The Sky 97.3>Audio & Video on Demand>>It's the 50th anniversary of the collapse of the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, WV - the event the ended the reign of the Mothman in that area.

It's the 50th anniversary of the collapse of the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, WV - the event the ended the reign of the Mothman in that area.

Dec 19, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson bring Loren Coleman, noted cryptozoologist, into the program to talk about the 50th anniversary of the collapse of the Silver Bridge - the event that capped the 13-month period of sightings of the infamous Mothman in the Point Pleasant, WV area. 12/15/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. This Tuesday on the West Coast Friday on the East Coast many steps in between what going to be unreal. You radio with myself just cause we always arson Jeannie Johnston so as we enter NFL playoff season we all know anybody who watches football knows that a quarterback we'll go in the call played in the lineup at the line of scrimmage. And sometimes it's changed things because they see an opportunity and no call what's called inaudible mid November to it's almost that work on normal tonight it's an important nights December. 152017. Which is the fiftieth year anniversary of the silver bridge collapsed. Yeah I'm in enough Point Pleasant West Virginia rhetoric and we decided that because we recognize this kind of last minute that Loren Coleman was the best person to bring on the program because of this he absolutely warm Coleman world's leading crypto zoologist and we're excited about Vermont so let's go to break let's say get him off. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find that you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Moral or religious and Cheney and I'm excited about our guest. Yet the other nurse asks a lot of treats in doing this program one of them as we can talk to people with as much knowledge and as much experience is our next guests and of course we're talking about Loren Coleman. And mourn is the pre eminent expert leading crypto zoologist. He he has been in the field for a for many many years he has done ground breaking work he's written groundbreaking books. And we're going to be talking about his most recent book and it happens to be a book about one of the topics that I love talking about the most. And that is the moss man and the book is called moss meant evil incarnate. And it's the unauthorized companion to the moth man prophecies and I'm really excited to bring them into the program mourn Coleman welcome to beyond reality radio great to have you on again. And bigger and enjoy being. That's always good to talk to you and I've 'cause I always love talking every time we're edit and speak so we sit down. Women who just that it. The vast knowledge you have of the whole group to zoology. Area is is amazing earliest if you've been doing this work for quite some time from you please rails units nineteen. That this or try not to try not to dig yourself larger amounts to yourself well who the. I don't go out with every. Technically you're doing a great job of it a question we need to start with the encased in cases anybody new to the program who is not heard of your work tell us what you get started in office. Well it really started in 1960 and so on because. You mind that you Japanese storm. About. Abominable snowman and the water I went to school the next week and I. Past my teachers because India and they natural history yeah. No no kidding with people about creatures and saw him make that they don't exist. League Milan get back to work. Which of course job security interest to do you see an hour. And then. You know a year older letter correspondents around the world going out Jane ordered his investment in black Panthers giant snake. And the amounts central daylight time. And so I starter. You know going all round controlling my godfather or so firefighters in new. I'm cheap one long course but I am in my uncle it was. Mark worst. Oh in Ottawa general negotiation. And just started hooking up with people and I went to college to keep checking around the country remember those days letter. Hitchhiking. Home outside here and there aren't cheap you know it was a different world world's. But yeah. I have an act and what happened it is one of my correspondence while much correspondents wrote me. And to you writes it's good letters like Anadarko O. Good articles. Writing books that you write books and can TV people calling on all during the time I would certainly in the field investigation. I'd gotten. No and I you know I knew Bernard or woman and I couldn't Sanderson which she. Now. You know like sit on their shoulders and really learned a lot suggests that slightly its direction aren't in Dublin territorial. We got a competent Q why we shouldn't newspaper article the researchers. Democratic and helped on them you know just we put myself out there and it went into another. Just ended up and now. And it's it's it's an amazing story and we he wanting you do bring up real quick you started talking a moment in the Andes and Himalayas analyst. And union she probably just saw some research account saying that millions of phones that they tested all appear to be bears a manner. Arianna I don't know a lot about lobbying won't what is the big ball in the post and national business in this spot for a currents. Unfortunately. What they didn't they chucked DNA samples. That they already chastity. By an icon films or how. Past is document tree that they get a box type near you don't they selected out all of the samples they already knew where fierce. One that attitude Danish researcher who during an investigation. On the different and mortgages and you know bears on now we are not divert insults came back their again. Yes these samples were of course when it left out the 35 other ones that where. Inconclusively. Unknown private template that. Don't want to get that was immediate getting called up or. Headline that's really nothing to do with the real research been going on until you had to headlines like. Yeah these are there are so different than I kept the ball well whatever it was right well I'm not starters. I'd giant Motley they're quickly took to cheat with a pair which we're from Iraq War like creature. You know in the Himalaya arms. Particular samples from a which has just stepped bear some Nazis called yet so that we don't crank from the stage we've got. I really exaggerated. One news article but church. Interceding and if Carson talking to you are you a lease can get some of that knowledge but every article ran delta air talked about Colin they've improved to be bears and then they don't exist in the center of so. Actual filming them on the stuff I didn't know. Lauren that brings up an interesting point and it's kind of a side question but does the media and pop culture help or. Hurt your work and anybody who's serious about finding true real answers about the stuff. Well certainly what occurred as and he really had a up. Preconceived notion that they should have a beginning middle end of this story. So it's unknown creature cryptic crypto zoology or even want