where you can download the free gap between which allows listen live arm some past shows join online chat. You can find any degree stations where across the country. There's a click clicking the station tab or just click the listen line he was right from the web site. I'm blog joining TV and I am a chat we would like to welcome to W keys QHL. Ended WJ. ZS. FM 106.1. And AM 1250. In Tallahassee Florida city Florida to you'd be on reality family as well as TB BR. Out of Coos Bay, Oregon. Welcome yeah I failure to a family yeah it's it's awesome to have those stationed joining the affiliate list were really pleased to be in those markets welcome her but it's great to have you long for this round. Yes so. And if you haven't heard you achieve. Last week we were talking about how Manson Charles Manson was taken to the hospital with issues can and yesterday passed a whom you did pass a wimp and I haven't seen anything about that and down I don't know what I have to say about that usually my feeling is that secede but well now because the only thing sucks I mean is he password after causes which is right. His victims and so but 83 year old Charles Manson did it die at cal. He was sent there after serie. Sentence nine life terms in California supplement and offer twelve different he came up for pearl couple different times. You know so thankfully denied every time yes so so well in the world a better place. Yep I guess not not too and people in a shed tears about that I'm but speaking of shedding tears we've actually got a quite an interesting topic tonight and it probably will cause some tear shedding among our audience but. Doctor Joel Gallen burger will be joining us he is a clinical psychologist. And he's written a book that Jeff focuses on the soles journey after suicide it's called heaven is for healing a souls journey after suicide will be talking about what happens to people in the afterlife. If they departed this life announced that way and I know. Virtually everybody's been touched by that and at some in some way at some point it's you know there's there's very few words sick and comfort anybody that's had to go through that now would there with a friend or family member and death. Hopefully this discussion more offer some. And some solace in some some help for people who still might be grieving. Well especially saying we've had numerous people who have called into the show who have had family members that have passed through Suze our Internet and so I'm sure the show will hopefully the show tonight it will will hold them all with that as well 'cause it's it's that it's a tough thing really has yet. And doctor Gallen burgers message is quite uplifting up and optimistic I think people find a lot of comfort inn and if they struggled with this so. How we look forward to that discussion and again we did mention that the rest that we will be. A running some best of programs some great ones coming up and in fact the show little run Wednesday night slash Thursday morning. Is the Edward Islam show where we talk about doctor Mary's monkey. And the relationship too with a JFK assassination which as you know I'll were right there at the anniversary of that so that'll be an interest in a tie in this well. Absolutely and again we will be doing that well that psychic remote healing card thing so make sure if I am sure bunch you have been writing down cards that have been shows things are what urban listeners took a decked out laid a mall answered to my list are that's the way he did to what she's done a spark and so and New Hampshire you're you know that words were down to pretty much mem cards now yet still technically no it's gotten so I hope and we hope somebody gets its and I were able to give that away. And he's the of the fourteen. Of this green suit that's a regular car and a plane that is an. The that's not what I sign on I. And I pulled us this desk getting. Right on the phone number because you may wanna join our conversation later or join us for the psychic. Test experiment it's 8446877669. That's the listener call on Monday love to have you join us CNN it busy Thanksgiving and I know I'm actually it's gonna go don't hang out my sister. At her place and I'm not gonna do anything we're actually have to spring some guitars play music have a beer to and it's going to be about it but her kids your kids enemy perk has to be an area yeah. Note that this should begin I'm I'm I'm looking forward to we've thought you know. It's it's that not to get too personal when any of this but to be the first ones as my mom passed and you know we ought mama always hosted Thanksgiving so it's going to be a little different this year and we're gonna do it in honor for an celebration of her. The council to like thirty some people come and that's quite a crowd it is going to be insane and quite a crowd so now. Are you on that note again phone number is 84468776698446877669. You know we're gonna take quick break more to come to listen to Jason. Dvd on really reveal that. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now he's made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Here evaluating chasing. And thanks everybody for coming everything's gonna have a great Thanksgiving weekend. Once again will be here. In the form of best jobs for the next few nights. Never needs a little break once in Wyoming and will be like twenty. If that's at least twenty pounds and grid we're gonna be taking a very very serious turn however we're bring in our guests in just a moment doctor jolt. I Joseph gallon Berger he's written a book that's called heaven is for healing missiles journey after suicide and we're going to be talking about that and sometimes other books as well. His website is sink creation that's SY. NC sink creation dot com. And let's bring our guest in doctor Joseph gallon per welcome to the program it's great to have you on beyond reality radio. Are there. OK I think agreement I think is uptick to three mile from Cuba to our guests already. All right well let's let's let's get slick on that one have and the sixth. In him back on the line here come in in the time. Your the the expression that a fly a fly in the ointment you know wounds he joined in her flying super don't assume you know blah blah blah you know. That old did you kind of Smith. Turns out there's some real science behind us now other than the fact is kind of gross if somebody finds a bug in anything they do I mean that's that's kind of a disgusting thing to begin whisk. However there's something that's actually far more serious going on when this happens. Aren't we weren T on you don't see you know these old pesky fruit flies you know Mosul things that you know especially if you've got an organic. Screw stuff nightmare to try to to theirs they're horrible I've actually I've discovered this neat little concoction middle cap capture them it's a apple cider vinegar with a drop of dish detergent in a bowl with