to and that forty in Obama. They've really wanna go and children which will happen monster by the end up even that they wanted to do a three day wonder or not and they wonder. Couldn't couldn't keep it going Chelsea this conclusion shall I don't. They still want some solution at the end so you've seen at the club Loch Ness Monster. Where they come up put it's debt debt compulsion. But I think there is two years according to irons. Won't change and he put it towards submarine on top of me Qaeda. And sculpture. And cheering on top of them Marines and that was a hoax. Or give other recent story in the world a lot has monster was really some kind of the result of being King Kong London in 1933. So they only come up quickest period when people go away. Reading on the headline. Lot has monstrous hoax yet these are all there. You know you have post our I'm. Whether violence whatever they always wanted to do it that would. Now there are other underlying thing that they're not really conscious of Fallujah again. A lot of psychological. Sociological research on where. Remember in 2006. And 2008 that this kind of what tomorrow I'm sure I've got to. Presently. And I'm continually little obstacles promoter you had a good news conference in the river deal that we're even more with a weapon or that's he had. You know constant. Frozen in ice. So that you Indiana construction. Only 420000. Dollars you know took off well it turned out that even though that was another story. A lot of people got an appeal because I started reading about what folks and they roundup high and oh yeah. But oaks in story it was a reality. Asian real citing. In real science behind that there's some people that are interest student and went crazy. Fringe individuals. But it doesn't do that it does heighten. Awareness of crypto technology and then some serious people. So it. I think I mean that matters or so more and as you. Started your work in really rolled up your sleeves and in vet and started investigating and researching some of these topics what was the in what was your. Primary focus at the time I know obviously you've branched out and you've explored almost all of these questions that we thought we now call crypto does to a logical questions are. Even paranormal topics in general but you must at a real focus in the beginning. Well I I really had the concept that. Too many people crypto zoology. Were in that fourth inning more than agreement to become. Exotic explores what they decided to end up. Wrote a lot less to try to find a lot monster grow in the Paul. Won't someone in my first walked in thank you truly was mr. America. Because I want to really promote the idea. Of a lot of mystery and our own backyard. And so. The tigers based in Illinois in the mid westerner or not that first half my life. Quite strong at number one encrypted there has been reported. In history cats like tears. You know. Patrick can pipelines that were being reported. And so I started exploring. And then there were a little eight while creatures you won't bottom until they're out what really interest to me. So why you're right I almost immediately. Did somebody tell me about it giant's public record. I would go and bet he won't like Japan Canada about your interest amongst giants wouldn't like to hear about. On my uncle installed black panther down on the bottoms. So I would just try to be open minded. I learned very early not to ask leading questions. To really write people can make you pull that one has been home to Miami policies and critical thinking my. Skepticism. You know on my desk in my car on the way home but not to really cute and waited through investigations on going in the range into motion. I'm not even bought preconceived notions about creature understand. And I didn't go in and what of the won't want to perfect example because. When John Q deal. I'd buy and so now that he at the end of a blight that is being biologists. So. Some of the early reports while men are literally. Not in more than giant birds. A lot of why wouldn't you talked about a giant bird. It would work on the ground won't chick thought. Well by the time the. You're gonna involved and started investigating and started questioned people. People that somebody Chan twenty years later. They had crossing on the walls because they felt when you know words around after John Q a minimum June. And marvelous part of the projection of you don't just. Scare people so much that they got frightened children. Boy that's Emanuel has got a new book about psychology. Thrown off. We. I have a whole lot tugboat comes of the moss men and and wanna go get into an imminent because it's a fascinating stories one of the most bizarre. An interesting. Tales particularly in the in the area in the Arab that it setting in the late 1960s just makes for. An amazing backdrop and then Medea claps of the of the silver bridge at the end of the story is just amazing but before we get into that. I'm let's talk about some of the some of the things have kind of been occurring in temporarily and Jason brought up one with the testing of the easy Eddy bones and we've had reports. From people about nasty recently and and and and in some of these and I guess they would be called do bunkers. What are your feelings about some of the stuff that's coming out because it it seems to me that some of this evidence kind of shaky. We still don't have a lot of answers but the them that does seem to stop some people from saying that we do have them. Well I'd vote and there's this good era. With the bunkers are skeptical if it gets. A lot of people getting a lot of mileage and a lot. Well. Every time I'm much more on the electronic yeah I'm choosing cable isn't actually on the radio on home court. Of those skeptics coming along the water the television chebaa pop nothing more than. Talks which is truthful one part of that. But they're playing their lesson about to have a lot that's monster great fortune. Chipper couples and yet the ball patterns. Most credit as the options. From the very weak yen. At about 80%. On reports that we yet. Her message notifications. The mistake of multiple medications. They're not sinister and there's not not bunch of people out there trying to coax it. Which is common ordinary people. He won't and they make them say and so it's part of our job. OK you know I think that apple wouldn't look back and get a boost. Lot of pick what walking away from your mother there's no way he can actually do it without. Anwar a skeptic can get bunker love fictional ridiculous. Scene they can. Make it because. To bumpers of course are just as dangerous as believers. True believers here anything with the words won't pick what. Well the bunker players only one might be an unknown on the words and that's not a explanation almost immediately. I am not nearly. Doesn't give you room were metal that get public and the big unknowns. Here in pursuant to extortion to dissolve. Looking in the direction of the respondents. Like dialect he said that because even as colonel investigator and we have the same thing over 80% of all claims can be. Kim and I use the word debunked but in a positive aspect is you're going in the trying to truly Figaro what's what's going on and it's it's more dealing with the person and understanding what's happening with them. But you do get the skeptics and no matter what willing to and throw stones and and just then everything is a core or nothing nothing's possible. And it be nice if there are the people in the middle who who really well were there and help out or at least the two sides were able to come together and Turks or what's going on. Working hand in hand. And so what we're yet. Undermine. Or. In particular as soon as producer and soon remotely you'll also is looming out to California to talk about the safety cushion on the present stall because it sounded almost all of the journal cumulative ghost won't you close. Crypto zoology. What these militants. We have to be skeptical but open minded. That's almost certain that won't have to bunkers. Are only. Closed minded. And they don't understand it more that we can be skeptical and critical thinkers too we also have to remember. Cosmos about it there's a lot we don't know. We're talking with Loren Coleman and his website by the way is Loren Coleman dot com and we're gonna get into his new book moss men evil incarnate in just a few minutes. Or take a break and on the other side we'll start talking about a story from. And Jason. Prayer breakfast I always look forward to talking with us gentlemen and if you watched any shows on the History Channel or or any other stations about. Strange creatures and things out that you know him his name's Lauren Coleman coal Lauren they trying analyst. Earlier so you're one of the things this is kind of the perfect storm of per programs for for me anyway Loren being the preeminent expert and trip to zoology and the small men topic being one of my favorites. Let's let's let's talk about your book Martha many evil incarnate but before we get to the tune details of the book itself. As you can as best she can because it's complicated story Lauren tell us the story of mark's meant. It'd account he ensuring. Because there's a whole history behind what ever he goes about not just chill out and out. Kind of that story that. Came to prominence. He and all of 1966. We began keeping records of the giant bird like creature in Point Pleasant West Virginia. A little community around me were little more thousand people. Right along Ohio River. Mostly when it is. Teenagers. And twenty year old that we're out in lovers' lanes or driving along the roads and dates should this creature. I could be up here can get them toppled the world should comedians all areas they cope with cheap and cheap. Because during World War II they actually manufactured. Dynamite there are included pleasant and Stewart that. This creature with speed that area. So. The next few months. I'm not a number of months as very significant but it wouldn't thank you much over 200 people in the one important area. Saw this creature. One of the mistakes a lot of people saying yeah I know this creature that there are replies. Like almost in China town bleached all eyes were much chest. Most of the time the eyes that glow rip because its headlights from cars were actually I sort. Street lunch we showing that Britain should. Pot and it would kick off sometimes violently and captured quickly. So that was part of the Wall Street. That same time it happened. Along the Ohio River a lot of people were seeing you at all. We're just very hot I'm 66600. And at some. Reporter and some other people started having your preached. There was some kind of disaster that would have happened. Another thing that was mixed in one week that opens. Loading Christmas packages. In the river in some of these treatments. So what occurred is the first citing first public. Was on November it keeps 1966. Exactly. Thirteen months from the day. On December 18 nineteen you should happen. President Johnson wouldn't know what. He slipped on the Christmas. And exactly the same time. Silver bridge it was between Portland and collapsed. Collapsed with over fifty cars on. 46 people died because what had occurred it was very cold night. Yeah supposedly. I'm kind of like Brandon situation happened. In both he and how to bridge the red lights. To stop. And then the bridge collapsed. Months and months later they found out in a high bar. Thirteen. And snapped. Bridge thirteen months later. I'm Bart thirteen collapses. 46 people bought. I'm a big chain it was the largest bridge collapse in US history at that time may be in that. Actually it's number 52011. Cheap. And if you're never sure well under her going out. In their hand ceremony there it's a two time. In a lot of people are thinking about that any. And I wanted to write the book to come out this year I'd been trying directness that personal in years after. Right in the first when I'm home looking into possible to. So that under the terms of background. Now there's lots of little details about who sought to. What it did it and get something like that that it. It wasn't term you typical kind of crypto where people could go to one area and shielding he ball look the whole the area. I'm John keel was going you need to city. To do that story it's the stringer from newspaper and so. Story that he is trying to track down a little it was a. Forty report I'm serious report. A chat that we're being born with little wind. Which is a while Obama we'll look at. When I hadn't little brother Duane. Obviously they can apply the dirt there's strange weird creature peninsula. And he found out about the. You oppose them mosque and reports and just kept coming back. And getting more and more demonstrations. And a lot of his book the ball won't prosecute actually happened in New York to turn a lot of friends who were psychics. Started telling me about disasters which grossed out. Like assassination. Of Pope. Where he's not some kind of disaster unemployment went up so he felt something was gonna happen in June down. And we'll probably make publishers tend to have. A lot of control. And so when his book came out you want to have a different title that culture while won't costumes. And that really kind of colored a lot of great people pointed out while. It against so many so many components to this story and Oates I wanna break it down a little bit and start start with the creature itself. The reports are important Point Pleasant started on November 15 1966. In your research ending and in your research weather is about this topic horror or anything related did you find any creatures. Historically that matched the description of what the moss men ended up being described as. That may have some kind of tie in at any point during that history or any of your research. Oh that's what in my out. But first book on what went off on another church and out. Home undermined mark taught myself to other important back down that they get people's. How has that same kind of reciting. He and give the other one's a nineteenth century BA content which they call will wind won't. Because they look like they were giant creatures that we're just not in that she can't what's going on in the 1920s. They had. Spain credit reports or actually were chasing jalopy. They had this and so students. Bought and tight creature which it bought them the game thinking