the cover and some holes again in the they can't get out it's awesome but anyway it turns out. That it's been a female fruit flies. Gets into something like a glass of wine it releases pheromones. And it's such a small quantity of pheromones. That it's almost undetectable but even at that small quantity. These pheromones. Actually will ruined. A beverage particularly something like wine which is a very organic and to you know that the kind of aside to re slashed and agreed base to it on and if it's a male fruit fly editing and why I'm talking about this bit of tomato fruit fly it does not release the pheromones and won't ruin the wind but a female. With the pheromones. Will ruin the wind so if anybody's experience that. And wonders you know what is it about. What's going on there well that's the science behind it couple scientists in Sweden decided to show the line with this one place or fourth at. I think it probably happened with great Q studio during produced. Now now no grip DC is an okay well I guess you don't store. Which he threatened. All right so I think I think were back here but I think there's slicker out to somebody is is back here with the giving me again spec on the line and we good. I we're gonna source compact tour I guess Linebrink doctor Joseph gallon burger in the program is great to have you on the second time's the charm good to have you on the show. Joey there. Joseph are you there. We were having some kind of difficult so let's let's do this let's take a quick break. Let's come back in just a moment and figure out what's going on bring the guest and it's beyond Rihanna Jason Jack. We should wishes come true. Now they can we still wishing each deep. I was in the ER and had my eye on this hot Anderson's ground when I had my wishy HD along for the ride. They buy Pampers back and now I'm getting extra base kiwi seen HD. Which city to use the latest in new technology to harness the power of the real planes and grant your wish not just did normal to me but at the latest high quality beach Jeanne. 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One for Pete's not the end with every order today crap -- donate thirty seconds to safety seat the forgotten them it was. The crack growth umbrella is the police seem to give us some protection device on the market place your thumb worth it. The crap go from relish not. Not be considered at some protection device it is illegal in some states that most states because all states. All right that's perfect line where did you go to our guests doctor Joseph gallon burger with stern give him twice here and then I and so on scream minute Terry engineers trying to get things don't happen never met him and I don't know why don't let's see things turn out Joseph are you with us. You are yeah third time is a charm are all witches it's so happens that all this chaos means the segment will be a little bit short but he should be enough time. For you to tell us a little bit about yourself let's get started there. Cherry. I sort there's a psychologist or about thirty years it and also. Been a trainer up but Monroe institute that deals with. Enhanced consciousness there exploration for about 25 years. And kind of known for going out to Las Vegas and manifesting great things are extreme now. And I think he gets sent the book called evidence for healing. Smiling this book. Adam. So. Lots of things going on from helping people create the kind of reality they'd like to. Talking a little bit about what goes wrong. I wanna know what to what is manifesting good things that the casino mean. I think the fact that it's now all I don't know about. Think because they took any serious meetings affecting physical matter reality. With your energy. Focusing and just the right way. And as a psychologist that looked at that in university laboratories so I can be things like from. Affecting computers. Are. Then in battle here mine currencies in your hand get your growth and I mentioned a minute. Those kind of things survey included in the areas affecting Dyson slot machines so. I've gone out so. Do they workshop call in your biggest adventure and we. 85. So the last. Fifteen years or so literally bring people out to Vegas. Shown that they can do this kind of thing then because they can do that they can affect the reality I think he and so here's the Chinese to. Rebuild people's confidence about. With the right energy carry. What's going on my. While Ari Judy and I wanna sign of an actual rose. Pro prewar. All right let's do this we're gonna take a break when we come back we'll really get in the notes of nuts and bolts about this your website is saying to creation dot com. The book we're going to be talking about is heaven is for healing souls journey after suicide plus. There is number of other books to a doctor Gallen burgers credible talk about those well. And if you wanna join the conversation to seat 446877669. Game tall freed 8446877669. And listen Jayson GB. Rating JC GB right down the phone number 84 quarter. 67. 7669 if you wanna join us later for our discussion with doctor Joseph gallon burger or. Even later in the program when we revisit our psychic experiment and to a certain calls for that. Yes which remember we're gonna stick to the same card that we pay last week people that China guess. In the spokesman trying to remote view it by. We'll see what happens and hopefully somebody can win at Smart yep and not in the meantime let's bring our cast back in the program again we're talking with doctor Jobe gallon Berger he's written a book called. Avenues for healing and souls journey after suicide. A number of other books to his credit which we'll touch on as well and his website is saint creation that's SY NC. Creation dot com Joseph again thanks for joining us for Debian program tonight. I'll go back I'm gonna go back to your work on cycle kinesis so when you kind of get started a thinker and around 1985 if I remember correctly. You did some it investigation exploring kind of experiments with cycle can access Tulsa little bit about that work. If so. My first experience with. Them was apparently Monroe institute powers working now. Development program apparently horror. Playing around basically. And that they stable. Not in the casino just. You know words with people. Am handling guys and a friend my hands skinny cotton kind of grounded pit areas but also greatly expand it and touch for higher spirit if you will. And seem like an active role and I want you know 77 grove for example. And and there really intrigued we have scientists because it seemed like the same energy is for healing. Energy healing type of thing and from manifesting. Here's some good tickets static because we know statistics and that is what they should be. So they're coming over to hear Princeton engineering anomalous research laboratories. Subject. And first to experiment that has some type of phone calls are random hydrogen have a clock. NC keep