about that are sixteen but yet we're historically. We're creatures like that over in the normal course and how bad. Which we that's a contemporary. Reports. On what you you have a personal names like pat squall watched. Which it's even Washington State. And then it starts merging with a lot of records under. Under particularly different they're more like chat on doors. We can tell him that it more who has to all of all right some of the Canadian. That you get some parts of the bought. All cases. That show up and so what are undeclared to yes. Definitely there's history there it's just that. Because the copy editor at home newspaper. Just handle the bat and cheery bunch of these he decided. To make. Headlines. About bought. Well all of the cases either mother or giant bird. Mean he had a more in small white ball in the confused people that. As you look through those reports over time. Do you see any correlations between those sightings and disasters as we did with the point presence at the signings. Not really other than Richard Cherokee different students in more now. They had a definite feeling that all these giant whether it come around. To take what their little children. Well there are some key issues. Over while we're again we're we're getting some of these creatures. Come around for talks. On what happens. You know certain little livestock and chill that. And so in the beginning bought them all up Spain Q is one of the first victims off. Want a little German Shepherd Dog call and you walk out there are no. I think what debt will be XP what you don't get that feeling that bought has killed people. That's changed over time. In the beginning it was much more focused on a personal what is taught. What small band got until next. Yes history is definitely won't hear that not. Wanting. Clarify this book. John you are blind spot earn much against some restrictions. There were created will be there is more connection between bought haven't Chanel. There is no connection between. Want big scheme before he understood her case when that earthquake. Bought into other areas so there any instructions that come from the movie. The John you don't ever thought about I never order we have wallow. In connection with reality. These dvds pretty much added in manages or cinematic. Oh really draw people a couple of hours. Bob all the equipment. The Hollywood movie that took in 1966. You can share from story. And made it contemporary. Picture here in one part John Q as personality. And Alan Bates the other part that has forced now to. Well and you see them do that with all the animals rate down to the conjuring and so forth and we talked already apparent and we talked with the Chris Lutz and the image of felonies in the end things that are experienced. Just have nothing to and they in no way. As bad as the movie isn't really blow these things option to appear and that just seems notorious Hollywood taking things in the league just exploding it. From what which rule claims are experiences were two to release all the Sylvia the fear factor. Absolutely but one good thing about this movie as both quality really remembered all nineteen. 67 and kill both reaching out to vote to. Almost everybody has bought bought bought one. Won't back seat near Point Pleasant absolutely. Dying. So crypto tourism. We discovered there and it can actually. If you want and what that movie that's sitting up open about it yes we are you have mark on principles. Museum a botnet to yourself. It's I don't. Don't let the art so I am on Larry I would that you were that it won't it done nothing but good for that city. Learn as you looked into this. Story Morin you mentioned this sent. Indian your description I used talked about the UFO reports that went along with the sightings of the moss man. Did you make a connection. With those reports or is a which is does it just coincidental that was happening so simultaneously. It's been very coincidental. You actually have also ought and so I think we're in the fall. And then he sort of during the winter and what way what what occurred is your problems we are watching from the sparring. And then it happened again. On the all kill him one ball or bridge collapsed and boasts both the Obama came to forward that they would you don't ever made no direct connection won't although I've written. Quieter it's. We were every electrical well you'll pull a drop off now than what went like that because if there's. I absolutely. Are real. Kitchens schools and vomit or metal black cattle mutilation. We've just appear in people. With a mysterious strangers with some of the council that city. Won't. Absolutely. He won't solve much while. You know full well all I ever played it. It's almost like Portland or they won't want to go positions that are talented director. Mr. really just concentrate on pot that. Because and so what went wrong about that were unexplainable. During the election year period. We're talking with Loren Coleman crypt zoologist is website is Loren Coleman dot com and we're talking about his. New book moss man evil incarnate the unauthorized companion to the mosque man prophecies the stories complex is a lot of parts to it Cameron get into more of them. After our break. And we barely scratched the surface on this one are you listen to Jason GP I'm beyond our military Hilton back. We shouldn't wishes come true when now they can we do wish you each. I was an ER and had my eye on this hot Anderson's ground when I had my wishy HD along for the ride. They buy Pampers back and now I'm getting to scrap they kiwi seen HD content. Which city to use the latest in new technology to harness the power of that in the real points and grant your wish not just did normal to me what is the latest high quality beach Jeanne. I needed money and fast. I just used my would today's. Seven thanks in Africa thank you wish they state. They're crap go we'd shoot HD guaranteed to grant your wish in stunning HD. The crap we should HD is not guaranteed Breckenridge and. Drew juicy TV it's it's it's one of the best. Worrisome mean when you talk about a paranormal. Story something that happened that we can kind of all relate to we are some knowledge about the moth man's story is is one of the most amazing because not only encompasses a cryptic creature known as the mosque man. But there were alien sightings over here UFO sightings or men in black sightings there as just a whole gamut of paranormal activity associated with the small. In story one and did traumatized in fact also is when you hear about the Christmas gifts floating on the river and then it's just it's it's a it's it's sad story because the people lost their lives but also it's just an emotionally. Man tough tough thing here as well. Yet especially there were our pre cognitive dreams of those Prius floating down the Ohio Ohio River after the and they didn't know what that was about. Ultimately be a silver bridge collapse fifty collapse fifty years ago tonight. It's just unbelievable and we're so privileged to have Loren Coleman on the program where this and after a top of the hour break we'll bring him back in. Absolutely Ares or to take quick break more com to listen Jason NGV and beyond our leader really old back activist. Okay you're the one do your do your thing there the face but it would have been competent when you know about thirty seconds. So if you haven't yet make sure you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page then had to be on reality radio dot com where you can click on station last final ceased we are across the country which you click on that Austin because it's honestly being updated. Dollars in free iPhone and android operate their from the website let's listen the show life catch Pashos join online chat more. Or listen right from the website just click a listen lies tad TV and I are always in our. It's a bit of connecting to a great community and chat room or sideshow. Everybody it's Thursday on the West Coast Friday on the East Coast and many were stuck in between welcome to be on really you radio myself Jason Hawes and the always awesome Jamey Johnson. Yeah and we don't wanna waste any time welcome everybody to be on reality radio we've calls an audible earlier today as you know now that we changed guests and we will have our regularly scheduled guest on at some point but. We brought lower Loren Coleman into the program last minute because we realize that December 15. 2017 is a fifty year anniversary. Of the claps of the silver bridge which. At capped off thirteen months of moss man sightings in Point Pleasant West Virginia it's it. It's a great job an anniversary we integrate story it's something that we loved talking about. We're gonna break and bring more. Back then it's beyond reality ratings. It's. Radio station's parent program that list is growing constantly we appreciate those stations becoming part of the beyond reality radio Stanley. We're excited to be announcing some new ones as the new year starts pretty soon here. Absolutely and you can check out that list and you go to beyond reality radio dot com's click on station tab. And it'll association we currently are on across the country in that list is ever growing summation you check back periodically. Also from the website you can download the free iPhone and android app which are logical some shall live and cash on the goalless in the past episodes. Or Jen and I join me online chat which click the listen lives to have any night relies. Middle connect your right to an online chat room TV and myself are usually hang around the Greek community people need to listen right there from the website so. If you download the show from iTunes to us they were just a creative force it helps push it forward makes it easier for people to find you know my there's mice peeled Israel this. John what are the other great things are being a part of our community having the app on your phone or actually going to the web said he didn't listen to all of our programs and if you do that you'll have an up you have an opportunity to hear this guessed that we've got tonight. On several of our episodes were excited to have him back here tonight it's Lauren Coleman. He is an adequate to zoologist Anderson noted expert in all things crypto and tonight we're talking about his book moth man evil incarnate it's it's and authorize companion. To the mosque man prophecies that's probably a movie that many of you are familiar wins. It may have introduced the idea of the moss man's sightings in Point Pleasant West Virginia in the late sixties but. It's got a lot of fiction and that's one of the things we've been talking about in. One Lauren get into some of the personalities. Forget the film for a second there are some key people on this story. That really kind of laid it out for a says it was happening who were some of the key players at the time. Well one of eyewitness what more does Gartner. Who lasted a long time as far as witnessed and what are actually in cheesy ensures. I'm the first sighting. Remember I talked about November 13 most chilling. A couple. Won't that was one of two people you know that remains hopeful. And she was very scared or bury in the hall by. Trampled a lot because. The introduction of blocked tour rely. Absolutely on the Kyser. No and I hate to sort it. Cheap companies actually exploit it. But he just kept going tour and interviewing her she kept telling her story somebody times it was almost positions we blew it big yet. Every time that generation retold. But the other people that was in that worsen actually say it that way and I think that's where I dealt with. I'll another poll taken right after that Marcella yeah. Another witness. And she would carry her her baby daughter and Mott had appeared on a roll. And she actually sell on the baby and retold that story a lot. What those were the kind Batman the John Q what was the other major personality. John Q what this fellow the interest of Europe follows you written a book called. You oppose operation. Trojan. Or which he joked that you're close we're really. What people are seeing the it was some kind of phenomenon behind it which he would call all virtual virtual. You felt that these individuals had been living on her. The Cuban big slow long time it was just beyond our perception. He felt that. In the end you felt that mark when we won't at least all true true actual. It was taking a warm under a giant bird like creature. So. Key homes theories. Began to call that the regime that you did that patients. As I mentioned earlier but he also was a wonderful. The I would teach won't Q as the true but Capote. Well audience Obama and you were close we can achieve withdrawal. Which bruised people either lying there dying man. It is very entertaining. Behind you got to be a local four that in point wasn't. Even on the week years after the OJ. They've written by a simple. The point pollutants annual mock them festival. Where it's quite soon. And I think this is just what this didn't work personality that would come down to. Little appellation won't you won't make a big deal either. Won't quite intriguing to watch on just. Do his little deals. At what other people about a law applies to mention. Personality Mary higher. As a reporter what yeah oh I'll messenger which is the newspaper right across the river. And she became John Q those simple do what it would go to dinner and. All kinds of things in my book I talked about now. Very actually. We don't want that had. A lot of the dreams about. Christmas. Packages won't it won't know how river. Archery but actually came true when the rich collapsed. Gullible of those cars has just been shopping. Some reflecting ten packages and people on cars. Won't get. Really ten miles. However. While married. It's not that bat as I call it. Thirteen times to 26 months. After the bridge collapsed. Merry dikes very mysteriously. I don't you know what that nobody could really particular. And what all kinds of debt. After the bridge collapsed just kept them. You had mentioned juniors our initial description of this story you the thirteenth. Thirteen months separation between when this started a human story kind of ended. An and doesn't really and but when the bridge collapsed. Let's go to that discussion about the number thirteen because you just brought it up again you said moss man math what are we talking about here. Well. I'd like to be superstitious but I don't like to be realistic and yet the big news in front of if we got to recognize. Rather what thirteen months. Gap between when the first sighting was seen with the bridge collapsed. You look at scientific report analyzing why the bridge collapsed. And the engineers says I art thirteen Borough. And that's why the bridge collapsed. You look at him very hike Ike and is thirteen times to. And so we keep coming across. Mom and there's actually in my book a list of about. 