the column height eye for fifteen minutes McEnroe for fifteen. Pounds for control. And this behind classic can't touch it. You got to use your energy so. I imagine surrounding in the column of water with the support energy columns. And then on me. Low conditions place in like an energy source likened Star Wars. Light sabers. Anyway Erica statistics that were highly significant. And a day. Also ahead. Experiment where you'd have to pictures. And you have to bring out pixels from the computer picking for one picture vs the other. I care about there there's one chance so. All of that intrigued me and I wanted to get a black belt to him PKQ well. And looked around for a place to practice that's. Could keep going to Princeton laps and Las Vegas turned out to be ideal victims. This is his sixth out there with that should be. And Reno and the games there. Straight pick there federally regulated. State regulated well. And so began to go out there by myself for a few years. And I was able to hear duo now pay from trips and kept my office that made it home. And mr. fears I began to bring groups and as mentioned before break. We had 85 groups out there so far. Well more and see some really nice results there much like I expected besides. And winning that slot surprise. We're seeing people. Spontaneous healing experiences like wake up. Second in the workshop pain free from post polio syndrome the first time. It's funny here's. Folks manifest in much better. Homes those things have been a real help me. Psychological trigger Q well and nice way to learn through PK just. Limited we are in their potential. The folks on Vegas haven't like. Just pretty much blacklisted you and your groups from any of the casinos. Well they do is say here comes mr. locking. Them. A watch this carefully you know film that some kind of things have to go through what we call it good also if you went there. Certain casinos. Annie in the individual player would be and the ones in their past week. But that houses like winners and we're not out to kill them so we're playing. Small amounts of money. Relatives. Kind of money they're wary about. And over the years we've known as the pain cheerful and generous. Leo it's a political blessing pocket in the courtroom. Anonymously to improve their view on in there for charity. We raised so for a 150000. Dollars right now. But he sometimes for members of the crew health problem. So they're kind of electricity is coming because we bring their energy. And tech summit offers volunteer command. And tables were there so we can have tables for a certain time. If you went in the wrong place you know you wouldn't be invited products that we. Had that experience over the years wore purple casinos. It is a it was philosophy packet here. So when we're. When you bring a group to Vegas did it. Let's is that you start with your instruction your guidance for these folks yours or something that you do ahead of time bomb on how does that work. Well first do record interview on phone because were not interest and somebody trying to make house payments there. You know the greedy aren't easy. And it attracts mostly. Folks there day traders attribute to increase certain situations. Energy workers are kind of folks that we do that either. And and we send data preparation manual with some suggested an Egyptian side as well. Some things about the game. And it's a three day workshop in the first day we don't or near the casino it's fair. Neither man practice of the game rules money management. And most importantly how we're going to hear. Create the kind of humanity. That we can and hopefully it'll be very parents and positive tables. And then second elite. Again as the match is via tables reserves just for a and many people have come back many times so. For example the workshop acts coming up in February. We got people from as far away as India and Australia. Have probably. Four or five that have been there many times before. So the amount. Lace the experience people with the folks that are news that time. The really have a great time. And we learn the game in a way. You know folks because Charlie and they've never been to Vegas strip to concede now. Know back when you were first experimenting with this and you were Tom you know kind of vote exploring your own abilities were you also working with other people at that point trying to. Kenny get a sense of how many people might have. These. I'll call them innate abilities or are sensitivities. He has size but I after it looked like I can do it. I've brought I was more individually mentoring some people have some interest. And they seem to be able to hear. From the results from the laboratory. It looks like Brad. Some kind of unique skill only. They're furry aliens or something like some people clients. To the rather very normal scale for humans. One that was very sensitive to any self consciousness. So if you look at something normal like sleep most times a retired. He said yep let's go to sleep we have that intention that we forget about it fantasize specimen number four sleep. But if you put most people on TV and give it twenty million dollars if you could fall asleep in the next twenty minutes. And from all these people couldn't do it right. And and it's the same things sleepers natural but it does not respond well to any kind of pressure ego. Self consciousness. And the sacred pieces perhaps the same thing certain. I found the best energy to do this is from a wide open heart space where your feelings. Very loving and connected. Because Specter to ego. And it is special rhythm very strong in Europe content. Place fully accurate play tennis with friend. That these pandas followed violating don't trust. And so it is. Normal natural skill. Not very active and most people. And that's there's some critical things like you know when you see. A woman being able to raise a car off the child. Street. Things happen spontaneously to people. Terrific needs for. In regular life. You have liked to win the lottery is not a picture of. When somebody has the ability to affect an outcome let's say it's with dikes. There's going to be some kind of force affecting those dice have you been able to determine what it is. That when you're employing cycle kinesis is actually reaching out to those dice and making them react in an act a certain way. We don't know what the force isn't that we know a lot about things. You have to be in relationship. To see those guys is having consciousness. Perhaps beautiful and what have you just to piece cubes of plastic. Com. And that. I do believe it is for some people remote viewers for example some folks in the disciplined feel like well you just select team great reality that this happened. Then but it seems to me yes there's some energy going on. And and so as a resident of that like so much energy where. He's might be there for. 101520 minutes and he can say is its higher. Hands. It's not located just see. Him stay Gregory. Spaced out and such were spirited pocket guides. And not located just experiment here thinking about. Monday hurt like things in. Combination. Very eager to hear the president the power now fully accurate realize here. Not just body your spirit. Intersect the pick ax in your heart. So that seems to be. Energy. And one that's flowing that's the most powerful. And again PK tends to be sick this result strip and so. If you can think the reason why you're doing. Hope the rest of the team. News. Is something like that it can be very helpful. And a lot of people find that. I'll give it examples since the London England. And not having any luck at all. With these very tough works. And then he thought about how much dogleg bankrupt between windows. And wrote I'm a former. It was a Starks throws very. And metal. Softened them. It. Reports things like that at the table people think if there. Cancer either loved ones here. Go over different things with eczema. Current conscious. The other thing I'd say if it seems like we're playing with time. Then the terms of healing systems. And bustling with PK. It seems like people seven intentions. And then somehow it went Linear time actors someplace and an eventuality. For reality. And so if you look at healing techniques like Richard certain aspects two point act. I'm Nancy sensitive patient settings content and distractions. And picnic tables. So ago. You might have that they handed greater role in your little anxious. And we use energy typical site. That that point it might take get a hug him. It's a hug you relax a little bit and smile and an extra hole you Welch's what you want it. So doesn't reworked their role from again as mentioned. Right or were talking with side doctor Joseph gallon burger and we're going to be speaking about his book Kevin is for healing and souls journey after a suicide have been talking about psychic nieces so don't continue this conversation we give back from break. Sessions for a guest star for us the numbers are 844687766. Going into freed 8446877669. Elicited Jason. And TV beyond really reveal. I. Taste and conversely hurt her 6677669. Were talking with doctor Joel Gallen burger. He's written a book called heaven is for healing missiles journey after suicide but we've been talking about his work in cycle kinesis similar to finish at this hour. On that particular topic in the mold and discuss the book at the start of the second hour. But I Joseph when you were working with folks and when you were investigating the whole phenomenon of psychic cycle kinesis at what point. Do you consider. It is it a success I mean how far out of the normal statistics to the to the results have to be for you to feel. As though yes we have something here. Quite far. You know I'm not drug test or whatever they'll do. One and hundreds by chance would be some significant statistically. And considered. That this is effective Sewell. And I was more impressed secure. You know lab at Princeton things 38001. By chants. In Vegas we have. Ones. Situation there roulette table you know one point two billion Taiwan by chance. It's sloppy it's 200 now and you go to one chance. We can give those levels. You really feel something's going non the other thing that I guess with that is. Things that would not be as dramatic. We're not likely happen yeah well one good chance. We see him over and over again over a period of fifteen years. You'd get quite a bit of confidence in the you also see it so. These things are happening now at times when it's for me personally. And I very strong altered state of consciousness. And when this happened in other people pour in. Similar things but it's not just a coincidence. Blocked by the slot machines have the right time for example for it hit the jackpot. And could very precise. I have that goal after. Visualize it is meditations. Issues that are royal flush in hearts with shoes poker machines. I think about a 160001. And and then come down and do that record third hole. Again over the years in many times. So you begin to get some competent. Well and I like these trying to do it with these controlled experiments because the sake of kinesis really it's gotten a bad rap and I think you'd agree with federal years. Well just from a numerous scientists and and so forth and of course skeptics as well but a. Yes like comment on. Look at it okay in London and he had Alyssa arugula Lecce comment on I believe we're going to be taking a break in just a few seconds so I don't wanna earn too long drawn mountain have to cut you off halfway. But if you haven't I am certain that question right absolutely if you have. Yeah make she had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page and had to be on reality radio dot com we finally great stations we Airpwn across the country. And you download the free iPhone and android app and more are you listening Jason NG beyond beyond our odor in the phone numbers are 8446877669. West Coast to. So Jason I was really sauce and Judy Johnson. Great to have everybody along with us we've got a couple new markets that we brought into the beyond reality radio full book to really excited about we're welcoming some new stations and I know we've been talking about Las Vegas and I know that's coming pretty soon but in the meantime we just got a couple of great. At least yeah we had I mean WQHL's. 12:50 am WG AZSFM. 16 point one Tallahassee Florida and lake city Florida. Also key BBR. In nine Coos Bay, Oregon. Welcome beyond reality family and it's an ever growing list just keeps on getting bigger and bigger and we appreciate this important you all out there listening to the ones who make sure success yet. And hopefully later in the program when we we have our open lines for the for a regardless of what you wanna talk about will be to be doing the psychic experiment or if you wanna join our conversation with our guest doctor Joseph gallon burger. We'll hear from some of those markets would love to talk to some new people as silly maybe somebody one of those new markets to actually pick the skirts are multi. Pets for pennies with a huge if you're just joining us because you're near Mir station is now. Just carry the program we've been doing a psychic slash remote viewing experiment the last few nights where we picked. It playing card and a deck of 52 cards and Jason I've been focusing and concentrating on it. And you have been calling and trying to tap into our minds or remote view this particular image is playing cards. And try to get it and we haven't had anybody get this one so. And in focusing so hard I know what artist you coming up but the technology. He died he admitted that I edited how many more Hinske we get other than the other forty sound cards that have already been backers that are wrong to a 52 and so there. So are able let's bring our guest doctor Joseph gallon Berger back in and they should hang in columnist Joseph. I Sergio before winter