26 individual thing which. And it's it's and sent it by now that one people. I've found that the number of letters that your main jet. Well that's another person that dies we had thirteen letters in their name it just put on on non. And they want to get in Mexico Craig Yale lost that spot bought them doubts. Thinking it so it's sentenced to cringe to believe them and their audience. Happens again. But all the whole fear of a number of the number thirteen I noted interest trusted that phobia or simply because the tango on however investigators had a years. It was just something about the number thirteen and a lot of people automatically fear that number. Right yeah you go to hotels right along those lines are on the elevator go from lower number eleven true you know fourteen because we don't. Great floors then we should keep them anymore. So let out some people watch a lot of people were asking me because in the book really up to their running on the Chicago mocked and reports that it won't happen at all in 2000. Seventeen there's been over fifty reports of bought my hand tight creatures being keyed in on Chicago and so everything while April 7. 2017. Was the first sighting there so long coma and what are your expecting thirteen months later on May. 7018. And I say well one and I will not meet. Kicking me in the elevator tour of the group now in Chicago on what date. Because I don't wanna. And I look. So I don't know what's gonna happen I don't know anything will happen is people are getting. Mary stooped up and what's happening in Chicago this year. Aren't let's. Deep dig into this number thirteen a connection a little bit more do you have a theory as to what the connection is or are you do you are you simply observing it at this point and saying it and there's more to this us scratch our heads a little think about it. Well. I am one of the researchers that is. Quite comparable thing I don't now and this is gasoline I don't know but there's also. Something that I look more deeply in this. Which is that this evil around ma man is something that's getting in the heads of people. So people are superstitious about the number thirteen. Insert hearing about the number thirteen were bought. Which comes first. Thirteen 113. What the bad luck or is there something is being produced. Like people being so afraid bought and so afraid of what the bench are going to. So we exit which helped our collective actor or peoples they're beginning to church. But the number thirteen. And every time thirteen comes up with my aunt that they are half. You know it's another routine. I'm not sure I don't think there's any real evidence right now in my book. I don't make my actual book in my thinking that. Thirteen years predominantly. Unlucky number with war won't report much concerning being more you want and. Closely approached it and biological creatures it's and a large bird like creature maybe even. I won't power and no large bird people are worried. All of the senate will not renamed. All of it a lot of bad luck seems to start happening quite that. I'm Warren and I talk about my book the whole business about more more people die. So there's that psychology was bought them that you don't see what they. You don't yet he serpents and brought the monster there's not you know a lot of people play not not gonna go search for bigfoot is we do. Because it's full of bad luck but I hear people all the time saint. I don't know why should be a researcher. About Marc then because so many bad things can happen to people. I'm and I would. Ask myself being stranger. Who helped them let them promotional marksman in 2002. I hit four under great deal and abuse. In two months. And I would get off on overnight show. Go to my pound bouncer you know. You might it has before it went sweet. And delightful book might have popped. I'm which don't help a documentary on top. And I basically giving Condit here can we relate to when I'm with all the window up. And I put my wrist and go to hospital. Alabama and Bible pressure. China gets the good part of that the ad court as well institute and the time in the hospital. But it seems like. I lost my brother younger brother lost my other. I don't even talk about the book because it very personal. But one man and stream thank you know those. Bad things that happened in your life. And I hate to say to you two guys that you know when you go out to her car you can have a flat tire don't blame me dementia. Our comparison now I do like Teradata and I got to wonder if you were involved get just told them not to not to blame you so it's a testimony to there. Learn. We've we've just a minute here before if you go to break it's so this might be enough time to answer this question. There there are a lot of reports of sightings of the mosque meant that they were kind of varied they weren't all very consistent there's a lot of different descriptions what do you make of that. I think that's human psychology human perception. And also. Mass hysteria I think that a lot of shadows. A lot of album's big birds. Tight. Airplanes were being recorded it swap out one Smart thank you achieve your consciousness and that area. Mentioning that happened after won't Chicago even more broadly. People start reporting everything has more than. Well I'm sure it doesn't help that some of these videos that shop online are of people who've taken drones are modified them and to have you know things look like living creatures. Flying with some of them right down to remote control airplanes I watched a video. Now last week somebody and actually created a remote control airplane and a body around it that made it look like it like it was a flying just like the moth man. Yeah you've seen a lot of those videos like you don't make each and years ago come back. It seems to be a little sad that. Caught on income people and critically look at those around me thank Allah while responding in all of our action. Well I and others just have one not too long also in West Virginia somebody had created one as well. And it's just it it helps or helps fuel chaos and and everything else with this but I mean it it's also it's not really hoping on what possibly is Alter. Now you Cubans in the worst possible plan for crypto as a quality trend mark. Bought them to be true. Let's let's pick it up after the break such and questions about YouTube specifically we're talking with Lauren Coleman his website is Lauren and that's spelled. L or. Whole bunch of great information there about Lauren and his work the book that we're talking about tonight is moth man evil incarnate the unauthorized companion to the moth man prophecies which is probably. The source of information that most people listening. Program have had regarding the small man's