break I started bringing up the fact that cycle kinesis and it is a field that is sorted it's downplayed it really is and I think you'd agree with that evening. Just throughout the years has been a lot of people who just have really played it down have ever given that really any respect. And what Heidi how do you think. Well how the idea I like your doing it all your experiments and sort of controlled experiments and also using. The odds and expressly going out to Vegas and things of that nature. On to try to add some some credibility to it where they're they're really hasn't been a lot of that done throughout yours. It is I think period to me there's two problems one. The way it's approached civil that's usually what we call micro PK small things slack affecting random number generator. And frankly after being through a number of laps from Turkey. Now a little bit with the University of Virginia elements. Most of the experiments are set up by engineers. And their boring. The last one I assume you have to do is sick of these just 465. Seconds. I'm and then 45 seconds. Men and 45 seconds under under trials like that rapidly grow. And what you're doing it during the black bloc perfect game in no feedback. And then powers lady were here after computer analysis wake up you're successful. I happened to be on that one but it's. Heck you know after doing it and 45. She began its board that's one advantage using the casino several exciting place. The next thing is there's a lot of politics. There's a real good book and bookmark Cris Carter called. Science and psychic phenomenon a full house of skeptics. And he gets in here. Now what's going on with in the eighties quote skeptic community. And you know this coalition. Of people groups. Summary isn't going to believe anything and spiritual. Others are fundamentalist movement because of that'll. Hand. Well the main organizations. Within. First hit an experiment. Have astronomy tree here astrology are not going to be fault. And a cable positive so they changed their charter. Movement do any experiments and I'll look at him Mario today. If they proclaimed really mildly there's nothing in doing some due that your government. And major you know main stream press. You know when you look at it there they're now looking. It's political. In terms of data on under plants. And Congo. Spectrum. But also I mean what you're doing with diaries isn't it's not not something new or turn that's something that GB Ryan was it was actually doing back in the thirties with a with a cycle nieces. Now JP would be cleaner and I am and that he would have the types and occasion nobody vehicle with such. Where we are we're able to handle with ice. What happens in Vegas it. The control is that this year wanna make sure you don't have loaded dice there watching like hawks are also speak. Your guys for various. Those kind of things and so within that you know. From. Our point if we can be confident that this goes on regularly. It's not just. Locked in it's not just. Something he has created a fraud. Let's let's change the subject we've been. Wanted to talk about your book heaven is for humanist souls journey after suicide. You first set the stage what is stated that common belief among them the more common religions about what happens to somebody. If they've committed suicide after they felt left this earth. Throughout western culture has been program I guess that means some various if you commit suicide QB and help for all eternity. Packet Roman times they would take the family's property and perhaps he could definitely jail. And it will times. Now not a ghost tour and New. Orleans. When I was giving him conference RP conference here on. And lady at the ghost Taurus Chris Bennett from a church which is out of power I can think the 17100. So if that person committed suicide at that time I'd take the body into the church portrait for a few hours of course it couldn't defend itself. Condemn that put it on awakened real quick hands and feet that cut the rest of the pieces and feed it to the alligators. It was a time consecrated ground and demons could tortured. Soul for all eternity. That's pretty heavy stuff. And swear word coming from. This is a personal interest to me because my brother Peter. As a beloved brother and friends. I'm committed suicide it and I think it and is some folks have. And besides the losses. Her beloved son my mom had its ill with the fact that there Catholic beliefs now he might help for quicker. That greatly reduces or increases grief that I loved ones feel. If they feel. Persons souls lost to. So. Over the years. I'd been in touch with my brother he threw my hole in meditations as well I think. One of the best psychics in the world I is also in on him and people would spontaneously. Calming happened Seiji do you have Brothers BP he's trying to get capacity. As. And through Alaska so it was important and to write a book they would help loved ones and friends. Somebody that you could minutes. And also give an idea what that's gone. After suicide. So well. The theme of the book if you will. And the good news there is no help for all eternity. Abuses you it. Our preacher a human being and you can period hellish on here her sore. In the afterlife but there's tons. Equivalent Zeljko help. Help somebody who's transition. There's alleged right to leave it unfortunately it's secure also committed suicide country. Oh lead. On the web and things like that. And then you have people there in pain for decades. Folks. Terminal cancer in just a few weeks on exit early report. So he can't put all under this impression. And seems on the other side of the highly variable response to circumstances. Now. It's designed to help people acclimate over there. Get this system learn what happens. So anyway. I was concerned that it would encourage suicide anyway. It's not the best. Knows where do we we section you can you know. We certainly like to put be you know hotline number is 18073255. National suicide outline. And I call it a couple times on trial to secede you know when you go to him pretty government agency could keep you waiting on time. And every time I called this number some of them first creating temporary. Caring knowledgeable and skilled help so. Yeah we had the number written here as well to offer that because it's important to them but it oneness and who can rewind the conversation just a little bit tell us about as much as you can about what happened with your brother. But more importantly how the communications started after his death. At my brother. Less hard working intelligent honest guy. That he was never able to release settle anything if I work so well forums or is under financial stress. And any of those people on that car accident. And so then after that good bit of physical pain. So in fact immediately put me for a few years in my office buildings. To be very close so lots of parts. It and eventually he did to Las Vegas and its interest in talking about. Because at that point the town was booming in any. Very opportunities. Very you can you can get a job and 7-Eleven. The pic of them if you can't have democratic check if your parents bankruptcies. Sir he couldn't pass that sort of unemployed there as well. Com. And see. Carefully planned things. Graduated from. Graduate school. Perhaps this had no plea in the kitchen and poets. I got a call Milosevic is reason. Shot himself. My number. To call here range. So this is after probably and 3040 years stress for him our options. Yeah I mean. I'd like. Indications and started very quickly. I was kind of blown away initially. I made them competitive Agassi's. Meditation exercises ultimately sank that's technologies change treatment patterns very quickly. Lot of CDs on my web site technology. And able to relax right after told parents. Feel kind of an angelic constantly about his presence. I'd been up there Monroe in the program lifeline they sold rescue work to do. When somebody has difficulty transitions. And so trainers of the program ourselves. Again to hone in on them. The first thing is the simplest way street signs. Panic apple or an interest. But no judgment here just so relieved you wouldn't be judged. And then over the years. To be spontaneous. Contacts like that particular time. In my closet for the first time it was going to be televisions. And he was always. Dresser. I was out. He's I feel as presents some pick. From. And again is psychic that I mentioned. This book particularly schedule. Half dozen sessions so. We can ask specifically. What he's been experienced you know there for the last twenty plus years. Is that really took me on this journey. I've helped me figure help people who created your reality also my nieces and really came from here it was a good hands and successful. You'd be successful. So that communications have been very rich purple or goes on on the sides and also. I can live better here. Aka all parents are we're gonna take a break and more to come phone numbers 8446877669. You listen Jason GP. 687766. I'm gonna try to get Samir calls as soon as we can we're talking with doctor Joseph gallon burger he is the author of the book. That we've been talking about called heaven is for healing missiles journey after suicide. And show we are talking about your. Experience with your brother and the communications that you had with him and this is kind of a short segments we can't get into too much but. Can you tell us what he was going through after he departed and you said there was no judgment. Which was is good news for anybody who knows there has a loved one who has they've lost to suicide. I'm but what was actually happening what types of things was he telling you. He initially the it was well that's not the way to go and I use. Where is fully in effect greater insight over there if so article and I know how I could do this different wanted to come back kind of quickly. And they encouraged him to spam epic copy observation plane and just watch and family members. And learn more about how things go. That's almost and the like hospital and just you know smokers energy. And many seem to be in the classroom kind environments to learn. Different things about. The importance of close femininity. Cause and effect there are. He. Didn't fully understand here. And bouts of our campuses real short. Within 20/20 five years certainly in and he began to look at considering another incarnation. And one thing I was surprised. He had options besides coming in here and physical life. Having kind of simulations. Life because many people through rough here are reluctant to come back so it would have almost like a lucid dreams. Experience. To practice something say in the practice or do better here. So that's an option look like humans pictures. Of an Olympic training for our real physical life. Come in the physical. It takes courage and everything your issues are computer. And not quite as such spirit. More intentional side. I only in scary here. It is always people who practice before and come back again. All right so we're gonna take quick break when we come back take your calls you listen Jason GDP on morality radio we'll be back. Just joined us from DRR family it's great to have Tallahassee Florida and organ into the program what was the market organ we got a great market that we just I think it's pretty Eugene organ big DMA. Yeah it was a really really happy to come his way crew's day or assume it's great nevermind and Tallahassee Florida in lake city Florida and it's a great everybody along with us so welcome and just so you know we are not only available. As a life program but if you miss a program you can go to our website in my download past episodes in here we've been talking about over the course of a months and a lot of good stuff there and you eat you condone the showed sent over to well had to be on morality rated. It does marry tonight we're talking with doctor joke ellenberger we've got a few minutes left with him gonna take some phone calls now. We we knew we always run out of time and it seems like we're gonna do that here so let's get to the phones. This is let's see this is salary for Massachusetts hey Valerie welcome to the program here Ron with Jason TV and doctor Joseph gallon Burke. Think he is there are some programs even the music could so thank you yeah it's it's well you know continual line do you. With blessings and ducked again on that they Q. Thank you for writing the book could and so what I am gonna pick it up for a friend the same situation including the Catholic there. I'm an expectant but it certainly a welcome back Valerie dope it's real helpful it's going to be but I did that begin ingredients show. And I didn't hear about your other book and I wondered is there anything in any of them that might help mean if you give me that the papal. If this is my situation it would think physical and I don't spend down. Academic typically read about the time by mid November. And I did go to post trauma therapy because. You know I was. Having panic attacks put out the fire engine and a lot of everything including my aunt. The house couldn't be rebuilt it was totally destroyed. And so on acceleration. I wonder if there's any kind of manifestation. That I could do to help me. Because what happens. Is even though I've got some help from further trauma that they. What happens in every pan around the time of the year I get sick. And typically this. Something that both the way you know whether it's the full book I put this sentencing now. But the thing is it's got to be doing something to my immune system is there anyway to manifestation. Do you think but I. If I don't I don't hear couple ideas one is a very extensive course called sync creation. Some web site but this campaign music creation dot com appalled as a personal coaching them so. Tools to ship sits things but it. Shorter ones would be