story and it's partially true well. This fact and fiction in their guess is the best way to put it. And just to remember if you go on check your car new tires flat Lauren is not to blame Asik zone up when I can't hey we're gonna take a quick break more to come elicited Jason TV on the island. I want to check your. I'll tell her I'm good I'm good so Lauren and higher RK with each so far we still have more ago Leah I'm by the end of the show in effect a seat at whispering lord directed to the program Laurence. You've done a tremendous amount of work whiz says television programs that bring some of the stuff to the screen now with movies. Before we get back into talking about the moth man evil incarnate the book he just wrote tell us about some of that work and what you're most proud of. Why you believe it or not because of all that work on all over the country little parts of the world. And so in 2000 Juli sounded international. Apology. And into New England has about objects. Movies. Won't documentaries. Reality program and sure there's a lot of those just disappears. And well and not that it disappeared. And so I really creating won't like it yet what is being the only. Good to zoology meeting in world. And that's what I'm really proud of what happened in my kids. Which I have to say that why technique it. You know being on monster quite honestly non I think that what we call on the whole ball insurance. Very important to me that they feel temporary. And so tablet is AM what people can physically on the meet me when I'm there are now. Or won't they can look at these different except that should now put cast we have a horrible. Bought back except that that we just we curators. And all and it feels like we're Teixeira although I. I think Jason and I need to pick a week and come to the museum and do week of broadcasts from the museum. Focusing each night focusing on different story that Brooke Brooke relates to something you've done in the museum. Probably. And we do that you know we should planned funeral a couple hours from now I don't drink I don't turning the. Are. Running their story it's very. Consoles I'm there could ask I don't think she's gonna leave now I might move item urged careful what you tell your congress are but it. The meet the museum and is is obviously noble work and it does offer an opportunity to put things you know available from froehlich who legacy purposes and and emperor in perpetuity and when when you look at some of these stories that. We see whether it's contemporary Lee or historically. And and going back to the YouTube discussion here and some of the stuff comes out on YouTube. Have you at any point been impressed by something you've seen on YouTube. You know I I often times. Start to get impressed and then I'd dig into this story. One of its own or. I'm barreling off on my guidance Sanderson has never trust the evidence that's brought you. Deep deeper in about. It deeper and find out more about the person that brings it to the. So what you're seeing is some video what about. Well from overseas. When you start taking won't cure would find out that person. Has been no juncture. Or you know or less than credible background. And fortunately which YouTube. It's kind of like Blake bots are citing. There's not physical evidence in the new new war. And I like hair samples I like what can I liked the football and are things like that I didn't yet made ban on. YouTube. You know like monsters teacher and so I think there's less. Available evidence. Yeah of course and that's tough to be able to try to figure out and he sang religious from the video especially this day and age where that it's so easy for Peebles a fake things and put it on YouTube to just because they're trying to. Get the more views and the more shares so they can generate income. Absolutely have a the whole financial motivation behind it I think there's there's still floating around YouTube site and local people are. Bringing different body parts of the Victoria. But I think sharing having that you were saying it's bouncing from bad throws and they told. Donald they're going to open a multi billion dollar he heart. You know and that's what should I trust that I don't think while the ball didn't give me some you know GA event. Yeah yeah I mean you you you you actually really Quentin well there is the motivation can tell you all you need to know mum about what you're looking at. Right right absolutely. Has not. I'm worried that I liked for most people put that question I asked about giving want to sanction. A change try to get closer to because. They really are extinction trauma they're not anti war. Whether Turkey wants to playing more money or whatever they're looking to somebody and he probably cute it's a lot of work field. They want to come to lightning rod individuals because they think their whole loan and nobody else's experience. So let's get back to the moth man's story itself one of the things you mentioned a nice you know seem other documentaries that focus on this as well is many black sightings. And reports that seem contemporary to the moth man sightings is they're real connection there. It certainly went in the moment now there and there are. John Keogh felt that you weren't bothered. To do that we're. By other odd lines then he. Which go out in the U. Count all along that we chill out and post office. Knew she suspicious cards. Our ground and that doesn't like I'm not had a couple experiences. Russia and open radio shows and some very strange people waiting on these steps won't get that one didn't show. So I'm bought back. Can suit make it look more or one of them black because the John Q action. Mary. Is it iron as I pronounce her name is. Mary higher higher yeah Ryan's. Okay Ian merry higher she was the reporter I believe that was. Bringing some of this story to life at the time. And is that right am I doing the story correct. Issued a Margaret died. Thirteen parents children look right now have to go nuts if I remember this story quickly wasn't she visited by some odd characters not necessarily men in black but by. Characters are. Or I'm I don't use the word people but that's kind of the question just people assumed a little bit odd. I mean I think we have to be careful because. Well. Political correctness. Didn't expect them and so they would often talk about Asian people. What people who planted. People walk in key. All knew that a lot of men in black I would have wrecked trying to sensibility about when the men in black only. Preferred not to skin color of course we just their clothing. While black the Shia from that visit very strange Asian characters. Or very short ones are people like that and there's also Connie carpenter who felt achieve those. Try to be pulled into a car I want to do in certain individuals. So it has definitely and it. Once again it seems to be Kiel had his own home. Demons so to speak charming actor and that the female witnesses who bought. She did have a lot of these interactions with stranger. I'm at a black core weird. You won't solve it kinda people. And what jury which your own theory about why men and black seem to be involved with this almost meant. It is very. I addiction you know its