there's some tape there called. He leaned hard to hand it to heal and to your full potential. For yourself and others again that's for 120 books tickets experiments if the meditation works to relax here. It begins here are ease some of that trauma. Little differently than therapists works I'm glad you've seen somebody for counseling that's helpful let both of those things I mentioned. And then the book liquid look book and CD you might enjoy. As well as the interface is creating miracles abundance and now also have some ideas and Aaron. You might find helpful to move on increased energy. Well the important statement in Little League all of those. Tools to them help you refinement razor energy again. And so that could look what conceding. And evidence interview these. Haven't really book you mentioned. It. Also it paid. Healing heart might help it. Ailing. Beaten this feeling that had a hero. Particularly hard. That's wonderful. People matter yes thank you which will give give me a weapon again. Sir if you wanna make it easy just go to liquid luck. Dot com more appealing hard. CD that come by its SY AMC synch and toward creation see very ATI Lan dot com. I'm blessed to follow what your brain that helped in bringing it to people. Again thank you for calling. I will benefit from excellent health and happiness feel so that you can continue work for many many is the kind of figure appreciate that. Yes thank you for the call votes charity one more call here this is Vince from Missouri events well into the program. It. Players don't. Ban on all I know what their answer yes. Mother slipped out of order series that policy is that Hussein made years later. Whether. Chuck that if that policy toward. Our daughter murder are longer than I have been able to help all of my what. A Warner is yes then there's been trouble if this isn't what it. It's thought we afford that but it is also important public option market advocate health problem. If somebody you are hard data here. I got the ideas many people exercise them could you repeat your question. Actually my question where does it equal aren't dead several suicide in my hand and a mother stepfather my little brother you know or an you know. That well it gets there below on. I'm wondering you know Erica fox because they brought into play this. Osha's. I think when people suicide around there when it becomes more and any here. And say in my family depression ran pretty heavily armed and my Brothers and my mother and several people on the family CSC could be. Having little more challenged with those things. You he would he of course always. Talked to folks. It's somebody who really listen to you about judgment. Are reading the book might be very helpful I have many people read that Kevin particularly book concerted. Turn them around so that they've been thinking about suicide but now they understand better what's going on them. So I might start there but definitely take care of yourself because you may have they had a little bit more risk if you bet I mean those kind of thoughts. Vince thanks for the call we appreciate you as we appreciate your calling in. Doctor basically out of time here I know you've given the website several times. All of your books are listed there and you've got a whole bunch of more. Opera options and opportunities for people to participate in the things you're doing. Listen on the web sites and give the site again and and any other information may want to pass on to folks. Sure so this site is. The words sank like a secret SS YMC. And then another C aria eighteen islands sick creation dot com. Breaking Google my name joke Dalembert. GAO finally end the RT. Anyway. You'll see a lot of free articles they are with tips PK energy healing. Different things and also. Many CDs and programs including in the Vegas workshop we mention. And we just hope today's program has been very helpful to a lot of people. I think I'm really happy. Yeah I think it is a once again that national suicide prevention hotline number for anybody who knows anyone who might need some help or if you need some help the some point in your life is 802738255. A doctor del amber thank you so much for joining us we appreciate you being on the program the book again. Is called heaven is for healing as souls journey after suicide look forward to have you back on the program. We're gonna take a break today when we come back we're gonna open up the phone lines tore such experiment must do this remote. Healing now if you listened over the last you know few days and last week and so forth we chose a card now we haven't changed and we still got the same card. And now it's remote view it or the odds are would be in your favour of the either right now they think about it so if but the phone numbers beat 446877669. New be winning a Cody if you pick this. Again 8446877669. X oh start give us a call Keating you know on the phones so quickly so. You listen to Jason Judy beyond relative radio. Playing the too hard to hurt director. And her four nights ago half reform like shown nights ago iron and so we are focusing on the card Jason are both looking and it and thinking about it and focusing and concentrating in your task. Is to call and and use whatever psychic abilities you might have swore remote or viewing. I'm out of deduction I think this certainly get that at least he got hurt pretty well. Also we have a good either we're gonna give way to the person who can get this so you ready do this yeah I think so stood okay. Let's start with Joanna calling from Canada he join a welcome to be on reality radio focus we're folk. Why we're doing great how are you. Did you feel like Q I have any psychic ability your multi million dogs. I'm quite intuitive but I'm not getting about my mother has spent the last few days and telling me aid that. Now this is that he's not you're relied on your sorry when. But what you need to do it. Only can blame her current event so attractive well thanks for the call and have a great holiday yet Texas is John from Kansas say John it's your turn were focusing on the card what do you see. Or or I think has seat is a Joker. Now Joker now that would have been a 54 card deck if we had yeah tethers to chill could certainly did take the jokers are protocol have a nice try did great thinking out of the box there to. I think this is Harley from my Kansas welcome to the show. Yes hello. Hi I am saying on air disc DH that's. Spate. Know. A whole. But it's all right well thank you may be maybe you do have a current oh man on the I mean in the deck summer and it is in the deck and it's nice check. I promise you the heat of spades in the deck it's not the one that you and I are focused on their so let's go to Cameron in Indiana he camera feature turned. This total. I'm seeing me as six of. A no no sorry it's not slick yes that's a caricature tone in our let's go to. This is Cali in New York people Kelly what do we don't execs current there aren't tax and not lose hope I'm Kelly don't you know you got a circus we got to focus soaring energy do you have any psychic ability. I'm really don't sound right you can remote hearing okay all right so we're focusing on the scarred what do you see. So far aren't the only amateur coming to me history seven oaks. Speed. Tests are sorry. For you don't know what's interesting did you mention the remote viewing thing we also know that it's you know remote viewing for it to be successful lot of cases takes a lot of time to it to kind of tapped in and you know death make that connection it's not something that you can do very very quickly. So we certainly don't fault your abilities here. I don't know ignited Erica there is go to this is Dina or Dinah I'm not sure dean may be from South Carolina. I yeah it's time now from South Carolina welcome to the program. And we are focusing on this plane card and we are one you to tap into our thoughts and come up with what car we're looking at. I. And now. No it is. Thank you very much senator and I thank you for trying again I think it I find it really is a prison guards are currents people are against you I think we've had some repeats people haven't been heard all the shows but that's OK this is also acceptable we heard every show this is supposed to be thugs tapping into our mines so that's OK on this happen north thoughts just wanted to undermine slide remote view and OK let's go to. Let's see this is Joseph and Indiana he Joseph welcome to program. Woody's arm. I'm thinking I'm. And a court. No oh no this is not thank you for color and ever and we're gonna start run and that time you're from start moving quickly this is Mike in Kansas Mike teacher turned what UC. The eight of hearts. Now. Now but perhaps I think cynical I know at this could easily admit it's the longest running a contest ever had to make a greater Harry let's go to Ralf I think Ralph is calling from Florida Rel for you by any chance in Tallahassee market. Tom let. Between outside and school board or senior. OK see you must do listening and her Gainesville affiliate. Gear for online not. The FK OR yeah. It. Which is so. Actually got it came on the air so I don't know let out there are worried about Gator Martin. Until it started with our. You have to kind of know that makes her. Oh that's right they extra picks are trying we appreciate that let's go to Audrey in Kansas Audrey welcome to the program. Jason are gonna really. Concentrate extra hard right now and see if you can get this force attacked. Well okay. I I didn't hear it ending up at it because I was able leaders at the shell. But for some reason I'm thinking of London club. Now. So are now that's not recognize that this is not and you know make it. Are you wearing tin foil hat by any chance to he's always right at him oil has nothing to protect you from the aliens that's the problem be probably can't pierce that tin foil hat that you're wearing and I'm surrounded by computer monitors and all my dog my hair growth from Antarctica are let's see here let's try let's see this is this is Vince action calling back in the events. You give this from the shot. Yeah well the cultural our Cologne. Disney gift to Canada armored. Knight is now there was a year yes. And now looks more like yeah. The US aid to Israel and our club. Now sorry about this and and I know somebody did ask her. Guest says the seven of clubs I don't really kind of dimes was his action I shouldn't say weather and whether it was or not. Let's see here so if if it's not the tin foil hat. Is it's very eager to baseman or both basements maybe that's the problem may are your heroes who may be a Cheshire grin on two groups. You think that would affect the that they're Spiderman and by the way at all but that's okay answer. This is an percent to Superman wants my yeah but I don't Wear those on holidays. So are we gonna keep this corridor over again for our I mean we might be able to take 11 more call Cuban if if what if they don't have we don't have somebody who gets its sanctions will be carried over its convened a week as -- were gonna have to Hollywood drama given away pigs are let's let's let's take another one here this is son Chris hey Chris welcome to the show it. Con were concentrating and you're calling in from Boston. Boston's gonna have a lot of psychic. Capabilities coming out of that area closely oceans got to be good but he seek. Now done so kudos to retrieve two BN EC East Coast boy so much for boss. That's helping you out there at that I better for Colin and I think that's gonna do it for tonight but will keep the card who we will not lose this car has just listen Red Hat show isn't just right down cards it's not I mean I know it's I know that's not what I would do this it and I tell you I think we fed. If if if memory serves me. Seven of clubs as he has been guess about eight times yes Brad I mean their rent. And so I guess they spring guest a bunch I don't know a lot of the club did aghast and so but just know that we have big shout out to. George guests for coming on hanging out August and I and doctor Joseph gallon burger and mission you check out his web site. And that's at saint creations us SY NCE. Creation. CO RE a T I ON dot com. And check out what he's at least talking about everything else it's it's really intriguing holes Saito can basis if you haven't yet made Chia head over to FaceBook dot com. Slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page for us. Then had to be unrelated radio dot com where you can click on the station list finals to east we are a cross country we're constantly updating that list. It also download the free iPhone and android upgrade there which allows you to listen live text show on the dole catch past episodes. During online chat more or some might just you wanna hang out with us just go to the website click to listen life tab and you join TV myself I agree to be and you people in the chat room. And hang out right they're all listening to the show but if you don't know the show from iTunes to us a favorite newsreader at forest because it helps was a show for it makes it easier for people to fine. That's gonna do for us for tonight and we've got some oh good JV we discuss it we have pre reports coming up this stuff shows just everybody knows the next few nights as we get ready to our honor and celebrate death Thanksgiving. But they're great program sued and won two and in so everybody enjoy the hollowed. Is have a safe happy holidays and enjoy the family time it's Jason and javy will catcher also a. You don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison GB Johnson into this one Al Simpson told students they. It's entirely on real ingredients. Yeah. You never stopped going to finish the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jason hello slow and she's supposed to taps to TV Johnson following act. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.