interest in I don't know if you ever heard writer Jim key. This black black helicopters suitably that. God he he actually have a hearing at what point or. Well I yeah experiment which all of the people on the plumber getting L that they. It's crazy that explanations. It's almost. A good characterization of what was happening. Police say he pretty crazy as that sounds but there's. Approved back in one who isn't this the sixties or whatever with a government was actually using soldiers and not telling them he's using analyst Ian soldiers CO or putting it water bottles. Stuff like that so they could test and how how interacted with them so it's not far fetched to think that they would do with a whole community. Absolutely and people. One died by insight from jumping from buildings. Well he saw that you. And now for us it doesn't count that extraordinary that. Putting them to me the election to the net. Effect of the whole community water system restore policy and people were doing and hallucinations. Who knows what I don't think there. Anything directly connected between bought that. The men in black but yet but we're government unit where our special. No secret organization that was trying to investigate bought and solutions or even your phone lines. That would be an area that they want Sharpton. And then people will report those individuals. As men in black. Because most of the men and black look like what agents and you can certainly see it now creditors summit in Genoa. Secret Service. And special. You know intelligence you looked around the other thing I'll tend to triple. So in other words just fuel a drug induced paranoia by by chewing up in the area and and see how that how that reacts to the community or how it spreads. Absolutely and one of the things that he won't have black college and ask about with how did you channel what did you kill don't tell anybody else. This year and that is an intelligent gathering. Experiment. To see how far the information. That you anarchist and since you didn't ghetto. Didn't actually double checks. Mr. One more quick question about Point Pleasant itself here as it relates to these moth man sightings. There wasn't a munitions factory a believer storage facility or something in the area. The people say there were some contamination. From possibly into the ground that could've caused some kind of mutation any of that true. A lot of that's true oddly. And so on might restored there and everybody at Saratoga on my goal kick him out. While few years ago a lot of those dynamite. And storage unit blew up again so they were still strong and that I interviewed a lot of people like second gen re searching the area. There is any a regular weight. That has seeped into the round a lot of people get wanna build this school there because we're. Trade your children would be Newt. And so there's a lot of realism. A lot of reality. Is that there's something going on back. There are no evidence of biological you know that's coming there that is not to say that. Something extraordinary. Couldn't drop trauma not because. In other part of that is what they're very close wall correlations there is a lot of words a lot of will to an area. You can choose what ballot. Then we don't exactly know what would come nobody else we all know. Behind. Aren't mills wouldn't you know commodities. The the collapse of the silver bridge which seemed to. If if you for lack of a better phrase connect and the story for lease for Point Pleasant and the malls man's sightings. Do you. Make the connection between the creature and that collapse. As the movie tried to bomb or again is that just another quince against. I think what I try to look at them like workbook is this fuel thing. The law won't turning into eventually. I think that marked the mountains of golf until very evil force. And. There is seems to his direct connection between them the dreams people were happening the psychology. That your clothing. That that chaired would actually exist. In a mock. That led up to the bridge collapsing I don't. I'm not saying the cause of that fact that there's something going on there yeah on you will understand it. That we can't ignore the evidence we can't. Ignored it immediately attempts to keep being. London front and I think it's just wonderful but the bunkers kept its ten. No word we're trying to one and one make it pretty well. It's turning out to be a lot of political urge and we've got to look at. Lauren as always we could continue this program in this discussion for several hours we need to we've had people say the show should be three hours and it's nights like this that I agree and don't agree off and well let's test at us like this and they do but we Europe or basically at a time here. And network of people get more information I've given the website but given again in any other any other information you think people should pass. Yeah actually keep a good time in more clearly at crypto zoology museum dot com. The museum where I'm that's where you can reach me. And also. Crypto lions and Twitter and so is many great define ebitda. Just don't find me near your cards that. At the I am assuming that the book you there are links from your website to where people come by the books but if they can't get get him that way how can they find your books. Oh it online all over Amazon and Barnes & Noble effort where. No I appreciate people thinking about that modestly priced that information to the opener. And again that's moth man evil incarnate the unauthorized. Opinion to them off man proxies to make she checked on a Lauren it's always a pleasure talking with you and now look forward to seeing you soon. OK Jason David thank you and have a good year and stay by your phone because it's I have a flat tire I'm calling you back up with a it's channel. There minus spent fifteen years for two years to this day. Yeah that that tragedy happened and it's anybody's looking for last minute Christmas gifts and you know people that are interested in these types of stories in the school is that he encrypted research in him paranormal investigations. Lawrence books are fabulous his work is is top notch. And you won't disappoint somebody on your Christmas list was one of his books if they have an interest in this stuff now Lawrence phenomenal phenomenal. But it makes you tune in and everybody if you have an Emmy she had over like FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio if you download the show from iTunes just do us a favor and read it for a spokesperson shall forward. And Tim makes it easier for people to find and that's what it's all about we greatly appreciate the support it's as a whole unit shows and such a success beyond tomorrow night is a best of so make sure you tune in for that that's gonna do it for us tonight. We'll catch you next week it's beyond reality radio Jason Jason and. And don't know ingredients taste dungy supposed to GB Jackson into this one I'll simply tell students it's entirely on real ingredients. Yeah. You know start going and finish the agency hello and anything sent peacekeepers will Jason hello slow and it chiefs host doctor first TV Johnson following act. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.